A Slice of Life in Barcelona (2015) Movie Script

music playing--instrumental
music playing--instrumental
music playing--instrumental
music playing--instrumental
Wait for me here, okay?
Did you get anything?
Of course I did! Come on!
So, Barcelona here I come.
Yeah! Barcelona.
music playing--rock instrumental
Order me a beer, I'm going to the bathroom.
I'll be right back.
Two beers please!
music playing--rock instrumental
Thank you!
music playing--rock instrumental
Hey. Didn't we once work together?
Oh, yeah, now I remember...
at the G.I.Joe store right?
Yes! It's true I knew I recognized you!
Your name is ...Christina, Right?
So, you like the bands that are going to play tonight?
Yes, they're alright.
Oh yeah? I didn't know you liked this music.
I do.
They're friends of mine you know...
Oh Yeah?
What's your last name so I can find you on Facebook?
Perez. Christina Perez.
Christina Perez... Ok, I'm going to look for you.
Looks like your girlfriend is coming so,
I'm going to get out of here. See you later.
Do you know that guy?
No, not really.
I always see him around here acting like a an asshole.
His name is Robert. We once worked together,
but we never really talked much
Who is that?... Where did you find her?
Nah! She's just a friend!
What do you mean a friend? I've never seen her!
Where did she come from?
What's wrong, you like her or what?
I met her at a job I had!
A Job?!
What job? You don't even know what a job is!
Ahh, you son's of bitches!
I always see that guy acting like hes all that.
Don't talk to him he's a loser.
You're always the same! What's wrong with you?
We were not doing anything! We were just talking!
I also see him around, and I don't give a shit!
I'm here...with you.
music playing in the background
Ah, you son's of bitches!...
What a liar!
Girl, did you see that dumb guy over there?
He's eating the pizza with a fork!
Seriously?... Are you seeing this?
Am I seeing this right or am I the one flipping out?
Dude what a freak!
What a an idiot!
He makes me want to go over there and punch him!
Want to go over there?
Yeah,. Lets go.
Hi... Can we sit here with you?
Yeah, sure. Please have a seat.
music playing--rock instrumental
music fades
Where did they go?
They ditched me!
music playingpunk rock instrumental
Today was great! It was so funny! Yeah... That idiot!
What an asshole!... Give me a kiss.
music playingpunk rock instrumental
It's party time.
What the fuck are you listening to?
music playingpunk rock instrumental
What is this shit?
This music sucks.
What are you doing?
What the heck are you doing?!
Shut up you stupid dike!
Dude, let's go!
Yeah! Woo! It's scissor time!
It's scissor time, yeah!
That was good... Oh yeah we got our couch.
I need to get out of this fucking house!
I can't take it anymore!
He's an asshole...
music playing80s rock instrumental
That's much better babe.
music playing
I love you. I know.
Hey! Hey. Check it out.
I stole them today.
They look good on you!
They're fucking horrible aren't they?
I like them, they look good on you
Yeah, fuck it
Why did you do that? I can use them also!
Are they yours?
I don't know man, if you dont like them, I can use them.
You know I can use them...
Hey, fuck face! Shut the fuck up then!
What do you mean fuck face man?
Why the fuck you do that.
Shut up! Shut up, O.K.
Why don't you go with my sister in the room, eh?!
Make a threesome.
That's what you wish!
Shut up!
Why does he speak such good English?
We lived with my father in America for five years.
Oh, yeah? You never told me that.
My father is a junking and a fucking alcoholic-
that would beat us and my mother!
My Mom escaped from him and brought us to Spain,
but then she abandoning us!
And here I am with this retarded asshole!
Oh Mother.
It's O.K. babe, it's all over now.
We're together now and everything is going to be fine. Okay?
Punch it. You look kind of fat, you know.
Yeah. You were having fun. I wasn't having fun.
I don't have fun with you at all.
I have fun with my friends and just fuck you! That's what I do with you.
Yeah, let's cry now. Lets cry.
Let's cry.
What's that? I can't hear you the music is too loud. What?!
You're a fucking ass you know that!
Ah, ah, ah...
That's the truth!
You're a fucking hog you know, you're a fucking hog.
You don't even know how to fuck me anymore!
I love you so much.
I love you too.
What are you looking at baby?
I have no money... No money.
Hey man, let me get a cigarette. No, I don't have, I don't smoke.
Eh, fuck you, I want a cigarette eh!
O.K. here we go...one, two, three... No?
What do I care! Go to hell gross ass.
Blah, blah, blah!
Ah, ah, ah... What? No?!
Beer for sale. Do you want beer?
No, no...
Do you want beer, please?
We said no!
Do you want sexy beer, please?
What a pain in the ass!
Want out get out of here?
Yes, lets go... My God.
Do you want some wine?
music playingmellow hip hop
Do you like my stockings?
Yes. A lot.
I bought them for you.
music playing--mellow hip hop
You want a little bit of wine?
music playing--mellow hip hop
music fades
Okay babe, I'm off!
Be good. I'm going to miss you.
I'll see you next Monday.
O.K. baby, say hi to Steve.
I love you so much Christina.
I love you too.
You better be good!
eerie sound playing [
I'm going alone tonight.
But why?
Don't ask me questions. I'm going to get some money.
But why can't I come?
Because you're a stupid fuck up Fey, that's why?!
How can you ask me that fucking question?
music playingrock instrumental
Hey there.
Can I sit here with you?
Be my guest.
Thank you.
music playing plays in the background
What is your name?
My name is Peter.
What's yours?
Im Devon.
Nice to meet you Devon.
Nice to meet you.
You come her often, Peter?
No, I'm not from Barcelona. I'm just visiting my sister
How about you?
Yes, I'm from Barcelona.
music playing
Do you live alone?
Babe do you want to drink something at Gipsy Lou?
