A Woman Deceived (2017) Movie Script

'Oh, hi, honey.'
'I don't know why you sent me
this way, honey.'
'I, I've never been this way.
I do not like this road.'
'oh, okay, you know,
I'm gonna let you go, honey.'
I've got to, I've got
to pay attention here.
Okay, alright, bye-bye.
Come on!
Oh, no! Oh, my god.
'God, no!'
oh, no.
Oh, god!
It's good, it's good.
Hey guys, hey, how are you?
- You guys look great.
- 'We love you, bill.'
'your as old as
a main frame, bill.'
oh, thanks, Alex, a main frame?
Please, I'm not that old.
Maybe as old as a TRS-80.
Wow, Lauren, take it easy.
Thank you everyone so much
for being here.
Whoa! There he is.
- I love you, daddy.
- I love you too, Ty.
And I know
you're not as old as TRS
or whatever she said.
That's right,
aunt Lauren's silly, huh?
Yeah, I'm not that old,
but I'm pretty old.
I'm older than most computers.
Look how beautiful
your mum looks.
- Hi.
- Thank you so much for putting this together.
Of course, you know
I love doing things for you.
- I love you guys.
- So we have a little surprise.
- Oh, you do?
- We do, don't we?
- Yes.
- I thought we said no presents.
You know me better than that.
Now if everyone
will please join us
at the gazebo.
We can show you
the presentation.
we're going to the gazebo.
'Come on.'
except for Alex,
Alex can't come.
Alright, you go sit down
right here, ya'll just file in.
- Okay.
- 'Alright, everyone gather in.'
we all know that bill has worked
like a dog for the last 30 years
'he's hardly had any time
for himself.'
he's given so much
to the company
'to his friends and his family.'
Tyler and I wanted to give you
something just for you.
Oh! Cowboy hat, thank you.
Okay, now you just start
the presentation.
You bought me a horse?
Be patient, silly.
So you want to be a cowboy?
'You want to ride a bull,
rope a steer'
'ride in a trail drive'
'wake up on a brisk morning
in your tent'
'in the middle of nature.'
well, come on out
to hidden valley ranch.
'Enjoy the fresh air of Arizona'
'and enjoy the cowboy life.'
enjoy the cowboy life.
Ready to pack 'em up
and pull 'em out, cowboy?
Well, my dreams are coming true.
How did you think of this?
Well, we all know
you play with Tyler's horse toys
more than he does.
That, that is true.
Ever since I can remember
I've always
wanted to be a cowboy
but my father bought
me a computer
and the rest is history.
I'm gonna be a cowboy, y'all.
Ah! Now, you're the cowboy.
Say, Yee-haw!
- Yee-haw!
- You hear that?
Thank you.
Oh, I think you look cute.
Cute like
Woody from the "toy story."
This is exactly what John Wayne
wore in "true grit."
- John who?
- Ha-ha!
Don't worry about it, Ty,
it's-it's not important.
The important thing is
I'm leaving Sonoma a tech nerd
and I'm gonna
come back a cowboy.
- Yeah!
- Now give me a hug and a kiss.
- I love you.
- I love you too, buddy.
So, does this mean
that we're getting a horse
when you come back?
- Ah.
- Well, whoa, whoa, whoa!
You guys are taking
this cowboy bit
just a little too far.
- I love you. Thank you so much.
- I love you, too.
Thank you so much, look,
if you need anything, just call.
Everything will be fine,
don't worry.
Plus I get to stay in this
gorgeous house for two weeks.
Okay. Alright.
Get back over here
and give me a hug.
Come here.
Oh! I love you, baby.
- Be good, okay?
- Okay.
- Alright?
- We'll be fine.
- Bye, love you, bye.
- Bye.
You're gonna blow them
some kisses.
bill, we're here.
Oh, wow!
This is amazing, sweetie.
Oh, we should build one
just like it.
Or just buy the whole ranch.
Sorry, ranch isn't for sale.
You're the man from the video.
- That's me.
- Wow! I'm, uh..
Bill and Elizabeth Goodhart.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Monte Higgins.
I'm impressed.
bill is looking forward to this.
He's really excited about this.
And how do you feel young lady?
Oh, I am too, but it's really
his dream come true.
That's why my wife
and I bought the ranch
to make dreams come true.
Why don't you two go inside,
have a drink, relax a bit.
I'm gonna run up to the rest of the
guests and we'll have a pow wow.
- Sounds good.
- See you after.
'Bye, thanks.'
Oh, this is so cute.
I love those couches.
This is great. Hey!
This is
the best retirement ever.
How did you think of this?
It was easy. It was either
this or fantasy baseball camp.
Fantasy baseball camp
would have been pretty good too.
Alright, easy slugger.
Maybe next year.
You are the most
beautiful, thoughtful
intelligent woman,
I've ever met.
Have I told you
how much I love you?
Not in the last half an hour.
I love you very much.
And I love you too,
William Jonathan Goodhart.
