A World Without (2021) Movie Script

The young people of today
have to be careful
not to get trap in a desperate quest
for love.
Welcome to the Light.
We acknowledge
every young person's right to be happy.
We can guarantee you will find
your one and only soulmate here.
The future is bright
and it's waiting for you.
Join the Light, and we'll bring out
the light in you.
Oh, I got chills.
I bet it was the narrator's voice
that got to you. It's so fatherly.
Yeah. Every time I see you post pictures
of you and your dad,
I'm always jealous.
I've never had moments like those.
Of course, Ulfah would post pics
with her dad.
She doesn't have anything else
she could upload.
Well, life isn't fair, Tara.
I've long accepted that.
I actually wanna trade places
with you, Ul.
Then I wouldn't have to stress over
replying to all the comments.
The point is, at the Light
we're gonna find everything
we've been searching for.
And we, three, can always be together.
I'm just grateful
that I was chosen to join the Light
along with my childhood best friends.
Almost all girls dream of getting married
with an ideal wedding in mind.
In an era as uncertain as this,
young people like us have been forced
to give up on our dreams.
And although the pandemic is over,
our possibilities are still limited.
Are we almost there?
I'm getting nervous.
Like me, a lot of people
have never had the privilege
of observing the beauty
of forest and nature.
The last time I saw a scenery
as fresh and green like this
was seven years ago.
My mom told me that after the pandemic,
it's like the world rapidly aged.
I guess that's why she's depressed.
All right, I'm Salina.
My late father taught me not to be afraid
to go after my dreams.
The Light has to as be beautiful
as this, right?
-Are you okay?
-What's going on?
-Did we run off on something?
What's going on?
-What is that?
-What's happening?
Oh, my goodness.
Let's get her up.
-Are you okay?
-I'm all right. I wasn't actually hit.
-I was just shocked when I saw the bus
-Did you get hurt?
and fell. I'm fine. Don't worry about me.
-Can you walk with her, sir?
-No need, I'm fine. It's okay.
Here, let me help.
Watch your step.
There's nothing to see here.
Be careful, Grandma.
You should be careful too. Okay?
Yes, Grandma.
Okay, come on, let's go.
Let's get going.
I truly believe that the Light
will make all of my dreams a reality.
We have arrived
at the Light Training Center.
Please get off the bus
in an orderly manner.
-We will take care of your luggage
-Welcome. See you later. Good morning.
-I'm Santi, and this is my husband, Iwan.
-Good morning.
I'll be taking your picture.
Look here, please.
Look at the camera. So pretty.
You guys are free to explore.
Event starts in 15 minutes.
Use the map I've sent to you.
Don't get lost.
We will. Thank you.
I can't believe we're here.
This is it, guys.
Looks so cool.
Welcome, Salina.
You are now officially a part
of the Light family.
From now on,
we will do everything in our power
to make your dreams and aspirations
come true.
Welcome to the Light
Welcome, Hafiz.
By becoming a part of the Light,
you don't need to worry
about anything any more.
Everyone here is equal.
We do not discriminate
between the rich and the poor.
Welcome to the Light, Tara.
Everyone is welcome here
and that's regardless of their past.
How much do they know about us?
I bet they did a ton of research
on every applicant
before accepting anyone.
So how come they still want me?
Isn't that a good thing?
Yeah, I supposed so.
Did you know that 20 percent
of all profits from my make up line
gets donated to charities
for people with disabilities?
As such, you can join us
and fight the good fight
by swiping right, right now.
Oh, he's so cute. How adorable.
Excuse us. Ul, let's go.
Oh, sorry.
This is the reality
your generation has to face.
The aftermath of the pandemic
from ten years ago.
Plastic waste continues to contaminate
our seas and our lands.
It is polluted most of the planet's soil,
making a large part of our land
hazardous and unhabitable.
At this rate, even our oceans will die.
Global warming is already
at its absolute peak.
The quality of life of all living beings
is critically below standards.
The global birthrate
has been drastically declining,
as opposed to the global death rate
which has been on the rise.
Will the human race be able to survive?
Only at the Light
can you be pioneers
of real and lasting change.
Take charge of your future.
And the future is now!
Welcome everyone to the Light.
Each of you came here
with a clear purpose.
And I know what it is.
To train, to be fantastic.
And to be the best version of yourself.
Aren't those just lovely words to hear?
All right. Now repeat after me.
To train and to be the best version
of myself.
Everybody on my cue.
To train
and to be the best version of myself!
However, in order for you to reach
such a lofty goal,
you would need a support system.
Alone, you cannot have
a sustainable future.
You have to be married,
dating is not enough.
You need an ideal spouse.
But there's no reason to fret.
At the Light,
we have prepared everything for you.
Now, I'd like to present
my support system with pride.
The one who has always been by my side.
My lovely wife. Sofia.
Around ten years ago,
the prototype of the matchmaking system
I invented
led us to each other.
Good morning, everyone and welcome.
I know it took determination to come here.
After all, you are at an age
when your hormones are raging.
But then again, this is the perfect time
to train yourselves
in both abstinence and control.
Remember. Control.
Control your carnal desires
and resist the urge to date.
Because soon all of you here
will be married to someone we guarantee
to be your perfect match.
And rest assured,
each of your future spouses
is right here in this training center.
But if any of you are still doubtful
Well, that's normal.
Does anyone want to share their feelings?
Please don't hesitate and raise your hand
if you want to share.
We're here to listen to you.
Thank you for raising your hand.
I'm guessing you three
are best friends?
I notice that Tara,
the one sitting in the middle
has been looking down.
Is there anything wrong?
Excuse me.