Good evening.
What's wrong?
That's my brother over there.
Do you see him?... Girl. Fuck that.
Let's go somewhere else!
Lets go!
What about, if get out of here and-
take this party to your place?
We can get a little bit more... comfortable.
Okay. Let me go to the bathroom before we go.
music playingguitar instrumental
music fades
Hey, Christina what are you doing here?
Nothing, just drinking a beer after work.
music playing in the background
So, what do you do? Working? Studying?
Yes, I just got a new job!
Really where?
At the porno store called 'Love Stop.'
At the sex shop?
Come by anytime! I'll give you a discount!
I'm sure you would...
Your girlfriends name is Molly right?
And you've been together for a long time?
Two years.
Wow... She's really beautiful.
But you're more beautiful, you know it.
Thanks Robert.
Why are you here alone? Where is she?
She's in Romania.
What is she doing over there?
Nothing, she hasn't been out there for a while-
so she went to see her family, no big deal.
If you say so.
Listen, one question...
Since when have you been a lesbian?
Here we go.
Molly is my first girlfriend.
Yeah... And you don't miss being with a guy?
With a man? No. I dont.
I enjoy having sex with a woman. I really like it a lot.
Me too!
Shut up idiot! Come on change the subject!
O.K., so what have you been doing? Working, studying?
Yeah, just studying and working, whatever comes.
I hear you.
music playingpunk rock instrumental
music playing at low volume
music playing fades
You okay?
music playingska jazz instrumental
Ah, man the other freaking day!
The day of the concert, what happened in the end?
I was so drunk! I don't even know how I got to my house!
I can just imagine!
And then my friends left me there laying on the floor!
What's up my friend!
These son's of bitches!
This is Christina.
Hello, how are you! Nice to meet you.
music playingska jazz instrumental
What's that?
You want me to take the stereo?
You got it!
music playing--ska jazz instrumental
music playingrock instrumental
What are you doing?
I'm here too, I'm a person!
Come on, drink another!
music playing
This is very good. Thank you very much.
Hey Devon. You hungry Devon, hmm?
Come on. Talk to me.
You wanted some of this?
Now youre going to get it motherfucker.
Yeah, in your face... you fag.
Fey, what the fuck are you doing?
Oh yeah? Get your ass down here now.
Fuck! Don't worry about it, just come down.
Hey girl, check it out.
Wow! Good stuff babe Good stuff!
What the fuck is you doing?
You touch this thing, I'll fucking kill you. You hear me!
It's a fucking stereo!
Don't touch anything.
Don't touch me!
Fucking bitch.
Move it.
Move it!
Yeah, don't help me.
Bitch. It's all broken.
Look at this shit!
You fucking broke it! I can't even sell it now!
music playinghip hop instrumental
It's my mother's house!
Yes! Be quiet!
(goes to get her clothes
Ahh! Fuck.
Good morning...
What's up?
This wasn't supposed to happen!
Fucking tequila shots!
Hey what happen? What are you saying, you didn't enjoy yourself?
I was drunk Robert!
You know I have a girlfriend!
And what! I was drunk too! These things happen!
Don't give it too much importance... Fuck!
Please don't tell anyone about this! Molly can't find out!
I love her and don't want to hurt her, okay?
O.k. I promise not to tell anyone.
But uh... I'll get to see you again, no Christina?
Will see, but only as friends. This can't happen again.
Pfff... Later.
Wow! What's all this?
Holly shit! We have a TV now? Seriously?
Can I keep the stereo?
Do you have 100 euros?
Yeah right! Like I have a 100 euros!
Well, then fuck off!
Where did you get all this stuff?
Well, I already know... You took it from that gay guy at the bar right?
I already know!
I already know. I saw you! You idiot!
You took all this from him right?
Get out the fuck out of here!
Can I keep the stereo or what?
Get out of here!
Asshole! I freaking hate him!
Hey, baby...
how are you?... How is everything in Romania?
Nothing, just working like always.
I miss you...
Thank you baby, what is it?
No, my love I'm just tired.
I'm going to sleep now o.k.?
O.k. I love you too... Bye.
What's up Michelle!
What are you up to?
Nothing, just working.
What's up bro!
What's up dudes!
Look around but don't steal anything!
You really pass the time well.
Porn, tits and freaks! What more can I ask for?
Let's see how long it lasts.
Yeah, I hope, it's cool. I like it.
Oh shit, look! What's your mother doing here?
Look, your family! It's your sister, and your other sister!
My sister, the professional!
Your Momma...
Now it's my turn!
I'm going to tie you up and punish you!
Hey, Hey!... Hello?... Can I help you?
Yes, we were just trying it out.
Were looking for a penis for a friend!
What are you doing around here?
Nothing, just came to say hi and see you at your new job.
Cool. Give it a look. How old are you?
Want to drink something later?[
Work, work.
Can I pay for this?
What do you want?
For you to charge this.
This and that... 38 Euros.
So, how is work?
Fine, fine.
Why don't the three of us go have a coffee?
What the fuck are you saying man!
Don't be freaking out! Get the fuck out of here!
Get out!
Hey dude...
Get out!
What's happening here?
Uh, nothing...
What do you mean nothing?
He wanted to fuck me!
He is a client! Yes?
Next time you do that, you're out in the street!
See you later!
Fuck, okay...
Are we clear?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Sons of bitches! They come here fucking up everything!
Fucker, I don't like this guy at all!
Hey Ramsey! What's going on?
Same old, same old.
Whoa! We got some good stuff here.
Yeah, I ripped off this old faggot. Haha!
How much for the TV?
Hey Fey!
Go get us some beers!
I'm fucking cooking love!
What about shutting the fuck up and going down to
the store! Get us a six pack and some munchies
Okay! I'll go!... Okay man.
You know, I don't know what's more disgusting.
