A Violent Separation (2019) Movie Script

[music playing]
People come visit here.
They all say the same thing.
It's so peaceful.
Of course, people
don't ever really
say what they're thinking.
If they did, they'd say, shit.
It doesn't matter what the
hell we do here on this earth.
It will keep going
with or without us.
And maybe that's what
it comes down to.
In a world where the only
constants are time and loss,
and the only true
choice left to us is who
we choose to have alongside.
TV): Our top story.
Wild ride on Wall Street
continues Thursday with the Dow
Jones Industrial Average
plunging more than 200 points
for the fourth time this year.
In local news, area farmers
were counting on an increased
productivity to
meet rising demand,
but a recent study noted...
[music playing]
(SINGING) Ain't nothing
gonna go but you're a shock.
Just a science cloud.
- Go ahead and bring you down.
- Hey cowboy.
[inaudible] your birthday party.
(SINGING) Before
it's way too late.
Your black society.
Your black society.
Your black society.
Don't let 'em change your...
LIAM: Mom.
Sorry, baby.
First day of school.
You are going to look so nice.
You know Abbey saw that.
Well, a cheat begets
a cheat, little brother.
I do not understand
your relationship.
You find this funny, Ray?
Can I see that?
You do this again?
You know, if you spend
less time investigating me
and more time
investigating Frances,
you might find yourself having
a bit more fun there, cowboy.
Thank you.
Come on, man.
Hey, guess who
just got uninvited
for my birthday party.
Your brother is an asshole.
- Is your dad up?
- Yeah.
Here, take the damn thing.
OK, come on.
You're OK, Daddy.
Let's get this on you.
I'll do it myself here.
FRANCES: Breakfast is ready.
Uh, sir.
Do you know that antenna
came off your Pop's old 3100.
That was a solid truck.
He had that truck
before he had you.
Hell, he came riding
in on that truck when
he came here looking for a job.
That truck killed
him too, you know.
Slid right off the ice.
I know, sir.
You guys hear me?
Neighbors heard you.
Hey, Norman.
Morning, Frances.
You staying for breakfast?
I can't.
Got work.
Guess we'll be seeing you
tonight at Ray's birthday.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll make sure
Fran wears her dress.
SHERIFF: What you
got there, deputy?
24 feet, six inches.
You say 24 six.
Yes, sir.
Right there it is, ain't it?
Your county starts
south of Am Road.
Looks like it's on yours, Ed.
And here I thought since your
county pays to maintain it,
the road belongs to you.
SHERIFF: There it
is right there.
That's the road we on.
That's the road.
That's a river.
The river?
On maps, rivers are
blue, much like in life,
unless you're in Texas,
Thing is my
coroner's on vacation.
Ain't got nobody
to do an autopsy.
Blackwood County mandates
anybody dies under 40
- got to have an autopsy.
- All right.
- You know that, Eddy.
- All right.
All right.
Have your grandson load the
bodies in the back of my truck.
In the back of my truck, not
the cab like the last time.
You got it.
You want me to call
the coroner's office?
Cause of death is loss of life.
Let's get you tucked in.
There we go.
You going to get drunk as a pig?
- Who'd you learn that?
- Grandpa.
That's what he says every time
you go out with Uncle Ray.
I don't want you saying
those things to me, OK?
You know you're my
one true man, right?
I love you, babe.
Are you ready?
Would you hurry up.
Now let's see the other side.
He likes you.
I don't want to like him.
Why not?
Because look at you ad Ray
always fighting and cheating.
It's bullshit.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did that hurt?
I don't know.
He's changed.
It's like ever since he
came back from service,
become a mute.
It's good, you know,
letting somebody love you.
Well, look at you.
You might still have a
chance at a normal life.
You really do look beautiful.
Thank you.
ABBEY: Come on.
The boys are waiting.
[music playing]
What is it about El Camino?
What draws you to her?
What draws you to Cinch?
Maybe she has something I don't,
like gonorrhea or the herpes.
Or maybe she knows
how to shoot a gun,
or wears [inaudible].
You're an asshole.
Some sideshow, huh?
I was kind of hugging you'd
get your handcuffs back.
I need 'em for work.
I want you to teach me to shoot.
I'm not kidding.
Well, then, baby,
I'm going to need
my hands if I'm going to
teach you how to shoot a gun.
