A Walk with Grace (2019) Movie Script

(soft orchestral music)
- [Carol] Okay, keep cool.
Oh you got this, you got this.
Wrestle smart, wrestle smart!
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no!
He's good Nate,
but you're great.
Finish strong, finish strong!
Watch the guillotine, oh!
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, that's it.
- [Man] You got two
take downs on him.
- [Carol] I loved to
watch my boy wrestle.
He was so good.
(melancholy orchestral music)
- Carol.
- Grace, darling.
- [Grace] How are
you feeling today?
- I've felt better.
(soft orchestral music)
Are you ready?
- Whenever you are.
- I know my boy has
a terrific excuse for
keeping me from having
Good Friday lunch
with my beautiful grand baby,
and I've, I've come
to terms with that.
I'm at peace.
And he learned it from me.
I, I couldn't be there.
After his father passed and,
I had to run the factory.
Forgive us, your dad and I.
We tried to do the best we
could every step of the way.
I want you to know
that I love you
more than you'll
ever know. (sniffles)
Love, Nana Carol.
Did you get all
that jib-jab, Grace?
- I did.
(soft orchestral music)
- [Carol] Darling Nate, I
finally found a way to get you
back to your hometown.
I won't be there to
greet you, but like Moses
outside the Promise Land,
I'll be content to know
my plan came together.
I've placed our family
factory in a trust.
You are now acting
director of operations.
You both have been through
so much with losing
Chloe's mother.
Get your butt home
and settle my affairs.
- [Nate] Early spring at Easter.
It's pretty cool, huh?
- [Chloe] It's very pretty,
like another planet.
- Damn.
It's the office.
(phone ringing)
Yeah, Nikki?
(birds chirping)
- "You have one new
friend request from Jesus.
"Swipe right."
- Every project has that,
I don't know why that
sounds like new news
to the contractor.
- "No God, no peace.
"Know God, know peace."
- Did you, hang on Nikki.
Did you need something, dear?
- The church signs.
I thought they were lame.
But they kind of grow on you.
- [Nate] All right.
(birds chirping)
- Daddy, we haven't
been to church together
since mom's funeral.
- Hang on Nikki.
What, dear?
What did you say?
- No, nothing.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Dad, dad, dad, dad.
- [Nate] What?
- Go back.
Back, back, back, back.
- Yeah.
That's how it is.
And you are in Buckeye country.
(soft orchestral music)
- [Chloe] So what do
they make here, exactly?
- Well when the oil boom
started, they supported the
oil industry making parts.
Piping, drill bits.
World War II, aircraft
Today, they're doing auto
racks, spray dry, plus--
- Dad, dad, I get it.
They make a lot of stuff.
- Yeah.
And this is a strike.
(people chattering)
- Everybody take a knee.
The prodigal son has returned
to pay his mom respect.
- Morning, chief.
- Good to see you, man.
- You too.
This here's my daughter, Chloe.
- I thought our car was
about to be turned over.
- Well little lady, your
family name's not real
popular just about now.
But your daddy and I,
we wrestled together
when I was a freshman
back in high school
in the analog era, so
what that means is,
is today he gets a pass.
- Yeah, that was about 50
pounds ago for one of us.
- [Duane] Okay, all right.
- I gotta ask you, seeing
you here after your
history with cousin
Sabrina and all,
I'm just kind of curious.
- Yeah, I came back from
the war and, uh, she offered
me a job I probably
didn't deserve.
- Okay.
And now you're
leading the strike.
- She cut all of our wages
10%, which we didn't deserve,
and uh, then your mom passed.
- All right, and so now
I'm guessing you're kind of
ticked off 'cause Sabrina's
gonna sell the factory.
- Yep.
But listen, man, you've
got a memorial to get to,
so uh, you know we have
spring wrestling now, right?
- [Nate] No.
- Yeah.
You should cruise
on by Saturday.
It's our alumni event, check
out the new assistant coach.
This guy.
- Poor kids.
I'd love to man, but we've
gotta be back to LA tomorrow
right after we
settle the estate.
But thank you.
- Do the right thing, Nate.
Make a hole.
- [Chloe] What does he mean
by, "Do the right thing?"
- [Nate] That's a
good question, Chloe.
And sometimes it's complicated.
(soft music)
- [Jay] You're not
anticipating any problem
with tomorrow morning's
signing, are you, Sabrina?
- Mr. Thorson, I'm
anticipating everything.
I haven't seen my
cousin in 20 years,
and now he's showing up
as the new acting director
of operations to the factory
that I have been running
by myself, all so
that he could run off.
What was Carol thinking?
- Gentlemen, you have a
memorial service to go to.
- Perfect.
- Remember who you work for.
(bell chiming)
- [Man] Sorry for your loss.
- No, no, no.
- You okay, dad?
- Yeah.
- I know a better way.
(melancholy music)
I don't know if you
remember you way around.
Just uh, go that way.
- Thank you.
- I'm sorry for your loss, sir.
Your mother was
an amazing woman.
- You know who I am?
- Of course, sir.
I got work to do.
- What?
(Nate laughs)
So people just talk
to you around here?
- Yeah, it's
Heartland hospitality.
Dad aint up for it.
- Wow.
Never thought I'd see
Nate "The Great" Lassiter
not up for a challenge.
- Chloe.
It's Tom Grey.
Pastor Tom Grey.
- Nice to meet you, Chloe.
You know, your father and
I had quite the legendary
wrestling match for the elite
championship back in the day.
Some people say I actually won.
- And you know, some
people are more worried
about you not praying for
their eternal salvation
versus you acknowledging
actual facts.
- Nice to meet you, Pastor
Tom who like my dad,
still hangs onto high school.
- Man.
(soft piano music)
Your mother was one of a kind.
- Thank you.
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind but now I see
'Twas grace that
taught my heart to fear
And grace, my fears relieved
How precious did
that grace appear
The hour I first believed
- That was very nice.
- Who knew my niece
was so talented?
- Sabrina?
- Call me Aunt Sabby.
The only good thing to
come from all of this
is that I finally
get to meet you.
- You okay?
- Mhm.
- Nathan.
This is banker, Mr. Jay Thorson.
- It's nice to meet
you, Mr. Thorson.
I appreciate you taking
such an interest in my
family's factory and
all the hard work that
Sabrina here has done.
- You win with
people, right, Nate?
You wrestled?
I was a wrestler once, too.
- Yeah, but, why is a
big Cincinnati bank so
interested in such a
small family factory?
I'm curious since
we're talking about--
- Nathan, are we really
gonna do this right now?
- It's okay Sabrina.
I understand.
Truth is, my bank just
sees a unique value
that others don't.
- Okay.
You're right, Sabby, I'm sorry.
I was just curious.
Let's just get through today.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Shall we?
- Everybody can go inside.
Come on, love.
(soft orchestral music)
- You got this?
- Oh, I got this.
- I'm sorry.
What was her name?
- Ah, that's Grace.
Pastor Tom's little sister.
You don't remember
me, do you, Nate?
Shawn Croft.
Growing up, all I wanted to
do was be great like Nate.
The Iceman.
Oh yeah, you uh, you set
a standard of excellence
for me, bro.
- No, I was supposed
to be a big deal
but I never got out of
districts my senior year.
- Hm.
So you didn't come
back all these years?
Pride and shame.
The brutal one-two punch.
- You really cut right
to it, don't you, Shawn?
- Yep?
- Yeah.
- So you gonna cash in
your factory tomorrow?
- Well I'm not
thrilled about it,
but I have a family to
take care of, don't I?
- Family comes first.
- Thanks man.
