A Summer to Remember (2018) Movie Script

- No, I understand.
But Ava, honey, they have
snorkeling gear at the hotel.
And how are you gonna fit
fins in your carry-on?
It's the only bag we're taking.
Sweetheart, I gotta run.
- Will!
- And here we have
the intern break room.
You'll spend as little
time in there as possible
and as much time as you
can with me in the ER.
- It will be a good day today.
Alright, we've got four riders,
none of which have any
idea what they're doing,
but you guys will take
good care of them, right?
Like you always do.
Let's begin the day.
There should
be full labs on that one.
- Dr. Martin, Dr.
- Bailey was looking for you.
- Okay, thank you.
- And Dr. Murphy needs you to
look at that EKG he sent you.
- Oh, yeah, I was saving
that for the train ride home.
Pediatric patient in number
four, how's our lollipop supply?
- Well stocked.
I'll bring it to him, but
I need you to sign this.
- And I need you to go, go, go.
- Ah, Dr. Bailey.
- Jessica, you were supposed
to be on vacation by now.
Don't make me pry that
tablet out of your hands.
- Okay, walking
towards the door.
- Do me a favor
while you're in Fiji.
Remember your priorities.
- Decompress, unplug,
spend time with family.
- No.
- Oh, right, the
infamous honey cake .
I won't show my face
back here without it.
- My new novel, I
can't find it anywhere.
- The one with the
cupcake on the cover?
I put it away.
It was making me hungry.
Here, let me help.
- No, I've got it.
It's okay.
Oh, there it is.
Wait, why are my
sandals in here?
- Oh, for the lovo.
- The what?
- The lovo, it's
like a luau in Fiji.
People dress up for those,
at least they did
when I was there.
- Mom, you lived with a family.
This is a big resort.
Promise you'll be
chill in this vacation.
- Well, I can be more
chill if I'm prepared.
That must be Karen.
I can't believe you made
it all the way out here.
You're supposed to be home
with your feet up,
romantic comedies on.
- Well, I can't let
you go on vacation
without the right gear.
- Oh, this is awesome!
Oh, I can take pictures
when we're snorkeling.
- Anything for my
favorite goddaughter.
- I love you.
- Here, come, sit down.
- Okay, I have
something for you too.
- Yeah.
I stopped by the hospital
to do my leave paperwork,
heard some gossip.
- Ooh, what did you hear?
- Dr. Robertson won the
Shilling fellowship.
- That is fantastic.
Wow, I've gotta text him.
- Really?
That's your first
thought, send him a text.
- Why wouldn't that...
- Yes.
- He's slated to be
the new attending.
Well, who's next in line?
- Well, I hear it's
not a done deal,
but there's a
definite contender.
- Me?
- Come on.
You're a great doctor, and
you get along with everyone.
- A promotion would
be a huge honor,
but it kinda puts
a crimp in my plan.
- The private practice?
- I'm serious about this, Karen.
I was looking at
office space last week.
I could make my own hours
and spend more time with Ava.
If I was attending,
I'd be in charge.
There would be a pay
raise, but the hours.
- Hey, preaching to the choir.
I'm not sure how long
I'll last in the ER
once this little man
makes his appearance.
- This little man looks like
he's gonna make an
appearance in my living room.
I know, right?
How can I possibly
have three weeks left.
- When is David coming back?
- They won't redeploy
him until I'm 39 weeks.
I'm telling you, pregnancy is
tough, but it's a lot tougher
when your husband's
on a destroyer halfway
across the world.
- I can postpone my trip.
No, I can't postpone the
birth of my godson but--
- No, no, no.
You've had this
planned for a year.
I know how important
Fiji was to you and Greg.
He would have wanted you
to share it with Ava.
- Yeah.
Well, it's time to
focus on the future.
Imagine how different life
will be a month from now.
- For all of us.
Bula, bula, bula!
- I take it that means hello.
- Hello, goodbye, welcome,
thank you, bless you,
and probably a few
others I'm forgetting.
Bottom line, it's a
good word to know.
Bula, welcome
to Resort and Spa.
- Thank you.
- Bula.
- Would you like a salu-salu?
- Oh, no, that's very kind.
I think I'll wait
till happy hour.
- It's not a cocktail.
I was offering you a
salu-salu, a flower lei.
- Okay.
Yeah, I guess my Fijian
is a little rusty.
Thank you.
- May I take your welcome photo?
- Ah, you know, she
prefers to take pictures,
not be in them.
- Oh, I completely understand.
I'm the same.
Nice camera.
- Thanks.
- Oh, looks like my dad's
ready to check you in.
- Thank you.
- Bula!
- Bula!
The flowers are a
very nice touch.
- Well, I'm glad you like them.
Ms. Martin.
Alright, so I see
that we've got you
in your private villa suite
with your own backyard.
- With pool and beach access.
- See, she knows her stuff.
Now will you be joining
us for lovo on Thursday?
- I wouldn't miss
it for the world.
- Great.
Oh, and we have an art
and photography show
later this week too.
- Wow, well, we'll
have to check that out.
I don't about you, but
I am ready to lounge.
You grab your bag,
and I'll get mine.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- No problem.
I see you have excellent
taste in luggage.
- As do you, doctor.
Your luggage tag,
AMA, San Diego.
- Oh, right.
I'm Jessica Martin, emergency
medicine, Riverside Hospital.
And this is my daughter, Ava.
- Hi.
- Trevor Copeland,
thoracic surgery.
- Oh, at the AMA, you were the--
- The keynote speaker.
- Right, you raised
some fascinating issues
in stent outcomes.
If you've got time, I
would love to talk--
- Mom.
- At some point.
- Absolutely.
Well, I'm around all week.
So hopefully, I'll
see you ladies around.
- Okay, great.
- Okay, bye.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to talk shop,
but in the thoracic
surgery world, he's--
- Mom, your nerd is showing.
- Okay.
Oh, look at this!
Our vacation has
officially started.
Oh, wow!
- Oh, mom, you weren't
kidding about the view!
- See, Ava, some
people would say
that downloading a
map of the hotel,
requesting a specific room
might be overkill but...
Excuse me.
I'm Jessica.
This is Ava, my daughter.
We just arrived.
- Oh, great.
I'm Will.
- Oh, uh, I didn't realize
there was a construction
project going on.
- Oh, I wouldn't exactly
call this a project.
- Okay, well, it's
a little noisy.
And you know, we
got here to vacation
at this vacation resort.
