A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973) Movie Script

Written and Directed by
Hello, anybody home?
- You're Miss Benton?
- Yes. How do you know my name?
hey told us you were coming.
Someone from the village.
He told me to show you to your room
and make sure you stay put.
At 5:00 sharp, Mr. Basilio
will come in his car to pick you up.
Who is this Basilio?
How should I know?
I've heard the name,
but I don't know Mr. Basilio personally.
I'll show you to your room.
Do you know the owners
of Monteserate mansion?
Nobody lives in that valley.
You can't be serious.
You're going there?
I am. I must go to the mansion.
I'm expected.
Well, don't say I didn't warn you.
As you can see,
I gave you the best room.
hank you.
You're not feeling well, miss?
It's so hot.
I had a terrible nightmare.
I can't get back to sleep.
Of course not, in this weather.
It's hot and damp here all year long.
- Do you live in the village?
- No, I'm just working here for now.
- Would you happen to be a writer?
- No, I'm a doctor.
ell me if I'm bothering you.
Not at all.
I'd like to ask your advice.
I'm so flustered I hardly know
where I am. It's strange.
Why did the innkeeper say that?
She says nobody lives at Monteserate.
But I know it's not true.
My whole family lives there.
I came from London to see them.
hey write me every week.
Shouldn't I go?
ell me what you think.
Yes, you should go.
Why such doubts?
You must be brave when you have a goal.
And your goal is Monteserate.
You must go there.
You mustn't back down.
"Basilio will drive you to the house.
Your uncle Howard."
Just a minute.
I'll get my suitcase.
For an hour, we've been driving
into the depths of the valley.
I feel like I'm in a strange dream.
Even the songs of the birds
are unfamiliar to my ears.
It seems that what I hear...
are birds of prey.
Birds of prey.
Come on.
It can't be.
At the bottom of a valley?
hese flowers...
these plants...
bursting with life...
and yet...
what strange colors...
such a troubling, unknown scent.
Where are we?
What is this realm
of soft shadows and silence?
As sad as a cemetery
on an autumn morning.
Weren't you expecting me?
"So quickly she crossed the field
that no one saw her after a moment.
hey were all quickly transformed
for she was such a beauty."
Isaiah, verse 777.
You must be Uncle oward.
Yes, I'm your old Uncle oward,
happy to welcome you to Monteserate.
he magic of this music
drew you to the depths of the valley.
You're the last one
Uncle Howard was expecting.
Finally, you've come here
from so far away.
Your face is ice cold!
erminia is expecting you.
Go very quickly.
What's happened to her?
She's dying, that's all.
And you sit here playing waltzes?
Would you rather
I played a funeral march?
Perhaps she'd like that.
I think she'd prefer the waltz.
You can't be serious.
You're wrong. Remember
that death is no laughing matter.
I know her tastes.
I know who she is.
She's welcome in this house.
I play in her honor.
Nothing is too good for her.
Aren't you going to say hello?
- hat's Carmenze.
- Who is she?
I told you. She's Carmenze.
She's part of the family.
- Why did you do that?
- No reason.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I'd just like to follow
in dear Herminia's footsteps.
I'm going.
Are you Aunt Abigail?
Yes, I'm your aunt.
Stupid little bitch!
It's obvious you come from a brothel!
Once a whore, always a whore!
You're always complaining!
Don't count on me to get
the worms out of your skin!
Your fatal insults slide right off
my cold, dead indifference!
Is that all-
Well, well.
You can't even manage
to cut off the head.
You're a real bitch.
- ry one more time.
- Wait, I'll show you.
Christina, listen.
My name is Linda.
I won't harm you.
Don't be afraid of a blind woman.
I can tell you're very good
because I can see into souls.
Souls have colors,
just as all things.
Yours is pure white.
hat's why I've come to see you.
I'd like to help you.
But I can't do a thing.
I'm so unhappy.
ave you been blind for long?
Yes, very long.
I was plunged into the blackest night.
I will pray to heaven.
Yes, I will pray with all my heart
that heaven may help you...
help you...
help you, help you.
You'll have to make
your own breakfast tomorrow.
Of course.
That's quite normal, Carmenze.
Good morning, my dear Christina.
I trust you slept well.
Yes, I did.
But I had nightmares. And you?
ime passes just as slowly
by night or by day.
When it's dark, you hear the cries
of the vultures more clearly...
the macabre rustling of their great wings
against the windows.
Will you remain in this house for long?
When will you leave?
I have no idea. I came here to attend
the reading of my father's will.
he lawyer has to come.
It's a simple formality
and will be over quickly.
You're not eating?
We don't have much of an appetite.
ardly at all.
You're all so kind.
Thank you for making me feel at home.
I was six months old
when my mother died.
I don't remember anything.
I never met my father.
I was left at my boarding school
in London, all alone, without any news...
except for what
the headmistress told me.
