A Warm December (1973) Movie Script

Miss Lady?
I'll take care of the bike.
-Have a good trip.
-See you when I'm back.
Here are your tickets.
Flight 1 06 to London.
-Takeoff in five minutes.
- Beautiful.
If there's anything more we can do.
don't hesitate to ask.
I understand.
-Matt. Hey. Matt.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
-How are you?
Lord have mercy. Iook at you.
Sexier than ever.
-Oh. Matt.
-How do you stand up to her. Henry?
Stick-to-it-iveness. my boy.
and lots of pushups.
And who have we got here?
How are you?
Very well. thank you. sir.
I think I'm gonna have dinner
in town with Henry tonight.
Okay. Daddy.
See you tomorrow morning.
-You be cool now.
-Gotta do it.
You could stay with us too.
We've plenty of room.
We went through all of that.
Leave the poor man alone.
He's on vacation.
You men have fun this evening.
And remember
you're the one that's m' arried .
Come on. I'll take you to the hotel.
I'll just grab our bags here.
-Stay close by.
This way.
Are you going to tell me
why you're really here?
I told you in the wire. I'm on vacation.
Come on. I don't believe it.
Something gone wrong
with the project?
It's hectic as hell
but pretty much on sch'edule.
Everything's going smoothly here.
One or two complications. but nothing
to bring you to London so suddenly.
Henry. I'm really taking a vacation.
I'm here to ride my motorbike.
show my daughter a bit of the world...
...and have some fun and just unwind.
I'm tired.
We'll talk about it this evening.
Your first trip to London?
Please. don't move for a second.
Thank you.
You're very kind.
I know that face from somewhere.
It will come to me when it's too late.
Maybe we can track her down
by that perfume.
When it does come to you.
remember. you're married.
I keep forgetting that.
Can I help you. sir?
-Matthew Younger.
-Thank you. sir.
Would you sign the register. please?
Hey. what's the matter with you?
Want to get yourseIf killed?
As near as I can find out. governor...
...he's entered
the Open 500 Scramble at Brill.
He's not a pro. he's not a factory rider.
And he's traveling with a child.
Can we haye the 250s
to the line for their practice, please?
She's running hot.
Yeah. I can hear it.
-Break her down.
-Okay. I'll use the other carb.
Can we go now?
Let's go.
Dr. Barlow is taking us
to a dance festival tonight.
And tomorrow. while I'm racing...
...Mrs. Barlow is gonna take you
up to Stratford to see Shakespeare's house.
And the day after that...
...well. I might have
a nice little surprise for you.
-Ooh. what is it?
-Never you mind.
Something we've talked about a lot.
Please. Daddy. please.
Oh. there they are.
You should've seen the pictures I took.
I'll be a genius if they come out.
We thought we'd go to the zoo
and then to Fortnum & Mason.
-Gotta check Peter about my bike.
-Shall I drop you off?
It's a nice day. I think I'll walk.
See you.
-Have fun. take care. See you later.
-Bye. Daddy.
-Hey. what's the matter with you. man?
-Excuse me.
Bumping into people like that?
-I'm in a hurry.
-You're in a hurry.
You can't just go bumping into people
and knocking them down like that.
-I'm sorry. sir. I assure you--
-All right.
Just watch yourself.
Thank you. sir.
Thank you. That was very nicely done.
Thank you.
It's all a part
of my warm and willing nature.
Of course.
Oh. I don't need you anymore.
I'll be fine.
Oh. but he might be back.
I don't mind. After all
the poor man does have a job to do.
Then why try to elude him
in the first place?
I thought it might be fun. for you.
Ah. Someplace I must have
missed something.
Oh. yes. I'm sure you have.
HaIf the men in London
seem to follow you around.
Not that I blame them. mind you.
But it does make a man wonder
what have we got here?
I see. And what did you decide?
First guess. uh....
Very glamorous secret-agent woman.
I see. And the second?
How about lady of the evening
hustling the international trade?
No offense. I'm just casting about.
Of course not. After all
so many of us aren't what we se'em at all.
Hey. you know. I've noticed that myself.
There are fakers all around.
And you? What are you?
Oh. I'm all very simple
and straightforward.
My name is Matt Younger.
and I race motorcycles.
I see.
So that explains the quick reactions.
Do you like ballet?
-Yes. very much.
The North African Dance Festival
is on tonight at the Drury Lane Theatre.
