A Thursday (2022) Movie Script

-I am going inside.
Yeah. I'm on my way.
I'll be there in half an hour.
-Bye, dear.
-Bye, mom.
My, oh my! Be careful.
-Naina Teacher!
-Naina Teacher!
Okay. Come on.
Go to your desks, everybody.
Go to your desks.
Thank God you are back.
We thought you would
be back next week.
But it is good to see you back.
-I hope you are feeling better.
-I am. Yes. Much better.
I was missing these devils.
Isn't it Niharika's
birthday tomorrow?
-You remember!
-Of course!
I remember everyone's birthdays.
But actually, Niharika and
I are birthday buddies.
Oh my God!
Happy birthday to you in advance.
Thank you.
-Happy birthday.
-Thank you.
You know I was thinking since
tomorrow is a bank holiday
followed by the weekend.
We'll miss celebrating her birthday.
Is it okay if we celebrate it today?
Naina, it's getting too late
for me today.
-That's why...
-Hold on.
I will order cake and snacks.
Don't worry.
Is it okay to just...
for your driver to bring it over?
That's so sweet of you, Naina.
-I'll just...
-All right.
Hey! Aakash, what are you doing?
Savitri Tai, why are you standing
upside down?
You will fall down.
If you break your head,
I will be held responsible.
It's okay, Savitri.
Children are very tough.
-He doesn't listen to me at all.
-Savitri, is everything all right?
Ma'am, I have to change my address
on the Aadhar card tomorrow.
-It's okay. You can go today.
-How could I leave today?
You are back after three weeks.
How could I leave today?
It's okay. I will handle them.
You can leave
once you get them settled.
-Are you sure?
Hold on. Wait a minute.
-Keep this.
-What's this for?
Keep it.
-Thank you.
You're welcome.
-Good morning.
Good morning.
Don't you have to go to court today?
It looks like I will be at
my client's factory the whole day.
It's three hours away.
You know
that Jeevanjees Industries merger.
What are you doing on
a corporate case?
Honestly, I don't know
what I am doing.
But they have evidence of fraud.
And it has turned
into an all-out criminal case.
You never listen to me.
Just take your frustration out
in front of me.
Really? Get the Jeevanjees
to liquidate their assets.
All their assets.
So that the conglomerate
cannot buy them outright.
And you will find out
if there is any fraud activity.
What are you looking at?
-You didn't hear a word I said.
-No. I am listening.
I want to listen up closely.
You don't have to come so close.
There are kids...
You still eat like a child.
-It's okay. I will clean it up.
-No. It's okay.
You know you would
have been a solid...
Yes. I know.
But I am happy being a teacher.
And I am happy being in love
with one.
Cheesy or whatever,
but it is the truth.
Naina... Okay. I know
what you feel about birthdays.
-Very good.
You have no intentions
to celebrate your birthday.
Absolutely not.
It's your thirtieth birthday.
-What yes?
It calls for a small
celebration at least
with friends. Please?
Please... Pretty please.
How many times do
I have to say please?
Such a drama queen!
-Okay, go!
I will sort everything out
and make the arrangements.
And I'll see you tonight.
-I love you.
-Yes. I love you too.
Maya Rajguru will be arriving
at Mumbai airport shortly.
It's estimated that over a million
people will be attending her rally
at South Mumbai's Azad maidan.
Man, this PM is fantastic!
She is the only one
who can truly change our country.
-Hats off to her!
-You are so overly dramatic!
What? Why?
Salute the people who deserve it.
In fact, I think I should do
something for our country too.
Yes. You are doing it already.
You are doing enough.
Now, leave.
All right. I love you,
and I'll see you tonight.
-Okay? Bye.
She has already apologised
in her tweet expressing regret
for the traffic jam
caused due to her rally.
-Good morning, class!
-Good morning, Teacher!
What should we do today?
Poems? Alphabet?
-Or cartoons?
-Come on. Come on.
Have a seat, everyone. Be careful.
Okay. Are you ready?
Let's go!
-Hello, Colaba police station.
I am calling from Little Tots
Playschool, Colaba.
My name is Naina Jaiswal.
I am the teacher here.
I have taken 16 children hostage.
And I have some demands.
I have reached, dear.
Oh no!
Oh God! Where is my phone?
Oh no!
Good morning, ma'am.
Renuka madam sent me.
I brought a cake for Niharika
and some sandwiches, ma'am.
Ma'am, should I just keep it here?
No. Please come in.
-Okay, ma'am.
-Hurry up.
-Driver uncle.
-Hello, dear.
Which way, ma'am?
-Straight ahead.
This is nice. If you let children
watch cartoons,
-they sit quietly.
-Keep it over there.
-Where should I keep it, ma'am?
-Over there.
You have a lovely house, ma'am.
It is a school and a house.
-Where, ma'am?
-Over here.
I'll keep it here.
Oops! I am sorry, ma'am.
Ma'am, a gun?
What's this, ma'am?
What are you doing?
-There are children here, ma'am.
-Be quiet.
Quiet. Be quiet, or I will kill you.
-Ma'am, let me go.
-I won't tell anyone.
-Shut up!
No, ma'am...
Ma'am, what you are doing is wrong.
There are children here.
I didn't ask you for advice.
Keep your opinions
to yourself or else...
Oh no!
What a nuisance!
Ma'am, why are you doing this?
Think about the children, ma'am.
Let me go, ma'am.
I won't tell anyone.
I won't tell anyone about this.
Hello, Savitri!
I am back, ma'am.
They will need an OTP
for the Aadhar card.
I left my phone here.
Found it.
Who dropped the sandwiches
on the floor?
Ma'am, how did it fall down?
The doorbell had been turned off.
-Who is that man, ma'am?
No, ma'am! No...
-Oh my! Is anyone there?
Tie your legs.
This is not who you are, ma'am.
This is not nice.
Is someone making you do this?
Tell me.
Ma'am, let me go.
Let me go home, ma'am.
Ramesh is at home, ma'am.
Please let me go.
Are you talking about
that alcoholic?
If you die today,
he will find out after 2 day.
It is so funny.
Okay. Come on. No more cartoons.
Now, we are going to eat sandwiches.
No. Please...
Teacher, please five more minutes.
No five more minutes.
If you don't eat your sandwich,
the cartoons will come out of the TV
and eat it up.
Cartoons are fake.
How will they come out of the TV?
-Okay, smarty pants!
Get up. Come on.
Come here!
-One second.
Come here.
Come here.
Did you take one?
