A World Record Christmas (2023) Movie Script

(Christmas instrumental music)

I have an idea. Go with me.
We leave the Christmas
decorations up all year long.
That way, we avoid
the Christmas sprint.
I like it.
I think other people might
find it... questionable.
How did we get so far behind?
Uh work, kids, life.
We don't even have
a Christmas tree.
It's a week until Christmas.
We'll get a tree.
I haven't done any shopping.
There's plenty of
time for shopping.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Okay, I think it's
done. That looks great.
- Yeah.
- Good job.
Now we'll do the inside
We gotta do the inside?
Yeah, think of it
as our quality time
I'll take what I can get.
- Our wise buddies.
- Okay.
That is a good look on
you. Holding a baby.
(laughs) You're funny
Hi Mr. & Mrs. Parsons.
Hi Mom. Hi Eric.
- Hi!
- Hey.
How was your last day
of school before break?
Good! Every class had to sing
a different Christmas carol.
Yeah, we got "Hark
the Herald Angels Sing"
which has to be the
weirdest song ever
Yeah, why is there
a Christmas song
about a singer named Harold?
I do know a bus driver
named Harold who hums
Harold Ramis! He
was in old movies.
Eric, did he sing?
I don't know but you
know who does sing?
Harold Styles.
That's Harry.
How's about Harold Belafonte?
Also Harry.
Does anyone want
to help me decorate?
I come bearing good
news from the CCCC.
The Christmas Coalition
on Chocolate Cake?
Although I do love
chocolate cake.
Me too.
Chamber of Commerce
Christmas Committee.
That was my next guess.
In keeping with our
tradition of record-breaking,
Brookswood will attempt to wrap
the most gifts in one hour.
We have a tradition
of record-breaking?
Brookswood is home to
the longest wooden wharf
in North America.
Yeah, we're totally
record breakers.
And we're going to break
another one this year!
The fine folks at
Guinness World Records
are going to be here Christmas
Eve to make it official.
Wow, that is amazing.
We'll help spread the word.
Great. Love to hear it.
You guys have a good evening.
(Marissa laughs)
I should probably run.
See you, Chucky.
You let Amy call you Chucky?
Doesn't sound so
mean when she says it.
You know, Charlie,
I think I have
some Guinness World Record books
back in the reference section
if you want to have a look.
A month ago calling him Chucky
would have caused a meltdown.
You think he's over
the whole name thing?
I don't know. Maybe.
Yesterday he gave me
an unprompted hug.
He is definitely
full of surprises
You know who else used to
give me unprompted hugs?
No. Who?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mhm.
You know, hugs are
a two-way street
I know. I know.
Did you know that the
world's longest mustache
is 14 feet long?
- Whoa.
- Wow.
How does he get
around with that thing?
He "mustache it" in his pocket
(laughs) I set you up.
I totally set you up.
Alright let's light
this thing up.
Come on.
(all together)
Three! Two! One!
This is really nice!
(Marissa) It's
making cookie time!
Ooh, look at you.
You are getting
quite good at this.
And then we have one
batch to go into the oven.
- Cut out.
- (breathing heavily)
Oh hey, don't worry about
it. Look, look, look, look.
All we gotta do is add
flour. There we go.
Remember they don't
have to be perfect,
they just have to taste good.
Smells good in here!
There you go.
Alright why don't you guys
go and pick out a game,
and then I'll finish
up in here, okay?
Alright, so, what game do you
want to beat us at tonight?
Uh, nothing with dice or cards.
(Eric) No dice. Okay.
(Charlie) I'm just not
a gambling man, so...
(Eric) Right. I like
that about you, Charlie.
(Charlie) Thank you.
(emotional music)
(Charlie) Mom, are you
coming? We're playing Jenga.
Okay, give me five minutes
to clean up the kitchen.
(Charlie) Okay.
Ooooohhhh! Okay,
okay it's Mom's turn.
Alright, alright, alright.
Oh, no!
(Marissa) I was so close!
I sort of feel like
I've been here before
Yeah, because he's beaten
me in every single Jenga game
since he was a little kid.
You do have quite the
talent there, kiddo.
I can barely balance
my check book.
(Marissa laughs)
Ew, what is that smell?
- Cookies! Oh!
- Oh!
- (smoke alarm sounds)
- (Marissa) Ahh!
Oh, yeah, that's
uh... those are burnt.
(smoke alarm beeping
Okay, okay. Alright buddy.
Here we go, here we go.
Hey, hey, hey. Shhhh.
Hey. Okay, okay,
there you go. Breathe.
Breathe. Breathe.
- Breathe.
- (alarm stops)
It's gone. It's off. It's
off. It's off. You're okay.
You're okay. You're okay.
I'm so sorry.
That was my fault.
Charlie, did you
order extra crispy,
'cause these might be perfect.
(laughs) It's a good thing
Eric likes them extra crispy.
And hey, we have
two other batches
and we can decorate
them tomorrow, okay?
You gotta go to bed and
dream about all the things
that you want for Christmas.
I wanna... I want to
break a world record.
Oh, buddy, I have no doubt that
you're going to do that someday.
I want to do it
now. For Christmas.
It's good to have
goals, Charlie,
but very few people actually
break a world record.
Eric's right, sweetie.
It takes a lot of...
a lot of time, a lot of work.
Maybe it's something that we
can try and do next Christmas.
Lights out in 15, okay bud?
Are you okay?
Do you think my real
dad is going to come here
for Christmas this year?
I wouldn't get my hopes up.
Last time he came here was
on Christmas Eve, remember?
I do, yeah. It was
a long time ago.
But maybe this
year he'll show up.
I wrote him a bunch of emails.
Has he responded?
No, but... you said
he's a busy guy.
Yeah, he's a busy guy. He is.
But you know what?
I'm going to be here, and
Eric's going to be here,
and we are going to have
ourselves a great Christmas.
I'm going to write to him
and tell him that someday
I'm going to break a
Guinness World Record.
That sounds like
a really good plan,
but for now you gotta
go to bed. Okay?
Lights out. Yes.
Alright. I love you so much.
Get some sleep.
Good night.
What's wrong?
Every Christmas he thinks
his Dad is going to come
just like he did that one time.
He's been emailing.
But he hasn't heard back.
Of course not.
You know, Charlie can
always call me Dad.
I know that's something you've
wanted forever and I do too.
But, Charlie needs a
place to put each label
and Peter's his
biological father,
and I think calling you Dad
just... just confuses him.
So for now I'm just...
No, you're not just Eric.
I think we need a date night.
I like that idea.
What about Charlie?
I can see if Amy and
Jane can come over.
Sounds good.
So... you and
Eric are going out.
That is the plan!
Amy and Jane are going
to come hang with you.
- Yes!
- (laughs)
Are you two going to... kiss?
Well that is none of
your beeswax (laughs)
But, I mean, he's my husband
so if we want to kiss
then maybe we will.
(laughs) Got it.
You know what, Eric is...
he's always there
for you, right?
Have you thought any more
about maybe calling him Dad?
I... I don't know. It
just doesn't feel right.
Okay. I don't ever
want you to do anything
that doesn't feel right,
but if you ever decide to,
I... I think he'd like it.
What about my real Dad?
What about him?
Did you love him?
Like, before you had me?
Of course.
But you know, we
were really young
and Dad was always busy
with work, you know.
He's a really ambitious man.
Did he leave
because I'm autistic?
Oh honey, no, no.
Absolutely not.
Your Dad loves you so
much, and you should know
that you were born a
product of nothing but love.
So, so much love.
Maybe, maybe when I
break a world record,
he'll come watch me.
I'm going to write to him.
(humming Christmas tune)
Oh hey, there you are.
Barrister Hartman.
How's the busiest
lawyer in town doing?
Well, I'm working
on a Saturday,
that should give
you some indication.
Is Marissa around?
No, she's at home with Charlie.
She left early yesterday.
I forgot to give her these
public records for her to file.
I will make sure she gets them.
I don't know what I would
do without your wife.
She's the best
employee I've ever had.
She's the best
wife I've ever had
I mean she's the
only one, but still.
Sounds like we should both
spoil her for Christmas.
Actually, I am taking
her out on a date tonight.
Oh, that's great.
She's been saying
you two haven't had
enough alone time lately.
You don't want
things to get stale.
Right, no, nobody wants stale.
No, because then they end
up seeing me in divorce court
- Not that you two are there.
- No.
I'm just saying, you know,
it can get like that
for some people.
I get it. Don't let
things get stale.
I'm going to go before I get
myself into more trouble.
- Enjoy your evening.
- You too.
This will be fun
tonight, kiddo.
- Hello!
- Hi.
Oh, this handshake!
Come on, we made
Christmas cookies
Hi Amy!
Hi Jane!
Oh, thank you so
much for doing this.
Oh, it's our pleasure.
We love spending
time with Charlie.
Oh, he loves spending
time with you.
- Well that's good.
- (both laugh)
Is it... is it weird
that I'm nervous for a
date with my husband?
No. I think it's great
that you're nervous.
It means that you still care.
And gosh, you look
stunning, as usual.
Thank you.
Well we won't be out late,
and just call me if
you need something.
I won't need anything.
Just go, have fun.
- Bye!
- Bye!
I'm going to eat
all the cookies!
Uh, Gary, I'm closing up.
You're good.
Wow you look like
a million bucks.
Thank you, Gary.
Yes, and thank you Gary,
for stealing my line.
See you tomorrow.
Have a great night
Gary's actually wrong, you
don't look like a million bucks.
Guess he forgot inflation,
so you like two million
and one billion dollars.
A little. But I liked it.
You don't look so bad yourself.
Well, thank you.
Oh, I got you something.
You did not need to
get me... How romantic!
So my boss came by.
She did.
We had a nice chat and she
gave out free marital advice.
Coming from her I
can only imagine.
Well, it's nothing
that wasn't true.
- Look at us.
- Mhm.
- We're going on a date.
- Look at us.
(deep inhale)
Hey, what are you doing?
Sniffing this tree.
Come try, it's like an
instant whiff of Christmas.
I like our fake tree.
You don't know
what you're missing.
But I do know what you're
not missing right now.
A shot!
What if I break the world
record for most free throws
made in a row?
If you really want to
break a world record,
it should be something
that's more you.
More me?
Yeah, you're awesome.
It should be something
just as awesome.

