A Woman for All Men (1975) Movie Script

Wake up!
- Hey, listen.
- Oh, what are you doing, man?
For Christ's sake!
I just heard Pop got
married last night.
Who, your father?
Where did you hear this?
He's, he's in Santa Fe, Paul.
Will you split?
He just married somebody
in Vegas last night at midnight.
Only idiots
get married in Vegas,
two idiots.
Steve, I was at the
Beverly Wilshire
and this drunk walks up to me,
slaps me on the shoulder
and says, "Congratulations."
You know who it is?
S.C. Steigley.
He just flew down from Vegas,
saw the ceremony
at the Tropicana.
Married to who?
He'd never seen her before.
I can tell you who
the new Mrs. McCoy is.
She's some smart working chick
with a great body
and a great lay
who won the
biggest bet in her life.
Oh, come on, Rodell, married?
She won, baby, she won.
And where does
that leave you two?
Get the phone.
Do you believe this?
You bet I believe it.
Walter McCoy got drunk
just once too often.
He could have phoned us.
When did Pop ever think
of anybody else?
Oh Rodell, what are
you getting dressed for?
It's still early in
the morning, you know.
I got news for you, Steven.
It's awful late in the day.
And what is that
supposed to mean?
That means that I put in three
good hard years with you
and bed is great,
but Steven by now
I thought we'd have
gotten our act together,
we would have been married,
Oh, come on, listen, will you
just hang around for a bit...
Hang around?
And wait for Ms. Big Tits
to walk in?
Hey, look, Steven,
I think you've got a lot
of thinking to do.
Paul, you're thinking
the same thing.
You, two brothers,
worked your asses off
for your old man's
construction company
because one day, Walter is going
to give you everything, right?
Well, where do you stand now?
With some broad,
smart enough to marry him.
In one night,
your stepmother goes past you
to the head of the line.
Only five more minutes
to the house, baby.
- What a sensational house, Walter!
- Yeah.
You know, I turned down
$450,000 for it?
It must be them.
- In you go, baby.
- Okay.
Oh, hey, fellows. I want you
to meet a wonderful girl.
Oh, who told you?
You spoiled it.
- I ran into Steigley.
- Oh, yeah?
Well, Karen, this is Steve
and that's Paul.
Hello, Steve, Paul.
Hey, well, you know,
this is, uh,
kind of a surprise.
You should have told us about it.
We would have come up.
Well, we kind of did it
in spur of the moment,
so it came real quick.
- How long have you two been
- Oh, about a year.
Yeah, about that.
About a year.
You live in Vegas, Karen?
For the past two years, yes.
Actually, Walter and I
met in Albuquerque.
We'll answer those
vital statistics later.
You guys go and unload the car.
Yeah, on Sunday,
they look like the idle rich,
but tomorrow, they'll be
working their asses off,
the same as anybody else
for McCoy Construction.
Well, come on, fellows,
get the stuff out of the car.
Oh, hey, is your sister around?
She's spending the weekend
up at Arrowhead with Jill.
Did you tell her anything?
No. We figured that
you'd want to.
Okay. Okay.
Go on.
How old is she?
Cynthia is 17.
She's a great gal.
You're going to love her.
Hey, look at that,
225 feet of private beach.
You couldn't find a piece
of property like that today.
- Mr. McCoy.
- Oh, Sarah.
Honey, you remember
I told you about Sarah.
Mrs. McCoy, it's wonderful
to have you here.
"Mrs. McCoy," that still
doesn't seem like it's me.
Sarah, I don't think there's
going to be any changes
except now, you'll have somebody
who'll appreciate your cooking.
You know, I'm very happy
for you, Mr. McCoy.
Well, thank you, Sarah,
that's damn nice,
very damn nice.
Well, what'll it be,
breakfast, brunch?
Breakfast and French toast.
Wait until you see what
she does with French toast.
Whatever you say.
Show me upstairs,
will you, please?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
You know what?
They hate my guts.
Well, honey, they don't either
and if they do,
screw them.
I just want to sleep
a couple of hours.
We've been up all night.
I have looked better.
Well honey, you look the
way I want you to look.
You just stay there
by that window.
That's it and don't you
pay any attention to me,
just keep going.
Hold it. Hold it.
There. That's good, baby.
That's fine, baby.
Oh, that looks sensational!
That's right, baby.
That's fine. That's what I like.
That's good.
All right.
That's what I want.
Uh-huh. That's it.
That's it.
Hold it.
Ah... End of the roll.
What a freak.
What a couple of freaks.
Now, you're the one who
has too many clothes on.
The lady of the house
is all moved in.
Yeah. I hope she's a better
tipper than the old man.
What the hell do you mean
he doesn't answer?
Try it again. A lawyer has got
to have a phone service?
It's almost 9 o'clock.
Hey, that reminds me, you better
be out of here in three minutes.
Where is Sleeping Beauty?
Steve is working with the
gravel crew this month.
They're reporting at
10:45, remember?
- Where the hell are you now?
- Thank you.
Cement, $4.25 an hour.
What the hell is wrong
with $170 a week?
The withholding and the deductions
are what's wrong with it.
I cash 106 bucks, Pop.
My boys have it so tough.
They have to live in a half a
million-dollar beach house,
all the prime ribs and steaks
and booze they can lap up,
they both drive
$10,000 cars, oh,
the underprivileged boys,
my heart bleeds for you.
