A Study in Scarlet (1933) Movie Script

I can not.
Jennie, you're young,
I can not open it.
Well, Sally.
Is closed.
Call Jim.
Mr. Partridge.
Hey, Mr. Partridge.
Now, what is the problem?
We can not open the door.
Are you listening?
He came to Victoria Station.
That's funny.
It will be taken and fell asleep.
Hey Jim, brings the ladder.
Open that window.
I can not open it, Mr. Partri.
The name is Partridge.
Then, break the glass.
Mr. Partridge.
Calm down. Look.
Jim, call the police.
Do not miss a moment.
This must be the place.
You wait here.
I will not let
alone to a place like this.
Yes, you must.
I'll be fine.
This meeting comes on assignment.
The unfortunate death in a train ...
one of our members,
Mr. James Murphy ...
who left this life for
their own means ...
hanging himself with a rope ...
has led to the need
to make this meeting.
That's what you
says Mr. Merrydew.
But how does he know?
A suicide report
was performed tonight.
This is the second time in
we are involved ...
by the loss of one
of our members.
The first was the loss
natural causes ...
the late Colonel Forrester.
Whose lovely daughter makes us
honor of joining us tonight.
It is a desire of its founders ...
that sobrellevemos one and no more ...
in the interest of the deceased ...
and society ...
divide it equally between ...
the surviving members.
It is also planned
that Ms. Forrester ...
a member becomes longer.
As a result the
part of the deceased ...
James Murphy will
equally divided ...
us seven.
I waive my fee, by
necessary legal assistance.
Funeral expenses
and cremation ...
will be supported by
our organization.
I have knowledge
Through the widow ...
he expressed his preference
for cremation.
I agree.
All make your vote
raising their hands.
Mr. Wilson.
Mr. Baker.
Mr. Dearing
Mr Pyke
Ah Yet.
Have you saved something to the widow?
I think we can
do something for them.
Surely not.
Things are quite complicated.
Why has committed suicide?
Have you ever met his wife?
No. Do not?
Well, I have.
In the past I met her.
And can attribute their
only death ...
to the overall efficiency of ...
Anabel Mary Murphy.
What follows from this?
Obviously an attempt to send ...
secret information.
Can you decipher it?
I can not.
Nor you.
Would you want to bet?
How much money?
A shilling.
My time is valuable.
The answer will be found
in a large book ...
because the numbers are very large.
As is the Bible.
It's time, Watson.
The widow who is
standing under the streetlight.
A widow?
Want to bet on it?
Of course.
I will not go down to the
street to ask.
Not necessary, she already decided.
So you figured it out from here.
Not in this case.
I recognized by the newspapers.
She is Mrs. Murphy.
Her husband was murdered
three days ago.
You mean the man who
found dead on the train?
Ms. Murphy wants to see you, sir.
Mr. Holmes I have a big problem ...
a disaster ...
my husband is dead
without me anything ...
that poverty is a
shame Mr. Holmes.
Yest down and try to calm down.
It was unannounced.
I am a good for nothing.
I gave you my life.
Nobody could be a better wife.
I always expected it.
Always ready, morning noon and night.
And what did he do?
He was killed ...
and left his money to a company ...
Mr. Merrydew if.
And another thing, I never saw anything like it.
He also left six more.
Not to do, Mr. Holmes.
Tadeo? Merrydew, the lawyer?
Yes, sir, feet to
head a dirty rat.
One moment.
For how long were you married?
Five long years.
Prior to her marriage,
her husband was in the Army.
Did you know? Yes.
He was assigned to China.
That is correct.
Then she married.
And I gave you everything, Mr. Holmes.
You should ask about the
black south, and will tell.
It was I who made it possible.
Her husband gave her the money.
Without a doubt.
And then he wanted more and came
to London to get it.
It was on that trip where you killed.
How do you know?
Well, Jim came to my room ...
I was in bed,
and had taken something ...
