A Sweet Christmas Romance (2019) Movie Script

[camera shutter snapping]
We need you for a sec.
[indistinct exchange]
Okay. So, changed up
the lighting a bit
to add some drama.
and now she needs
a touch-up.
Go do your magic, Holly.
Looks good.
Urban Gourmetis asking
for this right here.
Do you think your editor
over at Urban Gourmet
will be happy now?
I'm not sure if you heard,
but the magazine is hiring
a full-time food stylist.
You'd be a shoo-in
if you apply.
I have already applied.
Two words--dream job.
Do you think that we'll be
finishing on time today?
You got a train to catch?
I just need to finish packing.
I'm going home for Christmas.
Maine, right?
-Madison, Maine.
Home of that bakeshop
you're always raving about?
The one with the--
12 Days of Christmas treats.
-That's the one.
It sounds perfect.
[door bells jingle]
Holly! Hey!
Let me get that for you.
Oh! Thank you, Carson.
You should've let my mom
know what time
you were getting here.
I would've picked you up
at the train station.
Oh, no, I wanted to walk in
and see the new Christmas lights
since last year.
Your mom know
you've arrived?
And my dad and my sister.
But you know me.
You're independent.
I like to do things
my own way.
I see the place is packed.
It's the holidays in Madison.
Business as usual.
It's not just business
for your mom.
Merry Christmas, Holly.
I'm so glad
you came home this year.
I come home every year.
This one is very special.
[dishes crashing]
It wouldn't be the bakery
without Loretta.
Is everything okay?
everything is perfect.
Oh, wow.
I just want one of everything.
How about
the First Day of Christmas
sugar cookies to start?
Your sugar cookies
are always so delicate,
it's almost hard to eat them.
Well, I'm sure
you'll find a way.
Well, and my family won't
let me in the door
if I don't show up
with them.
Well, I'll fix
a box of them for you,
and I'll bring them
to the counter.
Thank you.
Loretta, it's so good
to see you again.
You too, Holly.
It's not the same around here
without you.
Yeah, but the bakery is.
It never changes.
That's what I love about it.
You know, funny
you should say that--
I have to make a video call.
You'll come by tomorrow
and we can just,
you know,
catch up properly then.
I have news
Oh, do tell. I--
Video calls?
Mrs. Rose got tech-savvy
all of a sudden.
She does a lot of video calls
these days,
not that it's my business.
How much?
I would say at least...
once or twice a day.
It's good you arrived
when you did.
We'll be out of these cookies
within the hour, if not sooner.
Of course.
Mrs. Rose's famous
12 Days of Christmas treats,
starting with...
sugar cookies.
Followed by the "Second Day
of Christmas" gingerbread--
And the "Third Day
of Christmas" shortbread.
And the rum balls.
-Sticky toffee.
Well, I'll see you
tomorrow, Loretta.
Welcome home.
-Oh, no!
-Oh, I am so sorry.
-Oh, no!
-I didn't see you there.
Well, it looks like
your cookies are crumbs now.
You know what,
let me replace these, okay?
I saw the whole thing.
Thank you!
Well, this is obviously on me.
I mess things up all the time,
so I get it.
Crisis averted.
It always is
at Mrs. Rose's Bakery.
Uh, could you help me
with the door?
Yeah, of course, yeah.
-All right, thank you.
-Yes, of course.
[wind gusting]
Aw, honey, it's so nice
to have you back home again.
It's good
you got here when you did,
The call's in for
a major blizzard over Christmas,
"Winter storm Megan,"
I think it's called.
Well, I'm glad to be back.
I was getting homesick.
Oh, for Madison,
or Mrs. Rose's cookies?
Gonna be tough without 'em
next Christmas.
What do you mean?
Well, didn't
Mrs. Rose tell you?
Tell me what?
She's going out of business.
Well, no, that's not
quite accurate, Caroline.
Well, she's closing the shop.
Such a shame.
Can someone please
explain this to me?
It's actually quite romantic.
She met a man online.
She fell in love
and she's moving to Alaska.
Don't be so shocked.
Women of a certain age
still fall in love.
I'm thrilled that
she's fallen in love, but...
She's just following her heart.
Carson didn't exactly
inherit the baking genes.
We don't all have that skill.
We all know
you can't bake, Mom.
Not one edible crumb.
[Caroline] Mm-mm.
Well, I didn't have to.
Thank you, Mrs. Rose.
She told me she wanted me
to swing by the store tomorrow.
She had big news for me,
but I guess this is it.
Well, apparently,
he's a really lovely man.
No one's met him yet?
Carson has,
but he's not saying much.
What's the town going to do
without the bakeshop?
Buy cookies
from the supermarket,
like most people.
Dad, this...
right here in my hand,
this is Christmas.
This is Christmas.
Well, you better enjoy
every last bite.
[door bells jingle]
Tell me about him!
Oh, his name is Christian.
He's semi-retired,
he lives in Alaska.
Oh! And he was once a toymaker.
How sweet is that?
That's so sweet.
I'm so happy for you.
What about Carson?
Carson, he has
his accounting business.
He has his friends.
He has a life.
He doesn't need me anymore.
And what about the bakery?
You're just going to close it?
I mean, it's your life's work.
Christian and I,
we came up with an idea.
A baking contest!
the prize is the bakery.
Whoever can duplicate
my 12 Days of Christmas
wins the business!
That's incredibly generous
of you.
Well, this town
has been good to me,
so I need
to give something back.
The winner
will just have to match
my taste,
my presentation,
my holiday magic.
That might be impossible.
Well, Carson thinks so.
He doesn't want the contest.
He says it's silly.
He feels that I should just
sell the business to a developer
and be done with it.
No, that can't happen.
Oh, gosh.
I've given Carson
the final say on the contest
so that he'll go along with it.
So, even if
someone wins the contest,
Carson has the ability
to veto them,
and the bakery still closes?
I had to do something
to keep the peace,
but I trust my son.
He'll do the right thing,
especially at Christmas.
He is handsome, isn't he?
He moved here from Florida
last spring.
Wish I could enter the contest.
You're like your mother.
Not that I didn't try
to change you into a baker
when you were growing up.
But it just wasn't your thing.
You did teach me
how to decorate
the cakes and cookies.
Oh, yes, and you can make food
look so beautiful.
I have you
to thank for that.
[Mrs. Rose chuckles]
Brad, I'd like you
to meet Holly.
She's been coming to my shop
since she was a little girl.
She used to work here
all through school, too,
along with
Loretta and Carson.
Ah! Well, we, uh,
we sort of met yesterday.
You remember that old inn
that the French couple
bought last spring?
Yeah! I hear
they've ruined the place.
They've turned it into
some snobby bistro
that no one likes.
Brad, uh, works as
the pastry chef there.
