A Very Vintage Christmas (2019) Movie Script

-Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.
Olivia, the decals
look amazing.
That and the sign should
get us some attention,
don't you think?
Look what I found.
We could put it up above
the door, I thought, you know?
It says "welcome, come in."
If it also says "buy stuff,"
I'm sold.
[orchestral version of
"Jingle Bells" ]
There were so many
to choose from.
Isn't one wreath pretty much
the same as the next?
Attention to detail, that's
what my father always said.
Get the small things right
and the big things take care
of themselves.
In fact, he said those exact
words just this morning.
Back there.
I thought he had
an early flight.
He wanted to have one
last look before he left.
Well, not much of a storeroom,
but plumbing looks okay.
We really, really appreciate
your start-up loan,
Mr. Brite.
Well, you can thank
Dodie's mother for that.
She, she talked me into this.
But not another dime.
So you... you have to make
this work.
I'll make you proud.
Well, we're going to miss you
this Christmas.
First time ever, I know.
Me too.
I love you, Dad.
Merry Christmas.
Love you too, honey.
We'll be fine.
Now you, you Olivia,
I am counting on you to keep
that one on track, 'kay?
Don't let me down.
We won't.
Love you.
Love you too.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
[doorbell rings]
Well, not too
much pressure.
What now?
Pick your battle.
All this stock to unpack
and unload.
Oh, the wardrobe.
This is early century,
don't you think?
Yeah, it's beautiful.
Looks like 1930s Art Deco.
This is exciting, isn't it?
I'll be excited when
we open for business.
We still have two weeks
till Christmas,
we've already missed the start
of the season.
There's so much to do.
What were we thinking?
We were thinking this is
the perfect chance
to prove ourselves.
Let's get to work.
Ah, but first thing's first.
I want to put up the wreath.
I'm glad you got
your priorities straight.
It's the holidays!
Hey, can I help you
hang that?
Uh, no thank you.
I've got it.
Okay, maybe I haven't.
Uh, kind of high up there.
Well, uh, I climb ladders.
I build stuff.
Thank you.
What do you build?
Uh, you know, offices,
apartment buildings.
I'm a contractor.
Any experiences with wreaths?
First time for everything.
I'll hold that for you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So, new store?
You work here?
I own it, well,
I co-own it.
Dodie Brite.
Ed Willoughby.
Nice to meet you.
So, antiques.
Vintage clothes,
dishes, toys.
Everything old is new again.
Well, not much
into the past myself.
Have enough trouble living
in the present.
Come on.
Big bands?
Um, classic films?
Clark Gable?
Nah, I'm more of a Chris Pratt
guy myself.
Andrews Sisters.
No. Maroon 5.
Romantic movies?
3D action films.
(Both) What is wrong
with you?
Well, should probably
get my groceries home
before my ice cream melts.
Back home in Chicago,
that wouldn't be a problem
right now.
So, um, where is
the snow here?
We haven't seen a flake
in 20 years.
No snow for Christmas?
No snow.
But this town is called
Mountain View.
Yeah, and we have a great view
of the mountain.
And the snow.
And it stays up there.
Hey, you could always file a
complaint with the North Pole.
Well, good luck
with the store.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[doorbell jingles]
So, tell?
Who was that?
Ed something.
He's a contractor.
He builds.
He's also built.
Is he?
I didn't notice.
Look at this.
I bet it belonged to a girl
who dreamed of going
to the World's Fair,
but her parents couldn't afford
the tickets,
so they put it under
the Christmas tree
and it's her favourite
gift ever.
You have a story
for everything.
What should we do
with this wardrobe?
What if... we used the drawers
as a display?
It needs dusting.
So you do that, I am gonna file
a copy of our business license,
maybe catch a quick
spin class.
Well, it's going to be
a late night.
Pick up some Chinese food
while you're out?
You got it.
[doorbell jingles]
What in the world?
Can you believe
all of this?
A second place ribbon
to a gingerbread house
A dried rose.
A book of poetry.
Yeah, I believe it.
Hey, what's this?
Ah, a mixed tape.
Wait till you hear.
All holiday songs and
big band arrangements.
[Jazzy version of
"Let it Snow" plays]
Oh, we have the same taste
in music.
[tape stops playing]
I'm sorry. You and who?
Whoever hid the box.
Whoever had this
incredible romance.
Each piece is a chapter
of their romance.
It must've been incredible.
I mean, have you ever had
a boyfriend
that showered you with tokens
of affection like this?
Steve Polemnik.
He gave me his house-key
To feed his fish.
See, me neither.
(Reading) "My dearest Ginger.
"May this be the first of a
lifetime of holidays together.
"You have my heart,
always and forever. Carl."
I can't seem to read
the address,
but it is here in town.
Uh, 4-3 something,
Mountain View Road.
Who were they?
My money's on
Ginger and Carl.
You know what I mean.
Like, did they have kids,
did they stay in town.
[whispers] Are they
still here?
Would they want to invest
in a vintage store?
We could pay your dad
back faster.
I'm serious, Olivia.
I mean, come on.
If... if you lost this,
wouldn't you want it returned?
Yeah, but how?
I mean, you don't have
their full address
or their last names, or any idea
if they're still in town.
It means the movies
I love got it right.
That true, real, lasting
relationships can happen.
And that's what
you're looking for?
If the time is right.
I'm going to find them,
return the box.
I'll show you.
Thank you so much
for your time.
You're welcome.
Excuse me.
Do you live there?
Oh, sorry.
Um, that house isn't on the
market yet, but if you are-
Oh, oh, here.
I got it.
Thank you.
That was so sweet of you.
With all of this "e" this
and "i" that,
you wouldn't think
that the world
would still need
this much paper.
You're a realtor.
Is that your listing?
Are you looking?
Only some information.
You should go and... and ask
the owner over there.
He knows everything.
Or at least, so he tells me.
Okay. Thank you.
Oh, oh, he's up
on the ladder.
[nail gun clanking]
Excuse me?
Well, this is a surprise.
It's Dodie, right?
Are you following me?
Well... well you tell me.
You're on my front lawn.
I wasn't actually looking
for you, okay?
Is this your house?
Yeah, it's my family's
old place.
I'm remodelling it, and then
I'm gonna sell it.
