A Winter Princess (2019) Movie Script

Carly, there's this terrible
rumour floating around
that today is your last day.
Alison, I'm afraid
that it's true.
You haven't seen Nicole,
have you?
She was supposed to give me
my exit interview.
Well, perhaps we could call it
an "exit discussion."
It's not every day you get
your exit interview
from the owner of the resort.
So what's your plan?
I'm going back to my family
business at home.
I know how much work it can be.
My parents made this place
what it is,
I've just tried
to keep it alive.
So you have been our assistant
event planner for about a year,
and you're going back
to Europe, right?
A small country in the Alps
no one's ever heard of.
Oh, one of those ones where
they still have a king?
He's more like a mayor.
So, is Nicole, is she going
to be joining us? Uh, Nicole quit after her
boyfriend got that job
in Denver this fall.
She wanted to be closer to him.
Well, I knew that
she missed him,
but with Snowden Fest
in just a few days
and the sleigh ride
and the ice rink...
Well, from what I've seen,
you have all the events
pretty dialled in.
But the Snowball,
the 50th anniversary,
Nicole, she was handling
that all herself.
Oh, Alison, I would love
to stay...
Great. I'll get you
a new plane ticket.
I... I'm afraid it's a little
bit more than that.
You see, my father
and my brother, they...
I haven't been home
in almost a year.
And you know how it is
with family...
You have to be there.
I like the way you think.
Do you remember what
you wrote on your resume
before I hired you?
"Objective. "To create inspiring events that
bring the community together."
Do you feel like you've
achieved that?
No, I was never really given
that chance.
So what if you were?
Welcome to Aspen, Charlie.
This is the first time
a general manager
has even bothered to meet me
on my first day.
[car door slams]
This townhouse is in the folio
you'll be managing for us.
Thanks for showing me
around like this, Mr. Mitchner.
I meet all my new hires, David.
Come on inside.
I'll show you around.
Hey, I'm curious, uh,
what's the culture like?
It seems like you can get
lost pretty easily
at a place this big.
Three times my first week.
You just have to look
at the upsides
of working at a big resort.
Yeah, we have three shifts
of people working 24/7.
So, when you clock out, you clock out.
Your free time belongs
to you.
Oh, so you actually get
to see your family?
I see them when I can.
[phone rings]
Speaking of which,
that's my sister.
Nice hat.
More of a memento.
It used to belong
to my roommate.
This girl named Carly?
Then she had to go back
to her family in Europe.
No one's more bummed about it
than me.
Brittany, Alison just asked me
to plan the Snowball.
Are you kidding?
It's the 50th anniversary,
people are coming from all over,
there's a band...
don't tell me you said no.
You'd only have to stay
a few more days,
what's stopping you?
Just a little something
called "My Father."
He wants me to do things
"by the book."
Ah, "the book" again.
You have to give me a copy one of these days.
No, it is a terrible gift.
It tells you how to dress,
how to speak,
and the exact day you need
to fly home by.
What if you, like,
lost that page?
I'm serious, would it kill you
to ask him?
[phone ringing]
Hey, Ali.
Sorry, uh, I missed your call.
Quick question,
how many vacation days
have you got stored up?
Is everything okay?
I got some bad news.
Nicole quit, and the 50th
anniversary ball is coming up.
Uh, is there anything I can do?
Well, I could really use
your help,
even if it's only for a week....
Or two.
Me? You want me there?
Why are you so surprised?
You just always seem to
have everything under control.
That's all. Jesse, I need you.
Are you in?
Father, please.
The whole reason I gave you
a year off
to work at Snowden Peak,
was to...
...Accomplish something
on my own.
Get real life experience.
And to work at a place
where it doesn't matter
whose daughter I am.
And did you not get to do that?
Well, not really.
Most of my time here was spent
following my boss's lead,
but now that she's gone,
they're giving me a chance
to work on something really big.
There's no way I could stay
just a few days longer?
But we three have
always celebrated
your birthday together.
Can't you ask Gus to postpone
just a few days?
Your brother is not
the only one
who's looking forward
to seeing you.
Father, I may never get
this chance again.
It's less than two weeks, and it's really important to me.
If your conscience says...
Thank you! Thank you!
You won't regret it,
I promise you.
I hope not, Carlotta.
Love you.
Wait, your hat.
Look out!
Are you okay?
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you.
Well, welcome to Snowden Peak.
Enjoy your stay.
Ah, thanks for meeting me,
I was just informed the pipes
broke and the ballroom flooded.
Did you already change
your plane ticket?
Cause... we're going to need
another venue
for the Snowball Gala.
Don't worry.
Pipes burst all the time.
The Snowball is in 10 days.
So, we'll find another venue.
Jesse? Hi.
I thought you weren't coming!
I'm so happy you're here!
I thought I would
surprise you.
Oh, this is great.
And Carly here has agreed
to stay another few days, too.
Uh, Jesse Mitchner.
In case you can't tell,
Jesse is my baby brother.
Except, when you're older
than 10,
uh, people say
"younger brother."
...Who loves correcting me.
Well, welcome... back.
Thank you.
Jesse is the GM at Aspen Grand.
I had some vacation time
saved up,
and when Alison said
that you couldn't stay,
I drove up to help out.
Oh, well, you're a very
dutiful brother.
Oh, come on. I visit.
Do you?
Uh... So, Carly.
Uh, where are you from?
Uh, so, Alison...
Which part? Central.
So, Alison...
You've done a really good job
at losing your accent.
Uh, four years of
American boarding school.
So, Alison, Jesse is here
to support me...
...Partner with you
on the Snowball.
[phone rings]
I have to take this.
Carly will fill you in.
Let me know when you two
lock down a venue.
So, who's on the short list?
Long list.
Comprehensive list.
That's just a fancy word
for long.
Well, if we leave soon,
we can actually tour most
of them today.
