A Violent Man (2022) Movie Script

[dark electronic music]
[knife hacks]
[body thuds]
[knife hacks]
[knife hacks]
[knife hacks]
[dark electronic music]
[knife hacks]
[knife clangs]
[electric razor buzzes]
We're not set up to break you.
We're here to rehabilitate.
But ultimately,
it's up to you how it plays out.
You've had plenty of time in solitary
to think about how we want you to behave.
But again, I can only strongly
suggest that in the end,
it all lies with you.
[Steve grunts]
[Goodwillie] You have certain choices.
Others have to be made for you.
This one, for instance. A new cellmate.
You can't live a solitary life
in the way that you necessarily want.
You have to acknowledge that
you have a debt to pay society
and it will be paid in
the manner we choose.
Good behaviour.
You've given your counsellor your word.
Keep it.
Last chance.
[sombre piano music]
Be nice.
Bottom shelf, Wainwright, yeah?
Get it sorted.
[suspenseful tones]
[Claire] She's ready.
There are a few rudimentary
but necessary amendments
to the paperwork, but once
they're cleared, it's up to you.
Your decision is the final one.
I want you to understand that, Steve.
This will not happen unless you clear it.
If you're not ready,
if you're not comfortable,
we can postpone indefinitely, if need be.
Twenty years is a long time.
She's a woman now.
From what we know, she claims
she doesn't expect anything from you.
It's just about her closure.
Her forgiveness, perhaps.
But she may be looking for something more
than she's confiding in us.
She may be angry. She may want answers.
I need you to have an
inkling of how you feel
before you subject
yourself to the situation.
How you want it to pan out.
But you should know there is a possibility
that Karen's mother could be there.
[door creaks, slams]
[metal groans]
[door slams]
[lock clicks]
We know you're a fucking grass!
You're a fucking dead man!
You're fucked!
[inmate] Boys!
- [Scotty] You're fucked!
- [inmate] Boys!
- [muffled yelling]
- [bleak piano music]
[lights boom off]
[sombre music]
[knuckles crack]
[Steve sighs]
Thanks for the tea.
The showers that way?
[Steve breathes heavily]
[water splashes]
- [Steve breathes heavily]
- [water splashes]
Scotty Turnbull's in the southeast!
[Scotty] Psst! Come here.
Marcus Wainwright?
- [Marcus] Yeah.
- I know your cousin, Ifbra.
- [Marcus] Yeah?
- Yeah. Good geezer.
You stand like a hard-man, don't ya?
All puffy chest. You a hard-man, son?
- [Marcus] I ain't after...
- After what?
You can hold of yourself, can ya?
This ain't no fuckin'
street fight no more, kid.
You're on the fuckin' wing now.
Your cousin can, hold himself.
[Marcus] I'm good.
[Scotty] What?
- I'm good, man.
- You're good?
You puttin' on me?
You offerin' a poof cunt?
- You're fuckin' dead now.
- [Scotty] Don't you fucking move.
All right, all right!
Let it lie, let it lie.
Sorry, Steve. Sorry, okay?
It's me and him, man.
His cousin's a grass.
That's all I got. That's it.
Don't you ever fuckin' bring it here,
you understand me?
Do you fucking understand me?
Now fuck off.
[Scotty] Yeah.
That was all him. All him.
- We all good?
- Yeah.
So, how is he?
He's green.
Tell him to get it down on
the early. Might be beneficial.
[muffled chatter]
He probably wants the wing, Scotty.
[Steve] Have a tool handy.
Don't do the walkabout with it,
because you'll get a random
and then you're in the hole.
Have one stashed.
If someone makes a move,
you'll get a mark or two.
Just keep them away from the vitals.
If you're tooled up,
at least one of you
is going to the burner.
But chances are you'll take a sting
and you'll get out of it.
Let it settle, then have your go.
Chances are slim that
you'll keep out the lineup.
So use it, knowing that
you'll have to be okay
with your own company for a bit.
But the mug you want will be off guard.
That's the time to take him.
[hatch opens]
- Up!
- [Marcus gasps]
Fuck. What time is it?
[Brooks] 6:30. Get up!
Breakfast at seven?
You sleep deep for a new boot. Up!
[hatch closes]
What's the breakfast like here?
How long'd they give ya?
You'll be sick of it in two.
What, was you armed, yeah?
They threw assault at me.
[Steve] Was it worth it?
Is it ever?
It is, if it's an earner.
Ten large.
Well, there's your answer.
Bird's a cunt, right?
Everyone around here. Everyone in here.
And everyone who runs,
controls, and visits. All cunts, yeah.
You just gotta decide early on
what type of cunt you wanna be.
I ain't a funny cunt.
[dark music]
There are two types of inmates.
Someone that the courts are mad at,
so they throw him a sentence.
To me, well, they're
half the fuckin' problem.
Should've been given cleanup
duty on the M25 for six months.
Stop anyone from acting up.
Instead, it costs them 100 grand up,
just to keep them in a ten-by-eight.
The other is someone who
is a danger to society.
Those are the ones who deserve to be here.
Locked in, locked up.
I deserve to be here and by
the sounds of it, so do you.
Know that.
You know that and you're halfway done.
Suss it out. Get a feel for the place.
There's plenty to keep your mind right.
Plenty of places to find the poison.
But if you wanna do it right,
once you're legit, ask away.
You don't have to be a cunt in this cell.
Use common sense if you
need to take a smash.
Always check it first.
Make sure there's nothing being stored.
Shit when I'm not here
and I'll do the same.
We're not animals.
Look out for me and I'll look out for you.
- [water splashes]
- [spits]
Deserve it?
I won't bring it in here.
[door slams]
I need to shit.
[Steve] Wait till the morning.
I don't know if I can though, man.
[Steve] You will.
