A Taste of Phobia (2017) Movie Script

[light music]
[dramatic crescendo]
[dramatic music]
[TV static]
[water dripping]
[heavy breathing]
[classical music]
No no no
[door clicks]
[eerie music]
[dramatic music buildup]
[muffled screams]
Let me go please. Please, let me go!
No no no!
[heavy breathing]
You're a real weirdo, you know that?
Seriously? Wax?
You're fucked up dude, you're fucked up!
No, no, it's a pretty good place except for
the drains, they keep clogging.
Yeah. Of course I told the landlord.
He says it's never happened before, says
it's my fault somehow.
I guess it's my hair, but what am I supposed
to do, just shave it off?
[doorbell rings]
Yeah well... Ok, man, I gotta go,
I think the plumber is finally here.
[door opens]
[classical music plays]
[light music]
[birds chirping]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Eh, I've felt better.
Oh Lorna, not you too?
I guess this bugs really getting around.
No, no, absolutely not.
You should know better than anyone that
Ive never even taken a single pill
or a single drop of medicine.
Those pharmaceutical companies
dont care about you.
They just want to make easy money by selling
poison the public.
I'll be fine if I can just get some sleep.
I hope you feel better too.
[hangs up]
[dramatic music]
I didn't want to wake you. Please do me
a favor and take the medicine. Love, Lorna
[clears throat]
...authorities have not ruled out terrorism.
In other breaking news... The FDA has
announced a nationwide recall of the cold
and flu medicine Flemucosol, after the drug
has been linked to a number of deaths
nationwide. The FDA strongly
urges that if you have this
drug in your home to discontinue
its use immediately.
It is believed that a large quantity of the
drug, in its liquid form, has been
contaminated at the manufacturing facility.
The contaminant and the source are
not known at this...
[dramatic music]
[heavy breathing over violin]
Im telling you, this is
gonna be my masterpiece.
Are you listening?
Today were shooting the party scene.
Where Marcello rides that girl... you know?
Theyre celebrating the divorce of some
woman, and he says to her
"Its like youre a virgin again".
Why does he say that?
Fuck do I know? It's something the
character says that in the movie.
Wait: youve seen the movie, right?
La Dolce Vita?
I just dont like the line.
Why would you want to be fuckin virgin man?
Huh? Being a virgin fuckin sucks ass.
I dont fucking get it.
It's symbolism or some shit,
I dont know!
Were doing porn, dont ask
too many questions.
I have a ton of ideas.
For the fountain of Trevi scene I want the
girl to yell "Marcello!
Cum here!" pointing at her tits.
You know?
Like "c-u-m".
Like orgasm.
And the final scene...
When the girl is waving at Marcello in the
distance, on the beach...
She goes like this...
Back to business:
Ive got a surprise for you...
Come here!
Salvatore, meet your partner for today.
The beautiful and innocent Irina.
Ill leave you alone.
I'm Irina.
I'm gonna do the scene with you.
I am... a big fan of...
You. Your movies.
And your cock.
And your eyes.
Youre not so innocent then.
I just saw a lot of movies...
I wanted to talk to you before the scene
Im not sure about some things...
Ive never done this before.
Sorry this is your first porno?
Im so honored baby.
Dont worry cause every girl Ive worked
with said I was the best partner.
Actually, this is my first...
my first time. Ever.
I dont understand.
I just never found the right guy...
and then a couple of years ago
I saw you in a movie...
and I thought: I want that.
You were so handsome, so confident...
and your body was... just... perfect.
So I figured: why not just wait?
Ill keep my virginity until
I have chance to meet him!
I wrote an email to Bogdan:
I knew he was your director
because I looked up the credits
of 8 1/2 inches, Doggystyle Afternoon...
you must think Im a giant nerd!
Im just trying to tell you...
Im kind of in love with y...
Ok, ok, thank you.
I need some to concentrate.
Leave please.
Jesus! Jesus. I need to talk to you.
I cant do the next scene.
I need you to fuck Irina.
The new girl? Why?
Come up here!
I can't!
I can't either!
I just finished my scene.
Bogdan made me do the money shot
four fucking times because
he didnt like the lighting.
I'm empty.
Man, I really can't, ok?
She scares the shit out of me.
Shes a fucking virgin!
I can't please!
