A Tribe Called Judah (2023) Movie Script

(melodious vocal music playing)
(tense tune plays)
(sighs) Ah!
I soak and cover myself
with the blood of Jesus.
I soak and cover my children
with the blood of Jesus.
(in Yoruba) God will watch over you.
You will not take a wrong step,
By God's grace. (sighs)
(in English) The Lord
will touch your hearts.
(in Yoruba) You will not miss your steps.
(in English) It is well
with you, my children.
Today will be successful in Jesus' name.
(music fades)
(auspicious music playing)
(in Pidgin) It's so fine.
(gasps) Hasn't he finished?
He'll meet me outside. (grunts)
My child is a good artist. Mmmh. (sucks)
(clicks tongue) Ah
Today will be good
(auspicious music continues)
- Ah. Mama J!
- Ah.
- Good morning sir.
- Good morning ma.
Very good.
- Mama J.
- Yes Bisi.
- (in English) Young forever!
- (in Pidgin) Ah-ah Bisi,
(in English) you didn't hail me well.
Black don't crack!
What will be will be,
- there is nothing you can do about it!
- Yes!
- Mama J.
- (in Yoruba) Are you Joseph?
- Yes. Good morning ma.
- Take.
(in English) Nothing
must happen to my tricycle.
(in Pidgin) Can you see how
I'm taking good care of them?
- Yes ma.
- Take.
(in English) I promise
I'll never disappoint you.
If you disappoint, you have a guarantor.
- Yes ma.
- (in Yoruba) Where is Ejiro?
- (Ejiro in English) I'm coming Mommy.
- Ejiro!
- (in Yoruba) Where is Ejiro?
- (in English) I'm here mommy. Sorry ma.
(in Pidgin) Should we give you a ride?
(in English) Don't worry,
my boyfriend is coming.
Your boyfriend? Oh (laughs)
Don't you know men are scum?
My own is not a scum!
(in Yoruba) I'm still bearing the brunt.
Enter, before it starts raining!
(in English) Don't worry.
(in Yoruba) I've said what I have to say.
(local classic song playing)
(tense music plays)
(male voice) Linda!
(male voice titters drily)
(woman) Yes?
(in English) Linda! Look,
if you don't tell me the person
that gave you the money
for you to start this nonsense
pepper and tomato business,
- I'll throw it away.
- (in Pidgin) What?
- (in English) I'll throw it away.
- You wouldn't dare!
Do you know
how I struggled to start this business?
You're telling me nonsense!
You wouldn't dare!
If you try it, you would hate me!
- (in English) I will hate you?
- (in Pidgin) You will hate me!
- (in English) I will hate you Linda!
- (Linda screams)
(women complaining indistinctly)
(woman 1) What happened?
- (Linda screaming)
- (in English) Do you want to kill her?
(Linda's husband) You're holding
a graduate.
- (in Pidgin) Michael's mother
- (Linda screaming)
(in English) I've always told her
not to fight her husband.
Mommy wait
- I can't wait! Oh
- (Linda grumbling)
Mommy wait! The person I want to
deliver this painting to is also waiting!
- Mommy!
- Stop it! I said you should stop
fighting your husband
what is wrong with you?
Look at what he did to my goods! (sobbing)
- (in Pidgin) Michael's Daddy, why?
- Hey!
(in English) Keep quiet.
I'll ask all the questions.
So, you have been taking
my wife to sleep with different
- men for money, right?
- (in Pidgin) What?
- (in English) No!
- Linda!
I just told him that you
borrowed me money to start this business.
(in Igbo) Mad man!
Ah-ah! Michael's daddy,
(in English) she's telling the truth.
I lent her the money.
(in English) She told me
that you're always going out everyday,
because you don't have a job.
Then I offered to lend her the money.
She said she needed thirty thousand naira
to start this small pepper business,
- and she will pay gradually.
- Will you shut up!
Shut up, you're a liar!
- Ah-ah!
- You liar. You're a liar!
(in Yoruba) You're all here,
watching him beat his wife!
- He is a useless man!
- That's how he behaves!
(Michael's Daddy)
You are the useless person!
- Where did you meet this mad man?
- (splutters)
You, Jedidah huh!
(in English) Don't you know
that when a man is talking,
you do not talk, as a woman?
- And if you don't stop talking
- (Michael's mom hisses)
I will discipline you
like I discipline my wife.
Eh? Discipline who?
When you are not out of your mind.
(in English)
Real men don't beat their women.
They take good care of them.
They provide for them.
And women respect their men.
You are just a useless man.
Look at me very well.
The only thing that makes you a man
is the one straw
and two bags of pure water
dangling under your trouser.
Are you not ashamed of yourself?
- (in Pidgin) Why should I?
- (in English) Are you not ashamed?!
You have five sons,
from five different men.
- And so?
- (in English) From five different
- tribes in the country!
- (in Yoruba) And so what?
- (in English) Are you not ashamed?
- (in Pidgin) Michael's Daddy!
- Mind yourself! If you disrespect my mom,
- Yes.
- I will deal with you!
- Yes!
- You will deal with me?
- Yes.
- You will deal with me?
- What will you do?
- You want to beat I will deal with you!
- (Ejiro) What do you want to do?
- (Ejiro) We shall see.
- (woman 1) Leave him!
- (in English) I will deal with you!
- (in Yoruba) It's okay.
- (in Pidgin) Don't worry. We shall see.
- (in English) I will deal with you.
- I will deal with you!
- (woman 2 in Yoruba) It's okay.
(tense instrumental plays)
Ejiro, what's up?
(in English) What?
I'm coming there now!
(dramatic music plays)
What happened? Where?
Pluto, Please come take over.
I am eating. Where are you going?
I am coming.
(man 1) Why are buses scarce? (hisses)
(man in charge) Ah, Please! I plead!
Hello Last Born,
why are you disturbing me?
What? Where?
(tense music crescendos)
Where is he?
- You call yourself a man right?
- (crowd indistinct chatter)
Come outside, my brothers and I
just want to have a conversation with you.
- (bottle shatters)
- (women scream)
Come out!
- (Pere) Bring it on!
- (Shina in Yoruba) You want to die!
- Go this way!
- (man 2 in Yoruba) Fire on!
(woman 4 screaming) What's happening?
Please don't kill him?
(Shina) If I don't stab you today,
my name is not Shina!
(suspenseful tune playing)
- (Shina) Where is he?
- (man 3) Please stop!
- Emeka's mother, please. They'll kill him.
- What?
Were you not there when
he disrespected me?
(Shina) Leave me alone! You're being rude
to my mother. I'll shred you to pieces.
(Michael's dad screams)
(vocal theme music playing)
- Shina!
- (woman 2) Shina please leave him!
Pere! Let's go!
- (in English) Shina! This way.
- (Michael's dad) I'm dead!
(in Igbo) Emeka, let's go!
- (in Hausa) Adamu, let's go!
- (Michael's dad) Ah,
they've killed me.
(theme music dies)
(Jedidah) Did Michael's dad tell a lie?
It's the truth.
It's not like I was sleeping
around with different men.
You see Emeka,
I had him when I was seventeen years old.
I was young and in love with Kalu.
I got pregnant and Kalu relocated.
Along the line, I met Sanni,
the father of my second child, Adamu
He took me to his family, they said,
"You can't marry my son.
You 're from the Yoruba tribe,
and you already have a child."
Sanni was also betrothed
to someone else in Kano state.
That's how I was shoved aside.
Then I met Boma, Pere's father.
He performed the necessary
rites to make me his wife.
A year after Pere was born,
- Boma died.
- (Michael's mom gasps)
- This is bad, so heartbreaking. (sighs)
- (Jedidah sighs deeply)
It's not yet bad.
My fourth partner is Shina's father,
Lekan Isiaka.
A.k.a Swanky.
He was my children's home tutor.
A handsome young man.
I thought to myself,
"I need a father figure for my boys."
We had an introduction
ceremony, got married.
And he became the father of my children.
A year after Shina was born,
he ran away with all my money.
He left with everything
Pere's father left behind for me.
He took it all and went to Ibadan.
He has a family there.
Yes. I went back
to square one with four children.
Now to my fifth partner. See,
that number five,
My experience with him was shameful.
But I will say it.
I met Ejiro's father in a beer parlor.
I was very depressed
so I started drinking.
I would always go to the beer
parlor and have drinks with him.
In the process we became intimate.
He was also depressed,
because his wife left him.
I didn't bother telling
him I got pregnant for him.
But in everything,
I will not bury myself.
Despite the circumstances,
(in English) I'm very proud
of my children.
They're Jedidah's five boys.
Judahs, and I'm proud of them.
- Mama Caro, I will be on my way.
- Yes.
Mama Emeka, please the money you lent me,
- Yes?
- I will work hard and repay you.
Never mind!
Don't worry, pay when you can.
- (woman) Mmmh.
- Everything will be alright.
- (in English) Take care.
- (in Pidgin) Okay.
- My love to your children.
- Bye.
- Thank you, bye.
- Okay.
(tuts) Emeka's mother.
- Mh?
- Take it easy, this is too much.
You think I'm drunk?
- (disagreement clicks)
- You're not drunk.
I may be totally drunk
But I will still stagger
And stagger home
- Emeka's mother.
- (Jedidah squeals)
- (woman 1 in Igbo) Mama welcome.
- (woman 2) Thank you my child.
- (Shina whispers) Grandma.
- (dramatic music plays)
- Shina!
- Ma?
Come back here.
- (in English) Come down!
- (grunts)
(Shina feigns surprise)
Ah! Grandma welcome!
Grandma with the best okpa!
Nobody dares come close!
I hope you brought gifts?
- Right, Grandma?
- (in English) From the minute I smelt
that nonsense out there,
I knew it had to be you.
(in Yoruba) It's not what you think Ma.
- Mommy welcome.
- Thank you my child.
(in English) I just pray
that that thing you
smoke will not destroy your lungs.
Amen! In Jesus' name!
Carry this bag upstairs, let's go up.
(in Igbo) Quickly.
(in English) I am not happy
with what is going on.
(in Igbo) Can you see
your boys? They're useless.
(in English) Look at Emeka.
I brought him up.
Well brought up child.
(in Igbo) Or is it Adamu?
(in English) Brought up
by my sister Mary-Jane in Kano.
(in Igbo) They're both
top-notch. But these two
(in English) nonsense.
Mama, they're my children.
From Emeka,
to Adamu, to Pere,
to Shina, to Ejiro.
They're my children.
If it is because of Michael's dad,
- he got what he deserves.
- True.
Jedidah, allow your mother to help you.
I will take these two back with me to Aba.
- Huh!
- When they see discipline,
- they will change.
- (in Yoruba) Never!
I cannot go to Aba.
(in Yoruba) When I'm not venturing
into a thrift business.
- Are you kidding me?
- Can you hear him?
(in English) Grandma me too.
What do I want to do in Aba?
With all this swag, I will now go to Aba?
(in Yoruba) Will you shut up?!
(in English) Excuse me.
Both of you should go inside.
(in Igbo) Did he say swag?
(in English) I said go inside.
Mama please, just take it easy with them.
you're the one spoiling these boys.
You are indulging them.
Mama, I'm not.
(in English) Please,
let me go and get you something to eat
and drink.
What will you like to eat?
(dramatic music playing)
- (girl) Ma?
- (woman) Yes?
Ma, we have thirteen of these.
Get the calculations right.
Are you deaf?
- I heard you ma.
- And you couldn't answer.
- I nodded ma.
- Like agama.
It's this mop on your head
that's blocking your ears,
you're calling it human hair.
C'mon get out of here!
- (in Efik) Get out of here!
- (indistinct facial demonstration)
- (in English) Come on!
- Morning Sir!
(male voice) Good morning.
- Morning sir.
- Morning.
- Good morning sir.
- Yes.
- Good morning sir.
- Yes.
You are welcome, Mr. Chigozie.
- Emeka.
- Sir?
- What is it?
- (tense music plays)
Do you want to attack me?
- No sir.
- Then why?
- Are you a he-goat?
- No sir.
A tall handsome man like you
should know to always use a deodorant.
(in Igbo) Your stench is overwhelming.
- (in English) I'm sorry sir.
- (in Igbo) Please leave!
(Madam chuckles drily)
And I always tell him.
He doesn't listen.
- Collette.
- Sir?
Bring the Alaba report.
Okay sir.
(suspenseful music playing)
- Chigozie pick your call.
- (man 1) This.
That one, please.
(in Pidgin) Sir take it easy.
(in English) Those things are expensive.
Ugonna move closer,
- (in Igbo) why are you fidgeting?
- (splutters) I'm recording them.
(Chigozie in Igbo) Baby!
Don't "Baby" me!
Ah-ah, I've been calling you since,
you refused to pick your call.
My phone has been on silent.
You understand.
(in Igbo) When I'm in the market,
you know I don't like
when I'm in the office, my phone
will be ring-ring, ring-ring.
I don't want that. (squeals)
(in Igbo) What's the matter?
(in English) Baby, it's the
Financial Crime Task Force officials.
They're here.
They've been searching
and scattering everywhere.
What is it? What are they looking for?
Do they have a warrant?
