A Storybook Christmas (2019) Movie Script

Christmas is here
Christmas, Christmas
is here today
Santa's bringing the toys
Christmas is here to stay
Easy there, Santa.
Can't fly without your reindeer.
More like hang ten.
Come to mention, the old guy
does seem a little underdressed.
You got this?
If you see me flying again,
call the North Pole.
Santa give you any trouble?
Never. Santa and I
get along well.
We both make a list and check it
twice. I admire that in a man.
Shall we?
Let's do it.
Have people never considered
that Santa also takes vacation?
Good morning!
Celeste! This is it,
an island Christmas.
Oh, is something wrong?
It all has to go.
You wanted holiday dcor
with a warm weather twist.
I have horrible ideas
on vacation.
But all of the decorations
were custom made.
I have a new plan. Um...
"A Storybook Christmas".
We're expanding
our children's division,
and I know
it's a big project...
If you're not up for it...
Oh! Do reindeers fly?
They don't, actually.
I'm the Christmas closer.
I make things happen.
A Storybook Christmas
with Duvall Publishing
will be the event
of the season.
Wonderful. Call Daniel
if you have any questions.
Pete, hi. The Santa
you built isn't gonna work.
Here you go.
Oh, miss?
Yes, of course I am still
gonna pay you your full fee.
Miss? Hi,
I'm not the valet.
Oh, it's the black Audi.
It's not your Santa,
no. Your Santa
is amazing. So lifelike I almost
gave him my Christmas
shopping list.
And I will probably have
another order for you
at the end of today.
I appreciate it.
OK. OK, bye.
You again.
Hi again.
Thank you.
Oh. Ooh!
For a guy made of foam,
he's strangely inflexible.
Well, lucky for you,
his vacation was cancelled.
Merry Christmas.
That's cute. Thanks.
Aunt Celeste!
Hi! You ready?
Who's talking?
Celeste, Finley, wait.
June, who was our Clara in The
Nutcracker, broke her ankle.
Oh no...
So we'll need Finley.
Oh! Uh, wow! Clara
is the leading role?
Finley is June's understudy.
I thought you were
playing a mouse.
Here's your new schedule.
Don't be late.
Oh wow...
Is it too much?
Oh, well,
I'm not gonna be the one
learning all the new
so you tell me. Is it
too much for you?
Well, I didn't want anything
to happen to June. She really
deserved the part.
Yeah, of course, sweetie.
But I've wanted this part
since... forever.
I only started ballet after Mom
took me to see The Nutcracker
when I was 5.
I remember.
It's like...
the perfect Christmas.
Then you have to do it.
I think we should get pizza
to celebrate. What do you think?
Why don't I call Brandon?
Do we have to?
He'll be so proud of you!
He'll be excited.
Excited? He's
always so serious.
He only talks to me about
homework and school.
Well, he's proud of you.
But does he like me?
Yes, of course he likes you.
We just need to...
spend more time together.
Or a lot less.
OK, you know what?
How about I tell him later
and just you
and me get pizza?
Sound good?
You mean you didn't even start
writing your new book?
Nothing? Not a single word?
Not even a comma.
I'm months past my deadline.
Pretty soon they're gonna make
me pay back my advance.
So what's the plan?
Remember when we started
this agency?
Babysitting ten hours a day,
every day?
Remember what you said?
"I need a day off"?
You said the kids
inspired you.
I'm not that desperate. Yet.
Oh, you're serious.
OK, these events
are our bread and butter,
but this one... this one
could keep us going
until wedding season.
And it could establish us
as the goto event planners
in the city.
So that's the business plan.
What about Finley?
Finley is going to have
the best Christmas season ever.
So I'm babysitting tonight,
and then... what
are you gonna do?
I'll plan the work...
and work the plan.
but you do realise there's only
so many hours in a day, right?
I thought you supported me
starting my own business.
I do support you. You're the
best event planner in the city.
I'm just a little worried.
Thank you.
If you're gonna make this work
you gotta think about Finley.
So, maybe a nanny?
What? No!
I can take care of Finley
and grow my business.
You know you need help.
Well, maybe you could help.
I thought you'd delayed us
moving in together because it
would be too much for Finley.
Well, there's a difference
between living together
and helping out sometimes.
I... I'd love to,
I just... I don't
have any time.
I made first chair on the Van
Dyke trial. It's my path
to making partner.
Oh my gosh! Brandon,
why didn't you
say anything?
Oh, this is what the champagne
is for.
I was hoping we could
celebrate together.
The Duvall event could make your
career and the Van Dyke trial
could make mine.
