A Sun (2019) Movie Script

Where is he sitting?
Near the kitchen.
Fuck you.
You see that crooked tree over there?
Which tree?
Oh, I see it.
Come on,
put it in reverse.
Don't step so...
You went too far.
Start over.
Don't step so hard on the gas.
Start over again.
Mr. Zhang...
you've taken the test...
six times...?
We've gone from wearing long sleeves
to short sleeves.
I have a reputation to keep at the school.
You know why you keep failing the test?
Because you insist
on driving a manual car.
But driving an automatic car
isn't real driving.
If the car moves, you're driving.
Who cares if it's manual or not?
Hold on.
Where are you?
I'm working.
The judge was angry today.
He asked why the father didn't come.
Tell him I'm at work.
He wants to hear your opinion.
Can't you come and tell the judge
to give A-Ho a chance?
Why not tell him that yourself?
The judge wants to see you
and hear what you think.
You want to know what I think?
I hope he'll be locked up
until he's old and dying.
How can you say that?
Can you come by tomorrow?
All right.
Trouble at home?
TAIWAN TAIPEI DISTRICT COUR Did you initially encourage Radish
to attack Oden?
Then why did he cut his hand off?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Did you know
that he had a machete with him?
Only after we arrived.
Do you know
that you can kill a person with a machete?
We only wanted to scare him.
The motorcycle you rode that night...
Who stole it?
Who stole it?
A-Ho, tell them.
Are you placing all the blame on me?
-Tell them.
-I wasn't asking you.
Sit down.
VICTIM'S SEA I stole it.
Assistant, anything to say?
Your Honor...
please recognize
that the young man is remorseful.
Give him a chance to reform
and return to society.
Anything from the parents?
If you want my thoughts,
I can tell you unequivocally...
as parents, we failed to discipline him.
We wouldn't succeed in the future either.
I hope you put him away
to teach him some discipline.
Why did you say those things to the judge?
As I said on the phone,
lock him up until he's old and dying.
You can't even give him this chance?
Didn't I just give him a chance
to be locked away and repent?
why are you here?
I brought you the tuition money.
I forgot to give it to you.
"Seize the day. Decide your path."
The semester's almost over.
Why give me this now?
Just for some encouragement.
If you don't need it,
just use it as scratch paper.
Go on with your work.
The money's inside the book.
Remember to pay.
Does Chen Jian Ho live here?
May I ask who...
Can we talk inside?
Are you busy?
Get over here.
Her name's Xiao Yu.
She's fifteen, in ninth grade.
I noticed her acting strange recently.
I took her to the doctor.
The doctor said she's pregnant.
I asked her who the father is.
She said it's Chen Jian Ho.
Can I have a look at the culprit?
Don't you know?
Know what?
A-Ho's been put away.
Put where?
He got into some trouble recently.
He's now in juvenile detention.
Great, Xiao Yu.
You didn't even mention a word of this.
What kind of mother are you?
Aren't you going to say something?
All right.
See you in court.
Stand up straight.
I'm going to ask for your personal info.
Please answer clearly.
What is your name?
Chen Jian Ho.
State your date of birth.
April 19th, 1996.
ID number.
What offense were you brought in for?
The length of your sentence?
Three years.
Kneel down.
-Stand up.
Pick up your things.
Get inside.
"Those who regulate themselves
commit few wrongs,"
Sima Guang says.
"A scholar who seeks the Way,
but is ashamed of poor clothing and food,
is not worth speaking to."
This "poor clothing and food," mind you,
doesn't mean "loathsome."
Some think it's "bad clothing,"
but it doesn't mean that.
Hey, you.
You there.
You there.
Yes, you.
Do you...
disapprove of the content of my lecture?
No, sir.
Or do you not believe
what Sima Guang was saying?
Sir, do you believe it?
Honestly, I don't believe it either.
But what I do believe
is that
you'll get the hell out of my class.
Let's continue.
Get ready to change lanes.
Signal light 30 meters ahead.
Look 90 degrees in each direction.
Confirm no approaching cars.
Get ready to change lanes.
Changing lanes.
Changing lanes complete.
You're driving in the middle of two lanes.
It feels very different
driving on the road.
Instructor, are you married?
I'm married.
How many children?
Are they working yet?
Not yet.
Next year, he'll be in medical school.
how long have you been here?
You've got to ask
if you don't know the rules.
Got it?
Are you mute?
A-Bin, I'll do it.
Can't say hello?
Are you mute or something?
Stand up...
Stand up.
Stand straight.
Stand up straight.
What, you can't stand?
You can't stand?
Fuck you.
-Knock it off.
-Fuck, let go.
That will do.
Stand up.
Mr. Chen.
Mr. Chen.
Mr. Chen.
I'm Oden's father.
Is something wrong?
It's about Oden.
The judge made the ruling.
Civil compensation for 1.5 million.
Is that relevant to me?
Nah... I went to Radish's place.
I saw his house.
Only his grandma lives there.
His parents are gone.
With their home left like that,
they can't pay a single cent.
What should I call you?