Did you meet my mom?
The realtor.
That's your mother?
Yeah, she just has a place
across town,
but I'm staying over here for
now while I fix the place up,
and that's uh, way
too much information,
I'm sorry about that.
How can I help you?
I know this might sound
a little weird,
but I'm looking for
a Carl and a Ginger.
Carl and Ginger who?
They got a last name?
Um, that's all I've got.
I found a box
and I believe it might have
sentimental value to them.
May I?
Yeah, go ahead.
All right.
Well, if it has any value
at all, it's definitely
Their first names are
on a Christmas card,
and the address
isn't entirely legible.
Yeah, I see what you mean.
It's the right street,
I mean, that could be any house
on the block though.
But nobody here by that name.
Well, not in the last
50 years anyway.
What's your interest
in these people?
Something I need to prove
to myself.
Seems a little silly,
doesn't it?
Says the man driving a truck
with antlers.
Agree to disagree.
You've gotta be kidding me.
It's the same guy's house?
Well, I talked to almost
everyone on the block,
and no Carl, no Ginger.
Just Ed.
Well, if it gets your mind
back on business,
you'll be happy to know
I solved your mystery.
I called the store and I got
the number of the woman
who put her wardrobe up
on consignment.
How did I not think
of that?
She's right over there.
You look disappointed.
Well, you know I like
a good mystery.
You even look like
a Ginger.
Excuse me?
Um, is this your wardrobe?
Yes, well the one I sold.
The woman who called me
said something
about a secret compartment.
Something I left behind.
A box of souvenirs.
They're very sweet,
but I've never seen these things
before in my life.
So, this is not yours.
You're not Ginger?
No, my name is Ellen.
I found this wardrobe
at a swap meet
oh, maybe 10 years ago.
I had no idea these things
were hidden inside.
-So, this is...
-Yours, I guess.
You bought it.
I so appreciate you coming
all this way.
Well, sorry I'm not the one
you're looking for.
[door bells jingle]
Hey, uh.
I think I acted like
a jerk earlier.
I mean, you know this box
obviously is important to you
and I think I can help.
I might know where that photo
was taken.
Why do you want to help me?
Well 'cause I know the town
and you don't,
and if you want to find
this couple,
I mean, I can come in
real handy right now.
That's your only reason?
Well no, I mean, you know,
the spirit of Christmas,
my one good deed for the year.
Kinda always wanted to be
like Indiana Jones.
What... what do you think?
Oh, hi.
I'm Olivia.
I'm Dodie's business partner.
[whispering] I couldn't hear
from inside...
Well, Olivia.
This is Ed.
Ed Willoughby.
Nice to meet you.
He wants to help me find
who the box belongs to.
That is so helpful.
I don't know, I...
I don't think so.
I mean I...
I really need to focus
on the store
and the grand opening
and all.
Actually we're in pretty
good shape.
I mean a few hours here
and there
really is not gonna
make much...
It's very busy.
Very busy.
So busy.
Well, hey, I'll... I'll see
you around town,
you know, 'cause it's
a small town so.
It was nice meeting you
See ya.
What is wrong with you?!
He not only wanted to help you,
the guy is drop-dead gorgeous!
He is not my type.
Dodie, please.
He's everybody's type.
Well, even if he was,
it's not the right time.
I think you should
be smart.
If you really want to return
that box,
you could use somebody
that knows this town.
Do you seriously think you know
where that photo was taken?
Yeah, I seriously think I know
where it was taken.
Because, uh, maybe
it wouldn't be
the worst thing in the world
if we checked it out.
I mean, if you're
still interested.
Yeah, yeah, you know,
I'm definitely interested.
So, tomorrow?
Around lunchtime,
is that good?
Yeah, yeah. It's a date.
I mean, it's not a date.
It... it... what is it?
A partnership.
Oh, like a duo.
A team.
A duet.
Like Holmes and Watson.
Just don't tell me
which one I am.
No problem, Holmes.
You were right.
It's definitely the right place.
Yeah, and Santa's Workshop
hasn't changed a bit
since I was a kid.
Smile, sweetie.
Smile for Santa.
Good job.
A little old for this,
aren't you?
We're actually not here
for a photo.
Oh, just here to give Santa
your Christmas list, are you?
No, we... we actually have
a photo.
Yes, we are hoping to find
who's in it.
It was taken 45 years ago.
Oh, kids come, kids go.
We don't keep records, if that's
what you're looking for.
The Easter Bunny though,
he's a real stickler
for details, that one.
Sorry, elf humour.
Thank you so much
for your time.
Now what?
I don't know.
Ho, ho, ho.
Look at that.
Did I miss something?
Yeah, check out the pose.
See that?
Um, excuse me.
Could I ask, how long
have you been here?
Oh, since 9:00 this morning.
Between us, my feet are
killing me.
Oh, you mean how long have
I worked for Santa?
Could this possibly be you?
Let's see.
Doesn't this take me back?
Oh, I remember these two.
Really, you actually do?
It was my first day, and I was
nervous as all get-out.
And this woman made me feel
so at ease.
Would you by any chance
remember her name?
Not a chance.
But that's her all right.
Can you remember like, anything
else about either of them?
Well, I remember he said
that if they ever got married,
it would have to be
on Christmas Day.
And they asked if I would be
their flower elf.
Flower elf!
You don't forget a thing
like that.
They were getting married?
Oh, I don't know.
I mean when you're a kid,
who knows what adults mean.
But they were in love,
there was no missing that.
Say, would you two like to get
a photo while you're here?
Oh, come on.
We can't disappoint the elf.
Or Santa.
Never a good idea this close
to Christmas.
Ah, this really isn't my style.
Now, now.
I think it is.
Everybody comfortable?
Not even close.
I don't suppose you're
the same Santa
that was here 45 years ago.
Oh, ho, ho, Santa's old,
but he's not that old.
Now, look at the camera
and smile and say,
what is it we say?
(All) Merry Christmas!
[shutter snaps]
Best cranberry cobbler
in the Northwest.
If you don't agree,
it's on me.
Oh my gosh, you are
absolutely right.
This is delicious.
Old family recipe.
Not sure which old family,
but that's what I'm told.
If you need anything else,
just whistle.
Thank you.