Yes, they came with a warrant.
Baby, what you will do now
is to keep an eye on them.
Don't panic, don't
(in Pidgin) It's someone with a skeleton
in his cupboard that should be afraid.
(in English) I'll call my lawyer now.
Don't be worried.
- Okay.
- My machine.
Calm down. Alright, bye.
(Adamu) Sir,
I was unemployed
for a long period of time,
(in Hausa) Before I got a job
as a security guard at the mall.
(in English)
That's I sustain myself with, sir.
(in Hausa) Don't worry,
that's not a problem.
(in English) We all know the situation.
Things are hard in the country.
So being a security man doesn't
make you a lesser person.
- (in Hausa) Thank you sir.
- You're welcome.
(man in English)
You said your father is from Dala
local government of Kano state?
- Right?
- Yes sir.
Which part of Dala local government
is your father from exactly?
(suspenseful music playing)
Dala local government sir.
(man) I mean, which family compound
- is he from?
- (grunts)
(in Hausa) (splutters)
Actually, Dad it is his Grandmother
who is from Dala.
(girl's mom scoffs)
(man) Okay.
(in Hausa) Um, that is all.
(in English) Young man,
let me allow you enjoy your meal.
We'll continue this conversation later.
- (Adamu) Thank you sir.
- (in Hausa) I'm going inside.
- (Adamu in English) Thank you sir.
- (man 2 clears throat)
(tense music plays)
(Jedidah in Yoruba) Ah-ah! Hello my dear.
(in English) How is work? Ah-ah!
You didn't you go to work. Why?
(in English) Where are you?
(whispering) I'm at Halima's place.
Oh, it's true, you mentioned it.
How is she and her family?
(whispers) They're fine.
What's wrong with you?
Your voice is shaking.
(whispering) Mommy,
please I want to know
the name of my father's compound
in Dala local government in Kano.
What kind of question
are you asking me Adamu?
Do you want to remind me of my past?
(in Yoruba) Do you want to spoil my mood?
No, mommy.
(in English) I'm not trying
to remind you of your past.
I am sorry.
It's just that Halima's father
keeps asking too many questions.
And I don't have answers to them.
He wants to know my past
he wants to know my father's house.
I have told him I am from Kano.
And my father's name is Bako,
but he keeps calling keeps asking.
And that is the reason why
I ran into the toilet,
just to
call you so you can give me answers.
He wants to know your root?
You are a Judah!
Judah is your root.
(in Yoruba) Adamu Judah is good.
(in English) Mommy,
Judah does not sound Northern.
I wouldn't have called you if not that
Aunty Mary-Jane is not picking her calls.
(in Yoruba) By the special grace of God,
(in English)
Aunty Mary-Jane will not pick that call,
because God does not want to remind me of
what your father and his family did to me.
(in Yoruba) Don't pester me.
God will be with you.
(in English) I am at work.
(in Hausa) What did I get myself into?
(in English) I'm tired
of this generational curse.
(in Hausa) God forbid.
(in English) I reject it in Jesus' name.
We're not cursed.
Then what are we?
(hesitates) We're a special family.
(in Hausa) Keep deceiving yourself.
(in English) I don't expect this from you.
Don't stress her.
Don't make her cry.
Don't open old wounds.
So, how can you help me now?
I need to sort myself...
Don't stress her.
That is all.
(tense music playing)
Emeka Judah.
Good afternoon ma.
I see
So this is what you do
during your lunch break?
Chatting and frolicking?
No ma.
I I'm just
I'm just talking with my brother.
He works in the mall here.
(splutters) Yes ma. Good afternoon ma.
My name is Adamu.
I'm one of the security guards here ma.
They will give you a job
when you lose this one.
No ma.
(hesitates) I'm going now.
Please, give me two fat sausages.
The arm, the arm
The arm of Jehovah does great things
The display of His splendor
That we see all around us
- (female voice) Please wait!
- The fountain of life
That never runs dry
- God bless you sir!
- You're welcome.
- God bless you ma!
- You are welcome.
- (woman) Aw.
- (in Pidgin) You will never lack!
Your business will flourish!
(man) Such a pretty girl!
(in Yoruba) The arm
Of the Lord does great things
The display of His splendor
That we see all around us
- God bless you!
- (Ejiro singing)
The fountain of life,
Which does not run dry
- The arm of the Lord does great things
- (in Igbo) The arm, the arm
- This is so beautiful.
- (Emeka chuckles)
So, how much is it?
It's going for just forty
million naira ma.
That's way too expensive.
They're all imported ma.
Can I get a discount?
Our prices are fixed.
I think I better take my leave.
Uh ma.
- Actually you... (spluttering)
- Take care.
(in Pidgin) What's up?
We need to talk to Chairman.
We need to reduce
the prices of the furniture.
We are not making any sales.
How is it our business?
- How is it not our business?
- Ah-ah!
As long as he pays
your salary and my salary,
we're not supposed to bother about it.
We're supposed to be bothered.
Okay, what if Chairman can't keep up?
Then we end up losing our jobs?
I don't care.
I don't care.
- Excuse me ma.
- What is it?
Uhm ma,
our customers are complaining.
They say the prices
of our furniture are too high.
I think we should maybe cut down.
(tense music playing)
And who asked for your opinion?
Ma, I'm not giving opinion.
I am just sharing some business ideas.
Hmm Mekus-Mekus.
- Ma?
- If you have business ideas,
Why don't you gather them,
and set up your own business?
Then hire everyone here, including me.
- (in Efik) Come closer.
- Ma?
That's fine.
(in English) Listen,
you are a sales rep.
Actually no.
You are a sales boy,
so you should stick to that?
And get out of here.
I'm sorry ma.
(in Efik) You don't
know what you're doing.
(solemn music playing)
(Ejiro in Pidgin)
No. Okay, give me a little.
What?! If you kiss!
Ha Ejiro!
(in Yoruba) So this is where you are!
- (in English) Good afternoon ma.
- What is good in the afternoon?
(in Yoruba) Leave each other!
You're trying to do nonsense
right in front of somebody's door.
(in Yoruba) You even want to kiss?
No problem.
I won't say your children
will do the same to you.
- Don't be annoyed Ma.
- Don't be annoyed Ma.
I want you to watch it.
Watch this video.
(girl singing)
Mommy, I can't really see it.
- (girl in Pidgin) What is that?
- If I slam your heads together
Testimony right?
(in English) If you want
your testimony to be permanent,
don't disturb my son again.
- Stay away from him.
- Ha!
Mommy please don't tell
Testimony to leave me.
She's my life. My inspiration.
She even helps me get
customers for my painting.
- (Testimony whimpering) Yes ma.
- Please don't tell her to leave.
(in Yoruba) You're still
holding yourselves. Split now!
(exclaims) Ha!
Do you know who showed me this video?
Simbi's mother, the gossip.
- Ah!
- (in English) Yes! You know her.
Do I know how many people she has shown?
If not that I tactfully
- deleted it from her phone.
- Ma.
(in English) You're acting
like you're blind.
(in Pidgin) Ma, we were only making skits.
- We want to post it on social media.
- Yes Mommy.
(in English) What Testimony said is true.
Do I look stupid? If I slap you!
What stupid skit?
No problem.
(in Yoruba) No problem.
Leave at once.
I don't want to ever see you again.
Mama, you are a good woman.
You know I look up to you.
You help people, you help women.
(crying) Please Mama,
don't take Eji away from me.
Eji is my life.
- See how she's crying.
- (Testimony crying)
Children of this generation are spoilt!
(Testimony) Eji help me beg Mama.
Shut up your mouth!
You're crying because of a man.
Eji baby.
- (Testimony continues crying)
- (suspenseful music playing)
- (Eji and Testimony gasp)
- (screaming) Eji please oh!
- (Testimony screaming)
- (panting) Mommy!
(panting) Testimony!
Testimony! Ah!
Let me see.
Let me see what is in your hand.
This is the money you made, right?
Your hand just touched it,
you will not spend it.
- (in Yoruba) This is it.
- (woman) Ah!
- Jedidah.
- Yes.
Thank you very much.
- You're a good friend.
- (in English) It's my pleasure.
That's why we have each other.
- Right?
- (woman) Right?
- Exactly! That is it.
- (woman) Eh!
I will use this money
to pay for Lateefah's WAEC examination.
Yes, that is right.
So my mother came to visit.
- Really?
- She brought yams
- so I brought some for you.
- How is she?
- Mama Caro!
- What is it?
- Give me lighter!
- Lighter for what?
- What?
- We caught a thief,
and we need to burn him.
- (Jedidah) Ha!
- Where?
- Why would you burn a thief?
- You caught a thief?
- No! Not here!
- (man grumbling)
- (man) I don't have time for this!
- Hey!
- What is wrong with this boy?
- Hey!
- What's wrong with these boys?
- I have no idea!
(crowd chanting) Thief!
- What's going on?
- (Jedidah exclaims)
- That's my son Pere.
- Pere!
- My son!
- (screaming)
I'm dead!
(crowd chanting) Thief!
- (Mama Caro) What did he do?
- You will burn me here today!
- This boy is a thief!
- Thief? Kamaru, what is it?
- Mommy, I didn't steal anything.
- (Kamaru) We'll burn him, he's a thief.
- What did he steal?
- He stole a girl's wallet!
- Which girl?
- (everyone talking at once)
- Mommy, I didn't steal anything.
- Where is the girl?
Can you all see you're mad?
Where's the girl?
It shall not be well with you all.
- Now get out of here! Leave!
- (Jedidah) Really?
(somber music playing)
(indistinct chatter)
Get out of here, useless lot.
It shall not be well with you all!
Get up. let us go!
- Foolish people.
- Pere.
- Look at mad people.
- (in English) You stole that money.
- Yes Mommy. I'm sorry I won't do it again.
- (Jedidah sobbing)
- Jedidah!
- Sorry Mommy!
Mommy I'm sorry! (whimpering)
(Jedidah crying) Don't
forsake us, Pere's dad.
Don't forsake us.
- (tuts)
- (Emeka) Mommy,
Please stop crying.
(in English) Emeka, I should stop crying?
Yes ma.
They almost burnt Pere alive.
If not for luck
that I was there at that moment,
(in Yoruba) Emeka,
they would have set your brother ablaze.
- (sobbing)
- (in English) Mommy
Everything will be alright.
(crying) When?
Look at how we're living.
Even church rat is better than us.
(in Yoruba) (sighs) I try
(in English) I work so hard.
(in Pidgin) You and Adamu are trying too.
(in English) If not for the three of us,
how would we survive?
(in Yoruba) Pere is always stealing.
Shina is a hoodlum.
(sobbing) Why?
- (sobbing)
- Mommy.
Mommy I promise I will work harder.
Once I get this admission and I go abroad
and I start my masters degree program,
I will do two jobs, three jobs, anything
We won't be here forever.
Emeka leave me alone.
- Mommy please.
- Don't beg me!
Emeka, I feel like dying.
(in Yoruba) I will hit my head
on the wall and just die!
- Mommy
- Hit my head on the wall,
instead of seeing all this.
Mommy don't hurt yourself.
- (in Yoruba) Emeka leave me!
- (in Igbo) Mommy please.
(in English) Don't beg me! (screams)
(sobbing, whimpering) Emeka don't beg me.
Don't beg me This is too much.
- What is your problem?
- (Shina) You're mad.
What is your problem?
(in Hausa) You're just a rascal.
What is your problem?
Why are you spitting on me?
I said I did not steal.
- I was framed!
- (in Yoruba) DJ of all lies!
(mimicking drily) I was framed!
I was framed!
- Can you stop that rubbish?
- (laughing)
(tense sound effect plays)
(Shina, Ejiro screaming)
- Do you want to kill him?
- (Emeka crying)
(crying) What happened?
What happened? I said I was framed.
Pere, you've been battered.
Ehn? (chuckles)
You look like Joe Frazier
after Mohammed Ali beat him up.
- (Ejiro) Pere was
- (Shina) He was scared.
Emeka! Do you want to kill them?
Do you want to kill all of them?
Take it easy!
(in Pidgin) This looks
like a joke to you. Right?
- (Pere whimpering)
- Guy, you think I'm joking?
Look, let me tell everyone
of you bloody fools!
If anybody stresses Mommy again I swear!
I will turn you guys to vegetables!
(in Pidgin) (crying)
Bro Emeka what happened?
What happened? I said I was framed!
Hey shut up!
(upbeat music playing)
(in English) Watch! Now lift it up.
This way. Femi.
Femi we should move these lamps
so they can keep the chair here.
(man) No Emeka.
I don't think they should drop it here.
- (Emeka) Really?
- Yes.
- (man) Easy. Ma...
- (Collette) Easy! Easy!
Do you want to destroy the furniture?
Why is this here?
Um ma
You know it's a fabric couch,
so I was thinking that
if we keep it close to the door,
the colors will attract more
customers into the shop.
(dryly) Mekus.
I see you're now the manager,
dishing out instructions here and there.
- I am sorry ma.
- Shut your stinking mouth
and carry this couch into the VVIP office
where the boss is expecting it.
As if you don't know
that's where it should be.
(chuckling) Please, take it in.
