A Wedding to Remember (2021) Movie Script

Heart is racing in my chest
It's been so long since
I have seen your face
Such a different time
and different place
I hope that you will
see the best of me
I'm afraid to show you
all these tears
That I've wiped aside
for so many years
Then through
the crowd I see you
I almost turn around
But this moment's
waited far too long
So I won't back down
Running straight to you where
my heart has always been
Happy here with you
Where it's fine
to laugh again
Nothing can stop us now,
together we'll show them how
Love is forever strong
No matter how far we are
I'll be your
reservoir of love
Because you know
that I'm always here
Good morning, Frankie.
Listen to this:
"From the richest countries
to the very poor ones,
huge corporations have big
influence over people's lives,
the environment and even
their democratic processes."
It's the end of civilization
as we know it.
No it's not.
And sure they have an impact,
but so do we.
You help underserved
children learn
and I help people
sustainably garden!
We're the underdogs,
and underdogs always win.
Don't you have a meeting
with one of the big bads today?
A property development company.
Debrief over dinner tonight?
Ross can't come to dinner,
so it's just you and me tonight.
Oh, so I don't have
to be the third wheel?
Come on, you have
to let me set you up.
Ross has a lot of cute friends.
Cute's overrated.
I want someone with spirit.
Okay, well he has spirited
friends too, Miss Picky.
I'll think about it.
That's what you always say!
Nothing works when you force it.
I want things
to happen naturally.
Liv, you are the most nurturing,
loving person I know.
You take better care of plants
than most people
take care of themselves.
You deserve a partner,
a teammate.
Don't worry about me, okay?
I will find my person
soon enough.
Or maybe he'll find me...
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
So we're still on schedule.
We should be good to start
construction in 30 days.
Okay good.
We just have to make sure
the current habitants know
they have to vacate
the premises.
There might be some resistance.
Maybe even picketing.
Yeah, I was a little worried
about that.
Especially the
neighborhood response.
I mean we are, technically,
tearing down something
somewhat sacred.
But it's for the greater good.
People need affordable housing.
A community garden
is not a necessity.
Sure it's nice, but a roof
over your head?
Now that's truly essential.
They might us in the beginning,
but they will love us
in the end.
Speaking of love...
Anything going on in that
old heart-shaped box of yours?
Other than a heart beat?
I mean sure, I meet women,
but nothing sticks.
You should get on the apps.
That's how I met Celia,
and she's great.
There are so many sparks,
I feel like--
I feel like I'm on fire
half the time.
You should probably see
a doctor about that.
That's very funny.
Dude, you've only
known her for a week.
Sometimes that's all it takes.
I'm glad for you, really, I am.
But it's just not for me.
I want to meet someone
the old-fashioned way.
Through happenstance.
Leave it up to fate.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
But if fate worked, then 40% of
Americans wouldn't be online.
And there wouldn't be over
2,500 dating sites.
How do you know this kind
of thing offhand?
I'm not just a research analyst
for affordable housing,
I'm also a research analyst
for the heart.
What other info do you got?
Well, statistically speaking,
weddings are a great place
to meet someone.
I'm going to a wedding
this weekend.
But they come after
bars and cafes.
No one.
At work?
Nah, dating people you work
with gets messy.
Agreed, also the gym.
Is this your way of telling me
that I need to work out more?
Are you kidding me?
I'm clearly a swole one and I
can't have you changing that.
Dude, the only muscle you have
with any vigor is your brain.
Well, that's the one
that counts!
- Hey Gordy.
- Hi!
All right, is that
lined up there?
Hi, can I help you?
I'm Brian Wolf from RHDC.
Olivia Owens.
Executive Director of
Global Ground Community Garden.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Your garden is beautiful.
I knew you were coming today,
but I didn't realize
that you'd be doing this.
Yeah, we have been approved to
begin construction in 30 days.
This is just our way of
letting the public know.
Can I speak to you privately?
Sure, yeah.
Perry, just fix that there.
Yeah, got it.
- Right this way.
- Okay.
I was under the impression
that this was still
an ongoing negotiation
with the city, Mr. Wolf.
Brian, please.
Look, I guess there's
been a misunderstanding.
The city has approved
the sale of the land
and they issued
a permit for us
to begin construction
next month.
This garden is a pillar
in the community.
I mean we're basically
a neighborhood landmark.
Surely, there's some way
we can compromise.
You can't possibly
need this whole plot.
You'll be cutting down trees
that have been here for decades.
it's out of my hands.
I'm just the ideas guy.
The plans have been
finalized and approved.
What am I supposed
to tell everyone?
You don't have to say anything.
That's what the sign is for!
These are my friends and
co-workers we're talking about.
I have to say something.
Tell them that RHDC
is a non-profit
committed to improving
the quantity and quality
of affordable housing opportunities.
Which the city is
in desperate need of!
That's a sale's pitch.
This garden has done so much
for the community.
Did you know that it was
a vacant lot full of trash
when my mom found it?
And now people have access
to fresh fruits and vegetables.
Can't you build somewhere else?
We can't, no.
This is the only publicly-owned
plot of land in the area
zoned to build
lower cost houses.
There's gotta be
some way around this.
I mean, look at all the people
enjoying the garden!
Learning about the environment,
about sustainability,
having a respite from
their stressful daily lives.
This place brings happiness
to every single person
who walks by.
I can see that, but
I'm also thinking about
all the people who need homes
at an affordable cost.
They don't have
the luxury of enjoying
the beauty of your garden
because they're just trying
to get by and survive.
I'm sorry to say, but
it's a done deal, Olivia.
Miss Owens.
My apologies, Miss Owens.
It's up to you whether you want
to be cooperative or not.
I hope you have a nice day.
He treated the garden
like it was disposable.
Like it wasn't an essential part
of the community.
All he cares about
are dollar signs.
But affordable housing
is non-profit, too, right?
