A Very Good Girl (2023) Movie Script

So good.
What the fuck?
That price better buy
my entrance to heaven!
Retrieved from a wrecked galleon
dating back to the 18th century,
this artifact is believed
to be another form of
a deity.
Well, isn't that a sight to see?
Well, for 950,000 it better be!
This looks better than
the ones at the sanctuary.
Yes, I can feel
the energy of the Gods!
It's giving me that--
A penis?
It's time to take this baby home.
I'm sorry, it's sold.
To whom?
To Miss Philomena Angeles.
- Who is she?
- I have no clue.
Just tell us your price.
But, it's sold.
I'll double the price.
For the benefit of this...
very, very meaningful fundraiser.
Do it for Mother.
I'm really sorry.
But I meant to give this
to a very special person.
Miss Molly Suzara!
It will be an honor
if you accept my gift.
will I be honored?
What's your name again?
call me Philo.
Like pillow,
but with an H!
Let's get going, Charles.
Miss Philo, meet us
at Mother Mall in an hour.
See you.
Miss Molly!
I had to change my outfit for...
this moment.
Mother cares, Mother loves,
Mother's sent from above!
Mother shares, Mother's fair,
here and there and everywhere!
Don't be shy, come or call!
'Cause Mother Mall is one for all!
Welcome to our family!
Happy Mother's Goodness Day!
I love it!
Our day of giving
and caring.
Your timing is impeccable, Miss Angeles.
Because out of Mother's
kindness and generosity,
she offers you...
Wait for it.
Wait for it!
An all-expense paid shopping spree
in exchange of your--
Say no more!
Miss Molly,
I love it!
I love it, I love it, I love it!
Let's go! Let's go!
Shopping is my favorite cardio.
Oh my God, there's more!
I'll get everything.
What an opportunist.
So, why me?
Your name speaks for itself.
Truly trampling the idea
that it's a man's world
run by fragile egos
and their pathetic boners.
'Cause who said you need a
dick to rule this world, right?
Happy Mother's Goodness Day!
Say thank you Mother!
Happy Mother's Goodness Day!
Thank you, Mother!
No online presence
but her Instagram.
She seems like a...
modest socialite from Italy.
And yeah,
she just got back to Manila.
You don't just provide, you create--
She's a murderer!
'Cause she's killing it!
No, seriously.
You're really killing it.
You're an empire of your own.
- Oh!
- Twinning!
There are a lot of
inspiring women out there.
So, why me?
Let's just stop this bullshit.
Tell me why me.
Because you remind me
so much of my mother.
So, why not give her the deity?
Why me?
Because she's dead.
That's why I'd give anything
just to have one more day with her.
But that's not happening.
So this is my make-believe.
Thank you for shopping
at Mother Mall. See you tomorrow!
today was fun!
Thank you for making
this orphan daughter's
dream come true, Miss Molly.
Stop it.
You can call me Mother.
Let's go.
Thank you so much, Mother!
That motherfucker!
How's everything in heaven, Mom?
It's been five years,
but it feels like yesterday.
Will you still know me
if you see me there?
It's still me, Mom.
But with more questions.
Good morning, Sean!
You ready?
- Yes.
- Alright.
So, regarding the last favor you asked...
You said...
that people reap what they sow.
That if I'm good to the world,
the world will be good to me too.
You told me to do what's right
so we could all go to heaven.
You only had one job
and you managed to fuck it up!
What seems to be the problem?
You didn't send the updated guidelines
for the briefing for our
tasting yesterday with our partners.
I specifically told you
to add the parmigiana bianca
in the briefing.
You have the brain
of a hen! Stupid!
If you just check the second sheet
you'll see the antipasto column.
But you didn't send--
Check the second sheet.
And I couldn't stop thinking
if everything you said was true, Mom?
Why is it so hard to be a good person?
Did you send what my girlfriend wants?
I don't want to find another girlfriend.
You dated two Filipinas,
you dated them all.
If I obey you,
they'd eat me alive.
Is it bad to fight back?
Molly, I talked to the associate.
She told me she handed it to you
during the briefing.
She didn't hand me anything.
You're fired!
But ma'am, she did her job.
You too!
You're all fired!
Ma'am, please. I can't lose my job.
You can't lose your job? Wow!
You're insignificant!
You selfish, incompetent insect!
Forgive me, Mom.
It looks like you won't
see me in heaven after all.
This one!
It's perfect for my skin color, right?
Yeah, I'll wear this.
And this one too!
What's this?
Oh, okay!
I'm going to cook for you and
I'm going to wear this.
Honey, you know that's a dress.
It's not an apron, right?
Is this a backless dress?
I thought it was an apron. Sorry!
Are you forgetting something?
Of course not, sweetie.
Happy anniversary!
Ooh. That's my girl.
I love you, sweetie.
