A Very Unlucky Leprechaun (1998) Movie Script

(light Celtic music)
- Hey, cheer up.
It's not going to be as bad as you think.
- It's probably going to be worse.
- Oh, you're gonna love Ireland.
- I love Chicago.
Why did we have to move?
- Come on, Molly, we've been through this.
Uncle Shaun died and left us his house,
and when the bank foreclosed on ours...
Don't worry, Molly.
This next book is a surefire best-seller.
It's gonna make us rich beyond our wildest dreams.
- Really, what's it called?
- Well, it's called Fun With Floor Tiles,
but it's gonna be really good.
- We'll never get enough money to move back home.
- Listen, Molly, Greenglen's our home now.
- What's wrong?
- Something ran across the road.
- Did you see what it is?
- No, it was moving too fast.
You stay in the car.
(light instrumental music)
- Dad!
- Molly, get back in the car!
- But I found something.
- I don't believe it.
Whoever put in this sign didn't use cement as a base.
- What?
- See, if they had just read my book You Can't Beat Concrete
then this sign never would have fallen over.
- Dad, this sign didn't just fall down.
It was knocked down by a leprechaun!
- What are you talking about?
- Read it.
- It says slow down, leprechaun crossing.
- Can we look for him?
(light harp music)
- Oh, that must be them now.
- Well, I'll tell you one thing is for certain,
this house will never make the cover
of Better Homes and Gardens.
- Don't be criticizing the garden before you've seen it!
- What about after we see it?
- Well then you can criticize it all you want.
It's a mess!
- You're funny.
- I know, but your looks aren't everything.
- I'm Howard Wilson.
- Mulligan's the name.
Patrick Mulligan at your service.
- This is my daughter, Molly.
- [Patrick] So you must be the new lady of the manor.
- I guess so.
- In that case, let me present you with...
A rose!
- What happened to it?
- Well it looks like a pest that I know
ate it for his breakfast.
And if ever I get my hands on ya,
I'll squash ya like a bug, do you hear me now!
- Can we go inside now?
- Well of course ya, Miss Molly.
Follow me, come on now.
Won't take a minute.
That's it.
And welcome to Fortune Manor.
Or Misfortune Manor, as they might say.
- Ew!
Why is it called Misfortune Manor?
- It's called Misfortune Manor
because the house is cursed.
Everyone who lives here, everybody, has bad luck.
- [Howard] That's ridiculous.
- [Patrick] Ask your uncle if you don't believe me.
- My uncle happens to be dead.
- See, what did I tell ya?
Bad luck!
- He lived to be 94.
- Struck down in the prime of life.
- Our old house was not cursed.
- Honey, neither is this one,
except maybe for some insects in the garden.
- What makes you think the garden's infested?
- Well, you said something about little pests.
- Oh yes.
But it's only one.
And it's not an insect.
- Hmm?
- What is it then?
- A leprechaun.
- See Dad, the sign wasn't a joke.
- No, he's just kidding Molly.
Aren't you, Mr. Mulligan?
- I'm afraid not.
The little monster's gobbling up me garden
like it was a chef salad.
Will you look!
- He sure seems to like roses.
- Oh yes, he does.
But what he really craves are four-leaf clovers.
- Why?
- They're magical.
And even just one will make a leprechaun lucky
for a hundred years.
He lives in the wishin' well in the courtyard.
- Is that it over there?
- That's it over there now.
- How does it work?
- Oh, there's nothing to it.
You just toss in a coin and make a wish.
- Dad, can I?
- No honey, we can't afford to be throwing away money.
- Not even a penny?
- Well, all right.
Let's not make a habit of it though.
- I won't.
- Mr. Mulligan...
Ever since Molly's mother died,
she's had a very difficult time facing reality.
I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't fill her head
with a lot of superstitious nonsense.
- But this is Ireland!
- Coming?
- I'll be there in a minute, Dad.
- Okay.
The garden is in very sorry shape, but...
- I wish I was home.
(coin clinking)
(coin clinking)
(magical whooshing)
- [Leprechaun] Wishes cost more than that!
- Dad, Dad!
(magical instrumental music)
- And when you hear the gentle flush,
you'll breathe a sigh of relief
knowing that everything came out all right in the end.
At least my books are good for something.
(magical whooshing)
(mischievous instrumental music)
- Hey, watch where you're goin'!
- It'll grow back.
Mr. Wilson.
- Yes.
- I'm Mayor McGreedy.
- I'm sorry, I'm not even registered to vote.
- Well, I'm not here to campaign.
I'm here to collect.
Like I say, I'm here to collect.
And I'm not talking about dust.
- I'm afraid I don't understand.
- I'm interested in property taxes.
I was in the process of foreclosing on your uncle
when unfortunately for me, he died.
- I don't suppose it was too fortunate for him, either.
- When you inherited this house,
you inherited his debt.
- How much does it come to?
- 13 thousand pounds.
Two of which is past due,
and another thousand which is due today.
- Three thousand pounds.
That's most of my savings.
