A Thousand Little Cuts (2022) Movie Script


You said you just
want to be friends

But you know for me
there's no going back

And I'm sorry that I
couldn't stop this attraction

Now there's nothing between
us but awkward interaction

Oh, I never had a chance
There's no way
I'd understand
You should've told me

Now I'm trying to escape
Yeah, I'm trying
to run away from you

Me and you
have the same friends
I see you on weekends
and your boyfriend
It's driving me crazy
Are you going to be okay?

- Are you finished
that email yet?
Shawn, can I talk
to you for a minute?
I guess.
Uh, I've just been editing
your release for VitaChew,
"The gummy with its own
special blend of multivitamins
guaranteed to lower
your cholesterol."
-So, unfortunately,
the FDA
has very strict guidelines
on what we can and can't say
when it comes to supplements.
-Okay, what did I say?
Our products haven't been
clinically tested,
so we can't guarantee that
they'll do anything-
-Okay, so change it.
-Right, yes, absolutely.
And then also, this line:
"lowers your cholesterol".
We can't say that either.
The best we could
say something like,
"it promotes healthy
cholesterol levels".
That doesn't sound hard.
Just put that in.
Great. Right.
Oh, and then
just one more thing.
Just, you know,
when I add all that in,
I also have to include this.
"This statement
has not been evaluated
by the Food
and Drug Administration.
This product is
not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure,
or prevent any disease."
Just... whatever.
No one reads this shit anyway.
So, it looks like we have to
stop selling Morning Glow B-16.
I know,
I know it's bullshit.
But that woman in Arkansas
went into a coma, so...
The lawyers think she
probably mixed up her meds,
but still,
we gotta phase it out.
But when we do,
we're going to be ready
to roll with Power Dawn B-16!
Now, the lab guys
think that they switched out
the right enzyme,
so hopefully,
we should be able to pick up
right where we left off.
But, in the meantime,
we gotta put everything out
for Power Dawn
like it's a new product.
But when all this shit
is done,
here's what's
coming down the pipeline:
Pro-Lig Joint Pain Supplement.
Hm. That's cool.
Big fucking deal, okay?
We're a couple of months
out from launch,
but I want everybody
bringing their A-game
to get this fucker out there.
There's a lot of fucking
octogenarians out there
with joint pain.
They're living longer than ever.
So keep thinking about this one.
This is going to be huge.
-Great job, team.
-Thanks, man.
Thank you.
Mr. McKay, I was just
wondering if you'd had a chance
to see my email about
upping my responsibilities?
I just think I could do more
than copyediting.
I've got
a degree in English--
Anne, I think this is great,
you know?
And I want to tell you how
much I appreciate your input.
I'm out of my office
after- 30 for meetings,
but if you come by at- 15,
I can slip you in
for ten minutes.
-How's that sound?
-Oh, my God, I'd love that.
I'll see you then.
Great. Okay.

He left early.
He'll be out
for the rest of the day.

Anne, what
do I always say?
You are way
too good for those assholes.
I know, I know.
Damn it,
I forgot my Chapstick.
Do you have any?
Oh, yeah.
-Jesus, Anne.
-Yeah, I know.
The street sweeping,
they just keep getting me.
Have you paid any of these?
No, but I have come
very close.
Babe, if you're
a little short--
No, I'm not short.
I just haven't--
I just haven't brought them
inside yet.

Hey, can you
cut through the park?
I know the way to my own house.
Just trust me.
Oh, pull over.
Oh, yeah.
-What are we doing?
-Oh, there he is.
Every beautiful day.
Kiara Aubusson, look at you.
I'm not hurting anyone.
Isn't this exactly
the kind of stuff
we complain about
when men do it?
-Oh, that's not the same thing.
'Cause it's not rape-y
when we do it.
Can we go now?
Oh! Just hold on a second.
Mental picture.
I'm gonna use that one later.
-Oh, great.
-Thanks, Travis.
-Oh, Travis?
How do you know his name?
He just looks like a Travis.
Can you imagine?
It's like, "Ooh, yeah,
fuck me, Travis. Fuck me.
Yeah, Travis, fuck me.
Fuck me harder, Travis.
Fuck me harder."
Holy shit.
Get out of the way!
You are the worst.
I'm actually doing
what's good for my marriage.
-Trust me.
I think it's very healthy
to have a fantasy life.
I can take all that sexual
energy that I got from Travis,
and then just
bring it home to Mitch.
And does Mitch fantasize
about other women?
Oh, he better fucking not.