I love you too, sweetie!
- Bye, see you soon!
- Bye!
Luke sent so many gifts
for our anniversary!
Here, this is your size.
Of course. I ordered it, remember?
Check everything else you ordered!
The Filipina Sugar Baby
and The Scammer of 2023!
- You might accidentally post that!
- Let's share the sugar, baby!
Good thing Luke's an asshole,
so I don't feel too guilty scamming him.
This is not just another mall.
This is actually the 25th Mother Mall
in memory of the woman
who started it all,
my beloved mother.
And this is also my way
of providing jobs
for thousands of Filipinos.
- What is she talking about?
- Because Mother provides!
She's such a liar!
Didn't she displace
the residents of that land?
What a fucked up system.
Her days are numbered.
When this all ends
you're coming with us to Bohol, right?
Are we riding an airplane, Mama?
Of course, we are!
Good morning!
Time for breakfast.
Is Auntie Mom coming with us?
Of course, I'm coming with you!
Because I promised you
that we'd all fly together, right?
Kiss, kiss, kiss!
You smell so good!
Holy shit, sis!
The unmothering
of Molly Suzara starts today?
So it's finally happening?
Like, what the fuck,
we're rigging the system?
Remember what makes Molly the "Mother"?
Number one, her friends.
Number two, her funds.
I'll take those away from her.
I want the world to see who she truly is.
- Who is that?
- Look.
Check her video.
Our first target is
the face of Mother Mall?
Sis, are you ready?
To become Mother's new baby girl?
Zab Omila is the weakest link
and my ticket to Molly's inner circle.
I have to get invited to her party
to get more dirt on Molly.
Rich people live such pathetic lives.
Pretending to be friends
for social security?
How can they stand one another?
That's why Zab's only true friend
is Noriah.
- Oh...
- Mm-hm.
That bitch.
Where do you wanna go, Noriah?
Oh, okay!
Sis, here she comes!
Mm... We practiced this, remember?
Zab is vain,
so the best way to distract her
is to praise her.
Exactly! So this is what I'll say.
Zab Omila!
I'm your biggest fan!
You're so pretty in person!
Can we take a selfie?
And she'll always say,
"A Zab a day
keeps the bad vibes away!"
Can you hold the phone?
But I think this angle is fine!
Sis, make sure you have
our ultimate secret weapon.
Come here, come here!
Yes, yes! Good boy, good boy!
Thank you, thank you!
Guys, it's Zab!
She's famous! Take photos with her!
- Presenting Zab Omila,
- Baby!
best actress performance in a victim role
in the film
"Finding Noriah."
And her favorite line is
- I'm a victim here.
- "I'm a victim here!"
I'm sure once you return her baby,
you'll be her best friend.
Oh my God, baby!
I'm pretty sure this is your baby.
My baby Noriah!
You're back, my love!
Thank you, babe.
I missed you, my love!
who the fuck are you?
Babe, this just opened.
I super love it, babe!
I'm moving to Paris
so I need to update my wardrobe.
You know what?
We should go shopping in Mother Mall.
I bet you'd love it there!
I'm down!
Wait, actually,
the owner was nice enough
to show me around her mall yesterday.
- You know Mother Molly?
- Mm-hm.
No fucking way!
I am the face of Mother Mall.
Oh my God!
That's why you look so familiar!
He's so fine and...
a biggie!
What do you mean?
Oh my God!
I don't know how to tell Mother
that I'm going to Paris.
She hates being left behind.
When she finds out,
she'll replace me.
Don't be a downer, babe.
It's just...
Mercury in retrograde.
Mother Molly is going to pay
if I find out I've been replaced.
Daddy will get her!
Congressman Omila?
- Uh-huh.
- They're close, right?
They're more than just good friends.
They're actually partners.
In crime!
Bro, what time is it?
The sun is already up.
Rise and shine, babe!
- What a life!
- I know, right!
Get Prince Noriah!
- Take care of Noriah, my baby!
- Alright, babe.
You rest well. Okay!
Bye, good night!
- Wait, wait!
- What?
I'll see you at my party?
I wouldn't miss it for the world!
You're a fucking rock star!
- You will blow them away!
- Love you, bye!
It's time to heed God's call!
Brothers and sisters,
it is not too late!
He is listening.
He is waiting.
According to Scriptures
blessed are those who hear His words
and obey what they hear.
And take to heart what is written in it.
the end is near.
Sir Dom!
How are you?
No company would hire me.
That's why I decided
to come here in person.
Mercy, didn't you know?
Mother blacklisted us
in all marketing agencies.
Just apply in a different industry.
Peace and blessings...
- be with you from He who is
- Mercy? Mercy?
- and who was...
- Mercy, are you okay?
- and who is to come.
- Mercy?
Fuck you and your blacklist, Molly!