The bums on the street...
or the fucking rich folks, yeah?
Yes, take it easy... I have all the papers.
Yes, I have everything. See you soon. Bye.
music playingpunk rock instrumental
You bitches!
music playingpunk rock instrumental
There's no money!
My papers, my papers!
You bitches!
I want this phone girl!
Phone is for you.
What's this?
Oh, shades for me. Put them away.
What's this girl?
There's no money!
There's no money?!
Are you serious?
Fuck! There's no money!
No way!
This cant be.
What the heck is this?
Oh well.
Papers?... Work papers?
Throw it in the trash.
Fucking piece of shit!
Come on, it's too loud!
No fucking for you.
Hey, Chris. Come in.
Come in.
What's up?
Robert, I made a mistake.
Please let's keep this between us.
Chill out! I'm not going to tell anyone!
Christina, I like you a lot.
I don't want problems Robert...
Don't worry about it, I won't tell anyone. Come here.
There, it's ok.
No! Robert, I didn't come here for this!
Fuck, man! I'm sorry, you're just so beautiful.
Come on, let's go talk about it... Come on.
What do you want to do today?
Whatever you want.
Want to smoke a joint and watch a movie?
music playingreggae instrumental
What happened?!
You forgot I was coming today or what?
I'm sorry my love I was drinking a beer-
after work and lost track of time.
I've had a lot of things on my mind.
Things? Like what?
Ugh... Oh, just things.
Come here.
You smell like shit Christina!
What the fuck is going on?!
Yesterday I called you and you didn't answer
or text me back! Where were you?
Out drinking something...
I told you I had my phone on silent.
I already told you I had a lot on my mind.
Come on, I'm sorry!
Your present!
Uh, Ramsey what are you doing?
What are you doing Ramsey?
Did you pay for this?
No, of course not!
Then shut up.
Nacho is payiing me 150!
Fuck outta here.
What the fuck!
We can't have anything in this fucking house!
Hey Robert, how's it going?
Nothing, living at my mom's house and working.
My boss is an asshole! I'm tired of all the freaks
that come in the store and harass me!
Dont complain dude, Try to hold on, it's a job.
Ah, I don't care.
So, I saw you take that girl home the other night.
Ah, yes Christina.
Did you fuck her or what?
Of Course!
But, wasn't she a lesbian and has a girlfriend?
Yeah, They've been together for a while, so what?
But what are you doing my friend?
There's a million girls out there and you
have to be fucking with that one?
I don't care I just want to fuck!
Fuck Robert, that's always your way, seriously!
Ah, I'm not here to talk about this!
Whos playing at Estraperlo" on Saturday?
Some dudes invited by the 'Skatalites'.
You're you going or what?
I have no choice.
Will you take me?
A girlfriend of mine has been fucking an old man.
She tells me that he has a lot of cocaine at his house.
That old pervert is always calling her to get high,
so he can fuck her, you know?
This is crazy, she always hooks up with
these old kinky guys, I dont know why.
What a piece of whore.
Shes very manipulative.
Anyway, she wants to set this guy up.
music playingrock instrumental
It doesn't work.
What do you mean it doesn't work?
Thats them.
So that's our little whore...
Looking good, looking good.
Hey baby, fix me a drink.
You fix me a drink. I'm not your slave.
You are my slave. Remember?
Do you want some more coke babe?
Sure. Ill take a line.
Then get your ass up, and get me a drink.
Sure baby. No problem.
You are going to get it.
Ive been a bad boy tonight, baby.
I'm sure you have.
Im going to have to punish you real good tonight.
You like that?
I'm going to go and get more ties.
You ready?
Thats what you like?...
Yes mistress!
You like to suck but you're dirty pig?
Fucking old dirty pig!
I want you to cry for it.
Come on! Squeal like the pig you are!
Scream!... Good boy.
I can't hear you!
Go again... Go again!
Yes Mistress!
Ahh... What the fuck!
Untie me.
What was that?
Let me go! Untie me...
What the fuck!
Ouch! Fuck!
No! No!
music playingrock instrumental
Not the drugs!
Its ok.
No, man!
It's okay baby.
Hey, love I'm going to the store do you need anything?
Yes, milk please.
O.k. I'll be back.
music playingpunk rock instrumental
You know what I hate?
I hate those fucking pop stars or rock stars who
never struggled in their life to fucking make it.
music playingpunk rock instrumental
Sure you can... Hey! You can want things...
But the question is, do you really need them?
music playingpunk rock instrumental
Hey sis! Haha!
Damn, that's a lot of drugs!
Can I have a line?
Go ahead.
Were going to need new fucking pants,
were buying groceries!
I can use a fucking paycheck
to buy a new bed right now.
Hey, hey! On the other hand...
Theres Madonna. Oh yeah...
She ran away from home when she was a kid.
She even ate-out of trash cans in fucking New York!
Yeah, take that.
Hey, she really know what it is to really need something.
What she needs... is my dick in her ass! Thats it!
Ok, enough. Calm down.
That woman suck so many dicks to be where she is right now.
Hey, hey, hey!
And I respect that man.
And the milk?
Oh, shit.. no.
Why the fuck do you ask me if I want
milk if you're not going to buy it?
Why don't you get off the sofa and
you go buy your fucking milk!
Is Robert home?
And who the fuck are you?
Can you call him please?
Roberto! There's a...
A girl that's asking for you!
Come out!
I'm coming!
What's going on... Oh shit...
Christina, what are you dong here?
Can I talk to you?
Yes, come in.
Didn't I tell you not to bring your whores to the house!
Did your mother just call me a whore?
No, no, don't listen come on.
Come in Chris.
Sit down.
What's wrong? What are you doing here?
What? Come on, tell me!
I'm pregnant!
You're joking right?!
Why would I joke about something like that!