Actually, I think we can tour
most of them this morning,
Just narrowed it down to three.
You didn't tell me you're
working with Jesse Mitchner.
Come, join me...
Aw, Brit, I would love to,
but Jesse and... Hey. How's it goin'?
What are you doing
back here, Jesse?
I thought you were working
up in Aspen.
Thought I'd help my sister out
for a few days.
Is your brother
still around?
No, he moved to Boulder.
Construction was too slow
in the off-season.
Shoot, Alison
and Nate left too.
Yeah. Seasonal work is fine
when you're single,
but once people have a family,
it's kinda hard.
[phone rings]
Well, it's the plumbers.
Excuse me.
Jesse here.
Everything good over there?
Didn't you hear?
The banquet hall flooded
and the Snowball Gala
is in 10 days,
and we're supposed to be
sharing responsibilities.
Don't worry about Jesse.
He's one of the good ones.
Hey, Ali. You have time
to talk?
Yeah, of course. I just, I want to nail down some
roles, some responsibilities.
Ooh, so corporate.
We don't want to duplicate work,
and it really seems like Carly
really has a handle
on the Snowball.
Ah, Jesse, I missed
your ability to delegate.
I'm not delegating.
I just, I want to make sure
you play to my strengths.
And I would love to
at any other time, but...
The Snowball's important.
I need all hands on deck.
Hey, Ali, who let
you out of the office?
What are you doing here?
You're like the CEO
of Aspen now.
No, no, I'm just, uh...
Why didn't you tell me
Jellybean was coming?
Well, I didn't know
until this morning.
Also, I've gone by Jesse
for the last 25 years.
Oh, uh, how about I call you
JB for short?
Two rocky mountain cocoas? Yes, please.
Jesse's actually here
to help me out.
Ooh, so does that mean you
might get a social life again?
There's a band playing at
Snowshoe Sam's on Saturday,
just sayin'.
You'll make sure
it happens, right?
On the house.
Man, I was actually calling
about that banquet hall
that you, uh, rent
out for weddings.
Is it... it's closed?
All right.
Well, thanks anyways, man.
I guess we can cross
that one off the list.
The Elks Club is closing soon.
Should we head over?
We could, but I
just got an idea.
I think I know the perfect
place we can throw the Gala.
Uh, what, what, um,
excuse me?
A little help?
42 by 50.
30 feet high.
You have any other time-saving
tips for me? Mmhmm.
You can't hold the ball here.
Why not?
You'd exceed fire code.
Any reason you didn't tell me
that before I started measuring?
Well, I feel like there are two
types of people in the world.
Those who learn by hearing,
and those who learn by doing.
And you think
I'm the second kind.
You know, I think there
are two types of people
in this world, too.
Okay. Do tell.
There's those
who are open minded,
and those who think
they know everything.
You know, as much as I want
high-end tourists here,
I also kind of don't.
What happened?
So this guy checks into the
Matterhorn villa this morning
from somewhere in Europe.
A Gustave something?
Ah, this poor concierge,
he really put her
through the ringer.
I mean, look at these requests. Swiss chocolate powder,
buckwheat pillows?
Good news.
Chair 3 is back online,
and I think I owe you a drink.
I would love to, but I need
to go over to the Matterhorn.
Uh, you should go with Jesse,
I'll handle it.
Um, are you sure?
Okay, sure.
He's all yours.
Bye, have fun.
-Thank you.
-Cool. Thanks.
Why is Gus he here?
[engine rumbles and shuts off]
[knocking at door]
What are you wearing?
Is this company issued?
Any chance we could
take this inside?
Of course, yes.
Come in. Please.
I didn't realize you were...
Is this what they've
had you doing?
I solve problems, Gus,
and I enjoy it.
[whispers] Speaking of problems,
what are you doing here?
"What am I doing here,"
she asks.
We're twins, Carlotta.
We naturally gravitate
towards each other.
Father's secretary gave me
the address,
I thought I'd check in.
Nothing's happened,
has it?
You mean, aside from you
missing our birthday?
Gus, I called and
I left messages.
Don't tell me you flew all
the way here because of that.
No, but, in all honesty,
there are moments when I feel
you've forgotten us.
The importance of
your true job,
the job you were born into,
the job that every girl
in the world only dreams of.
Princess of Landora.
Carly, I don't think
you truly understand
how needed you are at home.
You are the only one
with Father's ear.
Trust me, I'm very aware of my role as the royal family buffer.
Part of why I took this year
off was that so you and father,
you could learn how to talk
to each other.
Well, it didn't work.
Truthfully, when I found out
you were staying away longer,
I panicked.
I only asked for
a few more days,
just so I could
run the Snowball,
which I'm really excited about.
Did someone say "Ball?"
Prince Emile.
Uh, I thought that you were in
Denmark with the royal family.
Have you been to Denmark
in winter?
I couldn't pass up the chance.
It's good to see you again.
So, this Gala.
White tie, or black?
Good question.
No, see, that is the thing.
Formal around here, it means
your good boots.
But it's hosted by a princess.
Surely that takes things
up a notch.
See, that's the thing.
Nobody knows that I'm a princess.
And I plan to keep it that way.
Throwing the Snowball's
hard enough
without people curtseying
to you,
and asking to see your tiara.
But you're my sister.
Once I tell people
who I am...
But what if you didn't?
I don't know, Carly.
Pretending to be a commoner.
It's not exactly in the book.
Look, can't we just misplace
the book for a few days?
At least until the Snowden Fest
Events? As in plural.
Well, if you can't stay
until the Snowball,
there's an ice rink, oh, and
there's a sleigh ride tomorrow.
Hm. I don't know, Gus.
Could be fun.
Hmm, well, I wasn't planning
on staying that long,
and as far as events
are concerned...
Oh, loosen up.
