A Small Fortune (2021) Movie Script

Ah, you're too early!
Need to go further
up the cape yet.
I brought some
lunch for you.
Something for Chanky too!
Hi Chanky!
Hi my boy!
-I've been up and down
the shore all morning.
The moss must be on
the south side today.
I was hoping to take our
photo when you're finished.
But it looks like you're
just getting started.
Oh well.
Okay, grab the fork.
What are you doing?
-Stand here.
Okay, like that.
Hold up the fork.
Not like that!
Okay, now-
And don't move
for twenty seconds.
Twenty fucking
seconds, eh?
This is a
serious moment!
Give it up!
Give it up!
Chanky will start laughing!
Come on.
That's got to be
twenty seconds.
-That good?
-I think it is.
-Did you have enough?
I'm eating me dinner.
Look, I can only work
with what's given to me.
And I'm afraid that's
left to the sea.
There's no one left
out there, Kevin.
They've all moved on!
No, they've all
moved out West.
And what's
wrong with that?
We need to start
planning here.
We need to
figure this out.
There's about a thousand
dollars worth of moss-
in that yard, Sam.
Now that's not
a bad payday.
You must think I'm a
fucking sandbox, do you?
-Two hundred
and eleven?
Like are you
sure that's right?
I mean that was
near a full truckload.
Look I can't sell moss
when it's full of junk b'y.
I'm not buying just anything
that comes out the sea.
Yeah, I know.
I just thought
there'd be more.
Oh, we could all
use a bit more.
More money, more time,
more pussy, more weed.
But these old hands are
going to work till they bleed!
Tell me something.
You're not looking for
an extra set of hands?
-Around here?
You just bring me in
some quality moss.
And we'll both
be happy.
Yeah, there's supposed
to be some dirt-
coming across the
straight tonight.
That'll bring in your
fare share to shore b'y.
Thanks Omer!
Gladys: Go easy now.
Too much soap will
dry out me skin.
I'm not using
soap, Gladys.
I don't pay you to
talk back to me, dear.
About that.
You usually pay
me on Fridays.
Oh do I?
Jesus Christ.
Do you know how much
money I made per week-
when I was pregnant?
I really don't
know Gladys.
The men worked.
And the women took
care of the children.
How was Omer's?
-You won't be happy.
I think I can
handle it.
How much?
Couple of hundred.
Kevin, this is ridiculous!
You think I can just jump
on a plane and make us rich?
I would settle for a crib
and a box of diapers.
-Sam what's the point-
if I'm living in Alberta
six months of the year?
Well we can
come with you.
We don't have
to stay here.
This is home Sam!
We're not raising a kid on
the other side of the country.
My brother is making a
good living out there.
Just call him.
He hasn't been
home in what- ?
like five or
six years now?
He doesn't
have a wife!
He doesn't
have any kids!
Oh yeah, but
he's making bank!
So it must count
for something I guess.
What a nice life.
Don't act like Darcy's a bad guy
just because he's successful!
Your brother made
the right decision!
-Going out West?
Not coming back!
No he didn't
come back.
You don't
have to do that.
I'll go find him.
I'll go find him!
Come back to bed.
I want to fix
this house.
I want to hold
our baby in my arms.
I just want to
be a good dad.
You will be.
When I get back, I'll
call your brother okay?
See about
going out West.
Whoah whoah!
Recording: Please
leave your message-
Sam: How was
your morning?
-Best day of mossing
in years, Sam.
We were due.
I've heard that before.
There's weak pile down
there I'm telling you.
I'll be hauling her
home for days.
you forget about the
ten times you didn't.
You're right.
-Well I'm off to
be Gladys's slave.
Don't forget to
call my brother.
Hey Kev.
I love you.
We were due, Sam.
We were due.
Omer: $330 worth-
of junk today.
I'll take it.
Why do you keep
doing this to yourself-
Hey, I'll stop mossing
when you stop paying.
Yeah well you're 30 years
late for making a living.
I'm only at it because
I can still sell it-
as cattle feed.
Uh- you think you can
start paying me in cash?
Seeing as how I'm
your only customer-
It shouldn't be
that difficult, no?
I'm not a
bank, Kevin.
Answer me this.
What are you going
to do when I'm dead?
I've only got a
few years at best.
Who's going to buy
the moss then?
Look, you're going
to need something.
You can't feed
a baby seaweed!
You could sell firewood!
Fuck, try
growing a potato!
-Thanks for the tip.
Yeah, well
think about it.
Austin: I'm making-
$450 a day.
That's just starting!
Tack on another $200
a day for danger pay.