And why did you come here for?
What the fuck do you want?
You want me to take care of it?
If you want me to take care of it then
you can forget about seeing Molly!
I'm guessing... you've thought about an abortion. No?
You didn't just said that!
Fuck! I can't believe you said that!
Okay, okay... Fuck!
Calm down. Listen, sit down, sit down.
We are going to do something.
I'm freaking out right now O.K.?
I'm going to get some air.
I'll leave you here alone ok?...
And we'll another time ok?
I'm freaking out!
Seriously, I can't deal with this...
I'm Pregnant!
Molly is going to flip out! This is all your fault!
Fuck! Stop!
It's your fault! It's your fault!
This is not how you do it! You can't fix it like this!
Fuck this shit! I'm getting out of here!
You asshole!
Fuck you! And close the door when you leave!
Stupid lesbian bitch!
I don't want another baby! Can't you understand idiot!
Fuck my life!
I'm Robert! What the fuck!
You don't know who I am or what dumb bitch!
Fuck you!
(puts card deck on the table
Well, are you going to go?
How am I going if It not my turn?
Who's knocking? What's wrong with them?!
It's Robert.
Hey mama! What's happening!
Lola! Lola, what's up how are you?
How am I? Get away!
What's wrong?! O.K. Take it easy! I'm going.
Everything is fine... just fine!
What's going on? How disgusting!
How embarrassing... I'ts an embarrassment.
I'm sorry you had to see this.
Can't you do something?
What do I do if I am just fighting with him all day?
At least he gives you money...something?
He doesn't give you money?!
You have to take care of him?
What money?
What money is a person like that going to earn?
Well, girl tell him to get a job and work!
He's already an adult you know.
To have this piece of shit for a son?
This piece of shit son!
A shit of a son I have!
What a piece of shit.
A piece of shit, that's what I have.
You know what? Let's just play cards.
Poor more wine, more wine!
music playingrock instrumental
Hey! What's up man!
Where have you been?
What's wrong? No, nothing, nothing...
Were drinking and you?
What's wrong come on tell us!
Let it out!
No, everything is fine.
Come on let it out.
Come on!
Christina is pregnant!
What? That's great news!
Why are you complaining?
An ugly face like that you should be happy!
What are you saying man! I already have a kid!
I can't take care of another one!
You don't understand that I live with my fucking mother?
Well, grow up man! Chest out!
You have to do like a champion! We have to celebrate!
Wait... Wasn't that girl a lesbian?
He's a champion!
We have to celebrate this!
I'm going to get some shots!
Hey, you!
Give me 10 shots of Jagermeister!
music playing in the background
Give me 10 shots of Jager!
Can you wait a minute or not?
Put the fucking phone down and give me 10 shots of Jagermeister!
What do you mean? Hey useless!
Give me 10 shots... Now!
What do you want?
10 shots of Jagermeister!
10 or 15?
10 right now!
Wait and I'll give them to you.
To the unborn bastard child!
To the bastard that will never learn!! Yeah!!!!
There's no toilet paper!
Well, who the fuck do you think it is?
Roberto...crying for toilet paper!
He can't even buy toilet paper! He doesnt do anything.
He's like a fungus! No one can get him out of here!
Your name is Molly right?
Yes. Why?
Do you know my friend Robert?
He's a Skinhead that come here a lot.
He has tattoos all over him!
Oh yeah, there's a lot of skinheads that
look like that around here.
He has the word hope tattooed on one hand.
Maybe you know him?
Ah, O.K.! I know the loser you're talking about!
What, what about him?
Take it easy that loser is my friend!
You're talking about him to me.
What do you want?!
Nothing, I just thought that loser
is sleeping with your slutty girlfriend!
First, who are you to gossip this shit!
You don't know anything about Christina or me!
Come on now, shut up. I'm doing you a favor.
Fuck off! Your telling me that my girlfriend-
is fucking your loser friend?!
Not just that!
Truth is, your girlfriend is pregnant by my friend!
What you heard! Go ahead ask her
I will.
And if it's a lie I'm going to come-
find you and bash your fucking face!
Go ahead.
Ah, Sagrada Familia, look at that, you are so beautiful.
Babe, look at that dude with that camera.
You want the camera?
I'll get the camera if you want it.
music playingrock instrumental
Hey! Help!
My camera!
Let me see the camera!
Look! Do you like it?
I love it babe!
It's for you! I stole it for you!
How much do you think we can get for this?
I don't know? 200 euros or so?
I'll ask my brother he knows about these things.
It's a lie
Molly! I'm home!
What happen?
What's wrong my love?
Christina, I'm going to ask you something and-
I want you to tell me the truth ok?
Are you fucking around?
Who told you that?
It's the fucking truth!
Is it true that you are pregnant?!
Tell me!
How could you do this to me?
Since when!
Since when have you been seeing him?!
Since the concert or before?!
It happened when you were in Romania...
When I was in Romania with my family?
I love you! Please listen to me!
This was never my intention! It just happened!
There's no fixing this, theres no fixing this...
He isn't going to take care of you! I know him!
He goes out with girls that are stupid enough
to think he's cool because of his tattoos.
Molly stop!
And now what?
You're going to have a baby by a
disgusting piece of shit loser!
Look at me girl!
I can't!
Oh, how beautiful!
You come out super beautiful.
Hey, Jen can I stay with you?
Of course, you still have your room.
Come in.
What's wrong?
Christina is pregnant!
Yes! I can't believe it!
I can't believe it!
And you'll never guess by who!
By who?
From Robert!
What Robert?
It doesn't matter!
O.K. calm down, come on inside.
I need to talk to you.
What happen Chris?
I thought I told you not to tell anyone.
She found out?
I'm sorry, really I'm sorry.
I didn't think she was going to find out.
Fuck. Im sorry!