I happen to
He had a letter from her aunt.
She has paid, he said.
Then I realized it was taken.
I'm going to London.
Did you read the contents of the letter?
There was no such letter.
It was just a piece of paper.
"Yesx small
Negritos, played with ...
a hive, a bee
stung by one of them ...
and then there were five ".
Watson ...
note the direction
of Mrs. Murphy.
Coast number 232 King Street.
So plan to take
the case, Mr. Holmes?
Yes, I'll take it.
You will be interested to know it was for love.
Is not that so?
I realized that he likes his work.
My interest is to bring the
criminal justice.
A I do not care justice ...
crime does not interest me ...
all I want is the money.
And I want to put in your
Lawyers in ...
without costs, by that exquisite business.
Good evening, Mr. Holmes, we
're seeing, and thank you very much.
Good night, Mrs. Murphy.
We are in deep waters, Watson.
She needs a lawyer, not you.
You think so?
I think you spend your energy
in something so childish.
Who is this Merrydew?
The offender more
London dangerous.
The king of all the blackmailers.
A slippery, filthy
and poisonous snake.
Once in power
presses and squeezes ...
until your victim is dry.
More than once I have
found its way ...
and managed to escape.
The time has come, Watson.
The time has come
for Mr. Thaddeus Merrydew.
And now Miss Forrester
and gentlemen ...
this meeting is terminated.
I would like to have a
words with you, alone.
I would like more
later it ...
another meeting.
I do not know.
Going down that road.
Where do you go?
I'll get there.
It is a dead end.
It's where I go.
Then good night.
Good night.
Never mention anything
of what was said ...
at the meeting tonight.
Or better yet, never mention
that this meeting was made.
When I came, I saw a young
standing on the corner.
Yes, he's my boyfriend.
He brought me here, and this waiting for me.
So you're thinking of getting married?
I would not if I were you.
At least until
I have consulted.
But why? I can not explain.
In a short time the company ...
not exist.
Until the issues are resolved ...
see that it is not wise
for you wedding.
His father would have wanted.
What did you see my
father with these people?
Did not he tell you? No.
Then I'll respect his silence.
Remember ...
not a single word to anyone.
The following me ...
following me.
Captain Pyke.
Dead, shot to the heart.
Wait here.
What happened?
What happened?
Are you hurt?
What does it mean?
What does it mean?
The murderer would have an accomplice ...
and moved the body.
Call the police.
No, the police will come,
and we should not get involved.
But we must.
Out of respect for the
memory of his father ...
must remain in strict silence.
Not a word.
Come on.
The body was thrown into the Thames to
the 5 am in the Limehouse district.
Autopsy demonstrated
who died ...
of a shot to the heart.
The brands you
see, are wounds made ...
possibly where
the body was found.
We identify the body
through the ring.
A beautiful and strange ring, Lestrade.
There is no doubt
that the deceased ...
is Captain Pyke.
He was also able to identify
by the color of the shirt.
Among his pockets were found ...
these letters.
"Five Little Indians, were by law ...
one went to justice and
then there were four. "
Where is the widow?
We ask that you wait
in the other room.
Did Ms. Pyke?
If you are?
My name is Sherlock Holmes.
When was the last time
she saw her husband alive?
We had dinner together yesterday
A Night at the ...
Savoy restaurant.
I left after nine.
No I saw him again.
- Where is he stopping?
- At the Hotel Savoy.
How long have you been in London?
About a week.
And where you live?
In Greater Jouvenist.
When her husband left, she said ...
where he was going?
No, but I think it was for
a business issue.
He was a very
precise in his habits.
And then when I came, and
I had no sign of him ...
I was alarmed.
Does reaching at midnight was
a little late for him?
When it came time
I worried a lot.
I finally called the police.
And then I got the message
I had to come here.
Where to identify the body ...
my poor husband.
For the ring. Yes.
Have you always used ring?
That if ...
I gave it to her when we got married.
