A Violent Prosecutor (2016) Movie Script

Ex-prosecutor infamous for
violent behavior
Now confined in cell 9
Handsome swindler
with 10 previous convictions
Deputy Chief Prosecutor
Chief Prosecutor of special branch
It took him for 11 years to
become a prosecutor.
Became candidate for Congress
Seduces stupid girls
Says he's from Pennsylvania
He wants to be a star
rather than a prosecutor
15 years of prison
A rookie politician
Those who were sent to prison
by prosecutor Byun
Prison family
Far East Construction
No resort at the bird sanctuary!
No resort at the bird sanctuary!
Hey. Why are you so late?
Sorry, boss.
The traffic was bad.
Damn bastards!
- Hurry.
- Yes, sir.
- Where the hell are you going?
- l hate that bastard...
You, beanpole!
Yes, you, l asked
where you're going!
Damn bastard, focus!
You think this is a joke?
What is wrong with you?
He's got asthma, sorry boss.
What am l supposed to do
with these losers? Damn it.
Strike them!
Stop the construction!
Stop it!
Stop the resort construction
right now!
Stop it right now!
Go! Go!
Save the bay!
If you cross the police line we can
arrest you for violating the assembly law.
What the hell...?
You just violated the law!
You just violated the law!
Drop your weapon!
It's the final warning.
It's the final warning.
You can be arrested on site.
Son of a bitch!
You can be arrested on site.
You just violated the law!
Stop them!
Stop them!
Don't let them through!
Block them!
Stop them!
They sure do work hard.
At the Asan Bay bird sanctuary,
where Far East Construction
is trying to build
its largest resort,
there was major bloodshed
at 2pm today
between police and
an environmental NGO.
Having occupied the site
for over 50 days,
100 environmental activists
resisted police enforcement
using iron pipes
and other weapons
Some extreme members acted
with illegal violent force
turning the bird sanctuary
into a lawless area.
In the crackdown,
combat officer Lee Jae-seung
was struck on the head
with a blunt weapon
and is still unconscious.
NGO member Lee Jin-seok
who struck the policeman
was apprehended by police.
So are you going to
keep acting up like this?
I've told you 100 times,
I know nothing about this.
You disguised gangsters
as environmental activists
to turn the protest violent!
There's circumstantial evidence that funds
from your company went to a gang.
Who the hell wants to trap me?
- You know l originally??- Hey, Jang Hyun-seok.
The bastard who hit the
cop's head is coming in soon.
A few words with him,
and you're done.
No point in all this bullshit.
Please check these.
Prosecutor Byun,
are you issuing a ruling
before the trial?
I'm still an innocent citizen.
You know well!
How dare you raise your voice?
Who's behind you?
Nobody's behind me.
It's a hard life for everyone.
l guess you've been really lucky meeting
only generous prosecutors so far.
Haven't you ever thought
that your passion might block
your path to success?
A cornered stone meets
the mason's chisel??
What the hell?
This is violation of human rights!
Violation of human rights?
You son of a bitch...
Come here.
Stand straight.
Three years preparing!
Four years at college!
Four years of
cramming for the exam!
You know why l slaved 1 1 years
to become a prosecutor?
To legally kick the ass
of gangsters like you!
You know that?
l know your current situation.
But let's not see this
as a political matter.
Byun has caused
lots of problems already.
People upstairs
have their eye on this.
I got your point, sir.
I will handle the case myself not to cause
any inconvenience to the people upstairs.
Congressman, it's me, Min-woo.
Let me pour you a drink.
Oh, I'll pour you the nice stuff.
It made me so proud
watching you conduct
the government offices inspection.
Those bastard ministers
didn't know a thing.
They only took Civil Service Exam.
Hey, Byun Jae-wook.
What is wrong with you?
After all the trouble you caused,
you hit a suspect again?
I'm sorry, Chief.
It was my mistake.
Next time,
I'll beat him so hard
that he'll beg for his life
and not bother us anymore.
You bastard.
You think others don't use
violence ?because they can't?
We are administers of law.
What would happen
if we ignore due process?
you only can fix bad habits
with a beating.
Lee Jin-seok came in today
for police assault.
Let Yang handle it.
No, sir.
We have to beat Lee to get Jang,
and we have to beat Jang
to get those politicians related to
the bird sanctuary development.
- What is wrong with him?
- I'm sorry, sir.
We've had a hard time
because of him??
Go get some fresh air.
We were told to turn over
this case to Prosecutor Yang.
I said get out!
You smashed a cop's head
with an iron pipe
but the pipe
wasn't originally from that site.
We were there
to protect the environment..
Protect nature?
Environmental activism is great.
But you know what?
After you hit him??
public opinion
is now pro-development.
Don't you think
something smells fishy?
It was a mistake that
happened in a chaotic situation.
Many of us were hit too.
- What group do you belong to?
- Pardon?
You don't even know
the name of your organization?
Listen, sir.
Once migratory birds leave Russia,
they keep flying for 15 days
without landing or eating...
The bird sanctuary is the place where
those birds stop by to eat and rest.
If we develop this habitat
the birds would come and all die.
One species of bird
will go extinct.
You have a good memory.
Who wrote that line for you?
I knew it myself.
Listen, Lee Jin-seok.
A middle school graduate turned into
an environmental activist?
You want me to believe it?
So an undereducated ex-convict
can't protect nature?
Take off your shirt.
I don't want to.
I said take it off!
No, I won't.
What is wrong with you?
- Stand up. Attention!
- Please let me go...
Stand straight!
Take off your shirt!
Why should l...
I said take it off!
Look at you, son of a bitch!
Look at this nice
tattoo on your body!
You bastard.
You claim to be an activist when you have
this big tattoo on your body?
You'll never get out of here.
I'll search out everyone
related to you.
Hey, wake up. Jae-wook!
I told you not to mess with me!
What the hell
are you talking about?
I heard you locked up
Lee Jin-seok all day long!
Are you trying to screw me?
Why are you bothering me
so early in the morning?
Stop the bullshit
and return him to me.
I won't stand here and
let you screw us over.
All right,
just let me sleep 5 more mins.
I stayed up all night!
Damn it.
Where are night shifters?
Why is the monitor off?
