A World of Worlds: Rise of the King (2021) Movie Script

Great shot, Chip.
When I kill you,
I want you to know it's me.
Until then, Cayla.
are you gonna introduce
us to your new friend?
I will explain once we get to base.
But for now, he's our king reincarnated.
Zahyian Crehin.
The Zahyian Crehin,
the legendary Royal 4?
So the crystal worked?
It did.
So hey, was he like married or?
Hey, were you like
married or, you know,
like have a girlfriend?
So this is where the stone lead you to?
This weak, pathetic species of a man?
How could you be so sure the
stone did not lead you astray?
You may be my second in command, Tenan,
but don't think for one second
that I won't crush your skull
if you dare put his life in danger.
Don't address them other than sire.
Blink twice if you understand.
You may not fully realize it yet,
but heed my words, he's your king!
Now stop bullshitting,
everybody, let's go!
You really need to work
on your people skills.
When I kill you
I want you to know it's me.
Until then,
IL-Roserious, are you all right?
Ten, Tenan, Tenan, why is he?
Come on, let's go home.
No, no.
No, I need to go to the
Q-temple, the Q-temple-
- You're in no condition-
- Cayla, I need, they need to know-
- Fine.
- I need to tell them, - Fine.
Make sure she gets to the temple.
Yes, commander.
And don't leave her side!
Come on, hair.
That feels better.
Where is that little fucker?
Move away, beast!
We don't want to fight,
just hand us the odd one
and we'll let you go for today.
No deal, you ugly fuckers,
let's go, come on, come with it!
A feisty one, I like feisty ones.
Maybe I'll keep you around
after I kill the others, huh?
Maybe we'll have a little fun.
I'm gonna cut parts off of you
that you didn't even know you
fucking had, you little bitch!
Let's go, who's first?
Commander Hayden, which one is this Sil?
Neither one, sire,
they are his guards.
They should feel the
power of the Neptonian chant
But hand to hand combat is more rewarding
Let's see if anything's
changed in the last 2000 years.
Who you supposed to be?
You better be bringing
something more than just white eyes.
Where is your master, Sil?
Fuck you, you ancient shit!
Your Cree technique is weak.
This is what you meant to do.
After all the centuries, you
monsters follow the misguided,
the delusional souls
that want nothing but to
spread evil unto our Mother.
No more!
I'm back, Lord Zhayian
Crehin, Lord of Murs.
And I command you-
What are you doing?
He needs our help.
Sofia, we have to save him.
No, he needs to find his balance,
between this age and his own.
Commander, this is no time
for a lesson, he could die.
This is a perfect time.
You say you're King of Murs,
so die like they have, in pain!
Sire, focus!
Find your strength, embrace the essence
allow Eric to come with you,
come together and find your balance.
My turn!
- Sire.
- Sire.
Rise, my friends.
I fight with you now.
Commander Hayden, thank you
for talking me through it.
It's my first realization
and I see that it's best handled
with the company of trusted companions.
No, thank you, sire.
Who are these two?
Major Tenan Fy of Murs,
at your service, sire.
It's a pleasure, Major.
And you are?
Chip, that's it, Chip?
Yep, I mean, yes, sire.
I am known as the Queen of
Thieves, at your service.
I'm also very skilled fighter.
She's an okay fighter, sire.
I can get you whatever you want.
I see.
I mean, whatever you want.
So sire, what did you do to that goon?
I pulled his energy and essence
and gave it back to our Mother.
So she can use it for something good.
You're a bad sire.
Sire, everybody, we've got to get going,
Sil's guards will be here soon.
Combine your strength
Embrace the essence
Find your balance
Veir, Dah, Su-Mon!
Commander Hayden,
the keeper of the stone still lives
and finds a Royal 4, no less.
And I assume you'll be
searching for the other three.
Well, Commander,
I, the Witch Athis
have been following your journey
for quite some time, Sofia,
and you've always been strategic,
until now.