I didn't want Molly to find out this way.
It was the fucking girls at the bar!
They told her! Big blabber mouths!
She left me Robert!
She left you?
Wow. I'm sorry Chris
How is she not going to leave me?!
I'm pregnant with your baby!
Shit! I'm sorry! Don't worry! Don't worry!
Dont worry, don't worry...
Ill fix this. It's going to be O.K. don't worry.
It's going to be O.K. I'll take care of it.
Well think of something.
You let me handle it.
What are we going to do Robert?
I don't know! I'll figure it out don't worry!
Don't think about it right now, come here.
How could she do this to me?
How could she do this to me?...
music playingvery morbid
Why don't you come to my house?
I'm bored and miss you... Come on.
Awe, your bored at home?
My brother isn't here, so we can
have some time alone together.
O.K. well I will be over there soon.
O.K. I love you. Kisses.
O.K. babe, I love you. Kisses. Bye.
Molly, come on.
You can't be here all day, I don't want to see
you like this. You have to live your life.
Fuck off!
She was my girlfriend. I loved her,
and now she is going to have a baby!
A baby! Something I could never offer her and
she is going to have it with this scumbag!
This is a nightmare!
It's a nightmare!
Look, you're beautiful, intelligent and you
can find someone a million times better!
Yeah, it's easy to say.
How could she? I was with my family and in
two months she's pregnant by this asshole?
There's no fixing this. That is it. It's finished.
Exactly, it's over.
It's over, now you have to suck it up like it or not.
And that is the first step.
Get out of here! Leave me in peace!
Hi. Can I help you?
Do you have this model?
Mmm, you're going to look fucking hot in that.
Do you have it or not?
No, just this one on display.
Thank you.
Do you like it?
I have a bigger and better one.
Oh, yeah?
I don't think so...
This one never fails.
She's so alone.
Ah! You're a good looking one aren't you!
Let me go bitch!
What the fuck are you doing! I'll let you go!
Calm down, calm down, calm down!
What's wrong with you?! What are you doing!
What are you doing robbing people?
Hey! I'm talking to you!
Answer me! Hey!
Look at you! There's nothing goog in you!
You're lucky I don't beat your ass!
It's over! Leave it O.K.!
Hey wait! What's your name?
Why the fuck do you want to know my name?!
You want money? I'll give you money,
if you come have a drink with me.
How much?
20 euro.
You're crazy!
Hi, what would you like to drink?
Hi. What do to want?
A whiskey-cola and a coffee with Baileys.
So, what's your name?
It's nice to meet you Paula, my name is Molly.
So, you're going to give me my 50 euros or what?
I want my money now!
Relax, we just got here. Don't worry!
Now drink that and shut up.
Really, don't worry I am going to pay you.
I want to.
I want to help you.
Help me?... No one can help me.
Come on, you're beautiful and somewhat sane?
Only thing youre missing is a little bit of brains.
Shut up! This world is all fucked up-
and you are only trying to help me?
You know what fucked up this world?
Money. That's what you wanted right?
I'm tired of going out and seeing stupid
junkies, and whores in the streets.
But, then I see a girl like you and I want to know why?
The only thing you want is to fuck me pig!
No, really I don't want that, believe me.
I just went through the worst lesbian breakup you-
could imagine so, really I'm not looking for that.
I just want a little company.
Shut up already. Stop crying. That's life!
So, the girl you were with is your girlfriend?
Not anymore.
Well, pretty bad how she abandon you. No?
Oh well, forget about it.
Are you more of an Ozzy girl... or Lemmy?
That's too hard to answer.
Yeah, dude I went to the concert. It wasn't bad.
Excuse me?
Just a moment!
Uh nothing, nothing. So anything happen or what?
Yeah, well go another day. Hold on I'll call you back.
Hey! What are you doing?
What happened? What do you mean what happened?
Are you at work?
Yes, I was taking care of that girl!
Oh yes, taking care of the customers.
That's it! To the fucking street!
Get out!
You're firing me?
I already did! Get out of here!
No, no! You're already fired. Get out! Go on!
Yeah, yeah... Now you can call your buddies-
on your phone and explain it all to him.
music playingrock instrumental
Lyrics: Sex, Sex, cheap sex
music playingrock instrumental
music fades
Give me your phone.
Look, here's my number.
And the money I promised you.
You're going to take it?
Of course.
O.k. I'm giving you that money because
I promised it to you, not for the sex.
Chill out, I wanted to fuck around with you.
I promise to call you.
What Happen?
Anna came looking for you an hour ago.
Fuck her!
Are you o.k.?
No! I just want to go to sleep! Leave me in peace!
Hey love.
I'm really sorry it wasn't my fault!
Why the fuck are you here?!
Seriously, I'm sorry there was nothing I could do.
I called you a million times. What were you doing?
Fuck you! You left me there alone!
You took off and left me there with that bitch!
I left because they closed the train doors!
There was nothing I could do!
Like I give a fuck! What are you saying!
You left me there with that crazy bitch!
She could have punched me out!
I called you a million times!
You could've helped me or done something!
But no, you took off like a fucking coward!
I left because...
No. Go! Get out!
I'm hungover! I don't want to see you!
If I leave you're going to lose me?
I don't give a fuck!
You don't give a fuck?
Seriously get out!
Fuck you!
No, fuck you!... Bitch!
Oh, man...
What's up?
Fuck Robert!
You're always leaving the house a mess!
It's time you pick up your shit!
Are you going to sit here all day on the
sofa or are you going to get a a job?!
What's the matter? You don't like it?
The baby isn't here yet, but when it arrives
I'm not going to be taking care of two babies!
What the hell is wrong with you?!
Do you have your period today? Get out of here!
Fuck you!
That bitch Anna!
That Bitch! How she just left me there!