Got another
$150 on there-
for a living allowance.
My truck's on there
for another hundred.
My cell phone
is paid for.
And I get two free
pairs of coveralls.
Best part is-
it feels like you've won
the God-damned lottery.
Cashier: Hi Sam.
Kevin finally put a
baby in you, did he?
That's $22.10.
I only brought
a twenty.
So give me that.
I'll put it back.
Oh hold on there,
Sam: No no.
It's really okay.
I've got change
in the truck.
It's fine.
My treat.
Thank you.
I hope you're hungry!
Let me get
this for you.
Oh, I almost forgot!
There you go.
That feels good!
This is $500 Kevin.
Yeah, I know.
Best day of mossing
in years I told you.
Come on.
Let's just eat!
Like there's good days.
you forgot what a
good one felt like.
Crowe: Excessive speed.
Reckless driving.
Operating a motor vehicle-
without a valid license.
And in a
prohibited zone.
So they don't have dirt
roads where you come from?
Would you like another-
for disorderly conduct?
I think we
could all agree.
This is not a good
start to the day.
Ah, I wasn't even
doing nothing!
Were are youse going?
I didn't request
any support, sir.
Because you
ain't getting any.
Josie: What
did I tell you?
Bradley: Learn your subject-
before you start
dishing out lessons.
She's even worser
than the last one.
You and your sister go
on and get out of here.
Be sure to tell your father
how much I just saved him-
when you
get to church.
First impressions, Constable.
Let them warm
up to you!
They ain't all bad.
It's okay.
She's pregnant.
Are you trying to impress
me or something?
Sorry sir?
Being a decent cop ain't about
how much paperwork gets done.
So if you're trying
to impress me-
before we take this
relationship any further.
It's that I
don't give a shit.
Some things you got to
let slide, sweetheart.
We just keep
the peace Crowe.
We don't disturb it.
You get to know these folks
before you put them all in jail.
Good advice.
Thank you.
If you were to put
in for a transfer-
wouldn't be any
hard feelings.
You wouldn't
be the first.
you're not going
to be the last.
Good night.
On fire?
Well this is a nice
welcome present.
Oh, don't get all
horny just yet.
Kids burn shit on the beach
all the time up here.
What's this stuff?
That is Irish moss.
It's got a bit of a
history up here.
Good way to make a
little extra money.
One time they pushed
a shed off the cliff.
That was a fire.
Let me tell you.
Guaranteed, it won't
be your last bonfire.
They're all too
common up here.
How common is this?
Put that away.
Put it away.
Okay folks!
Show's over!
Go on home!
Thank you
for coming out!
Go on!
I didn't mean
to wake you.
And what in Christ's name
do you think you're doing?
I'm making fish cakes!
I was up past Cajoe's
point this morning-
looking for moss.
I found a great deal
on haddock instead.
It's the middle of
the frikkin' night Kevin.
-Yeah I know!
Get the lights!
Sam, do it!
Sam: Is anyone
sleeping tonight?
Well you look stunned
as a horseshoe, Sam.
Good to see
you again.
Can I get
you a drink?
Omer: I'm so thirsty-
I could drink
a biscuit.
That's a great idea.
Well I know
that jug.
Your father's shine.
The very best
he called it.
He put
potatoes in it.
Sam: He saves it for
all his special guests.
Well, I'm honored.
I assure you.
So you were there when they
found the boat burning eh?
Yeah, right
by Kevin's moss.
Well, I was the one
who called it in.
I tried to put
it out myself.
But the devil was
playing her games.
What did
the police say?
Omer: Bradley and
the new one there-
the cute one-
she took
care of it.
I don't know
what became of it.
But I didn't want to become
too involved with them either.
I didn't tell
them about this.
I don't feel right
keeping it though.
Look, I know how
you're doing, Kevin.
You need it
more than I do.
Kevin: I really
appreciate the gesture.
But that's
yours to keep.
why don't
we split it?
Fifty fifty!
Sam: Where did the
money come from though?
The boat?
Ignorance is
blisters old girl.
Just be grateful that the
money's made of plastic now.
Thanks for stopping by.
Omer: Thanks
for the drink b'y.
We'll see you later.
Be seeing you.
Almost drove right
past this place.
I barely recognized it.
It's been a
while, Jim.
Have you met our
new constable?
Well she found this-
in a pile
of moss-
right next to
a burning boat.
And she wants answers.
I'm hoping you
can help me out.
Like I heard about
the boat, yeah.
I didn't know
about this.
Was there more?
I was really
hoping you'd-
you'd say
it was yours.