Just looking at this photo,
I feel closer to them.
Yeah, it kind of brings back
some memories for me as well.
Holidays were a big deal
around my house.
I know your mom is a realtor
in town.
Is your dad still around?
Uh, nope.
Just my mom and I.
Your family's still out east,
I take it?
Mom, Dad, a brother who's always
doctor of the year.
I was the one who could
never figure out
what I wanted to be
when I grew up, so...
Here I am.
Still not sure.
But you have the store now.
Well, that was inevitable.
I always collected antiques,
and vintage clothes
when I was a kid.
So, when we saw
the space online,
well, I believe the universe
gives us signs
every now and then, you know?
Everything in its time.
Now if only we can make
enough money,
pay back the loan I got from
my dad and make my mark.
Hey, you know what,
this was fun.
This... kind of adventurous.
I think we're a good team.
I need to make this very clear.
I'm not really ready
for a relationship,
especially right now.
You know, new business.
New town.
Oh, like you thought
I meant...
No, no, no, no.
What I'm saying is,
you have a box
with a bunch of clues in it
and you want to follow
those clues, so.
If you need help,
I mean, I'm around,
I got skills,
and I have time.
That's all I'm saying.
Christmas is near
Christmas is just around
the corner
So bring on a cheer
'Cause Christmas is just
round the corner.
Counting each day,
Santa, he just
takes forever.
[cash register dings]
one-horse sleigh
his reindeers
will all be together.
You realize this is covered
in rust, right?
It adds to the charm.
Think of it as patina.
Yeah, well.
It's a patina of rust.
All right.
Now for the moment
of truth.
Let's see if this works.
[radio clicks on]
(Radio) A low pressure
system now christened
Winter Storm Megan is making
a direct hit on the Midwest.
We here in Mountain View however
can expect clear skies
for the remainder of the week.
No snow for Christmas.
Can you believe it?
Look, I still don't get
your fascination
with the rusty, dusty old stuff.
What's the draw for you?
It's history.
Everything has a story.
Don't get her started.
Everything belonged
to someone,
and maybe it helped them
through hard times
or celebrated their good times.
You got her started.
Oh, ooh.
Like this old Victrola.
I bet a family saved up to buy
this for a year or more.
And it sat in the drawing room.
The family gathered around
and sang to it on Sunday nights
after dinner.
This was their favourite record.
Yeah, way easier carrying your
music around in your pocket.
I got like 5000 songs
on this thing.
You really don't get it.
How about this?
What's the story behind this?
This pin....
...is really special.
They married at Christmas.
And we know that, do we?
Carl gave this to Ginger
for their first anniversary.
She never took it off
for an entire year.
Never took it off.
Not at Halloween
and fourth of July?
Well, I love your creativity.
I can't wait to see her face
when she gets this back.
Yeah, uh, you know,
about that.
Okay, so.
All this stuff, right,
really important to her, right?
Right. And it's important.
How did it wind up here?
It happens.
You put stuff away
and forget it.
Well, whoever these people were,
they absolutely loved Christmas.
I mean, look at this stuff!
(Reading) "How I love thee?"
"Let me count the ways."
"I love thee...
"To the height and breadth
and depths, my soul can reach."
By Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Oh, don't look surprised.
I... I'm... I'm sorry,
I just assumed
you were more of a Steven
King kind of guy.
Steven King kind of guy, huh?
Here, let me see that.
We are in luck,
'cause if this was a gift,
there's a warrant out
for his arrest.
Mountain View Public Library.
Forty-five years overdue.
(Both) And he had
to sign it out.
Anybody here?
Let's begin shall we?
T'was the night
before Christmas,
and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.
And the stockings were hung
by the chimney with care
in the hopes that Saint Nicholas
would soon be there.
Did you need something?
Um, I'm sorry to interrupt
but there was no one up front.
Can we talk to you
for a minute?
Can you pick up
where we left off?
-You can do it, Tyler.
-Yeah, come on, Tyler.
I'll be right back.
"The children were nestled..."
You realize this is
seriously overdue?
Hey, don't look at us.
We didn't sign it out.
But we'd like to find out
who did.
Well, I don't think we give out
that sort of information.
Have you ever been
asked to?
No, but I'm new here.
Well, then you probably do.
Well still, the library was
remodelled a few years ago.
If we kept those old files,
it'll probably be down
in the basement.
Wanna have a look?
Kids are waiting to finish
that story.
We could finish it for you.
What a great idea.
How about that?
Well, before I can do
anything else,
there's the matter
of the late fees.
On a book almost
50 years overdue?
What would that come to?
[keys clacking]
[keys continue clacking]
"He spoke not a word, but
went straight to his work,
"and filled all the stockings,
then turned them with a jerk.
"And laying his finger
at the side of his nose,
"and giving a nod, up
the chimney he rose."
He went up the chimney?
Well, uh, I suppose...
Christmas magic.
Christmas magic!
I'm sorry, but there's
so many files,
I haven't got the time.
Well, we have the time.
Would you mind if we looked?
I guess that'll be okay.
Right now?
I kind of wanted to see
how this ended.
(Reading) "And I heard him
exclaim, ere he drove out
of sight,"
"Merry Christmas to all..."
(Children) "And to all
a good night."
See, that was a good ending,
Come on. Who doesn't
like a good ending?
He wasn't kidding.
There are files everywhere.
Whew. Where do we start?
Let's at least try to find
the right decade.
I've always loved books.
Especially old ones.
The stories they hold.
You know it's easier
to just listen
to the audiobook, right?
Easy isn't always better.
So this new business of yours,
this escaping into the past,
it's a... it's a good fit
for you.
And you with the present.
I don't know, just everything
new is like a blank slate.
You know, it's like a house
that's never been lived in,
a book you've opened
for the first time.
There's no baggage, you just
write your own story.
I never thought of it
that way.
Anyway, let's get back
to work.
How about this?
Let's see.
What was the date in the back
of the book again?
December 2nd.
December, right.
October, November...
"A Garden of Romantic Poetry."
Here it is.
Carl Taylor, Carl Naylor...
There's an address.
That's four decades old.
There's no way he still
lives there.
We want 34915.
So I'm thinking it should be
right there.
Excuse me.
We're looking for
an address.
