A Time to Dance (2016) Movie Script

The roof of the car
You and me and the stars
A new constellation
With each beat of our hearts
takes flight...
This is amazing.
Are you sure it's even real?
Of course, it's real.
Read it again!
A Time to Dance (2016)
"Dear Mr. Reynolds,
"On behalf of the entire football
coaching staff, I am pleased to offer you,"
"...A full athletic scholarship
to the University of Michigan."
This is huge for us.
"For us"?
Now they want me to play, too?
Asking me is asking you.
I don't go anywhere without you, Abby.
Way I figure,
it's four years of college ball,
then the pros,
and after that,
we move right back here...
and raise a little girl,
who grows up to be
an ace travel writer, like her mom,
sending back stories
from all over the globe.
"Ace Junior."
Wow. You've got it all figured out.
-You have a better plan?
First, we have a girl, then a boy.
He'll have a rocket for an arm.
He'll run 4.6 in the 40,
just like his dad,
and we'll travel the globe together.
I run a 4.8.
Oh, right.
You're slow.
Oh, you better run!
Come back here.
I'm gonna get you in the water!
-Here we go.
Hey, you want to go for a swim?
-I wanna go for a swim.
-No, I don't!
Here we go.
There we go.
In the water. Whoa!
Okay, put me down!
Not till you promise
you'll marry me some day.
Put me down and say it again.
Abby Chapman,
will you marry me?
John Reynolds, are you kidding?
Of course, I will!
Dance with me, Abby.
You and me. Forever.
I don't know how you do
what you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps
getting better
I wanna spend
the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever...
It's all on the line, fellas!
Let's go!
Ref! Time out! Time out!
Kade! Come on, bring it in!
Here we go!
Come on, Eagles!
-You ready, pal?
-Yeah, Dad.
-Let's do this.
You've been winning these
all year, big guy.
This one's yours.
Sol, check the line.
They gotta give him time.
Make sure.
On it.
-Hey, guys, listen up.
-This is it. All right?
The last run
for "Reynolds and Reynolds."
What do you say we go out
with a bang?
Let's do it.
Huh? You ready?
Go. Come on, go.
-Go! Let's go!
-Come on, boys, hustle!
I can't take the stress!
Kade's last football game
and it's coming down to this?
John's got it covered.
Don't you worry, Abby.
He's got it covered.
Strong out there, guys!
Come on, now.
Tighten it up!
Let's go, boys!
Come on!
Strong on the line, boys!
You know the drill.
Short pass to the wide out.
He's been open all night.
Ready! Set...
He's open, he's open!
Go, go!
Come on, now!
Go, go, go.
Come on, boys!
We did it, buddy.
We did it.
Wow, I'm so proud of you.
That was amazing!
Good throw, kid!
Good throw.
-Thanks, Pop.
-I'm proud of ya.
I'm proud of you.
Hey, buddy!
Great job. Great job.
Get in there.
Hey! We did it.
Crazy, right?
Let's go congratulate him.
Nah. Let him have his moment.
His moment?
We're family.
This is our moment.
Come on.
See you tomorrow.
Good win, Coach!
Couldn't have done better myself.
I learned it from the best,
and it helps having the best
quarterback in the state.
Nation. Hey, Coach!
Good game. Congrats.
Kade was something, huh?
I'm gonna get Pops home.
You come when you can.
Well, I mean, I can grab my stuff.
Come with..
No. It's.. It's fine.
You celebrate.
I have my car, you have yours.
All right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Back up.
Picture time.
John and Abby.
Right here, where it all began.
Eagles' High School Stadium.
Dad. Dad..
You gotta celebrate these moments.
They're gone too quick.
Would you stand together like
you actually like each other?
Come on!
One, two...
Am I interrupting?
No. I'm just working on
a travel thing for Stan.
It's not a big deal.
Did you need something?
No. No, Pop's making breakfast.
Kade's taking a bath
for his sore muscles.
I think we should tell them.
Not on the heels of the game.
"Not before school starts."
"Not before the end of the season."
"Not while Nicole's
back for homecoming."
The season's over.
Nicole gets home from school
on Sunday.
We'll have a family meeting.
Tell them then.
"All hail the conquering heroes."
They deserve it.
They've done a great job all season.
Oh, I am not complaining.
Those two sold a lot of newspapers
for me this weekend.
Which reminds me,
you owe me a review.
The new Thai place.
All right, okay.
How about a 1,200-word pitch
for something
that combines food and travel?
Abby, you know I love your ideas,
but if you can't actually
go to the places..
Have you ever heard of
an armchair traveler?
I've done the food section.
I've been to every restaurant
in this town twice.
-You owe me.
-I know.
I'm not some new mom
with two kids and
a football coach husband anymore.
I'm about to be an empty-nester
and I've got great ideas,
and maybe some time to travel places.
Stan, I need a change.
I'll read it.
Thank you.
As long as the Thai place
hits my inbox... tonight.
All right.
All right.
Well, look, I hate to break it up,
guys, but we gotta go.
Yeah, Kade, your dad and I
have an appointment in town.
Why don't you take Pops to lunch?
Oh, you mean I take him
and I pay for it?
Exactly. You guys can go to that
sports bar with the awful burgers.
And the greasy french fries.
And the Bears game!
Kick-off in 20.
Thanks, Mom.
Then come back to the house, Kade.
When Nicole gets here,
we're gonna have a family meeting.
All right.
Good thing I'm hungry,
'cause you're buying.
Cheeseburger, greasy fries,
the Bears game...
Thanks for seeing us on a Sunday, Sam.
Are you kidding?
After that college recommendation
you wrote for my son?