- Bastards??- Don't know.
- Get ready quick.
- Yes, sir.
Hey! Wake up, Mr. Lee!
Rise and shine!
Let's wrap this up
and have breakfast!
Lee Jin-seok.
Hey you!
Lee Jin-seok!
Chief Kang!
- Answer me!
- Yes, sir.
What's wrong with him?
What happened last night?
I don't know??I didn't do the night shift.
Call him quick! Hurry!
You have the right to
remain silent
and the right to an attorney.
Anything you say
can and will be
used against you
in a court of law.
D.ff. Byun Jae-wook, arrested
without warrant for murdering
police assault suspect,
exits the prosecutor's office.
The case relates to a dispute over
developing the bird sanctuary??
Shockingly, the prosecutor killed
the suspect during his interrogation.
Citizens are demanding a
transparent and fair investigation
into the practices
that caused this incident.
Dear citizens.
As Deputy Chief Prosecutor
I sincerely apologize
for the foul play of
Byun Jae-wook
and accept full
responsibility for this.
Did the defendant
directly order the witness
to leave the interrogation room?
Prosecutor Byun
ordered me himself.
The defendant Byun claims that
the victim died of asthma-related
breathing difficulties.
ls it correct?
No way.
Jin-seok was sound as a bell.
Defendant Byun Jae-wook
had previously caused trouble
both internally and externally
with his violent tactics.
His mistaken views
about governmental power
led to this criminal act of
assault and homicide,
undermining public trust
in the prosecution as a whole.
To re-establish justice
and the rule of law
using this case as an example,
we hereby ask for
15 years imprisonment.
Look at him!
You're so screwed,
Mr. Prosecutor.
Hey Mr. Prosecutor!
Lift your damn head up.
Remember me?
I'm the Iron from Gunsan.
Here, sir.
The human body is so mysterious.
All because of this small object...
Take off your shoes.
Look who's here.
It's been a while, sir.
Never expected to see you like this.
Damn, you scared me.
Why no answer?
At least pretend to listen
when people talk to you.
I think I gave you 20 years total.
First, 3 years for special robbery
and then 17 years for murder.
Excellent memory! So smart!
From Seoul University, right?
Let's exchange greetings
since we'll be together so long.
Of course. Greetings.
- You guys give him good greetings.
- Let's go.
- I said 'don't move!'
- Hold that son of a bitch.
You'll spend
your whole life with me!
Isn't that nice?
Son of a bitch!
- You must be damn happy!
- Here he comes!
What's all the fuss for?
We're exchanging greetings
with the newbie.
Cool it now and
get ready for roll call.
Yes, sir.
Three, mo, one.
Three, mo, one.
Three, mo, one.
Three, mo, one.
Three, mo, one.
Three, mo, one.
Three, mo, one.
Don't stare,
you son of a bitch!
You think you're a prosecutor
in here too?
What is it?
Let me see.
Bring the bandage!
The long-delayed development
of the Asan Bay Bird Sanctuary
resumed today with
a groundbreaking ceremony.
Alongside President Jang
of Far East Construction,
Congressman Kang Young-seop
and Woo Jong-gil,
ex-deputy prosecutor,
attended the ceremony.
I've worked as a prosecutor
for 8 years!
Long enough to know
if it was a plot.
I'm being made a scapegoat
to cover up the habitat case!
The so-called witnesses
are all lying,
and Min-woo is
acting like a crazy man.
It's like everyone
wants to bury me alive.
- So?
- The thing is...
I'm absolutely sure that
Lee Jin-seok had his inhaler!
If we can find it,
it would solve this case.
Didn't you hear the testimony
that he never had asthma?
You keep saying
the same damn thing!
All the evidence
points to you as the murderer.
Then what do you
want me to do?
First, plead guilty.
Then we'll say the victim
acted rashly under interrogation,
acted rashly under interrogation,
You want me to admit to this?
Listen, Jae-wook.
This isn't the truth
I'm talking about??
- it's the way of the law.
- Sir!
This is the only way
I can get you out of this.
Now, the verdict.
We recognize the defendant's
service to the cause of justice.
But his abuse of power
leading to the victim's death
is too serious a crime
to be forgiven.
Furthermore, we find
no evidence to support
the defendant's claim
of self-defense.
Therefore, believing in
the need to raise an alarm
over the illegal investigations
of the prosecution and police,
we find the defendant guilty,
and sentence him to
15 years in prison.
Chief, this isn't
what you told me!
What's going on?
- Chief!
- Jae-wook, stop it!
What the hell are you doing to me?
Answer me!
Let me go, assholes!
Tell me why
you're doing this to me!
Tell me!
Let go of me!
Woo Jong-gil!
Damn it.
Tell me the reason!
Why did you do this to me!
Yes, sir.
I'll take care of it myself.
Thank you.
I'm counting on you.
No. 3820.
Warden wants to see you.
Every man in this jail
believes that he's innocent.
Rather than upset people upstairs,
you'd be better off
getting used to it here, okay?
It's cold. Let's hurry.
Attention! Gather here.
Raise your hand if any of you
has experience in real estate.
What did you do?
I was a contractor
and illegal real-estate broker.
It means you were a con-man!
What did you do?
The same broker bullshit?
I'm sorry, sir.
My enthusiasm got the best of me.
I'm the idiot for expecting
anything out of you.
Forget it. Back to work!
Not one guy here
who can help me.
What'll I do?
It's quite a big lawsuit,
and what do I know
about the law?
- Captain Im.
- Who the hell is this?
On the outside,
I handled a few
real-estate disputes in court.
That's right!
You're the one!
Why didn't I think of you?
We have a specialist here.
So this would solve everything?
- It's that simple?
- Yes, sir.
Then the other party
will be arrested for evasion
under property transfer law.
So he'll offer you a settlement.
Then you get your money back,
plus a cancellation fee.
May I have one more?
Of course, go ahead!
Take your time.
A while back,
I lost a civil suit to my uncle
so I need to pay.
Yes, right.
But as you know well,
civil servants like us
have no money??
- Don't pay him.
- Really?
ls it okay not to?
The court ordered me to pay.
What do those jerks know?
I'll settle it for you.
In return...
could you do me a favor?