We both have really important
things to look forward to.
We're never
gonna get around
to planning this
wedding, are we?
Well, maybe we could
hire an event planner.
It's just too bad the best one
in the city's so busy.
(soft music)
Hmm... I wonder
what happened to Finley.
Where could she be?
Lights out was 20 minutes ago.
Just one more page.
And then one more after that.
Thank you.
I thought you read
this book already.
Only twice.
I'm waiting for the
next book in the series.
Hm. OK, well,
you need your sleep.
You're safe and you're loved.
(holiday music)
It's gonna be OK.
Hurry, Finley,
we're gonna be late!
Yeah, let's go.
OK, see you tonight. Love you.
Love you too.
OK. Be careful.
The concept art
for your app launch party
will be fresh and dynamic
Don't tell me.
Don't ask.
That bad?
Ugh. Total system fail.
Instead of our PowerPoint, I
presented them with a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich.
You need a nanny. Full time.
Celeste. The Duvall party's
a total doover,
today wasn't great... Can we
risk losing another event?
Even if I wanted a nanny,
which I don't, there's no way
I could find one this close
to Christmas. I'm more likely
to get hit by lightning.
My cousin got hit
by lightning last year.
He's fine.
Look, even superheroes
need sidekicks.
[How can I help you?]
Hi. I am looking
for a livein nanny
for the Christmas season.
(woman laughing)
You have a waiting list? Great!
Oh! What number are we?
[You are 37.]
[Merry Christmas.]
Do you want me
to keep calling?
Yes. Yes, call them.
The Nanny Company,
Jessica speaking.
Jessica, hi. This is
Celeste Everette. We met
at the Williston event
last summer.
[Yes, of course.]
You're the event planner
with the adorable niece.
That's right. Well,
that adorable niece is now
the lead in The Nutcracker
and, well, I'm scrambling
to keep my new business afloat.
You sound like
you need a nanny.
Yes. Yes, I... I do.
I wish I could help,
but unfortunately, all of
my nannies have assignments.
Oh. Um, isn't there
anyone you could call?
Someone who flies in with an
umbrella on a cold north wind?
Uh, Jessica, my niece...
she lost her parents,
and now, she lives
[with me and...]
well, I'm desperate to make
this Christmas special for her.
Hold on.
Celeste? It's your lucky day.
You again?
Hi again.
What are you doing here?
I'm the new nanny.
But the agency said Taylor
My name is Taylor Callaway.
Please, come in.
Oh, follow me.
Right down here.
And this is the guest room.
Feel free to make
yourself at home.
Are you Taylor? I'm Finley.
You even have
your "en sweet" bathroom.
She means en suite.
I wish I had that.
Maybe you will someday.
A girl can dream.
Are you sure
you're OK with this?
You said you wanted a livein,
but we can arrange hours.
Oh, it's OK.
I chose the agency
because I know they thoroughly
vet their employees.
It's just an adjustment.
I'm here to help.
OK. Um, why
don't you settle in,
and then we can go
over the schedule?
Wait till you see this.
Here you go.
Just in case you'd like
to check on me,
here's my rsum, background
check and references.
Favourite games,
books, and desserts.
Chocolate orange...
bche de Noel?
Hey, don't knock it till
you try it. Feel free to call
any of the families I've worked
for. Only don't call
the Mitchells.
I'm just kidding.
The Mitchells love me.
Well, first things first.
House rules.
Yeah... it's a long list.
Oh no, I have one laminated on
the fridge. That one's for you.
We should probably go
over Finley's schedule.
You haven't seen
anything yet.
Finley's events are in blue,
mine are in red,
and the things we attend
together are in purple.
What colour do you wanna be?
Well, I'm gonna be following
your schedule.
Aunt Celeste likes to keep
track of everything.
Yeah, I see that.
You're gonna love the dots.
It helps to keep things
I like to plan the work
and work the plan.
She says that all the time.
I do.
Is there a problem?
No problem.
But flexibility counts.
Which is why any good plan
incorporates contingencies.
Even so,
life doesn't go
according to plan.
I guess that depends
on who's making the plan.
Well, I'm here now,
and it's a new plan.
I'll even start by taking care
of these dishes.
So Maddie yells: "Don't worry,
Jay, I'm coming to save you."
She runs as fast as she can,
but at the last second, the door
opens and Maddie runs full speed
into mean Mr. Warren. "Oof!"
She glances up, then
grabs hold of his arm.
She screams: "I've got him!
Run, Jay, run!"
Taylor does the voices
exactly like I hear them
in my head.
Wow. You're very good.