Chairman is waiting.
(in Efik) Go and do your job.
- Careful.
- The inner room.
(in English) This way.
- This way.
- (tense music plays)
Right before you hit
Don't hit that lamp!
Why are you still standing here?
(spluttering) Ma, I was surprised to
see this money on the floor.
I think it belongs to Chairman.
- Let me give it to chairman.
- Mmm-mm?
Have you been
entering his office regularly?
No ma.
(in Efik) Go back to work.
(in English) I will give it to him.
Get out of my sight.
(in Efik) Smelly thing!
(in Pidgin) Guy.
You're a Lagos boy.
Of course.
Don't you want to tell the boss
(in English)
that you were the one who found the money?
(hisses) It's not necessary.
(in Yoruba) Look.
(in English) What you did is noble.
And I am sure boss will compensate you.
(in Pidgin)
I didn't do it to be compensated.
Emy, don't you want money?
Femo, who doesn't want money?
Exactly! Tell him. Ah-ah!
See, if he rewards you share with me.
- (Chigozie) Uh-huh, Collette!
- Sir?
(in English) Um send an email
to those Chinese people.
- (in Pidgin) Okay?
- (Collette) Yes Sir.
Tell them that it's exact design
- (Femo whispering) Emy.
- that I want.
- Okay? Good.
- (Collette) Yes Sir.
Won't you go home?
- (in English) Good night sir.
- Alright.
- Good night sir.
- Alright.
- (in Pidgin) Chairman.
- Yes?
- (in English) What is it?
- (tense music plays)
- (in English) Chairman.
- (in Igbo) What is it?
Nothing sir.
(in English) I found
the money that was returned.
What money?
Oh! The money you gave me that time?
I am bringing it sir.
Where did you find the money?
(in Igbo) Sir, it was those
people that carried the chairs,
(in English) the fabric cushion
Couch When they were moving, I saw the
(spluttering) I think it
on the somewhere.
So I gave her to return it.
Ah-ah! I wanted to bring it.
You were on a call, so I forgot.
- (in Pidgin) Really?
- (in English) Yes Sir.
(tense music plays)
Where did you find this money?
(splutters) It was on the floor.
On the floor here.
I was surprised when I saw it.
Okay. When they were carrying the couch.
Yes sir.
(Chigozie) Okay that's very good.
This your good boy behaviour
deserves a worthy handshake.
I want to tell you a very big thank you.
Alright? You're a good man. Mm?
Alright? Don't worry.
You're going places.
(Collette scoffs)
(upbeat music plays on radio)
What will be will be.
There's nothing you can
do about it, Jedidah.
(in Yoruba) You have to leave it to God.
(humming to the beat)
- (banging on door)
- (tense music plays)
(banging persists)
- Who's that?
- (banging continues)
- (banging)
- (Jedidah) Who's that?
- Why are you all there?
- (man) It's the Police, open this door!
- Who is that?
- Mommy, come and hide.
Who is that?
- (man) It's the Police!
- Shhh, leave me!
Pere, Police?
What did you steal again?
Mommy, I promise I didn't steal anything.
Please just come let's hide.
Mommy no! Don't open the door!
If you open the door,
they will arrest brother Pere.
Don't open the door.
(in Yoruba) Mommy open
the door! Anyone that dares
What's wrong
Are you mad?
(Jedidah gasps)
(in English) Police. Uh, what is it?
What is it?
(in Pidgin) Officer, that's Shinene.
- What?
- (policeman in English) Arrest him.
(in Pidgin) (spluttering) Who is Shinene?
Do I know you? My name is Shina.
- (Shina) What is going on?
- Please don't cut eye for me.
We've been exposed.
We've all been arrested.
- You need to go there and make a statement
- What's going on here?
(in English) You can't take my son.
What did my son do?
You can't take him away from here!
- (Jedidah) What did he do?
- (Shina) Mommy what's going on?
Your son was part of the touts that
vandalized the truck carrying sand
to the construction site.
- (exclaims)
- (in Yoruba) They're lying against me.
- Mommy, it's all lies.
- (in English) Shina why?
Okay wait, we can solve it.
- Emeka talk to them to leave your brother.
- (indistinct chatter)
- Brother Emeka
- Mommy please,
- let them take him. He has done enough.
- (indistinct chatter)
- Ah!
- (Shina) Brother Emeka! Mommy,
- don't let them take me away!
- You can't take my son.
Mommy don't do this.
Don't let them take me!
- (crying) Don't let them take me away!
- (Emeka) Hey!
Don't strip Mommy naked!
- They cannot Mommy!
- (Emeka) Remove your hand!
Leave her wrapper!
- (Jedidah in Yoruba) Ah, Police!
- (Emeka) Do you want to strip her naked?
- (in English) Emeka follow them!
- (screaming)
- (Jedidah) Emeka!
- (woman) Assault!
(indistinct chatter)
- (woman) Witness assault!
- (Shina) Brother Emeka, do something!
- (in English) Emeka go with them!
- Mommy we'll go later.
We will go later. Mommy we'll go later!
Let them teach him a small lesson.
- (Emeka) Mommy please!
- (Jedidah in English) What do you mean?
(Jedidah) They should
take my son to prison!
(Emeka) Mommy let us go later please!
(in Pidgin) Philemon or what is your name?
(in English) Yes sir.
(sniffles) I am very sorry sir.
It's the devil's handwork.
- Aboy.
- Boss.
Have you stopped searching them
after they finish packing money?
Huh? I thought
the routine was to search them?
Boss, we searched this guy.
He outsmarted us.
He outsmarted you?!
You're speaking English to me Aboy!
You're an idiot.
- (whimpers)
- You.
Your work here is to pack money.
Arrange it.
Seal furniture.
But you decided to pack
some for yourself, right?
It's okay,
but as God will have it,
you didn't seal it properly.
You opened it for others to see.
- I'm very sorry sir.
- (Chimezie laughing)
Obinna, he says he's sorry. (chuckles)
Aboy, where did you find this boy?
Boss, one of my trusted
guys sent him to me
when we needed a replacement for Abubakar
who went to Maiduguri.
Now all of you pay attention.
Okay? Listen to me.
- Aboy.
- Boss.
From now henceforth,
they will wear singlet and boxers
- while counting my money.
- Yes Boss.
- (Chigozie) Alright. (chuckles)
- Thank you sir.
(Chigozie in Igbo) Yes my son,
you're welcome.
- (in English) Thank you sir.
- You're welcome.
- Obinna. (chuckles)
- Yes, Boss.
(tense music plays)
(in Pidgin) I will sell this online.
I'll see a reasonable buyer.
Is this an original Gucci
or not?
(soft chuckle) Mommy
You are welcome. (exclaims) Hey!
Is this a ghost?
(in English) Shina! Mommy you bailed him.
(in Yoruba) Will I let
my child stay there?
I can't sit and do nothing.
You should have left him
for two to three weeks.
- Shut up!
- Shina Rambo!
Don't call my son that!
My brother, see how they beat you up.
Why did you let it happen?
- Why didn't you defend yourself?
- (grumbles) Leave me alone.
I don't pray for anyone to go to
that Lulu police station, honestly.
- They're very brutal there.
- (chuckles)
If it were to be Agboye police station,
I'm well known there as aking.
Are you not ashamed?
Can you hear yourself.
Oh, so you know all the good
- and the bad Police stations.
- (laughs)
You've become a regular!
You're always visiting
one after the other.
(Pere chuckling)
(in English) I had to sell one
of my tricycles to bail you,
because your brothers say
they cannot support.
I should let you dance
to the music you played.
You are now talking gibberish.
(in Yoruba) Don't be annoyed Mommy.
- I did not mean to drag you into my mess.
- (melancholic music plays)
- The two of you are the problems I have.
- (Pere laughing)
I'm talking and you're lying down.
Will you sit up?!
Why are you laughing while I'm talking?
(in English) Everybody
keeps saying, "Jedidah,
has spoilt her children."
"Jedidah's children are
the problems in the community."
(in Yoruba) What is wrong? Is it a crime
to be an accommodating person?
(in English) Mommy I'm sorry.
I will work on myself.
(in Yoruba) Yes, ma.
(in English) I'll work on me.
- What?
- You will work on me?
(in Yoruba) That's what he said.
(in English) What kind
of useless English are you speaking?
(in Yoruba) When you
refused to go to school.
Shina we enrolled you in school,
you didn't study, instead you dropped out.
What's going on?
Mommy let it go. I'm not made for school.
You're not made for school?
These fingers are not equal.
He's speaking English. (chuckles)
Your head can't take in books,
but your mouth can eat food. Right?
- You dropped out of SS1...
- What?
This idiot dropped out in JSS 2 or JSS 3.
- (Pere chuckles)
- If I punch you, are you mad?
- Is your mother mad?
- What? Whose mother?
- I will mess you up!
- (Jedidah) Me?
Your mother, mad?!
- Me! Pere!
- No Mommy.
I'm seated here and both of you
are talking over my head.
- (Jedidah hisses) What a pity!
- (mouths)
(in English) Go away.
- (Pere and Shina) Mommy
- (Jedidah) Go! Leave!
Hey take it easy, what's the problem?
Guy carry it,
Can't you see the items
dropping off the trolley?
- Lazy person.
- (Pere) Ah!
When you're done arranging the bread
- Mm-hmm?
- Go and arrange the crates of eggs.
- But why...
- (lady) Timothy.
- Yes ma. Okay ma.
- To the till.
(in Pidgin) So, it's now
my duty to arrange bread.
(Pere grumbling)
(tense sound effect)
- (in English) What are you doing here?
- What do you mean
what am I doing here? I'm at work.
- What do you mean?
- How? When?
See, brother Adamu,
that my supervisor, that woman,
she's short-tempered.
If she sees us talking,
she can fire me.
Please go back to your post,
- let me stay in my post.
- Talk to me!
What supervisor?
- How did you get this job?
- I got him the job,
but does that give you the right
to beat him in the toilet?
- Mommy we didn't beat him.
- We only warned him.
What? You didn't do what?
Mommy they beat me!
They manhandled my shirt.
There's nothing they didn't do to me
- in that place.
- Why?
I don't know why they
don't want me to work there.
Because you're a thief!
- Shut up!
- (splutters) Mommy
that's what he is.
If this boy brings his stealing habit
into that mall, we'll lose our respect.
(in Pidgin) Really?
(in Yoruba) Can you hear yourself?
Emeka, you know this
is your brother. Right?
- Mommy I know.
- You know,
and you're saying this about your blood.
Now listen to me,
both of you.
This information about Pere
must not be heard in that mall.
Let us keep it in this house.
Mommy if you don't want
that information out,
then you need to warn your son!
Because if I hear that you steal
in that mall where we work,
you know I'm a security man,
I'm going to handle you personally.
(Emeka) No Adamu.
Mommy look,
let me tell you how it's going to be.
If this boy tries to steal in that mall,
where Adamu
and I have been working for years,
bringing food to this house
This is not a mall security matter,
I will hand you over to the Police!
- You will never try that!
- (Pere grumbles indistinctly)
Hand my own son over to the Police.
Jedidah's son.
(in Yoruba) God forbid!
- (in English) It can never happen.
- (huffs)
I pray every day and night,
that the God of latter years
should visit us in this family.
So all the years that we've lost,
can be bought back in hundred folds,
and you're saying this rubbish.
even when it has to do with our jobs?
Yes. Look at me very well.
Whatever happens in this Judah family,
it will live and die here.
- (in Yoruba) Yes!
- Mommy.
(in English) It's our jobs
we're talking about here.
Nothing bad will happen to your jobs.
(in Yoruba) You will all succeed.
(in English) This bad habit Pere has,
we're supposed to correct him in love,
advise him, not throw him out for lions
- to eat.
- Thank you ma.
(in Yoruba) What are you thanking me for?
They're calling you a thief
and you're happy about it?
(somber music playing)
My mother and I raised you all in love.
Let it remain like that,
except you want to kill me.
- (Adamu) Mommy.
- (gasps)
- (Pere) Ah-ah!
- (Adamu) Mommy!
- (all) Mommy!
- (Emeka) Bring water!
Bring water!
please can you help us call the doctor?
He's coming sir.
- (Adamu sighs)
- (Pere) God please.
I know I have been a bad boy.
Just heal my mom I promise
and I'll change my ways. I promise.
- (Ejiro) Bro Emeka.
- (Shina) Ah!
- (spluttering) Where's Mommy?
- (Shina) How
What's going on? Brother Adamu?
Uhm, we're still waiting
for the doctor to say something.
(in Pidgin) What exactly happened? Huh?
(in English) We were talking
and she passed out.
No, you were shouting at me and
stressing her, that's what happened.
- (in Hausa) Shut up!
- What's shut up?
(in English) Am I lying?
Is that not what happened?
- (in Yoruba) Take it easy!
- (Ejiro) What do you mean
- Mommy passed out?
- Who is stressing Mommy?
Jedida Judah
- What's up? (sighs)
- How's our mom?
- (in English) So your Mother is
- My Mother is what?
- She's stable. Yes.
- (Ejiro sobs)
But she needs to be transferred
to a teaching hospital.