Really nice, bro.
You dance much better
than the pros!
Nice move!
No. 1322, you're transferred.
Why all of a sudden?
What is it?
What is it?
Why are you doing this?
At least tell me the reason!
Please tell me!
Where the hell
are you sending me?
At least tell me where!
Let me go!
Damn bastard, let me go!
Good to meet you!
See you inside.
Hey, don't stare at me!
Left face!
March ahead!
See you soon.
Honey, are you alright?
How do you feel?
You're okay, right?
Why are you saying that?
You really don't know why?
Honey, don't do this to me!
I'm no longer good enough
for a sweet girl like you.
Forget about an ex-con like me
and live a happy life.
That's what I came out to say.
I'm done with the visit!
Wait, honey! Please!
I know you don't belong here.
I know it all.
The person I know
is too pure-hearted
- and innocent for this!
- Stop it, Hana
I'm a fool!
All I did in the US was study.
I don't know the ways of the world.
I believed everything
Koreans told me.
I think the world
misunderstood you.
What misunderstanding?
Don't you see this?
The world will never recognize me!
Do you think your family
will approve a scumbag like me?
You're not a scumbag!
I can overcome everything.
My dad will give me
his new building.
We can start small with it
when you come out, okay?
You're unbelievable.
How did I ever find
a girl like you
in this dirty world?
- Get rid of all his gang.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, what's up, bro?
What's up, man?
Who was it?
I heard a chick visited you.
I envy you!
- Tell me the secret!
- Yeah, tell us!
The difference between
you guys and me
is that you think too much.
Fraud is not about cheating
others and ruining them.
It's leaving yourself behind.
It's just making yourself into
the person you want to be.
We brought him.
Who the hell are they?
You don't know?
He's the prosecutor in cell #9.
I'm not a criminal.
Then what are you?
One of my staff
raped my daughter.
How could a father
turn his back on that?
Don't look at me when you talk
So I called in several
Yanbian Koreans.
So you are a criminal.
I heard quite a lot about him.
He's facing big difficulties now.
But he has a great reputation.
- Tell him to come.
- Yes.
You can talk to his face now.
Please help me, sir.
Does the prosecutor have proof
that the Yanbian Koreans asked for money?
No, sir.
Then just find some other
Yanbian Koreans
and make them testify
you didn't order them to kill him.
Tell them to commit perjury?
The prosecution can't confirm
arguments made from China.
That's how the system works.
If they just testify
you didn't order the killing,
the sentence will be reduced
by 2 years.
2 years?
Plus, the court will consider
the rape victim's mental anguish.
- How long have you been here?
- 9 months.
9 months...
Only 3 months left.
Really? Thank you!
How can I express my gratitude?
I'll tell you later if I need help.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you!
What's the use of
being a big shot in prison?
He's just a murderer after all.
Attention, everyone!
Salute the warden!
Hello, sir!
At ease.
why are you working?
It's my duty to work.
The case you mentioned before
how did it go?
Their lawyer was left speechless.
Good to hear.
Thank you sir for the papers.
Let's have some coffee.
Keep up the good work!
Yes, sir!
Hey, here!
- Hey, what's up!
- What's up!
Keep it quiet, okay?
Yes, bro.
What the hell?
Why do people smoke that crap?
- You know what, bro?
- Tell me.
Those migratory birds...
Once migratory birds leave Russia,
they keep flying for 15 days
without landing or eating.
You know what, prosecutor?
Once migratory birds leave Russia,
they keep flying for 15 days
without landing or eating...
Those birds use that place
like a rest area.
So they eat, drink, take a rest.
Then they fly on
to the South Pacific.
Where did you hear that?
What the...
That migratory bird bullshit!
Where did you hear it?
Are you crazy?
What is it?
It's really important to me,
so tell me straight.
Don't touch, man
What's wrong with him?
Tell me now, damn it!
Mister, I'm from the States
and we care a lot about nature.
In Pennsylvania, if you pollute,
you get the death penalty.
You know nothing.
I love birds!
My favorite, all right?
Easy man!
Damn son of a bitch...
Even if you appeal,
you can't win.
You'd better serve
your sentence.
Sign here and
let's wrap this up.
Anniversary of my father's death
is next month.
My mother and
younger brother need me.
I need to work
to feed my family.
Mr. Han Chi-won,
you lied about graduating
from Penn State!
Sir, they were falling over
themselves trying to invest,
should I just ignore them?
If you see cash
lying in the street,
do you just say, "Ah, money..."
and leave it there?
It's true, I'm a materialist.
- You're a public defender?
- Yes.
Which class?
The 38th.
Oh, you passed a bit late.
I'm from 31st class.
Oh, it's you... sir.
Please sit.
I'll take a look at the file.
- It's a really simple case.
- What is it?
Refer to the Supreme Court's
precedent of 1998.
What do you think you're doing?
It sets out legal principles
for the causal relationship
between fraud and damage.
in other words,
if there is no clear causal relationship
between fraud and damage,
charges of fraud
cannot be established.
Hey, what's man!
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
What is this
crazy bastard saying?
You wait here.
Sit down.
Mr. Pennsylvania!
So, where did you hear
the story about the birds?
Oh, that?
I told you already.
Be straight with me.
I know you've never
been on an airplane in your life
and you've been convicted
10 times already
for swindling dumb girls.
What the hell
are you talking about?
9 times.
I was acquitted once last year.
If your story
is the thing I'm looking for,
I can get you out of here
right away.
Just moment.
What are you want?
Maybe 5 years ago...?
I heard I could get paid
100 bucks per day
for studying at
some kind of service company.
Back then I was preparing
for my own business??
so I went there to kill time.
There were about 20 guys...
who spoke well and looked
relatively innocent for this field.
It was nice to get paid
for learning something.
But one day
they took us somewhere.
they took us somewhere.
l?ff never hit anyone
in my life,
so I couldn't do it.
I never imagined
it would be that brutal.
The person
who gave you the order
was Jang Hyun-seok of
Far East Construction.
How do you know his name?
Scumbags like you
are the ones I hate most.
Parasites who exploit others.
But this time,
even if you don't want to
I'll definitely
get you out of here.
From now on, you need to
face those you fear most.