Should I call you Oden Senior?
Our surname's Qiu.
Mr. Qiu.
Go home and ask Oden
who chopped off his hand.
If A-Ho chopped it off,
I'll go to the ATM right now and pay you.
Mr. Chen.
Don't come near me.
What the...
Stop it!
-What the hell?
Chen Jian Ho.
Why did you hit Huang Shi Long?
He struck me first.
Did you strike first?
I just didn't want them to fight.
Didn't want them to fight...
Don't you think strangling him
was going too far?
Chen Jian Ho, listen.
The length of your stay
depends on your behavior.
You can make trouble every day.
But let me tell you,
you will be here longer than anyone else.
Can we put a stop to this?
Chen Jian Ho.
Look at me.
Can you?
Huang Shi Long.
Can you?
Can you?
Write your statement. Stop staring.
You too.
Chen Jian Ho, hurry up.
Your mother's here.
Chen Jian Ho, window five.
Xiao Sheng Xuan, window eight.
Pick up the phone,
and say your number and name.
101896, Chen Jian Ho.
What happened to you?
I bumped into a window.
Use your brain if you're going to lie.
What kind of window
would smash you up like that?
I need to ask...
Do you have enemies?
Do you owe anyone money?
Is there any bullshit
you haven't told us about?
You need to tell us.
Don't leave us clueless
when they come knocking on our door.
Everything's fine.
Don't keep telling me everything's fine.
Do you need anything?
Can you buy me two of...
And two pairs of 904.
Two pairs.
Some instant noodles and snacks.
Also, a 428.
What's 428?
Iron eggs.
Why do you want iron eggs?
I haven't had them in a while.
How many?
Too many.
I'll get two.
Look at how the two numbers are linked.
See, 8 x 2 is 16, right?
2 x 8 is also 16.
And so on.
See, 8 x 3 is 24.
3 x 8 is 24, too.
That is to say...
Here, look...
Teacher, Jian Ho's visit is over.
Okay, thank you.
Leave your stuff here.
I'll return it after the inspection.
This is your textbook.
When you go in,
you'll be in the back row
of the classroom.
Go ahead.
For addition,
we say 1 + 2 + 3 is 6.
If I switch them around,
1 + 3 + 2...
Careful there.
Huang, what are you doing?
Sit up straight.
Eyes forward.
Chen, you too.
Pick up your things.
Sit down.
Hurry up.
Everyone else, eyes forward.
You eat so little.
Are you still angry
at the literature teacher?
Hello, I'm Guo Xiao Zhen.
My mom brought a lot of food today.
I can't finish it by myself.
Let's eat it together.
Eat as much as you want.
Get as full as you can.
Don't sleep tonight,
or I'll punch you until you puke.
6 x 1 = 6.
6 x 2 = 12.
6 x 3 = 18.
6 x 4 = 24.
6 x 5 = 30.
6 x 6.
6 x 6.
6 x 6 = 36.
6 x 7.
6 x 8.
6 x 8.
If six people buy amphetamines from you,
and each buys eight bags,
how many bags did you sell?
That's what "6 x 8 = 48" means.
So, if eight people hack you up,
each slashes at you six times,
how many times were you slashed?
Also, 48.
Five slashes and you're dead.
There's no need for more.
I'm Chen Jian Ho.
Everyone calls me A-Ho.
You can call me A-Ho, too.
Guo Xiao Zhen.
Guo Xiao Zhen.
Is someone picking you up?
I'm riding the bus.
Can I ride with you?
Is it on your way?
It's fine. I'll just get home later.
Hello, I'm Chen Jian Hao.
I know.
How come?
You're famous at the cram school.
The teachers speak highly of you.
Last time...
I asked you something.
Why didn't you answer?
Last time, you asked many questions.
I didn't know what to say.
I didn't know you either.
Why haven't I seen you in class?
I only enrolled last month.
I've already retaken the exam twice.
I was about to give up,
but I'm here now.
Which bus are you taking?
Didn't the lit teacher recently mention
Sima Guang's
A Lesson on Frugality for My Son?
It suddenly reminded me
of the story of a young Sima Guang
breaking the water tank.
Have you heard it?
You mean when...
Sima Guang
broke a water tank
and saved a child from drowning inside it?
Actually, in the real story...
Sima Guang and a group of kids
were playing hide-and-seek.
Sima Guang was first to be "it."
After he found all the kids,
he suddenly said,
"One child is still missing."
Kids stared at each other, saying,
"No. Everyone's here.
Who's missing?"
But Sima Guang insisted.
One child still hadn't been found.
No one knew what to do.
So they started to look
for the child he spoke of.
After searching a while...
finally, under a tree,
they found a large water tank.
Everyone got excited
after seeing the water tank.
They pointed at the tank and said,
"He must be in there."
But only Sima Guang
stayed where he was.
Sima Guang picked up a...
And then?
Then Sima Guang
picked up a large rock
and struck the water tank.
And the water tank broke.
But no water came out.
Everyone was astounded.
Because they saw a small child
sitting in a dark corner of the tank
gazing outside.
