A Time for Every Purpose (2023) Movie Script

[light music playing]
[mysterious music playing]
[person screaming in pain]
[automatic gun firing]
-[distorted shouting]
-[gunfire continues]
[gunfire becomes
snare drum beating]
[gunfire, snare drum intermix]
[gunfire, drumming continue]
[person screaming in pain]
[scream echoing]
[gunfire echoing]
Hey, man. Are you good?
Hey. Hey.
Get out of here. Go on.
[woman sighs]
[scoffs] Okay. Come on.
I'll get you cleaned up.
[melancholic music playing]
[metallic clanking]
[school bell rings]
[pills rattling]
[pharmacist] Can I help you?
Need a refill.
Can you verify
this is your prescription?
[pharmacist] Give me a second.
This prescription
has already been filled.
It's not due for another refill
for another two weeks.
Three pills
won't last me two weeks.
Look, I'm sure your doctor
would be happy to meet with you
-and maybe give you some more--
-I said, "please."
Make a note on the account.
I won't come back for a month.
There's nothing I can do.
[pills rattling]
[mellow music playing]
Like this.
Yeah. You sure you're old?
Now I know I don't look it,
but I feel it sometimes.
Where'd they teach you how
to play, preacher school?
Seminary, actually.
Taking care
of your mama, son?
[zipper zipping]
Well? [groans]
That was a "yes"
or "no" question.
Are you or aren't you?
I don't know. It's just--
she worries about everything.
Well, she's your mama, son.
That's what mamas do.
No. No, I mean, a lot.
She's trying
to protect you, son.
It takes a while
to get back to normal.
She doesn't trust me anymore,
No, it's not you
that she doesn't trust.
It's the world around you.
Trust is fickle.
It's not like love.
Love is unconditional,
where trust...
is very conditional.
So, basically,
I'm just supposed to let her be?
She's your mama. You help her.
Help her help you,
and everything else
is gonna fall into place.
Oh, speaking of which...
I told her we'd be back by now.
All right. Let me take you home.
All right, son.
Slow down a little bit.
You know, I got the--
the hip thing.
You should get a new one.
We'll see you soon.
-[mentor chuckles]
-Have a seat.
Boys, come on, go inside.
Don't go in my room.
-[door creaking]
-[boy] Yes, ma'am.
"Yes, ma'am." Did you hear that?
"Yes, ma'am."
Well, you're doing
something right.
-[mother] How is he?
Well, his basketball game
is terrible, but the--
He's, uh-- he's doing better.
Tell you why
he runs around at night?
[mother scoffs]
He don't know that I know,
but I know.
He ain't got no car, so...
I don't know
how he's getting there
or if he's just walking.
No, he hasn't--
he hasn't mentioned that.
I know he ain't out there
doing drugs
or I wouldn't let him
out of my sight.
he is out there doing something,
and I doubt it's any good.
He sure likes
being with you, though.
Won't talk to nobody else.
What's your secret?
Scripture, ain't it?
Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes not.
Sometimes I just mess around.
You sure?
He don't talk much,
but when he do,
he's always saying something
about heaven and hell.
What am I supposed
to do with that?
You're already doing it.
Just listen.
Just listen, darling.
You're doing fine.
Look at me.
You're doing good.
[thunder rumbles, distant]
[mellow music playing]
[keys jangling]
No. No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
[breathing heavily]
[keys jangling]
No, no, no, no.
[breathing heavily]
Father, again, thank you
for another dive into your word.
Thank you for your word
becoming flesh,
teaching us how to love.
I ask you to bless those
who made it today
to Bible study,
and I ask you to bless the souls
of who couldn't be
with us today.
We praise you and we love you
in Jesus' name.
All right, well,
we are a small group, but, um...
it'll grow.
We'll see you all next week,
all right?
See you next week?
[door clicks open]
How's he doing?
[door shuts close]
Is he opening up?
Well, all in good time.
And he's in good hands.
That's the plan.
You know, make sure
it's His plan and not my plan.
Or Her plan.
Pastor Clark...
don't take this
the wrong way, but--
I mean,
you know more than anyone
your ability to touch souls.
That's all Him.
I know your ability
to touch souls.
Fine, then you're the vessel.
But it takes a toll.
You just can't keep wearing
everyone's problems like a...
Like a cross?
That's the point, Ruth.
If He can do that...
I can do this.
It's not just Reggie, is it?
Please, Pastor Clark, I mean...
you already know
all my secrets, so...
The flock does not
tend to the shepherd.
-See you later, Pastor Clark.
-Good night, darling.
[mellow music playing]
[gasps, breathes heavily]
What the hell do you want, man?
Who are you?
Hey, look, man,
I got nothing, all right?
Get out of here.
I'm talking to you.
Are you gonna say something?
Hey, man.
I told you I got nothing.
[lighter clicking]
[flames crackling]
How long you been, you know...
Me, no.
No, this...
First night.
This-- this is temporary.
Can you-- can you sign?
Can you do something?
Stupid question, right?
Hey, man...
how do you communicate?
You ha-- you got a name?
Ron, John, Bob, something, man?
[scoffs, chuckles]
That's it. You're just some guy.
With a cart...
full of beans.
[school bell rings]
[indistinct chatter]
Reggie! Hey, come on, man.
Wait up.
Where you going?
You're ditching, aren't you?
Yeah, very fun,
probably for the best.
-Going home?
They really don't like you,
do they?
Okay, look I get it.
Why would you want
to even be around those sheep...
if they didn't hate you for...
well, obviously...
When you look at them,
do you get my point?
They're ridiculous.
With their styled clothing,
hair, the TikTok trends...
the body spray alone.
So what is the answer?
What answer?
The point?
The point to any of this.
How do you stomach that?
Are you okay, Lucas?
I'm asking you
why you let them push you out.
Why you let them point
and laugh at you.
Why do you do that
when you don't deserve it?