Come with me. and at intermission time.
we can discuss quick reactions.
No. thank you. I've already been invited.
Then meet me afterwards for drinks.
No. I don't think I'll be thirsty.
What have we got left? The present.
What a pity. Mr. Younger.
I'm not thirsty now either.
Now if you will excuse me.
Oh. Iook. I'll drink for both of us.
You know. I'll:
No. I don't think so.
But I might enjoy a little walk.
After all. a man with such quick reactions
must have something to offer.
There he is again.
-Who is he?
-I don't know.
Well. we'll let him tag along.
Then we'll know exactly where he is.
Oh. I almost forgot.
I bought some books at the stall inside.
Would you mind?
Just say they're for Catherine.
The clerk will know.
-Good evening. Your Excellency.
-How are you. my man?
Three in the balcony is all I could get.
That face.
-It's just come to me.
Catherine Oswandu.
How do you do?
Wow. she's fantastic.
Who's the dude?
George Oswandu.
Ambassador of Torunda.
The new East African Republic.
-She's his wife?
-His niece.
She's a member of Torunda's
Economic Development Council.
Good evening. Mr. Younger.
I'm so glad you could attend.
You know her. She knows you.
This is the housekeeper, sir.
Do you have enough blanhets?
Yes. fine. thank you.
Woolies. bed socks?
-Hot-water bags?
kw .
And I was positive I had fooled you.
I thought my accent was flawless.
The African slipped through
on ''bed socks.''
Would you believe it?
I'm thirsty after all.
-Where are you?
My uncle's in a meeting here.
I thought this would be a chance
to make up for misleading you.
Well. can you? The little girl?
My daughter's staying with friends.
But no. I don't know.
When I get to where you're supposed to be.
you're not there anymore.
Oh. take a chance.
After all
how many times does on'e pass through?
Do it right and once is enough.
Hold the phone. the tub's running over.
I think you're very devious.
Well. blowing people's minds
must be your hobby.
don't you ever hold still for one second?
Stay in London and find out.
Did you really think I was for sale?
How much do you think I'd bring?
As fast as you move. a buck a minute.
Did the man at the museum follow you
this afternoon?
Don't you just enjoy all this attention?
No. I'll leave that to you.
Who was the Chinese
you were trying to lose the other day?
He's with the Russians.
And the Arab?
That's Ahmed.
He's with the Israelis.
That's the trouble these days.
You can't tell who they're working for
by nationality anymore.
What about the black man?
-What black man?
-The one with the scars.
Oh. him? Do you know what I suspect?
He's with the Ku Klux Klan.
I know where you're at.
You are hustling for your country.
Charm a school out of the Russians...
...factory out of the Chinese.
mesmerize the Americans.
And they all follow you around
to see who's beating whose time.
Oh. what a shame.
Now all of my mystery's gone.
Shall we concentrate on you?
I told you. I race motorcycles.
Oh. yes. I forgot.
I'm racing tomorrow.
Come and see for yourself.
No. thank you.
Well. do we just mill about
out here in public...
...or was your drink offer
an empty gesture?
Depends on who follows us this time.
Not a soul. I promise.
All right. but I pick the place.
Thank you.
Here's to friendship.
Where's your race tomorrow?
At Brill. 11:00.
I'll meet you there
and see how good you are.
Now. don't turn around.
I have an enormous urge
to work some African magic.
On the line now
for the main event of the day...
...are the 10 laps of the 600 course.
We have 35 of the fastest riders in.
passing through the third ma2e.
Number 1. Roger Harvey.
Number 1 5. Day Brent.
And from America.
number 33, Matt Younger.
Any one of the 35 could win,
and they all eagerly wait for the start.
And let the tapes fly bach.
He's checking
to see if everyone is ready.
ln another second.
we'll send them on their way.
They're off.
Younger is starting right
in today's conditions...
...which are totally different
to the dry courses he's used to.
Approaching the line is Roger Harvey.
followed by Mac Dylan and Jeff Bags.
The resuIt of the main event for the day.
the Edwards Trophy...
...is first. Roger Harvey.
second. Bob Jones...
...third. Fred Mays. and 4th. Bill Smith.
Can we have the riders for the 250 event.
to the line, please?
-She's running lean.
-Yeah. I'll fix it.
Our language is Kiswahili.
Spoken from the coast.
inland to the Lake Victoria Region.
We produce tea. coffee...