I would have loved to see my father.
But he was far away
and too busy, it seems.
hen one day I was told
that he had married Herminia.
hen I got your letter
telling me that he had died.
I must thank you for
sending those photographs.
Otherwise, I never would have
known what he was like.
What a strange man.
He frightens me.
He's just a maniac.
But he's the one
who knows this mansion best.
He comes in handy.
Well, I think I'll go for a walk.
Don't go too far.
Why not?
Don't be ridiculous.
She's not a child.
Hey, come see!
Good gracious!
It's been so long since-
A beautiful girl like that
needs to be-
Count, what would you
like to do to her?
I'd like to bite her, to the bone!
Get out of here!
Quickly, Count!
Run, Count!
Don't you know that nudism
is forbidden here?
- It's a private garden, isn't it?
- But you can be seen from above.
I didn't know. hanks.
- Do you live around here?
- Yes, at the mansion.
But it's abandoned.
You don't know what you're talking about.
My whole family lives there.
Wait a minute!
- What do you want now?
- To know who you are.
What are you doing here?
I was born here.
- Got a job?
- Right now I don't.
Listen, here's what we'll do.
You come with me to the mansion.
hat way you'll have to face the facts.
You'll see Uncle oward,
Aunt Abigail, Carmenze.
And there are others as well.
hey're very strange, but nice.
- So are you coming?
- Yes, but I won't go in.
- Why not? It's a nice mansion.
- Maybe so, but I'd rather not go in.
What's wrong?
Don't tell me you're afraid.
- I want to go into the chapel.
- I don't think it's open.
It's closed.
Otherwise, I'd go in.
And I came a long way.
I always pray to St. Cecilia.
his is the only remaining chapel
devoted to St. Cecilia.
It's locked and I didn't know.
Yes, it's been closed a long time.
Ever since the general died.
his valley is dead and deserted.
People say...
that the ghost of the people...
those who lived in the mansion...
come back to haunt the house.
hey prefer the times when there are
many shooting stars, like now.
Believe me, this valley is cursed!
It reeks of death!
Death doesn't bother me.
It doesn't matter if I die.
But it's different for you.
You're both young.
You mustn't stay here.
Death is contagious, like a sickness.
Save yourself. Get out of here.
Can't you see
everything here is dead?
Even the flowers
have the stench of death.
Get out of here.
Come on, now.
Don't believe that crazy old man.
What's the matter with you?
It's a house like any other.
Get lost, bastard!
You have no right to bring people here
without our permission!
Please, help!
Help me!
Come in, Christina.
You're not disturbing us.
Come play with us if you like.
Have you ever tasted fresh blood?
It's so good.
Come try it.
I swear it's delicious.
And her flesh is so tender.
Aren't you tempted to taste it?
Come in. Don't hesitate.
What are you doing there?
Come on in!
My daughter!
My soul!
Listen to me!
Christina, listen to me.
I was so happy
to get rid of that old bitch.
She was still moving when we started.
Especially her hands.
She didn't want to die,
but she did anyway and now it's all ours!
I hated her.
erminia was always a stranger to us.
hat's why I feel no remorse
taking her jewels.
omorrow we will pluck out
all her gold teeth.
hey could come in handy.
What's wrong, my dear?
Poor child.
You look so upset.
Tell me about it.
I saw-
Calm down.
You're here with us now.
I saw a horrible sight.
Now, now.
You'll tell me all about it.
What was so horrible?
We'll have to call a doctor.
She must-
- What are you doing here?
- Nothing.
When did you come in?
About an hour ago.
And you stayed here?
Your hips were moving
in such a fascinating way.
No, you needn't worry.
I'm just saying that.
I've got a right to watch.
I can even give you compliments.
Did you hear me cry out?
I had a horrible dream.
My father was hanged,
but he was still alive...
and he was calling me.
hat's a pretty suggestive dream.
You should go see a doctor,
a psychoanalyst. I recommend it.
Could you leave now?
I want to get dressed.
If you'd like,
but you shouldn't be shy with me.
I'm leaving. In the mean time,
you better hurry up.
Your uncle went to get the lawyer.
He's coming to read
your father's will today, dear.
According to the hereditary statutes
applicable to this country...
in particular, paragraph 22,
as well as articles three, four and five.
he following dispositions
were taken by the deceased...
while he was in his proper state of mind,
before witnesses-
Let's see. Where was I?
I should probably read you the articles
of the law paragraph by paragraph...
but that will do no good.
So I'll assume you all are in agreement...
that I should give you
a quick summary.
Well, it is stipulated...
that anyone has a right within eight days
of the death of the deceased...
to oppose the written will as long
as he can prove that the deceased...
was physically
and mentally incapacitated.
Moreover, he must prove
that the deceased was pressured.
Nobody came to my office,
paragraph 32-33, during the time limit.
here is one formality
that must be complied with.