[door slamming open]
-I can't do this.
-Hold on. Hold on.
I thought I could handle it.
I thought they'd just
let me be at least.
School is supposed to help me.
They said I needed
to get back into a new routine.
That new routine
is everyone looking at me.
-They hate me.
-Well, when I look at you,
son, do you feel love?
You said
that everyone hates you,
and you can feel it
'cause they look at you.
I'm asking you.
I'm looking at you.
-Do you feel loved right now?
-Yes, I guess.
All right, then.
You can feel love, too.
And those people
you say hate you...
-they don't know you.
-I get it, all right?
No, I don't think you do.
And I'm not entirely convinced
that you want to feel better.
You can ask for forgiveness
all day long,
but until you recognize--
Believe me, there is no
forgiveness for what I did.
You're missing my point.
You got God's love.
You never lost that ever.
And you're not going to.
He offers that, too.
You have to learn
to live a forgiving life, Reg.
I need you to believe that.
-[man] Can I get you any coffee?
-No, no, it's fine.
-You sure?
Thank you so much
for seeing me, Howard.
You're the only lawyer
I know, and--
Glad you thought of me.
-It's good to see you.
It's been a long time
since those days.
And besides, I owe you.
You were the only kid in school
nice to the chubby Greek kid
from Long Island.
Well, it's good to see you.
You've done really well
for yourself.
And I'm sorry I have
to come here like this.
I just-- I just really
need some advice, Howard.
-Yeah, sure. Whatever I can do.
You said
in your message he broke in?
Well, no.
He knocked
when I was cooking and...
[Howard] Wait, wait,
so he knocked on the door?
Yeah, I thought it was Marcia...
-...and I told David to open it,
-Did he force himself inside?
Well, no, he just--
he just kind of walked in.
[door clicks open]
[Ruth] David?
Sorry, little man.
Mama's just happy
to see me is all.
Ain't that right, Ruth?
David, go in the bedroom
and play, okay, baby?
Why are you here, Doug?
-How did you...
-Get out?
-[scoffs] Good behavior.
Turns out I have value.
Does that surprise you?
What do you want, Doug?
What do you want?
Six years--
six years I've been asking
myself that question, Ruth.
"What do you want, Doug?"
And you know what?
I want my American dream.
I want my piece of the pie.
I want to get fat
in the land of milk and honey
just like everybody else.
So why can't I?
'Cause you were convicted
for dozens of crimes, Doug.
Just trying to provide.
Provide for me and mine.
You hear me, Ruth?
You can't be here.
No, I'm not gonna stay.
-I just wanted to see
if the rumor was true.
-What rumor?
That there's
a little Doug running around.
-He's not yours.
-Oh, no?
You want to put that to a test?
Look, I don't know
how you got out
or why you're here,
but please leave.
He knows about the boy?
-I mean, he's the father.
Well, given the situation,
you're not going to like this,
but if he's out legally
and he's the father
of your son--
He's not getting David.
I'm not saying that right away,
but it's an uphill battle.
And it would only be partial
if he decides to, you know...
If you knew what he did to me
and what he's involved in...
I don't care.
I got what people need.
[tense music playing]
So you might want
to think about that.
[mobile phone ringing]
Let's talk.
Now, you don't want to do that.
That's more
of a mess than we need.
Okay, fine, I get it.
You don't want
to party right now.
It's all right. I'll be back.
I want to talk about this, uh...
David, baby,
go back in the bedroom, okay?
Mommy's almost done talking.
Mommy, I'm scared.
It's all right, little man.
We're done.
You can have your mommy back.
All right there, mama.
You think about what I said.
What you say, son? Take care
of your mama for me, all right?
Don't let little man
get a hold of that.
[door opens]
[door closes]
He mentioned
something about drugs.
Yeah, crack, coke.
Anything. He's your guy.
Oh, then it probably
won't be long
before he's hauled off
back to jail.
I tell you what.
I've got friends
over at the sheriff's office.
I'll call in a favor,
find out what Doug's game is.
Thank you.
-I'll find a way to pay you.
-Hey, stop.
Unless you're a victim
of this nasal spray company
and want to be a plaintiff,
go home, get some rest.
I'll be in touch.
[Ruth] Thank you.
Hey, you know those beans
only go so far, right?
Not what I meant.
Let's not.
I wasn't supposed
to end up here.
I wasn't supposed
to end up like this.
Supposed to do a good job.
Supposed to be a good soldier.
Supposed to follow orders,
and I did that.
I did everything.
Everything they told me to do,
I did.
Everything they wanted me
to become, I became.
And I was good, you know?
Everyone always says the same
thing when they get out--
"At least now I won't have
anyone telling me what to do."
But that's why it works.
Toe the line, soldier!
Let's move! Move! Move!
Present arms!
Order arms!
I did everything.
Did I flinch?
Hell, no.
I had structure.
I had meaning.
I had design.
I did everything.
Look where it got me.
Look where it got us.
[discordant music playing]
[fuses sizzling]
[firecrackers exploding]
[men laughing]
[high pitched tone]
[siren wails]
Okay. Let's go.
Up against the fence.
What's going on?
Come on, let me see your hands.
Come here. Up against the wall.
You assholes let off these
fireworks or was it those kids?
-[high-pitched noise stops]
Officer, we're--
we were just moving along.
Eh, eh, eh. What?
So we can have this conversation
on the other side of town?
I don't think so.
Let me see some ID.
Come on.
Says you're a vet, Paul.
Still at this address?
Recently moved.
Well, pills are in date.
It's legit.
Put your arms out.
What do you think,
you're some kind of hero?
'Cause you volunteer to go off
to some other country,
shoot off your gun?
Come back here,
and you expect me
to thank you for your service,
when all you do
is shit and piss everywhere?
Guess who's got to clean it up?
Look at me.
Be better off
if you just go and rob somebody.