[awkward chuckle]
And what do you do, Holly?
Oh, Holly, uh, is
a food stylist in New York.
She works for all
the major magazines.
That's very impressive.
Thank you.
Oh! I almost forgot.
The contest.
Here are a couple of the flyers.
Now, one of our customers
was nice enough to say
that I could use
their special events building.
It's a lovely, gorgeous,
old renovated barn.
I think I went
to a wedding there once!
It's lovely.
Lovely, yes.
It's gonna be perfect.
Mm. Well, thank you,
and I can't wait.
Oh, gosh, look at the time.
I have to go make
a video call!
-Have fun.
Second Day of Christmas
gingerbread to go.
Thank you, Loretta.
[Mrs. Rose humming cheerily]
It's your Christmas bread!
Oh, I didn't think you'd have
time to make it this year,
with the move and the contest.
It has been your favorite
since you were a child, Carson.
I have never sold it
in the bakery.
It is only for you.
Of course, I took time
to make it!
[sighs contentedly]
No one can bake like you, Mom.
You know, I used to love
this time of year.
All those Christmas mornings
in my snowsuit,
with Dad,
going tobogganing.
Ohh, I remember it
like it was yesterday.
I would bundle you up
to go outside.
You weren't
halfway down the sidewalk
before you'd turn around,
come back--
"I gotta use the bathroom!"
[both laughing]
Dad was so patient,
waiting around for me
right outside,
while I was taking my time.
He had a Thermos of hot coffee.
He was fine.
And getting you outside
to run off energy
was his Christmas duty.
Mine was to get in there
and work on that turkey.
You know, I never did
ask you before,
but with the bakery
keeping you so busy,
did you enjoy making
all those holiday dinners
for us every year?
Every one of 'em.
Making a meal for your family
to sit down
and enjoy together,
oh, that has always been
a highlight for me.
[Carson chuckling softly]
What are you smiling about?
It's all this talk,
it reminds me
that I still love Christmas.
Mm, now, I never doubted that
for a moment, Carson.
-[phone rings]
Let me guess.
-We have a date!
You go on, Mom.
I can't wait
to show Madison to you
at this time of year.
The Christmas lights
all over town.
It sounds impressive.
I can't wait for us
to watch the Northern Lights.
Now, that's a light show.
Oh, that sounds
so romantic.
And it will be,
because we'll be together.
Do you ever wonder
where we'd be
if I had not
taken that Alaskan cruise?
No, I don't.
And do you know why?
I never thought
I'd fall in love again,
and now that it has happened,
I don't want to question it.
And I certainly
don't want to wonder what life
would be like without you.
Oh, I just hope
your flight is not delayed
because this storm is coming.
I will make my way to Madison,
storm or no storm.
You can count on me
being there for Christmas.
I'm sorry about what I said.
I'm sure your pastries
are delicious.
Your heard wrong
about the inn, by the way.
It does well
with tourists and locals.
The snobby ones, anyways.
So... you live in New York?
Then you must
find Madison a bit dull.
Bet you can't wait
to get home.
Madison is home.
Thought Manhattan was home?
Why are you
entering the contest, anyway?
I mean, you've got
a great job at the inn.
I've always wanted
a place of my own,
but that requires
a large investment,
so I'm just gonna
win it instead.
Thinking of entering
the contest myself,
but I'm not much of a baker.
Ah, then I wouldn't
waste your time.
Excuse me?
Oh, I don't mean to offend.
It's just that...
baking's very personal.
You either have the touch
or you don't.
Wait. I thought baking
was a science.
Well, there are recipes,
yeah, but...
What did you bake
this morning?
Tarte Tatin.
Tarte Tatin
isn't exactly Christmas, though.
I mean, people want
sticky toffee pudding
and gingerbread.
Well, thank you
for the advice, but...
I gotta get going.
Have a nice afternoon.
-I'll see you around.
did you run into
any of the old gang?
I didn't see anyone.
Do you know
a guy named Brad?
He works at the inn?
Oh! Is he
the really handsome one?
Is he really handsome, Holly?
I didn't notice.
He's the pastry chef?
Oh, yeah. Yeah,
I saw him at the grocery store.
Oh, so he made an impression.
Honey, I love your father,
but I do notice
a good-looking man,
and Mrs. Rose
thinks he's lovely.
Mm, I'm not so sure about that.
He's entering
the baking competition
and something tells me
that, if he wins,
Mrs. Rose's
will no longer be
the place that
we know and love.
But he is a baker, right?
Which isn't the spirit
of Mrs. Rose's shop,
and certainly not
this time of year.
Honey, I think you're missing
the spirit of the holidays.
He's just so overconfident.
It's like he just assumes
he's going to win.
Oh, you do
find him attractive, then.
No. No, not at all.
Well, what difference
does it make to you, anyway?
I mean, you're gonna be
off to New York,
and if Brad wins,
he can bake all the flambs
and clafoutis that he wants,
and no one's gonna be here
to stop him.
I do love it
when they light a flamb.
-Oh. Uh, I'm sorry.
It's just...
It's just so, uh...
This whole area here...
Uh, good morning.
Oh, morning, Holly.
Who's that man?
Oh, that...
is a real estate developer.
Carson is meeting with
a few of them
to make sure he gets
a great deal.
But the contest
hasn't even started yet.
I know.
But Carson doesn't believe
anyone will win the contest.
Excuse me.
I am going to go and start
on tomorrow's desserts.
Can I get you a coffee, Holly?
On me.
Are you selling the bakery
to that man?
-I know you love this place--
-I do.
It was my first job.
I mean, weekends, after school,
summer holidays... vacations.
You, Loretta, and I,
practically grew up here.
It's a business decision.
You're forgetting
about the contest.
Look, it's a fun idea,
and I support my mom,
I do,
but no one's gonna be
able to bake like her.
Your mom has found love again.
That's a gift, Carson,
but this-- this contest
is very real to her.
And besides, it's Christmas!
Isn't the whole point love?
Isn't the main point
that it's better
to give than receive?
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
I mean, are you really
not going to let your mother
give away the bakery?
Look, if someone can truly
bake like my mom,
then the bakery's theirs.
I just don't think
anyone can do it.
So, as a realist,
I'm just getting prepared
for when my mom moves away,
and the town must move on.
Have you told your mother
how you feel?
About selling the building?
About her moving away.
I've got--
I've got to get to work.
Enjoy the coffee.
Oh! Welcome home, Holly.
We've missed you.
I've missed you guys, too.
What have you got there?
Uh, I'm gonna try my hand
at baking.
You know,
they have recipes online, huh?
I know,
but I'm old-fashioned,
and this book looked like
a classic.
Sure is big enough.
-I'll see you later.
Oh, so lovely to see you.
What are you making today?
Well, I have crepes on my mind.
Aw, crepes!