I don't need her for nothing!
music playingunderground instrumental
Hey, Tara
Hey, sis.
How are you?
How are you?
Whats up? What do you want?
I need to talk to you.
I fought with Mark, and he kicked me out the house.
And what you want to stay here?
Yes. I was going to ask.
I have no where to go and you know how mom is!
It's not the best time, Tara.
Robert isn't working and with the baby coming...
Look sis, I can help you with some money and cook.
It's only a couple of months, I promise.
I can make your life a little easier.
I don't know Tara.
Let me talk to Robert and I'll get back to you.
Why do you have to ask him this is your house!
Yeah! It's also his house!
Tara if you're going to stay here you're
going to have to respect that. OK?
O.K. Ask him and let me know, thank you.
Sebi, let's go!
Come on.
Later sis.
This wig is bad ass!
Now they won't be able to recognize me. For sure.
Hello Sis. Go in Sebi.
You can leave your thing here.
O.K. like I said, it will only be a couple months.
Come. Robert this is my sister Tara.
And my nephew. Nephew come here!
My Nephew.
Say hi to your uncle Robert.
Hi midget.
What's up Robert?
How's it going?
This is for you.
This is for you.
Woe! Thanks.
Don't worry this house is your house now.
You going to help me with the food or what?
Right there.
I'm not hungry.
I'm leaving.
Where are you going?
Uh, I have a job interview.
Eh... in some bar.
Bye. Unbelievable.
Thanks again sis, I gave Robert 300 euros.
I don't know if he told you?
Why the fuck did you gave 300 euros to Robert?!
I thought it was the same. You had to ask him
if I could stay. The money is for the both of you!
Yes Tara! But I'm your sister! Me not him!
You're always the same!
music playingjazz blues instrumental
Can I have a coffee?
You know that Marcy girl that I'm seeing lately?
She has a thing, she snores. But really,
It's like, it's like, she begins like...
And it gets louder. It's like...
And I'm like there on the side and she's...
And she's like, going to suck you.
It's amazing.
Hey, hey... Are you even listening to me?
No man. Hold on. O.K.?
Hey, what's up?
Why didn't you ever call me?
I've been busy.
And that wig? That's what you wear to rob people?
That's not your fucking problem!
And your girlfriend? Have you
been busy robbing with her?
I already told you that's not your fucking problem!
Hey, sorry, but you don't have to talk to me like that.
We had a good time, remember?
You paid me to be with you! Remember!
Shit, do I have to pay you to talk to me or what?
Look, girl.
I'm not interested in you, so get lost for the last fucking time!
You're such a bitch!
music playingrock instrumental
Wake up!
Hey, where did you go yesterday?
Did you get the job?
They need to call.
Tara told me that she gave you
300 euros where are they?
It's in the bank! I'm going to sleep!
Fucking drunk!
Hello sunshine! It's so good to see you!
How are you doing my love?
What's wrong you seem a little...
Come in.
What's wrong love?
What's wrong my baby?
What's wrong? Don't cry. What's going on?
Robert is drunk all day!
Mom he doesn't take care of me!
Calm down this isn't good for the baby.
He leaves for three days and doesn't tell
me anything! I can't take it anymore!
Calm down. With him or without
him the baby is yours!
Don't worry about anything.
I'm here with you. Please don't cry.
He's drunk, doesn't have a job, doesn't want
to be with me, doesn't want the baby!
I knew he was going to be like this!
Oh, Mom.
music playing in the background
music playing in the background
See ya.
music playing in the background
Hey Robert, hows it going?
To tell you the truth I've been better.
I needed to get some air and get away from
Christina cause she's making my head explode!
On top of that I got fired from my fucking job!
How did you get fired from your job?
A monkey could do your job!
Yeah, well my monkey of a boss
doesn't think so. He fired me.
Then we need to figure out who's the
monkey? Your boss or you my friend?
Let's change the subject.
What happen with Christina?
She's always complaining! Why don't you come
with me to the doctor, why don't we do this or that!
Shut up! Leave me in peace!
Leave me in peace!
She doesn't let me breathe! She doesn't
leave me alone for not even for one minute!
Understand that the girl is pregnant, it's normal!
Respond to the situation in a calm manner.
I fuck other girls and they don't ask for explanations!
The girls that you fuck are not pregnant,
don't have kids, and you don't live in their house.
Understand that you're living in her house
and you don't pay a damn thing!
It's like you're a social parasite!
Wise up! I'm not your mom but grow up!
Just a moment, you're lecturing me?
Who called me, You or me?
Who's your friend? Me!
I came here to drink a fucking beer with you!
Not to hear you tell me this shit!
Then I guess we're done here aren't we?
O.K. good then! I'm going to
take your advice and fuck off!
All good. Go!
Fuck off!
Go on! Go cry to your mom!
Don't call me! I don't want to hear you cry!
Fuck You!
Did you hear about that new law of citizen protection?
Yes, the new law of an ignorant city.
What the fuck! You can't film anything!
Oh please! There are going to put a
filter and have image rights or what?
It's protection for the cops to protect them
from all the fucked up shit that they do!
They just killed a guy two months ago in Raval!
How long have you been here?
Around three years or so.
Oh, that's a good while.
Yeah, look at how time passes,
but cops are the same everywhere.
It's the same over there, huh?
Yes, it's bad but...
You bitch!
What are you doing!
music playingheavy metal instrumental
Are you okay?
music playingheavy metal instrumental
What the fuck are you doing! Stupid!
Hey, calm down!
You're fucking stupid!
Come on let's go!
music playingheavy metal instrumental
You're so stupid!
Shut up open the door!
Dumb bitch!
music playingheavy metal instrumental
music fades
You had to do it didn't you!
Out of all places, you had to do it there!
What the fuck is wrong with you!
I was drinking with my friend and you go and do that!