Tara? It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I just
I just
I don't think that I deserve to be here.
Why is that?
I have been dating since
I was in sixth grade.
I switched boyfriends around a lot.
I'm not here to judge you, Tara.
No one is.
Can you tell me
what your biggest wish is right now?
Right now?
If it's possible
I really want to apologize to
all of those that I've hurt.
But that's not possible anymore.
Whatever happened in your past
the only way you can move forward
is to forgive yourself, Tara.
Do you want to forgive yourself
and move on?
Okay. Tara needs our help.
So I would like each and everyone
in this room
to stand up
and give her our support.
We should send her
some positive energy.
Everybody, close your eyes.
And then, raise your right hand
and put it on your chest.
Feel the rhythm of your heart
as it beats against your chest.
Now inhale
and exhale.
Get in touch with your heart
and slowly whisper to it.
Tell your heart
that you will forgive yourself
for all of your past mistakes.
Let go.
Whenever you're ready.
You may open your eyes. Take your time.
Start with a clean slate.
Feel better?
That's good.
Thank you so much
for being an excellent friend to Tara.
Now I want to ask you a question.
Will you be able to let everyone
at the Light into your heart
including me
and think of us as your new family?
How do you feel?
Feeling better?
I've decided to move on.
I only hope that in time,
those who got hurt in that accident
would find the heart
to forgive me for what I've done.
Your ex Andi was the one driving, not you.
I know, but I was kissing him,
that's why he lost control of the wheel.
Just remember what Ali said to us earlier.
We're staring with a clean slate.
Now I feel relieved, Na.
It makes me happy seeing you calm.
Today, I feel so protected,
it's like I have a dad again.
Ali's future child
is sure going to be very lucky.
This is the first time
that I haven't felt insecure.
Whoever my match will be
I'm ready.
Ah, you're so lucky
to be the first to turn 17, Ul.
It's going to be wonderful, Ul.
Each of you have chosen
and signed up for training programs
in the fields
you're most passionate about.
We prepared the best mentors for you.
Until you get married,
you'll be staying in the girls' dormitory
which will be supervised by Miss Nanik.
You can think of her as a mother
for the duration of your stay.
I will now read to you
the dorm's house rules.
This is the first rule.
Always keep your rooms clean and tidy.
Our Esteemed Leader Ali Khan
built these accommodations
and facilities for us.
It's our responsibility to maintain them.
Second rule. Everyone is expected
to get up and get ready
at 5 a.m.
Good morning, Tara, it's already 5:05.
Third rule. There is one mandatory class
for all members,
regardless of their program.
And that is home economics
or household arts.
Fourth rule. In order to protect you
from lustful urges,
it is strictly forbidden to meet
with members of the opposite sex
unless necessary for work.
Finally, you can use our shuttle vans,
but only if you need them
to complete your assignments.
And everyone is obligated
to return to their dormitories by 8 p.m.
You will only live here
for a maximum of a year.
That will be until you turn 17
and get married.
That is all.
After getting married,
you will be asked to move
and live independently
in apartments
built specially by the Light.
And with this,
you will become property owners,
which is a rare privilege
in these precarious times.
Optimize the teachings of the Light,
and spread them to your families,
your friends and the world.
Women activist groups
are gathering signatures
for a petition to raise the age
in which teenagers are allowed
to legally marry in the country.
It is currently at 17
and they want it to be at 19.
On the other hand, the Light,
which is an educational institution
that provides training for the youth
led by the handsome
and charismatic Ali Khan,
has been successful
in gathering a large number of signatures
to maintain the previously set legal age
for marriage at 17 years old.
Have you notice how all the news outlets
always use the words
"handsome" and "charismatic"
to describe you these days?
Turn around, please.
This is our third attempt.
Let's hope it works this time.
Okay. Stay still.
You're almost there.
Remember. This is a test for us.
Our child is going to be perfect.
My beauty troops.
Today, our training will be about
how should you present yourselves
on social media
as a person who's been reborn.
Let's start by redefining beauty
as something healthy and natural.
In front of you
are several of our products.
Feel free to make captions
and take photos as you will.
The only thing I ask is that you include
the hashtag #BeautyAlaSofia.
But before anything else,
you would have to change
all of your current profile pictures.
Apart from that, you would have to delete
all your pre-existing social media feeds.
We want to start over with a clean slate.
I know that you
have the most followers
out of everyone here.
I'm guessing this is hard for you to do.
It's okay.
I'll create a new makeup line
especially for girls like you
with darker skin.
Do you want to help me develop it?
It's an honor.
I really wanna give you
a hug right now, Sofia.
You can't. Not here.
It's confidential. Okay?
Today we're going to the city
to take shots for content.
-After that, we'll come back here.
-Good morning, everyone!
-Good morning, sir!
Joko Liauw!
I must have watched his documentary
on the origins of the pandemic
a thousand times.
I'd like to welcome you
to our media lab.
I understand you have chosen to become
the Light's content creators.
Keep this in mind.
The media is our strength and our power.
And content, good content
is our primary weapon.
Now, I do believe the man next to me
needs no introductions.
Your job consists of creating content
that can garner plenty of likes.
The one who succeeds
and getting the most likes,
will be generously rewarded.
He or she will get to work with me.
In what I could only describe
as a prestigious documentary project.
-That's right.
-That would be
as CD.
Now what's a CD?
What do you have to do?
That depends.
If I'm not in the mood,
then you would have to do the job
in my stand.
If I get lost or confused
on how to direct some scenes,
then you'd have to think for me.
So this is about teamwork.
Right. That's the most important thing.
Because teamwork, however small,
is the key in order to succeed.
