A Stork's Journey (2017) Movie Script

Get outta my way!
I called dibs!
- Are those what I think they are?
- Wow!
Oh, boy, I had to be late on cookie day!
Cookie? Cookie? Cookie?
- Here they come!
- Ah, it's crumb time!
- I want a piece!
- Cookies! Cookies!
They're at it already!
- Out of my way! I want it!
- Hey, can I squeeze in, guys?
- I've got beaks to feed!
- Snooze, you lose, Robert!
- Oh...
- I want that cookie!
- Hey!
- I called it!
Snooze, you lose!
- No touchbacks!
- Hey, no elbows!
Come to papa! Ha! Score!
- Wow!
- Yeah!
Come on wings, don't fail me!
Don't want to miss it!
My fellow storks.
Now that we all have nested,
we must concentrate on
the education of our offspring.
Almost there!
- The migration... Watch out!
- Whoa!
- Incoming!
- Whoa! Oops! Oh!
Sorry! Very late.
Made it! Come on, cookie, let's do this.
Did I miss it? Did I miss it?
Don't worry, hon, you're just in time.
Aw, and you brought a treat.
To celebrate our new arrival!
Richard, your Dad's here!
Ha ha, he looks just like
I did at that age.
Yeah, that's my boy.
He definitely has your impatience.
Looks like he's got
your pecking skills too!
Come on. You can do it!
Push, Richard. Push!
You chose the wrong day, buddy!
Who have we here?
Well, hello, Richard. I am Aurora.
Shh... it's all right.
That's good, isn't it?
Where are your parents?
- Oh, I am not your...
- Mmm...
Oh... come here.
Mm... What am I gonna do with you?
Hold on tight, Richard.
No fish? What's in here? Frogs?
No, Max, this is...
Claudius, my dear.
One of those pesky sparrows nearly
ruined my speech at the gathering!
Pests! What's for dinner?
There is something I wanted
to talk to you about...
Aaah! Get off! Aurora!
- Claudius, Max, this is...
- Get it off!
- Richard!
- Off! Off, off, off!
What is he doing here?
He's fun! Can he stay for dinner?
Certainly not.
Get this feathered leech off me!
Go play with him, Max.
Wanna go for a ride, Richard?
- Max!
- Whoo!
I found him alone in his nest.
Sparrows. Stork parents
would never leave a chick!
They didn't have a choice, Claudius.
Their nest was... was ravaged.
Still, this is none of our business.
Take him back.
I won't, my dear. I can't.
Imagine if it was our son,
all alone in the woods.
Hold on, kid. Turbulence ahead!
Where'd you go?
All right. The sparrow can stay.
I knew you would understand...
Only... till the Fall.
After that, he'll have to
look after himself. Agreed?
I don't want the other storks
to know about this.
he doesn't call me "Daddy".
- Daddy!
- Mm?
Look what I taught him!
Hee, hee.
Whoa! Crazy, Max!
- Can't handle it, little brother?
- Oh, I can handle it!
- Ha ha.
- Faster, Max! Faster!
Oh... oh... whoa!
I meant that!
- Sure you did!
- Whoa!
Mm-hmm. But silent, okay?
- I got it!
- Well done, my boy.
That doesn't look so hard...
Eeeh! Gross! Hmm.
Whoa! Richard! Flying fish!
- Yeah! Yeah! Yeah...
- Incoming!
Ugh! I got it!
Oh... oh...
Sorry, I fell out of bed.
Come on, Max, I thought you were fast!
Fast? I'll show you fast!
Whatever you say, big brother!
I'm waiting!
- I've almost got you!
- Ha ha, that's what you think!
- Watch this!
- Richard!
- Catch me if you can!
- The trees... they're so small!
Hey! We're not allowed to go that high!
Come on. Whoa!
You worry too much!
No, it's too windy! Let's turn around.
Chicken! A cool breeze
never hurt anyone.
- Richard!
- Ah! Me and my big mouth!
You didn't get me.
- I came to you.
- Ha ha, oh, yeah?
I was nose-diving, beanpole!
Good catch, though.
- Dad's calling!
- Let's go!
Why can't we take Richard with us?
I mean, he's no burden,
and I could carry...
Oh, be reasonable, Aurora.
You knew this day would come.
You are a wonderful mother, and
you have done all you can for him.
But he won't survive
the journey to Africa.
He has to live the life of a sparrow.
Here we are. What's this all about?
Finally! I've summoned the flock.
- Come, Max.