...some copper. diamonds.
We have a land area
of over 300.OOO square miles.
One of the largest mountains in the world
and dozens of lakes.
We need skills of all types.
So skilled people of goodwill
are welcome.
Especially Afro-Americans.
We're trying to build our nation.
So if you don't stop doing that.
I'm going to fall apart.
May I have some water. please?
Of course.
Thank you.
I have a surprise for Stefanie this afternoon.
Would you like to come along?
No. I don't think so.
I'm gonna be very busy shopping.
For a hydroelectric plant.
I'm having lunch at the Soviet Embassy.
Well. I wish you luck.
Bye. Catherine.
Goodbye. Mr. Younger.
Or should I say. goodbye. Dr. Younger?
The ghetto doctor who runs
neighborhood clinics for poor people...
...and races motorcycles on his holidays.
I have some very good friends
in your State Department.
-Have you?
-I asked.
I have good friends there too.
they told me you asked.
You easily could have cleared it all up
if you wanted to.
You'd better go now.
I need some time for regrouping.
I'll come by the South Bank Gardens at 2:30
in case your plans change.
Oh. you might like to know...
...they're very touchy around here about
strangers wandering through the premises.
I do hope you make your way out
without being cut down by a hail of bullets.
I must speak to the ambassador
as soon as he's awake.
You'll have a vanilla?
-There you go.
-And you too.
-One more? Thank you.
-Lovely ice cream.
-Make it three.
-Thank you.
-Thanks. miss.
-There you are.
-There you are. Iove.
Two for you. is it. Iove?
-Hi. I'm Stefanie.
-Hi. I'm Catherine.
Thank you. I saw you at the theater.
you looked so beautiful.
Thank you. I saw you too.
and I think you're beautiful.
I thought your dress was fabulous.
Also the beads. wow.
Do you like this dress?
Oh. yes. very much.
I think the bow's too baby. don't you?
A little.
I told Mrs. Barlow it was.
I think I ought to take it off.
So do l.
Hi. it wasn't you who I found irresistible.
-It was the chance to meet your daughter.
-Well. either way. I win.
-How was your lunch?
-I ate quickly.
Have a lick.
The long john.
The long john.
-That's very funny.
-Let me try.
Put in a plum.
Pull out your thumb.
Diamonds. Nickels.
Jacob's ladder.
Eiffel Tower.
Very good. Brilliant.
-What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Just a little air sickness.
I've always been susceptible to it.
-Let's head back.
-Right. sir.
Catherine isn't feeling well.
Just a little nausea.
I'm fine. really. I am.
I'll wash up
and meet you in the waiting room.
All right.
Attention. please.
The Thompson Jet Ranger is due
in two minutes. dropping two passengers...
...quick refuel and immediate turnaround.
I repeat.
The Thompson Jet Ranger is due
in two minutes. dropping two passengers...
...refueling and immediate turnaround.
Here. not in there. mate.
It's the ladies'.
Don't worry. I'll find her.
Come. I'll take you back to Mrs. Barlow.
Will Mr. Sanders
come to reception, please?
Mr. Sanders to reception, please.
I'm sorry.
I'm afraid we can't be of any help to you.
Wait a minute.
I don't understand.
I'm asking if Catherine is here.
It's very simple. Yes or no?
Hey. wait a minute. man.
Mr. Ambassador
I'm looking for Cathe'rine.
If she's here. I wanna see her.
If she's not. I wanna know where she is.
Sir. this cannot be too important to you.
You're a man of great responsibilities.
Dr. Younger. surely you must know
we would have made it a point...
...to learn some things about you?
Mr. Ambassador. is Catherine here?
Go now.
Soon. you will be back at your work
in Washington.
When you get home. I promise you. you
will have a nice postal card from my niece.
Now. I must ask you to leave.
We are closing the embassy for today.
Catherine Oswandu, please.
It's personal and very important.
Please put me through.
Then take a message.
Tell her that Mr. Stefanie called...
...and it's urgent to please call me
at my hotel this evening.
I'll be waiting for her call.
A person doesn't just drop out like that.
-Something's going on.
-What are you suggesting?
That she's in some kind of sweat.
That cat with the scars
who slips around behind her.
The white guy in the trench coat.
Something's going on.
-Can you find out?
-I'm going over to the office.
I'll get right on to it.
-Where did you get that?
Lovely suite.
They treat you very nicely here. don't they?