- Oh, is that what this is?
- Well, we have a heavy
schedule of activities tomorrow.
We'll be out of the room.
You could hammer then.
- Ooh, no can do.
This is a pretty urgent project
exclusively for this suite.
Besides, I'm just about done.
- May I ask what it is?
- It's a, uh, it's a hammock.
- Oh, mom, let him put it up.
I can read, feel
the breeze, nap.
- Yeah, so she's
got the right idea.
- Okay, we'll head
out to the pool and--
- Let me get my suit.
- Great.
Well, thanks.
I'll throw in some free lovo
tickets for your trouble.
- Oh, should I
tell the front desk
that Will the hammock
guy threw 'em in?
- Will, the co-owner
works better.
- Ava, why don't you put
your camera down and look.
Just experience
things firsthand.
Mom, you don't get it.
I have to be ready.
- For what?
For when I see
my perfect picture.
- How will you
know when that is?
- I don't know, but I'll
know it when I see it.
And every time I look at it,
I'll think of this
place and dad.
- Well, that's a worthy goal,
but I'm pretty sure he would
also want you to have fun.
And you don't always need
to have an objective.
- Tell you what.
I'll put down the camera
if you put down the phone.
- I bet I can go
longer without my phone
than you can
without your camera.
Let's go for a walk.
- Doing a year abroad here,
it must have been incredible.
- Oh, yeah, the people
and the culture.
Meeting your dad
wasn't so bad either.
- It must have been so romantic.
- Not the first time we met.
It was on the shuttle
from the airport.
But after that, yes.
- God, it's just
so not like you.
Eloping, here, a month before
you graduated from college?
- Marrying your Dad was
one of the best decisions
I ever made.
I got you out of the bargain.
- I just still can't
believe you guys were here,
at this resort, together.
- Yeah, it was a little smaller
back then but they still,
you know, they had snorkeling
and horseback riding.
Your dad had a favorite bench
on one of the reef cliffs.
We used to watch the sunset
and pitch what our life would
be like when we moved here.
- You were really gonna
come back here for good?
- Mm-hmm, yeah, I was
gonna open a clinic.
Your dad was gonna buy a boat,
take tourists out
on fishing trips.
- Well, why didn't you?
- A little thing
called med school
and of course, parenthood.
But I promised your dad that I
would bring you here one day,
and here we are.
We can go snorkeling
in his honor.
- And hike?
- And horseback riding?
- Yeah.
- And paddle boarding?
- I'm not quite coordinated
enough for that one,
but I will cheer you on.
- New adventures, mom.
- Its an adventure just
watching you, cutie.
Whoo, come on!
We got this!
Let's get a bite to eat
while the storm passes.
Dr. Martin.
- Yeah.
Come in
out of the rain.
Uh, sure.
- You girls are in
full vacation mode.
I've only just unpacked,
checked in with my office,
and discover kalua pork nachos.
Oh, yum.
- Oh, and Peter, this
is Ava and Jessica.
- Peter is famous
for his smoothies.
- So what's it gonna be, Ava?
Mango banana pineapple or
pineapple mango banana?
- I'll have banana
mango pineapple.
- Good choice.
But it's really all
about the garnishes.
Would you care to take a stab?
Pun intended.
If you two make those, I'll
make you some smoothies.
- Okay.
- So what have you ladies got
planned while you're here?
- Oh, just some fun,
try some new things
and chill, as my
daughter would say.
- Chill, yeah.
People use that word
on me a lot too.
The head of research
at my university
actually mandated that
I come on this vacation.
- Oh, you came alone?
- It was a last minute decision,
didn't have time to
coordinate a friend.
And well, it gives me a
chance to make new friends.
What about you?
- Oh, just the two of us.
- Like two peas in a pod.
- Yes, hoping this
vacation helps her
come out of her
pod just a little.
- Mom.
- Well, if it helps,
I was thinking about
doing some horseback
riding in a couple of days
if you wanted to join.
- Ooh, horseback
riding is on our list.
What do you think, yeah?
- We might join you.
- Great.
Well, to new friends.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Mom, my camera, I
left it in the room.
Do I have time to go get it?
- Hey, what happened to our bet?
- Mom, how am I supposed
to get my perfect picture?
- Okay, go get your camera.
Get your shot.
I'll miss at the
restaurant in a few.
There's just something
I wanted to do.
- Thanks.
- I'm sorry.
- Hi, Will.
- I am really sorry
to disturb you again.
I'm just trying to get
this to maintenance,
and usually, there's
nobody out here.
- You do a lot of physical
work for an owner.
- Yeah, well, I mean when
we took this place over
and we knew that in order
to make it the best,
everybody's gotta get
their hands dirty.
You know, everybody
does every job.
We're a family.
- Well, it shows,
and I respect that.
- Thank you.
This reef lookout, it's
one of the hidden gems.
- Yeah, it was my
husband's favorite
when we were here
an eternity ago.
I thought coming back
here would make me sad,
but I actually feel
an odd sense of calm.
- Hmm, the locals
call that maravu.
- I remember maravu.
Uh, it's peace, right?
- Yeah, yeah, the
special kind of peace
you can only find
in the islands.
You know it?
- I used to.
- Well, I'll leave you to it.
And I hope you find it again.
- Me too.
- I'm sorry.
- Mom, this trip is about new--
- Adventures, I know,
embracing the possibility.
But I'm checking on Karen.
Okay, okay, this is me relaxing.
Oh, come on.
It could be Karen.
- Okay.
- Oh, she's doing okay, but
she doesn't know anything yet.
- Anything about what?
- Oh, this thing at work.
It's nothing.
- Well, if it's nothing,
can it wait till tomorrow?
Unless you wanna admit
I already won the bet.
Besides, you can't have
your phone in the water.
- There.
- How can this possibly be the
same ocean we have at home?
You can see the bottom.
- Yeah, and everything in it.
I'm still getting used to that.
- Hey.
Hey, hi.
- Getting an early start.
- Yeah, adjusting
to the time change.
- Well, I'm Lani,
one of the owners.
- Oh, I'm Jessica.
This is my daughter, Ava.
- Hey, nice to meet you, Ava.
- You ever get used to this,
just waking up and looking
out at this everyday?
That's the beautiful
thing about the islands.
The ocean's always
reshaping them.
And I'd like to think
it does the same to us.
Either of you paddle board?
- Not me.
- Nope.