That was ...
6 years ago in China ...
belonged to my family.
And has passed from hand to
hand for generations.
I see.
Let me give you my
sincere condolences.
Thank you.
Is that all?
By the way ...
it may be necessary
communicate with you ...
to the farm or the Savoy.
Do it through my lawyer.
- What is your name?
- Mr. Tadeo Merrydew.
Good morning, Mr. Holmes.
What could get out of it?
Murder, no doubt.
Is that all? If all
what I have to say.
What do you think?
I think ...
the lady is a liar.
"Four black boys go to sea ...
a red herring swallowed
one of them ...
and then there were three '
It is impossible!
Do not shoot me!
The newspapers speak
Pyke's murder.
I really seem
particularly futile.
There was no reason.
Had not he reason?
Penetrate into the black
Merrydew Tadeo heart ...
and find the reason.
Do not suggest that he has
something to do with this?
I do not suggest anything.
The Inspector Lestrade
to see you, sir.
Mr. Holmes, Dr. Watson.
What is the problem?
seems worried.
Worried, I'm up to my neck.
Before it can
finish with a case ...
appears another.
That's the problem with being smart.
You came to me professionally.
Well, unofficially.
I see, you win, I lose.
There was a murder at night ...
an old gentleman.
Perhaps you will find a
puzzle better.
You mean you found
a puzzle better.
We left everything without moving to
You can see it and give us feedback.
Come, Watson, move.
He was well known as a
collector of stamps
Very interesting.
What is that Holmes?
"Four black boys go to sea ...
a red herring swallowed
one of them ...
and then there were three. "
We will review the garden ...
and see what we find.
Good morning, sir. Good morning.
You will have seen that I left everything untouched.
Not a herd of bulls would ...
made such a mess.
You can go to smoke.
Thank you, sir.
What is it that you think?
He was murdered.
The murderer is a man ...
average age ...
height of 1.80 meters ...
and small boots
square toe ...
limps a little leg
Trichinopoly left and smokes cigars.
If he was killed, how
is that they did?
The murderer was in the house,
before the victim arrived ...
Tucked away near the window.
Meanwhile smoked cigar.
He shot the victim
back of the head ...
and then took the body to
Instead they found him.
It was then another person ...
gave him a second shot ...
This time through the mouth.
For the brand of the boots ...
clearly traces of blood.
And what was your intention?
Cancel the effect of the first ...
with the aim of
change the crime ...
from murder to suicide.
The first bullet
find on the wall ...
the other side of the room.
The other will find inside ...
the body of the murdered person.
Come on, Watson.
Not to do
Mr. Merrydew wait.
Mr. Holmes
waited too, sir.
How long?
Nearly two hours.
It must be.
Tell happens now.
Very good, sir.
Mr. Holmes is a pleasure.
Sorry to keep you waiting ...
but was having lunch.
This is my friend and
companion, Dr. Watson.
Nice to meet you.
Gustan? Drink,
gentlemen? No, thank you.
They like a cigar??
Thank you.
Have a seat, gentlemen.
Anabel represent Mary Murphy.
A lovely lady.
And Mrs. Pyke.
As you know your husband ...
died prematurely,
Poor thing.
My client has the impression ...
that there is money
belongs to the late ...
and that was usurped.
By whom?
For you.
And you believe him to the lady?
I'll try to find out.
An angry woman is
difficult to establish ...
I thought with a
discussion with you ...
I would possessor of certain facts ...
what if my client prove
is representing a performance.
How so?
Is that all?
Yes, that's it.
I see that you are not smoking my cigar.
I prefer to do it later.
My dear, Mr. Holmes, I have not
neither the information nor the authority.
You see, a few days ago ...
You could not have
distinguish whether there.
In my profession, I try many cases ...
they are illegal, and not
I have personal contact ...
with my client.
It will not, Mr. Merrydew.
Anything else?
I can ask him for a pencil and paper.