The power you have awoken
solidifies two things,
The Kings must reclaim their Thrones
and Yahzeel must be found.
I don't have time for this.
Get the fuck out of my way.
The mighty Cayla Korvesian,
alone in the forest.
This is our lucky day.
Isn't it, Squim?
Yes, it looks like
she needs some company.
Yeah, it's dangerous for
her to be in these woods.
I am your queen!
You serve Sil's republic,
which means you serve me!
So stand the fuck down!
No, no, I don't listen to you!
I listen to me.
I was a Tyramglin,
rich and strong,
but now, nothing but a goon.
Created by your master to
roam this forest forever,
living off the dead.
I don't give a shit.
Get the fuck outta my way.
Kill The Daughter of Demons
and be praised,
show that we are the demons to be feared
and be rewarded.
Yes, yes.
Do her slow,
bring back pieces for us to taste.
You goons are fucking delusional.
But I see you want this to happen anyways.
My blade will not be soiled
with your disgusting blood.
I'm gonna break you by hand,
Yes, yes, I can almost taste you.
You're mine!
You broke my arms!
No, no, please!
Have mercy, my queen,
I'll do whatever.
I understand.
I understand Goon, living in these woods,
it's terrible, I know, I know,
you were just trying to do something
to make you famous, right?
Thinking Sil would give
you your life back?
I respect a man who dares stand up to me.
But you are no man.
Commander, are you okay?
- Whoa.
- Come on.
Who's there?
Hi, my name is Orin.
Sorry to bother you, miss.
I was just looking for some dry clothes
and I heard the water running.
Are you alone?
Yeah, yeah, I'm alone.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm alone.
Just me, see?
Okay, okay, you can
put your arms down now.
So, Orin, are you taken?
Uh, what was that?
I asked, are you taken,
do you have a girlfriend?
No, no, not right now.
Maybe one day.
Orin, relax, I'm just fucking with you,
just wanted to be the
first to break the ice,
that's all.
Right, break the ice.
Sorry, it's just been a long, long day.
Quite sure it has.
Hey, can you go in that closet over there
and hand me a towel, please?
Sure, anyone in particular?
Hurry up, Orin, it's cold.
Sorry, here you go.
Thank you.
Can I ask you something?
What's your name?
Good question, Aressa.
It's nice to meet you, Aressa.
It's nice to meet you too, Orin.
So, how did you survive in
this house during the invasion?
There was an invasion, right?
Can you actually go over there
and get those clothes for me?
Were those clothes always there?
Of course they were.
You stepped over them
earlier, don't you remember?
How did you know what I just-
Did I just say that out loud?
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I think so.
I guess.
Thank you.
You're quite a character, Orin.
So how did you survive?
By hiding in the sewer.
Yeah, it was terrible,
but it ended up being the perfect place.
Sil's goons never looked there
because it smelled so bad.
What about your family?
Taking as property or
killed before I could escape.
Oh, I'm sorry.
How long ago was this?
About three years ago.
Three years!
And you're still here?
This is my home.
This, this is my home, no one else's!
I understand that,
but there are still people
out there who can help you.
Help me?
Help how, exactly, Orin?
There's nothing out there.
If Sil's goons catch you
you'll be either made to be a servant
or turned into some mindless goon
that feeds off of the dead
and are used as target practice.
No, not me!
This is our world now.
Kill when you have to,
survive however you can.
I still can't believe
that Mother has to fallen
to the devil himself.
There is no hope.
Of course there is, Aressa.
We have to believe in something.
If we don't, we might as
well be dead ourselves.
Maybe we should be.
Come on, don't think like that.
Look, I'm sorry if I upset you.
No, I should apologize.
I didn't mean to snap-
- No, no, I get it, I get it, it's fine.
Things are not normal anymore, I know.
Hey, I saw a symbol for the Resistance
above a door when I got in,
do you know where they are?
