A Song for Christmas (2017) Movie Script

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Tobin and kevin mcgarry star in a song
For christmas
Piya nervous i've been nervous since the
Moment i met you after the movie
If you are not already in the know we're
Happy to introduce for the first time on
Our nashville stage country music's next
It girl
Adelaide katie so adelaide we heard that
You're going to be a part of the
Christmas eve showcase at the palace
Where you'll be performing alongside
Some of country music's greatest stars
And it's less than two weeks away and
How are you feeling humbled excited
Terrified but really this is a dream
Come true
And that song you just sang first your
Hit single rock star who's that about
We've heard rumors about you and cole
Wyatt is it true is there someone
Special and adelaide kay's life is there
Someone special
There could be tell us about him i
Really can't but i will say that there
Is a place in my heart for something
Other than just music and who knows this
Is the season of miracles
I messed up
I'm always flat on that last note are
You kidding if you were perfect everyone
Loved you
Adelaide you spent your entire life
Dreaming of doing what you just did try
And enjoy it what about when they asked
Me about the hole did i like to order
Lady anne act well you definitely did
Not look madly in love with country
Music's hottest star maybe because i am
Not madly in love with country music's
Hottest star we've discussed us you are
Supposed to encouraged col rumor i'm not
Gonna lie just say there's someone
That's called lying no there's someone
Special you just haven't met him yet
Besides pictures don't lie they
Obviously do because this was just
Coffee as friends this is your first
How long have you waited for this this
Whole fake dating thing it just doesn't
Feel like me it's the new you
I forgot to tell you i know i said we
Could stop in atlanta this morning visit
Your parents but you just gotta get to
Philly but russell i haven't seen my
Parents in nearly a year
No ceo to me but i promised them a delay
There are sacrifices to being a star
Okay right now what's important is that
You just stay focused rock star is
Climbing the charts your name is on the
Tip of everybody's tongue you're gonna
Be an overnight success a lifetime in
The making soon it will all be worth it
This is everything you've always wanted
And you are so close you're right good
Bingo here we are
Rustle where did you find this place hey
That's what i do
Adorable where are we
Preston virginia we have tomorrow off so
I thought it'd be nice if we slept in a
Real bed
This is cute yeah
I'll go let them know we're here i'm
Famished huh
Don't get too excited russell called
Ahead russell called ahead
I am blissfully remembering the days
When i used to choose and porsche in my
Own food eat up that's a very healthy
Perfectly balanced meal a really healthy
Perfectly balanced meal as a cookie in
Each and
That magic cheer that means
Christmastime and now i need a word that
Rhymes what are you doing writing a song
Trying to i'm thinking a country
Christmas song what do you have so far
An empty page and determination not a
Bad start
Well whatever you write i'm sure it'll
Be a hymn you are obviously forgetting
About the spectacular failure of my
Self-Composed debut album girl i've been
With you since you boarded this country
Music train you're legit
Okay let's talk schedule eleven days
Until christmas eve at the palace we
Have to talk radio show on friday big
Holiday theme so here are some jokes the
Pr team rode speaking of writing yeah
Speaking of writing bobby sent over the
New song here have a listen
This sounds exactly like my last song
Russell i'm 28 years old 25 on paper old
Enough that i have to stop singing about
The cute boy at the bus stop i want to
Write my own lyrics at elite one song
And i can maybe sing it at the palace
Concert and show my fans who i really am
You tried writing before and it didn't
Work out that was years ago before i
Started staring you in the right
Adelaide we've only been working
Together one year and already i have you
On the pals bill so just trust me you
Are a great singer but writing is art so
You just keep it in the high notes and
Leave the rest to us all right
Six good tune
What is it nothing really i just just
Playing around it's just music it's
Never just music it's catchy got
Yourself an earworm anyone was that you
Know something that wiggles its way into
Your mind and won't let go
Yeah don't you mean
Better go bye-Bye
Hey time to get up
It's my day off russell said that's why
He lets you sleep late let's go 7 a.M.