Lord, that's not.
By the way ...
I think you know
another of his ...
customers, passed away last night.
Mr. Malcolm Dearing.
He was assassinated.
Good morning, Mr. Merrydew.
Come on, Watson.
That cold-blooded monster.
Now I left something to think about.
Did you, Holmes?
His feet.
- What about them?
- They were small feet.
And the boots.
If, yes?
They were toe boots
square, as you said.
Yes, and realized cigars.
It was written in letters
larger top of the box.
Is that all you saw?
Was there anything else?
Hundreds of things.
In addition to encryption code ...
a large book, Watson.
I did not see any bible.
I said a book
large, not a bible.
By God, of course.
In that book
find the message ...
Mr. Holmes.
Mrs. Pyke.
Holmes, what wrote
on that piece of paper?
A long shot in the dark, Watson.
But that will move.
Mr. Tadeo Merrydew, go to
see it personally. Urgent.
Tell Ms. Forrester
Mr. Merrydew ...
are here,
Mr. Tadeo Merrydew.
And hurry.
Mr. Merrydew wants
see you, Miss Forrester.
It is lovely as ever.
I see you received the
I sent flowers.
Thank you.
I hope we apologize
my unexpected visit.
He came to me about the
Death of Captain Pyke.
No, the police questioned?
Luckily not
I mentioned to the police.
Have you read the papers?
It is very strong, very strong.
Poor old gentleman.
It's a cruel world where
live, Miss Forrester.
We'll have to make another meeting.
So I came to tell him.
Many leaves have fallen ...
this interest to
other people's business.
At the same time, and
in place ...
morning to night.
Please do not ask me to go
back to that place.
Well, unfortunately
In this case ...
I am a servant, who
carries instructions.
You have nothing to worry about ...
for anything in the world.
He is my ...
Mr. Stamford, Mr. Merrydew.
It seems that I see everywhere.
Who is this man?
He's my lawyer.
I remember seeing him the other night.
What are you doing here?
Oh, please do not start again.
But I have no right to know?
Oh, John.
I'm so miserable.
It is something that has
to do with my father.
Before he died he told me.
I remember his words.
When you miss, you will lack nothing.
You will be rich ...
remember this name ...
I repeated it twice ...
Surely will contact you.
Follow their instructions.
He will come with the
truth by heredity.
What you find in
the meeting three days ago?
To ensure the
word of my father.
I'm beginning to understand.
What do I see?
Is a man dressed in black ...
like a thief.
What was high?
Quite high.
Could watch Ms. Forrester ...
without attracting attention?
I do not understand.
Aileen Are you in danger?
In great danger.
It was wise to come to me.
If anything happens, keep
contact me.
Remember ...
please contact me.
We are on the way, Watson.
I'm glad to see him in a good mood.
We did very well.
I'm sure.
I admit that I need
a bit of explanation.
I also feel a little curious.
I considered the book of Wiki Oldenecs ...
as I supposed, the great
Numbers represent ...
pages, numbers more guys ...
the columns, and the other message.
You will find the code in the table.
A meeting in scarlet ring ...
Tuesday in Limehouse.
Very possible.
Tomorrow will be shown in section
staff in the Daily Telegraph ...
with a second message and
a request for information.
Does your message?
My message.
And what will be the next step?
The need for fresh air,
I take to the field tomorrow ...
meanwhile I
will relax with music.
I hope not to bore you.
No, if you do it gently.
The Crown, Thompson
Footwear cleaning.
Things go from bad to worse.
All you have to do is more ...
before having less.
The same thing I say.
The Captain Pyke
was a bad deal ...
a very bad business.
The same thing I say.
The Farm also bad.
He stood with barrels.
The same thing I say.
I've broken the back
to have no garden.
And look at it now.
Think I said something, and mus.
Good morning, sir, good day.
Good day, good day.
How far is it to
Farm from here?
Some say they are four miles ...
and others say five miles.