Do you know who that child was?
It was Sima Guang himself.
I've told you...
such a lousy story.
I made you miss the bus.
Going home?
Yeah, bye.
See you.
Why are you here?
I'm looking for Chen Jian Ho.
Does your mom know you're here?
Come up.
He's A-Ho's father.
Her name's Xiao Yu.
She's A-Ho's friend.
Wait here a moment.
A few days ago,
her mother visited...
and told me she's pregnant.
The child is A-Ho's.
I wanted to tell you earlier, but she...
She suddenly showed up.
What for?
She's looking for A-Ho.
Are you insane?
You didn't tell her what your son did?
"Your son"?
He's your son, too.
Never mind.
I wanted to tell you something, too.
Did you know there's an Oden Senior?
He's Oden's father.
He came to see me recently.
He wants us to pay
over 1 million in compensation.
Your son's really something.
He's locked up,
but we still have to wipe his ass.
Can you quiet down?
I've had enough.
Call that girl's mother now
and send her home.
Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu.
What are you doing?
I'm going home.
Don't do that.
-Go away. I'm going home.
It's late, where would you go?
-I'm going home.
-Stop it.
-Go away.
-What's wrong?
-Go away. I'm going home.
All right.
I'm going home...
What exactly happened yesterday?
I just spoke to her about the baby.
I asked if she wants to get rid of it.
She said she wants to keep it.
So I asked her who will take care of it.
She didn't speak.
Then we started fighting.
Has she told you?
Told me what?
That I'm not her mother.
Do you remember ten years ago...
there was a news about a tour bus
that caught fire on freeway?
Many lives were lost in the fire.
My sister and her husband were among them.
They left behind a child.
That was Xiao Yu.
We decided to raise her ourselves.
My sister's in-laws had no objection.
As a child, Xiao Yu was cute.
She changed after she grew up.
Are you married?
While dealing with her the past few years,
I haven't had any time...
I haven't even considered a boyfriend,
let alone marriage.
All I can do now...
is keep Xiao Yu by my side...
until she gives birth.
That would be best for you...
and Xiao Yu and A-Ho.
Don't you think?
-Pay attention when I show you this.
I'm going to do bangs in the front.
How much longer?
Almost done.
There are only the bangs left to do.
Pay attention.
You want to let it down?
-Let it down.
-How about to one side?
-Let it down.
Xiao Yu.
What are you staring at?
Help bring those over.
It's hot.
Roll it up. The bag's over there.
Roll up the wire.
Don't get it tangled.
Adjust seat, headrest,
check the seat belt,
check the mirrors.
Inspect left-side mirror,
right-side mirror.
Start the car.
Obstacle ahead.
The examiner requests a detour.
Turn signal.
Get ready to change lanes.
Look 90 degrees in each direction.
Confirm no cars are approaching.
Changing lanes.
Changing lanes complete.
Sir, slow down.
We're not driving a rally.
How long have you been driving?
Fifteen years.
-How old are you?
You started driving at thirteen?
Why wait until now to try for a license?
I never had time to take the test.
What do you do?
I'm on the cleaning team at City Hall.
Okay, say no more.
Take a left turn at the crossing.
Mr. Chen,
have you given any more thought
to what I said last time?
Any more thought?
About that 1.5 million.
I've given it a lot of thought,
and I'm not paying you a cent.
Have a little pity on us.
Why didn't you
look after your son properly?
You should've known
this could happen if he messed around.
How about we let him be the judge?
You'd let a stranger be the judge of this?
What the hell?
You got into my fucking car.
I wanted to ignore you.
Don't push your luck.
Park the car.
Get out.
Not you.
Get out...
You won't get a cent from me.
I'll go to your boss.
I'll tell him everything.
I'm a good citizen protected by the law.
The court made its ruling. It's done.
So, go take it up with Radish's family.
If their family has problems,
then be a good citizen
and help them find legal assistance.
Ah, how can you say such things?
Wait, one more thing...
It doesn't matter
if you go to my boss or whoever.
It's useless.
How can you say such things?
What's wrong?
Everything's fine.
Don't say everything's fine.
I know something's wrong.
Xiao Yu has a prenatal visit tomorrow.
I'm busy.
Her aunt isn't in Taipei.
I asked your dad to take her.
I thought they could
get to know each other better...
but your dad got angry.
I can take Xiao Yu.
Don't you have class?
It's all right.
I'll just show up during second period.
Go to bed now, Mom.
Can I come in?
What are you doing?
I'm practicing braids.
Auntie and Uncle got into a big fight.
You'll get used to it.
Can I take you to the prenatal visit?
Or do you want to see A-Ho?
Do you want to see him?
Can I?
You can.
If Auntie finds out, will she be angry?
Don't let her find out, then.
Close it.
One, two, one.
One, two.
Say "one."
One, two.
Three, four.
One, two.
Three, four.
-One, two, three.
One, two.
One, one, two.
One, two.
-How may I help you?
We'd like to arrange a meeting.
The juvenile's name?