- Hey, what about me?
- I'm coming too, right?
- Hmm. Richard...
Wait here until we return, all right?
- What?! Why?!
- Do as you are told.
- But we go everywhere together!
- Yeah, Mom!
I'll explain everything
later. I promise.
This is not fair!
Max! Quit your lollygagging!
Ahem. My fellow storks.
Today, the old oak
has dropped its first leaf.
The time of the great
migration has arrived.
Citizens, we must migrate
before the winter comes.
We will form a flock and fly south
to the Great Lake in Africa.
Wow! Africa!
Our journey is long and dangerous.
- Oh, no no no no...
- And we...
Hehe, hi there!
- Richard!
- You know this bird?
Know me? She's my mom!
Claudius! Maybe we should
postpone our departure
until your "family matters"
are resolved?
My family matters are just fine.
Richard, your mother... I mean,
Aurora should have told you long ago.
Told me what?
You are a sparrow, Richard.
You cannot migrate.
You belong here,
with the other sparrows.
You almost had me there, Dad!
You always did have such a...
Sense of humor.
Haha. Hmm. Oh?
Poor little thing.
Come with me.
I have something to show you.
Hmm. Mom?
Mom! What do you mean?
- Wait!
- Richard!
You stay here, Max.
- But Dad? I...
- Stay!
Our meeting is over.
We shall depart at the break of dawn.
Where are we?
I found you here,
in this sparrow's nest.
Your parents were... taken...
before you hatched.
You're my Mom. And I'm coming with you.
Richard, you can't go to Africa.
I can, Mom!
- It's Dad, isn't it?
- Richard, listen, we...
Maybe my legs are short,
and my beak is tiny.
But that's because I'm a small stork!
But I'm gonna grow up to be a big stork!
Big and strong! He'll see!
- Wait!
- You'll all see!
I can feel it, I can make it to Africa!
How hard can it be? It's not like
crossing an ocean or anything.
Hurry up, you lame ducks!
The Great Lake awaits!
I'll show 'em how it's done!
Speedy stork, coming through!
Look at that little fella!
With his speed, we'd be
in Africa in no time.
My thoughts exactly!
Ha ha! I'll just swing by to pick up
the family, then next stop, Africa!
- Give him a chance, Dad!
- Do not provoke me, son.
Storks could never survive the winter
and sparrows could never
survive the migration.
Never! That's just fact.
But he can fly way better than I can!
Did I not make myself clear?
Sparrows are not made for
high altitudes. You know this!
Richard would never
make it there alive, son.
Is that what you want?
I... I... Hm.
- Hey, everybody! I'm home!
- Richard!
- Are you all right?
- All right?
Never been better!
I could fly around the world!
Enough of this! Time to nest.
We have a long first leg ahead of us.
I can't wait!
I knew this would happen.
Hey, why are you so gloomy?
We're going to Africa!
Um, I guess I'm just tired.
- We better crash.
- Good call.
Gotta be prepped for takeoff!
Am I right, big guy?
Good night, beanpole.
Sleep tight, little brother.
Africa... Oooh.
Be safe, Richard.
We're running out of time.
I can't believe we're doing this.
It's for the best, Max.
Huh? Good morning!
Ready, willing and able to migrate!
Let's get a move on...
Mom? Dad?
Is that...? No!
Wait! You forgot me!
Wait! Wait for me!
Come on!
He looks dead.
Poke him.
What's that?
Fine. I'll poke him.
Hey, if you're not going to poke,
don't tell me how to poke.
I do so know how to poke!
See? Whoops.
- Hmm...
- Huh?
- Oooo hoo.
- Ah!
Who... who are you?
I'm Olga, and this is
my best friend, Oleg.
We're pygmy owls!
Right... Oleg...
- Um, am I in Africa?
- Mm? Mm!
Want a bite?
- Eww.
- More for us.
Hey! Why would you think this is Africa?
Oh. That's where I'm migrating
to with the other storks.
At least I thought I was?
Yeah, I heard him, Oleg.
Eh... You do realize you are not
even close to being a stork, right?
Ha! Shows what you know.
My dad's leader of the flock.
Sounds like Daddy issues to me.
Oh, yeah, Oleg?
So, why isn't he
with his flock then? Hm?
Dad never believed in me.
Said I'd never make it.
Oh! I see!
Well, when you're not wanted,
you're better off on your own.
- Right, Oleg?
- Wrong!
I belong with my flock!
I'll catch up with them.
And when I get there, my Dad
will see that I am a stork!