[guard] Lights out!
[lights boom off]
[bed creaks]
[Steve snores]
[Marcus gasps]
[Steve] The fuck are you doing?
- What the fuck are you doing?
- [tense music]
- Please!
- Dirty cunt!
- [water splashes]
- [Steve] Are you a fucking animal?
You fucking listen to me!
You listen to me!
Get your fuckin' head down there.
[Marcus groans]
What're you doin', man?
What're you doin'?
[Steve] Filthy little cunt!
You dirty, rodent cunt!
Fucking dirty...
[sinister music]
I see you hesitate, I'll take you down.
I knew it was a strong hit
by the colour of his blood.
[knife clangs]
You come at me with your aggression,
you come at me with your bottle,
you have to fuck me off,
otherwise I'm gonna come on,
and I'm gonna end you.
I will stab the shit out of
you until you stop moving.
Incarcerate a toe-rag
and turn him into a dangerous man.
Incarcerate a dangerous man?
Well, this is your doing.
[water splashes]
[Frank whistles]
Hands behind your back, Mackelson.
Where is it, Steve?
Did you flush it?
The cunt flushed it.
Got an inmate with half
a fuckin' nose out there!
I couldn't care less how he
feels about that, but I will
lock you up for the fuckin'
peace, do you hear me?
Where is it?
I ain't got nothing.
Okay, chuck him in.
You see who did it?
You were standing right there.
You've started early, haven't you?
Fuckin' shit breeds quickly in here, eh?
I know one of you two chomped his nose.
I didn't do anything, sir.
Well, one of you did.
If you didn't, did he?
Nah, he was with me.
I just heard it kick off.
Don't even fuckin' bother, okay?
Your friend here,
he's done a lot of his bird in solitary
so we know he can take it.
But can you, hm?
'Cause if I don't get an
answer from either one of yous,
you're the one taking the fall.
You've got ten seconds to tell us,
or get yourself ready for an hour's recce,
a day, for the next three months.
Oh, you know what?
Fuck it, get him out of here.
You're really gonna let him take that?
What a fuckin' man.
Closing 1887!
[door slams]
[Claire] Of course, it's concerning.
Is this something you don't want, Steve?
'Cause if that's the case,
if there are any more incidents,
any reports...
[Steve] Yeah? They'll do what?
- [Claire] Then we call it quits.
- [Steve] This is a way of life.
I chose it. I live it and I accept it.
Allegations are just that. Alleged.
You won't sit opposite...
And you'll never hear me admit it.
I took Scotty's nose off, yeah.
[Claire] Is that understood?
And I'll take his fucking
throat out next time,
if he don't drop it.
The courts will take
this into consideration
when they are reviewing your...
[Steve] Consideration.
They wanna stop her from seeing me.
Well, let 'em.
I'm here and this is it.
I don't get a parole hearing.
- [Claire] Are we clear?
- [Steve] I don't get a release date.
I'll die in here.
- [Claire] No more incidents.
- [Steve] I'm up against it.
A bird cage story.
So they can do whatever
they fucking please.
- [Claire] Now...
- [Steve] Yeah, I done her.
Took the life right out of her.
An act so vile,
but I did it, just like that.
It's amazing how easy it was.
No more incidents.
You think you know my crimes. You don't.
You know I killed her
and that cunt she left me for,
but you don't know how,
you don't wanna know how.
You can't take it to know how.
[Claire] See you then, Steve.
Don't tell me not to defend and survive
in a place where my life
can end in an instant.
Don't pretend to understand that.
Because the truth is,
this is all their doing.
You mix violence with violence,
you watch for the outcome.
I mean, what do you expect?
You take away a man's civility
and he adjusts to it.
Yeah, you keep him locked up.
Good for you.
You keep smiling at the
monsters that you create.
'Cause eventually they're gonna
fucking chew you to the bone.
[ominous music]
She wants to meet with me?
She doesn't get to?
No skin off my nose.
[Scotty screams]
[Goodwillie] Wainwright's behaviour
needs constant monitoring.
Seems he feels unheard, unsafe.
His father has issued a complaint
into the blackmail allegations
he's been receiving
from Scott Turnbull's family members,
seemingly offering their
coercion as protection
from gang-affiliated inmates.
Unfortunately, these things
do take time to investigate
and that time only puts
his son in further danger.
For now, keep him segregated.
Let's make Mr. Mackelson
understand that we are
the only ones who can offer
full protection on the inside,
and that his indemnity's no longer needed.
Our rules, our discipline.
[lights thud off]
And make it stick.
- [rapid thuds]
- [Steve groans]
We told you to fucking behave.
Night night, sweetheart.
- [Steve breathes heavily]
- [tense music]
[Steve] All cunts, the lot of them.
All on the fucking take.
I'll have every fucking one of ya.
[Marcus] It's wild in there.
It'll make a man out of you, but still...
Thanks, Steve.
I know why you let 'em put me in there.
Is he out?
No, transferred.
But it won't be done with Scotty, though.
Yeah, I know.
They got to you.
It was coming, with or without ya.
It was a muscle move.
I ain't holdin' onto it.
She wants you to have these.
Again, your choice to view them or not.
Unfortunately, you can't keep 'em, but,
feel free to rifle through.
They're how she appears currently.
And there are pictures of her child.
Your grandchild.
Different people, different reactions.
You may not feel anything
when you look at her face,
having not known her,
but sometimes they stir up
emotions that are biological.
How do you feel?
How much does she know?
[Claire] Everything.
I'm not entirely sure if every
detail has been discussed,
but she knows the case and the sentencing.
Do you think it's important
she knows the details?
To who?
Well, I'd like to know
if I was meeting a monster.
Is that how you see yourself?
[Steve] Does that matter?
That's how most perceive me.
Twenty years ago, maybe.