A house maybe.
Yeah, I think it used to be
right there.
You're about 20 years
too late.
City tore that down
to put in the park,
but that's as far
as they got.
How long have you lived
in the neighbourhood?
Oh, a while.
Since Mr. McCormick over there
stopped drinking
and took up with
the delivery girl.
We're looking for a man named
Carl Taylor.
Maybe Naylor?
With a B.
So you knew him?
Oh, Carl moved away years out.
I heard he left town,
but I can't swear to it.
He was dating a woman.
Ginger something.
Oh, that was her name?
Oh, that was quite
the romance.
They were always dashing off
to this movie or that dance.
Well, wish I could be more help,
but um...
If you want to know about
the Marinos down the block,
I could give you an earful.
No thanks.
Not that I'm one to talk.
I've never been one
to poke my nose in.
Looks like we've hit
a dead end.
Yeah, let's go.
She was right.
He must've moved.
And there's no Baylor
in town,
there's a couple hundred
around the country,
but we can't check them
all out.
Well, what about this?
This movie ticket.
What was so special
about this one?
Well, only a couple theatres
in town back then,
but even if we knew
which one...
There's writing on the back.
It says "It's a Wonderful Life."
At least they had good taste
in film.
Excuse me?
You remember it,
Mr. 3D Action Man?
Only one of the best films
of all time, yes.
But it's old and in black
and white.
And nothing blows up.
You know what, you should
give me more credit.
I know old movies, okay?
Like "Gone With the Wind".
I don't think so, no.
But I do love this one though.
And if it were playing
somewhere tonight...
Well, modern technology,
it could be.
All we really need
is some popcorn.
It's on.
All right.
(TV) ...Every time a bell rings,
an angel gets its wings.
[bell rings]
The angel got its wings.
I forgot how much
I loved that part.
You're really into this.
Yeah, it's great.
I mean, I wish it was
in colour, but...
I can imagine it.
Yeah, but if it was in colour
you wouldn't have to imagine it.
Let's just watch the movie...
Please, yeah, fine, fine.
Thank you.
Ah, two days.
Two days until we open
the doors.
And then only one week
till Christmas.
We've spent so much money
stocking this place,
and I thought we were good,
but look at this.
Deliveries, insurance,
prepayments on taxes.
We have to make this work.
You know I can't go back
to my father.
You know what?
It's going to be okay.
As long as there's
no more surprises
and we can clear about $200
a day,
I think we can make it.
I'm going to need to pull back
on my gym time.
Then that's the goal.
Day after tomorrow,
this place will be packed,
and we'll get used
to this sound.
[cash register dings]
Like jingle bells.
Good morning ladies.
The Santa-land Express
has arrived at the station.
An antique model train.
It used to run around the base
of our Christmas tree,
so, I mean, more than welcome
to have it.
Could bring in a buck or two.
We would love to.
You should set it up
for the grand opening.
Yeah, leave it to me.
["Hark! The Herald
Angels Sing" plays]
Hark! The herald
angels sing
Glory to the newborn
... the angels swing
With the newborn King
Well, if those kids
have credit cards,
you've already made
a profit.
Thank you so much, Ed.
Oh, hey.
You should find a place
for this,
away from customers
at least.
I would hate for someone
to buy it out from under you.
That's not going to be
a problem.
This stuff won't mean much
to anyone but Ginger and Carl.
Are you two any closer
to finding them?
Well, we think they got married
on Christmas Day,
some year some place,
and they went to a tree
lighting ceremony.
What do you think
that's all about?
Oh, that's an annual
thing here.
Uh, they're celebrating
the 50th anniversary tonight.
Fifty years?
That's a lot of jingle bells.
If this is tradition,
what if they went every year
and had taken their kids
and their grandkids?
Only one way to find out.
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Ha, ha, ha!
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and
sing a sleighing song tonight
Olivia was right.
That's a lot of jingle bells.
Hey, Dave.
How you doing?
It's a beautiful evening, huh?
Yeah, we heard you were
back in town.
How are you?
I am, I'm well, thank you.
Oh, this is my friend Dodie.
We're, uh, we're looking
for a couple, actually.
Carl and Ginger?
You ever heard of 'em?
Never heard of them, sorry.
Good luck though.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas
(Both) Merry Christmas!
... laughing all the way
bells on bobtails ring...
Okay, so in the picture, I mean
with the antlers and the noses,
we don't even know what
they look like.
Anybody know a Carl?
Oh, what fun it is
to ride
... in a one-horse
open sleigh
(Dodie and Ed) Jingle
bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
That'll be in my head
for days.
Ah, there you are.
I knew we'd see you here.
Oh uh, this is my friend,
Dodie Brite.
Actually we met,
Mrs. Willoughby.
I only answer to Margaret.
And yes, we did meet.
I think it was a few days ago,
at the old house.
Right, right.
Oh, so my mom never misses
a Christmas tree lighting.
I love this tradition.
Isn't it beautiful?
We used to do this every year
before Ed set off around
the country.
Oh, uh, Dodie leased
that place over on McKinley
Oh, you have the vintage shop.
I'm sure that's going to be
a great success,
and then you're going to need
a home to match.
And if you ever need
a realtor...
I'll know who to call.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I've got to run, I'm meeting
a client here.
Um, do you think that we could
maybe have lunch someday soon?
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, and it was
so nice to see you again.
All right.
Bye, bye!
Bye, Merry Christmas.
How does she have
so much energy?
...the annual lighting of
the Christmas tree.
Hey, you know, it's about
to start, come on.
Follow me.
[crowd chanting] ...Nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
I used to wait for this moment
all year.
...three, two, one!
[crowd cheering]
... Let Earth receive
her King
It's beautiful.
And every time I see it,
it's like the first time.
We used to drive up
to the mountains
and cut down our own tree
for the holidays.
Oh yeah, you're not with
your family this season.
That's got to be tough.
The store needs to be
my focus.
I need to make it work.
Well, that's a no-brainer.
How do you know?
It's 'cause you have so much
passion for everything.
How is it that I have more faith
in you than you have?
We still need one of those
in the shop.
Well, now that's where
I can come in handy.
It's good to see you.
You too.
Hey, this is my friend,
Very nice to meet you.
And she's looking for a tree.