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!
Fuck you, Molly!
You're blacklisted?
You lost your job?
Since when?
She won't listen to us.
Mother will!
- Mother provides!
- Mom, this is so embarrassing!
Mom, let's go!
This is your dream, right?
And I failed!
Mercy, let's go!
- What are you waiting for?
- Mom?
- Come...
- Mom!
to our Lord and Savior!
Mom, let's go home already!
I'll apologize for you.
She will understand us.
From one mother to another.
Mom, come on already!
Come together!
Let's go home, please!
- Mother!
- Mom!
Attorney, help me sue them.
Unjust termination.
What evidence do we have?
The prosecutor's office
won't even help us.
I'm sorry, Mercy.
You're going up against a powerful woman.
It's best to let it go.
Just start a new life.
I know your deeds,
your hard work,
and your perseverance!
I hope this helps
with the expenses.
It's expensive to live.
Now, give me a minute.
It's expensive to die.
Mom always said...
if I were good to the world
then the world will be good to me.
Where did I go wrong?
Why is the world so cruel to me?
Mother Molly!
Please buy our homemade snacks.
For you!
And this is for you, little girl.
This is too much, Mother!
Just give this food to the others.
They look hungry.
Always be a good girl
to your mom, okay?
James, give them food.
Oh, Hi!
You're insignificant!
James, let's go.
She doesn't remember me.
That's how it is.
If you don't have money, you don't matter.
My Filipino girlfriend
was expecting that!
How did it come back to you?
I hired a virtual assistant
who will make my life easier!
I'm sorry, Luke.
Being stupid is not part
of your job description!
I can't take this anymore.
Don't lose hope.
Justice will prevail.
I'm sick of this.
I'm sick of being poor.
Nobody's on our side.
You fuckers will have your day!
You'll always have me and Lovely.
Remember that.
Forget it, Mercy.
Just start a new life.
Always be a good girl
to your mom, okay?
If you don't have money,
you don't matter.
You fuckers will have your day!
And today is that day, Molly.
I will take away all your friends
who keep you powerful.
Girl, it's a birthday
party, not a wedding.
Happy birthday, babe!
You made it!
Of course!
I tripped.
Come upstairs.
Mother has a lot of extra shoes.
Are you sure that's okay?
Of course I'm sure.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- I love your look!
- Right!
It looks gorgeous!
Your dress looks better than mine.
Designed by my Thai designer friend
Tua Opas Iamkajorn.
Stop it, Thea.
Girls, what do you really think?
It's very trendy.
- It's poppin'.
- Poppin'?
Is that a good thing?
What an ugly dress.
Who is she?
Hazel, Thea, Bianca, and Claire,
this is my new best girl, Philo.
I invited her to my party--
Mother, so good to see you again!
What a party!
Zab's birthday and send-off in one!
Oh shoot!
Is Paris a secret, babe?
A surprise for Mother.
Stop calling yourself a stylist.
You're fired!
I look like Shrek's fairy Godmother!
Get Mother a drink!
You don't have taste!
Leave already!
Zab's gonna help me get ready.
I'll meet you guys downstairs, okay?
If you're a size 6, just help yourself.
Okay, thank you!
You can't leave me!
I need you to convince your father
to return what's mine!
Or else I'll expose your--
Go ahead!
You think Dad will return your cut
if you do that to me?
Oh, you wanna play with Mother?
I have the perfect game for you!
maybe we should
start this lovely party with
a Mother game?
And since this is also
Zab's surprise send-off party,
I think we should make it
a little extra special.
So for this year, we're going to play...
Mother Asks.
An exam?
Just a fancier version of Bring Me.
I'm curious about the prize.
Oh, trust me,
you will all love the prize.
Because when Mother asks,
Mother gives back.
Mother asks for something
and cheap,
like a snake's jewelry.
You're really into cheap things!
Mother asks
for something kinky, but also stinky.
Like how foul a snake is.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm just calling my driver.
I have saved the best for last.
Mother asks
for a hotelier's skanky lover.
Obviously, that's me!
Who else could it be?
Mother is letting me win!
Zab! What's wrong?
Oh my gosh, Philo!
You finally won a round!
How did you know that Zab was fucking Ben?
You're my husband's side chick?
Fuck you, Molly!
So that's why Ben's credit card statements
are full of dog bills
when we don't even have a dog!
Bitch! Bitch!
You whore!
Fuck you!
Please help me.
They're going to kill me!
Mother's such a bitch!
She's punishing me
because I'm leaving her?
That selfish, hopeless motherfucker.
Just because my dad lowered her cut
in their money laundering scheme.
As he should.
Please... please don't tell anyone.
Your secret is safe with me.
I read my dad's emails with Charles.
Mother agreed to her cut!
Now, she's panicking
because she needs more
money for her new mall.