[Steve] She knows what I did.
Are you telling me she's
never been curious as to how?
I'm not sure she would
want to know those details.
Well, I would.
Right, well, she's her own person.
Yeah, but she's done her work,
she's done her research.
Does that make you feel uneasy?
Do you?
Do I what?
What I just said.
Do you feel uneasy, knowing what I did?
- Are you suggesting I should?
- No.
I'm just saying, you know, being a woman.
How do you feel, being around a man
who committed such a horrendous crime?
How about I keep my feelings to myself?
They're not important
and we are off topic.
No, we're not.
'Cause we're talking
about a 20-year-old girl
who wants to meet her father,
who butchered her mother while
she slept in the same house.
And you're a 30-year-old
woman who's now spending time
with that man, one on one, 20 years later.
And I'm curious to know
the depths of your feelings,
so that I can navigate the depths of hers.
Have you got any interest?
[Claire] These things usually bring
both parties closure, Steve.
Being forgiven can release
you of many burdens.
If you have any questions,
relay them to your SO,
and I will do my best
to get them answered.
[bleak music]
[Steve breathes heavily]
[hushed chatter]
[inmate hums melodically]
Psst! Bounce brother.
[Steve] There are certain things
you need to keep your bead on.
On a calm day,
everyone has their comforts on.
You start to see trainers laced up,
it's coming.
Broken glass and broken bones hurt less
when you've got your leather on.
So, if you have to strap up,
know you're going toe-to-toe.
Do what you have to.
Survive how you can.
Just know that anything that's
brought in here has risks.
Someone will sniff it out
and wanna turn you over.
This is our Wailing Wall,
our Geneva Convention.
Throw down anywhere you like,
but leave this place be.
Leave this place be.
[intense music]
Your safety is a concern of ours.
As are the ongoing retaliations
that I'm sure are imminent.
Can we rule out another attack?
[Steve] I ain't worried.
I'm sure.
Well, we can't take that risk.
We're transferring you to segregation,
until this whole thing calms down.
What about the boy?
He'll adjust on his own.
It's a life he has to experience.
It isn't about his safety
and it isn't about yours, either.
It's about theirs, Mr. Mackelson.
I need you to take
a beat and let this simmer.
[Steve] Then I'm the mug, yeah?
Going to the hole for them cunts.
It don't simmer a man.
It only begins to boil.
[Marcus yells indistinctly]
Just remove the bedding, Marcus.
We need to come inside, mate.
Look, you fucking tell
the governor I won't move
and if any of you try to come,
if any of you fucking try it...
- [guard] Marcus...
- Fuck that!
I'll open you up! I'll open you up,
I'm fucking telling you!
- Pricks!
- [guard] Just remove your bedding.
Make sure you're not injured.
And that it's safe for us
to come in and talk, okay?
- [clattering]
- Fuck off!
You come in, I'm telling
you, if you fucking come in,
I'll open you up, I'll open you up.
So you get the fucking
governor down here now!
[guard] The governor's on his way, son.
Just remove the shield, come on.
The fuck are you on about, man?
- Fuck!
- [clattering]
We can talk this out, all right, Marcus?
Come on, just open the door, please.
- You come in-
- Come on, open the door!
Fuck that! You can't,
fuck you, you can fuck off, yeah?
I will stab the first
one who enters, yeah?
Fucking test me. Fucking test me.
[eerie music]
What's going on?
[Steve] Marcus.
It's Steve.
[Marcus] Steve.
[Steve] You gotta act out
to get me out of solitary?
Sorry, man, I didn't mean for them...
Don't be sorry. It's good to stretch.
- They want me to talk you down.
- Nah, man.
If I open these doors,
I'll be back on the wing in a month.
[Steve chuckles]
Listen to me, at this rate,
you're gonna be my neighbour
for the rest of the year.
Come on, kid. Look, they want you
to take down them sheets.
No, I ain't doin' this, Steve, man.
They ain't helping me,
so I ain't making it easy for them.
[Steve] What's going on?
Lost my fucking mind ever
since you've been gone, man.
I'm on lockdown most of
the fucking time today
'cause I'm a fucking target!
- [Steve] For who?
- The usual pricks, man!
Look, I need a transfer.
I need a transfer.
My dad is dishing out
a bag a month to them,
and he can't afford it.
And the boy don't give a fuck,
so I've gotta make a move.
- Steve?
- [Steve] I'm here.
I'm just asking this lot if it's true.
Of course, it's fuckin' true, man!
Of course, it's fuckin' true, man!
I'm watching myself
every day in here, Steve.
I'm taking a hiding
and my dad is getting threats.
And these pricks ain't doing
nothing to help nothing!
[Steve] Do you wanna let me in?
I can't, man.
It's so fucked.
[Steve] Listen, mate.
You have to do this, all right?
The governor ain't coming in.
These fucking rules
means he can't bend them.
He shows up for you,
the next geezer's gonna throw his lug.
- [Marcus] What's he doing?
- [Steve] Eh?
- [Marcus] What's he doing?
- [Steve] I'm fucked if I know.
How do you see this playing out, pal?
[man] He's gone mute.
Marcus, open it up, will ya?
Open it up.
- [keys clink]
- Marcus, I'm coming in.
And I'm fucking warning ya,
you chuck piss on me,
I'm gonna knock you fucking spark out.
- [door thuds]
- [Steve grunts]
Fuck, fuck.
No, no, no, no, no!
[sombre music]
[muffled yelling]
[Goodwillie] He'll be back once his
medical evaluations are complete.
A week or two.
Think we can count on you, Steve?
He feels safer with you around.
Maybe this could be
your calling, Mr. Mackelson.
Looking out for him does not
mean causing others harm.
It does not give you any power.
But perhaps starts the paying
off your debts to our society.