He's not a regular
property developer.
No one in non-profit
is about dollar signs.
He didn't care what the garden
has done for the community
or how long it's been around.
He wouldn't hear it.
He was so stubborn.
Like there was no way
around any of it.
No compromise or other solution.
I was just saying
how big corporations
were going to end civilization.
What did I tell you?
- Not helping.
- Sorry.
I really am, I wish
I could do something.
This guy is infuriating.
I haven't seen you this
worked up in a while.
Well, Brian's gotten
under my skin.
What's his last name?
Wolf. Very fitting.
More like a wolf
in sheep's clothing.
At least I have
Jenny's wedding to escape to.
What are you doing?
A little swifty search.
Brian. Wolf. RHDC.
Oh, he's cute!
Why didn't you tell me
he was cute?
This changes everything.
Who cares if he's cute?
He's destroying my life!
Not intentionally.
Well I'm sorry, I didn't
notice he was cute.
I was too upset.
Oh, come on.
Even if he was cute, what
difference would it make?
So you do think he's cute!
Now we just need to find out
if he's single and spirited.
What happened to,
"Big corporations
are destroying humanity"
and all of that?
That was before I knew the
alleged destroyer of humanity
was a cute single guy
you could date.
This is all kinds of wrong.
Oh, hush!
Don't disturb me while
I do my swifty searches.
She wasn't listening...
I could not get through to her.
I feel if she cares about the
community as much as she says,
she'd understand what
we're trying to do here.
We are literally bulldozing
over her purpose in life.
For the greater good!
You're preaching
to the choir, man.
I'm just playing
devil's advocate.
She seems pretty down to earth.
Maybe you should
just talk to her more.
Why? It's a done deal.
I dunno, you seem
very concerned about it.
Well, yeah.
My intention is never to hurt
anyone, but she's so stubborn!
There you go!
Come on, we were
both thinking it.
I think you should
just talk to her more.
Get to know her.
I gotta go, I am meeting
Celia at her place for dinner.
She can't cook, but it's
really cute when she tries.
- See you later.
- Yeah, see you.
She only calls when
she's feeling down
She's trying to
find her way out
It only hurts
when I'm not around
I'm looking for my way out
She said I'm afraid
to see your face again
I'm afraid to see you
waste away
This time when
you're breaking down
Trying to find your way out
The phone rings but
there's no one home
I'm waiting for my way out
She said I'm afraid
to see your face again
Olivia Owens.
What a coincidence.
Do you mind if I sit?
Yes, I do.
Unfortunately it's
not up to either of us.
Is this a joke?
It's not.
No, unless it's the
universe's idea of humor.
Then yes, a cruel joke.
Guess I can't fight
with the universe.
Yeah... I'm just gonna
put my bag up.
Bless you.
Thank you.
What is that smell?
What smell exactly?
I think someone is
wearing too much perfume.
It smells like,
what's that flower?
A lot of old ladies wear it.
Yes, that's the one.
I'm allergic.
A lot of young women
wear Gardenia perfume too,
I'll have you know.
Oh, it's you?
Yes, it is actually.
I made it myself
with hand-plucked petals
from my garden.
I sell it as a small
side business.
A lot of people love
my perfumes.
I'm sure it smells great,
just not--
To you?
I'm allergic.
Can't argue with science.
I'll just sit as far away
from you as possible.
Oh trust me,
it's my pleasure.
That is a really big building.
Yep, it'll house a lot of people
in unfortunate situations.
And totally change
the neighborhood.
For the better.
You know, a lot of people
are going to lose their jobs
over this, including me.
I know.
I'll be fine, I have a plan
and I'll get offers.
But I just worry about
the other people.
They might not be so lucky.
He doesn't really
have much leg room...
Okay, yeah.
Besides, it's kind of
like getting a free massage.
See? It's very relaxing.
More like a car accident.
Well, I like my massages
with whiplash.
Hey, if it's bothering you,
you should say something.
No. Confrontation
makes me uncomfortable.
That's not true,
you're great at it.
Okay, I think
I'll say something.
Yes, please.
Uh, sir...
He's pretty big.
Excuse me, sir?
You're kicking my seat.
Attention to all passengers.
Please remember to
take all of your belongings.
And thank you
for riding with us.
You need help with your bag?
No thank you, I've got this.
You sure you don't need help?
I don't need a big strong man
to help me, I put this away.
I'm starting to think
maybe you meant to do that!
No, it really wasn't.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
- Your book.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
- Welcome.
That was long.
I'm Olivia Owens,
I'm checking in.
Yes, ma'am.
Is the spa going
to be available?
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you so much.
You're most welcome,
enjoy your stay.
Reservation for Brian Wolf.
- Yes, room 237.
- Great.
Hi! Come in.
The concierge told me
you checked in.
I've been waiting all day!
How was the ride?
Terrible! I got stuck next
to this really obnoxious guy.
But that doesn't matter
now that I'm here!
How are you feeling?
You must be so excited!
Yeah... a little nervous.
That's to be expected, right?
Pre-wedding jitters.
Yeah, that's what they tell me.
I brought these for
the rehearsal dinner.
By the way, I think I found
the perfect guy for you.
What do you mean?
He's Richard's best man.
He's a hottie and he's smart.
A smart hottie?
I thought that species
was extinct.
There is a few of them left,
I promise.
He and Rich went
to college together.
Why is everyone always
trying to set me up?
Am I that hopeless?
No, we all just want
to see you happy.
And he's one of
Rich's best friends
and you're one
of my best friends,
and if two happen to hit it off,
how fun would that be?
He could be the guy for you.
I have a sixth sense
about these things.
That's the one.
All right...
To Rich, who fell in love
in three short months.
When you know, you know.
I knew I'd know.
And you! By the way,
you're next.
You're going to find that person
who fills that heart
full of joy.
Nah, that's crazy talk.
Have I ever been with anyone
who fits that description?