-Best of luck!
-Thank you!
Thank you!
Do your best, everyone!
Okay. So, listen Joko
You heard them. Let's go.
Make teams of two.
Once you've found your teammate,
follow me.
Come on, hurry.
We don't have a lot of time.
I'll do the editing. Is that all right?
That's fine. I prefer filming.
Let's go.
All right, spread out.
Be back in two hours. Okay?
Make shots of any immoral behaviors.
Like dating couples holding hands
or girls wearing miniskirts.
-Okay. Got it.
-All right, guys, get to it. Come on.
-This is utterly ridiculous.
Never mind. Let's do what we can.
Hi, do I know you?
I was your senior in middle school.
I can't believe you joined the Light.
Uh, sorry, I'm busy with an assignment.
Wait. Hang on a second.
I managed to leave the Light.
Don't believe their propaganda.
Get out before it's too late.
If you don't believe me,
then see for yourself.
Look about the Arya Teja online!
Who are you?
-Oh, sorry, it's for school assignment.
-What do you want?
-We're supposed to--
-Well, I really don't care.
-This bitch was filming us.
This man is my husband!
-I'm so sorry! No, forgive me!
-Go, go screw yourself!
You stupid bitch!
You ill-mannered piece of shit.
Show some respect.
I'm sorry. Please stop.
This needs your magic touch, Hafiz.
Please make it work.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't get anything good.
I can combine this with my footage.
But didn't you only get
shots of posters on the wall?
Just wait.
Good evening!
You have anything new for me?
Yes, we do.
Surprise me.
Go screw yourself, you stupid bitch.
Show some respect.
I'm so sorry. No, forgive me!
You ill-mannered piece of shit!
-I'm sorry, I'm sorry
-You stupid bitch.
Go screw yourself.
I don't know what to say.
Fantastic, fantastic!
This is what I'm saying.
Little piece of advice.
Artist should never be afraid
to explore different styles.
Improvise. Improvise.
Just to let you know
our admins will only upload
the best of the best,
the cream of the crop.
Okay? Great.
Keep working.
Hey, Iwan. Perfect.
All right, guys, improvise. Any new ideas?
Thank you, Fiz.
It's slippery here, Ul.
Watch your step.
The practice lounge
is overflowing with almonds.
But I just couldn't bring myself
to eat all of them.
Why not, Ul?
You can eat all the almonds you want
while you're here.
But they cost like an arm and a leg
in the city.
You're right.
Almonds are among the most popular items
in my Light Mart.
Oh. I think it will be more popular
if we repackage them.
If you have design ideas for the
packaging, you should draw them.
We can present them to The Esteemed later.
We're allowed to do that?
But of course.
Oh, my husband brought our son with him.
Oh, how nice, you get to come home
with your husband and son.
Oh, hello, you cute little thing.
Hi there, honey.
-What's his name, Reny?
Hello, baby Edy.
Oh. You're so cute!
-Oh, you.
-Easy. You'll be a mother soon enough, Ul.
I hope so.
Bye. See you again.
-Bye, Reny.
Take care.
Can I sit here?
I got you girls a present.
Thank you, Tar.
Are you sure
you can give these away?
Of course, I can.
Besides, I'm the only trainee
Sofia gave extra bottles to.
Hey. Listen, I have a confession to make.
The truth is,
I feel so at home here already.
And surprisingly, I don't miss dating.
I knew it, Tar.
And I love your new image on social media.
Wait, I haven't seen it yet.
A lot of people unfollowed me
because of it.
Some even bashed me
for being part of the Light.
But at the end of it all,
I gained more followers.
Just ignore them.
There's bound to be haters
trying to bring down the Light.
That's right.
Where is my boy genius?
Welcome, Father.
The house looks great.
I really like what you've done
with the place.
You have such good taste.
Why thank you, Father.
I can feel it, son.
I'm certain your establishment
will usher in an age of revolution.
But we're still in the early stages.
I've watched since you were a little boy.
And I've always known
you will become a great leader.
It's way too soon to tell.
We've only started
planting the seeds after all.
And soon you'll reap a plentiful harvest.
Don't look down all the time.
-You'll slip and fall.
-Uh, wait a second, Hafiz.
Our new video got uploaded!.
I may have gained a little weight,
but thankfully my husband doesn't mind.
-Yeah, that's nice.
You should check out
the comments too.
You'll get a kick out of it.
-Salina, let's go.
-Sure, give me a sec. I'll be right there.
So this is where you ran off to.
"That's sweet. I really wanna be
in a relationship like theirs."
"Sign me up. How do I apply to the Light?"
"Whoa, couple goals."
"Blessed this perfect couple.
Just looking at them gives me joy and"
You're having too much fun
at the comments.
-"I love this!"
-Hafiz, please stop!
Wait. Cameras?
You're so mean.
You almost gave me a heart attack!
Na? Hey.
-Stop being silly.
Ul, try not to look so gloomy.
You should be more confident.
Their concepts are quite interesting.
You mean like this?
The makeup's great. Tara did a good job.
You look very pretty, Ulfah.
It's all thanks
to the make-up artist.
Look, you're really glowing, Ul.
There, that's it!
Just like that, Ul!
Hold that pose.
Don't forget what you're going to say
and action!
-Hello. I am--
-Cut, cut, cut!
Hafiz! Hey!
Do you have an extra memory card?
Mine's already full.
Look, Ul.
I bet that guy is Salina's match.
But he looks like a nerd.
How come you have to borrow
a memory card from someone else, Na?
I thought you always had an extra
with you.
I did bring one, but it's broken.
Okay, Ulfah, stand by.
