A Thousand Junkies (2017) Movie Script

[pigeons cooing]
[engine stalling]
[engine starts]
[Latin American song playing]
[music stops]
[Tommy] Why do you always ask
him how long he's gonna be
instead of where he is?
[TJ] Well, he can lie
about where he is.
[Tommy] Yeah. And he can lie
about how long he's gonna be.
[TJ] Well, he's coming man.
[Blake] You know, we've
been here for an hour now.
[TJ] It hasn't been an hour.
[Tommy] Pretty close
to an hour.
[TJ] It has not been an hour.
[Tommy] It's definitely been 45
minutes, man, without a doubt.
[TJ] Without a fucking doubt.
You guys wanna know
how long we've been here?
We've been here 37 minutes...
and I called him
four minutes ago.
See, man, this is exactly
why we need to...
We need to make a move and get
our hands on legitimate funds.
I mean, we do, you know.
We gotta make
a fuckin' play,
and actually, like, sit down and
fuckin' organize and plan this shit.
Why don't you let me get a
little something in my system
before you start with
your criminal delusions, okay?
They're not delusions, Tommy.
They're facts.
You're a fucking strange
motherfucker, man.
Dude, your chick is
flipping out right now, man.
She's flipping
the fuck out, man.
Why don't you call her?
I know.
- Text her at least.
- I know.
Man, she's gonna have the National
Guard searching for your ass.
It is the fucking coke, man.
No, it is, man. Turns 'em
to fucking monsters.
All right, come on. Stop it.
Nobody forced you to shoot it.
It's sitting there in front of me.
What am I gonna do? Not shoot it?
All right, fuck this, man.
I'm gettin' some coffee.
Don't get a coffee, man.
No, we need the money
for gas.
And besides,
that's not coffee.
It's sad brown water.
Coffee is coffee.
Coffee is absolutely
not coffee.
- Then what is it?
- If anything, coffee is not coffee.
Then what is it?
Just let him
get a coffee. Jesus.
Go. Do what you want, man.
Oh, thanks, Dad.
You're gonna hit right away and I'm
gonna be poking around for hours.
It's 'cause I'm so skinny.
And you're so fat.
- [scoffs]
- [TJ] Just kidding.
[Tommy] Nah. It's true.
I hate the first shot
in the morning.
Sometimes I hit, man,
it's like, boom!
Fuck, another time, I'm just
digging around for hours, man.
I had this spot right here on my
shoulder that seemed like it was good,
but I couldn't get a pen
when I found it to mark it.
- Yeah.
- So the next time I was in there,
I just couldn't find it.
It was just gone.
Well, just don't shoot
in your leg.
Start looking for veins now.
You'll find one.
I thought this would
come back.
This little thing...
Look at those hands!
They look like the hands
of a corpse.
I know.
They're frightening, man.
They're still puffy. And I haven't
been in them in years, man.
I've not been in this hand
since 2009.
- And it's still like a...
- It captures, man.
I know. It's vile, man.
[door opens]
[Blake exhales]
What happened to coffee?
I got Sour Worms instead.
Red or green?
Green, man. I only do apple.
- [phone ringing]
- It's him.
Hey, man, where are you?
We're on Normandie & Jefferson.
Okay. I thought
you said Normandie...
Okay, where do you
want us to go?
No, but we'll
pay you by 3:00.
Jimmy, I didn't say we had money,
I said we didn't have money.
[Tommy] Just tell him
I'll guarantee it.
Jimmy, come on.
We always pay you.
Just tell him
I'll guarantee it.
Tommy says he'll guarantee it.
He says you already
owe him $300.
$260. Jimmy, I paid you
for that other $40!
Jimmy, please. We just need
one to get our day started.
- Two!
- Okay, so sorry, Jimmy.
Thank you.
[upbeat music playing]
[Blake] Yo, what is
"capricious," man?
[Tommy] Capricious?
Why do you care?
[Blake] What does
it mean, dude?
[TJ] It's like, prone to sudden mood
swings without explanation. Why?
[Blake] Nothing. It's just this dude
called me "capricious" the other day.
Pissed me off.
[TJ] Well, he was wrong.
You're just angry.
[Tommy] Oh, shit.
[Blake] What?
Oh, shit. I forgot
the fucking gear.
Oh, fuck!
Jesus fucking Christ, dude.
So what? We'll go
back to Hollywood, man.
We waited two hours, we can't
wait another 25 minutes?
Fuck that. How could you
forget the gear, man?
Fuck you, man. You think
I'm a fucking imbecile?
Of course I got
the fucking gear.
Ugh. God damn it.
I always fall for that.
It's not funny.
I'm not waiting, man.
I'm heading at the Arko.
No. I hate that
fuckin' bathroom.
Why? 'Cause of the finger?
I'm the one who found it.
I'm not positive
that was a finger.
That was absolutely
a finger.
It had a fuckin' wedding ring.
Could use the bathroom
at the Mexican restaurant
by the pool hall
in Normandie.
- The 24th?
- Yeah.
The cops eat there.
Popeyes on Figueroa
in Washington ain't bad.
It's got a little window, you
can smoke crack in there.
What about the 76 and Adams by SC?
That place is great.
They moved inside
the mini-mart.
- Bastards.
- I know.
Well, we do always have the Mobil
station at La Brea in Washington.
They moved that
inside, too.
Yeah, but those Indian guys are
pretty cool if worst comes to worst.
You know where's
an amazing bathroom?
Remember that coffee house
on Beverly,
when it was that other place, and had
that big, purple, velvet armchair?
It was like shooting up
at a Turkish whorehouse.
I know. I felt like a king.
Yeah, but the best bathroom
of all time...
- [phone ringing]
- It's him.
Hey, man. You close?
What do you mean
where are we?
We're at the El Super
on Slauson.
Laundrymat? What laundrymat?
Laundromat on Exposition?
Jimmy, you never said
anything about a laundrymat.
Just tell him to stay there.
No, I know it's not good to meet
in the same spot every time.
Tell him we're coming
to the laundromat.
Jimmy, I realize you're doing us
a favor, and we appreciate it.
Will you tell him we're coming
to the fucking laundromat?
We're coming to
the fucking laundrymat.
Why not?
Well, where are you?
Okay, we'll go there.
How long?
Two hours?
- [Blake groans] -No, he cannot do that.
He cannot do that.
Just tell him we're coming
to the fucking laundromat.
Will you shut the fuck up?
Jimmy, where are you right now,
right this second?
Okay, then
we'll come to Kaiser.
How long does
her ultrasound take?
Jimmy, I can't hear you. Is she
having an ultrasound or a baby?
Oh, fuck!
She's going into labor?
The parking garage at Kaiser.
Thank you, Jimmy.
Okay, thank you.
Parking garage at Kai... Oh, shit!
I didn't ask him what Kaiser.
It's the one on Los Sienta.
[engine starting]
[upbeat music playing]
[TJ] Hey, how did you know
which Kaiser?
[Tommy] That's the one
he had the last kid at.
[TJ] The twins?
