A Weekend to Forget (2023) Movie Script

[upbeat music playing]
[upbeat music continues playing]
[man moans]
[in Yoruba, yells] Who is that?!
Asaolu, how are you?
What is this?
[in English] What's the meaning of this?
Is it true that you gave
the contract of the Wood Berry Apartments
to Rotimi?
[in Yoruba] Oh! Is that why you barged
into my room? Just disrespecting me! Me?!
[in English] Oh, oh!
So because I'm in your hotel,
that's why you chose to
embarrass me like a fowl?!
[chuckles, tuts]
Asaolu answer the question now.
[sighs] Look AJ,
you know that this is a business decision.
You are a businessman. And in
decision making, there are processes.
There are processes. Look, I am just...
I'm just a small piece of
the structure. You should understand.
[softly] It's alright.
You're a... little piece of the structure.
Eh? Eh, nothing bad.
[yells in Yoruba] Grab him!
[frantic] What's that? What is it?
Get away! Get... What's that?
Hey! Hey! Ha! Ha! Get away! Hey, hey!
AJ, AJ, AJ! We're friends!
- I thought so.
- AJ.
I thought we were friends,
you're a small piece now.
[in Yoruba] Cut up his thighs for me.
- [knife slashing]
- [Asaolu yelling]
[Asaolu screams]
[ominous music plays]
[woman] It's getting really sunny.
[man] Yeah, but the sun
is not as hot as you are.
- Oh please. [giggles]
- [man] I'm dead serious.
- You okay?
- [man] Yeah, I'm good, sure.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I'm alright.
Oh! Daddy's here! Hi daddy!
- How are you?
- I'm fine, daddy.
- Good.
- What? Do you like my dress?
It is beautiful.
- See?!
- I love it.
- Thank you daddy.
- So what's the occasion?
Oh! Um, just going on a weekend
getaway with some friends.
So I won't be able to meet
our Sunday brunch. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'll make it up to you, I promise.
Good... good afternoon, sir.
Hm-hm. So where is this...
"weekend getaway"?
It's around. Just around
the corner, just a few good friends.
Yes... yes sir. [clears throat]
Yes daddy.
- That's your car?
- Hm... Yes sir.
[in Yoruba, scoffs] Uh... Come here.
Daddy, what...
[chuckles] What are you doing?
- [tuts] My dear, you can take my car.
- Hm?
Daddy, no, don't... don't worry.
I'll just drive mine, or...
Mm-mm, mm-mm. Let him drive you
- like the princess that you are.
- Aww, daddy!
[both laughing]
Thank you daddy! Thank you.
- Yay! Okay.
- You have fun.
- Don't forget your medication.
- For sure.
- Eh-eh. And you...
- [man] Thank you, sir.
[clears throat]
Bring her back without a scratch.
- Ah, of course, no problem. I...
- [AJ] Hello.
I was not talking about the car.
Oh. [chuckles] Oh, yes, sir.
Of course. Of course, sir.
- [chuckles]
- [man] Yes sir.
Daddy, it's fine, it's fine.
- I'll see you soon, okay?
- Have fun, yeah?
- Thank you! Yay!
- [man] Thank you sir.
Thank you sir.
[ominous music plays]
[man] Ah-ah. This whip is so sick.
- [woman] I know, right?
- [both laugh]
Oh my God.
You know, daddy can be cool like that,
- sometimes. [laughs]
- I mean!
- [alarm rings]
- Oh shit, it's time for my meds.
- Oh okay.
- Yeah.
Oh my God.
Ah-ah. This car is too sick!
- Awesome.
- [sighs] Okay.
- Come on.
- So, who else is coming to the getaway?
Um, my friends, my friends. I mean, we've
been friends for like a very long time.
I'm talking about OGs that we used
to do almost everything back then in uni.
I'm just happy
the whole squad is coming back.
Like I mean, it's about time.
Ah-ah, it's going to be fun! Like,
just forget about it.
You know my... you know cousin Ferdy?
- Ferdy is your cousin?
- Ah! Yes, now.
Interesting. I mean,
his father is a family friend.
Oh! Ah-ah. Ferdy just got back
from the UK, babe. Like,
he wants us...
He has some big plans for us first.
He wants us to do
some massive things together.
[in Pidgin] I'm so excited! Like,
that's why I just can't wait to get there.
- Because...
- [in Pidgin] Problem!
I'm telling you! And then my friend, Tito,
- [in English] Okay.
- ...the Nollywood superstar.
[in Pidgin] He's a big boy.
- The actor!
- [in English] Do you get me? [hisses]
And then, Shima is going to be
there as well, with his wife, Layo.
Layo is a doctor. Like both of them,
they are just swimming
in real estate money,
believe me. They have their own money,
lowkey. Today will be interesting.
- [laughs]
- Alright. It better be lit.
- It has to be lit.
- It better be.
- Oh my God.
- [chuckles]
Wait, how can I play something?
I need to get my mood up now.
What do you want to listen to, babe?
Uh... You know what I'd rather listen to?
I mean, the sound of you
just moaning on top of me.
- While we're driving?
- Yeah, while we're driving.
- Really?
- [both laughing]
- Silly.
- Oh my God.
Okay, uh...
That's it. Let's get in the mood.
- [upbeat music playing from the radio]
- Come on!
- Come on! Hey, hey!
- Hey!
[thunderous music playing]
[camera shutters]
[lively music playing in the background]
Okay sir. Thank you. We look
forward to the contract. Alright.
[man 1] And that's a wrap!
- [man 2] A wrap? You like it?
- [man 1] It's nice.
[man 2] Are you sure you don't want more?
[woman] Uh, I'm gonna have
to steal him for a bit.
Alright, nice to meet you.
Fantastic, yeah.
- [woman] Guess what, GLO is in the bag!
- [mumbles]
- I'm not joking. I'm...
- You're kidding, right?
[excited yell]
- Finally!
- Finally.
- [yells] Bad boy Tito to the world!
- Congrats baby!
No, no, no. Congrats to us.
- Congrats to us.
- Congrats to us. [chuckles]
We're currently projecting 24 units
of three and four-bedroom apartments.
Yes sir.
Great. So I'll send you an email,
so you can read through
some of the benefits
of this kind of partnership.
Yes. Great sir. Talk to you soon.
[woman] Lord,
I've been doing this test over and
over again for the past three weeks.