I've been standing by for ages.
Hello, my name is Ulfah
Okay, everyone in the men sports team,
it's our turn.
If anybody needs help
with their make-up, I'm here.
Tara. Don't tempt yourself.
Okay, stand by, Ulfah. And action!
Hello, my name is Ulfah.
In a few days, I'll be turning 17
and I'm ready for my match.
There you are.
I've been looking for you.
I've been waiting here for you.
Oh, I'm sorry about before,
Ulfah and Tara haven't outgrown
their habit of making fun of me.
Oh, I don't mind.
I had fun watching you girls
tease and bully each other.
I know right, they always make up
all kinds of stuffs.
Oh, so you're saying that was made up?
What if what they said
was actually true?
What exactly do you mean?
I see. So you miss dating that much, huh?
-Hey, Fiz.
To be honest with you
I'm already 17 but
I've never had a girlfriend.
I've always wanted to know
how it feels like to date someone.
There's nothing special about it.
I've dated but I don't miss it.
When's your birthday anyway?
On the day I got here.
Good for you then.
You'll be getting married soon.
Well, I'm just waiting for it.
I mean, lots of guys here
turns 17 a while back,
yet they're still single.
I suppose
they haven't found the right partner.
Fiz, what you're doing is forbidden.
I'm already sure
that you're the one for me.
How can you be so sure?
I've known it
since I saw you step down
from the bus to help that old lady.
I'm certain because you are so sincere
when you praised me on my editing.
I know you come from a rich family
but you have empathy and ambition.
You're not lazy.
And you actually put effort into things.
Don't you feel the same way I do, Na?
That we're meant to be?
I'm just afraid to expect
too much happiness, Fiz.
Let's set up here.
What do you think
is going on in the city?
I don't care, it's better here.
Do you miss
living in the city at all?
Well, I do miss my mother
my father.
I imagined when we're married
and living at our own place,
they're going to be so proud
to see their son
with a cool wife like you.
Your imagination's running too wild.
Just live in the present.
Enjoy what's in front of you.
I do enjoy it.
Hopefully, your parents
will be proud of me too.
I'm sure my late father
would have been proud.
Once we move to the apartment,
we won't get this view anymore.
I'll make up for it. I'll be your view.
It's actually near here.
And I'll have to be there too.
See you later.
Where have you been, Salina?
Did you get the candles?
Yes, of course I did.
Would you relax, Tar?
-Can I have a little taste?
Oh, thank you, you guys are so sweet.
Make a wish first.
So how's the bride-to-be feeling?
Are you nervous?
More than that,
I'm happy the day has come.
Oh. By the way.
Miss Nanik sent me an email.
Take a look. This is how my store
is going to look like.
So how does it feel?
I mean, you're going to marry a guy
you've never even met?
I'm just worried about
our first night together.
Is it going to hurt?
Don't worry about it, Ul. Let go. Relax.
Can you guys sleepover?
I mean, after all,
it's my last night here.
Please. Tar.
-Tar, do you dare?
-I'm sorry, I can't.
I haven't succeeded in leaving Sofia
with a good impression of me yet.
So I can't afford any blemish
on my record.
Oh, yeah.
You are being loud.
She looks so beautiful.
She looks so lovely.
With the help of our matchmaking system,
on this day, we can bear witnesses,
two fated souls meet and tied the knot
in this beautiful and most sacred place.
Here we go.
I thought he was gonna be paired
with you, Na,
Ulfah and Hafiz.
We're going to celebrate
their holy matrimony today.
Do you accept Ulfah
whom we've chosen to be your wife
and vow to stay with her
till death do you part?
Trust me.
She's the best match for you, Hafiz.
I do, Esteemed Leader.
-Hey, Na, are you okay?
-Ulfah, do you accept Hafiz
whom we've chosen to be your husband?
and vow to stay with him
till death do you part?
-I do, Esteemed Leader.
By the power vested in me by the Light,
I pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride, Hafiz.
-Esteemed Leader.
-Please don't mind me.
Carry on.
I came to tell you you've been chosen
as Joko Liauw's co-director.
It's for our special documentary
film project.
Wow, thank you so much.
Thank you for this oppoturnity.
You're most welcome.
No need to be so tense.
You're pushing yourself.
You shouldn't work too hard.
You need to take care of yourself too.
I hope it's all right to ask.
What's the documentary about?
About me.
All right.
Rest assured, I will not disappoint you,
Esteemed Leader.
Rest up.
There's not a lot of room upstairs.
I don't think all my stuff
would fit in there.
Let's put them in the stock room.
That should be fine
until we get a bigger apartment
once we have children.
Yeah, sure. I'll head upstairs first.
Aren't you going to help me
put the products on the shelves?
Tomorrow morning.
When will your parents visit us?
I wanna get to know them.
Let's wait until we fix this place up.
Na. Oh, my God, Na.
They just uploaded the video
from Hafiz and Ulfah's wedding.
-It's so cool. Here.
-I've already seen it.
-I mean it.
-I know.
But still, Na, don't you wanna see
how beautiful she was again?
And even Hafiz was looking fine
with his brand new haircut,
-and he's dashing in his suit.
-Mm. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Na, are you okay?
-What are you trying to say, Tara?
I'm trying to say that Ulfa and Hafiz
don't seem to have anything in common.
-As compared to you and him.
-Jeez. We just work together, okay?
Don't get the wrong idea.
-Hey, chill. Don't get all defensive.
-What are you saying?
At any rate, I have to keep focus
on a new project.
It's a documentary on the life
of The Esteemed Leader.
Wow, that's amazing.
Do me a favor. Find out who my match is.