Keep dancing, cowboy.
I'm going to go.
Thanks for the drink.
Was it something I said?
I'm just tired.
Make sure Abbey gets home, OK?
Frances, just hold on a sec.
Did you want to dance?
- Norman.
- I'm sorry.
Just... I'm just not good
with this kind of stuff.
What stuff?
You know, romantic gestures.
You don't have to be Don Juan.
We used to talk, Norman.
Even when you went away,
we talked on the phone.
I know.
I know.
I just come back and I see
my brother and your sister.
I don't want to to be us.
I been fucking Abbey.
What the hell is going on?
These assholes are
talking shit on Abbey.
Let's go.
Come on.
You want to spend
another night in jail?
Everyone, just relax.
Hun, uncuff me.
NORMAN: Son of a...
Uncuff me.
Go get 'em.
You son of a bitch.
Come on.
Let's go.
You're drunk.
My earring.
Jesus, Frances.
MAN: Hey, you think
you're special.
MAN 2: Hey.
Leave me alone.
Give me the keys.
Abbey, give me the keys.
I'm so sick of this bullshit.
Then keep out of it.
Move on.
What would you know
about being with someone?
Abbey, come...
RAY: Whose side are you on?
You already got two priors,
Ray, both through fighting.
What if someone would
have pressed charges?
Oh, you wanted to
get your ass kicked?
I can look after myself, Ray.
Oh yeah?
I'm still drunk and I can
still kick your ass, bro.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Damn it.
Son of a bitch.
Look at this.
It's for the trailer.
I got it engraved
and everything.
Our trailer?
Our trailer.
It's for Abbey.
What do you think?
Make sure she
doesn't make a mess.
Sweet though.
Thought I'd try not to
make a mess before I wed.
I need a place to
fuck in the trailer.
Not in my room.
You got a bigger bed.
And your sheets
are always clean.
[music playing]
- I got a surprise for you.
- Yeah?
What is it?
If you want to see,
you got to come with me.
Babe, I"m tired.
I'm hungover.
I'm even drunk at the same time.
Come on then.
It's still dark out.
Are you a cowboy or what?
[music playing]
What the hell are you doing?
I told you I want you
to teach me how to shoot.
And where'd you get that thing?
Took it from my daddy's office.
Jesus Christ.
- And what if he finds out?
- He won't.
I've never in my entire life
seen him take it out, OK?
No one saw me.
Well, I ain't teaching
you how to shoot.
- Why not?
- Because.
Why not?
Because you like dressing
up in makeup, and earrings,
and all that kind of stuff.
Why do you want to learn
how to shoot anyway?
You're a girly girl.
Oh, and El Camino
is a real woman?
Oh Jesus Christ.
What she hold a gun in hand,
and a wrench in the other,
and a long neck
between her tits?
Would you watch what
you're doing with that thing.
At least Cinch isn't afraid
to tell me he loves me.
Oh, that's some bullshit.
You believe him?
What do you think?
I don't know.
You fall for any guy that
sells you the love line.
I mean, it worked for
Liam's daddy, didn't it?
Don't you dare bring my
son into your bullshit, Ray.
Where are we going?
Somewhere I can shoot something.
Darling, stay...
- Don't call me stupid.
- Will you just stop the car?
- No.
- Stop the car.
- Let go.
- Look, I heard you.
I hate you, Ray.
Let go.
Damn it.
What is wrong with you?
You know what,
Ray, you're right.
I do love him.
I love that he
cares enough to lie.
I love his stupid friends
And I love his damn cock.
Oh God.
Baby, baby.
Please be OK.
Come here, baby.
So help banana.
And then... get Norm.
I'll get Norm.
I'm going to get
you that trail, OK?
See this?
See this?
That's your key right there.
Hey baby.
I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
Honey, I'm sorry.
All right.
[dark music]
Very good.
Oh, yeah.
There you go.
Hey, baby.
- Hey Norm.
I fucked up.
I fucked up really bad.
Ray, what the hell is this?
You hurt?
She wanted to
learn how to shoot.
It was an accident.
Jesus Christ.
The gun just went off.
It just fucking went off.
She was holding it and I tried
to get it out of her hand and...
you believe me, don't you, Norm?
It was... it was an accident.
Where is she?