- Come.
- Oh.
I like it
when you say my full name.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to hidden valley ranch.
First thing we're gonna do
is we're gonna test your skills.
'This is for your safety'
and we want everybody
to have a good time.
We don't want to put you on
a horse that you can't control
'and we don't want you
on a horse'
'as above your ability.'
so right now, go on into the bar
belly up, enjoy yourself,
relax today.
And the first thing
tomorrow morning
we'll meet at the stables.
Come on, folks.
- Alright.
- 'Alright, yeah.'
'let us get going. Don't we?'
- name your horse...
- Fandango.
- Oh, that's a good name.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, I'm a little nervous
to go riding with..
- You're gonna be great.
- You think?
Yeah, I guess so.
You're a renaissance fan
you can do anything.
- I guess this is where I leave you.
- I guess so, have fun.
Are you sure
you don't wanna come
and watch all this riding
through the prairie.
No, I just have
to use my imagination.
- Mr. Goodhart.
- Yes.
- Ma'am. Are you ready?
- I am ready.
- I have your horse.
- Okay.
- 'Alright.'
- Uh, Travis.
- Yeah?
- Travis, right?
Yeah, Travis.
Um, my husbands never been
on a horse before.
I'll keep a close eye on him,
okay? I promise.
- Thank you.
- Don't worry.
- Hi, here we go.
- Okay.
Come around here.
Easy, swing your leg up there.
Alright, have fun.
- Thank you, I love you.
- I love you, too.
- How you feeling, cowboy?
- Good.
It's a lot better
than using a computer.
- Doing fine, Mr. Goodhart?
- Yeah.
Make sure that horse knows
your in control.
But, but I'm not in control.
Yeah, you'll get there.
Keep those reigns snug.
- Not too tight.
- Right.
But he's not gonna
buck me off then?
No, not if he respects you.
And how do I get him to do that?
Sit up straight, be confident.
Let him know who's boss.
- Okay, like this?
- Just like that.
Well, when do I get to say
- Right now.
- Okay. Yee-haw!
Alright, folks.
It's time to turn around
'and head back to the ranch.'
'now listen up'
'all of your horses
know the way back'
'and they might want
to take off and run'
'so, it's very important..'
'hang on to those reigns
'and stay in control.'
'alright, let's turn around.'
Whoa! Who..
- Don't panic.
- Ahh!
- Okay, hoo! Help! Hoo.
- Travis, go get him.
- 'Stop!'
- Haa-haa-haa!
Oh, oh, he..
Help! Somebody..
Mr. Goodhart!
Mr. Goodhart.
Dammit! Mr. Goodhart.
Mr. Goodhart, are you..
He's not moving,
he's in bad shape.
'Call the lodge.'
'get medics here right away.'
'Mrs. Goodhart?'
Mrs. Goodhart, I'm gonna need
you to follow me immediately.
- Why?
- Your husband, he's been hurt.
- What?
- I don't know all the details. But, it's, it's pretty serious.
'We had to put him into induced
coma. His brain is bleeding.'
'we'll be taking him
into surgery immediately'
'to relieve the pressure.'
can I, can I please talk to him.
Oh, bill, bill.
I love you so much.
I'm only gonna be gone
a week. Okay?
You don't have to go, mommy.
I do, I do.
I have to go take care
of some business in Miami.
That's what you said
when you and daddy
went to that stupid cowboy camp.
We've talked about this.
everything is gonna be fine
nothing is gonna happen to me.
You can't promise that.
Can you?
'I don't wanna lose you, too.'
'Don't worry.'
I promise you, I will be back.
Mommy will never ever leave you.
okay? Sweetheart.
I love you.
Okay? It's just one week.
Have fun with aunt Lauren.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Thank you.
- We'll be fine.
- I love you. You be great, okay.
- Bye, baby.
- Bye.
Oh, baby, it's okay, it's okay.
- 'I love you, baby.'
- Bye, mommy.
- Bye, have fun.
- We'll have fun.
- Hi, Mrs. Goodhart.
- Hi, how are you?
- It's good to see you.
- Thank you. Hello.
Alright, let's see.
- Hello.
- Hi, sorry, I'm late.
Oh, you're right there,
next to lady in fuchsia, okay?
Okay, thank you very much.
Excuse me, ma'am.
- I have that seat.
- Oh..
'Ladies and gentlemen, we will
be closing the doors shortly.'
'please, prepare for take-off,
shut off all phones'
'fold your trays up
and put your seat backs'
into the upright position.
Excuse me.
Um, is your name Travis
from hidden valley ranch?
- Mrs. Goodhart?
- Elizabeth.
- Hi.
- Oh, my..
- Hi. So good to see you again.
- You wouldn't..
- An-an odd coincidence, huh?
- Yes. Yeah, it is.
I mean, how are you?
How've you been since..
Um, good.
You know, considering..
Well, you look great.
How's your boy?
Oh... Devastated.
You know, just taking it
one day at a time.