Hark the Angel's Harold Sings.
Amy's funny -Yeah.
Charlie's got a little
extra spring in his step
around her lately.
He's always that way with Amy.
You know? She's a... she's
a really good friend.
Yeah, she is.
Charlie is really determined
to break a world record.
It is all he's talking about.
If anyone can break a
world record it is Charlie.
That is true.
Do you think that this is what
all parents do on date night?
You mean talk about their kids?
- Mhm.
- Really?
(distant laughing)
Must be newlyweds.
Wait until they have
kids and a mortgage.
What if I break
the world record
for world's largest
gingerbread house?
That would be cool.
Whoa, it's almost as
big as my house. Look!
I could top that.
Okay, so this one's out.
(phone chimes)
You know that seventh
grader, Justin Brown?
He's been texting me. He's
actually pretty funny.
(heavy breathing)
Hey, you okay?
(heavy breathing)
(knocks) Charlie?
(knocking) Charlie are you okay?
(cell phone rings)
Hey Jane.
Okay. Yeah, we'll
be right there.
What's going on?
Charlie won't come
out of his room.
Hey. Could we get the check?
Hey sweetie. What happened?
After I break a world record,
they won't think I'm weird.
Hey, nobody thinks
you're weird, okay?
We can help the town
break the record.
That'll be cool, right?
I want to break a
record on my own.
Well, then um...
I think you should.
All we have to do is figure out
which record you're
going to break,
and then convince the
Guinness World Records people
to give you a chance.
- Okay?
- Okay!
Let's do it.
Let's do it!
Maybe after I break one?
Absolutely, yeah.