Can you be forgiven? Of course.
We shall see.
- [Danny] You wanted a word?
- Yeah.
Thanks for coming. Sit down.
Do me a favour and leave him alone.
What are you, his old man?
Kid's got a seven stretch.
He can be done in four.
He's got no weight on your game.
Let it slide.
He gets gear bought in,
he's up against me.
He gets fucking gear
off of one of your lot.
Then you turn him over.
The kid's getting double fucked.
- [Danny chuckles]
- [Steve] Oh, it's funny, yeah?
Look, bruv. He knows how it goes,
you know how it goes.
The fucking SOs know how it goes.
You gotta earn your muscle.
He gives Scotty the push,
he's gotta have accountability.
I'm asking you to leave it be.
- Why should I?
- Because I'm asking ya.
You're a geezer, Steve,
I respect you, bruv,
but this, this ain't about you.
This ain't for you, blood.
I'm asking you to leave it alone.
And I am telling you as
nicely as I'm willing to be.
He gets up on my business,
then he's gotta take the cons.
Who's putting the squeeze on his old man?
Someone's gotta big mouth.
Look, Danny, you know me.
You know where I'm from.
A long time ago, Steve. Things change.
I know, but I still know the flats.
I'm sure you do but everyone
you knew left with the fires.
The old block of tenements went up
and now with the rebuild,
it's looking like the fucking docklands,
so no, I don't think anyone there told you
about the extortion from Papa.
I think you're trying to protect a grass.
I told you.
I came here out of respect
for you, Stevie.
But I got no debt to you. I got no fear.
You love to carve people up,
that used to go a long way,
but I've got as much bottle
and my fear factor is fuckin' zilch.
Your reputation,
it deserves a conversation,
but when it's affecting my business,
or slowing my days,
you ain't gonna fuckin'
hear what you want to.
How old are you now?
That don't even fuckin' matter.
- Stand up.
- [tense music]
- [Steve] I said stand up.
- Why?
'Cause I want you to do
something I'm telling you to do.
Now, stand up.
All right, listen.
I swear to you,
I will stand, and I will leave,
'cause this will get to a place
you don't want it to go.
You don't wanna see the
fuckin' darkness, all right?
So, next time, I'm telling you now,
you're gonna fuckin' ask nicely.
This is the fucking nicest I'm gonna be.
I'll take your fucking head right off,
do you understand me?
Do you understand me?
You're gonna have to fucking kill me.
You leave a mark on me and I'll have ya.
The fuck you doing?
You had your chance,
now I'm gonna fucking take mine.
[Danny screams]
Better not have AIDS, you cunt.
[Danny screams]
Fuck sake.
[Steve] Bin these.
[Danny groans]
- He went for me!
- [Brooks] Who?
- The big fella!
- [Brooks] Who is it?
[Steve] Wilson!
Be on your toes, he's sharp!
Don't fucking move, Mackelson!
I ain't going nowhere.
Am I, sweetheart?
Do you have a weapon on you?
No, just his tool!
Step off! Get on the ground!
[Danny wheezes]
[laughs] Wish you could see this.
- [Brooks] Jeff, on me, now.
- Use your good eye.
[muffled chatter]
What is it with this kid?
He just reminds me of me.
Kid from the estates.
You know, becoming
a product of your environment,
it is hard and it becomes your reality.
And it either fires you up,
or it makes you lash out,
down to the lack of opportunity.
And I see that.
I see that in him.
No one ever gave me a look out.
That's why I took this path
and I ended up here, the same as you.
Maybe it's his path to take.
If you could change yours now, would ya?
[Frank] Takes time, right?
Comes with age, Steve.
Kid's a pup.
He ain't listening to you.
Now it's on you.
Little fuckers wanna take their shot.
Give it the big 'un when they get out.
It's a badge of honour, to wear.
Taking a pop at Steve Mackelson?
Instant status on the out.
[sighs] You don't wanna be the weak one,
not in the way you go out,
I get that, but...
just saying, it's a risk
right now and for what, hm?
For what?
Kid's opportunity?
I don't even think it's about him.
I mean, I've got 30 odd years on the boy.
- I've got a daughter his age.
- [Frank chuckles]
I mean, that makes little sense.
I'm a violent man.
I got ire in the blood.
Part of me thinks I'm just
a fucking no-good toe-rag
who loves cracking cunts in the jaw.
But I don't give a fuck about the tear up.
I got no red zone.
I'm here...
so I might as
well be in contention.
The difference with me
is I could go further.
I don't feel nothing. I don't feel shit.
I can stab ya, cut ya,
slash ya, and hack ya,
and I don't feel a thing.
I've tried to feel something, anything.
But I would take a life
like you jump the queue.
Maybe that's my penance.
You know, maybe that's why I'm doing it.
[Frank] Were you born this way?
Must've been.
Did you kill at my age?
No, no, no, no.
I wasn't one of them horrible
geezers who set cats on fire.
I remember once,
at school, back in the fields,
some kids, they found
a rabbit caught in a fence.
It was already dead but
it had been there a while.
And we all just stared at it.
And that was the first time
that I'd seen anything lifeless.
And after a while,
a couple of the boys, they, um,
started poking it with sticks.
Sorta kicking it, you know?
Timidly at first.
But then after a while,
it got harder and heavier.
And harder.
And I'm standing there
and I'm watching these cunts
fucking kick and stamp
on this dead rabbit's head.
And I heard that skull crack.
And the skin split from the bone.
Claret everywhere.
And they're all laughing
and egging each other on.
Living in it, loving the carnage.
Then they kicked that rabbit
until its head come off.
And that was the first time...
The first time that I felt true rage.
[Young Steve] You gonna die in here?
I don't know. Probably.
[Young Steve] Do you care?
[Steve] What, about her?
No, I fucking hate her.