Pilates 8 a.M. Call with bobbi and then
We hit the road
Good thing it's my day off chocolate
Don't tell brussels
You're the best
We're sandra and russell we going to get
Some coffee we told them to hold onto
Mine i'm gonna go in my room looking at
New songs i'll make sure no one bothers
Where's that late already on board
Working in a room great let's hit the
Hey you again what's all this
Ah clearly you're not from around here
How could you tell
Well for one i know everybody in this
Town and to the preston tree lighting
Ceremony famous around these parts oh
Tree lighting sounds fun
What sorry it's just you look exactly
Like adelaide kay you know the singer
You know how lady kay yeah i get told
That i look like her a lot um are you a
I like your early stuff yeah her first
Album was great i didn't think anyone
Listened to that i did that ballad was a
Real heart ripper hmm what about the new
Stuff not my taste really oh yeah why
Why is that hmm seems a bit manufactured
Remember songs really have any heart
Well maybe she's still searching for the
Heart maybe maybe she sold it must be
Nice what's that
Criticizing from the cheap seats instead
Of standing in the spotlight you know
For not being adelaide kay you uh you're
Very protective over music you know what
You're right it's just music
What no
Excuse me um do you mind if i use your
Phone i left mine on the bus and they
Left without me oh no i have definitely
Had days like that do you mind if i
Sandra it's me i'm impressed in you guys
Left me when you get this will you tell
Russell i need you to come back and get
Me if you get this in the next couple
Minutes you can call this number back
Okay just tell them we have more coming
In tomorrow always happy to help no
Answer but thank you well which
Direction are you headed in north
Philadelphia well i'm headed home now
And we live 10 minutes north why don't
You come along and if your ride calls
They can pick you up there and if not i
Can drive you back here later okay thank
Oh i'm bailey by the way i'm addie
Nice to meet you addie nice to meet you
Here is a hot new track called rockstar
I think you're all gonna like it
Oh i love this song
And never remember the singer's name
Sometimes i think everything i know is
About boys and farming really i don't
Know anything about that well farming i
Know enough about boys
I am a city girl i'm soothed by the
Sounds of honking horns and the smell of
Trash well then i am definitely a farm
Girl i have more pairs of galoshes than
What's a kailash good one see that tree
Line on the horizon that is the back of
The property so pretty
So this is our house we grow the trees
Here and then sell them in town it's
Beautiful come on i want you to meet her
Hey hey hey oh this is addy addy mr.
Bustin got stranded in town so i gave
Her a ride these are my parents
Hi i'm emma bail hi i'm gonna have you
Thank you your farm is really full of
Trees like a true city girl and i should
Know i'm a reformed city girl myself oh
Really what brought you out here i fell
In love with this one and after him i
Fell in love with these woods so when i
Came time to pick a job we just thought
How about a christmas tree farm she was
Kind enough to hire me you had no choice
What's he doing here that's dylan my
You already know each other yeah i met
Dylan downtown playing his guitar isn't
He talented i have been president of his
Fan club since he was a baby actually
When he was little he used to say mom
When i grow up i want to be a musician
And i'd say honey i'm pretty sure you
Can't do bo you were hoping he'd head
Off to nashville to become a big star
Well lucky for you guys i'm not going
Uh-Huh haley let me show addie what we
Do around here addie
That's a bit of an unusual name what is
That short for something
Hey it's ten days until christmas eve
This is the last stretch of our busy
Addie how would you like to experience
The inexpressible joy of netting a
Christmas tree uh could i have a
Different job what you could untangle
Those christmas life untangling those
Lights would be the true miracle of
Christmas well need a bigger miracle
Than that haley what it's true we'll
Talk about it later honey
Dylan we were in the middle of netting
So how about you take miss addie on a
Tour of the farm she doesn't mind your
Thank you
You're netting
So is there something you want to tell
Me there's something you wanna tell me
Yeah that's a balsam fir over there we
Have tamarack spruce and for the
Traditionalists scotch pine
These are all types of trees that we
Have on the farm
Just in case you're confused a tree is a
Woody perennial plant
Here i thought a christmas tree with
Just a christmas tree oh much more than
That although you do strike me as the
Kind of person that buys a fake plastic
Tree every year oh actually i just
Decorate a potted plant
So what do you do on a treat martin i
Think that the trees sort of take care
Of themselves the opposite actually we
Don't just plant the seed and wait for
The tree to grow christmas tree farm is
A constant battle against drought
Insects heat frost even a five year old
Sapling still takes ten years before it
Reaches maturity that's 15 years for
Every tree that we have on this farm
It's a good thing we love what we do
Smell that smells like a giant air
Freshener it's fresh snow these woods in
The snow i don't think there's any place
I'd rather be
Not on stage playing music you're good
Oh yeah