[Tommy] No, after the twins.
The one who had to
wear the thing on her head.
[TJ] Oh, yeah.
What was that thing?
[Tommy] I don't know, it's some
kind of straightening helmet.
- [TJ] To straighten her head?
- [Tommy] Yeah.
[TJ] You know,
I think Jimmy's a good father.
[Blake] What?
[TJ] I do, man.
I think he's a good father.
[Blake] He's a heroin dealer.
[upbeat music playing]
What if his wife does into,
like, a 12-hour labor?
So what? What do you think, he's gonna hold
her hand the whole time like you would?
He's fucking Mexican.
He'll make her have the baby and carry
her own bags to the car. Call him.
If he's in the delivery room, he's
probably got his phone turned off.
- Yeah.
- I know.
[phone ringing]
Oh, fuck!
I'm sorry. I know I should
have called you back.
Mom. Of course I'm not dead, I've just
been busy, all right? It's a good thing.
Hey, let me ask you
a personal question.
All right. Really think about it, okay?
Don't just answer.
- You think you could rob a bank?
- No.
Come on, man! I told you
to really think about it.
I don't have to
think about it.
But you steal
all the time.
From my girlfriend.
I don't burst through the front
door of a bank with a shotgun,
yelling, "This is a hold-up."
Why was that
a personal question?
I could do it, man. I'm telling
you, I could definitely rob a bank.
That kind of shit just comes
down to one thing, you know?
Are you willing to
kill someone?
You don't have to do it,
but you have to be willing.
Yeah, well, I'm not willing.
Killing someone is something
everyone should do.
I'm being serious.
Everyone should know
what it feels like
to kill someone at least once
before they die. Everyone.
What about the person
you're killing?
What about them?
Well, what if you kill them before
they have the chance to know
what it feels like
to kill someone?
I'm not back on drugs.
I've been clean for months.
No, don't do that.
Mom, it's just
gonna sit there.
Can't you just send me
the money instead?
Fine. Fine. No, fine. Send me the subscription
for The New York Review of Books.
- [car horn honking]
- [TJ] He's here.
Mom, look, I gotta go.
My producer just showed up.
Okay, talk to you later. Bye.
[woman groaning in pain]
[TJ] Hey, man.
What happened?
[woman] Oh, no, no, no.
[TJ] Yes, okay, thank you.
- [Tommy] Did you get two?
- [Blake] Did he give you coke?
Gotta go to
that Swap Meet place.
[Tommy] What Swap Meet place?
[Blake] Dude,
don't fuck with us.
[TJ] I'm not fucking
with you.
[Tommy] The Swap Meet
on Avalon?
- You have it right there in your hand.
- I don't have it.
- Swap Meet on Avalon?
- Open your hand.
I don't fuckin' have it.
God damn it. How could you just
let him drive off like that?
They got into a fight
with the doctor,
and his wife's in there,
hysterically crying.
What fuckin' Swap Meet?
[TJ] The place with
the pinatas.
In Vernon?
He's making us go to Vernon?
[upbeat carnival music playing]
Did you check with
the churro guy?
He's usually by
the churro guy.
Yeah, I know.
This is retarded, man. We should have
put some money together yesterday.
Hey, why is this all
happening today?
Are you sure
he said Vernon?
[TJ] "The place with
the pinatas."
[music continues playing]
[Tommy] Where the fuck is he?
- [phone ringing]
- [Blake] It's him.
Calling you?
Answer it.
Hey, man.
Wait. We're at the place with the pinatas.
That's where you told us, right?
Dude, that's fucked up.
No, no, no, no. I mean,
I get it. I understand, man.
That's your kid.
That's your nino.
- Is he here?
- Where is he?
Don't you think that's
a little dangerous?
What if she has the baby
in the car?
Dude, what is happening?
Jimmy, Jimmy. I'm sorry.
One second. One second.
Dude, his fucking wife is freaking out.
She wants to have the baby in Mexico,
and they're headed there
right now.
Jimmy, it's me. Listen,
that is crazy, bro.
You gotta go back to Kaiser for
your wife's sake and the baby's.
No, I'll talk to the doctor, man.
I'll straighten the whole thing out.
Jimmy, she's going into labor.
You're not gonna make it to Mexico.
She can go to any hospital.
My sister's a nurse.
Where are you right now?
Great. Go to Gardena, get off, go to the
emergency room, we can meet you there.
They can't turn her away.
It's against the law.
They can't turn you away.
It's against the law.
TJ's sister is a nurse.
TJ's sister is a nurse.
Jimmy... He wants to
talk to you.
Hey, man. How are you?
No, they can't
turn her away.
My sister is a nurse,
I swear to God.
Well, how far apart
are her contractions?
Just get him off the freeway.
Jimmy, can we talk about this
somewhere calmly?
Jimmy, can the three...
Can we all... Jimmy.
Can we all meet
and discuss this calmly?
No, Jimmy, please.
This baby needs to be
born in America
and I'm telling you this as a
friend, not as a customer.
Hello. Jimmy?
He fuckin' hung up.
Oh, fuck!
[TJ] This is crazy!
[Tommy] Why can't we
reach there?
- [Blake] Just what the hell?
- [TJ] Are you sure he's on the 5?
[Tommy] We're gonna find him.
Yes, he's on the 5.
The 5's an East side freeway,
the 405's the West side freeway.
[Blake] Yeah, but come on,
man, the 110 goes to the 405!
I need a decision!
Yeah, but he's 20 minutes
ahead of us.
We're coming for you, Jimmy.
We're coming for you, Jimmy.
We're coming for you.
[Blake] We're not gonna fuckin'
find him on the freeway, man.
This is crazy.
[Tommy] Shut the fuck up and
look for a fucking highway, man.
We'll find him,
I can feel it!
Slow down! You're gonna get
pulled over. I've got warrants!
Yeah, for traffic tickets!
Not mine, man. I got cases, I'm lookin'
at three years if we get stopped.
[Tommy] Call him. Call him. See
if you can get him to slow down.
- He's not here.
- No, he might, man, he'll slow down.
If you get him on the phone,
he won't be able to drive...
[both talking over each other]
[TJ] Just hold on.
Hold on, okay?
- I'll call him.
- [Tommy] Call him.
[TJ] It's not calling...
[Tommy] We're gonna
find him, man.
I can feel it.
I can feel it.
[Tommy] What's that noise?
[TJ] It's the fucking engine.
[Tommy] It sounds awful!
[Blake] That's how
it always sounds.
[TJ] It's going
to fuckin' die.
[Tommy] Will you stop?
Just look for Jimmy.
[TJ] Listen to that.
[Tommy] The engine is fine!
[TJ] It's not fine, Tommy.
It's fucked.
[Tommy] It's fine!
[engine sputters]
[Tommy] Oh, fuck!
[Latin American song playing]
[dog barking]
This is it?
Look, I'm gonna tell you
straight up, man.
There's some serious compression
issues with this car.
The camshaft is flat and the
timing chain is all fucked up.