I owe you one.
Sit, please.
Abby wrote it.
I just told her
what a great kid he was.
She did the rest.
Thank you.
So how can I help?
Estate planning?
Year-end tax advice?
We're, uh...
getting a divorce.
Come on.
Well, I don't believe it.
What about counseling?
Yeah, we tried that
a couple of years ago.
It worked for awhile.
Well, I should say first that
you each should have your own lawyers.
We don't want that, Sam.
Used to be the two
of us against the world,
but... we've just both been living
parallel lives too long.
John has his team and, uh, practices,
coaching clinics, film night...
And you used to be there with me.
I had a life, too,
things I wanted to do.
You stopped supporting that
so long ago.
That's not true!
Yes, it is!
You don't even ask me
about my writing anymore.
When we talk, it's about the kids.
I unload to Beth,
you have your... confidante.
Whatever you want to call her.
Abby, there's nothing to that.
I know what I saw, John.
You've seen friendship!
And if I do have a friendship
outside of our marriage,
it's because
I can't talk to you anymore.
Look, Sam.
We don't love each other
the way a married couple should.
We don't even talk to each other
the way married people should.
Nicole's at college
and Kade's a senior.
So I guess...
there's nothing else
is keeping us together.
You don't want time to think it over?
We're telling the kids this afternoon.
I'll draw up the papers.
One, two, three, four...
five, six... and... work around.
And through.
And wrap around, and... through...
Wrap around...
Do you remember
how Dad used to mumble
when he was really
focused on something?
Yeah. Don't remind me.
That drove me crazy.
You're doing it.
Right now.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Like it's not bad enough
I inherit his thighs,
I have to get
his annoying habits, too.
When did you start knitting anyway?
Seems a little domestic for you.
Not anymore.
I have sworn off dating
to become a spinster.
Yeah, right.
You haven't spent a Friday night alone
since college.
Well, that is all gonna change.
Besides, have you seen the pool
of single men in this town?
I might as well join a convent.
There's somebody out there for you.
Well, I hate to break it
to you, Big Sis,
but not everyone's life
turns out like yours.
When is Nicole getting here?
I can't stop thinking
about this family meeting.
Uh, she should be
here in a few minutes.
Well, that is my cue.
Don't want to interrupt
the family meeting!
When did you take up knitting?
Not a peep out of you, Mister.
You're in the doghouse.
What'd I do?
Something about
mumbling and big thighs.
Man, did you see that?
No. Sorry.
What'd I miss?
Those eagles.
The female dove to the ground
and the male chased after her,
saved her life.
I read about it in science.
It's a ritual where
the male proves his devotion.
Crazy, right?
Eagles mate for life,
did you know that?
For life?
Didn't know that.
Hey, come on.
Your sister's home.
There she is!
Oh! I missed you so much.
-Hi, Grandpa!
-Hey, sweetie.
-You look so good.
-Hey! Is that my little girl?
Hey, little buddy!
Heard about your big game.
Way to go!
You know I'm, like, a foot
taller than you, right?
Oh, you're still my little buddy.
Hey, can you help us out?
-How you doin'?
-Hey, man.
I know I should've called first, but
I thought it'd be a nice surprise
to bring Matt!
It's okay, right, Mom? Dad?
Yeah. Hey.
You, uh, you are always welcome here.
Oh, thank you, sir.
I did tell Nicole
that we should call first.
The more, the merrier.
See? Told you!
Best parents ever.
Oh, I told Matt
you made lots of food.
Tell me you made..
The famous chocolate cake?
Oh, yeah!
Already in the kitchen!
That's for dessert, you guys!
And, besides...
Uh, actually, we are having
a family meeting.
Yeah, what's that all about?
Oh, it's not gonna
take too long, is it?
I'm going fishing in, like, an hour.
No. Won't take too long.
Okay, well, let's go!
-Come on in, you!
-Get some of that cake!
Oh, you look great.
We can't tell them with Matt here.
I'll take care of it.
So, uh, Matt... we are
very happy to have you here,
but we did have
this family meeting planned.
Would you mind
giving us a few minutes?
Maybe check out the lake?
Sure thing.
I'll, uh, I'll step outside.
Uh, wait.
He should stay.
He's... practically family.
This sounds interesting.
But since you're all here...
We're getting married!
W.. Wow!
That is such incredible news.
I know it seems fast, but after spending
so much time together last summer,
all I could think was
how much I love your daughter...
and how much we want
exactly what you two have.
A love that lasts forever.
I can't believe this!
My sister is getting married.
Now, this is so great.
This calls for a celebration!
Unless the family's meeting can top
that, I say it's time for cake.
-Go, cake.
Save me a piece.
Our daughter...
I know.
Did Matt call you or anything?
No. No, he didn't.
Um... ahem..
I'm happy for her, but..
No. I know.
We can't tell them now.
You want some help?
Yeah, sure.
Come in.
Oh... my little girl.
Getting married.
"Wow" as in happy?
Or... "wow" as in..
Both, maybe.
I'm okay with that.
I mean, Matt, he's...
he seems great, you know?
It's just... how long have you guys
known each other?
Seven... eight months?
Mom, first of all,
we're not getting married tomorrow.
We're gonna wait till summer,
after Matt graduates.
Okay, so a June wedding?
Do you remember
what you and Dad told me?
How I should go for my dreams and
how I could do anything I wanted?
I did that.
I'm on track to graduate with honors,
Matt is my future, Mom.
I know it.
I just needed to hear it from you.
Just the two of us.
You know?
Yeah. Like all our late-night talks
when I was growing up.
I couldn't have gotten through
high school without you.
Now you're planning a wedding.