I just know that real talent is rare you
Should be a national plane so you could
Be heard
My place isn't preston my family
What are you guys doing salting the
Driveway it prevents the ice from
Forming i'm from atlanta this knows more
Than an inch the city shot stop there
Snowpocalypse oh i think it's for you
Adelaide you okay yeah i'm fine oh
Good news and bad news accident the
Highway is closed and there's a
Snowstorm on the way go back to the b&b
We'll pick you up as soon as we can and
The good news he won't call i've made
Another cover great
That was my ride i need to get back soon
So i'm just gonna call a cab and head
Back to town absolutely not no you
You'll stay here yeah you'll be our
Guest i couldn't
I don't even up clothes or a toothbrush
Well we have that i don't even know me
I'm a stranger
Emma hide the silver i would if we adds
Them he'll stay that's the end of it
Well alright thank you i'm not a soul oh
Often stone how do you want to come with
Me i can show you around preston i'd
Love to
Obviously preston goes crazy for
It's impressive everybody does something
For the holiday when i was a kid i
Waited all year for christmas just meet
My family went all out i really miss
Painful politics
Every tree that you see here in town
Including this one came from our farm
We've been donating the tree to the
Square for 30 years and we will be
Donating it for their anymore
Hey dad oh hey lee oh okay this is my
New friend addy
They met before you look so familiar
I get that a lot hey lee i heard about
The farm how was your family doing we're
Okay we're not giving up
Listen i know how proud your folks are
Too proud for their own good so let's
Not tell them but the salt bags are on
Me oh no no no it's an early christmas
Gift and if there's anything you need
Anything at all come to me thank you
Haley loved his web saying about the
Farm oh well behind on the mortgage and
The bank is threatening to foreclose i'm
So sorry
Yeah the big automotive plant outside
Town closed down and they'd hit preston
Pretty hard
Coupled with last year's drought we lost
A few trees missed a few payments and
Just haven't been able to recover but
You won't recover right i hope so
That's why dillon won't leave we've
Tried to get him to go but he won't he's
Days for us it's pretty selfless ever
Selfless is saying you don't like pie
When there isn't enough to go around
Something my mom what is this well i
Call that heroic
This is all looks delicious you take
More adi especially these potatoes that
From our garden so eat up don't be shy
This is the best meal i've had in a
While and i do love my food wow
People who love food are my favorite
People well then you're gonna like me
What i'd like to cook i'm not actually
Much of a cook oh come on but you're a
Great cook what's your signature dish um
Something burnt okay you're not a cook
Tell us more about yourself addie
Yeah where are you coming in from where
You headed to what are you doing for the
Holidays yeah eddie any plans for
Christmas i am actually working this
Christmas doing what i'm i know
Something about addie that i think
Everyone will find interesting
Do tell addie doesn't have a christmas
Tree you don't have a christmas tree
Well i i have a christmas tree
I just haven't put it together yet oh
That is a holiday sacrilege you're gonna
Have to take one of ours home with you i
Would love to okay oh tomato really yes
Really i think dessert is one of the
Most important meals of the day well i
Would live on a farm if we could raise
Pie here's our new daughter
I brought you pajamas and a toothbrush
And stuff thank you um what is all this
Oh i make wreaths they're gorgeous
Oh they're easy journaler okay so take
Your base there you go oh i've gotten
Mine started and then you cut a couple
Of branches see right there you go and
You're just gonna want to straighten out
The branches to make sure they look nice
And neat and then you're just gonna lay
It on the base and then you're gonna
Take your wire and attach it to the base
And you do that all the way around
You'll get the hang of it and then you
Get to add ribbons and pinecones and
Decorate it however you want
So do you sell these i've thought about
It but i don't think they're good enough
I do have lots of other ideas on ways to
Save the farm though yeah like what well
I want to expand the business
I want families to be able to come to
The farm to buy their trees and we could
Have sleigh rides and a snack bar there
Could be an ice skating rink and
Concerts it would be like a little
Winter wonderland it sounds perfect
Have you talked to your parents about it
I've tried but we never have the money
Anyway it's a dream but it's just a
Dream kind of like you making us read
Hearing all the christmas songs we wrote
Stay close guess i'm gonna mistletoe we
Have to at least try with what money
Haley we can't even pay the mortgage so
What we're just supposed to sit around
And do nothing just waiting for the bank
To foreclose oh
Christmas decorations yeah you want to
Help are you gonna make me untangle more
Christmas lights well if you start now
You might be done by new year's oh that
Was dillon's first guitar so what about
Miss addie what makes you tick i also
Love music i work a lot which is good i
Never really home i don't get to see my
Friends or family much i don't really
Get moments like this so it's nice being
Here well we're happy to have you and