Where a proper evaluation will be done.
- Okay.
- So that's the situation, okay?
- Okay.
- Yes.
- (spluttering) Can I go and see her?
- Of course you can.
- (exclaims) Hey! Hey, no, no!
- (all grumbling)
You can't just go in like that.
You have to go one after the other, okay?
(somber music continues)
The doctor said that Mommy has
Doctor said Mommy has what?
- (sighs, hisses)
- (in Pidgin) Talk.
(in English) Doctor said that Mommy has
hypertensive chronic kidney disease.
(in Pidgin) What?
Take it easy.
I'm hearing hypertension and kidney.
I don't understand. What's happening?
Is Mommy's kidney dead?
Brother Emeka, is Mommy going to die?
(in English) Mommy will not die in
the mighty name of Jesus.
Are you okay?
(sniffles) Leave me alone.
Look, guys.
It's very serious.
One of her kidneys has failed.
She's relying
on the only one that's remaining
and that one too is going.
(in Yoruba) Urgh. this is serious.
(in English) Look guys,
she needs kidney transplant
as fast as possible.
- And it's 18 million naira.
- (Ejiro gasps)
- (Ejiro) Ah!
- (Pere) Where will we see
She needs to be placed
on dialysis immediately.
Four sessions a week.
And each session costs
a hundred thousand naira.
Wait, you said four times a week?
Hundred thousand naira per session?
- That's 400,000 naira weekly
- (Shina grunts)
Ah, hmm.
- (Ejiro sobs)
- Listen guys, we need to find a way.
We can't let Mommy die.
- (crying)
- Look, she needs that dialysis
(Ejiro sobbing)
because without it, it will get worse.
I don't want Mommy to die.
I don't want Mommy to die.
- Brother Emeka.
- (Pere) Bro, don't worry.
Eighteen million naira
to replace Mommy's kidney.
(Ejiro continues crying)
(in Pidgin)
I would have given her one of my kidneys,
(in Yoruba) but I am a chronic smoker.
I smoke weed every day.
My kidney is damaged.
I don't know, maybe Pere
- Maybe he can
- Are you crazy?
- (in Pidgin) Why did you touch my hand?
- Ah-ah!
Am I the only one she gave birth to?
- Guy, don't try that with me.
- (Shina) Are you foolish?
Can't you donate your
kidney to our mother?
Every time you sing for her,
My mother, who sat
And watched my infant head
- When sleeping on
- Shut up. I can't give anybody my kidney,
but I can help raise the money.
What about you?
- What can you do?
- (in Yoruba) You're insane.
Are you both mad?
Who's asking for your nonsense kidneys?
- Ah-ah!
- We're saying something serious here
- and you're saying rubbish.
- (in English) Emeka, it's okay.
- Guys.
- (mouths) You're mad.
We have a task at hand.
We need to go and look
for this money by all means.
Mommy must not miss any of her dialysis.
(crying) Brother Emeka,
I don't want my mommy to die.
- (Chigozie) Emeka.
- Sir?
(in Igbo) Your mother is sick?
(in English) Yes sir.
(in Igbo) Sorry my brother.
(in English) Sickness
will not be our portion.
Thank you sir. Sir please, I don't know
if I can ask for a loan
- to help me pay the hospital bills.
- (scoffs)
Loan, loan!
Emeka at this time.
Emeka you, look,
you work in CK furniture store.
(in Igbo) Can't you see what's going on?
My container has been
on the high sea for a while,
(in English)
I don't have money to clear my goods.
(in Igbo) How much do you need?
(in English)
Two Hundred thousand naira, sir.
Two hundred thousand naira!
(exclaims) Heh!
(in Igbo) No!
That is a lot of money
If you can give me some time,
say from now till three or four months,
(in English) then maybe
I'll be able to do something.
But now, I don't know.
Chairman, please.
In three to four months,
she would be dead.
Keep quiet!
Don't say such! Clean your mouth!
(in English) Don't you know
that the power of life
and death, lies in your tongue?
Say that she will live,
and she will not perish.
- She will live.
- She will not perish.
She will not perish.
In fact, I know what to do.
(in Igbo) You will give me
Give me your mother's full name.
- Chairman.
- Yes?
I think you made a mistake.
You meant to ask for her account number.
I did not make a mistake.
My wife belongs
to a powerful prayer chain.
A prayer group,
so that they can stand in the gap.
(in Igbo) What am I even doing?
(in English) Give me your mother's name,
my phone is here.
Jedidah Judah.
(in Igbo) What?
(in English)
Your mother has a Biblical name?
The mother of Josiah.
She is healed.
And then your surname, Judah.
The lion of the tribe of Judah.
(in Pidgin) It's unfortunate.
This life.
Can you see it?
Ehn? I have visa.
Now I'm looking for money for the trip.
That's not what I'm talking about.
I'm just wondering how America
looked at you
and decided to give you a visa.
What are you saying?
What's wrong with me?
Do those who go to America have two heads?
Don't be annoyed. (clears throat)
But where will you find
the money to travel?
That's the problem,
I need a lot of money,
because I need to buy my ticket,
I need to pay for my accommodation,
I also need to take care of other things.
So how much do you need for all this?
Give or take, I'll need
over five million naira.
- Five million naira?
- Yes.
And you're calling
such huge amount with ease.
Who will give you that money?
Where will you find it?
That's the problem.
As I am right now,
I'm ready to do
anything to get that money.
Even if I have to find a rich older woman.
- You'd do that?
- Of course. As long as I get
money for my trip.
- (guard 1 laughs)
- I can do anything.
(laughing) Are your problems that serious?
Please miss me with your negative talk.
Ah, Adamu.
- Adamsky what's up?
- I'm alright.
How did it go?
Manager refused to give me a loan.
I said it.
I told you.
We're just wasting our time here.
You see these people, they don't care.
We're wasting our time.
They don't care for the security guards.
(hisses) Adamu sorry.
I forgot to ask, how's your Mom?
How's her health?
She's still at the hospital.
We need money to discharge her.
There's money problem everywhere.
This life isn't fair.
Each to their own.
(guard 1) True.
(solemn music playing)
Babe, what's going on?
Get in first.
Testimony, why did you
take your brother's cab?
I thought we were using the tricycle?
He traveled.
Since he travelled, I decided
we'd use it to make money.
Make money.
(hisses) Eji, your mother is sick.
Any money we can make can
be added to her treatment.
(in English) Thank you.
Don't mention.
But I don't want you
dealing with hoodlums.
I'll be alright.
Let's go and sell your painting please.
- Testimony,
- (car ignition starts)
I love you so much. Thank you.
I love you too.
You know I'll do anything for you.
Let's go please.
I swear we must collect
five hundred thousand naira.
They must drop the money
or face the consequences!
That woman can't give
more than three hundred thousand naira.
- (Shina) We'll manage it.
- Boss!
Is Sade Balogun
a low class person in the society?
- She isn't!
- She has already started building
- Amen phase three!
- (indistinct chatter)
She'll pay the money!
- She'll pay!
- Don't worry, leave them.
We'll stab their eyes
- and the money will come out.
- (man in crowd) Immediately!
Who would dare us?
(overlapping chatter)
You know if you give me a headache,
I'll give you hypertension.
(overlapping chatter)
The amount is three hundred
thousand naira, and that's final.
Boss, three hundred thousand naira
is small, I have pressing needs.
I need money, Boss!
Do you want to question my authority?
- I'm asking you.
- Boss!
- (girl exclaims)
- You don't want to look at me.
- Boss.
- Police!
- They're keeping a watch.
- Whoa, whoa!
- This place is busted.
- Oh, no!
We can't be reckless in the presence
of these mobile police men.
- Never!
- (Shina) Ah,
- Boss what's my business with MOPOL?
- What?
Let's confront them boss!
You have a pistol.
Let's go, I need this money.
Boss let's rough it out...
Hello, Mr. Rough and tumble!
I'm begging you in God's name.
I'm the only child of my mother.
Do you want to kill me?
Let's go home please!
What do you mean rough it out?
See, if we rough it out, it'll be bad.
- Straight!
- Home sweet home!
(all chant) I'm on my way home!
(screaming) Boss I'm not going anywhere!
I will confront them! I swear!
- Shinene calm down!
- (Shina grumbling)
- Are you wearing a bulletproof vest?
- (man) We'll be back!
(screams) Mommy!
(crying) My mother must not die!
(somber music playing)
- (in English) Take it easy.
- (Jedidah in Yoruba) Thank you, my son.
Thank you.
Ah-Ah. Emeka?
(all) Surprise!
Welcome home Mommy.
Mama J!
(in English) Black don't crack.
In this condition?
My darlings.
(Jedidah) Oh my darlings.
- (in English) Let her sit down.
- (in Yoruba) Thank you.
(in English) Let her sit down.
Mama J sit.
God will preserve your lives.
You willsucceed.
- Easy.
- (indistinct grumbles)
It is well with you.
- (groans) Easy.
- (Pere in English) Easy with the legs.
(Pere grunts)
- (sighs) This is very beautiful.
- (all grunt)
(soulful music playing)
- (sighs) Ah Ejiro.
- Yes Mommy.
(in Yoruba) My child.
You will be successful.
Death will not be your portion
Sickness will not be your portion.
You will all be successful.
(in English) My children,
I want to say,
thank you for taking good care of me.
Thank you for looking for money
to pay for the hospital bill,
because I know it's not easy.
(in Yoruba) God will preserve your lives.
You will not lack.
You all will not stumble by God's grace.
It is well.
- Mommy.
- My son.
I just
want to promise you that
from now on, I'm going to stop stealing.
- (sigh)
- This is
new Pere.
Pere 2.0.
- Thank you my son.
- And me too.
- I've changed.
- (Jedidah) Mm-hmm.
Anything to make you happy.
That's good.
- (Jedidah) Thank you.
- I will remind you.
What you said.
(Jedidah groans)
Mommy you know
I have always been a good boy,
- so I'll just keep it up.
- (scoffs)
(Jedidah) My son.
- My son.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Yes Mommy.
Thank you. (groans)
This is beautiful. (sighs)
Emeka you'll take
pictures with your phone.
- Mommy.
- Yes?
(in English) I made porridge for you.
It's smells nice.
And it's fine. But
I don't have appetite.
Mommy. You have to eat something
so you can take your drugs.
Uhm Adamu.
- (sighs)
- I think it's better for her
to begin with something light.
- Ejiro.
- Yes?
Please go and buy ogi for Mommy.
- Okay.
- The pap is good.
(in English) but before you go, wait
Let us pray.
Let us return the glory
to the owner
because if not for God,
(sigh) I wouldn't be here.
- (in Pidgin) Alright...
- No Mommy.
(in English) Mommy, lets
I think you should sit down.
- No.
- Have your sit.
I will stand.
It's better to sit.
- Brother, help her.
- (indistinct chatter)
Okay hold your hands.
- Adamu hold my shoulder.
- Okay.
- My darling.
- Yes, mummy.
- (Jedidah) Alright.
- Mommy.
- Yes?
- (in English) I'll pray.
- (all others) What?
- Yes! Close your eyes.
Let him pray.
Pray my son.
God will hear.
Mighty God
- Your Majesty.
- The I am that I am.
(Jedidah) Your Majesty.
- Number one in everything.
- (Jedidah) Your Majesty.
- The who is who.
- (Jedidah) Your Majesty.
- The Lord who guidesourpath.
- Your Majesty.
You're the one that knows our heart.
(tense music plays)
(Grandma exclaiming) Heh!
(in Igbo) My God! What is this?
(in English) Ehn?
So you all waited this long,
before telling me of what's happening?
- Mama it's not like that.
- (Jedidah groaning)
- (exclaims) What?
- Mama calm down.
I didn't want to scare you.
My daughter you didn't want to scare me.
I'm scared already!
- (in Igbo) Look at you!
- (groans)
(in English)
Mommy it's okay. Take it easy.
- Should I help you carry your leg?
- No.
Just leave it. I'm sitting
I feel okay. It's convenient.
- (Ejiro) Really?
- I'll change position soon.
- Mama.
- Yes?
(in English) Emeka
and his brothers are trying.
They're taking care of me.
And I'm also getting better.
Mommy you're not getting better.
- Really?
- Mommy see your face.
Your eye was not as bad as this.
See your legs too Mommy.
It's worse because we've not been
- able to pay for your dialysis regularly.
- My goodness!
Can you hear him?
What will be will be.
Nothing will be!
(in Igbo) My child listen,
this body cannot be possessed by illness.
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- (Mama in English) Emeka my son!
-(crying) Emeka my son.
- Grandma?
(whimpering) Where are you?
- (crying)
- (in Igbo) I'm at work.
(spluttering) What's wrong?
(in English) Emeka, it's your mother!
- (in Igbo) Talk to me!
- (crying) It has happened.
(crying) It has happened!
- (Grand ma crying)
- What?
(in English) What has happened?
(in Igbo) Okay where are you?
- Where are you now?
- (Mama crying)
(in English) We're
at the teaching hospital.
(in Igbo) Emeka come! My son.
Come. It has happened!
-Who will I tell? (crying)
- (spluttering) Okay.
(in English)
We were very lucky to revive her.