I'm beginning to believe this house is cursed after all.
- Why don't you let me take it off your hands?
- Yes!
- Why would you want to do that?
This house needs a lot of work.
- What it needs is a wrecking ball.
- Excuse me?
- I'm knocking down every local castle and manor
to make way for my plans to turn this backwater
into a major metropolis!
- You're gonna destroy the entire countryside.
- Exactly.
From now on, the only green I want to see is in my wallet.
- Not everybody can be bought, Mr. McGreedy!
- Mostly can.
Now how much do you want?
- What I want?
I want you to leave!
- Well, it is your house.
Until you miss a payment.
(children shouting)
- That's the new girl? - Yeah, I think it is.
- Hey, who's the new kid?
- She lives in Misfortune Manor.
- Not for long.
Dad's gonna foreclose on it.
- What do you say we foreclose on her lunch?
- Yeah!
- Hey, that's mine!
- Not anymore it's not!
- Give it back!
- Why should we?
- Because it doesn't belong to you.
- Everything in this town belongs to us.
Our dad's the mayor!
- And he's gonna take your house!
- So you guys just like taking things?
- I do. - Me too!
- Well then take this!
(spirited Celtic music)
- Where's she going? - Out of the way!
- What the devil is going on here?
- Who are you?
- Principal O'Boyle.
And I'm waiting for an explanation!
- Well, those two boys are chasing me.
- The McGreedy boys?
Why, they wouldn't hurt a fly.
- You're right, they'd kill it!
- I don't tolerate troublemakers in my school.
Ever since Mayor McGreedy's wife died tragically
of food poisoning from her own pot roast...
I've practically replaced her as a mother to Erik and Derek.
- You have?
- And I will.
Just as soon as their father proposes.
I may be too much woman for him.
- Or for anyone else.
- That comment is going to cost you.
- Ow!
- I have a little job that's just perfect for you.
- Ah, Miss Molly.
Did school finish early?
- I got in trouble.
My dad had to come pick me up.
Now I have to help in the garden.
- Well I can do with all the help I can get.
Especially with that hungry little leprechaun.
- Have you ever tried to catch him?
- Oh sure, when I was your age I used to try all the time.
That crock o' gold was very important to me, ya know.
But sure, that's only an old man's dream.
- If I got the crock o' gold, I'd buy my old house back.
- Are ya not happy here, Miss Molly?
Anyway, I'd never be able to catch him.
He's much too fast for these slow legs.
- My legs are pretty fast.
- Well then why don't you exercise them
by taking that bag of leaves
over to the other bag in the garden.
- Sure, Mr. Mulligan.
- And I'll improve the, ah...
Circulation of my legs.
That's much better.
- Hmm...
What's all that stuff?
Ew, bugs!
(mysterious instrumental music)
Hey, a go-kart!
- [Leprechaun] Cool!
- Who's there? - Who's there?
- Stop saying everything I say!
- [Leprechaun] Stop saying everything I say!
- Stop it! - Stop it!
(bright Celtic music)
- Hey, come back, come back!
Where'd he go?
(magical whooshing)
You've gotta be around here somewhere.
- Looking for me?
Wait a minute!
You're supposed to be chasing me!
- I am supposed to be chasing you.
(gasping) (screaming)
Get back here!
Got you now!
- [Leprechaun] Oof, oof, watch the stones!
- Sorry.
- [Leprechaun] Where are ya taking me anyway?
- Home, I wanna show you to my dad.
- [Leprechaun] Don't bother.
He won't be able to see me.
- Why not?
- [Leprechaun] Because he doesn't have enough imagination.
- How do I know you're telling me the truth?
- [Leprechaun] Well one rule of being a leprechaun
is that I can't lie.
Now how about letting me out of here?
Being in this sack is a real drag.
Do you get it?
A real drag!
- What about your pot of gold?
- It's you're pot o' gold now,
but I can't give it to ya until you let me out.
- Okay, but this better not be a trick.
- Oh, no.
Oh dear, look at the state of me.
- Mulligan told me you leprechauns
make up tricks to escape.
But I'm not taking any chances.
Now, the pot o' gold.
- Oh, sure.
It's just in there, in the old pig pens.
Left, right.
Left, right.
- Hurry it up, I don't have all day!
Where is it?
- Oh, all right.
It's over there.
Under the rocks.
Look, look!
- Gold, precious gold!
I'm rich!
We're rich!
Wait until Dad sees the gold!
Dad, we're rich!
- Is there anyone there?
Can you hear me?
Oh my God!
Please be okay!
- [Molly] The gold!
The leprechaun!
- Miss Connor.
Thank you very much for all you've done for Molly.
- How is she?
- Oh, she's fine,
other than a little bump on her head.
- Well, that explains her seeing the leprechaun.
- Well, actually, no it doesn't.
You see, Molly has a bit of an overactive imagination.
- You don't seem to approve.
- I guess, you know, I'm just too practical for fairy tales.
Which is probably why I write how-to books.
- Wait a minute, you're that Howard?
Howard Wilson?