- Well, my early morning
class got canceled,
so maybe today's the
day we change that.
- Okay, get back up again.
Now feel the board
before you stand,
weight centered, feet apart.
- Ava, maybe you should
try this on the dock
just so you don't
fall again, you know.
- Mom, you're making me nervous.
- Well, it's just your feet
aren't really wide enough.
If you just...
- Kids this age don't
want anyone watching.
- Ava, would you be
okay if I took a hike?
- You said it.
Okay, up again.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
I was just looking for the
entrance to the hiking trail.
- Oh, well, if you
put down the map,
you might see that
it's right here.
- Is that your to-do list?
- Yeah, I taped it to my map.
Just kidding.
- I'm relieved to hear that.
Well, I'm headed to Vanatua.
You're welcome to come
along if you like.
- Oh, is it far?
Ava's at a paddle
boarding lesson.
- No, you should be back
by the time it ends.
- Are you sure you don't mind?
- I don't mind at all.
Just one condition.
- You know, on second thought,
there's a hat weaving demo--
- The condition is that
we leave right now.
- Okay, wait up!
There you go.
know, it's weird.
I don't remember seeing
jungle hike to Vanatua
on the resort's calendar.
- Well, that's because it's
not on the resort's calendar.
Today's my day off.
- Will!
Ah, you should have told me.
I'm sure you don't
wanna sherpa around
some guest on your day off.
- Well, then don't act like a
guest and we should be fine.
- Alright.
What does a guest act like?
- Well, they're all different,
but they all have one
thing in common, an agenda.
Even if that agenda is
to come here and relax,
they wanna measure it with
check boxes and lists.
- Ah, yes.
Well, lists can be useful.
- Yeah, at a supermarket, maybe.
Look, there's a lot to be
said about just spontaneity,
that feeling of not knowing
what's gonna happen.
- Yeah, work with me
in the ER for a week.
- Oh, you're a doctor.
- Yeah, you'll find that not
knowing what's gonna happen
is not all that it's
cracked up to be.
- Okay, that's true, but
if you plan too much,
then you just never get
to experience wonder.
- Whoo, look at that core!
You got this.
Remember, you're in control.
Big circle around
the lagoon, okay?
- Okay.
- She's up already.
That's got to be a record.
- Huh, this one
didn't need to get up.
She just needed to know
that the world keeps
spinning even if she fell.
- Well, it looks like she
got a good dose of that too.
You got a gift, Lani.
You just know what people need.
- Well, isn't that why
you married me, totoka?
- No, I married you
because of your secret
honey cake recipe.
Hey, I heard
Frigates is 10-foot.
You wanna grab the
board and catch a few?
- Oh, I'd love to, but I've got
two more lessons after this.
- Oh, I wonder if Will's keen.
- Oh, sure.
He just headed over to Vanatua.
- Oh, I bet I can
catch up with him.
He might be game.
- I might hold off.
Meli told me that she
saw Jessica, Ava's mom,
join him on his hike.
- The lady from Villa 16.
- Oh, on his day off?
- Hmm, Will might be
breaking his golden rule.
- Well, as you know, this
island, anything is possible.
- So in the interest of not
knowing what's gonna happen,
I'm not gonna ask
where we're going.
However, if you're so
inclined to give me a hint,
now would be a great time.
- How's this for a hint?
- Wow.
- I know, right?
- Are you going in?
- Oh, no.
I don't know what kind
of microbes are in there.
- I just did a
little investigation.
No microbes!
- Okay, I'm going
up to my knees.
- Okay.
- Keep going.
Be careful over there because
the rocks are a little bit--
- Are you alright?
- Yes.
I'm gonna go check
out the waterfall.
- Okay, don't say
I didn't warn you.
There's a lot more
microbes over that way.
- Okay, I will say this again.
That hike was pretty amazing.
Thank you for working
on your day off.
- Oh, that did not
feel like work at all.
- And for not treating
me like a guest.
- Well, thanks for
not acting like one.
Where's that list, by the way?
Oh, and you forgot this.
- Isn't there some sort
of island tradition
which side to put that on?
- Yeah, but it's kind
of old fashioned.
I mean I'm sure
you don't wanna--
- Try me.
- Okay, well, right side
means that you're available.
And left side means that
your heart is taken.
- Good to know.
- Jessica, hi.
- I hope you don't mind.
I went ahead and
booked the three of us
into horseback riding
tomorrow morning at the beach.
- Oh, that sounds great.
I think Ava will be thrilled.
I see paddle
boarding was a big success.
- Yeah.
From the looks of it, I'd
say she'll try it again.
- Great.
So how was your morning?
- It was full of surprises.
Yeah, one of the owners
took me up to a waterfall.
- Waterfall?
I'd sign up for that.
- I don't think it
was on the menu.
- Actually, speaking of menus,
I'd love to take you and
Ava to dinner at some point.
- Oh, yeah, I just have
to check with the chief.
- Great.
The flower's a nice touch.
What's that for?
- To add to your collection.
I'll see you in the morning.
Come on!
Which one's mine?
- A guide's supposed
to meet us here soon.
- I didn't know you
were riding today.
- Yeah.
- You guys know each other?
- Well, Will showed
me around yesterday.
Will, you remember Ava.
- Of course!
How's that hammock working out?
- Well, let's just say
it's hard to get her
to sleep inside the room.
Well, that
is what it's there for.
So Ava, you ever been
on a horse before?
- Nope.
- No problem.
How about you guys?
- It's been a few years.
- More enthusiasm than skill.
- Well, for starters,
you need to talk to
your horse a little bit.
- Talk to the horse?
- Yeah, yeah, so they
get to know your voice.
So that way, on the ride,
if you need to correct them,
you're the voice of a friend,
not of a stranger, alright.
Now this beauty right
here, this is Mahina.
She was born right
here on the property,
and I trained her myself.
She's gonna be yours today.
Ava, you wanna come say hi?
- Hi, Mahina.
I'm Ava.
I think we're gonna be friends.
- I think she likes you.
Jessica, you're
gonna be with Vosa.
- Vosa, what does
that mean, sweet?
- Trouble.
She's always
stopping for treats.
- Just like you, mom.
- Oh, yeah, guilty.
See, she understands.
- Trevor, are you joining us?
- Absolutely, yeah, sorry.
Oh, man.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let me see.
So stupid.
- Is there a clinic here?
- Dr. Chaudhry is about
20 minutes down the road.
- No need.
We've got a doctor right here.
