A Wine Country Christmas (2023) Movie Script

[whimsical music playing]
[whimsical music continues]
[glasses clink]
[music halts]
[birds chirping]
[faint thud]
[golf club swings]
[golfer 1] Yes! [chuckles]
- [golfer 2] Nice!
- [man 1 coughs]
[whimsical music playing]
[man 2] Carter Baldwyn!
Of course.
Hey, Earl.
I, uh
It appears I missed
my morning wake-up call.
Will you get your friends out of here?
[Carter] Oh. [chuckles]
Those are business associates.
They're from marketing.
Well Well, whatever they're selling,
they can't sell it here.
What time is it?
It's almost 11:00.
- She's gonna kill me.
- [upbeat music playing]
Hey, hey, hey, we gotta go.
I am late for brunch. [chuckles]
- Up [mumbles] Here you go.
- [golfer 1] Are they done?
- [Earl] Wait.
- [golfer 1] We didn't finish our game.
[Earl] That's okay.
[Carter exhales]
Everybody hang on.
[girl 1 shrieks]
[whimsical music continues]
[music halts]
[jazz music playing faintly]
[sighs] Nothing's sadder
than an empty glass.
I don't know where the other waiter went.
I'm so sorry.
Ms. Baldwyn, right?
Uh, what were you drinking?
My usual.
Bring the bottle. Make it quick.
- [whimsical music playing]
- [girls chuckling]
[tires screech]
Carter, are we still going to Vegas?
[Carter] Sorry, not today.
[both] Boo!
Well, maybe.
I'll I'll call you. [chuckles]
[both] Yay!
- [door shuts]
- [Carter] Come on, come on, come on.
[groans, grunts]
Here you are, Mrs. Baldwyn.
Is there anything else I can get...
- [spits]
- Oh!
What the hell is that?
It's your wine. I...
We sell that crap, we don't drink it.
Ms. Baldwyn, I am so, so sorry.
Joseph is new. He did not know.
Don't stand there looking like an idiot.
Go get Ms. Baldwyn
a 2016 Louis Jadot Montrachet.
Tout de suite!
Ms. Baldwyn, only the most
sophisticated palate appreciates
the subtle majesty, and beauty,
and warmth of chardonnay...
- Bye-bye.
- You look beautiful today.
- Joseph!
- [sighs]
[whimsical music playing]
- Mother!
- Finally.
What, no hug?
How are you late?
You live here.
Well, I had a meeting with marketing,
and it went a little long.
- [spits]
- [Joseph] Uh
[Carter scoffs]
Is this ours?
- That's for being late.
- Oh, it's awful.
Your usual, madam.
Make that my usual too.
[Joseph] All right.
Where's your analysis
for the third quarter numbers?
Oh, it's all up here.
You haven't finished it, have you?
Did I mention how long my meeting went?
I'm losing patience with you, Carter.
I'm sorry.
I have a job for you.
I need you to go to Los Santos.
Because the only vineyard in Los Santos
that we don't already own
is finally on the market.
It's 50 acres, and it's in probate.
The executor is required to sell
the property by the 24th of December.
You mean Christmas Eve?
You need to go today.
Today? [scoffs]
There's a showing up there
this afternoon at 3:00 p.m.
Why don't you take one
of the corporate drones
or a lawyer? Something?
Because I need you to show me
that you can get a job done.
You're supposed to be taking over
this company one day.
[sighs deeply]
I never wanted this.
And yet you gladly enjoy the lifestyle
that the money affords you, don't you?
Point taken.
I'll go.
So it's gonna take a little finesse.
Blend in. If word gets out
that Baldwyn Wines is interested,
we could find ourselves in a bidding war.
With whom?
Everybody knows Los Santos' grapes suck.
No, there's another interested party.
You're gonna find out who they are,
what their resources are, and then,
on the 23rd,
we're gonna swoop in,
and we're gonna outbid 'em.
Actually, I think there is
a nice resort in Los Santos. I...
No, absolutely not.
I said blend in.
- We've already booked a place for you.
- [sighs] Come on, you're killing me.
Oh, Emma's here.
- [Emma] Thank you.
- [indistinct chatter]
Uh, you think she saw me?
Please tell me that you
were a gentleman finally
and spoke with her about the breakup
after that cowardly text message you left.
- About that.
- You haven't spoken to her in person?
Define "in person."
Oh my God.
I I should probably just get out of here.
Emma! Hi.
Wow, you are stunning, and glowing.
And, man, does the Bahamas agree with you.
How are you?
Oh, I'm I'm great,
if great means going on
your honeymoon alone,
sad-sipping margaritas,
rereading your text over and over again,
dreading the humiliation
that awaits back home.
You're cruel.
One could rightfully argue
being married to me would be far crueler.
Bullet dodged.
See? Everyone wins.
[whimsical music plays]
You know what, Carter?
It's not anger I feel.
It's pity.
Because your spoiled Peter Pan act
is pathetic.
And I am so glad
I am not your Wendy.
Because, see, women like me,
we don't need boys.
We want men.
[music crescendos]
- [crowd chuckles]
- [slurps]
[scattered applause]
Great fruit,
bright acid,
clean finish. That's a nice ros.
Hey, aren't we gonna finish the wine?
Mom, wait.
Honestly, Carter,
I can't take any more of you today.
What? I said I would go.
Can I take the family jet?
No, a car has been rented for you.
It's Italian.
[Carter] Nice! That'll do.
That's mine.
Does it come with clowns?
[Mom] Bye, Carter.
By the way, if you don't finish this one,
your Christmas present
is a nice swift kick in your ass.
It's called Huckabee Vineyard.
Check your inbox.
- [keys jingle]
- It vibrates a little over 30.
[engine accelerates]
[gentle music playing]
[woman sighs]
This should do it.
[gasps] Dios mio! 11:50? Chicos!
Come eat!
Ahorita mismo!
Hey, buddy. We gotta go. Eat fast.
- What about a protein shake?
- A what?
I told you. I need it to bulk up.
- [sighs] That was a real thing?
- Yes.
Matteo's brother put on 20 pounds
in middle school.
Baby, Matteo's brother is half Samoan.
That'll do for now.
Where's your brother?
He's still in bed.
[gentle music playing]
[knocks on door]
Santi, baby,
what are you doing still in bed?
We have to go.
I don't wanna go. My stomach hurts.
Can't I stay with you
and go to your appointment?
You don't want to go to a party?
Fernando sucks when we go
to birthday parties together.
He ignores me and tells me to go away
in front of his friends.
I know it's hard,
but don't worry about Fernando today.
- You'll have your own friends there.
- Who?
Carl will be there.
He picks his nose.
Then don't hold his hand.
Baby, Aunt Cindy
is gonna be here any moment.
It's just for a couple hours.
I love you until the cows come home.
And the chickens fly north.
Come here.
[car horn honks]
She's here. Let's go. Come on.
Come on in, Cindy.
Okay, I'm ready to party!
Santi's dragging his heels this morning.
You know,
kids' parties would be a lot more fun
if they just, like, let us drink wine.
Wow, you should write
for a parenting magazine.
Hmm, I should.
- [Fernando] Shotgun!
- [Cindy] I'll drop 'em off at 3:00.
[Santiago] You always get shotgun.
[Cindy exhales]
All right, monsters, let's roll!
Hey, is your mom ever gonna do anything
with this guesthouse?
[Fernando sighs] I don't know.