I gotta go. I need to pee.
I read the test results.
They look good.
We can start the process of transferring
the embryo to your uterus.
Are you ready for the camera?
Yes, I am. Get all the shots you need.
Ready, Ms. Sofia?
-Let's wait for Al to come back.
-Not a problem.
Take the book with you.
You can keep it.
-Thank you, Esteemed Leader.
-Sure, no problem.
I want you to capture mine
and Sofia's every moment.
I want the audience to relate to us.
-Doc, we'll be filming the procedure.
-Yes? Is there a problem?
Sure, go ahead.
Just relax. We'll begin shortly.
Face it towards me please.
Now, slowly inhale.
Control your breathing.
Good. Keep it steady, Sofia.
That's so sad. It's such a tragedy
when parents lose their child.
They overcame it together, Tara.
This is all confidential, okay?
People are trusting me with this project.
It's almost 8 p.m.
Oh, relax.
They're still busy living the glam life
like a king and his queen.
My couple goals.
We have supplements for athletes.
We also have a sustainable food chain,
which is Light Mart.
As well as an eco-friendly fashion line
and of course, beauty products.
And now, allow me to show you,
the Beauty Lab of the Light.
Ladies, today we're gonna conduct
different tests with our latest product.
-Okay, let's get to work.
At the Light, we have facilities
for various endeavors.
This is one of them.
Good morning, everyone.
I apologize for interrupting your work.
I just wanna say Sofia sends her regards.
But there's no need to worry,
I'm sure you'll learn a lot
from Tara here, right?
Oh, wow. This is quite unusual.
I never imagined our Esteemed Leader
would be stopping by
to grace us with his presence.
All right, why don't we take a selfie.
Is that all right?
-Salina, you should join us.
-No, thanks.
-Come on. Don't just stand there.
Come here, join the fun.
Let's take a photo with everybody.
Come closer.
Okay. Hey, Santi, get in here.
Okay, a little closer, please. Just a bit.
Ready. One, two
and three.
Can I preview your cut?
Just relax.
We'll begin it shortly.
Now, slowly inhale.
-Control your breathing.
-There are no interviews yet.
But I'm sure it will turn out great.
I'm quite surprised.
I wasn't expecting this.
Good job.
I'm taking a break.
Wow, the interior's so cute, Ul.
-Very Ulfah, right?
-Hey, guys!
-Hey, Ul.
First things first.
Have you done it already?
It's awesome, right?
It's it hurts a bit at first.
But Hafiz was gentle,
and he turned out to be sweet.
Watch over him?
You're together a lot at work.
I don't understand.
He keeps skipping lunch at work.
It's so unhealthy.
-Please remind him to eat.
All right, no problem.
Oh, how's the documentary going?
You're amazing. You get to work
on such an important project.
Dreams come true, Ul.
I get to tag along
on all of the leader's activities.
It's exhausting but very rewarding.
But you know what
something felt off about him yesterday
Really? Why? What happened?
The leader touched me.
He caressed my cheek.
Did you manage to get that on camera, Na?
He couldn't keep his hands to himself.
Oh, come on, Tar,
he was just being attentive.
He's harmless. Don't overreact.
Come on. Let's just shoot.
Are you ready?
Smile, Ul.
And action!
Chief Ali, Sofia,
I heard you're expecting.
Thank you, Endru.
But I hope you'll keep this
to yourself for now.
It's still early.
We don't want to jinx it.
Oh. Noted, ma'am.
All right. Looks good.
So are there any other couples
we could send off to get married?
Miss Nanik.
Diana and Doni.
Diana is very skilled
when it comes to sewing
but sadly, she can't draw.
Doni is a talented artist.
He draws comics.
I think they're compatible.
They'll do well together.
-They'll be very productive.
Who do we have next?
Tara's supposed to be next,
but it's going to be difficult
to find a match for her.
She's a good asset for us.
She's influential with lots of followers.
I think Tara is too progressive
for someone her age.
On her own, she was able
to create a digital marketing plan
for our Sofia Make-up line.
I don't think we have anyone here
who would be a good match for her.
How about taking a second wife?
No. I can't do that
to my wife, Chief.
Oh, come on.
Don't you want to have more children?
-Tara can--
Endru's wife is battling cancer,
don't you remember?
Sorry, I forgot.
It's okay, Chief.
Uh, for the time being, how about we focus
on Diana's wedding first?
Finding Tara's match can wait.
What did you shoot today?
Their plans for the next wedding.
Is it from my batch? Who is it?
It was uncomfortable.
I didn't expect
Ali to talk about polygamy
like it was nothing.
You're kidding me.
You mean, it's possible to match us
with the guy who's already married?
-I can't believe it. Where's the file?
Come on, show it to me.
I already sent it for editing.
I don't have a good feeling about this.
That's why you should always keep a copy.
You should bend the rule sometimes, Na.
I know, I know.
Na, I understand
if you want to have your space.
And I hope you'll still consider me
as a friend
and that would be good enough for me.
You have to be careful.
Don't forget to delete
all of our chats and emails.
Thanks for everything.
Whenever I come here,
I always feel like I'm in some paradise.
Hasn't it been a while
since I last visited?
-Indeed, it has, sir.
I think I've been too busy
working for my constituents.
I understand, sir.
You are a busy man after all.
But if you ever feel tired,
like you have to recharge,
or if ever you just need a refreshing
change of scenery, for example,
this place is always open for you, sir.
Thank you, Ali.
Without you, Mr. Frans,
none of this
would have ever been possible.
Back when everyone else was skeptical
you, sir, were the only one
brave enough to invest.
I never expected anything in return.