- Yeah, is there an
emergency first aid kit?
- Yeah, Lani does
in the main kitchen.
- Actually, where's my phone?
- Here.
It looks like it's in one piece.
- Could you check
my last message?
- Run full labs on
the control group.
- Could you add by the end of
the day and just press send?
- You don't wanna say anything
about being on vacation?
- Ava.
- Well, Ava, doctors are
never truly on vacation.
Alright, careful.
- Alright, a stitch or two
should fix you right up.
- Dr. Copeland, I'm
Lani, one of the owners.
How are you doing?
- Well, my pride took
a bit of a tumble,
but Dr. Martin here seems
to be patching me up.
- Jessica, I can't tell you
how much I appreciate this.
We've been trying
to hire a doctor,
and it's taking longer
than we'd expected.
Please let me know
if you need anything.
- Thanks.
Alright, your phone
is blowing up.
Is everything okay?
- It's just a case study.
My assistant is covering for me.
I should probably call him back.
- Alright, well, go ahead.
- Sorry, I'll catch up
with you a bit later.
- Okay.
- Where's he going?
- Oh, work thing.
- Oh, well, I mean
if he's tied up,
I can still take you and
Ava for a ride if you want.
- Oh, thanks.
I should probably wait for him.
- Of course.
So you two work together or--
- No, we actually
just met yesterday.
- Yeah.
- Well, this place is known
for bringing people together.
It's part of why
people come back here.
Maybe it's even
why you came back.
- Hmm, Ava and I came
back to keep a promise
and hopefully, achieve maravu.
But I have a list, and
this was not on the list.
So I should probably revise it,
or else I'll never achieve--
- Maravu.
- Right.
- Well, good luck.
- Thanks.
Thanks for this.
Do you know if they have
paddle boarding
lessons back home?
- You might need a wetsuit,
but we can probably
arrange something.
I'm so proud of you, getting
up after just one lesson.
- Well, Lani's not like
any teacher I've ever had.
She's pretty hands
off, but somehow she--
- Gets you to figure
it out on your own?
I noticed.
Peter, I see a lot of new
items on the smoothie menu.
- Yup, we've got pineapple,
fresh coconuts, paw paw,
and lilikoi.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- I'm gonna go sit by the pool.
- I'll bring our smoothies out.
Something catch your eye, Peter?
You want my professional
opinion as a doctor?
You've fallen hard.
- Well, doctors are bound
by confidentiality, right?
- We also give a lot of advice.
- So I've been working
here for like two months.
- And?
- And our conversations are
limited to hi, bye, bula,
and that four-top
needs more ketchup.
- I may have a diagnosis.
You're talking
about work too much.
- I am.
Is that a big no-no?
- Sometimes when you're
trying to get to know someone
and you only show them
that one side of yourself,
it makes it harder to
see the real person.
- Wait, so what should I say?
- Well, if I told you then,
she wouldn't get a chance
to see who you really
are, wouldn't she?
Oh, come on.
- Let me know how it goes.
- Hi!
I see you've met Peter.
Is it that obvious?
How's your doctor friend?
Is he really okay?
- He's almost 100%.
And I think he'll
put his phone down
next time he's around horses.
- Oh, that's a relief.
Ah, I see you've found my
favorite island accessory.
- Oh, these.
Yes, they're incredible.
They come in so many colors.
- It's nice to have choices.
- Yeah, I suppose it is.
- I'm serious.
I'm gonna try every flavor
Peter has before we leave.
- Hopefully, not all
in the same smoothie.
- Now there's an idea.
- Hey, I need to
tell you something.
When I was talking
to Karen earlier,
it wasn't just about the baby.
- I'm up for a new job.
- Well, what kind of new job?
- Attending physician.
I'll be in charge of
all the ER doctors.
- So they'd be
doing all the work.
- Well, not exactly.
- But you'd work less.
- Well, it's actually
more responsibility so I--
And more work.
- It's a huge opportunity.
- And so is having
your own practice.
- I haven't made
any decisions yet.
I just, I felt I
should let you know.
- Well, if, if, if that's
where things are going,
then I guess we're
just gonna have to make
every second of
this vacation count.
- Hi!
- Would you like your photograph
as a memento of this evening?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- Ava, isn't that the
same camera you use?
- I've seen you taking pictures.
This is the Canon 5D Mark III.
- I have a D60.
- Excellent choice,
very versatile.
- What lens are
you using tonight?
- My favorite is a 50, but I
use the 85 for candid shots.
People get nervous
when I get too close.
- Well, Meli, how long
have you worked here?
- All my life.
My mom and dad own
Yanuca Cove with Will.
- It must be so
cool living here.
- It really is,
but it's also cool being
a photographer here.
I'm leading a youth
hike tomorrow.
You ane your camera wanna come?
- Tomorrow?
- Sounds like a lot of fun, Ave.
- But I won't know anyone.
- Well, you won't at first,
but you will by the end.
- Uh, I'll think about it.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Hey, Alisi, this
is for Villa 16.
Can you add this to the
breakfast orders for tomorrow?
- Villa 16?
Isn't that that doctor?
What's her name?
- Yeah, Jessica.
She seemed pretty cool.
- Alright, guys, okay.
We went on a hike.
It was no big deal.
- Not at all, though that's
a fairly romantic hike.
Don't you think, Lani?
- It depends on the company.
- On second thought,
I think I'll go enjoy
this in my cottage alone.
She's not your average guest.
And yes, spending time with her,
it's been easy for me to
forget the three little words
that have kept me out
of heaps of trouble.
- Three little words?
- No dating guests.
And with that, I
bid you good night.
Good night.
I'll be
back in a second.
- Ava, I think you'll
be proud of me.
- You threw away your list?
- No, but I revised it to
give us more flexibility.
The more I think about it,
the more I think
I need to give us
some time for
spontaneity, time to,
what's this?
- My 65-mil macro,
my telephoto and my--
- No, I know what it is.
I mean why are you packing it?
- Who was it who was just
talking about spontaneity?
- I don't know.
I woke up thinking about dad
and how much you
talked about the island
and thought maybe I
should actually go
on that hike for him.
- And for you.
Just think of the flowers
and the birds and--
- Mom, you don't
have to oversell it.
I'm going, okay?
- Meli, hi.
Is it too late for
Ava to join you?
- Not at all.
I packed an extra snack in
case you changed your mind.
- You're gonna be
okay without me.
- You'll be back before lunch.
