A Viszkis (2017) Movie Script

Good day, ladies and gentlemen!
This is an armed robbery!
Anna! Anna, dear!
Anna, dear!
Just look at this!
Now he's stolen this!
Last week he drank
the communion wine.
Before that he ate all the wafers.
- And now this!
- It won't happen again.
I forbid Attila to
enter the church again.
The boy's got the devil in him.
Are you hungry?
Come on out, Attila!
Go Whiskey Bandit!
Let me off, Mr Officer.
I didn't mean to break your law.
I feel so sad, ain't got a dime,
I promise I'll repent my crime.
Set me free, just let me go
and I'll be good now!
Let me off, Mr Officer.
No one's perfect, that's for sure.
Maybe one day you might be sad too, some
young girl might make you feel blue.
You can turn to me
and I'll help you out then!
Let me off, Mr Officer.
Come in!
Do come in.
Good morning, Mr Ambrus!
The last time we met,
you were rather upset.
Perhaps you don't recall,
my name is Inspector Lszl Bartos.
Sit down.
I'll call you.
Oh, that.
The powers that be even want us
to use computers now.
It's just there gathering dust,
I don't even know how to turn it on.
Me, I think I'll stick to
good old pen and paper.
Part of my job is to understand
and record
how these robberies
actually happened.
Where, when, how, who with.
- You follow me?
- Yes.
According to our information, you
committed 17 robberies in the capital.
Yesterday's was the last.
Banks, post offices.
17 robberies in the past 6 years.
26 robberies in 6 years.
27 attempts, 26 successful.
I'd like you to tell me everything.
Can't you say hello to your father?
Where's Grandma?
I don't have time to look after you.
I've talked to my brother.
Things can't go on like this.
We told your father we'd do
everything we could, and we did.
Considering the situation you're in,
we've found the best possible solution.
There's an academy.
A boarding school.
We insist on...
Our pupils do not steal books
from the library.
You are a kleptomaniac.
This is an educational institution,
not a school for thieves.
You are expelled.
One... Two... Three...
So I should feel sorry for you?
You know how many suspects
I've interviewed?
Each had a childhood sob story.
Abandoned by their mothers,
assholes for fathers, etc. etc.
A catalogue of tragedies.
I've heard nothing else for 30 years.
Mr Ambrus.
A sob story won't be enough here.
Do you see that stack of files
behind you?
That's you.
That stinking heap of shit is all you.
The average case takes up
a couple of files.
Yours towers over me every day.
I've had to move
into a bigger office,
lugging your damn files around.
You know how heavy they are?
- Go on, ask me!
- How heavy are they?
Real fucking heavy!
All those files aren't as heavy
as this one sheet of paper
that we'll both sign
after the investigation,
and then I'll send you down
for a fucking long time.
This is the first day of your new lives.
You have proved nothing yet.
Your parents
can't help you here.
From now on, I'm your father.
You are all nothing!
Romania deserves better
than the weeds wilting before me.
Quick march!
Second squadron, to the targets,
quick march!
Assume position!
Ready your weapons!
Aim... Fire in unison!
Stop or I'll shoot!
Hey, Ambrus!
This one was called Attila, too!
What is it with you Hungarians?
Why are you always trying to escape?
The border-crossing request...
Alright, go and stretch your legs.
I'll see you tomorrow.
We're ready, gentlemen!
My wife always tells me we should choose
the right accessories
for how we're dressed.
These look great on you!
Let me know when you're
through warming up.
And shift that street-walking
up to a proper speed.
- That kid's in the office.
- Which kid?
The Transylvanian who called,
said he was a goalie.
Does he have his gear?
Looks like he's only got
what he's wearing.
Give him some skates
and put him on the ice.
Why the fuck aren't you in the gym?
I was taking a shit, coach!
I'll give you some shit!
I fell asleep.
Want me to shit on the ice?
You're like a buoy.
I haven't played for a few years.
I couldn't.
But I'll work harder than anyone.
Alright, here's my offer.
Our goalie can't make morning practice
for a while. You can fill in for him.
We can't pay you for playing,
but we need someone
to do maintenance and clean the gear.
The dorm's full, but my family's
got a little place that's empty.
You can crash there
till you find something better.
- Why are you helping me?
- My dad was from Transylvania.