We're not just going to events,
we're going as commoners. Fine, we'll consider it.
You can start by losing
the royal "we."
All right. I'll consider it.
And the motorcade.
They did almost run someone
over this morning.
Hmm. I suppose we don't need
them with my car here.
-All right.
-All right.
-See you tomorrow.
-See you tomorrow.
Be safe.
It is good to see you, Carly.
That's it, double black diamond,
-Have fun.
-All right.
New arrivals?
You could say that.
And you're sending them
to Devil's Peak?
Are you trying to create
more work for me?
Don't worry.
It's my brother and his friend.
They're good skiers.
Your twin brother is here.
He wanted to surprise me
for our birthday.
Looks like it worked.
So, why don't you look happy?
I'm just a bit overwhelmed. I still haven't found a venue
for the Snowball.
At least Jesse's here, right?
This was his folks' place,
Why doesn't he work here?
He got his first job at Aspen.
I guess he moved up the ranks?
Well, doesn't Alison
need his help?
I guess some people just need
to strike out on their own.
Hmm. Right.
I understand that feeling.
Sorry, I didn't bring
my A game today.
No, you did not.
But I would have settled
for your B, C, or D game.
Something on your mind?
Does Carly get off work soon?
I'm not sure.
I think she's off looking
at a venue for the gala.
No reason.
Has your childhood crush
on my sister returned?
What crush?
We're old friends.
Who are you texting? Father's secretary.
Until this moment,
I have been on the fence
about the Snowball, but...
Now I'm thinking we should
extend our stay.
Why would we do that?
Oh, no reason.
I think it's good that the two
of you rekindle your...
friendship, as you call it.
And if it gives her another
reason to return to Landora,
so be it.
Now, try and keep up
this time.
Hey, the freight company
left this.
Were you expecting
any huge boxes?
Carlotta? Is that Carly?
That's weird. Says it's
from Landora.
I think she might be from there.
Or Luxembourg.
No, Landora.
I dunno, it's one
of the L countries.
Just put it by her desk,
she'll get it tomorrow.
All right.
Oh man.
Stay warm.
There you are, enjoy. This is a great lineup
for the sleigh ride.
Everybody loves it so far.
Hey, I'll take over
the cider cart.
Go hang with your guests.
You're so sweet.
You should come meet them.
Jesse, hi.
Um, so this is my brother Gus,
and our friend Emile.
Must have been a long flight.
What, uh, what country
are you from, exactly?
A small one no one
has ever heard of.
Jesse here is working
on the Snowball with me.
Good for you.
Oh, and Carly, you've yet
to confirm,
is it white or black tie?
White tie?
They don't do that here.
It's like a European thing.
Where is that sleigh?
So, how long have you been
working with Carly?
Long enough to know that she will be missed.
Yes, she's been missed
at home as well.
She's a big part of
our family business.
What is it you do, exactly?
-Historical preservation.
-Government work.
We do like a little bit
of both.
The sleigh!
[laughs uncomfortably]
Have fun.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
This way.
Follow me.
If you are missing home,
I brought something
to remind you.
You did?
What is this?
Some alpine hot chocolate
I whipped up.
Ah, it reminds me of early
mornings in Geneva.
Ah, yes. The academy.
Was it only two years we were
at school together?
Hmm, I believe so.
And then off you went
to a school in America. Who knows, maybe if
we'd overlapped longer,
things might have
gone differently.
Who knows?
Carly! Hold up.
You're up early.
Uh, there's an issue up
at the ski school
Alison wants me to check out.
Oh, I needed a minute.
And then I ruined it.
No. Don't worry, I'll let
this one slide.
How'd it go with your, uh,
your guests last night?
Emile was having
so much fun.
It's harder to tell
with my brother.
I think he is scared
that I won't come home.
Should he be?
No, of course not.
I have to go back.
Family business?
Family, period.
Well, he shouldn't worry.
In a few days, you'll be back
on a plane to Landora
Wait? What? I wouldn't...
Who told you
I'm from Landora?
It must've been on my mind because of that package.
Oh, okay. What package?
The one under your desk.
I haven't been back
to my desk yet.
It was delivered
late last night.
Return address said Landora.
You're lucky you got it.
They put these strange initials
in front of your name.
"H.R.H Carlotta,"
no last name.
So, I looked it up.
And I found a picture of you,
Her Royal Highness,
Princess of Landora.
Who else knows about this?
No one.
Then you understand why
I want to avoid that word.
It's just a word.
With so much baggage.
Princess, it means spoiled,
entitled, a diva.
Does that mean your brother's
a prince?
Crown Prince,
heir to the throne.
Why did you have to find that...
that trunk?
Don't worry. Okay, look, I don't think
you're spoiled, or a diva.
That is so nice.
But having spent quite
a few years as a...
I have to tell you, that word,
it changes things, and I don't
want it detracting
from the Snowball.
So please, can we just keep
this between us?
Carly, darling...
Just the woman I was
looking for.
[laughs weakly]
Look at you,
hitting the trails.
It'd be more fun
with a tour guide.
I would love to hang
with you both,
but with the Snowball
coming up...
Perhaps Saturday, then.
Yes, I... I... I think I could
make that work.
Uh, would Gus be
joining us?
I think he can stand to sit
this one out.
All right?
[engine roars]
Bye! Don't tell me he's
a prince, too?
I don't know, Dee.
It almost looks too pretty
to eat.
I never met a cookie
I couldn't eat.
How about you, JB?
Oh, I'm good.
Thank you.
Wait. JB?
Dee used to babysit me
back in the day,
and she's got a whole bunch
of nicknames for me
that we don't need to mention,
or go into greater detail on.
Ooh, you should try
the cinnamon rolls.
Actually, the pecan rolls.
So good.
You know I am from here,
I... I do know the menu.
In fact, I might even know a
secret item that you don't know.
Hmm. Really?