How-To Howard?
- You've heard of me?
- Are you kidding?
I read all your books!
- So you're the one.
- It's always been a dream of mine to decorate a castle
or a house like this.
- Yeah.
- Problem is, there aren't too many left around here.
- I sure wish I could afford to hire you.
- Well, you can.
What I mean is I would decorate this place for free
if I could show it afterwards.
- Are you kidding?
- No, not at all!
I can do incredible things with this house.
- Great!
When can you start?
- Mind if I pop in?
- Dad, it's the leprechaun!
- Don't waste your breath.
As I told ya before, he won't be able to see me.
- How do I know you're telling me the truth?
- Well, didn't I tell ya?
Leprechauns can't lie!
See, it's right here.
Subsection C, paragraph two.
- Gee, I didn't know being a leprechaun was so complicated.
- Oh, you don't know the half of it!
Now, I'll have to ask you to sign a form.
- What's it say?
- Well, it releases me of all responsibility
for any past, present, or future injuries
that you might incur while trying to obtain me pot of gold.
- But if it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't have this bump on my head.
- That wasn't my fault.
It was just--
- What?
- Bad luck.
- You're probably right.
I've never been lucky before.
- Really?
Well, I'm lucky all the time.
- That's because you're a leprechaun.
- No, I mean that's me name, Lucky!
Lucky Cloverleaf the fourth.
- Hi, I'm Molly!
(magical whooshing)
- You almost had me there!
- I was just trying to shake your hand.
- Oh.
Won't you try to catch me?
- You sound disappointed.
- Well I am.
- You mean you wanted me to catch you?
- It's the only way I'll get to the land o' leprechauns.
- The what?
- The land o' leprechauns.
It's a magical place at the other end of the rainbow.
- I didn't know that.
- Well now you do.
I've an idea.
Right, I'll count to three,
and then you try and grab me.
One, two, three!
- Got you!
- Why did you wait until three?
- 'Cause you told me to.
- You can't listen to me if you want to catch me.
Now try it again, except this time,
surprise me by going on two!
You ready?
- Ready.
- One...
(magical whooshing)
- Let me guess, I was supposed to go on one.
- Now you're catching on!
- But I'm not catching you.
- Try again.
You ready?
(magical whooshing)
That's gotta hurt!
- I give up.
- Then I'll never get to the land o' leprechauns.
- Maybe Mr. Mulligan will catch you.
- Mulligan?
He couldn't catch a cold.
Come on, you almost had me last time.
- Almost only counts when you're playing horseshoes.
- Hmm...
That gives me an idea!
- Whoa!
- Do you know what you need?
You need a lucky charm!
- Do you really think it will help?
- Couldn't hurt.
- Where will I get one?
- From a leprechaun, of course.
- Are you sure the other kids can't see you?
- [Lucky] I'm positive.
- What's she doing?
- Who is she talking to? - I don't know.
- Looks like she's talking to her lunch.
- Before you moved here,
I tried to get each and every one of them to catch me.
But they had so many real friends,
they didn't need an imaginary one.
- I guess it's a good thing that I'm unpopular.
- Now let's see what I got in my bag o' tricks, eh?
Lucky sevens.
A rabbit's foot!
Doing, doing...
- Ew, yuck.
- A dream catcher.
- Let's get her.
Come on.
- Bring your food.
- Yeah, I've got mine. - Yeah, yeah.
- How many lucky charms do you have in there?
- Oh, squillions of them!
You see, the trick is finding the one that works for you.
- I need salt.
- Salt.
That's a great idea.
Don't waste it! - What?
- Well, that's lucky salt!
Or at least it will be once you throw it over your shoulder.
- [Molly] Really?
- Trust me.
- I guess it's worth a try.
Here goes nothing.
- Why you little...
- I'm sorry, it was an accident.
- Yeah, take it with a pinch of salt.
- I can cause accidents too!
- Idiot!
(upbeat Celtic music)
- Food fight!
- I'm gonna get you Molly!
- Principal O'Boyle!
- I could have guessed it would be you causing trouble.
- Molly, Molly!
Come on up, that's it.
Round the side there, come on.
(light harp music)
Molly, are ya there?
Oh that's it, there ya are.
Come along.
That's it, nearly there.
- Whoa!
What is this place?
- Welcome to my hideout.
What do you think?
It needs a little work,
but it's pretty nice.
Boy, does that principal have it in for ya!
- Tell me about it.
My dad's gonna go nuts when he hears I got suspended.
- But with a little luck, he'll never know.
- What do you have in mind?
- Another charm.
A magic candle.
A fish!
How about a six-legged starfish?
- Six legs?
- Here it is.
Come along.
One lucky starfish!
The extra leg is what makes it lucky.
- So what do I have to do?
- Well, just give it a rub.
- Whatcha doin'?
- I was just rubbing your leg.
- It's a tentacle, stupid!
- Now listen here, fishy face.
- Look who's talking, you big, fat, silly pixie!
- Right, that does it!
You're going back in the pack!
- No!