This is just temporary.
Fuck it up and it's over.
It would be great
if you learned to skate!
Cut that ice up!
I could throw something at them.
What are you, girls?
In fact I will.
Gotta drink, gotta drink
a little grog!
Gotta drink, gotta drink
a little drug!
You said "drug" again.
- I said "grog".
- Well, you said it wrong.
Why the fuck did you say anything?
- Let's have another!
- Alright!
- Hang on, who's paying?
- You.
Put it on Daddy Zsolti's tab!
I don't care what it is,
I just want it quick.
- Cool haircut. Kinda gay, but cool.
- Whatever...
Thief! I saw you steal it!
What did you say?
I was sitting there,
I saw when you stole it.
- What are you talking about?
- My heart.
You stole my heart.
Hope you have better luck
with that lame line next time.
Listen, you're making a huge mistake.
What do you want?
A million dollars and your phone number.
Well, you have a chance with one.
Play the lottery.
Tell me your name, at least.
Maybe the next time I see you.
End of the line.
Please leave the train.
Nice job!
Oh, it's you?
What a surprise.
Your paper's upside down.
My name's Attila.
Hi, Kata.
Can I buy you a drink?
I'm parched.
Oh, that was sweet.
Your little story's very enjoyable.
The tough Romanian childhood.
Sorry, Transylvanian.
The train, the romantic subplot.
It seems that things started
shaping up quite nicely.
New friends, chasing girls,
everything was going swell.
- Swell.
- So? Where did it go wrong?
I'm curious.
Where did all this bullshit begin?
I needed papers so I could get
a good job.
So? You go to a new country,
you get new papers.
To work, you need a permit.
Even those born here need
all sorts of documents.
We all do.
Why was it so tough for you?
You thought the rules
didn't apply to you?
Not again!
Are you applying for a work permit
or citizenship?
Then you need to speak
to an immigration official.
Come back in 2 weeks.
Fill those in and bring them back
with all of your Romanian documents.
Translated and certified.
And you'll need a letter of intent
from whoever's going to employ you.
You'll additionally need
a medical certificate
detailing all vaccinations
and illnesses,
particularly infections
and contagious diseases.
Translated and certified.
A verification that you have
no criminal record.
Translated and certified.
Should you have a criminal record,
you'll need all the documents
pertaining to your release.
Translated and certified.
And an official declaration
from a psychiatrist
that you are fit to return to society.
Translated and certified.
Something to drink, too?
Can I have a Coke?
- Yeah?
- Good evening, kind sir.
May I have a large popcorn and
2 Cokes from your finest vintage?
- I was only kidding.
- Anything else?
No, just a large popcorn
and 2 small Cokes.
What? 500?
- I've got some money...
- No, it's alright.
I'll pay for mine.
No, I'm not thirsty.
You're still 100 short.
Hi, Zro.
I wanna ask something.
You said something last week.
You got a relative in the ministry.
Not mine, he's my girlfriend's uncle.
I want to apply for citizenship.
I don't have half the papers I need,
I need some help.
Listen, Atti.
I don't really know the dude.
But Uncle Miki ain't cheap.
I need any help I can get.
Okay, I'll ask him.
See you later.
- Zsolti!
- Atti! What's up?
- I want to ask you for something.
- What do you need?
- A loan.
- A-ha!
Just call me Uncle Miki.
Nice photo.
It seems there's about 50,000 missing.
I know. It's all I could get.
it's not enough to grease the wheels.
To set them in motion.
I thought I could maybe
work off the rest.
Doing what?
Taking out the trash?
Mowing the lawn?
I doubt it.
I need your help.
I'd do anything to get
this thing moving.
I'll see what I can do.
Should I call you?
I'd like to look into every home
to see what everyone wishes
for the new year.
Can I wish for anything?
Freedom all over the world.
And peace. The kind of peace
where we can raise our children
to become decent adults.
We interrupt this broadcast
for breaking news.
Nicolae Ceausescu is dead.
Sentenced by a military tribunal,
the ruthless dictator who styled himself
the Genius of the Carpathians
was executed at 2:50 p.m.
Ruling the nation with an iron fist,
he believed his glory would be immortal.
He had the blood of thousands
of innocent people on his hands.
It had to happen like this.
It was the only way it could end.