You must be really familiar
with these books.
More than you know.
I guess it comes with the job.
Can Taylor read to me?
Oh, it's like that?
Sure, yeah, OK.
OK, not too much more.
the next Maddie and Jay book
isn't out yet.
I know, right?
You're safe and you're loved.
Where were we?
Ah yes, chapter 4.
Jay was a proud hero,
with red toes
and charming hands.
Maddie gulped. She glanced
at her own reflection.
You're leaving early.
Yeah, if we leave now,
she'll have time to play
with her friends
before school starts.
Got your paper?
Got your pencils?
Book? Homework? Ballet stuff?
At the front door.
Then I think we're
ready for school.
Hey! How about a hug goodbye?
Have a great day.
You too.
I think...
we can create something
that resembles a peppermint.
That's so cute. I love it.
(cell phone chiming)
That is not Hanna Duvall
changing our theme again, is it?
It's the nanny.
Does Finley like her?
Finley loves him.
Your nanny's a man?
How old is he? Is he single?
Do you have enough
for the formal presentation?
Of course.
But at some point soon, I'm
gonna need some more details.
(classical music)
Excuse me. Pardon me.
So, uh,
what's up with the seating
They're going
to build a snowman.
You weren't invited?
Aunt Celeste says I have
to finish all my homework
before I can play.
Hey, tomorrow,
I think you should talk
and play with the girls.
Um, but Aunt Celeste says
It's called HOMEwork.
But Aunt Celeste
I'll work it out with your aunt.
You ready?
Ahh, you got me!
Oh no!
Ah!! Oh,
I will get you!
(Celeste): Oh!
(oven beeping)
Here, Finley.
Oh, my...
Isn't it amazing?
Ready for bed, Finley?
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.
[The Nanny Company,
Jessica speaking.]
Jessica, we have a problem.
[Is everything alright?]
[I know Taylor's a bit
overthetop sometimes.]
He upended the furniture
and almost burned down the
house. I need someone else.
There is no one else.
Please. You found him.
There must be someone.
Taylor's my brother,
and there's no one I trust more.
As kids, we lost our mom,
just like your niece.
[That's the only reason
he took the job.]
He knows what he's doing.
Give him another chance.
We need to talk.
My house rules exist for
a reason. If you don't agree,
then talk to me.
I think Finley should play with
the other girls after ballet.
She only has 5 or 10 minutes
until I get there. She should
have some fun.
OK. But then
she does her homework
as soon as she gets home.
What's this?
It's for one of my events.
That's a booth
for young authors to get
their dust jacket photos taken.
Where do you get your ideas?
creates inspiration.
I have to...
feel something big
in order to be creative.
Well, you have to schedule
time for everything,
even creativity. At least
that's what works for me.
And what if the ideas
don't come?
Then I look at old projects
and make lists.
It's like someone said once:
You can't wait for inspiration.
You have to go out and get it
with a club.
Jack London.
That's right.
Is that why you run your house
like a military academy?
What makes you the expert?
For starters, raising
six brothers and sisters...
and being a nanny
to dozens more.
OK, yes, I admit it,
I am... new at this.
The house rules
were my sister Julie's,
and that's the parenting style
that Finley needs.
I think Finley needs to see
more of this side of you.
Oh, that reminds me...
I am so far behind on all
of the Christmas traditions.
That's not exactly
The house isn't
even decorated.
I have all of Julie's
I'm happy to help decorate.
Huh! OK.
I will make you a plan.
Jolly old St. Nicholas
Lean your ear this way
Don't you tell a single soul
What I'm going to say
Christmas Eve is coming soon
Now, you dear old man
Whisper what
you'll bring to me
Tell me if you can
Johnny wants
a pair of skates
Suzie wants a sled
Nellie wants a picture book
Yellow blue and red
Now I think
I'll leave to you
What to give the rest
Choose for me,
dear Santa Claus
What you think is best
So, I'm gonna get out of here
and I'm gonna finish up at home.
Check on Taylor?
He is mixing
things up a bit, yes.
About time.
What was that?
I mean, you better get going.
Oh, Hanna!
Imagine this.
A Storybook Christmas with
Duvall Publishing, featuring
an exclusive appearance
by our authors, including...
the one and
only Marshall Graham.
Finley's favourite author!
Oh wow, that's a wonderful idea!
Let's set up a time and
It's brilliant, right?
He could read aloud,
he could sign books,
take selfies
kids will love it.
he turned down my invitation.
He said no?
Oh, don't get literal.
No was the first offer.
It's time for Plan B. You.