I'd sell it for scrap, but I need
the bread to publish my novel.
Hey, that means
the car is fucked.
Man, I just told this man
the car was fucked up.
You want the car or not, man?
I got shit I got to do.
You got to give me
a minute, okay?
I just got here and you tell me
the cars you got sold for scrap?
Does this car run?
Yeah, it runs.
Can we drive it?
Yeah, you can
drive the car, man.
What do you think, I am some
kind of conman or something?
If the timing chain's fucked, there's
no point in driving the goddamn car.
What you know
about cars, man?
My stepfather was
a drag racer.
So what?
So I've been around cars
my whole fucking life.
Blake, he's not forcing me
to buy the car.
He's a fucking idiot.
Hey, man, we took the bus
to get down here,
you show us a car with
a fucked up timing chain?
Why the fuck you calling me
an idiot, man?
I'm calling you an idiot.
Man, I will cut you from
your asshole to your appetite...
All right, easy.
Fellas, easy. Easy!
Blake, what the fuck
are you doing, man?
Don't take him seriously, bro.
I'm not an idiot.
Man, my brother, Junior, he
helped design the goddamn system
on the Phoenix missile
and the stealth bomber.
I'm not an idiot.
Man, don't take him seriously.
No, I don't play
that shit, man. Fuck that.
- I don't play that shit.
- I'm gonna go smoke.
Tommy, how about you just
check out the car?
Let's get outta here.
[sighs] Sorry about him.
What's your novel about?
It's about
a 9,000-year old spirit
who takes over
this gangster's body
in a desperate attempt to stop an ancient
curse from destroying the world.
Wow, that sounds amazing.
What's it called?
Monkey Power.
[engine stalling]
Fuck, man, this is a shit box!
Stupid asshole!
I can't believe
you fuckin' did that!
Yo, man, it's not
just the alternator,
it's the fucking timing chain,
like told you.
This is a useless
fucking purchase.
Driving around like a lunatic
on the freeway
in this fucking death-trap?
Dude, it's a fucking
Volvo, okay?
It's the safest car
in the world.
You don't even have
any tools, dude.
What kind of man
doesn't have tools?
All right, look, let's just figure
out somebody who's got AAA, okay?
We gotta know somebody
who's got AAA.
That was the dumbest drug-addict decision
I've ever seen in my fucking life!
You fucking cooked a shot up in a bus
once and spilled the whole thing!
We weren't well!
And I wasn't all of our dope!
Who do we know
who's got AAA, man?
- [exasperatedly] AAA.
- What ab... Hey,
What about that dude
from Peter's Painting?
The man who wears
the turtlenecks.
Richard Fleck?
He doesn't even have
a fucking car!
Tommy, you are a useless,
retarded, jackass piece of shit.
We should give him a beat
down on general principles.
It was a calculated risk!
This fucking car is never gonna
start again because of you!
[Tommy] Okay, man,
I'm sorry. Okay?
I'm fucking sorry.
[TJ] What are we gonna do?
[Tommy] Who's got AAA, man?
[TJ] We're in the bowels
of Gardena!
It'll cost $500 to get
the fucking car towed,
you fat fuck!
TJ, don't call me fat, okay?
Seriously, man.
- Don't fucking...
- We're in a fucking dilemma!
- Don't call me fat!
- You are!
[Tommy] Fuck you, man.
[engine starts]
Fuck! It fucking started!
Fuck, yes!
It started,
you fucking genius!
- It started!
- [Blake] Hey, listen!
Just take me back to LA so I can
get my grandfather's watch.
- [TJ] There's a watch!
- [Tommy] There's a watch?
[TJ] There's a watch!
Hey, get in the car,
you fucking bandits!
Get in the car!
[indistinct excited yelling]
[uptempo music playing]
[TJ sighs weakly] Pushing
that car made me sick.
[Tommy] You didn't even push.
[TJ] Watching you guys
push that car made me sick.
What is taking him so long?
[Tommy] There's no watch.
[TJ] Don't say that.
There's got to be a watch.
[soft music playing]
- [woman] Blake!
- Ma, Ma, I'm not fucking around. Where is it?
We are not doing this
right now.
Ma, it's my fuckin' watch.
He gave it to me!
You are gonna hate yourself.
You want me to ransack this place, huh?
Is that what you want?
Do we have a pill person who
can maybe front us something?
Honest john, man. But he's not
the world's biggest fronter.
Could give him a pink slip
to this car.
This car doesn't have
a pink slip.
Do you remember what we had to go through
to get it back that the last time?
You were crying
your eyes out.
You were begging me
to get a safe deposit box.
Do you remember
any of that?
That was the meth,
Ma, not me.
Oh, and now
you want more meth?
No, I don't want meth!
God damn it, Ma! You better
give me my fuckin' watch!
- Hey, does Luke Pinto sell off those fentanyl patches?
- No.
- He's dead.
- Fuck!
And it's Lupe Pinto.
Did you get it?
Go to the methadone clinic
on Washington.
Igor just texted.
Who's Igor?
He's this Russian kid.
He has no friends,
so he'll score for us and get us
high so he doesn't have to be alone.
You didn't get the watch?
Igor's better than the watch.
[dramatic Latin American
music playing]
[Igor] Are we happening yet?
Serious, man.
How good do
you feel right now!
We're going to get the money,
we're going to score drugs.
This is the best feeling
in the world, man!
Blake, turn on the radio, man.
Uh, you know what, hey, man,
not right now.
Just a little too sick,
you know what I mean?
[Igor] Dude, you gotta get
on the program!
The methadone program
for insurance, you know,
so you don't get sick,
you know.
[TJ] That's good advice.
Hey, Igor, your sister's salon
is in Glendale, right?
Yeah, she's in
with the Armenians.
But she's a good girl.
She'll cut your hair for free
if I ask.
Igor, got a little gas
situation on my hands, bro.
I need to, uh, get a few bucks in the
tank if I'm gonna make it to Glendale.
[Igor] It's a nice car, man.
Bro, what do you wanna do
about gas?
Dude, I'll get you after
I've seen my sister.
- [Tommy] Igor...
- Dude, just let him see his sister. It's okay.
[Armenian folk music playing]
[Igor] $200...
$200? Do you know how much
$200 is for me?
Do you know
how much it takes?
[both speaking in Russian]
I swear to God, I'm twice as
sick as I was five minutes ago.
I always feel shitty
in Glendale.
Oh, fuck, we got problems.
[arguing in Russian]
Why are you trying
to kill my brother?
- Can't you see he's sick?
- [TJ] What's wrong with him?
Do you have a sister?
Is this what you do to her?
[arguing in Russian]
What is the license plate number of
this car? I want to write it down.
Give me a pen.
Ludmila, these are
good friends of mine.
His aunt was getting radiation
when he was with you last week.
That wasn't us.
We just met this guy.
I just gave him my last $200.
Now give me a fucking pen.
Igor, get in the car.
[arguing in Russian]
[Tommy] Igor,
get in the fucking car!
[yelling in Russian]
He has epilepsy.