Heavenly Father, I use this kit as a
point of contact to your throne
of miracles, Lord please.
[wistful music playing]
- [car honking]
- [inhales] Coming!
[toilet flushes]
[wistful music playing]
[in Pidgin] Guy, what's up?
[in English] I just spoke to Mr. Akeem.
The guy is a stingy bastard!
Make sure you suck every dollar
out of him. As in every last cent.
Listen, I'm off for the weekend okay, but
I'll send you his e-mail address.
So just draft something he can't
resist and then leave the rest to me.
Alright. Gotta go. Talk to you later, bye.
- Hey.
- You good?
[giggles] Wait.
Before you carry all my lipstick. Okay.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
[wistful music playing]
[Layo in Yoruba] Mummy, I'm fine.
I have told you already.
It's good.
We're fine. We're all fine. We thank God.
Hello? Mummy? Hello?
- [tuts]
- Everything okay?
[in English] Yeah, it's just network.
- [Shima] How is she?
- She's good.
- She sends her regards.
- [scoffs]
- What?
- [chuckles]
It's just wild, that after all
these years, she still doesn't like me.
Come on babe, she likes you.
- She likes you. She's just...
- Right.
anxious to have grandkids, that's all.
I know.
Tell her grandkids will come.
By the grace of Almighty God.
Say "amen".
[yells] Amen, pastor! [laughs]
- [playful music playing]
- [Layo] Yeah, it's that one.
[Shima] We are here. [chuckles]
[Layo] Can't believe they put
their family logo on the gate.
[both laughing]
- [Layo] Of course.
- [car honking]
[lively music playing]
[Shima] Alright.
[lively music playing]
- [Shima] My guy!
- [Ferdy] What's popping?!
- [Shima in Pidgin] Is this you?
- In the flesh, bro!
[in English] To life, happiness
and a million hangovers.
Skip the million hangovers and thank you.
First lady!
So good to see you, Ferdy.
It's been like what, ten plus
years and you have not aged a day.
- [in Pidgin] Guy, don't tease my wife.
- [in Pidgin] Tease.
- [in English] What's this?
- Don't mind him, he's started.
You think all of this flattery will make
us forget that you missed our wedding?
- [Ferdy] Aw, come... I'm sorry.
- [sneers jokingly]
But the most
important thing is that we're here now
and this weekend
is gonna be like a bonfire.
[Shima] I trust you, man!
Let's do it, let's go!
- [car honks]
- Oh, right on time.
[lively music playing]
- [Layo] Tito!
- [Shima] Nollywood's finest!
[excited cheers]
- What's my niggas!
- Oh my God!
Wait for the car to stop
before you come out now.
- What's popping?
- Bro!!
What's up with you, bro?
It's been a minute.
- See you!
- Ah-ah!
- Good to see you.
- You too!
- [Ferdy] Hey!
- Hi!
-[Shima] Hi
-[Tito] So guys,
meet my fiance and manager,
- Ndali.
- [Ferdy] Oh. The beautiful face
- behind the big brand. It's a pleasure.
- You know.
- [giggles] The pleasure's mine.
- Powerhouse.
- Hi, my name is Ndali.
- Hi!
And I brought brownies.
- Oh, brownies.
- So, are we ready to party?
- Mm-hm.
- Wait, wait, who else are we expecting?
- What's good fam?!
- [Ferdy] Bem in the building!
- [Bem] My brother!
- Whoop whoop!
- You invited Bem?
- Why not?
What'd you mean "why not"?
Dude, he's my cousin.
I can't just act like he doesn't exist.
I don't fucking care.
Dude, you know what's up.
Dude, it's been ten years, come on.
Guy, guy, guy, guy.
Calm down, eh? Calm down.
[in Pidgin] Let's not let
this ruin this weekend.
- Guys, relax, relax.
- No problem.
- We'll figure it out.
- Don't tell me to relax.
[tense music plays]
Let it go.
[Ndali] Babe, what's wrong?
Big Bem!
[Bem] My brother, what're you saying, bro?
Good to see you, my guy.
Ah-ah, been a minute.
[Ferdy] So um... um, quick one.
Uh, Shima is in a bit of a mood.
- Yeah.
- Come on bro.
[in Pidgin] Don't tell me
you didn't tell him I was coming.
- [in Pidgin] I didn't tell him, but...
- [tuts]
- Bro, you fucked up. Come on.
- [in English] Calm down.
- Hello darling!
- [Bem groans]
- Come on.
- [in English] You alright, babe?
Come on, let's go.
[tense heartbeat plays]
[Tito] I genuinely don't think
it's that bad.
- Three days, we're out of here.
- [Shima] It's fucked up, man.
[Layo] You messed up.
Why didn't you give us a heads-up?
- [Layo in Pidgin] Bem-Bem. How are you?
- Hi iyawo, good to see you.
I'm fine, thank you. How you doing?
- [in English] I'm good.
- You look beautiful.
Hi, my bro. [in Pidgin] It's been a while.
I'm not your bro.
[tense tune plays]
Tito! Bro, I saw...
[splutters] I... I... saw your movies, man.
Great stuff. I love what you're doing.
Real... I really love what you're doing.
Um anyway, um, this is
my beautiful girlfriend, Lisa.
- [Ferdy] Hi Lisa.
- Lisa, these are my friends.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Wait, are you not the girl
from social media that had
a video that trended recently?
- Yes, yes.
- [Tito] Oh!
I have a few more
I haven't posted actually.
I like your movies,
by the way. [giggles nervously]
- Thanks.
- Yeah, you're welcome.
- Nice acting.
- [chuckles] Thanks.
We could even do a skit together. Right?
- Okay.
- You know what,
- let's take a selfie.
- [Ndali] Hi.
- Hi.
- Okay. Okay!
Ladies and gents... welcome...
to casa Ferdinand.
A house without inhibition,
where you leave everything at the door.
Including your moral code.
For this is a no judgment zone.
I want you to leave your home
training where it belongs, at home.
Cause ladies and gentlemen,
you are in for a weekend
you will never ever forget.
[Ferdy] Now, who is ready to party?
- Me![chuckles]
- [in Pidgin] We're ready!
- Any takers? Any takers?
- [Ndali] Yeah!
[Tito] Pop it! You're wasting time.
[excited cheers]
[lively music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
[upbeat music continues playing]
[upbeat music continues playing]
[upbeat music fades]
- [tense beat plays]
- Hey.
You okay?