She relapsed because she
missed her dialysis for a week.
(voice breaking)
Doctor, it's just that getting the money
for this dialysis has not been easy.
Please I'm sorry.
I sympathize with you,
but you need to try harder,
because the waste her
kidney is supposed to filter
got accumulated and went
straight into her brain.
Thereby, causing her to be unconscious.
And I'm afraid,
we might lose her if we don't
keep up with her treatment.
(crying) I reject it in the name of Jesus.
- For that not to happen
- (somber music plays)
we need to start looking
at a long term solution.
Which is a kidney transplant for her.
- Okay Sir.
- Okay.
The proper thing to do is to admit her.
Ah, Doctor no!
No. This is not a good time please.
I understand you.
It's because of your financial incapacity.
But with the drugs and dialysis,
your mother will get better.
And ensure she doesn't
miss any of these appointments.
Four times a week.
(sniffles) Thank you sir.
(Emeka) Madam please. I'm really sorry.
(crying) I didn't mean to leave the office
just like that without telling anybody.
I had a family emergency...
What is my business with
your family problem?
All I care about, is for
C and K furniture to thrive.
Ma, I care about C and K furniture too.
I care.
(sobs) It's just
You can't fire me ma.
(yells) Who said I cannot fire you?
No, that's not what I meant.
I meant
Ma, please I really need this job. Please.
Shut up and get out.
Everything is intact.
Okay? I'm on my...
- Let me help you Sir.
- (in Igbo) What is it?
- (in English) I want to...
- No!
(in English) (spluttering)
Did I ask for your help?
You can't make sales for me.
(exclaims) Collette.
- Sir?
- Chairman.
- Yes?
- Chairman please.
(in English) Please.
Madam Collette wants to fire me.
- Really?
- (in Igbo) Please.
Okay the report is that
you left work without notice.
- Right?
- Yes Sir.
Collette here is your boss.
- That's right.
- (Chigozie) Alright?
(in English) And she has
what we call veto power.
Okay? She knows when and how to fire you.
- Good.
- (in Igbo) Boss please.
You are aware
of my mother's health condition.
- (exclaims in pity)
- And if you fire me now,
I can't afford the dialysis.
- What a pity.
- (Emeka panting)
- (in English) Please.
- Sorry.
- Thank you Sir.
- Sorry.
The Lord will go before you,
and fight your battles for you.
- Amen.
- (in Pidgin) Okay?
Thank you so much Chairman.
(in Igbo) God bless you.
(in English) Thank you for what?
For forgiving me,
- and giving me my job.
- When did I tell you that?
I will speak to Collette here,
and then she will get back to you.
Okay? Don't be worried. Hm?
No customer, everybody
just comes here to sit idly
(in English) Mind your business.
- Follow him.
- Bringing bad luck to the shop.
(crickets chirping)
(Adamu) Don't finish that food.
(in Pidgin) We're taking some to Grandma
and Mommy in the hospital.
Ah! (hisses)
As you mentioned the hospital,
my mood just changed.
(in English) Don't worry.
Nothing will happen to Mommy.
She'll be fine.
It's official.
What? What's official?
I just refreshed my email now
and I saw my sack letter.
(sniffs) So wait, brother Emeka.
(in Pidgin) you're jobless right now?
What will you do?
It's to return
their stupid key and ID card.
(in Yoruba) Your boss is really useless.
So he sacked you because you went
to see your Mother in the hospital?
What rubbish is that?
Such is life.
(groans) (in Hausa) Honestly, (slurps)
- I'm pained you didn't take the dollars.
- (grunts)
Wait, I don't undertand.
What did I just hear?
(spluttering) Dollars? What dollars?
I found two bundles of dollars
at the showroom.
I returned it to Chairman.
Two bundles?!
Of dollars?!
That's about twenty thousand dollars!
- Are you kidding me?
- Wait, I don't understand.
You saw two bundles of dollars,
and you decided to return it.
Because you're Jesus' assistant or what?
I don't understand, is it mine?
Brother Emeka.
- You're lucky I'm not working
- (Shina hisses)
At your office.
If I was the one that found it
(sucks teeth) In fact
So wait that your boss
he's stingy despite
being into money laundering?
Pere, that's just a rumor.
It's not a rumor.
Remember the night I told you I
forgot my scholarship document at work?
- That night I called Pluto and Peter
- Yes?
To open the mall for you.
(tense music plays)
As I got to the shop,
I didn't see the document.
I now remembered I kept it in
the shelf where we keep beddings
when I was attending to a customer.
As I got there,
I heard sounds from the corridor.
I thought someone
had broken into the shop.
But as I moved closer,
I saw that the VVIP door was open.
I peeped and saw Chairman.
(brothers exclaiming)
Wait brother Emeka, you saw all
that dollars and you didn't say anything?
(in English) Shh, reduce your voice.
(in Yoruba) You messed up.
- (exclaims)
- (in English) Wait.
Emeka, did he see you?
- (hisses)
- (Pere exclaims)
(in Pidgin) Chairman didn't see me.
If he saw me he would have said something.
He would have even fired me since.
(in English) That man is wicked.
(in Hausa) Very wicked!
(in English) So that man is so rich yet
he can't give you little money
to sort Mommy's dialysis out?
- (exclaims)
- (in Yoruba) There are mad people!
- (exclaims, tuts)
- (Shina chuckles)
- (Pere sucks teeth)
- Brother Emeka
I am pained that you've been fired.
Ah! If you had not been fired,
we would have found a
way to get the money.
(in Igbo) You think this is like
the petty stealing you do?
You want to enter C and K to get dollars?
Chairman keeps that money
inside the VVIP showroom.
Nobody goes there.
Emeka, do you know who I am?
I, Pere?
Even if Chairman puts
the money under a rock,
I'll find a quick way
to collect the money.
- (Pere groans)
- (Emeka) My phone is ringing.
Hah! (hisses)
(auspicious music plays)
(tense sound effect plays)
(man's voice) My God! Wait!
(in English) You mean dollars!
- Inside C and K furniture store?
- Yes.
That means the rumors
about money laundering are true
They're true.
Adamsky, are you sure about this?
Pluto, I'm 100 percent sure.
My brother won't
say what he's not sure of.
(gasps) See, Adamu.
You see this plan you have,
I want to tell you that I,
Jerry, am with you 100 percent.
I trust you.
The way I'm excited about this right now,
I feel like going there
alone and taking the money.
Where will you run to?
Ghana of course!
See, from Ghana, I'll go to America.
This is as simple as ABC.
It seems you've forgotten
you have a guarantor.
I don't care about the guarantor!
Is the guarantor crazy?
The guarantor will be alright,
after all, he's not my family member.
Even if the guarantor is my family member,
I'm desperate enough to do anything
as long as I leave this country.
(crickets chirping)
Are you all mad?
(in English) We should go and rob C and K
- furniture store?
- Shh! Brother Emeka!
Emeka, that's the only way we can
get quick money to save our mother's life.
Adamu. I'm not going to steal.
- When I'm not...
- Pere.
(in Pidgin) No say my name.
Pere the thief.
At least this time,
I'm stealing for a good cause.
Brother Emeka. I'm ready.
(in English) Wait for me outside.
Brother Emeka be fast,
Grandma has been calling since.
She said the doctor is
ready to discharge Mommy.
Wait for me outside. I'm coming.
- Brother Emeka!
- Guy. get out of here! Are you okay?
Brother Pere I am not talking to you
- Are you deaf?
- Last born, leave here.
- What's wrong with you?
- (door closes)
(grunts) Emeka.
(in English) The top two
security guards in that mall,
Pluto and Jerry are my guys.
And they're ready to make this a success.
Your guys are not professional robbers.
- (in Pidgin) They'll snitch!
- (Adamu grunts)
They won't! (tuts)
They are more desperate than me and you.
They need money!
There're cameras everywhere in the store.
(in Yoruba) What's wrong
with you brother Emeka?
Leave that. How long will it take
us to enter,
destroy the cameras and leave?
Nobody will see us.
Shut up!
You're always saying rubbish.
(mimics Shina)
Do you think this is an action film?
(in English) Wait, brother Emeka see.
Please look at this flyer.
There is a costume party
happening at the mall.
And that day is the perfect day to strike.
We'll go like guests for the party,
wearing different costumes.
You can dress like a clown,
you can dress like a monkey,
you can dress like a baboon.
We'll wear the costume,
we'll enter there like guests.
Find the right opportunity,
enter the store,
carry the dollars and save our mother.
- Simple in and out.
- Ah.
Emeka, most of the security cameras in the
mall are not working.
(in Pidgin) We're the security men there.
- Emeka can you hear?
- Forget about that.
(in English) Even
if the cameras are working,
it doesn't make any difference
because we'll be wearing masks.
Do you understand?
Even if the cameras see us,
(in Pidgin) they won't see us.
- It is the masks they will see.
- (Adamu sighs)
Why are we still debating about this?
(in English) Okay.
So how are you guys going to
gain entrance into the store?
- Because I've returned my key!
- (Pere grunts)
(in Yoruba) What key?
What's wrong with you?
Be smart.
We already have a copy of the key.
(in English) Blood of Jesus!
- (chuckles)
- Wait.
So I've been living with
criminals in this house?
- (Shina chuckles)
- Criminals for a good cause.
(in Pidgin) Let me be clear to you
(in English) I know you don't like me.
I'm a thief.
(in Pidgin) I don't like you either,
because you are hard-hearted,
(in English) but for the
sake of our mother
let's all just come together,
enter that store,
and get the money that she needs.
Read my lips.
I'm never going to be a party to this.
(yells) Count me out!
- Brother Emeka
- (Adamu stutters) What are you trying to...
- (Pere) No
- (in Yoruba) Let him be.
You too read my lips.
(in English) If Mama dies because you
decided to be a coward,
both of you will bear me witness,
Just know that
you killed her.
- (Shina) Pere (mumbles)
- What did you say?
- (in Pidgin) Guy!
- Pere it's okay.
- Come back here!
- (Pere) Get out of here!
Because I've been respecting you since.
What will you do?
(in English) Nothing.
I reject it in the name of Jesus.
My mother shall not die but live,
to declare the works of the Lord
in the land of the living.
(in Yoruba) Enough of the biblical quotes.
It's not by Bible, it's by action.
Let us go there,
take the dollars and leave.
- (in Hausa) That's all.
- (in Yoruba) Exactly!
You're quoting Bible.
(crickets chirping)
Thank you my son.
- Emeka my son.
- Grandma.
You know you're the eldest?
(somber music playing)
Whatever you have to do
for your mother to live,
make sure you do it.
Do you understand me? (sniffles)
Her life is in your hands.
I know.
(Shina) Shina a lion's head.
Pere, devil's head.
Adamu a monkey'shead.
How are we going to wear this?
It will be too hot.
Are we mascots?
- (sighs)
- (in English) Pere,
what he's saying the fact.
- (Shina scoffs)
- This is too heavy.
You know we're going there on a mission.
(in Pidgin) It'll be too hot.
This is too heavy. No problem.
No problem.
(in Pidgin) Come up with new ideas.
(in English) Just remember
that whatever it is,
we have to cover our faces
because if we don't
the next day, we'll end
up in police station.
So come up with your creative ideas.
You're getting it all wrong.
What I'm just trying to say is,
let's come up with something lighter.
(indistinct chatter)
(Pere hisses)
(in English) Guys!
I just wanted to let you people know that
I'm in.
(auspicious music playing)
Let's do this.
(Adamu squeals)
Thank you.
(Shina) It's good you're in,
because we had decided
to go ahead with the plan
with or without you.
We already planned to do it ourselves.
(in Igbo) What is he saying?
He's right.
Like Shina said, whether you're in or out,
we will go ahead with plan,
(in English) but it only makes sense
that you're a part of it,
because at the end of the day,
you're the eldest and you're family.
(door opens)
So remember...
I'm in too.
You're in for what?
The operation.
What operation?
(in Yoruba) What's wrong with him?
(in English) When I was inside,
I heard everything
you were talking about.
Even when brother Emeka said
(in English) I should wait
for him outside, I heard everything.
Wait, shut up!
(in Pidgin) So you're saying
you've been eavesdropping?
- (stuttering) I wasn't...
- (in English )Shut up! Yes or no?
But this is my Mom
we're talking about too.
(splutters) I'm concerned too.
Please let me follow you. Please.
- I'm sorry you can't go.
- (grunts)
If you go, who will take care of Mommy?
Grandma is around.
Sorry, the answer is still no.
- Ah-ah?
- (in Yoruba) Look.
Let him be.
If he insists on joining,
- let him join.
- That's right.
Because we are taking a lot of money
(in English) and we'll need more hands.
Thank you.
(hesitates) Ejiro,
you are not going anywhere.
You know you're not smart.
Brother Adamu, who said I'm not smart?
Oh, is it because I sleep in Mommy's room,
now you think I am a Mommy's boy?
(in Pidgin) I am equal to the task.
(stuttering) Some time ago,
a boy was wooing Testimony,
you need see how I attacked the guy.
I gave him multiple blows on his face.
(Ejiro panting)
- (snuffles)
- (Ejiro) Okay.