Marshall Graham
is responsible for the revival
of our children's business.
I need him at the party.
Oh, um...
You said you were a closer,
that you could get things done.
Now it's time to prove it.
I need a break.
What about you?
Let's decorate.
Nigel, I already talked
to your brother and he agreed
to celebrate his birthday at
a luncheon instead of a dinner.
So, now will you come
to the party?
[Yeah, OK, I'll be there.]
Thank you, Nigel.
[OK. Bye.]
Bye. We got Nigel Peterson,
the mystery writer.
You can also add...
Jodie Rice and Paul Sharpton
to the "Yes" column.
OK, who do we have left?
Let's get back to her tomorrow.
Hey, I'm... here for Celeste.
Yeah. She'll be down
in a minute. Come in.
Oh, hi, Brandon!
Um, have you met Taylor?
I haven't.
Celeste didn't mention
that you were a guy.
It must've slipped her mind.
Celeste, you look
Absolutely stunning.
Thank you.
OK, lights out
in 20 minutes, OK?
Shall we?
Good night.
OK. Bye.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, you too.
Come on.
I got us a reservation
at Voltaire.
I had something
different in mind.
OK, babe,
I'm hungry.
I know. Just one moment.
I need to find the perfect tree.
OK, what about this one?
Hmm... hmhm.
This one?
You brought an ornament?
I need to see
if it hangs straight.
It won't last.
Don't let perfect be the enemy
of good. There's plenty
of fine trees here.
Julie always had
the perfect tree.
She always made it feel
like... home.
Like family. Finley
needs that now. And...
I guess I do, too.
You still want kids, right?
Yeah. Yeah, of course,
I told you that.
Just, with Finley, we've had
to make a lot of adjustments.
(cell phone chiming)
Oh, hold on. Sorry.
Let me guess.
There's a file missing
at the office. I gotta go back.
We'll make sure
you get a tree, though.
You're home early.
What happened?
Something about
a missing file.
You would've loved it.
We went to a tree lot.
It smelled so good,
just like
Yeah, exactly.
Our tree will be delivered
tomorrow. You and Finley can
decorate it, if you want.
That's a great idea.
Do you have a specific plan?
A certain number of lights?
A map for ideal
ornament placement?
Not exactly,
but I do have a box
of Julie's ornaments.
Her favourite ones,
some of them got
broken in the move.
Do you still have the pieces?
Mmhmm. I didn't have
the heart to throw them away.
Can I show you something?
When I was younger
than Finley,
I broke my arm.
My mom told me
that I would heal,
but I was scared
and I didn't believe her.
So she took this ornament,
broke it, and then
glued it back together.
She wanted me to see
that broken things
can be made whole again.
That's beautiful.
Christmas is...
such a special time
of year and...
it's our second Christmas
together, Finley and I.
The second without
Julie and Mark, and...
I just want it to be perfect.
Is that Julie?
(chuckling softly)
She looks just like Finley.
I wanna give Finley the same
locket for Christmas.
That's a great idea.
Julie and I had
matching ones.
Hers got lost
in that accident.
I've been looking online
and in stores, but I...
I can't find
just the right one.
Can you...?
Yeah, sure.
Why don't we get
those ornaments?
It's delicate work...
but good as new.
Or even better.
We do good work.
We do.
That is great news.
Thank you so much.
Any luck with Marshall Graham?
His agent still won't
return my calls.
OK, well, we keep trying.
Hi! Hi.
Oh, spilled punch. I'm on it.
This is where you work?
Yeah. Well, today it is.
This charity hosts
a toy giveaway party
for families in need,
and pretty soon, all of these
stations will be filled
with volunteers
wrapping gifts.
Can I help wrap?
Yes! Come here.
How about this?
We can do
a better bow than that.
That's impressive.
Pretty good wrapping,
but something's missing here.
You are both now honorary
Santa's helpers.
Thank you!
Here you go.
You got it?
Wow, looks great.
Your coat.
And mine?
Oh, very nice.
Thank you.
Do you wanna go check out
some toys? Yeah.
You don't have to stay.
Oh, it's OK.
The plan is working.
Besides, I really need to know:
where did you learn
to tie bows like that?
Yeah, six siblings.
I wrapped a lot
of presents.
When my mom passed away, my dad
had to work double shifts,
so if we were gonna eat,
have clean clothes
or a proper Christmas,
it was on me. I learned quick.
Wow. Sounds like
you could write a book.
(laughing softly)
Anyway, enough about me.
What about you?
Any special events
you're planning?
Oh, um...
no concrete plans yet.
Am I seeing what
I think I'm seeing?