At least it'll give us both
something to do.
[officer] Hey, this guy's clean.
-You hear that, Signal Four?
-Yeah, I heard it.
Let's roll.
I mean it, asshole.
I don't want
to fucking see you again.
[car doors shut]
[siren wails]
[man] Ah, man.
I was hoping
they were gonna crack you guys.
What's this?
They let you keep it?
One pill?
[chuckles] You loser.
-[blow landing]
[muffled punches slamming]
[woman] Oh, I can't believe
the nerve of some people.
Some people just don't know
how to raise their kids right.
[melancholy music playing]
[woman] They deserved it.
My daughter says
he's such a loser at school.
It's 12.82.
Just need to get out of town.
Don't you want your change?
-I hope you're not driving.
-[door slams shut]
Hey, man.
Watch where you're going.
You're gonna kill somebody.
[car horn honks]
What are you, crazy?
[Reggie sobbing]
[car door slams]
-[sirens wail]
-[footsteps running]
[birds chirping]
[clears throat] How is he?
He's coming around.
He ain't talking, though.
Is he hurt? Is he in pain?
They said he just
lay down in the street.
Said he wouldn't talk.
Just froze up.
Police brought him here.
How long ago?
A couple of hours.
How you doing?
What is the point, Pastor?
I don't think I follow.
Ain't nothing
ever gonna get better.
It's actually getting better
every day, Yvette.
Oh, yeah?
Well, not on this day.
Look at where we are.
Look at my son in there
on some kind of drugs
because he's losing his mind.
And you know what, Pastor?
You know what?
So am I.
-I understand.
No, you don't.
You understand
what that boy has been through,
but you do not understand
what I have been through.
We can't do this no more.
What do you mean?
Come on, Pastor Clark.
If everyone in town
wants you to pick up and leave,
at what point
do you stop fighting it?
This ain't living, this--
this ain't moving forward.
I can't tell you what to do.
But I can tell you,
you are loved here.
Oh, no, the hell we are not.
If a fresh start
is what you think you need, I--
I understand, but, uh...
running's not gonna help Reggie,
and this is his home.
His home
is with me and his brothers.
I can't live like this.
Then, you--
And you shouldn't have to.
Well, then fix my boy,
or it's time for us to go.
Hi. I understand
you're Reggie's mother.
The anesthesia's worn off.
But, Mom, I need to ask you
a few questions first.
Uh, I can go check on him.
He's in Room Two.
[door creaking]
-Hey, bud. How are you feeling?
-I don't know why you're here.
I just--
I wanted to check on you.
Your mom called.
She's right outside
with the doctor. She's--
I don't even know why
they put me in here. I'm fine.
Are you?
We're worried about you, son.
Now you know we all have
your best interests at heart,
but this one,
this scared your mama.
I told you, I'm fine.
All right.
[heart monitor beeping]
[gravel crunching]
[traffic noise]
[Paul groans]
Come on down.
[Paul groaning]
We're gonna be safe here.
[sighs] There you go.
[Paul sighs]
It's done.
Hey. Hey, stay with me.
We're gonna be okay.
I don't know
how you live like this.
For as long as you have.
I don't know how you survive.
You've been here
since before I went downrange.
We fought for our country.
You were a cook? [scoffs]
Makes sense.
Either way...
you deserve better.
Aside from all this, I'm--
I'm glad I met you.
Maybe not.
[crickets chirping]
[machine gun firing]
[bombs exploding]
[man screams]
[Paul breathing heavily]
I'm sorry.
We got to find a better place.
You good to move?
Come on, varn.
No, no, no. No, no, no, no.
[melancholy music playing]
[Paul sobs]
[plastic crinkling]
[pen scratching]
Hey, Pastor Clark,
uh, where was Reggie tonight?
Is he okay?
There was an incident,
but, uh, he'll be fine.
[Ruth] Okay.
Hey, you should go on, go home.
Based on what
you were telling me earlier,
-David might need you tonight.
-No, no, he's-- he's good.
He's with a neighbor,
and it's good for him.
It keeps his mind
off that weird man.
Kids have a way of--
of reading people.
-You ever notice that?
My son was that way.
Pastor Clark,
I didn't know you had a son.
I mean, I knew you were married.
I just didn't want to pry.
-No prying to it.
We were married very young.
Too young. We had a son, Brian.
They settled
in California, and--
and I didn't.
I would send money when I could.
You never went out there?
She didn't want me to.
And I don't blame her.
They were out there
because of me.
She passed. Cancer.
Hmm. I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Brian grew up great. Smart boy.
He got into computers, you know,
all that dotcom business.
Made a whole bunch of money,
doing just fine.
But you guys don't talk?
There's a lot to unpack there.
We didn't talk for a long time.
Long time.
Till he dropped his oldest boy
off with me here last fall.
-Wait, your grandson is here?
He's in high school.
Enrolled at least. I--
I pretty much just keep food
in the fridge
and try to catch him when I can.
Long as he's staying
out of trouble, I--
I give him
the space he needs, that's--
that's what
I tell myself anyway.
He's been pushed aside
by every single one
of my son's divorces and, um...
I feel responsible for that.
And that's why you took him in?
It's the right thing to do.
Pastor Clark, I--
I'm sorry.
Look at you.
Look at what you've done.
I told you, the flock
doesn't tend to the shepherd.
You might be headed
for ministry, you know that?
Oh, no, no.
I-- I doubt that, Pastor Clark.
I-- who am I
to help anyone find Jesus?
I-- I can barely find my keys.
I-- no.
If you think you need
to be perfect to have my job,
that's hilarious.
Well, I'm not
leadership material, so...
Corinthians 1:27.
"God uses the foolish things
to confound the wise...
to fulfill His purpose."
Thank God.
That means he can use anybody.
Me, even you.
Yeah, well, I feel foolish.
I-- I mean,
I have to get beyond this.
