A Very English Christmas (2023) Movie Script

Hey, Amy!
Hey, sis!
How's Tinseltown?
Mm. Do you really wanna know?
Is it warm?
Again, do you really
want me to answer that?
Yeah, good point.
It's minus two degrees here. Celsius.
It's below freezing, Em.
Hey, look, I would love to chat, but
I have got to go to work in like
two minutes so can we speak later?
It's okay, I'll be quick.
I'm getting married!
Come again?
Harry proposed!
We're getting married!
On Christmas Eve!
Are you pranking me?
No, Em, I'm being serious.
Feel free to express joy.
No! It's- sorry, there's just
a lot to unpack there, uh-
Christmas eve?!
Yeah! Two weeks!
Which brings me onto
my next question...
Ems, I need you.
As a sister, but also as
Emma Taylor, events planner extraordinaire!
I need some context here.
You and Harry have been
together for, like, a year.
"Congratulations, Amy.
I'm so excited for you.
I'm packing my bags right now."
Hey, you know I'm
happy if you're happy, I just...
Why the rush?
We're in love. It's romantic.
Look, I stand by both of those
things but I will explain everything
when you get here, just please...
say you will get here?
I've never even been
to the UK before and now
you want me to get on a flight to a
new place where it's snowing
and plan your whirlwind wedding
in, like, two weeks?!
Don't make me play
the maid of honour card.
Hi, honey!
Hi, mom.
Do you want
to tell me what's going on?
Y'know, I woke up to
300 emails this morning. 300!
Did you know that Christmas is
the busiest time of the year for events?
Well, how could I forget?
You remind me every year.
So not only did I have to
go through those 300 emails
but I also had to tell all of our
current and potential clients
that I'm deserting them at the most
important time of the year so I can
fly across the Atlantic because Amy decided
to get married in two weeks.
Amy's getting married?
That's so exciting!
Is it exciting?
Or is it impulsive?
You know what Amy's like, I mean-
I love her, she's amazing, but...
I know, I know, okay?
But this is classic Amy.
Act first, think later.
Listen, that's your opinion.
But what matters is that
you should be there for your sister!
You know, for a half sister,
she drives me completely crazy.
Well, it's about time you went to England.
They've come to LA often enough.
Wait, are Oliver Halbrand Hotels
based in the UK?
I've been trying to get them
as a client for months!
They're exactly the type
of big client that we need.
Oh, yeah, their HQ is there
and Oliver lives in London.
This is perfect!
If I can get him to come to the wedding
he could see my style
and my ability at first hand!
Well, if anybody can put a wedding
together in two weeks, you can.
Is he gonna want to go
to your sister's wedding, though?
I mean, it is kinda weird.
Hey, an event's an event.
Are you sure you're going
to be okay without me?
I've pinned all of the clients who
have events this week
and colour coordinated everything
that still needs doing, with the emails I've-
I'm gonna be fine.
I love you, mom.
I love you, too, honey.
Hi, Oliver! I'm just following up
on our call, it's Emma Taylor.
I've just touched down in the UK
for that event on the 24th.
I would love it if you could come
so I can introduce myself properly
and to see if we can do business together.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Hey, stranger!
What, couldn't get a taxi?
Come on, let's go inside!
I did get a cab to the cottage where you live,
where we were supposed to meet!
Sorry... I got inspired
and I wanted to come down here
and start working on
a new idea for a candle range!
And you couldn't do that at home?
Saving my feet and my sanity in the process?
There's just something magical here
that helps me get in the zone.
Look, come and sit by the fire
and I'm gonna make you a hot chocolate.
Or, as you would say...
A hot cocoa!
That'll warm you up.
Hey! Welcome to England!
Whoa! Man, that was so close.
I'm gonna have to
ask you to pay for that.
What? Why?
I didn't even drop it!
It's still in one piece!
Even so, there'll be fingerprints all over it.
I don't know what the policy is in the US
but here in England, touching a product
is as good as a promise to purchase it.
Well, I don't actually have any cash on me,
but this is my sister's stall, so I'm...
- Wait, are you...
- Sorry. I heard the accent
and I couldn't resist the classic
fish out of water prank.
This is from Amy. She got distracted
talking to a man selling scarves
so sent me over with this for her sister.
Who I'm really hoping is you?
And you're... Harry!
Dylan. Amy's business partner.
Well, sort of.
Huh! I would have thought
with the love of pranks
you were the
spontaneous wedding partner.
Here you go.
Does Amy want me
to have a heart attack?
Well, I'm very glad
to hear she's feeling better!
I'm so sorry! Did Dylan
give you the hot chocolate?
I got distracted talking to Larry!
Hey, Larry.
Amy, my toes are about to fall off.
Can you please not get distracted
long enough that we can find
an actual heater in the actual indoors?
Like our original plan before
- you abandoned me to the cold?
- Yes, of course.
But did you drink
the hot chocolate?
Because that should have
warmed you up a little bit.
No, I did not drink that explosion of sugar.
Or should I say eat it?
It was way too
substantial to be a drink!
I'm glad you're here.
You're delusional.
- I'm glad somebody's enjoying it.
- Waste not, want not!
Emma, this is Dylan.
We've met, not-Harry.
No, but he is Harry's best man.
Let's try this again.
I'm Emma, I'm Amy's half sister.
Pleasure to meet you
Emma the half sister.
Okay, let's get you home.
Let's get you warm.
Yes, please.
Bags, we need bags.
- Bye!
- See ya.
And then Harry got down on one knee
right in front of the Eiffel Tower.
It started snowing and honestly, Em,
it was like something out of a film.
That does sound amazing.
When you know, you know, right?
Well, I mean, I definitely don't.
But yeah, that's what they say.
We didn't want to wait
to have the wedding.
And Christmas is our favourite
time of year and it means
the whole family can be around.
We want something beautiful but intimate.
Something really special, you know?
Like if you could bottle up the magic
and spirit of Christmas and just
sprinkle it on everything.
That's what we want
the wedding to feel like.
But Harry's
an accountant.
And even though Amy's an artist,
neither of us really know the first thing
about planning a normal event
let alone a wedding.
So I thought we'd
bring in the big guns.
The big guns being me.
But we know it's a lot so
Dylan's on hand for anything you need.
Amy said you two met earlier
at the Christmas market?
Oh, yeah, yeah we met briefly.
He's a great guy, and I'm still
working in London
until the 22nd so I'm only around
at the weekends to help out.