Chen Jian Ho.
What is your relationship?
I'm his brother.
And this lady?
His girlfriend.
Girlfriends can't apply for visits.
She's not a family member.
Sorry, but we came from Taipei.
May we ask you
to be a little more lenient?
I'm sorry. I can't.
These are institutional rules.
Okay, thank you.
I'm sorry I didn't check beforehand.
Should we just go and come back next time?
It's no problem. You go in.
What is it?
I'll go in alone.
Okay, come in by yourself, then.
Zhou Zheng Long, window five.
Chen Jian Ho, window seven.
Pick up the phone,
and say your number and name.
101896, Chen Jian Ho.
Why are you here?
I was taking Xiao Yu
to her prenatal visit.
I asked if she wanted to see you.
-So we came.
-Prenatal visits?
You didn't know?
Xiao Yu's due in two to three months.
Mom didn't tell you?
Jian Ho, control your emotions,
or the visit will be terminated.
Where's Xiao Yu now?
She's outside. She can't come in.
Mom already came a million times.
It seemed like she wanted
to say something, but she didn't.
You didn't say anything either.
Mom only found out because
someone brought her to our house.
Mom kept silent to avoid worrying you.
But why did you--
-Were you trying to avoid your problems?
-Why are you here?
-Or don't you care?
You dragged her here, but I can't see her.
Why are you the one telling me this
and not Mom?
-Jian Ho, can you calm down?
I'm in here now.
I can't do anything, you know.
Jian Ho, stop talking.
Your visit is over.
What's that smell?
Someone was driving a sewage truck
and sprayed shit everywhere.
The boss is furious.
-What's that got to do with me?
-He came here for you.
Go take a look.
Where is he?
Where is he?
Stinky as hell.
Get over here.
This truck was driven here
earlier this morning.
Nobody saw it happen.
When I discovered it, it was too late.
It had been sprayed everywhere.
I later found out
he barged in here for you.
What should we do now?
That day, you stranded me
at that cemetery on the mountain.
I walked and walked, until nightfall.
I couldn't find a path down.
You're savage.
Why didn't you call the police?
I called.
They're off somewhere...
eating breakfast.
They said to call them
when someone's life is in danger.
Now what?
Now take care of this.
Put your hose down now.
Drive the truck out of here.
Let's talk this over in the office.
What is there to say? Unless you agree...
Otherwise, there's nothing to say.
Isn't this coercion?
You have to get the money today.
Without the money, I'm staying here.
I'm telling you, I won't leave.
Don't forget
that it was your son
who chopped off my son's hand.
How can you not be responsible?
Your boss...
Aren't you the boss?
You decide what to do.
how much money does he want?
My son didn't chop off his kid's hand.
Let's not go into that.
your son should also be held responsible.
If you don't pay,
he'll bring more trouble.
We'll end up closing down.
And the court?
What was the verdict?
1.5 million.
Isn't that too much?
I'll talk it over with him
and see if 600,000 is enough.
I don't have 600,000 either.
If you want the truth, tell him 200,000.
I'll have it in three days.
That's too little.
200,000 meets my moral obligation.
Tell him to get the remaining
legal obligation from Radish's family.
Who is it?
Zhang, from the fourth floor.
Mr. Chen.
I know it's late.
But there's someone downstairs.
He looks like your son.
Can you come and see?
That's not A-Hao.
That's not A-Hao.
That's not A-Hao.
Mrs. Chen.
I'm Xiao Zhen. I called you earlier.
Wait for me in the car.
How did you know each other?
We were in the same class in cram school.
Did you see each other often?
For a while,
he often escorted me home.
When did you last meet?
Last Saturday.
We went to the zoo together.
The zoo?
Did he seem different in any way?
The feeling he gave me that day...
was the same as usual.
He was very good to people.
Sometimes it seemed like...
he gave all the goodness to others,
and forgot to keep any for himself.
On the way home,
he asked me...
"What do you think
is the fairest thing in the world?"
Is it a living thing?
He said it's "the sun."
He didn't tell me why.
He just laughed.
And then?
we never met again after that.
He didn't come to class anymore.
I messaged him.
He didn't reply.
How could that be?
I still saw him every day,
leaving the house early...
and coming home very late.
I thought...
he was going to his classes.
On the day it happened...
he suddenly sent me a message.
What message?
You haven't seen it?
He completely deleted
all messages and records
from his cellphone.
He put his room in order, too...
as if he didn't want to bother us.
Can you send me the message?
Mrs. Chen, I'm sorry.
I really...
I really don't know
why things turned out this way.
Were you his girlfriend?
I don't know.
But I always wished I was.
The fairest thing in the world is the sun.
Regardless of latitude,
every place on Earth, throughout the year,
receives equal spans of day and night.
We went to the zoo a few days ago.
The sun was blazing...
so strongly
that the animals couldn't stand it.
They all found ways to hide in the shade.
I had a hazy feeling
I couldn't put into words.
I also wished, just like those animals,
that I could hide in the shade.