Listen. I really dont know what
youre talking about.
But if you dont do the scene
we dont get paid.
Weve got to pay the rent.
Just man the fuck up.
And fuck the virgin.
You look good, man.
[woman moaning]
Man up!
And heres our star!
Irina, for this scene I need on all fours.
Sal, I want you to climb on top of her...
Come, Marcello...
...and say: "Have you ever been with a man?"
And then, you know...
whip out your dick and fuck her.
Come on!
We don't have all day!
Come on, chop chop!
Come, Marcello...
Have you ever been with a man?
Good boy
Just fuckin do it.
Fuck the virgin, we've got
to pay the rent...
Are you awake?
Sal! What the fuck?
Alright, just... try and spank her.
Spank her a little.
What are you doing?
[operatic singing]
[distorted shouting]
[eerie wind]
[labored breathing]
Just, just get away from me.
Just leave me alone you vile piece of shit.
Just, just fucking leave me alone.
Stop tormenting me like this,
stop tormenting me like this!
Get off me you.....
[heart beating]
[heart beating louder]
[water running]
[water trickling]
[high pitched noises]
[door unlocking]
[door creaking]
[rubber stretching]
[creepy sound effects]
[plastic rustling]
[water running]
[light guitar music]
[car beeping]
[bell rings]
[light rock music]
Excuse me!
Can we help you?
I think I took a wrong turn a few miles back
I need a gas station
Um, "Last Chance Gas" was
10 miles back, in Russellville.
10 miles?
Oh, no
I'm not sure I can make it that far.
I can take you.
Oh, you will?
Thank you so much!
I am really lost and I really appreciate it.
Are you coming?
Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
I don't know what I would've done.
Was that the highway we just passed?
Russellville's the next turn, it's closer.
[muffled screams]
So what do you want to do with him?
Well, looks like we got ourselves
one of them "terrorists"...
[piano music]
Hi, my name is Adrian.
I am 40 years old.
Money has always been my passion
counting it
investing it
making it
And I'm pretty good at it too.
That's why I moved here.
A very important bank
wanted me to be their broker.
What about you?
Well, my name is Laniakea.
Heh, what?
Yeah, I know that face.
Everybody messes it up. It's Laniakea!
Good job!
See? Maybe I'm not like all the others.
Maybe you're not...
I'm half hawaiian and my father
used to be a hippy, so...
That's how I ended up with
this funny name I guess.
I like it.
It means "Immeasurable Heaven"
It's a beautiful meaning...
A beautiful meaning.
You still haven't told me
what it is that you do.
Oh you mean work?
Yeah you know, that thing you
do every day in order to make money
So you really don't know who I am?
You're not one of my 80,000 YouTube fans?
80,000? Wow!
You're not one of those webcam girls who
show off their clothes and make up are you?
Ahaha, do I look like
a fashion blogger to you?
You know what, maybe you should
check out my channel first, and then
decide if you still want to see me...
[acoustic guitar]
Well, thats it guys.
I hope you liked this song
and dont forget to subscribe
to my YouTube channel.
[blows kiss]
Many kisses!
[phone ringing]
Goodmorning Earthlings
and welcome to a
new episode with Astroviking!
If you've clicked on this video
for the first time, it might be
because you were wondering what is Laniakea.
Laniakea is our house in the Universe...
[waves crashing]
Never been here before!
This is like my favorite place.
It's so special...
What's so special about it?
I don't know. Because it's quiet,
and it's dark...
Come, I want to show you something.
What are you doing?
Just trust me!
Sit down.
You can't see them with all the city lights.
[eerie sounds]
God, there are so many!
Laniakea is our house in the Universe.
To be more precise, it is a tiny dot
in a gigantic conglomerate
of 10,000 galaxies amongst which
there is our Milky Way...
Alpha Centauri, the Star closest to
the Earth after the Sun: 4.3 light years...
in the scale of the universe
it is very, very close:
it's as if you were in the kitchen,
and opened the door
and stepped into the living room.
Bad news though:
with today's technologies
it would take us 30,000 years to get there
that's quite a big step
to reach a living room.
4.3 light years is nothing compared to the
size of Laniakea, which measures about
500 million light years.
Which is no more than a tiny dot
in the whole visible Universe.
Cosmic microwave background...