Where have you been?
Why'd you run off like that?
Oh. that wasn't me.
That must have been my twin.
Do you like Stefanie's costume?
I scrounged like mad to--
I have to go.
I just wanted you to see
that I was perfectly all right before you left.
Stefanie. you wait here.
I'll be back soon.
-But. Daddy--
I won't be long.
I want to run a sickle-cell prep.
I think there's a slight jaundice
in her eyes.
I'll do it.
Any pain?
It may not be fatal.
It could be the trait and not the anemia.
Let's do an electrophoresis.
It's not necessary. She'll know.
Trait or the anemia?
The anemia.
Both parents?
How old was she when she died?
How old are you. Catherine?
there are those who g' o into their 30s.
Yes. that would be nice. wouldn't it?
The helicopter.
Sudden drop in temperature
and you went into a crisis.
and all the time I was trying to reach you...
...you were in bed
having your blood volume expanded.
I understand now.
The man with the scars who watches you
all the time. he's your doctor.
Dr. Myomo.
He's been so for years now.
The man in the trench coat?
Private detective.
My uncle knows it's futile to keep me
from going over the wall every so often.
The least he can do is to know where I am
and what I do. more or less.
Well. I finally got you all together.
You're not twins. You're triplets.
Why didn't you tell me?
Official policy. State secret.
No embarrassment. No pity.
Why didn't you stop me. then?
You knew I'd find out.
Because we're more than friends.
I admire you very much
for the work you're doing.
Let's go have some coffee
and do some talking.
We started in Washington D.C..
in a poor neighborhood...
...where health care
was almost nonexistent.
we have 27 clinics all over the world...
...and nearly 200 doctors in service
on five continents.
Henry Barlow is one of us.
You see. the world is dangerously close
to having too few doctors...
...in too many places.
And we believe that neighborhood clinics
will relieve some of that strain...
...and buy us a little time
to hopefully catch up.
I've got an idea.
Stefanie's got a closet full of toys.
Come to Washington with me
and you can play all the games you want.
What a marvelous inducement.
I know a....
I know a really groovy game.
It's. uh....
It's a sort of a board game.
Well. it's a bed and board game.
It takes two to play. It's called wedlock.
I'll give you one more shot.
Come to Portsmouth with Stef and me
and watch the race.
Thank you.
Sixty. 70. 80. 90. 1 pound.
Thank you.
Wait. what are you doing?
What color do you want?
Hold on.
Hold on.
There you are.
Thank you.
They're lovely.
-What do we do?
-Get some more.
Okay. come on. Let's go.
My ladies.
We gotta have two more.
How is that. my dear lady?
-There you are. there.
Good girl.
-Thank you.
-Say thank you.
Come on. say thank you.
-Say thank you.
Wait. it's moving.
Maybe Carol and Janie
will be able to come to the race.
I hope so. They're so much fun.
If they wanna say a dirty word.
they say ''bloody.''
It's not the worst word they have.
They have other words.
I told them some of ours.
Attention. please.
The train now standing at Platform 4...
...is the fast train to Portsmouth,
stopping at Guildford and Talbot.
I changed my mind.
-We go back.
There's a disease of the blood
called sickle-cell anemia.
It's hereditary.
meaning it's passed from parent to child.
It's not contagious.
It's a black disease.
Whites hardly ever get it.
One in every 500 American blacks
have it.
ln Africa. the figures are not exact.
but we suspect they're equally as high.
Catherine has sickle-cell anemia.
Well. she'll get better. won't she?
She can take shots.
There are no shots for it.
There is no cure.
You mean she'll never get better?
Well. there are ways to treat the crises...
...but we don't know
when they're gonna come.
We do know that in between.
a person can live a fairly normal life.
Will she die. Daddy?
Honey. research is being done
all the time.
Something can always break.
remember that.
Now. this is Catherine's secret.
you understand?
She's living with it as if it isn't there.
I'm not gonna tell you how to act.
I'm sure you know.
Yes. Daddy.
I love her.
And I want her to come home with us.
Oh. yes.
Now. all we've gotta do is convince her.
I can't help it.
I just can't help it.
Oh. Margaret.
you shouldn't have waited up.
That's all right.
Is my uncle still up?
Yes. he's in the sitting room.
Thank you.
Good evening. uncle.
The party was ma--
Well. how soon can you be ready?
Or would you rather wait till morning?