She keeps talking about it.
[Cindy] You ready?
[upbeat music playing]
[engine turns over]
[upbeat music continues]
[faint thud]
[music halts]
[sighs] Your mission,
should you choose to accept it,
drive a Fiat in the middle of nowhere.
This is gonna suck.
[woman] For those of you
who may not know,
this vineyard is the only remaining source
of local grapes in Los Santos.
And this facility is where our precious
garagistes produce their wine,
which are the true heart
and soul of our region.
It's what makes Los Santos Los Santos.
You'll find the bank's
appraised value of the estate
and all of the details on the flyer.
You know who we are up against here.
Someone needs to keep this land
and this facility
out of the greedy hands of Baldwyn Wines.
[indistinct chatter]
Are you okay, sir?
What? Yeah. Yeah,
sorry that just jumped out of nowhere.
Are you here for the estate sale?
Uh, y No.
Um, I I saw a sign for a wine tasting,
so I thought I'd stop in.
Oh, sorry. [chuckles]
The wine tasting room
hasn't been in operation for a while.
Uh, this is a private meeting.
Right. Uh, I'm sorry.
Sorry for interrupting, everyone.
- [crowd chuckles]
- [indistinct chatter]
So, please take the materials home,
read them
[Fernando] Turn, Santi!
[Santiago grunts, groans]
Whoa, champ.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I'm all right.
You killed the Baby Jesus!
Oh, no, Baby Jesus survived.
The crib may not have.
It's a broken leg.
- You know who could fix that?
- Who?
With what? Like, a miracle?
No, he was a carpenter.
Right, right. His, uh his side hustle.
You gotta lower your stance, dude.
No, I don't.
He's right. [sighs]
Just bend your knees.
Loosen up. You'll get it.
You know how to skate?
I might know a thing or two.
[indistinct chatter]
Some meeting.
I really hope your client's bid wins, Val.
Still no word from Baldwyn Wines.
Really odd.
Maybe they're just not interested.
- Let's hope so.
- [chuckles]
[Fernando] Just like this, okay?
So you maybe want to grab dinner?
We can discuss where this all stands.
Not tonight, Larry.
- Rain check?
- Sure. Sounds good.
[Carter] Okay, guys, watch this one.
[inquisitive music playing]
[Santiago] Cool! That was awesome!
It's not that hard.
Give it a shot.
[Santiago chuckles]
No way you could do that.
I see you've met my boys.
Oh, these guys are yours?
They sure are.
I'm Carter Goodman.
You have kids?
No, no.
I'm accused
of being one sometimes, though. Yeah.
What brings you to Los Santos,
Carter Goodman?
I'm I'm scouting.
Uh, because I live in the city,
and I'm I don't like it.
I'd like to get out of the city.
And so now I'm here, and I'm
I'm seeing how I vibe with the place.
If it works for me, you know?
Well, I happen to be in real estate.
So if you decide it's awesome here,
which I'm sure you will,
I would love to help you
find a place to live.
Oh, so you're like a
You're showing the vineyard.
Yes. It just got on the market.
Do you, uh
Do you think it will sell for a lot?
Why? Are you trying to buy a vineyard?
Me? Oh no. [laughs]
Oh God, no. No.
What? Before, like, uh, what?
Before I buy my private plane?
What do you do?
I'm a carpenter.
Like Jesus?
I thought Jesus was a fisherman.
You know, it was probably
a gig economy back then.
So, uh, can you do, like, handyman stuff?
Oh yeah.
Yeah, I can do all
the handy carpentry things.
- [Fernando] Watch
- Where are you staying while in town?
At the, uh What was it?
The Crumbly Cork Motel.
Are you also a drug dealer?
What, is it that bad?
[Valentina chuckles]
Would you at all be interested in a trade?
I actually have a guesthouse
that needs work.
Is that so?
If you have the time.
- [Santiago] Yes!
- [whimsical music plays]
[Valentina] You could do
the work it needs,
and I'll let you stay the week for free.
This is a cute house.
Thank you.
And that is your project.
- [phone ringing]
- [Valentina sighs]
I have to take this.
Can you boys show him the guesthouse?
- Yep.
- Yeah?
I'll be right with you.
- Oh, no door. Okay.
- Isn't that why you're here?
[Santiago] What happened to my Legos?
Fernando, come on.
I worked on that for three days.
Do you guys need a minute?
[sighs] He'll be fine. Come on.
Here it is.
[whimsical music playing]
Bed is right there,
and the bathroom is through that door.
You know,
your wall could use a little more
Are you really a carpenter?
I have many skills.
Want me to hang around?
No, I really don't.
Blending in hard, Carter.
[gentle music plays]
[wind whooshing]
[breathes deeply]
[continues shuddering]
[whimpers, cries]
[birds chirping]
[Valentina] Hmm.
Mr. Goodman?
[knocks on door]
Uh, one sec!
I'm coming. One Jesus.
Hey, my alarm was just about to go off.
What is it, like, 9:00? 10:00?
Wow. Getting a jump on the day, huh?
I'm so sorry. I will bring you
something warmer for your bed.
Oh, that would be great.
Thank you.
I'm gonna go meet up with some clients.
Oh, about the winery?
No, just regular people
looking for regular houses.
Why? You need me to bring you some wine?
Need? No.
But I have learned
to never say no to wine.
I'll see what I can do.
Uh, in the meantime,
uh, if you wanted to get started in here,
I already paid for the drywall
at the Walker Hardware.
This is the address and phone number.
And the order's under Espinoza.
I like that.
I'm stuck with it.
Right. I mean, you can't just change
your last name on a whim.
I mean, I did when I got married.
That is one way to do it.
[whimsical music playing]
Okay, so I will leave you to it.
Roger that.
You can't change your last name.
Stupid idiot.
[doorbell chimes]
["Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly"
playing faintly]
You look lost, young buck.
Uh [chuckles]
I'm here to pick up an order for Espinoza.
It's out back.
You the contractor?
Come on.
What's your name, son?
Uh, Carter.
Moe. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
All right. Here's Val's order.
So, uh, which truck is yours?
that one.
It's because my truck
is in the shop right now.
It's getting a, uh
a gun rack. A gun rack put in it.
I'll tell you what, Carter.
I'll drop it off for you.
Val's place is on my way home.
- Really?
- Yeah.
That would be great. Thank you.
You know, when I was your age,
I may have exaggerated
a special skill a time or two
to impress a beautiful woman, so
You catch on quick.
I almost drowned one time trying
to impress Lola Parker. [chuckles]
- But you're lucky, young buck.
- Why is that?
Drywall shouldn't be fatal.
But I suggest you go on the internet
as soon as possible
before you end up
sealing yourself inside a wall.
Uh, it's a good tip.
[whimsical music playing]
Are you breaking bad, Moe?
No, I'm a garagiste.
You're a French mechanic?
It has another meaning.
Come on. Let me show you.
It's for winemaking.
In a garage?
Do you know anything about wine?
A little bit.
Like you know drywall?
No, I actually have a pretty good nose.
Well, then.
- [cork squeaks]
- [Moe exhales]
My friend, let's see here.
This is the latest from my label.
"Bottled by Moe Walker."
Tell me what you think.
[whimsical music continues]
What year is this?
Last week.
Probably needs some time to open up.
Yeah, about a century.
[chuckles] Okay, but what do you taste?
I mean, there's there's notes
of hibiscus and cherry,
but mostly it is horse crap.