Gravitational waves...
The Great Void...
What's the matter, baby?
I'm sorry, it's just a little bit
of stress from work...
[phone dings]
Good morning Earthlings!
Ready for a new episode?
UY Scuti is a bright red supergiant,
the leading candidate for being
the largest known star
is nothing compared to the size of...
...which measures about
500 billion light years...
[overlapping voice over]
...thus a volume nearly
5 billion times that of the Sun
Where does the light come from?
The Sun, you'll say... sure...
but what you don't know is that photons are
born in the Sun's nucleus and are trapped
there for millions of years until they
manage to reach the surface where they are
propelled for 150,000,000km
and in 10 minutes reach your skin
Fucking photons!
[glass shatters]
Oh no... gravity!
[phone dings]
Imagine the Earth and compare it to the
Universe ... then zoom in on a city
like New York: that's Laniakea. Zoom in
further on a skyscraper: that's our galaxy.
Now go inside one of the rooms:
that's our solar system
and, floating mid-air, a single
speck of dust: behold, the Earth.
How did it start?
Go home! I don't want to see anybody!
Adrian! Open the door!
Go away! I don't want to see you!
Fuck you! Let me in!
Adrian! Open the door!
Please, please stop shouting!
Go away!
Open this fucking door, now!
Please, stay away, stay away from me.
It's been two weeks, you haven't
answered any of my calls. I'm coming inside!
What the fuck happened here?
It's OK, can you just leave?
Adrian, did someone break inside your house?
No, it's fine, it's fine.
What the fuck...
No. No no no!
Don't touch it!
This is really freaky...
What the fuck happened here?
What is all this stuff doing on the floor?
It's OK... it's fine.
Adrian, what the fuck is going on?
Adrian, give me some-
Oh god... your name...
I don't want to think about it.
Adrian, drop that!
Fuck, we spend our entire
life counting money...
when we're just a single
heartbeat of life...
We are nothing! As Astroviking says!
Who the fuck is Astroviking?
You don't understand...
Stars, milions and milions of
times bigger than the Sun...
black holes, nebulas, voids superclusters...
I can see the greatness!
[phone dings]
Good morning Earthlings!
Who the fuck is he?
Today I'd like to talk about
something quite peculiar.
You might have some
trouble sleeping tonight.
What is he saying?
We are all made of stars!
- Who is he?
- Silence!
The substance we are made of
comes directly from the heart
of stars exploded billions of years ago...
so we can say we are all sons of stars!
But have no fear earthlings!
Your atoms will outlive you and
maybe, one day, be part of a new Star.
You don't want to do that to me.
Didn't they teach you to hold life sacred?
Doesn't my life count?
You can't do this. Look me in the eyes.
Look at me.
You don't know how they caught me.
You don't know how they killed me!
I suffered the agony of terror and death.
Do I deserve this?
Was I an evil predator? No.
Just a travel buddy.
We're all travel buddies.
How can you be an accomplice
to what they did to me?
Of those who deny universal brotherhood?
You trample on freedom.
You hold life in contempt too!
You deny your own guilt!
If you don't hold life sacred, you don't
deserve it. Got it?
Know what you should do?
Look me in the eye.
Come on. Do it.
Do it!
Do it!
Do it! Do it! Do it!
Do it! Do it! Do it!
[dramatic music]
Do you need help getting more followers?
Is your face past its sell-by date?
Introducing Psy-Swap.
Your memories, feelings, soul,
in a brand new package.
Get the body you deserve.
The only limit is your imagination.
Call now.
[sci-fi sounds]
[shutter click]
I told you you were too old for this.
[sci-fi sounds]
Are there no budget options?
We can't all just drop
a few thousand like that.
I'm not getting work with this face.
DO you not understand? My work
is my face, and I'm rotting.
How many models do you know
that look like me nowadays?
Ill be thirty in a year, and then
I can wave my chances goodbye.
Then Ill be too old to even make the swap.
[background chatter]
I only put one sugar in there.
Put another one in there if you want
No, one's enough thanks.
I don't think I've ever seen
you drink so many calories.
So whod have thought wed be here?
After all these years?
Not me.
Id have thought youd have
been in New York by now. Or Milan.
You were crushing it mate...
So, I hear youre looking for a swap.
Where did you hear that?