Where are you girls?
Are you here?
She's so fucked up
that she keeps files to blackmail people.
She intends to blackmail
your other friends?
What the fuck, babe?
I will find you girls.
I'm coming for you.
I sent her some dirt about them.
I didn't know she was collecting those!
When they find out about those files,
it's no longer you that they'll attack!
They'll attack Mother instead!
You'll be crushed
by my French weightlifter friend,
Jean Beausejour!
Skinny bitches!
You know my island in Santorini...
- Oh no!
- You bitch!
Oh my God.
- Oh my God!
- You bitch!
I've got something to say!
Mother has your old photo
when you were still a prostitute!
With the Czech guy?
And more!
Dirt on all of you!
What a lying drunkard!
You think I'm lying?
Go check her phone then!
Go on!
- Hold her down!
- No, no, no. No!
Give me that phone!
Give that to me!
Ladies, no to violence!
Give it!
- Oh my God!
- Faster!
- What's your password?
- No!
Use her face, stupid!
Open your fucking face!
The phone's unlocked!
Oh my God!
Fucking shut up and focus, bitches!
Are we just going to tolerate
this kind of treatment,
from a so-called "friend"?
We're so done with you!
Hazel! Hazel!
Don't listen to her!
She's a liar!
You know what?
My husband and I will no longer
invest in this... bullshit! Okay?
We're pulling out of Mother Mall!
- No, Hazel, please!
- We're out!
Fuck all of you!
Crazy bitches!
No wonder your own mother left you.
Well, that was liberating!
Get the fuck away from me!
Oh my God!
You're still here?
And let you enjoy
these relaxing moves by yourself?
But I know a better way to relax!
You need friends who are just like you.
Not friends who want to be you.
Then I'll never have friends.
Because everyone wants to be like me.
Who does she think she is?
Who would want to be like her?
No one!
I'll make sure this bitch dies alone!
I'm sorry.
Did I offend you?
Don't tell me you think
you're just like me?
You know, when my parents died,
I felt so lost.
I was so angry with the world.
Why do bad things keep
happening to good people?
And then I saw you on TV.
You saved me.
Your words saved me.
We'll recover that money you lost.
Karma will get those who scammed you.
I've learned in business,
and in my own life.
It's a dog-eat-dog world, and...
if you don't fight back,
the world will eat you alive.
If life's a bitch,
be the bigger bitch.
I know nothing about you.
What are you hiding?
Don't worry, Mother.
We have a lot of time
to get to know each other.
Well, look at us.
Two drunk orphans.
That last thing Zab said...
Is that why you work hard,
to have all these?
Oh my God. It was hell.
It's no secret I'm adopted.
Mother Molly Suzara,
the motherless mother.
I've had to work tirelessly
to earn their family name.
And I had to fight for that property,
that piece of land,
which my mother couldn't do
when she was still alive
because that weak woman--
She couldn't even handle
the very minor bumps
that came her way.
That's why I can't fuck this up.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
I'm sure,
your adoptive family is very proud of you.
You should leave.
You're just going to end up like them.
It's just a matter of time
before you find a reason to hate me.
Let's just save ourselves the drama.
You know what?
I enjoyed seeing Zab fight back tonight.
So you think that she was punished enough?
I mean she walked away
with a huge chunk of my dignity.
But who needs five fake friends
when I can have one loyal one? Hm?
I just don't have the heart to do it.
Will you punish her for me?
Come on.
If you really want to be my friend,
you won't let Zab get away
with what she did to me, right?
Don't tell me you've
never been a bad girl ever?
Do it for me,
Punish Zab for Mother.
Be a good girl and do it for me.
- Zab Omila affair scandal
- Benny.
Dad, please don't leave us!
I'll be back!
Let's leave already!
Let go of me!
You're bad!
Let go! Ouch!
My baby!
Let's go already!
Get your bag!
Mercy, what have you done?
Why did you do that?
You're a bad girl!
What have you done?
That's wrong!
Is something bothering you?
I'm sorry, Sean.
You were saying?
Look at this.
Zab is trending.
People can be so disgusting!
Someone uploaded her sex tape.
Poor girl.
Who the hell uploaded this?
Mercy, you said
there would be no casualties.
I didn't want to do it,
but I had to.
Just say the word.
We can fly to Bohol any time.
Is that Mother?
Are you sure
you can still stomach this?
I just need to get
evidence from Charles,
so I could put Molly behind bars.
Then we can leave.
I promise.
That explains the bad bitch
energy in this place!
Good morning.
Good morning!
Nice dupe!
Thank you!
Class A.
Charles, I was thinking.
Instead of Thea,
maybe Philo should handle
the catering for my 50th birthday.
Who else?
Be ready to be served
what you deserve!
Great! I'll see you later!
Let's go. Let's go!
Too basic!