Eh, it happens.
But the cherry and hibiscus was spot-on.
Man, I'm impressed.
That makes one of us.
- What's that?
- Hmm?
You know, I just love the old technique
of winemaking.
You know? Something romantic about it.
Once in a while, I crack the code.
Maybe I could have you try some others.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
You want help with that drywall?
- [chuckles]
- [whimsical music playing]
You drop off the supplies,
and then the next time I'm here
I will be emotionally ready
for another dose.
[laughs] Square deal.
Oh, am I gonna need some tools?
- ["Best of Me" by Everly playing]
- I'm letting you go
'Cause you'll never get the best of me
[phone ringing]
[inhales sharply]
Society as a whole
has decided that texting
is the preferred mode of communication.
Texting is crude.
There's a reason they invented
the telephone after the telegraph.
Yes, but autocorrect and the misuse
of emoticons by the elderly
provides constant family entertainment.
Very funny.
Have you made any progress?
Mom, I've got this.
It turns out there are
a bunch of potential bidders,
but I figured out a way
to find the highest bid.
And what's that?
I'm staying at the house
of the realtor in charge of it.
- How are you possibly staying...
- Hey, I gotta go. Call you back.
[line ends]
[Carter snoring]
[Santiago] Mr. Carter?
Aren't you supposed to be working
or something?
It's called self-care.
Kid, this is how grown-ups like me
stay at levels of peak performance.
You're not like a normal grown-up.
Aw. Thank you. [chuckles]
What's with the snowboard?
Did you already give up on skateboarding?
My dad gave snowboards to me and Fer
for Christmas a couple years ago.
We were supposed to go on a trip to Tahoe,
but we never did.
Mom says we might be able to go this year.
I wanted to figure out how to use it.
I don't want to suck at everything.
Fer's good at everything.
Okay, well,
I'm sure your dad just got really busy.
I bet you he takes you this year.
He didn't get busy.
He died.
[gentle music playing]
I'm I'm really sorry.
I didn't know.
It's okay.
You know,
my dad died when I was little too.
So I know what it's like.
But it gets easier.
And it makes you stronger.
So you're stronger?
You bet.
So, snowboarding.
Huh? I mean, it's it's pretty easy.
I can teach you.
- You snowboard too?
- Yeah.
Well, I prefer skiing.
Did your dad have a board?
It's in the shed.
Well, let's go get it.
We can practice.
- Here in the yard?
- You gotta get to know your board.
This is as good of a place as any.
[Santiago] It is?
[Carter] Bring your butt forward.
And see if you can
Okay. You're up.
Lean in to your heels.
That's how you're gonna turn,
it's how you'll slow down,
it's how you'll stop.
You're just learning the board,
understanding how it works.
So do that a couple times.
Rock and hold it.
You gotta stop.
There's a skier right in front of you.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Ah!
That's okay. Good job.
You got it, kid.
It's all a part of it. Good job.
That's it. You got it.
- Oh!
- Whoa! [chuckles]
And come towards me a little bit.
[gentle music playing]
There you go.
You're a natural, man.
Rock forward.
All right, now now see
how long you can hold it.
Yeah! [chuckles]
Now lean forward.
- You got it. Lean forward a little more.
- Ah!
One more time. One more time.
Bend your knees, center of gravity.
You're gonna turn the board.
You turn and find that edge.
Hey, guys.
Oh, hey, Moe.
Got your tools and your drywall.
Um, you keep working on this,
and we'll hit it again tomorrow.
How's that sound?
I'll be right there, Moe.
[Santiago] Thanks, Mr. Carter.
All right, so not a lot of cut-outs.
So shouldn't be too tricky.
And as I'm sure you know,
you want to install drywall
from the top down.
Right. Top down. The, uh The usual way.
Top down. I got it. Thank you.
Would you like me to help you with this?
What? No.
I know how to build a wall, Moe.
I did my internet research.
And have you thought
about installing doors?
Oh yeah. I should do that.
Okay, young buck. Good luck.
I can do this.
["Make It Look Easy" by SONNY OH! playing]
[groans] It's not light.
Yeah, yeah
I make it look easy
Yeah, hey
I make it look easy
Yeah, hey
I make it look easy
I feel so good
You've got to believe me
The way I move I make it look easy
- [grunts]
- [drill whirs]
- [drill whirs]
- Ah! Fuck!
Roll down your window
Play this on repeat
Whippin' yo' neck
When we come through the street
[breathing heavily]
I make it look easy
[drill whirs]
I make it look easy
Yeah, hey
Lights, camera, action
Everybody checking for the fashion
I had to make 'em look back
[music halts]
I can't do this.
[sucks teeth]
[car approaching]
[car door shuts]
Oh! Okay.
Okay [mumbling]
- [grunts]
- Knock, knock.
Oh, hey!
Oh, hey. Hey.
I I came to check on you.
Oh yeah.
No, I'm, uh, all good here. [chuckles]
I'm just planning tomorrow's work.
How was your day?
Any Any offers on any good houses or
Uh, no, no. It was just, uh
Uh, showings back-to-back.
All day.
I'm gonna put on a shirt. [chuckles]
[Carter exhales]
[exhales] Ow!
What happened to your finger?
Oh, this? It's nothing.
It comes with the job.
- [romantic music playing]
- [inhales deeply]
You know, we could move
some boxes to the garage
to give you some more space in here.
[Valentina] Watch your step.
- [Carter grunts]
- Oh, here. It's fine.
[both exhale]
What's all this?
Oh. This, uh
was my husband's.
Uh, listen, Santi told me
that he passed away.
And, uh, I'm really sorry.
The guesthouse was supposed to house
all of his wine memorabilia,
but I could really use
the rental income now.
[Carter exhales]
Do you know how old this thing is?
Only he would know.
But his main interest
Whoa, what are those?
Are you familiar
with our local garagiste wine culture?
I know a little something about it.
Chris loved it.
He collected and tried all of the wines.
He truly believed good wine
could come out of this valley.
All the grapes go to Baldwyn Wines
for their cheap stuff.
I don't know if any of these are good.
I'm just a casual drinker.
Chris was the dreamer.
[tender music playing]
Were the grapes from these wines
locally sourced?
All from Huckabee Vineyard.
Oh, that, uh that makes sense.
Seemed like there were
a lot of interested buyers.
Yeah. I thought Baldwyn Wines
was going to be very interested,
but we haven't heard from them.
- [door shuts]
- [Cindy] Hey, Val!
Who is this?
Cindy, this is Carter.
Carter, this is my friend Cindy.
Oh, you did not tell me you were dating.
No! No, we're not dating. [chuckles]
[Cindy] It's a shame.
Stunning couple.
Um, Carter is helping me fix
the guesthouse.
Is he now?
Hot handyman in the guesthouse.
[chuckles] I've seen that movie.
- [Valentina] Cindy.
- Yes?
- He can hear you.
- [Cindy] Yeah, I'm sorry.
Uh, we have planned
a little girls night for tonight.
- Well, I'll let you guys get to it.
- Okay.
I'm feeling
a little objectified right now.
[Cindy chuckles]
Bye, Carter!
Lock that down.
Listen, uh, brought a bottle of wine
from my neighbor Maria.
It's her entry for the wine festival.
And we can share it while you tell me
why his shirt was on inside out, okay?
[gentle music playing]
[Cindy exhales]
I should've got two bottles.
That is such a rookie mistake.