Do you understand?
Here, take his medication.
And when he has a seizure,
don't let him bite his tongue.
[Igor] Blake, I was thinking
about you yesterday, man.
Yeah, you remember the last time
we were down in fucking downtown,
I almost had to suck
on this guy's dick
just to get our drugs?
Man, that was... you know.
That was crazy, like, I would
never suck on a guy's dick.
- [Tommy] TJ.
- [TJ] What?
[Tommy] Check his money, man.
[TJ] Can I see your money?
[Igor] Fuck,
don't touch my money.
[TJ] Can you just
pull it out?
- Okay, that's...
- That's $200, man.
- ...about $200, maybe a little over $200.
- [Tommy] Good.
[Igor coughing] You're
smoking inside the car.
[TJ] Should we call someone, or are
we just going straight downtown?
Fuck downtown, man. Let's go
to the Pep Boys in Washington.
[Tommy] By Hoover?
That spot's dead.
[Igor] No, they're there.
Yeah, for car batteries. There hasn't
been dope down there for years.
I copped there yesterday, man.
And the coke is killing, too.
- Really? They have coke?
- No coke.
Let's just go downtown. We can
get coke down there, too.
You know what, man? He's right. It'll be
easier, plus we're getting kind of sick.
[Igor] Pep Boys is easy, man.
Igor, look, please, man,
we really need to get well.
Fuck getting well.
I'm getting high, man!
I'm getting high.
[instrumental music playing]
[Igor] Stop the car. Stop.
Stop, man!
Igor, those are
the battery guys, bro.
[Igor] Yo! Yo, yo, man.
Come here.
You got cheeba?
No cheeba. Only sell
the batteries, mechanic...
We're not fucking cops, man.
- Come on.
- [TJ] He doesn't have anything, man.
- [Igor] He has it. Come on.
- [Tommy] Igor, he doesn't have anything, man.
Go, go. Just go.
- Fuck.
- [Tommy] Igor.
I told you, man. There's no dope
down here, man. Will you stop?
Come on, they have it, man. They
just think we're undercover.
Yo! Cheeba!
- ...Cheeba, man!
- [TJ] Jesus, dude!
[all arguing over each other]
[Igor] Cheeba!
Cheeba, cheeba, man.
We're getting
fucking sick, man.
- [Igor] Cheeba?
- Okay, Igor. Igor.
- [yells] Cheeba!
- That's not how you do this, man.
That's not how you do this.
That's not how you do this.
[Igor yells] Cheeba!
[Tommy] Igor! Get the fuck back and
stop yelling "Cheeba" out there.
[Igor yelling] Cheeba!
[all arguing over each other]
[Tommy] Igor,
come on, man. Dude.
- [Igor] Come on, let's go.
- [Tommy] Dude. Dude.
That's not cool, man.
- [TJ] Get in the fucking car.
- [Tommy] It's not cool to do that.
Jesus Christ!
[all arguing over each other]
[Blake] He has the money.
[Igor yelling] Cheeba!
- Cheeba!
- [TJ] Is this what Igor does?
Man, Igor, you get us fucking busted, I
will fucking be really unhappy with you.
[Igor] That's him! That's him!
Yeah! High five! High five!
- [Tommy] Just calm down.
- [TJ] Jesus!
Get out.
[Tommy] Igor,
you fuckin' asshole.
You got me in a fuckin' alley.
[Igor] Oh, uh,
I thought it was here, man.
[Tommy] Jesus Christ.
[Blake] Igor, please. We're
starting to get really sick.
Can we just go downtown?
I'll get us everything we need.
I prom... Look at me.
I'll get us everything
we need, I promise you.
That's him.
- Who?
- That's him. That's Kiskarus.
Who's Kiskarus?
He's just went into
the liquor store.
Go, man! Go!
Wait, man. It's
the fuckin' stop sign, man.
Come on!
[Tommy] Jesus Christ.
[Igor] Fucking stop sign.
Just go!
We're going to lose him, man.
[Tommy] How do you know
this fuckin' psychopath?
We met while I was kickin' in county.
He gave me his applesauce.
Apparently his brother's
this big Russian mobster
who can kill anyone
you want for ten grand.
[man shouting] Cheeba what?
Cheeba what? Huh!
No one sells drugs out of this store.
You got it?
No one! You gimpy little fuck!
Come back here, I'll bash
your fuckin' head in! Huh?
You piece of shit!
Igor, man.
What the fuck happened?
That wasn't Kiskarus.
I need a Diet Coke.
Not here. Not here, man.
You pussy motherfucker!
- You pussy motherfucker!
- [Tommy] Blake, get in the car!
You're a piece of shit!
- Igor! Igor! Shh! Shh!
- You know my brother?
[all shout over each other]
[Blake] Get in the car.
Shut the fuck up.
I'll kill you!
[slurping from straw]
This Diet Coke is so good.
Dude, we should call Moshe,
we have $200.
He's not gonna see us.
[Igor] Moshe?
I know Moshe.
He'll see me.
You know Moshe?
I do. I know him.
You really know Moshe?
Are you sure
it's the same Moshe?
Who the fuck is Moshe?
[Igor] He's a dealer.
- Let him call him.
- Fine. Go ahead. Call him.
Okay. What's his number?
You don't have his number?
I had it. I lost my phone.
Just give it to me.
I've been wanting to get in
touch with him for months.
What does he look like, bro?
He looks like Moshe.
You don't fucking
know him, man.
I do!
He's a great fucking guy!
He's the biggest asshole
in the world.
The fuck are you guys
doing here?
What do you think
we're doing here, man?
How many fucking times have I told
you to call me before you come here?
[Tommy] Bro, I called you,
man, we talked...
[Moshe] You called me
from the fucking driveway.
That's bullshit.
That's fucking bullshit.
- Do you understand me?
- [Tommy] Bro, bro, I'm sorry.
- Do you understand me?
- Bro, I'm sorry. We were in the neighborhood.
- Shh!
- [softly] We were in the neighborhood.
Can we come up?
- No.
- Why not?
Because I don't fucking
want you up here.
I have 200 bucks.
You give me
a half gram for $80,
- you can take $120 off...
- Stop.
- Let me come up. Just let me come up.
- No. No.
- Just let me come up. Why?
- No. No.
- Let us...
- No!
Fucking go across the street
and call me,
and I will
talk to you then.
Come on,
don't do that to us.
- Call me from across the street.
- It's me, bro. It's me.
[TJ] Let's go. Let's go.
[line ringing]
All right, listen. Listen,
this is what I want you to do.
I want you never to
call me again,
I want you never to
come here again.
Do you understand?
Because I'm fucking
through with you!
No more! Do you
understand me?
You have to call him.
He doesn't want to
hear from us.
Dude, we have $200.
Please, just try.
Moshe, it's me.
Listen bro, I have money...
- He hung up.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
Tell him we have $600.
Call him.
[line ringing]
Moshe, I have
all of your money.
He's just hanging up
the fucking phone, man.
Call him again.
Why is he doing this?