Mihaly told me about the possible
Foreclosure oh
Well farmers are really good at growing
Things but not always as good at selling
Them i would really like to help know
What that is so kind honey really but
We'll be okay yeah we'll be okay
Addy have you seen our stars we have the
Most brilliant night sky oh you want me
To go outside in the cold yeah that
Night who knows what you'll find
Your mom told me to come and see the
Stars yeah i bet she did
A storm is rolling in but it's a pretty
Clear sky right now so this is what's
Beyond the blanket of city smog mm-Hmm
How about a country boy like you knows
All the constellations yeah yeah of
Course what's that that as orion's belt
And that that is orion's suspenders
That is ursa major that is cassiopeia
Wow you know your stars i've wished on
Them so many times i know them all by
Name or it takes a star to know a star
I would recognize your voice anyway
And it does have heart maybe
I'm sorry i lied i don't always know how
To be adelaide k it's easier to be just
I should tell your family the truth no
Your secret is safe with me
And so is your secret mine that i'm
Seeking you don't really have any
Interest in playing music or performing
Or doing the thing you obviously love
I'm not one for standing up in front of
People and besides i've got the stars
Lodging close to where i work it what
More do i need
We should turn it we have early mornings
Around here not as early as my mornings
Yeah well we'll see oh and don't think
Being a delayed kay is gonna get you out
Of morning chores
Oh i don't and i'm not a delayed kay
Remember just studying
Now instead of we're missing important
Promos nevermind we're snowed in we're
Gonna come for you soon as we can
What about the talk today cold you
Replaced me with coal wyatt replacing
The two of you were gonna do the radio
Show together russell you can't keep
Making these decisions without
Consulting me we'll talk about this
Later all right
Look talk to sandra okay i know so how's
The firm too much fresh air no it's nice
Emma and dale are so gracious and haley
Is way cooler than i ever was at 16 and
Dylan dylan wait there's a dylan is he
Cute what's he like he's like i don't
Know real breakfast i also brought you
Some new clothes is she calling you a d
And what do you mean real sad her just
Call me when the highway opens
Galoshes amazing
Morning eddy morning i know it's ten
Days before christmas why don't you do
The honors daddy once come over and help
Me flip some pancakes i love - Oh well
These are - Famous christmas guys have a
Holiday shaped breakfast a lot you must
Think we're crazy as long as the
Pancakes are this good i'm not judging
We are not crazy you were just a little
Bit different actually adding there is a
Story about a forest that was full of
Perfectly straight trees but in the
Centre there's a crooked tree and all of
The very very straight trees they laugh
At the crooked tree until the loggers
Come and say take all of the straight
Ones and leave the rest where the rest
Oh i am i heard on the radio about this
Talent search for musicians some sort of
Reality tv show or something that so
I've loaded the truck up i'm gonna head
Into town after breakfast oh well i'm
Oh addy do you want to stay here come
With us i don't know how long my right
Will take so yeah i'll come to town
Alright go to work
What help me unload the truck unload the
Truck yeah he's serious i did spend most
Of my childhood indoors singing lessons
Pageants and heavy lifting wasn't
Exactly a pageant talent well it's time
To learn a new pageant talent come on
You grab it by the bass string there
Here you ready yeah
One two yeah
Okay good jeff just grab it by the head
Like that yeah you got it
Lucky you adi you're gonna be a pro in
No time oh yeah i was actually thinking
If you put your wreaths out here maybe
You could try to sell it i think they
Fly out of here i actually think that
Your whole idea for the farm could
Really work
I told addy
And i know your parents said no because
It would cost money but what if it
Didn't have to what do you mean maybe
You have people would want to help like
Friends or neighbors well owen has the
Horse and sleigh
Yeah and bev has all of those
Decorations just lying around what if we
Built something to show mom and dad
Yeah yeah let's see what happens maybe
You could make the money you need to
Save the farm it's a great idea
Go talk to bevan the hardware store and
Then we can find out oh look but there's
On right there oh yeah yeah okay good
But what if he says no and what if he
Says yes come on i'll go with you just
Speak from the heart and it'll be great
Oh and hi i'm maddie under black family
So nice to meet you eddie
Dylan haley oh and i was hoping that you
Would help us i have this idea for the
Family farm sure what would that be
So what do you think bev i love your
Idea haley the decorations are all yours
Thank you
Come on this way i'll show you
Hey these you should put them on no no
Be reindeer i'm not a reindeer what can
You tell us about you and adderley oh
Let's just say there's something going
On between us that neither of us really
Understands sounds like your boyfriend
Really misses you
Hey coal is not my boyfriend it's just a
Publicity stunt that my manager set up
Just the way things are done you pretend
To date people you barely know and you
Sing songs that you know are bad well do
It a different way do it your way go