Then, how about those
freeloading broads of yours,
they like it pretty good here,
don't they?
Why shouldn't they?
I pay all the bills.
What's your beef?
Oh, come on, Pop,
you know what I mean.
I know what you mean.
You mean, you both should be
Vice Presidents, working downtown,
because your old man
owns the company.
Well, let me tell you something,
if you don't like where I put you,
you just let me know
and then, you can get
the hell out of here.
Is that clear?
You got it?!
Is that clear?!
No, Daddy wouldn't.
Really, Cynthia.
I tell you, they're married.
Steve and I didn't know
a damn thing either.
Well, what's she like?
Oh, you're going to love her.
How gross.
I'm on my third stepmother.
They're all lousy.
We'll call it a honeymoon, huh?
Well, call a travel agent,
find out about Hawaii,
any place you want,
it doesn't matter, baby.
Cynthia, honey!
How are you, baby?
Hey, guess what?
Paul told me, Daddy.
How do you like that?
I can't surprise any of my kids.
Cyn, baby, I want you
to meet my Karen.
Hello, Cynthia.
I've heard so much about you.
Oh, you girls are going
to get along just great.
Now, I want you to
spend the afternoon
kinda getting acquainted, okay?
Just a minute, Daddy.
I'll walk with you.
What are you talking about?
Oh, Daddy!
Come on, you're a
big grown up girl now.
- Come on.
- But it's important.
- I got to go, baby.
- I got to talk to you.
Are you through with the paper?
Yeah, help yourself.
What a day, huh?
It could be raining bullets,
I don't think you'd have
any complaints.
So, that's the way
you want to be, huh?
Lady, I'm kind of stuck with it,
whether I like it or not.
You know, I could handle guys
like you when I was 16.
Why don't you just relax?
It would be a lot simpler.
How long?
How you got it figured?
Six months, a year?
How long is it going to take
to knock the old man over
for a bundle?
"Until death do us part"
is the contract I signed.
And where does "Death do
us part" leave me and Paul?
How do I know?
But, you know, you're crazy
to get tee'd off at me.
I can handle him a lot
better than you
and if you boys are good,
I might get both of you a raise.
So, he told you everything, huh?
When it comes to mouths,
I'm an expert
and Mr. Walter McCoy
has one of the biggest.
But he don't get
that drunk around me.
Hey, Karen,
just for the hell of it.
What did you really do in Vegas?
I married a millionaire.
Mack, I want you to
pick up half a day.
The rains come and we can use
your schedule for toilet paper.
Mr. McCoy,
I ramrod everybody
whenever I think
it'll do any good.
How are Paul and Steve doing?
Now, Mack,
don't give me any bull.
No bull?
I wish you had 10 more
just like them.
Well, give me time.
I'm just starting my Honeymoon.
Barney, can you hear me?
Yes, Walter, that's much better.
What's up?
Well, I've just been going
through that draft you made up
on my will.
You got to think
of something else, Barney.
Well, taxes or no taxes,
I don't like a trust that
I can't change my mind about.
An expensive lawyer like you
has got to be able to think
of something else.
Walter, you can't
have it both ways.
I bet I can and I want
to sign it right now.
I'll try a different approach.
It ought to be ready when
we get back from Sacramento.
What do I need with Sacramento?
Sacramento is all yours,
Barney, understand?
Damn it, Walter, there are times
when you have got to show up.
Contributions aren't enough.
Juice isn't enough.
Every once in a while,
the man on the payroll
wants the boss to hold his hand
and this is one of those times.
Now, we fly up there Friday.
Well, in fact,
you stopped, baby.
Where did you go, huh?
Well, I, uh...
You don't do so bad yourself.
All right!
Everybody into the booze.
Everybody into the booze.
It's 2:30, Paul.
We have to go.
Allison, Allison,
you have no classes tomorrow,
you told me that yourself
and besides,
Karen and I are celebrating
- our fourth week anniversary.
- Fourth week anniversary. Right.
Everybody have a
little night cap, right?
Come on, Pop.
It is getting late.
You do not give the orders
around here, sonny.
I give the orders, right?
Come on, it's the
hottest night of the year.
Come on, everybody, into
the pool or something.
Come on!
Hey, it's okay.
Come on.
We'll stay.
It's going to be all right.
Oh, whoop.
Hey, we got to get rid
of this Great Dane, right?
Hey, Paul!
Want to give me some glasses?
All right.
I'll get you some glasses.
Take it easy, Walter.
Don't forget,
you're still the driver.
Rodell, my belle,
don't you ever worry about
little old Walter's driving.
In the daytime,
I drive pretty good
and at night, I drive great.
You just ask my new bride.
Don't I drive
great at night, baby?
Come on, man.
Lay off, will you?
Lay off?
Lay off from what?
I mean, Rodell
isn't insulted, is she?
Rodell, you're not insulted
just because an old bozo like me
thinks you're a
pretty sexy dame, right?
No, Walter, I'm not insulted,
and even if I was,
you'd say anything you wanted.
A pretty smart broad, see?
She knows the score.
Why don't you marry her?
Who says I want to marry him?
Come on, what's the argument?
Can we just pour the booze
and jump in the pool?
And what are you talking about?
Why don't you want
to marry my son?
You've been sleeping together
for a couple of years.
Oh, Walter, shut up!
You want to know?
I'll tell you why not.
Oh, Rodell.
Look, Walter,
I don't know where I stand,
if you really want to know,
no offense, Karen,
but you see, what do I get
if I marry Steve?