(in English) Another time,
Testimony was wearing shorts
one boy pretended
his pen fell on the floor
so he can bend to pick it and look at her.
I rushed at him with punches and blows.
(comic music plays)
What a pity.
(Jerry) So guys.
From our side, everything will be okay.
We'll make sure all the
MOPOL will sleep off
so that you can do what you need to do.
Well you're going to handle that.
Since you know the strongest alcohol.
- Alcoholic. (laugh)
- (Jerry hisses, titters)
(in English) How are you
guys going to handle Ife?
She's going to be on duty with you
- guys that night.
- Guy, Ife
won't be a problem.
Do you understand? Ife is greedy.
When she sees us drinking, she'll join us.
- Yes.
- She'll sleep off after.
Excuse me, I have something to say.
Mr. Pluto.
- Yes?
- Mr. Jerry.
I like everything you all said now.
It shows you are on the same page.
This operation
is not for the faint-hearted.
Do you understand?
We'll involve some hoodlums.
We will go with all sorts of weapons.
We'll carry good weapons.
We will take guns.
- Knives and everything. We'll storm in.
- (gasps)
- Do you understand?
- No.
Adamu, I thought you said
only you and your brothers
will carry out the operation?
- Yes.
- So what's he saying
- about hoodlums and weapons?
- Yes. We will involve them.
- Do you understand?
- If it is about using guns and
killing people because of money,
I'm not interested, I'm out.
Mr. Pluto or Mars
or whatever your name is,
see, men will mount and gather.
We'll storm the place.
AK-47, Bazooka we'll scatter everywhere.
See brother Shina, bring them in!
(in English) Shut up
your dirty mouth, are you okay?
No guns.
- See bro...
- Pere let me finish.
The way we agreed to do this thing,
that's exactly how we're going to do it.
We have the key to that furniture store,
we enter there, take the
money and we leave! No drama.
(in Yoruba) Alright, I've heard.
I don't care.
Anyhow you want to do it,
you know I'm ready
let's enter that place,
collect the dollars and
help Mommy in the hospital.
(in English) That's all I care about.
(in Pidgin) Guys anyhow you want to do it,
if you kill a hundred people,
it doesn't concern me.
All I want is for us to do this,
so I can take my share and leave.
What's wrong with you?
Why will you say they should
- kill a hundred people?
- (Jerry) Keep quiet.
(Jerry clears throat)
Adamu you know we've
been talking about this
let's talk about the main issue.
How are we sharing this money?
What's the percentage?
Yes, that's the main issue.
I've been wondering
when you'll discuss it.
As a matter of fact,
I've solved the problem,
because I'm a problem solver.
We'll share it 50/50 ratio.
- (all) What?
- (Shina hisses)
(in Yoruba) Hey! Stop there!
Do you think we're dumb?
Ah-ah! What's wrong with you?
What do you mean fifty percent?
(in Pidgin) What's the matter?
- Aren't we the gate keepers that
- (Pere) This is too much.
Want to make this job easy for you?
So we should just balance it, 50/50 ratio.
- Bro Adamu, talk to your friend.
- (Shina) 50, how?
Do you see tribal marks on my face?
Did I come to Lagos to count bridges?
Don't give me that look.
- I'm a chief security officer my friend.
- (Pere) Follow us to rob and you're
(Pere) I can do this myself.
- (Pere) Adamu, tell your...
- It's okay.
- (Pere hisses)
- Pluto,
(in English) let's meet in the middle.
Fifty percent is too much.
Leave him let him keep talking recklessly.
Why are you asking them for fifty percent?
- What's wrong with you?
- Are we not together?
Please stop that rubbish!
What's wrong with you?
- How much is tithe?
- (Shina) It's ten percent.
- Good.
- Let's stick to that ten percent.
- What's wrong with you?
- Ten percent is
- not enough.
- (Shina) Now you're talking.
- We don't havetime.
- (Jerry) What's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with you?
- Ten percent
Guys, ten percent. (hisses)
(splutters) Alright, okay. Ten percent.
But this ten percent we're talking about,
how do we guarantee they'll tell
us the exact amount they find?
So we can calculate and take our share?
(in Hausa) Come on, Pluto!
(in English) You've known me
for how many years?!
- (in Hausa) Will I cheat you?
- (in Pidgin) Since I've known you,
have we dealt in dollars?
- This is dollars.
- Guy, shut up!
- It blinds people.
- I said shut up!
- Shut up! You're disappointing me.
- Why
(in English) Keep quiet.
- Guys.
- I'm fighing for you.
- Guys!
- (Jerry) Shut up!
(in English)
Can we stop all these argument?
It's very difficult
for me to want to do this.
But I'm doing this for my mother.
Look, I won't cheat you.
I'm a very straighforward person.
Whatever your cut is,
that's exactly what you'll get.
Let's just do this one thing.
(in Igbo) Please!
- Deal?
- (Ejiro) Deal!
- Ah-ah!
- (Shina) Ah-ah!
(Jerry huffs)
- Deal.
- (Shina grunts mildly)
- (Shina) Deal.
- Deal.
(in Pidgin) Pluto what's wrong with you?
Come and seal the deal.
(somber music plays)
You can't even beg me.
Deal it.
(in English) Deal.
(Pere in Pidgin) Let's move.
(suspenseful music plays)
Flirting has commenced
Flirting has commenced
(upbeat music plays)
You'll still know how it's happening
- You'll still hear how it's happening
- We're the ones livening up the place
We're the ones livening up the place
(in English) Let's spread out.
We'll all meet in the toilet
when everybody leaves okay?
(upbeat music crescendos)
- Money loading oh
- On God!
- I have been fucked oh
- On God
Check out that side.
Be vigilant.
- Shina.
- Yes?
(Pere) Is that not an iPhone 14?
(Shina) Hey!
Pere what's wrong with you? Leave it!
Our mission here is more
important than an iPhone 14.
Let it go.
(Pere) Come on, can't I admire it?
Come off it! (clicks)
(Shina) Er, you know what's up.
(Shina) Who is Ejiro dancing with?
(Shina) Ah-ah! That's a girl.
He has lost his mind.
(Pere) Ejiro! Ah-ah!
(Shina) Ejiro!
Who is this?
(Testimony squealing) That's not me.
(Pere in English) Come here. Move now!
- (Pere) Come.
- (Shina) Move!
Why did you bring that girl here?
She said she heard about the party.
Hey! She heard about it or you told her?
You guys should lower your voices.
People might be watching us.
Hope you didn't tell her about our plan?
(Emeka in English)
That girl needs to leave this party now!
- Brother Emeka...
- (Shina in Yoruba) Shut up!
(Emeka) You know we're on a mission.
Don't try anything stupid.
(Shina) Now go and get rid of her.
(Emeka) Now. Come on!
- (Pere) I'll watch him.
- (Adamu) Alright.
- Officer!
- Guy!
You know as the party
is going on upstairs,
it'll be good for us to enjoy down here.
- That's right.
- (officer 1 chuckles)
That's why I brought this special drink
for you to stay at alert.
- Just manage.
- Ah-ah!
- (chuckles)
- Correct guy!
- Yes oh!
- (officer 2) Ah-ah!
- Ah!
- (laughing)
This hits hard!
(laugh) Give him the drink
so he can have a taste of it.
(guard 2 laughing)
- (exclaims)
- (Jerry) That's right.
This isn't your regular drink.
- This drink is for strong men.
- (guard4 exclaims)
Once you drink this,
you will be more relaxed.
- You've started again. Ah-ah!
- (officer 2) Another one.
A child may have better clothes than
his elder, but he can
never have more rags.
What does that mean?
Why bring an adage into this?
This your drink hits,
but if you try ours, you can't handle it.
- Guy forget about that,
- (officers chuckling)
I can drink anything.
- (officer 1) Ah, kokobi!
- (officer 2) Kokobi.
See, what is kokobi?
Guy I'm down for anything.
What are you saying?
- Can you handle it?
- Go away!
- (officer 2 laughing)
- Mmh! Ah-ah!
- This your drink is strong.
- (both officers laughing)
It's heavy weight.
- It's good.
- (officer 1) You've confirmed it.
Thank you.
Come, take this and give to the others.
- Ah-ah?
- They should also enjoy.
- Nice one. I'll share it.
- (officer 2) Great!
- We're good! Officers!
- (officer 2) Yes!
You know givers never lack!
- Alright then! Officers!
- (officer 1) Yes oh!
(Pluto) Hello?
- (Adamu) Update.
- (Pluto) People are leaving.
(Adamu) Okay, let me know
when the coast is clear.
(Pluto) Yes.
(suspenseful music playing)
We can start in ten minutes.
The compound is clear.
Yes. Okay.
- Jerro.
- (Jerry snoring)
Jerro, we're about to start.
- Jerro.
- (Jerry snoring)
Heh! This guy is drunk.
Why did he choose today
of all days to drink?
Jerro! What kind of problem is this?
- (yells) Are you crazy?
- What's up?
Let's move.
- I'm so ready.
- (suspenseful music plays)
-(Adamu in English) Let's move.
- Okay.
(suspenseful music continues)
(Pere exclaims) What happened?
It looks like they've changed the lock.
(Emeka) I don't know.
(Shina in Yoruba) Let's break this thing.
(Emeka) Wait!
Ah! If the key isn't working,
shouldn't we leave?
(Pere) Go where? When we're already here?
Shina break this thing!
- (Shina) Let's break this thing!
- (Emeka) Shina!
(Adamu in English) Hold on.
Let me have the key.
Let's go.
(tense music plays)
(tense music fades)
- (Emeka in Pidgin) What's up?
- (Shina) Help.
- (Adamu) Please eh
- (grunting)
- (grunting)
- Shina!
Shina, take it easy!
At least let us be able
to fix the door when we are done.
Guy, leave me alone! (huffs)
- (grunting)
- (in Pidgin) Is it a die lock?
- (Shina) 1 2
- (both grunt)
(Emeka) That's good.
(all panting)
(dramatic music playing)
(tense music plays)
(Shina coos)
(Emeka) Hm!
- (Shina gasps)
- (Emeka shushes)
(Adamu) God will punish
this man! Money! (gulps)
(all cheer in excitement)
(Pere) See money!
- See money...
- (Shina) Guy focus!
Carry it downstairs and come back quickly.
(dramatic music plays)
(Testimony) I don't know why your brothers
have a problem with me.
They didn't even let me enjoy the party.
Oh Testimony
(in English) Testi-baby just go home.
I'll call you. In fact I'll come
and see you when we come back.
No, I'll wait for you.
Baby please just go home.
I'll call you. Huh?
- I'll call you back.
- Eji-Ejiro.
- Brother Pere.
- (grumbles)
You found the money. Is it plenty?
(in English) Stop asking silly questions.
Let me help you carry the rest.
Listen, stick to the plan.
If you see anybody coming,
just call me okay?
- Really?
- Okay.
(humming) Money.
(Ejiro) What?
(whispering) Brother Pere!
(suspenseful music plays)
(mumbling, groaning)
Pick up! (panting)
Ah, why is this car here?
Who parked it? Who is that?
(dramatic music playing)
(Pere) Jesus!
- Shina!
- Shh!
- (Pere) What?
- (gunshots)
(Pere in English) Tear the bag!
- (in Pidgin) Where did you get the gun?
- Forget it!
- Throw the money!
- (Pere squealing)
(Pere in English) Be careful!
- (Shina) Let's go!
- (grumbling)
(dramatic music playing)
(suspenseful music plays)
(cocks gun)
(Pere groans in fear)
(dramatic music continues)
(dramatic music abates)
(whisper coos)
(suspenseful music plays)
(muffled voice in English) Skull.
Pack the money.
- (panting)
- (gangster 2) Shh!
- (tense sound effect plays)
- (Adam grunts)
(tense sound effect plays)
(Adamu pants, grunts)
(tense sound effect plays)
(dramatic music plays)
(grunting, groaning)
- (gunshot)
- (screaming)
(struggle grunting)
(grunting, groaning)
(groan, gunshot)
(Emeka in English) Are you okay?
I killed (crying)
Let's go!
(Shina) Pere.
(Shina in Yoruba) Let us go!
Pere, wait!
- (in English) What happened?
- Don't sho...
- What?
- (Shina) Go down!
(somber music plays)
(footsteps approaching)
(suspenseful music playing)
(grunting, groaning)
- (grumbles)
- (Adamu)
(both groan)
(grunting, groaning)
(Emeka groaning)
(gangster grunts)
Let's go!
(muffled voice) Get the money!
(dramatic music crescendos)
(in Yoruba) Let's go!
(Ejiro mumbling in fear)
(Pere) Let's go!
- Wait for br...
- (all grumble)
(scream, whimpering)
(heavy breathing)
Go back there. Go.
(gunshot, groan)
Ejiro! Pere! (groaning)
- (Pere squealing)
- Brother Shina!
Brother Shina, you've been shot!
Carry the money and enter the car!
- (Ejiro whimpering)
- Where are we going to?
The car is damaged.
The money is more important.
(in English) Don't worry, let's go!
- Go where?
- Trust me! Brother Shina, come!
- (Shina screaming)
- (in English) Sorry.