Back to writing your own song and what
That album flopped i think you were the
Only person who listened to it then i
Started working with russell and doing
It his way and now i have a hit single
I'm so close
Except you know suddenly i'm cool
Wyatt's girlfriend
It's just what if this is the only way
You can do it what if it's not
I'm trying to write a christmas song -
Maybe perform at the palace concert all
Right what do you have so far
Frustration and self-Doubt building
Blocks of every creative endeavor it's
Just a carol is a big deal it's a song
That's supposed to make you feel the joy
Of christmas a lot of pressure to put on
One side i instead just think about what
A carol means - What does the carol mean
To you
To me carol is the visiting uncle of
Songs it shows up too early way too loud
And never leaves it go on sir hey carol
Makes me feel the way i felt as a kid oh
Christmas morning
See you're good at this you should be
Making music
Everything is set for the presentation
For mom and dad tomorrow the print shop
Is making the flyers for free so i'll
Hand them out and get the word out ooh
And you should also announce that at the
Tree-Lighting if i do could you stay for
The festival he would love it there's
Food and music music
Maybe you should perform at the
It'll be great press for the farm
Oh i think it's for you
Would it be alright with you guys if i
Stayed a little longer i yeah yeah i
Think that'd be great
What if i stay longer if you perform the
Tree-Lighting deal
Haley it's for iams middle of the night
Also known as the farmers morning that's
For dairy farmers after milk cows live
On a tree farm we often note the trees
I've been working on this all night and
I like it i'm just stuck the staging
Area is all rock what do you think
For what what if you made this the sales
Floor and then you could put all the
Decorations around the trees yes and
Then that's the first thing customer see
When they arrive
I love it
I heard these are specialty very funny
Okay i'll put laurie
It's so quiet here i don't think i have
Ever been anywhere this quiet the
Silence is it's almost musical you know
Our morning's like this when it is this
Quiet it's kind of when i hear the music
The loudest you know okay i mean it's
Not all gonna be done today and it's not
Exactly what i was thinking but you are
Building it step by step and you are
Doing it your way and that is always a
Good thing
Oh owens you're the horse
Well they call us down for something
I'm kind of nervous it's a good thing
That usually means something important
To tap it all right what are you kids up
To mom dad i have something to show you
Is it a large cup of coffee better come
On all right it was a pot of coffee
Mom dad 30 years ago you had a dream to
Start the lap farm and now 30 years
Later i want to follow my dream for the
Farm i want to expand the business and
Make the farm a holiday destination spot
And it won't just be christmas
We'll have harvest festivals and pumpkin
Patches easter egg hunts and fourth of
July barbecues our farm will be a place
That doesn't just spread christmas cheer
But spreads joy all year long and i know
That we don't have any money but we have
Friends who want to help addy is
Assisting with the pr bev loaned us all
Of the decorations and oh and agreed to
Run sleigh rides oh and you're retired
Honey even with all of this help there's
Still upkeep there's insurance there's
Marketing we'll find a way to make it
Work every dime we have to put into this
We have to find a dime from someplace
Else man it's a gamble kiddo but it's
Something we'd be doing something
Instead of waiting for her home to be
Taken away all i've ever wanted is this
Farm and i won't give it up
Maybe this idea could save the farm
It's ambitious she takes after you
Remember when your mom and i first
Walked this piece of property i mean it
Was a
It's just a fallow plot i needed a lot
Of work but your mom she she saw it as a
Okay how about we start small and i will
See how it goes
You know
Hey haley wanted me to relay a message
Somebody keeps calling for you now it's
My manager russell he wants me back on
Schedule the palace show is in eight
Days and it's supposed to be my grand
Unveiling where i cement my place and
Country music but that's not what you
Want of course it is i just i don't know
What i'm gonna be cemented as
I'm really proud of haleigh yeah yeah me
Too you know she's one of this ever
Since she could form a sentence it's
Really hard to want something so badly
For so long and not know if you're ever
Gonna get it yes it is
I'm gonna head back hailey's my help
Hey do you want to come anything to get
Me away from this wreath what that is
So how's the song coming it's not really
I have a melody in my head it's yours
It told you you had an ear murmur you
Should put some lyrics to it i couldn't
Come on i loved your first album my
Debut flop no no maybe i'm not a writer
Maybe i'm just supposed to sing other
People's music maybe you're just scared
What about you
What about me you're pretty good at that
Guitar of yours why don't we flush out a
Song and write something together
Motivate you get you out of preston
No i can't leave now but what if
Halley's idea works and business picks
Up we could leave then right i guess
It's just the music industry is very
Hard you know the difference between a
Musician and a large pizza pizza could
Feed a family of four yeah