Yeah, those fuckers,
they came in, took everything
that wasn't broken and left.
When was this?
About a year ago, but I
wouldn't worry about them.
They're nothing but thieves.
In a way I don't blame them.
Are you sure?
I hear the leader was a former ambassador
from one of the largest
regions in the north
and then he fled when he found
other fellow world leaders
were in cahoots with Sil
and that his bond with
Mother, it's extremely strong,
strong enough to keep the
Resistance hidden from anyone,
even Sil.
Well, I say, forget them.
Should worry about keeping yourself alive.
Excuse me.
Was that jewelry always there?
You know, you're looking a little tired.
Why don't you have to take
a shower and get some rest?
No, no, thank you.
I can't, I don't have time right now.
What, are you on a secret
mission and someone's after you?
Why don't you just
take your clothes off,
hop in the shower.
There's no one here but us.
I don't know.
No, I really should be getting going.
you stink.
Take off these rags, hop in the shower.
I'll keep a lookout for you.
Yeah, I think you're right.
It would be good to wash it off.
Sure it would.
Wow, what a cut.
It looks, beautiful.
What was that?
Come on, let me take my shower first.
What are you?
What do you want?
I'm a scavenger, darling,
haven't you heard of us?
We can see your deepest desires
and you desire me!
A scavenger?
Relax, Orin, relax.
I cannot feed until you concede.
Be a good boy, and let me in!
It's been such a long time
since I've dined on bones such as yours,
tight muscles, clean blood, I want you raw!
Relax, dear, relax,
accept your fate, darling.
I cannot feed until you concede.
So you're a Fusionite?
I thought you were all dead.
How did you survive, dear?
Your artform doesn't work on me, boy.
Concede to me, let me in.
You wouldn't want to poison me now, do you?
I'm going to kill you.
I know you want to, dear Orin,
but your muscles are getting weak,
your breath is slowing
and you're losing blood,
that sweet Fusionite blood.
Give me the pleasure of feasting on you.
Let go!
Concede, to, me!
Let, me, in!
Don't die on us yet young man.
Grab my arm and fuse.
Please, help me.
I am, boy, grab my arm and fuse, now.
Concede, to, me!
They can regenerate any part
of their body like a lizard.
They're hard to kill, but
you did it, though, good job.
You got a light?
Who are you?
Where are my manners?
My name is Captain Rinshi Su Cora,
a Croathian from the City of Kyzin.
But you can call me Rinny.
Okay, why didn't you help me?
I thought I did.
Yeah, you could've killed her yourself.
With these powers, why didn't you?
I needed to know if
you are, who I thought you were.
What are you talking about?
It's an honor to meet
you, Mr. Orin TiRosch,
Son of the famous Fusionite
scientist, Braythin
and Angelamare TiRosch... yes?
How do you know about my parents?
How do you know about me?
I don't know you!
I should just kill you right
here with your own powers.
You may,
but we both know my counter moves
and the fight will take far too long
to be worth the time we don't have.
Who are you?
Answer me!
I'll tell you, but can I
please have my throat back?
Thank you, sir.
As I mentioned before,
I am Captain Rinshi Su Cora
from the City of Kyzin
and an ambassador
for the very group you're
forced to look for.
The Resistance?
How do you know?
It's hard not to, when "The
Daughter of Demons" herself
recruits a new scout.
It wasn't my choice.
I know, young TiRosch.
I also know that your parents
and Commander Hayden
were very good friends.
I believe they assisted her
in rediscovering the ability
of bridging between worlds
with use of the Stone of Essence.
You know Commander Hayden?
I do.
I even knew her parents,
Madielyyn and Sorkinston Hayden of
the most feared military
couple in the city.
And they made sure their little girl
earned the same recognition.
Do you know where she is?
Doing what she was meant to do,
holding her pledge as
the keeper of the stone
and searching for the Royal 4.