I-I'm learning that children
either hide their emotions
or just completely ignore
the pain..
What about you?
Yeah, well, I guess
I do a little bit of both.
I don't know
if that's very healthy.
No. Probably not.
But I, I do understand.
My wife was killed
in a car accident
about six months
before your husband's accident.
I-I didn't know.
I'm-I'm so sorry to hear that.
Thank you.
'Flight attendants... '
you might wanna
put your seat belt on.
Oh, right, yeah.
- I really don't fly very much.
- No?
In fact, I hate flying.
Thirty five thousand feet
above the earth
in a tin can
is not my idea of fun.
You know, these pilots
are very, very, well trained.
You're in good hands.
I think I trust my horse more
than I do the pilot.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Not really.
Okay, um, let's do
some deep breaths together.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Come on, I will do with you.
One. Mm-hmm.
Two, slowly.
Three. That's it.
That's better.
Sorry, I just..
It's okay.
It'll be okay.
'So, bill's business
just took off.'
and we get to travel
all over the world.
I mean, he had to spend most
of the time in the office.
But I get to explore every city.
Yeah, you've led
a very interesting life.
But tell me more about you.
there's really not much to tell.
I don't wanna bore you.
You're not boring, come on.
I don't think you're gonna
be boring at all, tell me.
I bet you're very interesting.
- You do?
- Mmm-hmm.
Just a cowboy.
"Just a cowboy."
I mean, cowboys.
That's what
we read stories about.
Men like bill wanna be
when they grow up.
- I mean..
- Yeah.
Okay, so, tell me
why you are going to Miami then?
- Well, I'm going to a rodeo.
- A rodeo in Miami?
Yeah, well,
not actually in Miami
a little bit east of there.
- So, a rodeo in the everglades?
- Yeah, sort of...
What, are you gonna feed
the cows to the alligators?
I'm not actually competing
in the rodeo.
I'm putting on a roping clinic
for some of the guys.
Okay, see, that's interesting.
And so that's about the time
that I started reading Kerouac.
Kerouac? Wow, that's impressive.
Oh. Sure,
I also read Fitzgerald, bukowskl
but my all-time favorite writer
has to be..
- You too?
- Yeah, me too, of course.
Yeah, see, I-i guess
cowboys are pretty smart.
We just don't like to show it
all of the time.
We like to stay humble, I guess.
'Flight attendants,
prepare for landing.'
um, you know, Travis,
I never got to thank you.
I know that you did everything
you could to save bill's life.
I didn't keep my promise to you.
What, what promise?
I promised you that day
that I would keep him safe
and I didn't do it.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know why
bill had to die that day
but, I believe
that god has a greater plan.
I have to believe that otherwise
I wouldn't get out of bed
in the morning.
None of that was your fault.
I appreciate that.
Oh, we're not crashing, are we?
Remember god's plan?
I don't think it's to crash over
the Atlantic today.
I really don't.
Why, thank you.
After you.
- Bye bye.
- Thank you, thank you.
I want you to know
that before bill passed.
He was so excited
about all the work
you were doing in south America.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
And we are so very sorry
for your loss.
Mr. Goodhart was certainly
an inspiration to all of us.
'He was a brilliant man
for sure'
'and he had
a great sense of humor.'
'this year we are on target
for a one hundred fifty..'
have I told you how much
I love you?
'Our net revenue is even better
with an overall increase of..'
love you.
Well, okay.
It goes in reverse.
'We're going from $200 million
for this year to $225 million..'
Marty, it's Elizabeth Goodhart.
I think it's time
to sell my shares.
'Elizabeth? Is that you?'
What are you doing here?
The rodeo was cancelled
and I'd never been
to south beach
so I'm wandering the beach
and I can't believe
I see you sitting here.
Well, I'm so sorry
if it was cancelled
but I'm glad you're here.
You know, at the airport
when we left each other
I turned around.
And I went after you.
I tried to find you
but you were gone.
So, you've never been
to south beach?
Do you have six hours to spare?
Okay, let me show you around.
Yes, I would love
that more than anything.
- Okay. Let's go.
- Let's do it.
I never thought
I'd fall in love again.
You said the "I" word.
I, I meant, um..
I never thought
I'd make love... Again.
Isn't that the same thing?
- No, no, don't-don't answer.
- It might be my son.
- Hello?
- 'When are you coming home?'
I-I miss you.
Honey, it's 3:00 am.
Are you okay?
I just want you to come home.
And... I want daddy back.
Honey, I promise you..
Daddy is everywhere we are,
'He's always
looking down from heaven.'
He isn't.
'That's a lie.'
please, come home now.
'It's only a few more days,
look, Liz, Liz, I'm so sorry.
I didn't know
he was calling you.
But I will calm him down, okay.
Don't worry.
Lauren, do you need me
to come home?
'No, you don't.'
'everything will be fine.'
- okay.
- Alright, we love you.
Baby, it's okay.
Now, come on.
