A Thousand and One Nights (1945) Movie Script

Here me speak
there's a chance for each
man and sheik
Come bid
we have beauty for sale
Things that are made
from India
I've received charmers from
Luscious ladies
from Syria
Benji dancers
from Arabia
Go on pal, I was
only kidding! Go on, help
Well, give me some skin
Jack! Zoot!
-What strange manner
of speech is that?
-That's Abdullah
the touched one. He claims
he was born
some 1,200 years
before his time.
There he lives
as rare as wine
Hmmm. I could have
sworn that was Lana Turner.
There is really
a slick chick.
Here me misters tell me
What say you now?
Here's your chance to
peer behind every veil
The time is nigh
For you to buy
Beauty for sale!
Well done Aladdin of Cathay!
I should not want for crowds
if you would
betarry here!
I sing for the joy of it.
Behold my masters!
The slave auction is about
to begin.
Before you are
women to intoxicate
your souls
and delight your senses.
Here my lords, are
the almond-eyed beauties
of India.
What am I going to do
with you? Last night you
promised me
-you'd never touch another
gold piece.
-Gold piece? What gold piece?
Aladdin I'm surprised
at you, especially since I
gave you my word.
You don't think I'd go back
on my word, do you?
Oh no! How could I think that?
Now, just the same, you give
that merchant
back his gold chain!
Aladdin! You're hurting me!
What chain?
My chain!
My chain has been stolen!
-That one.
-Oh, that one?
-My purse! It's gone!
-My chain! Thieves!
He! He was standing
beside me!
Help! I've been
robbed! Police!
-That man!
-That very same dog that
jostled me.
He's the thief!
Oh, no. It wasn't me.
It was Limpy.
Limpy? Who is Limpy?
You know Limpy.
He walks like this.
And other times he walks
like this.
-My chain!
-My purse!
Seize him!
ANNOUNCER: Clear the
streets for the Princess!
GUARD: Clear the streets
I say! We'll have your eyes
put out
for gazing upon the Sultan's
GUARD #2: You heard the
Captain, dogs! Clear the
streets for the Princess.
No man may gaze upon
the Princess and live!
GUARD: How dare you delay
the Princess! Do you want to
be torn limb from limb?
Clear the streets!
Clear the streets!
No man may gaze upon
the Princess Armina
and live.
Could a woman be as
beautiful as that?
-No guy has been crazy
enough to find out.
A beautiful face that no man
has ever seen?
To look upon it would be
worth the risk of death.
Yeah, but after you're dead,
who you gonna tell it to?
-Hey, where you going?
-I'm crazy!
Aladdin, now stop!
-Please, I beg of you.
-Who are you?
Why do you enter here?
Perhaps destiny has
decreed it, my lady.
PRINCESS: Then we shall see
what else destiny has
in store for you.
Please. First hear me, then
summon your guard and let them
dry my torn limbs in the sun.
Have no fear for
your limbs. They will not
be harmed.
-My lady is gracious.
-Because my guards will
strike off your head!
You don't think it's a sad
thing that one so young should
lose his life?
-I do not plead for my head
-Then for what?
For that which I placed
it in jeopardy. The sight of
your face.
-You are mad!
-Other men seek heaven after
death but I would
look upon heaven
before I die.
-Who are you?
-I am called
Aladdin of Cathay.
I seek the beautiful that I
may sing of it to the world.
Lying upon the desert sands
at night, I've reached up to
touch the stars.
The music of the river,
I have sung with my lips.
These things are my treasures.
They did not hide their
loveliness from me.
Unveil to me, my lady. It
matters not what happens
to me thereafter.
Unveil to me.
Resume march!
We've entered the palace
grounds. Now what will
you do?
What I've wanted to do since
I first saw your face.
Aladdin! You'll be sorry!
Oh, hi. Just
looking around.
Your Highness?
The Sultan awaits you in
his chambers.
I said your father wishes
to see you, my lady.
The tissues have
completely knitted, my lord.
Only the scar remains. No
treatment can ever remove
The scar is of no importance.
Tell me, you were a little
worried about me, for a time?
You lost much blood, my
Sultan. The traitors came
close to success. Too close.
Your Highness.
-How is your rebellious
patient today, doctor?
-I'm rejoiced to report
my Sultan is
fully recovered.
You look very radiant today,
my child. I've never seen such
color in your cheeks.
Oh, it's just the fresh air,
I think.
Your arm. It has left
a bad scar.
Yes, the last memento
from my loving twin brother,
This arm warded off a blow
that was meant to kill me.
I sometimes think I should not
have listened to your feelings
my child.
When I set Hadji free I gave
him the opportunity to plot
another conspiracy.
-One that might succeed.
-From exile?
Oh, I wouldn't worry.
His fangs have been drawn.
I don't know. I still
have a feeling we've not
heard the last from Hadji.
But you could not have put him
to death with the other
-He was your own brother.
-True, but that didn't prevent
his trying to kill me.
Do you think I'm really
-Help yourself, do you mind?
-How dare you!
Don't call the guard! When I
showed them the seal you gave
me, they brought me here.
Prince Hadji?
Good disguise, isn't it?
You're insane to return.
Suppose you were discovered?
That isn't very likely.
Why, even you
didn't recognize me.
You must leave at once. To be
captured here means
your death!
That isn't what worries you
is it, Hassan?
You're afraid they may
discover the part you
played in the conspiracy.
-Prince Hadji.
Understand once and for all.
I intend to take no part in
any further intrigues.
How is my niece?
The delectable Armina.
-Your Highness is well.
-Do you still worship her from
a distance?
-Is it necessary to discuss
-It might be just as well.
Tell me, has her father ever
looked upon you with
approval as a son-in-law?
-You know he hasn't.
-Now, if I were Sultan, it
might be a different story.
Well look at me Hassan.
Can you tell the difference
between myself and the Sultan?
It is no secret that you and
your brother are twins.
Therefore, if I were to take
his place, no one would know.
What is your scheme
this time?