I got rid of her.
Jesus, Ray.
What'd you...
You believe me, don't you, Norm?
I swear to God.
I swear it was an accident.
It doesn't matter.
You moved her.
You fucking moved her.
And now it looks like murder.
What was I supposed to do?
I got two priors.
Who'd believe me?
What do you want me to do, Ray?
You want me to lie for
you, say you weren't here?
You asked me to come here.
I'm here.
Tell me exactly what
you want me to do.
I don't know.
Yes, you do.
- I don't know.
- Yes, you do.
I want you to say it.
It's important.
Say what?
What it is you want me to do.
Because it's important, Ray.
It's important.
I want you to help
me cover this up.
That what I want you to do.
I want you to help
me cover this up.
Please, Norm, I'm
begging you please.
Come on, boy.
Where's your sister?
I don't know.
What's wrong, honey?
- I want the frosted cereal.
- OK.
You ain't his mama.
FRANCES: Abbey, wake up.
Norm, you there?
Come in, Norman.
Go ahead, Patty.
PATTY (ON RADIO): Just got
a call for an abandoned
car up by Lake Sherburne.
Man said he just
came upon it sitting
in the middle of the road.
You call a tow truck?
says there's blood in it.
I should probably wake
the sheriff for this.
Probably should then.
That's Abbey Campbell's car?
Yes, sir.
Radioed Patty about five minutes
ago to ask Tom if Abbey's home.
Son, I think I should
take this by myself.
If it's all the same to
you, sir, Abbey's family.
What this is, I'd like
to see it through.
Boys, bring Axel and Cesar up.
I want you to work these
woods about 100 yards out.
The lake is down there
about 200 yards if need be.
Well, she rolled to a stop.
Didn't touch the brakes.
This is where the
bullet come out.
It was fired from the inside.
I guess not.
So what, she's driving
along and she...
she stops because she
sees someone she knows.
And they come around the side
of the car and then she... no.
Why would anybody be
standing out here?
This is some bullshit.
That is some bullshit.
There are six sets
of prints here.
And two of them ain't human.
Me, you, two barking
boys and their dogs?
Whoever did this, they
traded in their legs
for a set of wings and
they just flew around.
They never touched down.
They didn't put a pinky down.
Not a pinky.
PATTY (ON RADIO): Ed, Norman?
This is Ed.
said that Abbey's not at home.
Tom says that her
bed is still made up.
Thanks, Patty.
We better get up to the house
and put together a timeline.
Are you OK with this?
Yes, sir.
Car's just off the lake.
It's cold so it's been
there a few hours at least.
Those are Abbey's keys.
Look, right now
she's just not home.
That's all.
She could be out with friends.
We need to ask you
all some questions.
Did anybody see Abbey
come home last night?
When was the last
time you saw her?
Last night at
the Whispering Pig.
What time?
About midnight.
We left the bar and I
went on ahead myself.
I forgot she had a car with her.
By the time I looked back, she
was driving off the other way.
Was she with anyone?
I don't think so.
ED: You're not certain?
She was alone.
Any idea where she was headed?
She was drunk.
I tried to stop her.
Why did you walk on
ahead back to the ranch?
Why didn't you get a ride?
I was mad at her for something.
Girl stuff.
Few of the guys said some
words about Abbey at the Pig.
Ray and them got into it.
I tried to stop it.
Anything serious?
Nothing out of the ordinary.
What did you and
Ray do after the bar?
We went home, went to
bed, woke up this morning.
Ray had a flat though,
puncture on the left side.
So I took him to Hank's to
get a new one about 9:30.
Are Ray and Abbey still dating?
Who can keep track?
They're on and off.
She's been with Cinch
half the nights last week.
What is Cinch's last name?
Cinch... damn it.
They always run
out the wrong time.
You got a pen?
I'll get one from the cruiser.
Just fucking tell him.
Just fucking tell him.
Just fucking tell him.
Sheriff's department.
Sheriff's department.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, whoa.
Is that you, Riley?
Thought you were dead.
I'm not.
That's good.
I suppose so.
I need to talk to
you about something.
Out with it then.
There is a young girl
died over here by the lake.
What time did you
hear the gunshot?
RILEY JENKINS: Around about
6:00, 6:15 in the morning.
Just one gunshot?
That's right.