Oh yeah. Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
Oh yeah.
If you need backup,
you know where to find me.
Is that popcorn that I smell?
With M&Ms.
Your favourite.
Finster and I were
watching a Christmas movie.
Won't you join us?
I'd love to.
(British accent): Would anyone
care for some water?
Hey, what's with
the British polite speech?
Is Taylor teaching you
(normal): So that's
a no on water.
I'll be right back.
What is she up to?
I don't know.
A Christmas Carol.
Yeah, you've seen it, right?
Of course.
It's one of my favourites.
It's a classic, right? Growing
up, it was a family tradition.
Traditions are everything.
They are what keep us connected
to the past.
I couldn't agree more.
And the future holds
endless possibilities.
All set?
(O Tannenbaum playing)
Hey. I'm gonna go out.
I need to do some shopping.
Is there something
I can order for you?
I'm gonna pick out
some books for Finley.
Taylor might be helpful.
I don't need his help.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Oh, I gotta warn you,
I am dangerous
in a bookstore.
It's best to give me a limit.
What are we talking?
How many books do you want?
Uh, one for each day
before Christmas.
Let me guess. Julie?
She used to make it
like an Advent calendar.
That's beautiful.
She was a great mom.
I guess they do help.
That's why they're
classics. Yes.
OK, game on.
Number one. OK.
(whimsical music)
This. This is the one.
Is that for Finley or you?
Do we have to make
a distinction?
Put it in the basket.
Come on.
You sure?
Yeah, come on.
Do you?
What are you gonna do
about that?
Come on.
Oh, so you can have fun.
What? I am so fun.
Oh yeah?
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait! Truce, truce.
You had to get
that last one in, huh?
I gotta pick up Finley.
Oh, right. Uh, and I need
to get back to work.
So... I'll get the books.
Got it?
I'll see you tonight.
See you later.
OK. Thanks.
See you.
Remember your mad
wrapping skills? Oh.
Sorry to interrupt.
I would love to help.
OK. Ooh!
You know what would
make this even better?
Is some...
More cocoa?
I'm on it.
Are you a man
who keeps secrets?
Or will you share... what you
put in that cocoa to make it
so good?
Ha! I, um...
I put a cinnamon stick
in the warm milk to steep.
So good.
You gave that up pretty fast.
I thought I'd have to coax
the mystery ingredient
out of you.
Well, what can I say?
Some good things
are meant to be shared.
I completely agree.
Finley's gonna love this.
I love this.
So do I.
(holiday music)
Dashing through the snow
In a onehorse open sleigh
Hi! Welcome
to Home for the Holidays.
Thank you.
Rod is running our coat check.
Thank you very much.
each room holds the promise
of a beloved
Christmas tradition.
Wow! You know, when I went
home for the holidays,
my mother put me to work.
I'm starting to see why
Brandon recommended you.
And this is our house mom.
She's here to tell everyone
these cookies aren't gonna
ice themselves.
OK, now I feel
like I'm home.
Uh, should we wait
for Brandon?
Oh, um, actually,
he's running late at the firm,
but I'm already thrilled
that he recommended you.
This is our best
Christmas party ever.
in that case, come on.
The dining room holds a buffet,
The front parlour has caroling.
Alright, come on.
Fa la la la la
The living room
has cocoa by the fire
with popcorn and cranberries
to string. But let me
show you my favourite.
Oh, what fun it is to ride
Do you want
to build a snowman?
It's perfect. Wow.
I'm... just wow.
That looks wonderful.
Good job, girls.
Aunt Celeste!
You have the best job
in the world.
What do you wanna do first?
String popcorn.
Yes. Go ahead.
Get over there. Come on.
May I thimble you, miss?
A thimble.
Oh, you can have my seat.
Thank you.
All of this is amazing.
It feels like we're
inside a Christmas card.
That's exactly what
I was going for.
(doorbell ringing)
I like to create
moments of magic
where suddenly,
you can believe
anything can happen.
Hey, guys.
Sorry I'm late. Made it!
Hi! Oh...
Happy to see you.
Hey, Brandon.
Finley, aren't you
gonna say hi?
Hey, Brandon.
Would you like
to string some popcorn?
Looks like Finley's
almost done, so I'm alright.
Ahem! Hey, Finley,
I smell fresh cookies.
Should we check 'em out? Yeah?
You've, uh,
really outdone yourself.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's, uh...
it's so much.
That sounds...
less like a compliment
and more like criticism.
Oh, it just seems
like a lot of work.
It was.
But having Taylor around
has really helped.