Look at my hands.
Excuse me, sir! Wait a minute!
What's the matter, sir?
Is there a problem
with the playschool?
It happens every day, sir.
Children come here and make noise,
and then they go home.
Not that. Are the children
being held hostage by Naina?
Sir, Naina is the only one
who can handle these devils.
Stay right here.
Darn it!
The children are watching cartoons.
I simply wasted my time here.
-Tell me, Lokhande.
-Ma'am, everything is fine here.
I think it was a prank call.
Lokhande, it was my day off.
I even delayed
my doctor's appointment.
I am so... so sorry, ma'am.
You love to waste time.
Ma'am, get back.
Ma'am, I don't think
it's a prank anymore.
Get out!
Out, everyone!
-Do you have her mobile number?
-Yes, ma'am.
Call her!
-Her name is Naina Jaiswal.
Get in the car.
Hello, Naina.
This is ACP Catherine
Alvarez speaking.
How many children are inside?
I want to speak to Javed Khan.
Javed? Why Javed Khan?
I want to speak to Javed Khan.
Look, Naina.
Whatever demands you have...
Nothing can happen
without my permission.
I am Javed Khan's boss.
How many children are inside?
Who else is at home?
My helper Savitri
and one of the kids' driver.
-What is the driver doing?
-Driving the car.
-Naina, listen to me.
-No. You listen to me.
I want to speak to Javed Khan.
You have one hour.
Lokhande, call for backup.
Not her again
Talk softly, ma'am.
You are pregnant.
Yes. I am listening.
What did you say?
When did I become so famous?
I wasn't kidding...
Don't yell at me, ma'am.
I am not deaf.
I'm on my way.
I'll be there.
Naina Teacher, susu!
No! What do we say?
-May I use the washroom?
-Yes, Teacher. Washroom susu!
Okay. Who else wants to go?
Come on!
I'll call Savitri.
Get in a line.
the children want to use
the washroom.
I don't want to kill the children
because of your mistakes.
Don't try to act like a hero.
Do I need to explain myself again?
Come on!
Come on! Don't push each other.
Don't make mischief.
If anyone dares to act like a hero,
I will shoot them!
Ma'am, why are you doing this?
What are you lacking?
Please tell me what's wrong.
-It's charging.
-Wow! Cool!
Do you want to know?
How many times have I told you?
You must always flush
after using the washroom.
Who's next?
Tell me.
Oh Lord!
How did I end up here?
You shouldn't have
forgotten your mobile.
What was the driver's fault?
His bad luck.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Take over this coffee shop.
-Okay, ma'am.
-What's this? Is it a theatre?
-Set up a base here.
-Come on. What are you looking at?
How much time will it take
to move this civilian car?
Whose car is that?
-Park it elsewhere.
-Hurry up!
Move that tanker. I want more space.
Shinde, why are so many people here?
Is it an amusement park? Move them!
Lokhande, call for backup!
-How many people will you handle?
-Yes, ma'am.
-I asked you to clear that building.
-Get the neighbours out of here.
-I will ask them to leave.
To be or not to be.
That is the question.
You too! Move, drama company.
Empty the hall. Get up.
-What's going on?
-Uncle, we'll tell you everything.
We are having a prayer meeting.
How could you do this?
-What's the matter?
-There was a gunshot!
Didn't you hear?
Sir, this room is soundproof.
It is soundproof, not bulletproof.
Get out! Get the set up.
-Okay, sir.
-Hurry up!
We will tell you. Let's go.
Come on! Tawde!
Take him to the coffee shop.
Close the gate.
Hey, guys! Sorry
for the last-minute invite.
We are celebrating
Naina's birthday tonight
at 8 pm, so be there.
Don't be late.
See you guys soon.
I have some demands from the police.
That's why I held
the children hostage.
I don't have anything against
the children.
But if the police don't meet
my demands,
things might go wrong.
The police are responsible
for the lives of the children.
This will be in the news soon.
I don't want anyone
to take it as a joke.
Don't try to act smart
or the children might lose
their lives.
Thank you.
You will block the exit.
And you keep an eye at the door.
Come on. Hurry up.
Stop recording!
Are we having a party here?
Yes, Sid.
I am sorry, but I had to cancel
the doctor's appointment.
What do you mean by why?
There is an emergency at work.
It is my fking job, Sid!
Bro, what's up?
I hope you are coming tonight!
You think I will fall
for your prank!
Fine. Disconnect the call now.
I'll see you in the evening.
I have some demands
from the police.
That's why I held
the children hostage.
What the...
Calling Naina
Come on, Naina. What are you doing?
Pick up my call.
Teacher, I want water.
Okay. Go get your bottle.
One, two, three!
Your mom just called.
She is running a bit late today.
No problem, teacher.
I will watch cartoons the whole day.
Really? The whole day!
Oh my God! Go on.
-Ma'am, please have a seat.
-Be quiet.
-Where are the neighbours?
-They are at the coffee shop.
Come on. Over here.
Sir is here.
Do you want me to get yelled at?
Take it away.
Patil, go over there.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming here so soon.
You shouldn't have assigned
night duty to me, ma'am.
Encounters at night
and negotiator by day.
What's this?
Why does she want to talk to me?
How would I know? Now that you
are here, find out yourself!
Then at least tell me.
Who should I talk to?
Naina Jaiswal.
We are going to talk
to the neighbours now.
You are going now?
Go ahead, ma'am. I am with you.
Where could she have bought
the gun from? Shall I trace it?
You've been spending a lot of time
with ma'am.
You want a medal too!
The gun and the culprit
are together, right?
Yes, sir.
Why do you want
to increase your workload?
Come on. Medal ma'am is waiting.
Naina is holding
16 children hostage.
That's impossible!
Well, it is possible
because it is true.
-Does this house belong to Naina?
It belongs to her fianc
Rohit Mirchandani.
Naina runs a playschool here.
You mean they both are involved.
No, sir. Rohit left for the office
in the morning.
Where does he work?
Chelaram associates.
He is a reputed criminal lawyer.
-Could someone call him right now?
-Yes, sir.
Mrs Joshi calling
Aunty, could you please tell me
what's happening?
-What happened to her?
This is inspector Javed Khan.
Listen, sir.
Naina is disconnecting my calls.
Is she fine? Is she okay?
-I am really worried about her, sir.
-Where are you?
Sir, I am far from home right now,
but I am on my way back.
Send your live location and your car
number plate to this number.
Come soon.
The weather and the situation here
are getting worse by the minute.