What do you like?
Uh, I don't know.
Hasn't that all been done?
For a few hundred years,
I mean a season for traditions
calls for a traditional tree.
Simple, green, real.
Maybe this one?
The height.
I'll take it.
Three, two, one.
Every bit as beautiful
as the one at the park.
Maybe better.
Oh, wait until you get
those ornaments on it.
Oh, here.
Pick a branch.
First one?
Yeah. Go for it.
I haven't done this
in years.
You don't put up a tree?
I travel a lot, so not really
home long enough to unpack,
let alone decorate a tree.
Although ooh, I do have one
of those drugstore trees,
the pre-decorated plastic ones
about yea high.
Just grab and go.
Somehow, that doesn't say
Merry Christmas to me.
How would you say
Merry Christmas?
Merry Christmas, Ed.
And thank you so much
for everything.
I need some music.
[record crackles]
Yeah, that's scratchy and old.
You, uh, you must love this.
Actually, I do.
I mean, I... I sort of get it.
You don't have to pretend
to like it.
I'm not, I'm not pretending.
It's uh, it's nice.
Here, dance with me.
Uh, the tree,
it's not done.
Ah, the tree can wait,
it's fine.
Come on.
She'd order me
around the town
She'd make my heart
go up and down
amazing things she'd
make me do
And all I did was follow you
[clears throat uncomfortably]
Right, I uh, maybe I shouldn't
have done that.
I... I know it's not
what you want right now.
Any idea when that
might change?
Well, it's like my aunt
always told me.
I'll know when it's right.
Still friends?
Still friends.
I mean, friends can still
dance, right?
Like that old movie, like,
uh, Dancing in the Rain?
It's "Singing in the Rain".
I see.
I was trying to impress you.
I was trying to.
... for a little girl of
five-foot two.
Just five, foot, two
A gal of five-foot two.
Thought you would be
at the gym this morning.
Oh, yeah, I'm giving that up.
I'm into food now.
Since when?
Since that donut shop opened up
on the corner.
Hey, did you hear the rain
last night?
Well, apparently what they lack
in snow,
they make up in rain.
But it won't dampen
my spirits.
One more day and we open
for business.
I don't think I've ever been
this excited.
Or more depressed.
[water dripping]
Look at this.
It's... It's flooded.
Everything we worked for.
How much of our stock
is damaged.
Any of it is too much.
We can't afford to lose
a thing.
This is a disaster.
And if it rains again,
it's going to flood again.
Oh, Dodie, I could cry.
We were so close to opening.
What do we do?
Do you know a good contractor?
Our beautiful wood floors,
so much of our merchandise
and we open tomorrow night?
Well, we'll get some fans
in here right away.
I mean, most of this
will dry up nicely.
That wall's going to need
some work,
a little patch,
a little plaster,
a fresh coat of paint,
and we gotta fix the roof,
'cause it's obviously
still leaking.
How much is this going
to cost?
Well, if we do it ourselves,
not much.
Well, that's good,
because not much is about
all we have right now.
Well, no need to panic yet.
Let's see what we can do.
Go get the old chimney
Make sure the chimney
is clear
Time to get humming
Santa is coming
I love this time of the year
I'll set the tree
by the mantle
You wrap the presents
my dear
Let's make the dishes
everyone wishes
Is that Ed on the roof?
It must be.
It's a little too early
for reindeer.
...and Christmas
is in the air
I pray when we come together
Our loved ones will
all be there
Can't wait to join
in the carols
I wouldn't miss this
Fabulous Christmas
I love this time
of the year
I love this time
of the year
It's done.
It's like nothing happened.
Hey, Ed!
You're our hero.
[truck honking outside]
Day's wasting away, we got
a grand opening tonight.
What is wrong with you?
Well, you guys were sleeping,
so I took a drive up
to the mountains.
Huh, I can't have a snowball
fight on my own, come on.
Okay. It's on.
Oh yeah?
It's so on.
Christmas is that
time of year
When we gather
'round to hear
Words of love
and good cheer
From all the people
Let us leave
our year behind
Speak of joy
to all mankind
Let us light our dark nights
with illumination
Pour yourself a glass
of wine
Let us toast to
a beautiful time
Okay, that's enough,
that's enough, that's enough.
Who won?
I think we both lost.
[breathing heavily]
I so needed that.
And you drove all the way
to the mountains for it?
Well, it's better than watching
paint dry.
Hey, how's that wall,
by the way?
Like new.
What a relief.
And we still have hours
till the opening.
I think we have everything.
We have the drinks
and the plates,
cocktail napkins...
Well... the punch bowl.
I still need to stop by
the store and pick up
some cookies.
There's a city ordinance
against serving store-bought
cookies at Christmas.
I'm serious, it's a huge fine.
They'll come in here and shut
this place down, okay?
So what I'm going to do is
I'll call my mom, I'll ask her.
If she lets us use her kitchen,
I can help you.
All right.
Christmas is that
time of year...
When we gather
'round to hear...
[Instrumental version
of "Jingle Bells ]
A Willoughby tradition.
Eggs and butter,
and voila.
Those look amazing.
And it only took four of us
to make... how many?
Nothing to it.
Almost nothing to it.
How many of these
are we going to need?
Um, maybe 10, 12 dozen.
Yeah, we're expecting
a big crowd.
Okay, Dodie.
You get the flour,
I'll get the sugar.
You get the butter.
I'll get eggs, I'll meet
you at the mixer.
Yeah, okay.
Flour right here.
Um... We need a bowl.
Is there a right way
to decorate these?
Oh, just have fun.
Eddie and I have been doing
this every Christmas for years.
What do you think?
Every Christmas?
He could use some pants.
Why does a cookie
need pants?
Well, we'd just rather
not offend the good citizens
of Mountain View on our
first day of business.
Yeah, what she said.
Give the man some pants.
Excuse me sir, I do believe that
there is a gentleman there
that is wearing no pants.
Okay, fine.
I will give him pants.
How's that?
Now that is a cookie we can be
proud to serve.
One more down.
And 100 or so to go.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa, la, la , la, la,
la, la, la, la,
Tis the season
to be jolly
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la la la la
You know, I think you would look
very smart
in something period
like that.