What does he get?
- For God's sakes, Rodell...
- Especially now, right?
Rodell, honey, that's for me to
know and for you to find out,
you, Allison and my three kids.
That'll give them
something to think about.
What do you think
you're entitled to, Rodell?
A hell of a lot, Walter.
Does that answer your question?
How do you figure that?
Because I'm just about
the best there is around.
In what way?
- You name it.
- Oh, is that a fact?
The best there is, huh, Steve?
You mean, the best in
the body department?
Any section, top or bottom.
I'll call your bluff, Walter.
Well, Karen, it looks like
you're going to have to win
another contest.
I what?
You heard me.
Well, you parade around nude
in front of 1500 jerks on the stage.
Well, this is among friends.
Take it off!
Take it off!
Take it off!
Take it off!
Take it off!
Take it off!
Take it off!
Take it off!
Take it off!
Take it off! Take it off!
Or do you only perform when it's
raining hundred dollar bills?
Certainly, Walter.
Love, honor and obey.
Hey, come on,
the two of you, huh?
Let's forget it, okay?
Listen, I call it even.
Come on, Rodell.
The party is over.
I'm taking you home.
- I'll give you a private showing some time, Walter.
- Yeah.
Hey, your old man can
still pick 'em, can he, huh?
Listen, Karen, I'm sorry.
I really am sorry.
Hey, I'm going to get you
in front of my camera
one of these days, right?
Are you sure you can afford it,
Good night, baby.
Daddy, can you come
in my room a minute?
In the morning, baby.
In the morning, darling.
Good night, Cynthia.
No contest, baby.
You don't want to waste
any of that, do you?
Then, what do you say?
Please, Mama.
Please, Karen, baby.
Hey, Mack,
I thought Mr. McCoy
was still up north.
He is.
I'm Mrs. McCoy.
I'd like to look around,
if I may?
Oh, absolutely, Mrs. McCoy.
Want me to show you around?
Oh, no, thank you.
Uh, where is Steve and Paul?
Uh, Steve is up there,
where they're pouring
and Paul is with the gravel crew,
about one mile straight ahead,
up there.
- Thank you.
- Don't tangle with the trucks.
Wouldn't catch me going to
Sacramento and leaving that.
Hell, the old man has to
rest up once in a while.
It was all cold
and foggy at the beach,
so I decided to come down here
and see what Walter
is always talking about.
You know,
there's nothing like lunch
in an air conditioned restaurant.
Want a beer?
You think of everything.
After a month with the old man,
how is it going?
Well, it's been a lot
longer than a month.
Actually, it's been
about a year on and off.
Yeah. He'd fly me to Seattle
and Memphis,
Houston once,
New York a couple of times.
No kidding.
I never would have known it.
Why shouldn't you lie?
You don't know me.
But all I'm saying, Steve,
is that you don't have to.
Lie about what?
I know, Steve.
Don't you think my friends in
Vegas are still my friends?
I got this investigators report
just as soon as you did.
Any time you want to know
anything about Karen Petrie
anything just ask Karen Petrie.
Don't you think Walter
checked me out?
I told him everything.
I completely leveled with him.
He's at that stupid age,
where he feels he's got to
prove everything in the sack.
Now, for all me and Paul knew,
he bombed out with
$100 casino hooker.
Now, you know that's not
good enough for your father.
No, I imagine some of those
night games he plays
must get more and more
and I bet you keep them
very interesting.
- He's satisfied.
- Mmm.
- I'll drive you back.
- No, thanks.
I don't want to be seen in
public with the boss's wife.
Allison wanted to see
something at the Music Center,
so she and Paul
are out for the evening
and Cyn spent the day with Jill.
They went horseback riding.
You want to talk to her?
You want to talk to Steve again?
What would you like?
Oh, Walter,
I haven't learned how to
do that over the phone.
I miss you too, darling.
Yeah, just call first and I'll
pick you up from the airport.
Okay, honey.
You know the old man's got
Sacramento in his hip pocket, right?
Don't you know it!
Hey, you know those pictures
Walter's been taking?
Well, they came back
from the lab.
You want to look at them?
What, now?
Block it.
Come on!
- Go after it!
- Get it!
Barney, will you just
shut up and listen?
I guarantee it absolutely 100.
McCoy Construction
got the contract,
beautiful, million bucks,
that's how much, yeah.
Well, okay.
And a happy Sunday to you too.
Hey, Allison, it looks like
another hot one, don't it?
- Feel good?
- Hm-hmm.
- Feel better?
- Walter?
Well, let's go inside.
Come on.
Let's celebrate, honey.
I just got home.
Forty-two million bucks.
Celebrate in the room,
what's the difference?
And I, I won't be as tired
as I was last night.
Game is over for you.
Are you sure you can handle
all of the exercise by yourself?
Good boy.
I promised Jackie we'd be
out of here by 4 o'clock
because she's having a friend
come in from New York
- and he's all...
- Yes.
Yes, we'll be out of here
by 4 o'clock.
Just give me a minute, huh?
Oh, minutes.
Hey, why didn't Walter take
you to Phoenix this time?
Oh, he knows I hate
that Phoenix scene
and anyway,
I told him that I felt lousy.
Tells how much he knows
because you're never lousy.
- No?
- No.
You don't know.
Know what?
To have somebody love me.
What are we going to do?
I hate being with him.