I can go to the garage
- Huh.
- Or
I have a Bargain Barrel Baldwyn.
Ew, gross.
Sleeping with the enemy?
- It's so cheap.
- I know. [chuckles]
I wonder if, uh, Carter has any wine.
He could come over.
We could share it.
- No.
- Why not?
He's so hot.
He's probably busy working.
Uh-huh. Is that it?
Or are you worried that Larry,
your banker friend, might get jealous?
- [chuckles] Oh stop.
- What?
Come on. You have all these hot guys
throwing themselves at you.
I think it is time you catch one.
[sucks teeth] No.
I can't even imagine what the kids
would think if they see me...
What? Happy? Dancing again?
Girl, I have not seen you shake
them Espinoza hips in forever.
Yeah, I haven't been feeling
like dancing much lately.
Oh, honey. [sighs]
We may never get bliss,
but every once in a while,
a kiss can do wonders.
No, the boys have been through enough.
So what?
Valentina Espinoza's
just done taking chances?
I'm not fun like you.
Oh, girl.
You can learn to do anything in life,
even how to loosen up.
You know, I did not always put
the "sin" in Cindy. [chuckles]
I was so focused on getting through
nursing school as fast as I could
I didn't even party in college.
Like ever. [chuckles]
I don't know.
Being a nurse,
I just
I see so many lives at the end, you know?
And I just realized I wasn't living mine.
So if you don't go knock on Carter's door,
maybe I will.
Hey, back off!
I just
[gentle music playing]
I just don't know if I'm ready.
It's only been a couple of years.
You know, when Chris was, um,
coming in to get his chemo treatments,
all he did was talk
about you and the boys.
He just wanted you to be happy, Valentina.
I really thought we had more time.
I know, honey. I'm sorry.
Time sucks.
It does.
But that is why
you have to steal from it.
Every day you can.
[birds chirping]
[alarm ringing]
- [exhales]
- [zipper unzipping]
- [Moe] Take it easy. [chuckles]
- You too.
Oh, he's alive. [chuckles]
You know, I was sure
you were gonna electrocute yourself.
Wait, what? I can die doing this?
What's up?
You, uh You need more tools?
- Uh, actually, I I need more drywall.
- Huh.
- I need to redo some of it.
- Okay.
We can definitely get you resupplied.
[Moe chuckles]
And I need some doors.
Is there any chance
that you took measurements?
I did! I did.
I saw a video that you need to do that
so you know that they, um that they fit.
I could use some help,
if you have the time.
[chuckles] You have time
to taste more wine?
[whimsical music plays]
[chuckles] Okay, now that last one
might've had some bad breath
You think?
Okay, it did have a little barnyard in it,
but try this one.
[Carter exhales]
- [Carter exhales]
- We ought to get you a bucket for that.
It's not quite there yet.
Okay, okay, details. I need details.
Okay, no horse crap.
Hmm, okay.
Good fruit, super grippy
some austere tannins, though.
Well, that's okay. It's whole cluster.
Those tannins will soften.
Trust me. [murmurs]
Look, no offense, Moe,
but Los Santos grapes
aren't exactly known for tasting great.
That is nonsense, okay?
We just got a bad rap
because of Bargain Barrel Baldwyn.
They're garbage winemakers
who took good soil and good fruit
and homogenized it into bland,
overly sweet wine.
Can't argue with that.
[smacks lips] It's all in the process.
In vino veritas, my man. [chuckles]
- I don't think that's what that means.
- Oh, let's try this one.
Huh? I have to find my best blend
for the festivals.
All right, um, one more,
but then we gotta go back
to making a wall.
Oh, that's gonna be good.
No, no, no. Slide that to the left.
We'll cut out another piece for the edge.
But what about the outlet?
Well, if you put it there,
you'll mess up railroading
your butt joints.
I haven't been warned about that
since Mr. Hoffman's Sex Ed class.
Sounds like a wise man. [chuckles]
Here, let me take some measurements.
[Carter grunts]
So do you get all your grapes
from the Huckabee Estates?
Yeah, everyone around here does.
And you just make the wine in your garage?
[chuckles] No.
I, um, experiment in my garage.
But when I get serious,
I use the facilities down
at the Huckabee Vineyard. We all do.
So what's everyone gonna do
when someone buys the vineyard?
Well, Val has a plan.
She found a friendly buyer?
Something like that.
A collective.
- [curious music plays]
- Huh.
Oh, my three o'clock's here.
Well, that's my cue.
You put the doors in.
We sure did. I'll be right there, Santi.
Thank you again for helping me today.
One who brings happiness
to others finds it.
Is that Plato?
I read it on a teabag.
Toe Put your weight on your toes.
And then heel.
So, eventually, when you turn,
you're gonna beWeight in the toes
And that's gonna start
to turn the snowboard in the snow.
I thought Val already had a handyman.
Oh, yeah, she does.
Yeah, I met him.
Got more of a pool boy vibe.
[chuckles] You may be on to something,
but you didn't hear it from me.
I can tell you're the real thing.
[gentle music plays]
Two, three One, two
[grunts] Jump!
Good job.
Aw, that's it!
[car engine turns over]
Hey, guys.
Hi, Aunt Cindy.
- Hey.
- [Cindy chuckles]
- [Cindy] Hey, Val.
- [Carter] That's it!
All right, here's what we're gonna do
- What are you looking at?
- [Carter continues indistinctly]
- Santi.
- [Carter] Ready? One, two
[Valentina] It's kind of nice for him
to have a man around the house.
- What's up?
- [Cindy] Uh-huh.
- Okay, for me too.
- Oh, there it is. [chuckles]
I just met a handyman in the driveway.
That's Moe.
He's helping Carter out.
I could use a little handy work from Moe.
- Cindy
- Just saying.
Mo' Moe, less problems.
- Don't say that.
- I instantly regretted it.
Nice work, man. Give me some.
[smacks lips, exhales]
You're really getting the hang of this.
Just got to get you in some snow.
How are we gonna do that?
I don't know, but I'll figure it out.
- [Santiago] Thanks, Mr. Carter.
- [Carter exhales]
[whimsical music playing]
Hey, Moe.
No, I am not calling
from inside of the wall.
Look, I got a wild idea.
What are you doing tomorrow?
[thunder rumbles]
[thunder rumbles faintly]
[curtain opens]
[gentle music playing]
I thought we could, um,
finish clearing things out.
Uh, sure.
Should I go like this?
I'll leave it up to you.
Give me two minutes.
And I really think we should get
some window treatments in this guesthouse.
[Carter exhales]
[sighs] I'm starting
to run out of space in here.
Why don't you just get rid of these wines?
It's not like any of them are gonna be
the next Chateau Cheval Blanc.
[whimsical music plays]
Was that snootiness?
Are you a wine snob?
Me? No.
N No.
A little.
Okay, a lot.
So, because they're made in a garage,
they can't be good?
If they're made in a garage,
the chances are slim. Yeah.
We're gonna try one.
Are you sure?
I mean,
they are your husband's wines, after all.
But he collected them
so they could be enjoyed.
We will enjoy it.
"Pour decisions." [chuckles]
It's a fitting name.
Let's try it.
[gentle music playing]
All right, here goes.
Um, tastes like wine.
Okay, uh, let's take a step back.
See, I was taught
And then you're gonna swirl it.
It's to open the aroma.
[exhales slowly]
and sip.
Let it fall across your palate,
and you savor the finish.