Am I wrong?
Well no... but I barely have any cash.
Doesn't matter. I've got some blanks.
They're an older model,
but they're pretty hot.
Yeah. How much?
Oh fuck off. You wouldn't
give me one for a hundred.
I've got stock that I've got to get rid of.
[sci-fi sounds]
That one.
[sci-fi sounds]
[birds chirping]
[water running]
Yeah, I look forward to working
with you guys. Cheers, bye.
[ominous music cue]
Kyle's phone.
What have you done to me?
Oh. Id have thought youd at least enjoy
a full day of being the new you.
I want my body back.
I kind of told you a little lie.
You see those bodies,
theyre for display only.
And Im guessing youre on day
three-hundred and sixty five.
They only last a year.
Give me my body back.
Unfortunately its not that simple...
Its my time now... Buddy
All right.
You have to vote.
You've got to vote.
You've got to vote.
No, you make more of a-
...and then it changes.
There will be changes!
Vote. You have to vote.
Vote. Vote for me. Vote.
I promise you will never go hungry.
You will be... protected!
Give me power!
[marker screeching]
Vote for me.
Forecast that the economy is in jeopardy.
Costs to social care are scheduled for
The Prime Minster is calling
for a general election
Polls are shwoing a swing towards
...launched their manifesto today.
Give me power!
Vote! And vote.
And then everything works out.
And voting means that...
You've got to vote.
Start paying attention.
When you pay attention, the world changes
It becomes a better place.
You have to vote.
So it keeps on happening.
So you keep on voting.
And it changes, so you
have to keep on voting.
Everything will be fine.
Everyone will be happy.
And we'll keep on voting.
And we'll be okay.
And we'll keep voting.
And everyone will be okay.
You've got to vote.
You've got to vote.
You've got to keep going.
You've got to keep going.
Vote. Keep voting.
[distorted voice]
Vote. When you vote everything's fine.
Everyone will be happy.
The world will be a better place.
It'll be fine!
It'll be fine!
[overlapping voices]
Gotta vote! Gotta vote!
Gotta vote! Gotta vote!
Vote for change! Vote for change!
[alarm beeping]
[phone vibrating]
Hey I thought I'd check in.
Are you done yet?
Um, yeah, I, well I've been working on the
prototype for like the last, three days, and
I didn't solve all the materials problems
yet, but it's very, it's close.
I'm gonna get it.
C'mon man, if you want to get ahead
in this job, you gotta put some effort in.
I know. I'm doing my best.
I'm doing my best.
We've got to have it by tomorrow morning.
I mean, we've got to.
If you need to take a little sleep,
do it, but we've got to have it by tomorrow.
Oh, okay, yeah, thanks.
I'm gonna get some sleep, but I just want
to...I need to eat first.
I haven't eaten in like a week, so...
oh, the food is here.
I gotta go.
Is it poisoned or something?
Of course not. You're responsible
for your own choices.
What is that supposed to mean?
Nothing. Here's your food.
It's done. Yeah, he won't be sleeping.
I'm sure that drill will be done by morning.
What am I doing?
"He who sleeps shall never again wake. "
"He who sleeps shall never again wake. "
"No more pain. Wake no more. Nobody owns."
[guitar music]
Got a few demons that
keep me up at night.
Got a few reasons why I couldn't fight.
Got a few ghosts
I'm promising not to love.
And I got some hope
I'm trying to get rid of.
But the gun was warm
against her sweaty hand.
The rain fell, I thought
I could understand.
She keeps her cross right
next to her white, red, and blue.
He keeps his lies cozy
right next to the truth.
He doesn't know what he wants,
but it hasn't stopped him yet.
I got a peacemaker, and I am a patriot.
But the gun was cold
against her practiced hand.
[drill whirring]
[phone vibrating]
[phone vibrating]
Did you finish that project or
did your little nap get in the way?
Oh, I finished it, but no nap.
I pulled an all-nighter!
[echoing voices]
[music intensifies]
[faint echoing voice]
[echoing voice]
[water running]
[power flickering]
[ethereal music]
Hello. It's Dr. Brown.
Remember what we discussed?
If it gets too much, just breathe.
[CD skipping]
[power flickering]
[eerie sound]
[rapid breathing]
[somber music]
[dramatic music buildup]