On the day of reading-
that is to say, today-
the closest living relatives,
who are sound of body and mind...
can submit an objection.
We'll never get through all
the paragraphs and the objections.
If someone wishes, he must therefore
declare himself opposed to the will.
Noting the silence of those
alive and present in this room...
I declare definitive and legal
before all authorities of this country...
the dispositions of
the will of the deceased.
"herefore, I,
Senor Ernesto Pablo Juan Reiner..."
bequeath my property of Monteserate...
including the main building,
the annexes...
and all the adjoining land,
that is to say a thousand hectares...
my collection of Chinese gold masks...
shares and values in box number 274
of the Central Bank of El Paso...
all objects of inventory
as well as all furniture...
and all the rugs located
at the aforementioned property...
to a single heir,
my daughter Christina Reiner.
On the condition...
that she will look after Herminia Gonzalez
Trujillo Garcia, my second wife.
"I name Paco Mendez,
my lawyer, as trustee of this will."
Now if I may, I would like to
share a personal thought...
in memory of my dear friend,
Ernesto Pablo Reiner.
I pray that he is happier now
than he was on this earth.
On behalf of our community,
I congratulate you and wish you the best.
hank you, Uncle Howard,
for your kind words.
You've all been very kind to me.
I used to love this piano.
It has a lovely sound.
It belongs to you now.
As does everything else here,
the furniture, the house.
You see, Christina.
It's no longer the same as before.
- You're wrong. Why say that?
- I know what I'm saying.
Everything has changed.
Basilio, be quiet.
We shall take the boat next week.
Don't you like it here at Monteserate?
hat's not the issue.
I prefer not to impose.
If you left, where would you go?
We don't know yet.
Maybe Corfu. here's a casino.
I was a good croupier back then.
One evening, the sar of Russia
had won a lot of money...
and gave me an icon as a gift.
It was stolen from me in Athens.
No, don't leave. Please stay.
You want to keep us here
because you are kind.
But before long, you'll regret it.
I'm sure of it.
We're not meant to have at our side
a young, living, sweet and beautiful girl.
his is your home.
This house will remain yours.
I don't want you to change your ways.
Your presence will be
the greatest comfort in this solitude.
I could never stay here
without you and your affection.
- Stay. We will be one big family.
- Thank you, my dear.
You have a heart of gold.
I can't answer that question.
Like us, you will be punished
if you don't leave.
ry to understand.
It will be horrible. You must leave.
Leave now.
Christina, my daughter!
hey are holding me.
Listen to me. I'm your father.
Come quickly.
I want to see you.
Christina, my daughter!
I beg you.
Don't be afraid.
Come, you shall set me free.
I'm waiting for you.
I beg you, Christina!
Listen to the voice of your father.
My dear child.
My daughter.
Father, is that you?
It's horrible to see you like this.
You recognize me?
Uncle and Aunt sent me
some pictures of you.
I kept them all with care.
he Queen of the Night has allowed me
to see you for a moment on earth.
After which, I shall return
to the depths of the valley...
with the other dead.
A terrible curse has shackled us
beyond the mirror...
broken only from time to time.
Father, what have they done to you?
- hat rope.
- I was hanged.
I'm so unhappy.
Why are you here?
I was their victim.
hey killed me.
hey brought me into their
cursed realm of shadows.
For Satan, death
is the proof of his power.
I was free and alive,
but the Queen of Darkness came.
I couldn't resist her baleful voice.
Save yourself, my daughter.
They are cursed.
You are the last to carry
in your veins this cursed blood.
Escape quickly.
Leave and don't look back.
If not, you also will fall into their trap.
And your mind
will no longer discern the truth.
You will create your own nightmares.
It's her.
She's coming for me,
the Queen of Darkness.
I belong to her.
I am a shadow among the shadows.
I belong to her forever.
Why did you call me?
I heard your voice in the forest.
You shouldn't have followed me.
It's my voice,
but it just betrayed my heart.
Father, why?
Your presence can only do me good.
She controls us.
She makes use of my voice
in spite of me.
It's not me who calls you, it's her.
She only wants to fulfill the curse.
It's too late now. It's over.
Let me go.
She's delirious.
- ow is she?
- Bad.
- What happened to her?
- I don't know.
She was found passed out
near the abandoned house in the valley.
She's been delirious ever since.
She talks about her family,
mainly her father.
He hanged himself
a few months ago.
Your mind will no longer
discern the truth.
You will create your own nightmares.
he Queen of Darkness is here.
A terrible curse.
Your mind will no longer
discern the truth.
Destiny has been fulfilled.
We who share the same blood
have been reunited.
It is not death that has conquered life...
but life that leads always to death.
We will return forever
to the banks of the River Styx...
wandering in the tide without
ever reaching the other shore.
May destiny be fulfilled.