Those nights are just driving
me out of my mind.
It's not just the nights.
It's all the time.
- Steve? Steve.
- Just come here.
Listen to me.
If we don't do it now,
we never will.
I want you.
That's all.
And not just for matinees.
Oh, when he finds out...
He won't be home
until tomorrow night
and by then, we're long gone.
I've been there before, Steve.
Not with me, you haven't.
Thank you so much, Mr. McCoy,
and for first time guests
a formality,
would you prefer
to give us a check now or?
Oh, for through Thursday.
One hundred and seventy
exactly, including tax.
- Is this, uh, just as good?
- Oh, certainly.
And the charge would be
McCoy Construction Company?
Why don't I pay you cash, okay?
The Cypress Cottage
for Mr. and Mrs. McCoy.
It doesn't make any difference.
It sure does to me.
It happens to everybody.
You're just tired and you
have things on your mind.
I'm always tired
and I always have things
on my mind.
Will you please not
treat me like Walter?
You're not ready.
I'll be there in a minute.
I'll be in the bar.
- I didn't order...
- Double vodka on the rocks?
What the hell?
I mean, he lets you talk
to old friends, doesn't he?
Oh, well, sit down a minute,
why don't you?
How's tricks, Karen?
It's not funny, Karl.
You look great.
You always did look sensational
when you look like
you want to kill somebody.
How is Vegas?
Still air conditioned.
How come you're over here?
Those two men you were with
looked like they were civilians.
I didn't know if you
spotted me there
when you put on the shades.
Yeah, they are.
I'm taking care of them
for the Colonel.
Well, you give the Colonel
my regards, huh?
I certainly will.
He sure wishes
you're around the town.
Hey, what, uh,
what are you doing here?
That kid you checked in with,
that's not the one you married.
Okay. If you're working again,
I just want to make sure.
Now, these two I'm with,
they've played all the
golf courses, right?
Now, they want some action.
Where are they?
I didn't look that close.
At the bar,
the brown houndstooth
and the, uh,
the dude with the pipe.
Hey, look, the parties
we've been together,
no problems, never,
usually, pretty straight stuff,
no freaky scenes.
Listen, the last time I set
them up with Wendy and Hilary.
I stopped working
when I was married, Karl.
Hey, Karen.
I mean, man, it'd be
a hell of a favor for me.
I mean, it'd set me up with
them and the Colonel.
I mean, look, you, you name it.
Uh, a matinee, any time,
a couple of days from now,
when you're free.
What are we talking about?
Five hundred a day.
If you want to take them both on,
a grand a day.
When do you think?
Wendy said the dude with the pipe
is a hell of a guy, honest.
Well, I'm glad
I'm still in demand.
Yeah, but, baby, when?
I mean, they're ready.
I'll let you know.
I'm all ready.
- We're going back.
- Hey.
What's wrong?
You, me,
thinking this would work.
It can work.
We got out of that place,
didn't we?
Steve, neither one of us
can stop thinking about him.
Listen, Karen, what do you want?
Do you want me?
- Hell, yes, I want you!
- All right, then.
But I don't want to worry
about every damn dollar
and about whether
you sell your car
and whether this room is
80-lousy bucks a day.
I married Walter to get
away from all that, Steve.
- Look, I...
- You, look.
Just now, in the bar,
I ran into a guy from Vegas,
a friend,
a real good friend.
Do you understand?
He offered me five bills
for openers.
Oh, wow.
He's a friend, Steve,
and he works for the Colonel
and he's doing me a favor.
Five for openers
and I couldn't resist
trying to raise it.
And he came up to a G
for a duet.
And I sat there
like an adding machine
and I damn near took it.
Isn't that sensational?
I'm Mrs. Walter McCoy
and I'm thinking,
"I better grab that thousand
before he flies in some
other chicks from Vegas."
I'm all right,
but we're packing and leaving
and blowing 80 bucks a day.
You're serious?
Yes, I am.
What are you doing?
When Walter makes
his regular call home,
I sure as hell would hate
to have Sarah say
she doesn't know where I am.
McCoy's residence.
Oh, Mrs. McCoy,
I'm so glad you called.
I tried to call you
several times earlier, Sarah,
but, you know, it's that
damn telephone company again.
Well, Mr. McCoy
has changed his plans
and he's getting in tonight.
Paul is meeting him now.
I, I spent the entire day
with Jackie Davis,
you know,
she has that bug again.
I'll be home in about
an hour or so.
Is Steve home yet?
No, Mrs. McCoy,
and I haven't heard
from him either.
Yes. Yes.
All right.
Oh, God.
What if he finds that note?
What note?
You mean,
you wrote him a goodbye?
I couldn't walk out on him cold.
I had to tell him something.
Get the car.
I'll be ready.
Don't get a ticket, Steve.
We mustn't be seen together.
Why didn't you get gas
before you picked me up, Paul?
My time is valuable.
I didn't have a chance.
I had to work, too.
My time is worth money, Paul.
Leave the bags.
Mrs. McCoy?
I thought you might be
Mr. McCoy and Paul.
They'll be here any minute,
I'm sure.
About dinner.
Since you weren't here,
I went ahead and made
the crab meat casserole.
Thank you, Sarah.
Where the hell is everybody?
Oh, there you are, honey!
I thought you deserted me when
I didn't see you at the airport.
Oh, I just had
one of those days,
but I'm glad you're home.
- How was your trip?
- Eh.
Good evening, Mr. McCoy.