Dee, where do you keep
that handmade ice cream?
Ice cream?
I haven't made that
in a long time.
Not even in the summer?
We close down for the summer. So do three-quarter of
the businesses up here.
That's right.
It's been that way
for a long time.
You know, it's weird.
Things change, but in my head,
Snowden Peak is still
the same as it was when
I left for college.
Well, that just goes to show
you need to visit us more.
Well, that's news.
What? No ice cream?
How bad business has gotten
here during the summer.
You mean it wasn't always
this seasonal?
When I was growing up, this
place was open year round.
It's magical during the summer.
Fishing, hiking.
This would be a much better
place to live
if there was year-round work.
People could actually
put down roots.
Are you memorizing
the chairlifts?
The Summit Lodge?
Yeah, have you ever been
up there?
It's been closed
since I was a kid. I think they store the ski
school equipment up there
in the summer.
But it isn't summer.
Well, you have an interesting
taste in buildings.
Come on.
Great views, and more than
enough square footage.
Just imagine this:
we dress the room.
It's already on resort
Guests, they arrive
with their champagne.
Which means we don't
have to pay a venue fee.
I am trying to paint
a picture here.
I'm trying to paint
a picture, too.
Mine's just a little bit more
of a spreadsheet picture.
This is a great find, Carly,
and it's given me an idea.
The Summit Lodge.
The AC works and
the heating works.
Yeah, it should.
Mom and Dad built it
to be a restaurant.
It was only open
for a heartbeat.
Yeah, I mean, skiers loved it, but it's too hard to access,
so they repurposed it
to storage.
But, back then, we hadn't built
the parking lot
next to Gondola 3.
Which now makes it...
And there's one more thing.
A venue like this,
it could really start to change
things around here.
Change things?
People need year-round work.
Well, the ballroom
is open year round.
No one books it.
True, but think about why people
come to Snowden Peak.
To be surrounded in mountains,
outside, y'know, the forest.
Not stuck in a windowless
Say the summit lodge
is all of these things.
No one knows about it.
And we have no
publicity budget.
But, what if we treated
the Snowball like an ad.
We could expand
the guest list.
Add some event planners
from Denver.
Some CEO types. Oh, what about
that wedding planner?
The one with the TV show,
Preston Bentley?
Whose email I might happen
to have.
You do?
We have our fair share of
VIP guests at The Aspen Grand.
Well, if those types of people
are coming...
this has gotta be a different
kind of party.
We gotta up the ante.
You know, rethink the menu,
get more help.
But, it would still only be
a fraction of the cost
of an ad campaign.
All right.
All right?
You wanna do it?
I want theme, mood board,
and a revamped guest list
All right?
You got it.
Great work!
That went well.
Are you kidding?
You were amazing.
Well, you weren't
so bad yourself.
You know, I never want to be a commoner,
but taking a few days off
from being royal,
I haven't felt this relaxed
in years.
Are you relaxed because
you're a commoner,
or because you're away
from your father?
Hmm, perhaps a little of both.
I'm beginning to see
why Carly's gotten
so attached to this place.
Who knows.
Her old life might become more
alluring in the next few days.
We have a date Saturday.
A date.
Not sure yet.
But I'll let you know.
[laughs haughtily]
You must be Gus.
I'm Brittany, your
sister's roommate?
Oh, pleasure.
I just wanted to give you guys
a heads up.
Happy Hour starts down
at The Yodeller soon.
Happy hour?
Half price drinks and apps?
Ah, right. Sounds... economical.
Will Carly be there?
No, she's been working nonstop.
But it's all starting
to pay off.
It is?
Rumour has it, she's trying
to find a way
to bring year-round work
to the town.
Oh, well, I...
I had no idea.
You should be proud of her.
See ya.
(Carly) It snowed a lot
last night.
(Jesse) Yeah.
Are you sure that this is
the only way we can get
the tables up there?
Yeah, they're too big
to fit in the gondola.
Would you stop with all
the obvious answers?
Well, if you stop asking
all the obvious questions.
This road, it hasn't
been plowed in months.
Yeah, which is why
I wanted to go solo.
[tires spinning]
But then who would dig you out? Yeah.
[out of breath] Do you think
that there is cell reception
up on that ridge?
I doubt it.
Just keep diggin'.
It'll distract you
from being cold.
I'm gonna need a better
distraction than that.
Well, you could always
talk to me.
I mean, fill me in on
the whole princess thing.
Well, we live in a castle.
Gus is four minutes older
than me,
and someday he's gonna
be king.
I was wondering about you.
I mean, what does
a princess do all day?
Uh, well, between public
appearances and ribbon cuttings,
I uh, keep the peace with
my brother and the king.
They don't get along?
Well, they could talk more.
See, my brother, he wants
to become king,
and my father wants to retire. Sounds like there's a pretty
simple solution there.
Nothing is ever simple
when it comes to family.
So then what brought you
out here?
Well, I wanted to prove
to myself
that I could do something
on my own.
I can't really do that
back at home.
I know the feeling.
You don't like being back here?
Well, my sister took over the
reins when my parents passed.
Uh, I was in college.
And then I built myself a life
in Aspen,
and I just never really
looked back.
And now?
Um, well, it's like you said.
Nothing is ever simple
when it comes to family.
[knocking at door]
Gustav. I do hope
I'm not intruding.
No, no, of... of course.
Please, come in.
Hey, I got the truck out.
Everything good? Jesse, what if this is it?
You know, maybe we could save
the existential questions
for someplace with heat?
What if this is it?
What if this is our theme
for the Snowball?
Uh, "Empty Forest?"
Well, if whatever
you're pitching me
is nixing the harpist,
then yeah, I'm in.
No, what if we brought Snowden
Peak's natural beauty indoors?
We can flock branches,
hang tea lights.