She betrayed me, she betrayed you.
And that cunt with her.
He fucking got it as well. He got it.
I showed you, bruv, didn't I?
I showed ya.
[sombre music]
Do you wanna meet her?
[Steve] Fuck, no,
it's hard. No, I don't know.
I mean, you imagine...
You imagine a girl grows
up with no mom, nor a man,
and the little girl gets butchered.
Fucking butchered.
Fucking stabbed, you cunt.
Fucking hacked and fucking stabbed
and fucking hacked, you...
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck! Fuck you!
Fuck you.
[lighter flicks]
[dark string music]
[Marcus] I can't do this anymore, man.
In here, I'm fucked.
Out there, I'm fucked.
Screws don't even let me
on my four hour in seg.
I can't do this for another four, man.
And I fight back, it's not like
I'm weak, but the more I do,
the more my family's getting
pressured on the estate.
If I turn up against it in here,
then I'm just gonna get extended
and that ain't a option, man.
The only way I can get it done
is if I keep on selling their gear.
At least then I'll still have some value.
The system wins,
then I just start kind of...
I'm just tired of it, man.
'Cause I can't have you
steppin' up for me all the time
'cause eventually you're
gonna get tired of it
and then what, where to then?
I've gotta get out, right?
Either through a cracked neck
or through the courts.
I ain't ever killed no one,
I ain't ever opened anybody up.
I don't know what to do
or how that's done.
Sound like a fuckin' cry-baby, man,
but those are my options, right?
Either stab them up or take what's comin'.
Fuckin' screws don't give a fuck.
Another blood of their streets.
Place is full of us.
Why they comin' after me?
Why they comin' after me, man?
I gotta start stabbing 'em up
and take the extra years?
Fuck, what choice is that?
What fuckin' choice is that, man?
[ominous music]
[Steve] You are not allowed to crack.
Smarten up.
[Claire] Then I hope you can forget
the suffering you've endured.
The suffering they've caused you.
If you are guilty and you know...
[Claire and Steve] and this
earthly justice hasn't got you yet,
then I hope you own
that guilt for your sake.
Because your life ends with a final trial.
No revisions.
No parole.
No hope.
[Steve] I gave up on hope a long time ago.
Oh, no, no.
Nothing, sorry, I was just, uh...
Are you okay, Steve?
You know, part of me sees it.
Sees the good in it.
The healing of it, the...
The closure, whatever you wanna call it.
I don't think I can do this.
I mean, I can...
I can do most things, but this is, uh...
This is...
It's bound to be uncomfortable.
It's bound to be unfamiliar.
Unfamiliarity is a trigger for anxiety.
The unknown, right?
Why put us both through something
as uncomfortable as this?
I mean, what is the endgame?
It's not like we get something
out of it, is it? It's...
You know, not like a relationship.
A future.
It's all just a fucking show-and-tell.
It's a run-around, it's a getup.
I mean, what does she want out of this?
You know what she wants.
Do I?
She either wants a start
or she wants it finished.
A start to what?
A tick on the visitors list?
And if she wants it finished,
then she should let it lie.
Close the door on it.
I mean, I'm up for it.
I'm fucking banged up.
Let her live with the story,
and put it to bed.
As someone who had no say
in how her formative years were presented,
that's a tough ask.
We're here to protect you.
If you say no, we say no.
But you do have to take
ownership of the fact
that you do have a daughter, Steve.
Flesh and blood.
And she wants to meet you.
Her father.
What is your fear?
[suspenseful music]
[officer] We responded around 21:10
on the evening of March 4th.
[woman] A horrendously
gruesome amount of blood
pooled on the floors.
[man 1] A viciously malicious attack,
void of all human compassion or emotion.
[man 2] Danger to society.
[juror] We find the defendant guilty
of murder in the first degree.
And so you fucking should have.
[rain patters]
What're you doing here?
Got friends in high places.
I said what're you doing here?
They wanted me to have a
word about you. Sit down.
Well, I'm not sure this
has fuck-all to do with you.
[Luke sighs]
Her grandmother never moved out.
So we see your kid a lot.
Some logic in there somewhere.
Do you want a tea?
[Luke] I see they've given you privileges.
Trust me, I've had to earn 'em.
[Luke] After all you've done.
You know,
that's the good thing about time.
It passes.
And prison loosens
the noose after a few years.
You know, it's more forgiving
in some ways than out there.
As long as you keep your
murders to one every few years,
they're lenient, right?
I was having a look at the poem.
- Is it yours?
- No.
The Argyllshire Highlanders.
What's it about?
The Glencoe murders.
I don't know what that is.
Well, look it up.
I mean, you with your Irish links,
I thought you'd be double
polished up on your Celtic roots.
So that's how you pass your time, is it?
Reading and poetry?
Well, it's better than sucking cock
and doing the fucking laundry.
I'm walking out of here a man.
So I might as well be a well-versed one.
It's interesting that you
think you'll be leaving.
You know that's not an option, right?
I mean, I hope you know.
Lying in your coffin's
the only way you get past these walls.
You are a ray of sunshine, aren't ya?
That's why I think
you owe it to the kid.
What the fuck do you know about the kid?
I know she's got her mother's genes.
Oh, she's a cunt an' all, is she?
I don't get it, the poem.
I don't need you to.
You don't need much. Never did.
But I am glad to see you
putting your mind to something.
At least scraping the wall
will keep your head right.
How long you staying?
That's down to you.
How's Mom?
Gettin' older.
So she gave up on the visits then, yeah?
Her son's a nasty cunt.
She gave up on him a long time ago.
She blames herself.
It's not her fault.
Well, it's fair, I mean, you were a...
An unhealthy kid.
Lost kid.
Angry all the time, angry at time.
You've been pissed off
since you were 14 years old.