Do you want me to read you
another bed time story?
Come, it's time to go to bed.
I'm sorry.
Look, it's late.
I'll get going, okay.
Travis, I, um..
I really need you to stay.
Room service.
Good morning, beautiful.
'Eggs Benedict, coffee'
'orange juice..'
and a rose.
A rose?
You didn't have to do that.
Hmm, of course, I did.
In fact,
you'd better get used to that
I'm going to treat you every day
like you're my queen.
I can't believe tomorrow
it's going to be over.
This is gonna sound crazy
but come back to Sonoma with me.
Liz, I can't do that. I-I've
got to get back to the ranch.
Monty's expecting me.
Yeah, I don't mean to be
disrespectful, babe
but I think Monty can handle it
without you and I can't.
Come back to Sonoma
we'll never know
unless we try, right?
I mean this is
a fantasy out here.
We need to get home
and experience real life.
- Come on.
- Sounds amazing
but I, you know,
I don't live like this every day
I've got responsibilities
and bills to pay, and..
I'm not going
to live off of your dime.
Well, I have a lot of dimes.
Come on.
Let's try.
There's a great little hotel
right around the corner.
Let's date.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, let's give it a shot.
- Really?
- Yeah, okay?
- Okay.
Let's do it.
Mommy, you're home!
- Babe! Oh!
- Oh, I missed you so much.
I missed you too, oh, my gosh.
- This is my friend Travis.
- Travis, this is Tyler, my son.
He's a real cowboy.
- Wow! A real cowboy?
- I sure am.
Howdy, partner?
- 'Good to meet you.'
- Nice to meet you.
And this is my sister Lauren.
Lauren, Travis.
- Ma'am, it's a pleasure.
- Pleasure's mine.
Um, the driver's gonna
take you to hotel meridian
and my assistant took care
of everything.
Well, thank you. And, uh, can't
wait to start the adventure.
- Seven o'clock.
- Yes.
Travis is gonna have supper
with us tomorrow, okay?
- Seven.
- I will be here.
- Okay.
- Okay, alright.
- Bye-bye, nice to meet you.
- Bye.
See you then.
Come on, tell me everything,
how was it?
- It was excellent.
- Yeah?
- Wonderful.
- Great.
'I'll get it.'
hey, there.
Mom, the cowboy's here.
'Well, tell him to come in.'
she says to come in.
Okay, but first
I have something for ya.
- You do?
- Yeah, I do.
This is a wooden pony
carved by
a real Cherokee Indian.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Mom! Mom,
look what Travis gave me.
- Hi.
- Wow, look at you.
- Hello, gorgeous.
- Hi, he's upstairs.
- I missed you.
- And I missed you too.
Now, I brought some wine.
I don't know much about it
but guy at the store said
it was good.
It would be perfect,
they set a table on here, come.
- Great.
- So how was your day?
- My day was great.
- Yeah?
We bought the house and..
'Come on, babe.'
- Travis, Travis.
- Hey, buddy.
How long have you been a cowboy?
Well, I was born a cowboy.
Nah, you can't be born a cowboy.
Sure you can, my daddy and my
grand-daddy both were cowboys.
My dad died.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
You know we cowboys,
we're always moving forward.
We never think
about the past too much.
'It's always about
what's over that next Ridge'
or beyond that next canyon.
Lookin' back
never did much for me.
I just keep looking forward.
I don't worry about the past.
That's a good idea
I don't wanna forget my daddy.
Oh, no, never forget your daddy.
I just said don't worry
about the past too much.
'Your daddy,
he is safe up in heaven'
and he's looking down on you
right now.
He's watching everything you do.
Now, what you need to do
you need to be brave
and just keep moving forward
like a cowboy.
How can I become a cowboy?
- Well, I could teach you.
- You can?
- 'Sure.'
- Don't you need a horse?
Nah, you don't need a horse
to learn how to ride a horse.
- You don't?
- No.
In fact,
one of the best ways to learn
is to practice riding
on a, a barrel or something.
Um, can we play cowboys
after dinner?
We don't have any barrels.
You know what, I've got an idea.
'Okay, take the reins.
There you go.'
'now just kick in
with your heels a little bit.'
really gently, make him go,
make him walk, that's it.
That's it.
There you go, now,
make him go a little faster.
That's it, kick him.
There you go, there you go.
Hold those reins out there.
Great, perfect, good job.
Kick him, make him run.
Make him go.
Little faster, little faster.
Okay, make him stop, whoa, whoa,
easy, really easy.
You're gonna be ready
for a real horse.
- He's a natural.
- You are. Cowboy, it's bedtime.
- Come on.
- Alright, come on, bedtime.
- Oh.
- Thanks, Travis.
Oh, hey, you're welcome, buddy.
Great job riding that horse.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Come on.
- Hmm.
- Yeah? Just does a good job.
Keep your socks on.
- 'Right?'
- 'Okay.'
come on, hop in the bed.
- I like the cowboy.