That's what you came here to ask me?
[scoffs] I came on a weekend getaway
with my boyfriend,
and then I meet my ex here.
- Yeah, Ferdy is...
- And the wife?
[Shima] Come on.
Surely you knew I was married.
How the hell would I have
known you were married?!
Eight months together,
not once did you mention it!
Did you mention it at any point?
Lisa, keep your voice down.
[chuckles] Keep my voice down. Oh. Okay.
I see...
you're dating Bem now. [scoffs]
How the hell did that happen?
Is this some kind of pep talk?!
- I'm just checking.
- Checking?
[chuckles] You're checking
to know if I will blow up your cover
to your friends and your wife?
Look, Lisa, can we not make this weird,
okay? It doesn't have to be weird.
That's it?
That's it?
That's the Martin Luther King speech
you came in here to give me?
What else would you
have me do? We broke up.
You left me!
It was time to move on.
[scoffs] How convenient.
Look, I just came here
to... check if you're okay.
I'm pregnant.
And it's yours.
[tense beat plays]
I was going to show you this.
Took the test two weeks ago.
Go on, check the date.
I have the kit,
incase you think I'm lying.
What are you saying?
We broke up a month ago.
Oh, don't be ignorant. It's not Bem's.
This is crazy.
I... am... pregnant.
- I heard you.
- Good.
Look, If this is true...
you know you can't keep this, right?
[ominous music playing]
I haven't stopped wearing
this since you gave it to me.
When you gave this to me,
you said you loved me.
It's time to move on.
[tense music playing]
Tito had a bad cold,
we even thought it was Covid,
and that's why
he missed his premier in UK.
Guys! It wasn't funny!
- Box office king! Must be nice, hey?
- You know!
- [Tito] You know what would be nice?
- Hm?
To own one of those apartments
you've been advertising.
[in Yoruba, chuckles] Thief.
See, let me give you a good idea.
Use him, the hottest face
in Nollywood right now,
use him as your ambassador
and then you throw in
one of your apartments as payment.
- [Tito] Damn!
- You know.
Hold on to this babe!
She can talk her way into any deal.
- I swear.
- [in Pidgin] I'm holding her tight.
[Tito in English] No, but seriously,
so much has been happening.
I was talking to Burna just last week
and we were talking about you know,
trying a fusion between music and acting.
- [Layo] Great!
- [Tito] Something of that sort.
- So, a musical?
- Yeah, something like that.
Guys, you know what would be nice?
Hooking me up
with some big-name star, man.
Like I'm talking real star.
- Really?
- I could do with a big name behind
- all the hard work we're putting in.
- [Ndali] Wow.
- [Ndali in Pidgin] Look at the disrespect.
- [Tito] Are you listening to this guy?
[Ndali in English] Wait, wait, wait.
Did you just say real star?
You're still looking for hottest stars
when you have the face of Nollywood here?
- [in Pidgin] Don't mind him.
- Really?
- Are you joking with me?
- [Shima] Come on.
Wait, so when
are you guys getting married?
Uh... I mean, there's no need
to rush the process.
We've been together just...
- Three years.
- Three years. So...
- Just?
- Bro, three years is a very long time.
I mean, why are you...
if you've found someone
you know you want
to spend the rest of your life with,
why don't you just put a...
put a ring on it and just go ahead.
marriage scares the shit out of me.
That's why I want to live my big boy life
in peace so nobody stresses me.
[in Pidgin] Don't mind him,
he doesn't want to grow up.
I don't want to grow up.
So, you guys,
how long have you guys been together?
- Year One.
- Since Tear Two.
-No. We started talking in Year One,
but we didn't start dating until Year Two.
- Whatever she said, okay. She's right.
- Yes, I
- made him chase.
- [laughing]
- What's up? Are you... are you okay?
- What?
- I said I'm fine! Why do you keep asking?!
- I'm... I'm...
Stop asking me! Jesus! Excuse me.
Ferdy, what's up with this place, man?
New crib or something?
Oh, uh, very good question.
What you're looking at
is going to be a first class club
for aspiring billionaires in Nigeria.
- Okay.
- [Ferdy] Yeah. And I want us here
to create that experience together.
How so?
Shima, like Ndali says,
you are a genius entrepreneur.
You know a good idea when you see it
and you have the right connections.
You can introduce massive investors
and clientele to the business.
Tito, you are the hottest
new movie star in town.
Yeah. A celebrity of your status is gold.
You can be the face of the brand.
Now imagine we bring all our
resources and skills together
to build not just one,
but a chain of these
in Nigeria to reward
impressive connections
for business and pleasure.
- I like the sound of that.
- That pleasure part. [laughs]
So, what's in it for us?
I'm talking equity, bro. Equity.
Five percent for you and Shima.
Bem here gets to run
the business as the manager.
It's a win-win for everybody.
Before Tito signs any contract,
I have some questions for you.
And I will take your questions
later, but for now we celebrate!
No, no. Hold on.
Hey, hey, hey. Just pause for one second.
Let me, let me get this straight, alright.
So, you all get
to share a percentage, correct?
Huh, I see.
But then Bem here gets
to earn a salary. Correct?
- Uh-huh.
- Hmm.
- So that's a win-win, correct?
- [tense tune plays]
- Correct.
- Interesting.
- Lisa!
- Don't even try to shut me up.
Meanwhile, there is
"an aspiring billionaire hub"?
Now, you know that's pretentious, right?
Because that's just a whore house
for men to cheat on their wives.
- Lisa!
- [raises voice] What?!
[clears throat] Guys, um, she's...
she just um... you know, she's uh...
Hey, hey, I don't need any, baby.
- Are you okay?
- Oh, hey, hey, hey.
[Lisa heaving and coughing]
I'll take you to the kitchen, come on.
[in Pidgin] Seems like this is burning.
[tense music playing]
Look, I know your type.
Who your father is
does not give you the right
- to talk to me anyhow in my house!
- Hey hey, hey, easy!
Easy, please.
Guys, I'll check the lights out.
- Hey.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, of course. [chuckles]
- No, no.
Come on, you know you just...
kind of embarrassed me back there.
Oh honey, your friends
are better at embarrassing you.
What the hell is wrong with you, Lisa?
Why are you here, Bem?
These people clearly don't even like you.
Babe, you don't know
what you're talking about.
I just don't like the crowd.
Come on, we just... we just got here, babe.