Sir, may I... Sir!
Let me go in. My daughter is inside.
-Please calm down.
-What the hell is happening?
Call your officers now!
We've been waiting for a long time.
No one is giving us any information.
What's going on?
You've been saying the same thing.
We are their parents.
You can't stop us like this.
-Please call them.
-Are you the one in charge?
-Call your officers.
Sir, I understand
what you are going through.
No, you don't!
Let us meet our children.
Sir, I can't let you go inside.
We don't know
what's happening inside.
We don't know who Naina is
or what she wants.
But, ma'am, please
try to understand.
Sir, I cannot allow that.
If you have any information
about Naina,
-Please tell us.
Naina was on sick leave
for three weeks.
She came back today.
This means the playschool was shut.
No. I was the substitute.
Actually, Naina wasn't supposed
to return for another week.
But she called me last night
and told me that she was
returning today.
Ma'am, Naina is a good girl.
-This is very shocking.
-What shocking?
She has sent a video
on the parents group.
She uploaded the video online.
Sir, please wait for some time.
Give me some time.
I will have you seated inside.
Lokhande, take them
to the coffee shop.
-Or the media will hound them.
-Yes, ma'am.
Remove the barricades. I want
only the parents to come with me.
She sent the video to the parents!
She called the police herself.
She is nothing
but a bloody attention seeker.
Dheeraj, check
Naina Jaiswal's social media pages.
-What was she doing
during the last three weeks
and where she was?
I want all the information
right now.
-Hurry up.
-Connect my phone.
Okay, sir.
Come on! Move!
-Hurry up!
-Tactical team?
These people? You...
Why did you call them here?
There are kids inside, right?
I know there are children inside,
but they are at gunpoint.
And you want
to put more guns in there?
Cathy, the children
will be blown to pieces!
Have you lost your mind?
Don't you dare talk to me like that.
Don't waste time.
The target is right here.
Storm the bloody house
and get this over with.
Don't talk about precautions.
I have never seen you use
the safety lock on your gun.
Because my gun is always
in my control.
This operation will also
be under my control.
She called me here.
I am the one in charge.
I will make decisions
and give orders.
Do you understand, ma'am?
Captain, on my orders only!
Copy that, ma'am.
Come on, guys. Hurry up.
You just have to make a call.
Why is it taking so long?
Sir, just a minute. Please.
Please send two more men
to the barricade. Quick!
Hello, Naina.
Javed Khan.
Look, no one is interested
in waiting around.
There are children inside
who are unaware.
Their parents are pining for them.
The police are worried
because we are under pressure.
If you want, you can put an end
to all this.
Which idiot told you
that I wanted to stop all this?
The show has just begun,
Inspector Khan.
Fine. Let's talk.
In such a big police force,
why ask for me?
I don't think we know each other.
Correct, but there
is always an article
about super cop Javed Khan.
Should I take this
as a compliment or a challenge?
As you wish.
Fine. Let's get to the point.
-What do you want?
-50 million.
Done. What else?
You should have my background
and bank details with you.
You can transfer it there.
You will let the children go
after that.
I will let only one child go.
Naina, how this works is,
after I transfer the 50 million,
to your bank account,
I will pay, at our own cost,
for a chartered aeroplane,
and you can go wherever you want.
The children will stay right here.
This is what we should do, right?
One hour. 50 million.
Should I repeat myself?
Just because she praised you,
doesn't mean you accept her demands.
You agreed to give her 50 million!
There are 59 minutes left.
Shall we get the money ready?
What if she asks
for the Taj Mahal next?
-Damn it!
-58 and a half minutes.
Ma'am, those blueprints are ready.
There are three entry points
to the house. The playschool.
This is the main entrance
and a backyard.
The kids should be
at the playschool.
Their house is at the back.
Sir, look at this.
Naina posted this video just now.
I asked the police for 50 million.
As soon as I get the payment,
I will let a child go.
The police have 49 minutes left.
If they don't meet my demands,
I will kill one child every hour.
In alphabetical order.
So, first, it will be A for Aakash.
Please save my Aakash.
Please save him.
Our respected Prime Minister
Mrs Maya Rajguru will be arriving
at South Mumbai soon.
This is Shalini Guha from Public
News and Broadcast channel
wishing all of you a very good day.
And we are out!
Shalini, your phone is ringing
Our producer is after
that breaking news girl!
Shalini, shush!
Talk to Malcolm
about your promotion.
Him? He is an asle.
Hi! I have some demands
from the police.
-What's happening?
-There is a piece of breaking news.
Someone is holding children hostage.
Damn sad!
I don't have anything
against the children.
It's not like I'll be giving
the breaking news anyway.
Shalini, where are you going?
Take your phone.
What is it? Who's calling?
Hello? Yeah!
No. Not today.
No, actually, she's leaving now.
I have some demands
from the police.
That's why I held
the children hostage.
I don't have anything
against the children.
-Come here tomorrow.
If the police don't meet
my demands...
-I'll call you later.
-...things might take a bad turn.
-Shalini! Shalini...
-this is Yash's school.
Listen! What are you saying?
Call the driver, quick.
Hello. Driver, get the car ready.
Ma'am is coming downstairs.
Okay, guys.
We are going live in one minute.
Everyone, be ready.
Okay. Make it very emotional.
I want full melodrama.
Make it clear that Shalini Guha
is our journalist.
Everyone should feel sorry for her.
In every sentence,
-bombard PNBC's name.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Let's go!
Going live in 5, 4, 3...
Our sources have confirmed
that Naina Jaiswal
has demanded 50 million
from the Mumbai Police.
It's 12:30 pm now.
A while ago, Naina Jaiswal
shot at the police.
As you can see, super cop Javed Khan
and ACP Alvarez are handling
the situation.
Today's breaking news
is coming from Mumbai's posh
Colaba area.
A playschool teacher is holding
16 children hostage.
What you are witnessing here
is shocking.
We have to see who's going to win,
the police or Naina's craziness!
Close your eyes
and look up in the sky.
And imagine stars.
-Twinkle twinkle little star.
-Twinkle twinkle little star.
How I wonder what you are?
Up above the world so high
-like a diamond in the sky.
-Like a diamond in the sky.
Niharika! Niharika!
Niharika! Niharika!
You have 32 minutes left.
Ro? Why didn't you answer the call?
I have been trying for half an hour.
What the fk is going on?
Has Naina lost her mind?
How would I know?
I don't know what's happening.
Who else would know?
You were going to marry
this psycho, right?