you forgot something.
Maybe Greg can pay them.
They're not Greg's tickets.
So what?
Let him chip in for a change.
You're paying his rent,
it's not your responsibility
to keep him afloat.
I'm just saying if Greg got
off his ass and got a job--
He's working on it.
He's applying for stuff.
Why can't you just pick
a nice guy for once?
Greg is very nice.
is very pretty.
What about Travis back there?
Uh, I look at Travis.
I married Mitch.
Greg is going to get a job.
He's actually
in an interview right now.
What happened next?
What happened next?
I told him to leave.
What the fuck
are you doing?
-Baby, I can explain this.
-You fucked up good, son.
What the fuck, bitch?
You're a psycho.
-Anne, baby, I am so sorry-
-No, just get out!
That must have been hard
for you.
I said that must
have been hard for you.
I heard you.
-Why am I talking to you?
It's just good to talk things
through sometimes.
No, why am I talking to you?
Why am I talking
to a psychiatrist?
Also, they took my phone.
Are they even
allowed to do that?
There was just
a few details leading up
to your injury
that I need to clarify.
Right, okay.
I have a sprained ankle.
I don't really understand
what you think I'm holding back.
That's what
we'll find out together.
That's the shrinkiest thing
I've ever heard anyone say.
Look, is there...
I don't know,
maybe someone else
with a similar name that the
hospital's got me confused with?
-What like 'Jan', you mean?
-Well, I don't know.
I came in for a simple
injury and next thing I know
I'm talking
to the hospital therapist.
A simple injury.
Can you--?
Please don't do that?
The, the repeating.
Okay, I won't.
Yes, syndesmosis.
High ankle sprain.
That's day surgery.
Let's get back to your break-up.
How on Earth is that relevant?
Maybe it is.
Maybe it isn't.
Okay, that is even worse
than the repetition.
Anne, we can go around
in circles all day,
but I'm the only one who can
sign off on your discharge.
For a fucking sprained ankle?
Sorry. Sorry.
What was your question?
No specific question.
I just thought it must
have been really hard
to find your boyfriend
with another woman.
Yes, it was.
So how did you respond
after Greg had moved out?
I don't know,
I dealt with it.
I had a drink, went
for a run, got on with my life.
I threw myself into my work.
So, the woman
in Arkansas died.
Mm. God.
But, hey,
she had a good life, you know,
and the lawyers have released
us from all responsibility.
So, you know,
Power Dawn it is.
Same product,
beautiful new packaging,
copy, testimonials.
You all know
what you gotta do.
-Any questions?
-Oh, it's Anne.
Ah, sorry, I had a girlfriend
in high school named Annie.
You look a bit like her.
Um, I actually had
a question about Pro-Lig.
Now you're talking.
Now, I know
we're not there yet,
but I've been thinking about
some of our marketing angles.
Yes, absolutely.
When we get
to the email campaign,
I really wanna nail
that grandparent demographic.
Right, exactly.
So, this is gonna sound a bit
outside of our comfort zone,
but I think that we can make
a social media play.
Facebook hasn't filtered
spam the same way
that email has, so someone could
see an ad for a supplement
and think that it's targeted
specifically towards them.
They might not even think of it
as advertising.
I don't know,
80-year-olds on Facebook?
The stats
are surprisingly encouraging.
Ah, direct mail
and email has always
been our honeypot
with these older folks, Annie.
Hey, my grandfather's 90
and he's on Instagram.
I mean,
he has no clue how it works,
but that's how he sees pictures
of his friends.
Oh-ho, I love that.
That's a really great example.
Um, now, Instagram doesn't have
quite the same penetration
in the 75-plus demo
as Facebook does--
Facebook, whatever.
The point is we can reach
people this way, right?
-Yes, sir, we can.
-Great. Let's do it.
Annie, I want you
to run point on this
as long as it doesn't
interfere with Power Dawn.
-No, of course not.
-Great. Get me all the data,
and when we're ready,
we'll check budgets
and then we'll jump into copy.
So, Power Dawn it is.
Now, completely new...
Open your eyes

You gotta open your eyes

Do you feel like the whole
world's out to get you
Oh, what?
Oh. Um. Sorry.

Dr. Cooper
to the nurses' station 4-East.
Dr. Cooper to the nurses'
station 4-East.
Thank you.
Did you start dating again?
Why is that funny?
You married?
-I am.
-How about you?
36 years next month.
We were
high-school sweethearts.
Well, good for you guys because
it's a minefield out there.

Oh, yeah.


Oh, yeah.
It's a match.

Early in the morning
Then again
around noon
Later in the evening
By the light
of the moon
Any time of day it's
Never too soon

Every day, baby,
I've been calling you

Eventually, you find a guy
who can at least carry on
a respectful chat conversation
and then you meet them.
There's a lot of evidence that
really supports a flat earth.
Is this what
you wear all the time?
This is actually a--
a friendship ring.
Rap begins with Vanilla Ice
and ends with Eminem.
You've never seen
Bad Boyz II?
My mom.
I still live with my mom.
Think you'd look better
as a blonde.
And practically every street
has a gelato place.
It is insane.
I gained, like, ten pounds
in three days.
Well, when in Rome, literally.
So, have you ever been?
No, I wish. But there is
this gelato place on Lexington.
Dulce Nueva.
Yes. Yes.
Do you know it?
I work like three blocks
from there.
I have to try really hard every
day to not go in that place.
Excuse me, I'm just going
to run to the restroom.
I'll just be here.

Jesus Christ.
get him out of here.
What, I didn't do anything.
Fuck you.
You're out of here.
What the hell?
Sorry, dude.
You're going to need
a fresh one of these.

Men are trash.