And I promised your dad
we were going to have
-a great time, and I was going to
-Okay, can you just...
- take care of you.
- stop?! Stop! Just stop!
[somber music playing]
[alarm rings]
[somber music continues playing]
[Bem exhales]
I'm sorry... that I embarrassed you.
It's alright baby.
- Come here. Trust me it's alright.
- Sure?
Yeah. [chuckles]
- Promise?
- I promise.
[wistful music playing]
- Oh shoot. Yeah.
- Sorry.
It's alright. [mumbles]
[Layo] Um... I just wanted to grab
a bottle of water actually.
Oh wait.
- No, no, it's fine. I can...
- I insist, please. Yeah.
[Ndali] Oh God, Where is
the network in this house?
I think Ferdy mentioned
something about an accident
beside the base station.
See, let me go and check outside.
I need to make some calls.
It's no better, there's
bad network everywhere.
you know that I have done this test
over and over and over again.
I want to be able to tell my husband.
[inhales deeply]
[soft music playing]
I use this kit
as a point of contact
to your throne of miracles.
Lord, your will has come to pass.
No evil formed against me shall prosper!
In Jesus name I pray. [mouths] Amen.
[wistful music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
Hi guys! So,
I'm in this country house with like
the weirdest kind of people,
but I don't want to talk about them,
I want to show you how cool
the place is, because it's pretty cool.
You know, but the people?
Very weird. Don't say I said anything.
So we'll be going to the dining area...
[sighs] Jeez.
I am so sorry.
Jay Rocker.
[tense music playing]
I mean, it's you, isn't it?
[gasps] I knew it!
I knew I had seen that
tattoo somewhere. [laughs]
Wow, who would have thought?
You... you know you're
my favorite on Xvideos, right?
Especially your LastMa Officer.
I saved that on my phone.
Um, you'd... you'd have to excuse me.
[dramatic music playing]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [breathes heavily]
Did that girl just call me "Jay Rocker"?
- Huh?
- Fuck. Fuck.
What? What is it?
[exhales] She just called me Jay Rocker.
- Who?
- That Lisa girl!
[Tito] She said she has
my videos on her phone.
- [exhales]
- [Ndali] Can we talk?
Yeah, sure. Okay.
- How do you like your drink?
- [Lisa] Strong, please.
[inhales] So, I heard about your thrill
conversation with Tito.
I wouldn't exactly
call that a conversation.
I mean we bumped into each other,
my phone fell, he picked it up,
and then we reminisced.
- Reminisced, huh?
- Yeah.
Okay. If a word slips out of your lips,
I'll have you know
that defamation and libel
can earn you serious jail terms. Okay?
What are... what are you talking about?
Are you threatening me?
I'm not threatening you.
I'm just letting you
know how blackmail works.
Oh, wait. Are we talking
about the Jay Rocker's video?
Well, delete it and we don't have
to have this conversation again.
Do you know who my father is?
Your father? What version of
your father would you have me say?
- Delete the video or... [scoffs]
- Or what?
- Thank you.
- Nice chat.
[tense music playing]
[sneers] Bitch!
[ominous music playing]
[Tito in Pidgin] Guy, I was surprised.
As I entered the water,
I started moving. Everything
started moving. I was surprised.
[Shima] Oh boy, that's crazy.
[Bem] Um, guys, can we have
a conversation real quick? Huh?
Are you...
[whispers] Babe, this girl
is being very foolish.
This girl, she's being very very foolish.
I see you've been drinking all evening.
You know you're pregnant, right?
Go to hell.
[Tito heckling indistinctly]
- Hey.
- Babe,
[Tito in Pidgin] What are you doing?
...there's something I need to show you.
What is it?
Just come.
[wistful music playing]
[Layo and Shima chuckling]
[lively music playing]
I want us to pray.
Pray? [chuckles]
I feel I'm too buzzed for that right now.
I'm not sure He will approve.
Trust me, I think God is willing
to give you a second chance.
More like a million chances, huh?
That... Thank you.
Close your eyes.
In Jesus name.
[ominous music playing]
[Tito] You promised me
that this would never happen.
Technically, nothing has happened.
Really? She has videos of me!
Wait, have you
even thought of what could happen
if any of the brands that we
work with get a hold of this?
Do you know what can happen?
I no longer have a career,
I will no longer be making money,
I will probably lose my house because
I can no longer service the mortgage,
I'm screwed, I'm done for.
Babe, you are just being paranoid,
no one is going to see the videos.
Just calm down.
How can you be so sure?
Alright, let's say that
Lisa gets bored one day
and decides to spill
the video on the internet.
She can't even try that
because that's going to be a crime.
- It's illegal. She can't.
- [in Pidgin] Is that what you think?
- [in English] Really?
- See babe,
even if she tries that,
nobody saw your face.
There's no proof that you're Jay Rocker.
You need to stop saying
that name loud in public.
What is wrong with you?!
I can't believe this. Jeez, jeez.
I can't believe...
I can't believe I have these videos,
pornographic videos of me
on someone's phone and the person is here!
Babe, look at me.
I will handle it, okay? I will handle it.
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music continues playing]
[Ferdy groans]
[tense music playing]
- Amen.
- Amen.
- [both chuckling]
- Wait.
Someone needs to go shower.
You stink, babe.
Okay. [clears throat]
[Ndali] Is this light ever going
to come on? Ugh!
- [water splashing]
- [Lisa screams]
What's that?
Oh, Tito, where have you been?
In the restroom.
- Okay.
- What is it? Are you okay?
- [Ndali] I heard one strange sound.
- [Tito] Sorry my tummy is running.
What did you eat?
I heard one strange sound in this place,
I don't know what it is.
What's that?
- [tense music plays]
- [screams]
- Hey, did you hear that?
- Yeah.
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
[Ndali panting]
What's wrong? Oh my God, Lisa!!
Please help me.
Pull her up!
[Layo] Lay her flat on the floor.
Lay her flat.
Excuse me. Excuse me!
- [Ferdy] What's going on?
- [Bem] How did she get in?
[Shima] She doesn't look okay.
- [Ferdy] Layo, come on.
- [Bem] Layo, what's going on?
She's dead.
[all exclaiming]
What do you mean she's dead?
The hit to her neck and her head
does not look like an accident.
- What are you trying to say, that it's...
- Murder?!
Wait, are you saying somebody
in this house is capable of murder?
Oh my God, oh my God!