- Come on in.
- Yes, sir.
I leave behind
the prosecutor's office
to which I dedicated my youth,
and start my second life
as a politician!
Hey, copy that signature!
Why should I copy that,
all of a sudden?
Don't try to learn the details.
Just practice
signing exactly the same.
You'll need it in the future.
They should get a dryer, damn it.
- Hang it there.
- Yes.
Hey, bro
Easter eggs!
Crazy bastard.
Give those to me.
- Give 'em to me!
- Why?
Just give them!
Hey, Young-cheol.
Share this with the others.
Thank you so much, sir.
Guys, let's have some eggs!
You're good looking
and quite smart.
Why'd you become a con-man?
You might not know this...
I once placed 38th
nationwide in a mock SAT.
But my father passed away,
and I got all his debts.
What could I do?
Nothing to do except to
use this face and brain.
From my point of view,
are you a bad guy or not?
I guess not.
Go to hell.
Once this is over
live your life right!.
Yes, understood, bro!
By the way...
why does no one
come to see you?
Guess I was a bad guy
on the outside.
You must be married.
How about kids?
You're not?
You totally look married!
What kind of life did you lead?
Now, my verdict.
Reflecting the Supreme
Court's precedent,
it is hard to see
that the defendant
showed a willingness to swindle
the victim out of money
so there is no case for fraud.
So the court revokes
the original verdict
and declares
the defendant not guilty.
Congratulations, Chi-won.
I'm going out tomorrow!
Don't smile.
What's this?
The numbers of the perjurers
at my trial 5 years ago.
Don't waste your time
on useless crap.
Focus on the work I give you.
I promise that I will do
my best to resolve your pain.
You smart ass.
Don't overdo it!
- Let's get back to work!
- Let's get back to work!
Let's go!
What's next?
- Beat it, you're bugging me.
- I know you like it.
This is why
you don't have a wife.
I said beat it!
Hello, who is it?
It's me, Han Chi-won.
Han Chi-won?
I thought you were dead!
What brings you here?
Take it slow.
Do the bosses not feed you?
Guess you're on a roll.
You look so nice and shiny.
You know I use my brain.
- I can't go wrong.
- Really?
But where are
the brainy ones?
Busy with
the election campaign.
Lots of deliveries to make.
Guys like us just get
chewed out all the time.
Sir, I'm thankful for the meal
and happy for your success.
Please propose a toast.
- Stop it.
- Please!
Give him a big hand!
It's embarrassing.
Here, to your health
and lots of money!
Most of all, to life!
He looks handsome!
Let's toast, after so long.
I heard that Jin-seok died.
I was abroad for a long time
so couldn't attend his funeral.
Stop it!
That was ages ago!
Madam! 5 more plates!
And I heard that...
he was beaten to death
by this crazy prosecutor.
Why do you keep talking
about the dead?
My bad.
I'm losing my appetite.
I'll try harder, boss.
Let's go second round!
Second round!
- Look.
- Why?
Think about it.
What have you gotten
for working your ass off?
If this greasy pork
gives you a heart attack,
then what?
I was an athlete in my high school days,
and I only weighed 60 kg.
But doing my job
while eating that fodder??
But at least
we should be grateful
that we're alive like this.
So we can
drink together now!
Look at Jin-seok.
What kind of life is that?
Damn poor bastard.
He could never
even breathe properly.
We always teased him.
Then... was he sick
in the first place?
You didn't know?
His asthma was really serious!
What? Asthma?
You knew he had asthma?
Everyone knew about it.
Why do you ask?
You didn't know?
I didn't.
How could he...
My friend.
Let's drink.
Can I have one?
Thank you.
What I mean is...
if Jin-seok started to talk bullshit
it could've ruined the boss' business.
That's what I mean!
- So the boss did it to him?
- Right.
The boss ordered Jin-seok killed.
So you're saying it's not
the prosecutor who did it.
I got it all right.
That's why I lied in court.
We just did as the boss ordered.
Damn that's hot!
- Oh! Are you okay?
- Are you crazy? You bastard!
It turned out really nice!
Son of Pohang...
To be precise,
I'm not from Pohang.
Don't say that again!
For a politician,
your precinct is your hometown.
Yes, sir.
Oh, Jang. Make it quick.
I'm a bit busy now.
Sir, have you heard?
Heard what?
Byun Jae-wook
applied for a retrial.
I think one of my boys
who testified in court
I think one of my boys
might've said something
I'm afraid something
could go wrong.
Don't talk about
this on the phone.
Where are you now?
Are you out of your minds,
you bloody bastards?
How long do I have to do this?
You sons of bitches!
You guys wait outside.
- Sir.
- Mr. Jang.
Since becoming a prosecutor,
I developed a daily routine.
- You know what it is?
- Pardon?
Don't know sir.
I meditate for an hour
every morning.
Doing that clears my head
and I can see clearly
what I couldn't before.
You see what?
I can see, among those
who clean my shit,
who will back stab me someday.
I'm sorry, sir.
Look at you...
I turned a reckless moron
into a businessman!
And you pay me back
with this kind of shit?
I understand
you are not satisfied
but I tried my best for you...
Only a month until the election.
Let's get it right.
And call me often!
Yes, sir.
We've got the slippery one.
Okay. Good job.
You wrap it up on your own.
What do you mean
by wrapping it up?
You stupid ass.
Whether you scare him
into silence,
or beat him senseless,
I don't care.
I just want you to handle it
and report me the result!
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
- Hello, sir!
- Long time no see, Min-woo!
You've been on the
up and up nowadays!
You look a bit exhausted.
Don't enter politics.
It's quite tough.
Did something happen?
Well... I heard
Byun Jae-wook appealed.
I'm afraid it might stir up gossip
right before the election.
Why so suddenly?
This is perfect timing
to put a dent in my career.
It's been a while
since you met your friend.
You go and meet him.
The trial can wait??
until the election is over.
Wow, you've changed a lot!
You grew a beard?
Let us talk in private.
And I assume it's okay to smoke?
Well, yes, sir.
Have one.
It's hard to get
one of these here.
I don't know
what's on your mind.
But if you are trying to
raise hay to sabotage us,
I warn you to stop.