You're very weird.
I? I am weird?
Have fun with your...
"friend" or whatever.
I'll go find my family.
Hold your horses!
South is that way!
Pfft! Thanks, but we storks
know how to navigate.
Fine! Go, stork boy!
Ever seen a crazy bird like that?
What do you mean, we're alike?
"Not a stork"? I'll show her!
They went south, and south is this way!
No, south is that way.
Uh... Or maybe this?
Mom? Dad?!
Hi, there.
This is bad. This is really bad!
Out of the way!
- What are those things?
- Hungry!
Follow us if you want to live!
I'm right behind you.
- I'm gonna catch you.
- Wait for us!
Olga! Ah!
Get down!
I see you!
Wait! I got...
Oh, no, you don't!
That won't shake them off for long.
Get up, you two! He's getting away!
- What now?!
- The light!
We have to get closer to the light!
- Got it!
- Wait!
Not that close!
They went over this way!
Hey, bats!
What are you doing?!
- Hey! Let me go!
- You miss us?
Looking for a tasty sparrow?
- Yeah!
- Very yummy!
Stork, you crazy owl!
- Aah!
- Olga!
I mean... ahem.
It's not like I needed any help.
Mm-hmm. Right...
See? This is what you get
for being nice.
Big Bird here can take care of himself.
Let's go chase some mice!
Olga! Wait! Olga?
Heh. You're still here?
Oh, we thought you'd be
in Africa by now.
Eh, I was thinking...
Since we storks aren't nocturnal, and
you can see in the dark and all that...
um, maybe you could, you know, guide me?
Only until dawn, of course!
Hmm. Do we look like
bird-sitters to you? No way!
No, Oleg!
And don't give me the evil eye!
Time to go home.
Man, I hate your do-goodery!
Ugh! We'll play nice.
- Great, Olga!
- Thank Oleg.
I'm doing this for him.
Come on, stork boy!
I'm Richard, by the way.
He hasn't spoken since we left.
Max will grow from this.
We did the right thing for Richard.
I hope he's all right.
Don't worry.
I'm sure he's found
some sparrows by now.
Where... where are we?
What's going on?
Oh, stop laughing!
- Hey, Olga!
- I'm not fat!
Hey, Olga! Wake up!
It's okay. Oh.
- Eww!
- Nice one.
- What's for breakfast?
- What was that?
Never seen a pellet before?
It's a little of this, little of that.
You don't really wanna know.
What are we doing on this thing?
I belong in the air!
Um, excuse me?
Who had to fall asleep mid-flight?
I... I... Hm.
Exactly! Now chill.
This thing took us further overnight
than you could've ever flown.
Oh, yeah? Then where's my family?
If you really wanna know...
What are you talking about?
Just saying...
They don't look anything like me.
- Wow!
- Wow!
- You're friends with an owl?
- Not friends!
Hi! I've never seen you before.
A bunch of tourists just dumped
these tasty travel snacks.
You guys hungry?
I don't eat trash. I hunt and fish.
- Oh...
- Suit yourself!
- What brings you to France?
- Get this!
He's going south, chasing his flock!
But... we don't migrate.
What kind of sparrow are you?
I... I... I am a stork!
- Wow. Huh?
- Hmm!
Don't take it personal.
He's a late bloomer.
Poor things! Just wanted to say hi.
No, thanks. Yeesh, so pushy!
They're sparrows!
Pushy is their middle name.
Can we get back to my family?
Maybe we're close enough
to catch their scent by now.
Talk about being pushy, right, Oleg?
- Wait! You found them?
- Ooh!
Go, Olga, go!
Wait, this can't be right!
Ah... what?
Mein Hawk-Burger just flew away.
What are you doing?
Great, just great, Olga.
My family could be
right around the corner
and you're busy stuffing your beak!
First things first, Oleg.
This stuff's magical!
- Comment!
- Like!
Fine, stay here.
But, Oleg, all this delicious stuff!
All right, all right!
Hey, guys? Hey! Listen, you...
- Aah!
- Have! You! Seen!
A! Flock! Of! Storks!
Aaah! Ouch!
What was that?
A sparrow just tried to hack me!
Fail! What a troll.
I'm a stork, got that?
Not according to the Chick-a-pedia.
- Ha ha ha. LOL!
- Like!
- Hello? Someone there?!
- So, what's up?
They must have fried their bird brains.
I'm wasting my time.
Hmmm, I think I see how this works.
- Love! Unfriend!