Guys, guys, guys, guys,
I'm sorry I have to go.
- [Shima] Go where?
- What?
I can't be caught in this.
No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait!
- Come on, don't go!
- Stop!
- Don't leave! Come on!
- What are you doing?
- Why should I stay? Stay and do what?
- Someone just died!
- How is that my business?
- Oh my God.
- Did I kill her?
- No one said you did!
So why do I have
to deal with this problem?
Are you joking?
There's a dead body in my house!
It sounds like your problem! Deal with it!
[all exclaiming]
He's just panicking, he's just
panicking. We're all panicking.
Well, he isn't going anywhere!
- Well, you would have to stop me!
- Hey!
Guy, you cannot go anywhere.
- You can't go anywhere.
- Try and stop me!!
Tito, are you actually serious?
What you're doing now does it make sense?
We need to try and figure this thing out
- together now, what are you doing?
- [Ndali] Wait, can we
all just calm down? I think
we should just calm down please.
Calm down everyone.
Absolutely fucking crazy.
Guy, back off!
Why do you think we'll let you go?
Why the fuck do you think you
deserve to leave this place?!
Shima is right, Tito.
You are being a complete asshole.
This is my father's house,
nobody is leaving this house
until we figure this shit out.
What are we figuring out? She's dead!
Good! She's dead! Now who killed her?
Answer that question.
- [Ferdy groaning]
- You know what? You know what?
I don't have to deal with this.
You can keep the bags.
Ndali, we're out of here.
- Tito.
- Tito what are you doing?
[all clamoring]
[Bem yells] Where the fuck
do you think you are going?!
Who the fuck has the key to this door?!
Where the fuck
do you actually think you're going?!
You act like you've
lost your frigging senses!
See, I did not kill anyone!
And I'm not about have my entire
career destroyed because of this.
Oh! But we can have
our lives destroyed, right?
- I didn't say that.
- What the hell are you saying?
Get... Don't touch me.
Don't fight!
Please don't fight again. Stop!
[yells] Shut the fuck up!
- Shut...
- [Layo] Calm down.
Shut the fuck up!
My girlfriend just
died in that freaking pool!
And you all are acting
like you've lost your senses!
[in Pidgin] Do you have any idea
who Lisa's father is?!
That man is somebody
you guys don't wanna fuck with.
So settle down,
let's figure this shit out.
[in Pidgin] Look, I'm not
interested in this.
[in English] Unless you're
confessing to Lisa's murder,
- I don't want to hear you speak!
- [Layo] Bem...
Would you get out
of the way so I can leave!
What is wrong with you?!
Why would you do that?
[Layo] Let me see, let me see. Come now.
- [in Pidgin] This guy actually cut me.
- [Layo] Sit down.
- [Layo] Tito, sit down, please.
- [Ndali] Come, come, sit.
- Sit down.
- Sit down. Let me see. Let me see.
- Let me see.
- [Tito groans loudly]
Let me see. Oh God, it's deep.
Okay, I need a first aid box! Now!
Um, Ferdy, Ferdy, do you have bandages?
- Quickly! He's bleeding for God's sake.
- [Ferdy] Kitchen cupboard!
[Tito grunts]
Door. The door. The door is locked.
[yells] Where are the fucking keys?
[indistinct chatters]
[whispers] You know that
you have to actually pay attention.
[softly] What?
I still have to take the phone.
Her video... Your video is still there.
I've not deleted it.
- How do you think we can do that?
- I don't know.
Dude, drop the knife.
- What?
- Drop the goddamn knife!
So you can go back
to your pretty life, right?
Like, that's what you want?
I promised her father
that I was going to take care of her!
If anything happens, I'm the one to blame.
Someone needs to start talking!
This is all I could find.
That... that will have to do!
I think we should call the police.
No! Why the hell would we do that?
- Someone got killed!
- Yo, listen,
listen. No police can save
us from the wrath of Chief Ajasa.
- Like it or not.
- [Tito groans in pain]
His daughter is dead in that pool.
- I know, I know.
- [Bem] And the killer is in this house.
We need to find
who is responsible, if not...
I... I don't know.
And I'm not dropping this knife
until I find out who did it.
-Well, if Ferdy hadn't invited you here,
we wouldn't be in this situation.
- [Ferdy] Oh Tito, please shut up.
- Tito hold still.
Look, I need actual bandages and spirit.
- [groans]
- Babe... Hold still. Babe,
please check my box,
I think I brought something.
Tito, I need to be able
to see what I'm doing. Please.
I was coming to show you this.
Took the test two weeks ago.
Check the date.
Plus, I still have the kit,
incase you think I'm lying.
[Ferdy] Bro, bro did you find anything?
What is that? Is that...
Bro! Congratulations man!
What is wrong?
[Ndali] I wish I didn't
come to this party.
Babe, can I have a word
with you in private?
What did you say? Nobody is leaving here.
Fuck off. I need
to talk to my wife. Alone.
Whatever you have to say to your wife,
you can say it in the presence of each
and every one of us in this room.
But I mean it when
I say nobody is leaving this room.
[tense music playing]
I wanted to tell you myself.
I didn't want you finding out like this.
I was in a bad place. Okay?
I swear to you, I just found out today.
Babe, what are you talking about?
I'm talking about this.
Where'd you get it?
How'd you find out about it?
Babe. God.
Layo, please tell me
you didn't hurt her because of this.
Sorry, what... what's... what's going on?
He found that in Layo's bag.
Lisa was pregnant.
It was by me.
- What?
- [Ferdy chuckles]
It's a long story guys, but,
this... this is the kit that she showed me.
I don't know how
you got a hold of it, but I...
Please tell me you didn't...
you didn't do anything to Lisa, please.
Come on babe.
No, Shima.
I didn't hurt anyone.
That kit belongs to me.
I did a test when we got here,
and I was
going to tell you after we prayed.
I told you I wanted to show you something.
Well, that is it.
[Tito whispers] Oh boy.
How could you hurt me like this?
I'm sorry babe, I... I'm sorry.
[Shima yells] Get off me! Get off!
[all clamoring]
[tense music playing]
[Shima] Get off me! Get off!
- [Layo] Bem stop! Stop it!
- [groaning]
- Get off! Get off me!
- Stop!
Please guys stop it! You guys stop!
You had the guts to...
You've been sleeping with my girl,
you had the balls to get her pregnant,
now you're trying to cover
your tracks? You bastard!