You know, I really plan better
when hypothermia
isn't setting in, so...
maybe we could talk about this
back in the office...
We can hang shears
on the ceiling,
and then have a thousand
sparkling tiny lights.
And then, look over here,
Carly, careful over there,
it looks icy.
I'm gonna go back
to the truck.
Okay. Those tables won't get up
the mountains
themselves, right?
I hope this will suffice.
It'll have to.
I've sent my entourage away,
and I feel better already.
Oh, funny you should
mention that.
Quite funny.
You see, we also sent
our detail away.
It seems Carlotta has...
Indeed, where is she?
Right, I was just getting
into that.
You have texted her
to tell her I'm here?
Haven't you?
Have we?
It might not be advisable,
father, at this time.
Perhaps you should
take a seat.
Do we really need
the goggles?
Father, you asked
to see Carly,
and I'm doing my best
to oblige you.
The whole "hiding" thing.
Do you really want me to...
to show up and surprise her at the ball?
You know how she dotes
on you.
The second she sees you,
her attention will be taken away
from the ball.
It means that much to her?
It seems to mean a great deal
to the people here,
and they seem to mean
a great deal to Carly,
so please wear the goggles.
All right. I will.
Thank you.
Under protest.
All right.
[clears throat]
Actually, I think I will wait
till the ball.
Carlotta's always been upbeat,
but I've never
seen her like this.
Well, I wouldn't judge her
in one isolated moment, father.
She's working hard.
She's rarely silly.
I meant this happy.
Of course.
And there you have it.
Winter wonderland.
I'm sold.
-You are?
That was fast? I can update the evite
list tonight,
change the location,
send the new ones out.
All that leaves is the budget.
Love your input on this, Jesse.
It's kind of your wheelhouse,
Sure is.
Good job.
Double espresso, please.
You pulling an all-nighter?
This must be Snowball related.
I can't seem to make
the numbers add up.
The event we want is going
to cost four times
what we can afford.
And up at Summit Lodge.
Very ambitious.
Does everybody know?
The prospect of summer work
is a big deal around here.
Well, I hope people know
it's a long-shot.
I don't wanna raise
people's expectations.
Raising expectations.
Another word for
giving people hope?
Also known as
getting their hopes up.
Your sister's been running around
putting out fires up here.
The fact that you and Carly
even have a plan,
it makes us feel that someone's
looking out for us.
People haven't felt
that way since...
since your parents were here.
On the house, Jelly...
Thanks, Dee.
You're making better progress
on these trees
than I am on the budget.
Maybe we could switch.
My hand is cramping up.
Not your waving hand.
You think that you know me
so well.
But this is my waving hand.
And this is my ribbon
cutting hand.
I'm glad I had my tux sent.
How did you find me?
Uh, your friend Brittany.
Uh, she even drew me a map.
I'm actually here
about later tonight.
Right. I was thinking of picking you up
at 8:00.
Unless you didn't want to go.
Um... It's, um...
8:00 it is.
I'll see you then.
See you then.
Jesse... Emile and I, we...
No explanation necessary.
Hope those are cookies.
Where were my boots?
In my closet.
You left them in my car
about six months ago.
The last time we went out.
Snowshoe Sam's.
Oh, is that tonight?
No excuses, Ali.
I'm here to hold down
the fort.
No way, hon.
You're coming with us.
I am?
[country music band plays]
Emile, how on earth did you
find this place?
I do my research.
Well, you exceeded
my expectations.
And I hope to continue to.
Continue to?
Back in Landora.
I was thinking maybe I could
spend the winter there, if that's something you'd want.
Emile, I think that there's been
some sort of confusion here.
Is there?
We're both royal.
Yes, we are.
We understand each other.
I'm not so sure about that.
I mean, I know you want
to prove something here,
but you have to go back to...
This isn't just
about me anymore.
Snowden Peak, it needs this.
And you'll do a smash-up job.
But you have to go back to
your real life in a few days.
What then?
Jesse's on my team!
No, no, no.
You ladies play first.
I got the first round.
Oh, thanks.
(Announcement) Would the owner
of a black Ferrari
please come to the street.
Too funny.
Everyone here wants to talk
to me about my Ferrari.
You're car is being towed.
Oh, here I'll...
I'll go help you.
No, no, no,
it's freezing. Stay here.
Believe it or not, I'm getting
better at the whole
"handling things myself"
Back in a jiffy.
What are you doing here?
Local bar, local guy.
I take it that's Emile's car?
No, a different Ferrari.
Are princesses allowed to dance,
while they wait?
They are now.
We're next.
So, this is fun.
We should do this every week.
Woah, easy.
Once Jesse leaves, I'm back
to my 70-hour work week.
Having help is good.
Having family is good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, do you think he'd ever...
He has built a life somewhere
else, that's...
that's a big ask.
Okay, Ali, best friend
to best friend,
you are an A leader,
but a B- communicator.
Talk to Jesse. This place, it means a lot more
to him than he lets on.
And there might be some perks
to staying
that you don't know about.
I didn't even know Carly
was here.
That's not all you didn't know.
Oh, she's leaving
in four days...
You sure about that?
So, what would happen
if you decided
you wanted to break tradition?
You know, be something
other than a princess?
Hmm, like what?
I don't know.
Whatever you wanted to be.
My family has ruled in peace
for almost 800 years.
We've done pretty well
following tradition.
So, you're happy to be
going back to Landora?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to upset you.
You just said the very thing
that I've been trying to avoid.
I'm happy here.
[phone buzzes]
[sighs] It's Emile.
Looks like he didn't win over
the tow truck driver.
He's headed to
the impound lot.
I'll see you tomorrow.
It's late.
You sure I can't drive
you home?
Uh, I have work stuff to finish,
and I told Brittany
I'd walk her home
when her work shift is over.
She's closing tonight.
Is it crazy to say the impound
lot was actually
kind of exciting?