Also, since when do
you sound like a poet?
Since I met Jenny.
Okay, Shakespeare.
I'm telling you, you're
going to find your one.
In fact...
Oh no, what have you
been plotting?
I haven't been
plotting anything!
I've been plotting a
little bit of something,
but hey, hear me out.
Jenny has her maid of honor
and she's right up your alley.
I'm telling you, she's really
cute and she does all this
do-gooder stuff that you like.
Hey! I'm not that good, okay?
Don't you get it twisted.
But really,
don't worry about me.
I'm finally comfortable
with the fact
that it's just me
and my work.
There they are.
What'd I tell you?
Cute, right?
- Hey, babe.
- Hi honey.
Hey, how was the ride in?
It was awful.
Oh no, really? I'm sorry.
Brian was saying the same thing.
Maybe you guys should talk about
it over a cocktail or two.
Sounds good, yeah.
I'm Olivia.
Are you here for
the wedding, too?
I'm in the wedding.
Best man.
Of course.
I forgot something
in the room.
I'll be right back.
A little weird.
She's not normally like that.
I can't believe he's here!
Me either!
Why of all the men in the world,
is he Richard's best?
And what are the odds that I get
seated next to him on the bus,
and now I have to spend
the entire weekend with him?
Am I being punished?
No way, you have great karma.
Maybe this is a test.
A test?
I don't know, just a theory.
Why don't you concentrate
on yourself this weekend?
Focus on you and Jenny.
Have a good time,
enjoy the wedding.
You deserve it.
Good idea.
How are my plants?
Everyone is watered
and waiting for your return.
Do they miss me?
Olivia, unless I'm missing
something in a very big way,
they do not speak.
Now go and talk to this man.
Whose side are you on?
Yours, obviously!
He's doing something
that's not cool.
There's no doubt about that.
But maybe as a person
he's not so bad.
Are you kidding me? He is
tearing down the garden!
Okay, okay.
Never mind, can you
just stay away from him?
Sit at a different table?
We're both in the bridal party.
I don't think I'm going
to be able to avoid him.
You have no choice and
you need to act cordial
to get in the position of power.
Brian should be the one
who is uncomfortable.
You're right.
I always am.
How is she here?
I can't even believe it.
Well, that is
certainly unexpected.
That's all you have to say?
What's the problem?
Aside from the fact that
she basically despises me?
Perry, come on!
It's so awkward.
That's where you thrive, man.
Thanks for the support.
Come on, I'm just kidding.
You're both adults.
Put on your big boy pants
and just be your charming self.
You can get through this.
Yeah, I hope you're right.
You don't really have
a choice, do you?
Thanks for reminding me.
That's what I'm here for.
- Yeah, bye.
- Bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Your seat is right there
next to the best man.
Hi, hi.
Well, this is certainly
a coincidence.
It really is, yeah.
So, you're one of
Jenny's childhood friends?
Yeah, I've actually known Jenny
longer than you've known Rich.
You know, it's not the length
of the friendship that matters.
It's the strength of the bond.
Yeah? Jenny and I were
literally joined at the hip.
Rich and I are
basically Siamese twins.
That's funny, because
I have never heard Jenny
say your name until today.
I haven't seen you in any
of their social media posts.
It's kind of hard to
take pictures together
when you live in
different states.
I'm just happy to be a part
of the celebration
and help make
this weekend festive.
Jenny doesn't call me
her fun friend for nothing.
Well as it happens,
I'm Richard's fun friend.
Figured as much.
Baby, we'll figure it out.
It'll be fine.
What happened, are you okay?
Did anyone see me leave?
I don't think so.
I just don't want anyone
to know what's going on.
What happened?
This whole wedding is messed up.
Weddings are stressful.
No, this isn't your run
of the mill wedding stress.
What do you mean?
This is the last time
I'm going to be around
everyone closest to me.
You know how much
I love my family.
It's a good one.
Everything is going to change.
I'm not going to be
five minutes away
from everyone anymore.
That makes me so sad.
Don't be sad.
Yeah things are going to change,
but it's going to be great.
You're taking this huge,
beautiful step.
And Rich loves you more
than anything, and so do I.
I just like things the way
they are now.
I'm not sure I want
such a big change.
We have this huge move
planned after the wedding.
We're gonna be in a city
where we don't know anyone.
I won't have my people.
You'll find new people.
I don't want to find new people.
Do you have to move?
Rich got this new job
in the city
and his commute
would be terrible.
Plus, I can work from anywhere.
And he loves the city, he loves
the hustle and bustle of it.
You know me, I've always
wanted a quiet life.
Maybe you'll love it.
I don't know, it just seems like
such a big difference
between us.
I think maybe I got caught up
in the romance of it at all.
I didn't stop to think
how this one thing
could affect the rest
of our entire lives.
Like where do we want
to raise our kids?
I don't want to
raise them in the city.
I want them to be close
to my family.
You guys are going
to work it out.
You're in love.
That is the most
important thing.
I'm not sure it is, Liv.
Hey bud, what're you
doing here all by yourself?
You should be
out there mingling!
Soaking in the ambiance.
This is your big weekend.
I'm not really feeling it.
Okay, Groomzilla.
Didn't realize things weren't
up to your refined tastes.
Seriously? Dude,
what's going on, you okay?
Okay, don't tell anyone,
but Jenny threatened
to call off the wedding.
No way!
Dude, I'm sure
she didn't mean that.
She's probably just stressed.
Don't brides always do that?
This is different.
Now she's saying she doesn't
want to live in the city.
We're moving there
right after the wedding.
My new job is there,
our whole life is there.
Why is she saying this now?
I don't know.
I think it's just setting in.
I don't know,
maybe we moved too fast.
If we're going to lead
such different lives...
maybe she's right.
Maybe we should call it off
before it's too late.
That's a lot of maybes.
Yeah and maybe is not
a word a guy should use
two days before his wedding.