Oh boy, could I have used one of
your breakfasts this morning!
- Oh, hey, uh, get some drinks, would you, Steve?
- Sure.
Uh, make it vodka for me,
You know what I want, right?
Oh, hey, Paul!
You know, honey,
from now on,
you're coming with me.
I'm not going to leave
you home alone anymore.
You ought to take
some time off, honey.
You really need it.
Well, maybe when we sign
this contract I will.
And what the hell,
I can take a month off
right now, if I want to.
You want to go to Hawaii?
Sure, you like Hawaii, huh?
But wait a minute, no Honolulu.
- Maui, maybe, Honolulu...
- Oh, I'd love it.
Is it all right with you?
You decide, baby.
I thought that, maybe, that you
guys wanted these right away.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Hmm, if you knew
how I needed that.
Hey, what do you say tonight
we go out and get tanked?
I thought you'd never ask.
Hey, what are you and
Rodell waiting for anyway?
Wouldn't it be nice
for you to come home
to some beautiful like this
after a tough day
in a salt mine?
Hey, Steve!
Hey, Steve!
Steve, come here a minute,
will you?
Some eager beaver in accounting
is questioning a personal item.
Did you charge $11 worth
of gas and oil
in Santa Cristina last month?
Well, yeah, sure, sure.
I drove up to see Dick Chenoweth.
In Santa Cristina?
What the hell for?
I had to look at some property.
He's thinking of building
some spec houses.
Oh, okay.
Well, charge it to the company.
Take care.
Hello, Sarah,
is Mrs. McCoy home?
No, sir, she isn't.
I'm sorry.
I can hardly hear you.
There's so much static.
Yes, that's much better.
Well, I know that sometimes
when she hasn't said,
she'll stop by
Ms. Davis's apartment.
Jackie Davis in Hollywood?
Yes, sir, I'm sure I have it,
just a minute.
Yes, here it is.
Yes, that's right.
- Bye, Sarah.
- Goodbye.
Is Karen there?
What a bad connection, Steve.
You're calling from your car?
She's not here yet, Steve.
I didn't know you
two had a date today.
But it's okay.
Oh, say, listen,
I just noticed...
Steve, can you hear me?
You know, the only reason
I didn't get an X on this film,
is because of its
socially redeeming values.
Oh Walter, you must be
boring everyone to death
with this all of the time.
Oh, I'm not bored, Walter.
I'm just envious, Karen.
Hey, is that bikini
one of those Bill Blass?
Does it bore you, Karen?
Oh, Walter.
No, Allison.
It's a... Donald Brooks.
Say, Steve, doesn't a growing
boy like you get excited
by a sexy film like this,
especially when your
woman is in Acapulco?
Oh, no, don't be a cold-assed
lady about this, Cyn.
There's nothing in this film
you haven't seen
right out of here on the beach
since you were 10.
I have seen your
movies before, Daddy,
and I do have to pack
for school tomorrow.
Jill is driving me to Ojai
in the morning, remember?
- Oh, all right, goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, Cynthia...
- Goodnight, goodnight.
You bitch, Karen!
Everything is different
since you've come.
Everything has changed.
Why don't you get out?
Why don't you leave?
I hate you and
I hope you die in hell!
Barney, you're not
going to change my mind,
so shut up, right?
Just shut up.
What do you mean
I don't have the right?
It's my life, isn't it?
Listen, something has happened.
Pop's car went off a cliff at
Palos Verdes this afternoon.
Jesus Christ!
Is he still alive?
They haven't found him.
Some surfers saw the car go in.
They weren't able
to reach the car,
but they got close enough
to read the license.
Huh, where's Cynthia?
Did anybody tell her?
I finally reached
her at school, Steve.
She wants to stay there for now.
How did it happen, Paul?
Who knows?
Some guys on their boards
saw his car sailing off
over a cliff and going in.
When did it happen?
Well, I've been able to piece it
together at morning pretty well.
He had breakfast with Karen
and then he was in the
downtown office until about 1:15.
Then he called here
between 2 and 2: 15.
Just a regular phone call,
perfectly normal.
Well, what the hell?
I'm going to Palos Verdes?
- Come on, man.
- Wait, listen.
They asked me to make sure
nobody did come down.
The authorities are
doing everything they can,
but the ocean got rough,
and when the sun went down
with no light,
there's nothing anybody can do.
We'll be first to
be told anything.
I don't believe any of it.
I don't understand it.
What do you mean understand?
Anyone can have an accident.
I've known that man longer
than anybody in this room,
longer and,
sometimes, I think better.
There's something
that we just don't know.
Allison wanted to
come out and be here
but I told her not to.
Oh, good morning.
I... I just walked in.
I hope it's okay, sir.
Are you looking for somebody?
Oh, I'm Robert Di Biase
and you must be Mr. McCoy?
Yeah, Steve McCoy.
What can I do for you?
Oh, I'm with the
police department, Mr. McCoy.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Oh, yeah, sure.
What have you found out?
You found him?
No, I'm sorry, not yet,
but I've noticed your garden,
What's that expression,
"All this and heaven, too"?
Yeah, come on in.
Hey, Karen, Paul.
This is Sergeant...
Lieutenant Robert Di Biase,
LAPD. Good morning.
Yeah, this is Mrs. McCoy,
my father's wife,
and my brother, Paul.
- How do you do?
- It's a pleasure. How are you?
would you like some coffee?