It's been quite the week.
In a good way.
Mainly because of you.
Are you sure it's because of me,
and not time off from being
a prince?
I... I suppose I never
considered that.
Goodnight, Emile.
And remember.
I'm not the only royal
who can take a year off.
What are you doing here? Uh, I had some work stuff
to finish and I told Brittany
I'd walk home with her.
How did things go with Emile?
Well, his ego's
a little bruised, but...
his Ferrari's still intact.
Oh, good.
I think I caught a chill
at the impound lot.
My fingers were so cold
I couldn't type.
A chill?
These are icicles.
Forget the fire.
This is the only way
to fix that.
This used to be my favourite
place to come draw
when I was a kid.
What did you draw?
I went through
a dinosaur phase.
And then I went through
an army guy phase.
And then it all came together,
uh, dinosaurs vs. army guys.
I keep forgetting this isn't
just a resort for you.
It's home.
I think I forgot that
for a while, too.
Until this time. What makes this time different?
Um, I'm not sure yet.
And for you.
You're here early.
A lot to do today.
Ice rink's opening, got some
shipments coming in,
have a food budget that
won't even cover hors d'oeuvres.
Well, it if helps,
you've got desserts for free.
You heard me.
Dee's treats is officially
donating desserts.
And coffee.
Thank you.
So, how'd things go last night?
Oh, don't ask.
Like that.
I'm not even sure
what I'm doing here.
So, not the best first date?
Her idea to come here,
be a commoner,
what do you think of it?
I think... wait, Emile?
You're not thinking
of following her lead?
I don't know, there might be
something to taking a year off.
Why do you say that?
She seems... happy. And if there's anything in
this world worth following,
it's that.
I'd call you an ice princess,
uh, that might be a little bit
on the nose.
I've warmed up quite a bit,
haven't I?
You're getting there.
I have some good news
for you about the gala.
Dee is donating desserts
and coffee.
For free?
I told her that if we can get
the lodge
up and running year-round,
she'll be our go-to dessert
Jesse, that's such great news.
And it's given me an idea.
Thanks so much.
Um, I heard a rumour
that the Summit Lodge
might be hosting
year-round events?
That's really all it is
right now, a rumour.
Well, normally we all go up
to Jackson Hole to wait tables
in the off-season, but it'd be so great if
something year-round opened.
I'll tell you what.
You help us out
with the Snowball,
and any off-season bookings
we get,
I'll call you first.
I think you got yourself
a deal.
Looks like you got yourself
some volunteers.
Well, you inspire me.
Well, this might inspire
you even more.
I just talked to The Yodeller,
and they are doing food
for free.
And now I just have to stop by
Snowden Peak Wines,
and we're all set.
I have a good feeling.
So do I.
[announcer voice] Four seconds
left on the clock,
Jesse Mitchner has the puck.
He shoots, and he scores!
That's a pretty one-sided game.
Well, there's another broomstick
over there
if you wanna be demolished.
Oh, no thanks.
I, uh, I wasn't gifted
with imaginary hockey skills like you were.
I heard what you guys pulled
off today,
with the donations
and the volunteers.
Mom and Dad
would've been proud.
Well, that wasn't me.
That was Snowden Peak.
The people love this place.
I love this place.
Enough to stay?
I mean, the thought's crossed
my mind.
Well, I'm gonna need a little
more than that.
You know, I used to wonder
how mom and dad did it,
but now I know.
I mean, this isn't
a one-person job, Jesse.
I'm, uh, I'm not sure
what you want me to say.
Then don't say anything.
I got your text.
So, what's going on?
Um, Ali wants me to stay here
for good.
Well, that can't be a surprise.
Well, it kind of is.
I never knew she needed
my help.
So, what are you going to do?
You ever feel like family's the
one thing you can't say no to?
[together] You are asking
the wrong person.
The fog is so intense.
Yes, it's unfortunate.
If it weren't for the fog,
we could see the Summit Lodge
where Carly's holding the ball.
Emile insists she's done wonders
to the interior.
Why do you think Carly
came here?
I think she wants
to leave her mark,
and it might be easier to do so
away from the palace.
You sound as if you're speaking
from experience.
I must admit, at home, I often
feel I could be doing more.
Are you asking for
more responsibility?
I suppose I'm asking to spend
more time with you.
How to do your job.
Gus, when I was made king,
I was 19.
I never had a youth.
I didn't want you to feel burdened as I was.
It would not be a burden,
It would be an honour.
Why are you laughing?
Well, it's funny how life is.
I came here to check in
on one child,
and wound up seeing a whole
new side of another.
Well, I believe it's happy hour.
Happy hour?
Yes, half price on drinks
and appetizers.
Ah. Happy hour.
Half price drinks.
Are you sure, Carly?
A promotion to lead event
planner, a raise?
None of that appeals to you?
Alison, of course, I would
love to say yes.
It's just I...
You understand.
Of course I do.
Oh, I just wish
my brother did.
[door slams]
Can I help you? Yes, I just heard about
this new space,
and I thought I'd check it out
for myself.
Are you an event planner?
I throw several events
a year, and,
uh, I suppose they're planned.
Oh, can you believe this was an
empty space just a few days ago?
Entirely empty.
I wish I could take credit
for it,
but it's mostly our
event planner's work.
He or she must be very good.
She is.
Unfortunately, she's leaving
us in a few days.
Well, I suppose a new event
planner will be easy to find.
Not like her.
You in town for a while?
I'll leave a ticket for you
at the front desk.
You should come
to the Snowball.
See this place in action.
Oh, please do.
I'd like that very much.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Great, well, let's talk soon. Hi.
Hey. You wanted to talk?
I thought about what you said,
and I want to let you
know that...
the reason I didn't come back
to work here.
It wasn't because of you.
It was because of
something bigger.
But mom and dad, they... they
built this place from nothing.