She holds onto that. Feels accountable.
She can wipe her hands of it.
It's not her fault.
I'm here on my own merit.
Still doesn't keep you from repeating
your actions, though, does it?
- What is this, a lecture?
- Just stating facts.
Well, don't.
Because in here, I survive.
Her accountability ended
the moment I got free will.
What happened out there,
I can't help her with that.
But in here?
In here, it's a rebirth.
You know they want me to kiss arse?
But you know what they say.
You kiss too much arse,
you end up chokin' on shit.
Well, I ain't going that way,
because I belong to no man and no one.
For a reason I can't understand,
I picked up a knife
and I cut up someone who was...
Who had no respect for me.
And for another reason I can't understand,
I can't stop myself from
doing it again and again.
The shrinks can't work it out.
You can't work it out.
I can't work it out.
So do yourself a favour.
Don't waste your time trying
to convince yourself otherwise.
Now drink your tea. It's getting cold.
- What happened?
- For fuck sake.
- [Luke] I'm just asking.
- Asking what?
It ain't your fault, Dad,
and it ain't Mom's fault.
And it ain't entirely mine.
She fucking started it, she did.
It all went into a situation
where I had to kill the geezer.
I'm not talking about
just fucking hurt him,
stab him a couple of
times and sayin' to him,
"We're all good, brother, all sorted."
I stabbed the living life out of him.
I showed him what happens.
I showed him who the geezer was.
She was just a fucking by-product.
If she weren't there,
she'd still be alive now.
Her timing was shit, that's all.
It was her fucking fate
and you can't put that on me
because that ain't planned.
And that was that.
And then it was done.
I was done.
As soon as I knew what it meant...
and how it made me feel,
I didn't give a fuck anymore.
Life weren't important to me.
And that is why I'm in here,
and the rest of you are out there.
I know you've done your bird,
but you always knew you were getting out.
I know I'm not leaving this place,
and I'm good with that,
'cause my legacy will be left here,
and I am gonna make it
as memorable as possible.
Do the right thing and see the kid.
Say her name.
Go on, say her fucking name.
You know it.
Do you?
When was the last time you said it?
When was the last time
you looked into her soul
and offered any kind of
healing for what you did?
Don't you dare sit there
and have the fucking audacity
to pick me apart for not
having a relationship with her,
'cause you took that away
from the lot of us, you cunt.
Snatched away any resemblance of humanity
from my side of the family.
That child, Steve...
Stripped of any connection to the two...
fuck heads that brought her
into this mess of a life.
You're going to hell
for what you did, son.
That poor kid didn't
stand a fucking chance.
But you know what? Hm?
She's got more courage
than the pair of ya.
It's the only decent thing
she got from the merging of two
complete wastes of matter,
and that makes me so fucking proud.
I want her to meet ya.
I don't want her to forgive ya.
Because I know that'll
be more painful for you
than for her to hate you.
You're comfortable with hate.
It's how you function.
And I want her to see what
a miserable excuse of a man
you truly are and that
she's missed out on nothing.
And I pray, Steve,
for your own sake, I pray,
that you have an aching in your being.
Something you can't hide from.
Something you can't fight against.
Because I have a feeling
that'll be the only time
that you'll have a reason
to leave this world
with any kind of grace.
And you'll deserve every single
piece of that discomfort.
I just wish it would scar
visibly as a daily reminder
of who you are.
I'm my father's son.
[bleak piano music]
You got the bottom bunk?
Power position, bruv.
Where's your cellmate?
He's coming back.
Aren't we nervous, cuz?
I'm just walking the wing.
You know me.
Street geezers tell me you're marked.
Tell me you're on a payment plan.
Bird's rough, init?
Makes you jumpy and shit.
What you got on you?
Look, I don't wanna strap up, man.
Serious, bro. I'm not tightenin' up.
Won't have to,
if you tell me what you got.
- Ain't got nothing.
- Huh?
I said I don't have anything.
Come on, little man.
You're forcing the
brothers to shake you down.
We knows you got weed.
We knows you got peas in from your granny.
Your family don't wanna see you
with your teeth knocked out.
Probably best if you call your Nan again,
and tell her you need some
more bread brought in.
Where's your phone card?
He won't be back for a bit.
They got him on mop-up.
He's knee-deep in suds.
And you know what happens to a grass,
so you're saying nothing, bruv.
Can't help you anyway.
He's got his own coming.
Grab your phone card,
give the old girl a bell.
I'll be right next to you,
make sure you sound legit and that.
Bro, I'm not calling my
fam while you're here, man.
You'll do exactly what I tell you, cuz.
Yeah, boss. Game ain't based on sympathy.
Fuck do I have to lose?
Yeah, you in it now.
- Play it or don't.
- [tense music]
You're in the fuckin'
lineup till you strap up
and knock somebody out.
Lined up. Beat down after beat down.
Next bam, next bam!
Yeah, pussy.
White boy can't protect you.
That's what happens when
you turn from your own.
I ain't turned, bro. I never turn.
Want it to stop? Stop it.
Tool up, start carving, prove your stones.
Until then, grab your card,
and go and get me some money, cunt.
If not, it's gettin' worse.
I'll send some boys over to
gangbang her 90-year-old snatch
and you can spit out your teeth.
I play dark, bruv.
Please, man.
What you say?
[Marcus] Nothin'.
[Dwayne] You fuckin' beggin'?
- Please, man.
- "Please, man", what?
- Fuck you!
- [intense music]
- [pants]
- [Dwayne wheezes]
What the fuck?
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- [brushing]
- [trickling]
I heard you got extended.
Charging me with attempted.
You might've been better
if you'd have killed the geezer.
Well, not like I didn't try.
[Steve] It were close, I guess.
Well, he's a cabbage now.
You could say you done enough.
Now's the hard part.