Well, yes! So fucking what! Fuck your stupid friends!
You make me fucking sick! You can't fucking stop!
Leave me if you don't like it! No one is telling
you to be with me! Don't you get that?
Yeah, right O.K.
You're going to get killed one day!
I won't be there to bash a bottle over a man's head!
And he wasn't even doing anything!
Don't you remember how we met? You're not going to
change me! You're not going to change me!
Well, you're going to get killed and
you fucking deserve it! You make me sick!
Look. Fuck off!
What the fuck is going on?
I'm sorry, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.
It's really bad.
You woke me up.
I'm sorry!
enters and closes the door)
Look at what you did.
I don't care!
Oh, you don't care? Well, you know what?
You can get your ass out on the street!
You don't care? Then you can leave this house!
No problem! I'll get out of here!
Yeah, go on, so you can get killed!
I'm not going to bash bottles over heads for you!
No, no, no...
Come here!
No, let me go! Let me go!
Let me go!
Come here! Its your fucking life!
Ouch! Bitch! Let me go already!
Leave me alone! Let me go bitch!
Leave me alone! Stop it!
Leave me in peace!
You wanted me to leave, so let me go!
No! Stop!
What's up Robert?
Ah, nothing.
What a shitty day!
I need a beer.
Want to go drink with me?
Let's go.
music playingpercussion
Two beers please.
So how is the job search going?
There no fucking work for me in this town!
You met my sister at work right?
Yes, it's been a good while.
You know my sister isn't going to leave-
you alone until you get a job right?
I know she is already doing it.
She got pissed at me because I
gave you the money instead of her.
Ah, she gets angry for everything.
She wants to control everything, don't worry.
She's like that, she even wants to control me.
I know.
I don't know how a good looking guy
like you can be with a girl like her.
Hm. What?
You're hot Robert.
You're not bad yourself Tara.
I want to try you.
I'm going to the bathroom do
you want to come with me?
music playingrock instrumental
That's it?
What do you want?!
Ugh... fucking great![01:23:
I'll see you at home, I have to pick up my son.
But, dont tell anyone about this.
It stays between us?
Don't worry. Its O.K.
Paula, I love you so much.
Why do you continue to steal?
I don't know. It's an obsession
I've had since I was little.
Yeah, but... there is no reason to continue.
I'll give you anything you need.
The truth is, I don't know anything about you.
You're going to start this again Molly?
It's the truth, I am in love with someone
that I hardly know anything about.
What do you want to know?
You never tell me anything about your
family or introduce me to your brother.
You don't want to meet my family!
You don't want to meet my brother!
They're fucking assholes believe me!
My dad abused us, my mom brought us here
and abandoned me with this stupid alcoholic piece of shit!
But, that's why you don't need them or anyone.
All you need is to get your head straight.
Haven't you seen my head? It isn't straight!
I'm never going to get it straight!
Cant you understand that!
One day O.K.?
You're going to fuck with the wrong person.
People are crazy Paula! It's not worth it!
Promise me that you won't steal anymore.
Promise me.
I can't.
Hey, what's up little sis?
How disgusting!
You smell like a fucking bottle of whiskey!
I'm pregnant! Have some fucking respect!
Ahh!! O.K.
What are you doing? Haha!
Take it easy.
puts down the knife)
enters the apartment, closes the door)
Oh, I'm starving! It smells so good!
Oh shit.
Ah. Ok...
Come on, Robert pick up!
Ah, what the fuck does she want now!
Shit! Fucking piece of shit drunk!
Mama, Mama, Mama... Ahh!
Ahh!... Ah!... Ahh! Fuck!
But where is Robert?
Don't talk to me about Robert!
I don't want to hear about him!
He hasn't called? Or said anything?
He's always drunk! He doesn't care about the baby
And you! Where were you Tara?!
Werent you in the hospital?
She wan't there.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Tara you always doing this!
I got the message late.
How's Chris did it go well? Shh!
What you're doing here?!
What are you doing here!!
Aren't you embarrassed?! I can't believe it!
You're a father and don't even know it!
What, what, what...
This is over! You're living in my house
and you weren't there for your sons birth!
Get out!
Let me see my son!
Robert, please, why don't you leave.
You don't have the right!
I have all the right in the world! Calm down.
My fucking son!
Please Robert, just go and let us get settled!
Then come back later and talk.
Do it for us, please I beg you!
O.K. Robert calm down, please.
Alright, alright... It's all good.
Hey, he looks just like me!
Hi Robert.
My love!
Can you carry this?
My treasure.
Where are you going with my son?!
We need to talk! O.K.?
I be right back.
Calm down.
Hey, I just want to talk, sit down.
Robert, you make me feel like shit!
I can't trust you with any money.
You drink all day long, and you weren't there
when your son was born! You was fucking drunk!
Hey, guys!
Tara go!
What the fuck is wrong?
What wrong? We're talking, don't you see?!
Go to your room please!
Listen, I'm tired from work!
I'm going to my room don't worry.
You need to get a job and start helping
around the house or I don't want you here.
I also want you to stop going out and stop drinking.
In your dreams!
Hey, you don't care for the 10 year old daughter
you already have and I don't want that for my son!
Fuck you! He's my son too!
Hey! You aren't trying to say anything positive!
All you want to do is control me! Control you?
Even you're sister says the same thing!
Hey! What are you bringing my sister into this!
Tara! Come here!
What wrong?
What the fuck are you telling Robert?
Why are you interfering with our relationship!
I didn't tell him shit!
Lying bitch! You told me that she
wants to control everything!
Robert, grow up!
Hey! Don't talk to my sister
like that she's my family O.K.?!
Oh, She's your family?
Yes! She's my family!
Hey! What's up?
I fucked your bitch of a sister in a
bathroom, she fucks better than you!
What?... No!