I'm just so glad you're
gonna be here for Amy.
I know having a sister around
right now means everything.
Could you make
us a drink, Harry?
Sure! Hot chocolate?
Extra cream and marshmallows?
Sure, thank you so much.
Go on.
Okay but don't hate me.
I have to ask you this
because I'm your sister
and I love you.
You're obviously dying
to say something.
You're 26, Amy. You have your
whole life ahead of you.
And I can't help but feel like
you're rushing into this.
I know you're creative and free spirited
and sometimes a little impulsive, but
I just-- I just need to be sure
that you're not going into this
for the wrong reasons.
Marriage is a big deal.
So here's the thing.
I love Harry so much.
I literally can't wait to spend
the rest of my life with him.
I get that, but--
And I'm pregnant.
I'm so, so
happy for you.
I know that you've always
wanted to be a mom, I just-
I just don't see why that means
you have to get married.
I know I don't have to get married.
I want to get married.
Look, our family
isn't exactly traditional.
You can say that again.
And I guess I always thought I would
do things in a more ordered way.
You know, get married
and then have a family.
Amy, you're like the least
ordered person I know.
I mean, don't get me wrong
that terrifies me half the time, but
you should know better than anyone
that there's no right way to do things.
I mean, okay, sure, we don't
have a regular family dynamic
but that never stopped us from
making it work right?
Mum and dad dont actually know yet
and I would really appreciate it
if you could just keep it between
the two of us. Just for now.
I want to focus just
to be on the wedding.
Of course. But, I--
One hot chocolate for you?
Headed out early
to set up stall,
but help yourself.
Coffee, coffee, coffee...
Here we eat actual food.
Two hours.
That's why I'm the best!
Aw, man...
Correct me if I'm wrong
but isn't the idea to sell your wares
to the general public and not
ice them away from your stall?
Is that why you needed me
to buy that glass ball?
Look, I really don't need--
I get it now. You're grumpy 'cause
you look like a small child
that's been forced to wear an outfit
they've stolen from their parents.
Has anyone ever
told you you're, like, really funny?
I'm not so good with people.
That's Amy's job.
Which gets harder with
every hot chocolate she drinks
and every subsequent
toilet break she takes.
Well, it makes sense.
Why? Does hot chocolate have
an adverse effect on one's bladder?
Never mind.
I'm actually really glad I ran into you.
I hear you're on hand
for wedding prep assistance?
Okay. First thing's first
we need to tie down the venue.
And then we need to send out
the invites tomorrow.
I'll obviously need your steer on that
because I don't know anyone around here.
Then we'll look into the order of events.
I mean, do we want a three course meal?
Do we want buffet catering?
Or will canapes and champagne be okay?
I mean, that's even before
we've gotten into the details
of the decorations, the speeches,
the gifts-- Yes?
Have you put any thought at all
into what Amy and Harry actually want?
What do you mean?
Well this is all very...
Excuse me? Okay, I've arranged some of
the most high profile weddings in LA!
Okay? Everything here is
exactly as it should be.
It's very important to me
that this goes well.
Fine. Happy to be your
silent gofer, ma'am.
Great, okay. First order of business,
the venue. Let's go.
I better check Amy
will be okay without me.
Oh, great plan.
Actually, she said that we were
gonna meet with Dad, Lucy,
and their mom...
-Right. At the pub.
-Sounds fun.
-Yeah! Yeah, should be.
-Come on then, Batman.
Yeah, Batman and Robin.
The killer wedding planner duo.
-Yeah, I don't love that.
-Sherlock and Watson?
Emma: Who?
I'm kidding!
Come on!
This the kind of thing
you had in mind?
Are you kidding me?
This is insane!
It's perfect!
Do you know the owners?
Yeah actually,
my parents.
Seriously?! Do you think
they'd let us use this space?
Because it is exactly
what I was picturing.
It's okay. I don't think
we'll need to ask them.
- We'll be okay to use it.
- Are you sure?
Yeah, sure,
not a problem.
And I know Amy and Harry
love this space too.
Well, I can see why,
it is perfect! Good job, Watson!
Okay, what we're gonna need to do
is map out this entire area
so that we know
what we're working with.
Chair's going down there.
Dance space over there.
Oh, maybe a grand piano
here for the music?
And then obviously we're gonna
have to try to figure out a place
to do the speeches
'cause you can't have that
in the same room
as the ceremony.
Dylan, this is perfect!
- Hi!
- Hi, Dad.
Hi, squirt!
It's so good to see you!
No premature frown lines from
overworking yourself, that is good.
That's only 'cause they have
very easy access to Botox in LA, dad.
Hey, when you get to 30, you'll be
begging me for the good stuff.
Not on my watch.
Hey, Lucy.
Go on, squirt,
Give your big sister a hug.
Aw, so you do
have limbs, huh?
Two arms and two legs.
Very long legs!
How tall are you?
I'm 1.3 metres.
She's 4 ft 3.
Oh! Hey, you know when I was small
dad used to mark my height on the wall.
He does that with me too.
Ugh, you know what
really used to annoy me?
"Stop growing up so fast!"
Oh, God, I hated that!
I wanted to grow so bad,
and I thought that dad was actually
slowing me down by saying that.
What a lucky man I am.
All three of my girls together.
Ahem. Four girls.
And I am so happy to finally
meet you, Megan, officially.
Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry!
Mum? Emma. Emma, Mum.
- Hi!
- It's very lovely to meet you.
So, Lucy...
What are your hopes and dreams?
Your goals and ambitions?
Why have you never been
to England before?
Oh, uh- Well, I have a business
and sometimes it gets a little busy.
Too busy to
come and visit? Ever?
You know what? You're right.
I should get better at that.
Oh, dad, I'll just have
the same as Lucy, thanks.
My mulled wine buddy!
You feeling alright, love?
Hey, you know what, dad?
I will take Amy's as well.
Hopefully it will
send me to sleep.
Jetlag sucks!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Two minutes.
Oliver Halbrand.
Oh, hi Oliver! It is so great
to hear from you!
Just a quick call to let you know that
I would be delighted to attend your event.
Yes, that is so great to hear.
I will see you there.
- See you there.
- Okay!
Wow! Now this is more like it.
I don't know what you were trying
to feed me yesterday, but it was so gross.
Oh, you tried the
black pudding then, huh?
- What is that?!
- Oh, you don't wanna know.