I should be 100% certain.
Dude, are you hearing yourself?
You sound crazy.
Look, weddings are stressful.
Tensions are high.
This is just a little fight
and I'm sure it'll
blow over by morning.
If we're gonna get married,
our relationship
should be able to weather the
storm no matter how stressful.
Especially on
our wedding weekend.
So what're you gonna do?
I don't know.
Is everything okay with Jenny?
Not really, no.
How about Rich?
They're obviously in love.
Why can't they work this out?
Love conquers all,
or so they say.
They do say that.
I want Rich to be happy.
This is his big weekend.
I feel like as best man I
should be doing something.
As maid of honor, I should too.
I know this isn't the
most comfortable situation,
for either of us, but maybe
we should call a truce.
You know, for Rich and Jenny.
You're right.
We should set our
differences aside, for now.
As maid of honor and best man,
we need to fix this!
Operation Romance, bring the
wedding couple back together,
starts now.
But as soon as the weekend
is over...
Oh, we're back to
hating each other.
Yeah, got it.
So, what should we do?
You don't have any ideas?
The truce was my idea.
Okay... let me think.
Pacing helps me brainstorm.
Come on.
Tomorrow is the guests'
one day off.
Maybe we can use that
free time to set something up
for the both of them?
Yeah, I think you're
onto something there.
What can we do to get them
to feel those sparks again?
All I keep hearing
about is sparks.
I don't get it.
You're kidding, right?
You've never felt sparks?
I don't think so.
I really don't get what people
mean by that, to be honest.
Sparks are... kind of this
jittery feeling in your stomach.
You feel like you're home,
but you also feel like
you're floating on clouds...
if that makes any sense.
Yeah, I guess so.
And hey - you're a poet
and you didn't even know it.
Oh, you've got jokes.
That I do.
Dad jokes.
Well, jokes nonetheless.
What can we do to get them to
illicit those types of feelings?
Okay, what is the
most romantic thing
you've ever done for a girl?
How did you know I
could be so romantic?
Figured I'd take
a shot in the dark.
Well, it just so happens I
can be quite the Casanova.
I once made homemade chicken
soup, my grandmother's recipe,
for a girl when she was sick.
That's actually really sweet.
I mean, she did
dump me shortly after.
Not because of the soup,
I hope?
Yeah, she got food poisoning.
Yeah, can you blame her?
No, I'm kidding.
The soup was delicious.
She said she, get this:
didn't feel any sparks.
That'll do it,
they are hard to find.
So, what is the most romantic
thing a guy has done for you?
The most romantic date I've ever
been on was a private dinner.
The view was beautiful
and my date hired a musician
to play just for us.
It was all a surprise,
I didn't see it coming.
You liked that?
It was beautiful.
The conversation wasn't great,
but the ambiance was perfect.
I'd feel so awkward if someone
was playing an instrument
just for me.
Like, what do you do?
Smile and stare at them?
It's romantic, trust me.
Okay, all right.
So, should we coordinate
some kind of a surprise dinner?
Maybe a lunch?
Al fresco?
It's so beautiful here.
All right, I'll set it up.
You just make sure Jenny
is at the hotel restaurant
at noon tomorrow.
You got it, partner.
Well, I should go
get some shut eye.
We have a long day of bridal
duties ahead of us tomorrow.
We sure do. Operation Romance
has commenced.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See ya.
- Liv?
- Jenny?
Can I come in?
Rich and I are still fighting.
He's driving me crazy.
Men have a way of doing
that to us, don't they?
Can I sleep here tonight?
Of course.
It'll be just like old times.
A bestie slumber party.
Yeah, please.
You texting Rich?
No, just looking at photos.
When we first met.
It was like a fairytale.
I don't know,
I guess I was silly
to think that feeling
would last forever.
That feeling is gone?
No, it's just been overshadowed
by a big dose of reality.
Well, it is beautiful outside.
What do you say we grab brunch?
I bet that'll make you
feel better.
I appreciate it Liv,
but I'm not hungry.
It's never good to make big life
decisions on an empty stomach.
I'm probably just going to rest,
but you should go.
This is your vacation, too.
Come on!
The restaurant is
overlooking the water.
I'll be so lonely.
Please don't make me go alone.
I believe in your ability
to eat brunch by yourself.
You might even meet a cute guy!
I'm gonna curl up
and take a little cat nap.
Good idea.
What's better than
having a delicious meal
and then falling asleep
on a full stomach?
No, thank you.
I can't fall asleep
on a full stomach.
Okay, slightly full.
Just let me sleep!
Are you sure
there's nothing I can say
to get you to change
your mind?
Have a great brunch.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey!
This is what you're wearing
to a fancy brunch on
your wedding weekend?
It's an interesting choice, I
can't say I'd do the same but,
live your best life.
Actually, slight change of plan.
I'm gonna go for a run,
I've gotta...
I dunno, clear my head.
You mean run to the restaurant?
No I don't,
but I'll see you later.
I'll pass on brunch, okay?
Dude c'mon, hold up.
You've gotta eat!
I'll grab something after I run.
Oh, come on.
Indulge in a little fine dining
provided by your best man.
Another time.
And you don't have to do this,
by the way.
You being here, that's enough.
Are you kidding?
Come on, it's
the least I can do.
Look, it'll be good for you!
Running will be better!
I'll text you later.
I am so sorry, I keep
accidentally hurting you!
I must always be in the
wrong place at the wrong time.
Bad news, Jenny isn't coming.
What do we do?
Yeah, Rich cancelled too.
He's taking a run
to clear his head.
Right this way...
Oh! No, we're not...
this isn't for us.
Mr. Wolf?
Yeah that's me, but it's
actually for our friend--
After you.
I did already pay for it.
Yes, it's good.
Sit, sit.
I guess I could eat.
Thank you.
Well, it is very beautiful here.