[Steve] They're gonna be
waiting on ya, you know that?
And I told the governor to transfer you
or to keep you segged.
He thought this was the wise move.
And do you?
I think you've got some
serious decisions to make.
Look, I know I'm a dead man walking.
I'm just trying to come to terms with it.
[Steve] And have ya?
[Steve] Come to terms with it.
I'd rather they kill me
than have them push my family around.
My dad's stopped payin' 'em.
Told him there was no more need.
I'm good now.
So you've knocked the gear on the head?
Security's all over my post.
Anything that comes in is
just gettin' pulled apart now.
- I'm on amber alert.
- [Steve] Well, lie low.
Get yourself a job somewhere busy.
You're gonna get a bit more
respect on the yard now.
That comes with a violent act.
Use it.
Anyone who laces up, puts it on ya,
is gonna need their head examined.
What you've got to worry about
now is Dwayne's little lot.
Expect retaliation,
'cause it's gonna happen. Trust me.
Your only decision from now on
is what type of prisoner you wanna be.
Whether you take the lumps
and you get out in ten,
or you become institutionalised.
The system's got ya.
It's down to you to see how tight.
I never wanted the fucking child.
What's this supposed to do?
Stir up emotions?
[Claire] Maybe.
Well, it doesn't.
It just doesn't.
But by taking away her mother,
you have a certain
responsibility, morally.
[Steve] And what would
happen if I pulled out on this?
Well, it's all arranged, Steve.
Doing that now, last minute,
it will not be looked upon
favourably by the court.
You'll drop points.
There's no shame in
feeling nervous and scared.
It's perfectly normal.
Yeah, I'm scared.
You should care.
You should live in your feelings,
of course, experience them.
And then let that young woman
finally have some sense of her own life.
[urine trickles]
[Morgan] Hello, lad!
You all right?
[tense music]
Got a hat for ya.
What the fuck is this all about?
Try the hat on, you'll suit the hat,
it will look good on ya.
- Get that away from me, man.
- What're you doin', lad?
I said put the fuckin' hat on.
What the fuck are you doing, man?
[grunts and groans]
Put the fucking thing
on your head. Hurry up!
Bash his head in now! Hurry up!
- Again!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're gonna have to be
smarter than that, son.
[sighs] It's not about you, Steve, mate.
Yeah, it is.
Now take it off.
Take it off.
Head bleeds like a cunt, right?
I wanna give you two choices.
You can either have a break, or a cut.
This is about him and Dwayne, all right?
No, no. This is about me and you.
And since you're the
one with all the mouth,
I take it that he's the hard cunt.
Are you the hard cunt?
He doesn't fucking
speak English, Steve, so...
You'll go a long way
and that could be in your favour.
Now, what arm?
- What?
- What arm do you want broken?
Fuckin' try it, Steve. Go on.
I will. Now, what fuckin' arm?
Either that or it's an artery.
So, pick one.
At least let me go and get
a fuckin' tool so we're even.
- Init?
- No, mate.
You had your chance.
I wouldn't fuckin'
dream of jumpin' someone
in their cell without a fuckin' tool.
- You, Frank?
- Cunt's a mug.
[Steve] Cunt's a mug.
Now get down on the fucking
floor and put your arm out.
You're gonna have to
fuckin' kill me, lad.
You're gonna have to fucking kill me!
Do you hear me?
[intense music]
- Get off me now, fucking cock!
- Put your fucking arm out!
Stretch it out!
You haven't got the fucking balls,
you little pussy cunt!
Do it.
You want some of this?
- [Morgan] Fuck off!
- Big man, get up here.
Fucking stamp on his arm like
you mean it and use your heel.
No, please don't!
Fucking do it like you mean it!
Come on!
Do it.
Don't. Oh, my God,
don't, don't, don't, don't.
[peaceful piano music]
[Steve] They come in waves.
Sometimes you're in a storm.
Every night they hit ya.
Then after a while, they slow down.
Less frequent.
When they hit, they still hit big.
Slowly over time,
they get smaller and smaller.
The water's calm. They mean less and less.
Sometimes, you welcome them
in to break up your days.
I kill in dreams.
I kill awake.
It makes no difference
as they've become
the same thing to me now.
Her grandmother will be there.
A formal request was granted yesterday.
So what happens if I say no?
You don't have to do anything further.
Signature in a document.
I think you should only subject yourself
to this particular situation
if you have any remorse,
or want any kind of forgiveness.
[eerie music]
[footsteps approach]
I gotta earn.
I won't bring it here.
Well, it's hard not to, init,
when you're using
the gaff as a storage facility.
We get spun, you're back in the dark.
We won't.
Why don't you liven yourself up?
Hire yourself a lookout.
Use the shower stalls.
- Look, I know what I'm doing.
- I don't doubt that.
So, let me ask you,
who's giving you advice?
Someone who benefits.
[Steve chuckles]
An SO?
- Who told you?
- Well it's obvious, init?
Support Officer.
"There to correct of
or relating to the punishment of
criminals in a way intended
to rectify their behaviour."
I mean, nowhere.
Absolutely nowhere does it say
that they're there to help.
What? And you are?
You think they're on your side?
As soon as you miss a payment,
get caught, or get robbed,
they're gonna make sure you
say fuck-all to the higher-ups,
then they're gonna get
a sniff of it on the yard.
Then what?
- I'll work it out.
- You'll work it out.
Listen to yourself. Listen to yourself.
You're the geezer who just
turned fucking four years
into a ten-stretch.
Mark my words,
I'm telling you now, if you get caught
with a bit of fucking puff
or spice wrapped round ya,
they're gonna keep you in here,
behind doors,
well into your fucking 30s.
Now work that one out.
- Oh, what do you want, Steve?
- What do I want?
Yeah, what do you want?