Tara tell me it's not true!
Oh, fuck.
Get out! Get out! I don't want you
in my house! You fucking loser!!
Get out! Get your shit and get out of my house!
Fuck you both!
Go find your shit in the street!
Go with your mother! Your mother!
How could you do this to me Tara?
It just happened...
Just happened?! How the fuck did it happen!
Like the Christmas party with Ben!
You bitch, I want you to leave!
Go get the fuck out of here!
I can't believe it! I can't believe it!
What are you putting? You're making a shitty Belchamel!
That doesn't look good for shit.
You're staying aren't you!
Son of a bitch is going to fuck me over again!
music playingrock instrumental
Look at this shit! You fuck everything up!
This room was perfectly clean!
Mama, don't yell at me please!
What do you mean don't yell? What's this?
Leave me in peace!
You don't want me here anymore?!
I'm tired of your shit!
You come here again with all your shit!
Get out.
This is my house!
Hey, what's there to eat? I'm hungry!
You're an alcoholic!
Look who's talking!
What did you do Robert? They kicked you out!
They kicked you out because no
one wants you anywhere!
Ah, so what!
I don't need them.
You don't need anyone, but here you are!
I can always come back to mom, right?
You can always come back to mom.
I've had it with you!
No more coming back to mama!
Robert, you had an opportunity a girl, a child.
And now you have another baby?
What the fuck are you thinking!
I don't care!
If you can't take care of yourself,
you think you can care for a baby?
For once, I'd like to see my grand children
and take care of them not my fucking son.
Who doesn't know how to take care of himself
or know how to do one fucking thing!
Chill out mom!
I need to chill out?
Am I bothering you? You don't want me here?
Yes, you bother me! you're silly rabbit
On top of it you bring me problems all day!
You know what! This taste like shit!
I don't need you or anyone! Fuck you!
It's delicious! Idiot!
You're leaving? I can't believe it!
Leave and don't come back!
And I want my keys!
Ungrateful piece of shit...
Go on get out of here!
You'll be back!
Hey Sis, have a good time...
How you doing?
(shuts the car door.
You're late!
I'm sorry! you know I'm always late.
Yeah! It's scissor time! Have fun you dikes!
Sorry about my retard brother, don't pay any attention.
Are you hungry?
Want to go eat?
Come on.
music playingpunk rock instrumental
Hey, dude what's up?
Hey, what's up?
Bad dude! Bad!
My mom threw me out of the house again!
They keep on kicking me out!
It's fucking bull shit bro!
Give me a fucking beer please!
It's on the house.
music playing in the background
And how's it going with Christina?
She kicked me out and doesn't
let me see my fucking son!
She doesn't have the right!
I've had it!
music playingpunk rock instrumental
Come on Ramsey, go get me another beer.
No. You're already too drunk.
Oh, come on. Just one more.
I said no!
Fuck off! I don't need you for that,
I'm going to get it by myself!
Hey, don't worry this Saturday there's a
concert and there will be a ton of people!
It's going to be bad ass!
For sure you will hook up with a chick!
Fuck 'em!
I would like one beer, please.
You want one beer?
I'll buy you one.
Oh, thank you.
Give her a beer on me, please.
You're very kind.
You're welcome.
Where you from?
music playingpunk rock instrumental
What do you want to eat?
Um, a frankfurt and a whiskey cola.
O.K. I'll be back.
So what are you doing here?
We're going to a concert at 'Estraperlo'.
Yeah who's playing?
Doom is going to play!
Oh, dude no way!
I haven't seen them in forever!
How much is it?
5 euros.
No way! I'm going to see if I can go!
music playingpunk rock instrumental
Hey! You bald-headed pussy!
That's my woman you're kissing.
Oh, eh...
Sorry, I didn't know she's your girlfriend.
She's the one kissing me.
I'm sorry.
Tough guy like you with tattoos all
over his body saying I'm sorry?
You're a fucking faggot!
Fuck off!
You're fucking disrespecting me now!
You know...
I could have never respected you.
But now, I fucking hate you.
Hey! What are you doing?
Shut up!
music playingpunk rock instrumental
It's not fair?
I told you that you are a fag!
I told you... I told you!
No, No! Please stop!
No! Agh! Aghh!!
You see what you did?!
See what you did?!
What did you want to prove?!
That you can pick up some scum bag!
You're crazy!
Are you happy?!
Are you fucking happy?!
Look what you did!
Get the fuck out!
Hey doggy? It's dinner time.
Fuck! How gross!
Call an ambulance! Call and ambulance!
Easy. Take it easy!
Where's the others?
At the show!
It's been so long since I've seen you!
It's my mom, I have to take this.
O.K., no worries.
I'm going to kill you... kill you...
I'ma smoke a cigarette and
see if I can convince her to go.
O.K. cool!
See you in a bit.
Molly! Oh, shit what happened!
Are you O.K.?!
Son of a bitch! He killed her!
Son of a bitch!
music playingpunk rock instrumental
music playing
I told you!
Forgive me!
Molly! No!
Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance my god!
music playing--dark, eerie instrumental
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop! Stop!...
music playing--dark, eerie instrumental
music playing--punk rock instrumental
Look what you did!
Shut the fuck up!
Oh my God.
Look what you did!
Shut the fuck up!
Is she dead?
Shit! Call the Police! What the Fuck!
Look what you did...
This is your fucking fault! You see this!
It's not!
No... No, baby.
This is all your fucking fault!
Oh, my baby... my baby.
Look what you fucking did! This is all your fucking fault!
This is all your fault...
This is all your fucking fault!
It's not, it's yours!
It's yours!
It's all your fucking fault...
Agh!... No!....
It's your fucking fault...it's your fucking fault...
It's your fucking fault... It's your fucking fault.
music playingdark eerie instrumental
music playinginstrumental