It was so great to
finally meet Lucy.
Oh, she's so sweet!
Meeting you is literally
all she's talked about
since Saturday.
I feel so bad I never
met her before.
Oh, it's okay, Em.
We all know how busy you are.
I'm just glad you're here for this.
It means the world to me, you know.
So you'll be okay by yourself on
the stall if I steal Dylan today?
- Of course.
- I'm so sorry.
I forgot that Harry wasn't
going to be around, and--
- Just... Don't overdo it, okay?
- Emma Taylor.
If I wanted to be babied,
I would have told Mum and Dad already.
Pregnant or not, I am perfectly capable
of running a Christmas market stall
by myself for a day.
Okay, gotcha. I can't help it, I don't get
to be the overprotective sister very often.
And what do you have
planned for today?
Well, that's for me to know
and for you to get excited about.
Good timing! Thank you.
-I have a question for you.
-I thought I was Sherlock?
- Can I ask my question?
- Shoot.
How come we've
never met before?
Well, unless you'd been to LA
we wouldn't have.
So you've never actually been
to the UK? Your family's here!
- Amy, Peter--
- My dad, yeah.
I live in LA with my mom.
Amy lives here and I've just
never made it over before.
Dad and Amy come to LA once a year.
But actually, I hadn't
met Lucy until last night.
She was always in school
when they visited.
- So Lucy, she's your...
- Half sister too, yeah.
Obviously a lot younger.
We don't have the typical family layout.
And you've never met her?
Well, we've face-timed
a tonne, but not in real life, no.
I'm just always so busy
with work, you know, and just...
Never really
made it over here.
Also, you know,
it's kinda nerve-wracking
being the American sister who's
only ever existed on screen.
Can I offer a word of advice?
Family's family. No matter
how typical or atypical it is.
You shouldn't let that pass you by.
You know what? I think we
have everything we need here.
I think we should
head back to the cottage
and see what we
should do next.
Okay. Sure.
Lovely-- Hi!
Thank you so much for coming!
Everything is selling like hotcakes
and I cannot keep up with making more
and serving the customers
at the same time!
I'm so proud of you!
Youre running all this on your own,
you got a wedding coming up, its a lot!
Well, thats why Emmas here, dad.
Shes already sorted the venue and...
shes booked Shirley as the officiant.
I think- I think Dylans helping her but
theyve already got most of it planned out.
Shes honestly like a machine.
Thats exactly
what I worry about.
-Thanks, dad!
-Okay, so where are we?
Some of these and
some of these. Let's go.
This worked beautifully
at a wedding I did in LA.
Explain to me why
Im needed again?
Hey! Dont put yourself down.
Youve been a very useful gofer.
Well, clearly youre better suited
at planning every single detail by yourself.
Oh, no decent events planner
would try to do everything by themselves.
Its impossible to host a good event solo.
It takes a team to pull off something like this.
A team, huh? So, am I allowed
an opinion on anything
that might involve what Amy and Harry
are gonna actually want?
-Absolutely not.
No SOS calls from Amy.
What is your role
in her business, exactly?
Well believe it or not I do
actually love arts and crafts.
Hence all the decorations in the hall.
My mum always used to encourage me
to focus on what I loved to do.
But my dad thought a business mind
was more important.
So I help Amys business,
I run the Christmas market-
Whoa, wait, you run the Christmas market?
Like, you own it?
- But you cant even talk to the customers!
- Yeah, thanks for that.
I like to give the community a chance
to connect over Christmas, but...
Well, Im always running scared that
someone might actually ask how I am, and...
- Well, Ill have to actually tell them.
- I totally get that.
That's the one for you.
Thank you! Thanks, come again!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Have I told you how amazing
it is to have you here?
Yes, dad, you have. Love you.
So where's Lucy?
Oh, she didnt wanna come.
I dont understand
why shes being so coy.
She was so excited
to meet you.
Oh, it's fine. Y'know, its gonna take
a while for me to get used to it as well.
Im gonna grab a drink.
Either of you want anything?
Let me guess, hot chocolate?
And for the American? Coffee?
Ah, I thought youd never ask.
Today was insane.
I have never known it this busy.
Thats so great, Amy.
Hows everything been
going on your end?
All good.
Its invite day tomorrow.
Have I told you
how much I love you?
Do you want these invites to look
like someone just threw them together?
I think youd need
to be some kind of
professional graphic designer
to do justice to this image of yours.
Look at this.
Classic, simple, effective.
Sure, its a lil rough around the edges
but at least it has a colour palette.
-Can I offer some pointers?
-If you must.
So, for the wedding itself, youve got this
gold, silver, cream, white theme going on.
I think the invites should reflect that,
but with a handmade touch.
-That feels like Amy to me.
-Yeah, but, uh? Not too handmade?
With a smart edge.
That feels like Harry.
Maybe we should get
the others involved?
If Lucy and Megan can make
some stencils, Harry and Amy
can come up with some font styles
and any picture elements they want
and then you can focus on getting
the structure of the invite sorted.
And what would your role
be in all of this?
Guest list.
Got it from Harry.
Gonna make sure we have
enough wedding invites.
Wow. You just got everything
worked out, dont ya?
-You know it, Watson.
-Im sorry, did you just demote me?
Okay, I guess Im
calling in the troops.
If you can relinquish
control for that long.
I can try.
Emma, what are you doing?
- All good?
- Mhm.
I dunno about you,
but Im exhausted!
Im glad we could help with the invites
in the end. Did they all get posted?
Signed, sealed, and delivered.
Where's Dylan?
More importantly,
wheres Harry?
Did you bake those?!
Em, hes been gone for,
like, ten minutes.
Alas, these are supermarkets finest.
But I thought the tray and the apron
would sell it more. I could totally
bake these if I wanted to.
-Oh, sure you could.
-Oh, no, it's true.
Dylan is in fact,
a master baker.
Invite making, cookie baking...
any other hidden talents?
-The name game.
-What is the name game?
-Okay, uh... right, um-
-Some kind of bearded guy?
-Charles Darwin!
Charles Darwin?!
No! No! Uh-
- Yes!
- I said it first!
-No chance!
And on that note,
I think its time that I go home.
Noo! Harry just texted, his train
got delayed but hell be here any minute.
Aw, I know, I know, but it is getting late,
so I shall thank you for the hospitality
- and I will see you tomorrow.
- Ill, uh, show you out.
Well, condolences on
your first name game loss.