Did you, uh, come outside,
look out the window?
What for?
Well, to see if
everything was OK.
I was OK.
To see what the shot was about?
Shots going off all
the time around here.
People hunt.
They hunting all kind of things.
Anything else?
About an hour later, I heard
voices and a big crash.
A crash like a car accident?
Not like a car accident.
More like glass breaking.
And what about the voices?
Male voices.
Voices plural?
What's plural?
More than one.
But I didn't make
out what they were
saying so don't go on asking
me what they were saying.
Thank you.
We good?
[car horn]
Hey, Cinch.
Word has it that she was headed
north when she left the bar.
That's your direction, ain't it?
Where'd you go after the bar?
Where were you between
12:00 and 8:00 AM?
- Trying to pin this on me?
- No.
I'm just trying to get
the story straight.
You know, I'll tell you what.
I left the bar
with Shane and Fred
here, went back to my house.
That's where we stayed until
I showed back up at work neck
Yo sweetie, you got
to talk to Norman here
whose shithead brother was
sugar sweet on dear Abbey.
I don't know what
happened to Abbey.
I know what you
got on your hands
is a conflict of interest.
I gotta get back to work.
He's in love.
With Abbey?
Yeah, with Abbey.
He sure has a hell
of a way of showing it.
Yeah, well, he may act
all tough and hard,
but I'll tell you
what, what's true
about all men is they're
flesh and blood and most of us
are full of shit.
Look, uh, why don't you
head back to the ranch?
I'd like to stay on if you...
I do mind.
Cinch is right.
You're too close to this.
And besides, don't look right.
So go on.
I'm sure your family's
waiting for you.
PASTOR: He leadeth me in
the paths of righteousness
for his namesake.
Yea though I walk in the
valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil.
Thank you for coming.
We really appreciate it.
Still not [inaudible]
Can you move?
Excuse me.
Would you watch him?
What are you doing?
What does it look like?
Three years down
the drain and you
want to throw it all away now?
It ain't been three years.
God damn it.
What a man does
in his own home...
Hey Liam.
TOM: is his own business.
You want to play a game?
Ah, come on.
Damn it.
Abbey never treated me this way.
Well, Abbey's not here.
Hey, you're pretty good at this.
A regular shark.
Uncle Ray.
I know why my mom died.
You do?
Three days ago, I wanted to go
get ice cream, but she said no.
Said she promised.
She said she was too
busy so I started crying.
And I told her I hated her.
So she got really mad and
told me to go to my room.
When I got there, I secretly
wished for something.
Hey, Ed.
Hey, Ray.
- Mind if I come in?
- Sure.
Thank you.
Norman's probably stopped off
at the house to check in on him,
you know?
He's a good boy.
Yeah, he is.
Well, that's all right.
It's you I wanted
to talk to anyhow.
Oh yeah?
See too many things all
happening in one night.
And I'm not one
for coincidences.
How about your tire that
fell flat that same night.
Hank said that you
told him you thought it
was retaliation for the fight.
- You talked to Hank?
- Yeah, of course.
I talked to everybody.
Well, I never told Hank it was
a retaliation for the fight.
I might have just implied it.
I don't know who done it, but I
think it was someone with
reason, someone pissed off
and angry, maybe even jealous.
Do you have any idea
who that person would be?
Evening, Ed.
Hey, Norman.
Can I get you something?
No, no, no.
I'm just... I'm just hanging
out keeping Ray company.
Uh, you need any
help with anything?
No, I do not.
You know, we're just going to
let this sit for a little bit.
Storm's coming and
something's bound to turn up.
Good night, boys.
- Good night, Ed.
- Good night, Ed.
You tell him anything?
He knows something.
I don't know.
[ominous music]
Can't go around
making accusations.
You know that.
You know, Ed, there's two
kind of policemen in this world,
man and time.
Sometime you just got to
let time do its thing.
Can I help you with anything?
No, I'm fine.
No, I got it.
I got it.
Please, please, I got it.
Found your earring at the bar.
It was on the floor.
- It's Abbey's.
- Oh.
I wasn't looking forward
to telling her I lost it.
Guess now I don't have to.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
The separation of flesh
and blood denotes violence
in such a manner.
But in receiving
our roles, we thus
become bound by the covenant.
[bells ringing]
[interposing voices]
I want to say a toast.