But looking all around me,
it wasn't just the animals
that could hide in the shade,
but you,
my brother,
even Sima Guang.
You could all find
dark corners with shade.
But I couldn't.
I had no water tanks
and no hiding places,
but only sunlight...
24 hours, uninterrupted,
radiant and warm,
shining on all things.
Jian Ho...
Stop running!
Crouch down.
Crouch down.
Is this about your brother?
There are many things we can't change.
We are sorry about your brother.
But to go on being upset like this
is useless.
Think of your family.
They're waiting for you.
Waiting for what?
Waiting for me to become a better person?
Waiting for me to become
as good as my brother?
Since we were little...
everybody has liked him.
His grades were good.
He was handsome.
He was outstanding.
When he didn't get into med school,
he decided to retake the test.
He was incredible...
So incredible that I began hating him.
They all said I was shitty
and awful.
But at least I'm still here.
But my brother?
He was so good that he's only done
one thing wrong in his life...
which was jumping from a place that high.
He was incredible.
He was incredible.
So cute.
He really loves to sleep.
Don't wake him up.
Xiao Yu.
You should rest.
Ever since Xiao Yu moved in with us,
she hasn't seen A-Ho.
I was thinking
that once the child is a month old,
we'll take Xiao Yu to see him.
they need to be married first,
before Xiao Yu can go and see him.
What kind of person is A-Ho?
I don't know him at all.
When he was about four...
he loved to ride along with me on my bike.
I thought it was fine...
to ride around with him.
But not long after...
as soon as he got on the bike,
he refused to get off,
and wanted me to keep pedaling.
At times, we even rode
for two to three hours.
He just wouldn't get off.
What if you didn't let him ride?
Then he'd cause trouble.
He wouldn't sleep at night.
He'd fuss all night.
It went on like this
for around two years...
up until elementary school.
In elementary school, he was very unhappy.
I wonder if his classmates
did something to him.
When I asked, he wouldn't reply.
In junior high,
he became a different person.
He joined the boxing team.
He fought in school.
He fought outside of school...
up until the incident occurred.
From the way you've described him...
how can I feel all right
letting Xiao Yu be with him?
Of course you can't.
But at least we can worry together.
Release the tension. Relax.
Please don't speak or move.
Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm Michael.
I'm Amy.
Chen Jian Ho.
Wang Ming Yu.
Chen Jian Ho,
do you wish to marry Wang Ming Yu?
I do.
Wang Ming Yu,
do you wish to marry Chen Jian Ho?
I do.
The wife signs on the right,
the husband on the left.
Just livening things up...
First off,
let's congratulate those who passed.
With this driver's license,
a new life will begin for you.
You can finally ask your parents
for money to buy a car.
Those who drove without a license
can now go street racing,
without fear of getting caught.
As for the students who didn't pass,
don't be sad.
Life is full of hardship, anyway.
Last month,
I held my son's funeral.
I, too, had to pull myself together
and continue instructing you.
Life is all about seizing the day
and deciding your own path.
Painful things will always pass
and be forgotten.
I've always thought
that life is like a road.
As long as you grip your steering wheel,
stop when you see a red light,
accelerate slowly
when there's a green light,
and drive steadily,
then the road of life
will be smooth and sound.
For those who didn't pass...
just remember where you went wrong,
and fix it next time.
The reason this happened to my son
was because I didn't pay attention.
-Even if I'd paid attention--
...I might not have taken it seriously.
-So things turned out this way.
What is it?
Class is over.
Some of them need to get to their jobs.
What's wrong with you?
What do you mean?
I just heard
that when you spoke to the students,
you acted strange and were distracted.
What does your son's funeral
have to do with not passing the test?
You're scaring people.
No, I'm only trying to reassure them.
I say you take a month off.
Are you firing me?
Take a look at yourself.
Your hair's all ashen. It's too pitiful.
If I fired you like this,
and the story got out
and spread through our industry,
I'd be eaten alive.
Third row.
-A little more.
Hey, if you have enough, don't take more.
Others need to eat, too.
Put it back.
Chen Jian Ho, when you finish eating,
get things ready in your room
and prepare for discharge.
The flower's heart
Concealed in its pistil
Has passed its flowering season
Your heart
Has forgotten the season
And has never let others fathom it easily
Why don't you
Hold my hand?
And together, we will hear
The song of the sun and moon
Day follows night
Day follows night
How many joys and sorrows does life hold?
Springs come and springs go
Flowers wither and flowers bloom
Only if you are willing
Only if you are willing
Let dreams flow
Into the sea of your heart
Springs come and springs go
Flowers wither and flowers bloom
Only if you are willing
Only if you are willing
Let dreams flow
Into the sea of your heart
There you go.
Dad has classes this morning,
so he couldn't pick you up.
No problem.
What do you plan to do next?
Find a job.
What kind of job?
I'll see.
Whatever's available.
Why are you acting this way?
What do you want from me?
For me to give him a hug
and tell him "good job"?
He didn't greet me.
How do you want me to act?
It's a pretty easy job.
It just involves inventory
and moving boxes.
We might ask you to do overtime.