We're planning a wedding!
I have no idea where to begin.
Well, you start
with that crazy, wonderful love
you're feeling right now.
You hold onto it tight.
And if you're lucky,
that's where you'll end up.
Everything I know about love...
I learned from you and Daddy.
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
Nicole thinks we are
the happiest couple she's ever met.
Nearly everybody does.
Can you do one last thing for me,
before we end this?
Can we wait to tell them
until after the wedding?
It's gonna ruin her wedding.
I can't do it.
Maybe they should know.
Go into their wedding
with their eyes wide open.
Don't say that.
Just because we can't make it work
doesn't mean I want our daughter
to have a jaded view of marriage.
How can we fake it
for six more months?
We've lived our whole life
for those kids.
We can do this.
They'll figure it out.
Okay, so it won't be easy.
I guess... we can try.
But if things between us, if they
get too bad, we have to tell them.
So... June?
Yeah. June.
Listen, I could unpack and you could
turn into a nine-year-old again.
Next time you see me, it will be
six weeks before the wedding.
Thank you, Mr. Reynolds.
This was a great vacation.
You can call us
"John" and "Abby" by now.
Oh. No. "Mr. Reynolds."
You're right.
I'm just kidding!
I'm kidding.
I think there will be
a lot of phone calls.
Nothing but school work till June.
Thank you.
Bye, guys.
Love you.
There's the beautiful bride!
Oh, Pastor Mike!
I'm so glad
you're doing our wedding.
Are you kidding?
I wouldn't miss it.
You must be Matt.
Pastor, thank you for meeting
with us.
Call me Mike.
Let's sit.
I want to know all about you.
Tell me how you two met.
College chorus, last year.
Matt couldn't sing a note,
but needed art credits.
He even tried out for a solo.
He was awful!
But adorable.
Why else would a tone-deaf guy
like me join the choir?
Except... to get the most beautiful
girl in the world to notice me.
That's very romantic, Matt.
Which is why we're here, right?
To talk about what happens
when the romance wears thin?
Actually, he's not wrong.
Romance does fade.
That's why marriage is based
on commitment and not feelings.
John, maybe you and Abby
could tell us
how you've managed to keep your
commitment so fresh all these years.
Well, three months
after we first married,
your mother and I
had a terrible fight.
It got so bad,
that she left the house,
and she was gone so long,
I was sure she left me.
Well, what did you do?
He made the worst brownies
in the history of the world.
If something can be raw
and burnt at the same time...
But, after that, we just, uh,
we sat down at the kitchen table
and we talked.
Yeah, we talked about how
we had to give each other
the benefit of the doubt
and operate from kindness.
And faith in each other.
Oh! And dancing.
You told me that, Mom.
"Never stop dancing."
That's great.
Let me walk you through the ceremony.
Hey, um, I'll make dinner tonight.
You go relax, okay?
With Dad at school,
just-just go hang out.
Are you sure?
You've done so much already.
Okay. Go on.
Take a load off.
Love you.
How did I end up with Martha Stewart
as a defensive coordinator?
Don't knock it.
I'm saving you
a ton of dough here, man.
Do you have any idea how much
a good seamstress charges?
I can't say that I do, no.
Well, zigzag stitching
does not come cheap.
How'd the church meeting go?
Uh, you know how everyone says
I'm so calm all the time?
"Ice Man."
No better coach
when the game's on the line.
Yeah, well, "Ice Man"
nearly had a meltdown.
Not surprised.
Like, you lose a game,
people hate you for a week.
But, uh, daughter's wedding?
Mess that up and... well, uh,
you get the picture, right?
I feel so much better.
Good talk, Sol.
Any time, buddy.
Laundry time.
You will make somebody
a fine wife someday, Sol.
Hey, Charlene.
Well, hey, heads up..
he's a little twitchy.
Wedding jitters.
Let me guess.. you can't stand
your future son-in-law?
Uh, no, actually,
he's, uh, he's a nice kid.
He'll make
a great husband for Nicole.
I mean, weddings can be crazy.
True. I always thought if I spent
half my salary on something,
it would be a bass boat...
But no, that's.. that's not it,
and I really can't talk about it.
Are you sure?
I'm happy to be the sounding board,
like always.
There's just some personal stuff
going on at home.
I need your input on some of these
student council applications.
Some of them put you down
as a reference.
Uh, yeah.
I'll take a look.
Oh, and I have a new number,
so I will text it to you later,
just in case you wanna talk.
Okay. Thanks.
Those tulips are coming up,
aren't they?
Guys, that was great.
You know, Nicole always talks about
these family dinners by the lake.
Yeah, we've had a lot
of good times out here.
Anniversaries, birthdays.
And now this.
But this is the first time
we've ever welcomed an in-law.
Cheers to the new guy.
New guy.
To the new guy!
Oh, Mom and Dad even got engaged
out here on the dock.
Go on, Dad. Tell him.
Oh, that was a long time ago,
back when it was
just an old fishing dock.
A lot's changed since then.
Matt, tell us about your parents.
They must be so excited.
Well, they can't believe
I'm marrying the daughter
of the John Reynolds.
They used to watch your
football games on TV all the time.
I mean, this is, like,
way before I was born.
Oh! Wow.
And you were doing so well
until then.
I'm sorry.
Actually, my mom even
remembers you in the stands.
Like John said,
that was a long time ago.
Who wants dessert?
Oh! Me, please.
Thanks, Mom.
Ah, there she is. Hey.
Everything okay?
Of course, why wouldn't it be?
Well, you just...
well, you seemed a little sensitive
to all that talk
about you and John.
It's not about us, it's a party
for Matt and Nicole.