Troll the ancient
yuletide carol
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
Oh no, no.
That'd be a cold day in,
well, Mountain View,
before you'd see me
in one of those outfits.
Over your dead body?
Yeah, something like that.
Oh, customers!
[clears throat]
It's a beautifully cut
crystal piece from Poland
from the late 1800s.
Oh, and that colour, the way
it catches the light,
it's very rare.
If it's the price, we'd be happy
to discuss it.
-Did I mention it's very rare?
-Thank you , dear.
Getting the same reaction.
Everyone's looking.
Yeah, and not buying.
[whispers] Dodie, I thought you
were supposed to put that away?
Um, excuse me sir.
I am so sorry,
that's not for sale.
Are you sure?
I'm only interested
in this one item.
This key.
I'm a collector.
Well, we shouldn't have
left it out.
We don't even know
what it opens.
That's no mystery.
See the number etched
on the top there?
It's a post office box key.
Post office box.
That's a great party,
decent crowd, considering.
Plus hey, we got the lead
on that key
so we can check
that out tomorrow.
Well, unless winter storm Megan
circles back from the Midwest.
Oh and what, break this town's
record for snowless holidays?
Not a chance.
And if it did, well,
that'd be a miracle.
I'm very big on miracles
this time of year.
Now that, I believe.
Goodnight, Dodie.
Goodnight Ed.
Looks like I gave up the gym
just in time.
These are fantastic.
You want one?
Well, at least a few people
know we're here.
What did we sell?
Hmm, five candlesticks,
four dresses,
three coats, two clocks...
And a partridge in a pear tree.
What does that add up to?
Hmm, not enough.
What else can we do?
Free gift wrapping or discounts?
Ed as Santa.
That'll be the day.
He's not very big
on costumes.
A new website then.
I could build it on Wix
in no time
and link it up to other sites,
bring in some tourists,
maybe even sell some of
our items online, too.
I think we've been going
at this all wrong.
The problem is, we have been
trying to sell things.
Right, isn't that the whole
point of a store?
What we should be selling are
the stories behind them.
A customer might not want
to buy this car,
but if it might once have been
on Ernest Hemingway's
library shelf,
or might have been filled
with roses
from a silent film
star's garden.
A personal approach.
Everything has a story.
Post office, how may
I help you?
Excuse me.
I was wondering if you could
give us some information
about the original owner.
It's one of ours all right.
It's a bit of a legend
around here.
What was so special
about that one?
Never any mail.
But we still receive regular
cheques to pay for it.
We all wonder what
the story is.
Someone's been paying for
this box all these years?
Every month like clockwork.
Do you want to check it out?
Your key after all.
Um, I guess, yeah, sure.
Anything in there?
A ring.
And a note.
"Ginger. Will you marry me?
This is so romantic.
Yeah except that...
Except what?
Carl proposed,
just like we thought.
This proves it.
Except the ring and
the note are still here,
so all it really proves is that
Ginger didn't pick it up.
Well, why wouldn't
she pick it up?
I don't know, could be a
million reasons for that.
All I need is one
that makes sense.
Ed, the ring.
It's been sitting here for years
waiting for her to see it
and read the proposal.
I wonder what Carl
was thinking.
Was he waiting for her
to show up,
waiting for her to call?
What could've happened, and
what should we do with this?
It's not ours.
It's not anyone's.
It's really sad.
Carl Baylor, that's right.
A cheque every month.
Can you give us the address?
You want the address?
You have the key, but you
don't know where he lives.
That seems a bit odd.
Uh, we lost touch.
He's my uncle.
Haven't seen him in years.
So maybe you could
help us out.
Uncle or not, that wouldn't
be possible.
Can I talk to you for a second,
just privately?
[whispering] I was just, you
know, wondering how much
your box rentals are.
[whispering] Why are
we whispering?
Our prices aren't secret.
This should answer
all your questions.
Oh yeah.
Oh, I see.
Okay, yeah, thank you, um.
I'll be in touch.
Hey, are you...
[clears throat]
You... you ready?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(Dodie) I think he's somewhere
in Wheatland.
It's not that far.
It's about 30 miles up
the road.
Listen, I mean, I know this
is what we've been after
all this time, but you still
sure this is a good idea,
given what we know?
I can't stop now.
There have been too many times
in my life
when I hadn't followed through,
so I have to finish this.
We know this story isn't going
to have a happy ending.
Maybe they eloped
before she found her ring.
And never came back for it?
Okay, maybe
it's something else.
But whatever it is, I need
to hear it for myself.
Come on, we, we just need
to be realistic here.
Why not be hopeful?
Be supportive,
be on my side?
I am on your side, okay?
I'm just trying to protect you.
Protect me.
Look, I am capable, perfectly
capable, of protecting myself.
Is this about us?
Dodie, how... how could this be
about us?
I have no idea
what you want.
All I know is it's definitely
not now, and it's not me.
I thought we were
on the same page.
Finding these two people
will prove
I am not wrong to believe
in them.
Okay, but what if
this relationship
isn't what you think it is?
What if it's all just
in your mind and...
and it ends up hurting you?
I gotta go.
Dodie, don't be mad, okay?
I'm not mad.
I'm... I'm confused.
I'm upset.
Okay, maybe I'm mad.
[doorbell rings]
Don't worry about her,
she'll be back.
Do you mind if I sit?
It's your cafe.
You know, I have seen a lot
of relationships in my time.
Good, bad, everything
in between.
People forget when
a waitress is around.
Frustrating sometimes,
but oh my,
the things we learn.
For instance?
For instance, you two.
You're a match.
In case you didn't hear
what she said.
Don't go by what she says.
She's wild about you,
that's what scares her.
It's an old story.
Two people who fit
but afraid to admit it,
so they find reasons
to stay apart.
You'd think it was the end
of the world,
and like I said,
you two are a match.
Like my husband and me.
How long have you
been married?
Since before you were born.
Okay, so...
What you're saying is the moral
of the story is don't give up?
Go with that.
And always tip your waitress.
This shawl will be
a conversation piece.
And to think it might've been
on Cole Porter's piano
in the 1920s, I mean...
Merry Christmas.
That approach and this website
is exactly what we need.
The customers love
the stories,
and our online sales
are through the roof.