You know, Doug?
I don't know
why he's back in my life
or what--
what am I going to even do.
I-- I feel like I did
everything I could, you know?
Like, to get right...
to get clean...
to protect David, and...
Honey, you did.
[scoffs] And for what?
I feel like my life
is constantly, like...
I keep on
running away from my past.
[recording] Happy birthday,
David. Mommy loves you.
[door opens, closes]
-Hey, baby.
-Why do you keep on coming back?
I told you I wanted to talk
about little man and you.
-Where is the little devil?
-He's not a devil.
I don't know about that.
If David's
anything like his mama.
-Don't say his name.
-All right, you know what? Fine.
Why'd you name my son
such a stupid name anyway?
And what would you prefer?
Doug Markham, Junior?
The third. I'm a junior.
[can clicks open]
You know what?
And what am
I supposed to tell him?
That his dad's a piece of shit
who sells drugs and hits women?
Ruth, I ain't got time
to be pointing fingers
and talking about
what all you did and said
that got me so riled up.
Two sides to every story,
Okay, fine. Stand there.
But, you know, we need to talk.
I'm back and I'm here
and I ain't going anywhere.
And what, David just magically
gets a dad I told him was dead?
-You told him I was dead?
-Wishful thinking.
Oh, come on, now.
You don't mean that.
You're right, I don't.
I'm not like that anymore.
Oh, that's right. I heard
you went and found Jesus.
Is that right?
I did, Doug.
You ought to try it.
Mm. You want to read me
some of your Bible?
If I thought it would help.
Yeah, it probably wouldn't.
...I'm trying to play nice here.
I want to give you time
to make this smooth
for both of you.
In fact, there's
a little something
I need you to do for me.
I need you to keep an eye
on this bag here for a few days.
-I'm not your drug mule, Doug.
-Nobody said you were, sweets.
I just need you
to do me this solid, okay?
And if I don't?
Well, you'll want to,
that's for sure.
'Cause don't they drug screen
you now and again?
I don't use anymore, Doug.
Oh, well, I'll just take back
that little package I left here.
-I threw that away.
-Oh, you did, huh?
Well, all right.
I wouldn't throw
this one away, though.
Guys who own this bag
would wanna know where it went.
So, I'll tell you what.
You keep an eye on this,
and I'll be back in a few days.
I may even take
the little man fishing.
Does he like fishing?
Well, I bet he does
if he's anything like his daddy.
Night, darling.
[Clark] Well, if you're
running away from something,
you gotta be running
to something.
Run to your purpose.
It's out there.
It's waiting for you.
It's gonna find you
if you're ready to be found.
So what? Survive until then?
No, live.
For everything, there's a season
and a time
for every purpose under heaven.
The Birds? [laughs]
My mom used to know that song.
Well, Ecclesiastes, actually,
but, um--
-And Pete Seeger, by the way.
-[Ruth] Yeah. [chuckles]
Yeah, that one sticks with me.
As a pastor, it's all
supposed to stick with me,
but that one especially.
Helps me to wait
when I wonder how things
are gonna work out.
And how to cope when they don't.
I don't know what season I'm in,
Pastor Clark...
but I'm-- I'm ready.
You stay ready, darling.
-He'll find you.
You're welcome.
Now go. Get home.
[melancholic music plays]
[bolt slides]
[traffic noise]
Help! Help! Somebody needs help!
Get in. Get in!
All right. All right.
Take it easy.
-Please don't shoot.
-Shut up!
-Please don't shoot me.
-Shut up.
Go ahead. Get whatever you want.
I don't know where it is!
Paroxetines? Second shelf up.
White box.
You remembered?
It was three days ago.
You were wearing the same shirt.
I'm considering this a refill.
I'm not some drugged-out junkie
with a gun
trying to rob you, okay?
This is a refill.
Except you are.
You know what I've been through?
Do you know
what I've been through?
Since you...
wouldn't help me?
I'll give you one.
I said this was a refill.
I'm taking my refill.
Okay, even with VA Insurance,
it's still $30.
Never mind the fact that
I'll still be breaking the law.
I don't have $30.
I'll give you one.
One pill?
And the gun?
One pill.
-Now what?
-You hungry?
You don't--
you don't live here, do you?
No, no, no, it's-- it's just
every once in a while,
my wife gets worked up.
[laughing] This is
your doghouse, isn't it?
[laughing] No.
No, it's not like that.
[sighs] My wife,
she gots this condition.
She gets confused
Doesn't remember who I am.
Like what? Alzheimer's?
Dementia or something?
It's a cognitive impairment
of the hippocampus.
Basically, her brain cells
that format short-term memory
into long-term memory,
they stop communicating.
She basically becomes
23 years old again
in her own mind.
The age she was
right before the accident.
Right before she met me.
-Shouldn't have asked.
-That's okay.
We make it work.
You know what
the funny thing is?
I was studying
to be a neurologist
writing my dissertation
on intergrade amnesia
with age regression.
That's her precise condition.
So, what, were you
like a doctor or something?
I was working as a janitor
in a hospital trying
to get through school.
Brenda had just had her
leg surgery from her accident.
The bump on her head
was the least of her concerns.
Does she know,
like, when this happens?
She recognizes,
sometimes, lapses,
but we don't talk about it.
It's-- it's just not our way.
How long does it last though?
Usually a day.
Sometimes the whole night.
The hardest part is when
she has one of her episodes
while we laying in bed.
-[Paul] She freak out?
Oh, my God, yes.
Yes, it can be quite a scene.
-Get out!
-All right. All right.
-All right. All right. I'm out.
-Get out. Get out.
How do you--
how do you deal with it?
Because I love her.
She gives me life.
And if she needs to be
23 years old again
living in her own apartment,
then that's just what we do.
Is that why
you're not a doctor now?
Brenda is my purpose, Paul.
Don't you see?
There are nine,
nine documented cases
in the world of her condition.