- You do?
Yeah, he's really cool.
Not because he's a cowboy
but he's just really nice.
He is. And he liked you too.
And he said you'd make
a great cowboy.
- Really?
- Mm-hm, he told me so.
- Can we get a horse?
- Oh, the horse.
This is not the right property
for a horse, baby.
Well, we'd have
to get a ranch, too.
Oh, really?
Then if we get a ranch,
then we can get tons of horses.
I'll tell you what, let's just
take it one step at a time.
Maybe we'll start
with some cowboy boots.
I love you.
Sweet dreams.
- 'Alright.'
- 'Great. Alright.'
- take his hand.
- He got my hand. Thank you.
- Okay? There's a step.
- Okay.
- Okay, just step.
- Ready?
- Okay. Alright.
- Step.
- There's another one.
- Step.
- That's it. Another step.
- Step. Thank you.
What are you guys doing?
Step, step, step,
step, step, step.
- Space.
- Thank you.
- And then step.
- Step.
Oh, oh, okay.
Alright, ready?
It's a brand new..
- what.. Are you kidding me?
- Happy birthday!
That's amazing. Uh!
It's got
all the bells and whistles...
Wow! I-i-i don't even know
what to say.
You don't have to say anything.
- Expression says it all.
- Thank you.
Thank you, buddy. So cool.
So let's go for a ride.
I have one more surprise.
Yes. Another surprise.
Let's go.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Barbara, how are you?
- I am doing great.
'I received all the papers
signed from your lawyer today.'
- fantastic.
- Is it ours?
Yes, it's officially all yours.
- Hey!
- Congratulations.
Wait, we have one more surprise.
- Yay.
- Yes, hang on.
- Close your eyes.
- We're gonna put this on you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- So.. 'Can you see?'
- no.
- 'You sure?'
- yes.
- 'Okay.'
- no peeking.
- You're welcome.
- Enjoy. Bye.
- Thank you. Bye.
What is it? What is it?
I can't wait.
We're almost there.
Hang on, hang on. Okay.
- Okay.
- Turn around.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna take this off.
- Okay.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.
- Here we go.
- A horse?
- Yeah.
'What? You bought me a horse!'
'we sure did.
What do you think?'
you guys are the greatest
parents of all time.
What do you wanna name him?
I wanna name him, cowboy.
You wanna name your horse,
- Sure. Why not?
- I think it's sweet.
I like it. I like it.
Okay, cowboy it is.
Can I ride him?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Something wrong?
You're looking very serious.
Nah. I'm okay.
You're sure?
Yeah. N-n-nothing.
You're my husband, you're
supposed to be able to talk
to me about these things.
What's going on?
Can I be completely honest
with you?
It's hard being your husband.
I don't know what that means.
I don't work,
I don't bring home any money
I don't... Provide anything
for you and Tyler.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh
but... Bill left me
with more money
than I will ever know
what to do with.
Grandchildren will be set
and our grandchildren's
grandchildren will be set.
I-I-i understand all that
but I still feel..
Sort of useless.
Honey... What you give,
Tyler and I
is something money cannot buy.
You give us love.
I mean,
I'm able to breathe again.
It makes me uncomfortable
to ask you for money.
I'll open up a bank account.
It'll be yours.
You can get the money out
any time you want.
Sound good?
I don't know.
Uh, I didn't realize
that you were feeling
insecure about it.
Hey, but don't worry
about money.
I'm not.
If I was, I would've
had you sign a pre-nup.
Right? So..
- I guess that's true.
- Okay.
So then,
it's the end of discussion.
You're rich. Deal with it.
Look... Bill worked really hard
to make sure Tyler
and I were happy
and you've made us
the happiest since he's passed.
So let's just enjoy
the fruits of his labor. Okay?
You are amazing.
No, you are amazing.
- Okay?
- Okay.
See you later, mom.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
No hugs and kisses for me?
I mean, what?
- You guys be safe.
- Okay.
- Alright.
- We will.
Uh, eh, be safe in the water.
I will watch him like a hawk.
I'm not talking to him,
I'm talking to you.
Have you seen him swim?
He's like a kangaroo,
treading water.
- What?
- That is funny.
Very funny, you guys.
Here. There you go.
- Alright.
- Buckle up, okay?
And wear your life jacket.
Please, okay?
- Don't worry about us.
- Of course, I'll worry.
- Love you.
- Bye-bye. Love you, too.
- Hi, Elizabeth Goodhart?
- Yes.
Hi, I'm detective Morrison
with the
Phoenix police department.
- Phoenix?
- Yes, ma'am.
I-I was the lead detective
in your husband's case
when he, when he passed away.
U-uh, of course.
Detective Morrison,
how-how are you?
I'm sorry
to disturb you like this
but is, uh, Mr. brown here?
Uh, no. No.
He left a few minutes ago.
Can I help you?
Yes, uh, do you mind
if I come in for a moment?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Uh... So Phoenix.