One that cannot fail. Now
listen to me carefully if you
wish to marry the Princess.
When next the Sultan is at
prayer, our opportunity will
present itself.
We will take him prisoner and
confine him to the palace
at alpha, in the dungeon.
There, I said it would be
simple. Now all I have to do
is change clothes with him.
-It would be safer to kill
him now.
Only he knows of state
affairs that may arise when I
take his place.
Here is a dead man that will
talk when I have need of him.
-Now Hadji is Sultan, and who
is wiser?
-I am.
-Why, of course you are.
-Merely a reminder, do not
forget your promise.
Rest assured. Is it not
remarkable what man will do
for power?
And love.
Oh you seem sad,
your Highness.
The dancer does not
amuse you?
Not tonight, Novira.
Dismiss her.
Is there anything else my lady
Tonight I might wish
that I were anyone in the
but a Sultan's daughter.
But why, Highness?
Because my slaves enjoy more
freedom than a princess can
ever know.
I've never known my lady to
pine for freedom before.
Why is it so desirable
Because tonight I would touch
a star with my fingers. I
walk the streets unattended.
I would peer into the bazaars
like a brazen woman.
My lady.
Perhaps I would visit the
market square where
the singers are.
-Yes, My lady.
Have you ever heard of
one called Aladdin of Cathay?
Oh, but of course I have.
His love songs are legend
throughout the east.
Why, I've been told of girls
who stood in bazaars all day
just to hear him.
Have you indeed?
Nor is that all. It is said
in the market place
that maids have even
lifted their veils to him.
I can't believe my eyes
the way they dare to
behold you
-You may go, Novira.
-Yes, Your Highness.
The way they dare
to unfold you
I can't believe that
I hear music
when you are near
I'm so afraid that
any moment
you'll disappear
Oh, can these be your eyes
or stars the heavens
are missing?
These cannot be your lips
These fragrant rolls
I am kissing.
I'm so bewildered
by your beauty
and beauty never lies
-Beautiful song, eh captain?
-The princess has a lovely
Believe my love
So the Princess Armina
is to be wooed
as you would any
common girl in the
market place?
The market place?
What have they to
do with you?
If a man has once gazed
upon the great blue sea
can a drop of water have
meaning to him afterwards?
You care not how much
you shame me, do you?
I was not enough that
you entered my litter and
that I unveiled to you.
Not enough that I
suffered you to steal
a kiss like any thief.
Now you must into
my garden...
cheapening with the talk
you would give to a maid
in a wine shop.
-My Lady...
-I suppose I'm not the first
one to believe your words
because they were
pleasing to hear.
Now go back to the bazaars
and boast of it.
Armina, believe in your pride
that every word I spoke was
a separate lie.
Until I beheld your face.
Then they became the
truest things man has ever
said to woman.
Please go. If you were
discovered here you
would die.
-Would you care?
-I would not wish anyone
to die because of me.
-Why do you not go?
Because you don't want
me to go.
Because you've dreamt
of a vagabond's arms
about you.
Because you would
forget that you're a
sultan's daughter.
And remember above all
else that you're a woman.
If you do not go, this time
I will call the guards.
Are you that afraid?
-Afraid, of you?
-No, of yourself.
Afraid that I'll make you
step down from that
on which you've always
been so safe and protected.
Afraid that you may
really live for a while.
Please go. Please.
Call out the guards!
-Bring out the guards!
-Hurry, over the wall.
-Seize him!
Take him before the
Grand Wazir.
We found this vagabond
in the garden, my lord.
He was annoying the
-Annoying the princess?
-That's a matter of opinion.
-Who is he?
-Who are you?
I'm not talking to you.
Let him ask me.
A cool rogue.
Well, who are you?
Aladdin of Cathay.
Who are you?
Abu Has...
That does not concern you.
Do you realize the
penalty for casting your
eyes upon the princess?
I realize it well.
A man is stricken with
joy and delight
at the wondrous
beauty of Her Highness.
A severe penalty, but
well worth it.
Take him to the dungeon.
He shall hang at the rise of
the sun.
-Oh, Captain.
-My Lord.
Post a double guard
outside the Sultan's door.
He does not wish to
be disturbed. No one
is to see him.
-Do you understand, Captain?
No one.
-I hear and obey.
-What is the meaning of this?
Let me pass.
-I'm sorry, Highness.
The Sultan left strict orders
that he is not to be
Fool, those orders do not
apply to his daughter.
-Stand aside.
-We are dust under your
feet, Highness.
But the Sultan's orders
are that no one shall enter.
-But I...
-I dare not disobey the
Sultan's command, Highness.
It would mean my death.
Abdullah, what are you
doing here?
What am I doing here?
I came to get out of the sun.
They threw me in here.
This is a jail, remember?
Your Highness, please tell
us all about it.
Leave me alone.
All of you leave
me alone.
What happened, your
The Wazir was rude to me.
The Sultan wouldn't see me.
Now they're going to
hang Aladdin.
Well, they haven't hanged him
yet, your Highness.
-Captain Kahim has taken
him to the dungeon.
-The dungeon?
-Novira, can we not
do something?
-I wish we could.
Yes, there may be
something I can do.
Captain Kahim is always
telling me how pretty he
thinks I am.
Not that one. He's saving
Any dummy can see
he's saving aces. Try
to help people.
Leave it! What do you
need it for, it's only gonna
loss up your hand.
Just listen to me and
you'll blitz him.
I can see he doesn't save
anything over a six.
-Be silent, gallows bait.
-Yes, be silent.
What do you mean, be silent?
That's no way to talk to a
And what are you yelling at?
I'm trying to help you.
Yes, but look what
you're doing to me.
You're all mixed up, "I
don't know what to throw."
You wouldn't listen to me.
People, I play this game.
Don't let me interrupt
the game, captain.
I came but to behold
the horrible monster who
molested the princess.
Look your fill, little one.
He gave me a valiant
fight. But finally I
overpowered him.
Kahim, you are braver than
the lion and the eagle.