You think I am not trying!
I don't give a fk, Rohit. You have
to get my son out. You know...
Rohit, you know that Yash
is all I have.
Please... Please, Rohit. Just...
I am trying.
Hey! Have you lost your mind?
What's wrong with you people?
Just leave us alone!
-The money has been organised.
-We have 25 minutes.
Javed, she won't do anything.
Sir, she won't shoot the children.
Can you guarantee it?
She already shot once.
Your team is not equipped
for this situation.
Javed, she is only one woman.
Let's move in and get this done
and over with in two minutes.
Sorry, sir. I...
-Sir, let him go.
Catherine, it's been three hours.
Firstly, the PM is in town.
So, we are under pressure.
Now, all this is happening.
If we make a mistake, the PM,
the PMO and the media
will not spare us.
-Sort is out.
Dheeraj, come in.
Except for her phone line,
I want you to disconnect her data,
-Wi-Fi and TV transmission.
Move in.
Okay, listen. The A team
will go in through the front
and the B team will come
with me through the back.
A team won't attack.
That's only for backup.
The children might be in front.
-Yes, sir!
Sir, the footage is amazing.
Start the live broadcast.
As you can see,
the brave cameramen of PNBC
have captured
this exclusive footage.
The police tactical team are at
the area behind the building.
The children will be released soon.
Maybe this step might
cost them dearly.
Be careful, boys.
Ma'am, we are in position.
What the hell!
Our children are inside!
We have organised the money.
Give me ten minutes.
You disconnected my internet
connection and TV transmission.
-No, Naina. Listen to me.
-No. You listen to me!
The police are trying to come in
even though I warned you.
No. No one is trying
to come in, Naina.
If you don't stop this drama
in two minutes,
watch what I do.
Check it.
What are you doing?
-Open the fking door!
What's this?
Cathy, what are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
Back off, Javed!
Check again.
It seems the tactical team
has entered the house.
Ma'am, she's shooting at us.
You... Javed!
Back off right now!
Copy. Back off.
See what you did!
There are some bad people outside.
I will handle them. Okay?
Just shut your ears.
Shut your ears, everyone.
Sir, the door is opening.
Don't fire at the door.
The children might be around.
-Yes, sir.
Tell everyone to back off.
Back off! Bullets are being fired!
Back off!
Get the media to back off!
Tell them to back off!
Sir, her phone is back online.
How? Didn't you
disconnect everything?
There are two more people inside.
She must have used
their hotspot, sir.
Aakash, come here.
I want to show you something.
The rest of you can watch TV.
Come on. Let's go.
Now, can we play that game?
-The shooting game.
-Yes, teacher. I will play with you.
-Yes? Okay. Go and stand there.
Yes. Like that.
Naina Teacher, shoot me!
Naina Teacher, shoot me!
Shoot me!
Naina Teacher, shoot me!
-Naina Teacher, shoot me!
-That's Aakash!
Do something!
-Please save him.
-Naina Teacher, shoot me!
Naina Teacher, shoot me!
Shoot me!
Naina Teacher, shoot me!
Javed Khan, I warned you.
A for Aakash.
Let me go! No!
What's your next order, ma'am?
Catherine, leave now!
But sir...
A child was shot on
national television.
Do you know what this means?
-But, sir, I was...
Take a team with you
and do the groundwork.
I want to know everything
about this girl.
There are 15 children left
to be sacrificed.
But go ahead and do that
which gets you another medal.
thank God we never had a child.
Our marriage ended,
And you have moved on.
You are going to be a mother.
Try to have some empathy, Cathy!
All okay?
-What happened?
There were some bad people,
-and I pushed them away.
You guys watch cartoons. Okay?
The internet has been restored.
The money has been transferred.
I know. Let one child go.
Write these two names properly.
There should be no mistakes.
Rakesh Mathur
and Charan Kumar.
I want them both.
They worked at BWC
School in Goregaon.
If your silence means yes,
shall we continue?
What games are you playing, Naina?
Why don't you say
everything at once?
There are 15 children left,
Inspector Khan.
Why don't you make an estimate?
I want to speak
to the Prime Minister of India.
What did you say?
Should I repeat myself?
Sir, she will post her demand
online any second now.
Block her account.
-We saw what happened
when we disconnected communications.
There is only one way.
But will the PM talk to Naina...
I'll do something.
Lokhande, write these two names.
Rakesh Mathur and Charan Kumar.
They worked at BWC
School in Goregaon.
If they are dead, forget them.
But if they are alive,
bring them to me.
Yes. Okay.
My first demand has been met.
This is my next demand.
I want to talk
to our Prime Minister.
If she doesn't talk to me,
she will be responsible
for the death of the next child.
She has one hour.
would you like to say something
about the hostage situation?
Did you speak to Naina?
-You only have one hour.
-A child might lose his life.
Did you meet their families?
The citizens of Mumbai are
holding the police responsible.
-Give us an answer, ma'am.
-Please tell us, ma'am.
-What's going on here?
Ma'am, we are looking
into this situation.
We are trying to figure out,
-But what?
Why are they asking me
about the hostages?
But, ma'am...
-I need answers.
Why does this girl want
to talk to me?
Ma'am, if you want,
I can call the chief minister.
No. Cancel everything.
I don't want anyone here.
Get me the NSA and
the Home Minister on call.
And get me
the police commissioner here now!
-I want a detailed report.
Why are you doing this,
Naina Teacher?
Why aren't you letting us go home,
Naina Teacher?
Please let us go.
-Teacher, please can I go to my mom?
-Please let me go to my parents.
Don't kill me.
It's my birthday today.
Only a mentally unstable person
could have done this.
Look at this woman's
face carefully.
This woman took a kid's life
on national television...
-She took a child's life.
-A woman took a child's life.
A school teacher shot
the child dead.
This women is crazy
The police must take action soon.
Unbelievable, guys!
What about the poor parents
of Aakash?
The woman who was
to take care of Aakash...
She is the one who took his life.
Giving so much importance
to that woman was a bad idea.
She did such a terrible thing
for the sum of 50 million.
Aakash's life was...
As you can see on the screen,
Naina allowed Dia Jaisingh to go.
She brutally murdered this child
Aakash Desai.
What game is Naina playing?
Looking at the numbers,
India definitely doesn't want
the Prime Minister
to talk to this cold-blooded...
60% of the population don't want
the Prime Minister to talk
to a dangerous woman
like Naina Jaiswal.
75% of the population don't want
the Prime Minister to call Naina.