It was a cornerstone
of my studies.
What are the odds of that?
Yeah, but, I mean,
there's gotta be
a-- a pill or something, right?
There is.
We do, but the side effects
are extreme.
They take away the good Brenda.
You know,
when I first met Brenda,
it was love at first sight.
And you have to forgive
the unromantic metaphor,
but it's kinda like
digging up a fossil.
You know
right from the first strike
that you hit something big,
but you just
don't know what it is.
So you keep digging and you dig
and you unearth it
little by little.
And before you know it,
you're looking
at something beautiful.
And only then
can you look back and realize
it was there the whole time.
We got a beautiful life, man.
Even if it's not
what I first went digging for.
That's nice, man.
You need to find
a new path, Paul.
Now, I told you
I'd give you that one pill,
but everything else
you're gonna have to earn.
So what?
You gonna give me a job?
Look, I-- I got benefits.
It's just...
things are kinda messed up
right now.
I want you to work, Paul,
but not for me.
For yourself.
What do I do?
You believe in God?
-Here we go.
-Honest question.
[sighs] Honest answer?
Not lately.
Then there's somebody
I want you to meet.
[crowd chatter]
-[Lucas] Just go talk to her.
The new girl.
Everybody's talking
to the new girl.
Just go away, Lucas.
Caroline Langford.
Bet you didn't know her name.
I did.
She-- she just moved in
from out of town.
Nobody knows her,
but look, she's already popular.
How about that, huh?
You wanna know why that is?
Hmm? Shy boy?
I think-- I think it's because
she's starting from scratch.
Yeah. No baggage yet.
Please, just go away, Lucas.
Nope. No baggage yet.
[clearing throat]
She doesn't have any backstory.
No history.
At least not yet.
I mean, maybe that's--
maybe that's why
everybody wants
to get to know her, right?
You all want to know
what is she hiding.
Reggie, take a look at that.
I think she just
looked over here at you.
-What are you gonna go do?
-Shut up, Lucas.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're probably right.
Strike out now.
'Cause you know,
eventually she's gonna
find out about the little--
All right.
See, you don't need me for this.
You can screw this up
on your own.
[school bell ringing]
[music playing on TV]
Looks like
someone's getting tired.
-I am not.
All right, big guy.
What did we say about lying?
Come on,
let's get you ready for bed.
David, go brush your teeth.
[phone ringing]
-Ruth, hey.
I just wanted to
get back to you
on that thing we talked about.
And what did you find out?
Well, it's a little
trickier than we thought.
Of course.
Your ex-husband is a witness
in a state case
that's now gone federal.
Turns out
he flipped on some guys
so he can get outta jail.
So he gets to flip on some guys
and then show back here
in my life?
Turns out
this case they're building
goes pretty high up
the political chain.
Prosecutor won't touch him
even if he was doing
anything illegal,
which he's not really.
He can't just be allowed
to come back here
and show up anytime he wants.
I'm not saying
it's gonna be right away.
Howard, did you know
he raped me?
He raped me constantly.
But if he pursues legal action,
he'll have a case.
You there?
Look, don't worry.
Keep your doors locked
and your cell phone nearby.
Don't do anything drastic
and we'll get a plan together.
You don't have to.
You already done a lot.
I-- I just--
Buy me a cup of coffee and I can
officially call you a client.
You're gonna be okay.
We'll work this out.
[bass music plays]
[basketball bouncing]
Figured I'd find you here.
-Your game getting any better?
Just dribble and shoot,
dribble and shoot.
Sure it would be nice if a life
was that easy, wouldn't it?
There's a question
I've been meaning to ask you.
Actually, your mom
wants to know where you--
You need to quit talking to her.
-Quit calling me son, man. Gosh!
Reg, wait.
Son, hold on a second.
I'm old, that's what
old people call young people.
-Son, just-- can you slow down?
-Reg, stop.
Talk me through it.
You see, that's just it.
All this talk, and you haven't
told me anything
that's gonna fix any of this.
It just ends up becoming
a constant reminder
of what I did.
And believe me,
I don't need reminders.
I can't make it go away,
and neither can you.
-But that's not the point.
-Then what is the point?
I mean, what is the point,
you always talk about timing
and purpose and everything
having its place.
-Yes, and what that means--
-And it's bullshit.
Look, I know
it feels that way,
and I think I understand why,
No, you don't. You don't.
That time-- time
and a purpose I'm talking about
that-- that means
that everything happens
when it's supposed to.
I killed a kid, man.
I killed a little girl.
I killed a little girl.
What is the time
and purpose for that?
[Clark] It was an accident.
She had a purpose.
Her name was Sarah.
She had to have
a purpose more than
the seven years that she got,
and I took that from her.
You didn't mean to.
It was an awful accident.
-It was an accident.
-She was playing.
Playing in the road
like a little kid.
The road that I was on.
-[ominous music playing]
-[tires screech]
I never heard a sound like that.
It never leaves.
And the whole time
that I was waiting there
until someone came,
I just was...
[sobs] ...I was hoping
that she would wake up.
Hoping that
she would just breathe,
but that never happened.
It never happened.
I deserve the looks
that I get in this town,
the whispers, the stares.
I'm the person they think I am.
You are a caring
and special soul
that needs time to heal.
And if they don't see that,
that's their problem.
Not yours.
Why did you come to me?
My mom wanted me to.
Your mama made you come to me?
[sorrowful music plays]
She thought
maybe you could fix me.
I'm sorry I let you both down.
No, Reggie.
I'm sorry I let you down.
Pastor Clark, wait, I--
Just do me a favor, son.
When you think about her,
when you think about Sarah...
and that weight of the world,
it's beating you down...
that's when you need to get up.
That's when you need to move.
You not living your life
to its fullest potential,
that would be an insult
to that little girl.
that would be
an insult to Sarah.
[airplane whirring]
-[Caroline] Hey.