We drank a toast at work.
- Really?
- Oh, yes.
Now that the final bastion of
Stalinist dictatorship
has fallen in Europe,
I truly believe that
we will have more freedom.
Economically, it will be
dreadfully hard,
but it will be different
to cope with our troubles
knowing we can breathe freely...
How many times did I tell him?
Did you see?
We'll have 16 fifty-fifty spritzers
in 8 glasses and skip the soda water.
Did you see his face?
Uncle Miki!
I'll catch up in a minute.
Are you following me?
No. I called you,
but I couldn't get through.
So you come to my workplace?
I'm sorry, but I really need
those papers.
- Who the fuck do you think you are?
- No one. But you said you'd help.
I advanced the matter,
I don't know what to say.
- They didn't contact you?
- Who?
Follow me again
and I'll have you deported!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I brought you these.
- Thank you.
Come in.
Attila says...
we could go to...
his hometown this summer.
And then drive south...
to the Black Sea.
That's a very long way.
Transylvania is far enough,
but the Black Sea is much farther.
And how do you intend to travel?
Do you have a car, Attila?
No, ma'am.
Not at the moment.
But I'll buy one
when I've saved up enough.
Playing ice hockey?
And your parents?
Are they still over there?
My parents weren't really around.
- How's that?
- Mother!
It's alright.
I barely knew my mother.
She abandoned us quite soon.
And my father...
We had an interesting relationship.
My grandmother raised me
until she died.
Then until I was drafted,
I was in an institution.
And now I'm here.
May I have a little more apple juice?
Our daughter is a smart,
beautiful, and dear girl.
She'll be graduating soon.
She has a bright future.
She has every opportunity to be
successful in life.
And you...
What can you offer her?
A Romanian.
With no papers, no plans,
no money, and no future.
I'm Hungarian.
If you say so.
How did you sleep?
The neighbors were acting up.
Most of them lose it after a while.
4 concrete walls,
some rats and roaches.
It's not a very heartening prospect.
When they realize that's all there is,
they generally flip out.
Or hang themselves.
Everyone needs to find a hobby.
That's just what I tell everyone
who sits in that chair.
There are countless opportunities
to learn a trade in here.
There's ceramics.
Pottery or whatever they call it.
Right. I can just see myself
selling little jugs at a fair
after I get out of here.
If you get out.
Why do you think learning a trade
is such a bad thing?
Some people create things.
What have you ever done?
Nothing but take what others made.
I believe there are two types of people.
One creates, the other destroys.
We both know
which category you fall into.
What I did, I did well.
- Here you are.
- Thank you. Goodbye.
Too high. No good. Ugly.
Good, very lovely!
This is a robbery.
No joke, this is an armed robbery.
Come on...
I don't fucking believe this.
Move it! Gimme the cash!
Get in there.
For God's sake, get in there!
You said 100,000.
Here's the rest.
It ought to be enough
to grease the wheels now.
I thought it'd only be a matter of time
before you showed up.
Stubborn Transylvanian.
You're now a Hungarian citizen.
Don't mention it.
- Is the tank full?
- It sure is.
Drive carefully!
- What is it?
- Just a minute, okay?
- Hi.
- Hi.
You look good.
Who's that?
A classmate.
Why do you care?
I haven't seen you for months.
You disappeared.
I wasn't sure you wanted to see me.
Just because my parents are jerks,
doesn't mean you should be one!
What is it?
Open it.
It's beautiful.
Did you rob a bank?
- Hi, guys!
- You sly fox.
You became a prostitute?
How many clicks did you suck to buy that?
Bear skins, my friends.
Bear skins.
You buy them back home
and sell them here at a 1000% markup.
- How much do you get for a skin?
- Depends how big the bear is.
I'm going back soon.
Want me to bring you one?
Bring me a bear.
- I'll have a ride like that.
- Yeah, right.
- This must cost a fortune.
- Didn't you like it?
No, it was delicious.
But this place is expensive.
Where did you get all this money?
You know what?
I'd rather not know.
Bear skins. Import and sales.
I bring them from home
and I sell them here.
Bear skins?
Bear skins.
Your smile's fake.
You must've been a naughty kid.
It goes fast, doesn't it?
- So then you started planning the next robbery.
- Yes.
It went smooth. They gave me the cash.