[Brad chuckles]
-Nice to see you.
-You too.
Can I help you?
Just I know that cookbook.
It's a classic.
Whatcha making?
Oh, that's a good choice.
It's nice and easy.
I didn't choose it
because of that.
That's not what I meant.
It's my favorite.
Here, let me tell you my secret
to making the best shortbread.
You take unsalted butter
and you add it to the bowl,
and then you--
You know, I think
I've got it handled,
so if you'll excuse me,
I've got to find the eggs.
Actually, you don't put--
Have a lovely day, Brad.
Aw, whoa.
Looks like you just had a fight
with the Pillsbury Doughboy
and lost.
Very funny.
I'm trying to make shortbread
the way Mrs. Rose does.
Oh, well, let me help.
-Mom, Mom, Mom, please, no.
Mom, step away
from the cookie pan.
since you've taken over
my kitchen,
you can both clean up the mess
and put the presents
under the tree.
I'm just gonna put these
in the oven first.
I think they're gonna be
really special.
[indistinct exchange]
-Oh, wow.
Maybe you should
you try one, dear.
Oh! Dad, no.
Dad, they didn't turn out
the way I wanted them to.
[Mom chuckles]
Aw, sweetie,
you take after me.
It's that simple.
Yeah, I suck at baking.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Yeah, but the cookies
look really pretty.
[sighing wearily]
I followed the recipe!
It's just shortbread.
Don't worry about it.
More importantly,
how's your life in New York?
I applied for a job
at Urban Gourmet.
I really want it.
I'm sure you'll get it.
It's probably
just the holidays,
but sometimes my life
in New York
is not all
it's cracked up to be.
Sort of like the eggs
in this shortbread.
Oh! There-- There are no eggs
in shortbread.
-Oh, yes, there are.
Even I know that.
Oh, no.
I was following
the sugar cookie recipe
on the same page.
At least, as far as
the eggs are concerned.
At least we have
these to make up for it.
Yeah, for now.
But what about next Christmas?
[Holly sighing]
I have an announcement
to make.
I am entering
Mrs. Rose's baking competition.
Did you hear me?
Are you sure, Holly?
I think it's a great idea.
Thank you, Dad, for being
the only one who believes in me.
Uh, he didn't even
eat the shortbread.
It was a rookie mistake.
I misread the recipe.
I mean, no one loves
the 12 Days of Christmas baking
more than I do,
and Carson had
a developer in the shop today,
right under his mother's nose.
It's not right.
Your enthusiasm
is admirable, sweetheart.
I mean it, Dad.
Mom, Caroline, the bake shop
is pure Christmas magic,
and the whole town deserves
to have it exactly as it's been.
Well, someone
will win it, Holly.
-Maybe the Brad guy.
-Oh, yeah.
That's what I'm worried about.
Even if someone can bake
like Mrs. Rose,
and Carson agrees,
once the lease is signed,
they can do anything they want
with the place.
I know how to keep it
just the way it is.
Except for the whole, like,
baking part.
I can learn!
I will learn!
Well, you have
our full support,
and we'll do whatever we can.
Yeah. Hey.
To Holly...
our newly-crowned
holiday baker.
-To Holly.
-To Holly.
We have one week
before Christmas Eve,
and so we're making
only six of the 12 recipes
that I bake each year.
Now, as I stated
in the contest rules,
I will not
be providing the recipes.
each of you
will taste a day's dessert
and blindly duplicate it.
You will go
to the grocery store,
buy your ingredients,
and you will come back here
and bake.
Myself, Carson, and Loretta
will be the judges.
You will be judged on taste,
and my favorite,
"holiday magic."
[gasps] Uh...
Yes, Vera?
What exactly do you mean
by holiday magic?
if you have to ask...
[awkward chuckles]
At the end of the baking day,
whoever has the most points
is the winner.
Whoever has the fewest points
is eliminated.
Any more questions?
Now, I grew up
on my mother's baking
and I know what the 12 Days
of Christmas desserts
are supposed to taste like.
Which means if, in the end,
no one's been able to achieve
the level my mother has,
no one wins.
Is that really fair?
I mean, we've all committed
so much of our time to be here,
and fight for a chance
to win the bakery.
I'm a fair man,
and if someone can
bake like my mother,
then I won't stand in the way.
But I also won't give over
her legacy to just anyone.
Okay, enough of that point.
Let's get this contest rolling!
[Mrs. Rose giggles]
The names of the recipes,
all 12,
are in this hat.
I will draw one each day
and it will be like a surprise.
Okay, today... gingerbread!
There you go.
May the best baker win.
You got everything you need?
Yep! Got everything I need.
You sure?
Yeah. I'm sure.
Okay, good.
[quietly] Good.
That sure is an impressive
array of, uh...
Tools of the trade, Brad.
What are you gonna do
to make your gingerbread people
more stylish?
Well, I prefer to focus
on substance and taste.
You know,
so my gingerbread people
will definitely not
be fashionable.
[Holly chuckles]
Oh, no.
You okay?
I forgot the egg.
I mixed up
the shortbread recipe
with the gingerbread recipe.
It's okay.
You can have one of mine.
-No, I'll make do without.
It's not gonna
taste good, though.
Maybe I'll get extra points
on presentation and magic.
I'm surprised my gingerbread
turned out so well,
seeing as I forgot the egg.
Well, like you said,
it's the Christmas magic
component of the contest.
You know, a little extra icing
might help liven up
your cookie people,
bring them a little joy.
My cookies are fine, thanks.
Hey, uh--
My gingerpeople
are a simple folk.
What? Style can be simple.
Okay! Time is up
for today.
Loretta will collect the cookies
for judging.
Thank you, Loretta.
[Mrs. Rose]
Let the judging begin!
Mm. Mm-hmm.
You brought the fan club.
[Holly] That's what
family's for, isn't it?
We are asking that
each of you step forward
when we call your name,
so that we can
announce the results.
Loretta here will be keeping
a running score
of the final numbers.
Very good try.
My final score is 7.5.
I gave you a six.
I gave you a four.
Ooh... Tough judge.
The girl's got taste.
[thumps table]
Well done.
I gave you a nine.
Looks like Brad's
the one to beat.
Okay, and last,
but not least--
Final score,
I gave you a six.
I gave Holly a four.
I gave you a six.
[quietly] Sorry.
I'm no mathematician,
but I think I won.
I think I... didn't lose?
In first place,
no surprise,
Brad Beauchamp.
[all applauding]
And the person
that is going home today...
-I'm sorry.
[all applauding]
Thank you, and please,
enjoy your gift basket.
on staying in the game.
Congratulations on winning...
Ah, I think I got this.
Mm, I think
you're forgetting Carson.
[door bells jingle]
Oh! Look at the bundt cake.
Hey, Mrs. Rose.