That actually doesn't suck.
Okay, uh, you try.
- See?
- Mm-hmm.
[Carter chuckles]
- [gargles]
- Oh.
[gulps, exhales]
Still tastes like wine.
Okay, but what else do you taste?
- Cherry?
- Mm-hmm.
Peanut butter crackers?
- Wait, what?
- Oh, that's from my kid's lunch.
Okay, no, no, no.
I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it.
[sniffs deeply]
[continues sniffing]
These grapes
were picked on a humid Saturday,
by a 73-year-old Frenchman
with a slight limp,
who enjoys anchovies on his pizza
[sniffs] a fact
that he hides from his wife,
because she thinks
they're bad for his digestion.
You have a a very specific nose.
No, you have a very specific nose.
I had a glass with Cindy,
and now I'm feeling your face.
No. No, I, uh
I appreciate your honest appraisal.
You see?
Wine doesn't have to be fancy to be good.
Okay, well, if they're so good,
then why aren't they available at,
let's say, Whole Foods?
Because it's not that easy
to get a wine label into stores.
Especially when our grapes
get such a bad rep.
Is it because of Bargain Barrel Baldwyn?
Which sometimes I drink.
Because sometimes it just hits the spot.
- Hmm.
- Like Mac 'n' cheese.
Wine was never meant
to be a class divider.
Dionysus meant for it
to bring people together,
to enjoy, and celebrate,
and share,
and bond.
You like what you like.
The rest is just posturing.
You may be right.
Let's try another one.
[gentle music playing]
[glasses clink]
What do you think?
[sniffs deeply]
Another good one.
So what did you learn tonight,
Mr. Carter?
I've learned that maybe
there's actually some good grapes
in Los Santos.
Huckabee Estates. Every one of them.
What's up with the sale?
Moe said something about a collective.
Well, no single local winemaker
can afford to buy the property,
I am getting them to all pool together.
I see.
And we have just enough
to meet the bank's market value.
I hope that'll do it.
Yeah, me too.
So what else have you learned tonight?
I've learned that sometimes
you need to take chances.
[gentle music playing]
I think I learned that tonight too.
Okey dokey.
I think I should go now.
Are you sure?
No. Yes.
I I should go check on the boys
and crash.
Okay, yeah. Uh, understood.
I'll I'll clean up here.
And thank you for the wine tasting tips.
Oh, and I, uh
I like your nose too.
Bottled at Moe's Garage?
You sneaky devil. You do have talent.
That's your vintage?
Hmm. [sniffles]
[gentle music playing]
[bottle thuds]
What do we have here?
Huckabee and Baldwyn?
What the
[phone ringing]
Well, I haven't heard from you
in quite a while.
Have you fled to Cabo?
[scoffs] No.
I'm doing what you asked me to do.
Did you know that Grandpa George
and Hollis Huckabee
used to be business partners?
That's not what I sent you to find out.
But Grandpa George believed in
what could be created here.
Right. Well, that's ancient history.
Those two had absolutely
no business sense.
They were dreamers.
What's wrong with being a dreamer?
Because, eventually,
you have to wake up and face reality.
Now what did you find out?
Well, I found a whole community of people
who really resent Baldwyn Wines.
They're all pooling together
to try to keep the vineyard.
Well, that's so sad. It's almost funny.
That's not sad, Mom. It's sweet.
Carter, don't go soft on me.
This is gonna be great for the company.
Now did you find out what they're bidding?
I don't think that
I don't think that
we should be doing this.
It's not a fair fight.
Life isn't fair, Carter.
Now I've sent you there to do a job.
Did you do it, or did you not?
They have just enough
to match the bank's appraisal.
Well, there you go!
That wasn't so hard, was it?
Oh my God. The board members
will be so excited about this purchase.
Actually, I think I'm gonna announce it
at the Christmas party.
Now get back here!
I need your help choosing
the hors d'oeuvres.
I can't leave yet.
Oh my God. Why the hell not?
Because I have another job,
and I won't leave until I see it through.
[line ends]
[phone thuds]
[birds chirping]
Morning, sunshine.
Oh, perfect. Val just left.
Is she not aware of our
I'm taking a chance.
It's better to beg for forgiveness
than ask permission.
I read it on a bumper sticker.
Ah. Let's get to it.
["Hard Workin' Man"
by Danny Brooks playing]
All right!
I don't have a whole lot of money
Three-car garage home
Everything I got, Lord knows
I worked my finger to the bone
No hidden agenda
What you see, what you get
I might tell the odd tall tale
But nothin' I would regret
Keep my head down in the wind
I press on the best I can
I'm just a hard, hard
Hard workin' man
Hard workin' man
Hard workin' man
I do the best I can
Santi, you're gonna get it.
You just need more practice.
Watch me.
Fer, look.
["Hard Workin' Man" continues]
Oh, Carter.
You never know
Who's watching you
[Carter] Cindy.
- Uh
- Just hear me out, okay?
What is that?
A hard workin' man
- Hard workin' man
- Hard workin' man
Hard workin'
[song fades]
No, that's great, Larry.
- Hold on. I'm getting out of the car.
- [Larry] Okay.
So how much are they investing?
They were able to come up
with another 50,000.
So what's our total now?
- [Larry] It's just over asking price.
- [Moe] Please don't die.
There's no other party.
It's looking good, Val.
Larry, I'll call you right back.
Hey, Val.
What is that?
[Fernando] It's awesome.
They built us a snowboard ramp
to practice on.
It's both crazy and awesome.
What do you think?
- I was just about to test it out.
- [Cindy giggles]
Look, you won't be able to dig an edge in,
but it should be good practice
until we hit the powder.
Cowabunga, dudes!
[whimsical music playing]
[all] Ooh!
Ooh, good God.
- Well, at least the ramp held.
- [Carter groans]
Please tell me
someone got a video of that.
Are you okay?
Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
Who's next?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- Not my boys. No hospital visits today.
- Please?
- Come on, Mom.
- Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.
- Mm-mm.
- You know, I think I may have a solution.
[whimsical music playing]
[both] Yes!
- Whoa!
- [Valentina shrieks]
[Valentina] Baby, are you all right?
I'm okay!
[Valentina] Don't forget your goggles!
[Cindy] You got this, Santi!
- [Moe] Mm-hmm.
- Come on!
[all cheer]
- [Cindy] Santi!
- [Valentina] You did it!
- [Carter] Woo-hoo!
- Ooh, smooth!
- Watch this.
- [Valentina] Careful!
[Fernando] Whoa! [grunts]
[Moe] Maybe take a break.
[Fernando] Woo!
- Good job.
- Okay!
[Valentina] He looks so confident.
[Carter] I know! He's loving it.
are you still leaving tomorrow?
Well, I'm just about done here, so
[Moe] Look at them. [chuckles]
- Those two youngsters make it so hard.
- Mmm.
I've learned when you know what you want,
you just gotta go after it.
Yeah, me too.
Give me your phone.
[Santiago] Okay, here I go.
[Valentina] Good job, baby.
It's my phone number.
Dare you to call it.
- [upbeat ringtone playing]
- Sexy, sexy lady
Think your phone's ringing.
Moe and Cindy seem to be hitting it off.
They're going to get drinks.
- Uh, you wouldn't want to get...
- [Santiago] Mom, we're ready!
Fernando's gonna finish all the popcorn.
I'll be right there.
Movie night.
They worked hard today.