How about we go out back
and build a snowman?
Taylor, do you wanna
build a snowman?
Taylor would probably be
happier just staying
in the kitchen
baking cookies.
Um, sure, I'd love to help.
Let's go!
(festive music)
Should we make it bigger?
No, it's fine like that.
How big d'you want it?
Big? You got it.
I didn't bring shoes
to play in snow.
It's OK.
Bigger and better,
right, Finley?
Brandon was right. He doesn't
know how to build a snowman.
I know how to build a snowman!
Are you gonna help me, Celeste?
I'm gonna stay
out of this one.
Come on,
Brandon! It's fun.
It's kind of bigger
than mine, but...
Oh, wow!
You know, if you practiced, I
bet you could get really could.
There you are.
So listen...
I've been so busy
planning all these
holiday events with work
that I haven't made
time for our home.
So... look what I got.
Can we just do pink?
But your mom always did
red and green at Christmas.
Traditions and memories can
make us miss our loved ones,
but they can also help us feel
like we're
still connected.
You're giving me your locket?
Here you go.
Trust that you are never alone
and always loved.
Can I add you in here too?
Yeah, of course.
I know I might not do things
just the same as your mom
and dad, but...
I like to honour
those traditions.
Maybe we could make
some new traditions.
I think they're supposed
to alternate, right?
It's OK.
Mom messed up sometimes too.
Maybe we could do one hand red
and one hand green.
Then it's the same,
but also a little bit new.
That's brilliant.
Speaking of new,
I'd kind of like it
if Taylor
became a tradition.
Are you trying to play
Admit it, he's so much
better than Brandon.
I will admit no such thing.
I am happily engaged.
Really? Then why haven't you
planned the wedding?
I can't work on this here.
There's too many colours
and swatches.
O...K. Um...
But first, I heard from Daniel.
And he told me
Hanna? Hanna what?
She thinks a bigger
event planner
could get Marshall.
Yeah, apparently she thinks
our problem is contacts.
Well, our problem
is not contacts.
Our problem
is Marshall Graham.
He doesn't do publicity.
Yeah, I mean, he's the one
name on my list I can't get to.
His agent is apparently
some guy names Jim Zimmerman.
No way.
Yes way. Is this good?
Oh, this is great.
This is...
this is great.
[Jim Zimmerman's office.]
Hi, this is Celeste Everette,
calling for Jim, please.
[Can I ask what
this is about?]
Well, we went
to college together.
I got him through statistics,
so he'll want to take my call.
[Hold for Jim.]
She's getting him.
[This is Jim.]
Jim! Hi, how are you?
[Celeste, hi!]
[I'm good. Been a while.]
It has been ages.
[Yeah. How are you?]
I'm good. I am really,
really good.
[Good to hear.]
Um, so, Jim...
I need to speak with
Marshall Graham directly.
[Celeste, I... I don't]
Do you remember when
Renaldio's was closed
after that huge blizzard
and I got Gino
to make his famous
chicken noodle soup
and trudge through 19 inches
of snow just to bring it
to your mother in the hospital?
Do you remember that?
[I'll see what I can do.]
Thank you, Jim.
[My pleasure.]
I look forward to hearing
from you. OK.
[Talk soon.]
OK. Bye.
Uh, way to have
an ace up your sleeve.
He's gotta come through.
We will get Marshall Graham.
(footsteps approaching)
(timer ticking)
We're playing hideandseek.
Oh, are you hiding or seeking?
He's hiding, and
he's really good at it.
I have to find him
before the timer goes off.
Will you help?
OK. Can you go that way?
Where are you?
(timer goes off)
He's not up here!
(whisking sound)
Where were you?
Maybe you'll find me
next time.
I hope it's OK. Finley
wanted to build a house.
That's enough gingerbread
for a real house.
Like Hansel and Gretel.
A storybook come to life.
This is brilliant.
I need to call Molly.
This better be good.
It certainly smells... good.
What's going on?
Hey, Molly.
OK, picture this: a lifesize
gingerbread village,
real gingerbread covered
with actual candy
that the guests can decorate.
It's brilliant.
Thank you. So,
we're making models.
Yeah, come on.
(holiday music)
I don't have
that many wishes
I don't even need a tree
would be much better
Having you right next to me
The smell of gingerbread
in the air
The only thing
I miss is this
'Cause you're
my Christmas wish
There we go. We will do it.
What's Finley doing
over there?
(sleepily): I'm not sleepy.
She is totally asleep.
You can go home if you want.
And miss the fun? No way.
I might just miss, like,
30 minutes of fun, though,
on the couch, if that's OK.