Uhh... I wouldnt say
I lost, exactly.
Maybe you should stick to
buying cookies and passing them
off as your own.
-So I guess Ill see you later then?
-See you later.
Not today.
Where is everyone?
- Good morning to you, too.
- And?
There was a
talent show emergency.
Talent show?
Yeah, we do this talent show
for the kids in the village every year
last Sunday before Christmas.
Just a bit of fun.
Aw, I love things like that!
Can I help plan it?
Uh, its actually not really your style.
Its very last minute, slapdash.
Hey, I can do last minute.
Its actually only for
people in the village.
Oh, yeah. Sure. No, Im...
Im just passing through.
Right, Ive gotta take
Lucy home for a bit.
Shes so excited about
the talent show, Dyl.
Are you okay to man the fort for a while?
Ill be back in about an hour.
Of course, well sort the invites and then
deliver them when you get back.
Youre the best.
So, serious question, about the cake.
Im thinking maybe like
a Christmassy Victoria Sponge. Or like...
maybe even a gingerbread cake?
No, youre right. Totally right.
Too cliche. Okay.
Hey, you know,
your input here is invaluable.
Am I really needed
here for this?
Wow, you really did get out
the wrong side of bed this morning.
Ive just got a lot to sort out
for the talent show.
Yeah, which is why
you should let me help out!
Chocolate cake.
Its Harrys favourite.
See! This is why I need you.
Yule log it is.
- Afternoon.
- Do you know everyone here?
Unfortunately, its everybody else
who knows me.
Oh, hello!
How's it going?
Yeah, not too bad,
thanks, Gerald.
I hear preparations for
the talent show are going really well.
My granddaughter
cant wait!
Aw, Im glad to hear it.
That is what we do it for.
Let me know if I can help out.
Well, if you need it.
Actually there is something you can
help out with, um... Ill give you a buzz.
-...Emma Taylor, is it?
-The one and the same.
Thank goodness youre here.
Your dad speaks of nothing else!
Always telling us of how proud he is
of his daughter from the states
and how amazing it will be
when she finally visits.
Well, we better get going, Gerald.
Got a lot of invites to
get out for Amy and Harrys big day.
Actually... Here's yours.
Bless you!
Thank you!
-Thank you.
-For what?
Ending the guilt trip.
Well, that wasnt for your sake.
We do actually have a lot to do.
- Dyou know what?
- What?
All I want is a mulled wine.
I would kill for a mulled wine.
I thought your hot cocoa obsession
has well and truly taken over?
And I had to listen to Lucy
sing all morning.
- Do I sound awful?
- That depends.
Are you being dramatic or do I have to
prepare myself for this "talent" show?
No, I think I just did overtime.
Shes actually pretty good.
- So, whats the deal with Dylan?
- The deal with Dylan?
Yeah, hes kind of up and down and
I just wondered if there was a story there.
May I ask what has brought on
this interest in Dylan?
Oh, well its just Ive had to spend
all this time with him
- because Im planning your wedding.
- Oh! Touch.
Just, as an event planner who likes to
focus on the story behind the event
I dunno, reading people is kinda
my thing and that guy is so hard to read!
Like, I cant tell if hes a jerk who
sometimes has a personality change
or if hes a really nice guy
with grumpy tendencies.
- Like Mr Darcy.
- You're so painfully British.
Well, Dyl and I grew up together,
hes actually the reason I met Harry.
No, okay, focus.
More story-time please.
So, Dylans ancestors
originally led the village.
We dont have anything
formal like that now, but...
His parents always took pride
in the responsibility.
Doing things for the
people who live here.
They lived up in the big hall
and they were like the beating heart
- of the community, in a way.
- But not anymore?
Dylans parents died,
about five years ago.
It was incredibly
difficult for Dylan.
And he tries so hard to
keep up their legacy
and to do all the things
they used to do for the village.
But I dont know, I- I dont think
his heart is really in it like it used to be.
Sometimes hes the Dyl he always was,
sometimes he retreats into himself
and sometimes all the hurt and
the heartbreak manifests itself into this...
general jerk-i-ness.
Well, damn. Im so glad
I can drink mulled wine.
Oh yeah, rub it in.
Morning, Emma.
Everything alright?
Amy told me about your parents.
You never said anything.
The first time you showed me this place
- Why?
- Didn't seem relevant.
Are you okay with having
the wedding here?
- Absolutely.
- Honestly?
Dyou really want me
to talk about this?
As the person in charge of arranging
this wedding, I need to be sure
that the owner of the venue
isnt gonna freak out the day before.
Every Christmas, I used to put the
Christmas decorations up with my mum.
Every year. When they died,
I couldnt bring myself to stop.
I know I should move on and...
maybe even sell this place and
let go of some of the
traditions that I had with them.
Having the wedding here
is a good step towards that.
I wish everyone would stop worrying
about what they should do.
I thought that was only
a problem I had.
You seem pretty good at dancing
to your own tune to me.
No, thats Amy. Amys the creative one,
the free spirited one.
Im the work-a-holic,
by-the-book, square one.
I think you have more
in common than you think.
This isnt about me.
Are you really okay with this?
I promise the events planner part
of your brain that I wont freak out.
And I promise the other part
of your brain that Im okay with it.
- Good enough?
- Good enough.
Let's do this!
A well-deserved pint
of local ale.
Come on, it won't bite.
-I dunno, you did say it had a head.
-Yeah, but no teeth, I promise.
I can just about manage
a bottled beer, I have no idea what that is.
- Its a speciality.
- Ah. Lucky for you...
Now you have two.
They should be here soon.
Im in no rush. Are you okay,
you seem a bit nervous?
Oh, I'm fine. Fine...
- This is gonna sound so stupid.
- Shoot.
Ive just always felt like the other sister,
from the other side of the family.
From the other side of the world.
Even the way Lucy isnt sure
how to be around me, like Im this
unknown entity... even though
Im her sister. Megans not my mom
and even though Amy and I share a dad
and its not exactly normal...
They actually do have this perfectly formed,
separate family unit that Im
just not a part of.
I think thats why I never
came to England before.
I never truly felt like I would
be welcome. It can be nerve-wracking.
Hey look, Im sorry I made you feel
unwelcome with the talent show.
No, no, its fine.
I totally get it.
And for what its worth,
I think youre incredibly brave.
Being vulnerable is terrifying.
- Hi!
- Oh, hey!
- Drinks order, Amy?