Why, you come quite a distance?
Must be pretty important.
Well, I assume folks of my
department found some evidence
that might suggest
that your husband's passing
may not have been
entirely an accident.
What kind of evidence?
Well, there was another
detective investigating
a homicide case
just outside of Phoenix
and he got a DNA match
uh, to Mr. brown.
So naturally, we, we reopened
your husband's case.
But why?
Because Mr. brown
was the first person
to find your husband
after he fell off the horse.
Yeah, that's right,
Travis did everything
he could,
he, he did everything right.
Your husband's injuries
aren't entirely consistent
with the type of accident
that he apparently had.
he fell off his horse
and hit his head.
and he had two head injuries.
- I guess he hit his head twice.
- Right. That's what we thought.
But the injuries that were
on the top of the skull
were consistent with,
uh ...The speed of the horse
falling off the horse,
hitting a tree
but the injuries on his
frontal lobe but more consistent
with, uh..
Well, with,
with blunt force trauma.
I.. Detective, I'm sorry
I-I don't know
what you're trying to say here.
Uh, we're not ruling out
foul play.
We've reopened the case
as a potential homicide.
And, uh, Mr. brown
is our number one suspect.
That's-that's crazy.
Uh.. U-uh, Travis was there.
He, he helped bill.
He did everything he could to help bill.
I.. We've already been through this.
I've been investigating
this case for a long time.
It wasn't until I found out
about the skull anomalies
that I figured
it was a good idea
to come talk to you in person.
How well do you know Mr. brown?
Please, he's my husband.
Did you know
that he was in the air force?
No. I..
He was a fighter pilot.
He was discharged
from the air force
for insubordination.
That's ridiculous. Okay?
My husband is afraid to fly.
And I promise you, Travis had
nothing to do with bill's death.
So if I'm not a suspect,
I'd like you to leave my house.
May I suggest you,
don't tell Mr. brown
that I was here.
You call me anytime.
'So how you're doing?'
- 'good.'
- 'Yeah?'
you know,
fishing all about Patience.
Yeah. But I'm a kid.
Kids don't have Patience.
Well, you'll need Patience
when you're my age.
So I guess you need
to start practicing.
It's like a,
it's like a life lesson.
I think I got one.
Okay, hang-hang on.
Just a sec.
Okay, now, remember how I told
you to give it a little tug?
Right now, give it a little tug.
There, there, that's it.
Show that fish who's boss.
Think you have something.
Hey, I think you might have
something there.
Really slow, really slow, slow.
- I do?
- Yeah. Yeah.
You don't wanna lose this guy,
okay? Okay, yeah, there he is.
No, I don't wanna lose..
Th.. Yeah, that's him!
- Okay.
- Oh.
- Alright.
- Yeah.
- Look at that.
- We got him.
We got him, man.
- Good job. Give me five!
- Yeah.
I couldn't have done it
without you, Travis.
Oh, way to go.
Way to go. Okay.
Here, let's bring it
back over here.
Take this baby home
and show mom, okay?
- Alright!
- Alright.
- I'll get the tackle box.
- Okay, can you get it?
Yeah, I got it.
- Alright.
- You're ready?
- Yeah. Let's do it.
- Alright.
Man, I can't believe
you caught your first fish.
'I know but
why would the detective'
'come all the way to Sonoma?'
'they don't just open two year
old investigations for nothing.'
'you're acting paranoid.'
what if something had happened,
what if-what if
bill was murdered
I can't just igno...
'oh, Elizabeth.'
it's Travis. I gotta go.
Hey, babe, um..
I've been trying
to reach you, where are you?
Sorry, there's no
reception up there.
Everything okay?
Yeah. I just, um,
I just miss you. That's all.
- 'Mom, I caught a fish.'
- That's great, babe.
'He caught it all by himself.'
good. Are you on the way back?
Well, we're going to stop
and grab a bite to eat.
- 'No.'
- No?
I-I just want you to come home.
Travis was going to take me
for a burger and a shake.
'Can you tell Travis
that I really want you guys'
to come back,
I wanna cook supper and..
'Sure, babe.
We'll be home in an hour.'
okay, be safe.
I-i love you, both.
Okay. See ya.
'Alright, buddy.'
Come on, kid.
You wanna help me out?
- Yeah.
- Alright. Hop out.
You need to get the stuff, okay. Come on.
- Okay.
- Alright. Ugh!
'Wee! Oh.'
- 'I stepped on the net. Okay..'
- Alright. Here we go.
Take that, hand me those.
Now, give me
your prized possession.
- Alright. Perfect.
- Aah!
Good job. Okay. Come on.
- Wee!
- Whoo!
- Whoa! Okay.
- Alright.
- What do you wanna take?
- Um..
- Do you wanna take that?
- The fish?
Yeah. You know what,
you take that, take this.
- Okay. Okay.
- Let's go.
Alright. Come on, buddy.
Mom! We're home.
Liz! Where are you?