The Royal 4?
The myth about the 3 Kings and Queen
who defeated an evil warlock named Yahzeel
over 2000 years ago?
That Royal 4?
That is a mouthful,
but yes, that Royal 4.
And I assure you, they are quite real.
And they are presently living
in their reincarnated bodies
that Sofia must find.
When I was little, my
mother used to tell me
about how the Royal 4
would be needed again,
to defeat a great evil.
But I always just thought it was a story
to make me go to bed.
I never thought it
would be something real,
or if it was, it would
ever be in my lifetime.
Your mother knew something was coming
and wanted you to know.
Come on, we need to go.
Let's go see your brother.
What did you say?
My brother's dead.
No, Orin, he is alive.
Your brother survived.
What kinda shit are
you trying to pull, Rinny?
I saw him die myself during the invasion.
What you saw was him
getting injured, not dying.
We found him after the
invasion, barely breathing.
Look Orin, I know this is
a lot to take all at once,
but I promise to explain more later.
We gotta get out of here now
before more scavengers arrive.
Wait, wait, this isn't making any sense.
I understand, but we need to go now,
unless you want to fight another scavenger.
Wait, so if what you're saying's true,
tell me something about my brother.
Your brother talks too damn much.
He's consistently yapping
about all kinds of shit.
The boy drives me crazy.
Yeah, he does talk a lot.
Myne, Kyne, Toh, Cross!
Are you ready?
What is this?
Welcome to the Resistance, Young TiRosch.
Right there.
Where's Sofia?
Upstairs, keeping an eye on things.
That's about right.
Damn, I'm good.
So, sire?
What do you think?
Well done, Chip, well done.
You have some great
skills with this device.
I feel like a new man.
Well, sire, you kinda already are.
Yeah, good point.
Did you learn this skill on your own?
I did.
You know, when you're an orphan,
you learn to pick up a
thing or two on your own.
Guess you would have to.
Yeah, you do.
So tell me, what is your name?
What do you mean, sire?
I mean, you know my name.
But I don't.
I noticed you were a Tyramglin
species, but who are you?
Oh no, no, no, no, sire.
It's me, Chip, remember?
Are you Eric right now, maybe you're Eric.
Like, I'm Chip, you know
what, I'm gonna go get Sofia.
She knows exactly what to
do, just give me one second.
Chip, it's all right.
It's all right, my memory's just fine.
I was just asking about
your real name, that's all.
Oh, thank god.
I thought Eric was coming
back out for a second.
I was just thinking,
Chip, Queen of Thieves,
doesn't quite roll off the tongue.
I sense there's something more to that.
It doesn't, does it.
You know what, let me
properly introduce myself.
My name is Mia Bello, Queen
of Thieves, at your service.
Ah, Mia Bello, Queen of Thieves,
now that sounds more like it.
Pleasure to meet you Miss Bello.
So where did the name Chip come from?
Well, when I first met Tenan and Sofia
I wasn't too pleasant or nor cooperative.
I mean, why would I be?
I just escaped
one of the most horrific
experiences of my life,
his killing campaigns.
Everyone I knew was being taken,
killed in front of my own eyes.
That fucking monster
destroyed my everything.
Yeah, him.
Before all this I was the
Queen of the Underworld,
the bitch everyone loved,
the bitch everyone feared.
Hell, sire, I had princes
and ambassadors offer me
things you can't even imagine
just for one night with me.
And then he came.
And he took it all.
And then I met Sofia.
Well, she admired my
thieving skills and you know,
my thirst to see Sil dead.
You know what, one day she said to me,
I like you, woman, you are survivor.
You've got the fire in your
belly that burns so bright.
And I like that.
And you possess a strong
chip on your shoulder
And I see that you don't hide yours.
So, I think I'm going to call you Chip.
Sofia's right.
That edge, that chip,
something you never want to lose.
Well, sire, it's something
that's always been there
and it always will be.