- I think
it's the next block over.
Punctuation is a thing for me.
So a guy who knows how to
use his possessive apostrophes
and his semicolons
correctly is a huge turn-on.
I thought I'd try
and change my luck,
so it didn't bother with the
first date drinks at the bar.
I agreed
to meet him at the movie,
told my friends we were going,
drove separately.
I've never seen
Touch of Evil.
-Did you enjoy it?
-Yeah, sort of.

This scene is so unnecessary.
Why are they--?
Making out in the back of
the movie theatre is so not me.
It's so shamefully clichd.
It's like the kind of thing
my parents
would have done
when they were teenagers.
No offence.
None taken. I think.
you found Tom exciting?
After what I've been through,
it was exciting.
Oh, my God!
Oh, sorry.
Oh! Oh, God, I'm sorry,
I'm so sorry.
No worries.
I'm Rick, by the way.
Hi, yeah.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, I saw you running
the other day.
You look great.
I mean, you know,
you have great form.
Let me know if you want to run
together sometime.
It could be fun.
Yeah, yeah.
I actually gotta go.
Hey, yeah.
No, no, no. I'm here.
I just parked my car.
I'm late. I know.
I got stuck at work.
Talk to you later,
I guess?
So, second date.
We tried Touch of Evil again,
this time on Netflix.
It's a really good movie,
I swear.
Oh, I totally--
I totally believe you.
There's this one scene
they spent all day rehearsing.
Oh. Okay.
One more--
-Not now.
What happened?
Have you ever owned
a pleather couch?
-That wasn't me.
-No, I know.
I know,
it's just my stupid couch.
Uh, you laughing at me
is not awesome.
I know.
I'm not laughing at you.
It's the couch, I promise.
For a first time,
it was actually pretty good.
I couldn't afford a new couch,
so the next day
I bought some blankets,
muffle the sound a bit.
Would you excuse me
for a minute?
Dr. Smith to Pediatrics.
Uh, I'm Mike Olson.
I'm lead detective
on Anne Bennett's case.
I usually work
with Frank Kierry.
Is he around?
Dr. Kierry
has moved to Maryland,
so I guess that
makes me your new Frank.
Right. Okay.
We basically know what happened,
but the case file says
your department
won't let anyone see her.
I need to confirm some details.
It's a little
more complicated than that.
Miss Bennett is having an
issue absorbing what happened.
Dr. Glaze to the E.R.
Look, uh, Doctor...
-Atlas, okay.
I'm sure you can appreciate
the need for efficiency here.
Oh, of course, of course.
But there are huge gaps
in the patient's memories.
I need a little more time.
Keep me posted.
What's going on out there?
Oh, red tape.
How did you get
that bruise on your head?
You have a bruise
on your head.
Do you remember how you got it?

Oh, yeah.
I banged my head in the mirror
in my bathroom.
What does this have
to do with my sprained ankle?
Your what?
My sprained ankle.
The reason I'm here.
Come on,
we talked about this.
I came in for minor surgery
on an ankle sprain
and then you came in here
and jumped up my ass
about all this stuff
that I can't remember.
I remember a conversation.
I don't remember anything
about a sprained ankle.
Oh, for God's sake.
That's not right,
because I came in
for surgery
for an ankle sprain.

"Broken fibula."

Have I had this
the whole time?
It's not unusual
to have memory loss or confusion
when one has suffered
a traumatic injury.