Right, right.
The fact that you and John
have been sleeping in
separate beds for six months?
That's ridiculous.
Sweetheart, I might be getting old,
but I'm not stupid.
It's just a rough patch.
Every marriage has them.
It's no big deal.
A rough patch is one thing,
but when two people
start leading separate lives..
Dad! Seriously.
It's okay.
I don't know why I waited this long.
Yeah, why did you wait so long?
Well, there weren't
any good boutiques near the school,
and I wanted to do it with you,
but six weeks out, no dress...
We'll find it.
There are 300,000
for us to choose from here.
Which means we'll find my dress
after the wedding.
You could always go in...
this direction.
Thank you, Aunt Beth,
but I think I'll pass.
You want cap sleeves, right?
Okay, so let's just start with that.
We'll narrow it down.
Wait. Mom!
I know. Why don't I
use your wedding dress?
It's beautiful and vintage,
and available.
No, it's all frayed.
I don't even know where it is.
But it's lucky?
There has to be something here.
Let's all take a rack.
The caterer!
I forgot I'm supposed to
be there in 15 minutes.
I guess we'll try again tomorrow.
Okay. Thanks, Mom.
Love you.
-Love you.
-Thanks, Aunt Beth.
These wedding boutiques
are going to kill me.
If I hear one more "muzak" version
of Pachelbel's "Canon"
while I look at tulle and lace...
Abby, what's going on?
I'm not supposed to talk about it.
Let's just say...
John and I have seen better days.
Well, you've been married
for over 20 years.
You're due for a dip.
It's more than a dip.
We talked to a lawyer.
How come you didn't tell me?
We wanted to keep it a secret
until after the wedding.
We decided, uh... a while ago,
in December.
No. No, no.
Maybe I just need to go
be on my own for a while.
Maybe I'm supposed to go
and be that travel writer
that I always wanted to be.
Maybe giving up on that dream
is something that started
this whole process.
Do you think?
Do you remember the plan?
The plan was that I would be there
for him during the season,
and he would be there for me
Well, maybe now, with the kids gone,
you can reclaim that dream together?
A trip down memory lane.
Remind yourselves what you built.
I don't know how to do that, Beth.
I do.
Sometimes, a picture really
is worth a thousand words,
especially when
they're pictures of your life.
Or your marriage.
Step one...
Pick out a scrapbook.
Let's see...
Mm. I can make
a wedding present for Nicole.
I've been meaning to go through
this jumble of pictures.
Let's see...
Oh! Well, that's your opener.
The first picture
of our blushing bride.
Oh, you're here.
I thought you were with Matt today.
Oh no, he's at the high school,
working out with Dad.
I can't do it.
Honey. You can't..
Did something happen
with you and Matt?
No, no. It's nothing like that.
It's just...
I've got a million things to do.
The party favors, the centerpieces...
My dress!
I don't have a dress!
How can I help you?
Um, party favors,
centerpieces, my dress?
Mom, I was so busy at school.
I bet, if we buckle down,
we can get it all done,
and have time to treat ourselves.
Okay. Yes.
Oh, thank you so much.
I love you.
You look like
you've been run over by a train.
Worse. I just worked out
with my future son-in-law.
I saw you guys.
You didn't look like you had
too much trouble keeping up.
Oh, I don't know.
He wants to be
in peak shape for the wedding.
I just want to be able
to brush my teeth later.
Sit up. Turn around.
You give the best back rubs.
Have I told you that?
A few times.
Aw, you know, I don't..
I don't get it.
Abby and I used to be like them...
always doing be our best
for each other.
I guess we just stopped trying.
Mm, sounds like my marriage,
or what I remember of it anyways.
I guess even the happiest couples
start to take each other for granted.
You know, rumor has it that
Prince Charming and Cinderella
took separate vacations
later in life.
Much better.
You and Abby are strong.
You'll get through this.
We have an attorney...
drawing up papers.
I'm not supposed to
say anything, but...
I had to tell someone, you know?
Of course.
Oh, John, I'm..
Yeah, we decided five months ago,
but because of all this wedding...
You gotta promise me
you won't say anything.
I mean it.
Five months...
Must have been really hard for you.
I'm glad that you have
somebody to talk to.
And promise me you're not gonna try
to be Mr. Tough Guy.
Since when do I try
to be Mr. Tough Guy?
You were there for me
for my divorce,
and I'd really like
to return the favor.
You have my number.
The fitting! Oh!
Okay, right here.
Selfie for the wedding album!
Ah, I hope we don't
outshine the bride.
I don't think
that's going to be a problem.
There he is.
Hey, fellas. Sorry.
I got hung up at the school.
We're just finishing.
He's all yours, my man.
Thanks. 46-tall.
And what should I do with this?
Oh, I don't know.
Burn it?
What's wrong with my sweatshirt?
No offense, Dad,
but it's all you ever wear.
With those baggy sweatpants...
He's got a point.
A little fashion makeover
wouldn't kill you.
If you don't do it for yourself,
do it for Mom.
Have a little pride.
Okay. I get it.
Thanks, guys.
We're gonna take off.
We'll see you back at the house.
Thank you.
What do you think? Hmm?
Oh? "Princess Bride."
I like it.
Me too.
It's perfect.
It's the one.
It is absolutely beautiful.
Check number one.
-Oh, Mom!
Oh, hey.
Maybe one of these
at each place setting,
filled with something special.
Um... oh!
Matt's favorite jelly beans.
Yeah, the sour ones that make
your face all puckered, and..
Yeah, that'll be perfect
for pictures.
Okay. Check number two.
For the table!
Little candles on both sides.
Yeah, what do you think?