- And even if it
means dooming the town
I hope to raise my
family in, right?
To bankruptcy.
(quirky music)
- Okay, so why is this
town going to go bankrupt?
- You know what coach always
said about preparing for
any opponent?
Hope for bonbons and daffodils,
- [Both] For an ambush.
- Something doesn't add up.
This guy wants to buy
the factory from you
and Sabrina for twice
what it's worth?
But hey, these days it's
all about getting yours
and getting paid.
Bummer to all those
people that I don't know.
It's time for me to cash
in on that American dream
and ride off in my Bentley.
- It's time, Nate.
Coach Croft.
- [Shawn] Pastor.
- You're the wrestling coach?
- Mhm.
- With Duane.
- Mhm.
- I fear for the
next generation.
(soft organ music)
- [Tom] Well you know
Carol's loving this attention
right now, huh?
I bet she's so happy
that you're all here.
(soft organ music)
- Your mother was
an amazing woman.
- Nate?
Would you like to say something?
- I guess the first
thing I wanna say is, uh,
thank every one of you.
I wanna thank you
for being here.
To be in this place without
her is very strange for me,
so it means so much
more that you're here.
And I wanna thank you for
the stories about my mother.
As as a young man, I used
to be embarrassed that my
mother was this crazy woman
screaming moves out at people.
I don't think that anymore.
And I know how much
she cared about
so many of you.
It's so amazing to see you here.
God bless you all, so much.
(people chattering)
- [Girl] Hi.
(people chattering)
- I'm so sorry about
your loss, Nathan.
- Thank you.
- And I'm sorry my bank
couldn't make the loan work.
Kept me up at night.
Will you be staying for Easter,
like your mother wanted?
- Indeed, will you be
staying for Easter?
- I have kind of a big
deal deadline back in LA.
- A big deadline, really?
So nothing trivial
like selling off
your family factory?
- Oh really Tom?
We're gonna do this right now?
- Well if not here, when?
I mean this is the church that
he first took communion in.
It's right near the
high school where
he became a wrestling legend.
It's a stone's throw from
the neighborhood where
he kissed his first
girlfriend which didn't make
my little sister,
Gracie, happy at all.
She had a crush on
him since she was 11.
Well you did.
We moved from North
Carolina and I lost my
life long cheerleader,
especially the night of
the final's match.
See, it's just a matter
of perception, Nate.
You know that Carol did not
want him to sell that factory.
- Okay, guys, all
right, I got it.
I got it.
- And also you know,
I'm still pretty bitter
about that match.
You know, there were some
pretty questionable calls.
- Which calls?
- Uh, that second take
down, for example.
- Oh what, you mean
that take down?
- Oh yeah?
Oh, you wanna do this now?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Oh, yeah?
You wanna go?
- Okay, that take down?
- Are they kidding?
They're kidding, right?
- No.
- No.
They're not kidding.
- Okay, now that's two points
reversal to the man of God.
Two points.
- Gentlemen.
This is a church.
- [All] Yes, sir.
- You know, you should
really stick around
for your wresting alumni meet.
My son is one of Shawn's
wrestlers over there.
- One of my best.
Came out of the gates
strong as a freshman,
just like his daddy.
- Gentlemen, it's good
to be home but I have to
be back in LA tomorrow.
- You know we all
forgive you, Nate.
- I didn't know I was
asking to be forgiven
of anything, Tom.
Where's my daughter?
Let's go get you a Campy burger.
- But dad, I'm
vegetarian this week.
- You're not serious, are you?
(soft music)
- And here he is now.
Nate, got a little
surprise for you.
Wanted you to meet my
good friend, Tom Ryan,
so you could shake
hands and you could meet
Nate "The Great" Lassiter.
- You're the wrestling
coach of the Buckeyes,
it's an honor, sir.
- Great to meet you
Nate, welcome home.
- You know, under Coach
Ryan, Ohio State won
a national championship.
- I'm aware of that. (chuckles)
I keep up with the
team out in LA, sir.
- You guys really take
wrestling seriously in Ohio.
- Yeah, we do.
- Yeah, we do.
And great to hear
you're still passionate about
the Buckeyes.
Jay tells me you'll be a
great ambassador for us
out in LA.
- I must admit, I wish I
had been enough for the
scarlet and gray, but
you know how that goes.
- You were one of Ohio's best.
I got a locker waiting
for you back at
our new complex if you
wanna come roll around.
Don't be a stranger
to your home state.
Welcome home.
- Thank you.
Means a lot.
- God bless you, Nate.
- [Nate] I mean
it, God bless you.
- Well thanks for
coming by, coach.
God bless you and your family,
I'll call you next week.
- Have a good one,
boss, be safe.
- [Ryan] Stay off that phone.
- See, that was a human being.
- Gentlemen, we're
ready for you.
Nate, you have a
flight to catch.
They're your documents.
- Thank you.
- You know what, I'm sorry.
Suddenly you care?
This factory has been an
anchor around my neck.
An anchor, Nathan.
You put in your two weeks
and you got in your car
and your drove out to LA
and followed your dream
and you left me here
to handle everything.
- It's really
quite simple, Nate.
Your mother made you
director of operations
until you sell the factory.
Your cousin, my client,
she controls 51%
and she consents.
We have valued your
49% at more than double
the local bank's appraisal.
That's a good thing.
(soft music)
(pen clicking)
- Enough with the pen, Nathan.
Take your 49%.
Go pay off your mortgage.
Put my niece in a good college.
We're lucky to have
anything to cash in.
- I'm just curious, Sabby,
why are we cutting wages
when we have a contract, I just,
I just wanna understand.
- Nathan.
Yes, we have a contract.
But we lost two other
contracts and I didn't
lay off anybody.
We barely have enough assets
for a small bank loan.
And I'm the one paying
for the port-a-potty's
on the strike line.
- Nate.
You're going through a
difficult time right now.
I'm familiar with
your situation.
And it's time like this
that you have to make
the tough decisions to
get what you deserve.
That's just the
way of this world.
- Daddy, you and Sabrina,
Aunt Sabby, have earned this,
and the plane takes
off in three hours.
This is a gift, from God.
- You think so?
And you want me to sign this?
- Yes.
- Hi.
I'll just put these?
- Right over there
would be good.
(quirky music)
- I'll take the one
with the frosting on it.
- Oh, I'm sorry, these are
special for Mr. Lassiter
and his daughter,
so, I'll just...
- Hey!
Hey, miss, you
can't go in there.
Hey miss, stop!
- I have been retained by
the deceased, Carol Lassiter,
to serve as the local attorney,
fighting for this factory,
to stay local.
Nate Lassiter, you sign
anything before Monday morning
at the courthouse,
it'll be fraud.
This is for you, Carol.
- I said I wanted
the frosted muffin.
- Great.
Here are the muffin twins.
- I have a question
for the muffin lawyer.
Um, why would Carol change
her mind about selling
the factory?
- I asked Carol
that, and she said,
"What does it profit a man
to gain the entire world,
"and lose his own soul?"
- Right, well, I'm not exactly
sure what that means but
I know this.
You have not
officially been served.
Can we proceed now?
(clears throat)
- Jay?
- Give her the document, please.
So, it seems as though
we're all going to have
a lovely weekend together
in this lovely little town
in Ohio.
We'll see you in
court on Monday.
Don't forget.
Eye on the prize.
- When has it not been, Jay?
- Mr. Thorson, my brother's
Palm Sunday sermon
will be a good one.
Can we expect to see you?
- Absolutely.
- I'm sorry Nate, it's
what your mom wanted.
- Okay, so you soften the
blow with a big basket
of muffins.
Uh, Chloe?