They, uh They deserve it.
You want to watch Home Alone with us?
Uh, I guess, yeah.
[Santiago] No!
Why would you ask him that?
This is our thing.
You know, I should probably go.
- Sorry.
- No, it's all good.
Does that mean you don't want to talk?
But I thought you liked Carter.
You guys had a fun day today.
I do like him, but
he's not our dad.
Baby, of course he's not.
No one will ever replace your dad.
No one ever could.
He's just a friend of ours. That's all.
Movie night is only for family.
Then it's just gonna be the three of us.
I don't want to share you.
Come here.
Listen to me.
I miss your dad every day.
But I'm so lucky I get to see his face
every time I look
at these two handsome faces.
There's something I want you boys to know.
When Fernando was born,
your dad and I didn't think
there was any way we could love
anything as much as we loved him.
Our hearts were so full.
And then I got pregnant with Santi.
And we were like,
"What are we gonna do?"
"Do we have to split our love
into two parts?"
And you were born
and it was
No, we didn't have to split
our love into two parts.
Our hearts doubled.
[tender music playing]
And that is what you two boys
taught me and your dad.
[Santiago] What?
That there's no limit to love.
If you let it grow,
your heart gets bigger.
So don't think that because us,
the three of us,
love each other,
that by letting someone new into our life,
we're gonna
love each other, or your dad, any less.
That's not how it works.
- Yeah.
- Entendido?
I love you two until the cows come home.
[both sigh] And until the chickens
fly north for the winter.
[gentle music playing]
You spent all these years
making this incredible wine,
- and this is your label?
- Okay.
[both laugh]
Boy, you are lucky I came along.
Mmm, cheers to that.
You actually finished
something you started.
[knocks on door]
Anybody home?
[gentle music playing]
[sighs deeply]
Val, I hope you like my wall.
[phone ringing]
[Carter] Hey, Moe.
Hey, I'll see you
at the wine festival today, right?
No, no, I have, um
Uh, I got something I have to do.
No, no, no, you're coming.
L Listen.
I'm putting out my Pour Decisions 2016.
Now you said you love that one, right?
Yeah, yeah, I do.
It's very important
that you come experience
what the other winemakers
in this valley are creating.
So be at my booth 2:00 p.m.
It's right by the entrance.
And don't be late.
[relaxing music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[man 1] Hi. I'll take two, please.
- [woman 1] This is beautiful.
- [indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
[glass clinks]
This is my bestseller. You want to try it?
Then you take a sip, and you'll see.
Thank you.
This is a very interesting sauvignon.
She uses a steel drum to ferment,
but she adds her own special twist.
Well, she nailed it.
[chuckles] Thank you.
I learned it from my grandma.
Maybe I will teach Brynne someday.
Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
[Moe chuckles]
Hey, young buck. Right on time.
On time for what?
To, uh Just for the time
that we said we'd meet.
Hey, guys.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you checking out the festival?
Well, actually, I'm here to meet Moe.
Oh, cool.
Uh, I'm meeting Cindy.
What time?
You're right on time.
For what?
A setup.
Would you look at that?
- [phone chimes]
- [chuckles]
Oh, we might have some answers here.
This is a fun-napping.
Do not attempt to contact authorities.
Do not attempt to trace this call.
Or video Whatever.
My demands are simple.
Have fun today,
and do not worry about these rugrats
for one second.
I will send proof of life every hour.
But if my demands are not met
[boys whimpering]
I will feed these children so much sugar
their heads will pop off.
[Santiago] Mm-hmm.
Your hands should be tied
behind your back.
I already did that part.
- It's still recording.
- Going off script here, guys. Okay.
Oh no.
You know,
I've seen this kind of thing before.
It's, uh
This one looks like
a professional fun-napper.
You know,
I don't think we have a choice but to, uh,
have a lot of fun.
[chuckles] Okay.
[both chuckle]
Uh, let me send a message first.
I am a mother
with a very particular set of skills.
If too much sugar enters
those boys' bodies,
I will find you,
and I will make you pay.
For brunch.
Come on. I've got a wine you need to try.
Works every time.
- Carter, this is Joe.
- It's nice to meet you.
Joe was always one of Chris's
favorite garagistes.
- Well, then I'm already impressed.
- [Joe] Thank you.
I use a very simplistic approach.
I don't filter, fine,
or cold and stabilize my wines at all.
- Wow. Well, I'd love to try some.
- Oh, we're gonna try a whole bottle.
- [Carter chuckles]
- Oh, thanks.
And a cheese plate, please.
Thank you.
["Madness 101" by Jonathan Tinne playing]
Walking through all of this madness
I fell in love with life regardless
I see all these people
enjoying what they do
and talking about it with so much passion.
That's not me.
[Valentina] What are you passionate about?
I don't know.
My mom kind of planned
my whole life for me.
Even down to who I should marry.
How's that going?
[Carter inhales deeply]
I owe the poor girl an apology.
How about your father?
He passed away when I was young.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, my mom,
she kind of got overbearing after that.
She probably just thought
she was protecting me, but, uh [inhales]
I just refused to be who she wanted.
So I rebelled.
Into the wild world of carpentry?
[Valentina chuckles]
Yeah, something like that.
She says that I'm a, uh, poet
who can't rhyme.
And I say she's a nut that won't crack.
- She's unbreakable.
- Oh.
I bet she's not that bad.
Oh, if only you knew who my mother was.
You might think the same thing.
I'm sure most children
say that about their mothers.
I can only imagine what my kids
will say about me one day.
You're a great mom.
How would you know that?
You've only known me for a few days.
Yeah, but I know your kids.
And your kids are awesome.
They have a sense
of who they are in this world.
And they're not born with that.
You instilled that in them.
They're pretty great.
So are you.
[tender music playing]
Okay, I think we need more wine.
Uh, you know what?
I, uh I think I know a guy.
I'll be right back.
[sighs] I don't know why
you're not picking up.
You're the one
who loves phone technology so much.
- [Margo] This is Margo. Leave a message.
- [line beeps]
Hey, just listen to me, okay? You can't
And lastly,
I don't want anyone to get too excited,
but I may have something in the works
that's going to allow us
to expand next year.
- Is that why we haven't seen Carter?
- [phone vibrates]
I'll tell you more tomorrow.
Thanks for coming.
Bye now.
- [man 1] Bye, Margo.
- [woman 1] Bye.
[woman 2] Bye.
[indistinct chatter]
[Carter] Hey, just listen to me, okay?
You can't outbid the collective.
There is a whole wine culture here
that relies on the Huckabee Estate.
And they make some pretty good wine.
They deserve to own a vineyard.
You have never listened to my opinion,
but you have to listen to me now.
Call me back so I know you got this.
[tender music playing]
- ["Bring the Heat" playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
- I wanna see you bring the heat
- The heat
[Carter] You wanna dance?
No, I'm good.
Why not?
You scared?
What are you doing?
About to dance.
Showing you my moves.
[Carter grunts]
[Valentina chuckles]
Okay, okay, okay.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
- What?
- I'll teach you.
- Okay.
You go first to one side, right?
And then you come back.
And then one, and then you come back.
And then
- Huh?
- Okay.
- There you go. Yeah.
- Can I try something?
- [gasps]
- I wanna see you bring the heat
- I wanna see you bring the flavor
- The flavor
- Come on, let's move it to the beat
- The beat
- We gonna do it now and later
- And later
Oh, you sneaky
- Bring the heat
- The heat
- Bring the heat
- The heat
- Bring the heat
- The heat
Bring the heat
I got, yeah, everything you want to know
I just don't stop
[crowd] Ooh!