When I moved to Aspen I wasn't
Barb and Doug Mitchner's kid.
I was anonymous.
But now I'm really starting to
see the value in a small town,
and I...
I never begrudged you
for moving to Aspen.
If anything, I was
a little jealous.
No regrets.
Well, it was always part of my
plan to move back here someday.
Well, sometimes someday
doesn't come soon enough.
I don't understand.
I was just showing around
a potential buyer
and we're lucky.
Her offer came in really high, especially with the promise
of summer business.
An offer?
Are you selling Snowden Peak?
It is just so much to handle
on my own.
Since you've been here,
I've been able to have
a life again, and...
and that feels good.
[knocks gently]
Uh, I, uh...
Found this in the printer.
I'll tell you the same thing
that I told Jesse.
Nothing is etched in stone.
Alison, you don't owe me
any explanation.
Guys, I am not making
any decisions
until after the Snowball.
I mean, you have done
an incredible job
at putting this together.
But I do have to be honest
with you.
We haven't gotten quite
the response we've hoped for.
But everyone's going.
Well, everyone here is going.
But the people we added
to the guest-list
who could make or break this
year-round venue idea, I just found out we haven't
heard back from.
I mean, unless you have
some sort of celebrity draw,
getting people all the way
out here is a tough sell.
I couldn't help but overhear.
Are you all right?
I'm fine, I... I just, um...
I need some air.
Carly, what did...
I... I know you want to help,
I just need a minute.
Of course.
Good night.
Good night.
Carly, I've got your latte here.
I'll wait.
No, no, no, no
right here, come on.
Oh, you're so sweet.
And, I baked these
just for you.
Open them.
A real princess.
Oh, Carly!
Wait! Wait...
Where are we going?
Are you angry with me?
I am not thrilled.
But I'm also confident you have a good explanation.
I've learned a lot of new things
about you on this trip.
How committed you are.
How much you care
about this place.
But you are my sister,
and I also know how much
pride you have.
You would never reveal
you are a princess
just to have a better turnout
at the ball.
So you leaked my secret
to the newspaper?
For me?
Yes, with the best
of intentions.
Well, this is surprising.
I know.
Apparently, I'm artistic.
I meant that you're
even here.
I figured after last night...
I thought about it.
I feel like we can still get
Alison to change her mind.
You do?
All these people?
Who signed up before anyone knew you were a princess.
This is about more
than you or me.
And these people really believe
in your vision for this place.
You know, the other day, you
asked me why I stayed away.
Well, you never asked me
what brought me back.
It's this.
People working together,
having each other's backs,
making a good thing great.
That's Snowden Peak for you.
I'm missing it already.
What, it's so heavy!
Try wearing it during a
five-hour state dinner.
How do you even hold
your head up?
Strong neck muscles.
Enjoy it.
Do you have a minute?
I'm just about to head
to the lodge to decorate.
Can we talk later?
Well, actually no.
Was she terribly upset?
But she did seem
to cheer up quite a bit
after shoving snow down my sweater.
It's just, I've seen how
important this place is to her.
I had to do something.
It was probably the wrong thing
to do though, wasn't it?
You should have gone about it
more honestly.
I also know it was a difficult
call to make.
But, it did make me
realize something.
What's that?
We need to spend
more time together.
If you can't see
the job being done,
how are you ever going
to do it?
You mean?...
When you are king.
I've learned a lot about you
on this trip.
I never realized how ready
you are for the crown.
A true king does what's best
for his people.
Forgive me, father.
I'm thrilled, of course.
This is unexpected.
Well, the best surprises
always are.
Happy early birthday.
Cocoa makes every conversation better.
So, what's up?
I'm going home to see
the queen.
Oh, she'll be thrilled.
Not when she hears
what I'm asking for.
A year off from being a prince.
Well, huh, this is quite
a turn.
Yes, it is.
Thank you.
I have to tell you,
I was jealous.
Oh, Emile, you deserve
to meet someone...
Not jealous of Jesse.
I was jealous of you.
You did such a brave thing
coming here,
I figured, why not take a page
out of your playbook?
So, what's your plan?
Hmm, not sure.
But wherever I go,
I'll be flying coach,
getting a job, and figuring
things out on my own.
Hmm. And leaving the car,
Now, don't get crazy.
Thanks for helping me see.
We're all born into
a role, but the person you become
is up to you.
(Carly) Thanks so much.
(Jesse) Enjoy the rest
of your day.
Bye. Enjoy your day.
[sighs heavily]
Please say that we're
almost done.
Well, we've got a couple of
finishing touches,
and we have to get
the sound system up,
but we're almost there.
Oh, um, I found the most amazing
caf orchestra in Boulder.
I'll play you my setlist,
listen to this.
Well, I thought that
we decided on a DJ.
No, we talked about it,
and we circled back to doing
an orchestra.
Okay, and what's this orchestra
going to be playing?
Waltzes, of course.
I'm starting to wish I hadn't
vetoed the harpist.
Oh, come on Jesse.
I bet you've never even
waltzed before. No.
Not a chance.
Well, I think you should make
sure that the space works.
In that case.
Elbow up.
And a one...
Counter clockwise.
You always have to go
counter clockwise,
or else you'll crash.
Why are you leading?
I'm trying to show you
what to do.
Okay, I'm gonna get dizzy.
I'm... I'm gonna wrap this up.
Well, you got that part down.
Carly, oh, you'll never guess
who just checked in.
The CEO of the Bank of Denver.
And the US Ski event planner.
And Preston Bentley, that guy
who does all those TV weddings.
I mean, it's happened!
Just like you said!
Okay. Come on, Jack.
Pick up.
(Voicemail) This is Jack Walker,
Managing Director
of The Aspen Grand.
Please leave your message
and I'll get back to you.
Hi, Jack.
Jesse Mitchner here.