- Loading!
Oh, what could possibly go wrong, Oleg?
All you gotta do...
Suddenly I feel so...
- Huh?
- OMG, an online owl.
Olga! Can I friend you?
- Me too! Me too!
- Me too! Me too!
Uh... Sure! Wow!
Six new friend requests already!
- This is fun, Oleg!
- Ask them, Olga!
Oh, oh, oh, right!
Seen a flock of storks around?
Storks? Non. Maybe someone else has.
I'll check Facebeak.
A friend of a friend
of a cousin's friend,
- who I've actually blocked...
- Stalker!
...says he spotted the storks
on their way to Gibraltar.
Gibraltar! How do I get there?
Shortest route or fewest wind farms?
Never mind.
I'll send Olga the coordinates...
- Recalculating...
- Great! Let's go!
Huh? Huh?
- Olga?
- Ahh!
He'll have to wait.
I'm busy completing my profile!
Come on, Olga!
Lead the way!
Just as I was getting to know her.
I guess I'm back on the market.
Polly want a stale cracker?
Because that's all you get
till you bring me customers!
Sing, Kiki! Sing as if
your life depended on it!
Which it does!
Oh, big ol' truck
I love you best...
Little green waste of space!
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show, ooh!
There's a new me coming out...
- Oh, big ol' truck
- Cheap electronics.
- I love you best...
- If you don't shape up, I'm getting a cat!
Mon Dieu!
The Sanremo Festival begins tomorrow!
Attention! The express train
to Sanremo is arriving.
It leaves immediately
after my coffee break.
Wait for me!
I gotta get out of this prison!
Help me, cracker, you're my only hope.
Oh, no! I'm doomed!
- OMG!
- Huh?
Making friends is so much
easier than I thought!
So, which way to Gibraltar?
- Admit it! We're lost!
- It's not that.
I have to show you.
Thanks to Pigeon Maps,
I got a bird's eye view on everything,
only from way up.
We found you... here.
And... this...
- ...is where you're headed.
- Africa!
Totally. Thanks to Oleg and me,
we are this far already.
But your storks, man?
They're approaching Gibraltar over here!
- That's a mighty long haul!
- So?
Don't you see?
It would take us a week to get there.
That's impossible!
You must've taken us the wrong way.
Whoa! There's nothing
wrong with our senses.
We're just not as fast as storks.
And you know why?
- Because we're not storks.
- That's the problem.
You're not storks!
You're slowing me down.
This kid is driving me bananas.
There just has to be
a faster way to Gibraltar!
That's my cue.
Madame, monsieur?
May I be of assistance?
- Hmm?
- Aww! Look at you!
The predator and its prey.
Need to get to Gibraltar?
My name's Richard and this is Olga.
- And? Ahem.
- Fine! Olga and Oleg.
Quoi? Oh, I get it!
- The owl's gone cuckoo.
- Cuckoo? Us?
Richard's the one
who thinks he's a stork!
Oh! Mmm...
Of course he's a stork!
The upright posture,
the inimitable elegance...
- Muah!
- Finally!
Someone who knows
what he's talking about.
And just who are you?
My apologies, Kiki La Spree,
disco parakeet fantastique!
Ambassador to Sparkleville!
Distinguished professor of...
- Blabberbeak?
- Oh!
I couldn't help but overhear
your little picking match.
But don't despair.
I can get you to Gibraltar!
I was headed there myself.
Isn't that an amazing coincidence?
What does a cage bird want in Gibraltar?
Why, I'm performing there!
To welcome the migrating birds!
At the... uh... Gibraltar Festival!
Free me and we'll catch
a train out of here
faster than you can say "Disco Duck"!
But what's a... train?
What the what? Ho ho!
- Voil.
- Whoa!
I'm halfway through my caf au lait,
so prepare to board.
- Oh, no! We have to hurry!
- What?
He said the train to Gibraltar
is leaving tout de suite!
You speak human?
After a zillion hours of karaoke,
even you would, my frizzy feather ball.
Makes us wonder
what other tricks you've got
under your plumage.
Come on, Olga!
Kiki needs our help!
Now there's a lock underneath,
but be careful.
- I said be careful!
- What's wrong?
I am afraid of heights, all right?
- Oy!
- Am I dead?
Not yet.
I don't hear you singing!
- What the...
- Olga! Get him out of here!
I'm not getting my wings dirty!
You let him out!
Out of my way! I've got you now!
- Where are you taking me?
- Just keep quiet, can you?