I'm glad that my daughter
has found someone who'll
be able to take care of her.
I wish them health
and happiness.
To Frances and Norman.
ALL: To Frances and Norman.
This turkey is delicious.
Did you cook this all by
yourself, Mr. Campbell?
No, that'd be Frances.
Ain't Norm a lucky son of a gun.
I know what you're
thinking about that girl.
Got to tell you
she clears my mind.
She's... she's so good to me.
You know her and
Abbey never got along.
What are you doing?
NORMAN: I'm just saying.
You preaching?
- This a sermon?
- Never mind.
Forget it.
Your hands are just as dirty
as mine, or did you forget?
Jesus, Ray, don't start.
You ever ask yourself
why you did it?
- You're drunk.
- Did you?
For you.
I did it for you.
Don't you forget it.
Oh, well that's a good plan.
Fuck you, Ray.
That's right.
Walk away like nothing's
wrong, like nothing happened.
You got a problem, Ray,
don't put me in it, because I'm
done shoveling your shit.
You know we sit, we eat,
and we smile at each other
like all's just fine.
Is everything all right?
Come on.
Let's go.
Thanks for dinner.
Living the dream, brother.
Living the dream.
What happened?
Come on.
Let's go back inside
before you catch something.
9, 8, 7, 6...
You know this is the
first year I got somebody
to kiss on New Year's Eve.
[music - "auld lang syne"]
Have you seen Ray?
I haven't heard
from him all week.
Would you tell
him that I came by.
Somebody please put that
poor girl out of her misery.
I honestly thought
Ray had better
sense than to just lead her on.
Where'd you get this?
Mr. Jensen found it.
Says it was Abbey's.
I'm sure it's your girl's.
Ain't no other Abbey hereabouts.
Abbey never engraved a key.
saying she did.
If it just said Abbey,
I wouldn't be here.
But the bow says To Abbey
right in the middle of a heart.
A girl don't go addressing
gifts to herself.
Abbey's keys were
found in her car.
I want to know why
this one wasn't attached.
I found it right
nearabouts where she died.
You come here
asking for a reward?
Go get my billfold.
Don't muck things up.
What are you doing?
Why didn't you tell me
you dropped Abbey's key?
What the heck are
you talking about?
The one with her
name written on it.
That one.
- You piece of shit.
- What the fuck.
Don't give me that I
don't care attitude, Ray.
I don't.
I don't care.
I'm tired of lying.
I'm tired of
tracking what I said
and when I said it so it
fits fucking perfectly
so that no one catches on.
You know the last thing
that went through my head
when the car hit the bump?
Pull the fucking trigger.
You told me it was an accident.
It was.
That the gun just went off.
It did, all right.
We were just arguing, you
know, a bullshit argument.
That's all.
Except now I got this story in
my head, the what if, you know?
What if I killed her?
What if I meant it?
And I don't want to
believe it, but I can't
fucking get rid of it, man.
- I can't...
- Shh.
Listen to me.
Ray, you didn't shoot
Abbey on purpose, OK?
I know it because
that's not you, Ray.
You hearing me?
Look at me.
You didn't, OK?
Peoples think I did.
No one thinks you did.
They suspect me.
What good would it
do telling them now?
We just heard it, Ray.
This shit, it's ours.
We have to deal with it.
You should have taken me in.
Don't lose that.
That's what you
should have done.
What the hell?
All right.
You go get some sleep.
Hey, I'm going to hang
on to this for a while.
Call me if you need anything.
You can't go from
house to house trying
to find a lock that fits a key.
That's against the law.
That's breaking and entering.
Well, maybe if you
and Ed tried harder,
I wouldn't have to
break and enter.
To do what you did
tonight, I'd need a warrant.
So get one.
I need evidence.
I'm a deputy, not a vigilante.
I'm ready now.
I wasn't before, but I am now.
- For what?
- To see it.
The place she died.
I want you to show me.
I need to see it.
There is nothing to
see there, Frances.
What are you afraid of?
What'd you mean?
You know what, I'm going to
sleep in the trailer tonight.
To Abbey.
This is Abbey Campbell's?
That's what I'm
hoping to find out.
Well, we got an engraving
pen around here somewhere.
But these letters
aren't handmade.
This is machine tooled.