Yes, I can see that.
You know, Chip,
I want you guys to understand
that when I had Lord Yowan, Lord Gato,
Queen Ki and myself cast
our essence into the stone,
it was my intention is to
have our artforms die with us,
never allowing it a chance
to be used for evil again.
Well, shit happens, sire.
Well, these dark days
were supposed to have ended with Yahzeel.
What I can't seem to understand
is why would Mother allow
a devil to be born again?
Did we miss something so long ago?
It's not your fault, sire.
I mean, Mother can be an
unpredictable bitch at times,
but if you look on the bright side,
the Royal 4 is back,
they're here to save us all,
and you're not some fairytale.
What was that?
Oh, Sofia didn't tell you?
Well, species down here
tells it as a literary fable,
that they tell the kids if they're bad
the Royal 4 will come back
and bury them in The Forest of SiKoran.
That is preposterous.
We, we do not murder children.
We are Ressear's protectors.
We are not monsters.
I know that now, but sire,
a story that as old as you
are kinda had a way of-
No, that's outrageous.
I know, right?
Have you done his sire's hair?
It's your turn to come up here.
Yeah, coming.
Really, a fairy tale?
Well, not anymore, sire.
Reagor, do you have the king?
No, looks like
a bomb hit this place.
Do you want me to-
Hey, sire.
How you feeling?
A little taken back.
Is it true we're a scary story?
Chip told you, huh?
This is why I told you
about Akinnis in the theater,
do you remember?
You were Eric at the time?
I think so, it was a little foggy,
but I believe you stated
that he was the only one who
believed in me at the time.
Yes, including a few
of us who knew the truth.
Thank you, but why did you?
I'll explain everything to you later.
Right now we need to
begin to gather provision
and prepare for base camp
as we sail down this river.
but I expect to be briefed
on everything once we arrive.
Of course, sire, Mother's my witness.
Where are the clothes I got for you?
What clothes?
The clothes that Chip was
supposed to have given to you.
She didn't give me anything.
Oh, geez, that girl with men.
Here, sire.
Thank you, Commander.
Well, you've done more
than enough today, Sofia.
Why don't you get some rest and wash up
and I'll do some catching
up with these guys
in the meantime.
That's a good idea, thank you.
Now, try not to get in
trouble while I'm gone.
I'm a king, it's what I do.
Sofia, quick question,
where did you find The Stone of Essence?
I'm a woman, that's what we do.
How the fuck can Tenan
Fy still be alive, Cayla?
I thought you killed everyone
in Murs, especially him.
It happens, IL-Roserious,
some slipped out, some
died on the way out,
in the end they all die by our hand
or serve Sil of course.
Rah, baby, please, it's been a long day.
Why don't you join me, huh?
Relax a little.
Fine, have some wine.
No, Cayla.
This is Tenan Fy, Cayla, not just
some headstrong Croathian
you can simply manipulate.
He's a prodigy, like me.
He's a legend for what he
did amongst his species
during the Murs invasion, your invasion.
I know, he killed a lot all by-
- Two hundred, Cayla.
200 of your men by himself.
I was there
and Murs still fell.
And this doesn't bother you?
Can't you see, if other
Croathians find out
that their leader is still alive?
That he still fights for them?
This can cause problems in the Alliance.
And on top of that, my Quensentian army
consists of hundreds of
these headstrong brutes
and I do not need to start
killing off pieces of my own.
If so, so what, Rah?
There's plenty of species
that want to be part of
your Quensentian Order
and wear those sexy-ass outfits.
Yeah, well, I need a
certain amount of Croathians
in my Order to maintain balance.
I know.
We have to be smart
about things and reset.
We still have an ancient king to find,
cities to prep for Yahzeel's return,
and a Resistance to kill.
So, c'mon, take off those
wet clothes and relax.
I am just concerned
about SWA finding out
that Tenan is still alive.