Hey, you're here. Hi.
Hey, babe.
Hey, how was it?
I caught a fish.
- This is its fin.
- Yeah?
Uh, that's beautiful.
That is.. It's..
You're alright, Liz?
Yeah. I'm just, um..
Just a little tired, that's all.
Mm. Well, smells great.
Can't wait for dinner.
Um, you know, uh,
you've had really long day.
Why-why don't you
go get cleaned up.
And, Tyler,
you can help me set the table.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
come on.
Travis says that we can make
a fishing pond on the ranch.
Could we do that, mom?
I really like fishing.
Yeah. It sounds like
a good idea.
So you guys had fun today?
Yeah, Travis taught me
lots of cool stuff.
'He taught me
how to make a lure'
'and then how
to put it on the hook.'
'and then he taught me
all of the parts'
'of the fishing rod.'
are you okay?
Yeah. Um... Sure.
I think, I..
You guys go get ready for bed
and I'll, um, I'll clean up.
We're not done, mom.
I said go get ready for bed.
Half his food is still
on his plate.
He's my son.
I said dinner's over.
Okay, Liz. Dinner's over.
'Okay, I'll go brush my teeth
and put my PJS on.'
you know,
we had a great day today.
He's really connecting with me.
Please don't ruin it.
I'm sorry, I just, um..
I had some bad news... Today.
And I'm just
trying to digest it.
What bad news?
A friend from high school
passed away.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you let me know?
I should've told you
since you walked in.
It is my fault. Just..
Go get ready for bed.
Okay, I-i... I wanna clean up.
A-a-are you sure, you're okay?
- Definitely.
- I don't know.
I'll see you up there.
I'm sorry about your friend.
There's just..
Been so much loss lately.
Like, you know, honey, I never..
Asked about
what happened to your ex-wife.
Well, she was driving
on a windy... Mountain road.
And evidently..
Her brakes went out and she..
Went off a cliff.
It's terrible. I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I got one of those calls,
late one night.
Uh, never wanna get
one of those calls again.
Hey, if I'd know what happened..
Like I said it was an accident.
Did she, um..
Have any enemies or anything?
No. No.
She was the sweetest girl.
She never hurt a fly.
I don't know, it was just a,
a tragic accident.
That, that's it.
But I don't wanna talk
about this stuff anymore.
We have each other
and that all it matters, right?
That's right.
Let's get some sleep.
Okay. Goodnight.
Goodnight. Love you.
I love you too.
- Babe.
- Um.
- Baby, come.
- Why?
Come on. Ugh!
Shh. Keep sleeping.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
Going somewhere?
Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm just, um..
I'm gonna go to my sister's.
And why would you do that?
Because I'm sad about my friend
and I, and I just, um..
She, she told me to come over,
something to talk.
With Tyler?
Yeah. Yeah, with Tyler.
Why did you ask me
about my first wife?
What? Oh. What does that...
I just wanna know
why you brought it up?
Who you've been talking to?
Nobody. Nobody, I, I don..
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Where'd you get this?
Detective... Came here
while you were fishing.
And what did he tell you?
He said that,
um, you may have had..
Something to do..
With bill's death.
And why would he think that?
Maybe, um, maybe the money..
I don't need your money.
I've been poor before,
I can be poor again.
Hey, it's my fault.
Okay, I, I, I think that, um,
the detective just scared me
just made me feel
a little... Paranoid.
And, uh, I, I think
we should just go inside
and forget all about this.
I'm sorry.
Let's go for a drive.
Babe, please, let's take Tyler
and let's just, let's just...
Let's go... For a drive.
I need to think.
You look nervous.
You're scaring me.
'I'm your husband.
You don't need to be nervous.'
I've just never
seen you like this.
You're doing good.
Just keep driving.
I... I get your point. Okay?
I'm sorry. I, I..
Let's just turn back. Okay?
I want you to pull
into the next turn-out.
There's nothing out there.
It's just
the top of the mountain.
Pull into the next turn-out.
Get out.
'Get out of the car.'
give me the keys.
- What?
- Give me the keys.
You're not acting
like the man that I married
y-you're acting
very strange, Travis.
You accused me of killing bill,
why wouldn't I act strange?
I didn't accuse you.
The detective accused you.
I, I wasn't even
gonna bring it up.
Oh, but you were going
to take Tyler
and leave in the middle
of the night?
Yeah, I told you,
I, I was sad about my friend.
I just wanna take out
to my sister's. That's it.
Will you stop lying to me!
I'm not lying.
I'm not... I'm not lying to..
- I think it's time.
- It's time, time for what?
Time for you to know the truth.
The truth about what?
About me.
There's no turning back now.
I don't care about your past.
I, I don't, okay.
I, I just wanna go home.
Let's go get back in bed. Okay.
I'm.. I love you and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about all this, okay?
Let's just go home. Okay?
You know, sadly, Liz..
I don't love you.
Any guy could really go
for someone like you.
I see your type.