I think the only thing more beautiful
will be you.
Is that check number three?
It is.
You know what that means?
Thank you.
Best day ever.
Oh! I so needed this.
Me too.
Are you feeling better?
Oh! So much better.
I think maybe I was freaking out
about getting married,
like it's all happening so fast!
Was it like that for you and Dad?
Did you ever doubt yourself?
I never did.
No, I couldn't wait
to marry your father.
Mm. That's how I feel about Matt.
Do you remember it, Mom?
When you and Dad were engaged?
Your dad was very determined.
He always tried hard
at everything he did.
That's why he's such a good coach.
Oh, and Dad.
And Dad, yes.
He is a wonderful dad.
You and Kade are lucky to have him.
Oh, no. You too.
Dig in.
Mm. What do I feel like today?
Dad, you look amazing!
Oh, that's what
I'm talking about, Dad.
It's just a coat, guys.
And Superman just wore a cape.
Can I help you?
You look nice.
The place looks incredible.
Thank you.
Are you ready for the toast today?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Shower in T-minus-20! Ooh!
Hey-hey. No.
I'm not dressed yet.
Go. I got this.
Okay. Keep him away.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Nicole doesn't know this,
but I joined the chorus just..
Matt doesn't know it, but it wasn't
chorus class where I fell in love.
It was karaoke night.
"Bohemian Rhapsody"?
All 25 off-key minutes of it.
Hi! Excuse me.
How are you?
Hey, guys.
Are you having fun?
Oh, the food is incredible.
I mean, you should start
offering your recipes up
to the places that you review..
which reminds me...
Already in your in-box.
New Italian place.
I love you.
I sent two more travel pieces
to you.
Just read them.
That's all I ask.
I still need you where you are.
Oh, what are some of the others?
John, tell them some of the others.
What, Abby talking in her sleep?
Oh, they're legendary.
Uh, "No, no, you wash the cat!"
"Everyone, stop throwing houses!"
Every time she just sits straight up,
and makes these proclamations,
and them fall right back asleep.
"We don't even have turtles!"
Okay, Abby, is this story true?
Beth will tell you that, yes,
I do talk in my sleep,
but John embellishes.
Hey, Beth.
Oh, hi.
Not big on crowds, huh?
I never knew you were a knitter.
I'm boring like that.
Kind of dabble
in the yarn arts myself.
You? A... A knitter?
A lot of coaches are.
Well, maybe not a lot.
Probably just me, but they should be.
It's a lot like football.
How so?
a.. a pulling guard, for example.
It's a lot like
your basic brioche stitch.
May I?
Thank you.
Start with an edge stitch,
slip one, purlwise together.
And if everybody does their job...
Um, can..
can I get you a drink?
Uh, everyone, if I could
have your attention?
Uh, we haven't had
this many people in the house
since I went 0 and 12
in my first season.
Lots of good memories.
Uh, you all seem happier now,
but today is about
our amazing daughter
and her big day.
And since Abby is the writer,
I made her write the toast, so, Abby?
since the moment
you came into this world,
you have aimed for joy.
You know how to grab it.
You have brought so much of it
into our lives, every day..
We only hope that this marriage
feeds your contagious smile...
and lifts your giant heart.
May God smile on both of you
Now I'm gonna go in the kitchen
and have a good cry.
Thank you, Mom.
You always did have a way with words.
Great speech.
It was really..
Nicole's very happy that you're here.
She was so good in student council.
This is just a wonderful
time in her life.
Need some help?
No. I'm good.
John told me about what's going on,
and if there's
anything that I can do...
It's okay.
I didn't say anything.
He made me promise.
What exactly did he tell you?
About the divorce.
I understand what
you're going through,
believe me,
so if I can help in any way...
Uh, excuse me.
What is it?
Did something happen?
I'm leaving.
What are you talking about?
I didn't invite her.
You told her?
Our own kids don't even know, John!
I'm sorry. Abby, I am.
We were just talking
and it slipped out.
Oh, just slipped out?
How'd that happen, exactly?
"Oh, how was your day?
Oh, by the way, Abby and I
are getting a divorce?"
You know that's not how it happened.
Like you said,
I can't talk to anyone about it,
I can't talk to you.
Come on!
What am I supposed to tell people?
Tell them I went out for ice.
I'll be back in half an hour.
We were having a nice day.
Things were..
I saw the texts, John.
I saw all your texts with her.
How she has a "new number"?
How she wants to "help" you?
How you're her hero?
She owes you?
I was helping her
with kids at the school..
If you are falling for her,
have the decency
to wait until after the divorce.
She was there for me.
That's it!
-She's "there" for you?
How's that supposed to make me feel?
After over 20 years, and now
she's the one that.. after..
Let me tell you something.
No matter what has happened
between us the last few years,
I have been here.
I have been the one.
I can't do this.
Abby, will you wait?
Where's Mom going?
She just went for ice.
She'll be right back.
Come on.
Back to the party.
Let's go.
All right, all right.
Beautiful morning.
You know, I always loved
this time of day on the lake.
Hey, um... you got a minute?
Sure. Let's walk.
So, Matt has left
the honeymoon planning up to me.
I found this amazing bed
and breakfast three hours upstate.
It's called The Sweet Dreams Inn.
Ooh. That looks nice.
Is there a problem?
The host has called and said
they're doing some painting
while we're there.
She promised me
it's on the other side
of the suite I booked, but..
You want to drive up
and check it out?
That's just it.
With the wedding
less than three weeks away,
I don't have a spare second,
and I want it to be
a surprise for Matt, so...
I thought you and Dad
could take a quick trip.
I know, I know it's a lot,
but it would really help us.