Great little family
you've got brewing here.
-I do.
Boy, I would hate to have to
make a living at this today.
Well I guess it's a lot
like police work, you know?
Some days are
better than others.
-You're a lot
like your dad.
Oh, he'd be some cross seeing
what's come of his house.
Ah, well uh-
it's my house
now, isn't it?
that's not your house.
It's not your land.
It's not your horse.
I see your point.
-You've been
given a ship.
But you don't
know how to sail.
Who the fuck do you
think you're looking at?
What brings you
to Skinners Pond?
What are you fishing?
I was thinking-
of fishing off this
point right here.
But uh-
can't seem to find
my way down to it.
You need to take
the dirt path out back.
Behind Denny
Pit's old place.
Where that
boat burnt up?
-Some boat washed
ashore, I think.
Then someone set it on
fire, is what Omer told me.
Who's Omer?
He's your man if
you need live bait.
Dew worms, night
crawlers, gudgeons-
leeches, minnows,
hoppers, crickets.
Okay well yeah.
I need all that.
So how do
I find him?
Crowe: I called all the
campsites and marinas.
There's been no reports
of missing or stolen boats-
anywhere on the island.
Let me ask you
something, Crowe.
Lets say you
weren't a cop.
Let's say
you were broke.
Down on your luck.
And then one day
you find some money.
Would you keep it?
how much
do I find?
Twenty dollars?
I'd probably keep it.
And what if
it was more?
I'd turn it in.
I wouldn't feel right.
So you're telling me-
that you would keep
somebody else's money-
as long as it
wasn't too much.
I mean we all have to draw
the line somewhere, right?
-You know, I've lived
in Skinners Pond-
just about
my entire life.
And I can not
think of one person-
who would give back
any amount of money.
So you think there's
more out there?
-Oh, I don't know.
How much would
I need to find-
before I didn't
tell anybody?
Didn't you tell me
not to assume the worst-
of the people
of Skinners Pond?
Constable Crowe.
You're absolutely right.
Sam: I've got a crib
that needs assembling.
That's great!
-I talked to my
brother today.
Alright, well I can build the
crib myself if you're busy-
with the axe.
I'll call him.
I will.
Troy: Okay.
Cunt fuck!
Well, simmer
down big fella!
You looking for me?
You Omer?
-Well I am
till I ain't.
You want
some bait or-
or something else?
Depends what you got.
-Oh, are you
from town, or-?
I'm from town, yeah.
Hoping to catch
the big one.
Well so
are we all.
Follow me.
What the hell is
wrong with you?
I'm fine.
-You're far from fine.
Sam, it's just- tired.
You know?
Like sleep I guess?
Look at me.
-Just tell me.
I'm putting off
calling your brother.
And I should
have told you.
And I apologize.
Is that what
you want to hear?
Like I knew things were going
to work out with the moss.
And I didn't want
to throw that away!
You got lucky.
Yeah, yeah!
I did!
I got really lucky!
We got really lucky!
How long has Omer
been paying you in cash?
Oh my Jesus!
Why does that
even matter?
It matters that you
tell me these things.
But you're not!
Oh my God,
look around Sam!
Like we're making
this happen!
I'm going to go
get more paint.
Here's a big
juicy one!
Crooked as the
Trans-Canada too.
Troy: Listen uh-
What's this I heard
about a boat on fire?
Cops found it.
What happened?
-They towed it
away, I suppose!
-Anybody hurt?
Was there a body?
A body?
Ah, fuck no.
Not unless they
burnt up in the boat.
And uh-
What about money?
Anybody find any cash?
now why would there be
any money down there?
Because that's
why I'm here, Omer.
Ah, you rotten
Give me your hand.
-Ah fuck you!
I said give me
your hand!
Did you find
my money, Omer?
Fifty bucks?
That's it!
-You're sure?
What are you
fucking deaf?
Bones cracking.
No I think I can
hear you just fine.
I thought we'd
try it again.
I'm telling
you the truth!
I just found
the two fifties.
And I called the
cops about the boat.
Okay, so now
there's two fifties!
So where is
the other one?
you are a
hard worker.
I'll give you that.
because you're
Oriental or whatever.
-If I can
pull a print-
and get a match-
we'll know who
was on this boat-
and potentially, what they
might be doing out here.
Don't you think you're looking
in the wrong direction?
I'm not so much worried
where they're coming from-
as much as where
they were going.
You have to
come with me now!
Hi Sam?
No, I need you
to come home.
I've got to tell
you something.
No that's not
fucking good enough!
No, you
listen to me!