If you want the PM to talk
to Naina Jaiswal...
Go to our website and...
Ma'am, the Home Minister and
the NSA Chief are on a video call.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
Greetings, ma'am. How are you?
Let's get to the point, please.
Ma'am, you cannot speak
to Naina Jaiswal.
Ma'am, there is a system in place.
We have to follow protocol.
If you speak to her today,
someone might try
to do the same thing tomorrow.
People will start demanding things
from you.
This is an act of terror.
No one can control the future.
But today, 14 children
are being held at gunpoint.
You want to talk about protocol
and procedure!
IC 814, Kandahar.
How can we forget?
Ma'am, those were 176 passengers...
-And this...
-These are children, Home Minister.
Their lives are equally important.
Ma'am, she has been making
demands every hour.
As a safety, we should give
the go-ahead to 52 SAGs.
Mr Singh is right.
NSA has their protocols in place.
Ma'am, we have to move in
and move in now.
We have to make decisions
keeping those children in mind.
Not your bloody protocols.
The police have tried once.
The rest, you know.
Keep the commandos on standby.
Bear in mind.
I don't want any news to be leaked
to the media.
-Is that clear?
-Copy that, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.
What are you thinking?
Ma'am, in today's world,
the name Maya Rajguru
has given people hope
for a new India.
According to the poll,
the same Indians
don't want you to speak
to Naina Jaiswal.
That's all, ma'am.
Let me go! Rohit!
What happened?
Did you find anything?
No, sir.
During the last three weeks,
there were no deposits
in her bank account
nor any social media activities.
-She looks clean, sir.
-Does she seem clean?
You have been staring
at the computer. Find something.
Sir! You...
Sir, I am Rohit Mirchandani.
I... Actually, I want
to talk to Naina, sir.
I have been trying to call her.
But I am unable to talk to her.
Sir, I don't know how or why
this happened, but let me help you.
I want to talk to Naina.
Please. I don't know...
I am so confused.
I am also confused.
Have a seat.
Sit down.
I don't smoke.
Answer it.
Your gun's safety is off.
Yes. I always keep it off.
You seem to know a lot about guns.
Sir, I am a criminal lawyer.
I have seen a lot of guns.
But I never used one.
But Naina is using one.
Did you give it to her?
-Since when do you know her?
I won't keep taking Naina's name.
How long have you known her?
7 years.
Who does she have in her family?
Naina's dad
passed away 15 years ago.
I am asking about those
who are still alive.
Naina's mom.
-She lives with her.
-Where is she?
-Her mother.
-Sir, how would I know that?
She should be at home.
She could be anywhere. How...
The number you are trying to reach
is currently switched off.
"The number you are trying to reach"
-is currently switched off.
-Unnati, come in.
Please try...
Is she at home? Are you sure?
-The last dialled number.
-Listen. You cannot...
Find out
the location.
Do you have her mom's photo?
It's a new phone.
There are no photos here.
The old photos
are backed up on the desktop.
Right! Mr Lawyer!
What happened three weeks ago?
What do you mean?
She was on leave for three weeks.
She was sick.
What other reason could there be?
Sir, it's not what you think.
There has to be some
logical explanation for this.
This is why I have been telling you
that I want to speak to Naina.
I could help you
by talking to her...
Tell me, Inspector.
Naina... Naina, this is Rohit.
Naina, please listen to me.
I have been trying to reach you...
I'll send some tea.
As promised,
I have released a child.
If the PM speaks to me,
I will release two more children.
-Did you watch the video?
-Yes, ma'am.
Give me a solution, Prakash.
Ma'am, the public doesn't want you
to speak to her.
And we should listen
to the majority.
And all of you are
encouraging this drama?
We cannot stop this either, ma'am.
The elections are around the corner.
You cannot upset the voters.
Will I get more votes
if I visit the graves
of those 14 children?
After this incident is over,
let's build a memorial
for the children.
We will get the public's sympathy
along with their votes.
No, ma'am.
-The children are also important...
Listen. Let's be practical.
If I talk to her,
she will let two more children go.
And we will find out
what her next demand is.
Or else
we risk losing another child.
Who is this?
Patch this call right now!
Come on. Fast.
Hello, Naina.
This is Maya Rajguru speaking.
Hello, ma'am.
I am sorry that you have to speak
to me under such circumstances.
You created these
circumstances, Naina.
What did you want
to talk to me about?
Tell me.
Ma'am, as promised,
I will let two children go.
I can let the others go too, ma'am.
If you come here
and speak to me face to face.
Make it fast, ma'am.
The traffic in Colaba gets
worse in the evenings.
The metro and flyover construction
has been going on for ages.
The children are also tired.
Thank you.
Hey! Have you lost your mind?
What game are you playing?
You want to sit face to face
with the Prime Minister of India
and want to discuss things
with her over tea!
I voted for her. I have the right
to speak to her.
I also voted for her.
Millions of people voted for her.
You think everyone can join her
for tea and biscuits.
She has to, Inspector Khan.
The children are still with me.
Don't forget.
You can keep your suggestions
to yourself.
You have one hour.
Look, Naina... Naina!
Search the house thoroughly.
-Yes, ma'am?
Get me access.
Yash, Dhuni...
Teacher, where's Aakash?
Aakash is sleeping.
Okay, listen.
Your mom and dad are here.
Pack your books. Let's go.
Ma'am, I got access.
Yes. Tell me.
Okay. I'll be there.
Ma'am, take a look.
It is a booking invoice
for a meditation centre in Igatpuri.
Search the name of this medicine.
Ma'am, we have leads on Rakesh
and Charan from the BWC School.
-I'll go and take a look.
-Keep me updated.
Ma'am, these are antidepressants.
I found the pictures
of Naina's mom from her house.
She is at a meditation centre
in Igatpuri.
I have informed the teams there.
I found pills in Naina's room.
-How old are they?
-They were bought recently.
This means Rohit
is hiding something from me.
-Sha, listen to me.
-No, Rohit.
You listen to me. I want my son,
and I want him out right now.
God-damn it! She is not answering
my call. Don't you understand?
You scoundrel!
You think you are a great lawyer!
Why did you hide her illness
from me? Answer me!
Why would I hide
anything from you, sir?
-You are lying to me!
Why is she taking antidepressants?
Answer me.
She was taking them 5 years ago.
We found some pills in her house
that were bought recently!
You lied to me! Answer me.
Sir, I don't know about these pills.
Trust me.
I don't know.
Naina couldn't cope
with her dad's death, sir.