- It's okay, I don't eat gluten.
This week.
- Good.
Because these are for Sabrina.
- A Meeting Place
cheesecake muffin.
Nicely played.
Monday is round two.
I'll see you then.
- Score round one
for the home team.
- Yeah.
Muffins and uh, this guy.
- It is what your mother wanted.
Look, Nate.
I know that you've
been through a lot.
She told me everything.
But this was really
important to her.
- Well I know when mama wants
something, it's get on the
train or get out of the way.
- So you guys know each other?
- We, um--
- Yeah, we know each other.
Uh, when I was leaving
for Los Angeles,
she had just gotten
out of college
and was an amazing
woman and uh, we dated.
- Dated?
- Well I'll be at
the wrestling meet.
- Where Nate the
Iceman was great?
- Yeah.
- You both should come.
See my nephew wrestle.
He overthinks things,
just like you.
- Sorry.
- Walk me out?
- Please.
(soft, quirky music)
(whistle blows)
(people chattering)
- There we go, pick it, pick it!
- Hey, great, nice
to see you man.
- Green one, neutral.
- Good to see you man.
- You grew up.
Taller than I am.
You might wanna take your
nose out of that cell phone.
- Dad, it's wrestling.
I'm bored and...
- That kid's good.
(soft music)
- Focus, foc--
What are you doin'?
- You're gonna cost
him a scholarship.
- We got reversal, two, blue.
- Great, nice recovery.
- Pastor Tom.
Counselor Grace.
- Iceman Nate.
- Your boy looks good out there.
- [Tom] Takes after his old man.
- All right, all right.
Come on, Luke, keep
workin', keep workin'.
Keep workin', come on.
- I don't understand
the sport, but,
he looks good doing it.
- Yeah, everyone
has a crush on Luke.
(whistle blows)
- [Tom] All right, son.
- Interesting match, man.
- He's better than you.
- Yeah.
- He's better than you, too.
- I'm hungry.
Is anybody else hungry?
I got it.
- [Nate] Your daughter's
feisty like her mama.
- Nathan.
Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
- How about you do Pastor
Tom's boy a favor next time
and leave that distracting
girl of yours at home?
- He seemed inspired, he
finished strong, didn't he?
- Yeah, after he
almost got pinned.
It's good to have
you here, brother.
- It's good to be here.
- Always.
(whistle blows)
- You ready man?
All right, you
gotta get in there.
Now you know this guy, he's
fast, but you're stronger.
- Well my son getting
my blood pressure up
has inspired be
for Sunday sermon.
Good to see ya.
- Good to see you, Tom.
- Bye.
- You ever make it out west?
- A law convention in
Anaheim three years ago.
Your mom said that I
should look you up, but,
I knew your wife was sick.
- Yeah, so I wouldn't have
been very good company.
(quirky music)
So next time you're
in California, will
let me get you out of Anaheim?
- If we're still talking.
- We will be.
- That would be nice.
(quirky music)
- Auntie Graciela.
- Chloe, what did you do?
- Auntie.
What a surprise.
- Don't lie to your auntie.
It's a sin.
- Graciela.
- Hi, Nate.
I had a very nice
trip to this place
among the fields,
thank you very much.
I thought my rental car
was gonna be a
John Deere tractor.
I told the travel agent
that I wanted to go to Lima
and even he almost
sent me to Peru.
- Lie-ma, like the bean.
- You're that bumble butt
fly over state attorney
who's trying to take
away my niece's future.
Hello, I'm Graciela.
- I'm Grace.
- Of course you are.
And how full of grace
the both of us are,
here, together.
You know the saying,
saved by grace?
My niece's future will
be saved by Graciela.
- Well okay then, so
you are practicing law.
- No, not yet.
USC, second year.
- Second year, spring break.
It is all downhill from there.
I have no doubt you are
already quite formidable.
Good for you.
- Seriously?
Not cool.
Being all nice and
empathetic like that?
You're the enemy.
- Ladies and gentlemen, may
I have your attention please?
Let us pause now to honor an
outstanding alumni wrestler,
one that Coach Croft has
insisted that we induct
into this year's
Wrestling Hall of Fame,
especially since we haven't
seen him in a while.
The plaque courtesy
of Sign Pro Imaging.
Let us welcome back Nate
"The Iceman" Lassiter.
- Come on, let's
make some noise!
Nate, get down here.
(people applauding)
Come on down.
Let's hear it for the
three time lead champ.
A state qualifier.
And the man who was always an
inspiration for doing things
the right way!
Let's hear it.
- You are annoyingly relentless.
- I learned it from the best.
- Yeah, you're doin' great.
- I've been watching
you these past few days.
Your kumbaya with these people.
What's your next plan of action?
- I don't know, Graciela.
I would love to find a
way to untangle this mess
that my mother's left me
without having to have
my soul dry cleaned.
You can understand
that, you're Catholic.
- You, I'll see you in court.
- Fair enough.
Court's not 'til Monday.
Maybe we should all go
take in a great band, huh?
You're old enough
to drink, right?
- I don't know if I should
be insulted or flattered
by you right now.
- Seriously,
Gracie-ella, it's a--
- Graciela.
- It's a great band.
Good menu, yummy pinot.
I'll buy us a bottle and fill
you in on why I simply had
to summon sir brother-in-law.
- Aggravating.
So friendly, all of them.
- Ooh, she's closing in.
Get ready.
- You.
Back seat.
- Vamanos.
(soft music)
What is on your mind?
- My sister lived with what
killed her her entire life
and all she wanted for
you, and for Chloe,
was a life after she was gone.
But, she also was afraid
that you would slip
into your old ways
after she was gone.
But you didn't.
'Cause you're
stronger than that.
- Your sister gave me
the most amazing reason
to stay sober and to stay
alive and she's right there.
- Oh.
I'm glad you two are
finally talking this out.
- I promised my sister
that I would help you
get on with your life.
- I'm not gonna be able
to love anybody the way I
loved your sister.
- She wanted you complete.
And happy.
And so does Chloe.
So do I.
- I hear you, okay.
Gracias, Graciela.
- [Graciela] De nada.
(soft music)
(soft rock music)
- He's even corn-fed
cute enough for you.
- You remember how Coach
Kucklov used to scream at us?
- Mm.
- He'd go up about three
notes in his register.
- You did not want to be the
dude getting yelled at.
- Sounded like an angry
He's the most talented
kid we've ever had.
Man, that guy's so good.
And he's fast.
(quirky music)
- [Sabrina] I'll pay
when I leave, thanks.
(quirky music)
- No love loss there.
- I'll do what I have to do
because Carol asked me to.
- Sabrina hired Grace
right out of law school,
then your mom hired Grace
to fight Sabrina over
the sale of the factory.
- Oh boy, I get it now.
Duane, how about you?
- Oh, me and
Sabrina, we're fine.
So long as we never, ever talk.
(people chattering)
- Hey man.
- Hey man, good to see ya.
- Take care.
- [Luke] Hey.
(people chattering)
- [Tom] Gentlemen.
- Pastor.
- Pastor.
- Tom, I thought you were
off to write you a sermon.
- Yeah well you know, I
usually end up waking up at
about four am every Sunday
and rewriting it anyway, so.
And the kids were hungry
and also, you know,
I have to admit, I'm a
little intrigued on what's
going on with you and my sister.
- Tom.
- But you actually thought
that I would serve him
at his mother's
memorial service?
You have grown hard
in your heart, Sabby.
- Yeah, that's fascinating.
Hold that thought.
Young love is calling.
Tom, Shawn, Nate, you.
- Ouch.
Well on that note, I'm
gonna get a beverage.