Congratulations on the contest.
It's really fun to watch.
Oh, thank you, Caroline.
You know,
would you consider giving
some of the leftovers
to the audience?
I get hungry
when I watch people bake.
Well, I'll see what I can do.
Holly, can I speak to you
for just a moment?
-Uh, yeah, sure.
-Oh, good.
that was
a nice try today, but...
you must remember
that the secret
to holiday baking
is the magic.
It's easier said than done.
Oh, there's nothing easy
about it.
I have put a lifetime
into my baking.
Oh! Some of my earlier cookies
were not even edible.
I don't believe that.
Oh, it's true!
And I kept trying.
Now, I know that this contest
is only a week long,
but I have faith in you.
You can find the magic.
And what is that, exactly?
I know you told Vera,
that if you had to ask...
Ohh, she has been cooking
for a long time.
She should know better
by now!
But I will give you a hint.
You have to find
that part of you
that understands
the meaning of Christmas...
and then you make that
into an ingredient.
It's not
all about how the food looks.
I know that I'm good
at making food look pretty,
but, for the taste...
I'll try harder tomorrow.
[laughs] I know you will!
I know you will.
[sighs heavily]
I don't know
if I can
get the hang
of this whole baking thing.
Guess I take after Mom.
And you.
Hey! Don't include me
in your cookie capers.
You know I'm more of
a savory/spicy sauce
kinda gal.
Well, I don't think
barbecue-flavored cookies
are gonna cut it.
Not at Christmastime.
Fourth of July?
Now, that would be a hit.
So, tell me why we're going
to the Madison again?
I'm just curious.
Oh, is that what you call it,
Now, I thought we were
stalking the competition.
Mm, I think you mean
"staking out."
I'm pretty sure
I mean stalking.
And are we?
No. Brad won't even be there.
Oh. Well, in that case,
let's show you
the new-and-improved inn,
without the handsome pastry chef
there to bother us.
Now you sound like Mom.
[Caroline chuckles]
Do you think he's handsome?
Well, what does it matter
what I think?
-Oh, you're so right.
It doesn't-- it doesn't matter.
Not a bit.
I mean, I have to admit it.
It's... nice.
Mm-hmm. I mean, I know
how much you loved the old inn,
and it had its charm,
but this place is elegant,
and Madison needed a place
for romantic nights.
So, speaking of romance,
how is your love life?
Ah, it didn't go so well
with, uh...
Jasper? Jackson?
-Jacob, right.
No, things didn't work out.
And before you say it, yes,
I broke up with him.
We want different things.
I mean, I want a man who values
a family and a home life,
and Jacob was a workaholic.
[Caroline snickers]
You are a workaholic,
sister, dear.
I know how to take time off,
like coming home for Christmas
and spending quality time
with my sister.
Mm. Fair point.
But being alone in the big city
just sounds plain wrong.
I don't need a boyfriend
to be happy.
And while we're on the subject,
are you still
pining over Marshall?
I don't pine.
-I don't!
I mean, I cry once,
delete, block,
and I move on.
So... no one new?
Not yet.
But, come the New Year,
I plan on downloading
a dating app
and getting myself
back out there.
Good for you.
I can't do the online thing.
Well, look, I get you've always
been career-oriented,
but a little romance
goes a long way.
I know,
and I will meet someone.
The old-fashioned way.
Well, any news on that job?
Not yet.
Oh, does Mrs. Rose
bake mille-feuille?
Definitely not.
I guess we know what
Brad plans to do
if he wins the competition.
Well, why don't we ask him?
Hey, Holly.
This is a surprise.
I didn't think
that you would be here.
I work here.
Yes, but I don't pastry chefs
keep early hours?
We do. I adjusted my schedule
for the baking contest
and I just popped by to check
on preparations for tomorrow.
I'm Caroline, Holly's sister.
Oh, sorry.
I should have introduced you.
[chuckles] Brad Beauchamp.
You're Holly's
main competition.
Well, uh, enjoy your pastries,
even if they're not one
of Mrs. Rose's
12 Days of Christmas
So, are you sure
there's nothing going on
between you and Brad?
I mean, no doubt
he's just another workaholic
that doesn't want to sacrifice
his ambitions for family.
He probably grew up
with a rich family in Palm Beach
and went to some fancy school
in Paris.
Now, it's a shame,
'cause Christmas is
the most romantic time of year.
The only present I want
this year is the bakery.
And you'd really give up
your work and your life
in New York to run it?
If you're asking me
if I've thought this
all the way through...
I am.
Not really.
You know, Mrs. Rose would be
very upset if you won
and then, I don't know,
let her lifelong dream
go out of business
just because you want
to be in Manhattan.
That would never happen.
Because you'd let Brad
do the baking?
[both laughing]
I mean, I think we both know
that my winning
is a long shot.
I can't actually bake.
Hey. Holly. Caroline.
Mind if I join you?
No, not at all.
I'm heading out.
All this watching you
bake your heart out
has exhausted me,
so good luck tomorrow, Holly.
And be kind to my sister.
Happy Christmas.
Oh, Happy Christmas.
It's good to see everybody
so full of holiday cheer.
Thank you...
for the wine.
I hope you win the contest.
It would be awesome
having you move back to Madison.
That's lovely, Loretta,
but we both know
that's unlikely.
I'm surprised you didn't
enter the competition.
You must be quite the baker
after all these years.
Mrs. Rose has
taught me a lot, for sure,
but running a small business?
I don't think I'd enjoy that.
I prefer to be
at the front of the shop,
serving customers,
seeing how much
they enjoy the food.
That really makes me happy.
You're lucky you know
what makes you happy.
Most people don't.
Do you?
Of course.
I love my job.
Then we're both lucky.
Yes, we are.
Can I ask you
for some dating advice?
Uh, I'm not exactly
a dating expert,
but, um, go ahead.
Have you ever asked a man out?
No. Wait!
Once. In college.
Did he say yes?
No. He had a girlfriend.
You've liked Carson
since high school.
I can't believe
you haven't asked him out yet.
Is it that obvious?
I've tried. Sort of.
I mean, I don't think
he even knows I exist,
even though I've worked at
the bakery all these years.
Well, then
maybe now is perfect.
People keep telling me
that Christmas
is the most romantic time
of the year.
I don't think I'd be able
to handle the rejection
if he said no.
He won't.
I mean, you're--
You're adorable.
You're smart.
You're kind.
his mother already
approves of you.
Have you, uh, told his mom
about your feelings?
No. Why?
She is the person
who knows him best
and she might be
quite helpful.
Heading home so soon?
I've got to get
a good night's sleep
if I'm gonna
kick your butt tomorrow.
Oh, ho, ho, ho.
Well, I doubt the recipe
will be mille-feuille.