Let me get this straight.
You want Charlie to
break a world record?
Guinness World Records is
going to be in town already,
maybe they can give
Charlie some time
Listen I can understand
what you're trying to do
but the process took
months. It wasn't easy.
I can't use my connections
for every kid to try and
break a world record.
But Charlie's not every
kid. You know this.
He has surpassed all
expectations his entire life,
and he has the most...
beautiful heart.
We're just asking for a shot.
Please Ben, just point
us in the right direction?
This is the number
of the adjudicator
who will be at the
event on Christmas Eve.
It'll be up to them whether
or not Charlie gets a shot.
It didn't come from me.
We understand.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
So what record is
Charlie going to break?
(in unison) No clue.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we'll figure it out.
Hey, what are you guys doing?
Making a Christmas tree
out of damaged library books
He claims there's a
method to his madness.
How did it go with Benjamin?
We have the number to the
Guinness World Records judge.
Did you decide the
record you want to go for?
No, but Nana Mary thinks I'm
the world's fastest eater.
Only with donuts.
I've never seen a kid
eat donuts so fast.
Well he gets that from me.
Hey guys.
I couldn't find any
more green books
so I brought some red ones too.
Thanks Gary.
Hi Gary, yeah,
that's... help yourself.
Charlie, this is...
this is incredible.
Also, we still didn't
put our tree up.
Is this something
we should do today?
Oh, Mom, can we get
a real tree this year?
Yes, but I thought you had
a thing with real trees.
You sure?
I'm sure.
Oh, but there is...
there is someone I
need to call first.
(phone rings)
Hi Chucky. What's up?
I thought you were mad
at me or something.
Will you go with us to
get a Christmas tree?
We're getting a real
tree. You like real trees.
I do. I just didn't
think you did.
Come with us?
Uh, okay!
Okay. Thank you. Bye!
I... I appreciate you guys
helping, but this is not okay.
You gotta do it in a spiral,
that's how you do it.
It keeps it structurally sound.
It smells like...
the air freshener
in Nana Mary's car.
Yes, except this is real.
So many to choose
from. How do we choose?
You don't choose the
tree; the tree chooses you.
How does it do that?
When you're in front
of the right tree,
it's kind of like
'Hallelujah'! Let's go, Chucky.
Alright well we'll wait
for the Hallelujah chorus!
You okay?
I'm fine.
Uh... I was...
I was just thinking about
something your boss said.
Hillary is a
divorce lawyer okay?
So she's going to
be a tad bit cynical
when it comes to marriage.
Right, I know.
She just mentioned that you
said we hadn't been spending
that much time together.
I know.
I did say that.
It's okay. It's true.
Glad you have someone
you can talk to.
Look, I... I just
think we're stuck.
Seven years coming up.
Maybe it's the seven-year
itch. Are you itchy?
Are you? Are you itchy?
How about we decorate the tree?
Charlie goes to sleep, and
we cozy up on the couch,
we watch an old Christmas movie?
A Christmas Story?
Of course, it's my favorite.
Sounds good.
- Come on.
- Alright.
This is it.
(together) Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
(all together)
That's the one!
Oh yeah, that is going
to be a beautiful tree.
Good pickings.
Who's ready to decorate?
(phone rings)
Hey Hillary.
Yep. No problem. Okay.
So, who is ready to
decorate... tomorrow!
I'm sorry guys, I have to
go into work for a bit.
It's fine.
I can always practice
my Rubix Cube.
So uh, raincheck
A Christmas Story?
No, we are going
to make this happen.
Let's play it by ear
in case you're tired.
No, no, no, no, I
am going to be home.
We are going to watch A
Christmas Story, okay?
I'll see you later.
(loud exhale)
I'm not bored, I'm just tired.
Do you need me at
the deposition?
No, I should be good as long
as we finish up here tonight.
Thank you, you're a
good friend... and boss.
Speaking of marital
issues, I am so sorry
but my big mouth might have
said too much to your husband.
It's fine, I handled it.
And not that I want to
throw gas on the fire,
but I saw Peter yesterday at the
courthouse down in Northbridge.
Charlie's Dad, Peter?
Yeah, apparently, he works
for a law firm down there.
Do you know what firm?
It's not for me.
- It's for Charlie.
- Hm.
He is really wanting
to connect with him
I can make a call? Find
out, if you're interested?
No, you know what, it's fine.
If he wanted to get in
touch with us he could.
Are you sure?
I am, um... pretty
sure that I'm sure.
Let me know if you
change your mind.
Okay. Thank you.

- Hey.
- (grumbles)
Sorry to wake you. I just don't
want you to get a stiff neck.
Oh. Thanks.
(yawns) He was asleep
by Marley's ghost
and apparently, I
was shortly after.
What time is it?
It's super late,
Hillary has a big
deposition in the morning.
Rain check on the movie?
Yeah, of course.
Okay. Come on.
Come on.
Go to bed. Good night.

Ah... it's fine,
you'll get there.
Just breathe and
keep practicing.
I'm not even close.
The world record
is 3.47 seconds.
If it makes you
feel any better,
it would take me 3.47 years.
Hey guys.
I brought sandwiches.
Thank you.
Unfortunately, I cannot
stay and eat them,
I have to go back to
work, I have a call.
But we have got to
set aside time to call
the Guinness World
Records judge.
Don't call them.
I'm not going to do it.
Charlie's right not quite
there with the record yet,
but he'll be fine.
No, I won't.
No wonder my Dad's
embarrassed of me.
Hey, that's not true.
That's... Charlie,
that's not true.
I can push my call.
No, it's okay,
it's fine, you go.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I got this.
Are you okay, buddy?
All of these are about me.
I just wanted to be in a book
that wasn't in the
psychology section.
Charlie, these books
are about autism.
They are not about you.
If I can't do the Rubix
Cube, what will I do?
I don't know.
But I don't think
hanging around here
is going to help
us figure it out,
so how about we go
do something fun?
Can I choose the fun?
Sure. What are you thinking?
I've never ice skated before.
Grab your coat.

Hey Hillary?
I changed my mind about Peter.
Can you get me that info?
Are you sure?
I'm... pretty
sure that I'm sure.
Alright. I'll get you the info.

(Eric) Yeah?
Come on. I've seen
you ride a unicycle.
If you can do that, you will
definitely be able to ice skate.
What if I fall?
Everyone falls.
You just protect your head
and try to land on your tush.
Okay. Let's do it.
And FYI, nobody
says tush anymore.
Right. Okay.
How about, uh, bum-bum? Yeah?
You ready?
Now there's lots of
different methods,
but the way my Dad taught
me, step step glide.
Step step glide. Yes!
Step step glide. That's it!
Step. Glide.
Yes, yes, that's
what... That's it!