It's kind of hard to
enjoy the scenery
while our friends
are fighting though.
We will have to come up
with a new plan.
Hopefully Rich will
feel better after his run.
And Jenny after her nap.
Here's hoping.
She was looking
at photos of them.
That's a good sign, right?
Yeah, as long as she
wasn't pressing delete.
Cheers to you for
putting this together.
It is actually pretty romantic.
And I just did
what you said, so...
We make a good team.
There you go. Enjoy!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Should we eat?
Yeah, let's dig in
before it gets cold.
The chef designed a
special menu just for this.
It looks amazing.
All right...
Wow, this is so good.
Yeah, it's too bad
the real guests
couldn't be here to enjoy this.
I feel this would
rekindle their love.
We'll get 'em next time.
For now, let's
just enjoy the food.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
How have you never done
this for a girl before?
I don't know, never had
the right girl I guess.
You never had a girlfriend?
Well yeah, just
nothing too serious.
How about you?
Not in a very long time.
You don't date much, or...
Not really.
Why not?
Wow sorry, am I prying?
No, it's fine.
It's really hard to meet people
in the city, you know?
I feel like people either
meet on a dating app,
or they get set up
by their friends,
and that's just not
really my thing.
Too much pressure, too
much room for disappointment.
So I just go about my life
and hope for the best.
How about you?
I agree.
When things are forced,
there's no magic to it.
You know?
There should be
something special about it.
Including how you meet,
how it all happens.
It should be...
It should be natural.
Yeah well, sometimes
it happens naturally,
but there's no chemistry,
or the date is awful.
Ooh. Any good bad date stories?
The question is do I have
any good date stories?
Same, yes.
How about any funny ones?
This one time, I went
on a date with a guy
and we got dinner
from a food truck.
He put hot sauce
all over his food.
So he started eating it,
he started tearing up
and I told him he didn't
have to continue eating it,
but he insisted he didn't
want to waste the food.
And so I spent the entire
rest of the night
just watching my date cry
over his tacos.
- Poor guy!
- Yeah.
Did he get a second date?
Not because of the
crying taco situation, just...
We didn't really have
anything to talk about.
How about you?
Funny bad date stories?
Uhh... yeah.
One sticks out.
This girl, she was on
her phone the entire time.
And then she accidentally texted
me, "what are you up to?"
Which she obviously meant
to text to somebody else.
When I confronted her
about it she said,
"Your shift is over, goodnight."
No, she didn't!
Yeah, she absolutely did.
It was so outrageous,
I wasn't even mad about it.
I was actually kind of impressed
with her lack of tact.
I am so sorry you had
to go through that.
Nah, don't be.
It wasn't too bad.
I didn't go on a date for
a while after that, though.
Yeah, I can understand why.
Anyways, work is kind
of my life.
It keeps me busy.
I don't really take
much time off.
You should.
It's really important to take
a step back and relax.
Smell the roses.
I know I do.
- Metaphorically.
- And literally.
Lots of beautiful roses
in the garden...
I hope that everything
was exceptional for you.
It's been great, yeah.
This is our chef's
specialty dessert.
- After you.
- Okay.
Ah! Don't be shy.
Feed him. It's very romantic.
It's the way the chef intended.
It's the only way to eat
a chocolate strawberry.
- Go ahead!
- Okay...
All right...
Wow, this is pretty good.
You have some chocolate.
- Do you mind if I?
- No, go for it.
Ah, young love.
So beautiful!
I guess I'm up.
And now, for the grand finale!
Oh, right.
I love my job.
This is awkward.
We will get through
this together.
Thankfully I have you by my side
through this difficult time.
Sometimes awkwardness
can be kind of romantic.
You know, that nervous feeling?
Are these sparks?
I thought I was, I don't know,
feeling anxious or something.
Sometimes it can be hard
to tell the difference.
Oh hey, you're back.
The music is very romantic.
You have a beautiful girl
with you.
You make a lovely couple.
You must dance!
I guess he's right.
Here we go.
That waiter was real pushy.
He's just doing his job,
making sure we get
the romantic treatment.
That is true.
This is something.
The music, the food.
The view.
Of the lake, I meant.
Are you sure that's
what you meant?
I should go check on Jenny.
Yeah, yeah.
Sorry, of course.
I'll check on Rich.
See if he's back from his run.
Unless you know, he's practicing
for a marathon or something.
Thanks for lunch.
It's like he thinks that it'll
just somehow work itself out.
Or that I'll just get used
to living in a city.
It's like he's listening to me,
but he's not hearing me.
You know?
He doesn't understand
how serious all this is.
I don't know, it must be like
a guy thing or something.
It's like they mean well,
but they don't understand
the weight of certain things.
Like, where are
you guys gonna live?
Or where are you gonna work?
You can't just
tear down everything
you've worked so hard to build
and expect it all to be okay.
Exactly! Thank you.
See? You get it.
But maybe it isn't
such a bad idea?
Maybe you guys can work it out.
You do have a
very solid foundation.
I thought we did.
I am so confused!
I'm not sure of
anything anymore.
Well, why don't you
just try to relax now?
I can't...
Not even a spa session
with my bestie
can unwind me at this point.
What about doing something
cleansing for your body?
You know, like a massage?
I guess that could be nice.
I'll set it up.
How does that sound?
Sounds good.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
What are you doing?
I didn't eat lunch, remember?
How you feeling?
You're quiet.
You're never quiet,
it's kind of scaring me.
I don't know what to do, man.
I really don't.
I'm scaring myself.
The run didn't help?
No, it just...
It confused me more.
Is there more
you're not telling me?
None of this seems
like a huge deal.
I know!
That's what I said!
I tried to tell Jenny that,
but she won't listen!
She wants to have some sort of
big conversation the day
before the wedding.
What did you say exactly?
I said it would be fine,
you know?
Enjoy the weekend,
we'll enjoy our lives.
Everything will work out.