And you're not listening
to a word I'm saying.
I'm sorry.
Carl Baylor's address.
He's so close.
So now what?
You have to think this through.
You know, Ed thinks
this is a mistake.
What if he's right?
What if this is all some
silly wild goose chase?
What if it is?
Either way, I need to know.
I am going to find out
what happened.
[doorbell rings]
Well, hello there.
And Merry Christmas.
I'm looking for a Carl Baylor?
You found him.
Sorry, I, uh,... I just got home
and I...
I didn't have time to...
to change.
So how can I help you?
Now I'm not so sure.
All this, the neighbourhood
kids expect it.
Adults too.
Would you care to step in?
It's a little nippy out there.
Yes, thank you so much.
You're Mr. Baylor.
You're Carl Baylor?
Well, don't let
the fur trim fool ya.
As I say, I just got
off work and,
uh, sometimes it takes me a few
minutes to get out of character.
You see, uh, being one of
Santa's helpers,
it is a very complicated
I wasn't expecting
quite so much.
Well, playing Santa
for a living,
it's all or nothing.
Have a... have a seat.
Do I know you?
My name is Dodie Brite. I have
a new shop in Mountain View.
And as it happens,
I bought this wardrobe,
and one day I was dusting it,
and I ended up opening up
a drawer.
So that's why I'm here.
That's quite a story.
I couldn't stop until I found
you and Ginger.
That wasn't her real name,
by the way.
It wasn't?
No, we, uh, we met at a dance
back in the '70s.
She moved like a dream,
like a... a movie star, so...
I just called her Ginger.
Ginger Rogers.
That's one of her favourites.
I never got into
the old movies, myself.
So she kept all those things?
All those memories?
That... that takes my breath
away, just the thought of it.
This was one of them.
I never expected
to see this again.
Not in a million years.
She was something,
you know.
She really cared about things,
you know?
I've never met her equal.
I know this isn't right, but...
I opened the post office box.
Is the ring still there?
And the note.
All these years.
That's a miracle in itself.
I gave this to her the last time
we were together.
When you're ready to make it
work, use this.
I always hoped that eventually
she'd change her mind,
use the key, find the ring.
Crazy I know, but I never
had the heart
to stop paying for the box.
Do you have any idea where
she is now?
Not a clue.
She broke it off.
Asked me to honour that.
As hard as it was, I...
I kept that promise.
Do you mind if I try
to find her?
I'd like to know where her life
took her.
Suit yourself.
This uh, here's her real name.
At least what it was
when I last knew her.
Oh, you might check
that out too.
Charity dance?
I'm playing Santa.
You should come.
I'm really glad I found you.
Me too.
Merry Christmas.
Dodie, look at this.
Customers everywhere.
Business is better every day.
That's good.
Look, I'm sorry you didn't find
your happy ending,
but at least you know
the story now.
Not the whole story,
but soon.
Now that I have her real name,
I thought it would be a snap.
But there are so many people
with this name,
and none of them...
Did you find something?
I found her.
This, this is amazing,
and she's still in town, and...
You're not going to believe
the rest.
I'm not even sure I do.
Uh, I thought we
weren't speaking.
We aren't.
We weren't.
But we have to now.
I may have overreacted.
Okay, I definitely overreacted.
But can we talk about
that later?
Ed, I need you to come
with me.
I have news.
About Carl and Ginger?
Did you find out
the whole story?
Half of it.
I'm headed out to hear the rest,
but I need you to come with me.
You're serious?
Yes, I'm serious.
Right now.
Wait, wait, wait.
Before you head out, uh,
you need to clean up a little.
Like right now.
Okay, okay, fine!
So what are we doing here?
Do you want to meet Ginger
or not?
At the cafe?
Is it?
You'll have to wait and see.
So all this time she was
serving us dessert?
That's cra...
here she comes.
Act natural.
Welcome, folks.
Nice to see you again,
together and all.
What can I get for you today?
Oh, thank you.
Uh, maybe it's what
we can do for you.
Um, a hot chocolate
would be fine.
Uh yeah, uh, yeah,
hot chocolate, please.
Be just a minute.
What is happening?
When are you going
to give her the box?
How did you find her?
So, first I met with Carl.
I told him the whole story,
I showed him the key...
I hope I haven't
kept you waiting.
I had a client desperate to find
a place before Christmas,
so his daughter would have a
place to hang her stockings.
Isn't that adorable?
I asked your mother to join us
for lunch.
Well, isn't that
a nice surprise.
Is this a special occasion?
I... I... I don't know.
Is it?
Oh, three now, is it?
Something to drink?
Um, whatever they're having
is fine.
Hi, okay, uh, so
what's happening?
We wanted to return this
to you.
To my mother?
Where... where did you
find this?
It belonged to Maggie Preston.
Your maiden name of course.
But why Maggie?
Margaret, it was just, it was
too stuffy back then.
So we've been looking for you
this entire time?
I haven't seen this in so long.
I found it hidden
in an old wardrobe,
and Ed helped me find
its rightful owner,
and I believe that's you.
The gingerbread competition
second place.
Of course, there were
only two entries that year.
Ours was truly terrible.
But we had so much fun.
Oh, this is the first rose
a boy ever gave me.
I slept with this under
my pillow for weeks,
as you can tell.
What about this?
It says, "for Ginger."
That's what Carl called me
when we first met.
Well, when we first danced.
An old movie reference.
You wouldn't know it.
There we go.
Let me know if there's
anything else.
This was long before
I met your father.
Long before, for a time,
this was... it was just perfect.
Only for a time?
I had these dreams
of an art career,
and... and... and I was
just obsessed,
I was determined that nothing
would stand in my way,
not even Carl.
I foolishly thought that it had
to be a career
or the love of my life.
One or the other.
And by the time I figured out
my mistake,
he was gone.
And so I just packed all
my beautiful memories
in this box
and just moved on.
So, is that when you met
my father?
You know...
...it just looked really good
on paper.
I just, I didn't want to make
the same mistake twice.
We never had that spark.
And you know how
that worked out.
But it wasn't a total loss.
We did have the most wonderful
boy in the world.
My Christmas pin!
Oh, my, oh my gosh!
You... You have no idea
what this means to me.
Thank you.