I think you did this
one in the first grade.
Charlie, I'm so proud
of you for skating.
I didn't even fall.
Eric taught me step, step glide.
- Mhm.
- (laughs)
Well, that's a
classic technique.
Mine is more like
wobble, wobble fall.
(phone rings)
This is the one with my Dad.
Yeah, I know buddy.
Why don't you hang
it somewhere special?
Peter works for Shaw
Law Firm in Northbridge.
Apparently he's the
new probate lawyer.
I didn't expect that.
Actually, I need some
files from the courthouse
down in Northbridge.
I was going to
send for a courier
but if you fancied going
there for some reason?
You know what? Yes, I'll go.
Great, I'll text you the info.
Okay, thanks Hillary.
And, done!
No no. A tree is not
finished without... presents.
Are you leaving again?
No, not now.
But um Hillary just needs
me to go to Northbridge
to handle a few things.
- Northbridge?
- Mmhmm.
Can... can I come?
Yeah, maybe we could all go.
Do you want to tell
Charlie about the last time
I dragged you to a
courthouse for work?
No, I do not.
Charlie, we're out.
Ha! I can already
tell what this is.
Well then you should
just go ahead and open it.
(blocks rattling)
There you go. Look at that.
Charlie, the world record
for balancing Jenga blocks
is 1,400 Jenga blocks
balanced on top of a
single vertical block.
Uh that's... wow,
that's a lot of blocks.
There's 54 in a box.
I... I could do that.
I think we just figured it out.
Jenga blocks it is!
Jenga blocks it is.
(laughs) Aww!

Hi there. Can I help you?
Yes, hi.
I'm from Hartman Family
Law up in Brookswood,
and I'm looking for a
probate lawyer, Peter?
Do you have an appointment?
No, I do not.
I'll see if he's available.
Okay. You know what
actually it's fine, it...
it... you know what it's...
I'll just come back
at a later time.
Thank you.
Oh, hi!
Wow, I thought I
recognized that voice.
How long has it been?
Five years.
Has it been five years?
It has, yeah, it has.
I bumped into Hillary
the other day.
She must have told
you I worked here.
She did.
Thought so.
Actually, Charlie has been
trying to get in touch with you.
He's been emailing you a
lot. Are you getting them?
Huh, well you know what,
he's probably emailing
my old... email.
Yeah. Give him this.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Of course. How is Charlie?
- He's great.
- Yeah?
Yeah, he is.
He's such an incredible
kid. I'm so proud of him.
He must be getting big now. Do
you have any pictures of him?
Yeah, I do.
Um... uh... wait... oh, there.
Oh yeah look at him,
he's definitely taller.
He must get that from
me. Ah, what a good kid.
I know.
Listen I have a
meeting but, uh...
what are you doing
for dinner tonight?
Can I take you somewhere?
Oh, come on, you
gotta eat, right?
I promise I won't
keep you out late.
I just want to, you know,
catch up, hear about Charlie.
- Peter?
- Yeah.
- Your meeting is starting.
- Okay, copy that.
Listen, I gotta run
but tell you what,
meet me out front of the
office at 5:30, okay?
I'll see you then.
Wow, that is so cool!
Isn't it?
If you stack it, they
will come... apparently.
Because this is the most people
I've had in the
library in a long time.
That kid is something else.
Does he still want to
break a world record?
Oh yeah, we didn't tell you.
He's going to balance Jenga
blocks which reminds me
I just need to find
about 1,000 of them.
And the Guinness World Record
people are okay with this?
Uh, they don't know yet.
- (phone rings)
- Ahhh...
Hey honey, you almost home?
Uh no, no. I'm
still in Northbridge.
I'm going to be a little
late if that's okay?
Yeah, yeah, that's fine.
Do you want us to wait
for you for dinner?
No, no, no. You guys
go ahead and eat.
Okay, well drive safe.
I will. I will. Thanks honey.
Charlie! It's just
me and you for dinner.
You know what that means...
Charlie's choice!
Can I get in on that?
I would love that, mother.
Are you going to pay?
(Nana Mary) Now that
was great fish and chips
Did you guys hear about the
fight at the fish and chip shop?
Fish got battered.
- (sigh)
- (chuckles)
That was... actually funny.
Thank you, Charlie.
Hey, I'm here all night.
Uh, can I go practice my Jenga?
Yeah, of course, buddy.
- Fish got battered.
- (laughs)
You have done such a
great job with Charlie.
Hasn't always been
easy, that's for sure.
Never is.
You think you were
such a piece of cake?
No, I know I was
not a piece of cake.
Not to pry, but do you
think I might be blessed
with another grandchild?
I wish, every time
I try and bring it up
Marissa says maybe someday.
Hm, no pressure.
But you're not
getting any younger.
Well, neither are you, mother.
I know. I'm sorry I said that.
You said that.

(sighs) Never thought I'd
be back in Northbridge,
but, here I am.
Well, it's um,
it's a nice town.
We'll have a table shortly.
You can wait by the
bar if you like.
Okay great, thanks.
It's busy.
So how long have
you lived here?
How long have I lived here?
Geez, almost two years?
You... you've lived
here for two years?
Yeah, crazy, right?
Although not quite,
almost two years.
Brookswood... is an
hour's drive from here.
You know, where your son lives?
Yeah, you know what, I
should come visit you guys.
What are you drinking? Let
me get this guy's attention.
Excuse me sir.
Okay, never-mind.
I gotta go.
What? Hey, Marissa!
You're going to do
whatever you want to do.
You always have.