She went into depression.
She started going to therapy and...
That's when she started taking
antidepressants, sir.
But that's the thing
of the past, sir.
For the last five years,
nothing of the sort has happened.
That's all I know.
She is finally happy.
We are happy, sir.
We are going to get married, sir.
That's all I know.
These are the scanned copies
of the medical bills
for the last 15 years.
What's the doctor's name?
Ma'am, Dr Juneja's name
is on all the bills.
BD Juneja, Dr Juneja...
I want the details of all doctors
who go by the name Dr Juneja.
Dad, I am trying my best.
I need to talk to the person
who's in charge.
That's my son!
Go ahead.
-Yes, sir.
I spoke to the PM.
She won't agree to Naina's demands.
Sir, that girl is capable
of anything.
Inspector Khan,
this is the secretary.
Diffuse the situation now.
You have the support of the PMO.
The commandos are on standby.
Sir, there are children inside.
We cannot use force.
The PM has refused to meet you.
Please don't take
any drastic steps.
Don't do anything rash...
Kaizan, come here.
-Shall I take your picture?
Yeah? Okay.
What do we say?
Our respected Prime Minister
has refused to meet me.
You will see three faces
in my next post
along with a poll button.
You decide
who lives and who dies.
Our respected Prime Minister
refused to meet me.
Come on. Block the video.
You will see three faces
in my next post
along with a poll button.
You decide
who lives and who dies.
Who decided that I wouldn't meet
Naina Jaiswal?
Ma'am, we did what we felt was right
looking at the situation.
This situation will never end.
The Home Minister and NSA Chief
also said
that we should take
action immediately.
That's why you decided
that the PM wouldn't care
about the lives of 12 children!
It's not like that, ma'am.
But in such situations,
you tend to behave emotionally
because you are...
Go on. Say it!
Say what you wanted to say.
Because I am a woman!
A mother!
-A grandmother!
-No, ma'am.
That is not what I meant.
That's exactly what you meant!
If you are not emotionally invested
in the matters of your own country,
there is no point in working for me.
Emotions can be an asset.
You'll learn with age.
And don't you ever override me!
I am not a puppet!
-Yes. Tell me.
-I found two Dr Junejas.
Okay. Send me their details.
Yes, Lokhande. Tell me.
Ma'am, I found Rakesh Mathur.
Okay. Send me the location.
I'll be there.
-Okay, ma'am.
Sir, Naina couldn't cope
with the death of her father.
She went into depression.
She started going to therapy and...
That's when she started
taking antidepressants, sir.
Good Lord!
This is gold, Shalini.
I think we should break
this news immediately.
I am ready. I am not moving.
This is my segment.
Of course! Of course, darling!
Come here soon.
Listen. Cut this recording
and save the therapy dialogue.
Play it in every break.
Sweetheart, it's all yours.
Kill it. Okay?
Going live in 5, 4, 3...
I don't know how to introduce
myself today.
A fortunate mother
whose son was released
from the playschool!
Or as Shalini Guha,
the reporter from PNBC news
who was waiting with other parents
with bated breath
hoping that our children
would return to us safely.
I've stumbled upon a piece
of information
that will truly shock everyone.
I got this information
from my childhood friend.
I got this information
from Naina Jaiswal's fianc.
I got this information
from Rohit Mirchandani himself.
Cue the recording.
Naina couldn't cope
with her dad's death, sir.
She went into depression.
She started going to therapy and...
That's when she started
taking antidepressants, sir.
Did you know she has anxiety?
As we all heard,
Naina Jaiswal is mentally unstable.
She is suffering
from mental problems
such as anxiety and depression.
But today, this madness
has taken over her.
And she took Aakash's life.
He was an innocent child.
It could have been my son Yash.
Naina, I know
that you are watching me right now.
You are listening to me.
As a mother, I have some questions.
Do you have the courage
to answer my questions?
Use the graphic
of the child now. Quick.
-Naina is calling.
Shalini, we have a caller.
I am patching it through.
Just tap the table if you copy.
At least tell her that it's Naina.
Get out! Out! Now!
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a caller.
Hi, this is Shalini Guha.
Who am I speaking with?
Hello, Shalini.
Naina here.
What do you want to ask me?
Hi, this is Shalini Guha.
Who am I speaking with?
Hello, Shalini.
Naina here.
What do you want to ask me?
You know this is the first time
that I am live on TV.
I finally understood
why people look so confused.
Everything works
on a 7-8 second delay.
It's like the delay between
the government and the police.
The delay between the police
and newsmakers.
The delay between the newsmakers
and the public.
During which, people like you,
spice up the news
and ruin people's lives.
Naina, we are just stating facts.
You termed anxiety and depression
as insanity.
How is it a fact?
Your own fianc called you crazy.
What is the meaning
of this online poll?
Isn't this madness?
You got the prime time slot
of a big channel.
Why are you asking
such childish questions?
Your poll didn't get
a single vote, Naina.
The citizens of India
have united today.
They don't support
this game of yours.
Didn't I tell you
the entire country is running
on delayed mode?
Can't you see how much the public
is enjoying this?
They are playing the game of death.
Didn't you take advantage too?
I let your son go.
That's why you got
the prime time slot.
To increase the TRP,
you have called a person who is
undergoing therapy "crazy".
I didn't call you crazy.
Your actions have proved it.
Now, you will see
just how crazy I am!
Shalini, we are still live.
For God's sake, stop blanking out.
Say something!
I don't have any words left.
A chameleon like Naina
might change her colours.
Who leaked this news to the media?
Let's join hands and pray
for those kids.
-Over there.
-Okay. Come on.
Kusum Jaiswal?
Yes. We found Kusum Jaiswal.
We are bringing her to Mumbai
by a chopper.
It will take maximum
45 minutes, ma'am.
Okay. Good job.
Okay, listen.
Get all the clearance from ATC.
You cannot trust
the rains in Mumbai today.
But I need her here now!
Okay. It's nap time.
Who wants to listen
to some good music?
Okay. I want to hear it too.
Come on. Put on your headsets.
Very good. Lie down.
I am going to play
some really nice music.
No cheating!
I put her and a kid
as an option too.
But this country
didn't like your face.
Ma'am, let me go.
-What is it?
I want to go to the bathroom.
We've heard another gunshot
from inside the playschool.
Did Naina Jaiswal kill
another child?
If the police cannot handle
this situation,
is it time to call the commandos?
This wasn't my fault.
I told him about the public poll.
He tried to escape.