My machine doesn't do engraving.
It won't work that.
You may have to go
someplace that can afford
that equipment, city maybe.
Greenfield, Jericho.
That'd be like trying to find
a needle in a haystack though.
- Wish it was that easy.
- What?
Where you drop a
stack of hay in a tub
of water and the needle
will fall to the bottom.
The hay'll float on top.
Well, ain't that something.
Then you end up with
a pile of moldy hay.
Thanks, Hank.
It's your last one
and you can get out.
Ray Young.
How you been?
You look kind of sad.
He look sad, boys?
Real sad.
Looks kind of fucking
moody if you ask me.
Maybe he's on his period.
Oh shit, Ray, you bleeding?
Oh shit.
That's a quick temper you got.
It's your move.
What's the matter, Ray, you off?
What's still eating you
after all this time?
Hey Ray.
- How you doing?
- Fine.
I heard there was an incident
at the Whispering Pig again.
- You here to take me In
- No.
I don't care about the fight.
But it did get me to
thinking about Abbey's
car parked up by that lake.
Did Norman ever tell you
that it was a cover up?
Botched up, but still,
someone helped someone
cover up the tracks,
a meticulous someone.
You ever see a gray
wolf on a hunt?
Can't say that I have.
Alone they're not very
skilled, just picking
off berries and rodents.
But you get them in a pack
and they work together.
Anyway, there is a sheep
farm in Labelle owned
by a fellow named Lenny Bendro.
Now one winter
Lenny had four lambs
in two weeks gone missing.
All the traps he
set were sprung.
Nothing in them.
So he finally he just he
tied a sheep to a post.
And he planted a ring of traps
around her, far enough away
that she wouldn't get hurt.
That morning, when he came
out and the sheep was there,
she was unharmed, braying and
screaming and all kind of hell.
And not five feet away
from her was a little wolf
puppy in one of the traps.
And standing next to him was
his mama licking his wound.
And Lenny saw that the wolf's
leg was all gone to hell
and there was nothing
for it but to get it over
with so he raised his
rifle and he sighted in.
And when he fired, the mama wolf
leapt in front of her puppy.
And she took the
bullet in the neck.
She was dead before
she hit the ground.
Bottom line is, when
it comes to protection,
nothing loves you like
your own flesh and blood.
You got something
to tell me, Ray?
Whatever it is, I
can help you, son.
Have a good night, Ed.
I'm going to go pick
up Liam from school.
You need anything
from the grocery?
- Want to come with me?
- I'm OK.
I was thinking we
should go fishing.
Little late in
the day, isn't it?
Lake will be nice.
I see you go sometimes.
Whoa, whoa.
- Run and do your homework.
- Fine.
You need a doctor.
They went fishing.
France and your brother, they
went fishing at the lake.
Another thing, back
door needs a new lock.
You know where the extra
lock that was in the shed is?
Ray broke the trailer one.
Came home pissed drunk,
couldn't find his keys.
I had to replace it.
I'm going to go get
another one from Hank's.
Hey, Ray?
Can you watch my line?
Gotta go to the bathroom.
Come on.
Let's go.
Did Norman tell you, Ray?
Where they found her car.
Go on.
We should... we
shouldn't be here.
Come on.
I need to know.
There's no mark,
not even a cross.
They usually put up a cross.
You remember my ma?
She had this chair in her room
with this flower design on it,
pink, yellow, all the
things on her rocker.
We used to sit and
then she pushed
back and forth while I was
reading, just the two of us.
But when her heart got weak,
her legs got tired of pushing.
My daddy took her
off the rocker.
The summer after
she died, I used
to sit in that chair for hours.
It didn't matter
how late it was.
You know why I sat there?
Because I couldn't
help but think
that maybe she overlooked
something, that maybe
she had missed something.
And maybe if I sat there
too, I'd figure it out.
I know why you sit there, Ray.
I know why you sit by that lake.
Did you figure it out
what you could have done?
What you could have
done differently.
What happened?
Just stay away from me.
What the hell is going on?
You tell me.
What happened up here
between Ray and my sister?
Is there something Ray told you?
He didn't have to tell me.
It's written all over his face.
And it's killing him.
So just tell me.
Tell you what?
Did you know?
It was an accident.
I don't believe you.
It was an accident, I swear.