It was a trifle.
I would do much more
for you.
Hey stupid, stop drooling.
You can use that.
-The cards.
What kind of game
is that?
The barbarians play it
in some distant land.
Sinbad picked it up
during his travels.
They call it Gin Rummy.
Would you teach me to
play when you're relieved
from duty?
Yes, as soon as I have
stretched a rope
I shall await you in the
courtyard within the hour,
my little bird.
I shall languish
until then.
They cannot seem to
resist you, my captain.
You always did have an
attraction for the ladies.
Oh, some chase me from
time to time.
Hey, Casanova, not
that one.
A little bigger.
A little bigger.
You're getting warm.
A little bigger.
That's it. Play it.
Play it.
Would you listen to me.
It's the safest card in your
hand, play it.
Will you hold your
Wise guy who wouldn't
listen, huh?
Everybody plays this game.
I'd like to have you on a
slow camel to Egypt.
What are you thinking
Let me ask you
something. What do you
need this card for?
Can you give a reason.
Why do you need this card?
Get rid of it.
He don't need it.
Believe me, he don't need it.
He's speculating.
What are you doing?
Take that. Now get rid
of the six.
Be gone, you insect.
I said be gone.
Do you hear?
Still say you should
have got rid of the six.
I guess he was right.
Here's the six.
By my father's beard.
Hey, the prisoners!
-Call out the guards!
-Call out the guards!
Two horses are beyond
the wall.
I'll never forget this as
long as I live.
That won't be long if we
don't hurry up. Come on.
Mount the horses, the
prisoners have escaped!
Mount the horses, the
prisoners have escaped!
Surround the palace.
We can hide in here.
That was a close shave.
We'll rest here until
it's safe. Then we'll
be on our way.
Aladdin, look.
The man who didn't
come to dinner.
Don't tell me the thing
has relatives.
-Aladdin of Cathay?
-Who are you?
I am Kofir, the sorcerer.
Why Aladdin, do you
pursue the princess?
-How do you know of her?
-Kofir knows many things.
If ever you would behold
your princess again...
walk this way.
-I think I'll walk this way.
-The man said this way.
Gaze into the crystal.
It will tell you much.
Gaze into it and time and
distance will melt away.
Trouble and deceit
surround her on every side.
Evil broods over the
palace of the Sultan.
But the princess weeps
not for that.
her tears are for you.
-Will I ever see her again?
-More than that.
Do as I advise and you
shall marry her.
How do I know you
speak the truth, sorcerer?
Have you not beheld
her weeping for you?
-The crystal does not lie.
-Yeah, it's a fake.
-You disbelieve it?
-I'm strictly a tea-leaf man.
Boy, what a sweet
technique that guy has
Did you notice how...
That's me!
This guy has run into
television and don't
know it.
-To marry the princess
what must I do?
-Here in this very mountain
is a magic power
through which all things
are possible.
But he who seeks it
must have the courage
of youth.
Not even the crystal
can give me that.
It is a quest so dangerous
that is would freeze the
blood of a coward.
That me, brother, a coward.
Come on, Aladdin, let's get
out of here.
-What is this magic power?
-Look upon.
That's only an old lamp.
Yes, but it's more powerful
than all the forces of nature.
Even though you are of the
gutter, born and bred,
the princess would be
yours forever.
Where can we find
this lamp?
-What do you mean we?
I'm not interested.
Look, I'll steal you
a lamp.
Nobody home.
Come on, let's go.
Last warning...
the grotto is alive with
strange and terrible dangers.
Go with caution.
Exactly where is the lamp?
It awaits you on a shelf
of rock beyond the
last grotto.
Remember, one unguarded
moment may cost your lives.
Aladdin, why won't you
All right, don't push.
Don't be such an eager beaver.
I'm going.
Watch that pushing, will
you buddy?
Come on.
Bread and butter.
I thought that sorcerer
said this place was
We haven't finished
our journey yet.
Phony, it's a cinch.
In fact, it's just a breeze.
-What was that?
-A subterranean draft of
some kind.
I could swear that draft
had garlic on it.
I got the darndest feeling
that somebody is watching us.
Nonsense. No human
being could live in a
place like this.
Yeah, that's what I'm
afraid of.
Look, the light comes
from the other end of
the tunnel.
I tell ya, I got a feeling
that we're not alone. I get
these feelings, honestly I do.
You never got anything
Well these goose
pimples are my own.
Aladdin, look!
-Look at what?
-Right there. At the
end of the tunnel.
There's nothing there.
I'm telling you I saw it
and I think it saw me.
Your imagination is playing
tricks on you. Come on,
it can't be much farther.
There it is, the lamp.
Rest yourself, Abdullah.
Boy these wedges
are killing me.
How are you?
Isn't marvelous what a guy
will go through for a dame.
You see we were...
Ah, ha, ha, ha!
Come back here!
Come back here.
Come back here!
-I don't see the opening.
-This looks like the place
we started from.
Aladdin of Cathay?
That's the sorcerer's
He's closed of the entrance.
I knew we shouldn't trust
that guy.
Speak Aladdin.
Have you the lamp?
Yes, let us out of here.
In good time.
First, push the lamp
through to me.
What's with him?
He says we must give
him the lamp before he'll
release us.
Give it to him.
Come on, let's get out
of here.
-Come on, give it to him.
He wants it far too much.
If I give it to him now, he
may never let us out.
You hear me? Push
the lamp through.
How do I know you'll
release us? Let us
out of here first.
So you don't trust
Why should I share the
lamp with you?
I've waited all these years
for it, I can wait a little
Stay there and die of
hunger, you fools.
Stay there and rot.
Stay here and rot.
I knew I should've given
that icky a mickey.
You and your great ideas
and I must be daffy for
listening to you.
Magic powers.
I get mixed up with...
Maybe there's magic
in this cornerstone.
Open sesame.
Doesn't work.
Magic powers, huh.
I'll show you what I
think of magic powers.
Wait. This must have
great value.