- Sabrina.
Pleasure is all mine.
Chloe, you look like you
need an introduction.
This is Luke and
Scarlett Ann Grey.
Chat away.
You must be Gabriela.
We are family now.
Let's go have some fun.
- [Graciela] Graciela.
- Your name is
Scarlett Ann Grey?
- Well yeah, this
is Buckeye country.
- Oh I know, I can wear red too.
- It's um, the
Ohio State colors.
- Oh I get it.
My dad said you're,
like, really big fans.
And you're Luke.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
- Anyway, Gracie,
what were you saying?
- You're protesting
because Carol felt that you
haven't done everything you
can to save the factory.
It's not fair, I know, Sabby.
- What's not fair?
That my sister died and left
Nate in a bunch of debt?
Well the world's not fair,
and we must remember that
family must come first,
whether you're in Lima, Ohio,
or Lima, Peru.
- Lie-ma.
- Lie-ma.
- Grace versus Graciela.
I love this.
- Yeah, this is a little too
much grown up drama for me.
Do you wanna get out of here?
- What, you don't
like a good cat fight?
- Not really a big fan
of any fight, Chloe.
- Okay, Luke, but, you wrestle.
It's like a legal street fight.
- Yeah, it's not the same thing.
I'm gonna go wait in the truck.
- It was nice to meet you.
- I got an idea.
You guys got one more in you?
Hey, get over here.
Y'all know Pastor
Tom's son, Luke.
Y'all wanna hear
him perform, right?
(people cheering)
With Good Friday ahead,
we challenge Luke to do
what he does every week, but
we try it with a Latin flavor.
Also, his dad is
great on the guitar.
Let's get Pastor Tom up here.
(people cheering)
- Go get 'em.
- Come on.
(people clapping)
- You ready to cowboy up
just like we practiced?
So Nate Lassiter is in town.
I don't know if y'all know that.
Now also, I see Nate brought
two beautiful senoritas
from Los Angeles.
So let's show 'em a
little bit of Lima love.
(people cheering)
(soft acoustic Spanish music)
(upbeat Spanish music)
Amazing grace, how
sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost
- I gotta take this
party to the next level.
But now I'm found
Was blind but now I see
'Twas grace that
taught my heart to fear
- Okay, I'll dance with you.
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did
that grace appear
The hour I first believed
(upbeat Spanish music)
(phone buzzes)
(upbeat Spanish music)
- Yeah Nikki, I'm here.
- [Nikki] Hey, don't
have too much fun, okay?
Just heard from Ted the
Chinese need their specs ASAP.
- Okay.
- Nate.
You need to see this now.
- Yeah, gotta go.
I have already come
'Twas grace that
brought me safe thus far
And grace will lead me home
- Do you salsa?
- Do you?
(Grace chuckles)
Lead me home
(Grace laughs)
- Here we go.
(upbeat Spanish music)
(people cheering)
No mercy come, no mercy go
'Cause a bad man livin'
and a bad man hope
- So.
Divorce, law school, and now
you're back to torturing me.
(Grace laughs)
- I never tortured you.
You moved to LA and I
heard from you maybe once.
- Yeah.
- It's okay, it's okay.
I stopped pining for you
when I met Kaitlin's father.
- How is it that you're
able to remain uncynical?
- Constant prayer.
I'm glad it shows.
- It does.
- I really need to go get
Kaitlin from my mom's.
- Okay.
Can I walk you out?
- I guess.
- Thank you.
(reggae music)
- That was good tonight.
- Oh yeah, you're definitely
full of surprises.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I probably should've
come home sooner,
for Chloe's sake, but
it still didn't happen.
- She looks like she's
having a good time tonight.
- Yeah.
- I'll let you two finish.
See you back at the hotel.
(insects buzzing)
- We are quite the pair.
Yes, you should have
come home sooner,
and I am the small
town girl who probably
should have gotten out of here.
- I would love to be
able to catch up with you
more right now, but I've got
a daughter to take care of
and a newly arrived
sister-in-law in town, that's...
- It's gotta be God's plan.
If you try to force it,
it's anything but, you know.
- Yes.
(police sirens wail)
- [Grace] Hang on, Nate.
Joel is up to something.
(quirky music)
- Good evening, ma'am.
It'd be a crime to
let you escape without
introducing myself.
I'm Joel, and I would
love to take you out
and show you a
little bit of Lima.
- I really need to
check into my hotel
and do a hot shower.
Would you arrest
me if I said no?
- No ma'am.
If you find yourself
in need in our town,
that's me.
(quirky music)
- Whoa.
How do we get you
away from that car?
You're not driving right now.
- I got him.
- Got him?
- Yeah, I got him.
Get in the cruiser.
- Ma'am.
Please don't judge me.
Sometimes I drink a little.
- Come on.
Give a call.
- She's pretty.
- Yeah, she is pretty.
I know, yeah, yeah.
You're pretty.
Let's get in the car.
(quirky music)
- Okay.
Sure, let's go out.
But can you drop me
off at my car later?
- I sure can.
Get in there.
(car starts up)
- Looks like sister-in-law's
going on an adventure.
- Why don't you two go
on your own adventure?
I want to get to know my niece.
How about she spends the night?
And you, miss thing, I'm
gonna go pick up your daughter
at your mom's, and I'll make
sure that Tom's daughter
comes with us as well.
It'll be a girl's slumber party.
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday.
I'm mourning, I'm
hormonal, I demand it.
- Yes ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Hey Chief, how are you?
- Princess.
- Holdin' up on the strike line?
- Yeah, yes, as good
as can be expected.
I gotta tell you, the
boys and I, we appreciate
those port-a-pottys a lot.
- Good.
You're welcome.
- Princess?
So high school.
- I don't know.
- Um.
Do you wanna go grab some grub?
- Yeah.
- Old school?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah, let's do that.
- Hey, hellions!
- Thank you, Aunt Sabby.
- For what?
Doing as families do?
Everyone here tonight is family.
Even your mother, Kaitlin.
Good night, ladies.
Don't stay up too late.
- Okay, good night.
- We're making a little
public service call.
- We take it personal if
leftover pizza goes to waste.
It's sacred to us.
- All right, guys, there's
more pizza up on the deck.
Come on Kaitlin.
- Okay.
- Whoa.
(Kaitlin chuckles)
Hey, how you doin'?
- Good.
How are you?
(soft music)
- Cell coverage out
here is hit or miss.
- Very.
Where'd all those
stars come from?
- They're always there, it's
just bigger cities put out
too much light pollution so
you can't really see 'em.
- Like freckles in the sky.
- Never thought of it that way.
(soft music)
You okay?
- Yeah.
- So you got a lot
going on back in LA?
Like a boyfriend?
- Sadly, no on one.
Definitely no on two.
My head's been
unorganized recently.
So you're getting a
wrestling scholarship?
Is that important?
- I mean I hope so.
But isn't college
important to you?
- I wanna go to law school.
Like my aunt.
Or be a teacher, like my mom.
I think I just decided that.
- That's cool.
Tell me about LA.
- Call in the mornin' if
you need a ride to your car.
- Will do.
- All right, brother.
(quirky music)
- So what makes
this town this town?
- You know, let me show ya.
(soft music)
- What do you think
gonna happen Monday?
(Grace chuckles)
- I think we will both
do what we think is best.
Have you read everything
that I sent you?
- Yeah, I trust you.
- Okay.
So why were you
really gone so long?
- Oh boy.
(Grace chuckles)
Uh, it started to pile
up in my head, you know?
I think I was afraid.
That it would all
just be too heavy.