You know, Lieutenant Kytan
is a Croathian himself,
and he still holds reverence for him.
Yeah, that's rich,
he's the one that led most
of them to their slaughter.
Baby, look,
soon the Supreme World Alliance
will be a thing of the past.
And once Sil finds Yahzeel,
our powers will be endless,
our cities countless,
and best of all, we will
be queens of everything.
You know that I am yours and you are mine,
we are his.
Together we are shaping Ressear
into a new world just for us.
So fuck Tenan.
Fuck 'em all.
They'll be dead soon anyways.
You're right, baby.
I know I am.
So come on, have the
servants take care of you.
Take off those wet clothes.
Not right now.
I'm planning on meeting up
with some of my top Quensentian soldiers
tonight after Sil's
meeting to begin a search.
You're relentless, Rah,
that's what I love about you.
Can I bring some of my soldiers too?
Please do.
I can't wait to see you
get your second shot
at my former leader.
Former leader?
You know, Sofia?
Of course, she was my commander
when I was with the
Neptonian Special Forces,
alongside Tenan.
I didn't think she was
still alive, though.
Why didn't you say anything?
Why didn't she say anything?
Sofia led several
divisions for many years
so most of our orders
were given to us secondhand
by our lieutenants.
So she wouldn't know what
most of us look like anyway.
She must've heard you though
since you had a bounty
on your head for treason.
Yeah, still do.
But I doubt she even cared
anyway because that time,
that was the beginning of Sil's invasions.
So I was the least of her problems.
But you could have
told me at some point.
Yeah, I know,
but I didn't want to give
away our new advantage.
Besides, best she didn't know that I know.
Well, I know she ran into the
southern part of the forest.
That's where I sent SK10 to look for them.
Oh, do you have a team following them?
Not anymore.
Reagor informed me that
they were all slaughtered.
Looks like the area got hit by a bomb.
Looks like the king has been realized.
The Ziltion River.
That river leads to
that area of the forest
and I know Sofia likes to travel by water,
especially at night.
Why is that?
Her artform is stronger near water.
You know, that river leads
towards the site of Sil's first invasion.
You think she'll show
using it as a hideout?
I would.
That place is like a blood filled tomb,
no one would be able to stomach it
for a long period of
time, except for Sofia.
You are so fucking badass.
Get me a phone!
Lieutenant Kryst,
have Killing Squad 3 search
south of The Ziltion River
for a boat carrying
members of the Resistance.
bring them all back alive.
In any condition.
No, now, Lieutenant.
I need to give her a visit.
I guess my search for Tenan may be over.
Soon Sil will have the King's head
and I will have Sofia's
corpse on my plate.
So Commander Hayden is the King's guard.
My love.
This explains why I could
only see the King and not her.
You know Sofia?
We were once closely aligned
in a time nearly forgotten.
It seemed, however,
that she would rather hold her pledge to,
you know, the Neptonian order.
What is important is who she is guarding,
Lord Zahyian Crehin.
You can see who it is now?
Oh, yes.
SiKoran's essence is strong,
it allows me to see and
feel things once obscured.
I can feel his realization
growing in strength.
Can you pinpoint his location?
Not clearly.
The cloaking chant Sofia
has surrounding herself
is stronger than I remember.
Well, we may have
found out where she is.
I just sent KS3 south
of the Zilshin River.
We believe Sofia may be headed
towards the site of your first invasion
to lay low because it's abandoned.
True to her character.
I'm curious, my love,
why couldn't you see Sofia before?
Sofia is strong in the
ancient arts, a true student,
but no one is strong enough
to fully conceal a King's essence,
especially one like Zahyian Crehin.
You admire her.
Not enough to spare her life.
I see you two have had
an intimate encounter.
I was blindsided by
Tenan and Sofia is all,
it's nothing.
Tenan Fy is alive?
And Mia Bello.
The Queen of Thieves?