Maybe i'm just meant to stay here maybe
You're just scared
All right okay we'll try come on
If you have the lyrics that's here
I can't go so stupid no oh you know what
They say is a it's too stupid to say
Sing it come on
They just a little faster rusty yeah
It's christmastime the snow is white a
Beautiful sight let's go horse later i
Thought you might like to go for a
Sleigh ride yeah
Sure we'd love to
It's a desert yes you know and then
There's so they lost if it no i think
They're customers starting to work
Wow what's that smell i made breakfast
What is it now
Come on yeah why oh where is it it's my
Something burnt there's a right that
Burnt see tastes like cement do you have
Some flour oh right there should we try
This again maybe if we do it together
It'll be better that seems to be the
Case good we just got a call for our
First sleigh ride reservation bev's has
Been telling all of her customers what's
That smell a deed made breakfast i was
Thinking about rearranging some of the
Decorations do you want to help do
Something i'm actually good at
I would love to what's going on with you
Two i think come on i see the way she
Looks at you she doesn't look at me
I'm sorry i know that i'm supposed to
Mind my own business but you and i both
Know that i can't it's just i feel like
There's something between you yeah it's
You addie's just passing through she's
Gonna leave soon so
Well maybe you should think about
Joining her i love having you here at
Home you know that but i wake up every
Morning and i pray that today's the day
You're gonna tell me you're going
Because this that's it's all we've ever
Wanted but you you want something else
Look at this
I think it's great
Hey what's all this wood for well beth
Don't eat it at all it's to help with
The frame for this maybe it could be
Like our emblem the first thing that
People see when they come in it's
The two by fours are for the frame but
We still need some evergreen boughs to
Weave through it so i was thinking that
You can collect those really well yeah
You know cuz now like i'm your new boss
Yeah hey boss something wrong with your
Arm because you used to be good help is
Hard to find hey miss addie do you want
To help cut down the elat family
Christmas tree i would love to
Ah yeah you know i still remember when
We first bought this land i was a city
Girl like you i didn't know the
Difference between a christmas tree and
A palm tree my parents thought that i
Was crazy and during the hard times and
There been some hard times i i wonder if
If they were right i wonder if i made a
Mistake that's gonna cost my family our
Home you didn't make a mistake
Emma you created something beautiful
This farm your family yeah that's true
Yeah my days here where still are the
Happiest of my life thank you oh yeah
That's it that's our christmas tree how
Do you know the size the shape the color
Is it i don't know that's something
That's it just it calls to me this is
Our plan i'm gonna hold it steady up top
Here you're gonna cut down low and
Straight across oh
Just be careful you don't sever a limb
Mine are the trees good question there
Has to be an easier way to cut down a
Christmas tree like a chainsaw no no the
Lapp family tree has to be cut down by
Hand it's tradition just make slow long
Strokes and you let the blade do the
Work hey you can do this addy
Hey annie just cut down our christmas
Tree wow don't you look proud of
Yourself yep she's a beauty right
This was our very first ornament when we
Moved here
Remember that carp that myself it's
Always the last one to go on the train
Yes it is
You want me to if you wouldn't mind it
Would be an honor
You cut down a good tree every ornament
On that tree tells the story our story
We have everything we need
That's a matter sweetie it's just what
If this is our last christmas here well
Then let's make it our best one
Why don't the two of you come help me
Get some cider from the kitchen
Shouldn't we work on our song yes
You ready are you you'll see
I'm cold hold me baby you see before i
Freeze your heart cannot warm
I'm so sorry it's for you hello i'm not
Ready to go yet excuse me you want to
Stay there but the palace is in a week
We have rehearsal studio time promos
I know russell but i'm writing a song a
Good one we were done with the writing
No you were done so what do you want to
Be the singer who couldn't sell an album
Couldn't book a venue your adeleke a
Country superstar and you have worked so
Hard to get here please don't throw it
Away i'm not throwing it away and just
Doing it my way
I don't like we can talk about this when
I get there sandra said you were on a
Farm give me the address i will call you
When i'm ready to go for now i'm staying
It's the final notice if you don't pay
Up the bank will foreclose january 3rd
What are we gonna do what we're not
Gonna cave you had a good idea haley and
It's working customers are coming in
Sales are up right this is a hard time
But but we're gonna be okay we're just
Gonna focus on your idea how about we we
Close up the lot in town to save money
And just sell trees at the farm that's a
Good idea
We're not gonna let this break us we're
Not gonna let it ruin our christmas
Dylan i can't believe you're shutting
Down you've been here what nearly 20
Years yeah well we're just shutting the
Lot down to focus on the farm don't
Worry we're still going strong
Well i bought the first christmas trees