Did you hear all of that?
I'm sure you've heard
most of it at school anyway, so.
Yeah, and at my old school, too.
It's messed up.
Oh, glad to know
I'm hated there, too.
No, what?
I mean, it's messed up
how they treat you.
I couldn't imagine
trying to cope
with something like that.
I'm Caroline, by the way.
And I wasn't
trying to spy or anything.
It's just me and my mom
moved into that house
right there,
and, well,
I wanted to introduce myself.
But now seems like
the worst time and I have
the worst social etiquette.
Like, when is it the right time
to say anything, you know?
Um, yeah.
You don't have to be
afraid of me.
I'm just surprised
you're talking to me.
Most people go the other way.
Well, I'm not most people.
you don't have prison tattoos
like in the rumors.
I'm kidding.
I just wanted to say hi.
That's all.
You wanna go shoot some hoop?
I've been watching you,
and I think I can take you.
All right, come on.
[idyllic music plays]
Hi, Mommy!
Ruth, I am so sorry,
he made me leave,
but I was gonna call the cops.
No, no, no. Don't call the cops.
Yeah, no,
don't call the cops, Marcia.
It could get
real messy for Ruth.
Are you okay?
David? Baby?
Come on. Come on.
Hey, buddy. Hey, hey.
We got fishing tomorrow.
-You sure?
-[Marcia] Okay.
[ominous music plays]
[Doug] You got him
trained real good.
He just...
leaves his toys around.
Mm. Yep.
Sounds like he just needs
a little discipline.
Nothing a belt won't fix.
Worked for me.
Hey, we can do this
the easy way or the hard way.
[Ruth] Which way
did we do it before?
Because I didn't like that much.
Sounds like
you want it the hard way.
You know what?
And what is this
that we're doing?
What's your big plan?
What do you want, Doug?
[Doug exhales]
I'll tell you
what my plan is, sweet lips.
Y'all are my ticket out.
[glass shatters]
So I was like,
I-- I started wondering
"Why me? Why am I in here?"
And then I realized...
it's not me they wanted.
It's the guy
so far down the chain
I don't even know him.
Those guys would send me
down the river just as quick.
Turns out these guys
were, like, government types.
Government types.
So now, I got this leverage.
They said they'd cut
my sentence in half after
I helped them work this case.
I start thinking...
what other leverage have I got?
And that's when
I catch wind of junior.
It was like
that God of yours was listening.
It was like, "Pow! Epiphany."
Only took six years.
And to top it all off,
to win over
the stupid-ass female judge,
I get to play
the role of, "Your Honor,
I've rekindled with my ex
and mother of my child,
and I'd really like to be
an honest father
and provider." [laughing]
It's beautiful.
And if I say no?
Because you know
what right I have to him.
Blood tests don't lie.
I've read up on the law,
and you'd better just play along
or else the next card I play
will be poor widower,
single father.
You think I came back for you?
[Doug chuckling]
You were worthless
the first time around.
But I'll keep you on
so you can handle Junior.
But if you cross me...
or try to get away...
I will murder you in your sleep.
[electronic warble]
[Doug scoffs]
You recorded me?
Well, I tried.
-[recorder beeps]
-Bitch, I'm gonna
have fun killing you.
Howard, did you get all that?
[Howard] Yeah, Ruth, I got it,
especially the "murder you
in your sleep" part.
Oh, I'm sorry, Doug.
Did you wanna say anything else?
Howard, I think
he wants to say something else.
-[Doug] Bitch...
-Go ahead.
...I'm gonna
have fun killing you.
[Ruth] It's all right.
That was just for backup.
Howard, do we even need backup?
[Howard] No, Ruth,
it's all recorded in the cloud.
We're good to go.
So I hope
that doesn't ruin your plan.
-Who the hell is that?
-Howard, do you wanna
tell him what's just happened?
Yeah. Hi, Doug.
My name's Howard Goliath.
I'm a friend of Ruth's.
I'm also her attorney.
And what we have now
is your confession
to a number of crimes
and admission of guilt.
We also have your harassment
of my client, Ruth Samuels,
which will not go over well
with that quote-unquote
"stupid-ass female judge."
Who, by the way,
is Judge Stafford,
who I know personally.
So this won't be
a problem to relay.
We'll be able
to expedite this case.
Do you understand the terms
we're discussing, Mr. Markham?
[door creaks open]
I wouldn't do that, Mr. Markham.
See, Doug, this is the new plan.
Yours is done,
and the new plan is
you leave here tonight
and never return, ever.
You continue living your life
on the outside of prison
and following through with your
plea deal on the state.
It's a good deal.
You get your sentence cut
and you can even
keep running your side hustle
if you wanna take that chance.
Not something I would suggest,
but we're not gonna stop you.
-You won't hear a thing from us.
-You ain't gonna use that?
I'm using it right now.
It means
only one thing, Mr. Markham.
It means you never see
Ruth or David again.
You have no claim here
because no judge on any planet
would grant you
a minute with that boy.
And if this is ever heard,
it means added time
to your 20-year sentence,
and forget about parole.
This is very real.
And should anything
happened to Miss Samuels,
her son, or even myself,
this automatically
gets distributed.
Everything leads back to you.
[Ruth] Hey, Doug.
Thought you might
want your things.
Oh, my God,
I'm sorry it took so long.
Yeah, I thought he was
gonna see the phone and--
-I didn't think
he'd be this early.
-Did we get everything?
Yeah, every word.
You're really safe now, Ruth.
Wait, so that's it?
He's just, he's gone forever.
He's gone. It's not my problem.
-That's fantastic.
-It is. Now I'm relieved.
But there's still
something going on.
What is it?
It's Reggie, isn't it?
I just thought I-- I was someone
that he wanted in his life,
you know?
I wanted to--
I don't know.
Ruth, I thought I was helping.