How'd she take that?
She said something about...
Active listening, or whatever.
So you weren't listening?
I was!
Maybe I didn't hear
all the words.
Maybe I wasn't listening.
Oh boy...
You think I should apologize?
I don't think I did
anything wrong.
You know, persay...
But it might help
smooth things over.
Was I being insensitive?
I think apologizing is
probably a very good idea.
How about I talk to Olivia,
we'll figure out where she is,
and we'll get this thing sorted?
Olivia, huh?
Oh, don't give me that look!
This is maid of honor,
best man stuff.
That's it!
Okay man, do whatever
you gotta do.
- You're welcome.
- Bye.
What're you doing?
There was a fly...
Got it!
- Hello.
- Hi!
We are are here
for our massages.
Fantastic, the name?
Those are some fun candles!
Why don't you go smell them
and pick one out for me?
You are acting
so weird right now.
I just love spas.
They get me really excited.
Can you blame me?
I guess not!
Hi, we have two
separate reservations
under the name Owens.
One is for a couple's massage.
That's for my friend over there
and her hubby to be.
He'll be here soon,
but this is a surprise,
so neither of them can know.
They both have to think that
it's just a solo massage.
And then the other massage
is for me.
Where is her husband?
He's coming with the best man.
He also has a single reservation
under the name Wolf.
Does that make sense?
It makes sense, yeah.
Just don't say anything,
Jenny's coming back.
Can you do that?
It'll be okay.
Gardenia's your favorite, right?
I just found it.
It smells exactly like
your homemade perfume.
Smells like home.
Just don't give it to Brian...
Are we ready?
Just this way.
Is your old co-worker gone?
Yeah, I think so.
It's a weird coincidence
he'd be here of all places.
I know, yeah.
Thanks again for waiting
for him to leave.
I just didn't feel like
making any forced small talk.
I get it, man.
You know what? There's
some really cute gifts here.
Maybe you should
pick something up
for Jenny as an olive branch?
My man!
Look at you.
Always thinking, huh?
Hello, sir. How can I
help you today?
Yeah, I have one
reservation under Owens.
It's a couple's massage.
I believe I just saw the
bride-to-be walk down the hall.
And the other is under Wolf.
It's a single's massage,
that's for me.
You got it, sir.
Right this way, follow me.
Hey Rich, come on!
You'll get her
something later, okay?
Man, I'm feeling some weird
energy in these crystals.
Okay, let's just close your
chakras and go enjoy a massage.
Chakras, yeah...
All right and your room
is on the left, sir.
Okay, thank you.
And hey, see you after.
Yeah, sure.
So I guess this is my room?
Oh no, Mr. Wolf.
Follow me.
Oh no, wait umm...
This is supposed to be
for our friends.
Oh yes, your friends.
They planned this
for the two of you.
To celebrate your love.
So just relax, enjoy,
close your eyes.
Oh, that feels
so good - no, wait.
We're supposed to be
getting singles massages.
Brian, explain.
My brain has turned to mush.
Can't talk either.
Too happy.
Just let it happen, Olivia.
Let it happen.
Now, I'd like the two of you
to take a nice,
deep cleansing breath.
Let's just loosen up a little.
Not sure it bends
that way, actually.
Whoa, ow...
Good ow?
Look at you.
You were born to spa.
Yeah, I'm pretty impressive.
This is great, but...
We gotta get a new game plan.
You're right.
We need to focus on getting
Jenny and Rich to the altar.
I can't believe they
haven't made up yet.
The wedding is tomorrow.
Let's enjoy the rest
of these massages,
then we can reconvene and
we'll figure it out, okay?
What's wrong with
these knuckleheads?
Something so small shouldn't
ruin something so beautiful.
I know.
We gotta make this right.
In about 45 minutes.
I like the sound of that.
During this portion
of the massage,
couples usually hold hands.
No, we're not--
I love this song.
Me too.
You big softie.
This is my favorite part.
All you are
Beautiful shining from afar
How was your massage?
It was good.
I could have sworn I heard Rich
snoring in the room next to me,
but it's obviously in my head.
You are absolutely glowing.
Your masseuse must have
magic hands or something.
Still scrolling down
memory lane?
There's so many great pictures
of Rich and I.
We had so much fun.
Change your mind yet?
As of now, the wedding
is still off.
We just have to
break it to our guests.
It's a good thing we wanted
to have a small wedding
with just our
closest friends and family,
or else it would
be even more awkward.
Shall we head out of here?
I think I fell asleep.
Now that's the sign
of a good massage!
Glad you enjoyed it.
How was yours?
Really nice, actually.
Hey, any texts from Jenny?
Look at this photo.
This is the day
I proposed to her.
Look at how happy we are.
Never would have thought
we'd end up here.
Come on, let's go.
- Gotta cheer up.
- All right.
- I ordered us some snacks.
- Good thinking.
We need all the brain food
we can get.
I brought my laptop.
Well, we need to get organized.
You're on it.
We have to be.
I've never seen Rich so happy,
I mean until this weekend, obviously.
I don't want to let him down.
I know what you mean.
How is Rich?
He's been looking through photos
on his phone like a sad sack!
Jenny, too!
Okay, what should we do?
We need to get them
to fall back in love.
Make them realize
why they decided
to get married
in the first place.
We only have a couple of hours.
The question is,
what makes someone fall
in love to begin with?
Well, I think it's simple.
The love of your life
is the person
you like spending
the most time with.
People fall in love because they
enjoy each other's company.
Also having similar interests
or things in common.
Normally I would agree with you,
but my friends Ross and Frankie
have nothing in common -
opposites attract and all that -
and they are totally in love.
Well I'm stumped.
What're you doing?
Searching how to get your
friends to fall back in love.
Sometimes it works, okay?
No, come on! We can do this.
We are two smart individuals,
we can figure this out, okay?
When two people are in love,
they are making memories.