But I say that is more than 4 ...
and less than 5.
So I have no
other than walking?
Bless you, yes sir,
there is an old wagon.
You can go with the old Cesar,
and Willie can carry.
Would you mind
take something with you?
No problem, a whiskey.
A whiskey splashed.
- Put the bottle on the table, and also
a soda. - Very well, sir, very well.
Blessed be the Lord,
We're busy again.
A God sent you, sir.
Long time ago
is not a customer.
Here you go, sir.
Before you can say Robinson.
Have a drink.
Thank you, sir.
Just a little.
Say far.
I say it is very good.
I feel like again, sir.
Well, it's a new man who takes.
As there, sir.
Health, sir.
Were you born here?
I never saw elsewhere.
All my family is here.
It is a good place to work.
So tease me back ...
working in the gardens.
Then remind the Captain Pyke.
Andy Swallow, an old
and foolish knight.
See that scar.
It belongs to Captain Pyke.
A brand possibly caused ...
by a stone.
That's what it was, sir.
Was the young master testing
stones at me, sir.
Someone young and wild.
Age of terror.
What I expected, sir.
Prepared the carriage and
is ready to go.
Tell me more on the trip.
And bring the bottle.
Very good, sir.
It is good for the back.
Cesar Quiet, quiet.
This a little tired, but
always ready, sir.
What was I saying?
Can not find
British Gentiles ...
tampocos or Chinese.
Not in this area.
I imagine it's very difficult.
When Captain
was alive it was ...
Here Often?
So last Tuesday was like ...
two years since we saw.
Can we get a drink, sir?
I will kill you.
I'm ready, sir.
It's magical.
There's the Farm, sir.
It seems that now are the servants.
They are not what we would call
true servants.
- Daffy Dolly is ... - Daffy?
- It is the caring that place.
It's there for thirty years.
Stop a moment.
Oh, Cesar.
Public Warning.
The Farm.
I will walk the rest of the way ...
Wait here.
I'm not leaving here.
Is the lady?
No, sir.
Where is?
In the city.
I have understood that this
house is for sale ...
wanted to buy.
I will look at it, I'll watch it.
She is the lady.
It looks great.
It has very pretty eyes ...
are like those of a cat ...
that good figure ...
and is very delicate.
This is the bedroom.
Does not it feel good?
It's my heart, bring me water, fast.
Yeah, wait a minute.
Drink it.
I'm dying ...
call a physician.
Oh no, we have no home phone.
Go for one.
The doctor is 5 miles away.
Urgent, hurry, hurry.
Okay, I'm on my way.
It is so nice of you
party has come.
Neither my late husband
I had done ...
as you have done.
I feel that there is no better
person to help ...
happen this time.
You know that would
anything for you.
It is very nervous.
I can not help you, look at my hands.
Trembling constantly.
I try to control it.
My late husband
always spoke of you ...
very warmly.
And you know that I ignored him always.
Do you doubt?
You are the only one
knows the business ...
my husband.
Everything has been left in
most terrible disorder.
My house in the country to be sold.
I wonder if you can ...
have some time.
You can be my guest
during the weekend.
And we can see those papers together.
With pleasure.
I can do it, if you like.
We can try.
Could it be possible tonight?
Not tonight ...
I have a meeting
important tonight.
Then tomorrow.
Okay, tomorrow.
I can?, I can make a confession?
Know what, Mrs. Pyke ...
always admired her tremendously.
"Any information
concerning ...
Scarlet Ring, will be rewarded ...
see Sherlock Holmes,
A 221 Baker Street. "
Who's there? Baker
Oh, it's you.
Who you thought you were?
How are you?
I'm cool as air.
We have a problem.
Yes, say it to my face ...
here sitting in a chair.
Someone is trying
to take off the chill.
Anyone of
information concerning ...
the Ring Scarlet
be rewarded.
See Sherlock Holmes ...
221 Baker Street A.
He is one of us ...
safely ...
will tell you.