No one got hurt.
No one got hurt?
You believe that's true?
I never hurt anyone.
I had 27 chances,
but I never did.
And the women?
The women you locked in the bathroom?
They didn't know if
they'd ever get out alive,
or if you'd empty the clip
at them through the door!
And all those security guards
you pulled a gun on?
I say you did hurt people.
Maybe not physically,
but you hurt them.
Thailand, Egypt, Morocco...
Tunisia, Sey... Seychelles...
Dominica, Tahiti, Canada...
Turkey, Sri Lanka,
Maldives, Greece...
France, Italy,
Netherlands, Switzerland...
Germany, Spain...
- Duba-i.
- "Dubai".
I only changed planes there.
I haven't even seen
most of these places on a photo.
Food, booze, flashy cars,
vacations, girls...
That's what you blew the money on.
- Most of it went on travel.
- Funny.
Isn't it odd?
I never had the chance to travel
because you enjoyed traveling so much.
I'm very sorry.
Look who's decided to honor us
with his presence!
You're not good enough
to pull stuff like this.
I know.
- I promise it won't happen again.
- If it does, you're out.
Meet my son.
He's playing with us this season.
- Attila Ambrus.
- Pleased to meet you, Gza Bta.
- Welcome to the team.
- Thanks.
Okay, one more set!
Go say hello to the treadmill.
Good evening and welcome.
A double vodka, please.
Yet another downtown bank
was robbed this week.
The perpetrator again
vanished without trace,
only leaving behind
a strong smell of liquor.
His identity is unknown.
Let's call him the Whiskey Bandit...
He might stroll into any bank
at any time.
You know what?
Make it whiskey.
You had a similar collection. Right?
I'm not sure I understand the question.
You believed their bullshit.
The TV, the press.
You believed all their bullshit.
That you were a fucking hero,
a fucking celeb,
and my favorite,
a fucking Robin Hood.
- I needed the cash.
- At first, maybe.
But your twisted mind turned it
into something else.
You make out it to be
some kind of noble mission.
The poor ethnic minority
with no other choice.
The little man fighting
the corrupt system.
But if you ask me,
the whole damn thing
was more about your ego
than the money.
You didn't want girls or booze.
You wanted attention.
The attention you never got
in your shitty little life.
You were finally popular.
You were somebody.
No one wants to be a tiny cog
in the big machine.
Who wants to be
just a face in the crowd?
Well, that's what you are now.
Just a face in the can.
Way to go.
Get him out of here!
Why do women adore him?
He's a bad guy, he's a thief,
yet he's a star.
Get me a fucking fork!
The police frown upon
the hype surrounding him.
Captured on account of his dog,
the popularity of the gangster
knows no bounds.
Costume parties will be
overrun by Whiskey Bandits,
films scripts will be written,
and when his diary is published,
it's sure to be a bestseller.
Son of a bitch!
If it has his name or face on it,
it's going to sell.
THE WHISKEY BANDI Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
This is a stick-up!
This pocket's kinda empty.
What the fuck's this?
I read somewhere that
in different countries,
they use different words
for getting hold of money.
The Americans "make" money.
The French "win" it.
And us Hungarians...
we "look for" it, true?
We all get it in a different way.
Which do you like best?
What do say to "taking" it?
Taking it?
Sounds good to me.
Son of a bitch!
I wanna move on to bigger banks,
but bigger banks mean more people.
I need someone to watch the doors
and the people.
- When do we start?
- Hang on, hang on.
We need to go over a lot first.
Let's do it!
You know how dangerous this is?
- Have a nice day, ma'am.
- Goodbye.
Good day, this is a robbery!
Your life's not worth it.
Get down!
Everybody down!
Fucking move it!
Get on the fucking floor.
Make with that bellyflop pronto.
What're you doing, big man?
Waiting for the bus? It ain't coming!
Get down like you do on momma.
Show some respect boy,
I'm older than you.
Tough guy!
I won't tell you again, sit down!
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Ciao, pops!
- You shooting your mouth off?
- What you talking about?
- Your big mouth.
- I didn't say anything.
You know this isn't a game?
It's our life.
I didn't say a thing.
I'm not stupid.
- Sure?
- Fuck, Atti.
I won't rat.
I promise.
Hissy fit?