I told them
that you're coming to the country...
...with Stefanie and me for a few days.
Oh. I see.
I suppose I should have waited.
let you tell them yourself.
Yes. that might have been better.
I just couldn't hold it in.
Oh. please. Joseph. speak English.
I want my friend to hear our argument.
Catherine. you absolutely must be here
to see the Soviet minister.
Do you see how indispensable I am?
Who else in my government
can remember...
...Pyotr Vasilyovich Ivanof-Tserkovnyj's
full name?
Stop this.
I said I like you very much...
...that I can be back in a few days
and will not see you again.
Do you still want me to go?
Catherine. you go under your terms
and I'll go under mine.
You take a chance.
After all. how many times
do you pass through?
May I cook?
If you wanna eat. you better cook.
And wash dishes and make beds
and simply fuss about with Stefanie.
Just as long as you rattle pots and pans.
Marvelous. It will be a vacation.
Then I'll pick you up tomorrow
at 9 sharp.
And bring warm clothes.
Of course.
Sleep well.
And you.
Good night.
May we have the phone number there
in event of emergency?
You may not.
You are an ambassador.
Don't let there be an emergency.
Doctor. I'll need some information.
Blood type. B positive.
ln crises. I've been using
5-percent glucose or saline.
Does she take any sedatives?
Empirin. codeine. HaIf a grain.
But she won't tell you the truth
about her pain.
I can fairly well determine how she's feeling
by watching the contents of the bottle.
-May I have copy of this. please?
-I'll have one for you in the morning.
Thank you. Anything else?
Only that you're making a big mistake.
You must forgive Joseph's abruptness.
He's been Catherine's physician for years.
has developed a certain attachment.
Yes. I can understand how a thing
like that could happen.
Good night. sir.
Good night.
-Look what I got you.
-African drums.
Did you tell her?
I was 7. It was an airplane accident.
We lived in Boston then.
in a big house on a hill.
Daddy was in private practice.
That was before
we had the office in Washington.
-You might like to wear them for a while.
-Gee. can l?
-Are they very old?
-Oh. yes.
Some people in my country think
they were made by Kintu...
...the first man God put on Earth.
Uh-uh. No.
Perhaps. Who knows?
One-fifty. madam.
-We gonna eat that?
Soul food. English-style.
What do you do with the ears?
-We're going to pierce them.
Well. she was on her way back from visiting
my grandmother in the South...
...when it happened.
After she died. Daddy was very lonely.
He traveled around a lot
riding his motorcycle.
Mostly through Africa.
And lots of other places
I can't even remember.
Then we moved to Washington...
...where he started
his first poor-people's clinic.
What I really want is a brassiere.
My best friend. Brenda. has one.
So does Karen.
Karen stuffs Kleenex inside hers.
But how do you know when you're in love?
Brenda says something special happens.
You know. you wanna kiss a lot
and stuff like that.
Is that true?
I had so much fun today.
So did l.
Tomorrow. we'll have more.
Now go to sleep.
Washington's a very nice place.
Not all of it. Some of it's crummy.
Yes. I know about that.
But our place is terrific.
and there's plenty of room.
I guess you know what I mean.
Yes. and it's a lovely thought.
Now go to sleep.
-Tomorrow. we'll bake a cake.
-Mm-hm. Tons and tons of icing.
Good night.
Well. she's a marvelous child.
However did you manage it?
Loads of love and a teaspoon
full of turpentine and molasses.
What a sly old fellow you are.
wooing me with a 10-year-old.
Yeah. we never fail. you know.
We work as a team.
Tell me something.
When did you decide
to give up your Boston practice...
...and go into ghetto work?
Sometime after Marion died.
Because you were lonely?
Because I was useless.
Up on the hill. I hardly ever got a chance
to treat a case of ringworm of the scalp.
Then I'm puzzled.
Why didn't you come down the hill
while your wife was alive?
Because we didn't always agree
on how to live.
And in those days. I was playing it safe.
And these days?
These days? Huh.
These days are something else again.
Which reminds me.
we have to be heading back soon.
I'll be going back too. you know.
I know you say you will.
I will. all right.
I'm a very stubborn person.
Well. I've got a remedy for that.
Come here.
There. number 31 is off.
It loohs as if he will fail the 45.
Here's Matt Younger entertaining the crowd
with a long wheelie he learned in America...
...where they have competitions for it.