- Well, I just don't
want you to be bored,
you know, sitting
around waiting for me.
- Don't worry about me.
- Don't call or text or Skype
the hospital while I'm gone.
Go do something fun.
- Promise.
Sunshine, fresh air,
decompressing, unplugging.
Go have a great time.
- Where did you get
all of these knots
in your mane, young lady?
What have you been up to, huh?
So this is what
they mean by horse whispering.
- Hey.
- No, I wouldn't pretend
to have that kind of power
over any creature,
horse or otherwise.
- Do you think
she's up for a ride?
- Well, that depends
on who's asking.
- Well, no one,
just maybe a guest
you might have mentioned
a make-up lesson to.
- I'm a man of my word,
but she can be a
little unpredictable.
- Well, then she sounds perfect.
- Is this a lesson in
riding or in spontaneity?
- Maybe a little of both.
- Yeah?
Well, when's the next
opening in your schedule?
- I don't know, now-ish?
- Is that your list?
- Hey, at least it's
not taped to my map.
- That's true.
You're making progress.
That's good.
You ready?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Come on.
Are you ready?
Look at that,
you're doing great.
Just ride with a looser hand.
Okay, well, not
quite that loose.
Most people really hold on
tight because they're afraid
but a free rein lets her
know that you trust her.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Alright.
- Wanna get her going?
- There you go.
Come on.
Yeah, nice.
- How long have you been riding?
- Oh, man, since I was a kid.
- I grew up next to a
horse farm in Tennessee.
- Oh, this is a long
way from Tennessee.
- Yeah.
I went to college in San
Diego and got into surfing.
Came out here for a context
and then kinda lost
my ticket home.
- I bet it's a little more
complicated than that.
- Hmm, well, I met Danny and
Lani, everything changed.
I mean we realized we had
the chance to turn this place
into a kind of resort where
we could work everyday
and never look back.
Now how about you?
You had your honeymoon here?
- Yeah, I did my last year of
college here on the island,
met another student, and I
went home a married woman.
- Ah, so you got a little
practice in spontaneity.
- Yeah, at a time
when it was a lot easier
to be spontaneous.
Yeah, back to the States,
Greg got a great job.
I got into med school,
and we had Ava.
Anyway, dreams deferred.
- I don't know.
You got a job where
you get to help people.
You got a daughter who
loves you and adores you.
It doesn't sound like
you deferred anything.
- Do you have kids?
- I thought I would.
I was married for a
couple of years once,
but like you said,
dreams deferred.
- So you do have some regrets.
- Not about living here.
- And you never think
about going home?
- Oh, this is home.
- I could get used to this.
- I'm glad to hear that.
Hey, what do you say
for the ride home,
we take it up a notch.
- Uh, excuse me?
- Yeah, come on.
You got this.
Come on, come on!
Here we go!
- Oh, look at this one.
- It's called a banana skipper.
Sometimes I find
them in my yard.
- Oh, it must be
amazing living here.
- Can't complain.
That's my mom.
Excuse me.
Can I see?
- Yeah.
- Ava, thank you for
showing me those.
She usually deletes her
pictures without letting me see.
- I don't usually like them.
- These are great, Ava.
In fact, there are a couple
I'd like you to submit
to the art show.
- Really?
- I got a photo
printer you can use.
- Thanks, but all those
people looking at my work.
- Admiring your work.
- You don't know that, mom.
- Hey, Ava, wanna hit
the ice cream carts
down by the infinity
pool with me?
- Yeah.
Oh, can I?
I didn't know if we had plans.
- Oh, Trevor
invited us to lunch.
- To talk about his study?
- I can't promise he won't.
So I'll give him your regrets
and I'll find you
down there later.
- You're the best!
- She's usually shy.
New situations aren't
always easy for her.
- I wouldn't have
guessed it on the hike.
She was full of questions,
took tons of pictures.
- That's music to my ears.
- I hope you had
a fun morning too.
- I did.
I went horseback riding.
- The group lesson with my dad?
- No, with Will.
- Sorry I'm late.
One of the study sponsors
called and I lost track of time.
- No, you're on vacation.
You're supposed to
lose track of time.
- Where's Ava?
- She made a new friend.
- Well, if she's
anything like her mom,
I'm sure it comes easily to her.
So what's the plan for the day?
- I do not have one.
- Am I sensing an attitude
adjustment, Dr. Martin?
- Yeah, nothing
quite that dramatic,
just, you know, a desire
to be in the moment.
- I don't blame you.
It's a great moment to be in.
- Meli here is helping mentor
my daughter's
photography career.
- I wear a lot of
hats at this resort.
Can I get you a drink?
- Best question anyone's
asked me all day.
- Meli, would you ask
Peter what he'd suggest?
He always knows what
ingredients are freshest.
- Is there something going
on here I should know about?
- Just a little experiment.
- And the results?
- It's too early to tell,
but I may have successfully
slowed down the service here.
And you know, I just
like to help people.
Isn't that why we're doctors?
- Honestly, I love the
puzzle, solving the mystery.
- Hmm, yeah, and you know,
leaving people in a better
place than where you found them.
- Ah, that's the appeal of
the ER, although I do hear
a hint of family
practitioner in your tone.
- Ah, yes, the
patient does present
with conflicting
symptoms, doctor.
What do you suggest?
- Extensive followups,
personalized care.
- You were right about it here.
I do feel different
in a good way.
- Well, I'm glad you like
it here as much as I do.
- But time's gone by so fast,
and I still haven't
found my perfect picture.
- You know, sometimes
you go on vacation
thinking you need one thing,
and you end up finding
something else.
- Not helping.
- You'll find it, sweetheart.
Listen, I want you to know,
if I end up taking this job,
we will still take
trips like this.
- You don't have to say that.
- But I mean it.
I realized that I often carry
the stress of the hospital
home with me, and
that's not fair to you.
And I could get used to
chilling out a little more.
I see my journey
of self discovery
has clearly put you to sleep.
- Nothing.
Get some sleep.
I had a little
too much iced tea.
I'm gonna take a walk
around the hotel,
get some of this energy out.
- Sounds like a plan.
- Hey!
- Peter!
Hey, you wouldn't happen to know
where I could get some chamomile
tea this late at night.
- There's still some
folks in the kitchen
who'll be happy to help you out.
So I made some real progress
with Meli today thanks to you.
I could even say I'm
officially in the friend zone.
- See.
- Which leads me to
my next question.