Let's go in.
Let's fucking go in.
- Let's fucking go in.
- It's not about going in.
It's about coming out again.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
My partner's kinda screwy.
On the floor!
Everyone get on the floor!
Everyone down!
This is a robbery.
Nobody moves
till I say they can.
Watch the door!
- Open up!
- No!
I fucking mean it.
Open up!
- Are you the manager?
- Yes.
Then you, damn it!
Nicely does it.
- Open it.
- I can't.
- Fucking open it.
- It's forbidden.
In the case of a robbery,
I am only authorized to open the vault
if someone has been shot.
Well, how about we start with you?
If I open the door, they'll fire me.
I'll never find a job as good as this.
I'd rather be shot here than
die of hunger on the streets.
Come on!
We're going.
Out of the car!
Move it!
Stop, asshole!
A gray Audi.
Hit him!
Pull over!
My hand's fucked. Shoot him!
- I'm trying to.
- Shoot him!
In the bathroom.
- What took you so long?
- I was on the other side of town.
There's some glass in my neck,
could you pull it out?
What happened?
No, don't tell me.
Say it was bear skins.
Hide that.
Good morning, Attila!
There's something I'd like to clear up
the robbery on September 27, 1999.
There are several charges here.
- Multiple robberies...
- What do you mean, several charges?
Multiple robberies?
We only robbed one bank that day.
Taking the guard's weapon is one count.
The bank is another.
It was still only one robbery.
The bank is one company. The security
firm employing the guard is another.
That's 2 separate charges.
So, multiple robberies,
multiple charges.
we're also charging you
with attempted murder.
You're joking?
Attempted murder?
- I've never tried to kill anyone.
- Alright, hold that thought.
During your getaway, you fired through
the door at the arriving officers.
That's not true.
I couldn't find the key,
I fired at the lock to get it open.
This isn't right.
I've cooperated with you
from the start.
I confessed everything.
You could only pin 16 robberies on me,
but I confessed the others, too.
Why are you fucking with me?
In their report, the officers state
that you fired at them.
Not at the lock.
It's not true.
But you know that yourself.
You're accusing me
because I fucked with you guys.
Attila, you can think what you want.
But I'm still going to charge you
with attempted murder.
I need some dough.
I'm ready when you are.
First we gotta agree on something.
Whatever you want, pal. Shoot.
Last time, after we split up,
I thought they'd caught you.
- I'm too quick.
- I'm not fucking joking.
If one of us gets busted,
we've got to promise we won't
say a word to the cops.
- Fine.
- For 3 hours.
- Okay.
- 3 hours.
That'll give the other one
time to get over the border.
Are you listening to me?
Say it. You won't talk for 3 hours.
You really want me to say it?
Okay. I won't talk for 3 hours.
So now you wanna exchange rings?
Hold hands?
Visit the john together
like a couple of girls?
Lock the door.
Lock the fucking door!
Gimme the key!
The key!
Hit the deck, everyone down!
Shut up!
They're coming!
What the fuck? Open it!
Police! Hands up!
Police! Hands up!
Thank you for waiting.
We're running late. Dli Station, please.
Yes, sir!
There's been a robbery.
They hit the Logodi Street bank.
I was just there.
The cops are sealing off the area.
Don't come this way.
Think it was the Whiskey Bandit?
Change of plans!
They're heading for the underpass!
Don! Come on!
Are you the one they call
the Whiskey Bandit?
You'd do best to talk.
No, I'm not.
We know there were two of you.
It's your partner we're after.
Who is he? Where does he live?
Where is he headed?
Can I get that smoke after all?
You had your chance.
This is Danubius Radio.
Coming up, the news.
One of the perpetrators of the Koblicska
Street bank robbery has been arrested.
The young male was apprehended
at the Borros Square bus station.
The whereabouts of his accomplice
are still unknown.
Who's your partner?
Where does he live? Where's he headed?
Then let's continue.
The hunt for the second perpetrator of
the Koblicska Street heist continues.
His accomplice is already in custody.
According to eyewitnesses,
the wanted man is in his twenties.
He is tall and unshaven,
and at the time of the robbery
was dressed in a baseball cap,
sunglasses, and dark jeans.
The two armed men left
the crime scene in a taxi,
but one was able to flee
at Borros Square.