I could do it,
but I don't think Dad can.
No, no, I talked to him,
he said it was fine,
but just wanted me to check with you.
Uh, well...
Are you two okay?
Like, you took off kind of suddenly
from the shower and ever since then...
No. We're fine.
We're just focused on you and Matt.
You two have
a wedding anniversary coming up
and we've been monopolizing
A three-hour drive up and back,
a night alone,
could give you two some private time.
Dad said he'd like that.
Dad said that?
Okay. We'll go.
Oh, my goodness.
Thank you so much.
You're the best.
That's a lot off my plate!
The wide-out'll be open all day,
no matter who we play,
but if Sanders doesn't grow
six inches over the summer,
we don't have a chance
against Jefferson.
Not for two years.
Hey, Abs.
What brings you here?
I brought Kade some lunch.
Growing boy.
Do you have a second?
Yeah. I'll be right back.
Uh, did you tell Nicole
that we were gonna be going
on an overnight trip
to a bed-and-breakfast?
I did, yeah.
We need to talk sometime.
Sam's office called the other day.
The papers are ready.
Oh. Papers.
No, it's just...
We've been so wrapped up
in this wedding,
and miscommunicating,
that we should talk.
Just... talk to each other,
you know?
I'll book separate rooms,
but if you'd just give me a chance..
Just got an email about a prospect
over at Mills, that..
Am I interrupting?
No. Abby was just deciding
if we were gonna go on a road trip.
I'll think about it.
I gotta..
Yeah. Go.
I would like
to wake up next to you
For the rest of my life
And I would like
to brush my teeth with you...
What on Earth..?
I don't know.
...And I know
this will never get old
And we will grow old
holding each other right
And I'll be loving you
all my life...
Guys! What is going on?
It's 7:00 a.m.!
Oh, sorry. It's the only time
our dance instructor had available.
-What dance instructor?
-For the wedding!
I can throw a football,
but I can definitely
learn a thing or two about dancing!
Oh, me too.
Actually, he'll be here
in a few minutes.
You guys should join us and warm up!
You guys are crazy.
I can dance just fine.
Well, I beg to differ.
I've seen your moves, John Reynolds.
Luckily, I'm here
to save you from yourself.
You're the dance instructor?
I wasn't just
an all-conference lineman at Alabama.
I also minored in dance.
Very nice.
I take it you know
my lovely assistant?
Follow me!
I know what you're doing.
Oh, come on! A little dancing's
not gonna kill you.
I haven't even had my coffee yet.
Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me...
Okay, everybody,
let's try those steps.
Ready? And... forward!
And... back.
Forward, together, and...
spin together.
Come on, Coach.
Get in the game!
All right, Sol.
Look, slow dancing's
all about passion.
Look at them.
They've got it.
I've never been this close
to anyone...
It's been a while.
Yes, it has.
Too long.
This is a golden-oldie.
When was the last time
you heard this song?
Uh, my wedding?
I'm sorry.
I know this is kind of awkward.
No. It's fine.
It's fine.
It just
keeps getting better
I wanna spend
The rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing
That you do
Baby, I'm amazed by you
What's wrong, Abby?
Uh... I'm just
feeling a little light-headed.
I'm gonna go lay down.
Well, I can walk you
up to the house?
No, I'm okay.
The taste of your kiss
The way you whisper
In the dark
Come in.
You okay?
Yeah. I just needed a minute.
Have you decided about the trip?
I have tomorrow off.
Okay. Yeah. I'll go.
What time?
Uh... Nine?
That'll get us up to the bed
and breakfast with plenty of time.
Maybe we could take a walk.
That sounds nice.
I love you.
I do love you, Abby.
I love you, too.
Abby, wake up.
We're here.
We're here already?
Yeah. You always did
fall asleep on road trips.
No, don't worry about it.
I needed the time to think.
All right.
Let's, uh, let's check it out.
The painting is on the opposite side
from the honeymoon suite.
I can show it to you as soon as
the current couple checks out.
In the meantime,
can we show you to your room?
Uh, rooms.
Excuse me?
We booked two rooms for tonight.
I'm sorry...
that's not what I have.
It's okay.
We'll take whatever
two rooms you do have.
Yes, the thing is,
we only have four rooms,
and the other three
are booked for tonight.
See? It's a beauty.
And roomy.
It's lovely.
Dinner's on us, for the mistake.
Thank you.
You don't have to sleep on the floor.
We shared a bed most of our lives.
I think it's okay.
Come on.
We did okay... right?
I mean, the kids, they're...
They're amazing.
I think...
Nicole picked really well,
Kade's going to do great in college.
It just happened so fast, huh?
I miss you, Abby.
I really do.
I miss you, too.
And I'm sorry if...
did I blow everything?
I think we did this together.
We both...
accepted less from each other
than we should have.
I think we both kind of blew it.
Ah. You're awake.
You didn't have to do that.
I brought muffins, too, for the road.
What's that?
Beth got me started.
I'm making a wedding present
for Nicole.
I haven't seen
these pictures in years.
Yeah, I'd forgotten
about some of them, too.
Look at this one.
Remember that?
That's your first year
at Langley High.
That might be the only good memory
from that first season.
You survived it.
We survived.
Look at this.
I think the only person
more excited than me that day
was your father.
Mm. This one's my favorite.
Our little girl.
She's so beautiful.
Just like her mom.
Nicole is gonna love this.
Come in.
I'm sorry.
Mrs. Reynolds' sister called.
She couldn't reach you
on your cell phone.
It's your father.
Beth! What happened?
Is he okay?
He had a stroke.
Oh, no.
This is terrible.