(cell phone ringing)
I'm just eating all these.
I see that.
I don't know, it's
right here, I can't help it.
Look, I already said no.
Please stop calling.
You totally came through
for me today.
First with the inspiration,
and then...
all of this.
having a moment.
I told you I'm not sleepy.
Maddie and Jay.
No stories tonight, kid.
They need to save Christmas.
I'll tell you
all about it tomorrow.
Come on.
You look terrible.
Did you stay up all night?
Do you think I could have
the evening off?
Uh, sure.
I do have one
essential meeting today,
but if you can do the after
school pickup, I can get
Finley after rehearsal.
[Celeste, I know
what you're gonna say.]
Jim, you still owe me.
I need Marshall Graham.
Just tell me what he likes.
Dig deep, Jim.
There must be something.
[Uh... there's
this little bakery]
[a couple of blocks from you.
They make this fancy
Tshaped cake.]
Oh, yes! Uh, bche de Noel.
[Yeah, that's it.]
[Do you know the bakery?]
Yes, I know it.
[Great, so we're good.]
OK, great, so I will get you
the cake and you will get me
a conversation with Marshall
Graham, or I'll tell everybody
that you burned me on a favour.
[I'll do my best, Celeste.]
[Thank you, Celeste.]
Thank you.
(cell phone ringing)
It's Finley.
Hey, sweetie.
What? Hey, hey, hey,
calm down, it's OK.
I'll be right there.
OK. Taylor didn't pick her up.
And now
he's not answering.
I... I have to go.
No, I'll go. You stay
and do the presentation.
You're not cleared.
It has to be Taylor or me.
OK, well, try Taylor again.
Celeste! I'm excited
to see the pitch.
I am so sorry, but I...
need to reschedule.
There's been
a misunderstanding
and I have to go
pick up my niece.
Oh. Well, I have to wonder
if you can manage
the Duvall holiday party
if you can't even
manage one child.
That's not fair.
The designs are ready.
Molly can show you.
But I hired you.
I want you to show me.
My niece needs me.
You know, I think our party
is too much for you this year.
Why don't you get
Adina Michaels on the phone?
She can handle it.
Are you firing me?
I am the best person
for this job and you know it.
Well, then stay
and show me. But if you go...
I'm sorry, Hanna,
but some things in life
are just more important.
(door opening)
Taylor, are you OK?
How could you let this happen?
I fell asleep.
My phone was on mute.
Is Finley OK?
No! No, she's not OK.
She's really shaken up.
After her parents' accident,
no one came to get her.
Man, I'm so sorry.
Sorry doesn't even
begin to cut it.
I know it's a big deal.
It won't happen again.
You're right.
It won't. You need to leave.
OK, let's...
let's take a minute here.
What's really going on?
Besides the fact that
you forgot Finley? Well,
because of you, I lost the
Duvall account, which means I'm
probably gonna lose my business.
Wait, that's your event?
It was until I had to walk out
on the head of the company
to go pick up Finley.
Celeste, there's something
I need to tell you
No, listen. You think
you know what's right
for Finley
Well, I care about Finley.
I care about you.
Please don't shut me out.
Finley is gonna be OK.
She is so resilient.
(melancholic music)
I'll get my things.
The last two weeks have been the
best I've had in a long time.
Are you sure
Taylor's alright?
Honey, I already
told you, he's fine.
Hi, Finley.
Taylor's absolutely fine.
Though he's really sorry
he messed up today.
You know Taylor?
I'm his sister, Jessica.
Come on.
What if we called the Business
Central Bank for a loan?
Interest rates will kill us.
OK, well, I don't need
a Christmas bonus.
Who am I, Ebenezer Scrooge?
Of course you're getting
a Christmas bonus.
And if I don't
have a job in March?
Maybe don't spend it all?
Seriously, I can...
cut back on some personal
spending and
Thank you. Um,
somebody sent you flowers.
Who are they from? Are they from
Brandon? Are they from Taylor?
Um... they're from...
Hanna Duvall. It's an apology,
begging us to come back
and offering a bonus.
How much?
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
(cell phone ringing)
Hello, Hanna. Thank you so much
for the beautiful flowers.
Well, it's the least
I could do. Thank you
for Marshall Graham.
Marshall Graham?
Um, you're welcome.
Tell me, how d'you
get him to say yes?
Well, a magician never
reveals her tricks.
(chuckling): Oh, OK.
Well, I must admit,
you've surprised me.
I've even surprised
myself this time.
[OK, bye now.]
Let's send Jim
a giant thankyou.