There must be
something about it.
Are you kidding?
Why do I listen to you?
The things you get me into.
This is the end.
Stuck here forever.
I'm tired.
I'm cold and
Hey you!
I'm not guilty.
I was framed.
-What's the matter?
-I heard a woman calling.
A woman...
You're not gonna start
that again, are you?
Go on, get some sleep.
What's the matter, are
you deaf?
Look, down here.
Well, hello handsome.
I'd like to get out of here.
Give the lamp a rub,
will you?
Know o' master that I
am a slave of the land
of Nador.
You're the only one who
can see me, and I'm yours
to command at all things.
Ask and it shall be given.
Command and it shall be done.
That takes care of
I don't understand.
-Who are you?
-Why, I'm a genie.
-A genie?
-Haven't you ever read
Arabian Nights?
-Oh, yes.
-But you're human.
-I'll say I am.
And you have no idea
how long it's been since
I've seen a man.
-No, don't awaken him.
It won't do any good.
Only you can see me.
-Or hear me.
-Wait a minute.
Why can I see you
if he can't?
Well, because only you are
the possessor of the lamp.
And no one but the
possessor of the lamp has
the power to see me.
So it is magic.
The sorcerer was telling
the truth.
And if there's anything
you want...
-You mean, all I have to
do is ask for it?
-That's what the rules say.
I bid you to free us
from this grotto.
I hope it wasn't too
fast for you.
Boy, you are wonderful.
You're not bad yourself.
I'm going to enjoy
working for you, boss
Aladdin, what happened?
Can you always do things
like that? Just like that.
I'll do even better.
Now that my heart's in it.
-Hey, who you talking to?
-The young lady.
What young lady?
Oh, I forgot.
You can't see her.
No, this is no time
to be playing jokes, either.
You see, I can see her
because I'm the possessor
of the lamp.
She's standing right here
beside me.
Sure she is kid.
You know, you're very
Why don't you hit your
head on a rock?
Maybe she'll go away.
-I tell you, she's right here.
-This is worse than I thought.
Why don't you lie down for a
while and maybe I'll find
something to tie you with.
How do you think we got
out of the grotto. This girl
is a genie.
-Yeah, I'll tell him when
he comes in.
-Who is this character?
Excuse me. Abdullah,
an old friend of mine.
-Stop it, will you?
-Is there no way I can
convince him you're here?
Well, you can try. You're
my new boss and you can
have anything you want.
-She says I can have anything
I want. You name it.
-This is great.
Tell her I want a
banquet table just covered
with food.
-And some wine too.
-Would you mind?
One banquet table
coming up.
As long as we're dreaming
I want some chicken.
That's what I like, chicken.
Lots of chicken, and get
me some pastrami.
Hot, if you don't mind.
And get me some carrots.
Good for my eyes, you know.
And soup.
Hey Aladdin, that's
what I like, soup.
Some hot soup.
Huh, get me some soup.
Well, I'm waiting.
-Waiting for what?
-Waiting for what...
Didn't you promise me
a banquet table with soup
Now I'll believe anything.
Thanks, Miss Genie.
Waldorf Astoria, not bad.
You've really been very
kind Miss...
I didn't get your name.
-You can just call me
Babs, boss dear.
-Babs, a worthy name.
-Thank you.
You sure there's
nothing else that you
All you have to do
is name it.
There is only one thing
in the world that I really
-What's that?
-The hand of the princess
in marriage.
Well, how do you like
that? You mean you've
already got a girl?
I haven't got her,
but I'm trying.
Well a gentleman would
have at least given me
a chance to get started.
-What's she saying?
-She's angry. I think
she likes me.
Well it figures.
She's a dame, ain't she?
Who is this princess?
The daughter of the
Isn't there something you
can do?
Yeah, I can always
poison her coffee.
But you said you'd
do anything I asked.
-Well sure, I have to whether
I want to or not.
-Well then?
Look handsome, I can give
you the material things like
money, slaves and palaces.
But where love is
The lamp doesn't give
any control over the
human heart.
I can't even control
my own.
I could get you into
the palace as a prince,
with all the splendor
that goes with being a
Why don't you stay on
your own side of the tracks?
Hey, what's cooking with
you two?
We're going back to
the palace.
-The palace?
-Yes, the palace.
And I, Aladdin, the street
singer will ask for the hand
of the princess in marriage.
Why not, Abdullah? Why
shouldn't I?
Because there's a guy
waiting with a big fat rope
to put around our necks.
Aladdin, don't do it.
Please, miss Genie, don't
let him do it.
Fear not, by the time the
Babs has done her work,
not even the princess will
recognize me.
One more thing,
boss dear, before we
get started.
-I must warn you. Be
very careful with the lamp.
-I won't drop it.
-Don't let anybody else
get his hands on it.
If somebody did, everything
the lamp had given you
would be gone in a flash.
Hey, what's the pixie
saying now?
-A stranger mustn't get
hold of the lamp.
-Tell her to watch it.
Just a minute, the
lady is talking. Where
are your manners?
What do you mean,
where's my manners?
What I'm uncouth. You
think I'm illiterate. I don't
know when she's talking.
Tip a guy off.
Snap your fingers.
-You were saying?
-You'd be right back
where you started.
And I wouldn't like to
lose you. You're a
swell boss.
I hope you'll be happy
with me and don't worry
about the lamp.
-I'll be careful.
-I'll arrange for everything
you need, look.
Hey, look at me.
I'm a glamor boy, hey.
Hello, Silver.
Shall we hi-ho?
That's a good one, huh?
I wish that dame
in Baghdad could see
me now.
-Why, you're wonderful!
-I have my moments.
But this is one time my
heart isn't in it.
The one thing I need now
is a new name, something
very impressive!
A new name, um, how about
Anloo Shan, Prince of
Anloo Shan.
Abdullah, how do you like
this for my new name, Anloo
Anloo Shan. Yeah, I
like it. Sounds like nature
spelled sideways. Ha!