She's the one who hit me
when I was up against the tree.
She must have blindsided you.
Mia is alive as well.
That fucking
subterranean rodent.
If you're right about where they are,
KS3 should have no
trouble securing the King.
His abilities are not
at full strength yet.
In the meantime we need
to prepare for tonight.
Our time of sovereignty is upon us.
What's the urgency
for tonight's meeting?
Wait, you found him, didn't you?
Didn't you, my love?
You found Yahzeel.
Is that true?
Maybe we should cancel tonight's meeting
and begin the ritual to-
- Be still, Cayla.
We are carrying on as planned.
Tonight's meeting must take place
in order for us to take ours.
And to answer your other question,
Vowlen discovered his tomb not
far from where we were today
in Sikoran.
He's buried in Sikoran?
He is.
You knew he was buried
there this whole time.
Why didn't you let us know?
Because I needed you two to focus on
finding the King and killing him
so that we wouldn't be facing
the problem we have now.
Vowlan contacted me while
I was on my way to you,
informing me that Sikoran had awoken,
unleashing the forest
native armies upon his camp.
That is why I needed to tame that thing,
so that we can begin
excavation on Yahzeel's tomb
without any interference from him.
I'm still amazed
that you were able to tame
an Immortal Wonder, my love.
The ancient artforms
are far more powerful
than today's chants.
My "Poison Flower", my
"Daughter of Demons",
our time has arrived.
You've worked long and hard
for this day, haven't we?
The day when we can finally
say Yahzeel has arrived.
Doesn't that sound good?
Yes, it does, doesn't it?
Those weak minded,
pretentious, bloated children
we call the Supreme World Alliance
never believed in the
threat of the Royal 4,
nor the legacy of Yahzeel,
but we did, didn't we?
And tonight they will know what feels like
to be on the other side of your blades
Yes, my love.
I see there is still
magic in these walls.
Where are you, Mr. Orin?
You couldn't gone far without.
I wonder, has he come across?
Thanks to Mother,
someone has finally come to save me.
Sir, I haven't eaten for so long
and I'm so hungry.
I've been hiding from Sil's goons for-
Concede, baby,
I can feel you want me.
I want you, but I need
you to relax, darling.
I want the pleasure of
hearing your screams
as I dine on your flesh.
I really hate you
You scavengers are fucking disgusting.
Tell me, where is the the boy.
There is none boy here.
But I know you, Juken Erstinrue.
Get out of my head.
Stop reading my thoughts!
Tell me, where is he?
I know he was here.
There is no one here but me, baby.
Relax, concede to me,
I promise I'm gonna eat you quick.
Did you kill him, tell me!
Leave him alone, I'm
not finished with him yet.
A Guard
Hey, don't move.
Keep pressure on it, you know the drill.
What's your name?
Kavyian Sho, yours?
Juken Erstinrue.
Who you assigned to?
Lieutenant Kryst, a
Vampian from the west, you?
Captain Tull,
A Soul-Anger from the east, fucking coward.
Where is he?
I don't know.
He ran off when a group of
scavengers jumped us from behind.
He wouldn't have gotten far.
How is it you survived?
Scavengers are not known
to keep anything alive.
It didn't.
The female was about to feed on me
until she heard you come in.
So, thanks.
You don't have to
worry about her anymore.
Let me ask you something,
did you see a young guy come through here
with a green sweater?
What is he, your mark?
Can you get up?
I think so.
Hey guys,
are you here to save me?
I haven't eaten in days.
Please help me, I'll do anything for you.
Can you fight?
Yes, I can fight.
We know what you are, Scavenger.
So why don't you go back into you hole
or end up like your girlfriend over here?
What format do you suggest?
For this big bastard,
let's do format 43, set 90.
Let's change that, full 60, set 80.
Yeah, agree.
Juken, we need to end this.
I know.
I need time to build my chant.
Die already.