The police have appealed...
What's his fucking name?
Where does he live?
Where is he headed?
What time is it?
Come outside!
Switch off the light!
- He's playing for time.
- Most likely.
Set the clock in the other room
forward 2 hours,
then we'll take him over.
In the dark, he won't know
15 minutes from 15 hours.
RTND (border)
- Want a cigarette?
- Uh-huh.
Bring him out.
Take off the cuffs.
Wait outside.
Good evening.
Your passport, please.
Believe me, I'm fed up too.
But what's his name?
Where does he live?
Where is he headed?
What time is it?
Just past 8:30.
Sure it's right?
I'd say it's a bit slow.
Come on...
What's his name?
Attila Ambrus?
Please follow that vehicle
and park by the building.
Do you have any weapons on you?
We've all followed his story
for the past 6 years.
The Whiskey Bandit toyed with the police
like a true showman.
Born in Csikszereda in 1967,
Attila Ambrus, aka the Whiskey Bandit
was apprehended yesterday.
He is suspected of
several large bank robberies.
According to a police statement,
Ambrus fled to Hungary
from Transylvania in 1988,
and played goaltender
for the Dzsa hockey team.
He and his teammate, Gza Bta,
are believed to have carried out
more than 10 bank robberies.
The exact amount stolen
is still unknown.
Ambrus was captured
as he tried to slip over the border
with a bag of money and his dog.
Take your time, stupid bitch!
And so the legend ends with prison bars
in the place of whiskey bars.
They haven't hurt you, have they?
I need a lawyer.
A good one.
I need the money.
What are you talking about?
The money I gave you.
I need it.
There isn't any money.
What do you mean?
I gave you that bag.
The money was in it.
There isn't any money, Attila.
You spent it?
Wait! Don't go! Please!
We'll figure something out.
I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore.
You can't just walk away.
I need you!
You've got to help me.
Are you still trying to tell me that
Kata didn't know what you were up to?
I don't think I want to answer
any more questions.
What's wrong, Attila?
Cat got your tongue?
Or have you finally realized
the gravity of the situation?
I've finally realized that
you don't give a damn what happened.
The story you want to hear
is yours, not mine.
It's not fair.
Not fair?
I never tried to kill anyone.
Do you want to know
what really isn't fair?
I lost my family,
my wife left me
for a slimy, slack-jawed accountant.
A fucking accountant!
Naturally, the kids blame me.
They won't even speak to me.
That's what's not fair.
While the fucking media
treat you like a hero.
That's what's not fair.
That I even spend my birthday with you
because I've no other life.
That's what's not fair.
You motherfucking son of a bitch!
If there's any justice in the world,
I'll have you rotting in a
fucking cell till you die.
A Transylvanian badass
shouldn't drink whiskey.
Pin on me all the trumped-up charges
you want.
It doesn't matter.
I'll still know you're lying.
There it is.
I lie, you steal.
No one's innocent.
You've got 20 minutes.
Come in!
Bring me Ambrus.
July 10 was Black Saturday
for the police.
That was when, with 27 bank robberies
and 176 days in
custody to his credit,
Attila Ambrus decided to bid his captors
farewell and go back to work.
He received permission to walk
in the inner yard,
but then suddenly scaled
a 13-foot wall...
He headed for the Margaret Bridge...
Once the escape was discovered,
more than 100 officers...
Several officers have been suspended...
All roads out of Budapest were closed
this morning...
Helicopters have joined the dragnet...
The hunt is on for the Whiskey Bandit,
who last week thumbed his nose
at the cops once again...
Never before in Hungary,
or anywhere else for that matter,
has a living criminal,
and one on the run, to boot,
been used for promotional purposes...
He was spotted in a purple Mercedes...
The Whiskey Bandit
has been caught in Zugl.
The police's joy
is plain for all to see.
60 detectives and SWAT personnel
took part in the operation.
The myth the Whiskey Bandit
himself spun now seems to be over.
Hungary's all-time greatest bank robber
will go down in the annals
of criminology.
Well, folks, that was
the Whiskey Bandit.
Convicted of 30 bank robberies,
the Whiskey Bandit was
sentenced to 17 years in prison.
He served 12 of them and was released
on January 31, 2012.
Today he earns his living
with the trade he learned inside.