You came all the way
to tell me this?
You know well
there'll be no retrial
with one piece of evidence.
Now you talk like a prosecutor.
Finally learned how to threaten.
Don't be sarcastic.
For 20 years since high school
I smoked 3 packs a day.
But I quit five years ago.
My head's never been clearer
in my whole life.
Take care.
Give Woo my best regards.
Ruthless bastards??
I'm sorry, pal.
Did you convince him to testify?
He's all smashed up.
He might live the rest of
his life half-paralyzed.
Damn...you're okay?
Wouldn't be talking to you
if I were caught.
Might be drowned or in pieces
at the bottom of some lake.
Let's talk more face to face.
Come meet me.
I gave it a lot of thought.
I think I paid you back
for what you've done for me.
Please don't call anymore.
Hanna told me
you mo would like to run
a small business.
Isn't it too humble for you
after all your studies in the States?
We can start small first.
My folks also started
with a small gas station in the US.
You went to Penn, right?
I studied business administration.
Did you?
They don't have that department,
at the bottom of some lake.
I mean the graduate school.
Ah, you went to Wharton?
- One of my friends studied there, too.
- Is that so?
Are you talking about
That's right.
He's your age,
he must've studied with you.
You must know each other.
Not many Koreans at that school.
Right, Kyung-min, The tall thin guy
who's good at basketball.
He's not even 170cm.
Sorry, I confused him
with another friend.
Let me see... Kyung-min??
Honey, my brother told me
you talk like a person
from Gyeongsang Province.
Gyeongsang Province?
ls it near Busan?
I don't really know
but some say a Penn accent sounds
quite similar to Gyeongsang dialect.
Does it?
But I should have
a chat with him.
Calling an American
a Gyeongsang hillbilly.
Why isn't it moving?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Why are you doing this?
I'm sorry.
No...not my face!
What is it?
Oh my god.
What are you guys?
- Hey!
- Who are you anyway?
Hands off me!
Are you crazy?
Listen, Han Chi-won.
Shall I tell your chick
you're a high school drop-out
with nine convictions?
You still need to pay him back.
You said you won't see me.
What brings you here?
See what you've done
to a class A masterpiece?
Why are you doing this to me?
Even if you leave me,
Woo will kill you anyway.
Are you crazy or what?
You think I'm so weak?
If you want to live rest of your life
on the run, suit yourself.
Sir! Hello!
Wait a sec!
So what do you
want me to do?
Tell me.
You have no other option either.
Can I trust you?
It's just too hard.
It's killing me.
I want to get it done ASAP
and return home to grow
some garlic with my old man.
Didn't you say you lost
your father in junior high?
Did l?
I have dedicated 25 years
of my life to the law!
Now, I will devote myself
solely to my hometown, Pohang!
As the returned son of Pohang,
please accept a big bow from me,
to the respected citizens of my dear city!
Woo Jong-gil! Woo Jong-gil!
Woo Jong-gil for Congress!
Please give us some music!
Please remember
Candidate No.1 Woo Jong-gil.
Dear citizens of Pohang!
Give a hand to Woo Jong-gil.
And let us offer you
some campaign fun!
Make some noise, please!
Your energy must've
pumped him up hard.
He sure can dance!
Look at her
she feels the rhythm, too.
Let's enjoy it together!
Ho ho ho!
Good job, ma'am.
Thank you for the hard work.
Look who's here.
This young man knows
how to cheer up a crowd.
I will do my best for you!
Thank you.
Would you mind if
I take a picture with you?
- Not at all, go ahead!
- Thank you, sir!
It's an honor, sir!
Thank you everyone!
Woo Jong-gil for Congress!
Woo Jong-gil!
Woo Jong-gil!
Such a pretty young man.
Are you a student?
Yes, just finished military service.
What other things do you do?
I tutor a few students.
You must be
really good at studying!
What university?
In Seoul...begins with an S...
Holy cow! You're too good
for this kind of thing.
Such an outstanding talent!
Your mom must be proud of you.
I envy her.
I wish I had a son like you.
How do you fancy Yuna?
I guess you mo could
make a good couple.
- He's studying at Seoul University!
- Stop it, ma'am.
I have a boyfriend??Though he's in the army.
- Thank you all.
- Good night, sir.
See you tomorrow.
Thank you.
- No, not here?? - It's okay, don't worry.
Woo Jong-gil list' with
names of 11 big shots
Source of campaign funds
revealed in bribe book
Appeal to dismiss charges
against an ex-prosecutor
serving time for homicide.
This is big.
Raising a fuss 5 years later
for a case he can't win,
it's for manipulating
the media, your honor.
Listen, Byun Jae-wook.
Are you just doing this
to cause trouble?
Didn't you hear the recorded file
submitted as evidence?
Please approve a retrial.
What I mean is??
why is it now that
you're bringing this up?
What were you
doing back then?
The night before the trial
someone offered me probation.
That's why I pleaded guilty
giving false testimony.
Who did that?
- Woo Jong-gil.
- What?
What did you just say?
Please approve a retrial, sir.
I will reveal everything
in court.
How did it go?
The retrial??
was approved.
That was the best
you could do?
I am sorry, sir.
No, it's not your fault.
And sir...
Byun requested you as a witness.
he must hate me a lot.
By the way, sir??
ls there anything between you
and Jae-wook that I don't know?
What do you mean?
What can there be?
It's just mean political maneuvering.
You just make sure
I won't have to appear in court.
You can go now.
Such a moron??
Warden Kim! How are you?
Just letting you know...
The Ministry of Justice will
inspect your facility next week.
I thought I should notify you.
Stand by for inspection!
Move away.
- That is nothing.
- Hands off!
- Sir, please don't.
- Come out, bastard!
I said get out!
No. 3820! Detention of 30 days
for keeping restricted items!
Transfer? Why all of a sudden?
Officer, please tell me!
Sir, they say
I'll be transferred!
Sir, please do something!
- Sir! Sir!
- Look ahead!
Despite recent allegations
of slush funds
Candidate Woo Jong-gil
of the Creative People's Party
is leading by 7O/o
in the latest poll.
It's me.
Listen carefully.
Things are not good in here.
I won't be able to call you.
We should talk.
Come in right now.