Major yikes!
Charles! We need to rethink
the whole menu!
But Mother might get upset--
Scared of Mother, baby boy?
Alright, we're done!
Oh my God, Mother!
I know a chef
who'll be perfect for your party.
I trust you.
I leave everything to you.
You won't regret this!
I know I won't!
What? What's wrong?
Philo, are you okay?
Oh my God, Philo!
Doc, what's wrong with her?
That face...
took my breath away!
Doc, thank you so much!
Anytime, ladies!
Deconstructed Filipino cuisine
for Mother's 50th birthday!
We're meeting the chef tomorrow
along with Mother.
She has a full day tomorrow.
She didn't tell you?
She cleared her schedule for me.
What international restaurant
did you work with again?
- Mother,
- Mm-hm.
treat this as your cheat night.
I love it!
Next is my personal favorite.
This is Chef Maui's signature dish.
Silk squash ceviche
in papaya and mango wrappers.
So for dessert,
we have native beets cheesecake.
Let me know what you think.
Miss Philo.
- How was it?
- So delicious!
You like it?
It's really good.
Yes! I share the credit
with this brilliant man right here.
Great teamwork.
I'm waiting for the approval of my leave.
I promise you and my grandchild.
I'll find a way to go to New York.
I no longer need a virtual assistant.
I need someone who's in the U.S.
So I want to hire you and bring you here
as an on-ground administrative director!
I'm sorry
I can't take your offer,
but, I can recommend another
fashionista you'll surely love!
You look familiar.
Have we met before?
I don't think so.
I quit!
What do you mean you quit?
Are you forgetting that I'm the reason
why your daughter was
able to go to New York?
Then thank you!
You... motherfucker!
fuck you!
You and your crumbling company
can go to hell!
You have horrible taste!
A female CEO has a problem
and your solution is a man?
Are you paid to get ideas from the 1800s?
Do better!
Shit, that's intense!
So, who's next?
Is this what I think it is?
A secret office romance?
You naughty, naughty boy.
This is none of your business.
Then don't bring your business
into our place of business.
Cute shoes.
Just covering a crack.
I'm still saving up for a new pair.
I have an extra pair
that would look good on you.
Are you sure?
You don't have to.
From now on,
when there's a crack,
when something's wrong,
you don't have to cover it up.
They're only brave when no one's looking.
This is the passcode
to Charles' tablet.
I'm not sure what you're doing
but I want to help.
Shot! Shot! Shot!
We're out.
You're cheating.
Go get more!
I like that idea.
Good idea!
- What do you want?
- Whiskey's fine.
I like this side of you, Philo.
I like this side of you!
Fuck it.
Go, Charles!
Just me?
Drink more.
I said drink more.
Drink it!
Good boy.
You know what?
That's nothing.
Don't worry. No one checks the CCTV.
I better get... going.
Now, that's a good girl.
You fucking animal!
Stay away from me!
What happened?
That fucking pervert!
I'm gonna kill him!
Did he hurt you?
Are you okay?
May I see?
Can I see? Are you okay?
I'm so sorry this happened.
I'm here now.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come here.
He has to pay.
We have to report him.
Is that really necessary?
People are already talking about
the incidents with Zab and Gene.
If this gets out,
I'll be ruined.
What's going to happen
to the Silver Mother Mall?
What about my people?
My employees and
their families depend on me.
sacrifices need to be made...
to protect their interests.
And this is really so much bigger
than you and me,
my dear.
Is this the real Mother?
You came all the way here to beg
for your daughter's job back?
Come on!
What a fuss.
- Fine. Take this!
This is probably worth, like...
75,000 pesos.
Ma'am, please help us!
Don't go! Please!
I'm going to take everything from you.
But don't worry,
you're safe now.
Handcuffs, huh?
I always knew you were kinky, too.
Your timing's actually perfect
'cause my wife's away for a week.
we actually have the
place all to ourselves.
You don't need the
whole night to report Mother.
You're so stupid.
You think I'd betray Mother?
She'll just find a way out.
What is this?
Enough is enough.
People will see him for who he truly is!
But what about you?
Can you find a way out
if this gets leaked online?
You think Mother will protect you
once I speak up?
Me and Joenna...
and all the other women you harassed.
What the fuck, Philo?
I'm giving you a lesson in consent.
So either you go down a rapist
or a whistleblower?
What happened to you?
Why are you covered in blood?
Are you okay?
what did you do?
I know you're hiding something.
I just didn't want you to worry.
But that's exactly what you're doing.
Aren't you scared?
This is dangerous.
They're scared, too.
Who knew they get scared, too?
Fuck you!
I'm giving you a choice.
Decide now, Charles.
I said fucking decide now!
You won't decide?
I'll send everything to your wife then.
Philo, please.
I swear, first thing tomorrow,
I'm going to report Mother.