What kind of bird is afraid of flying?
Flying is for the riff-raff.
I'm a songbird!
Let go of me, you heartless harpy!
Oh, okay.
Just great!
Hey, he asked me!
Kiki! Just fly! You're a bird!
- I can't! Aaaahh!
- Spread your wings!
- Now taking my final sip...
- The train's leaving.
- It's all over now.
- No!
Just let me drop to my deaaaathhh...
Make it stop!
Make it stop!
Oh! Tulips!
Great! Now I'm gonna get bird flu!
- Huh?
- Help me!
Oh, no!
That's our train over there!
All aboard for Sanremo!
Gibraltar, here we come!
Dad! We can't keep going!
- Everyone needs a break!
- No!
We stick to the prescribed route!
Can't we at least fly a little lower?
No. Now keep the formation!
Stay together, everyone!
Don't fall behind!
- But Dad!
- Max! Do as I say!
And when I woke up,
my brother and my parents were...
I wish I had a dramatic
backstory like that.
I always dreamed of escaping
my dreary surroundings
to become a famous disco star!
Loved... adored...
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let... Oh!
What is "disco," anyway?
Some kind of courtship behavior
to attract a mate?
Can be.
Although I doubt you could
ever pull it off, darling.
- Hmm!
- Hey!
I'm used to it. I know
that I'm big and awkward.
Well... didn't your mama
ever teach you to groom?
Let's just say my family
didn't exactly embrace me.
Maybe with a smooth-out
and some feather-gel...
Don't you see that I'm freakishly big?
I've seen way bigger owls
on the Forest Channel.
Yeah, but not pygmy owls.
- Guess... uh... not...
- I just never fit in.
- Sounds familiar.
- No!
No, I literally didn't fit in.
I mean, in the nest...
Pygmy owls are supposed
to be tiny, not giant.
A "giant pygmy"?
- Is that like a "jumbo shrimp"?
- Shh!
Olga is a monster! Olga is a freak!
Oh... ohhh!
My own family didn't give
a hoot about me.
I didn't have a single friend
in the whole world.
Mm? Mm?
And then... I met Oleg.
You've always been there for me.
Ahem. How can I put this?
Some folks think, for someone to exist,
you have to see them.
It sounds kind of crazy, I know.
Just leave us alone!
- Nice.
- What?
It's okay, Olga. I know how you feel.
Passengers, we will now dim the lights
and wish you all a good night.
We'll be in Sanremo in the morning.
Uh, uh... He said...
Uh, the breakfast buffet
has an omelet station
and the toilet is backed up.
Time for our beauty sleep!
Good night!
Here, hold on to me... if you want to.
- Almost there.
- Uhh... Yeah.
Good night, sweethearts.
Don't feel guilty. Just go.
Oh, I'm faker than a pair
of faux-leather stilettos.
Oh, well, a diva has to do
what a diva has to do!
What has she got in this thing, a piano?
Kiki, we have to...
- Kiki?
- Huh?!
Shoo! Shoo, birds!
Where are you?
Forget him!
Let's just get outta... Here.
- Well, if you saw the window, Oleg,...
- Look out!
...then why didn't you say something?
- Oh!
- Wow. Owl coming through!
Oh! Oh, oh!
Looks like you're not-a from here.
Looks like-a you could use-a
some help from a local,
like... Don Crowleone, s?
Well, I... eh...
Hehe, I see you and it-a hit me
like a lasagna to the face!
There's so many dangers
in this-a town...
You gonna need-a someone
to a-look out for you, eh?
Or you might run inta...
Some very bad birds.
- Hmm?
- So look.
We protect you...
for a small-a fee, of course...
so you can enjoy-a your stay in Sanremo.
Huh? Sanremo? You mean Gibraltar.
Scusi, Gibraltar?
The bambino thinks he's in Gibraltar!
Ha ha!
You're in beautiful Sanremo!
- In Italia!
- W-what?
Why you think-a we got-a
these-a wacky accents, ah?
- Then where's Africa?
- Africa? Ha!
- Way-a far away, over the sea.
- No!
Don't try-a flyin' there,
or you be swimmin' with the fishes.
I knew that glittery green
schemer was up to no good!
You mean-a the parakeet?
I see him in-a big hurry.
He asked-a how to get
to the Sanremo Festival.
Weird little bird.
Whaaaaat?! He used us!
Sounds like you've been-a
had big-a-time, bambini.
Wait... where are you going?
How could Kiki do this?