- Hot Ribena, please.
Not questioning it.
My round, what can I get you both?
Well, I owe Emma something that
isnt the local ale, so Ill give you a hand.
- What are we playing?
- Cheat.
-Cant play cheat again, Amy!
-You only like it cause you always win.
- I've never played.
- Come on dad, it's the best.
Alright, but go easy
on us, would you?
- Two aces.
- Oh, cheat?
What, already?
Read 'em and weep!
- Ugh! So bad at this already!
- Some people learn the hard way.
Oh my God, you're insane.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
I just think theyll look
so much better handmade.
Theyll look messy. Nothing ever
went wrong with classic, silver wreaths.
Classic, plastic wreaths, you mean?
You sound like my dad.
Okay, so what about the cake?
Surely you dont think that
- that would be better handmade too?
- How else do you make a cake?
You know what I mean.
I think Amy and Harry
would prefer it, yeah.
Youre crazy. Do you want this wedding
to look like someones unkept yard?
I think theyd appreciate
the added input from their family
rather than some
cardboard cut-out wedding.
-I just cant do that.
-Why not?
Uh- I can't risk that, okay?
Amys gonna love it, I promise.
I should get back to the cottage.
Got a long day tomorrow.
Yeah, Ill come with you. Dont want you
getting lost on those country lanes.
Do you maybe wanna
come in for a drink?
Ive got a better idea.
- Okay. So... what now?
- What do you mean?
Well, I mean, the weddings not for
like, five days. What do we do with it?
Eat it, obviously.
Yeah, but then what
do we do for the wedding?
Eat the cake, USA. Well make a bigger
and better one in four days time.
Mm. Happy now?
That's disgusting.
- Ugh! What are you doing?!
- Being disgusting.
You wanna play that game?
- You're a child.
- You're a hypocrite.
Stop! This is-
No, no, no-
No, no, no, no...
Don't. Truce?
- Good morning.
- Morning.
So, what did you and Dylan
get up to last night?
- Meaning?
- Well, Harry and I came back
from the pub and it sounded like
a hyena massacre in the kitchen.
We were making that!
I dont understand how you can make
that much noise just baking a cake.
Its a yule log, actually, and its
a practise one for your wedding.
Youre baking the cake
for the wedding?
Attempting to.
Do you hate that?
No, I love that.
Just doesnt really seem
like your kinda style.
- Could that maybe be Dylans influence?
- I dont know.
Hey, have you told Megan and dad that
you and Harry are expecting a baby yet?
Didn't think so.
I just think Lucys act needs
a bit more... enthusiasm!
Really, Pete? More enthusiasm?
Are you sure about that?
Yeah, she could definitely
give it a bit more, you know, ta da!
Okay, Im being nervous, I admit it.
Shes just singing
with the choir, Peter.
And where is she anyway?
Should be rehearsing, right?
Shes probably in the stall hiding
from you, dad. I know I would be.
Thank you very much. What?
I hope youre ready for
the Broadway level show
theyve got going on over there.
Hey, wheres Lucy?
I think she took
the opportunity
to sneak a hot chocolate,
but you didnt hear that from me.
Your dad would be so proud
that youve kept this going.
Oof, straight in there with the
emotional hits this morning.
You know, just cause I overshared last night
doesnt mean you can do that to me.
Oh, now youre here, you could actually
help me with the running order.
I want to avoid as many dubious renditions
of Mariah Carey as possible.
Do you think you could
cast your expert eye over that?
I thought youd never ask.
Ah! Now, is this the right place
for getting one of those popular table mats?
What colour can I interest you in?
Oh, um... which one would you recommend?
Oh, I wouldnt ask this one.
She has an aversion to anything handmade.
-We dunno whats wrong with her yet.
I think the silver one would look
so elegant on a Christmas table.
Yeah, but the red is so much more
homely and cosy, and definitely more festive.
Totally agree, but on Christmas Day
do you want the same homely and cosy
feeling you have every other day,
or do you want a touch of luxury
a little extra glamour
that you only get once a year?
Its a good point, but I would argue
if you want that kind of luxury
you could go into London.
The beauty of a Christmas in the countryside
is that festive warmth and cosiness.
You know, chestnuts roasting on an open fire
-Jack Frost nipping at your toes and all that.
-Nose. Hes nipping at your nose.
You know what, I think Ill take both of them.
You two make a good sales team.
Thank you!
Now I really want some chestnuts
roasted on an open fire.
Come with me.
How are you only just
showing me these now!
I mean I didnt look at you
and instantly think "chestnut fanatic", but-
Clearly, I was very wrong.
Hey! How you doing?
Good? Yeah? Catch you later.
- Hiya!
- Come and sit here, Ames.
Oh, honestly mum,
Im totally fine standing.
Dont wanna stand
for too long though.
Why? My legs are working
perfectly well.
-Y'know, I just thought...
Everything okay?
Yes, Im just fussing
too much apparently.
- I'm fine!
- Well, we were wondering
what everyones plans were,
because theres a whole yule log
- back at the cottage that needs eating.
- Sounds great!
Ill stay here,
look after the stall.
Uh, a hat, an iguana, a jug,
a kite, and um...
Im gonna buy a leopard.
You cant buy a leopard
at a supermarket!
Oh, but you can
buy an iguana?
Your turn.
Okay. I went to the supermarket
and I bought a hat, an iguana
a jug, um... a kite, a leopard,
and a mouse!
Okay, this is
getting out of hand.
I think we need a new game before
we turn this place into a petting zoo.
- I know! Dance off!
- Yes!
Im gonna spare you all
my dance moves.
- I will challenge you, Lucy.
- Oooh!
- And the twist!
- It's the twist that makes it.
Can you top that?
Go on, Ems.
Yeah, I think youre gonna
have to try harder than that.
- Oh, I would love to see you try.
- Oh, no, no, no, no...
Alright, alright, okay.
Oh, wow.
Oh, sorry, champ,
I've gotta take this.
No, don't leave now!
He's left, Lucy! It's 'cause he's
embarrassed he wasn't as good as you.
I think the winner's Lucy!
Oh, look, they're all leaving!
- Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...
- Go on, Lucy, show us it again.
- Show us your winning dance. Stunning!
- It's the twirl! It's brilliant!
Hey. What's up?
Theres now even more snow predicted
for the night of the talent show.
Some of the parents
have withdrawn their kids.
Hey, its okay, well figure something out.
Were a team, right?