But now, I need a favor from you.
Please find a suitable wife
for one of my sons
Aditya. He's getting old.
He's already 25 years old and I think
that it's time for him to settle down.
I might have the perfect solution.
Tara. Tara.
-Wake up, Tara.
Go and shower.
Why? There's still
five minutes left before five.
You have to prepare early
because you'll be having breakfast
with the Esteemed Leader,
Sofia, and your future husband.
Since when did we start having
this breakfast blind date thingy,
Ms. Nanik?
It's a new thing. We're only doing this
because we found you a match.
What's that about?
Maybe he's not a member of the Light.
My bad karma keeps haunting me
wherever I go even now that I'm here.
How much more must I repent
for it to leave me alone?
Stop that. Don't be a drama queen.
Just go meet him first.
It was an amazing experience.
All in all, it was tough,
and we had to work hard to get through it.
We'll leave you guys to it.
Take advantage of this opportunity
to get to know each other better.
Tara, Aditya,
I just know you two will become
a special couple.
I'm grateful for all of this.
Thank you so much.
-So, Tara.
Tell me about yourself.
I am so glad they got together.
All I have to do now is make Tara
the spokesperson for my make-up.
With this, our ties with Mr. Frans
will become stronger.
I've always known your gut is never wrong.
-Of course.
-Hey, careful.
I want you to slow down, Sofia.
And from now on, I don't want you
to take on too much work.
No problem. Tara will help us.
Hey. How was work?
Did anything good happen?
Nah. It's the same as usual.
Don't you wanna know how my day went?
Oh, yeah. How was it?
I've been feeling sick all day.
And now I can't stand your smell, Fiz.
Will you take a shower?
Are you so hungry, it can't wait?
You poor thing.
Thank you so much, Ali.
Tara's a perfect fit or Aditya.
This is for you.
-The token of my appreciation.
-Mr. Frans, there's no need.
Please just think of it
as a returning the favor to you.
Ali, no matter the situation,
cash is always important.
Try to imagine a car, okay?
This car represents your ambition.
But it doesn't have any fuel.
Can the car go without fuel?
This cash right here can be your fuel.
I'm sure Tara will not disappoint you.
That's great.
Well, we should go and greet our guests.
Sofia, what the hell is Salina doing here?
-Okay, I'll handle her.
-Do it now!
Delete the footage you shot just now.
-I don't understand. Is something wrong?
-Delete it now.
Your only test today is to focus
on Tara and Aditya. Not on us.
Yes, ma'am.
Na? Hello!
Looking gorgeous.
You look so different.
Let's go congratulate Tar.
-How are you, Ul?
-Thank you for coming.
I'm finding out married life
isn't as easy as it seems.
I know I shouldn't be saying this
after everything.
It's just that I don't think Hafiz
is the one for me.
Look, UI, it's probably not as bad
as you think.
You're just getting to know each other.
It takes time.
You'll get the hang of it soon.
You're right.
There's nothing to complain about.
Actually, I have great news for you.
Really? What is it?
I'll tell you when we're with Tara.
Look at her. Isn't she the luckiest?
I mean, look at him.
You have to admit Aditya is so hot.
You know his father
is the Light's major donor.
He's a businessman and a politician.
I think he's a powerful man.
Congrats to the newlyweds.
-You look stunning.
Finally, dreams do come true.
Mine did too, Tar.
I'm finally pregnant.
Oh my god, Ul.
How could you? It's my wedding day.
And you're stealing my thunder.
Congrats. I'm so happy for both of you.
Hey, Adit.
-Hey, we're going.
-Thank you for having us.
I'd like to introduce you
to my dear childhood friends.
Ulfah and Salina.
-Thank you for coming.
-Thank you so much.
-We'd better head on.
-Wait. Don't go home yet.
Congrats, Tara.
I'll see you later.
-Ul. Have you congratulated her?
It took you a while to get here.
-Come on.
-The line was long.
-Na. Where are you going?
I still have work to do.
I'm fine.
-You go ahead.
-All right.
Do you wanna go home?
Here. It's your clip-on mic.
Can you put it on me?
So where do you wanna start?
Uh, I have a list of questions.
First off, can you Um, sorry.
Relax. Relax.
-Many kids my age
Oh, right.
I think teenagers
specifically those in my generation
would be more interested in the details
of the love story
before the Esteemed Leader
and Sofia got married.
There's no such story.
Our love story only began
after we got married.
So when did the Esteemed Leader realized
that Sofia was the one
you were meant to spend your life with?
When I was starting out,
I presented a prototype
of the matchmaking system that I developed
to as many of my fellow student activists
as I possibly could.
Every one of them laughed at my ideas
and made fun of me.
But Sofia took me seriously.
And look
at where we are now.
Now for the next question.
Is it all right if we talk about
the funding of the Light?
Instead of a boring subject like funding,
why don't we talk about the things
that define and shape our humanity?
Such as the traumatic events
we've experienced.
All right.
The reason why I believe
everyone should have a partner
they could build a family with
and that no one should be allowed
to postpone
or refuse the arrival
of children in their lives
is because of Rama.
He was our firstborn child.
Living in the city after the pandemic,
with all the pollution,
the diseases, Rama wasn't able to survive.
Meanwhile, the world completely neglected
the right of babies to live.
That irony urged me to take action.
I totally understand
how you feel, Esteemed Leader.
Only those who had suffered loss
would understand.
Sof! Sof!
-I'm bleeding, Al. Ahh.
-It's okay. It's okay.
Let's go to the hospital right now.
I don't have the energy.
I already called the doctor.
Excuse me.
Uh, is there anything I can do to help?