Okay, here we
go. For Charlie.
(phone rings)
Guinness World Records,
this is Ophelia Bennett.
Hi Ms. Bennett, I am Marissa
Parsons calling from Brookswood.
Oh, Washington State. I'll
be up there Christmas Eve.
How can I help you?
My husband and I are calling
on behalf of our son, Charlie.
He wants to break
a world record.
Oh, that's great.
You can go online and start
the application process
and get him in the system.
Okay, do you have any idea
of how long that process takes
before you can actually see him?
Um, everything looks good, best
case scenario, around 12 weeks.
Uh, is there any way
to expedite the process
to say, Christmas Eve, since
you will be in town already?
No, I'm afraid that's
nearly impossible.
My schedule's very tight.
So after your town's event,
I am going to be rushing home
to be with my own
family for Christmas.
Ms. Bennett, is there any way
that you could make an exception
just this one time?
This is very important
to Charlie and to us.
Okay let's just back up here,
which record is Charlie
looking to break?
Most Jenga blocks balanced
on top of a single block.
Right, okay,
that's a tough one.
That's going to require much
more time than I'll have.
He's very fast.
He... he has incredible
focus and you should see him.
Ms. Bennett, Charlie's autistic
and he has faced so many
challenges in his life
and he has triumphed over
every single one of them.
He is truly just... he's
an extraordinary kid.
So, could you just
please give him a chance?
Uh, I'll tell you what, I
would like to meet with Charlie
on a video call today
at 3:00 PM if possible.
And if everything goes well
maybe I'll give him a shot.
We will call you back
at 3:00 PM with Charlie.
This is the best
Christmas present.
Okay, well I'm not
promising anything, but...
I would like to meet him.
Okay, thank you so
much Ms. Bennett.
Thank you.
(Ms. Bennett) Of course.
- Ah!
- Wow! Nice!
It's snowing!
It's a good sign.
Should we wake Charlie?
No. I actually have an idea.
When was the last
time you did this?
Mmm. Not since I was a kid.
When I was a kid we used to
play this game where we would
look up at the snow and
see who blinked first.
You game?
- Always.
- Ready?
- Ready.
- Set. Go.

(laughing) It's hard!
- You win.
- (Marissa laughs)
Best two outta three?
Mmm. We should act
like kids more often.
We're not that old.. yet.
I agree.
So, speaking of... kids...
What are your thoughts
on having another one?
I don't know.
Maybe someday.
Did you say Sunday
because I can do Sunday.
I think I'm pretty
free on Sunday.
Is this something
you really want?
I always have.
When I look at you, you're
such an amazing mom.
Charlie is incredible. He'd
be a wonderful big brother.
I'll think about it.
Are you thinking
about it right now?
Come on guys! Charlie!
Yes. Okay, here we are.
Just be yourself.
- Who else am I supposed to be?
- Good point.
You ready?
Hi Charlie, is that you?
Yes Ms. Adjudicator, I am me.
Okay, well you can
call me Ophelia.
And Charlie, I wanted
to introduce you
to my daughter, Sophia.
We just found out recently
that Sophia is also autistic.
Nice to meet you all. Welcome
to the spectrum, Sophia.
It's not a bad place to be so
don't let people tell you it is.
Sometimes, it can even
be your superpower.
I love superhero powers!
She does!
So, I hear that you want
to break a world record
with Jenga blocks.
Yep, balancing them all
on one vertical block.
I'm really good at
stacking things.
So, Charlie, why do you
want to break that record?
So I can show the world
that autistic people
can do great things.
And so my Dad will
be proud of you.
That is so sweet.
You know what, usually I ask
a whole bunch of questions
but I only have
one more for you.
What do you want for
Christmas this year
besides breaking your record?
Maybe a baby brother?
I'll even take a sister.
Oh, okay. Did you
hear that, parents?
Loud and clear. It's
a bit of a tall order.
Well, I'll tell you what,
I'm going to fast track you.
But you have to do
it in the town square
before your city's event.
No sweat!
Alright, we'll see
you on Christmas Eve,
which is just under a week away
so you better get practicing.
I'll be in touch with
all the documents
and the rules to
make it official.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much!
- Bye. Bye.
- Bye.
Thank you, Ms.
Bennett! Thank you!
Thank you!
You want to hit the button?
- (laughs) Oh, so happy for you!
- Amazing.
I need to...
I need to email my Dad and
invite him to come watch me.
Oh, buddy I think you've been
emailing his wrong address.
Here, this is the new one.
- Thanks, Mom!
- Yeah.
When he said that he
wanted to break the record
to make his Dad proud it
just like broke my heart.
Where did...
where did you get
Peter's new info?
Hillary ran into Peter
and I said that I...
- Thank you so much!
- Oh...
I'm going to break
a world record!
Yes, you're going to
break a world record!
Break a world record.
Do you want to celebrate
with pizza or...
Whatever your heart desires.
I'm so happy for you.
So am I. Way to go, buddy.