I'll tell you,
these scavengers are getting
harder to kill nowadays.
Yeah, they are.
How you feeling?
Me too.
This is not the kind of day I had in mind,
but thank you for helping me with this.
Well, you did
lure me away from the
female scavenger earlier.
Well, it worked out for the both of us.
Hey, stay still, relax.
Let me look around for something
to mend that wound of yours
so you can get out of here
and back to base, huh?
See if you can find some water too.
Well boy, it seems you
found the Resistance.
Hey, Croathian.
Hey, sire, feeling better?
Though much has changed
since I've been away,
I've got much to catch up on,
otherwise, feeling more in control.
That's good to hear.
You know, I wanted to thank you
for what you did for me back there.
If you didn't arrive when you did,
those women would have surely killed me.
Of course, sire, it's my duty.
And I thank you for not
killing me back there
for treating you like shit.
It's all right,
Lieutenant, you didn't know.
Shit, I didn't know either.
You know, if it wasn't for Sofia,
I'd still be creating spreadsheets
and business plans while
my true world burns.
That's a good woman you
guys have there, Tenan,
and you're fortunate to
have her as your leader.
Yes, sire, we are, but
we all follow you now.
And I appreciate that Lieutenant,
but we are a team first
and we follow what is right.
What we must do now is bring
back balance to our Mother.
And I promise you,
Tenan, we will win this.
I will find Sil and all of his followers
and bathe in their screams
as I feel their bones crush
in the palm of my hands.
Do you hear me, brother?
Blood for blood.
Blood for blood.
I see Croathians haven't
lost their thirst for battle.
No, sir, we haven't.
I've seen that look far
too many times, Lieutenant.
When did she die?
When did they die, sire.
It was two years from yesterday.
What were their names?
Tygan and Valada.
What happened?
When Sil's invasion began.
I hid my family beneath
the royal building,
in a room built for war.
It was designed to house
over a thousand beings
for up to a year, many
of Murs's top soldiers,
doctors, and communication
specialists to look over them.
I knew they were safe!
So me, Sofia, 80,000 of our soldiers
ran to the wall to face Sil's monsters.
We were ready to show them what
it meant to battle an army of Murs.
After a few hours it
seemed as if we had won,
the field was filled with smoke,
the ground bled for miles.
Many of us still stood.
Then I hear Sofia yelling for me.
I turned to see the back of
the royal building in flames.
That is where the room was.
Me and Sofia ran as fast as we could,
over countless bodies of
our own people, to see.
Somehow Sil's monsters
had ripped the door apart.
We searched it, searched for survivors,
but all we saw were
bodies laying everywhere.
And there they were, my two babies,
huddled together, covered in ash.
I went over to touch them,
and as I did they just
fell apart, to dust.
Sil must've been using
an ancient artform you couldn't
have been prepared for.
You know, the scariest part is,
there are times that I cannot
remember what they look like.
What kind of husband and father am I
that I can forget what
they fucking looked like?
You will never forget, Tenan,
you will never forget.
They always live right
here and right here.
See them and feel them.
Let me show you.
Hey guys.
Damn, this salty air
really dries up a girl.
Now you see, Tenan, you
haven't forgotten a thing.
That image pulled straight
from your consciousness.
That Croathian fire you
hold deep down in your soul,
keeps the essence of your family alive.
And you lose that and you'll
truly lose them forever.
Yes, sire, I won't forget again.
Sire, Tenan, was that your family?
Yes, it was.
Oh man, sire, you
totally got to do me next
because there's people I wanna see too.
Like, oh, there was this prince,
oh my God, he was so fine.
Oh, he can totally have me any time.
But he, like, talked, like, all the time.
Whoa, what have I missed?
Oh, you know what,
there was this fucking
tyrant that I killed
from the city of Torbin,
and then I stole all
his precious collection-
What was that?
Sil's killing squads.
So you want to fight an Neptonian king?