I'm not going into your stinky bag,
and your magic dust makes me sneeze!
- Please Mr. Starfish, can I rub just one of your legs?
I mean, tentacles?
- No way!
I'm using all of them!
- For what?
- To run away from that boy!
(upbeat Celtic music)
- Where ya at, you fishy pesk?
- Wait for me!
Catch him! - Come back!
- Time is money, and I'm not paying you to stand around!
And what are these doing?
- [Foreman] They're having their lunch, mister.
- Wait for me, Lucky!
- They're waiting for the cement to dry.
- Well, can they not blow on it or something?
- Ah, come on lads!
You can blow harder than that!
Come on now.
- What are ya playing at?
- Sorry!
- Boss, are you all right?
- My arm!
- Your arm, is it broken?
Speak to me, boss!
- This belongs to you.
You'll be getting the dry cleaning bill tomorrow.
- Okay...
- So scary.
- No peeking!
Come on.
Keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open.
Okay, right there.
Open your eyes.
What do you think?
- I feel like I'm in the wrong house!
Look at those drapes!
All this furniture...
Where did you get all this stuff?
- Most of it was already here.
I just cleaned and polished things up a little,
added some new fabric, a little color here.
Do you like it?
- I love it, this is great!
- You sure?
- Yeah!
Would you like to stay for supper tonight?
You could get some great ideas,
and I make a mean lasagna, if I do say so myself.
Would you?
- Yeah, I'd love to.
- Good.
(owl hooting)
- I gotta work on my landings.
- [Molly] Are you okay?
- I'm all right.
What about you?
Did your dad punish you?
- He sent me to bed without supper.
Probably so he can have a romantic dinner with Sharon.
I wish she would just get out of here and leave us alone.
- Oh, she's all right.
Speaking of wishes, I brought you something.
- A star?
- Just hold it up in front of your face.
- Now what?
- Watch!
I think I made a mistake.
- A mistake?
- That's no lucky star!
- What is it?
- It's a shooting star!
Oh no! - Come on!
- [Molly] It's gonna trash everything up!
- Quick, quick!
Do something, Molly!
- We have to let it out!
Grab it!
Oh no! - Go!
- Quick!
- Nice catch. - That was close.
(magical whooshing)
- The window! - Oh no!
- [Molly] Where is it going?
- Oh no. - This place is wrecked.
- Oh dear.
- We're in trouble this time.
- Yah!
What is--
I don't believe it!
Look at this room!
What is going on here?
- It wasn't my fault!
- Wait, don't tell me.
It was some leprechaun again, okay?
- It wasn't the leprechaun.
- Good, now we're getting somewhere!
- It was the shooting star.
- All right.
All right.
That does it.
- Oops.
- What are you doing?
- I'm getting rid of leprechauns,
I'm getting rid of shooting stars.
I'm getting rid of all your fairy tales.
- But Dad!
- Only books I want you reading from now on
are your school books, do you understand?
I asked you a question, young lady.
- I understand.
- Good.
I'm glad one of us does.
- Lucky!
These petals must lead to Lucky.
(alarm ringing)
- Yes, yes!
Oh, ya little monster,
I finally got you!
- [Molly] Help!
- Oh God.
Oh my, oh no!
Miss Molly, is it yourself?
Are ya all right, dovie?
There ya go now, push out, that's it.
Miss Molly, what were ya doing around here?
- I'm looking for the leprechaun.
- Well if you find him now, will you give him a message?
Because I happen to know that your little leprechaun
hasn't eaten a four-leaf clover in a hundred years!
- So...
- So that mean's you're not the one who's out of luck!
Oh no, he is!
Now, I get on with it,
otherwise I'll be in serious trouble.
- So I'm not the one who ran out of luck.
Look, a four-leaf clover!
- Ooh, where is it?
Where, where?
- Right here, see?
- I've been looking for one of those all night long.
- From what I understand,
you've been looking a lot longer than all night.
- And what's that supposed to mean?
- You haven't eaten a four-leaf clover
in over a hundred years!
You're the reason that the Misfortune Manor's cursed.
- Shh!
Not so loud, someone might hear ya!
I don't believe you said that.
- Just admit it, you're a very unlucky leprechaun!
- But I won't be once I eat that clover.
Which reminds me, it's dinner time.
(magical whooshing)
- Oui, misseur?
- Ah, table for two, please.
- Certainly, misseur.
If you would like to follow me...
- Ladies first.
(light harp music)
What do you think?
- This place is amazing!
- Very nice.
Thank you.
- I shall be back within a moment to take your order.
- Is that service or what?
- Lucky, I have something to tell you.
- I hear the four-leaf clover here is excellent.
- There is no four-leaf clover.
- I know it's not on the menu.
- I made it all up.
This is a three-leaf with a tear in it.
- Take five!
You lied to me!
- Maybe 'cause you lied to me first.
- When?
- When you said you'd bring me luck.
- I didn't lie, I did bring you luck!
- But all of it was bad.
- A minor technicality.
- You got me into a lot of trouble.