- (screaming)
- Sorry.
(Emeka panting)
(Adamu in Pidgin) That's your manager!
(Emeka) She is the one! That's Collette!
(in English) Hello?
Where? Are you guys okay?
Back! Okay, back door!
(Shina groaning)
- Testimony I said wait!
- (Shina groaning)
- Testimony, I said wait!
- (engine revving)
- (panting)
- (suspenseful music plays)
- (honking)
- (Pere)They're coming! Just wait!
Open the car!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
(Pere exclaims, splutters)
Hurry, brother Adamu!
- Hurry!
- Emeka! (whimpering)
- (Ejiro screaming)
- (Pere) Brother Emeka!
(knocking) Nurse Titi!
- (Shina) I'll survive.
- Please, come out!
- Shinene, you messed up!
- (Shina groans)
Nurse, come outside!
You really messed up!
Why did you do this
job without telling me?
Don't you know you should
be well prepared for such a task?
I suggested, but they
insisted on no weapons.
No boys.
You should know better
that the jungle is not a friendly place
- This is not the time for this.
- (Shina groaning)
(hisses) Babe, help me care for him.
No, go and attend
- to Brother Emeka in the car.
- What?
- Okay, go to the car.
- (Shina) Go, go!
- (Ejiro) Let's go.
- Straight away!
(Ejiro) She's here.
Brother Emeka, you'll be fine.
(all whimper)
(Eji) Check him.
- (Ejiro) Brother Adamu.
- Titi, what's up?
Nurse, what's going on?
Nurse, what's going on?
(Testimony panting)
(Shina crying) He's gone!
- Titi, there's no time to waste.
- (Ejiro panting)
- Nurse
- What's going on?
- Titi.
- I'm sorry,
- he's gone.
- Huh?
(all screaming, crying)
(Adamu) I've been shaking him.
- (Shina) We're doomed!
- (Ejiro) Nurse Titi
- Emeka! (whimpering)
- Brother Emeka!
- (crying) Brother Emeka!
- (gasping, whimpering)
Brother Emeka please!
(indistinct chatter)
Wait brother Emeka please wake up!
- (crying)
- Please wake up. Brother Emeka
- the nurse is here.
- (crying) Brother Emeka!
(tense music plays)
(somber music plays)
- Mama.
- Yes?
- Mama.
- Yes?
- I can't sleep.
- (in Igbo) What is it?
- Why?
- I can't sleep.
- Mommy!
- Yes?
- (Ejiro panting) Brother Emeka!
- (Mama) What is it?
- (Jedidah) What is it?
- Brother Shina.
What is it?
- What happened?
- (spluttering) We went to brother
Emeka's shop because there
is a lot of money there,
(spluttering) Leave me!
And then they started (panting)
(spluttering) Brother Emeka!
And then they were
(in Igbo) Pere, what is he saying?
(in English) What's he saying?
It was supposed to be a quick in and out,
- but then
- (Jedidah panting)
What? What happened?
There were not supposed to be guns there.
(crying) Then Shina got shot.
(in Pidgin) And then brother Emeka
Brother Emeka is dead!
(melancholic vocal music playing)
(Pere crying) Brother Emeka is dead.
(Jedidah) What?
- (Pere sobbing)
- What?
(in winces) I'll be fine.
- Milli.
- (panting)
What is the total?
1.450 USD.
Do the division.
Send Cockroach, Scorpion and
Grasshopper's shares to their families.
No stories.
- Yes boss.
- Collette,
I thought you confirmed nobody
else knew about the money?
Huh? How come that foolish boy
that works with you was there?
Fighting us for the money!
How could I have known that
Emeka Judah knew about the money?
I fired him.
I'm glad I shot that idiot.
What if he's not dead?
(in English) He's dead.
The bullet pierced his back
and went straight to his heart.
He's gone.
He'd better be dead.
He and his brother saw my face.
His brother?
(exhales) Send his details to Milli.
Milli, we need to go after those guys.
Recover the money, wipe them out.
Alright boss.
- (in English) No traces.
- (Collette) Mm.
See the way they destroyed my shop!
- Millions of naira!
- Mr. Chigozie,
I know this is a bad experience for you.
We've taken pictures of everything
that was destroyed in the shop.
We'll intensify
our investigation on the matter.
What are you investigating?
What hurt me the most is
my rolex wristwatch that was stolen.
Peradventure you find the wrist watch,
please return it.
It's very expensive.
There were casualties
during the robbery attack
and hard currencies were discovered
within the mall and around your shop.
And don't forget,
C and K furniture was the
only shop that was burgled.
Hard currency was found in this mall?
People are wealthy in this mall.
No, because in my shop, we go cashless!
- Hilda.
- Sir?
Is it not cashless
transactions that we do here?
Yes sir, we use POS sir.
We still need to carry out
further investigation.
- (Chigozie hisses)
- And at the same time,
I need to ask all your staff questions.
(mimics the Police officer) I have to ask
your staff questions
When the robbers were here,
and the emergency numbers were called,
there was no response
when the robbers were here.
Now that the robbers have
commited the act and left,
You're here requesting to
ask my staff some questions.
Go and ask them questions.
I know you're angry,
but we'll get to the root of the matter.
(machine beeping)
- (Jedidah singing sadly)
- (Mama sobbing)
I give all
(Mama sniffles, exclaims)
Mountains of those days
(Mama whimpers)
Only you
I give all my praise
(Mama whimpers, hits lap) My mother oh!
- (Jedidah continues singing)
- (Mama) I won't even (exclaims)
God is going to heal me.
(crying) I won't take this!
I won't take this!
(crying) Pere I won't take this!
(crying) Brother Emeka!
Brother Emeka shouldn't have died.
(crying) Who did this to us?
I won't take this! (panting)
Brother Adamu, what's up?
How's Mommy? (cries)
- (Adamu) Yeah
- (Shina crying)
She is okay
but she's not saying anything.
She's just crying.
(crying) Brother Adamu.
Who did this to us?
Who were those guys?
This wasn't how we planned it.
It was supposed to be an easy job
(crying) Who were those guys?
(in English) It's Collette.
The manager of C and K furniture store.
So someone else was
interested in the money?
(in English) It's obvious.
(sad music plays)
I swear I will avenge!
(sniffling) I swear!
I will avenge! I won't take it!
- Don't avenge.
- Ah. (cries)
No. Look,
(in English) we can't put ourselves
out there like that.
We can't. Everybody is looking for us.
- The Police,
- (panting)
even the owner of the money.
I'm sure he's out there looking for us.
So we need to lay low.
(crying) Brother Emeka!
- (woman) Barakat,
- Yes Ma?
(in Pidgin) My brother will come
and get the key from you.
- (in English) Okay Ma. Yes Ma.
- Do you hear me?
I'll send some money to your account.
(in English) Thank you ma.
- Thank you.
- (knocking on door)
(spluttering) Who is that?
(in Pidgin) It must be the dry cleaner.
- (Barakat exclaims) Heh!
- But I thought...
(tense music instrumentals)
Collette Ekerem,
(in English) you're under arrest.
- For what?
- Anything you say,
can and will be used against you
- in the court of law.
- (exclaims)
- Officer calm down please.
- Move her.
- It's okay guys, it's okay.
- (pants)
We need to put ourselves together.
We need to be strong
for Mommy and Grandma.
- Brother Adamu
- (Pere sniffs)
It's not easy.
(crying) It's not as easy as you say.
- (in English) I know.
- (Shina sniffling)
(exhales) In total,
we got eight hundred
and fifty thousand dollars.
- (grunts)
- (in Pidgin) I believe
It's more than the amount mommy needs
for her kidney transplant, right?
(hisses, sighs)
This here
Take half of this and give it to Segun.
- (Pere sniffles)
- Ah-ah!
It's too much.
(in English) don't be greedy.
(in Pidgin) Do you know
how he moved the car
from the crime scene so the
police won't trace it to us?
(paper rustling)
- (knocking)
- (tense music plays)
- (Shina whimpers)
- Who is that?
(all panting)
(groaning, wincing)
(Testimony crying)
(in English) I'm so sorry for our loss.
(crying) Brother Emeka.
(Ejiro crying)
(Testimony crying) Eji.
(in Igbo) Eji please
- (Ejiro crying)
- (Testimony) Stop crying.
- (Pere) Testimony.
- (crying) Yes?
(in English) Now listen to me.
Nobody can know that
brother Emeka is dead, okay?
I don't understand.
apart from us in this room,
can know that brother Emeka is dead.
But why?
Because if anybody finds out,
the Police will trace the death to us.
Eji, do you know that
brother Timo saw me crying,
and he was asking
me why I was crying. (hisses)
(spluttering) I I
I couldn't talk.
(in Pidgin) I just kept crying. (crying)
Thank God I didn't say anything.
Thank God.
- Better.
- (Testimony crying)
Please, for me.
- Testimony.
- (Testimony sniffles) Sir?
(Testimony whimpers)
Have it.
(sniffles) For what?
For appreciation
and compensation.
If not for you, we'd all be dead.
(in English) So, that is our
way of saying, "Thank you".
(somber music continues)
Eji, did you tell them to give me money?
(Testimony) Oh. (sniffles)
It's because I helped you guys.
I did it because I love Ejiro.
- I will do anything for him. (crying)
- (Ejiro crying)
You did it because you
wanted to save your mother's life.
Please use it for her treatment.
(suspenseful music plays)
is the money?
(sobbing) What are you talking about?
Johnson, what's your problem?
Do you want to kill her?
(in Pidgin) Collette
you have been dealt with.
(in English) Chairman.
(in Pidgin) Eh? That's right.
(in English) Untie her and bring her,
let's have a tete-a-tete.
(repeatedly in English) Bring her.
(clears throat)
Look at what you've done to yourself.
Why did you beat her as if she's a man?
(Collette sighs)
Look at your face.
I gave you a job,
gave you a good salary
but you turned around
to destroy me
by bringing robbers to
rob my VVIP showroom.
(in Igbo) You destroyed
all my imported chairs.
(in English) My luxurious furniture.
- (sighs)
- Everything.
You even took my money.
(in Igbo) Me!
(in English)
Thereby exposing me to the Police
and Financial Crimes Task Force, right?
I don't know what you're talking about.
They're just beating me.
- You're beating me.
- Okay.
You don't know anything about the gang
that came to rob C and K furniture store.
No Sir.
- (in Pidgin) Is that so?
- (sniffles)
(in English) No problem.
No problem.
So, why did you not come to work today?
But you sent a text message
that you're not feeling fine, right?
- Yes Sir.
- Yes but,
from where I'm sitting,
you don't look sick to me.
(in Igbo) You just look a little battered.
It's woman thing, sir.
It's what?
- Woman th...
- (yells) Are you mad?
That woman thing will kill you!
- Obinna!
- Boss.
Bring that tab.
I think something is wrong with you.
If you look at me, I will
slap the hell out of you!
Look at it.
(Chigozie) Are you shocked?
Because I'm also shocked.
(in English) Look at it!
The problem is that
you think you're smart.
You brought your gang
to destroy the cameras
in my shop
to destroy evidence.
You think I'm a fool?
- Right?
- No?
Or maybe perhaps an idiot.
- No.
- Yes,
because you think after
putting hard currency in my showroom
I won't protect it.
- Eh?
- No.
Let me show you something.
This particular angle
That spotlight in the
center of my showroom
Look at it clearly.
(sigh) I'm finished.
Oh no, no! Collette,
you're not finished.
Did you hear me?
But you can be,
if you don't answer this question.
How did you know
that there is money in my showroom?
- Eh?
- (mumbles indistinctly)
Your time starts now.
- (guns cock)
- (tense music plays)
(Collette gasps)
- (Chigozie) Yes?
- (Collette) I used to be a member of
a notorious robbery gang
led by DJ Jones.
He's married to my childhood friend,
But I stopped because,
I promised my mother on her death bed,
that I'll turn a new leaf.
(shuddering) Four years later,
I started working
in C and K furniture store.
That I left the group,
did not stop our friendship.
So I continued
with Modupe and her husband.
One day I visited them,
Deji told me of an information he got.
(spluttering) Sir, that you are
into money laundering sir.
They say you keep the hard
currency inside the inner showroom.
I told them it was a rumor sir.
Then they showed me the evidence.
This conviction made me carry out my
investigation and saw it was true.
Sir, I didn't want to be a part of this.
I didn't want to do it sir,
but because of challenges,
everthing that I'm facing, sir.
Collette Ekerem.
Don't put the blames
on your financial challenges,
You're greedy.
- Continue.
- (sigh)
Then Deji got in touch with his contact
in the Police squad assigned to the mall.
He struck a deal with them
because they're his guys.
They ensured us a smooth entry-
they drugged
the private security, (whimpers)
On duty in the mall sir. (chuckles)
Security guards that should protect us
(in Igbo) Can you hear this?
- Obinna!
- Boss.
(in English)
May God protect us from evil eyes.
(All) Amen.
(in Igbo) Yes, go on.
(suspenseful music plays)
- (in English) Continue.
- (Collette) The cameras in the mall
were the major obstacle.
So I reached out to Lawal
(whimpers) who is the head
of the IT control room.