Everywhere I look,
everywhere I go,
is a reminder of all the
good things I left behind,
all the things that are
gone, and all the things that
if I could go back,
I'd wanna do different.
And then of course,
Sabby, she never,
she never got out of here.
She stuck around and
took care of everything,
and I was out of here
like a ricocheted bullet.
- Come on, be easy
with yourself.
Your mother understood
pride and shame.
- You ever wonder what
would've happen if I
had stuck around?
- No.
- Oh.
- You would've been restless
and no Chloe, no Kaitlin.
Definitely not God's plan.
I forgave you.
- That's very kind, 'cause
I don't feel like I deserve
much forgiveness these days.
- That's grace.
From Grace. (laughs)
I had to give myself a little,
too, when my husband left.
- He sounds like an idiot.
- He is.
Come on, tell me more
about all your years in LA.
- [Nate] Uh.
Boy, that got messy.
- Look, I was already with
a man who was actually a boy
just trying to find himself.
So these days, I am much more
receptive to a man who has
wrestled his demons and God
and come out better for it.
- There we are with the
wrestling thing again.
Just can't escape
it, but it's cool.
Thank you.
I guess the important
things start to
stand out more now, you know?
- Well that's just you
and God that you have
to be accountable to.
And Chloe, obviously.
And apparently Graciela, too,
whether you like it or not.
Do you have a real
relationship with God, Nate?
- Yes, I do.
- How do you know?
- I used to even question
if Jesus ever even existed.
All that, you know.
And then after I
met Chloe's mom,
and I was sober, she
started asking me
to look a little deeper.
Find where Christ was in me.
And the deeper I dug,
and the more I searched,
I found him staring
right back at me.
- I don't think I've ever
been so attracted to you
as I am right now.
- Wow.
You know I'm leaving and
after you lose in court,
you might not find me
very attractive at all.
(grand orchestral music)
(police siren wails)
I haven't dated in a
while but I didn't think
this was illegal.
- Vamanos, we're
getting dessert.
I might even eat
the white carbs.
I get to be a local
for the night.
- [Nate] What the?
- [Grace] Okay.
- Ohio's awesome.
Like, what do you not
like about this place?
It's great.
- But in LA, you can
snow ski in the morning
and be at the beach
before sunset.
- Yeah and how often
does that really happen
with all that traffic?
I mean after I ski, I
just wanna eat a pot pie
and take a nap, but
everyone out there is going,
"Hey, let's go
swim in the ocean."
- Fine.
I guess I don't know anybody
who's actually ever done that.
Especially when it rains, the
whole darn city shuts down.
Have you ever been in love?
- Um.
No, I mean, I've never
really been in love before.
Have you?
- No.
I just feel like
I'm supposed to be.
Everything, everywhere,
tells me that.
- I'm a PK, pastor's kid,
and that message kind of
gets put on the back burner.
- That's cool.
I once played spin the
bottle, but didn't want my
first kiss to be
in some basement.
Now, here...
- Well I hate to make
a lady ask twice.
- You sing so good.
We should write a song together,
about freckles in the sky.
- Yeah, um, yeah,
hold that thought.
(soft orchestral music)
Okay, so.
I was thinking something like,
I look up to the
freckles in the sky when
I get shot down,
really don't know why.
(Chloe chuckles)
- Yeah.
Give me a melody?
I look up to the
freckles in the sky
When I get shot down,
really don't know why
That's good.
You take the harmony?
- Two, three...
I look up to the
freckles in the sky
When I get shot down,
really don't know why
- That was lovely, you two.
Now go to bed.
Go home, Luke.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, Aunt Sabrina.
I like it here.
No helicopters, or
windows with bars.
I feel like my blood
pressure's lower.
Like a cheap spa day.
(soft music)
- Come on
I'll walk you up.
(soft music)
- Explain, in this case.
- Well final wishes aren't
technically legally binding.
They're a moral
obligation, but if you have
certain restrictions...
(soft music)
- Thanks for coming.
It's good to see ya.
Hey, you guys made it.
All right.
- Hey.
- It's so good to have you back.
And Graciela, you do know
that there's a lovely
Catholic church
nearby as well, right?
- Is your son here?
- Mhm.
- So is my niece.
- My daughter has
a crush on the PK.
- You two can stop
this any time now.
- Pastor Tom, you know that
I'm an OG Catholic, right?
- I understand.
It means you're
already a Christian.
We already got ya, no
matter where you choose
to show up on Sundays.
After you.
- Come on.
- Awesome.
(soft organ music)
(soft piano music)
- Morning.
I took a little inspiration
from my son, Luke's,
wrestling match last night.
It was perhaps not
the most focused match
he's ever wrestled,
if you got to see it.
(church goers laugh)
Isn't that right, Coach Croft?
But it did lead
me to think about
how important it is to
focus on the right things.
You know, moment to
moment, step by step.
So this Palm Sunday is
even more special because
one of our own has
finally come home.
Nate Lassiter.
I suppose most of you
have already heard
about our little
wrestling rematch we had
in the parlor there.
I finally got that reversal
after all these years.
(church goers laugh)
It's good to have
you back, Nate.
You know, with Easter so
close, you know we think about
the resurrection of Christ.
It's a great starting
point to consider His
walk in this world.
I mean, what was it all about?
You know, go back to the
early, in the previous century,
in India, a man
named Mahatma Gandhi.
Not a Christian, but
a great man of peace.
And when the British
missionaries asked him,
you know, "How can we
get more Indians to
"convert to Christianity?"
He answered with a question.
"Be more Christ-like?"
- So will you sit
with me in court?
- [Tom] Walking the
walk that he walked,
even if you're not a Christian.
- We have our all star meet
like the day before Good Friday
and a college scout's gonna be
there, it's, I should focus.
- Okay, we leave as soon as
this court stuff is over.
Just say you don't wanna
sit with me in court
on the bad side.
- [Tom] But in this week as
we consider the sacrifice
Jesus made leaving...
- I'm gonna take a
page from my dad's book
and place a whistle out on
this because I have to go
play organ for communion.
- [Tom] Might you try your
best, in your own walk,
to emulate Christ's walk.
It could very well be the
most important decision
you've made in your life.
(quirky music)
(Grace squeals)
- Here.
(quirky music)
- A righteous kiss in
God's house can't be wrong.
(soft music)
- Really, Gracie?
- What Sabrina?
- Sneaking kisses
with the enemy, I see.
In church, no less.
Eye on which prize, Nate?
You think this is going to be
a problem in court tomorrow?
- I certainly hope not.
- Jay, Sabrina
structured the deal.
I have the signature,
so, don't force me to ask
you to mind your
own business here.
- Nathan.
This is my life.
Stop acting like it's some joke.
- Enough.
Okay, just take it out
on me in court tomorrow.
- Yeah, but, why are
we going to court?
What did mother want me to do?
What did she want from me?
- She wanted you to get back
to your family's factory.
- So.
We'll skip court and we'll
settle this at the factory.
- Great.
At least that sounds more
like the Nate I grew up with.
- The Iceman.
Nobody can compete
with you on the mat,
but two guys handling
their business?
I'm impressed.
(soft music)
- [Nate] This is good.
We'll honor your
grandmother's wishes to walk
through the factory one last
time, sign the sale document,
get back to LA in time
for college night.
- [Chloe] Sounds good, papa.
- Hi.
So good.
I love Ohio.
The people here are so
nice, they open up their
doors for you, they
look in the eye,
and they talk to you
when they want nothing.
- Cute.
Let's get you on a plane.
Gracie, can this get started?
- According to the
details of the contract,
I could halt this
transaction for weeks,
but Carol had another idea.