- Sarah...
- No, not a thing, thank you.
I'm really sorry to
inconvenience everybody,
but I'm just trying to
get some information.
I'll be a minute and on my way.
- Well, please sit down.
- Thank you.
I... I really love your home.
I mean, it's... it's different.
You know, when
I was living in Boston,
this is what we imagine
California to be like.
they bring the car up yet?
Salvagers went back
out this morning,
but you have to understand
it's 90 feet down
and very tricky to work with.
Then you haven't
found my husband yet?
No, ma'am.
Not in the car or washed ashore
or reported any place else.
Anywhere else?
That's what I'm here for.
Missing persons. On my ID.
I thought you noticed it.
Most people do.
Then you're not with Homicide?
Why should homicide be
involved, Mrs. McCoy?
I mean, you'd assume
an accident or suicide.
A car goes over the cliff
in broad daylight,
road condition is dry.
But it's interesting
you mentioned homicide.
Murder hadn't occurred to me.
Suicide had.
Well, it must have
occurred to all of you.
I mean...
Had he seemed depressed,
worried, anything abnormal?
Pop just nailed down a
40-million-dollar contract.
That's interesting.
Of course, the subject may
not have been in the car
when it left the road.
Not in it?
Where else would he be?
He might have gotten out of
the car to take a picture.
I understand he's
quite a camera bug.
All right, he's taking pictures,
the brakes slip.
Oh, and if he were alive,
he'd call.
No, not, not,
not if he went after the car
and fell down the cliff,
he could have been
knocked unconscious.
Or he might have
picked up a hitchhiker.
Thief forces subject out,
steals a car,
isn't familiar with the controls.
Maybe, that's the body
we'll bring up this morning.
- You know, Sergeant...
- Lieutenant.
Yeah, right.
You mentioned a lot
of possibilities,
but it doesn't sound to me
as if you are taking
any of them seriously.
No, you're right, Mr. McCoy.
You see, a subject with
that emotional strain,
suicide is much more probable.
What emotional strain?
You mean,
you're not aware of any?
Not at all.
Well, it's a matter of
public record now, anyway.
You see, the
insurance company is very,
very concerned with this case.
It's a matter of
double indemnity to them.
Suicide versus accidental death.
And they already have
a court order
to inspect the autopsy report.
Well, that's when
and if we find him.
Let me ask you something.
Do you remember the two-week
trip he took starting on May 2nd
just before your marriage
as a matter of fact?
Yeah, he went to Houston to get
on a big construction contract,
but he missed out.
Mr. McCoy checked into the
Scripps Clinic on May 3rd.
He underwent extensive tests.
It was continued exploratory
tests from the previous year.
And on May 18th, a diagnosis of
inoperable cancer was confirmed.
I don't believe any of this.
Where did you get
this information?
It's true, Steve.
It's absolutely true.
You know, neither of you, boys,
ever paid any attention
to your father.
You should have known
something was wrong.
Cynthia did and she knew he
was worried about something.
But the rest of you,
you just didn't give it a thought.
I was amazed, absolutely amazed.
Okay, Sarah.
But how did you know?
Your father told me.
I'm entitled to know
what's in his will.
The insurance company
has got to tell me.
Don't even mention it.
Then, I'll just
ask Barney, Steve.
Karen, I'm telling you.
Don't do a damn thing.
Now, as far as the world knows,
we hope that he's alive.
I am a grief-stricken son
and you are a grieving widow.
Yeah, this is Steve McCoy.
Oh, really?
Well, thank you very much,
No, no, no.
If you want to reach me later,
you can get me at 555-9694.
Yeah, that's the office.
Okay, anytime.
Yeah, thank you.
Well, they found the car,
but they didn't find the body.
You got to tell Karen.
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
Sarah, would you please
tell Karen when she gets up,
she's still sleeping.
- Yes, sir, I will.
- Okay, thanks.
- See you downtown.
- Right.
- Anything wrong?
- Oh.
Oh, it's just been
sitting here for three days.
I guess it's flooded.
Are you okay?
So long.
- What's the matter, Mrs. McCoy?
- Sarah, who's been here?
Yes, who's been in this house?
No one, Mrs. McCoy.
No one's been here.
Are you sure you
haven't seen anyone?
No, I've been moving Mr. McCoy's
clothes as you asked me to.
There hasn't been a soul
around the property.
What's the matter with you?
I want you now, right here.
I hate being cooped up
in there with her
and not being able
to be with you.
I know. I'm going through
the same thing myself.
I've never been so
nervous in my life, Steve.
Sleeping pills don't work,
nothing does.
I've got to get out
of that damn house.
It won't be long now.
Steve, at least
you be honest with me.
You must be thinking
the same thing I am.
You've got to be.
He could be alive, couldn't he?
What in the hell is going on?
Listen, Karen.
Barney does think
he still could be alive.
There's no legal proof
of death yet.
Maybe, Barney knows, Steve.
And maybe, Sarah knows.
Look, I found this on the patio
where I couldn't miss it.
I didn't buy this blouse
until after he disappeared.
This morning on my car seat,
there was one of
Walter's cigar bands,
my father's calling card.
What are you doing?
I just brought your coffee
and your new prescription.
What time is it?
Is Steve here?
He's at the office.
I'll take my breakfast
downstairs, Sarah.
Yes, Mrs. McCoy.
It's too windy to eat outside,
Mrs. McCoy.
Thank you, Sarah.