This asshole. We have dough!
Do you want me
to call him, man?
Igor. We gotta go downtown.
That's where the dope is.
But the coke's at Pep Boys.
Listen to me, bro, okay?
I've been copping down here
a long fucking time.
I'm telling you,
the Pep Boys spot is dead.
I copped there yesterday, man.
Then it was a miracle.
Bro, we don't have methadone
in us, man.
We're fucking dope-sick, man.
Igor, please? I'm so sick.
Please, let's go downtown. I can
get coke down there for you, too.
I promise.
Fine. Let's go downtown
after I finish this.
- [TJ] Thank you.
- [Tommy] Thank you.
[TJ] Thank you.
[slurping loudly]
- [car horn honking]
- [man] Igor!
Hey, man, what's up?
My bank card says "1.78" with
a minus sign in front of it.
What about Julie's card?
She closed her account
months ago, dude.
Fuck her.
Oh, boys, I am not well.
Who do we know who can
come through for us?
- Money or drugs?
- Either.
No one.
The prop guy. Dude, the prop guy
with the mustache and no teeth.
He FedEx'd you dope
to El Paso.
Adam. He moved to Thailand.
[Tommy] Come on, man. Nobody
really moves to Thailand.
Adam really did.
Who's "Steve:
Kid with no shoes"?
"Steve: Kid with no shoes."
I have no fucking idea.
See, man, god damn it.
This is why I keep saying
that we just need to get our hands on
some fucking weapons to make shit happen.
[Tommy] The rehab kid. The rehab
kid with that skateboard...
Miles. He stayed clean.
- That kid?
- Yeah, he stayed clean. He sponsors.
Hey, hey! I'm being
fucking serious, man.
Sometimes you just gotta grab a
gun and force the fucking issue.
Bro, shut up with the fucking guns, okay?
We don't do guns.
We don't. Who's
"Barney Red Liquor Store"?
[Blake] Fuck's sake.
From the coffee shop?
My sister would wire us money
if she could get out of bed.
Can't call her husband.
This one just says,
"Japanese Guy."
Should I call him?
I wish my grandparents
were still alive.
I'm gonna call
the Japanese guy.
Hey. Hey, are you Japanese?
[instrumental music playing]
[Tommy] I was
adding it up yesterday,
and I have spent 950 days
waiting for dealers.
Almost 1,000 days of my life,
waiting for dope.
I cop anywhere from
two to four times a day,
so I'd say on the average, I
spend three hours a day waiting,
if you include the drive.
Three hours a day
is 21 hours a week.
So let's round that off and say
I spend one day a week waiting.
52 weeks in a year. So let's
round that down to 50.
I've been doing it every day
since I'm 22,
and I'm 42.
That's 20 years.
I'd lose a year
for the odd rehab stint,
failed 21-day methadone detox,
so, let's say, 19 years.
That's 50 days a year
for 19 years.
950 days.
Almost three years
of my life
waiting to get well.
[music winds down]
Where the fuck are we?
Adam's in Van Buren.
Fucking no money, man.
No gas.
That's where we are.
Adam's in Van Buren?
We have no money
and no fucking gas.
It could be worse. We could
be on Avalon and Gage.
Dude, you spent two of our last
dollars on a king-sized Hershey bar?
You didn't, did you?
No, of course not.
I stole it.
You shoplifted?
'Cause I wanted
a fucking candy bar.
Don't shoplift
down here, man.
The Koreans will shoot you.
[scoffs] Over a candy bar?
Don't you remember the girl
with the orange shoes?
They shot and killed her.
You're a massive fuckin' pussy, man.
I swear to God.
Maybe I'm a pussy, but I'm
not gonna bail you out
if you get busted
for shoplifting.
You're not gonna
bail me out anyway.
The two of you don't have a
dollar between the both of you.
It's fucking pathetic.
Besides, if I needed to get bailed out,
you'd be the last person I'd call.
Well, who would you call? Call them now.
We're in trouble.
I would call my mom.
Yeah, she was real helpful
with the watch.
Fuck you, man.
She bailed me out three
different times last year.
One of them was for
an armed robbery beef.
She put up the house
to get me out.
Oh, she must be so proud of
you, you fucking criminal.
Fuck you.
A piece of candy.
You're not gonna
share your candy bar?
Listen, man, if you want
a candy bar,
go fucking steal it yourself,
like I just did.
Just give him a piece
of chocolate. He's sick.
[Blake sighs]
- You want some, too?
- No, I'm too sick.
[Tommy] My fingers have that
kicking rehab-smell.
Hey, why don't you
call Lonestar?
Are you fucking crazy, man?
I haven't talked to
the guy in ten years.
So call him up and say,
"I'm sorry I haven't talked to you
in ten years, but I'm in trouble.
I need your help."
I can't do that, man.
Why don't you call
that guy in Boston?
You know, the guy who thinks he
can beat LeBron James one-on-one.
He doesn't think he can
beat him one-on-one.
He thinks he can score
one point off him.
Call Lonestar.
Call LeBron James.
Take some of this, man.
It'll help you.
It'll fucking help you.
It won't help me.
[Latin American song playing]
Can't you back up your
relationship with your dad?
[TJ] My dad is dead.
[Blake] I haven't seen mine since I was like,
three, but lately he's been sending me
fucking emails saying that he wants us
to have a relationship or some shit.
Said he just got
fucking sober or something.
He's been sending me pictures
of him and my half-sister.
I didn't even know
I had a half-sister.
He says he wants me to
come down to fucking Florida
to visit them and
he'd pay for the ticket.
But I don't know,
man, you know? Like...
Dude fucking abandoned me, like,
literally walked out of my life
when he felt like it, and now he wants to
walk back in when he fucking feels like it?
I mean, I get... you know, it'd be
nice to meet my sister and all.
He's probably doing
another clean-up
and when he gets sober
he could help me out.
I should probably give him a second chance.
I mean, he is my fucking dad, but,
I don't know.
[inaudible dialog]
You know, I just
fucking love the guy.
[TJ] Hey, is today Wednesday?
[Tommy] It's Thursday.
[Blake] Fuck, why don't we just
rip this Moshe dude off?
[Tommy] Should I call Corr?
She'll at least have benzos.
Julie might be out. Are you
positive it's Thursday?
[Blake ] Listen, God damn it, I'm being
serious. We should just take this dude down.
[Tommy] Benzos or no benzos?
[Blake] Fuck benzos, man.
I'm fucking sick.
Where does this
Moshe asshole live?
We're not robbing Moshe. Will you
stop saying that? It's crazy.
Crazy? Begging girls
for benzos is crazy.
[Tommy] Call Lonestar.
[cell phone beeps]
[line ringing]
[Tommy] Tamara?
Hey. It's Tommy.
No, Tommy Swerdlow.
Is Bill around?
[stops engine]
[speaking indistinctly]
You need to get with me
on this robbery thing.
What robbery thing?
Moshe. Man, we need this.
I mean, we... we finally
have the opportunity
to get our hands
on a package.
We'll go to India
and wean off.