Riders in the unlimited course
to line in exactly....
Your tim-- Your timing's good.
Save some for tomorrow.
Plenty. Hi. y'all.
Pretty good.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
Its the first bend, it's Goss,
just ahead of Eastwood. with Dunn in third.
As they swoop down
to complete lap one...
...it's the same order with Clayton
forcing his way faster over...
...to claim fourth place.
At the end of the third lap,
it's still Badger Goss...
...a couple of machines links ahead
of Vic Eastwood...
...with Clayton having forced his way
past him to claim third spot.
Clayton's in a tigerish mood today.
He's pressing the two riders
ahead of him really hard.
Hoping to force them
into making a mistake on this tricky circuit.
And the chechered flag goes out.
It's Clayton first. with Eastwood
and Goss a short distance back.
It is true. you know.
I do hate it.
Well. you're entitled.
Did I make a fool of myself?
Well. you tried. but it didn't come off.
I'm incarcerated here for a while.
I suppose.
Until we fill you
full of wholesome juices. yeah.
You missed the race.
What race?
Did you call my uncle?
I thought that we'll just slip
one little crisis by him and Myomo.
Be another secret we can share.
Have I ever told you. doctor.
you're lovely?
Well. that's-- That's the word
in the medical profession. you know.
They say.
''Oh. that Dr. Younger. he's lovely.''
Where's Stefanie?
She's outside.
May I see her?
Are you feeling better?
Oh. yes.
Much more comfortable now.
Can I kiss her?
You'd better.
You'll be going back soon. won't you?
Do you think you could wait
just a few days?
I have decided...
.. .to exercise a woman's prerogative
and change my mind.
I do want to come
to Washington with you.
Become a married woman.
-You all right?
You want me to come in with you?
No. I'd rather do it alone.
I'll meet you at Henry's.
-All right. 5:OO. and don't be late.
And. Catherine. don't argue with them.
Tell them that this is where it's at for you.
-See you later. ma'am.
Get in.
Well. everything looks
in perfect order here.
You see? I was hardly missed.
-Did you have a nice time?
-Oh. yes. wonderful.
Every moment of it.
Oh. Joseph. Iook at you.
As chilly as ever.
I'm going with him to America.
I love him. uncle.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
-It's still seven months away.
-But not for me.
-Where'd you get that?
-I grew it.
What do you think?
Ho. ho. ho.
Merry Christmas.
Who are you?
Washington D.C.
Oh. Matt.
Oh. you shouldn't.
My pleasure.
Merry Christmas. everybody.
Uncle. it's December for me.
I know I haven't got much time left.
But before I die.
I want a husband and a child.
I assume. then. you've settled
certain important questions in your mind.
I'm sure you've taken into account the fact
the man has already lost one wife...
...and the child. one mother.
Oh. come on.
she'll be along any minute.
You know how women are.
Henry. Iet me borrow your car.
I'll go and get the keys.
Where is she?
She isn't here.
Don't play games with me. Dr. Myomo.
I'm telling you the truth. Dr. Younger.
She is not here.
Mr. Ambassador. where is Catherine?
Is she all right?
Dr. Younger. come with me.
Good evening. sir.
Good evening. Your Excellency.
Nice to see you.
-Well. have a nice journey.
-That's brilliant.
Well. slippery as ever.
But I knew you'd track me down.
I like your tie.
I bought it in celebration.
My uncle knew where we were all along.
He had someone watching.
I know. I saw him.
You're too important and too well-loved
not to be watched over.
Matt. there was no pressure on me.
Not from my uncle or Joseph.
They said the choice was mine entirely.
That they would respect and understand
whatever I chose to do.
But there was no choice.
Only the appearance of one.
Then why did you say
you would come with me?
Because I love you.
My uncle tells me that we're getting
the hydroelectric plant.
The Soviets will announce it
tonight at the party.
I'm glad.
Send me a picture of it
when it's finished.
And schooIs and libraries
and so very many things.
I'm afraid I won't be around
to shop for them all.
Well. you'll make every moment count.
I feel terrible about Stefanie.
You'll have to do a good job of explaining
so she'll understand.
Tell her I'll write soon.
And I want her
to have something from me.
I must go back.
Goodbye. Catherine.
I said. goodbye. my husband.
Thank you for a warm December.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Would you send me a note
from time to time about her condition?
Yes. of course. doctor.
Goodbye. Dr. Myomo.