Hey, No. 3820!
What are you doing there?
Nothing, officer.
Just finishing up.
Go in.
The money is ready.
This will be our last meeting.
Woo is making his moves.
You'll be on your own
from now on.
Let me get this straight.
Has anyone ever helped me?
Everything??is up to you now.
Let's pray for one last time.
Come to me, all you who are
weary and burdened
and I will give you rest.
The real game is on now.
So better not mess it up.
Don't waste your time on girls.
Press your pin, sir.
Matthew 1 1 :28
How much more
do you need?
Didn't we pick Canada
because the tuition's cheaper?
Kang was deserted by Woo
and has no one to rely on.
His only crime was
to conceal evidence
and the statute of limitations
has expired.
You can definitely get him
with that money.
Who is it?
Chief Kang, is it?
Who are you?
Seoul District Public Prosecutors' Office.
Chief Prosecutor Yang Min-woo
He is really distrustful,
not easy to approach.
But he is very conscious of others.
so start from the hot shots near him.
Kim Chang-seop, Director of Inspection
at Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
He likes people and booze.
And he's quite careless.
He'll be the perfect target
to start with.
Sir, it was great seeing you
the other time.
Have we met before?
Stop joking, sir.
You'll hurt my feelings.
I'm sorry.
Was it at a seminar?
- Yes!
- Now I remember.
Jeonju District Court head
Park Chung-jik.
He's married to Hyesung Corp.
Hates people from Daegu.
Then he kept giving me
all this Daegu bullshit??
So I made it very clear
that Daegu people
are naturally greedy
and that's the source of
our country's problems.
You have sharp insight.
I like him better and better.
- Thank you, sir.
- Let's toast.
I have a Chateau Margeaux,
present from a client.
It'd feel less like a bribe
if we share it together.
If you reach that far,
Min-woo will take the bait.
He can't stand being left out
from the bunch.
Min-woo wants to be a star
not a prosecutor.
Hey, Yang. Come here.
Should I call you
Chief Prosecutor?
No, I don't deserve
the title quite yet, sir.
I just carry the responsibility.
You are too humble.
This is prosecutor Kim Jae-young
from the south branch office.
A very smart young man.
I'm just humbly following
in the footsteps
of great figures like you.
Listen to this guy talk!
How come I didn't
met you sooner?
Thank you, sir.
Introduce yourselves.
How do you do, sir.
Kim Jae-young.
It's an honor to meet you.
Yeah?Good to see you.
Sir, can I call on your office
sometime soon?
It's important,
so I'd rather talk in private.
I'm from Hwimoon High,
class of 95.
- Really?
- Yes.
- We're high school alumni, too.
- At your service, sir.
Great, let's keep in touch.
Who was your
homeroom teacher?
The... Snake!
- What? Is he still??
- Of course!
Can I help you?
No, it's okay.
What's wrong with this?
Excuse me.
Prosecutor Kim Jae-young?
Yes, I am.
How are you, sir?
I'm Park from
Prosecutor Yang's office.
- Great to meet you.
- Pleasure.
Believe us, counsel,
we didn't pocket the book.
That college bastard did,
tempting our clerk here.
- Really?
- Tell him, Yuna.
What are you doing?
Good morning, sir.
Welcome! Take a seat.
I found this while
investigating Jang Hyun-seok.
Seems like his money is
flowing to politicians.
Are you talking about
Woo's slush fund?
That slush fund file
is just the tip of the iceberg.
I looked into the development
of the migrant birds' sanctuary.
It serves as a gold digging scam
for political big shots.
Why are you showing this to me?
I heard??you're
quite close to Candidate Woo.
Just get to the point.
If this were leaked to the media,
it might hurt you too,
so I wanted to let you know.
Jang and Woo??are also relevant
to the Byun Jae-wook case.
I want...
?ff,?o be on your side.
Didn't know you were
such a daredevil!
I like it!
Sorry to interrupt, sir.
- But you need to sign this.
- Sure, of course.
And you have
a morning meeting.
Right, I almost forgot.
I'll go to this meeting,
but let's talk after/wards.
No, stay here.
I won't be long.
Yes, sir!
What a cheerful fella.
I love you, sir!
Where'd he go?
He said he'd go
to the restroom.
And I sent the document
to Judge Choi's office, sir.
- What document?
- It's??
the summons for witness??
He told me
you said to send it over.
Did l?
What are you talking about?
What's this about?
Yes, boss.
Looks like him.
No, I won't go!
Get out now!
Do what I tell you!
Chi-won! Honey!
Come here.
Bro, what is it?
Please calm down.
You lowlife!
I should've guessed it
from your lousy English.
- Hey!
- Don't!
How dare you swindle
my innocent little sister?
Screw Pennsylvania!
Speak some English.
Cat got your tongue?
What's wrong with you?
I said I'm fine with it!
Are you crazy?
If you don't come now
I'll have him thrown in jail!
You're disgracing
the entire family!
- Let's go!
- I won't!
Get out!
I love you, Chi-won!
- Love him, my ass!
- Leave me alone!
I don't want to go!
Open that door, missy.
Open the door!
Pretty boy shit
Where is that bastard?
Hey! Where are you going?
To check upstairs.
Our guys are already on it.
Then downstairs.
Alright then.
That bastard Han Chi-won,
he's dead meat!
Long time no see, beanpole.
- Is business alright?
- Ah, yes.
- Thank you for your support.
- Yes, yes.
I will do my best!
A call from the High Court.
You're summoned as a witness.
10 am Wednesday.
I see.
Hey, Judge Choi.
What do you think you're doing?
You think you can do this to me?
What do you mean?
You have the final call on this!
What is it?
Open the fucking door!
Don't you know who I am?
Why did you sign it?
Do you realize
what you did to me?
I didn't do it.
You stupid idiot.
I received this
because you signed it!
Stop it, will you?
What did you just say?
Say it again.
You think I'm blind?
I did some research and
this is not your only problem.
So you're saying,
let's go our separate ways?
I'll see you in court.
Okay, see you there.
People never know
when their downfall starts.
Chief Park!
Arrest Jang Hyun-seok
of Far East Construction now!
Excuse me?
On what charges?
Why do you have to know?