What are you trying to do to me?
You think I did that?
Oh my God.
You're through, Sarah.
Get out.
Barney will take care
of any salaries to you.
Well, Mrs. McCoy, you're
making a ridiculous mistake.
Get out!
I don't want you here.
Pack your things and leave.
Well, the Mustang is mine.
Mr. McCoy gave it to me.
My name is on the pink slip,
if you don't believe me.
Take that damn Mustang
and get out and leave me alone.
Karen, for a clever girl,
I'm surprised you don't realize
how much you need me.
Damn it, Sarah!
I ordered you out.
I don't need your advice
and I don't need you.
Why did you ever come here?
You've destroyed this house.
You've destroyed a wonderful
family and a wonderful man.
You should have appreciated
anything Walter did for you.
But it wasn't enough.
You have to take
and take and take.
Well, you're through taking,
You're through.
Get out!
Oh, honey, where have you been?
Uh, the fog is lousy.
Oh, give me the towel.
Thank you, honey.
Oh, at least let me dry.
Oh, no.
I like you wet, come on.
- You do?
- Yeah.
No, no, no.
I want to look at you.
It's so good.
What is it, honey?
Did you hear anything?
Call patrol, Karen.
Tell them to send a car.
You bastard!
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Put on some clothes.
You got to help me now.
Do what?
Now, Karen.
Grab the legs.
All right, lift.
Swing him over.
That's it.
- Steve!
- No.
We're not guilty of anything.
We've killed somebody
who's already dead.
Get rid of it.
It's awkward, Barney.
The whole thing is weird.
Oh, what the hell.
Listen, we just don't know
where we stand, that's all.
Karen especially.
She didn't even want
me to ask you this,
but somewhere along the
line, we got to do something.
About the money?
I can hardly write a check.
I have less than $2000
in my household account.
Well, I imagine you both
have pretty good credit.
Oh, come on, Barney.
There's tuition, room, and
board for Cynthia at school.
That's two grand right there.
I'm sorry, Steve, you're right.
You want me to go to court
and have him declared
legally dead?
Yeah, we do.
Well, Karen, Steve,
I can't petition for probate.
Barney, for Christ sakes,
everything has been done
to try to find him
and it's two months now.
But I happen to know
that Walter is alive.
Oh, thank God, where is he?
What do you mean,
you happen to know?
Walter is a very
strange character.
A couple of months ago,
he told me he just had to get
the hell away from everything,
business, this house, you all.
He had to come
to some decisions.
After the doctor's report.
Well, not right after,
but after your wedding.
First naturally,
I thought it was his health.
And he said, yes,
it was big casino,
you know, but a specialist said
that he might go six weeks
to six years
and he wasn't going to
cash in until he had to.
Driving over the cliff...
Walter didn't.
I know he didn't.
Then why the hell
didn't you tell us?
You what Karen,
what all of us have been
going through?
Because I was instructed not to,
and very frankly, I'm breaking
those instructions now
because I feel you're entitled.
And also, very frankly, I didn't
think it would be this long.
If it wasn't physical,
then what was bugging him?
Well, all he would say
was that it was personal
and nobody else
could do anything.
I inferred, right or wrong,
that it concerned you, Karen,
but he just said he was going
to drop out of sight for a while.
Oh, boy.
That's really something, Barney.
But look, after having
pulled off this insanity
and making everybody think
that he's killed himself,
what if something
does happen, huh?
I mean, what if he suddenly
does drop dead
and, God forbid,
how are you supposed to
know in that case?
I mean, Hell, man, that cop that
was out there that night, Di Biase,
he said that he could
be wondering out there
some place with amnesia
and how would we know?
I asked him that.
He said that he was
willing to take that risk.
But for what?
What's his point in making
everybody think that he's dead?
Maybe, he's curious as
to how people would act.
How do the hell
did he expect us to act?
Barney, I have been
a nervous wreck
and so has everyone else!
Karen, in all this time, Walter
never has tried to contact you?
What are you suggesting?
That he'd sneak
back here and say,
"Hey, baby, let's ball,
but don't tell anyone?"
Now, don't fly off
the handle, Karen.
I just mean if you happen
to know anything
you haven't told us.
Barney, it seems to me that
you're stepping way out of line.
No, really, I mean,
you represent Karen,
you represent Paul and Cynthia,
you represent me.
Now, we need help,
and you just aren't
giving us any.
Right now,
I represent your father.
Well, then, maybe, Karen
and me and Paul and Cynthia
ought to find
somebody else, huh?
Maybe you better.
If you want to file for probate,
you better had because I won't.
Then that's just
what we'll do, Barney.
There are an awful lot of
damn good lawyers in this town.
Just let me know.
But when you do, you're
going to come up against me.
I represent Walter McCoy
and I represent his estate
and I'm going to protect Walter
the best way I know how,
dead or alive.
And I sure as hell,
I'm going to bring out
everything he ever told me
that has any bearing on
this whole damn case.
Sure, sure, naturally.
I'll see that you get some money
in your checking account.
I can go to the gate by myself.
I've done it often enough.
You were perfect.
Listen, I think we're home free.
For once, the old man
outfoxed himself.
But why would
Walter suspect anything?
I thought we were
really careful.
Who cares?
Right now, we both got
everything we ever wanted.
Yeah, and when I go
in front of the board, Mack,
I may need you
to back me up, you know?
Oh, don't kid yourself,
Mr. McCoy.