- Woo!
- [crowd laughs]
They just keep come a knockin
Like ra-ta-ta
Yeah, they can't help but love it
'Cause I'm
I'm in the mood for something
I got a body slashing
So, papi, say the word
And we gon' do it
I'm in the mood for something
Can't help but feel the rush, yeah
Keep doing what we do
Until this room is burning up, yeah
- I wanna see you bring the heat
- The heat
- [crowd cheering]
- I wanna see you bring the flavor
- Come on, let's move it to the beat
- To the beat
- We gonna do it now and later
- And later
I wanna see you bring the heat
Your body, yeah, just move that body
Bring the heat
That body, yeah, just move that body
Bring the heat
That body, yeah, just move that body
Bring the heat
That body, yeah, just move that body
Uh-huh, your body
Yeah, just move that body
Like, uh-huh
- [Valentina shrieks]
- [crowd gasps]
Like, uh-huh, you got it
Yeah, just move that body
Like, uh-huh, you got it, yeah
- I wanna see you bring the heat
- The heat
- [music fades]
- [crowd cheering]
[tender music playing]
[both laughing]
Moe, how do the people like
the "Pour Decision"?
Uh, Val, Val.
Did you talk to Larry?
Yes, he's been trying to reach you
about the bid.
He said he's on his way over.
Oh, my phone was on silent.
[Larry] Val! Val!
I've been calling you.
- Larry, what is it?
- We got another bid on the Estate.
You were outbid by exactly 100 grand.
Who's the bidder?
Baldwyn Wines.
[Valentina] Oh.
Of course it is.
What time is it?
Can we still outbid them?
It's too late.
They submitted their bid
right at the deadline.
Oh, this can't be happening.
Oh, the planning, the contracts,
and the meetings.
How am I gonna tell everybody
that we lost the vineyard?
And to Baldwyn Wines.
Oh, I should've known
they would do something like this.
I am so sorry.
[Moe sighs]
How could they possibly know
the exact amount to bid?
I don't know.
[Carter] It was me.
It was me.
What was you?
I was the one who told Baldwyn Wines
how much your collective was bidding.
I'm so sorry, Val.
It was before I knew
how special your community was.
Why? Why would you do that?
I'm Carter Baldwyn.
It's my fam My mother's business.
And I called her earlier,
and I pleaded with her
not to submit her bid.
A lot of good that did.
Well, I thought she would listen to me.
If I could go back and change everything,
I would do it in a second.
So everything was a lie?
Not how I feel about you.
Words are from the lips, Carter.
Actions are from the heart.
- Val...
- Goodbye.
[Moe sighs]
Kind of wish the drywall had killed you.
[Moe sighs]
Yeah, me too.
Okay, hey, you know what?
You came clean.
That's the important thing.
The only way forward is the truth.
It was the wine talking.
In vino veritas.
Oh, is that what that means?
There's someone I need to talk to.
[phone ringing]
Yes, son?
You need to retract the bid.
Enough, Carter.
The Baldwyn Wine's name
will be on that vineyard.
You brought honor
to the family name, honey.
Family name?
That's a joke.
Grandpa George would be sick
to find out what's happening
to the people of Los Santos.
Grandpa George and Hollis Huckabee
wanted to make money too.
They just weren't any good at it.
A trait they passed on to your father.
God rest his soul.
When he died,
he left me all alone
with a failing company and a young child.
I had to step up.
I made the family name what it is today.
Well, what good does that do
the garagistes in Los Santos?
they can get drunk on very cheap wine
and forget all their problems.
You disappoint me, Mother.
And you me.
This company may have been founded
by a dreamer, but it was nothing
until someone woke up and faced reality.
I did that.
And I suggest you do the same.
Don't bother coming tomorrow.
[line ends]
He moved in, lived here.
Right under my nose.
And the whole time,
he was just gathering information.
Who does that?
A spy.
Like, a sexy sexy wine spy.
- You know who I blame?
- Huh?
Reality TV shows
and those home remodeling shows
because they make you believe that
the world is filled with sexy carpenters.
What does this say
about my judge of character
that I allowed him around my boys?
They are going to be fine, okay?
They knew him for, like, five days.
I need you to be fine.
- I'm fine.
- Oh, okay.
I just feel alone.
you're not alone.
Okay? You are still surrounded
by plenty of people who love you.
All right, look.
So you took a chance, okay?
You put yourself out there,
and it didn't work out.
It sucks.
But I'm still really proud of you, Val.
- Was the kiss good?
- Really good.
Yeah, that tracts.
[gentle music playing]
[car door opens, shuts]
[doorbell chimes]
Time to face the music, young buck.
Thank you for letting me stay here.
I, uh I didn't know what else to do.
Think it's time I gave you your gift.
Uh, honestly, that's not necessary.
I think I'm more in
the coal territory this year.
It's not what you think.
It's the gift of consequence.
So head or gut?
You lost me.
Carter, you lied to Val.
And you destroyed
the garagiste's culture in Los Santos.
Now, for that, you deserve one shot.
So I'm gonna let you choose.
Your head or your gut?
- You're serious?
- As a heart attack.
See, normally, I'd let it go,
but we're friends now.
So you won't forget.
Now, stop being such a privileged prince.
All right, I guess my gut.
Rookie mistake.
Gut is worse.
- Just breathe.
- [gasps, groans]
- That's right. Breathe.
- [groans]
You're a good friend, Moe.
[breathes deeply]
You know,
the pain is actually
giving me some clarity.
No, I have to I have to [exhales]
I have to see this through. I
I mean, this can't be over.
Think I like this new attitude already.
If my mom is not gonna listen to me, then
I need to show her right in her face
so she can't deny it.
- How are you gonna do that?
- I'm gonna hit her where it hurts.
- The gut?
- No, her pride.
- Thinking of a plan?
- Mm-hmm.
Should we go grab some breakfast?
I got it.
Good luck.
No, it's not a "me" thing.
It's a "we" thing. I need your help.
And Cindy's.
[Moe sighs]
I'm gonna regret this, aren't I?
Well, yeah, probably.
There's like a 90% chance
this goes sideways,
but here's the plan.
- First, what we're gonna do
- Mm-hmm.
[inquisitive music playing]
- Ho, ho, ho.
- [guard] You're a little early
- Jonathan.
- [chuckles]
That's my secret identity.
You're good to go.
Thank you.
[inquisitive music continues]
I think we are officially married
in some states.
- [both grunt]
- I don't wanna talk about it.
Grab what you can,
and we'll come back and get dressed.
Follow me. We have about an hour
before the gifts arrive.
[music halts]
[piano music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter continues]
[inquisitive music playing]
You okay under all that, Carter?
Oh yeah.
I'm feeling the Christmas magic.
[clears throat]
All right, so far, so good.
Which table's your mom's?
The one with all
the finely aged rich people.
Those are the board members.
- Cheers! Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas!
- Thanks, Margo.
- So nice.
All right, I'm on it.
[indistinct chatter]
[Carter] Moe, you ready?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Just get in here. Come on.
- [man 1 chuckles]
- [woman 1] This is lovely, isn't it?
[indistinct chatter]
I know. It's one of my very favorites.
Yeah, you have great taste.
- [woman 1] Very nice.