Sprained ankle, broken fibula,
same sort of thing, right?
It's probably
those painkillers.
As opposed to,
you know, I'm losing my mind.
What was it
like to be dating again?
Yeah, it was great.
Um, I really liked Tom.
It was new
and everything was exciting,
Tom was kind of like
a flavor enhancer,
just made
everything even better.
And so I finished up
my finance degree at OSU.
Go Buckeyes.
And then took a job out here.
I must be doing something right
'cause they keep promoting me.
Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
What's your living situation?
I own a loft at the Maitland.
-ow many bedrooms?
Any previous marriages?
Kids we should know about?
No previous marriages
and no kids.
But I am the fun uncle
to Dean and Paul.
You're a funcle?
All right.
I like this one.
-Is he a good kisser?
Oh, babe,
show them the resort.
We're going on
a special anniversary trip.
-Show them.
-Park Hyatt Maldives.
-Very nice.
Private beach villa.
Nothing but cocktails and sex.
-Honey, please.
What, like they don't know
what we're going to be up to?
There's lots of other things
to do there.
Oh, like what?
Ah, basketball courts.
Ah, man, I used to love
playing basketball.
Ah, past tense?
Ah, too many injuries.
I'm prone to syndesmosis
ligament problems.
High ankle sprains.
I spent most of my teen years
on and off crutches
and in and out of moon boots.
Sounds like
you need Pro-Lig.
Oh, that your new supplement?
Yes. And guess who's writing
the copy.
-Stop, really?
Made some great suggestions
a while back,
and my boss said
I could run with it, so...
-Wow. That's amazing.
-Good job.
-I'm so proud of you.
-Great job.
Your entrees are
on the way out from the kitchen.
Can I get
everybody another round?
Ah, yeah,
let's get another bottle.
And tonight's on me.
That's very nice.
He's a keeper.
So, when can
I get this miracle pill?
Well, to be honest,
you're not really
in our target demographic.
Oh, dear.
Got any grandparents
with sore knees?
"Pro-Lig is not
guaranteed to do anything."
It doesn't work?
I mean, it doesn't not work.
It won't make
your joints worse.
And, actually,
according to the research,
61% of users did experience
some joint relief.
Well, 61%, not bad.
Except it's not
actual clinical testing.
It's kind of like
the bare minimum
they have to do to say
they tested it at all.
So those users may have only
manifested an improvement
or imagined they felt better.
It's a whole thing.
Anyway, whatever,
it's a job.
-It's a job.
-It's a job.
-Hey, cheers.
-To new love.
-Oh, boy.
-And to old love.
And to fucking
on a private beach!
I wish you could bottle
that early feeling
when you just want
the other person all the time.
Everything they do turns
you on.
Even thinking about them
makes you smile like a goof.
You're staring at me.
You like the way I wash dishes?
I kind of like
everything you do.
Mm. Mm. Hello.
Love this guy.
But that early feeling
doesn't last, does it?
Which is totally normal, right?
Oh, of course, of course.
When did the new relationship
shine start to fade?
Hey, what you doing there?
Words with Buddies.
What is that?
It's kind of like Scrabble,
but with subtle differences
to avoid copyright issues.
Ah, you playing against someone?
Yeah, Alan G-77.
I don't know, the game assigns
people randomly, but he's good.
I'm only up by two points.
Can I see?
Here, let me see.
Jesus, how do you use
this thing?
Um, I squint mostly.
I know
a great screen-repair guy,
Can get you another
one for 100 bucks.
Thank you,
but I can't really afford that.
Oh, forget it.
I got you.
Ah. This is easy.
-Six points.
Yeah, but there's a triple word
score that I was trying to use.
Uch, of course,
he just used it.
Well, find a better word.
No, it's okay.
I can do it.
Come on, we'll do it together.
How about this?
Yeah, that's good.
Mm. So how are things
with you and Tom?
Yeah, they're good.
Yeah. How's the sex?
They're a couple.
They're having sex.
Presumably, they have
coffee from time to time too.
I'm very happy to talk
about coffee.
Okay, great.
So, last night, while Mitch
and I were having coffee,
I put a ball-gag in his mouth
and I whipped him
like a racehorse.
Oh, jeeze.
Oh, please, you love it.
I do.
So, it's good?
Not just the sex.
The whole package,
not just the package.
Yeah. Tom is great.
He's amazing.
So is the package.
Hey, Dougie.
Can he call you in an hour?
Thanks, hon.
So, you guys just use
each other's phones?
Yeah, of course.
Mitch has nothing to hide.
Oh, cut or uncut?
I need to know these things.
The buzz is fucking building,
I'm telling you,
the focus groups were great.
And the bean counters
found an extra $40,000
for the social media strategies.
Now let's talk color schemes.
Um, actually, Mr. McKay,
I have a copy suggestion I
wanted to share with the group.
So I was thinking of opening
with "Sick of joint pain?"
But I think now
I'm actually gonna go with
"Tired of joint pain?"
because we're not
claiming to cure sickness.
We are simply offering
an alternative to being
weighed down by the chronic
aches and pains
that folks of this age
suffer from every day.
It's a tiny shift,
but I think
it will subtly change
how people read it.
Hey, if it sells more pills.
Shawn, what do you think?
-Oh, yeah, that could work.
Incorporate it into the copy.
-You got it.
-Anything else? Okay, great.
Wait, sir. I thought
I was writing the copy.
You did?
You're the copy editor,
You edit the copy.
And, and you're great at it.
Sir, you told me
to run point on this.
Oh, I meant the research,
you know, all that Facebook
stuff you were talking about.
-You did that, right?
And, Shawn, you've been
working on the copy, right?
-Make the exchange.
Good teamwork,
that's good teamwork.
Where were we?

That must have been unpleasant.
Yeah, no shit.
I finally thought
we were getting somewhere.
What did I say?
Sure there's some
psychological reason for that.
You were in a new relationship,
but doubts had started
to creep in about it,
about the two of you.
Do you make
a good living at your job?
I can pay my bills.
I mean, no, not easily.
An opportunity for advancement
at your work doesn't pan out,
but you've met this new fella
who's very generous
with his money.
Maybe you felt a little trapped.
I wasn't trapped.
I really liked Tom.
At your job, then.
You felt your work
wasn't respected,
but you couldn't quit
because you needed the money.
I've quit jobs before.
I always land on my feet.
"On your feet."
Sorry, can we talk about
something else for a minute?
I thought you were anxious
to get out of here.
I am. I just--
This isn't working
for me right now.
We can talk
about anything you want.
Or nothing at all.
Yeah, let's do that.
Nothing at all.