Are you seriously telling me
you don't know
what the 12 desserts
of Christmas are?
Of course I know what they are.
I was teasing.
Hey, do you have a minute?
Let me show you something.
Uh... sure.
It's beautiful.
Like a snowy mountain.
What is it?
It's a pavlova.
Prior to today,
I had never heard of it,
but there's an Australian family
staying with us
at the inn right now,
and they requested it
for Christmas dinner.
Apparently, it's a holiday
tradition Down Under.
Oh, before you go,
I have something for you.
What is it?
It's the remainder of
the mille-feuille I made today.
I saw how much you liked it.
Thank you.
Yeah, I know
it's not a "Mrs. Rose" special,
but it's pretty darn good
with morning coffee.
Well, I'm sure they'll love it.
This is really nice, Mom.
We don't get to do this
all that often.
So, how does
shopping in Madison
compare to New York?
Uh... less crowds.
More families.
Cute local businesses.
In other words,
it's, uh, it's more fun.
Careful, Holly.
You're starting to sound
like you miss it here.
Hi, Brad!
Doing a little shopping?
Oh, I'm done shopping.
Oh, Holly mentioned
that you showed her
a pavlova you made.
Did she?
Ooh, it sounds spectacular.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm gonna head home
and I'm gonna
let you two
discuss the contest.
any other presents to buy?
Uh, no, I'm all done.
Ah. I'm actually contemplating
buying this scarf.
It looks, uh... warm.
Well, it's my first Christmas
outside of Florida,
so I think I need warm.
-It's warm, you know...
But is it fashionable?
You're from New York,
right, so, thoughts?
I mean, that scarf
is all the rage in Manhattan.
-Done. Buying it.
-No, no, no!
I was just kidding.
New Yorkers
do not kid about fashion.
I'm not a New Yorker.
I'm a local girl.
Okay, well, local girl,
it's too late,
I'm buying it, it's mine.
Uh, Brad?
We're really late.
Oh, shoot!
-I'm gonna go pay for this.
-[laughs] Okay.
[Brad] I love this scarf!
Sticky Toffee Pudding!
-You're excited.
It's my favorite.
I've never had
sticky toffee pudding.
[scoffs] What?
You've worked here
all these years
and you've never tried it?
It's a 12 Days of Christmas
Crazy, right?
It's never appealed to me.
I think it's the name.
What's it taste like?
Sticky toffee.
You should try some
of the good stuff
before you judge the rest.
It's good, right?
It's amazing.
can I ask you something?
Yeah, yeah.
What is it?
Who do you think,
um, will win?
No one.
I mean, none of these people
can touch my mother's baking.
With her gone,
the shop's better off closing.
You don't really
think that, do you?
It's the end of an era.
[phone rings]
I've gotta get this.
Okay, ladies and Brad,
time to put those puddin's
in the oven.
Oh... there's something
on your face there.
Yeah, just a little higher.
Ah, just the top of--
Actually, can I--?
Yeah. Thanks.
Got it.
Could you step forward, Holly?
Eight and a half.
[Carson] Wow.
Your pudding seems to be
a favorite with my mom
and Loretta,
but it just didn't do it for me.
-Not sticky enough?
-[Carson chuckles]
It just didn't taste right.
I'm not feeling the magic.
Holly, I'm giving you a four.
Let me add up the scores.
Congratulations, Holly.
You have survived another round!
-Thank you and enjoy!
[all applauding]
Hey. Congrats.
Thank you.
Brad, Holly--
would you mind staying
and cleaning together?
Two sets of hands
make for light work.
Uh, yeah, sure.
[Mrs. Rose] Oh, good.
Thank you.
How could you give her a four?
-It's so good.
-She still made it through.
She's got another chance.
[Holly] Hey!
Mm! This is delicious.
Oh, wow!
I don't think I'd be able
to tell the difference
between yours and Mrs. Rose's.
Yeah, but yours
is beautiful.
Mine looks like sticky mud.
Ah, a little bit.
I think I need to work on
my decorating skills.
Just takes practice.
Until tomorrow.
Actually, I was wondering
if you wouldn't mind
giving me
a holiday tour of Madison?
Holiday tour?
Yeah. Yeah,
you're the local girl, right?
Show me
the Christmas sights.
All right.
You're on.
So have you heard about
"Winter Storm Megan"
that's coming in?
Yeah, it's supposed to be
the biggest blizzard on record.
Ooh. I love snowstorms.
What do you love about them?
Something about the way
the snow whirls and twirls
and coats everything in
this cottony blanket of white,
like a frozen cloud.
And even though
there's wind,
there's this silence
that's so serene.
You make it sound
so beautiful.
Well, if it does happen,
this will be my first.
[gasps] I'm so jealous!
It's your first time
experiencing it?
Well, given my luck,
I'll probably be
stuck on the turnpike
instead of tucked away
by a cozy fire.
Well, just keep
an eye on the weather.
Maybe you'll be lucky.
[Brad chuckles]
A local artist brings these
every year.
They're so beautiful.
Which one's your favorite?
I love this one.
Mm. Excuse me?
Can I take one of these?
Merry Christmas.
So, have you set up a tree yet?
I'm working on it.
Oh, you better get on that.
Yes, ma'am.
Mm. Thank you.
Wanna go through the gardens?
They're beautiful
this time of year.
Oh, yeah?
So how was
Christmas in Florida?
Hot and humid.
But very festive.
We know how to celebrate,
that's for sure.
Hey, why do you
want the bakery so badly?
For my memories.
My childhood.
You know, I worked at the shop
all through school.
And there's a lot of love there.
And the baking,
and the happiness
it brings people...
It's magic.
All that time I spent
with helping Mrs. Rose
decorate cakes and cookies
is what inspired me
to become a food stylist.
I suppose
I'm just afraid
that if the bakery closes,
I'll lose
that part of myself, too.
But would you really be happy
as a small-town business owner?
I think I would be happier
running the bakery in Madison
than I am in New York.
So, yes, I would be happy
in the bakeshop.
You wouldn't miss
all those stylish
Manhattan friends
if you stayed here?
See, I love New York.
I do.
I love my work.
But being close
to friends and family
and the places you love,
doing the things you love,
nothing can beat it.
The contest has shown me that.
Well, I guess we both
really want to win then.
We do...
but it's a moot point.
Why's that?
You're the star baker!
I was second
from the bottom today.
Winning the bakery
is a fantasy for me.
I mean, realistically,
I'll go back to New York
and to my job,
and you will be the new owner
of Mrs. Rose's Bakery.
Well, not if Carson has
anything to say about it.
I don't think even Carson
would be able to tell
the difference
between your baking
and his mom's.
-Now, that is a compliment.
-I know, right?
[inhales sharply]
Ooh, it's cold.
Let's get a move-on?
-Yeah, let's go.