We're not gonna wean off.
- I am.
- No, you're not.
You know how many junkies have
told me they're gonna wean off?
- A thousand.
- [sighs]
A thousand fucking junkies, they're
gonna go to the mountains,
they're gonna go to the desert, they're
gonna go to Guatemala and wean off.
Not one of them
has ever done it. Not one.
A thousand junkies?
Okay, not a thousand,
but 50.
A real 50.
[man] Oh, God, yeah.
- How'd you find me? Yeah.
- I called Tamara.
You called Tamara?
- You had her number?
- She said you were going independent.
What's this, man?
- What are you doing?
- This? Yeah.
It's, uh, independent movie...
a friend of mine. You know,
everybody's working for nothing. So,
it's... yeah, budget story kind of thing.
But, bro, it's good
to see you, man.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- You know, it really is.
You know, listen, I'm sorry
to show up like this.
I really am.
I'm really sorry, man.
But, like, you know I make it a point
to keep everybody out of my bullshit.
- But, bro, I need a 100 bucks, man.
- Yeah.
You know. I'm like, I... I
just got nowhere else to turn.
God damn it. I...
I, uh, I can't give you
any money.
Why not?
I'm sorry. I just...
[stammers] It's not what you wanna
hear but, uh, it's not gonna help you.
I'm sorry, I can't
give you any money.
- You can't give me $100?
- I can't give you 100 bucks. No.
- You can't give me $100?
- It's not the answer you want,
but I can't give you
the, uh, $100.
Come on, I gave you
my car, bro.
I've known you for 30 years, man.
I gave you my Dodge Dart.
[sighs] I know, but,
oh, man. I mean...
Fuck. I mean,
that's 25 years ago,
that Dodge Dart, and, uh, that
was no gift, really, Tommy.
Remember? It had $2,000
worth of fines on it?
Remember, you said, "Never try to register
this car. It's got $2,000 fines."
And I gave it to Fredo, and the
wheel fell off. I mean, that...
I mean... I love you,
but I can't...
- $40.
- ...give you money
for this shit. I mean,
this is bull... No. No $40.
You can't give me $40? What the
fuck is wrong with you, man?
I'm fucking strung out,
okay? I'm s...
[softly] I'm fucking
strung out, okay?
- That's my fucking thing. Okay?
- Tommy.
- I need $100.
- Tommy.
No, Tommy.
It's the hard no.
Jam Center?
You were part of that whole
theater thing, too, right?
I mean, we were nice people.
But every once a while,
it's the "no."
It's the "hard no."
Bill, please, man. Please.
Sorry, man. Uh...
I gotta get back.
You can't get off a drug
you're addicted to by using
the same drug
you're addicted to.
You can if you use
less and less.
[door opens]
What happened?
He gave the "hard no."
Lets's just look
for that 40 again.
- It's not here.
- It has to be here.
There's a 40 in this car?
You guys lost a fucking
40 in this car?
No, it's not here. We searched every inch
of the car 20 times. Couldn't find it.
Dude, that's because it's under
the seats in the metal track
that makes the seat go back and forth.
That's where you fucking lose it.
It's not here.
Oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
It's not here.
Where the tra...
Like, its should be...
it's gonna be in these?
[Blake] It's not gonna
fucking get in there.
[Tommy] All right, take up the
other seat, man, take it out.
All right.
[Tommy] Hey, when you
take this one out,
don't, like, lift it out
like a maniac,
'cause what if it's
in, like, in the...
I mean, now it might be
over here.
[metal creaking]
It's definitely in there, man.
[TJ] It's not in there.
How could it not be in there?
[metal creaking]
- I don't see anything.
- How about there, where the wire is?
You see it?
[Tommy] No.
[Blake] Better take the whole
fucking thing apart, man.
And the carpet.
[Tommy] Look, just look back there.
Can you get under? Can you see under?
[Blake] Just push down
on that thing.
[Tommy] Easy, man, why
are you so fucking violent?
- [Blake] You got it? You got it?
- [Tommy] Yeah.
[Blake] Tell me you see it.
Nothing here.
What is this, man?
[talking indistinctly]
[Tommy] See, it's...
no way it's here.
[Blake] No.
It's gotta be in here, man.
[TJ] Stop. It's not there.
[metal clanking]
I found it two weeks ago
and I did it.
I'm so sorry.
You get to put the fucking
car back together.
I'm sorry.
[engine running]
[slow guitar music playing]
[TJ] Things TJ likes.
ice cream,
sad songs.
Things I don't like.
Waking up,
getting sick,
opening the mail,
my birthday,
my friends,
when my mom calls me,
and happy songs.
[Blake sighs]
[Blake] I'll tell you what,
man, this nickel and dime shit
really makes me wanna
shoot somebody.
I'm ready to make a move
on this Moshe fucker.
Worst comes to worst,
Corra always has Contins.
Dude, we don't have the gas for that.
She lives in the valley.
I have $9 on a 76 card.
You took my money for gas when
you have money on the gas card?
You took five of my
last eight dollars for gas
when you have money
on a fucking gas card?
I have $9 for an emergency.
Why do you do shit
like that, man?
Because we need gas.
[Blake] You're a real fucking
selfish asshole, you know that?
Even Jimmy thinks
you're an asshole.
Jimmy fucking loves me.
Good. Now, you start
straightening that.
There you go. Okay.
[mystical Indian music playing]
- TJ?
- [door closes]
Hey, you're teaching?
Uh, yeah. It's Thursday.
Oh, that's right. Okay, pretend
I'm not here. Bye, Debra.
Bye, TJ.
Is he okay?
He's, uh, he's just tired.
Uh, let's go back to
triangle pose.
I mean, tree pose.
I'm sorry, Debra, I...
I can't really
think right now.
Can I just
have a moment?
Right. Thank you.
Hey, we're driving to, uh,
Anaheim to see The Angels.
Taking some CDs for the ride.
They're empty.
What's empty?
The cases.
I emptied them and hid them
before you stole them all.
You didn't even call
to let me know you're alive.
I'm so sorry.
- You didn't even call.
- I'm sorry.
I want you to move out.
No, you don't.
I want you to move out. Today.
Debra's here. [whispers]
Let's talk about it later.
- I want you out.
- Why?
You know why.
No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
- No, I don't.
Yes, you do.
No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
- No, I don't.
you don't love me.
And you don't fuck me,
and you steal
everything I have.
I know, but I wanna love you.
I wanna fuck you,
and I wish I didn't steal
everything you have.
[sighs] Come on.
We'll work it out.
But I have to go right now.
Bye, Debra.
[dial tone ringing]
She's not answering.
Doesn't matter,
we can go anyway.
She's never out for
more than an hour.
Dude, you're not
thinking clearly.
We're gonna go all the way
to the valley for some cottons
just to be sick again
in an hour.
- Let me call my boy.
- What boy?
The fucking thing I've been
talking about, man? Christian.
This is what we do.
We fucking rob drug dealers.
You're just
fucking delusional.
You know what, we should've
done this hours ago.