We've got a God-
damned corpse-
sticking out of the
fucking ground up here!
We need the
coroner's team now!
Not tonight!
Fuck sakes.
Send it now!
I fucking know that!
They said don't
touch the body!
I know!
-They want me
to go meet them!
-They're a fucking
hour away yet!
Either of you know how
to drive one of those?
My Dad knows how.
Bradley: Your Dad's
in a wheelchair, Gussy.
I did it before.
I need you to clear
out these rigs.
to get that body
safely out of here.
Am I getting paid?
Which of youse
has got a cigarette?
Comment a fucking flippe?
You must be Kevin.
Is that what
I think it is?
You let him
go right now!
Or I'll fucking
shoot you dead!
That son of a bitch
just put a fucking-
Where's the other bag?
I don't know!
Get up!
Get up!
Get his cuffs.
Get the cuffs.
Put them on.
Troy: This-!
is only half!
Man I'm telling you.
I'm sorry.
I only found
one bag!
You're going to show
me where you found it!
-I dragged that bag-
out of the
fucking ocean!
And if I don't find-
we're going to be dragging
you up out of the ocean too.
That sound fair?
Sounds fair to me.
Crowe: Gussy right?
Get me a map
of the area.
How are you
holding up?
Do you have
somewhere you can go?
I can ask around.
-I've got a couch
you can rest on.
We'll figure this out.
Alright everyone!
Listen up!
For those of you
I haven't met yet-
I'm Constable Susan Crowe!
Now the last few
hours have been tough-
for all of us!
there is still a very real
threat in Skinners Pond!
There are two suspects
on the run right now!
An unnamed assailant
with neck tattoos-
driving a blue
Chevy Malibu!
He's expected to be armed
and extremely dangerous!
The other-
is Kevin Doucette-
whom I'm sure
you all know.
Do you
have a map?
So there are
identification checks-
being done
at the bridge.
And a homicide
unit has been issued-
from the mainland.
Until they arrive,
I need your help.
If these guys are
still in Skinners Pond-
I need all the eyes
and ears I can get.
Nobody knows these parts
better than you guys.
If you do
see anything-
that can help me in
finding Kevin Doucette-
use these.
Let go.
Got it?
I need eyes,
not a hero!
Do I have
any questions?
Get out of here!
Troy: Yeah some fisherman
and his pregnant wife.
I said some fisherman
and his pregnant wife!
I'm taking
care of it all!
Yeah I know!
I will.
No you
don't have to!
I said I will!
I will!
I'll deliver it myself!
The tide is in.
The sun will be up
in a couple of hours.
Might as well make
yourself comfortable.
I wasn't trying
to hurt no one.
-Yeah, you know, I
could say the same thing.
But it's too
late now.
I found a
bag of money.
What was I
supposed to do?
Turn it in?
-My best friend-
was found bloated
and rotting-
in a scrapyard.
I'm sorry man.
I'm sorry,
but I told you.
-You put him there.
I didn't know
what else to do!
You're in the
deep end now.
I hope you
can swim.
Come on, let
me go, please!
I'm going
to be a dad!
-Oh fucking join
the club, man!
I found that bag at
the bottom of this cliff.
Okay, so if it
washed ashore-
it's down on the
beach somewhere.
You don't
need me okay?
So just
let me go!
I'm no
use to you!
I shot a cop!
I'm what's considered
armed and dangerous.
And you're the only thing
that's standing between me-
and a bullet
in the head.
You're not going anywhere.
Besides, the truth is-
if that second bag isn't
down there somewhere-
And that means
you're a dead man!
And that means
your wife is dead.
And your unborn baby.
Your horse.
Everybody you knows.
They'll slaughter
youse all, man.
Yeah, and then they'll
just go out for breakfast.
Like even if you
find that money-
how are you going
to get out of here-
with all the people
looking for you?
Crowe: Hope you were able
to sleep on that thing.
The couch had
nothing to do with it.
I'll make sure you have
a real bed tonight, okay?
Thank you.
I can help you-
if you can
help me.
I know Kevin's
involved in something.
And I think
you do too.
You want to know why I
couldn't sleep last night?
Or the night
before that?
The truth?
Kevin is the hardest
working man I know.
He never stops.
He just-
He goes and he
goes and he goes.
And he tries hard.
And he means well.
I mean, nothing we
can rely on anyway.
A little bit here,
a little bit there.
But all that
changed last week-
when he started
bringing in the moss.
And he started getting
paid for it in cash.
And lots
of it too.
But he was acting
real strange.
He was hiding
something from me.
And he doesn't do that
unless he's bothered.