Yeah, youre right. Im gonna
go on back to the dance off.
- You coming?
- Uh- just one second.
Thank you so much.
- It doesn't fit.
- You look great!
-It's too tight.
-Okay, so well make some adjustments.
Everyone is gonna find out, Im gonna
look ridiculous in a dress that doesnt fit me.
Amy, breathe. Thats why
we came here first, just you and me.
Maybe you were right.
Maybe this whole wedding is mistake.
Im rushing into it and I dont need to.
Should I just call it off?
You love Harry, its obvious
you cant wait to marry him.
This is your day,
its not about anything else.
-I dont know why I cant just tell them.
-Youll tell them when youre ready.
Lucy is still so young. How is she gonna feel
about being an aunty when shes only nine?
Dad and Nina had you when they were
so young and look how well that turned out.
-They're still friends.
-Were two halves of one family and I- I...
I just dont want mum and dad worrying
about that happening with me and Harry.
D'you know what I think?
I think you have an amazing family
and a bonus sister, and that no matter
how this works out for you, its gonna be
better than good, its gonna be grand.
Because that is how you live your life,
and youre incredible for it.
How are things going with you and Dylan?
Amy! Are you serious?
Did you not hear a word I just said?
Im sorry! I just thought while
we were being open with each other
I might as well go in for the kill. So...?
Today is about you, it is not about me.
I will not be taking questions at this time.
Go, get back in there, try on a different size
before you burst outta that thing.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
Hey! I would offer you some but, um...
Its been a long day.
I assume Amys been staying off that?
You dont have to say anything.
I have a mothers instinct but
I know that sisters have a
different relationship
and there are things Amy will have shared
with you that she hasnt with me.
I just need to know,
is she okay?
Yes, shes absolutely fine,
I promise you.
Well good. Then shell tell me
anything else in her own time.
I was thinking. Would your mum like
to come to the wedding?
I know it must be hard
for you being here
instead of at home
with her over the holidays.
- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
It would be lovely
to have her there.
Means the world to Amy for you
to be here, but it cant be easy.
I would so appreciate that, and Im sure
my mom would love to come. Thank you.
You look so beautiful!
- It's nice, right?
- It's so beautiful!
-And it fits!
-It fits perfectly!
- Hi mom!
- Hi honey! How are you?
- Really good, actually.
- How's England?
- Cold.
- And Oliver Halbrand?
Yeah, I think he'll
come to the wedding.
Oh, you don't seem that excited?
Im just worried
he wont be very impressed.
The best man, Dylan, hes really into
crafts and handmade touches.
Its just not my style at all.
Everything you do
is impressive, Emma.
As this is Amys big day what she
would want should take priority.
Yeah, thats what Dylan said too.
But Oliver Halbrand is a really big deal.
-What if I mess it up?
-You won't.
How can you mess it up
when your hearts in the right place?
You know what would really
help me? If you were here.
Aw, Id really love to be there
with you, honey, but-
-Megan said it was okay.
Really! She was the one who suggested
that you might wanna be here.
- Aw, that's really nice.
- Will you come?
I would love to share Amys big day with you.
Let me see what I can do
and Ill get back to you, okay?
'kay, fingers crossed!
Gotta go, very important wedding dress
business being decided without me.
- I love you!
- Love you. Bye.
You two look frozen!
Come and have a warm drink.
Ah, sorry,
we cant stay long.
What my friend here means to say is,
we wanted to ask a favour real quick.
- Sorry. Long day.
- No worries, mate.
Must be difficult, with
the task of the talent show.
But like I said earlier, anything I can
help with, give us a shout.
Well, funny you should
say that, um... Dylan?
Actually, there is something you could
help us out with. In a big way.
-Well, I'm all ears.
-Well, there's gonna be so much snow
on Sunday that some of the kids...
well, theyve been told they cant go.
And we wondered
if we could use the pub?
We would use the hall,
but its all set up for the wedding.
Im not sure I can, I mean its Christmas,
I cant close the pub, its my busiest time.
My granddaughter
was so excited about it.
Whatre we gonna tell Lucy?
Shes been practising for weeks.
Its okay, its okay,
well think of something.
Hang on... Hang on a second!
See, the childrens choir!
They normally come here
at Christmas time, perform a few songs.
Now, if they dont mind the snow
perhaps you could get them to sing
at the Christmas market?
And then Lucy and all the other kids
can join in if they want to?
Do you know someone
that we can talk to?
Of course! Kate!
She runs it. Ill talk to her.
- Really?
- Of course.
Now, I dont want to hear
another word about it, alright?
You know, most people
in this village would do a lot for you.
If you let them!
Now, about that drink.
And then Lucy came on the screen
wearing this little fedora hat
and she looked so funny. I think that
was the first time we really bonded.
Well, you seemed pretty comfortable
with everyone in the cottage last night.
Weirdly, I... I think you being there
made all the difference.
- How so?
- Im just so comfortable around you.
It made me more comfortable
to be around everyone else too.
Well, Im honoured. But I think
youd be just fine on your own.
So, whatll you do,
once the weddings over?
Go back to LA. Get back to work.
Spend time with my mom.
Oh, wait, did I tell you
she might visit for the wedding?
Oh, thats great!
When does she arrive?
Oh, well, Im waiting for her
to let me know, but hopefully tomorrow.
- Are you close with your mum?
- Super close.
She was pretty young when she had me,
so shes more like my best friend.
We live together, we own
the business together.
Honestly, I wouldnt
have it any other way.
Oh my god, Im so sorry.
I didnt think.
No, no, its okay. Im actually
quite intrigued by this. So...
Your mum was how old
when she had you?
They were both twenty.
My mom and Peter, my dad, that is.
They were even married at 19.
So in love, and then they had me.
But they were too young.
It didnt work out.
And then your dad
moved back to England?
Right. And I stayed in LA
with my mom and then
my dad met Megan
and the rest is history.
Oh, so thats why youre
sceptical about the wedding?
Okay, Sherlock.
You know just cause it happened
to your mum and dad
doesnt mean its gonna happen
to Amy and Harry.
- Well, I could say the same to you.
- Go on.
Just because youve lost people
close to you before
doesnt mean you have to isolate yourself
in case it happens again.
- Thats a bit different.
- Not really.
Were both projecting our feelings
from past situations onto current ones
even though theyre happening
in a completely different context.
Thank you.
For trusting me, by putting
more freedom and creativity into it...