She wanted him to
teach her how to shoot.
She took your pop's gun.
He was holding it.
When the car went over a
pothole, it went off, I swear.
I don't believe you.
How long have you known?
The whole time.
You knew the whole time.
Frances, I'm taking you home.
Stop. Don't.
I'm taking you home.
Get off me.
Get off of me.
Get off me.
- Let go.
- Frances.
Let go.
Let me out.
- Let me out.
- Frances.
Frances, stop.
Frances, stop.
Frances, stop.
He begged me, Fran.
He begged me.
What was I supposed to do?
Ray's family.
What am I?
Any pain here?
Well, you sprained it.
We'll wrap it up.
Give it six to eight weeks.
There's something else.
Tom, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Can I get the status
on Frances Young?
She's still in the room.
I need to talk to her doctor.
Please take a
seat, Officer Young.
Sir, sir, you cannot
get back there that way.
She came here with a hurt hand.
What the heck is taking so long?
She requested not to let you in.
Tell her I'll be
in the waiting room.
You still here?
Still no luck?
I've called every trophy place,
locksmith in the entire state.
Nobody's got any record of him.
Lock it goes to is
probably long gone anyhow.
It ain't exactly what
you'd call direct evidence.
But it might put
my mind at ease.
Good night, Ed.
Don't stay too late.
Excuse me, ma'am.
You have to sign out.
Sir, you have to sign her out.
Sir, the paperwork.
Frances, wait.
I wrote down everything I did.
It's all in there.
I'm going to take it to Ed
and I'm going to come clean.
You can try and stop me.
You can do whatever you want.
When was the last time
that you and I went fishing?
You're a horse woman, right?
I own a few if
that's what you mean.
You wouldn't happen to
know where the Campbells...
the auction house that the
Campbells get their stock from.
What auction house?
Well, that would be Bill Tealer.
- It's up in Carl Junction.
- That's the one.
He supplies most of the
head north of Springfield.
Are you looking to buy a horse?
Thank you.
[suspenseful music]
How you doing?
All right, sir.
Did y'all make that key?
Yes, sir, we did.
Remember coming
down here as kids?
It was good times, right?
Well, at least
we'll be together.
In prison.
We'll be together.
They don't put cops
with other prisoners.
You're burning up.
- I need a doctor.
- No.
No doctor.
You're going to
finish what I can't.
You're going to kill
that boy whose killed
your sister and that other too.
I love him.
What's that?
You pathetic girl.
It's weakness made
you what you are.
No, Daddy, it made you.
Hey now.
Where are you going?
Come back here.
You hear me?
Where are you going?
Ray, don't do this.
You don't have to.
And you can't either.
I corroborated your story, Ray.
I'm implicated in
whatever you say.
Do you understand that?
You don't have to
turn yourself in.
Just leave town.
It don't matter
where I'm at, Norm,
because it's all up in here.
How do you not get that?
- Stop.
- Ray.
Just stop.
Ray, stop.
Are you hearing me, Ray?
You hearing me, Ray?
I'm hearing you.
What do you want from me, man?
I did everything you asked.
I went to work, played
family, I did it.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me!
I've got nothing.
I've got nothing.
I ain't got no Abbey.
Ain't got no wife.
I got you.
- Ray.
- Don't.
Ray, stop.
What did you think
was going to happen?
You think Ed's going
to go easy on you?
You think you're
getting off easy
because you didn't mean it?
Not now.
Not after all this time.
I can't let you get in
that car, God damn it.
You're making this so
God damn difficult. Ray!
I'll make it easy for you.
You selfish fuck.
You prick.
God damn it, Ray.
God damn it, Ray.
Don't you do it.
Ray, don't you do it.
Miss Frances.
You feeling all right?
Just fine.
Thank you.
What can I do for you?
Well, I'm looking for Ray.
Do you know where he's at?
Because I want to Talk to him.
Because I was hoping
I wasn't too late.
Have you talked to my
daddy about being here,
seeing it's his
property and all?
I guess I did not.
I hear you can get
in all kinds of trouble
breaking and entering.
Ain't that the truth.
Hey, Ed.
Hey, Norman.
Ed was just wondering about Ray.
Do you know when
he's coming back?
Yeah, Ray.
I don't think Ray's
coming back, Ed.
I figured as much.
Best be going.