She hired me to do diligence on
Mr. Thorson's banking company.
His interests.
- Interesting.
Please go on.
- On Carol Lassiter's behalf,
I uncovered that your bank
has plans to refurbish
a factory in Cincinnati,
funded by a Middle
Eastern corporation,
on record for very
questionable practices.
- So far that's hearsay
bordering on slander.
- Doesn't mean it's not true.
- You're going to
take the factory apart
and sell it for pieces.
- The factory will
honor its contract.
- Apparently, a very handsome
deputy has been keeping me
from why I'm really here.
- Carol's last wish was not to
stop the sell of this factory
with legal leverage, so
much as moral imperative.
So Nate's educated
before he signs away
his family's legacy.
- Little Gracie
with her big degree.
- Sabby, the conditions of
the trust are very clear.
- "The factory cannot
be sold without first
"thorough reviewing of
the factory's assets,
"then submitting a notarized
itemization of value
"to the board."
Seriously, really?
- I'm sorry, your mother
wanted you and Chloe to finally
spend a holiday here.
Nate, she was dying.
What seemed unimportant to
you, she made a priority.
- Oh, I know.
She's getting the last word.
It's going to take days, you
knew about it all weekend.
- That is so gangster.
Well played, woman.
- What do you say, Nate?
Let's get started.
I'll take the lead.
Is there a problem
here, officer?
- No.
- Okay, boys.
- Here we go.
All right.
As I was saying, I believe
we've identified some
opportunities over in this area.
Thank you.
(dramatic orchestral music)
- [Man] Calm down,
he's not worth it.
He's not worth it.
(dramatic orchestral music)
- Three summers right here.
- Yeah, look at this hot shot
Hollywood engineer. (laughs)
Come home.
I remember when you were
working for minimum wage
on this here machine.
So uh, let me ask you, Nate.
How is it that man who
works for years and years
at the top of his trade, can't
understand that you can't
take generations of
sweat and loyalty,
and sell 'em for
pennies on the dollar?
- It's good to see you, Dale.
A lot of memories here.
- I should think so.
- Tell me, I wanna
ask you a question.
I noticed that you didn't take
part in the strike this time.
Why is that?
- I worked with three
generations of your family.
And I walked that strike line
when I thought it was right.
But your cousin, she's
doing the best she can.
If we all stopped doing
what we're responsible for
just because we're not
getting what we want, well,
pretty soon we're not
gonna get what we need.
- That's well said, Dale.
(Dale chuckles)
Is there a way we could
improve our production?
I mean, you know, basically be
able to stay in the game here
with a profit?
- Look, we all know that
the factories that work here
up and down the I-75.
But we gotta talk,
we gotta communicate.
Don't work stupid,
make more money.
But we need a smart engineer
to figure all that out.
- Hm.
- You know anybody?
(Nate chuckles)
- Well I would say after about
20 years on the left coast,
this efficiency,
clean production,
maximize productivity, I
know a little bit about that.
- I bet you do.
See, I suggested that
we get rid of the donuts
in the break room.
Maybe that was a
lean upgrade, but--
- No, I don't want
you to get hurt.
We know what happens.
- No, can't get rid of those.
Hey, when that espresso
coffee machine came in,
I said, "Well let's just
double the Folgers" you know?
- Once again, I don't want
you to give anything up.
- Hey, but look, I'm sure
that all those new people,
when they come in, they're
going to figure everything out.
Isn't that right, Mr. Thorson?
- Absolutely, old timer.
You see, when my
bank does business,
they do it 100% compliant.
We just do things rights.
- His name's Dale.
And we're gonna make sure
you do everything right
before we sign over.
Let's go.
(dramatic music)
(soft acoustic music)
- This contract needs
signing, cousin.
- Okay.
Just give me a minute.
(soft music)
- He's going to
sign the paperwork.
There's nothing else
I can do, I'm sorry.
(soft acoustic music)
- So Duane didn't show up?
- Brother, he tapped out.
- Okay.
- You take care man.
- Thank you, brother.
(soft acoustic music)
- Oh, thank you.
- Grace.
- Nate.
- Hi, if you guys
wanted to sit down,
I can get you something
to drink here.
- No, no, no, that's okay.
He was just leaving.
Nate, please, go.
- You can't expect me
not to sell, really.
- Yes, I can.
Actually, I still do.
- Yeah, just go ahead
and take your time.
- Look, I didn't wanna
do this right here.
- Nate's gonna propose to Grace.
- You said you wanted
to get out of Lima.
That you never did.
Perfect time.
- Is there a ring?
I'm confused.
- Nate.
That may be the most romantic
invitation to relocate,
I don't know, I
guess maybe ever.
Just a minute.
- Okay.
- Don't sell.
- Explain how not to.
What you asked me is not
the way the world works.
- Well that's the way
that my world works.
You want me?
Well then my town comes with me.
- Okay.
False alarm,
nothing to see here.
(tense music)
(people chattering)
- You broke my
heart, and this town.
- The town will go on.
- But it will be less.
Isn't it time to be more?
(Nate exhales)
I get that it is necessary
for you to be cynical
out there in LA.
I respect that, but honey,
that is why I live here,
where I don't have to
sacrifice my soul to survive.
It's time for you
to sign the document
ad go back to your
home, so that I can fix
what's left of mine.
(melancholy music)
(people chattering)
(soft music)
- Gonna sign that thing?
I'm not a lawyer yet, but,
I grew up in East LA, so,
that Thorson deal?
I want what's good for
Chloe, but at what cost?
- Uh, my soul.
And Thorson will
sell the factory.
And it'll ruin people's lives.
And I guess we don't
worry about that, right?
Where is my daughter?
- Watching Luke wrestle.
- [Nate] Then this can
wait a little longer.
- I think there's more
that I could do here
with the help of
my deputy friend.
Go to the tournament.
- I'll go to the tournament.
(people cheering)
- Hi, dad.
- Looks like your
daughter's gone native.
- Look, look, over
there, it's our guys.
Let's go, wildcats
- Well they say some
of the best talent
in the state comes
from around here.
- Yeah, in fact, they
got an Ohio State scout
right up there at the
top in scarlet and gray.
- [Duane] I want
you to stay focused,
I want you to be aggressive.
- You mind if I go
have a chat with Luke
before he goes up?
- Have at it.
- Are you ready?
Because it is not about
this next opponent.
This is about you.
This is about how far
you're prepared to go.
This is about that scout
from OSU, here to see you.
And it is not about
some slick willy trader
from Los Angeles here to
stab his own town in the back
for a second time.
Do you hear me?
- Yes, sir, me and low
flying aircraft as well.
- All right, let's
see if we might pull
back a bit of the creatine.
Welcome Iceman.
- You okay with a quick chat?
(soft music)
I just wanted to say
that I wish someone,
when I was here,
said this to me.
You trust you because
you know what to do.
- I do, sir, and we're all glad
you got to come back, even,
even Coach Duane.
He just wants for me,
I think, what he once
wanted for himself.
- Do you love this sport?
You're going to miss
it one day, I promise.
You see this place?
You're gonna miss it, too.
So all I can say,
and I'll promise you,
in the end, you answer to
yourself and you answer to God.
That's it.
- You're walking away again.
Just like last time, right?
- Wanna join me, Nate?
Got another seat mat side.
(people chattering)
- So Luke's top seat.
Is this kid any good?
- Nicest kid you'll ever meet.
Hard worker, comes to the
summer clinics every year.
But he's a bit
developmentally challenged.
We've never even had
'em wrestle each other.
Wouldn't do either
of them any good.
- Well he's varsity,
maybe he got better.