That is something that
Jen and Rich definitely have.
They certainly
have lots of photos.
That they both
were looking through!
Yes, Rich was looking through
photos from their engagement,
reminiscing about
the good times.
Sometimes you have to
think about the good stuff
to realize that outweighs
the obstacles.
Real love can overcome
conflict and differences.
Yes, that's it!
We just have to remind them
that love conquers all.
I have an idea.
We have work to do.
All right, let's do this!
Yep, all right. Here we go!
Did you...
Did you do all this?
No, you didn't?
I knew they were
up to something.
Sorry to interrupt,
but you've both been
requested in the lounge.
Oh, okay.
Right this way.
Oh, here they are!
Right on time.
Please take a seat with
your respective families,
if you'd like.
For those of you who don't
know me, I am Olivia Owens.
I am Jenny's maid of honor.
And I'm Brian Wolf,
Rich's best man.
Thank you, thank you.
Hold the applause, please.
We wanted to
invite you here tonight
and thank you so much
for joining us by the way,
because we know that today
is technically your one day off
from wedding festivities.
But we didn't have a chance
to give our toasts
at the rehearsal dinner so we
wanted to do something special.
To our friends and their love.
Now, umm...
Normally it would
be totally rude for me
to be on my phone right now,
but there is a reason.
Brian! Hey.
I'm just calling because...
well, I've got to tell you this.
I just had the best date
of my life
and mark my words, I am going
to marry this woman.
Her name is Jenny,
and she's gorgeous
and smart and fun
and so easy to talk to.
We hit it off right away.
You're gonna meet her
and you'll see.
Anyways, I'll tell
you more about it later.
Call me back.
I think that voicemail
speaks for itself.
But I kept it, because I had
a feeling I would need it.
I've known Rich since college,
and I have never
heard him so certain
or excited about anything
before in his life.
I also got a similar call,
except I picked up the phone.
I didn't pickup, I was busy!
It was Jen and she was
raving about this guy, Rich.
You can't deny chemistry.
When it hits, it hits hard
and everyone can see it.
It's undeniable and
it doesn't go away.
Rich and Jen had sparks
from the moment they met.
Now, some people don't
believe in love at first sight,
but that is definitely
what these two had.
The kind of love they felt was
the kind that doesn't go away.
It's the everlasting kind.
The kind of love that most
people can only dream of.
It can be really difficult to
forge meaningful connections.
But Rich and Jenny found
that right off the bat
and didn't waste any time.
They both knew what
they wanted - each other -
and they decided to take a
big step, a leap of faith.
To be together,
for better or for worse.
Anyone can fall in love,
but you also have to
choose love and show up for it.
My parents have been married
for 35 years,
when I asked them what
makes a marriage successful,
they said that they choose
to be together every day.
And like the wedding vows
they will recite tomorrow,
Rich and Jenny will be together
through thick and thin.
Because their connection is
not something to give up on.
It's something to cherish
and to work on every day.
My parents also have
a successful marriage.
And they would always
tell me this one thing.
Life is complicated.
It can get messy.
People fight.
But you don't throw in the towel
over one disagreement.
You work together,
you strategize.
You face the problems head on
and you move forward together.
And sure, there will
be bumps along the way,
but Jen and Rich have what it
takes to get over those hurdles,
so long as they move together.
One more thing.
Rich here has been trying
to set me up for...
quite a long time.
Long time!
I'm a bit of a lost cause.
But he keeps harping
on finding sparks.
Someone smart once told me,
that sparks are when
you feel like home.
You feel safe, but
you're also excited
about what the future holds.
Home is where the heart is.
Which means that no matter
where Rich and Jenny are,
so long as they are together,
they are home.
To Jenny and Rich.
Jenny and Rich.
I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you, too.
What was I thinking letting all
the small stuff get in my head?
Don't let me do that again!
I tried!
Listen, we just have
to find a compromise,
something that
works for us both.
We'll figure it out.
One hundred percent.
You did it!
We did it.
I couldn't have done
this without you.
It was a good idea.
Well, I guess we can go back
to being their fun friends.
Yes, and just in time
for the party.
It's going to be fun.
Well, I'm gonna go hug Jen.
Sounds good.
Thank you, Liv.
Love you.
I am just happy to help.
Brian did a lot, too.
Yeah, it seems you two
really hit it off, huh?
Don't get carried away.
We were just performing
our bridal party duties.
You know how seriously
I take those.
- Shall we?
- Yeah.
It went off without a hitch.
And now Rich and Jen
will get hitched!
I'm so glad it worked out.
Me too.
Now I can relax.
That is until I have to
go home and face the music
that I will be without a job
and everything I've ever known.
Is Brian on your good side yet?
I hate to admit it,
but he's pretty great.
We've been having
a really good time.
But this development deal is
like a dark cloud
hanging over us.
You've caught feelings
for Brian.
Yeah, maybe, I don't know.
It's complicated, I
mean I shouldn't like him.
Why not?
His company is tearing down
my garden.
Something my mom and I worked
so hard to build
is going to be destroyed.
I can't be with someone
who did that to me.
I wish there was some way
you could get past all that.
I don't think there is.
You look so beautiful.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Do you think Richard
is going to like it?
He's going to love it.
He loves you.
Here you go.
Hey, there you are.
I need help.
Yes you do.
So, you ready to tie the knot?
Isn't that what you're doing?
Good one, yeah nice.
Coming in hot
with the dad jokes.
Look at you, you're already
prepped for fatherhood
and you're not
even a husband yet.
Yeah, nice.
Listen, I know I've
only known her a short time
but I feel like I've
known her my whole life.
I can tell.
Let's go get you married,
all right?
Well, we did it.
We certainly did.
Operation Romance was a success.
Ready to walk me down the aisle?
Born ready.
Now everyone,
please take your seats.
We are gathered here today
to celebrate the love
of Jenny and Rich.