Let's get in line. Come on.
They're getting so big.
I know. It makes me
happy-sad you know?
Yeah, I do.
Eric wants another one.
Charlie too, apparently.
Wait, another kid?
Yeah, yeah.
How do you feel about that?
I'm thinking about it.
It's a big decision.
Yeah. It is.
Can I give you my two cents?
- Please.
- Because I do.
(both laugh)
When we first met, you...
you were raising
Charlie all on your own,
and you handled everything
with the most patience
and grace and love possible.
This time, you would be doing
it with an amazing husband
in a solid marriage
and it'd be good.
I saw Peter the other day.
Wait, uh... Peter Peter?
Peter Peter, yep.
Charlie hasn't stopped talking
about him, asking for him,
he wants him to be here
when he breaks the record,
so I felt like he
needed to know.
Didn't go great.
What did Eric say?
I haven't told
him yet. I know.
Oh, no, no, no.
I know. I know.
You have to tell your husband.
I know.
You can't keep things
from each other.
It's a slippery slope.
No, I know. I'm
going to tell him.
- (Amy) Thanks Santa.
- Alright, let's go get them.
- (Charlie) Bye Santa.
- (Amy) Oh, thank you.
(Charlie) Thank you.
So what'd you wish for?
I asked for world peace.
Oh of course she did.
She also asked for an e-bike.
Of course she did.
What did you ask for Charlie?
I wished for my Dad to see
me break a world record.
Come here. I got
a surprise for you.
So, in every one of these
ornaments is a Christmas list
from a family who can't
afford to buy presents
so we are going to pick one
and we're going to buy
the gifts for them.
Kids toothbrush,
kids warm socks,
winter cap, pink or red...
These aren't even toys.
They're like every
day necessities.
Yeah, you see how
lucky you guys are?
I want to do
something for charity
when I break my world record.
That would be cool.
What if people decorated their
own blocks and for a donation,
Charlie would use them in
his world record attempt,
and we could donate
the money to charity!
I want to help autistic kids!
Guys, I love this!
- Me too.
- This is such a good idea!
It's the best!
Oh, it's like a
holiday "block" party.
Come on, I mean that's genius!
You and Eric and your jokes.
I know, that was
bad. That was bad.
I will ask Benjamin
if we can set up a
booth in the town square
because we're going to need
all the help we can get.
We will.
Hey Mom, can I go ice
skating with Justin later?
Just the two of you?
His Dad's going too.
Sure, I guess that's okay.
You want to come too, Chucky?
- So, we have our list?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Let's go.
- Okay.
- Come on bud.
- Come on kiddo.
Let's see.
(typing sounds)
A secret. Okay.
How goes the Christmas shopping?
Hi Hillary.
Trying to find Marissa the
perfect gift is not easy.
I actually need to get a
Christmas gift for your wife.
Want to team up?
Yes. Yes.
That would be great.
I could use your help.
I was thinking,
um, scented candle
but then after you
smell all of them,
then they all start
smelling like... vanilla?
Why don't I get her
the scented candle,
and I help you get her something
a little more... romantic?
Yes. Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Um, I'm so bad at this.
- No, it's okay.
- Okay.
I think this is the latest I've
ever sent out Christmas cards.
That was a fun day.
Do you remember that?
It was the summer and the
two of you, you and Eric,
were pretending to be cold so we
could take our Christmas photo.
Is everything okay with Amy?
You can talk to
me about anything.
Especially the girl stuff.
I happen to uh,
be one, you know.
I... I don't like
when Justin texts her.
I know he's nice, but it
just makes me feel... weird.
That is called jealousy.
And it is a perfectly
normal emotion.
I don't like the way it
feels. What can I do about it?
It's not good to keep
our feelings bottled up.
May I suggest that
maybe you talk to Amy,
and tell her how you feel?
Do you tell Eric how you feel?
Not as much as I should.
Why don't I do it now,
hmm? Let's call him.
(phone rings)
(in Unison) Hi!
I'm with your boss right now.
I, yes, I can...
I can see that.
Um. What are you guys
doing? Where are you?
We can't tell you.
Hi Eric!
We have something cool to tell
you about when you get home.
Well I can't wait to hear.
Okay well, um... have fun!
You didn't even tell
Eric how you feel.
You know, I wasn't going
to say it in front of her.
Now who's jealous?
I am not!
Hillary, thank you so
much for your advice.
Now I just need to find
Charlie more Jenga blocks.
You are such a good Dad to him.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, speaking of that,
I heard that you ran into
Charlie's Dad, Peter.
Yeah. Uh, up in Northbridge.
It was awkward but brief.
Marissa was just
in Northbridge.
Yep, I had work for her there.
- Mmhmm, I see.
- Mm.
Well, uh, again,
thank you so much
for helping pick
out Marissa's gift.
Have a good night.
Yeah, you too.
- Guess what?
- What?
We are going to
have a fundraiser
so people can donate Jenga
blocks and money for autism.
Oh, that's fantastic!
I have great news as well.
Um, no peeking, thank you.
So, I sent in
all your paperwork
and you are now
officially... official.
That's great!
And I spoke to Benjamin
about having a booth
in the town square
and he loved the idea
so all we have to do
is spread the word.
Don't you know
someone at Channel 9?
I do. A woman I
met through work.
Do you think they
would cover it?
I don't see why not,
I mean it's big news.
Charlie is going to
break a world record!
I'll call her!
Oh man, I better practice.
So, um, you were hanging
out with Hillary, huh?
Mhm, me and Hillary
were hanging out.
Yeah, she's fun.
She is fun.
I saw Peter in Northbridge.
I was there for work,
I just wanted to try and get
him to come to Charlie's event.
I was planning on telling you.
It makes sense.
But we should be able to
tell each other anything.
I should have told you.
I'm... I'm really sorry.
You know how much
I love you, right?
Hmm. No, I think I
need you to remind me.
You don't still have
feelings for him, do you?
(laughs) No!
- Okay.
- No!
Just checking.
Well, then. I love you, too.
(reporter) This here looks to
be a world record Christmas,
not only for the
town of Brookswood,
but also for 13-year-old
Charlie Parsons,
who looks to break the world
record by stacking Jenga blocks.
Hi, Charlie.
Hi Karla. We watch you on TV.
Well, I like you already.
Tell us, how did you get
started stacking blocks?
I put the bottom
one down first,
and I kept going until it fell.
Sounds like a good strategy.
Do you stack other
things or just blocks?
I try and stack
almost anything.
And how many blocks do you
need to break the world record?
One thousand, four hundred.
All balancing on that
one vertical block.
That's a lot Charlie.
(muffled) So I understand you're
planning a special fundraiser
in the town square?
Uh, a block holiday... a
party decorating blocks.
Ooh, I like parties.
What will you be
doing at this party?
Uh, a block holiday.
Hi. I'm Amy.
Charlie here is hosting
a holiday fundraiser
for autistic kids.
Come down, bring any
Jenga blocks you have,
and he'll use them
for his world record.
It's going to be a blast, so
'block' it out on your schedule.
Thank you very much.
You heard her folks,
come down to the town
square this Saturday.
And Charlie, good luck.
Thank you.
And that's a wrap!
Thanks everyone.
- Yay!
- (applause)
Charlie, all the best,
we're rooting for you.
Thanks for helping me.
That's what friends are for.
How was ice skating
with Justin last week?
We didn't end up going.
I was bummed because I haven't
been ice skating yet this year.
I'll go with you.
Don't you have a
thing about ice?
I learned how to skate.
- Maybe your parents can take us.
- Okay.

(Marissa) Let's
get hot chocolate.
(Eric) Sounds good.