Just admit it.
You're all the same.
You all
asked for it.
Are you done?
The problem with men like you
is you use that to think.
What use is that if you don't have balls?
Do you even hear yourself, Mercy?
Do you even care
if something happens to us?
Of course I do.
I won't let anything happen to you.
I'm almost done with my plan.
You already said that.
I'm almost there.
If you keep going with this
then I'll take Lovely with me.
We're a family, right?
I thought we were a team?
Of course we are!
But it doesn't feel like it!
Lovely and I need to get away for a while.
Rich people are the worst!
Molly, a criminal!
Sis, the world is starting
to see who Molly truly is.
A politician and a businesswoman
were caught in a money-laundering scheme.
Who would've thought?
Stop the construction?
Just wreck it!
Boycott all Mother Malls!
Molly Suzara is free
after posting bail earlier today.
Everyone knows who I really am.
I'm not capable of the things
they're accusing me of.
I'd like to use this opportunity
to clear things up.
It was all Charles Monteron's doing,
and I know nothing.
I know nothing about it.
My only fault was
trusting him with my entire company.
Sis, the system is messed up!
Molly's bail was granted.
Put him in jail!
Charles is the real criminal!
Mother doesn't deserve this!
I went to your house, you were not there.
Miss Philo?
Why did you pay for Mother's party?
Anything for Mother, Alma.
Please tell her I miss her.
Let's do it.
Okay, ma'am.
Mm. A bouquet of boysenberries,
bergamot, acai, and...
star anise!
Come join me.
Mother, thank you
so much for allowing me
to treat you to this
relaxing red wine bath.
I thought you would
never return my messages.
Well, after everything
that happened to me,
I had to be careful.
Of course.
That's why when I saw you posted bail,
I knew we had to celebrate.
Aren't you the sweetest?
We should drink to that!
It's coming!
No, no.
a sip.
Go on.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Someone's thirsty!
Extra special wine
for Miss Angeles.
There you go.
Perfect timing!
Mother, this isn't my
only surprise for you.
About your 50th birthday party...
Yeah, about that.
Yeah, I heard that you
spent a fortune on my 50th,
but it isn't going ahead.
Wait, what?
Everyone will forget
all my issues over time, okay?
And I don't need a stupid party
to clear my name!
You know Philo,
you gotta chill, okay?
I mean,
isn't that why you brought me here?
So that I can relax?
So relax!
And please just bear with me.
Because after everything I've been through
I just lost my trust in everyone.
Even in me?
Even in you.
A night cap would
totally hit the spot.
Mother, are you down?
No, no. I'm going home.
I'm just going to wait for my driver.
Look, Mother.
I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry if I decided about your party.
I just wanted to use it
to show people how good you truly are.
Please, Philo!
Just stop it, okay?
God, Mother!
Oh my God, Philo!
Oh my God!
Philo! Philo! Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Philo, Philo! Help us!
Philo, please.
Please stay with us, okay?
I'm just here.
Stay with me.
My God, I'm so happy to see you awake!
You scared me, I really thought--
I'm okay.
I know you'll keep me safe.
Keep you safe?
You almost died because of me!
I did what I had to do
to protect you.
Please don't feel bad.
It's not your fault.
I got that as a reminder
that we all get
what we deserve.
And whoever did this to you
will definitely get what he deserves.
Don't worry.
I'll find the man who stabbed you.
I'll make sure he pays for what he did.
Oh no!
You might go to jail before he does.
- Don't move too much!
- Ouch!
Fucking bitch.
Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
- Okay.
Thank you.
After all this, once I'm discharged,
I can take care of myself.
I'm not letting you go.
Stay with me, my child.
You can rest in my rest house!
No one knows this but...
I lost a baby when I was eighteen.
When I found out I was pregnant
I had to...
you know.
I didn't just lose a child,
I lost...
a really, really big
part of myself that day.
Until I met you.
You're actually my second chance.
Oh my God!
What are you doing?
Are you trying to kill her?
You're fired!
Did I ask you to stand?
Now you're fired!
Then you just put in all five fingers and
pull out all of that.
Look at that.
You try it. It's very liberating.
All your fingers inside.
Oh my God, Mother!
Very good!
Are you happy?
Yes, but I will be happier
when you see my surprise for you!
Look at this.
I found the guy
who stabbed you!
You like it?
Nice, right?
Thank you, Mother.
Anything for my Philo.
Come, I'll brush your hair.
what's going to happen
to Silver Mother Mall?
You've been through so much recently.
But none of those brought you down.
And nothing ever will.
I'm always one step ahead of everyone.
Imagine that.
All that happened
when you entered my life.
I mean,
isn't your timing just perfect?
I just can't imagine my life without you.
I should be
the one thanking you.
You made me realize
how much I miss being taken care of.