My life's a complete mess,
and it's all because of you and your unlucky charms.
- All right, I admit it!
Everything you say is true!
As a leprechaun, I'm a loser!
- I never said that.
- You might as well have.
The only thing lucky about me is me name.
- Please don't cry.
- The way things are going,
I'll never get to the land o' leprechauns!
- Yes you will, and I'll help you.
- You're almost as unlucky as I am!
- Then we'll both just have to do something
to change our luck.
- Like what?
- Like find a four-leaf clover.
Now blow.
(blowing nose)
- Do you see anything? - Only some earthworms.
- Where?
- How about you?
- No luck.
The story of my life.
- There's gotta be a four-leaf clover around here somewhere.
Keep looking!
- Right.
Do you hear something?
- It sounds like...
A bulldozer!
- What makes you think that bull is dozing?
- Run! - Run!
- [Lucky] Head for the hideout!
- [Molly] We still didn't find the four-leaf clover.
- And they won't help us.
- Who?
The McGreedy brothers?
- Their go-karts rip up every park
and playground in Greenglen.
- Like father, like son.
- I don't know why they'd even bother to practice.
They win every year anyway.
- Win what?
- The race for riches.
The first prize is five thousand pounds!
I'll go check.
I think it's safe, come on.
- What about the four-leaf clover?
- One has a better chance of growing in your bedroom
than it does up here.
- Hmm...
- Why are you looking at me like that?
- You just gave me an idea.
(light harp music)
- Do you really think this will work?
- Mr. Mulligan thinks so.
He says that four-leaf clovers grow best in the moonlight.
And since the moonlight shines right through my windows...
- Well, how long will it take?
- Mmm...
About one week per leaf.
- Well, that's the whole month.
You could lose this house by then.
- Mr. Mulligan says if you play music for it,
it'll grow even faster.
- Really?
Well then, let there be music.
Hang on, I've an even better idea!
May I have this dance, my lady?
- Why certainly, kind sir.
- Maestro.
(light flute music)
- [Molly] You're crazy, Lucky.
- Ready?
- If only I could win that race.
- But where will you get a go-kart?
- You've got to be joking.
- You don't think we could fix it up?
- We?
- I don't know anything about go-karts.
- Well, neither do I!
Except for the fact that it needs some go.
But your any go on this one's already gone.
- That mean you won't help me?
- It means I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to begin.
But I tell ya know, I know who'd.
- Who?
- Your dad.
Isn't he known as How-To Howard?
- He's too busy with Sharon.
He doesn't have any time to spend with me.
- I bet he'd make the time if you were to ask him.
- I don't think so.
- Go on and ask him now.
- Howard, I can't read if you're watching me.
- I'm sorry, I'm just anxious to hear what you think.
- Well, it's not as good as your other books.
- I was afraid of that.
- It's even better.
- Dad!
- Molly, don't interrupt!
Do you really think so?
- There's no doubt about it.
Fun With Floor Tiles is the best book you've ever written.
- Dad!
- Molly, don't interrupt!
Now what about the chapter on linoleum?
- What about it?
- I'm just worried that maybe it's too controversial.
- No, no!
That's what makes it such a page-turner.
- Dad!
- Yes, Molly, what is it?
- I was thinking about fixing up my go-kart,
but I don't know what kind of motor it has.
I was wondering if you did?
- Are you kidding?
I wrote the book on the subject!
- Do you think you can help me?
- I know I can.
Matter of fact...
Here it is.
- Making The Most Of Your Motor.
- That's it, now you run on.
It'll give you step-by-step directions.
- Gee, thanks.
- Howard, Molly wanted your help.
- I know, that's why I gave her the book.
- I don't think that's what she had in mind--
- Can we talk about this when I get back?
I'm gonna mail this manuscript
while the post office is still open--
- Yeah, I know, but--
- If my publisher likes this half as much as you do,
I can pay off Mayor McGreedy with the advance!
- Yeah, Howard, that's great, but...
- Chapter one.
The first thing you have to do
is get your engine cleaned up.
(upbeat Celtic music)
- Here I go!
I got it going, Mr. Mulligan!
- Watch out!
- Sorry!
- Watch where you're going! - What the...
- Yes!
- Where'd she get that piece of trash?
- Probably the dump.
- So you did find that at a dump.
- I built it at my house.
I'm the one who fixed it up.
- But you didn't even take the rust off!
- That's 'cause the rust
is the only thing holding it together!
- You guys won't be laughing when I win the race.
- What makes you think you can win with this pile of junk?
- My time.
- Hey, that's a cool stopwatch.
Can we borrow it?
- Get your own. - Good idea.
- Give it back!
Give it back! - Come and get it!
- Give it back, jerk!
(upbeat Celtic music)
- Snipped the brake wire.
She won't be stopping in a hurry.
I can't stop!
- I'm outta here!
- Get out of the way!
- Are you sure there's nothing I can do?
- Everything is under control.
- [Molly] Help!
- You know, you could call Molly in to get washed up.
I think she's still fooling around with that go-kart.