Oh. I hope he doesn't
get his heart broken.
I told him that it wasn't good
to keep our feelings bottled up.
What if he tells
her how he feels
and then she
doesn't reciprocate?
I think if Charlie decides to
tell her and Amy doesn't feel
the same way, she'll find a
way to let him down gently.
Just like you did with
me when we first met.
No, I didn't...
I didn't realize you were
asking me out on a date!
Because I literally
asked you out on a date.
No, no, no. You didn't.
You asked me to go to
an ugly sweater party.
Exactly. A date!
Yes, but see, I thought
you were just telling me
about a party!
Just a party, right.
I was a single mom,
I didn't do parties.
You want to know when I did
know I was in love with you?
When I made my lasagna?
Well almost, I mean your
lasagna's really good.
You told Charlie and
I one of your jokes,
and he laughed so hard.
He didn't even get the joke
but he just... belly-laughed
and it was... and it was magic.
Up until then he barely smiled.
Until you came along.
I think he gets his
sense of humor from you.
Ooh, I'm sorry.
Yeah, thank you.
There's more to life
than tree sniffing!
Stop it.
You know when I first realized
that I was in love with you?
About 30 seconds
after I saw you.
I mean it.
Look how great he's doing.
He was so scared to skate.
He learned for her.
(emotional music)
Holiday fundraiser
this Saturday.
Help autistic kids.
Thank you.
I'm all out!
I think we're going
to have a big turnout.
Where is Eric?
He is chasing
down Jenga blocks.
Some of the ones
that he ordered,
they might not be
here before Christmas.
What if we don't
have enough blocks?
You don't worry about
that. We will find some.
Here, hand me some of those,
I'll help you pass out.
Thank you. Thank you.
Hey, let me give you a hand.
- There you go.
- Yeah?
I am loving this
Christmas look.
Right? I think maybe I
should wear it year-round.
I think you should, too.
- I will...
- Good luck with that
I'll load them in the car.
Okay, I'll grab Charlie.
Look at that, you're
doing amazing!
Alright, you ready?
Mom, what if... what
if I can't do it?
We will just figure out another
time for you to do this.
The most important thing
is that you just have fun.
But everyone will laugh at me.
Nobody is going
to laugh at you.
I can promise you that.
Look at this thing!
What you're doing, it just,
it takes so much courage.
Everybody's going to see that.
I need more blocks to practice.
Eric is working
on that. Okay?
Come on.
We don't want to be late
for the party. Okay?
( Jolly Old St. Nicholas
plays over the speakers)

Can I decorate
four blocks please?
Charlie will use them when
he breaks his world record!
That's so cool. I
can't wait to see this.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry
Christmas everyone!
Charlie! Why don't
you come on up here?
- Santa's got a surprise for you.
- It's Santa.
- Go!
- Amy, did you know about this?
- Go talk to Santa.
- Fine!
I heard that you're trying
to break a world record.
What's going on?
Well, here's a set of Jenga
blocks to add to your total,
and here's a check from
the City for $10,000
so you can donate to your
favorite autism charity!
Thank you so much.
You're welcome!
(cheers and applause)
Benjamin, is that you?
Don't tell anyone.
That is incredible!
How did Jenga know?
- What?
- Did they see the interview?
Yeah, they probably
saw the interview.
You called them. You did.
You called them!
We don't deserve you.
Yes, you do.
(camera shutter snaps)

Don't even think about it.
You're making a joke.
I'm not going to
make any jokes.
This is a very
serious business here.
I have some really good
ones in the chamber.
Ignore him Charlie.
You are doing
great though, bud.
You are. This is incredible.
What if tomorrow I can't
do it with all the people?
Well, first of all,
Eric has promised me
that he will not tell
any of his jokes.
I will not.
And secondly, all you have
to do is just zone in, focus,
and if you need
any encouragement
we'll be there for you.
And my Dad.
When I see him, I'll be
able to break the record.
You got this, Chucky.
You get an early
Christmas present.
I... I actually, I need to...
grab something in the
kitchen, we'll be right back.
It's beautiful.
It's how I feel about you.
You make my heart beat so fast.
That's really sweet.
Um, but... you're my
best friend, Charlie.
Let's not go making
this all weird?
You think I'm weird?
That's not what I said.
(door slams)
- I'll go...
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry. I didn't know
he felt that way about me
Oh no no, it's okay,
it's okay. Come here.
Hey, look. For the longest time,
I didn't even know if Charlie
would be able to connect,
or tell us about his
emotions. But, now he can.
This is a good thing, I know
it doesn't feel that way
but it is a good thing, okay?
When it comes to women,
there are many, many things
that I don't understand.
What I do know is
they are complicated.
Especially with
matters of the heart.
Your mom didn't
love me at first.
No, she had her
guard up pretty good.
So, what did you do?
It took time.
It might take time
with Amy, too.
And if not,
at least you still have her
as a best friend, right?
That's very special, too.
Why does it have
to feel so weird?
Because you made
yourself vulnerable.
And that's a good thing. It
means you opened your heart.
And if your heart's not open,
then the good
feelings can't get in.
Okay, buddy? Want to
try and get some sleep?
You got a big day tomorrow.
If you want to talk more
you know where we are.