- [Carter] Ho, ho, ho!
I agree.
[clears throat] Uh, c canaps?
- Yes, please.
- Yes, please.
- Nothing for me. Thank you.
- Thank you.
Um, and how's everyone enjoying the wine?
Oh, it's absolutely fabulous.
Really. Margo, how do you do it?
Well, I have my sommelier
find the best new French wine
every single year.
- Well, it's lovely.
- I'm so happy you guys are enjoying it.
Oh, um Ah, could you
Yeah, thanks.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [woman 2] Yeah, yeah, I know!
[woman 3] Well, Jesus Christ
Where's Carter? He never misses a party.
Yeah, well, he got hung up on
a special assignment that I sent him on.
- It's more heavy
- I knew it.
What have you been up to?
You'll see.
Gonna make a little announcement.
I still don't understand
why you dragged me out here.
Moe got tickets for this?
It's gonna be great. I promise.
[Valentina] Wait.
Baldwyn Wines?
Why would you bring me to the last place
on earth I would want to be?
Because I'm your friend.
And there's something
I think you need to see.
You are a sexy wine spy.
- Oh, hey.
- [Moe chuckles]
I am so glad you guys could make it.
Why are you dressed like a waiter?
Get comfy.
No matter how this goes,
I'm sure you're gonna be entertained.
Is everyone a sexy wine spy?
- [indistinct chatter]
- [jazz music playing]
- [mumbles]
- Yeah.
[indistinct chatter continues]
Ho, ho, ho!
[glass clinks]
Welcome, everyone, to the Baldwyn Wines
annual Christmas celebration.
[all applauding]
Is everyone enjoying themselves?
[all applauding]
Well, for Santa's first surprise
- [man 2] Oh!
- Ta-da!
[all applauding]
Mom, okay, I know what you're thinking,
but everything's gonna be just fine.
All right?
[crowd chuckles]
- [all cheering]
- Just give me two more seconds.
[cheering continues]
This was easier in my mind.
[woman 2 laughing]
[all whistling, cheering]
Okay, here we go.
As most of you in this room know,
I have had some bouts of
immaturity in the past.
- [crowd chuckles]
- No, no, it's true. It's true.
And I would like to apologize
to the groundskeepers
for some minor golf cart incidents,
to housekeeping
for the messes in my suite,
and as God as my witness,
I could've sworn
that peacocks could swim.
- [scattered chuckles]
- [man 2] I don't know about that one.
But more than anyone,
I owe an apology to a lovely woman,
who, unfortunately,
got the worst of me.
[chuckles nervously] Emma.
I am so sorry
for how I behaved towards you.
It was childish, and it was cowardly.
And you didn't deserve it.
And I hope you'll find it in your heart
to forgive me.
[woman 3] Aw!
Thank you for that.
[clears throat] Okay.
Uh, now on to business.
I hope everybody is enjoying the crudo,
the braised asparagus,
and the duck confit.
I think it pairs very nicely
with the wine selection of the evening.
The Chateau LeMenteur?
Is everybody digging it?
[all applauding]
there's no such vineyard.
- [woman 3 scoffs]
- [man 2] What's he talking about?
[indistinct whispers]
What you are actually drinking
is a bold cabernet
from Baldwyn Wines'
newly acquired vineyard.
[inquisitive music plays]
- [crowd gasps]
- [indistinct chatter]
- That's Moe's wine.
- [chuckles]
[woman 4] Are you kidding me?
A vineyard that my mother Huh?
She insisted on buying.
And she was right to do so.
I was?
- Margo, you are full of surprises.
- [chuckles nervously] Yeah.
This year, I was hit with the ghosts
of Christmas past and present.
My mother sent me to Los Santos,
a place where this company got its start.
My grandfather, George Baldwyn,
bought land
with his partner Hollis Huckabee.
Their dream
was to produce small batch wines
to compete with the big market labels.
And while I was there,
I got to meet the people
and the winemakers of Los Santos.
Their passion for wine
and their spirit of community embodies
everything that my grandfather envisioned.
And I fell in love there too.
[all] Aw.
He's talking about you.
- He's talking about everyone.
- No.
Tonight, you have also met them.
By enjoying a sample
of what they have to offer.
Bargain Barrel Baldwyn doesn't
have to be the legacy of Baldwyn Wines.
Dionysus always said
that wine should bring people together.
And if sometimes that means drinking
Bargain Barrel wines, then so be it.
But Baldwyn Wines
has a chance to embrace the amazing
artisan community of Los Santos
and carry a line of wines that all of us
can actually be proud to drink.
A premium,
small batch garagiste collection.
So what do you say?
Does Baldwyn Wines garagiste collection
belong on shelves everywhere
for everyone to enjoy?
[uplifting music playing]
[all cheering]
[cheering continues]
It sounds like we have a winner.
Margo, I love this idea.
We should've done this a long time ago.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
And thank you so much
for coming out tonight.
[all applauding]
[indistinct cheers]
We'll see. [inhales]
So what'd you think of the speech?
A rumbling mess.
- Pretty sappy.
- Couldn't mention my name?
But we loved it.
Excuse me.
Uh, can you give me a second?
Well, Mother, what do you think?
Starting a new division
of Baldwyn Wines, huh?
That's right.
Sounds like a lot of work.
Who do you suppose
is gonna do all that work?
Well, if you let me,
I I'd love to finish what I started.
Well, you know, finishing what you start
hasn't always been
your strong suit, honey.
You're right.
But I've realized that I've been so busy
running from everything
that I haven't taken the time
to figure out what I want to run towards.
And you think this is it?
I know it is.
I think your dad and your grandpa
would be very proud of you.
And you?
I mean, you've worked so hard.
Would this honor your legacy?
my legacy isn't Bargain Barrel Baldwyn.
It never was.
My legacy is you.
[tender music playing]
- [chuckles]
- I'm so proud of you.
- This feels like a like a hug moment?
- Yes, it is. Come here!
I love you.
I love you too.
[inhales sharply]
- Carter
- I
go get your girl.
[Moe] Are you serious?
[gentle music playing]
You know,
it would be a shame
for anyone wearing a dress that well
not to dance in it.
Good idea.
Who should I ask to dance?
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe someone trying to work their way
off the naughty list?
Well, it is Christmas.
Let's let the wine do the talking
So I can dance all night with you
Oh, Carter?
A little naughty is nice.
Feel like dancing
Let's let the wine do the talking
[Carter] Come on, Fernando. You got this.
It's just like the backyard.
- Okay, here goes.
- [Valentina] Woo!
There you go!
[Fernando laughs] Look at me!
- [Santiago] Woo!
- [Carter] Woo-hoo!
[Santiago] You need
to lower your stance, dude! [chuckles]
[Fernando] Hey, wait up!
You did a good job with these two.
You did good work with me.
Eh, calmate. You're a work in progress.
Inhibitions melting away
Midnight kisses
What can I say?
I'm intoxicated by your smile
[Carter] Woo-hoo!
Hesitation fading away
Life is sweet like a glass of ros
Why don't we stay here
And taste more wine?
Let's let our fates do the knockin'
We'll try to deny
When we know the truth
When we were never involved
Yeah, ain't that incredible?
Let's let the wine do the talking
Let's let the night lead to something
Where we'll end up
We don't have a clue, yeah
We're suddenly meant to be
Come on, have one more drink with me
And let's let the wine
Do the talking
[whimsical music playing]
[music halts]