I'll do whatever I need to
to get the warrant.
So just drag him in, got it?
Yes, sir.
Please boss!
Forgive me this once.
You slippery little bastard.
You caused so much trouble
for so many higher-ups.
You know that?
I must've been out of my mind.
If you forgive me once,
I'll do anything you say..
Beat him!
Boss, please!
Boss! Boss!
Don't move!
What's that?
Please don't do it, guys!
Hold him tight.
Please, don't kill me!
Arrest them all!
Goddamn it!
You son of a bitch!
Let go of me, shit!
-Let go of me, dammit!
- Don't move.
What is it?
Are you
Prosecutor Kim Jae-young?
Who?are you?
Don't you remember me?
I'm Park from
Prosecutor Yang's office.
- Ah, Chief Park.
- Yes!
- Did those bastards hurt you?
- It's okay, I'm fine.
Are you alright, sir?
- You should've come sooner.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Those pricks??- Useless bastards??
You should at least
tell me the charges!
Don't push me!
You crazy son of a bitch!
How dare you terrorize
a prosecutor of Korea?
You call me a bastard?
You know who I am?
You son of a bitch!
Come here, I'll kill you!
Take him right now!
That stupid moron??
Yes, I got them all.
You deserve to rot behind bars.
I will kill you!
- You stupid thugs??- Yes, sir.
Fraud, forging diplomas,
pyramid schemes, identity theft??
Ten criminal convictions
at the age of 32.
You're the most crooked
crook of all.
It's all I could do to survive.
I still can't believe it.
How dare you
impersonate a prosecutor?
You're not from
Hwimoon High?
I can see you like
fooling people.
Let's see if you keep laughing
back in prison.
I do have something to tell you.
Don't anteaters
get sick of only eating ants?
In times of turbulence,
a hero always appears.
I'll throw you in prison right now
if you try to fool me again.
It's the case attracting
all the media attention.
And the only one
who can solve it
is you, Prosecutor!
After you crack this case,
you'll be real famous.
How do you like that?
Mr. Shark?
What is it?
It's been a while, sir.
I'm busy. Let's keep it short.
If I could keep it short,
why come see you?
I don't know where to begin??
You trying to squeeze
some last pennies out of me?
I'm talking about
helping each other.
Get in. Let's talk on the way.
You look quite worn out.
How are things?
You showed up after
5 years to ask me that?
Listen, you don't have to
make things complicated.
I'm not coming to you
with empty hands.
A month after the election
on Independence Day
there'll be a special pardon.
And another on Thanksgiving.
I arranged everything for you
to come out then.
I'm mad dog Byun Jae-wook.
You know me.
I can't bear a false accusation.
Got something up your sleeve?
Why go overboard like this?
I remember you were
at least a man of sense.
There is nothing
a framed ex-prosecutor can't do.
You still don't get it, do you?
You put yourself in this mess.
Please save me.
I'll confess everything.
Stand up.
You should've acted
more like a man.
I can't?. ff,breathe??
5 years ago, that night
I told you to hand
Lee Jin-seok over to Yang.
Don't you remember?
If you had listened to me
none of this would
have happened.
Don't blame me.
Give that testimony in court.
I did this shit for 25 years.
Don't you remember
who taught you?
You can't get me.
Still the same,
you and your bluffing.
Do you still secretly put
water in your soju?
You act so manly,
but you're a weak bastard.
Alright then.
See you in court.
You look really terrible.
Don't you want to spend
the rest of your term in peace?
He's just someone
you met in prison.
You come first.
Mr. Woo, a word please!
You're summoned as a witness,
what will you testify?
The truth is that I'm not sure why
I was called at this critical time.
They say Byun will reveal
the true offender.
I know nothing about this.
But if he was falsely accused,
I hope he can prove himself innocent
and return to society.
Any comment on
the campaign slush fund?
Nothing further to say.
How do you feel right now?
Please say something!
No. 3820!
Depart for the court, come out!
- What is it?
- Warden wants to see you.
- What for?
- I don't know, sir.
Stand against the wall.
You stay right there.
Hey buddy.
Weren't you transferred?
I am sorry, sir.
I truly am.
What is with you?
What happened?
Guard! Guard!
Anyone there? Damn it!
The court will have a recess due to
a delay in the defendant's arrival.
We will resume in half an hour.
I understand.
What's going on?
He was stabbed.
I get a strong sense that my life
is screwed because of you mo.
Why on earth
did I listen to you?
Goddamn it.
What should we do?
We? Who are we?
You think I'm your mate?
Sorry for keeping you.
We'll wrap it up soon.
It's okay.
Don't worry too much,
I don't worry about you.
You always think one step ahead.
Why should I be worried?
ls this Korean Air?
I want the earliest flight ticket
to Koreatown in the US!
Wherever works fine.
The closest one to K-Town!
Why's it so expensive?
Damn it!
I don't think we can
proceed like this.
Don't you think, prosecutor?
Can we wait a bit longer?
The defendant's condition
has not been officially reported.
There's no reason
to kill any more time.
The court will adjourn
due to the defendant's absence
and will be rescheduled later.
Please wait, your honor!
I am sorry.
Something happened on the way.
I apologize, your honor.
I see.
You should keep to the schedule.
The court is resumed.
First, witness for the defense...
Mr. Han Chi-won?
Mr. Han.
Did you work for Far East
Construction 5 years ago?
Yes, I did.
Then you must've been close
to the victim, Lee Jin-seok.
Of course.
We shared life's
joys and sorrows.
What was he like, Lee Jin-seok?
A good, sensitive man.
A rare thing in that field.
But he suffered breathing problems
and couldn't even run to catch a bus.
He always carried an inhaler.
- An inhaler?
- Yes.
By an inhaler, do you mean
a nebulizer for asthmatics?
Yes, that's right.
Then that nebulizer must've
been indispensable to him.
Of course!
He'd die instantly without it.
As he can't breathe.
Understood, thank you.
Witness, did you know
Jang Hyun-seok, president
of Far East Construction?
I sure did.
He was like a big brother to me.
I worked for him at the scene
of the police assault case
and recently
on an election campaign.
Which campaign office
did you work for?
Am I fully protected here?
Witness, be assured.