What jobs have you had?
I've just got out of juvie.
Is that so?
This job here is no big deal.
You have to work hard.
If you work hard,
we'll teach you the skills, okay?
You're young. Just do the work.
You'll be fine.
Oh, where were you working before?
I've just got out of juvenile detention.
Taoyuan, Changhua, or Kaohsiung?
Come to work tomorrow.
There are two shifts.
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
and 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
How about the second shift?
lend him my car to practice.
Raise it higher,
not like that.
Like this. Do it like this.
Wash it from top to bottom.
-Can you do that?
Raise it higher.
Right hand...
Once more.
Mrs. Chen, sorry.
It's no problem.
FOR REN Watch your head.
This space is roughly 66 square meters.
The room's pitch-dark.
Why not turn on the light?
Are you a thief?
This room used to be the employee lounge.
Now it might as well
be your office or bedroom.
You've been staying here
for almost a month.
Have you run away from home?
Or did your wife kick you out?
How can I go back?
After A-Ho came back,
I couldn't say a word to him.
I stayed in my room all day,
not wanting to go anywhere
where I might meet him.
-The same with my wife.
-Okay, okay.
Can you man up?
You're a father.
Why bicker with your son?
Are you planning to ignore him
and let things rot?
Where are you going?
I've come out for a walk
to buy some cigarettes.
I came home a few days ago,
but I didn't see you.
A few days ago.
Did you need me for something?
I came to see you.
I can't join you.
I'm headed this way.
Where are you going?
I'm going back.
What would you like?
One white Longlife soft pack.
Change for 1,000.
Can I give you 50 in coins?
I don't have the right change.
No problem.
910 is your change.
want to get a drink?
Aren't you working at the car wash?
After the car wash closes at nine,
I come here for the night shift.
It's not too tiring?
I can get five or six hours of sleep.
I get by.
Why are you out so late?
Your brother just came to see me.
My brother?
I dreamed of your brother...
He was in the next alley.
So you came to see if he was still there?
did you know he visited me?
I know.
Your mom told me.
He brought Xiao Yu to see you.
Besides that visit,
there was one other time.
What was it for?
He only said...
"I came to see you."
What's wrong?
In the dream just now,
he said the same thing.
"I came to see you."
He was a really good guy...
and always considerate of everyone.
But actually, none of us really knew
what he was thinking.
It doesn't matter now.
I'm going to move out.
Aren't you okay at home?
Actually, ever since I got back,
I've been wanting to move out.
I just didn't think you'd move out first.
You haven't come home.
Mom hasn't said anything.
She hasn't complained at all.
I really hope you can return.
What time is it?
Almost three.
I thought I'd take a nap.
I fell asleep before I knew it.
I wanted to discuss something with you...
but you didn't come back,
so I made the decision myself.
What is it?
I rented a shop.
I want to open a beauty salon.
Xiao Yu's still young.
She shouldn't work at the club.
If we own a salon,
it would be easier to look after the baby,
and Xiao Yu can work longer, too.
How will you pay for it?
That's why I wanted to ask you...
Can we surrender
the insurance policy we had?
Do what you think is best.
Who is it?
Who is it?
It's me.
Fuck, A-Ho.
I didn't think you'd be hiding here.
Is this your boss's car?
A customer has left it here overnight.
Radish, don't mess it up, okay?
How do you open it?
Now I'll have to wipe it again.
I'm only asking you how to open it.
I've never seen this kind of car.
Radish, can you not do that?
I'm only sitting inside. What did I do?
Sit inside.
I want to tell you something.
Can you tell me out here?
What do you want to say?
You can't smoke inside.
You didn't speak up when I lit it.
Now that I'm smoking,
you're gonna start bitching?
how long were you in for?
A year and a half.
Fuck! A year and a half.
After you got out...
you didn't think to visit me?
I had no idea where you were, okay?
You'd know if you asked around.
Did you know, A-Ho...
that the first thing I did when I got out
was to ask where you were?
Does your car have an ashtray?
I'm only asking where to drop the ashes.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Won't that be uncomfortable?
I want to do some business.
Can I borrow 1.5 million?
Where can I get 1.5 million?
I don't even have money on me, okay?
I'll come back.
Think it over.
Don't answer right away.
How do you get out?
Mrs. Chen.
Mrs. Chen.
Do you remember me?
I'm A-Ho's friend, Radish.
I thought it was you from the back,
so I came up to say hello.
How have you been?
All right.
Everything's fine.
Who might these two...?
A-Ho's wife and child.
Are you A-Ho's little girlfriend, Xiao Yu?
You've grown up and mature.
I hardly recognized you.
Have you seen A-Ho?
I have.
A-Ho didn't tell you?
I visited him last week.
What have you been busy with lately?
I'm working.
Mrs. Chen...
this is my business card.
Our company offers
financial management services.
If you ever need help, let me know.
You must be busy. I'll let you go.
Let me know if anything comes up.
Bye-bye, kid.
A-Ho, telephone.
I called your cell. Why didn't you answer?