Regardless of what he said,
Pastor Clark,
you made an impact.
You can't expect all of us
broken types
to be fixed the same.
[door opens, closes]
You're here where you belong,
right inside these doors.
Someone's full
of the Holy Spirit today,
aren't they?
After the week I had,
more than ever.
Looks like you have a visitor.
Hey, Paul.
Everything okay?
I don't think
I'm ready for all this.
Not ready?
Well, I mean, you're back.
You got your Bible.
For someone who ain't ready,
you are buckled in
nice and tight.
I actually came
to bring this back to you.
Come here, I wanna talk
to you about something.
Have a seat.
You know...
it's never too late
for a pathway to redemption,
pathway to peace.
Sometimes it just--
it just comes
in ways you don't expect it.
How do you know?
Recently, I told a friend that
I didn't think I was making
much of a difference.
I guess I was having
my own crisis of faith.
Not of him but myself.
My ability to lead
and guide a congregation.
[gentle music playing]
Reggie, Ruth,
even my own grandson.
I've done
everything I can for them.
I've done
everything humanly possible.
And then it just dawned on me.
What was that?
They'd get there without me.
See, everyone I've counseled
has had their own
relationship with God.
Some weak, some strong.
It's been my job
just guiding through it.
Help them get stronger.
But I started to question
whether I was
still supposed to be doing this.
But life changes in a moment.
And today, in a moment,
that all changed.
Yeah? What was that moment?
You walking back through
those doors with that Bible.
Yeah, that one.
Paul, maybe you don't think
you're ready for all this,
but I do.
Keep the Bible.
You may
actually open it someday.
Read it, learn something or two.
We got this meeting tonight.
It's called Time for Healing.
Come by early,
we'll have a chat or two,
and you can listen to share
and it's-- it's a good thing.
You know, you get
a good perspective on life and--
-Is that fair?
-That's fair.
-All right.
I'll see you tonight?
I'll be there.
Good seeing you.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Reggie] Which one?
Oh, wait, I forgot my notebook.
-I can come with.
-No, stay there.
I'll be right back.
Yo, Lu-- Lucas, man.
What are you doing?
Lucas, stop! Stop!
-Come on man. Stop! Stop!
-[Lucas] No!
Look at me. Look.
Okay, so you're gonna
shoot yourself?
You wanna shoot yourself?
Come on. There's no one here.
Just talk to me.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
-How do you do it?
-Do what?
It's my home.
Even if everyone hates you?
Everyone doesn't.
That must be nice.
[Reggie] Lucas!
Did you forget
your notebook again?
Reg, what happened?
-Who's Lucas?
It's a long story, but come on.
[Ruth] You know he's out there.
-Who's out there?
Is that right?
Yeah, he's been out there
for, like, ten minutes.
-Should I just go call him in?
No. He'll come in
when he is ready.
-Hey, Ruth, I'll be right back.
-All right.
[door creaking open]
[door closes]
[Paul] Sorry I'm late.
Forgive you.
-Oh, yeah?
-No. Do I look it?
It's all right.
I was nervous as well.
Hey, is this guy the real deal?
-Pastor Clark knows broken.
-He knows me.
Me too.
[serene music plays]
Yeah. Welcome home.
[Clark] Paul.
Hey, buddy, how are you?
I'm here.
-Hi, there.
Welcome back. Glad you made it.
Me too.
Have a seat.
[Paul sighs]
You still doubting
all this stuff?
I don't know.
What you doubt more?
-Him or yourself?
I guess.
And-- and just how does all this
make things I've done okay?
So that's what this is about.
What you've done.
I got some
really good news for you, Paul.
That's just it, son. It's done.
-It's over. It's in the past.
-It's not.
It's not just in the past.
It lives in here, Clark.
Half the time,
I can't turn it off.
The burden of a scarred mind.
Those memories
aren't just pictures, are they?
-They're trips back in time.
-I still feel everything.
I can still hear everything.
I can taste.
I can smell everything.
-War's hell, ain't it?
Marines. Desert Storm, and a...
few others I can't talk about.
yeah, it stays with you.
Did you bring anything back?
Oh, yeah.
[laughing] Yeah.
Oh, trauma, nightmares,
night sweats, confusion.
-Not knowing where to go,
what to do next.
And then your--
your wife and your son,
they get the worst of it.
You come home and pick up
a bottle of bourbon
before you pick him up,
and then the rage begins
and then the guilt.
And then the--
War doesn't just echo,
it screams at you.
-Does it ever stop?
-It never stops trying.
Hey, I got help.
You can too.
Would you like help?
I-- I don't have
any of the answers,
but I can introduce you
to the god who does.
You know, I...
I just don't see
how closing my eyes
and asking God to forgive me
is gonna make a damn difference.
-Keep your eyes open.
-You know what I mean.
Yes, son. I know what you mean.
But have you tried it?
Paul, our first step
is realizing
that we need help
beyond ourselves,
in that kingdom of heaven
that it lives within us.
We're looking for a way home.
That's why
we call it being lost.
Talking to God
the first time, well,
it's a little bit
like asking for directions.
What if I never get there?
Son, you'll get there.
It's the desire to get there
that he's looking for.
Now, the journey, it's got
curves in it, ups and downs.
But you stay the core, soldier,
and that destination's promised.
[door creaks open]
-Hey, Reggie.
-Ruth, is Pastor Clark here?
-What's going on?
-I need to talk to Pastor Clark.
It's important.
Yeah, he's here,
but he's with somebody.
-Can we speak to him now?
-Yeah, sure.
Come on.
Why do some people
draw the short straw every time?
I've seen people try
and get knocked down again.
I knew a guy.
I served with him downrange.
Same thing happened.
He even got clean.
He was one day away...
from graduating the program,
getting his own place.
He ended up OD'ing
that same night.
Why? Why?
Why did he go through all that
when he didn't deserve
any of it?
Are you ready?