- Okay.
- Thanks. - Sure.
(upbeat Celtic music)
- Molly!
- Get out of the way!
I can't stop!
I can't stop!
- Sharon!
Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
I'll just go in and clean myself off.
- [Howard] I'll deal with you later.
- Stupid book!
I hate it!
- You know, I have written how-to books
on just about every subject under the sun.
From patching leaky roofs to installing air conditioners.
And the one thing that I don't know how to
is communicate with my daughter.
Somebody ought to write a book about that.
- It would probably make millions.
- Thing is, I can't punish her.
I mean, yeah, I can send her to bed without her supper
or I take away her fairy tales, but...
There's nothing compared to what Molly's been through
in the last 18 months.
She lost her mother.
And her home, all her friends.
What's she got left to lose?
- Her father.
- What?
- You've been so busy with your book and the house,
and well, with me.
Howard, you need to make time just for Molly.
- Would you like some?
You must learn to loosen up.
- [Howard] Molly?
- Seeya, wouldn't want to be ya!
We need to have a little talk.
- Is it okay if I go first?
- Sure.
- I wasn't trying to run Sharon over, it was an accident.
The brakes just went out.
I don't know how or why.
I tried to follow the instructions in your book, but--
- That book looks like it's missing a couple of chapters.
- It was Lucky.
- What?
- I mean, it was lucky no one got hurt.
- But somebody could've gotten hurt,
which is why I have to make sure what happened today
never happens again.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna take this thing apart.
- I knew it.
- And we are gonna put it back together again.
- But what about the missing chapters?
- You don't need some old book to help you,
you got your old dad!
(bright guitar music)
Okay, now...
We're gonna push this thing back inside there,
and then we'll get my toolkit,
and we'll go to work.
Grab the wheel there.
(engine revving)
All right, whoa!
- Dad, it's great!
- It's good, huh? - Yeah!
- Now we're cooking.
- Yes!
- All right!
Gonna give it a try?
- Yeah.
- Okay, take it out that way.
- Okay.
Look at that.
That is so great.
- You did it, Howard.
- A third leaf!
- [Howard] Molly, let's go!
The race starts in an hour!
- I'll be there in a minute, Dad!
- If you are not down here in 30 seconds,
we're gonna leave without you!
- I'm coming, I'm coming!
- You're gonna have to move faster than that
if you want to win!
- Why are you in such a rush?
- We have to register the go-kart.
- But I haven't thought of a name for it yet.
- Come on, come on.
We'll think of something.
We were talking about a name for your racecar...
How about...
- The Rainbow Racer!
(light guitar music)
- Sharon painted that for you as a surprise.
- Thanks, Sharon.
- You're welcome, Molly.
And we also have the helmet.
- This is so cool thanks!
- You're gonna be the coolest kid at the race.
- Okay, we better get going!
Don't want the race to start without us.
- Give it a push, there we go.
- Come on over here. - Coming.
- Let's go see the cars. - I wanna see the red one.
- Let's get some drinks. - I want candy floss.
- Look at that piece of trash!
- [Derek] How can she expect to win with that?
I mean, look at it!
- She has no hope.
- No way!
- Okay here we go, one candy floss.
Here we are, that's cold now,
here we are, here we go, take that now.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the annual Race for Riches
where a first-place finish means a win for my boy!
I mean, where some lucky driver
will win five thousand pounds.
Now, this year's course-- - Sure could use that money.
- Will bring us down to the park, down to the woods,
then down to Lookout Lane,
and then back here to the finish.
Okay drivers, start your engines.
- You don't stand a chance, Molly.
- We'll see you at the finish line!
- We'll see.
- [Mayor] On your marks, get set...
- Go on Molly, you can catch them!
- [Mayor] That's the last time you're coming out with me.
- Please, I got carried away.
Standing so close to you, snookums!
- I told you never to call me that!
- She'll be okay now.
Let's go see if we can see her, come on!
(upbeat Celtic music)
There she is!
- Watch out Derek!
She's trying to get around you!
- Yay!
- What do you say we run some of these losers off the road?
- Patience, bro.
We do it at the forest section.
Here's the perfect place, there's no one around.
Let's get them!
- Let me pass, McGreedy.
- [Derek] Where do you think you're going, redhead?
- Get out of the way, you cheat!
- You're going for a wash!
- Oh no!
- That one's closing down on you.
- I see him.
I'll take care of him.
Where do you think you're going, bluey!
- Oh no!
- Pit stopped!
Just Molly and the green machine.
- [Erik] He's breathing down your neck!
- Not for long!
(glass shattering)
- Look what you've done!
- McGreedy's wrecked it!
- Hey, the green one, did you get him?
- He's way long gone.
- I'm gonna catch them McGreedys.
- Three down, one to go.
- Leave her to me, bro.
This is gonna be so much fun!
That's everyone gone!
- Oh no!
- That was so easy!
(engine revving)
- I need more power!
- How about some leprechaun power?
- Lucky, your magic doesn't work.
- Oh come on, let me use some magic, please!