Sold here and i want to buy the last so
Dylan yes right away actually why don't
You help her do you want me to sell a
Tree to bed yeah why don't i just
Convert her to the pot plant idea
Hi i'm gonna be helping you so this is
The spruce it is the most popular it is
Hearty yet elegant and perfect if you
Want to go heavier on the decorations
But if you are more traditional the
Douglas fir is the go-To with the silky
Needles and the iconic pine smell well i
Am a traditionalist so my goodness
You go i got this i'll be right back
Just feeling sorry for myself well don't
Let me ruin it i know that i'm just
Supposed to square my shoulders and
Soldier on but honestly i just want to
Give up you cannot give up why because
This is everything you've always wanted
And you are so close to seeing it
Through your inspirational look five
Days later and you still have me
Convinced that i can make a wreath
You're amazing
Well most people like the symbolism of a
Wreath more than its construction what
Is the symbol you don't know i didn't
Know what a collage was well the
Evergreen branches represent strength
Because they stay green even in the
Harshest of winters and the circular
Shape reminds us that every end has a
New beginning well we have lots to do
Before the tree lighting including
Handing out a whole bunch of flyers
Let's go
You go
I made my famous apple pies for tonight
It smells delicious you clean up nicely
Don't look so surprised
Addy look it's an early christmas gift
Mom made it what do you think it's
For me mm-Hmm and every time you wear it
I want you to think of us i love it
What do you think it's beautiful
How's it it's going great everyone's
Loving the flyers for the farm
What did i tell you we knew we'd find
You near the food you know me so well i
Think in times like these you should be
Allowed to eat all the dessert you want
I still really want to help having you
Here with us has already been such a
Wonderful gift you're gonna come back
And visit us right
All right everyone time for the tree
Lighting what everyone gather round
So gonna dance
She's the best
Did you decide if you're gonna perform
Yet why do you think our song is gonna
Be ready in time not to encourage your
Deflection but i did finish the second
Verse and it's good which it would be my
Whole career i had this voice telling me
To be afraid that i'm not talented that
I'm an imposter and that voice is still
There but just not listening to it or
Maybe i just don't believe it
Merry christmas preston i know i've
Already told most of you about the new
Lap farm so i just wanted to say thank
You for showing me and my family so much
Love and support if i can sell the
Christmas tree you could perform there's
A lot of people here it's scarier to
Think about it'll be easier when you
Just go up there
What you said about that voice inside
Your head saying you're not good enough
I'm just gonna mess everything up it's
Screaming at me right now
It's okay i'd rather dancing anyway
Hi how are you
Have you seen lak around time hi there
How are you i like it russell adelaide
Said she would call you when she's ready
I don't have time for this hi how are
I'd like you have you seen her country
Oh i knew it was her yes
Where is she but who are you i'm a
Manager oh she's at the left outside of
Town i can give you directions thank you
Thank you thank you
Hey what's wrong last night my friend
Said that you looked like a delayed kay
So i checked online and addy she really
Is a delayed cave the singer you already
Knew yeah i figured that pretty quickly
But i promised her i'd keep her secret
What are you doing here idly we got to
Go palestine herschel start to warm and
I have been waiting to tell you this in
Person i got you the most coveted spot
On the nation's number one talk show and
Eat is all yours all mine or mine and
Ah you can call this year but you know
Star across the lovers holiday romance
If you stay on track next year this
Could be yours addy come on you you have
To do it this way it's the morning show
It's the show i watched my entire life
With my family and always dreamed of
Being on it and now i will be yeah it's
Cold why it's girlfriend this year but
This is a huge step yeah but i have
Worked so hard
I have compromised so much i cannot walk
This is my dream
What's going on addy is really adelaide
K some famous there i'm not famous i'm
Sorry i didn't tell you who i was i
Liked being just honey
Okay come on let's go
After this we have rehearsal for the
Palace tomorrow morning show natalie
You're gonna be amazing i still have
Those christmas jokes if you want them
Helene i know you're upset but you made
Your own decision right you need to
Focus almost positive you're a star and
We make sacrifices for stardom
Sacrifices what sacrifices have you made
Russell because i've sacrificed my name
My family my integrity do i really have
To sacrifice my heart when is this
Enough let's give her a man
How are you doing what what's wrong mom
Just did the books and she says that
Sales are up way up actually but um
We're still not gonna have the money in
Time we're gonna lose the farm but i'm
Not giving up because i still somehow
Think everything is gonna be okay and if
It's not okay then at least i can say
That i tried
And it's about time that you tried to
Dylan i know that you're worried about
Leaving us but we're gonna be fine i
Promise i'll worry about you guys
What if i do this thing that i have i