I feel like Im getting my confidence back.
With this, with the markets...
with the talent show.
It means a lot.
Someones jolly. Is this about Nina
coming to the wedding?
Oh, she is so happy
to be coming.
Good! Im really glad
shes coming too.
-Its not gonna be weird, is it?
-I dont think so. Do you think so?
Nah, I think were the
only ones overthinking this.
-Where's Dylan?
-Wouldn't you like to know!
Youre so annoying.
I have so much wedding stuff on my mind
I do not have time
for your nonsense.
Hes getting me a comfier chair.
Hell be back in a minute.
-A comfier chair?
-I know.
I feel like the walls are closing in on me.
Have you told anyone?
Of course not!
Because everybodys being
suspiciously attentive.
- Your highness.
- You know you really didnt need to.
Are you ready partner?
Okay, wont be long, promise.
Oh please, I have my throne now.
Take as long as you need.
Hi! Welcome! Dont mind me,
I just own the place.
Wow, I cant believe
weve pulled this off.
What do you mean, I thought
this was well within your capabilities?
-Oh, no, this was a stretch, even for me.
-Well, you kept that well-hidden.
Well, even a head chef has to look like
theyre in complete control of their kitchen
even if theyre in way over their heads.
But, having a good sous chef helps.
-Sorry, sous chef?
I will accept nothing less
than the title of... joint chef.
-Yeah, that's not a thing.
-It is now.
Its been amazing seeing
this place come to life again.
Amy and Harry are going
to love the handmade feel.
I know its been hard for someone who
has to let go of her corporate safe zone
- and micromanaging ways.
- Hey! That's real nice.
Well, for what its worth, Im really proud
of what weve managed to do.
Yeah, same here.
Celebratory drink?
-Alas, I have plans with the groom.
-Ooh, like a bachelor party?
Not sure thats quite the vibe around here.
Unless you want Gerald dancing on the bar...
Oh, got the picture. I dont wanna stop you,
but Im going to anyway.
Its just- its the last chance for us
to catch up before the childrens choir
- and then the wedding the day after...
- Oh, say no more.
Im sure you and Harry and
definitely not Gerald will have a great time.
-I wouldve liked that though.
-Would've liked what, though?
Um. A drink. With you.
Oh, right. Um, yeah, yeah.
Me too. Um...
Another time?
Looking forward to your event.
Been looking at your past work
and I think your professional,
minimalist aesthetic could be
a great fit for corporate and
personal events at our hotels.
One beautiful Christmas bauble
for your beautiful Christmas tree.
There we go.
Merry Christmas!
- I can't wait to see it!
- Hey! Check you out.
- Moi?
- Looks like the people pleaser is back.
Oh, just flexing some old muscles.
Although I think it might be some time
before people are saying something other
than "I'll bring you a lasagne some time."
Ah yes, nothing says grief like someone
leaving a lasagne on your doorstep.
Well, I figured if I start acting
like a normal person
people will start
treating me like one.
So... are you ready
for the grand reveal?
- Yes!
- Okay!
I'm just gonna...
Get that outta the way. Okay.
So, I was in the cottage last night and I just
thought that the Christmas tree would
look so much better in the
other corner, you know?
And take off some of the village ornaments,
just to- you know, keep it classy.
And then there will be so much more space
for the speeches and less garish decorations
taking away from the bride and groom!
And then, well, the wreaths were just
cluttering the dance floor, so I-
Uh... take a look.
- Dylan, wait!
- What was that?
- Youve changed everything!
- Dylan, I-
You know how much
this meant to me.
I have a conflict of interest. Theres a
potential client coming to the wedding.
- A what?
- He owns this chain of hotels
in the UK and I thought if he came
to the wedding and saw what I could do-
Im sorry, this somehow just got worse.
He messaged me last night
saying how much he liked my style, and I...
I panicked. I just thought it would
be better to stick to what I know.
So this is why you agreed to arrange
the wedding? Your sisters wedding?!
No! No, of course not!
I wanted to do this for Amy.
But it just seemed like too good
an opportunity to pass up on.
Look, Im sorry I changed
the plans, okay?
But there wasnt anything
malicious behind it.
I actually liked a lot of your ideas.
Oh, great, thats just
the validation I needed.
Yes, it stings that I thought you were
bringing out the best of me again.
But its not about me.
Its about Harry and Amy
and what they would want.
Instead of using other people
- to further your own agenda.
- Hey, thats not- thats not...
No wonder you thought you wouldnt
fit in here with these people.
Theyve bigger hearts than
you could ever hope to have.
- You're being unfair.
- No, Emma.
Id give anything to
have my family back.
Just cant believe youd prioritise
some client over yours.
I just cant believe Dylan
said those things to me.
I really opened up to him about
how I felt being here
and he totally threw it back at me.
You did blindside him.
Do you have to play
devils advocate right now?
Did it cross your mind that
he was deflecting from
- what he was really sad about?
- And what was that exactly?
Everyone saw how well
you two were getting along.
Youve really brought him out of his shell
and I think he finally felt like part of a team.
Maybe for the first time
since his parents died.
- Am I an awful person?
- No. Everyone gets it wrong sometimes.
- What now?
- I've done something...
- Mhm?
- I invited a client to your wedding.
A potential client from London.
Oliver Halbrand.
- Okay...
- And that's why Dylan was so mad.
he thought that I was only planning
the wedding to impress him
and that I was doing it
for the wrong reasons.
And are you only doing it
to impress this new client?
Honestly, I dont know.
Im so confused right now.
- Do you wanna know what I think?
- Yes, please.
I think youve just forgotten
how to be a family gal.
Your whole life is work and you are
so terrified of letting us in, properly in
to your life that youve started
subconsciously sabotaging any chance
of that happening.
Doesnt make you a bad person, but...
Hopefully it might make you realise
what you could be missing out on.
- Have I totally blown it?
- Just think of it this way
if this Oliver Halbrand
really likes my wedding
maybe itll give you
more reason to visit.
Oh my god, just hearing it out loud,
it sounds so ridiculous-
I invited a client to your wedding, Ames.
Like its some kind of public event!
I know!
You'll figure it out.
But make things right with Dylan,
because if you dont, you will regret that.
Okay, back to me. Im gonna tell
mum and dad before the wedding.
It just doesnt feel right
not telling them on the day.
So, I'm gonna-
I'll get it.
Hey, whats going on?
Hey, it's okay.