How am I going to reach my family now?
No, Oleg! Hold your beak.
It's time I straightened him out.
You know what, Richard?
Maybe this will teach you.
You're only in this mess 'cause you
won't accept what you really are.
I really am totally sick
of arguing this!
Fine! So then stop! Oleg, tell him!
As if Oleg really existed!
Leave him out of this, sparrow!
Oleg's just in your head! Got it?!
He's. Not. Real!
Just great.
My father had it right!
Storks need to stay with their own kind.
I never should've followed you. Gah!
Fine! Go! Leave me!
I don't need you! I don't need anyone!
Oh, rats!
No. I will not follow him!
Ruffle your feathers
as much as you like.
Whose side are you on?
No, you listen, Mr. Do-gooder!
Whose fault is it
that I'm in this mess, huh?
You're nothing but trouble, Oleg.
I wish we never met!
Hm? Hm?
Where did you go?
Here! We love you!
What's that fragrance?
Why, it's the sweet smell
of superstardom!
First prize, here I come! Huh?
Who put this man-shaped mountain here?
All songbirds to the roof
for the Sanremo festival!
Why do bird events always
have to be high up?
One... wing in front of the... other.
Registrazione for the
birdsong festival here-a!
It is showtime!
Somebody's got to know
the way to Africa around here.
Anybody home?
They must be in Africa by now.
Where are you?
I didn't mean it!
Come back!
- Share!
- Posting!
You guys gotta help me!
I'm looking for Oleg!
I lost him. I lost Richard.
I lost all my friends.
Wait! Aren't you that weirdo
owl we heard about online?
The one who was chasing a sparrow
- who thought he was a stork?
- Yes! That's me!
Uh... except for the "weirdo part".
That's-a you?
You're-a trending like-a mad! Plug in.
Yeah. We got-a the hi-speed cable.
Um, okay.
But... only for a second.
Hopefully somebody's seen my friends.
High speed! Life in the fast lane!
Told ya!
Okay, now let's find Oleg.
OMG! I got 3012 friend requests?!
Would you mind confirming
my friend request first?
Yeah! Mine too!
Sure! I'll confirm all of them!
- So many...
- Like!
- ...new friends!
- Post!
Mmm. This is it!
Your magic moment!
Welcome to the Sanremo Festival!
If only I had some friends
to cheer for me.
And-a now we open the show
with an all-time disco classic.
Oh, well, the show must go on.
It's the parakeet
with the tweet so sweet...
The stunningly gorgeous...
The breathtakingly beautiful...
- Koko!
- Oh! What?!
No, no, no! My name is...
- Performers only!
- That's what I am!
Oh, oh, please, please...
- Oh... no!
- Oh, my!
Mille grazie!
Mille grazie!
- I'm...
- Argh! It can't be!
- I have to get up there...
- Coming
- Ah-ah-ah!
- Out
But that's my song!
I'm coming
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
I got to let it show
There's a new me coming out
And I just had to live
And I want to give...
I can do this! Hmm!
...got to let it show
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
I got to let it show
- Go on!
- Yeah!
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show...
Attenzione, passengers!
Ferry departs to Tunis, Africa, Pier 12.
Oh, ferry to Africa... pfft!
This dreamboat's got
nothing left to twirl for.
Au revoir, fame!
Bonjour, oblivion!
Luigi! Everybody's at-a the cliffs!
A sparrow wants to fly
across-a da sea to Africa!
But-a that's-a crazy dangerous!
Great! Let's-a go!
Oh! I've got to stop him!
Oh, I can't, I just can't!
But Richard needs me! Ah! Eh!
Here comes Kiki! Whoa! Whoa!
Oh, no, no, no!
It'll be all right, Richard!
Good job, little piggy!
Olga?! Oh! Oh!
For the love of Donna Summer,
what are you doing?
I'm tilling my virtual farm.
Leave her alone,
or I'll block-a your access!
# PeskyParakeet!
Oh... oh!
What have you done?
Let's find another hotspot, quick!
- Richard needs our help!
- You!
Why should I trust you?
You tricked me once already,
you deceitful, manipulative
superficial parakeet!
Richard thinks he can fly
across the sea all by himself!
But he'll never make it!
We go to stop him!
He left me, just like Oleg did.
Why should I care?
Because you're friends!
- Oh...
- Aw.
Richard needs you. It's true.
Ooh... ooh... ahh!
I'll break your groove-thing
if this is another one of your tricks!
Eat me alive if you want! Just hurry!