Are you ignoring my calls?
No, I was working.
Are you free now?
I'll buy you a coffee.
Not now.
I'm still working.
Just for a moment.
Radish, I really can't.
I still have cars to wash.
How about I ask your boss
to give you a break?
Are you listening?
How about at three?
I'll wait for you outside the car wash.
You shouldn't come here.
Brother Chao...
can I take two hours off at three o'clock?
My friend's in the hospital.
I want to go see him.
Is it anything serious?
When I met your mom the other day,
she was carrying lots of things,
and was walking with your wife and kid
in the street by the market.
Fuck, A-Ho. You're incredible.
I thought you were playing around
with that girl.
I never thought you'd marry her.
Weren't you locked up?
How did you find the time to have kids?
What's that look for?
I'm not here to ask for money today.
Radish, I really don't have money.
I know.
Your wife and kid are so young.
You don't have explain.
go into the alley
next to the police station.
You'll see the legislator's office.
There are six bullets in here.
Fire them all at the office...
and then keep moving forward.
You'll see a parking structure.
Go to B1 toilets.
There's a trash can by the door.
Drop the bag inside and you're done.
Why don't you go yourself?
this was a request from someone else.
I thought of you immediately.
Just do me this favor,
and I'll forget about the money
that I asked you for.
Did I say I'd give you the money?
You dare to hold out on me?
There's a coat in the bag.
You can wear it.
Okay, the cop's coming to write a ticket.
Do me this favor.
I won't bother you again.
Sir, how may I help?
I'm here to see Radish.
He's out.
Please take a seat.
Want something to drink?
Uncle Chen,
have you been waiting long?
Not really.
Uncle Chen, how did you get up here?
You told me the elevator's broken
and I should take the stairs.
took the stairs.
You do whatever you're told.
I was joking with you.
Why did you want to see me?
Can we find a quiet place
to talk things over?
It's pretty quiet here.
Is it inconvenient to talk here?
Didn't you want to talk outside?
Is it quiet enough here?
What's the meaning of this?
I heard from my wife
that you got out.
Since you just got out,
I was worried
things might be hard for you.
Hard? What do you mean?
Well, maybe you plan
to do some business and so on.
Uncle Chen,
I thought you came here today
to ask me for help.
I never thought you'd want to help me.
I don't think
you care if things get hard for me.
You just want me
to stay away from your son...
and not bother him.
No, that's not what I meant.
The day I got out...
I couldn't find my former house.
Do you know why?
My home was seized.
My granny was still living there.
She was forced into a nursing home.
When the court ruled for compensation,
my family had no money.
Back then, why didn't you think
of offering a little help?
Now you offer an envelope...
and say you want to help me?
Uncle Chen,
are you worried?
I'm not worried.
Never mind.
I'll tell you what you're worried about.
You're worried that I'll get A-Ho
to do some outrageous things.
Uncle Chen, relax.
A-Ho's doing very well now.
He'll be fine.
At least...
he won't be like his brother.
I heard his brother...
How long have you been out?
Almost three years.
And you've been...
working here all along?
And you?
How long have you been working?
I have been working
with my dad for many years.
But it's only after I lost my hand...
that I started to work hard.
In the end...
they couldn't...
put your hand back on?
Of course they couldn't.
Radish made a real clean cut.
One chop and my hand fell into the soup.
The doctor said
that if my hand fell in a shithole,
I'd still have a chance.
But it fell in hot soup,
there was no chance.
All the muscles contracted.
You want to see my stump?
It's like a chicken neck without the head.
Can you feel anything?
Feel anything?
Are you asking me
if I feel anything here?
Give me your hand.
Relax, I won't chop it off.
Put your fingers together.
Now stretch them apart.
Push harder.
That's what having no hand feels like.
I'm really sorry.
All right.
Get to work.
I'm gonna go.
What is it?
This is obviously coffee, not acid.
Why are you so nervous?
Radish, I was just leaving.
That's perfect.
I'm free for a while.
Why don't we go together?
This car's different.
Hey, don't get inside.
The coffee...
Last time, I had to explain to my boss
why it smelt like cigarettes.
I won't smoke this time.
I'll drink coffee.
I have another job at midnight.
You're so hard-working.
What job?
I have a late-night shift.
you have two choices now...
go to work,
and I'll wait here until you return.
Or two,
we drive away right now,
enjoy the ride,
and come back soon after.
Didn't you say that last time
would be the end of it?
What do you want from me?
you've changed...
from how you were five years ago.
Go do your job.
Look at your face.
I'll sit here and sip coffee.
If anything gets dirty,
I'll help you clean it off.
Can we not drive this car?
We have to drive this car.
When will people like us
get the chance to drive a nice car?
Do you feel like I owe you?
Can you lay it all out in the open?
Of course you owe me.
When we went to find Oden,
did I tell you to chop his hand off?
I wasn't planning to tell you my feelings.
Since you brought it up,
I might as well tell you.
When you were bullied by Oden
and asked me to help you vent your anger,
I agreed without hesitation.