I don't know what I did to deserve you!
After everything I've done.
You're the one who told me
that we're all capable of making mistakes.
We just want to be forgiven.
You've already told me
the nasty things you've done.
You can move forward.
there's something else I don't know?
You know I love you no matter what.
You're my angel.
I think that you're really
my second chance.
So there is something?
I think I need to say it.
I need to say it.
I'm here.
Let's forgive ourselves together.
I don't know where to start.
I'm so ashamed of myself.
I killed my unborn sibling.
I was young,
and hurt,
and angry.
I didn't know any better.
I regret it to this day.
That felt good.
I know how heavy that feels.
You can tell me.
I've been living with all of this guilt.
I deserve to be punished.
It's okay.
If this is about the money laundering--
I also killed someone.
It was years ago, there was this woman who
was begging
asking for a job back.
I don't even remember
exactly what happened.
It was all such a blur.
Before I knew it,
one of my trucks hit her.
Right in front of me.
I wanted to help her.
I tried...
but I couldn't.
I couldn't help her.
Because you know, I panicked.
I panicked! So I left.
I didn't mean to leave,
but I had no choice.
Oh my God.
I ordered a media blackout,
so nothing came out.
Because I don't want the
company to be affected.
I wanted to protect myself
and the company from this
huge PR nightmare.
Looking back,
if I just gave her what she wanted
then maybe things would've...
been different.
That's the guilt that I've been...
Am I a murderer?
Oh God, I'm so sorry!
I'm sorry.
Lord God!
Please forgive me.
Forgive me, I'm sorry.
God, please!
I'm sorry, God.
Please forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry!
Forgive me, God!
Please, Lord!
Forgive me.
Thank you for trusting me.
Thank you for making me feel
like a real mother.
You are my mother.
I'll see you tomorrow, yes?
- Of course!
- Okay.
I just have to run an errand.
Please hurry!
I don't wanna celebrate my birthday alone.
Thank you for everything.
Of course.
There's a car waiting for you outside.
You got me worried, Mercy!
Now you tell me
you paid a guy to stab you
so Molly would adopt you?
But I'm okay!
That guy was so stupid!
That was a deep cut!
But, hey.
We're finally putting Molly behind bars.
We're finally getting justice for mom.
But this is the last, okay?
Then we're done?
Yes, I promise.
Are you two done fighting?
We missed you, Auntie Mom!
Come here!
I missed you!
You two rascals.
Always giving me headaches!
Good thing my clothes fit you.
Jocelyn is your mother?
I thought...
she miscarried?
Because of what I did.
Mom and Dad did mention that.
But they aren't angry with you.
To be honest,
I'm the one who should be ashamed
for wrecking your family.
No, it was my fault.
You have nothing to be ashamed about.
What matters is you're here now.
Can I...
call you my big sister?
This is it. This is it!
Fuck you, Molly!
- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
- Fuck you, Molly!
- Fuck you, Molly!
- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
Bad words!
- Oh.
- It's Auntie Mom.
- Sorry, Lovely.
- Sorry, dear.
- So cool!
- Rigel.
Not in front of Lovely.
Mom was right.
Do you remember what she said?
As long as I'm a good person,
the world will be good to me too.
Whoo. I waited for this all my life.
This is it!
The world is finally doing me good.
I missed this side of you, Mercy!
First thing tomorrow,
I'll bring the recording to the police.
Wait for me here.
When I get back, we're leaving.
We can finally start anew.
We can live in our house in Bohol.
It's not that big though.
But it's quiet,
so it's perfect for your job.
And it has one hell of a view!
I don't care if it's small.
As long as I'm with you and Lovely
I'll be happy.
Rigel's staying with us for a week.
Do what you have to do tomorrow,
but for now, take a shot!
Fuck you, Molly!
Fuck you!
Fuck you, Molly!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
I ordered a media blackout
so nothing would get out.
'Cause you know
I don't want this to affect my company
and I wanted to protect...
Molly Suzara just confessed to a crime.
Help me open my mom's case again.
Molly Suzara?
Are you sure about that?
How did you even get this recording?
this is obstruction of justice.
Don't tell me how to do my job.
Answer my question.
How did you get this?
Sir, didn't you hear me?
A criminal just confessed.
Don't be annoying!
I'll be blunt with you.
If this is an ill-gotten
admission of guilt,
then it's inadmissible in court.
So if I were you,
I would just forget about this.
You have no real evidence.
And you could get sued
for illegally obtaining this recording.
Just post it on social media.
Mercy, our house caught fire!
What happened?
Where are you?
Are you hurt? Is Lovely okay?
I'm at the hospital, I'm okay.
But Lovely, she's...
What happened to Lovely?
She was in the kitchen
when the gas tank exploded.
I ran and dragged her
away from the kitchen.