- Come on!
- I got you.
Man, you're heavy for a parakeet.
Said the giantess?
Hurry! That wacky sparrow's
a-gonna jump offa da cliff!
With those-a winds?
He's-a cuckoo!
I bet-a you three
herrings he goes-a splat.
- Huh?
- You're on!
- You can do it!
- Come on! Do it!
- Jump!
- Come on!
- Richard!
- Don't jump!
We had a bet!
Can't you see I'm busy here?
No, Richard! It will kill you!
- Yeah!
- Forgive me, please!
I know I've been despicable.
I beg you. Let me make it up to you!
- Jump!
- Do it, do it, do it!
I've lost Oleg already.
I can't lose you too!
There's a safe way across to Africa.
A ferry!
It's like a train that floats on water.
No. I am a stork!
Time I started acting like one.
Just great.
See you big boys over the rainbow!
I bet-a you six herring
the green one chokes first.
- Spread your wings!
- I can't! I can't!
Heeeeere I cooooome!
- There they go!
- Ho ho, yeah!
- Pay up!
- Fine.
Are we going down or up?
We'll know if we crash and drown!
This is amazing!
This is definitely going in my memoirs.
Too beautiful to stand!
Right, Oleg? Oh.
Oh, wow...
Africa, here we cooome!
Look, a shooting star!
Everybody make a wish.
That is no shooting star!
And definitely not what I wished for!
Darnit, not again.
There's something on the scope.
Running on a plane
was not on my bucket list!
Stay together!
Where is Olga?
Over there!
- Olga!
- We'll save you, darling!
We have to find somewhere to land.
In the middle of the sea?!
There! What's that?
An ocean liner!
I always wanted to learn
synchronized swimming.
Olga! Come on! Get up!
I know what to do!
First aid poster.
I stared at the thing for years.
Come on. Olga, come on!
Oh... oh...
It's... too late.
Can you help her?
It's all my fault, and I'm sorry.
Please bring her back!
She needs you more than ever, Oleg.
- Oh...
- Huh?
- Oleg? Is that you?
- Ha ha!
- Yes!
- All right, yes! You're back!
Eww! Oh...
This is the best gift I've ever gotten!
Missed you, too, Oleg.
This... is the life.
"Indulge yourself in our luxury spa,
with 'all-you-can-heat'
sauna privileges,
as we near our destination of..."
You'll never guess where
we're headed, tweethearts!
You can join the other storks after all!
Ahem. Mm.
Huh? Oh...
"Other storks"?
Claudius was right.
You all were. I'm not a stork.
I'll never be one.
I'm just a sparrow.
You really love them, don't you?
Your storks.
Then I say we show them
who you really are.
But... what if they don't want me?
There's only one way to find out.
Are... are you sure?
- Mm-hmm.
- Otherwise, I'll adopt!
I just did a Gloria half-Gainer!
Come on, bird of paradise.
Let's find a place to sleep it off.
All right.
Hey, maybe there's a disco on this tub!
Storks! Prepare to land!
We can rest here until the heat passes.
Ahh, what a lovely death gulley!
But... there was water here last year!
I'm never wrong about these things!
The riverbed dried up.
Humans built another one
of their stupid dams.
I know some other water
holes around here.
I could show you, if you like.
Thank you, sir, but your
assistance is not required.
Yeah? Fine. Storks!
I'll go find water. Do not wander off.
You could've accepted his help.
He seemed nice.
Our flock can take care of itself.
I know what I'm doing.
Yeah... I can see that.
You will not speak to me
in this way, Max!
Stop it, will you?
I'm only being reasonable,
and doing what is best for all of us.
All of us? Really?
Even my little brother?!
- You just don't get it!
- Max!
Stay with the flock!
Go after him!
Big mean dummy.
It's a dangerous place!
I hate you!
Oh? Oh!
Who's there...
Max? My boy?
I can't believe we're in Tangier!
Hot stuff! Ooh, baby!
Which way to the Great Lake, Olga?
Hm... let's see.
You're that sparrow
who thinks he's a stork!
We have some good news for you.
- Your flock is nearby!
- Oh!
Just in!
They're, like, totally in trouble!
A-something about
the Flock Leader's son...
That's the one!
He vanished without a trace.
- By the oasis.
- Oasis?
I need to get there now!
Er, maybe we could take him, darling.
- It's not that far.
- What?! Get offline?!
Did you catch a virus?
Come on! Hurry! Please!
We got to help him, snookums!