[jazzy piano version
of "Silent Night"]
All those years Margaret lost,
I wish there was some way
to make things happen.
It's too late to get them
back together, I suppose.
If only you had seen
the way
she looked at everything
in that box.
She still loves him.
I know it.
Maybe it's impossible, but
I need to make this happen.
Are you doing this for Margaret
or are you doing it for Ed?
You say no, but I think you have
a soft spot for the guy.
I'm doing this for Carl
and Ginger.
This is just like the old days
at Christmas.
We used to sit out on the porch
and drink hot chocolate.
Only better.
You've done such
a great job here.
Yeah, you know what, I'll
finish the inside next week,
but feels good to have
this much done.
Have you thought
about keeping it?
Just moving back?
You must be so tired
of travelling.
Uh yeah, it's crossed my mind.
I mean, I travelled clear across
the country
and then just forgot why
I even left.
Well, everybody needs some time
to think things over.
You know, to be honest,
I've missed the town.
You know, missed my life here.
Missed you.
Well then, move back Eddie.
We could work together.
You could flip 'em,
I could sell 'em,
we'd make a great team.
We would, we would.
Is there something else?
Just this, you know,
this Carl and Ginger thing,
I... I'm only hearing
about this now.
You had enough
to deal with,
growing up with a single mother,
making do.
Yeah, but I can't help
but think
what your life would've
been like if...
you didn't have
to raise me.
If it wasn't because of me,
Eddie, you were the best part
of my life.
I wouldn't change
a single thing.
Yeah, but you had
to do it alone, Mom.
I mean, if I had known, maybe
I could've helped you, or...
You did help.
Just by being my son.
[phone rings]
Excuse me.
Hey you.
I have an idea.
Your mom still likes to dance,
I bet.
Uh, yeah, sure.
That sounds good.
That sounds very good.
All right, bye.
Something important?
Uh, something fun.
What are your thoughts on going
to a Christmas dance?
Ed says that the theme is
Winter Wonderland.
I don't have anything
that's right for that.
So I was thinking vintage.
Um, well, what about
this one?
It's straight out of the '40s.
That is so gorgeous.
Don't you think that's
too glamorous for me?
Oh, no.
Not at all.
You would look so beautiful
in this, Margaret.
You think?
I'll take it.
Oh, I do wish you were
going along tonight.
You could get a ride
with me and Ed.
Ah, well, we're open
late tonight,
and it's my turn to lock up.
Maybe I'll meet you
there later?
The truth is, you're the one
that should be going with Ed.
He needs somebody like you
in his life.
Ed is a wonderful man.
She says the timing
isn't right.
What is it, Dodie?
Is it the store?
Love is love.
And all it cares about
is love.
You're a very smart lady,
Smart lady's made a lot of
foolish choices in her life.
That could be a cautionary
tale for you.
How much do I owe you?
Oh no, no, no.
This is from me.
No, I couldn't...
Consider it a Christmas gift.
Yeah, no.
It's done.
Thank you so much.
Merry Christmas.
Out of curiosity, if you are
going tonight,
what are you going
to wear?
I have the entire store
to choose from.
Well, you know,
if you're wondering,
Ed likes red.
Oh, stop it.
Both of you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Have a wonderful time,
It's red.
They'll be here any time now.
You know the dance doesn't start
for an hour.
Well, that's the idea.
To give Santa and Ginger
some alone time.
Ooh, clever girl.
Yes. There you go.
I'm a little nervous.
If you weren't, I'd be
a little worried.
I mean it, I've spent
so many years
wondering about this moment,
if it should ever happen again.
And yet, you know,
if this goes well,
Santa could be the one getting
the best gift this year.
Anybody home?
Dodie! I thought
you couldn't make it.
Until later.
Olivia, she offered to cover
the store for me tonight.
That was so nice of her.
Love the dress.
Isn't it beautiful,
don't you like that colour?
Oh, wait a minute.
Are we early?
There's no one here.
Did I show up early?
Uh, I don't know,
maybe we both did.
Uh, but hey, there's music,
we've got Santa over here.
What more do you need?
Hey, Santa. Come join us.
Oh, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
And who do we have here?
Ed Willoughby.
Hope I'm on the good list.
And this is my mother.
So nice to meet you, Santa.
Margaret, you say.
You don't look like
a Margaret to me.
No? Well then who?
It'll come to me.
A beautiful pin
you're wearing.
Oh, thank you.
It was a gift,
many years ago.
From someone special?
He was.
We lost touch.
A shame when that happens.
Yeah, well.
We can't turn the clock back.
Haven't you heard?
At Christmas, my dear Margaret,
anything is possible.
Well, I'm afraid there are times
when that's true, and...
["Jingle Bells" plays]
That song!
Means something to you,
does it?
Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells
That is the song that we
danced to that Christmas.
My friend and I.
Your first dance.
Yes. As it happens, it was.
One of my favourites as well.
Would you care to...
Oh my.
Oh my gosh, is that you?
Plus a few more years,
and a few more pounds.
I hope not so many
that it's too late.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's not too late.
Come on, Ginger.
Let's show 'em
how it's done.
Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way.
Oh, what fun
it is to ride
in a one-horse
open sleigh
I've never seen my mother
so happy.
Thank you for everything
you did for them.
What we did.
Well, we better not let them
dance alone.
Come on.
Merry Christmas, Carl.
Merry Christmas, Ginger.
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse
open sleigh
[cash register whirring]
Oh, come on.
It's Christmas Eve.
Don't leave me in suspense.
How did we do?
Between word of mouth and
our beautiful new website,
I think your dad will be
very happy this holiday.
We're going to be okay?
This is amazing!
So, the store's in good shape.
What about you and Ed?
I don't know.
He's pretty terrific,
isn't he?
He's pretty terrific.
[clock chiming]
It's tomorrow.
It's Christmas.
[bells tolling]
... Holy night
All is calm,
All is bright
Round yon virgin
The carollers.
It's snowing!
A Christmas miracle.
Holy infant so tender
and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
I thought you said you
wouldn't be caught dead
dressed like that.
I mean, I think
you're paraphrasing, but...
Did you set this up?
You did this for me.
I'd do anything for you.
You should know that
by now.
Hopefully it doesn't take you
40 years to use this one.