[Holly] So, this is me.
What a lovely place to grow up.
Hey, thanks for showing me
what a Madison Christmas
is all about.
[Holly] And thank you
for walking me home.
And thank you
for indulging my gallantry.
[both laughing]
Until tomorrow.
What are you doing
here so early?
What are you
doing here so early?
I just came to practice
my decorating skills.
Why are you decorating?
Do you know
what the next dessert is?
What do you think
it's gonna be?
Maybe one of the cookies.
I was practicing on my baking.
Cookies, huh?
Which ones?
You'll have to wait
and find out.
[all applauding]
Today, we sent
another contestant home,
leaving you four finalists.
Only three recipes left
and we will
announce the winner.
After I do
the final taste test.
Well, Christian and I
came up with a little twist.
Whoever the last baker is
will place their dessert
next to mine.
We will blindfold Carson
and then he will do
his final taste test.
My dear,
if you pick my baking
over the winner,
then we will sell the bakery,
but if you pick
the winner over mine,
then they will have won
the bakery,
fair and square.
[Mrs. Rose giggles]
Challenge accepted.
Oh! Good!
I knew you'd understand.
Okay, back to work!
Back to work!
[Mrs. Rose giggling]
You thinking
what I'm thinking, Mom?
Oh, I'm way ahead of you,
Congrats to you both.
-Thanks, Mom.
-Thank you.
Uh, Brad, I was wondering
if you'd like
to join our family
this evening.
We're gonna finish trimming
the Christmas tree.
I'm sure Brad's busy.
No, I would--
I would love to.
Oh, and don't forget
to bring your cookies--
both of you--
so I can serve them
while we decorate.
Okay, Mom, let's go.
I guess we'd better
get cleaned up then.
I'm not a baker, but...
she really is improving.
Well, she really wants to win.
Well, she won't.
Well, we can't be sure.
[chuckles] Oh, Brad.
You're a gentleman,
but you're clearly
the frontrunner.
All we ask
is that you continue
the 12 Days of Christmas baking
when you own the place.
I promise.
Is that Holly?
Aw. Wasn't she adorable?
She is. I mean...
[Holly] Mom.
Why are you showing Brad
baby photos of me?
Because you're adorable.
Your mom didn't
show it to me.
I saw it.
You really were adorable,
by the way.
Thanks. Uh, why don't we finish
trimming the Christmas tree?
[all chatting]
Okay, so, I didn't expect
to make it to the final four,
but I have a feeling
that these cookies
are going to be really good.
Thanks, sweetie.
-Let's have some.
-All right.
Oh, did you put
an egg in again?
You know what, it has really,
really good crunch, dear.
Mm-hmm. Crunch.
Okay, well, try one of Brad's.
It's not so bad, I mean...
-Thanks, honey.
Now, that's a Christmas cookie.
Oh, that's good.
-Your classic shortbread.
-That's really good.
It's just shortbread, guys,
it's nothing special.
-Melts in your mouth.
Thanks, guys.
Excuse me.
Oh, so good!
We have to be nicer to her.
Sorry about that.
I, uh, didn't mean to--
No, it's-- it's fine.
Just my sister
and my dad and...
Yeah, I get it.
Family during the holidays,
Please, sit.
[Brad shivers]
Speaking of family...
the competition's
on Christmas Eve.
What about Christmas Day?
Are you going to catch
a flight to Florida?
Yeah, I thought about it.
But, um, I don't have a lot
of family left in Fort Myers,
so, uh, thought it would be nice
to have a white Christmas,
for once.
[laughs] That's funny.
When you live north,
you go south for the winter,
and you want to stay
for the deep freeze.
[laughs] Yeah.
I like to go against the grain
a little bit.
Makes life more exciting.
Can I ask you something?
Yeah. Anything.
You have to be completely
honest with me.
That's all I'll ever be
with you, Holly.
If I'm so bad,
how did I make it
to the top four?
I mean, was everybody else
just worse than me, or...?
Okay, I get it.
I'm not good
but I'm not the worst.
You want honesty, right?
Yes, please.
You need to put
more emotion into it.
But I thought baking
was just chemistry.
Follow a recipe perfectly,
and then
you decorate it perfectly,
and it turns out perfect?
You're forgetting
the third category
Mrs. Rose mentioned.
The magic.
How you feel
about the bakeshop,
all those reasons you told me
you wanted to win...
that needs to be added
to the mix
of everything you're making.
Hey, do you think
your parents would mind
if we got out of here
for a little bit?
I don't think
they'd mind at all.
All right, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, now you gotta--
you gotta stir the batter.
That's it,
only put some heart into it.
-All right.
-There you go. Okay. Now.
Smell the nutmeg. Mm?
Now, instead
of looking at the recipe,
I want you to feel it,
and then decide
how much nutmeg to put in,
and then taste the batter.
[chuckles uneasily] Okay.
that's it.
Too much?
[laughs] Well, don't ask!
You gotta feel it, taste it.
Okay, okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay.
I think it needs more?
Don't ask.
Feel. Taste.
[uneasily] Mm...
I think that's enough.
All right.
Stir it in good.
I think it's good!
Mm-kay. Let's pour it in.
Let's do this.
Yeah, that's it.
[Holly] Yes, please.
I can't believe this cheesecake
turned out so good.
You were right.
I should go.
I'll drive you home.
No, no. It's not a long walk.
No. I-I insist.
Then can I take
some cheesecake with me?
For homework.
You know, "homework"
gives me another idea.
[door thumps open]
[Brad and Holly chuckling]
Are you sure the owners
won't mind?
Yeah, no,
they'll be fast asleep,
and that part of the inn's
far enough away
that no one can hear us.
I feel like a spy.
You are.
A baking spy.
All right.
Okay, now, the flour and sugar
are under the island there.
Wait, I thought you were
showing me the kitchen,
not putting me to work.
Well, you said
you wanted homework, right?
This is sort of like homework.
I hated homework
in high school.
Here we go.
Oh, and also,
grab those two bowls, please?
Thank you.
You're right, by the way.
I didn't bring you here
just to show you the kitchen.
Then... why?
I have a confession to make.
What confession?
I kinda forgot
to make the croissants
for the breakfast menu tomorrow.
Oh! Oh, that's a problem.
Yeah, I-I-I've just been
so busy with the contest,
and it just kind of
slipped my mind.
So do you want
to make them now?
Will you help?
You hate croissants?
Oh, I love them,
and I've always wanted
to know how to make them.
It's a lovely room.
It's more lovely
with you in it.
Here, come on,
let's, uh,
test out our homework.
I can't believe I made these.
Well... helped.
We make a good team.
Cheesecake, croissants...
You're a great teacher.
Oh, no. You just needed
a little encouragement.
I have another confession.
Why am I not surprised?