Wanted forever
And i find out that i'm just not good
You are good enough you're great
As is this hot chocolate and i just made
A fresh batch do you want some oh
Way to bury the lead
Hey i haven't seen you this sad since i
First album flopped i didn't know how to
Make you feel better than either russell
Says this is my chance to cement myself
In country music but what if this isn't
What i want to cement dylan made me
Think about that about who i really am
Adelaide you know who you are you always
Have deep down but you just need to
Believe that it's good enough i wish
That you could see yourself the way that
I do or the way that dylan does and that
Album was good it really was let the
World see that adelaide ready for the
Morning show tomorrow you read the
Script a pr team sent over all right it
Doesn't have to be worked forward it
Just focus on you and coal country
Christmas how happy you two are etc got
It great
What's that look what are you gonna do
It seems our viewers can't get enough of
The prince and princess of country pot
So idly you have a hit song does this
All just seem like a fairy tale
Yeah it does seem like a fairy tale but
Honestly it feels more like a fantasy
Because i'm not actually dating kol it
Was a rumor someone started pr stunts
And i know what you're thinking how
Could anyone do that so i want to
Apologize to my fans from the bottom of
My heart and the truth is i did have a
Special someone
He's a man who believed in my music and
Me so dylan if you're watching this and
To haley emma and dale thank you so much
For everything you've given me
Well this is quite the interesting turn
Of events here let's go to commercial
Adelaide that was a disaster
Also known as the truth russell i love
Music i live for it and you know what
I'm good at it and i've worked a
Lifetime to get here and i'm ready to do
It my way
Kinda like you gotta believe in me what
About believing in me you know what
Never mind
Because now i believe in myself i'm so
Grateful for everything that you've done
For me russell
And if we can do things a different way
My way and i would love to do it
I want to be just like you just be
Cuz that's even better thank you
I thought you weren't a fan
Well what can i say i like your new
Stuff i'm sorry
I was scared i thought i was walking
Away from everything i ever wanted but
It's actually not what i want at all
Yeah i get it
And you were right i've been so afraid
Of failing that's why i have a try
Was a farm
Sales are up but we're not gonna make
Any time
Let me help please i could do a
Christmas concert and all the money
Could go to save the farm well why not
Christmas eve that's the night of your
Palace show i'd rather do this because
That palace gig was supposed to be what
Showed the world who i was but this this
Is who i really am
That's really generous and it would be a
Miracle if it worked
It'll work besides i have a newfound
Belief in christmas miracles
Plus it'll be your big debut me no no i
Think caper fun yes you are
And there's no one else i'd rather share
The spotlight with
Hello everyone welcome to hallmark mu
Hello everyone welcome to hallmark
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We'll be tweeting along with you becca
Tobin and kevin mcgarry star in a song
For christmas he nervous i've been
Nervous since the moment i met you i'll
Be back after the movie
If you are not already in the know we're
Happy to introduce for the first time on
Our nashville stage country music's next
It girl
Adelaide kay so adelaide we heard that
You're going to be a part of the
Christmas eve showcase at the palace
Where you'll be performing alongside
Some of country music's greatest stars
And it's less than two weeks away and
How are you feeling
Humbled excited terrified but really
This is a dream come true and that song
You just sang first your hit single rock
Star who's that about we've heard rumors
About you and cole why is it a happy one
You know this is all we've ever wanted
You've always been really good to us now
You go be good to yourself curtin in two
You ready addy you never actually took
One of our trees so i put yours right
There upon the stage middle
Adelaide that's a great song
It's gonna be a hit
I always knew you could write
He nervous i've been nervous since the
Moment i met you i meant about the show
Oh yes i'm i'm terrified but i'd rather
Fail it's something i love and regret
Not doing anything
Besides i get to play with be adelaide k
Is just music and i am just out of you
Not to me
Merry christmas daddy nate christmas
Mary there is nowhere else i would
Rather be than right here so without
Much further ado i am a delayed pay and
I'm i'm doing back
This this is a very special christmas
Song written by a bee that we wrote
I'm cold hold me baby you see before i
Freeze you hide it's christmas time what
A beautiful baby christmas songs
It's gone christmas songs baby
On christmas morning
What an inspirational story becca tobin
And kevin mcgarry are both accomplished
Singers and went into the studio
Together to record their song one take
That's it go to hallmark movies and
To see their recording session tune in
Next time for the highly anticipated
Sequel to finding father christmas i
Understand that we did a long time to
Find each other to start our lives
Together well this is where it begins
Aaron craco niall mader and wendie
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