That must've been a very nice
bche de Noel.
(soft music)
I am so proud of you.
Let's go.
Come on.
Sorry I'm late.
Let me guess.
I promise it was
something important.
It's Finley's opening night.
That should matter to you.
It does matter. You just gotta
understand I got a lot of
other stuff going on.
I think we're making this more
complicated than it needs to be.
I think it's time
we... be honest.
When you gave me this ring,
we both said that we wanted...
a family someday. Except...
my someday is now.
Life happened.
Yeah, I guess I've kind of
been thinking the same thing.
You have?
It wasn't until I saw the way
that Taylor looked at you.
Or actually, I should say the
way that you looked at Taylor.
Kind of realised we're
missing that spark.
I still care about you.
And I care about you.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry. We both
tried hard to make it work.
We just never really stopped to
see if it was actually working.
Yeah. Hey...
good luck
with your big case.
Yep. Have a merry Christmas.
Imagine yourself
on stage. You're happy,
looking at all
your friends
and family in the audience.
Now we're all smiling back
because we love you
and we love watching you dance.
Do you see that?
OK, that's the image
in your head.
That's where you focus
your attention.
It won't work.
I'm not good enough.
Hey... just take a breath.
It won't work.
I'm just the understudy.
I can't be June.
Well, you know what?
There's no such thing
as "just an understudy".
it just happens.
And sometimes we need to be
ready to jump in and do things
we never thought
were possible.
You wanna know
the best part?
You don't have to be June.
All you have to be is Finley.
You think
you can do that?
Well, I do have
years of experience.
Come here.
You're gonna be awesome.
Oh! OK.
You got this.
Ow! What was that for?
Does a sister need a reason?
I wanted you to notice
the difference.
I noticed. She's... herself.
And what?
No ring.
That is a difference.
(The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky)
(cheers and applause)
What are we gonna do today?
If you and Jessica want,
I got you tickets
to the Winter Carnival.
Yes! I'm so glad to have
fun Aunt Celeste back.
Speaking of which...
From now on,
you and I get to decide
what works for us.
Now that sounds like a plan.
Kid stole my line.
I was asked to deliver this
and make sure that you open it.
Who is it from?
I'm supposed to say Santa,
but... never mind, just
hurry up and open it.
It's just like yours.
Want me to put it on?
Yes, please.
The guests are
starting to arrive.
(music and conversations)
Excuse me.
You're beautiful.
Thank you for the locket.
Where did you find it?
I know people
who know people.
Is that how you got in here?
I'm on the guest list.
No, you're not. I made it.
Celeste, it is wonderful.
Come. It is truly
a storybook Christmas.
I am so glad that you like it.
You even got this guy.
Yeah, this guy.
I don't know
how you did it, and I don't
care. Marshall Graham,
our guest of honour.
I even get to announce
a new book.
Best event ever.
You know,
all my friends
want you to do their events now.
Oh, and if my daughter
gets the engagement ring
we're expecting,
you are gonna have
a very busy spring.
Come, let me introduce you.
Actually, I need to speak
with Celeste.
Oh. Oh...
He's not here
for just the party.
OK. Well, see you later.
you're Marshall Graham.
The author of The Adventures
of Maddie and Jay.
And other stories.
It's a pen name.
Why didn't you tell me?
And say what?
"I'm the man you've been
looking for"? Way too clich.
Truth is, I didn't know
you were looking for me
until I'd screwed up.
And then it didn't seem
like a good time to explain.
So you told Hanna
I'd persuaded you
to come to the party.
It's the truth. I wouldn't be
here if it weren't for you.
I owed you one.
You want a drink?
So, I had writer's block.
For over a year.
I'm talking...
zero inspiration.
Did Finley inspire you?
A little. Mostly you.
Thanks to you, showing me
how to plan the work
and work the plan, I'm halfway
through my next book.
Wow. Well,
you were right too.
Too much planning
kept me from living
in the moment.
Some moments
are not to be missed.
Hi. Two, please.
Thank you.
I even ripped up
the rule book.
Wow. And the calendars?
Hmhm. I'm still me.
(slow song starts)
Jolly old St. Nicholas
Lean your ear this way
Don't you tell a single soul
What I'm going to say
The next few months
will be very busy.
Christmas Eve
is coming soon
perhaps we can leave
your contract open.
As in... no plan?
Hmm... well,
Sometimes you just...
have to let moments happen.
Nellie wants
a picture book
Yellow blue and red
Now I think
I'll leave to you
What to give the rest
Choose for me,
dear Santa Claus
What you think is best
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(festive song)