We'll pick this up tomorrow.
Good night.
Making progress?
-It's a tricky case.
-Why's that?
It's not your typical
five stages of grief.
I'm trying to get
some background info
just so I can lead her up--
We don't need
any background info.
Actually, it does help to lead
her into the larger discussion.
I wanna talk to her.
She's in a very fragile state.
She barely remembers anything.
So, push her.
Jog her memory.
It doesn't work that way.
A crime
has been committed here.
I wanna talk to the victim.
And I'm telling you
that the victim
doesn't even realize
there was a crime.
She thought she was
in here for a sprained ankle,
which has become
a broken fibula.
-You serious?
-Swear to God.
It's called
dissociative amnesia.
It's very frequent
in trauma victims.
It usually presents
as memory loss.
But in some cases,
the patient can manifest
new memories to cover up
the pain of the old ones.
I got to tell you,
I feel like Frank
would have gotten
this done by now.
Perhaps, but he's not here.
I assure you
I am doing my best.
I will find out what happened.
Just get it done.
You still working?
MM. This is a tough one.
For my patient,
not for me.
Well, I'm sure you'll figure
it out for, uh, her or him.
How much am I allowed to know?
Well, it's a her.
And she's suffering from
seriously repressed memories.
The rest
is doctor-patient stuff.
Say no more.
This, I can tell you.
The detective on the case
is a piece of work.
Has no understanding
of psychology
or how to deal
with a trauma victim.
Thinks I should
just push a little harder.
What's his name?
-Mike Olson.
Sounds like
a '70's sitcom character.
I can handle him.
It's her
I'm worried about.
I know you'll find a way.
-You always do, right?
Good night, sweetheart.
Night, love.

Good morning.

What is this?
Like aromatherapy?
Sort of.
Do you have
any allergies?
-What do you smell?
-I don't know.
I can't--
I can't really tell.
The cleaning stuff they use
here is very overpowering.
Gets out those tough stains.
What did you smell?
Uh, something metallic, maybe.
What about this one?
Uh, vanilla extract,
something like that.
Not bad.
what is the point of this?
Does it have to have a point?
Yesterday was really hard
on you, so I didn't want
to come in this morning and
just continue the interrogation.
And it's a nice way to relax.
Okay, last one.
Oh, La Petite Robe Noir.
The little black dress.
It's a perfume.
Do you wear it?
I have a bottle of it at home.
Do you wear it to work?
No, I never wear it to work.
I don't want the attention.
So, just
on special occasions.
Yeah, going out,
that sort of thing.
See? Easy-peasy.
I was trying to not
screw things up with Tom.
One. Two.
Ah! Sugar.
Okay. All right.
All right. Two hands.
Okay, so...
Two. Three.
Oh! Sorry.
-You okay?
-Yeah, fine.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
It's fine.
Let's try again.
-No cheating.
Ready? One...
Two, three.
Hey, sorry, I saw you
and thought I should come over.
Yeah, of course.
How are you doing?
I'm great.
Thanks. You?
Yeah, everything's going great.
Yeah, yeah.
-Hi, I'm Anne.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Anne, this is Sarah.
We used to go out.
No, no, it's okay.
Sorry, I shouldn't
have put you on the spot.
Oh, no, no, no.
Wow. You're, uh,
you're engaged.
Couple months now.
His name's Keith.
From Michigan.
You'd hate him.
No, he's great.
He's really sweet.
Anyway, it was great
running into you.
And lovely to meet you.

Oh! Mmm.
Okay. Easy, tiger.
Okay-- Mm--
Tom, slow down.
'Kay, Tom?
Stop. Stop.
Tom! I said stop.
Just slow down for a second.
I'm being passionate.
you're being rough.
We just got home.
It's just a little much.
That's all.
What happened to
"I like everything you do"?
That's how I felt
in that moment.
In this moment I feel like
you are irritated
about running into your ex,
and I don't feel like
being made into a physical
expression of that irritation.
Uh, I'm going to go to bed.
Wait, Tom,
can we talk about this?
I'm going to bed.
Well, thanks for that.
I barely touched you.
Don't be so dramatic.

Did you say anything?
Why do you think that was?
I don't know,
it was just something
that happened in the moment.
But it shouldn't have happened.
Yeah, but couples fight.
You and your husband
have never fought?
Not physically.
Well, this wasn't
a physical fight.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
But being dismissive,
walking away like that?
Abuse doesn't have
to be physical.
Yeah, I know that,
and I'm saying that this
wasn't a big deal.
So, you kept on seeing Tom.
Yes, of course I did.
This isn't what
you're making it sound like.
-Did the abuse continue?
Abuse? No.
It's not like you punched me.
He bumped me
as he walked past.
It was abuse.
Anne, it was abuse.

Did the abuse continue?

Did it get worse?