- His coach put him
out there to protect
the record of the starter.
He's never beaten.
- He is a good kid, but
that is not your problem.
I want you to stay focused.
I want you to be aggressive.
I want you to keep
him on the defensive,
hit your throws.
Are you ready?
For that OSU scout, I want
you to be a silent assassin.
- Now we got Silent Assassin.
Everybody's got a nickname.
Mine was Scrappy Black Dude.
Sprinting down the
road less traveled
- Okay, remember to stay
in contact at all times.
One hand on top,
one hand on bottom.
All right, ready?
- Hey you're really good, man.
- Thank you.
- Good luck today.
They won't discourage.
- [Duane] Be ruthless.
Do what you gotta do.
I'm on my way
(whistle blows)
Be ruthless!
Take your best shot
- Sprawl and push my head down.
- [Duane] Don't let
him take that sprawl.
- [Luke] Feel my ankle.
Now commit, get the take.
- [Duane] Get on your feet.
- Take down, red.
- Now break me down.
- [Duane] On your feet.
- Okay, now look for a hat.
All right, now come out
to the side and work it.
Okay now while you're there,
you should look for a cradle.
Get on my side.
- Have you lost your mind?
Do you see this?
- Now wait.
- Push out.
(whistle blows)
- Hey, good match, man.
- Thank you, you too.
You know your stuff, man.
- Thanks, you too.
- Let me have your
hand there, son.
All right.
- Thank you, sir.
Thanks, man.
- No problem.
- Interesting match, bro.
(upbeat music)
(people cheering)
- [Duane] Come here.
That was your ticket
out of this town.
- I'm not gonna be the
parent that knows more
than the coach, but I
don't have to like it.
- [Duane] Your full
ride scholarship's gone!
- Dad, so something.
- You did a real good thing,
but the good thing you have
got to do is for yourself.
He didn't earn that
victory, you gave it to him.
- Coach, I've watched that kid
work his tail off for years.
He deserved that,
it was my choice.
- If Nate has taught
us anything this week,
it is that you have got
to take care of you.
- Hey Duane.
- [Duane] What?
- Let's have a talk.
- You got something better you
want to bring to the table?
Why don't you show me?
- All right, just like in
the old days, let's go.
Move your ass.
- Absolutely.
(tense music)
- Who wants to miss
an old man fight?
- So I guess I
missed all the drama.
- Eh, not really.
I think you made it just
in time for round two.
(tense music)
- Come on.
This is the technique
you want to work on?
- Yeah.
Lay off the kid, he
did a good thing.
- A good thing?
He lost.
He also got pinned.
That's no longer a part
of his legacy either.
But here I am with a
man who doesn't care
about his own legacy.
What happened to you, man?
- Never could do that one on me.
- A week ago I had an
elite champion wrestler.
Returning state
qualifier, and now,
you and your daughter sashay in,
battin' your eyes, oogly eyes--
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, you two.
I am young and I am fast.
We got bigger issues than a
kid throwing a wrestling match.
Let it go.
- You're like a locust, brother.
You fly into town and you
take everything with you.
You leave nothin'
for anybody else.
I'm done with you.
- Done with me?
What did I do to you?
I wanna know, what
did I do to you?
- I went four years
in the sandbox.
Four years.
People we wrestled
with from here,
I brought them back in boxes.
Some of them shoe boxes.
I looked their
mothers in the eye.
I reached out to you.
You were my brother here.
Where were you?
Not a letter, not a phone call.
Where were you?
- I'm sorry.
I mean it.
I'm sorry.
And I hope, even if
I don't deserve it,
I hope you could forgive me.
(quirky music)
- If I don't see
it, I don't know.
- Ditto.
- Thank you, sir.
(police radio chatter)
- Excuse me.
Thank you.
- Do I even wanna know?
- Nope.
- [Nate] Amen.
(soft music)
We got this.
(people cheering)
- Keep it up, come on!
- [Woman] Come on Luke.
(people cheering)
- Go get 'em, killer.
(people cheering)
- Let's go, Luke.
(whistle blows)
All right, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Inside position Luke,
get in there, get in there.
All right.
- Get your control.
There you go.
- So we're still here.
Would you like to
join us for dinner?
- Nope.
I don't have another
good bye in me,
that was my best material.
Thank you.
- Auntie Graciela's
trying to text me.
(people chattering)
- You got played, so
either take the money
and forget you ever
saw that, or, plan B.
(buzzer rings)
(whistle blows)
(people cheering)
- That was a good finish.
- Yeah.
- Look at this guy.
- Yeah, buddy.
- You hungry?
- Yes, I am.
Nice match, cuz.
(soft music)
- Sir, can I ask you something?
- Sure.
- You left town back in the
day to prove something, right?
- Yeah.
- Well were you selfish,
or did you wanna be
the best engineer on
the biggest stage?
- I'd say probably a
little bit of both.
- Well it seems you have
an engineering problem.
And you need to engineer
your best solution.
But you know what
to do, because,
in the end, we only have to
answer to ourselves and God.
- Well put.
(people chattering)
(soft music)
- Daddy.
I wanna stay for Easter.
(Nate sighs)
- Okay.
How do we distract cousin
Sabrina for another day?
I need some time.
- Oh I got that, that's easy.
A woman cannot resist
the call of the sale.
Grace, are you in?
- It is spring clearance season.
- There.
I texted Sabby that
you're staying tonight
and you wanna honor
Nana's wishes to be here
for Good Friday fish lunch.
- Beautiful.
- And you Nate?
What's your plan
for the evening?
- Oh, I've got to do some
convincing of my own.
My plan B is going to
require a major team effort.
Ah, I think I have an idea.
Movin' far, we
need a break from
All of the troubles
in my kingdom
Breakin' the walls,
yeah it's been fun
But who am I to pack it up
And leave my throne undone
- Yes.
Oh, don't be a sourpuss.
Where do I take
my soul from here
Wear a cape, nowhere to fly
Lift him up or let him die
Between the fire
and the fear
- I hate you.
- Thank you.
Oh no
- [Duane] I'll do the 10%.
I'll pitch it to him.
I can't make any promises.
- [Joel] How many
local religious leaders
recruit to be part
of your little plan?
- [Chloe] I think all of them.
- Chloe, I have some
people I'd like to
introduce you to.
- Gentlemen, ma'am, I'm
just a kid from Los Angeles,
but I've seen enough to
know we have a problem.
I can't solve this problem,
our problem, without you.
- Yes, we are.
- They are.
I gave them your pitch.
- You guys wanna go pack up?
- Look, out of
respect for Sabrina,
I had to play Switzerland
on this one, but.
(Chloe chuckles)
Lift him up or let him die
Between the fire
and the fear
Oh no
(upbeat pop rock music)
- I certainly hope this
Nate and Sabrina understand
any shenanigans will
completely kill the deal.
(upbeat pop rock music)
- [Sabrina] Seriously, Nathan?
You're just full of
surprises lately?
(upbeat pop rock music)
- How many times did
he change his mind?
- Six.
Eight times. (laughs)
But, after that he
was unstoppable.
- I couldn't have gotten
him here without you.
I owe you one.
- Dude.
You've been in LA too long.
You don't owe friends
for being friends.
(Nate sighs)
- Duane.
Good morning.
- Mornin'.
- Uh, thank you all
very much for being here
and not tipping my rental
car over on its side.
- The day is young, brother.
- Good to see you.
- You, too.
(soft rock music)
- Cracked.
And when I get to, if.
- So I reached out to
the factories up I-75
and we can restructure, and we
can turn a legitimate profit.
- Who is we?
I thought you were
getting on a plane today.