Please give us some privacy.
Al, it's about time you listen
to what I've been telling you.
Our legacy can't end here.
-Not like this.
-Sofia, please don't go there.
Don't think about that right now.
We have bigger problems.
-Look, Al--
-You need to recover. That's what matters.
-But you have to start--
-Miss Sofia.
-Please, doctor. Give us a moment.
-Doc, my wife--
-Al, Al!
When it comes to this, the choice is mine.
Are you already asleep?
What's wrong?
It's not even 8 p.m.
Sorry, ma'am.
I just feel so exhausted today.
Listen to me.
I can imagine how traumatic it must be
to witness the tragedy
that struck the Esteemed Leader and Sofia.
We are all mourning their loss.
Just know that I'm always here for you.
Especially since both your best friends
are now married
and can't spend as much time with you.
You can talk to me.
I just miss everyone so much.
I miss Ulfah,
and I feel sorry
about what happened to Sofia.
I know. Our poor Sofia.
But you know as an aspiring filmmaker,
you have to be strong
and ready to face anything
that can befall your subject
no matter how difficult.
I have to be strong.
Our Esteemed Leader
is very proud of you, Salina.
And so is Mr. Joko.
Honey, you are our pride here
at the Light.
Hello, hon.
This is the new ad
for Sofia's make-up line.
It's going to be uploaded tomorrow,
do you like it?
It's good. It looks great.
-Hon, can we not sleep yet?
-What's the matter, Tar?
Aren't we shooting for the Light tomorrow?
We have to sleep.
But your mom keeps reminding me that
I have to get pregnant soon.
Don't worry about her,
she's typically like that.
I hope you're feeling better.
I'm fine, Salina.
We shouldn't be talking about
my miscarriage here.
Focus on what you have to do
for the documentary
on the Esteemed Leader.
And for now, what I want you to do
is make a good video for Tara.
Welcome, newlyweds! Thank you for coming!
-They're so sweet.
They look good together,
don't they?
I consider it a great honor
to be able to work
in something I'm passionate about.
Here in Sofia Make-up.
I'm also proud to have a loving husband
who supports me in my endeavors.
I'm delighted to accompany my wife
on her first day back at work.
Work hard, girls,
and you'll be just like them.
If you also dedicate yourselves,
and put it to hard work,
somewhere down the line,
it will all pay off.
I am now a changed woman
but for the better.
I'm ready.
-How do you want it to do?
Wait, Tara. Uh, hold on a second.
-I'll go along with anything.
-Tara, please, just wait.
-Good evening, boss.
How do you want it done?
-You don't have to be scared.
-I'll be watching over you.
-It's okay.
-No. No.
It's okay, Tar!
-Tar, it's okay!
-Ah! Hon!
It's okay.
It's okay.
-Just relax.
-Don't resist.
No! No!
No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
What did you do?
Are you crazy?
Are you fucking mad?
Leo! No!
-No. I think you killed him.
-I hate you!
-Fucking bastard!
Tar, don't! Tar!
Tara, open up!
I think he's dead!
What should we do?
Good evening.
Hi, Salina.
We're not going to shoot today.
Oh, I see.
Oh, okay then.
Look at you. You're not taking care
of yourself. You're a mess.
I'm sorry. It's because all I had
on my schedule today was editing. So
I believe you're turning 17 soon, right?
Yes, ma'am.
And just so you know, Salina.
You're the only member we summoned here
before they're 17.
Only you.
Have I done something wrong?
Welcome to our little family.
Will you marry us?
Soon all of you here
will be married to someone we guarantee
to be your perfect match.
When they were taking
the sonogram, our baby hid.
Probably like Hafiz.
-He's very shy.
-Probably shy just like dad.
I'm strong enough
to avoid the poison of romance.
The same goes for my husband.
We accepted each other.
And rest assured,
each of your future spouses
is right here in this training center.
Please, Tara, open up.
Tara, listen.
We can talk about it.
Just open up, Tara.
Tara, please!
"Our son joined the Light.
He got in without our consent.
His name is Arya Teja,
he's been missing since 2028.
Ever since then,
we haven't been able to contact him."
Ah. Shit.
Shit. Shit.
"I somehow survived
escaping from the Light.
But when I got out,
I still have friends inside,
and until now I haven't received any news
about where they are, how they're doing."
Oh, shit.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
Uh-huh. Okay. I see.
Na. What is it, Na?
Tara, Tara. I'm planning to escape
from the Light, Tara.
But we have to leave together.
-I sent you a few articles.
Check your email. Okay?
Bring your car tomorrow before 12.
Meet me at Ulfah's Light Mart. Okay?
I'll have the payment ready. Thanks.
Tara, it's been taken care of.
Look, he's not dead.
Don't be afraid, Tara.
Just please open the door.
Okay. Testing, testing.
Stay tuned. I have more stories for you.
Tar! Tara!
Listen, I'm sorry, okay?
You forgot this.
You can't get in without it.
It doesn't matter.
Everyone already knows I'm your wife.
They'll let me in if I want.
Tara, is everything all right between us?
Don't worry about it.
Just forget it.
Okay, drive safe.
Na, why didn't you tell me
you were coming this early?
I emailed you a link.
I guess you haven't seen it yet.
Let's talk there.
What's the matter?
Ul, you know my birthday
is coming up soon, right?
Yes, I've been praying for you.
Sofia and Ali
they want to marry me off by then.
-Ali has asked me to be his second wife.
-What the fuck?
-They're insane.
-Ul, I have to get out of here
-Yes, yes, I know. It is crazy.
-before that happen.
-Just calm down, Na.
Listen, you have to come with me.