I don't know.
Here's what I know.
I know that he went through more
and he knew it was coming,
and he still did it for you,
for me and for all of us.
And I've heard all this before.
And if you've heard it,
did you listen?
Have you listened?
Do you think about--
I can barely hang on
from one day to the next.
If I do this, there's no
turning back and I'm--
I'm destined to fail.
You're destined?
That's your destiny?
All right. Your destiny.
-Why'd you join the army?
Did you wanna die?
-Hmm. Why?
-Wanted to serve my country.
-The path of righteousness.
-So you jumped in
with both feet.
-Bullets be damned.
-Damn right!
-God, country, family, hoorah!
So what does Jesus need?
Does he need a battle cry, too?
I'm weak, okay?
-You're what?
-I'm weak.
-I failed.
-You get up and try again.
-You heard me.
Get up and try again.
It's only failure
if you stay down there.
You'll deny me three times
before the rooster crows.
Little story about Peter.
Simon Peter, he's a fisherman.
And Jesus took him off the boat
and made him a fisher man.
He was Jesus's right hand man.
His-- his buddy, his friend.
But when Jesus was arrested...
Peter, the man who said,
"Jesus, I will never--"
"Lord, I will never betray you."
Guess what he did?
Denied him three times.
Three times
before the rooster crowed.
You know what Jesus did
when he came back from the dead
when he was resurrected?
Would you like to know
what kind of punishment
Jesus gave Peter?
He said, "Son, feed my sheep."
That sounds like
forgiveness to me.
See, it doesn't matter
what you've done.
It doesn't matter
what was done to you.
It doesn't matter if you think
you can't escape your past.
All that you need to do
is keep reaching for him.
'Cause God knows
he's reaching for you.
[Lucas exclaims]
Now that was inspiring.
I mean, I feel inspired
in a way I haven't been before.
I feel like dropping to my knees
and praying right now.
Maybe another time though.
Hey, Pops.
How you doing?
Whoa! [clicking tongue]
Slow down there, buckaroo.
Son, what are you doing?
-[Lucas] Sit down.
-Lucas, what are you doing?
You wanna talk
about denial, rejection?
Well, let's talk about it.
It sounds like
the right sermon for me.
-Son, please.
You wanna know
where your son is?
I'd like to as well,
'cause I couldn't tell ya.
Lucas, I've tried.
-I'm sorry.
-Shut the fuck up.
Do you think
I came here to kill you?
You are just as full of yourself
as Dad always said you were.
-[Clark] Lucas, please.
-I said shut up!
You are gonna listen to me.
Every one of you
is gonna listen to me now.
You know...
I thought I would just
come here to make a statement.
And maybe I would, um...
paint the walls with my brains.
But I wanted
this place to be empty.
I wanted it to be--
to be a little bit quiet.
Maybe even get
some one-on-one time
with the big man upstairs before
I pull the fucking trigger.
But no.
I can't do that,
because you're here.
You are always here,
praying and worshiping
and singing and saving,
and I hate it.
So no.
No, maybe I'm gonna
use your brains instead.
Because, I mean,
this really is your fault.
Think about it.
You go
and you reject your family.
My father goes and makes me,
and then he rejects me.
And you know
what the irony of this is?
He leaves me here
to live with you.
A tired old man
living in a town of sheep,
worshiping a God...
worshiping a God
that doesn't care.
Come on, man. Sit down.
This has nothing to do with you.
Point it right here.
Up right there.
Look at me.
Settle and keep
that firearm pointed
right here.
-Paul, what are you doing?
-Shh! Not now.
Not now, Clark.
We're having a conversation.
Lucas, right?
Now make sure...
I want you to take
your index finger...
leave it outside that cage
and right along the trigger.
That's it.
Don't move that finger,
until you're absolutely
committed to deadly force.
'Cause let's face it. [chuckles]
You're not sure, are you?
That's okay.
That makes two of us.
This is weird.
-Do you want me to shoot you?
-I don't know.
Do you wanna shoot me, Lucas?
I've been there.
Look at me.
I've been right where you are.
I pulled the trigger. I had to.
And I have to live with it.
And if you feel
you absolutely...
have to pull that trigger...
[Clark] Oh, my--
[Ruth sobbing]
[Paul] Do it.
Lucas, my boy, listen to me.
[Lucas] You don't know me.
[Clark] I want to.
You're my grandson.
I'm sorry I wasn't there, son.
I wanna know you.
You are just like Dad.
Empty bullshit.
I made mistakes, but I'm trying
to make up for them now.
Listen, we can't change
how we got here, son.
We can make a choice
on what we do next.
Where we go next.
[emotional piano music plays]
[bell tolling]
-It's getting better.
-Yeah. Right?
Oh, Lucas, do you need a ride?
Actually, I'm-- Pops
needs some help in the chapel.
I'm gonna-- I'm gonna hang back.
Do you wanna drive?
[Paul] Pastor Clark?
You know what I just heard?
Heard somebody's doing
a little traveling?
Yeah, he's meeting my parents.
Thank you.
Come here, you.
You, young man,
why don't you do me a favor?
You ready?
I want you to take care
of these two for me, all right?
All right. Better drive safe.
Yes, sir.
Go on, then.
["Turn! Turn! Turn! (To
Everything There is a Season)"
by Autumn In Halifax plays]
To everything
Turn, turn, turn
There is a season
Turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose
Under heaven
A time of love
A time of hate
A time of war
A time of peace
A time you may embrace
A time to refrain
From embracing
To everything
Turn, turn, turn
There is a season
Turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose
Under heaven
A time to gain
A time to lose
A time to rend
A time to sew
A time for love
A time for hate
A time for peace
I swear it's not too late
To everything
Turn, turn, turn
There is a season
Turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose
Under heaven
To everything
Turn, turn, turn
There is a season
Turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose
Under heaven
[music ends]