It was minor, but he's not
out of the woods yet.
He's at risk at having another one.
Did I hear that you two
went on a second honeymoon?
You scared us to death.
I told Beth not to call.
I'm fine.
Are you kidding me?
A stroke is not "fine".
What am I gonna do with you?
Don't worry about me.
You have a wedding to pull together.
No, Pops, we can push the date.
Don't you change a thing.
I'm fine.
Okay, okay, look, I need everybody
to give me a minute.
I want to speak to your dad
in private.
You too, Abby.
Oh. Okay.
I'll be right outside, okay?
Hey, Pops.
What's going on?
Come here.
In case this whole stroke thing
goes sideways on me..
You said you were doing fine.
But no matter how old she is,
Abby is still my little girl.
It's my job to protect her.
You don't just stop being a dad.
I get that.
Which is why I need you
to make me a promise.
Just in case.
Yeah. Anything.
I need you to love her.
You heard me.
Love... her.
John, I know that things
aren't right between you.
I want to tell you something
that neither Beth nor Abby knows.
Her mother and I
almost called it quits.
You and Ellie?
You know better than anybody..
what's on the outside
can be different than the inside.
But a marriage is a house.
You invest in it,
you make the repairs...
and you love it...
because inside is everything
that ever meant something to you.
Ellie and I never walked away from
what we spent a lifetime building.
I just wish...
I wish we had more time together.
This is your house, John.
This is your life.
It's more complicated
than that, Dad, I think.
She stood by you.
She made sacrifices for you.
She didn't draw attention to it,
and she never will,
because she did it out of love.
Now you have to love her.
All the way to the end.
I'll try.
I-I am trying.
I'm a sick old man, John.
Promise me.
I promise.
That's my boy.
Final count?
Uh, 76, with two "regrets".
That's what I got.
Okay, I will email the caterer.
Ooh. Two weeks.
I can't believe it's already here.
The wedding...
or what happens after it's over?
You know, I've been
making that scrapbook
and looking through old photos,
and I keep coming back to this one
of when John and I exchanged vows.
We were so young.
But so certain.
I can't stop thinking
about young Abby and John,
at the end of the aisle...
Those 22-year-olds trusted us.
They believed
that we could go all the way.
They'd be so disappointed.
You don't have to disappoint them,
you know.
I'll get it.
Oh. Those are beautiful.
Come on in.
Put them over there, with the others.
She's got a garden growing.
Thank you.
More flowers for the bride.
There you go.
Just a few more feet.
Come on.
We have a wedding in 10 days.
I know.
Take it.
Take it, take it.
Yeah. And... ah!
Good job.
Now it's your turn.
Abby, John is trying.
I've seen him.
What about you?
It's weird.
Sometimes, we feel like
"ourselves" again, but...
I don't know.
The last few years...
I don't think we're going to make it.
How did it get so bad?
Do you even know?
I've been blaming him all this time,
his football, Charlene...
But I let it happen, too.
I remember
the month before
you walked down the aisle,
how he brought you
a dozen red roses every day.
Every day, Abby!
You remember?
He worked all summer
for those roses.
And when you were laid up
on bed-rest, pregnant with Kade?
He went and got every kind of food
in this town for dinner...
...for you, for two months.
It was so long ago.
Things change.
People grow apart.
All you ever wanted to do
was to marry that boy.
It's late in the game...
but there's still time
left on the clock.
You can still choose to stay.
You can choose love.
"Meet me at the pier."
Abby. It's Stan.
Oh, hi, Stan.
Can I call you back?
I think you're gonna wanna
make time for this.
Can you be at the office
in 10 minutes?
Um... I'm meeting John in an hour.
It won't take that long.
Trust me.
You'll be glad you came.
Oh, Stan, why do you do this?
See you soon.
Okay, what's so important?
Did I win a Pulitzer
for my restaurant review?
say hello to Gabrielle Pender.
She owns a string of newspapers
here in the Midwest.
I am a big fan.
Oh! Hi.
You like my food column?
Actually, your travel pitches.
Stan was kind enough
to forward me a few... dozen.
You thought I threw them away.
I knew you were good,
and now Gabrielle knows how good.
I'd like to offer you
a trial spot in my papers.
If it goes well,
it could lead to a column
of your own in syndication.
Can you join us for a few minutes?
Sure! Yeah.
If the response is good,
we'll expand the markets,
help you build an audience.
If that goes well, down the line,
we are looking at sending you away
five to six times a year.
Do think you can handle that?
Sign me up!
I told Gabrielle you could do this.
You've always been my ace reporter.
"Ace Reynolds."
That's my Abby.
What time is it?
Almost 7:30.
Oh, I can't believe I've done this.
I'm so sorry. I have to go.
John! I'm so sorry.
Yeah. Me too.
I'd offer you some
cheese and crackers,
but I gave it to the ducks
about an hour ago.
Seemed only right,
since they were here on time.
Well, I'm here now,
so we can still do this.
Because we were..
I'm showing up, Abby.
I'm doing things and I'm showing up.
I'm showing up, too, John.
I came to the school, like I used to,
the bed and breakfast..
You know, maybe
we're just fooling ourselves.
Don't you even
want to ask me why I was late?
Does it matter?
Maybe it does to me.
I'm putting myself out there.
I sent you the license plate..
Which I loved.
Seems like that.
Something good
happened for me tonight.
Me too.
I got completely clear
about how we're fooling ourselves.
I'm gonna sleep in the guest room.
I don't want to pretend anymore.
Oh, and, uh... here.
These came in the mail.
You invited me out here tonight
so you could give me
the divorce papers? Great.
I was going to rip them up.
I was gonna talk.