Where's this Moshe
asshole live?
- Put your phone away.
- Tommy,
it's gonna be cake, man.
We're gonna... He's gonna
grab his piece,
we'll go in, then we'll duct-tape
the motherfucker to a chair.
Where does he live?
You're not duct-taping a human being
I've known for ten years, to a chair.
[door opens]
[sighs] Sorry, guys,
yoga lesson.
Where does he live?
I'm being fucking serious, man.
Where does he live?
What is going on?
He's acting like
a fucking psychopath.
There's no other options!
We're not robbing Moshe.
All right, fine. You know what,
take me to a 76 station, then.
- For what?
- 'Cause I wanna see
how much fucking money
is on that card.
- Nine bucks.
- Well, you know what,
you're a lying piece of shit. I wanna
see you stick the card into a machine.
Hey, asshole, it's
my fucking card. Okay?
It's my fucking card,
it's my fucking car,
[yells] it's my
fucking everything!
What's happening?
You are such a fucking
useless piece shit, man.
You can't go upstairs
and fucking steal a CD
from your fucking
pathetic girlfriend?
You are useless!
Seriously, dude, how much
is on the gas card?
- Fuck the gas card.
- [starts engine]
[Tommy] Hey.
Candy. Over here.
[door opens]
Hey. Come here.
[sniffles] Just come here.
I can't come there,
you gotta come here.
- Come here.
- You know I can't come there. Come here.
Does Mom know I texted you?
Where is she?
Look, I need you
to do me a favor.
I need you to go upstairs and get me a
hundred bucks out of the money jar.
You still have the money Uncle
Steven gave you for your birthday?
- Yeah.
- I need it.
For what?
- For books.
- What kind of books?
Books on love for one, okay?
I'm writing something about it.
I need it for research.
Can I order them
for you on Amazon?
No, I need it today.
I need to go to
Barnes & Noble right now.
I need you to get me
$100, sweetie, please.
I don't know.
I don't think so.
I can't give you
money for drugs.
It's not for drugs.
Why do you think it's for drugs?
It's not for drugs.
And first of all, you're not
giving me money, okay?
You're lending me money. I'm getting a...
Stop dancing!
Savanna, I can't right now,
with this. Please, just come...
No. Just come here
and talk to me.
Why are you acting like this?
You're such a little brat.
[gasps] Wow.
What makes you think that I am
going to want to give you money
after the way you
talked to me right now?
Hey, what makes you think you can talk to
me like this when I'm your fucking father?
If I tell you to go upstairs and get
me a hundred bucks 'cause I need it,
you go upstairs, you get me a
hundred bucks 'cause I need it.
You don't start fucking telling me
shit and thinking you know stuff.
You're a kid, okay?
You don't know shit!
You understand?
You don't know shit!
What the fuck
are you doing?
Stay away from her. You have to
leave, you have 30 seconds to leave.
- I need...
- The police in 30 seconds.
- I need a...
- Thirty seconds.
Why are you like this?
Karen, why are you like...
- Please.
- Why?
Why are you like this to me?
- I need...
- Tommy, leave.
- I need...
- Leave.
- Just...
- Get away from us.
- Listen, I need a hundred...
- No.
Oh, fuck.
[door closes]
I need a hundred bucks!
[instrumental music playing]
You can really rob Moshe?
Yeah. What the fuck, man? What do
you think I've been telling you?
All right. Let's fucking
do it, then.
Jesus, it's about
fucking time. Thank you.
[starts engine]
[TJ] I can feel
the clothes on my skin.
[inhales deeply] All right,
man, he's coming.
He just went home
to change and get his piece.
He's not gonna want
half the dope, is he?
Was there any cash up there?
I don't know.
Do not give him half the dope.
[scoffs] He's not gonna
do it for nothing.
How do you know
this guy, bro?
Is this one of your
biker friends?
No. No. He's a solid dude.
We came up together. I've
been in battle with him, man.
I mean, shit, you know him.
He sold you those green
Valiums that one time.
Green Valiums?
At the tattoo parlor?
Yes, Christian.
The guy getting the tattoo of Pau
Gasol on the bottom of his foot?
He's fucking insane.
[scoffs] We need insane.
We're gonna go jam a
motherfucker in his own home.
Can I not be here
for this?
[TJ] Awesome. [groans]
I don't if I'm gonna
p-puke or shit.
Oh, God, man.
I'm so fucking
flipping the fucking out.
I'm fine, man. It's all
in your fucking head.
Oh, God. Yeah,
it's in my head, man.
It's in my fucking head.
I think it's a shit.
Call this fucking dude,
man. Call him.
He's fucking coming, man.
Guys, take me somewhere.
You don't want me shitting
in the car. Take me somewhere.
[Tommy] Oh, God.
- Seriously.
- [Tommy] Oh, God.
Guys, it's definitely a shit.
Take me somewhere.
Hold it.
[Tommy] These guys are closed?
[Blake] Yeah.
Yo, you're here for rigs?
Take me to Simi Valley right now,
I'll get you $200 and a gram.
- You want me to take you to Simi Valley?
- Yes.
For $200 and a gram.
Hey, man, can I sit there?
Who are you?
I get nauseous
in the back seat,
I don't wanna fucking puke
in the dude's car.
What is this?
- What is going on?
- He says he'll give us $200 in a gram
if we take him to Simi Valley.
He says.
Thanks, man, I appreciate it.
- No problem.
- I'm Blake.
I'm TJ.
[Tommy snorting]
So this is how it works.
Christian knocks on the door and flashes
his badge like he's an undercover.
The asshole, thinking that
he's busted, opens the door.
I come out of nowhere,
bull-rush his ass back inside,
stick the fucking gun to his head.
That's horrible.
[Tommy] He looks like a cop?
[Blake] It doesn't even
matter, dude.
Every dealer's secretly
waiting to be busted,
so, all you have to do is flash
your badge and they open the door.
[TJ groans]
Hey, where does this
Moshe guy keep his gun?
This is a bad idea.
Where does he keep
his gun, man?
I don't think he has a gun.
I'm serious, man.
It's a bad fucking idea.
[Blake] Does the dude
have a gun or not?
I don't wanna do this.
- You're not doing it.
- I'm part of it.
Shut up and just let me
handle this shit, all right?
This isn't the time
to get wishy-washy.
I'm not wishy-washy.
You're totally fucking wishy-washy.
You made the call.
Yes, and now
I'm changing my mind.
No, you can't do that.
This shit's on.
- I don't rob people, okay?
- I do!
Yeah, well, I don't!
I'm a writer.
You're a junkie.
So what? That means I have to go up
and fucking pull guns on people?
I don't do that shit.
Yeah, but you're not doing it.
Oh, so you're okay
sending someone we know
to go up and rob somebody
at gun point?
Tommy, he's a fucking drug dealer
and drug dealers get robbed.
Yeah, by people like you.
Listen, man, there's a
big sack of what we need
in that fucking building,
and we're gonna go get it.
How sick are you right now?
Me, too.
[Blake] He's coming.