Did you pay my parking tickets?
-Mm? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I saw them
at your place the other night.
You didn't have to do that.
I'm happy to.
I know things can be a bit
tight for you sometimes.
That was very nice of you.
Are you almost done?
Uh, not really.
Oh. Okay.
Well, um, do you maybe want to
take a break and watch some TV?
This is important.
Yes, of course.
Uh, you can watch
Just keep the volume low.
No, it's fine,
I don't want to disturb you.
I didn't say
you had to stay over tonight.
Okay. So...
Oh, Jesus!
You're waving
your hand in front of my face!
Yes, to get your attention.
I can't give you
my attention right now, Anne,
I have an important job.
Oh, meaning what?
Meaning I don't, right?
-Didn't say that.
-No, you didn't say anything.
-Fuck off, okay? I'm busy.
-Fuck off?
No, I'm not telling you
to fuck off.
-I'm just busy.
-I'm going to go.
So, now you're going
to be a martyr.
I don't want to hang
around where I'm not wanted.
-I'm working!
-Yes, I understand that.
But you don't have to
be such an asshole about it.
I'm-- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm just-- I'm just stressed
with work and-- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Um, let's-- let's--
let's do something together.
You-- you want to watch
something on TV?
Okay. Um, uh...
What do you want to watch?
I don't know.
I don't--
-Okay, um...
how about an old movie?
with Audrey Hepburn, maybe?
let's see what we've got.
Cary Grant?
Always a good one.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I have never needed
a coffee more.
You want some?
We need to talk about
last night.
Yeah. I don't even know
what happened.
You hit me.
Oh, I know.
That's not what I meant.
I meant...
I don't even
know what came over me.
Has this happened before?
I mean, my brothers and I
used to fight,
but no, never.
I don't--
I don't deal with
my stress well.
I know that's not an excuse.
I want to be all of the amazing
things that you want in a man.
In a partner.
I want to be charming
and sophisticated and sweet
and sexy and make money.
I just, I don't know how
to do that all at the same time.
But no one is
saying that you have
to do all
those things all the time.
I want to.
'Cause you're worth it.
I'm trying, baby.
I promise I'm trying.
I just,
I need you to believe in me.

That's a little strange,
don't you think?
-How it all became about him?
Well, he was
really stressed at work.
So that means you deserved
what he did to you?
No, but I was being
a bit of a bitch.
And I was trying
to provoke a response.
If Tom walked in here right now
you could get
right up into his face
and call him every name
under the sun.
And if he laid
a finger on you,
it would still be 100% wrong.
-You do see that, don't you?
And even
if he didn't lay a finger,
disrespecting you,
disrespecting your work,
making you feel unimportant,
that's abuse.
How much worse did it get?

We went out
for a few more weeks.
You know, I ended it.
Everything went to hell
after that.
Hey, the meeting's starting.
Ooh, lucky girl.

We are rolling out
the Facebook ads.
We got direct mail ready
to drop,
and we even bought ads to hit
the seniors on right-wing radio.
This is going
to be fucking huge.
Highest awareness numbers
we've ever seen in the tracking.
Also, the highest number of
disclaimers we've ever put out.
-Come again?
"This statement has not
been approved by the FDA."
"Results can and will vary."
Yeah, but that's
the beauty of it.
They get lost
in the boilerplate.
But when Granny goes online
to see the pictures
of her grandson's graduation
and she feels that
ache in her hip, boom!
Pro-Lig is right there
to cure it.
But it won't cure it.
Where's this coming from?
I thought you were
a team player, Annie.
Mr. McKay, I know that
we're not curing cancer here,
but we don't
need to deceive people.
We actually have an
opportunity to be different,
to apply
a little bit of honesty.
Honesty doesn't sell pills,
My name is not fucking Annie.
Okay, it's Anne.
Not Anna, not Annie your
ex-girlfriend from high school.
It's Anne.
My name is Anne.
Now, please understand,
Anne, you're not being fired.
It's what we call
administrative leave.
We'll start
with two weeks, paid,
and see how you're
doing after the time off.
And what am I supposed to do?
Whatever you want.
This time is for you.
Do some self-care.
Yeah, exactly.
Read a book.
Go get a mani-pedi
with the girls.
You know,
just take care of you.
You seem to need it.

I'm serious.
Get a ticket,
come out here and join us.
I'll pay.
I appreciate the offer,
but I don't want
to interfere with your plans.
- It's cool.
Mitch and I will bone
when you're asleep.
Oh, well,
how can I say no to that?
But seriously, though,
I'm fine.
It was very sweet of you
to offer.
Chin up, mama.
I'll see you soon.
Okay, bye.
You did the right thing
breaking up with Tom.
Things were bad with him.
They were a lot worse
after he left.
No, your life didn't get worse
because you broke up with Tom.
Tom made your life worse.
He just wasn't around to see
the damage that he'd done.
You can't base your whole sense
of happiness on other people.
It's too much pressure.
He was better
than nothing.
You're not nothing.
Anne, look at me.
Tell me you believe that.
Let's take a break.
Actually, it's chocolate pudding
day in the cafeteria, so--
You still haven't told me
why I'm here.
You're going to tell me.
It's all in there
You'll remember
and then you'll tell me.
Simple as that, huh?
Simple as that.
-Just the puddings?
-Just the puddings.
Thank you.
What's going on?
Ah, what's going on is
I'm trying to wrap up a case
and you're denying me
access to the victim.
Can't keep her here forever,
you know.
I just wrote to the judge
asking for an extension
on her psych hold.
I just spoke to your boss
and he agrees with me.
So, enjoy.
I realize you're under a lot
of pressure to close this case,
I get that.
But if you come at her with
everything all at once,
she'll just decompensate.
She'll shut down.
Maybe we could figure out
a game plan together?
There you go.
Detective Olson is going
to show you some photographs.
If you feel in any way
uncomfortable, he'll stop.
Tell me if you recognize
any of these men.
Oh, yes,
I've seen him before.
Yeah, he lives near me,
I've seen him running.
Have you ever had
any interaction with him?
Oh, um-- Sorry.
I've run into him on
the street a couple of times.
I'm Rick, by the way.
Did he make an impression
on you?
Um, I don't know.
He's just a guy.
Did he make
you feel uncomfortable?
-He attacked you.
The sooner you come to grips
with it, the better.
He lives in your neighborhood.
He followed you home.
Yeah, I was running
and he was chasing me.