How do I get out of it?
- Same way you got in.
Baby steps.
Come on.
You're not getting
this until you tell us.
There's nothing to say.
Come on, admit it.
- Admit what?
- That you are full
on breaking your rule.
- I don't know what you
guys are talking about.
- Jessica!
I saw your group ride today.
- Group ride?
It looked to me like
it was just you two.
Don't tell
me that's not a date.
- She came to the stables
looking for a make-up session.
There's a big difference
between going on date
with somebody and then just
spending a little time.
- So you have no
feelings for her.
What did
he say last night?
- The three words I live
by, no dating guests.
- That is not what I sound like.
Second of all, nothing escapes
you two, absolutely nothing.
- Oh, hi, Jessica.
- Hey, you wouldn't
happen to have
any chamomile tea, would you?
- Jessica!
Look, I don't know exactly
what you heard back there.
- Well, you don't
have to explain.
- No, no, no, I really
would like to explain.
Please, I really just, just,
just give me one minute.
One minute, I promise.
- Okay, okay.
So why are we here?
- Best view in the house.
- Uh, wow.
Ah, this deserves more
than just a minute.
- Yeah, pretty
spectacular, right?
- Yeah, wow.
You don't see stars
like this in Portland, do you?
- Hmm, well.
Still doesn't distract me
from my curiosity though.
- No dating guests.
- Seems like a
pretty strict rule
for a guy working in a resort.
- Hmm, well, I call it a rule,
but really, it's more
of a defense mechanism.
- Hmm, sounds like
you dated a guest.
- Married one, actually.
It was a long time ago,
when the three of us first
took over this resort.
And I thought we were in
love, but in retrospect,
I think she was more
in love with an idea
that being here on
this island with me
meant that her entire life
was gonna be a vacation.
And then when reality set in,
well, island paradise
just wasn't enough.
I wasn't enough.
- Hmm, well, I'm sorry.
Losing someone is tough.
It can close you down, make
you get stuck in the past.
- It's funny though.
The last few days, I have been
more focused on the present,
maybe even dabbled
in the future.
- Uh-oh, is your rule in
danger of being broken?
- Perhaps, that is a sign
that I shouldn't answer that.
- It's my friend, Karen.
She is pregnant.
I have to call her.
- Oh, sure.
- Oh, it's connecting.
thanks for calling.
- Hey, of course.
What's going on?
- Karen, it's so cool here.
I went paddle boarding, and
mom went to a waterfall.
- Karen, wait.
Is that a gown?
Are you okay?
- Everything's fine-ish.
- What do you mean fine-ish?
- The baby's just a little
further along than we thought.
- Are you having the
baby like right now?
Ava, honey,
suffice it to say
you would know if
that was happening.
- How did the ultrasound go?
- Well, he's a
strong, healthy boy.
He might be here a little
sooner than we thought.
- How soon?
- They wanna induce
Thursday night.
- But David will barely be
able to get back in time.
- Which is why I want
a second opinion.
David only has two
weeks of leave time.
It'll be a shame for him to
spend them on a false alarm.
But Dr. Shapiro can't see
me till Thursday morning.
- Okay, well, let me know
when you hear something.
I wanna be there, okay, Karen.
- Me too, but down the
hall, like we talked about.
- I'll take either of
you anyway I can get you.
Now I don't wanna
keep you any longer.
Go, enjoy your vacation.
- Love you.
- Trevor said he'll meet
us here to go snorkeling.
Maybe I got the time wrong.
Uh-huh, okay.
- What was it you were telling
me about talking about work?
- Well, just go into
the control group.
Go into the control group
and adjust the P values.
It's really simple, Hal.
Okay, I gotta go.
Ladies, I am so sorry.
I'm gonna have to
bail on snorkeling.
I got this--
- Work thing.
- Yeah, how did you know?
- Wild guess.
- Yeah, sorry.
Thank you.
- Come on, Ava.
We've got an ocean to explore.
- Hey, Will.
- Hey, you two.
Hey, Jessica, how's your
friend in Portland doing?
- Oh, she's fine-ish, and
her baby's getting impatient.
- That's not bad news.
That's just babies.
- We're going snorkeling.
I can hardly wait.
- I see that.
I like your rig.
Now if you wanna get some
great shots of clown fish
and lots of other types of fish,
you gotta go to the soft
coral reserve, okay?
It's beautiful.
- Soft coral reserve,
is that close?
Can you show us where it is?
- Ava, will is working.
- I'm in charge of
activities today.
Snorkeling is an activity.
You two are guests.
So showing you guys the reef
might just fit into
my job description.
Let's do it.
Come on.
- Okay.
- Wow, those colors
were like neon.
- Mom, we have to get
a saltwater camera
when we get back.
- Oh, yeah.
See, I was thinking we
could start with a fishbowl.
- I don't know, Jess.
A fishbowl might not
be big enough for this.
- Well, Will just
got you an upgrade.
- I'm gonna go put this up on
the shore before I lose it.
Best souvenir ever!
- Oh, don't tell me you
found something else.
This hypothetical fish tank
is gonna fill my
entire living room.
- It's amazing to me
how the ocean can take
like a hunk of rock
and then tumble it into
something so beautiful.
- It looks like a heart.
- People come here from
all over the world,
and they all say they
just feel different.
They feel freer.
They feel more relaxed.
Dream bigger, you know.
Some people stay a week
and they never leave.
The island definitely
changes everyone.
I hope the Yanuca Resort
will always have a
place in your heart.
Is that a jellyfish?
- Okay, jellyfish
season doesn't happen
until about 10 days
after the full moon.
You're good.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Then you could probably
put me down then, huh?
- I don't know.
There's gotta be one and
two stragglers, you know.
- Hmm, stragglers.
- Yeah.
They can be dangerous.
I got you though.
I got you.
Here we go.
- Ava, you ready?
Hey, why are you
wearing your dress?
The big feast isn't
until tomorrow.
- I had something
to dress up for.
I was actually wrapping this.
- You didn't need
to get me a gift.
- I wanted to.
- Okay.
Let's see.
Your butterfly.
- Yes, sandalwood.
Got it in the gift shop.
- Honey, I don't
think there's anything
that can make me more proud.
- Anything?
- Ava, why are we here?
- You'll see.
- Ava.
This is you.
- Looks like the reviews
from the local photographers
are overwhelmingly positive.
- Ava.
- Will, this place has
really done wonders for her.
- Yeah, don't chalk
it all up to location.