I am fed up.
I am very frustrated.
If the PM doesn't respond,
I will kill the three of them.
If you do it again,
I will really kill you.
-It's your thirtieth birthday.
-What should we do today?
It calls for a small celebration
at least with friends.
-Teacher, where is Aakash?
-Is someone making you do this?
What's this, ma'am?
What are you doing?
There are children here, ma'am.
It's from Rohit Mirchandani himself.
Why Javed Khan?
Ma'am, why are you doing this?
I didn't call you crazy.
Your actions have proved it.
Aakash is sleeping.
Don't kill me.
It's my birthday today.
Now, you will see
just how crazy I am!
Mr Mirchandani,
I have seen you on TV so many times.
That's fine.
I am going to say this to you,
You cannot hold my son here.
He is neither the kidnapper
nor the accomplice.
The one who helps the criminal.
Sir, just for my information,
who is the criminal here?
-Naina Jaiswal.
-How is he related to her?
So, sir, he has helped the kidnapper
by withholding information
from the authorities
that she is on antidepressants.
And that Mr Mirchandani
makes your son
an accomplice.
Shall I explain it to you
in Hindi, sir?
Put it on speakerphone!
-Hello, sir.
I am calling from Andies Cake Shop.
Your cake is ready.
When should I send it?
-Hello, sir.
-I... Yes.
-Cancel it.
-But, sir...
Her birthday is tomorrow, right?
-We were going to celebrate
her birthday with
a couple of friends.
Exactly my point!
Now, you think
an accomplice could plan
a kidnapping and a birthday
at the same time!
Should I call your superiors?
Or is the law enough?
Sir, I have a direct line
to the Prime Minister of India.
If there is anyone who has a higher
authority than her, call them.
-Listen, you just cannot...
-Shut up!
I gave you enough respect.
I think you should order the cake.
Both father and son can eat
the cake together.
Kids, wake up.
Look what I brought for you!
-Yes! Come on.
Come here, Niharika.
Come this side. Come on.
Okay. Let's go.
-Happy birthday to you!
-Happy birthday to you!
Come, let's cut it.
-Happy birthday to you!
-Blow the candle.
Happy birthday, dear Niharika.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
-May God bless you.
-Bless you.
May God bless you.
Happy birthday to you!
-Happy birthday, dear Niharika.
-Happy birthday, dear Niharika.
-Happy birthday to you.
-Happy birthday to you.
-Happy birthday to you.
-Happy birthday to you.
-Happy birthday, dear Niharika.
-Happy birthday, dear Niharika.
-Happy birthday to you.
-Happy birthday to you.
Yes. What do you say?
-Did you find him?
-Yes, ma'am.
He is at the paan shop.
Take a look.
Okay. Go this way.
-I'll flank him.
-Okay, ma'am. Let's go.
What kind of a friend are you?
I'll pay you later.
-I said I would pay you.
-Rakesh Mathur.
-Who is it?
-Your father!
-How dare you!
-Why did you run?
-Why did you run?
-Why did you run?
Why did you run? Motherfker!
-Take him away.
Put him in the car.
Ma'am, are you all right?
-Hello, ACP Alvarez.
Dr Juneja speaking.
I just got your message.
I hope you've been made aware
of what's happening
with Naina Jaiswal.
Sorry. I was at a conference.
I just got the information.
It is truly shocking that Naina
would do something like this.
It is what it is.
We have to do something soon.
Could you tell me
why she was on antidepressants?
I have been treating Naina
since she was 16 years old.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Sir, Naina's mom is here.
Okay. Everybody, come here.
Everybody, make a circle.
Those bad people have
come back again.
But don't worry. I'll handle them.
If you stay quiet, I will give you
a lot of chocolates.
No noise. Shush.
No noise. Come on.
I am sure you know
why your daughter is doing this.
Sir, do you really think
that everyone who knows Naina
is involved in this situation?
You left the city at the right time.
Now might as well tell me.
What do you know that we don't?
All right then.
The commandos will go in shortly.
Nothing will happen to the kids,
but I promise you
that I won't even let you cry over
your daughter's dead body.
I won't cry over Naina's body.
My tears have dried up, Javed Khan.
Because somewhere you are also
responsible for this day.
It's me... Jaiswal case...
Case number 122.
Goregaon Police Station.
2007, BWC School.
Yes, sir. I know
it is a high profile case.
Don't worry, sir.
The whole force is working on it.
They will be caught soon.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
Sir, Case 122 is come again.
Not again!
Send her.
Come in.
Sit down.
Sir, my husband is now no more.
How many times
do I have to come back here?
I am tired, sir.
We are trying our best, ma'am.
Sir, it's been two and a half years.
Now, we cannot catch
any random person
and bring them forward, ma'am.
Then please find Rakesh and Charan.
Please apprehend
my daughter's rapists.
Did you find my daughter's rapists?
Javed, listen.
Dr Juneja told me
that Naina was raped as a child.
BWC School rape case,
Naina Jaiswal.
We were assigned that case.
2007, case number 122, Cathy.
Na... Naina Jaiswal.
We just
remember the case number.
Case number 138.
Sugar King Bhosle, shoot-out case.
It was a high profile case. We
wanted to make a name for ourselves.
That's why we got busy
with that case.
Do you remember?
We earned that name, Cathy.
But we neglected
a child's trauma because of it.
Today, I am responsible
for whatever Naina is doing.
This is absurd.
How can the Prime Minister of India
succumb to the whim
of a crazy woman?
Do they know something
that we don't know?
Why is she even here?
It seems Naina Jaiswal has forced
the Honourable Prime Minister
to give in to her demand.
For how long will we continue
to give in to the demands
of criminals like Naina Jaiswal?
Ma'am, Naina's IP address
is back online.
-We are trying to hack in.
-Copy that.
I am coming there.
Ma'am, Inspector Javed Khan.
He is the person in charge
of this operation.
What's the plan, Inspector?
Ma'am, before that, you need
to know something about Naina.
Tell me.
Write these two names properly.
Rakesh Mathur and Charan Kumar.
Now, we cannot catch
any random person
and bring them forward, ma'am.
Please apprehend
my daughter's rapists.
Did you find my daughter's rapists?
Yet another victim of our system.
All this is happening
because of that.
Call her.
-Hello, Naina.
I am outside.
I know, ma'am.
Thanks to our live media.
Come in.
Naina, you know
this is not possible.
Then why did you come here?
To show people
how much you care
about an ordinary citizen!
No. I care about those 12 children.