Maybe that damn Chinese.
Stick your, myself ...
and Merrydew.
What do you mean?
I swore.
I thought that the snake was ...
crossing my path.
Is making me nervous.
It's like a nightmare.
First it was Murphy,
Pyke then after Dearing.
Who is next?
Suppose that someone
gives information ...
Sherlock Holmes.
Everything will be discovered.
No, no, Holmes is
Police differently.
The protects its customers.
Holmes works with the police.
What's on your mind?
I have one last chance.
I want to go.
This suspense, I this
altering nerve ...
is killing me.
What suspense?
Who can help
these gentlemen?
I was listening to their conversation.
It's very enlightening.
We will not follow.
Do not? Why not.
I will not die, as Murphy.
Or be found dead, and Pyke.
No, but you may want to spend
the rest of their lives in prison.
No, my friends ... united crime
and stay together as crime.
Gentlemen, within
a few days ...
Scarlet Ring cease to exist.
What do you mean
to cease to exist?
I received news
foreign agent ...
everything has been fixed.
Next week at this point ...
principal will be in my hands.
A small and important matter ...
for one million pounds.
They will be divided
equally between us.
Two hundred thousand pounds each.
Two hundred thousand pounds.
But we must wait.
He waited for five years,
what is the problem ...
few days.
What guarantee do we have that
be alive to receive them.
Of course if it is a question ...
of their lives without money ...
may be fixed now.
You can write a letter ...
leaving you money to society.
And losing two hundred thousand pounds.
You can insure your life.
Prefer burn before.
Not a word.
Well, Miss Forrester
is a pleasure, go ahead.
Will you sit down?
And now business.
Ms. Forrester and gentlemen ...
I have the pleasure again
of precidir this meeting.
Hi ...
a moment.
Mr. Stamford.
Thank you very much for coming.
I followed immediately.
He entered through the side door.
There are four men, the lawyer ...
two strangers and a Chinese.
Whatever comes will not come from heaven.
Oh, shut up.
I'm burning.
Two nights to have the money.
Yours can be, not mine.
Are we going together to the station?
No, see you later.
She is in, stayed inside.
Fast, through the door.
Dear, you have to take a breath.
We arrived at the right time.
Take it to your home.
Do not leave it alone.
It is time, Blake.
Speaking as a doctor ...
dangerous running ...
to their age and weight.
I can talk to you??
Thank you.
I apologize for disturbing ...
at this time in his home, Mr. Holmes.
I'm Dr. Watson, do not know when ...
Mr. Holmes again,
please wait.
Thank you.
Want a cigarette?
Any luck?
Too bad.
Here I have insurance.
They are negotiable
one million pounds.
Chinese and I are
faithful to his wife.
I think this
I will satisfy you.
A bill going to cover the
needs to be fast.
Everything will be done
for tomorrow night ...
on the Farm.
I'll make all the arrangements.
Mr. Holmes, you must help me.
If not, I'm dead.
If I go, my life is in danger.
See you, I live in the District English and
on the way to there, was about to cross ...
the street, and suddenly I realized ...
a car headed toward me ...
coming in wrong way,
almost hit me.
The escape was a miracle.
Did you have a chance to see the driver?
If it was the driver Fresh Barney.
Does anyone benefits from his death?
Yes, four.
You see, Mr. Holmes ...
there is a signed contract.
If I ... I retire ...
stay with me.
Any of them is capable
to commit a crime?
Yes, three.
How much is your party to the contract?
Two hundred thousand pounds.
Naturally you want
live to enjoy it.
Were you in China lately?
Never been to China.
Please, sir,
and the tattoo on his ...
right hand.
Oh, that I did in England.
It will be wrong
then, the yellow ...
so particular, only
is located in China.
When is it done?
You see Mr. Holmes ... well ...
I heard about you.
How did he know my address?
Are you here in response to my ad?
Limehouse Not?