And every time
I'd close my eyes-
and every time
I'd try to sleep-
I'd see the truth.
And it terrifies me.
where all that money
was coming from?
I didn't want to
push too hard.
He was working
long hours-
And it felt
really nice-
to finally get some
supplies for the baby-
and still afford groceries.
You know?
That felt really nice.
Does Kevin know anything about
the body in the scrapyard?
I think he stole
that man's money.
Sam: Kevin didn't
kill Jim Bradley.
Crowe: I don't
think so either.
But I do think he's
in way over his head.
And we're going
to help him.
Thank you.
And I'll take you
straight to Gladys's.
Josie: I fucking found
the guy with the tattoos.
Oh fuck.
Come on.
Hey come on, man.
Come on.
Fuck fuck fuck!
Come on, buddy!
Girl: Hello?
Can you put
that down please?
Crow told me not to let
you out of my frigging site.
Just doing my job.
I'm thinking about going
to the police academy-
when I get my
grade twelve.
Now that I got a taste of
authority and everything.
Digging up bodies-
dodging bullets.
Have you ever
been shot at?
Probably not.
Don't touch that!
My dad said that he can
get me a job out West-
hauling cable for six
months of the year.
But I don't really know
if I'd want to leave home.
Can you get the
fuck out please?
Okay, I'll go
wait outside.
Sam: Kevin!
Oh my God!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You need to
listen to me.
Listen to me okay?
I found a bag of money
on the shore okay?
And I kept it.
And I didn't
tell anyone.
I just wanted to
keep this family here.
And I lied
to you.
And I lied
to everyone.
And I've done some
terrible things.
Are we in danger?
-No no no.
Not anymore.
Did you kill
Jim Bradley?
Who's in the
I don't know.
I can't do
this anymore.
I can't do it
anymore either Sam!
Sam, Sam I'm done!
I'm done, Sam.
Josie: Kevin came home.
I think he gave up.
Keep him there.
You want me
to keep watch?
Let me help
you with this.
Norm: Come on
out now sweetheart!
We need to have
a little chat!
Don't do this.
I'm not going
to ask you again!
Get out here!
Kevin: Let her go.
Let her go.
Norm: Come on now!
Now let's all
act like adults!
Put your arms down.
Now I know I'm
not welcome here!
But I've
come a long way!
And I've been
pretty patient-
up to this point!
But now I want
what's mine!
I don't have
it anymore.
Well now that's
a problem!
Where's Troy?
He's dead.
Norm: What?
He's dead!
Did you kill him?
This is a God-
damned mess!
Tell me where
my money is!
Just tell him!
It's down
by the cape.
Both bags.
But the cops-
the cops are going
to be down there.
I should put a
bullet in your head!
There's money
in the barn!
No no Sam.
No it's not.
No time for
lies, Kevin!
This is truth time!
Okay Kevin.
Go get it.
I'm so sorry.
Norm: Jesus Christ,
just get it!
You serious?
Take it.
It's all I've got.
You son
of a bitch.
That's enough lying Kevin.
Enough games.
He's going
to kill us.
But you-
you destroyed us.
This is
all on you.
If you're not going to show
him where the money is-
I will.
Norm: Whoah whoah
whoah whoah whoah!
Do you want your
money or not?
Kevin: Sam.
Hold this here.
I'm going to
go get help.
Sam: I often wonder what
it is that keeps me here.
What's so special
about this place?
It's freezing most days.
But the cold
keeps me tough.
It keeps me moving.
And we're getting by.
We're making it work.
It might not last
forever this way.
But if we take it
one day at a time-
we don't have to
plan too far ahead.
I started working again.
Gladys has been
giving me more hours.
And she's a lot more bearable
now than she's ever been.
I can't be
too sure.
But I think I
found her weak spot.
Everyone at church has
been very supportive of us.
They all understand
what happened.
And I can't seem to
escape their generosity.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm grateful.
It just seems every Sunday
is an unwelcome payday.
And I know it comes
from a good place-
from good people.
But it only reminds me of
things I'm trying to forget.
Good company always
helps pass the time.
Omer checks up on
us every couple days.
God love him.
Though sometimes I
wonder if he's here for us-
or to get his drink
of holy water.
Either way-
he's really good
at making us laugh.
I'd play the five.
We enjoy our little
walks along the shore.
And my stories of the Irish moss
sure can make a baby sleep.
I wonder how
old he'll be-
when he finds out
what happened here.
How we'll
explain it to him.
Who's going to
break the news first?
maybe he'll never know.
Until then-
your son's waiting
for you to come home.
And I am too...