There's, uh, been a complication
in Snowden Peak,
a good complication.
There's something
I need to do here.
So just um, call me back
when you have a sec.
You forget your party face
at home?
I'm fine.
It's just, I've known Carly
was a princess this whole time.
She is no different
to me, but...
I'm starting to realize, Ali.
She's a princess.
What do you mean?
This is her life.
Everything here was just a...
a vacation.
This is her reality.
I don't want to see you
get hurt. You don't have to worry
about me.
Oh, very nice.
Thank you.
May I have the first dance?
Carlotta, you're awfully quiet.
Have you nothing to say?
Just that your gamble worked.
The people who we wanted
to come actually came.
So, you wanted to say?
Thank you.
Well, I should be thanking you.
Seeing you go after what
you wanted here
inspired me to do the same.
I don't understand
what that means,
but I suppose I will take it.
Father and I talked.
He's going to have me
shadow him this spring.
Shadow him?
You mean?...
Well, if all goes well, I won't
be crown prince much longer.
So he agreed to step down.
Well, not right away,
mind you.
But within the next year
or two.
I am so happy for you, Gus. Yes, we have a lot
to celebrate.
What is this?
It's for the wish.
You've never missed
a year.
You remembered.
This is one tradition
I always want to keep.
Me too.
One, two, three...
Happy Birthday.
What is it that
you wished for?
That your birthday
is as good as mine.
Excuse me, Gus.
I don't want to be forward,
but this might also
be my only chance
to dance with
a prince at a ball.
I'd love to.
There you are.
Where have you been all night?
Just, uh, you know,
taking things in.
I'm sorry about all the fuss
out there.
The whole princess thing.
That is who you are.
You don't need to apologize
for it. It was important for me
to see...
who you're, you know,
you're born to be.
I don't want to be born
into something.
I want to choose.
And I choose to stay here
in Snowden Peak, with you.
Don't you think I want that?
The way I feel about you.
Then, what's stopping you?
Happiness comes in a lot
of different forms, Carly.
Not just this.
It comes from family,
and from sacrifice,
and doing the right thing,
and if I encourage you
to leave your family,
I don't think you could
ever forgive me.
But Jesse...
I'm sorry.
I walked away from
my family once.
I can't be the reason that
you walk away from yours.
Excuse me.
You flew halfway across
the world to come to my party?
To see my daughter
on her birthday,
I'd fly just about anywhere. [laughs]
Oh, no, no, no, no.
No curtseys.
I'm incognito.
This is your night.
I can't tell you how glad I am
to see you.
Sorry to interrupt.
I had to tell you.
I have had four booking requests
for the summer.
Alison, that's wonderful.
Well, I would be happy
to reveal myself as royalty
anytime you need
to drum up business.
Carly, people might show up
for a spectacle,
but they're not going to book
the space unless it's top notch.
And that has nothing to do
with your title.
but it has everything to do
with what you guys did here.
Well, it wouldn't have happened
if it weren't for Jesse.
Excuse me.
When will I get to meet
this Jesse fellow?
Let's just enjoy the party.
For a man who's just thrown
a heck of a party, you don't look very upbeat.
I'm not having the best night.
I sense this is romance related.
You sense right.
I don't envy people
your age.
Finding the right person
isn't easy.
You know, what's even more of
a struggle is finding someone
who might be the one,
and then having to walk away
from them.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be bothering you
with this.
No, sometimes it's easier
to talk to a stranger.
So, what's making you walk away?
She has some major
family obligations.
I didn't think it would be fair
to pull her away from them.
I think I'm going to head out.
Thanks for listening.
Oh, might I give you
some advice?
Stay at the party a few
more minutes.
Well, if you leave,
your fate is sealed.
If you stay, your fortune
could change.
[waltz] Everyone is saying such
nice things about you.
Must be very hard
to say goodbye.
I promised I would
come back home,
and a promise is a promise.
Well, you made that promise
before I saw what
you've built here.
Well, last time I checked,
you didn't raise me to be
an event planner.
No, I raised you to be
a princess.
Which you will always be,
no matter where you are.
I saw that tonight, in what you
did for this town.
Whatever part I played,
it was the least I could do.
I am happy here.
Then, be happy here.
You mean?
Stay here.
In Snowden Peak?
Is that even an option?
Well, I never presented it
as one before,
because I was afraid
of losing you.
But after seeing all this,
I'm not losing a princess. Snowden Peak is gaining one.
You have my blessing, Carlotta.
Thank you.
Well, don't thank me.
Thank the young man I met.
Young man?
Yes. A friend of yours.
I don't believe we've been
formally introduced.
I'm Kristof, Carly's father.
And I am extremely embarrassed
that I was just pouring
my heart out to you.
And what exactly did you
pour out to my father?
I'll let him tell you.
It's all yours.
Let me just say that I should
not have let some fabric
and metal and rocks change what
I know about who you really are.
Thank you.
Now, I'm not done hearing about
how you poured your heart out
to my father.
You have plenty of time
to hear that.
Just give me one minute.
What's the verdict?
Great party.
You know I had a thought
about a guy who could help you
run the resort.
[sighs] Hey, he's experienced.
He's devoted.
Knows the resort through
and through.
There is a little problem.
He's a bit of a delegator.
Do not do this to me.
I want to.
Work that matters?
Living up to what
mom and dad started?
You're serious?
You're 100 percent in?
I am if you are.
You know running this place
is tough,
even with the two of us.
What if it wasn't just
the two of us?
Oh, you guys.
Come here!
We'll meet you at
the Yodeller...
You know, last week
I was counting down
the days until I could
go back to Aspen?
Ah, somewhere between getting
stuck in the snow
and planning the most difficult
party ever planned...
[laughs] I stopped counting. The town got to you? I think you might have got to me, too. What would you say if I told you I've never met anybody like you? I'd say "say it again."