Not A Member
Scarlet Ring?
Is not it a fact that three of its members
have been threatened and terrorized ...
death before you?
You must be the devil himself.
Answer me.
Yes, Mr. Holmes, but I am helpless.
I'm so helpless, that no ...
precaution can against them.
Go home and lock yourself in it.
But it is very old and
very easy to enter.
The basement?
A bombproof.
Hide yourself there.
Let's go to the District.
Take your gun, Watson.
Mr? Holmes, do you
I have hope?
Follow my instructions
to literally ...
and I can assure you some hope.
Tomorrow leave town.
You see Mr. Holmes, I understand that.
You will know a place in the country ...
may be a clue
many miles ...
anywhere, belongs
a widow and is a friend of mine.
The lady is oriental ...
the way she is Chinese.
Mrs. Pyke.
When you reach the Farm ...
probably have a
room near the Lady ...
find a connecting door ...
the two rooms,
Keep closed.
Get there before or
after nine.
When it simulates
a headache.
What simulate?
Oh, Mr. Holmes.
Go straight to your room.
And if it considers his life,
keep the door closed.
Also grabbed.
"As a compliment
for Sherlock Holmes "
"Three Little Indians walked
at the zoo ...
the big bear hugged him
and then there were two "
He told me, wait for me here ...
and that was the last time I saw him.
A customer rare, with good money.
The same thing I say.
It must have been a rogue
as a boy.
I searched all the woods ...
and there was no way ...
to get there.
And when I found the
Instead, it was not there.
And then intended to
watch it again.
The same thing I say.
Come in, gentlemen.
Serve the gentlemen.
Good afternoon,
gentlemen, good afternoon.
Good afternoon. Good afternoon.
Is there anything to drink?
Of course.
Scotch and soda??
Scotch and soda,
How do you know, sir?
Thank you, Lord.
Ordain you gentlemen.
Get me a bottle ...
glasses and a soda.
Four glasses.
Here you go, sir.
What brings you here, gentlemen?
This friend of mine, belongs
to the medical profession.
A patient has escaped his ...
an old gentleman, a
very dangerous if ...
that is the reason why the wine.
A older gentleman?
He wore an overcoat, a little ...
with a belly.
Have you seen him?
Yes, I've seen Mr. ...
and the bartender also seen.
Dr. Small could not see it.
Sure you understand
what he said, sir.
He said, stay here.
And that was yesterday.
Doctor, we are on track.
Say when. When.
It's okay to start.
'Another beer? With pleasure, sir.
Pay the bill, Watson ...
and deal with this gentleman.
Thank you, sir.
What is it about?
- I'm here hoping
to catch it. - Who?
A Mainer, that's how I know.
My head was never well.
It's time to go.
Greg and should be.
We surrounded the farm as well ...
you can not go out without being caught.
Come on guys.
Mr. Holmes ...
something terrible has happened.
Ms. Forrester disappeared.
Disappeared? But you
told to watch her.
But I could not understand your telegram.
Telegram, what wire?
One in which he said of
meet in Dover.
Are you crazy?
No, did not know what to do.
When you arrive at Dover,
I suspected it was a trap.
And I came here immediately,
luckily I have ...
a fast car.
Then I went to the house,
and she was gone.
They said they had left early
Evening with a strange woman.
A Chinese woman. Yes.
I called, but you
he was gone ...
I told his housekeeper, and she
told me where I could locate.
Mr? Holmes can
go where you can be?
We Lestrade, not
we have to lose time.
Mr. Holmes is this taking.
It sure was not wrong.
I was instructed by
written to bring her here.
You could see those.
Maybe he's right.
It will surely come.
If not tonight ...
Then tomorrow morning.
Who is?
If you open the door, I'll shoot.
Mr? Wilson has
lost your reason?
If you open the door, not
gives rise to no other.
Who is?
Telegram for Miss Forrester.
I will give it.
"The information in the
reverse will be interested. "
Good news?