Hey! This is better than I remembered!
Come, my lovebird!
Never! I'll miss a personality quiz!
- Whoa!
- Trust me.
You don't want to miss this.
Everything's so... real!
- Hurry! To the oasis!
- Love!
Oh, well! There goes my vacation.
Oh, I wish I'd brought my sunglasses!
It's impossible!
If only that boy had listened to me...
- What are we going to do?
- I don't know what else...
Where is Max?!
How... how can that be?
Mom! What happened to Max?
He ran away.
And... and we found his footsteps,
leading into this tunnel.
I tried everything,
but I couldn't get in.
Not good... Not good at all.
This is the entrance to the honey
badger's underground lair.
Honey badger doesn't
sound so bad, right?
Yeah! I'm gonna get Max out of there.
Oh, no!
The honey badger's the most
fearless predator of all.
Instant death is pretty much a given.
- Uh-huh? How would you know?
- Basic cable.
- Ah.
- Okay, I'm going in.
No! It's too dangerous for you...
We have no other choice!
You storks don't fit
through that entrance.
We're coming with you!
We'll show this badger
some honey, right, Kiki?
Right, Kiki?!
Remind me again why I'm signing
up for this kamikaze mission?
Because you tricked us and you feel bad.
Oh. Yeah. Count me in.
- Richard!
- What?!
Be careful. Please.
I'll guard the entrance!
Oh, this was a bad idea.
And I know bad ideas.
"Bad idea" is my middle name!
I'm a disco-lover, not a badger-fighter!
He must be this way.
Good. So let's go...
that way.
Okay, okay!
That's slightly creepy.
Is that... Max?
That look like bird bones to you?
How should I know? I'm vegan.
And I'm a meat-eater. Remember that.
So, ah, you guys give any more thought
to my "running away" idea?
Everyone, take a tunnel.
But be silent, okay?
That means you, Showtune.
- Hey!
- Shh!
Take your tunnel!
Can't we at least flip a coin?
Shake a tailfeather!
Well, at least I'll leave
a gorgeous corpse.
Mmm, hearty crunch.
With a delightfully gooey center.
Is he okay?
- Get up, Max!
- Oh.
Oh? Little brother?
Oh! How did you... get here?
Shh! We've gotta get you out of here.
Where's Kiki?
Oh, great.
My dry-cleaning bill is
going to be astronomical!
I'm seeing double. Triple. Quadruple!
Running away! Running away!
- It's him!
- Ooops! Sorry.
This way out!
Which tunnel?
This one looks good!
I'm too colorful to die!
Monsieur Honey Badger!
There's a new me coming out
And I just had to live
And I wanna give
I'm completely positive
I think this time around
I am gonna do it
Like you never knew it
Ooh, I'll make it through
The time has come for me
To break out of this shell
I have to shout
I am coming out
Olga, Kiki! Get Max out of here!
But what about you?
Just do it!
- Just my luck.
- A dead end?
Everybody, keep looking!
There must be another way to get in!
- Huh?
- Dad! Mom!
- We're here!
- Max!
Dig here!
Ahh! Beaks!
- Ah!
- Ouch!
Son! Oh!
I'm so sorry.
Dad! Richard's still in there.
Richard! Get out of there!
Don't you touch him, you beast!
- It's collapsing!
- That cave wasn't up to code!
Here, honey bunny!
Looking for a tasty sparrow?
Where... where is he?
- Richard?
- Come on out!
Can you see him, Oleg?
Oh, no.
Do you see what I see?
- Oh!
- It's Richard!
Yeah! Ha ha!
Just in time, little brother.
Oh, you sure know
how to make an entrance.
Oh... I'll never let you go again!
How did you ever get here?
Everybody, these are my friends,
- Olga and Kiki...
- Ahem.
And Oleg.
I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for them.
It was our pleasure, right, Oleg?
I owe you an apology, Richard.
I should have believed in you.
Sparrow or stork... you are my son.
I... I can be part of the family?
Nothing would make me prouder.
Next stop, the Great Lake!
would you lead us?
Really?! Me?
When you're ready, give the signal.
Hey, Richard?
South is that way!
Follow me!
Wait for us!
We're not all storks, you know!
Come on, everyone! Keep the pace!
Jeez, little brother!
Been training?
Whoa! That must be it!
Yeah! The Great Lake!
Ooh! Now that's what I call
a deluxe resort!
Thanks, Oleg.
I couldn't have done it without you.
We did it. We really did it!
Come on, guys! Yeah!