But this is what it's come to.
I heard about Pops.
How is he?
Determined to dance
at the wedding this weekend.
That man is a powerhouse.
You don't look good.
This'll help.
It's my guilt offering,
'cause I feel awful about
what happened at the shower. I..
Don't. Don't.
I think it would've
happened sooner or later.
Abby and I just need to figure out
how to get on with our lives.
And the kids?
We'll tell them after the wedding.
Nicole will be gone
and Kade'll be off to school,
and the kids
just don't need us anymore.
Who'd have seen this coming, huh?
Me and you?
Sitting here...
broken marriages...
crying on each others' shoulders?
Well, I can think of worse places
to be.
Uh, Charlene, if...
you know, if I've given you
the wrong idea about things...
You didn't.
It's just...
no matter how bad things are,
the truth is...
I'm still in love with my wife.
We're friends.
I get it.
Uh.. Abby!
Abby! Just stop!
It wasn't what you think.
It doesn't matter what I think.
You made it very clear.
You're moving on.
Hey! No! That's not..
Can we please talk?
We both did this, okay?
We weren't there for each other.
We didn't take care of each other.
We didn't love each other.
All the way to the end.
Sorry, Nicole.
This is not much
of a bachelorette party.
Chardonnay and a bucket
of vanilla ice cream.
Oh, no, no.
It's perfect.
I can't think of a better way
to spend my last night
as a single lady than with you two.
I love you both so much.
Mm. We love you, too, baby.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go
make a phone call and take a walk.
Wherefore art thou?
Leave her alone.
She's in love.
Hey, Dad!
Are you gonna be home soon?
Yeah, almost, kiddo.
Everything okay?
Yeah, it's just
it's kind of my last night
as your little girl.
You'll never stop
being my little girl, ever.
Ever. Ever.
Okay, okay.
Hey, I know it sounds silly,
but could we say
bedtime prayers one more time?
Yeah, I'd like that a lot.
Thank you, Lord, for a daughter
better than I could ever imagine.
Guide her on Your path
to happiness, protect her heart,
keep her safe and loved,
all the days of her life.
God in heaven,
thank you for the blessing
of loving parents and family
who have guided me so well.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you, too, little one.
Come in.
How do I look?
Like the most beautiful bride
in the whole wide world.
I mean it, you look stunning.
Okay, okay, stop.
You're gonna make me cry,
and I worked really hard
on my makeup.
-I made you something.
-What is this?
Open it.
Oh, Mom...
Oh, this is amazing.
When did you have time?
Here and there.
Do you like it?
I love it!
I don't know, I guess
I just wanted to show you
what love looks like, so that you
and Matt could have what we had.
All these years.
Okay, I should get downstairs.
Guests are arriving.
I love you.
I love you too, baby.
Who gives this woman to be married?
Her mother and I.
I love you, baby.
I love you, too, Dad.
Matt and Nicole, you've chosen
a beautiful place for your wedding,
but, apparently, we aren't
the only ones who think so.
This morning,
your brother reminded me
that a pair of eagles
have been living on this lake
even longer than your mom and dad.
"Those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength."
"They will soar on wings like eagles."
"They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not grow faint."
Matt and Nicole,
our prayer
is that you'll live like eagles.
Never grow weary, never grow faint,
never lose heart, and never let go.
The rings?
And now,
because you've declared your love
before God and all of us here...
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.
Feel like I'm falling
Seriously falling
For you
Forever's a long time
Good move!
But far from enough time
To spend
With you
I will always
Be there
I will always
Be there
It's like they're the only
two people in the world.
Reminds me
of a couple I used to know.
I'll be behind you
Listen, I took a coaching clinic
that starts tomorrow.
My flight's at 5:00 a.m.,
so I booked a hotel
at the airport for the night.
I'll come back at the end
of the week for my things.
You can sign the papers
and send them to the attorney.
Be there to guide you
If that's what you still want.
Forever's a long time
But far from enough time
To spend
With you
I will always
Be there
I will always
Be there
So go and call your parents
Tell them the good news
Say you've fallen hard
And there's someone
That needs to meet you
We'll pick out a white dress
Grab two golden bands
The world will stare
In jealousy
'Cause they don't understand
Like you and me
Why do you love me, Abby?
You see me, John.
You're here for me.
I want you to fly, too.
I want you to be everything you can.
We'll have a big life.
A big life.
I will always
Be there
Feel like I've fallen
Seriously fallen
For you
Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me
Is almost more
Than I can take
Baby, when you touch me
I feel how much you love me
And it just blows me away
I thought these were for Nicole.
I figured you'd seen them.
Not until just now.
What you wrote...
...means everything.
Abby, 25 years ago, I stood right here
and promised to never let you go.
I made the same promise.
I'd like to keep it,
if that's okay with you.
You were right.
I let myself get
too close to Charlene.
It wasn't what you thought,
but it wasn't right, either.
And I told her that.
You did?
That day you saw us in the gym,
I had just told her...
that I love just one woman... you.
told me about your travel column.
That's... what you were trying
to tell me that night.
I blew that.
I shouldn't have
made you wait out here..
I should've thrown you a party!
Your own travel column?
How long have you been wanting
something like that?
I kept you from that, Abby.
I should have been proud of you.
I don't want to miss your success.
I want to be here for it,
like you were for me.
I never said that enough...
But you were.
We promised to never stop dancing.
I know what that means now..
never stop committing.
Never stop trying.
I love you.
I never stopped.
Dance with me, Abby.
For the rest of my life.
and always.
Forever and ever
Every little thing
That you do
Every little thing
That you do
Every little thing
That you do
Baby, I'm amazed
By you