Forgive me.
What is it? What is it?
What does it mean?
Got to go to bed.
Miss Forrester, when
go to your room ...
close it locked ...
and keep it closed.
What is the problem?
I'm frozen.
Who's there?
Me, sir.
Did you give the telegram? Yes, sir.
What Ms. Forrester?
I gave it to another woman,
and was going to give her.
- Thank you, good night.
- Good evening, sir.
Let me go.
I will not do again.
Standing all
night without a coat.
Look, Holmes ... there.
Lower your weapon.
What happened, Inspector?
I checked the site,
no one can escape.
Good night, dear ...
my room is
passing the corridor ...
if you need anything ...
not hesitate to call.
Thank you.
Good night.
Mr? Wilson, are you in bed?
Yeah, yeah, sure ...
Good night.
Good night.
Who's there?
It's there, it came with a boat.
When? 15 minutes ago.
Why did I not know?
He insisted that he did not.
Keep an eye on the front of the house, come on.
You stay here .
I thought you would come never .
We must discuss the part.
Where is the girl?
At the end of the corridor.
What about Wilson ?
He closed his door.
You have to get out fast ...
under any pretext.
This door leads to the house.
Is Aileen , this is Aileen .
Mr. Wilson , fast ...
something terrible has happened
Ms. Forrester .
Aileen .
Aileen , you'll be fine .
Help ! Murderers !
Help !
Break it down .
Holmes ! Holmes !
Holmes ! You all right ?
I'm fine, thanks Watson.
Take her down .
As I suspected .
Captain Pyke .
Is guilty of
murders of James Murphy ...
Malcolm Dearing and William Baker .
And this woman ?
As an accomplice .
Take her .
I thought he had been killed .
You saw him apparently dead .
He was the one who attacked her .
But he had been shot .
No shots were fired through
that window . He broke .
But the blood ?
Animal blood .
Of course Merrydew is complicit .
Holmes is a man out ...
came in a car , I thought
it was my duty to stop it.
Do enter.
Well , well, well , Mr. Holmes ...
this is a surprise .
What are you doing here ?
Well , surely the
man has the right ...
to visit home.
I have a mortgage on this house.
I was invited to spend
the weekend ...
to discuss a business.
May not,
Merrydew , arrest him .
This is a procedure
unusual .
Under what charges , Holmes ?
The greatest possible ...
that would instigation
for murder ...
James Murphy , Malcolm Dearing ...
and William Baker .
And the attempted murder
Jabez Wilson ...
and Miss Eileen Forrester .
That's a great invitation .
I'll give you a break.
I can ? Help ?
It's more than what you can prove.
I hope you can prove .
Will you have a promotion, Lestrade .
I am very grateful , Mr. Holmes .
But as has been you beat me?
It's very simple ...
For the examination of the footprints in the
garden of the house of Mr. Dearing ...
was sure the
description of the murderer .
You remember the ring ...
there was no mark to indicate ...
permanence for 6 years in
the ring finger of her lover.
His wife, Holmes .
Lover, Watson , lover .
How could he know ...
The ring was Scarlet .
Perhaps you remember
the disappearance of a
invaluable gem
China, a few years ago .
Perfectly .
To realize
that gem renowned ...
international , should be
been a very sensitive issue .
Much had to be
cut , piece by piece ...
and sell it on the market slowly.
Exactly .
Scarlet ring
was created by the ...
instigator of the original crime ...
to protect receiving it.
And what was the reason for Pyke ?
Greed .
The last survivor
would be the one ...
receive the full bounty .
Pyke receive the
ring true too.
But Mr. Wilson
we can provide ...
a response on the issue.
Not a single word .
Never forget , Mr. Holmes .
Me neither ...
I hope I get invited to your wedding.
Perhaps you bring me a ring?
I appreciate your compliment,
but never gave ...
a ring to a lady
except professionally.
Come on, Doctor .
I will send you a present .