We hang upon
your words, mighty prince.
Make haste to the palace of
the Sultan.
Inform him that Anloo Shan,
Prince of Hindustan comes
bearing gifts
and to sue for the hand of
the princess.
We hear and obey.
What's this princess got
that I haven't got?
Babs, if I weren't already
in love, I would be now.
-I'll break that up, don't
-What did you say?
Oh, nothing, uh, let's
Did you find out anything
Novira? Who is he?
He's called Anloo Shan
your Highness, a noble
prince of Hindustan.
He comes to ask your hand.
I shall refuse to see him.
The Sultan can do
the honors alone.
The prince will be
offended, Highness.
I understand he brings you
priceless gifts, jewels that
will take your breath away.
And my hand with it,
I suppose? He may keep
his gifts.
Surely you plan
to marry someday?
Not without love.
The prince will court you
in vain, my lady. It is
Aladdin you love.
But we will never
meet again.
We deliver a message,
Lord of the World. The Sultan
will be honored by your gifts.
-He is eager to receive you.
He awaits you now.
-It is well.
You are thrice welcome,
Prince Anloo Shan.
I'm sure your priceless gifts
will dazzle my unworthy
Look out for this guy.
I don't trust him.
The gifts are but a poor
offering, your Majesty.
They cost me nothing.
I'm honored that you have
condescended to receive me.
And I don't like this
character any better.
Babs, be quiet.
I beg your pardon?
I said it's very quiet
in here.
The east wing of the palace
has been prepared for you
illustrious prince.
I hope it will please you.
I'm sure it will please me
more than my own
east wing.
We favor your suit, my Lord,
and are honored by it.
When we dine this night
the princess shall sit at
your right hand.
My left will be jealous. I
long to look upon the beauty
of the princess again.
You've seen her before?
Uh, I can dream, can I not?
-Ha, ha, ha!
Oh brother, is this from
Captain! Conduct our
noble guest to his quarters.
Make certain that his every
wish is fulfilled.
-Don't worry me with a
little thing like that!
-But you promised!
-You promised that the
princess was to marry me!
-That's right.
I think I've changed my mind.
I should have known you keep
promises only when it
suits you.
Mhmm, and now it suits me to
choose a son-in-law with
money bags.
And how would it suit you
if I were to tell him you are
not the Sultan?
You forget who is in power.
-You forget what I know.
-Cultivate a discreet tongue,
Or I shall be forced to
tear it out by the roots.
That's what I like, an
old-fashioned waltz.
Love it, love it!
You know how she gets this
way? Watching too many
ping pong games. Ha!
By George, that was a good
one, huh? Ha, ha, ha!
I hope our dancers
meet with your approval,
my Lord?
Indeed, they are excellent
your Majesty.
It is strange, this
feeling that we have met
It's amazing! I have the same
Perhaps it is that you remind
me of someone I know.
I hope not. That is, well,
every man likes to imagine
that he is different.
-Forgive me for staring, my
-Forgive me for staring lord.
-For this I came out of
the lamp?
-Be silent.
-Did you say "be silent",
my lord?
-Yes, to my impatient heart.
-Wait till I see you alone!
-What did you say?
I said I can hardly wait till
I can see you alone.
Look boss dear, you're making
a big mistake. She wants no
part of you.
All right, I'll go.
But you better make it good
because I'll be listening in.
Your face does look familiar.
This courtship does not seem
to please you. No doubt you'd
rather be with someone else.
My wishes in the matter are of
no importance.
They're of more importance
to me than you can imagine.
I shall marry no woman
against her will.
Why do you object to me
as a husband?
Oh, I do not object.
But I have no wish to be
married yet.
My lady I suspect there is
someone else. Some handsome
irresistible man
one who has swept you
off your feet?
And that's why you didn't wish
to appear tonight. Am I right?
-I'm sorry my lord.
-Oh no! Not at all!
You should marry no one but
this wonderful man you love.
Ruff, ruff!
Ha, ha, ha!
I beg your pardon, my lord?
You didn't get these on
credit, did you?
-To what are you referring?
-This razzle dazzle you're
They were a gift from the
Sultan for faithful services.
-I'm flattered that you
admire them.
-Oh, yes I do!
Uh, wouldn't you like
something else, to eat?
I like your lid too.
It's really groovy.
Say, are you familiar with
galloping dominoes?
Faithful service, eh?
Don't fence me in.
Come here.
Well, where's the
blond bombshell?
She returned to the harem.
She'll have nothing
to do with me.
-Then why are you so happy?
-That's the reason.
I don't get it.
Don't you see? This proves
she loves Aladdin
the vagabond.
-Oh boss, dear, do you
really believe that?
-Of course.
Babs, I must see the
princess alone. You've got to
get me into the harem.
Now you're asking too much.
Don't you know that men aren't
allowed in the harem?
Well, couldn't you change me
into some other form, perhaps?
I could change you into a very
beautiful hand maiden.
Yes, a hand maiden, that
Oh, wait a minute!
No, no thank you.
Do you have any
better ideas?
Well, if I can't be a man,
how about a mouse? No.
A cat might get me.
Some other kind of
animal, maybe?
Well, I could make a
monkey out of you.
That's no trick. Any girl
can do that.
Babs, I don't care how you
do it, but please get me
into the harem.
All right, you asked for it.
There you are, Rover.
Hope I didn't forget anything.
Do you wish me to go with you
into the garden tonight,
your Highness?
No. I shall go alone.
It was in the garden that
I last saw Aladdin.
Where does this dog
come from?
He's not of this palace
your Highness. He must belong
to Prince Anloo Shan.
Prince Anloo Shan?
If I could but tell your
master that I cannot
give him my heart.
It is only for Aladdin.
Your bath is ready
my lady.
You know something?
I think the three of us are
Faithful service.
Ha, ha, ha!
What have you done?
What have you done?
Looks better on you than it
does on that silly visage
-Stealing again?
-What do you mean stealing?
I didn't switch dice
in the moonlight.