I hear she's got a
pretty incredible mom.
- Mom, I sold one.
- What?
- You guys warming
up for charades?
- Yeah, that might be
a better name for it.
Alright, it shouldn't take long.
Trevor, Ava's work
is in the art show.
Can this wait until later?
- It'll just take a minute.
- Okay.
- I just wanted to apologize
about the snorkeling trip
and all the interruptions.
- It's no problem at all.
- What's this for?
- Jessica, you deserve the
best, something planned,
not something just
pulled off a tree.
- I'm not sure I understand.
- There's been a security
breach at the university,
and my study data may
have been compromised.
- Oh, that's terrible.
- Yeah, it's not something
I can handle remotely,
so I head back tonight.
The thing is I'm not ready
to say goodbye to you.
San Francisco next month.
Trevor, I--
- And I know that
it's last minute,
but it would be a great
networking opportunity
and a chance for us to
get to know each other.
- Listen, Trevor.
Look, I appreciate the offer,
but it's just not
gonna happen right now.
I wish you all the best,
and I'll keep an eye out
for your next article.
There's my ride.
Okay, bye.
- And I hope you find
what you're looking for.
- Me too.
for the perfect wave
feels like forever, doesn't it?
- You know, when it comes,
it's a bit of a mystery.
- Yeah, all you see is
the beginning of the wave.
And in a split second, you
gotta make about a million
snap decisions about
how it's gonna play out.
Did I take off too early?
Did I take off too late?
Is it strong enough to get
me all the way to the shore?
- Or will it pummel me
so badly into the reef
that I'll never surf again?
- Oh, snap!
You got my metaphor.
- Yeah, it wasn't
super subtle, man.
- The point is you're
in a beautiful wave.
Enjoy the ride.
- And what happens if someone
else drops in on my wave?
- The doctor guy.
He left last night.
He wasn't too happy.
Not that that's what
you're talking about.
- So when you first moved here,
did you have any idea how
different it would be?
- Well, living here
was actually easy.
It was going back
home that was hard.
There was just something
about the beauty and
nature and physicality.
It's like living moment
to moment, very alive.
Are you laughing
at me, Ava Grace?
- I just can't picture you
without your daily plan,
your weekly plan,
your five-year plan.
You sound like you miss it.
- Yeah, maybe I'll move
back here when I retire.
- That's like a
million years away.
Why would you wait till then?
- You have to be realistic.
I'm a doctor.
I'm a mom.
- That's Will and Dan.
- That doesn't look good.
What happened?
- I got caught in the
lip, went over the fall.
- And that never happens.
- Lucky for me, Will saw,
and I'm sure he's
already posted the video.
- Do you hear this?
This is what I get
for rescuing this guy.
- Oh, rescue.
You call that a rescue.
- Alright, the good news is
it's a textbook dislocation.
The bad news is it's a
textbook dislocation,
which means it has
to be relocated.
- Oh, that's not the first time.
Doc Chaudhry, he
just pops it back in.
- Yeah, Doc Chaudhry who lives
20 minutes down a
very bumpy road.
- Well, I'd settle for Doc
Martin if she's seeing patients.
- Oh, subtle, huh?
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm, okay.
- Okay.
- This won't hurt a bit.
The Meli.
- Hmm, we'll take a couple of
those and a smoothie, please.
- Yeah, I'm just curious.
What inspired the name?
- Just a one of a kind girl
I've gotten to know lately.
- Peter, that's very flattering.
- It's not flattery.
It's the truth.
I'll make one.
You'll see.
- There is this one problem.
I don't like coconut.
Well, I can change the recipe.
- To tell you the truth,
I'm more of a beer person.
My favorite is from
Vanasuva brewery.
You've been there?
- The one in town?
- You're not gonna
throw him a line here?
- He's got this.
- I've heard of it.
What time do they close?
- I'll take you after the
lovo tonight, my treat.
- You're on.
- It looks like you've
mastered my recipe.
Fresh honey cakes as thanks
for rescuing my husband.
I feel like you should
have a timecard here.
You've been working too hard.
- Okay, well, that shoulder
took all of about 13 seconds.
But getting the chance to
cook with the master chef,
that is payment
above and beyond.
Let's see, okay.
- Mmm, I know, right?
- I didn't think that could
be any more delicious.
- I try to serve them
straight out of the oven,
slows down the whole meal.
Hungry people are grumpy people.
- Okay, thank you for
sharing your secret with me.
Speaking of, mango cloud cake?
- Hey, we don't know
each other that well.
- Happy hour started early.
- Hey, we've been
working very hard.
If you're going to mock
us, get out of my kitchen.
- Honey cakes?
- Yes, Lani shared
her secret with me.
I took a blood oath
and everything.
- I don't believe it.
- Well, there's more
new evidence right here.
- Sugar.
- Uh-huh, it really happened.
- Yup.
- Wow, it looks good.
Cut me a piece.
I want some.
- Okay, come on.
Are you ready?
- That was so good!
- That was so good!
- You learned that so quickly!
That was amazing!
- Will, this whole
thing was amazing.
I don't know how you guys
put this show on every week.
- Oh, this whole production is
all Danny and Lani and Meli,
except for the recipe tasting,
'cause somebody's gotta do that.
Well, yeah.
- What did you think?
- Wow, wow.
- I thought I couldn't
like anything better
than taro wrapped
in banana leaves.
Then I had the pork
wrapped in banana leaves.
Ava, honey, I think she
meant the show.
- Hey, I'll take that.
I didn't cook all of this,
but they are my recipes.
And I don't shy away
from a compliment.
- Well, this is
incredible, Lani.
- No, you're incredible for
all that you've done for us.
Who's gonna patch everyone
up when you leave?
- Guys, I owe you an apology.
Normally, I do a
spectacular solo fire dance.
- Yes, but with one
arm, it's a fire hazard.
Jessica, thank you
for snapping me back
into place, literally.
- Are you feeling better?
- Yeah, I still gotta take
it easy over the week.
Did you talk to Lani?
- About what?
- About your doctor's orders?
I can't do any
cooking, or cleaning,
or errand running, or
shopping, or working.
- Where is this coming from?
- Oh, this is nothing, Jessica.
He needs bed rest
when he stubs his toe.
- Well, glad I could help.
- It only cost Lani
her most secret recipe.
- Jessica took an oath
to take it to her grave.
- Honestly, we're so used
to having you guys around.