Where's Rigel?
I don't know.
I don't know!
They still haven't found her.
Lovely needs to get an operation.
But when they found out I have no money,
they wouldn't book her an operating room.
I don't know who else to turn to, Mercy!
Lovely needs that money badly!
The money's all gone.
Sorry, I spent it all on Molly.
I can't lose my daughter!
I'm begging you! Please help us!
I can't lose my baby!
Oh, Philo!
What happened?
Why do you look like a mess?
Mother, I need your help.
Of course, my child.
But before anything else,
we need to get you ready for my party!
You look terrible.
It's for Lovely.
Your friend's daughter?
Tell me what happened.
Our house caught fire.
And Lovely got hurt.
She needs surgery, or else--
She'll die.
I need money.
Oh, but what happened
to all of your money?
It's all gone.
I spent it all on your party.
I need money!
Please help me!
Yes, yes, I'll help you.
I will help you, okay?
Mother provides, remember?
Come in.
Maybe this one?
All done.
Can I see that beautiful smile?
There you go.
There's my girl!
Come on, I made us a hearty meal!
Philo, what is it with this energy?
You know I'd help you in a heartbeat.
It's just that my
bank accounts are still frozen.
What if we sell this?
Ah, I don't know about that.
I mean,
that one's special.
You gave it to me.
Mother, please.
You know,
this is my friend when I feel lonely.
They're a collection for a reason!
Especially this one.
Why do you think I sleep
next to it every night?
Did you think I was praying to it?
Oh my God.
Did you honestly think that
this is a deity?
Oh my God.
That stupid curator!
She just sees these random artifacts
and gives them names
so she could sell them faster.
But you know how much I love you.
And maybe...
yeah, maybe I can...
let this go.
If Lovely really needs that money.
Because at this point
you're obviously willing to do
Good job, baby girl.
I deposited the payment
to your bank account.
Thank you so much, Rigel,
for that explosive performance!
Thank you, Mother.
Well, that was fun!
Philo with an H.
Or should I call you...
Mercy, Mercy.
Which one is it really?
Can you believe it? It's my birthday,
but you're the one who got surprised.
But in fairness to you,
you had me fooled.
For a while.
you made Charles betray me.
That's when I started
digging dirt on everyone
and guess who I found?
Mercedes Novela.
Fuck you, Molly.
That's more like it!
Now I get to finally see the real you!
Did you really think you could destroy me?
I know all your dirt.
My God,
you poor people.
You're all poor
and will stay poor forever
because you're all so simpleminded.
So gullible.
So easy to fool!
You really think you can
put me behind bars?
Who the fuck are you?
You're just a roach.
You're all roaches!
What do you even want from me?
You want me to apologize?
I'm sorry!
What I want...
is for you to pay for
everything you've done.
Justice is expensive, my dear.
And poor people like you
just can't afford it.
I mean,
look at what happened to your mom.
You bitch!
Please don't.
Not my mom!
Please. Please.
No. No.
Have mercy.
Please don't!
I'm begging you!
I'm begging you!
I'm begging you.
Please end my suffering with this old hag.
You actually did me a favor.
I was just...
keeping this heartless woman alive
to gloat.
We're good now.
We're good now.
An eye for an eye.
A mother for a mother.
Let's make up.
You can't leave me now.
If not,
you'll rot in jail
for murder.
You're evil.
You think you're an angel?
You can't escape this, Philo!
It's bad to hurt others, right?
To lie?
To steal?
To kill?
And you've done all those!
But I understand you.
The world was unfair to you. Just like me.
Just like many others.
Face it!
There are no good people.
You belong with me.
You're exactly like me.
Yes! Yes!
Do it!
Do it!
Finish it!
Do what Mother would do.
Just do it!
your mother...
You think...
You think by saving my life
you're going to be a good person?
Only a fool would believe that
there's still goodness in this world!
You're right.
I'm not a good person.
There are no good people.
Only people who want to be better.
Oh, Philo.
You think you're better than Mother?
I'll try to be.
Because I'm no longer afraid
to own up to my mistakes.
That's what makes us different.
I'm Mercy.
You are not my mother.
And I'll never be like you.
Before you know it,
I'll get all my money back,
all my friends,
and all the things
you thought you took away from me.
I am Mother!
God heard us!
We found a different hospital.
Lovely is stable now.
Everything will be okay.
Look, mom! I'm a doctor.
I will take care of you when you're sick.
- Looks good on you.
- Take a deep breath.
Wow, my daughter
is a policewoman!
- I'm a policewoman.
- You're a policewoman now.
I'll protect you from bad people.
How nice!
My beautiful angel!
Remember this.
One day, you'll get
everything you wish for.
As long as you're a good girl.
Thank you for my costume, Mom.
You're welcome.
I love you.
I love you too.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a very good girl.