Thank you, your honor.
The campaign office for
Mr. Woo Jong-gil over there.
Can you specify your role there?
I delivered boxes full of cash from
Mr. Jang to Mr. Woo's campaign office.
Do you have evidence
for what you just said?
I have pictures on Facebook
from the bird sanctuary protest
and my days on the campaign.
I submit this material as evidence.
No further questions.
Prosecutor, please proceed.
Mr. Han Chi-won.
Can you confirm that everything
you just said is the truth
I've never lied in my life.
ls it true that Jang Hyun-seok's
slush fund
was used as campaign money
for Woo Jong-gil?
Yes, it is 1000/o accurate.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Hey. What are you doing?
Are you a prosecutor
or a defense attorney?
I'm trying to reveal
the truth as prosecutor.
You realize you're stepping
into very dangerous waters?
Yes, I do.
But I am certain about this.
Let's continue.
Let's see where it leads us.
Yes, your honor.
Witness for the prosecution,
Mr. Woo Jong-gil, please come forward.
I solemnly swear to tell
nothing but the truth
and will be punished
if I do otherwise.
Prosecutor, the witness is yours.
Witness, how would you describe
your relationship with Jang?
He's one of my supporters,
but not a personal relation.
These documents show that
Jang was charged four times
from 1988 to 2006 for organized violence
and circulation of illegal funds.
But all of his cases were
dropped by the same prosecutor.
Tell me.
What name is written as prosecutor?
Do you feel reluctant to say it?
It's my name.
But how is this related to
my testifying as a witness?
I am saying that you're not
unconnected to Lee's death.
Then you should reveal the circumstances of
his death at the prosecutor's office.
Why keep straying from the issue?
And I remind you,
I'm a witness for the prosecution
who should receive your protection.
Identify well who's friend or foe.
Do I really have to explain
A to Z about the trial?
Mr. Prosecutor?
No further questions.
He's one of my supporters,
but not a personal relation.
Yes, of course.
Mr. Woo, who do you think
killed Lee Jin-seok?
Isn't his death the reason
you wear that uniform?
Then why do you think
I killed Lee Jin-seok?
I guess you would know best.
That's not for me to answer.
For every homicide,
there should be a motive.
The one who benefits
from the victim's death
is usually the one
we identify as a suspect.
So in this homicide case,
who reaped the largest benefit?
As you all see, not me.
The one with free access to
the prosecutor's office,
who can destroy evidence,
manipulate the court
and use false charges to get
a sentence of 15 years.
Shouldn't this person
be the suspect?
What are you talking about?
I am asking you
why you killed Lee Jin-seok.
Listen, defendant.
Do you have evidence?
You mustn't falsely accuse
a candidate for congress
with no evidence but wordplay.
Don't you think, your honor?
Delete the defendant's
questions from the record.
Defendant, please continue.
Order in the court!
No further questions?
Witness Park Joon-beom
overturned his testimony
stating that Lee Jin-seok was an asthmatic.
This is the list of evidence from
the crime scene.
But the inhaler, indispensable for
an asthmatic doesn't appear on the list.
The victim had the inhaler
but it disappeared after his death.
If so, we should assume
someone hid or destroyed it.
And that someone must be
the real culprit.
Witness, do you know
who hid it?
How should I know?
Let me ask again.
Do you know who hid it?
I said for certain
I don't know.
I submit this as evidence.
It wasn't accepted in advance.
Unless the prosecution agrees...
I agree.
Evidence accepted then.
You should wash your car.
50 million won.
It'll be wired after the election.
Don't ever come see me again.
Thank you, sir.
By the way, you disposed
of that inhaler back then?
This is the victim's inhaler that
disappeared from the crime scene.
Chief Interrogator Kang heard
in the recording
kept it in secret from you
for the sake of his safety.
I see your time in jail
has turned you into a real criminal.
If you continue this farce,
I'll leave the stand.
Sit down, witness!
Sit down, I said!
Do you still deny it
even with the evidence?
Did you hide the inhaler,
knowing Lee was asthmatic?
And then frame me for all this?
Judge, won't you do anything
about this circus?
Denial only makes you uglier.
You should at least
be humble before the evidence.
Evidence, my ass!
Woo Jong-gil, you're finished.
You madman.
Once you were a prosecutor,
but now you entice the court
with phony evidence?
How would you know?
How would you know
if it's real or phony?
The inhaler?
That should be floating
somewhere in the Han River.
The inhaler?
That should be floating
somewhere in the Han River.
I wanted to hear you
say it yourself in front of everyone.
The witness confessed
to suppressing evidence.
I request you arrest Woo
as a suspect for murder.
Shut the hell up!
You think you'll
escape this unharmed?
Let go of me, bastards!
Obey the court's order!
You all try to frame me
with this pathetic scheme!
Don't you know who I am?
Detain him right now!
Stop it sons of bitches!
You think I'll go down alone?
This is all a political show!
You're all being fooled!
Congressman Kang!
Please, Judge Choi...
Defendant, do you have
anything left to say?
I was a violent prosecutor.
I conducted forced investigations.
I violated human rights
and abused my influence
in the name of public power.
Therefore, I am guilty.
But I think
I paid the price for my crimes
serving 5 years in prison.
Please let me return
to society now.
Today Seoul Central Prosecution
arrested and charged Woo Jong-gil,
a former congressional candidate,
for conspiring with
Far East Construction
to destroy evidence
and commit murder.
The prosecution also uncovered
a plot by Woo and Jang
to frame former prosecutor Byun Jae-wook
for the crimes they committed.
Are you personally close to Candidate Woo?
A few calls betwen
members of the same party.
Can't I call the person who
will inherit my precinct?
- Please comment, sir!
- Hey, don't take photos!
- Here!
- Hey, this way!
Why are you standing there
like an idiot?
No one came to see you?
What kind of life
have you led so far?
Guess I'm all you've got.
Have a bite.
Why are you acting
like a stranger?
Brother, I have a killer item.
Let's talk it over
on the way to Seoul.
Your intelligence
combined with my skills, wow!
Don't be difficult
on a day like this.
Come on, my car?ff over there.
The bus station is really far.
John 16:33.
Let's live honestly,
shall we?