[tap running]
How are you doing, man?
How much suboxone
they got you on?
Not enough.
Man, you were really
screaming last night.
I'm feeling a lot of
fucking pain.
Don't apologize. I banged
on the nurse's station.
I was like, "Do you hear him?
Go help him."
Thanks, man.
Your official name
is "Loud Guy."
Is it?
People fucking hate me
in these places, man,
'cause I fucking moan
like a motherfucker.
And Tommy is my real name.
Tommy "Loud Guy."
[TJ] Tommy "Loud Guy",
they've got you mopping?
They're not supposed to make
you work until day ten.
This is day ten.
This is day ten and you're
still screaming like that?
I was... God... [sobs]
- [Tommy continues sobbing]
- Hey.
- I can't fucking do this.
- It's gonna be okay.
[TJ] You can do it.
Just get through the day.
No, man. I'll fucking call my ex and
have her fucking come and get me.
This is fucking
ridiculous, man.
Do you know how many
fucking places I've been in?
Dude, it's okay.
You got ten days.
I can't fucking do this, man.
Dude, I can't either,
but I'm gonna try.
I'm almost at day 30.
Tuesday I'm leaving.
What are you
gonna fucking do?
I don't know. Live life.
Go to meetings,
try and love my girlfriend.
Come on.
You're gonna go to meetings?
- Yeah.
- Like get a sponsor?
I'm not gonna get a sponsor,
but I'm gonna go to meetings.
I... but I can't do that, man.
Dude, I have done it, too.
This is my third time here.
Come on, mop.
They're pricks if you don't.
You don't even have
any water in here.
Yeah, I have water in there, I have to
fucking mop. I don't have my shoes on.
Come on, dude,
you have to mop.
You're gonna feel better.
[TJ] This place
is a fucking...
It's gonna get real hard
if you don't do your chores.
My name's TJ.
[TJ groaning] Oh, Jesus!
Guys, it's an emergency.
Take me to a gas station.
Man, he's almost here.
Where does Moshe
keep his dope?
It's either in the flower
drawer in the kitchen counter,
or sometimes he keeps it
in the speakers, you know,
inside the speakers
in the living room.
It's one or the other.
Well, I need specifics, man.
I don't want Christian pistol-whipping
his ass trying to get him to talk.
[TJ] Blake, go outside
and wait for him outside
and Tommy, take me
to a gas station.
Look, man, will you just go shit in
the fucking bushes? Jesus Christ!
God damn it. Don't worry, we're not gonna
pistol-whip him unless we have to.
- What bushes?
- No pistol-whipping.
- What bushes?
- [cell phone bleeps]
Will you shut up? Man, all you do is
cause trouble and shoot fucking drugs!
[TJ] I'm sorry, I'm
gonna shit my pants.
[Tommy] Yeah, well,
hold it, man. Hold it!
[TJ] I'm trying.
[Tommy] Would you fucking just fucking
go shit in the corner if you want to.
- [TJ] I can't shit out there.
- He's not coming.
[Tommy] What?
Who's not coming?
Christian, man, Christian.
He's not coming.
He got into a fight
with his m... [sighs]
With his mother.
All right, man, let's just
go pump some gas,
'cause I wanna get that $9.
- You wanna go downtown with $9?
- [TJ groaning]
- I thought it was 17.
- It's 9.
Fuck it, man. Fine, my mom
goes to work at 8:00.
- We'll just grab some shit then.
- [Tommy] I'm not waiting
three fucking hours
for your mom.
You can't wait three hours.
[Tommy] What do we
fucking do, man?
Blake, why don't you just
go up there alone?
I can't.
Why not? Just go up there.
You can do it.
It's a two-man job.
No, you're wrong. You can do it.
I'm telling you.
What do I do?
Go up there.
- It's a two-man job.
- No, you're wrong.
Moshe's a fucking pussy.
Tommy, tell him.
Moshe's a fucking pussy.
Do it.
Go up there.
I need a gun.
- No, you don't.
- I do.
- No, you don't.
- I do, man.
I need a fucking gun.
You don't. He's gonna be
terrified of you. Trust me.
Think about it, man.
When you get up there and get that
dope, you can do whatever you want.
You can go to India.
You can go to Florida
and meet your dad.
Fuck, man.
He's a pussy?
- You can do it.
- Do it.
Please, do it.
[sighs] I can't man.
I'm so fucking sick.
- I can't. I can't.
- Do it.
You can do it.
- I'm too weak, man. I can't do it.
- Blake.
You're the strongest person
I know.
Fuck! Corra!
[Tommy] Fuck, man.
She told me she stopped
topping from him.
Should I go out there and
ask her for a fucking bag?
[TJ] No, Blake's doing this.
Blake, you're doing this, right?
[Blake] Dude, you don't
understand how this works.
[TJ] Come on, do it!
[Blake] Fuck, fuck, fuck!
[TJ] Do it.
[Blake sighs]
- [Tommy] Blake, are you doing it?
- [TJ] Do it.
[Blake] All right, man. Shut the fuck up.
I'll do it. God.
I need a gun!
- [Tommy] Here,
- [digs]
you can use this.
[Blake] Where the fuck
did you get this?
[Tommy] It came with the car.
[Tommy] Go up there with that.
Feel it, man.
It's fucking demonic.
You could fucking kill him
with that thing.
All clear.
Please, man, we'll be well
in ten minutes. Go.
Number 23?
Second floor into the hall?
You do realize I'm gonna
have to hit him with this.
It's okay.
He should have answered
the phone.
Fuck it.
Let's do this.
["Electricity" playing]
Go into bright
Find the light
And know that friends
Don't mind just how you grow
Midnight cowboy
Stained in black
Reads dark roads
Without a map
To free-seeking electricity
Seeking electricity
Midnight cowboy
Stained in black
Reads dark roads
Without a map
To free-seeking electricity
Seeking electricity
Lighthouse beacon
Straight ahead
Straight ahead across
Black seas to free
Seeking electricity
High voltage man kisses night
To bring the light
To those who need to hide
Their shadow deed
Their shadow deed
High voltage man kisses night
To bring the light
To those who need to hide
Their shadow deed
Their shadow deed
Seeking electricity
Seeking electricity
Seeking electricity
Seeking electricity
Seeking electricity
[Tommy] Blake! Blake!
Jimmy's wife had the baby.
He called, man.
He'll see us.
- It's a boy.
- [Tommy] Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on,
he'll see us now.
["Misty Blue" playing]
Oh, it's
Been such a long
Long time
Looks like I'd get you
Off of my mind
But I can't
Just the thought of you
Turns my whole world
Misty blue
Oh, honey
Just the mention
Of your name
Turns the flicker
To a flame
Listen to me good, baby
I think of the things
We used to do
And my whole world
Turns misty blue
Ooh, baby
I should forget you
Heaven knows I tried
When I say that
I'm glad we're through
Deep in my heart
I know I've lied
I've lied
I've lied
[soft instrumental
music playing]
[Latin American song playing]
[instrumental music playing]