I played him fair and square.
I don't have to switch...
Aladdin? Where are you?
I heard you say the dice
were loaded.
I said they were loaded?
That's all brother!
Babs, change me back. I'm
meeting the princess in
the garden.
One of these days I'm going to
put the end of it sign on
that dame.
Why so rough?
I won't need you anymore
tonight. I can't fail now.
She loves me.
Please, Babs, won't you wish
me luck?
I can't boss dear.
-There's one thing you've
never learned about love.
-What's that?
It's no fun losing.
When you are near
I'm so afraid
at any moment
You'll disappear
I needed a song to tell you
who I really am.
I do not understand. I'm
wooed by a vagabond and
suddenly he becomes a prince?
-What does it mean?
-That when you're in love
anything is possible.
A line like that and she
falls for it!
Now I understand. You
always were Prince Anloo Shan.
Aladdin the vagabond was
only a disguise.
-Does it matter who I am
-I love you whoever you are.
-Then, you will marry me?
-Yes, and at once.
I'll tell Father. Will you
wait here?
Now I've heard everything.
Now why don't you be a
good little genie and stop
You oughtta be ashamed
of yourself.
So should you.
Boy, were you corny.
Now, perhaps you'll admit you
were wrong. You heard she said
she's going to marry me.
Oh yeah? Over my
dead body.
If you don't behave yourself
that can be arranged.
How do you expect to stop
my marriage anyway?
That's a trade secret. But
from now on, anything goes.
New lamps for all!
New lamps for old!
I can't believe my eyes
The way they dare
to behold you
You're pretty
happy for a guy who's just
going to get married.
Marriage is a wonderful
thing, Abdullah.
-You should pick yourself
a bride.
-Thanks a lot.
I'd rather pick
pockets if you don't mind.
You look sharp as a blade,
yeah man!
You really look fine!
Babs really out-did herself
with this one, didn't she?
Say, where is the gremlin?
Is she still carrying a torch
for you?
Yes. I'll have to do something
about that.
If only I could get her to
fall in love with somebody
What are you looking
at me for?
-It just occurred to me...
-Oh no, pal.
You see, the trouble with me
is, I usually like to
see who I'm making love to.
No, that's not the trouble.
Abdullah, the trouble is
she can see you.
-You fool you!
-Ha, ha, ha!
The wedding ceremony is
about to begin, my lord.
She's not going to have him!
She's not.
I'll break up this wedding if
it's the last thing I ever do.
New lamps for old!
The bargain of the ages!
New lamps for old!
New lamps for old!
A fair exchange, my masters!
Who will give an old
lamp for a new one?
New lamps for old!
New lamps for old!
I warned him.
He wouldn't listen.
She'll never have him now.
Don't you hear what he's
Throw it down to him!
Throw it down!
New lamps for old!
A fair exchange, my masters!
Give it to him you dope!
Give it to him!
New lamps for old!
Throw it down!
Now you're getting it.
Old man, wait a minute.
Here's an old lamp.
What is the meaning of this?
Babs? Babs?
It's that dame, she double
crossed us!
Will someone explain this
mystery to me?
Well you see, father...
-He's no prince, my lord, I
recognize him now.
-So do I.
He's a vagabond,
Aladdin of Cathay.
And he's just a pickpocket!
What do you mean just a
pickpocket? I was one
of the...
-Seize them!
-Seize them!
Take the route to the
courtyard and stretch
their necks.
I will obey, it shall be done.
Bring him to the courtyard!
-Father, won't you...
-These men are purveyors
of black magic.
-They must hang.
-But father!
Return to your chambers
at once.
This is judgment upon you
for your broken promise.
Now will you keep
your word?
Very well, very well, you
may marry the princess.
If she'll have you.
If she'll have me?
Then may I proceed in my
own way?
As you like.
This visit is indeed an
honor, your Highness.
But not a surprise.
You know why I have come.
Because your father will
not listen to your plea.
Yes my lady.
I know what it is to love.
Then you will help me.
The man shall go free.
When I have your promise
that you will marry me.
Does it surprise you that I
dare raise my eyes to someone
above my station?
Or is that a privilege
reserved only for vagabonds?
I will never marry you.
That's a pity.
-You must stop them!
-Oh, you can stop them,
my lady.
If you love him, you will
not hesitate.
Very well.
Only, call to them.
-Not that quickly.
First, your promise.
You have my word.
Bring the prisoners to my
chambers at once!
This Aladdin shall be the
first to hear of our
You will tell him yourself.
I have given my word, is that
not enough?
No. If you are to become my
bride this man must forget
about you completely.
Compose yourself my dear,
they are here.
-Armina, I...
Her Highness has something
to say to you.
You were brought here
by request.
My father's graciously
consented to spare your life.
Because of you?
I was once foolish enough
to accept you as an equal.
Now, all that is over.
If you ever attempt to see
me again,
I shall turn you over to
the guards myself.
Is that clear?
How do you like that?
It's the royal brushoff.
You forced her into this!
You take a great deal of
convincing, young man.
Tell him, my dear.
Tomorrow I shall marry the
Grand Wazir.
Come on pal, this is where
we get off.
See that these men leave
the city before the
morning prayer.
You did very well, Armina.
Why spoil it?
Oh, Aladdin, why don't you
find yourself a new tomato
and forget about
her royal nibs.
Come, Aladdin, drown out
your sorrows with a song.
A song! A song!
A song! A song!
-A song! A song!
-Sing us a song, Aladdin!
I'll sing you a song and
unburden my mind
For I have discovered,
love is unkind
Unfaithful, unworthy,
deceitful I say
This vow, I have taken today
No more women, not for me
Women just bring misery
If I lie, hang me from the
highest tree
No more women for me
No more women! Not for me!
Women just bring misery!
If I lie, hang me from the
highest tree!
No more women for me!
Aladdin is sad, with a torch
on his mind
He thinks love's unfaithful,
cruel and unkind
Women will kill you,
he wants to imply
I have to admit it, but
what a beautiful way to die
I love women,
they're for me!