Don't be surprised
if your flights
are accidentally canceled.
- Well, don't be surprised
if I don't bat an eye.
I actually wish that
we could stay here.
- You know, we've been
interviewing doctors this week,
and there's only one
thing we can agree upon,
is that we wish they
were more like you.
- Wow, that almost sounds
like a formal job offer.
- Do you want it to be?
- Mom, if we could
stay here, we could--
- Honey, moving is a big deal.
Moving out of the country
is a really big deal.
- I'm sorry.
We didn't mean to push it.
- But we're serious.
You guys are part
of the family here,
and we don't say that everyday.
- Well, a serious offer
requires some serious thought.
But hopefully, after I
wake up from my food coma.
- A little announcement.
As part of our evening
festivities, we have scheduled
a viewing of Blue Crush
in the outdoor theater.
- Go ahead.
I'll catch up with you later.
Is it the firelight,
the moon, the music?
- The company?
- I wish I could just
bottle this night
so I could have it forever.
- The good times get us
through the tough times.
- Well, if that's the case,
then I should stock up on
a bunch before I go home.
- Is it that chaotic?
- Hmm, my best friend
is having a baby.
I'm up the biggest
job of my life.
I work 60 hours a week.
I don't know.
Things are completely
under control.
- Is there a way you could
maybe take it down a notch?
- Hmm, yeah, I tried
that before I left.
Opening up a private practice,
that would give me time to
focus on what's important.
But then I found out
that I might be up
for attending physician, which
would be a huge promotion.
- Well, there isn't
anything wrong with ambition
as long as you're going
after what you really want.
- What I really want is
for me and Ava to be happy
with each other and ourselves.
I just hope I can do that
and still be attending.
- After what I've seen the
last few days, I have no doubt.
- No doubt in my medical
abilities or my decision making.
- Both, actually.
Just follow your heart.
Everything will work
out for the best, okay?
Well, here we are again.
- Should I go out on a limb
and call this our spot?
- Hear ye, hear ye.
I now christen this our spot.
- Come on, Will, no getting sad.
- I know, I know.
I guess we're both
planners in our own way.
What is it, Jess?
- What do I do, Will?
I wanna stop deferring
my dreams, find maravu,
be spontaneous, be
responsible at the same time.
My dream is to be
here on this island,
but everything I built
is a continent away.
- Hey, no making
decisions on vacation.
You just gotta worry about
being right here right now.
- Me and you.
Well, one thing is decided.
However much time
I have left here,
I wanna spend it with you.
What is it, Meli?
We got a call
at the front desk,
someone named Karen.
You have to call her right away.
- Sorry.
I'm sorry to ask
them to chase you down,
but you made me promise.
- Don't even think about it.
What did Dr. Shapiro say?
- I believe her words were,
"You're in early labor."
- What?
- Don't worry.
My water hasn't broken yet.
We still have plenty of time.
She thought it would be better
if I stayed in the
hospital until, you know.
- And David?
- He's waiting for a
connecting flight in Dubai.
- Okay.
Well, if I leave here soon,
I'll get there in time.
I just don't want
you to worry, okay?
- Thanks, for being there.
- Well, I won't be if
I don't start packing.
- But your vacation.
- Hey, we made a promise to be
there, and we're keeping it.
Be strong.
We'll be there soon.
I'm really not good
at saying goodbye.
- So let's not say it.
Till we meet again.
- There you go.
So why am I still sad?
I wish--
- Me too.
- You know where we are
and always will be.
- I just need one minute.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You know, the funny thing
is I was trying to figure out
how Ava and I could stay
here a little longer.
Well, I guess I jinxed that.
There were a lot of
surprises this week,
Karen's baby being the
highest on that list.
The one I was least
prepared for was this.
- Just promise me that
wherever life takes you,
you do the things
that make you happy.
- Even if I don't know
what those things are yet?
- Especially if you don't.
Mom, we have to go.
Dr. Martin.
- Oh, how's Karen?
- She's about to have a baby.
Ah, Dr. Bailey.
- Jessica, if I
could have a word.
- Yeah, I know what you're
asking, and the answer is yes.
- Yes?
- Yup, absolutely,
right in my suitcase.
- I think we're talking
about two different things.
- We're not talking
about honey cakes?
- Well, it's sweet
of you to remember,
but I was talking about
attending physician.
- You didn't get my email.
- To tell you the truth, I'm
a little behind on emails.
Can we talk about it after this?
- Please, go.
And send her my best.
- Yeah, will do.
- Oh, Karen, he's a dream.
- Mom, sit next to Karen.
Say baby.
- How many are you taking?
- I want you to have
plenty of good shots
to send your husband.
- I don't know if
that'll be necessary.
Hi, babe.
- David.
- Here he is, just in time
for the first diaper change.
- Can we go back in soon?
I wanna find out
what they named him.
- Ava, honey, this
is a special time.
We need to give them some space.
Yeah, and all the rushing to
get outta there last night.
I'm not sure.
Did you get your
perfect picture?
- Mom, I had a perfect time.
That's what's important.
But I guess I do
have a favorite.
- Ah, was it the
one on the hike?
Oh, wait, wait, the clown
fish in the sea anemone?
- Nope.
- This one when
you set the timer?
- Yeah.
that is a good one.
- Jessica, how's Karen doing?
- Beautifully.
Yeah, her baby's huge,
perfect but huge.
We're just giving
them some space.
- So it would not be a good
time to discuss the position?
- Yeah, just give me a minute.
- Will asked me to give you
this when we got back here.
- I'll be right back.
Yeah, sure.
Excuse me.
Has that doctor position
been filled yet?
- You're back!
Oh, my god.
Good to see you.
- Jessica?
What are you doing here?
Your friend's baby.
- Yeah, he's healthy
and beautiful,
and her husband was with her.
- What about the job?
- I turned it down.
- Why?
- Because it wasn't
the kind of medicine
I wanted to practice.
And a wise friend taught me
that I should follow my heart.
- Is that how it went down?
- Yeah, and I heard
this resort in Fiji
is looking for a doctor.
- Did you?
- Yeah, but I have
some questions.
Like what's the
benefits package?
- What are you looking for?
- Horseback riding lessons.
- Done.
- Occasional long
walks on the beach.
- Not a problem.
- And Ava wants to
learn how to surf.
- Yes, ma'am.
So Ava's on board?
- She never wanted to leave.
I realized I didn't either.
- These islands,
they will change you.
- Nice change.