- You're a mad man!
- Guys, how can't you see?!
Shima killed Lisa
and he's trying to cover up
his cheating tracks!
You think I'm as crazy as you?
I didn't kill anyone!
- [Ferdy] Hey, bro!
- Where were you when Lisa died?
I was in my room having a fucking shower!
You were having a shower
or you were trying to
clean up the blood
to cover your smelly tracks?
He was with me, Bem.
- Where were you?
- Dude, are you joking?
- Answer the damn question!
- I was at the Gen-house dude!
- Where were you?
- In the toilet.
Me I was in the living room, please.
Like I said, I was in the bedroom
with a husband
I just found out is cheating on me.
- Babe, I'm sorry.
- [softly] Did you kill her?
No I didn't, you know me.
Really? You really think trust
is your defence right now?
- Babe, please.
- [groans]
Like, who was at the pool when...
Who was at the pool when she died?
Who was the last person
in that pool when Lisa...
[splutters] That would be Ferdy.
She was alive when I left.
Nope, nope, nope. She was
very dead by the time you left.
What are you trying to do?
Are you trying to pin
this on me? My guy, think.
- What is my motive?
- What if she knew?
Let's be honest. Put all
the cards on the table right now!
Are you gonna tell them or you want
me to do you the honors, Ferdy?
What are you talking about?
- Fuck you, Bem. Fuck you!
- [laughs]
Alright. Do you guys know that
Ferdy was just deported from the UK
after facing charges of fraud,
money laundering,
and suspicious association.
Ferdy, is this true?
Answer the question, Ferdy.
- Ferdy!
- Fine!
While I was in the UK,
I was trying to set up
something like this,
and I linked up with the
wrong people and they fucked it up.
That's it.
And now my family here has now
ousted me. So much for loyalty.
I don't care about your loyalty, Ferdy.
- Your loyalty doesn't mean shit to me!
- Oh fuck off.
All I care about right now is finding out
who is responsible for Lisa's murder!
Wait, wait, wait a minute.
Is your father aware that
you're about to do this again?
- No.
- [Ndali] Come on!
So, all of this
is just a waste of my time?
You don't even have
your father's permission, Ferdy?
I was going to tell him.
I was going to tell him I straightened out
and linked up with the right people.
[scoffs] So much for linking up
with the "right people".
While you're at it,
you better tell them you're broke, bro.
Because your daddy cut you off
from all the accounts,
[in Pidgin] and I know you're penniless.
So why are we here?
- [Ndali] Why did I come for this party?
- Ferdy, what the fuck
is this weekend about?!
You are bad news, bro. You are bad news.
If you didn't bring her here,
none of this would have happened!
Save me the lecture, Ferdy.
I'm not the one to be blamed here!
I'm not the one
to be responsible for Lisa's murder!
Are you sure?
A cultist caught in possession of guns,
- machetes, jazz.
- [Bem] Stop it!
And now you want to extricate
- [Bem] Stop it!
- yourself from this crime.
That was a very, very long
time ago. You better focus.
- And how are we sure you didn't do this?
- Huh-uh.
The only people with
any kind of motive here
is you or Shima.
I didn't kill anyone,
- Tito.
- Stop it!
You all know I was nowhere near
that pool when this incident happened.
I need my aspirin.
Don't touch me!
See the way everything has fallen
apart now. What are we going to do?
Whatever it is we're doing,
we need to do it fast.
We need to clean this place up.
I have workers coming in the morning.
- Oh shit.
- [Ferdy] Alright?
You guys must be taking me
for a serious ride.
I'm giving everybody
five minutes to produce a name,
and trust me when I say,
I am not playing. I'm not playing!
Get your legs off the floor!
[tense music playing]
[door slams]
[pills rattling]
I'm so sorry about what just happened.
[exhales] Shima...
Shima has his... shortcomings,
but in a million years, I...
I would have never imagined
that he would cheat on me
so recklessly
and get another woman pregnant.
- What's the story with Bem?
- [scoffs] How long do you have?
- Is it that bad?
- [sighs]
Long story short, Bem almost got
Shima rusticated from school.
He was squatting with Shima,
and he hid weapons in the room.
Yeah. One day
school authorities showed up and searched
the Boys' Hostels, without warning.
The room was registered in Shima's name so
he got suspended for an entire semester.
He would have gotten expelled
if it wasn't for good grades.
And then, even after that
Shima was constantly
threatened by cult boys
not to give out any information.
So yeah, it's not very pretty
there in terms of history.
[Shima] We know the kind of person Bem is.
We can't let him get away with this.
We saw it for ourselves.
Lisa was uncomfortable around him.
She was... she was outrightly nervous.
No, this is all my fault.
I should never have invited him.
Well, he saved us from a lie. What
was your plan if you didn't have money?
- [Ferdy] Look, I was going...
- Hey, hey guys, come on.
This is what he wants.
He wants us to fight and argue.
We can't have that.
We need to be united and focused.
If he wasn't here,
none of this would have happened.
That's what we need to focus on.
You are right.
[in Pidgin] But man, you surprise me.
You really got that girl pregnant?
I don't know, man.
We were together for just eight months.
Guys! Come on, we're doing it again.
We need to focus.
We need to actually solve this issue.
And bro, eight months
is enough to get her pregnant.
You, are you sure she wasn't
dead when you were in the pool?
- She wasn't.
- You did not touch her?
- Of course not!
- See,
it's easy. We just need
to prove that Bem did this.
But why would he kill her though?
I don't know.
Why was he a ruthless cult member?
There's no method to the guy's madness.
We just need to prove that he
did this. We need to put it on him!
That's what we need to do.
Who's with me?
No, this is not right. I can't. I can't.
Ferdy, on a scale of one to ten,
how brutal is Lisa's father?
How much does the man owe us?
[man] It's 21 million naira, sir.
But I was able to get a cheque
from his manager yesterday.
Oh good. How much is the cheque?
One million naira, sir.
One million naira. Where is the cheque?
[ominous music playing]
You know me, [in Pidgin] There are
a lot of shows this period.
[in English] Many, many shows.
Award nights,
award nominations, there are so many.
Even Grammy. Chief, believe me.
Dragon. I will pay.
It's just small money, Chief.
[gunshot fired]
- Please.
- [AJ clears throat]
So, Dragon,
did you bring any cheque for me?
I told you, that man is the devil.
Exactly. Do you really want your name
mentioned alongside her murder?