Coming up in their limousines
and their-their fancy cars.
Diamond earrings
and expensive watches
looking down your noses
at the rest of us.
But I, I'm not like that.
You, you know it,
I, I'm not like that.
But this time..
I turn the tables.
But what does,
what does that mean?
I mean, you fell for it, Liz.
Hook, line and sinker.
You really think
I was going to go to a rodeo
in the everglades?
- I'm going to a rodeo.
- 'Um, in Miami?'
oh, not in Miami,
a little bit east of there.
You really think
that I'm afraid of flying
I was in the freaking
air force, for god sake!
He was a fighter pilot.
He was discharged from the
air force for insubordination.
my husband is afraid to fly.
What was that?
I flew fighter jets, how could
I'd be afraid of flying?
You're so stupid.
What did you do..
What did you do to bill?
What did you do?
You really wanna know?
You really wanna know
what I did to bill?
Yeah. I do.
Okay, listen up.
When I got to bill,
he was in bad shape.
Dammit! Mr. Goodhart!
Mr. Goodhart, are you okay?
I actually felt bad for the guy
but then I..
I remembered,
how you looked at me.
And this idea just did
came into my head.
Just like that.
And I just looked down
and coincidentaly
there was a rock
right at my foot.
So I picked it up.
Home run.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
But don't worry,
I don't think he felt a thing.
That's what happened.
You... Are very sick.
Don't you have a conscience?
What about Tyler?
- What about him?
- Don't, don't you love him?
See, you're not getting it, Liz.
Uh, he's a nice kid
and all but love him?
Come on.
W-where do you,
where you're going?
Why did you do it?
What would make you kill
his father?
I did it for the money, Liz.
Just like
your detective friend said.
And now I have it.
Because you didn't even
make me sign a pre-nup.
Oh, my god.
Turn around.
Please, Travis, please.
- Turn around.
- Let's just forget about this.
Turn around!
Please. Travis,
let's just forget about this.
Okay, please. No!
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Please. I won't tell anyone,
I promise you.
It'll be, it'll be our secret.
We can go back home.
let's just take another home.
- Don't move..
- Please.
A muscle.
Or I will kill your son.
Did you hear me?
Don't move a muscle.
No. No, no, no, no, please.
Please, stop.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Please. Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
Oh! Oh, my god!
Mommy? Is everything okay?
Everything's okay, baby. Okay?
Everything's fine.
Put your seatbelt on.
Your seatbelt on, baby.
Oh, my god!
My brakes!
Why're we going so fast?
'stop the car!'
are we going to die?
What's going on?
- Mommy?
- Take your seatbelt off.
'Put your hand on the handle
and when I count to three'
I want you to open the door
and roll out, okay?
'But I'll fall!'
- ready?
- We're gonna get hurt.
Two... Three!
Tyler! Tyler!
- Mommy!
- Tyler!
- Are you okay, baby?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Are you sure?
- Hm-mm.
- Babe.
- Honey.
What're doin' out here?
Is everything okay?
Yeah, it's a long story.
- Thanks for coming.
- Of course.
- Oh, my god!
- Oh, my god!
People should really
check their brakes
before they drive
these mountain roads.
I hope that wasn't a family.
Yeah, that would be horrible.
We should,
we should call the police.
There's no service up here.
Come on.
We'll call from down below.
Let's go.
You did so good,
I'm so proud of you.
I'm scared.
Everything's gonna be fine now.
How far do we have to walk?
Honey, I don't know.
Just keep walking.
'Last night,
about 20 miles from Winthrop'
'Elizabeth Goodhart,
owner of Goodhart management'
'and her son,
Tyler Goodhart died..'
Travis. Travis, wake up.
Wake up. Look.
That's her, right?
'Lost control of her vehicle
and flew off'
'the side of the road..'
well, I thought that you said
that she was on a vacation.
- Oh, my god!
- I guess I was wrong.
This is terrible.
Yeah. Terrible news.
Terrible, terrible news.
Terrible news.
Are those sirens?
why are there sirens here?'
- Travis, what is going on?
- I know.
Talk to me.
Hang on, let me check.
'Travis? What do you see?'
'what's going on?'
Here's what we're going to do.
Oh, no, there's no we
if there's cops here.
I'm going to go out there..
And talk to them..
And everything
would be just fine. Relax.
What do you mean,
everything will be..
What is going on? Travis?
Travis, you need to..
- Travis brown?
- Yeah.
- You're under arrest.
- For what?
For the murder
of Kayla Ann Shrier
'bill Goodhart.'
'the attempted murder
of Elizabeth'
'and Tyler Goodhart.'
escort you to the car.
there's gonna be quite a few
hearings in the future but..
'...we'll try to keep
involvement to a minimum.'
watch your head.
'I don't care what I've to do.'
I wanna watch him burn.
I love you... Dad.
I love you too, bill.
So sorry.
I hope you got
a real pretty horse
up there in heaven.
I know he does, babe.
Come on.