You can handle it.
Like father, like son.
In this case, anyway.
- See you in the morning.
- Right.
She's no home, Mr. McCoy.
Did she call, Anita?
She telephoned,
- a las cinco, 5 o'clock.
- Uh-huh.
She said to tell you she'd
come back in two more hours.
- That's 7?
- Si.
Okay, I'd go now, Mr. McCoy?
Yes, yes, sure, Anita, go ahead.
Did she say where
she was when she called?
She no say.
Buenas tardes.
Buenas tardes.
Hi, honey.
How's the tycoon business today?
Uh, you know,
little by little by little.
How was your day?
Adequate, I guess.
What did you do?
I balled three Chicanos
and a Mohammed.
What do you think I did?
Come on, Karen.
Oh, come on, yourself.
Where did she say I was?
Who? Anita?
She didn't know.
But you asked her, didn't you?
You have to know every
goddamn minute where I am.
Now, look, Karen.
I merely asked.
That's all.
Well, I don't think
you're in any position
to ask me a goddamn thing
except, of course,
to ask me if I want to.
Now, where is this
all coming from, huh?
Hey, listen, baby, if there were
two people who needed...
Who needed each other more?
"Oh, Peter. Oh, Peter,
our guilty secret
joins us for eternity."
You killed him, honey, not me.
And they have machines
to dig up cement, too.
It's just so everybody knows
where everybody stands.
Oh yeah, Miss Petrie.
I'm sure everyone knows just
exactly where everyone stands.
Then, let's just
leave it at that, Steve.
And I mean, drop it.
Now, that has nothing to do with
how good we are in bed together,
- does it?
- Karen.
That's me, lady sex machine.
Yeah, I guess you are.
Now, what more
does anybody want?
I wanted you and you wanted me.
It was sex
and it was good sex.
It was sensational sex.
I need sex, Steve.
I'm good at it
and I appreciate a man
who's good at it, too.
I like it different ways
and from different men.
It's as simple as that.
Well, I got to tell you, Karen,
I won't settle for that.
Well, can you make me
a better offer?
Now, to answer your question,
I spent the entire afternoon
at the Beverly Hills Hotel
in The Polo Lounge.
Just me and some
friends from Vegas.
Nobody made a pass at me.
Not even the showgirls.
You've got to admit,
he took pictures
like a professional.
When I'm dead,
that's the way I want them
to remember me.
Fade out, the end.
- What was that?
- What was what?
It sounded like
somebody running.
Oh, you're as bad
as nutty old Steve.
He's always hearing things.
How long does it take me to
get to the Beverly Hills Hotel?
Well, I'd say,
for a driver like you,
it doesn't go over 55,
about 40 minutes.
You know the Colonel
on... the... dot.
What do you want me to tell him?
You tell him
that I looked sensational
and I'm going to be
a very rich widow
and that I have been wondering
when he was going to go
first cabin and ask for me.
He's a full-time job.
But a woman has to
improve herself.
In the 11 years
I've been with him,
you know,
there was only Victoria
and there were times
when it must have been
a pretty heavy scene for him.
Sure, she had his private jet to
run down to the grocery store.
But weeks at a time in
that penthouse... whew.
Living like that
can blow your mind.
Maybe, that's what
happened to Vicki.
Are you sure?
Carl, I've handled freaks before.
And listen,
he hasn't even asked me yet.
Karen, the Colonel
doesn't invite you to
Bungalow number 2
at the Beverly Hills Hotel
at 11 o'clock at night just
to play a hand of gin.
Well, I'll be there on the dot.
11 o'clock.
Hey, Karen, you up there?
Are you down here?
Where are you?
I'd like to speak to
Mrs. Walter McCoy, please.
Um, she's not here.
Who's calling her?
May I leave a message for her?
Who is this?
Who's calling her?
Please ask her to call
the Beverly Hills Hotel,
Bungalow 2.
It's rather urgent.
To call who at the hotel?
Who is this?
It's 276-5211.
Thank you so much.
Hey, wait a minute...
Hey, what the hell is this, huh?
Do you always drive your car
like that, Mr. McCoy?
I'm in a hurry, that's why.
Please put your hands
on the roof of the car
- and spread your legs.
- Oh, come on...
I said, hands on
the roof of the car.
Oh wow, since when did
missing persons
run this number, huh?
Please open your trunk, sir.
- Hey, what is happening?
- The trunk, Mr. McCoy.
It's Karen.
Step over to the front
of my car, Mr. McCoy.
You've got the right
to remain silent.
My car, Mr. McCoy.
Do you read me?
Yes, Lieutenant.
Send a backup to the
Trancas Private Road.
I'm about a half mile off
the coast highway.
I'm holding a suspect
and a dead female.
Hey, listen, Lieutenant.
I swear to God I didn't do this.
Move it.
Hell, I knew you two
killed your father.
I can't figure out
how you did it.
What did you do,
ride off the cliff with him?
Put a pistol on this gut?
You're wrong, man.
I'm wrong, huh?
You had to have everything,
even the widow's share.
I'd have thought a guy like you
and a girl like her
would have been satisfied
with what he left both of you.
Listen, you don't understand.
Why would I kill her? I-
We knew, didn't we, Cyn?
We knew what was going on
even though Paul didn't.
It's all over, Walter.
I took care of everything,
both of them.
I did just what you
wanted me to do, darling.
And now...
Now, I'm going to make the house
just the way it used to be.