[tense beat plays]
I don't know, man. I... I don't know.
Guys, we don't have time
to prove anything! Okay? We just need
to pick someone and put it on him.
- Now, who's it going to be?
- [phone rings]
- [tense music plays]
- [phone continues ringing]
[Bem] Where's the phone?!
- Where's Lisa's phone?
- Guy, guy, guy. Calm down.
Bring that phone, Tito! Bring the phone!
Why do you have Lisa's phone?
Wait, were you dating her too?
[sighs] No!
- [female moaning playing over the phone]
- [Bem] Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
- [moaning playing over the phone]
Now who could have thought
there would be more dirt to dig.
Tito or should I call you Mr. Jay Rocker.
Wait, what is going on?
- Tito has been...
- I did porn.
- Porn?
- What?
A while back.
Before fame.
Before I got my big break
as an actor. That's it.
I wasn't getting gigs, okay.
Nobody was hiring me.
So someone offered me
a different kind of gig.
The money was a lot at the time.
I took it.
And uh... Yeah, I did a few videos.
- Well damn!
- Wow!
[Tito exhales]
So now that you know,
how does that solve the murder at hand?
Lisa has videos of you on her phone!
She knew you were Jay Rocker!
And I know that's why you killed her!
You stole her phone so
no one would find out your secret.
Like, guys, just...
- Ugh! Come on!
- Hey, hey, put it away.
Tito, you killed her! Just say it! You...
I did not!!
Tito, this looks really bad.
Like, this is real motive right here, man.
Are you even listening to yourself?
How is my motive worse than Shima's?!
Hey, hey, hey! Don't put me into this.
You know what,
at this point, I have everything I need
and I'll send it to Chief Ajasa.
As soon as I leave here,
get good network, your lives are over!
Dude, you can't prove anything.
Yes I can.
I have more than enough proof.
And I'll send everything
to Chief and let him decide.
Whether it's going to be you,
a married man
who got his daughter pregnant
or you,
Nollywood A-List actor
who is nothing but a porn star.
- You guys just... [tuts] Just...
- Guy, guy, guy,
- wait.
- Wait? Leave me!
Wait, guys, guys, guys.
She said she was going to "handle" Lisa.
I told her about the videos.
The porn. My videos
that Lisa had on her phone.
And she said to me "I will handle it".
Are you trying to say she killed Lisa?
- That's a possibility.
- You bastard!!
- [glass breaking]
- You lying coward!
- [Bem] She killed Lisa!
- I did not kill anybody!
I did not kill anybody!
I can't believe you want to frame me!
This person I was trying to protect
told me that
Lisa was trying to blackmail him
and I simply took her phone
to delete his video. That's all!
But you said you
were going to take care of it.
Well I... That's like... I wanted to
negotiate with her, not kill her. Ah-ah.
I can't believe this. Of all people, me!
You would throw me
under the bus to protect yourself? Really?
- You need to calm down.
- I need to calm...
I can't believe this!
You know that I was in the living room.
I was in the living room, guys. I was
in the living room. I didn't kill her!
I can't believe this.
You all are huge letdowns.
[Ndali] I can't believe this.
Me? I can't believe...
I don't even care about anything.
Because you guys came in here
feeling like minted
dollar bills or something.
So Tito tried to make me the fall guy.
Me? Of all people, me?! Really?
Unfortunately, you will only truly get
to know people when they are desperate.
- It's okay.
- [sniffles]
I swear, I did not kill Lisa, I swear.
Of course you didn't.
- [sobbing]
- What if...
What if this is a set-up?
What do you mean?
[suspenseful music playing]
...Try to make me feel unworthy!
Now look! Just look!
You're unworthy, Bem.
You'll always be unworthy.
[Bem sighs]
No matter what happens to us.
Back in Final Year,
you got cult boys to bully me.
Dude, you nearly destroyed my entire life.
I can tell you still...
you're still trying to hold onto the past.
Spit it out or let it go.
- Let it go.
- Fuck you, Bem!!
You're a fucking leech.
That's what you do.
You... you attach yourself
to people's lives and
suck them dry until they get into trouble.
So go ahead, do what you know how to do.
[Bem chuckles]
That's who you are,
that's who you will ever be, Bem.
Fuck me? Alright.
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
- [tense music playing]
[tense music playing]
Bem never takes the fall alone. Trust
me, I have known him for years.
What if he planned this thing.
Wait, I don't understand.
[splutters] I don't know.
Why did he slash Tito's hand?
He's been acting
erratic all day and it's Bem.
Only God knows what he's capable of.
Wait, so what are you saying?
Shima was with me,
you were with Tito,
Ferdy was at the gen-house.
And Bem was alone.
- See...
- [tense music swells and fades]
Whose room is this?
I think this is Bem and Lisa's room. Yeah.
Ah! Wait, what are we searching for?
What's happening?
I don't... I don't know,
I'm just searching for anything.
- Okay.
- Anything that looks... anything that can...
[suspenseful music playing]
- Jesus!
- [suspenseful music swells]
[sighs] God.
[in Pidgin] You all know I joined
the cult because of you guys.
I joined the cult because of you guys.
[in English] Because of every one of us.
[in Pidgin] You guys have forgotten
how we were bullied as freshmen.
Do you know how many times I saved
you from guys who wanted to hurt you?
Guys! Look, we don't have time for this.
I have workers coming in the morning.
We need to act fast.
[in English] You guys act
like you're so perfect.
[in Pidgin] You guys are
the most holiest, right?
[in English] My girlfriend is dead,
in that pool.
And like it or not,
I must find out who did it.
Because there must be consequences.
We found something.
What did you find?
[in Pidgin] What did you find?
Talk, there's no time!
We found a murder weapon.
- What?
- It's a hammer.
[dramatic music playing]
We found it in Bem's room.
- [suspenseful music plays]
- Ferdy lights now.
- [Ndali] What? [screams]
- [glass breaking]
[screams continue]
[heavy breathing]
[coughs continue]
[in Pidgin] You guys have
forgotten who I am, right?
You guys have forgotten who I am!
The audacity to try to take me down!
You don't know who I am?
I will fuck you up!
[in English] You fucking murderers!
[suspenseful tune playing]
[shakily] Is he dead?
[Layo sighs] No. Thank God.
He's... he's still alive.
- [panting]
- So, what do we do now?
It's simple guys, Bem here is guilty.