Is that how I broke
my fibula?
No, no,
that's not what happened.
-He attacked you.
I got home.
I-- I closed the door.
Everything was fine.
Fuck you!
He, he attacked--
He kicked my-- he kicked my leg.
-What's she doing?
-Get out.
-Oh, my God.
-Take it down a notch.
Get out!!
He attacked me.
He broke my leg.
Rick? Rick. Damn it.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm so sorry.
Fuck you! Ah!
Oh, God!
I don't think about that
right now.
Just concentrate on breathing.
Deep breaths:
In. Out. In. Out.
-I'm going to be right back.
What the hell was that?
You may have irreparably
damaged that young woman.
He didn't break her leg.
We know what happened.
Yes, but she doesn't!
Her mind is creating
scenarios, like her injury,
because it doesn't
want her to know the truth.
Her mind doesn't
want her to know?
She was attacked.
You can't possibly
know what that did to her.
Lady, I'm a cop.
I'm in danger every day.
Yes, but you know that
every day.
You're prepared for it.
Let me help you
by helping her.
You're not
even going to apologize.
-For doing my job?
-For not letting me do mine.
Oh, don't be so dramatic.
I was attacked.
And you didn't tell me.
Anne, we really need
to focus on--
I-- I can't.
Can you go?
Please, can you just get out?

It's just typical arrogant,
macho bullshit.
Olson just doesn't get it.
I mean, yes, the patient
needs a little prodding,
but you have to establish
a bond, a layer of trust.
And I was getting there.
I really was, but now...
But she started remembering
some things, right?
Well, you--
You said he confronted her
with some things
and she started to remember it.
She remembered some things,
the rest of the stuff,
she just replaced the repressed
memories with invented ones.
Oh, well, maybe
there's just a middle ground.
-What are you doing?
You're siding with Olson.
I'm not siding
with him.
I'm just trying to think
about what might work.
I don't need you
to think about anything.
In case it slipped
your memory,
I've been doing this
a long fucking time.


Has Anne Bennett
gone for scans or something?
I'm not sure,
I don't think so.
Could you check?
Right, um,
no, nothing is scheduled.
She's not here?
Oh, whoops!
In the loo.

So much for my jailbreak.
I was pretty impressed,
I knew you
couldn't have got far.
Well, at least
you're talking to me now.
I know that
it's your job to get me
to remember
what happened that night.
I don't know
if I want to remember.
There's a lot
you haven't confronted
and not just about
what happened that night.
Here's the easy way out.
I'm this close to being
kicked off your case
and whoever replaces me
will yank a story,
any story out of you.
Detective Olson
will write his report,
close his case,
and that'll be that.
They'll all move on.
But you won't.
You'll keep reliving your pain.

Anne, you're the only one
who knows what really
happened to you,
and I don't just mean
that night.
Your pain isn't linear.

Have you ever noticed
in English,
there's no verb for truth?
You can be honest
or tell the truth
or be truthful,
but you can't Truth.
Maybe it's so rare, it wasn't
worth coining a verb for.
But there are so many ways
to lie,
to distort.
You're the language expert,
you have all synonyms.
Do you know what the biggest
lie you tell yourself is, Anne?
I don't know.
It's that you don't deserve
to be happy.

I want to be happy.

Well, then,
you have to see everything.
You have to... Truth.

You were attacked.
By Rick.
Oh, what?
-Should I have talked to him?
-Why would you talk to him?
I don't know.
We were both running.
He just tried
to strike up a conversation.
You didn't owe him anything.
You were out running alone.
A solo activity.
Right. Yeah, I guess.
Why were you running?
I shouldn't
have been running at night.
You can run whenever you want.
Why were you?
Because I like to stay fit.
You run more when you're upset,
like after a breakup.
Would you call it a pattern?


So I drink and I run.
How did you feel
when you broke up with Tom?
What do you mean?
Well, you'd had
one failed relationship.
You thought this one
was going to work out.
When it didn't,
how did you feel?
-I felt bad.
Well, I don't know...
What happened to your leg?
I told you.
-The truth, Anne.
-I am telling the truth.
Rick attacked me.
He attacked you
and then what?
-He left?
Anne, look at me.
Open your eyes.
Where are you, bitch?
You're so close.
You're so close.
Tom was there.
Tom was there.
No, no,
that didn't happen.
I sprained my ankle.
-No, you didn't.
-Yes, I did.
-I sprained my ankle.
You didn't.
There was--
I knew you couldn't
have got far.
Anne, tell yourself the truth!
I knew you couldn't
have got far.

It's okay.
See it all.
Tom was there
because I invited him.

Oh, okay.
Okay, wait.
Wait. Just wait a second.
Whoa, whoa, no, no, no wait.
Come on.
No, no, no,
let's just talk.
Can we just talk for a second?
Are you fucking serious?
You texted me for
a booty call and I--
No, I texted because
you sa-- Ohh!