The police force, commandos, public,
no one trusts you, Naina.
-What about you?
-How could I?
You've killed a child.
Hold on, ma'am.
Naina! Hello.
She has opened the door.
Shekhar, that's Aakash!
Can we play that game?
-The shooting game.
-Yes, teacher. I will play.
Don't move at all.
I will give you lots of chocolates.
I promise I won't move.
This is breaking on PNBC.
As you can see, Aakash is not dead.
He is alive. He was just released.
Do you trust me now, ma'am?
That I am not a murderer.
I just want to talk
to my Prime Minister face to face.
That's all.
Naina, I will come in with the PM.
The hostages will be released,
and we will talk after that.
One more thing.
Your mother is with us.
Inspector Khan, the time
for negotiations is over.
You can keep my mom.
No. I didn't mean that.
Your mother told me everything.
What happened with you...
Whatever happened... Everything.
Did you find Rakesh and Charan?
Rakesh is in custody.
We are looking for Charan.
He will be found.
You have to do something for me.
This will be my last demand,
Inspector Khan.
Savitri, are you all right?
Sav... Savitri!
Tell me. Where are the children?
Are they in front or at the back?
Savitri, tell me.
-Where is Naina?
You are all right. You are safe.
Nothing will happen to you here.
Ma'am, please take a look at this.
Just wait.
Savitri, you are fine.
-Stay here.
-But, ma'am...
That's an order. Javed.
We don't need to do this.
Put the gun down.
Naina, you got what you wanted.
I am here.
Where are the children?
They are safe.
They are locked in a room inside.
Ma'am, once we finish talking,
you can take the driver
and the children.
Please, ma'am.
This way.
Sir, please save me.
-Sir, please save me.
-Please have a seat.
Sir! Sir, help me.
Sir, help me.
Sir! Sir, please save me.
Ma'am, she has logged into
her bank account.
Ma'am, click on the send button.
What is this?
This is the list of NGOs
for rape rehabilitation victims.
The 50 million was for them.
Ma'am, she is transferring
the money. Should I stop it?
We have to take a call right now.
-Don't stop the transfer.
Let it be.
Is this why you did all that?
It's just a start.
What do you want?
Capital punishment for rape.
I've studied law, ma'am. I know
that you alone cannot
pass such a law.
But a convicted rapist
can be hanged to death.
You can help by passing
such a law, ma'am.
Naina, you know it's not that easy.
Why don't you say
that you will not
do anything about it?
If you talk sense,
you will get a sensible answer.
Do not forget
who you are talking to!
You know about POCSO Act.
The Protection Of Children against
Sexual Offenders Act, 2012.
You took a step
in the right direction.
But why was there an age limit?
Girls as young as 8 months to women
as old as 70 years have been raped!
As per official statistics,
one woman is raped
every 16 minutes in India.
Official statistics, ma'am.
Their blood doesn't run
in their head, it runs elsewhere.
That's why you have to instil fear
in their hearts.
So, all I ask you
is to give me and
the women of this country
something to hold on to.
I admit that what happened
to you was an injustice.
But what you are doing
with these children today,
isn't that injustice too?
People in this country
pretend to be deaf.
Unless you don't
yell into their ears,
they conveniently choose to ignore.
I am a woman.
I know exactly what you are saying.
But do you know
what it feels like, ma'am?
Do you know
what my parents went through?
My father...
Even today,
when Rohit hugs me,
it takes me a moment to feel
it's okay... It's safe.
Then, I think
that if he ever found out about it,
he would leave me.
Some people manage to get
a hold of themselves, ma'am.
But the rest, they hang themselves.
Do we victims deserve
only a fking candle march?
I completely understand, Naina.
But what did these
children do wrong?
Today, had I not used
these children,
the police wouldn't
have arrived so soon.
Javed khan wouldn't be here.
You wouldn't be sitting here either.
Nor would Rakesh
Mathur have been caught.
And he wasn't even the man
who raped me.
Then why Rakesh?
I can never forget Rakesh's face.
He pinned my hands down.
His big eyes kept looking at me
while I was being raped.
Naina, I promise you.
I will find your rapist.
That won't be necessary, ma'am.
He is sitting right behind you.
Do you remember?
BWC School Bus!
You would never find Charan Kumar
because he has been with me
for the last 9 hours.
Three weeks ago,
this animal
holding Niharika's hand
entered my playschool.
He tells me,
"I'm Niharika's new driver."
I just froze, ma'am.
What if someday he...
Charan Kumar managed
to change his name
and live a free life.
I didn't have a choice.
I could not let him walk free.
Isn't it Niharika's birthday
I will order cake and snacks.
Don't worry.
Is it okay to just...
for your driver to bring it over?
-Ma'am, she is talking nonsense.
She has lost her mind.
-Sir! Please, sir...
-Shut up!
-Tell the truth.
-I didn't do anything.
Naina, you know the law
doesn't work on feelings.
But you do.
That's why you are here.
-Naina, don't do this.
-Tell the truth.
Did you rape me or not?
Naina, don't do it.
The commandos will
be here in a flash.
Please, Naina.
Did you rape me or not?
Naina, I will get you justice.
Let me help you.
Calm down, Naina.
Let the law handle it.
It's you who will die, not me!
Level one clearance.
Take the shot. Secure the PM.
-Don't shoot!
-Secure the PM.
-Secure the PM.
-Drop the gun.
-Drop the gun.
-Don't shoot!
-Don't shoot!
-Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
You are overly dramatic!
What? Why?
Salute the people who deserve it.
For the last 20 years,
your gun's safety was off.
But today, it was on.
My mistake.
Fine then.
You may as well write
the incidental report.
take care of yourself.
-Good night, ma'am.
-Good night, Javed.
I stand before you today
not just as your Prime Minister
but as a female citizen
of this country.
I would like to say something.
The proposal in front of you
can change the lives of the
millions of women in our county.
Honourable Speaker,
this is about everyone's
Even if you are a man,
this is about all the women
who are a part of your life.
Your daughter, wife, sister, mother,
it could be anyone.
Was Naina Jaiswal right or wrong?
Not just the parliament,
the whole country is
debating about it.
She is paying for what she did.
The issue that she took up
wasn't wrong.
History is witness
that a lot of great men and women
have broken the law.
Be it a queen
who stood against tyranny
or a man who walked for kilometres
to lick a grain of salt.
That's why I just have one request.
Don't let Naina Jaiswal's demand
fall on deaf ears.
Good morning, class.
Good morning, teacher!