There are no croissants
on the menu tomorrow.
Doesn't make sense.
How is it possible?
Maybe it's a conspiracy.
Uh, trouble, ladies?
There's no nutmeg.
It's completely gone.
What, at Christmas?
The shipment got stuck
in "Winter Storm Megan"
that's coming this way.
Not much we can do.
But nutmeg
is a key ingredient.
None of us will win
if there's no nutmeg.
Where did you go?
I have a stash of nutmeg.
we used some last night?
Thank you!
Nathalie... Wilma...
nutmeg's on me.
Let's do this.
Good try, Wilma.
[all applauding]
Good job.
Wow, I'm really impressed.
The contest is almost over.
Yeah, can't wait.
Worried about
the blind tasting?
Not at all.
I know my mom's baking
better than anyone.
I know how important it is
to be with family
during the holidays.
I, um...
I really miss my father.
It's been five years,
but it feels like
just yesterday
we were spending long hours
in the bakeshop,
filling out orders.
you could always spend Christmas
with me next year.
If, you know,
you're not in Alaska.
Yeah, Alaska's too far anyways.
Hey, do you want to come over
for dinner tonight?
For another baking lesson?
No. That meal that people have
in the evening.
Sometimes with wine.
How's 8:00?
Sounds good.
[Caroline] Was that Nana's?
It's mine.
Explain again
why, if this isn't a date,
why are you trying on
multiple outfits?
Oh, definitely not.
What's wrong with it?
It's too "New Year's Eve Bash"
not enough
"first date romance."
You're right.
And it's not a date.
What do you think?
[Caroline] It's perfect.
For a date!
[Holly] That's not how it is.
We're just friends.
Oh! Who are you kidding,
kid sister?
It's the holidays
and he's alone.
So have you invited him
home for Christmas?
Does Mom know?
I haven't,
but it's not like she'd mind.
Uh, of course not!
She would totally love it,
if he brought dessert.
You're getting ahead
of yourself.
Brad is just being friendly
because he doesn't know
that many people here.
So that's it?
You just want to be friends?
I'm not sure.
...Very handsome.
I was going to say
Okay. Is he a workaholic
like Jasper?
And I think Brad's different.
He doesn't work for money
or promotion.
His work is his passion.
Like mine is for me.
Well, for your sake,
I hope it is a date.
Stop saying that!
Well, at least we know
what's for dessert.
The cheesecake!
I know what you meant.
Make yourself
comfortable, okay?
Whatever you're making
smells amazing.
What is it?
Duck confit? C oq au vin?
No such luck.
Just roast chicken
and roasted root vegetables.
Oh, and I made soup.
Wanna come try?
That's a very simple meal.
And I mean that
as a compliment.
I like simple food.
It's all we could afford
growing up.
You make it sound
as though you were poor.
Dirt poor, actually.
But we were happy,
for the most part.
Home-cooked food--
healthy, made with love.
Kind of like Mrs. Rose's.
You want a sample?
I would love to.
It's amazing.
It's my, uh,
it's my grandma's country veg.
Now, the secret is
to sweat the vegetables out,
and then you wait
until the very end
to add the whipping cream,
'cause you don't want it
to curdle.
It's incredible.
Oh, can I serve you a bowl?
Yeah. Do you want me
to set the table?
Yeah, sure.
That would be nice. Yeah.
That was delicious.
I have to admit,
I expected something French.
Ah, no, just a boy
from Fort Myers, Florida
who likes to bake.
Nothing complicated.
But you are complex.
You may be right.
I'll just take these.
[laughing] Oh, ho, ho!
That's my grandmother.
She raised me on her own.
She's the one who passed down
her baking passion
and skills to me.
Like I said, we didn't have
a lot of money, growing up,
so we made everything ourselves.
Preserves, stock, bread.
that's what made it special.
Especially during the holidays,
you know, when we'd bake gifts
for friends and family
and the--
and the church sale.
So this is how you became
a pastry chef?
Yeah, it is.
No fancy French school for you?
No! No, no, no, no.
I could not afford college,
let alone a ticket to Paris.
No, and to be honest,
I'm just a baker.
You know?
The inn owners
like to say pastry chef
because it's more in keeping
with their brand.
I'm happiest in the kitchen.
It reminds me of family
and home.
That's why I want the bakery,
so I can bring the gift
my grandmother gave to me
to as many people as possible.
Well, she taught you well.
That's the true me.
I've been meaning
to thank you.
For what?
For the egg.
The egg you slipped
into my gingerbread batter
on the first day.
And I thought
I was so stealthy.
Mm, well, it was
an honest mistake,
forgetting the eggs.
And besides, I, uh,
I wanted to keep you around.
Oh, really? Why?
Well, I, uh,
I liked our batter banter.
So, um, what's for dessert?
Leftover cheesecake?
How did you guess?
Everybody, time.
Because tomorrow
is Christmas Eve,
and we're so close
to the end of the contest,
I thought it would be fun
to make today
a blind-tasting day.
But I thought the blind tasting
was for my final decision.
Just look at it
as a practice run, Carson.
It'll be fun!
But I--
We'll blindfold Loretta first.
And we will give you
a taste of each slice,
and then you will let us know
which one is your favourite--
one, two, or three.
And here's number three.
Mm! [giggles]
Well, seems like we have
a tie for second place.
Nathalie, Holly,
either one of you could
be eliminated next.
You ready?
Number three.
And I have some icing, too.
I'll go with two
as my first choice.
That's Brad.
The caramel in one
was too runny.
It ruined
the texture of the cake.
So I'll go with...
Nathalie, I'm sorry.
[onlookers applauding]
Thank you, guys.
[both laugh]
You know, if your cake
was in the mix,
I would've known instantly.
We'll see how well you know me
come Christmas Eve.
I'm ready.
It's just the two of us now.
I'm so going to kick your butt,
Brad Beauchamp.
[phone rings]
Excuse me.
I have to take this, it's work.
Yeah, of course.
Holly? You got the job.
Urban Gourmet,
they want to hire you.
Oh, my God.
That's incredible.
Told you,
you were a shoo-in.
Oh, I'm so happy.
Welcome to the team, Holly.
I can't wait.
Want to know the best part?
We get to work together
so that's lunch
and after-work drinks,
five days a week,
if you want.
Lunch and cocktails,
I like the sound of that.
After-work drinks, silly.
We're both single,
the city is ours,
and there's plenty
of great men to choose from.
Are there?
Duh! It's New York.
All the best men are here.
You know that.
Oh, I forgot to tell you,
you start
the day after Christmas.
We've got this giant
New Year's Eve layout to shoot,
but you're a workaholic
like me, so you won't mind.
Oh, and Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
[all chuckling]
I like that.
I, uh, I got the job
at Urban Gourmet.
[gasping] Oh.