It's all right.
Keep going.
What is wrong
with you?
What's wrong with me?
You're the one
who can't make up your mind.
So you hit me?
Oh, don't exaggerate.
Am I--?
I-- Am I going crazy?
I am not exaggerating.
Tom, look at me.
look at me!
Where are you, bitch?
What the fuck?

what's your emergency?
What happens now?
You get better.

He was just lying there.
He wasn't breathing.
I called 911, but... Um...
Yeah, anyway, that's
the last thing I remember,
and then I woke up here.
That tracks with what we have
from ballistics and the M.E.
Surviving victim, you.
Gunshot wound to the thigh,
missing the femoral artery.
Perpetrator died instantly
of the gunshot wound
to the heart
and the other victim...
shot to the chest.
Died at the scene.
Thank you for your help.
Was that so hard?
-What's this?
Some survivors' groups,
a couple of really
great trauma therapists.
Can't I stay with you?
I can only work
the cases assigned to me
by the hospital,
but you can visit any time.
Keep telling yourself the truth.
That you deserve happiness,
you deserve dignity.
You always have.
And with physical therapy,
you're going to be up
and running in no time.
Well, probably power walking
to begin with.
I'll check on you later.

Miss Bennett?
I was asked
to give you these.
Thank you.

I heard you're here.

God, how weird am I,
showing up like this?
It's okay.
I just... God, I don't
know how to explain it.

He hit you too.

I should have said
But I didn't know.
I wasn't sure.
And then I thought
maybe it was me.

You know, maybe I was
the only one he did it to.

I am so, so sorry.
For everything.

Are you going to be okay?

Out by the crook,
there's a babbling brook
Don't want to see if Travis
is playing basketball?
- He is but I found
out his name was Todd.
Totally ruined it for me.
Sees that your tears
are like clockwork
They slide away
And through it all

The whispers,
the whispers
I know
Oh, my God!
-Hey, you alright?
Well, I know you're limping,
but not far off from
a really cool swagger.

What's that smell?
Hospital stank of it.
Gets the blood out.
Wasn't me.
I'm not judging.
What do you wanna do?
You wanna drink some wine?
Do you wanna watch
a movie?
Buy a new couch?
My knee
was shattered in the attack.
After two months
in a rehab center,
I graduated from a wheelchair
to a walker
and I thought I'd get rid
of the walker pretty quickly
and then I'd be better.
I wasn't better.
I didn't have
the same energy as before
or the same patience,
even for my best friends.
And in the back of my head,
I kept wondering
if I still wasn't
somehow a little bit at fault
for what happened.
-No, I know.
Not like that.
Just like I didn't know if there
was something wrong with me.
Why didn't I leave?
And maybe if
I had been stronger
then none of this would
have happened, you know,
'cause then at least
I wouldn't be a victim.
Everywhere you go,
everybody gives you this pity.
Are you okay?
Are you going to be okay?
I know they mean well.
But how can we ever
be okay with what happened?
All I can be okay with is
my part in what happened.
Knowing that
I didn't do anything wrong.
What happened to me was wrong.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Does anyone else
want to share?
Okay, we'll leave it there.
Thank you.

What a lovely surprise.
It's really good
to see you.
I have to talk to you.
Oh, is everything okay?
Everything I told you
was truth.
I know that.
But, but like you said,
I have to Truth.
Like a verb.
I'm not sure I know
how to see the truth.
I mean, I know it's there
and I know it exists,
but I don't know,
seeing it,
I guess, just doesn't
come naturally to me.
I know how to misstate
and to conceal,
to obfuscate.
You're right,
I have all of the synonyms
of all of these words
to justify the things
that happened to me.
A thousand little cuts
to my dignity.
How I make convenient omissions
and clever edits.
I was trying really hard
to make what happened to me
be about one thing
and not everything.
Because if it was about
one thing,
then I could deal with it
and I didn't have
to look at the whole picture.
I didn't have to Truth.
Tom, look at me!
Alright, you bitch.
What the fuck?

Anne, what are you doing?
Anne, put it down.
Anne, no!
Hey, we have a new case.
Oh, hi.
Detective Olson,
you remember Anne Bennett.
Yes, yes, of course.
Glad to see
you're on the mend.

You're not here
about your case, are you?
Do I have to add something
to my report?

No, no, nothing to add.
Anne just came by
for a visit.
Well, great.
Come find me
when you have a minute.
-This is a tough one.
You're going to be all right.
A little girl with
Long brown legs
I see you walking alone
I got a big car
You gotta walk far
Why don't
I drive you home?
And I'm so
So, so in love with you
And you don't know
You don't know
You don't know
what I mean to do
It's a hot day to be walking
Tell me something
I don't know
You can drive off
on that gravel
There's a storm,
hear the wind blow
And I'm so
So, so in love with you
And you don't know
You don't know
You don't know
what I mean to do
You turn me on
I'm a hurricane, babe
A summer storm
You're a weather vane, babe
I'll huff and puff
And blow
your whole world away

I'm a hurricane, babe

I'm a hurricane, babe

I'm a hurricane, babe

I'm so
So, so in love with you
And you don't know
You don't know
You don't know
what I mean to do