What do you want me to do?
- Take off!
- Your wish is my command!
- What's happening?
Help me!
- Hi Molly!
- Lucky!
This is cool!
(magical whooshing)
- Look down there, it's just ahead!
- Full speed ahead!
- Come on, off to the finish line Erik!
- Look Lucky, the McGreedy brothers!
- Keep going Molly, you can catch 'em!
- Lucky, how do I get this down?
- [Lucky] I'm getting off, see you on the ground!
- Lucky!
- And I thought my landings were bad.
- Dad'll be delighted!
Let's get the money!
- Where did she come from!
Stop her, stop her!
- She's beating us!
Oh no!
Stop her!
She's won it!
- I won!
- Molly, I'm so proud of you!
- Go and collect your prize!
- Ladies and gentlemen,
it gives me great pride and pleasure...
Not really.
To present the first prize, a check...
Five thousand pounds to the winner of the race for riches.
Miss Molly Wilson.
- Objection, objection!
Molly Wilson must be disqualified!
- What?
- A, she received assistance at the start of the race,
which is against all the rules,
and B, no one saw her at Lookout Lane,
which means she obviously cheated.
- In light of this new information,
Molly Wilson is hereby disqualified.
- What?
- The first place instead going to my two boys,
a tie for first.
- I didn't cheat.
- Then how'd you get to the finish line?
- Lucky made my go-kart fly.
- Molly, it's only gonna make matters worse if you lie.
- I'm not lying.
If Mom were here, she'd believe me.
- Howard, maybe she was driving so fast
it felt like she was flying.
- I don't need you to stick up for me.
- Molly...
- You're not my mother just because you painted my go-kart.
- No, you're right, Molly.
Painting your go-kart doesn't make Sharon your mom.
But marrying me does make her your step mom.
- What?
- I was gonna wait for a better time to tell you this,
but I have asked Sharon to marry me, and she said yes.
- You mean she's moving in with us?
- Well...
Actually no, we're probably gonna move in with her,
because unless I sell my book,
we have to be out of this house by the end of the week.
- Is that the only reason you're marrying her?
- No, Molly.
I'm marrying Sharon because I love her.
- No you don't!
You don't, you don't, you don't!
- Ow!
Hey, what's the big idea?
- My dad and Sharon are getting married!
- So?
Is that a real reason to drop a pot on my head?
- Ever since she started helping me,
everything's gone wrong.
So from now on, you're gonna help them instead!
I want you to use your unlucky charms to stop the wedding!
- I can't do that, Molly!
- Why not?
- It's the third rule of being a leprechaun.
I can't bring a good person bad luck on purpose.
- I can't believe this!
- Believe it, Molly.
Rule number one, leprechauns always tell the truth.
- The truth is I'm sick of your rules,
I'm sick of your bag of tricks.
And most of all, I'm sick of you.
- Molly...
- And I don't ever want to see your face ever again!
- Do you really mean that?
- I wish you would just leave me alone and go away.
- Well, put your money where your mouth is.
- What?
- You're standing by a wishing well.
Do you really want me to go away?
- Yes, I do!
- Then throw in a penny.
- There!
(somber Celtic music)
- Take it away!
- Do you wanna take one last look inside,
make sure we got everything?
- Yeah.
Come on, Molly.
- The fourth leaf!
Lucky, Lucky!
The four-leaf grew!
(soft Celtic music)
Mr. Mulligan, Mr. Mulligan, have you seen Lucky?
- No, and I don't expect to.
I think he went and found himself another garden.
Not that it matters much anymore.
- Why not?
- I think you better go inside now and see your father.
(dramatic instrumental music)
- Dad, what's going on?
- Well, Mayor McGreedy finally got his way.
- Come on now, keep it moving.
More to the left!
Hold on a minute, hold on.
Put your backs into it!
I want this whole place leveled!
Let's get the ball rolling!
- There, Patty, I told ya!
You look great on the megaphone, boss.
- Get back to work!
- Thank you.
Howard, this just came for you.
- [Foreman] Wrecking ball's in place, boss!
- Is it from your publisher?
- Maybe this is the advance on my book.
- [Molly] What's it say?
- Dear Mr. Wilson, we regret to inform you
that Fun With Floor Tiles does not meet our needs
at the present time.
- Oh Howard, I'm sorry.
(dramatic instrumental music)
- Smash it through that middle window!
- The four-leaf clover!
- I can't bear to watch this.
- Me neither.
- Seeing your father at work
might help with your education, boys.
- This is so cool!
- Alright Molly, in you--
- Where'd she go? - Molly?
- My daughter, she went inside!
- What are ya saying to me?
- My daughter went inside!
- There's no way of getting inside that building!
- Let her rip!
- Cut the motor!
There's still a little girl inside the house!
- No!
- Getting hit on the head made the little girl
go into a very deep sleep.
When she finally opened her eyes,
the first thing she saw was her dad.
He was sitting right beside her,
and he was doing something he'd never done before,
reading her a bedtime story.