Well, you have my full support,
whatever you wanna do.
- Thanks, mom.
- Okay, honey.
Right, sorry to break up
this party, but we need to go.
- Ugh, do I have to go?
- Yes. We're going to support Lucy.
- Ugh, you're right.
- Big smiles!
- Sure you dont wanna come, Nina?
- Ill stay and unpack. Thank you.
- Hey, where's Harry?
- Oh, he's gonna meet us there.
Work finished late, but now hes officially
finished for Christmas! The fun can begin!
- So much fun.
- So much fun!
Okay, okay...
I'm gonna have a baby!
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright, what fun it is to
ride and sing, a sleighing song tonight, oh!
Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la
T'is the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Sing we joyous all together,
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Heedless of the wind and weather,
Fa la la la la, la la la la
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We with you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a happy new year!
Good tidings we bring
to you and your kin
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a happy new year!
This is great, mate.
Good job on plan B.
- Everyones having a blast.
- Yeah, a real blast.
Look, Amy told me something
went down between you and Emma.
- Care to share?
- I guess we just dont see eye to eye.
I thought you were
seeing eye to eye?
Had more in common
than you thought, etc, etc.
- Alright, don't start.
- Your words, not mine, buddy!
I just dont get it.
The other night you seemed
so excited about the potential there.
What potential? She lives in LA and
I live here. Shes an emotionless
corporate cog in a machine, and Im...
well, Im too emotionally involved
with everything for my own good.
Okay, starting to see
why you fell out.
-For the record, I didn't say that to Emma.
-Yeah, good!
Look, yknow I hate to be
the one to say this, but...
do you think youve maybe
overreacted a little?
Didnt you hear what I said?
She lives on the other side of the world
it never wouldve worked anyway.
You remember what
your mum used to say?
Anything worth even a 1% chance
deserves 100% of that chance.
Maths was never her strong suit.
Damn, why're you always right?
- Oh, it's so cold here in the UK.
- Ugh, tell me about it.
- I'm nervous.
- Everything's gonna be okay.
Ive got everything covered, remember?
All you have to do is enjoy yourself.
- Let's get you ready!
- Okay!
Any idea what youre
gonna do about Emma?
Ugh, theres still so many things
Im not sure about.
-Then talk to her.
-Harry, it's your wedding day.
Im not gonna abandon you
to go and sort something out
- that may not even be sortable.
- You're right, it is my wedding day.
And as groom to best man,
I am ordering you to talk to her.
Alright, dont get too
big for your boots.
Dont single-handedly
ruin my wedding day.
Bit dramatic.
There, happy? Right...
Now, I dont know about these
are they the right-
-It's Emma.
-See, I told you!
Come here.
- I'll be right back.
- Proud of you, mate!
Emma, I-
EMMA: I'm so-
Let me go first.
I am so sorry, for what I said.
I think you have a bigger heart than
anybodys ever given you credit for
and I was wrong to
make you question that.
Im so sorry. I totally missed
the whole reason why you were hurt.
We were meant to be a team,
and I went behind your back.
Im just so used to doing everything
by myself, being okay by myself
I guess I forgot how
to have a teammate.
And you were right. I was totally
missing the point of all of this.
- I notice nothing's changed.
- Harry and Amy will love it.
I projected my
problems onto you...
I just hope
you can forgive me.
I have no idea what this means,
for you... for us.
But I put up this barrier because
I am so scared of the emotions
that I know Im capable of having.
That I did have... when my parents died.
- Forgiven.
- Yeah?
Besides, I dont wanna have to stand
over there with a best man who
refuses to talk to me.
Itd be super awkward.
Well, Id better be
getting back to the groom.
And me to the bride.
- See you up there?
- Let's do this, partner.
Emma, you look amazing.
Everything looks amazing!
-Hey, no crying yet.
-It's the hormones!
It means everything
to have you here with me.
I love Harry so much and I cannot wait
to welcome him, and the little one
- Into the family.
- To the family.
Hey, you okay? Did the famous
Oliver Halbrand ever turn up?
Any minute now.
Oliver? Its lovely to meet you.
Im Emma.
Likewise. This place makes
quite an impression.
Not quite what Id imagined,
I have to admit.
Well, its not usually the
type of event I would plan. Its, um...
Its actually my sisters wedding.
So its a little more handmade
than I would usually go for.
- Your sister's wedding?
- Uh, yeah. Yes, my younger sister.
Well, the personal touch is
something special.
Its refreshing,
and I like it.
But Im afraid Im gonna have to
bow out of the actual ceremony.
- Oh- Why?
- It's Christmas Eve.
I didnt come just to
approve and exit.
I have family in this part of the country
that Im on my way to see.
Well, Im sorry to have
wasted your time.
Not at all! This really
is remarkable, Emma.
Merry Christmas, and
congratulations to your sister.
Thank you.
We are gathered here
to witness the joining of two souls
the solidifying of a bond between
two people committing to spend
their lives together.
Do we have the vows?
Yes, Im going first.
Otherwise I wont make it.
Harry. Since the moment I first met you,
I knew you were special.
You understood and appreciated me
for who I am, nothing more, nothing less.
I know Im not the most reliable
or practical person...
But you ground me. You centre me.
You make me the best version of myself.
And I always want you by my side.
In a nutshell, youre stuck with me forever.
Best Christmas present ever, right?
Amy Taylor.
You are one of a kind,
a force of nature, and my whole world.
Youre my best friend, and I am beyond
honoured to be here with you
surrounded by all of our loved ones.
Youve all been there to share with
all the adventures weve had so far,
and I know youll be here
for all the adventures
still to come.
Let's do this.
- Let's do this.
- The rings?
Thanks, Lucy.
By the power vested in me
I am so, so happy to pronounce you...
Husband and wife!
Well, youll be happy to hear there were
no complaints about the food.
Well, good.
My reputation was at stake.
Speaking of, I didnt see any
hot shot clients here.
He didnt stay, which Im
actually really glad about.
I wanna spend more time here, but...
for myself, not for anyone else.
-A real holiday?
-I was thinking maybe
a proper 50/50 between
being here and being in LA.
80/20 in favour of England
is a much better idea to me.
- You might actually like LA.
- Does it snow?
- Never.
- Do they have roasted chestnuts
- on an open fire?
- Sometimes.
Do they have an annoying yet
infinitely charming wedding planner
that I could maybe
take out New Years Eve?
I can see what I can do.