Do you, Jenny, take
Rich to be your husband?
And do you, Rich, take
Jenny to be your wife?
I do.
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
This is the most slow dancing
I've done since middle school.
Middle school dances
were the best.
How does this compare?
They were not the best!
No, it was terrifying.
The guys always stood
on the edge,
too chicken to ask
the girls to dance.
Well you weren't
too chicken this time.
That's true.
So what were you like
when you were a kid?
I think my passions
are the same.
I started helping my mom garden
when I was about six years old.
I used to watch her
and it wasn't just that
she was watering the garden,
but she used to
make people smile.
Make people happy.
We had these beautiful bushes
on our front lawn
and we used to sit by the window
and just watch as people
stopped and admired them,
took photos with them.
I think helping people see
the beauty in nature
has become part of my identity.
I am rambling, wow.
Not at all.
Hey everyone, groom here.
Sorry to interrupt
everyone dancing,
but my best man,
Mr. Brian Wolf and I
have a special presentation
for my beautiful new bride.
You do?
We do, yes, now if
you will excuse me.
Of course.
Now at this time, if
I could get everybody
to vacate the dancefloor.
And Jenny, would you please
take a seat right there.
Just kids in the sun
Playing house
living in daydreams
But sooner or later
These moments,
do they have to end
I would call it bliss
Wish I could hold onto this
I'm tired of broken promises
Stealing my innocence
These moments,
do they have to end
I would call it bliss
Wish I could hold onto this
Wish I could hold onto this
Look who it is!
The man of the hour.
You are full of surprises.
I told you I was the fun friend.
You took fun to
a whole new level.
- You liked it?
- How could I not?
I didn't know the funky
chicken was still a thing,
but you made it work.
Why thank you.
So, you having a good time?
Oh yeah, I just wanted
to get a little air.
Smell your roses?
Yeah exactly.
I was thinking about
what you said earlier
and I wanted to share
something with you.
When I was ten,
my best friend came to live
with me and my family.
His mother had passed away
and his father was out of work
and they had nowhere to live.
I thought it was awesome.
An extended sleep over.
But obviously my friend
didn't think it was so great.
He didn't want to live in a
sleeping bag in my bedroom.
He wanted his own space,
his own things.
I tried to make him laugh,
tried to cheer him up,
but it didn't make him
feel any better.
It was hard seeing him
like that.
That really made me want to help
people in similar situations.
That must have been really hard.
I'm not the bad guy.
I know that, I do.
You can't forget the facts.
I respect why you're
passionate about what you do,
but you have to consider
that are going to tear down
the one thing that I am
most passionate about.
I understand.
Do you?
Regardless, it has been really
nice spending time with you.
It has been really nice.
I wonder...
If I hadn't been working
on that specific building
and you hadn't been
in that specific garden
and we just met on the bus,
or at this wedding.
I would have called you that
same day to ask you on a date.
And we wouldn't be arch enemies.
If only...
I should go.
Rich and Jenny made it work.
Why can't we?
I really wish we could.
It's been really nice spending
time with you, it really has,
but I just don't think
I could get past this.
You have a good night.
Okay, so if we move
the AC units,
we can bring the water here.
Also, on this side I was
thinking of having a compost...
Hi! Reporting live
from our honeymoon!
- Are you having fun?
- Oh, so much fun.
We're really happy.
I just wanted to call and say
thank you again for everything.
Ah, don't mention it.
No, I mean it.
I almost missed out on
marrying the love of my life.
That's me!
Time for you to go
and find yours.
You and Brian!
What about me and Brian?
It was so obvious to everyone.
- Oh yeah.
- It was?
Yeah, just like it's obvious
with Rich and I.
Just go on one date with him.
Couldn't hurt, right?
One date is all my man needs
to sweep you off your feet.
Trust me.
It's complicated.
You and Brian helped us realize
our one small disagreement
or difference shouldn't get
in the way of something real.
Grown up relationships
aren't always perfect,
things don't work or fit,
but some people are
worth fighting for.
Just go out with him.
What do you have to lose?
If he'll even still
go out with me.
I shut him down.
He will, trust me.
But we gotta go, Liv!
We gotta go.
Just think about it, okay?
I will.
Love you!
I love you more.
I love you more!
- Bye.
- Buh-bye.
Came here to gloat?
No, of course not.
Sorry, I know you didn't.
I wanted to
bring you something.
What is it?
Just open it.
For the new garden.
I put some gardenia
in there too,
even though it makes me sneeze.
I don't understand.
You made me realize
the importance
of a place to grow food
and to enjoy nature,
but there wasn't
any room in the plans.
I kept trying to squeeze
a garden in here or there,
but it just wasn't working.
Then, I realized the one space
that was being underutilized.
I added an addendum
to the blueprint.
I was able to make space
for an organic community garden
on the entire roof
of the building.
We were also able to save
the old growth trees
along the perimeter.
The city was happy to agree
to the changes.
I'd love for you to spearhead
it, if you're interested.
Everyone here
could keep their jobs.
This is preliminary,
and I would love to discuss
any ideas you might have.
But I'll give you some time
to think about it.
I'm sure you have a lot
to do in the next month.
It was really great seeing you.
It's incredible.
Thank you.
I didn't realize the importance
of a community garden.
Once you pointed that out to me,
everything just sort
of opened up.
I've been thinking about you.
About me?
There's something
about you that sticks.
Well I guess we'll be
working together again.
Not to rekindle romance
this time,
but to create a beautiful space.
Which is sort of the same thing.
So should we get dinner tonight
and go over the plans?
I will go to dinner with you
tonight under one condition.
What's that?
No work talk.
It's a date.
And it's going to be a good one.
I thought you didn't want...
Yeah, I finally came
to my senses.
So... a date tonight?
Yeah, if it sounds good to you.
It sounds better than good.
I can't believe
this is happening.
You know we may not agree
on everything in the future...
Oh, I know!