I'll tell you what I fucking want.
I'm sitting here
and I'm looking at you and you look like
the geezer on the verge of
another fucking cell breakdown.
You think you're being extorted.
You're being fucking manipulated,
do you understand me?
And you're being taken for a mug.
A mug by inmates and screws.
Well, I can handle it.
Yeah, really?
Yeah and I ain't no fucking mug.
You wanna fucking calm it down, son?
Don't start with the fucking mouth,
not in here.
Fuck off, man! What do you want?
[tense music]
Look, I'm sorry, man.
I'm really fucking sorry, bruv.
[Goodwillie] A lot of time and effort
has gone into this, Steve.
It benefits more than just you, you know.
And although the deciding factor
does indeed lie with yourself,
these kinds of opportunities are rare.
Any form of future decrees
will be presented in a firmer manner.
You should try and make this easier,
'cause you have many changes
coming up to contend with.
[suspenseful music]
We'll be transferring Mr. Wainwright
into a different wing on Tuesday.
[Steve] They'll kill him.
It's his choice. Not ours.
Like I said,
many things for you to get used to.
Taking your mind off it might help.
I expect to see you groomed
and ready to go tomorrow AM.
We'll make it as delicate as possible.
But we need you to play
a part here, Steve.
It'll be far more comfortable for us all.
I mean, what happened
about this being my choice?
You gave up those
rights a long time ago.
We let you have certain
ones up until a point.
And that point is here.
[sombre music]
[Steve breathes sharply]
I heard you're leaving.
Everything all right?
Yeah, I just...
I just feel like I need
to hold myself, Steve.
- You know what I mean?
- And can ya?
If you say you're there,
well, then you're there.
They're getting me out of the wing.
You know?
Give me a chance to start afresh.
Lace up straight off.
They're gonna be coming at you.
I know.
At least I can see it coming this time.
Part of the process, right?
I've taken my hours
and lumps in this place.
I'm not scared anymore, man.
But at least it keeps
it from coming in here.
You know, gives you some calm.
[Steve chuckles]
So when you leaving? They said Tuesday.
Yeah but I'm trying to keep it quiet.
I don't wanna give anyone
the chance to have a one-up on me.
Well, you know, you might get lucky.
You never know.
Get yourself a single,
shit when you want, do what you want,
and get yourself a lovely, sexy SO,
y'know what I'm sayin'?
Start fucking,
start on gunning, son.
Aww, I need it, man. I need it.
You tried, man.
I know you tried.
So what about you?
You gonna see your daughter?
Surely you can get out if you wanted to.
There's always a way.
[dark music]
One of us has to start the conversation.
Am I gonna have to carry this through?
You look younger than your pictures.
I look like my mom.
So where's your gran?
I decided to do this on me own.
They're outside.
There if I need.
I heard that you don't
speak to your mom anymore.
It's a shame.
'Cause she's a sweetheart.
You look younger than I thought, too.
Look like my mom.
I thought I'd lose it.
I thought if I met you,
I wouldn't be able to keep it together.
It's funny to see you in the flesh.
Makes me realise how
human you are in a way.
I wanted to see what that looked like.
Because I've been told for years that
you were just a troubled soul, but...
I couldn't get me head around
that because I came from you.
From your troubled soul.
I promised myself that
this wouldn't be a meeting
of two strangers who sit in silence.
I wanted to go straight in, head first,
and see what was I made from.
So is there anything
that you want to ask me?
How many times did you think
about calling this off?
And meeting me.
Do you mind if I roll up?
'Cause I thought about it loads.
Everyone kept asking me
why I'd wanna meet you
and my answer changed each time,
but I guess the real truth
was that I wanted to see your eyes.
The ones you can
barely lift to look at me.
You don't owe me anything, you know.
I'm not here for your sake.
For your discomfort.
- Then why are ya?
- 'Cause you're my dad.
And neither of us can run from that.
That's the simple truth. We are blood.
And I've sat with that.
I've sat with that knowledge
and every time
I've felt anger swell inside,
I'm acutely aware of where I came from,
but you know what the thing is?
The thing that I've come to learn.
I did come from you, Steve.
I came from this animal
that fuelled such anger
and hatred and violence
and what I know is this.
I am beautiful.
I am a kind, caring, beautiful woman,
and if I'm part you,
that shows me that somewhere
inside this horrifically
violent, angry person,
is a man who is capable of
bringing in good into this world.
Look, I'm sorry that you did what you did,
and I'm sorry that your path
has led you here to this place
that feels so real to you.
So normal.
So home.
But I'm also grateful
that I was brought into this world,
however warped the circumstances.
I won't be a victim.
'Cause I can look into my child's eyes
and know that I've done okay.
I loved your mom.
And I doubt if you would've known that.
And you were brought into
this world within that love.
But if you're not here for my apology,
then the sad fact from me is
that's all I've got to offer you.
I'm not a good father.
And I'm not a good man.
I don't know how to be a good man.
But I'm glad.
I'm glad you realise your beauty.
And your light.
And I'll take solace in that.
Knowing that I done something right,
even without my knowledge.
But I won't lie to you, because...
I have been nervous about meeting you.
And I don't usually get nerves.
It's new to me.
And trust me,
I can make eye contact all day long.
I don't know what good that's gonna do.
'Cause you're gonna walk out that door,
and you're gonna feel relief,
or sadness, or happiness.
I don't know.
But eventually, all that's gonna do
is just lead to more and more questions.
And then I don't want you
to see into that dark place
that I know you'll see.
Because all I can do
is give you false hope.
And I'll be back in my world.
And my duty to you will be done.
[sombre piano music]
[distant siren wails]
[sheets rustle]
[feet stamp]
[flesh tears]
[Marcus chokes]
[Marcus chokes]
[slow instrumental music]