He was willing to do anything
as long as he'll be rewarded.
So we struck a deal
and he ensured
the CCTV servers were down
throughout the robbery operation
so there won't be any evidence sir.
(exclaims) This hurts me.
The CCTV I imported
(in Igbo) That I imported from abroad.
You were cutting it.
God forbid!
(in English) You're a criminal!
- Go ahead.
- (spluttering)
When everything was set in place,
we sprung into action.
When we finished,
we carried the money we wanted.
We cleared all our tracks, so that the
Police will
not trace anything to us sir. (sniffles)
(Chigozie in Pidgin) Impressive.
(in English) Action film.
(in Pidgin) Right.
The protagonist doesn't die in a film.
Right? (chuckles)
- (in English) Clap for yourself.
- Sorry sir.
Will you clap for yourself!
I'm sorry sir.
It's not a matter of sorry.
- It's a matter of refund.
- (Collette pants)
Yes, you'll refund the money.
How much was the money?
2.3 million dollars.
- (in Pidgin) What?
- (in English) What?
- Why are you vibrating?
- Uh
1.450 Sir.
- 1.450.
- Yes sir.
Oh you're negotiating the money you stole?
No sir.
(in English) We're not the only gang sir
that came to the office sir.
Please, check the CCTV sir.
There are many people sir.
- There are many people?
- (spluttering)
I was fighting somebody there sir.
I cannot fight my gang, please sir.
Okay you collaborated?
No sir. It's Emeka Judah.
(tense music plays)
- (Collette whimpers)
- Ah-ah?
That name sounds familiar.
Yes sir.
- Oh! Emeka!
- Yes sir.
- Emeka Judah!
- Yes sir.
Ah-ah? The one you fired?
Yes sir.
- That doesn't use deodorant.
- Yes sir.
What happened to him?
(spluttering) Sir,
he came with his brother.
The one that is a security guard,
they came sir.
(laughing) Johnson, Obinna.
(in Pidgin) Why did you beat her too much?
You have beaten her too much
and now, her brain is shaking.
Why is your brain shaking?
Calm down.
Calm down, Collette.
- Calm down, okay?
- Yes sir.
- Relax.
- Yes sir.
- See, come.
- Sir?
- Thank you sir.
- Eh?
You see,
you know that when radiator in a car
is over heated
What do you do to it?
You cool it down.
You cool it down.
- Sir no
- Hm?
(in Pidgin) Thank God I fell asleep.
I would have been shot just like that.
How is Pluto?
Pluto is in the hospital.
He was shot in the thigh.
(in English) So I heard.
It's serious. He'll need a big surgery.
But if you think about it,
it was good he was shot.
- What?
- Yes!
He's free from interrogation.
If you see what's happening,
there's a massive arrest going on.
They're arresting everybody.
The tech boys, cleaners, everybody.
I'm just lucky.
Because my Uncle is a Lawyer.
He bailed me after I was detained.
(in English) CSO called me to report,
(in Pidgin) but I told him I'm in Kano.
You know I took a break
before the operation.
- Yeah.
- I told him I'll report when I return.
(in English) Meanwhile,
how are your brothers?
From the way you look,
I know your brothers
won't look any better.
- See your face.
- (Adamu sighs)
(in English) We're healing.
This, here
We made eight hundred
and fifty thousand dollars.
As agreed,
this is your percentage.
You and Pluto.
(laughing) Dollars!
(laughing) America, here I come.
Thank you so much.
As it is now, I'm heading to Cotonou.
You and your brothers
should take care of yourselves.
I think you need a bag.
Thank you.
(suspenseful music plays)
Hey! You're under arrest!
- What what did I do?
- Go inside!
Move inside!
Inside! Move it!
(suspenseful music crescendos)
Where were you yesterday?
I was at home, yesterday was my day off.
- Your day off.
- (crying) Yes.
Or you were at C and K furniture
store to steal the dollars!
Dollar? Dollar, where sir?
(Adamu screaming)
You're lying.
(crying) Sir, I'm not lying.
How did you get this
bruises all over your face?
Sir, I fell from a bike yesterday.
(whimpering) I fell from a bike yesterday.
Where's his phone?
We didn't find any phone on him sir.
Where is your phone?
(groaning, panting) Yesterday,
when I fell,
my phone fell and a car smashed it.
(suspenseful music continues)
(groaning, panting)
Where is your brother,
Emeka Judah?
Emeka (panting)
After they sacked him, he left for Libya,
through Kano and Chad.
- (crying)
- I see.
Leave me
You don't want to say the truth right?
I'm telling you the truth.
I'm telling you the truth sir.
- Deal with him.
- (crying)
(grunts, groaning)
Hello Boss.
- Yes.
- (Adamu screaming)
Has the guy spoken the truth?
I don't think this guy
knows anything about it.
I think Collette is lying.
What about his brother?
- He's gone to Libya.
- (Adamu sreaming)
- Sir, I've been calling Emeka,
- Yes.
His number is unreachable sir.
Where can that boy be?
When he was fired,
he said he'll be travelling to Europe sir.
Yes sir.
He will go to Europe,
through Libya sir.
Emeka wants to go to Europe?
Through Libya?
Yes sir.
Is Libya not the desert?
Where there are wild animals?
(in Pidgin) Does Emeka
want to be eaten by animals?
(in English) I think he has gone now sir.
And I wanted to give him back his job.
You know, because of
his mother's bad health.
You know?
Well, it's okay.
- Uh, Hilda
- Sir?
Send his address to me so I can
send his family some money.
- Okay Sir.
- Alright.
I'll send it to you sir.
- Okay.
- Why didn't he go to Cyprus?
Just look at!
Eh? Collette.
- Sir?
- Look at what you've done with my money.
No Sir.
What? Johnson.
Look at this
(chuckles) Obinna.
(yells) Can you see this Jezebel?
- You're a liar!
- No sir.
(in Igbo) You're a liar!
You wanted
to distract me with Emeka's story.
- No sir.
- (Chigozie scoffs)
- That's what you're doing. Collette?
- (Collette whimpers)
- (Collette) No sir.
- (Chigozie laughs)
(in Pidgin) Where is my money?
(in English) Sir please,
I'm not lying. I swear.
It's 1.450 million dollars sir.
- Modupe.
- Ah?
Tell him! Why are you acting this way?
Tell him the truth, DJ!
(in Pidgin) Imagine!
You are not united as a team.
- (in English) So you stole from me
- No, it's not like that, sir.
- Then they stole from you?
- No, sir!
You are not united as a team.
- (laughs)
- (mumbles)
You are not united as a team.
Obinna, give me authority.
(tense instrumental plays)
- (Chigozie) Good.
- (Collette) Sir, please Sir.
- Please sir.
- (Chigozie) Calm down.
(in Efik) Oh, I'm dead!
- Collette.
- (in English) Sir?
Where is my money?
- Hm?
- I'm not lying.
I'm not lying sir. I'm not lying sir.
Please don't kill me sir.
- I'm not telling a lie, sir.
- (Chigozie hisses)
Sir please. (screaming)
(Ejiro) Ah-ah!
What's going on here?
- (exclaims)
- (Shina) Ah!
- (exclaims)
- (exclaims)
(in language exclaims) Brother Pere!
Brother Pere they scattered everywhere!
- (Pere) Dude.
- Ah!
(Ejiro sighs)
Dude, we've been exposed.
Wow! We've been exposed.
- (Shina) What are we going to do?
- (phone ringing)
Hello, who is this?
It's Adamu.
- Brother Adamu.
- What?
Brother Adamu?
Please put the phone on loudspeaker.
Brother Adamu.
They've scattered... (groans)
Brother Adamu,
They've scattered our house.
We're being monitored.
Even when we were coming in,
Chikaodi's mother, the bread seller,
she was just watching us.
She was looking at us suspiciously.
(in English) You guys need
to leave the house now.
Okay? Now.
Let me go to the hospital and get Mommy.
I'll meet you guys at Odo agba.
Odo agba, where's that?
Yes, Odo agba.
On the pathway to abattoir
(groans) But the Doctor said Mommy has to
stay in the hospital for some days,
they need to be watching her,
so they can be tracking her...
(in Pidgin) Brother Adamu,
we'll meet you there.
- (grunts)
- What about the money?
Look, it's intact. I'll sort it out, okay?
You need to move now.
(tense music plays)
Itele, thank you so much.
- Shinene.
- Thank you so much.
My Prince, I'll always have
your back as you have mine.
We are in this together.
Thank you.
Mr. Rough and Tumble.
We're here for you any day any time.
- Do you understand?
- (in English) We'll protect you.
(in Pidgin) You understand. Obodo?
- Yes boss. Yes boss?
- Stone?
Tango Tango.
Alpha Alpha.
Go and man the junction, be vigilant.
- Yes boss.
- (kisses)
Go now. Brother Adamu,
(in English) I don't think
we should leave without Grandma.
Mommy what do you think?
The way we took you
from the hospital wasn't good.
Grandma just went to get food.
I've called her,
she'll join us by bus okay?
- Adamu are you sure?
- Yes Mom. Let's go.
Let's go.
(Jedidah sighs)
What's going on? (sighs)
Testimony don't worry.
I'll call you when I get to Aba.
(grumbling) No, I don't agree.
Ejiro you can't leave without me.
(hisses, groans)
Testimony listen to me, I'm not...
Are you crazy?
Hmm? Are you crazy?
(in Pidgin) Don't you
know what is at stake?
Do you want them
to find us because of you?
Brother Pere (mumbles)
Mommy, everybody Now move!
- (crying) Brother Pere...
- (in English) Move. Are you mad?
(Adamu) Bayo, where are you guys?
(in Pidgin) Okay, please hurry.
(tense music plays)
(in Pidgin) Brother Pere I'm sorry!
- (Pere) Are you mad?
- (Ejiro) Sorry!
- What's going on?
- Please it's a family matter.
- Pere what happened?
- Come here!
Don't mind this idiot.
It doesn't matter then.
- What's going on?
- (indistinct chatter)
- (whimpering)
- (Adamu) Take it easy.
- Mommy!
- (in English) What is it?
- Are you okay?
- (Adamu) Pere!
Pere take it easy.
Don't do this in front of Mommy.
Do you know he was telling
Testimony to come here?
(All) Ah-ah?
(in English) I'm not the one
that called her.
She insisted on coming.
- (in Pidgin) Get out of here!
- (in English) Take it easy Pere.
- Don't fight.
- (in Yoruba) Ejiro, what's wrong with you?
With all that is happening!
Have you lost your mind?
- I'm sorry.
- (Shina) Brother Adamu talk to him.
Why are you doing this?
Your brother is dead.
Eh? You all should be united.
(in Pidgin) Let me go and call Bayo again
What's up, where are you?
We didn't find the money there.
Okay, come to the abattoir junction.
Where is that?
Don't you know where it is?
Okay I'll send you a location.
Okay, hurry.
(in English) Alright.
What happened?
What happened? What's going on?
My goodness! What's going on? (groans)
(men screaming)
(Shina) Let us move. Mommy.
- Quickly!
- Tango.
- (Pere) Let's go.
- (Jedidah) Thanks.
Thank you. I'm grateful.
(in English) Johnson. What's up?
- Any news?
- There's nothing yet, boss.
I can only see the boy
leaving with his family.
(yelling) (in Igbo)
Will you stop those boys
and stop telling me nonsense?
Don't you know they're trying
to run away with my money?
(in English) I didn't see
any money with them.
It's just some school bags.
Don't you know they must have put
the money inside the school bags?
(in Igbo) And you're saying rubbish!
(in English) Stop them
with immediate effect! Come on!
(splutters) Yes but sir,
I'm waiting for backup.
You're waiting for backup.
Idiot! Don't you have a gun with you?
Some boys have surrounded him
and I'm just here by myself, boss.
- Where are the other boys?
- He's not picking my calls.
Send me your location
let me send you backup!
Alright. I'm on it boss.
C'mon! If you like don't be on it!
(in Igbo) Fool!
- (gunshot)
- (tense music plays)
(in English) Drop your weapons now!
- Heh!
- Chigozie Onuoha,
you're under arrest.
- Be careful.
- (groaning)
Journey mercies.
(Jedidah groaning)
It's all good.
(in English) Drive safe.
- Enter! Are you okay?
- (Shina) Ejiro!
(in Pidgin) There's no time, my friend.
(Adamu) Let's go! Quickly!
(sad music plays)
(woman grunts)
- (Testimony) Ejiro!
- Move!
- Testimony!
- Eji!
- Eji!
- Testimony!
- Are you okay? I said move this boat!
- (Testimony screaming)
- (Ejiro) Please
- Eji!
- Mommy please talk to them.
- (in Yoruba) Let her come,
please wait for her.
- (Jedidah) Please wait.
- (Testimony in English) Wait!
- (Jedidah) Let her enter.
- (Testimony squealing)
- (in English) Please don't hit my Mommy.
- Sorry Mommy.
- (Testimony) Mommy.
- Testimony.
(Testimony squealing)
- Alright.
- (Shina) Sit down!
(auspicious music playing)
- Itele.
- My Guy.
I will miss you.