From sweet 16 to 63
If I lie,
tie me to an olive tree
with a woman on each
side of me!
With a woman,
on each side of me!
Abdullah is mad,
a babbling buffoon
His heart's like a feather,
brains like a loon
When I want a thrill, give
me fighting and wine
On romance I now
draw the line
No more women! Not for me!
Women just bring misery!
If I lie, cast me in
the deep blue sea
No more women for me!
No more women for me!
He calls me buffoon!
You think I should sue?
I'll take him to court,
till I get what's due
If loving a woman is
only a quirk
Can I help it?
I like that kind of work
I like big ones, small ones,
short ones
tall ones, good ones,
bad ones, gay ones,
sad ones, sleepy ones,
and creepy ones,
creamy ones,
and dreamy ones,
lazy ones, and crazy ones!
I don't care what
kind of ones!
Women! Women!
I want women!
I want women!
Hey women!
Be gone with his racket
and row
Again, I repeat my vow
No more women!
Send 'em to me, hey?
Women just bring...
Joy to me, hey!
If I lie, cast me in the
deep blue sea!
With a mermaid on each
side of me!
No more women!
I think they're groovy.
No more women!
Groovy like a movie!
No more women!
Kill me. I like 'em
For me!
I like 'em.
I've searched everywhere
for you.
-I was afraid you were leaving
the city.
We are. At sun up we join a
caravan bound for India.
-But the princess.
-I don't know any princess!
-Listen you fool, she doesn't
love the Wazir.
She promised to marry him
only to save your life.
How do you know this?
He released you from the
gallows when she promised
to marry him.
So that was the reason.
Oh, for this I love you!
If I get the lamp back
you shall have a chest full
of diamonds!
Hey, the lamp, you're not
gonna start that again!
I must! Only the lamp
can help us now.
What does the lamp have
to do with this?
Everything, it contains magic
-I left it in my chambers at
the palace!
Something wrong?
I gave it to an old peddler in
the street.
He was offering new lamps
for old ones.
New lamps for...
-Kofir the sorcerer!
-It must be.
Go back to the palace, leave
everything to us.
The wedding takes place after
the second call to prayer.
You must hurry.
I will!
No sign of him anywhere.
He's probably out
riding a broom.
-The crystal.
-Yeah, maybe we can get a good
tip on a camel in Baghdad.
Was only asking.
Where can he be?
I've seen that place before.
That's the tavern we just
came from.
-What does it mean?
-We'll find out soon enough.
Yes, yes! An old man
with evil eyes.
A nose you could cut
bread with.
-Ahh, yes. You mean Kofir
the sorcerer.
He came here only
Well, where is he?
-He arrived shaking with
-Where is he now?
Yonder, in back of my garden.
-Thanks a lot!
-We buried him only an
hour ago.
Buried him?
As I say, he was greatly
No sooner had he taken to his
room than he had a stroke.
And he died a few
minutes later.
Hmm. What a ghost he'll make.
Tell me, friend, did he have
an old lamp in his possession?
-A lamp? Lamp...
-A copper lamp!
-Ah, yes! I remember, it was
among his affects.
-Where is it?
Ahh, I gave it to one of
my children.
Let me see, which one...
Ahh, yes. I remember.
Ah! The lamp your father gave
you, I want to buy it.
A camel driver gave me some
sugar for it.
A camel driver?
Where is he?
He left the tavern about an
hour ago.
-Well, quick, which way did
he go?
-He took the south road.
Thanks, sonny.
Are you the driver who got
a lamp from the tavern
keeper's son?
I am. What's amiss friend?
It was a fair bargain.
Yes, yes, we know. We just
want to buy the lamp from you.
Name your price.
Name your price?
For that old lamp?
Well, you don't understand.
It's a family heirloom which
means much to us.
Yes, you see, grandmother
used to place it in the window
to help grandfather find his
way home every night.
Oh, your grandfather, he
was blind?
Six nights out of seven.
You touch me very deeply,
It would give me great
pleasure to return it to you.
-The pleasure would be ours.
-I know how it is.
Am I not a sentimental man
Well, I'm sure you are.
I had a grandmother myself.
A fine woman.
I'm sure she was.
Now, about the lamp.
When I was a small child,
she used to hold me on
her knee
and bath me with scented oils
and perfumes.
You haven't seen your
grandmother lately, have you?
My grandmother was a
beautiful woman.
She had a wonderful voice.
Every night she would sing me
to sleep with her
sweet, soft, soothing voice.
Don't like my grandmother's
I see what you mean.
So we'll give you five dinars
and be on our way.
Five di... That is a very
handsome sum.
But I could not dream of
taking so much for it.
All right, we'll give you
three dinars.
Oh, no. I would much
prefer to return it to you
for nothing.
-As I said, am I not a very
sentimental man myself?
-A very sentimental man.
Yes, as you will, but hurry.
-Hurry up and give us
the lamp.
I would be honored to do
so, my friend.
Yes, you've already
said that.
But you see,
I don't have it now.
You what?
I don't have it now.
Half an hour ago,
on this very road
I met Ali the tailor.
-A fine man, you should
know him.
I know too many people now.
He was on his way back
to the city.
And after some bargaining
I traded the lamp for a
new sash.
Ali the tailor.
Where did you say he lives?
He lives over...
Let me see now...
I just don't seem to recall
at the present time,
but you'll have no trouble
finding him.
Everyone in the marketplace
knows of Ali the tailor.
The marketplace,
thanks a lot.
Know, o' master, that I am
the slave of the land
of Nador.
Help. Help!
Relax, will ya?
I'm yours to command in
all things, whether they be
great or small.
Ask and it shall be given you.
Command and it shall be done.
Oh gosh. I sure pick the
weirdest characters.
Uh, go away.
Please go away.
Take it easy, buddy. I didn't
choose you for a master.
In fact, you're something that
shouldn't even happen
to a genie.
A genie!
Welcome, welcome
miraculous one.