Charging in and seeing Oden,
I slashed him there and then.
I've never regretted it once.
Even now, I feel the same way.
I never thought that you'd actually do it.
Didn't we decide to just scare him?
Scare him!
Me with a machete,
you with a watermelon knife...
You even stole a scooter.
When did you ever tell me
just to scare him?
In that courtroom,
you put all of the blame on me.
I was inside
for three years longer than you were.
When you got out,
you didn't visit me even once.
When you pass that bend, pull over.
Get out now.
Turn right, onto that road.
Keep walking.
Ask the guy you meet
where to buy oranges.
You remember that gun from last time?
I have it in safekeeping.
Let's say I owe you.
But this is really the last time.
Where can I buy oranges?
Have you eaten?
not yet.
Can I...
go now?
What do you want?
Do you have time?
Let's take a walk.
Are you all right?
Did you sprain yourself?
I'm fine.
65 stacks, exactly.
That day, after you left,
what happened exactly?
After I went back...
After I went back...
I didn't see Radish.
Wasn't he waiting in the car?
I don't know...
When I went back,
I couldn't find him.
Why didn't you use the money?
Were you going to give it to someone?
I've never seen so much money in my life.
I didn't dare spend a cent,
and I didn't know
when Radish would come back for it.
Who's Radish to you?
A guy who always brought me trouble.
Take it.
That's your delivery fee.
Take it.
Radish won't bring you any more trouble.
He has been dead for weeks.
I heard he was beaten to death.
He was disfigured.
Stop the car.
Won't you be late to the salon?
It's okay.
Xiao Yu's already quite skilled.
It's no problem.
I'm more worried about A-Ho.
He is not dependable,
and there's no future in washing cars.
You need to tell A-Ho,
"Seize the day. Decide your path."
Don't keep repeating that phrase.
"Seize the day. Decide your path."
Can you be serious?
Every time you say that,
we treat it like a joke.
Your eldest son is gone.
Younger son has barely made it back.
Have you helped him?
Have you helped him?
"Seize the day. Decide your path."
Have you lived by your motto?
If you have,
then why are you still
a driving instructor?
One day, at noon...
I was eating lunch at the office...
when a news story came on TV.
Someone had fired shots
at the legislator's office.
Security cameras caught
a view of the criminal from behind.
He was thin and short.
And I thought it was strange...
but I wasn't sure...
Do you remember you told me about Radish?
Didn't he give you a business card?
I went to see Radish later on.
I even offered him 200,000,
hoping that after he took the money,
he'd leave A-Ho alone.
I waited two hours for him there.
He returned
and kept calling me...
"Uncle Chen."
He greeted me warmly.
But his every word tormented me.
You know that I'm a driving instructor.
What should I have done?
After that,
I didn't go to work for two weeks.
You didn't care what time I got home
and didn't ask where I was going.
I was actually just sat
across from A-Ho's car wash,
watching your son
go to and from work every day.
Then I'd follow him to the store,
and watch him clock in and clock out.
I was like his 24-hour babysitter.
I didn't know what the hell I was doing.
One day,
Radish finally appeared at the car wash.
Not long after...
they drove away in a Bentley
and headed northeast.
You know Bentley, right?
It's a high-class imported car.
Even if I work at the driving school
my whole life,
I could never afford.
I turned off headlights
and followed them from afar.
We drove for a long time...
and finally stopped
in the middle of nowhere.
I saw A-Ho get out,
carrying a bag,
and then he walked into an alley.
You know that I'm a driving instructor.
I'm not clever.
I wanted to do something for my kid,
but I didn't know how.
Soon after...
Radish got out of the car.
He stood beside that Bentley.
I didn't think.
I just step on the accelerator.
My windshield broke.
When I got out...
Radish was lying on the ground, lifeless.
I dragged him
deep into the roadside underbrush.
A heavy rain happened to start falling.
Radish won't be coming back.
I left him there.
When I left,
the rain was still pouring.
I even wondered
whether A-Ho had an umbrella
and whether he'd be okay.
In my line of work, I've met many nosy,
gossipy women.
They would often ask me,
"Instructor Chen, are you married?"
"How many children?"
I always answered, "only one."
Do you know why I said one?
Because in my mind,
I had never acknowledged A-Ho.
But these years...
other nosy, gossipy women
have continued to ask the same question.
"Instructor Chen,
how many children do you have?"
I still replied, "only one."
Because now I really do have only one.
Mom, what are you doing?
Tidying your brother's room.
Stop staring.
Help me take those books
to the living room.
Your dad's taking them to recycle.
look at this...
Dad must have given him these.
He didn't write a word.
It looks like he never used them.
Put them among the pile of books.
Don't let your dad see them.
the weather's nice today.
How about we go for a walk?
Mom, let's go.
What are you doing?
I'm going to borrow this bike.
Be on the lookout.
When did you learn to pick locks?
Mom, I've known how to do this
since I was a kid.
Let's go.
Get on.
This isn't good.
Mom, hurry. Get on.
All right?
All right.
Subtitle translation by: C. Y.Weng