Rise and shine!
It's Christmas Eve!
(notification alert)
- Mom!
- What?
It's Dad!
He says he'll be there.
This is going to be the
best Christmas ever.
That's the last of 'em!
How are you feeling?
Nervous, but good.
(Ms. Bennett) Merry Christmas!
Charlie, you remember
Ms. Bennett right,
from the Guinness World Records?
Please, it's Ophelia.
Charlie, I'm supposed to say
'good luck' from my daughter.
You really inspired her
so thank you for that.
Maybe the next time I break
a world record she can come?
Oh, yeah maybe. I like
your positive attitude.
So you know the rules,
you have two hours to
complete your attempt,
and that digital clock over
there is going to be the timer
and I'll keep track of the
number of blocks you've stacked.
Sound good?
Well, I'll let you get ready.
Thank you so much.
My pleasure. Good luck.
Hey buddy.
You okay? Just do
your breathing.
Hey, here.
I... I don't think
I practiced enough.
Yes, you did. You
were so good at this.
I've seen you stack blocks
standing on one foot.
You got this.
But my Dad isn't here,
and Amy's probably
not going to come.
What if this wasn't a good idea?
I wouldn't be too
sure about Amy.
See? Everything's
going to be okay.
Eric, can you do me a favor?
Yeah, of course.
Can you give me a marker, a
piece of paper, and some tape?
It's for my Dad.
Yeah, sure. I'll grab
it and be right back.
I will be right over there
if you need me. Okay?
You got this.
- Hey.
- Hey
I'm sorry. I'm
so sorry that...
Hey, I get it. Every kid wants
their... father's approval.
Eric! Marissa!
Hi Frank. I need a favor.
Could I borrow a roll of tape,
a marker, and some paper?
Sure thing.
What do you think
is going to happen
if Peter doesn't show up?
I don't know. I
really hope he does.
All I truly want for Charlie
is for him to be happy.
For what it's worth, Eric,
I think you're a great Dad.
- Thank you.
- I know, right?
Thank you.
Hey, you ready to get started?
Can we wait for my Dad?
Uh, you can wait as long as you
want, yeah, but unfortunately,
it's going to come
out of your two hours
because your town's
record starts at noon.
You got this.
Should we do this?
Alright. Merry
Christmas everyone.
I'm Ophelia Bennett from
Guinness World Records
and Charlie here is
officially attempting to break
the Guinness World
Records title for stacking
the most Jenga blocks on
top of one vertical block.
The current record is
1,400 blocks in two hours.
Now if everybody out of respect
for Charlie can just keep
the chatter and the commotion
to a minimum please.
And here we go. We're
going to do a countdown.
Ready? Three!
(everybody) Two! One!
You got this!

- (cheering)
- Go Chucky!
I know that our
love is going cold
It's something about the
snow this time of year
that makes us lose our way
to say we'll make the...
hold on a little
longer, don't have me
spending it alone
this time of year...
I don't know if I can do this.
...Please can we
make it to Christmas
Can we make it to Christmas
I don't know what
I'll say to Dad
when he sees the empty chair
Don't want to
hear my mom say..
He's doing great.
He's doing so great.
Alright, half way
there. One hour to go.
(Amy) You can do it buddy!
1387.14 more to go.
(breathing shakily)
He needs to be here. I
can't do this without...
He's getting overwhelmed.
Why aren't you here?
- You can do it, honey.
- Come on, Chucky.
I have to talk to him.
It'll be okay.
You okay?
Is my Dad here, yet?
Sweetie, I...
I don't think he's going
to make it in time, okay?
But we can tell him
all about it later.
You've come so far, buddy.
You should go for it.
I know your Dad's going
to be proud of you
even if he doesn't see it.
(teary) Dad...
(shaky breathing)
(loud thud)
(audience gasps)
Buddy. Buddy. Buddy.
- (crying softly)
- Charlie?
(crying softly)
Hey. Hey.
We are so, so proud of you.
Why are you proud? I
didn't break the record.
You don't need to break
records to prove yourself.
People love you,
because of who you are.
And you are the most
extraordinary kid I know.
Eric's right.
There is no one in the
entire world like you.
And there never will be.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
Uh, I just want to let you know
that the wrapping
record is starting soon.
How are you feeling?
Are you up for that?
Can I have a minute with him?
Are you up for that?
I'll give you some time.
Um, Charlie. You're
my best friend.
And you're always going to
be my best friend, right?
Right. Right.
So, let's just not complicate
things too much. Deal?

Hey, are you okay?
Yeah. Thanks Mom.
Pretty cool, huh?
Think we might
actually have a shot.
Ms. Bennett, is
there any chance
I could have another shot?
Oh, I'm so sorry Charlie.
Unfortunately, you have
to try again next year,
but you came so close.
I was really impressed.
I wish I could try again.
Well, why don't
you try? Right now?
It wouldn't be for the record.
Sure, it would.
Your own personal record.
Prove it to yourself
that you can do it.
You ready?
Let's go.
Come on. Let's go!
I love you.
So much.
I love you, too.
Good, because I think there's
something I'm ready for.
Are you sure?
I am very sure I'm sure.
Oh! Hey!
You belong here.
You're my real Dad.
You always have been.
(emotional music)
And you are my real boy.
When I lay my head
I'm dreaming of...
I will fly away to
my favorite holiday
I love you.
Chucky! All set?
Laughter in the air...
It's Christmas time...
(all together) Two! One!
All I want to do is
spread some cheer
spread some cheer
Hey, have you seen Amy?

It's Christmas
time once a year
And all I want to do
is spread some cheer
Time's up! No more wrapping!
With 1,522 presents the town
of Brookswood, Washington,
has officially broken the
Guinness World Record title
for the most presents
wrapped in one hour.
(cheering and applause)
Okay. Wait, wait. Sorry.
Hi, hi! Everybody! Hi! Hi!
To add to that excitement,
our own Charlie Parsons
is over on the other
stage trying to accomplish
his very own personal
unofficial best.
Let's go support him,
you guys. Come on.
He's in the zone.
He's so in the zone.
Yeah, sit down.
He's doing it again.
I know.
He is going to do it.
- Here you go.
- Okay.
A reminder to everyone.
The current record is 1,400.
Charlie has six
Jenga blocks to go.
One more block to go.
Come on, come on, come on
Charlie, you can do this.
One thousand, four
hundred and one blocks!
(cheering and applause)
I'm able to confirm with
100 percent certainty
that Charlie is the Jenga
champion of the universe!
Congratulations, Charlie.
Do you have anything
you'd like to say?
Merry Christmas everyone!
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
You did it! I'm
so proud of you!
You're amazing.
Yes! I'm so proud of you.
That was great.
Wait I gotta get a picture.
Come on, get together.
Get together.
Ready? Alright,
and say 'Jenga!'
(all together) Jenga!
Ta da!
Guess who is all napped
and ready to party?
Oh, hi my little elf.
Where's my other elf?
Hi Mom, Hi Dad.
Is it present time?
It is, yeah.
I got you a "Henway".
What's a "Henway"?
About seven pounds. Got you!
That's my boy.
Is that what you want
for Christmas? Yeah?
Okay. Oh, how did
you know? Socks!
Oh, it's a purse! I love it.
Here you go Chucky.

I have something for you!
The radio playing
my favorite song
It's holiday time everyone
Here comes the fun
Here comes the fun