What can I do for you?
No, no. You got it backwards.
What can I do for you?
All you have to do is name it.
You mean, I ask for something
and it comes to pass?
Sure, anything you want?
By the bones of Mustafa...
Whatever will they think
of next?
Now, let me see.
There is something I have
long desired.
Okay. It's all yours.
Well, I would like...
Well, tell me. What is it?
Oh, you can tell me.
Well, I would like a
red-headed seamstress.
In fact, I would like several.
Red-heads, huh?
Well, this kind.
Coming up.
Hold on to your
top knots.
Do you mean they're...
You mean, they're all mine?
And they can cook, too.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I just love good cooking.
Is there anything else that
I can do for you?
No... yes, there is.
Like all good tailors, I have
a passion for beautiful
Could you bring me the most
priceless garment in all
the land?
One studded with jewels and
gold braid.
In fact, I'd like the very
robe worn by the
sultan himself.
The sultan's not gonna like
this, but orders are orders.
May your wedded life be one
of constant joy.
And now it is hereby
What is the meaning of
this disturbance?
How dare you interrupt the
Look. Look.
I'll have the scoundrel's
head who played this trick.
The ceremony will continue
when I return.
Why did you leave
the ceremony, my dear?
Where is my father?
Your father? Why, your father
went to his chambers.
That was my uncle,
Prince Hadji.
Why child, your uncle is
in exile.
My uncle is here in the palace
masquerading as the sultan.
Armina, the excitement of the
wedding has been too much
for you.
Prince Hadji's attempt on
my father's life
left him with an ugly scar on
his arm.
That man had no such wound.
Well, if this is so we must
proceed with caution.
Caution? There's no
time for that.
We must learn what
happened to my father.
Oh, yes, of course.
The chamberlains are still
If you do not denounce the
imposter to them, I will.
I shall do so at once.
Wait here.
So, you said nothing
could go wrong.
Wrong? What are you
talking about?
The princess knows
you are not the sultan.
Don't be a fool,
how could she?
By the long scar on her
father's arm.
-I forgot about that.
-But the princess didn't.
-Where is she now?
-Locked in her chambers.
Nothing has gone wrong yet.
What are you going to do?
I'm sure you will mourn her
with becoming grief.
Ali, the tailor.
-This must be it!
-Yeah, I see what you mean.
Customers, I'm afraid you're
too late. Ali the tailor has
retired from business.
Say, pal. That's really a
sharp robe you got there.
You know, I've been looking
for one just like it.
Yeah man, it's really solid.
And those shoulders!
Where do you begin?
And the sleeves, are they
loose enough?
Don't you think sleeves
should be loose?
I mean, if they're loose it
gives you a chance to get
in there.
Be on the beam. You know
what I mean? Be hip!
Yeah, you really look fine.
Where did you get it, pal?
Well, it's a long story.
This morning I passed a
camel driver leaving the city.
And after some bargaining, I
traded him a new sash for an
old copper lamp.
-And when I returned to my
I happened to rub it
And a strange maiden appeared.
-Just from nowhere.
-Well what do you know?
She said I could have
anything I wanted.
And low, when I called upon
her to provide me with the
beauteous damsels.
-Poof! There...
-Hold it. I'd love to hear the
rest of it some other time.
See you around the pool
room, huh?
Hiya, glad to see ya!
How did you get in here?
I might ask the same of you.
Where's the sultan?
Be careful Aladdin, he's
the best swordsman in Persia.
Boy, I wish I had a gun.
What am I saying? They're not
even invented yet.
Use the lamp on him, Aladdin.
No, I'll handle this myself.
You thought you'd escape the
gallows, eh vagabond?
I'll feed your carcass to
the crows.
Come on, Al.
Blind him with footwork.
You're a master on your
feet, my lord.
The sultan!
Guards! Guards! Guards!
Call out the guards! Guards!
To the sultan!
Come on, Babs.
Run interference.
Thanks, Babs.
-Stop! Stop!
-What have you done with
the sultan?
-The palace at the alpha.
-In the dungeon.
-Drop your sword.
And by the order of our
restored sultan,
the great and good sultan,
Kamar Al-Kir,
the noble Aladdin of Cathay
is appointed to the office of
the Grand Wazir.
But, I wanna be near you.
Why must I move on?
Because someone will
always be looking for you.
Old men, lovers, little
All the people in the world
who dream.
You are known as the genie
of the lamp, but some
have a different name for you.
They call you, hope.
Don't you see? You belong
to everyone
and to all ages.
But I don't wanna belong to
the ages.
I wanna belong to you.
You mustn't belong to
any one person, Babs.
That's why I'm setting
you free.
-You're giving it to me?
And you must leave it for
someone else to find.
For there are others in the
world who dream of things
that seem beyond their reach.
They must learn as I did, that
you're not just a pretty
Oh, please don't send me
away, boss dear.
I must, if others are to be
as happy as I am.
Goodbye, Babs.
Aw, gee.
Why couldn't he have been
twins like the sultan?
Oh! Why didn't I think of
that before?
Oh come on little lamp,
do your stuff.
Get me a twin Aladdin.
I love women, they're for me.
Hiya, kid. This is living,
ain't it?
-Who are you?
-Me? Hey.
You kidding?
I never saw you before
in my life.
Come on now, Aladdin. You know
me, the kid with the funny
Your friend, Abdullah.
I don't know you and
you're not my friend.
Aw, I get it.
You're a big shot now.
You wanna give me the
Oh, Abdullah.
Just a minute, wait till I
straighten this character out.
Look, brother. Don't give me
the razzle-dazzle.
I know you, just because...
Aw, he's a pretty nice guy.
I think I'll do something
real nice for him.
Oh, nothing at all
Love never appealed
to me
If your heart never could
appeal to me
Then I'd rather have
nothing, nothing at all
Oh, nothing at all
If it's love, there is
no in-between
Why begin and cry for
something that might have
No, I'd rather have nothing
at all
Oh, Frankie.