But this story wasn't meant to make the little girl sleep.
It was meant to wake her up.
- Daddy?
- Molly!
Oh honey, I was so worried about you.
- What happened to the hole in the wall?
- What hole?
- From the wrecking ball.
- Honey, there was no wrecking ball.
That was all a bedtime story.
- What bedtime story?
- Since your accident in the old pig pen a few days ago,
you've been mostly asleep in bed.
And I figured the only way to get through to you
was to read you fairy tales.
But you didn't respond to any of the old fairy tales,
so I made up a brand new one especially for you.
- What's it called?
- It's called A Very Unlucky Leprechaun.
- Can I read the story?
- Howard--
Oh, so Sleeping Beauty awakes.
- Or was it?
- Molly, I want you to meet
the very nice lady who helped you.
This is--
- Sharon?
- Well, that's right.
How'd you know?
- The same way I know you and my dad are gonna get married.
- Molly, we've only known each other a few days.
- So she's gonna redecorate the house.
- Unfortunately, I don't know if I'll get the chance.
- Why not?
- Because we still owe McGreedy 10 thousand pounds.
I can come up with another two, but after that--
- After that I'll win the Race for Riches,
and that will give you more time to sell your book.
- What can I do to help?
- Start decorating.
- What if you lose the house?
- We won't.
- How do you know?
- Let's just say I feel lucky.
Now come on, let's go.
- Okay.
(upbeat Celtic music)
- That's it.
Go Molly!
Put that against the house.
(dramatic instrumental music)
- [McGreedy] I want this whole place leveled!
- Round to the right!
- [Molly] I thought the lucky charms would work this time.
- At least you won the race.
- It wasn't enough to save the house.
- Well...
We'd better get out of here before that wrecking ball comes.
- Let's get that ball rolling.
You go there, come on, get to work!
Time is money!
- Thank you.
- You look great with a megaphone, boss.
- Get back to work!
- Howard, this just came for you.
It's from your publisher.
- Could be the advance on my book!
- What's it say?
- Dear Mr. Wilson, we regret to inform you
that Fun With Floor Tiles does not meet our needs
at the present time.
- Send it through that middle window.
- I can't bear to watch.
- However, we are anxious
to publish your new children's book,
A Very Unlucky Leprechaun!
- What?
- Enclosed, please find an advance
in the amount of...
Stop the ball!
- What?
- Stop the ball!
- I can't hear ya.
- He said stop the ball!
- Hey, that's mine.
- So is this.
This is all the money I owe you.
Now take the crew and get off my property.
- That's it for you two.
- Come along, boys.
- [Foreman] Pack up, let's get out of here.
- Congratulations on your new career.
- Thanks.
There's one thing I don't understand.
- What?
- I never sent my story to the publisher.
- Who did, then?
- I think I know who did.
- Right.
One, two...
- Lucky, wait!
I've been looking for you.
Where are you going?
- You know us leprechauns, we like to keep moving.
- But I haven't thanked you yet.
- For what?
I didn't give you me pot o' gold.
- You gave me something worth a lot more.
A family.
- I knew it was what you really wanted.
- How?
- Remember the day you moved in,
you threw a penny down this well,
and you made a wish.
- Oh yeah, I wished I was home.
- And now you are!
- Oh, Lucky!
- Now that was a close one!
- Why'd you disappear?
- Weren't you trying to catch me?
- I was trying to hug you.
- Once you get your arms around me, I'm caught!
- Mr. Mulligan!
- (laughs) I don't believe it!
Finally I got Lucky!
- You and me both.
Now I get to go to the land o' leprechauns!
- You're going nowhere 'til you hand over the crock o' gold.
- But Mr. Mulligan!
- Now hold heart, Molly.
Where is it?
- It's in there.
- You go and get it for me.
- Right.
- I don't trust one little bit of you!
Bring it up.
Oh, yeah.
Oh yes!
I have it now!
Success at last!
After all those years of chasing!
- What are you gonna do with it?
- I might even hire a couple of gardeners.
- [Molly] Mayor McGreedy won't like that.
- I doubt he won't, but we'll all have a bit of fun.
Now I tell ya, as you were kind enough
to help me catch that little rascal,
it's only fair you should have half the pot.
Half the pot o' gold, all right?
What about him?
- I'll take care of him, don't you worry.
- Right so.
And here I go!
- You're the best leprechaun I could've ever wished for.
- Now how about that hug?
It's time I was off.
(upbeat Celtic music)
- Do you know how to get to the land of leprechauns?
- All I have to do
is follow the smell of the four-leaf clovers.
Well, here I go!
Wish me luck!
- I don't need to.
- See you soon!
(magical whooshing)
- Bye, Lucky.
- There you are.
- We've been looking all over for you.
- You have?
- Your dad needs your help.
- With what?
- Well, the end of the story,
the publisher thinks it needs something.
- [Lucky] A rainbow!
- How about a rainbow?
- Rainbow...
- Yeah!
- [Lucky] Look, over the house!
- A great big one, just like that.
(bright Celtic music)