Well, congratulations, darling.
You worked so hard.
Yeah, that's awesome.
I'm so proud of you.
[unconvincingly] It's my, uh,
it's my dream job, so.
Well, does this mean
you're forfeiting,
so you can get back
to Manhattan?
Uh, no way.
I can't let Brad win without
some friendly competition.
[Brad chuckles]
I'm happy for you,
if it's what you really want.
I've wanted to work with
this magazine my whole career,
and now that
it's actually happening,
it doesn't quite feel real.
Well, in that case, I guess
Christmas came early for you.
[winds gusting]
Oh, this is a surprise.
Um, Mrs. Rose, I have
to ask you a favor.
Can you promise me
that Brad will win?
Excuse me?
Are you asking me
to fix the contest?
I mean, let's be honest,
I'm never going to beat him
at baking,
but I've gotten
to know him better
and I can honestly think
that your shop couldn't be
in better hands.
Well, that is high praise
from someone
who practically grew up
inside these walls.
I'll see what I can do,
but it's gonna ultimately
come down
to how well
Carson knows my cooking.
Well, I've tried Brad's baking,
and, please, don't be upset,
but it is kind of difficult
to tell the difference
between his and yours.
Carson, then,
won't be a factor.
[both giggling]
Okay, thank you.
[background chatter]
[bells jingle]
-Oh. Hey.
Uh, what are you doing here?
Just getting
my morning coffee.
Yeah, same. Same.
Where's your coffee?
I... drank it.
I'll see you later.
you want me to fix the contest
so Holly wins,
even though
you are the better baker?
I just don't think
she'll be happy
in New York at that job,
but she needs a reason
to stay in Madison,
and I know how much
she loves this place.
Oh... well,
that's very noble of you, Brad.
Look, I can be perfectly content
baking at the inn,
but Holly needs this.
Look, if her baking isn't
as good as it needs to be,
you know, just switch
mine in for hers, okay?
No one has to know.
I'll see what I can do.
-Thank you.
Did you get that?
That is so romantic.
I always say,
Christmas is the most romantic
time of the year.
Speaking of that...
I've been practicing
the recipe you gave me.
I think I'm good enough now.
[squealing] Oh!
[laughs with delight]
I am so proud of you.
Thank you.
Everything okay?
Is it my mom?
No, she's great.
Um, I wanted
to give you something.
Something I made.
This isn't a 12th Day
of Christmas Panettone?
It's better.
Did my mom give this to you?
She gave me the recipe.
I knew it was your favorite,
so I wanted to learn.
Baked it myself.
Try it.
It's just like my mom makes.
-Really. [laughs]
I don't know what to say.
No one other than my mom
has ever made me anything.
Your mom seems happy.
About the contest,
I mean.
Yeah, I have to admit,
it's been fun to watch.
Especially seeing
what's been developing
between Holly and Brad.
I think
they're falling in love.
You know,
now that you mention it,
they do laugh and talk
a lot more than they did.
If it's meant to be,
they'll definitely fall in love.
Ah, I should get going.
I gotta get things ready
for the final bake-off tonight,
and that storm is brutal.
Yeah, Mom's boyfriend
is supposed to come tonight.
I hope he makes it
through the storm okay.
Me too.
I'll, uh, see you
at the judging table later.
I'm so worried
that Christian isn't gonna
make it through this storm.
He'll be here.
[sighs anxiously] Okay.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Holly and Brad,
to the final bake-off.
it's Christmas Eve
and it is only fitting
that the final recipe
be one of tradition,
a classic--
my First Day of Christmas
iced sugar cookie.
[all gasping]
Oh! Often,
the simplest things in life
are the things
that make you the happiest,
but simple isn't easy,
which is what makes life
even sweeter.
Let the bake-off begin!
[Brad] You got this.
Looking good.
Let's get those cookies
in the oven!
-Good luck!
-Good luck!
Oh! What happened?
I think the power's out.
Yeah, it must be the snowstorm.
It probably knocked out
the electricity
on the whole block.
I don't think we can finish
as we planned.
Well, can we freeze the dough?
Well, don't you have to be
in New York day after tomorrow?
No. We should finish tonight.
[Holly] How?
We could go to the bakery.
They have a generator.
That's a great idea.
Let's go!
-Let's do it.
That's enough!
Holly, Brad, time is up.
May the best baker win.
I think she will.
[gasping] Oh!
Everybody, this is Christian,
my beau from the far north.
Hello, everyone.
You know, it's quite a storm
out there,
but I wasn't gonna let any snow
stop me from seeing my love
on Christmas.
Oh, baby!
[crowd chuckling]
Well, now
that we're all here...
As you all know,
my mom and Christian
devised this contest
as a way to find someone
who loved Christmas baking
as much as she did.
Now, I was skeptical,
and gave myself final veto
to ensure that only someone
who baked exactly like my mom
would own the bakeshop...
Over the past several days,
I realized that...
the bakery isn't just mine
or my mother's.
It belongs to everyone
in Madison.
This is the lease,
and I'm prepared
to sign it over tonight,
even if the final winner
can't match my mom,
because what
I've come to understand is...
No one can replace her.
[gasps] Oh...
[crowd applauding]
it's time
for the final tasting.
That would make
Santa linger all night.
[laughter and applause]
Equally delicious.
[crowd chuckles and applauds]
Okay, Carson, let's discuss.
we've decided
that the only fair thing to do
is to declare...
a tie!
[gasping and applauding]
Holly, Brad...
you both win the bakery,
but there is
one stipulation...
and that is
to run it together.
I'm willing to try,
if you are.
Well, Carson, let's get
these two newly-minted
bakeshop owners
to sign those papers,
make it official.
Does this mean
I get to keep my job?
Of course! You're as much
a part of the team as we are.
And you too, Carson.
[Brad] Yeah, we'll need
a financial planner
to help us with the books.
We're just bakers, after all.
[laughter and applause]
One sec, one sec.
I'll be right back.
[Holly laughs]
Are you ready to do
this crazy adventure?
After all, it is Christmas.
A sweet Christmas,
at that.
You know, we make a good team.
You bake, I decorate.
Together, we are...
But we do have
a big decision to make.
What's that?
Well, I know Mrs. Rose's
is a local legend,
but, you know,
we should probably come up
with a name of our own.
What did you have in mind?
I was thinking, uh...
Brad Beauchamp's Bakery.
What about
Holly's Home Bakery?
I don't know.
[both laughing]
Who are we kidding?
It will always be
Mrs. Rose's Bakery.
Something else we agree on.
Our first customer.
She looks like
a tough one to please.
[door bells jingle]
Hi there.
Hi there.
You're not Santa.
Are you sure?
Which one would you like?
How much for that one?
It's on us.
Good choice.
Santa's favorite.
Merry Christmas.