- There's a bigger
picture, and what's missing
in this picture is
finding the right part.
Now see Mr. Thorson,
you tell me your bank's
valued us much higher
than the local banks here.
We have been making
product here the
right way for
generations, so we can
continue to do it
the right way here.
- Nathan, I own the majority
of this corporation.
I earned it while you were
off playing LA bigshot.
If you ruin this deal for
me, I will see you in court.
(quirky music)
Where did that bus come from?
- The old joke has come to life.
A pastor, a priest, and
a rabbi get off a bus
for a Good Friday charity feast.
- Well let's hope for
a happy punchline.
Thank you, sir.
- [Man] That's just Chloe
trying to outdo her dad
by inviting the entire
community over for lunch.
- You've got to be kidding me.
(quirky music)
- They're coming this
way, I mean, should I call
the police or something?
I mean they're--
- Shannon.
Please stop talking.
- I thought about church.
That we need to be
more Christ-like.
So I invited all these
people for a charity feast.
We should practice what
gets preached, right?
- You can set it on the table
over there if you want to.
Hi, Luke.
(quirky music)
- Jay, we can
fulfill the contract.
I have an agreement
with our workers to take
a 10% pension cut,
a 10% salary cut.
Is that right, Duane?
- Roger that.
- And I can fly back
and forth from LA.
I don't need to cash
in to do this right.
- Wonderful speech, Nate.
Your mother would be proud.
In fact, this whole town
should be proud that finally
its greatest son
has returned home.
I have a question: what's
your legacy gonna be, Nate?
'Cause it's not
going to be mine.
- Graciela.
- Mr. Thorson, so I
did a little digging
and it turns out that the
Middle Easter corporation
that you work for just
struck a deal with the same
Chinese corporation
that Nate now works for.
It's all been a distraction
orchestrated by
you, Mr. Thorson.
- I left LA so focused
on getting back there,
I almost overlooked
the value here.
- It's even more
gangster than you, Grace.
- Excellent detective
work, young lady.
But it doesn't change
the facts, Nate.
Small town banker Jim.
What would you say
the longest is you can
float all these folks?
Your boys aint gettin' it done.
So, I'm going to take what
I need from this factory
and the contract and go
somewhere to get it done.
Because that is...
It's Good Friday.
We all have families
to get home to, right?
Sign the deal, Nate.
Because all I have to do
is wait until you tap out
and then I just circle
back around a pick the
whole thing up for
pennies on the dollar
from banker man Jim.
- Walk this way.
- [Sabrina] Ugh, I am never
getting out of this town.
- I'm going to sign this
document at Grandpa Joe's
old work station.
You know Duane,
my mom used to tell me
that big corporations,
they always move their
factories overseas
so they don't have
to look at anybody
when there's a layoff because
when you have to face people
Sunday morning in church,
lock eyes with 'em
in the aisle, it's
not pleasant, is it?
- Nope.
- See 'em at a wrestling
match, it's not pleasant
to have to look at
the people you affect.
So when I sign this
document, I'm out of here.
I won't have to see any
of you people again.
Except I don't want to do that,
but, if I stick around here,
I'm gonna have to
look at you people.
So, Duane, what can we do
so that we don't have
to sign all this away?
- Employee ownership.
- Yes.
We spread the responsibility.
We spread the love, and
we spread the profit.
- You have our 10% and you
know exactly what it took
for me to get that.
- I do, brother.
But I'm gonna need 25% of your
pension, isn't that right?
- Yes, it is.
- You're kidding.
- Come on.
- Everybody shut up.
And what exactly are we
getting in return, Nate?
- I'm giving up my
equity in my LA firm.
And that's gonna cover the
cost of the upgrade for us.
But Duane.
It will not work if we
don't do what my grandad did
in the Great Depression.
And that's make leaders
out of our workers.
- How much of his
stock is he just gonna
give away to these people?
Now's your chance to
cash in on your 51%.
- That's right.
And this is my chance
to give my 49% to you.
- Nathan, have you
lost your mind?
- You still have
your majority, Sab.
And they have mine.
- And will you be
here, or in LA?
- I think my mother was right.
I like it here.
What do you think, cousin?
- Sure.
You're the smart one.
- Sabby, I don't think
you see what you have
right in front of you.
- Duane?
- All right, ladies
and gentlemen.
We wanna walk the walk
with my man, Nate,
we wanna follow his lead?
I am.
- What do I got left, huh?
I'll walk that walk.
- Amen.
- I'm with you boss.
- I'm in.
- Please, everyone go eat.
- Come on, fellow owners.
Let's celebrate.
- You rock, Auntie Sabrina.
(soft music)
- I'll see you in your office.
- Jay.
I'm sorry, this is over.
- You're doing the
right thing, Sabby.
- So are you, Duane.
- Okay.
But I have a feeling y'all
are gonna be seeing me
sooner than you think.
Isn't that right, banker Jim?
That's just the
way of this world.
- Maybe.
- I think it's time for
a new way of the world.
(soft music)
- You know, we're going to
miss your mug around here.
- But, we'll have
fun billing you.
- Hey, Nate.
- [Nikki] Head says happy
early Easter from Shanghai.
- [Woman] And he says to
tell you he's happy for you,
next batter up.
- You go from partner to
client in one business call.
You sure you wanna do this?
- Oh yeah, I know this
is where I belong.
Happy Easter, and if you
ladies will excuse me.
- Where are you
goin' all intense?
- Like you don't know,
and like you guys could
just stop staring at me
like it's a pony show.
Okay, now stop,
just wish me luck.
- Keep it cold, Iceman.
- Too late.
- You get this one right,
you're in it two for two.
- You know, we uh,
we're gonna be running
into each other and stuff.
- Yeah.
Especially since Tom
told me to ask you all
to Easter dinner, so,
I guess I'm stuck.
- Yeah.
- Anyway.
What's gonna be your next
big revelation, Nate?
- Well, I would like
to court you, ma'am.
- That is very old school, Nate.
- And then when we find out
everything that annoys us,
I will ask you if you
still feel the same way you
did at midnight in our
little town square.
I will get down on
my one good knee,
and I will ask you a question.
- I'm pickin' up what
you're puttin' down.
(soft orchestral music)
You are aware that making
it through everyday
with Grace is not
going to be easy?
- It'll be one wonderful
step at a time.
You're going to stay?
(Grace chuckles)
- Well, now my sister
can rest a little easier.
So I think there's
a change of plans.
(quirky music)
Can you tell your musical
friend Luke that I might
stick around for an
encore performance?
- You got your guitar?
- Yes, sir.
- Let's grab it.
(soft music)
- I mean, if it's okay
for Auntie Graciela.
- Well thanks Auntie Graciela.
Happy Easter, Chloe.
- [Chloe] Everyone's
getting along,
just like grandma wanted.
- Maybe we should
write a song about it.
(people chattering)
Sprinting down the
road less traveled
Rising up beyond the limits
Of what they said I could be
They won't discourage me
I'm on my way, I'm up on top
Take your best shot,
but I'm not gonna stop
The distance we run
Isn't measured
by passing trees
It's a race with
more at stake
Than the shiniest trophy
The journeys we run
In the dark, just
finding our way
Forging the grace
to finish the race
Come what may
The distance we run
Isn't measured
by passing trees
It's a race with
more at stake
Than the shiniest trophy
The journeys we run
In the dark, just
finding our way
Forging the grace
to finish the race
Come what may
The distance we run
Isn't measured
by passing trees
It's a race with
more at stake
Than the shiniest trophy
The journeys we run
In the dark, just
finding our way
Forging the grace
to finish the race
Come what may