I feel like if we just stick to this,
then it becomes the truth.
We delete all evidence and just move on.
- What?
- What?
Guys, there's no time. It's almost dawn.
I agree with Shima. Bem is guilty.
Of course, you agree with him.
No, no, no, no, Bem is always guilty.
Look, he's the only
connection to everyone here.
If we want this to go away,
he has to go away.
- Exactly. Ferdy, are you in?
- [Ferdy whining]
- Ferdy!
- Oh God. Jesus Christ, what is this God?
God, please forgive us.
God please, what is this?
- Okay, I need to know who's in.
- [Layo] What is this?
- This is so wrong. This is wrong.
- What is this? What is this?
- [Ndali] This is all...
- All in agreement?
- [Ndali] This is wrong, this is wrong.
- I'm in.
Who is finishing this off?
Wait, are you...
are you actually going to kill him?
Wait, wait, wait, please,
please, please. He's my cousin.
[shakily] Can't we talk
some sense into him?
Ferdy, come on! You're dragging us back!
Who is finishing this off?!
- No, no.
- Come on guys.
We don't have time.
This is not so easy.
You're the one who hit him on the head.
I was trying to protect you guys from him.
- [Ndali] Uh-uh. No I'm sorry, I have to...
- No one?
- I have to go. I can't be part of this.
- [Shima] Tick tock, guys.
- Really?
- I can't be part! [sobs] I can't do this.
- [frantic] I can't... I can't.
- I know. I know, I know, I know.
But it's almost dawn, people are coming.
We don't have much of a choice.
I'm pregnant, I don't want to go to jail.
[sobbing] Me too.
Ladies are you in or out?
- [exhales] We in.
- Alright,
I think I've figured this out.
Bem can't swim, right?
How about we... toss him into the pool?
- Jesus.
- [cries]
[Ndali softly] No.
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music swells]
[yells] Shima!
[dramatic music intensifies]
[dramatic music swells]
[dramatic music fades]
- Are you okay?
- [panting]
[Shima grunts]
[Tito groans]
Where are you going?
I'm going home.
Home? We need to dispose of the bodies.
[groans] For God's sake!
[in Pidgin] Haven't I tried?
Please, let's just leave
God out of this matter.
We need to move quick, it'll soon be dawn.
Fine. Let's look
for a place and bury them.
We can't bury them. We can't dig
a hole deep enough before dawn.
So what are we supposed to do?
[somber music playing]
[somber music continues]
[somber music playing]
[Tito] Why don't we just
crash it into this wall?
No, no, no, no.
Let's drive it into the ditch.
- [car wheel screeching]
- [loud bang]
[Tito groans]
[Shima] No, no, no.
[door bang]
[coughs, heaves]
She was carrying your baby.
[somber music playing]
Guys! Guys, come on, let's go!
[somber music playing]
I'm sorry for everything babe.
[somber music playing]
We made a vow, "Till death do us part".
I forgive you.
[Ndali] Why should I listen to you?
So you can
tell more lies or throw me under the bus?
- [Tito] We were all under pressure.
- Anyone would've easily done what I did.
Give me the keys, I don't want
to have anything to do with you again.
- Really?
- Yes!
Give me the keys, let me go.
[yells] Give me the keys! Give me!
If you think I'm still gonna
marry you, take your stupid ring.
Take, take it!
Don't think I'm gonna
marry you. God forbid.
[somber music playing]
You can ride with me, Tito.
[somber music playing]
This never happened.
We never speak of it, ever.
[somber music playing]
[somber music continues]
[somber music playing]
- [phone ringing]
- [scoffs] Finally.
- [in Yoruba] Mummy.
- [mom in Yoruba] Where are you?
I have been calling you since yesterday.
[somber music playing]
[somber music playing]
[Shima exhales]
You can go inside, I'll meet you.
[Layo] okay
Thank you.
[ominous music playing]
Hey. [chuckles]
Let's go shower together.
New beginnings.
[tense music plays]
Babe, are you okay?
What did you do?
[water splashes]
I remember when you got her that necklace.
It was right there... in that drawer.
I was looking for spare change
to give to the delivery guy.
Surely, I would find a 100 naira note
lying around somewhere.
So I searched mine,
and then I searched yours.
And there it was.
Not the change I was hoping for...
but a necklace.
It had an L-shaped pendant.
I mean, it had to be mine, right?
I am after all, your wife.
My name is Layo, with an "L".
And our anniversary was approaching.
It had to be mine. Right?
[ominous music playing]
But it was a gift, so I put it back.
I put it back and
waited for you to gift it to me.
[ominous music playing]
But you never did.
You barely even
remembered our anniversary.
The gift wasn't mine after all.
So I had to figure out
who it was meant for.
You saved her name as "Abiola Mechanic."
I saw your silly messages, your lies.
You can fool the world with your bullshit,
but did you really
think you could fool me?
[ominous music playing]
I gave up everything for you.
My medical career,
my friends, my life.
And what'd you do?
You go and love someone else.
Buy her gifts, and get her pregnant,
when I have been waiting for years
to get pregnant in this marriage!
[tense music playing]
What... did you do?
Okay, you go and bath.
[both laughing]
Hmm. Okay.
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music swells]
[dramatic music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [Layo] Hi, Lisa.
- Hi.
Can we talk?
About what?
I think you already know what it's about.
You found out already, right?
I did.
Okay well, I don't plan
on keeping it. Okay?
Having a child out of wedlock
is definitely not
something I would like to do.
You are pregnant?
I thought that's why you came.
[dramatic music playing]
You, you did this Shima.
You got her pregnant
You actually went and got another
woman pregnant when I have been here
praying for us everyday!
You are a failure, Shima.
But you are my failure.
I thought we were soulmates.
I thought we would spend
the rest of our lives together.
But I swear, I did not know he... [screams]
[water splashes]
[dramatic music playing]
[Layo panting]
[Ndali screams]
- Hey, did you hear that?
- Yeah.
You failed me.
You betrayed me.
You hurt me.
But I forgive you.
How could you do this?
It never happened.
We are never to speak of it again.
Till death do us part.
- [chuckles]
- [tense music playing]
You are going to be a father.
[tense music playing]
[tense music swells]
[tense music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
Hello, Chief,
we found the car.
The tracker isn't showing us
everywhere they've been
since they left the hotel.
[AJ] Where is my daughter?
Where is my daughter?!
[tense music playing]