Trust me, you have to.
Read the emails I sent you.
It's about a former member
who escaped.
But his friends who were still inside
suddenly went missing.
I don't want to leave by myself, Ul.
It's going to put both you and Tara
at risk.
They went missing?
Please, Ul.
-Wait, I'm getting dizzy.
Fiz, you know where my vitamins are?
-Have you seen them?
They're at the back.
Na, I'm sorry. I'll be back, okay?
What was that, Na? They're going
to make you his second wife?
-I'll kill them! This is unacceptable!
-Please, please calm down.
Not so loud. Be quiet.
Look, if you want to help me,
edit out this documentary.
Our own version. Okay?
Forget about all that.
It doesn't matter right now.
Forget it, forget it! Na!
Forget about all that.
Never mind.
We're gonna leave
all of this behind together.
I'm leaving with you. Period. Okay?
What's this?
What's going on, Hafiz?
-Ul, listen, I can explain.
Salina and I love each other.
-What the fuck, Fiz? Shut up!
Ul, that was long before you got married.
-It's over now. Please believe me.
-Ulfa. Ulfa.
You're a nice person, but you should know.
-I don't feel the same way about you.
-Shut up! Stop it! Stop it, Fiz!
-Ul, please, you have to believe me.
-Listen to me. Please, Ulfah.
-Leave me alone!
-Please. Ulfah, listen to me.
-It was way before you were married.
-Ulfah, you're a good person.
-But you need to know the truth.
-Leave me alone!
Get the fuck out of here!
Leave me and my baby alone!
Get out!
Get out!
Ul, I'm so sorry, please hear me out!
How could you?
You're my best friend!
Yes, I know, Ul,
but we really have to leave!
Ul! Ul!
Salina, why don't you take
a little break from work.
Let's have brunch at the gazebo.
Tara is here too.
We'll wait for you.
That's it?
That's all you came here to say?
Let me remind you,
it's a wife's duty to serve her husband.
But, Sofia, I never imagine that
serving my husband would include
doing something like that.
Your husband is Aditya.
An heir to a big conglomeration.
You know that, right?
But what he did to me
can be considered as domestic violence.
You cannot tell anyone
about your husband's flaws.
But you're not just anyone, Sofia.
Please hear me out. Help me.
I don't want anything like this
to happen again.
No, you hear me.
It's our role as wives
to support our husbands,
and it's our right to benefit
from their power.
It's all right, just make up
with your husband, okay?
I can't go back in there.
I'm even traumatized of my own bed.
I want to file a police report.
Do you really think
they're going to believe you?
It's your word against his.
You should be grateful, you know that.
Although we try, we couldn't find
a good match for you here.
But Aditya
he was willing to accept you as his wife
in spite of your wild dating history.
I hate you, you fucking bitch!
I guess I still have a lot to learn
about gratitude.
Well, just think of this
as part of a long process.
A process that would allow you to atone
for all the sins you've committed
in the past.
-Don't make a fuss.
-What's going on?
-You're coming with me.
-Where are you taking me?
-But, sir, why are you doing this?
-Shut up.
Move over, Tara. Would you?
-Hi. We've been waiting.
Let's eat together.
-We're escaping tonight.
-How's Ulfah doing?
She must be so happy
since she is about to have a baby.
You haven't told her anything yet,
have you?
Oh, Ulfah? She's well.
She's as energetic as always.
All right, so who's gonna break the news
to Tara?
I think you should do it.
So then
let me read out the rundown
for Salina and Ali's wedding ceremony.
-What the fuck?
-You'll walk down the aisle to the altar,
and the screen showing
our matchmaking system
will come out and do the usual shuffling.
And surprise.
The Esteemed Leader's photo
will pop up next to yours
and the crowd will be amazed.
So the system can be manipulated?
Of course, all this is just for show.
A show.
I can tinker with the system
how ever I want to.
What is it, Endru?
We have a situation, ma'am.
Well, what kind?
We received information about Ulfah.
Salina was just there
and said she was fine.
She has evidence
that her husband's been unfaithful.
You've got to be kidding me.
Go ahead and give Salina
the most special facial treatment.
I'm going to handle this first. Okay?
dinner tonight at our place, okay?
These stupid kids.
No, sir. Have mercy, please!
-Please, sir.
Please don't!
He's finally confessed, ma'am.
And we got evidence.
Letters from before his marriage.
Well, in accordance to our protocols,
we have to investigate further.
And make sure no other member
of the Light is involved.
Understood, ma'am.
Ma'am, the wife is here.
You have to take care of your health
and your baby's.
That's what matters most.
Maybe it's because of the hormones that
-I overreacted.
-Yes, yes. I understand completely.
Is it possible to revoke the charges?
The two of you need to talk first, okay?
You stay here, watch over her.
What have I done?
It's okay, it's okay, it's not your fault.
-It's not your fault.
-This is wrong, Tara.
I should be running away.
Why am I doing this shit?
No, stop it. Don't do it now.
Don't take it off.
Where are you keeping the footage?
It's there in the bag.
My god, it's not safe
to stash it all in one bag.
Go sneak into the basement first.
Here, take my car keys. Car's at B2.
I'll catch up with you.
Uh. Uh
And Ulfah?
-How about Ulfah?
-We'll pick her off at her apartment.
The Light doesn't say,
who Hafiz is having an affair with.
-Yes, ma'am?
Why don't you give Salina
the hair treatment package as well?
Wow, lucky her,
she's getting the full-service today.
I can call in the other girls
if you need help.
It's a chance for them to learn.
I can handle this.
They still have class anyway.
Ma'am. Where are you taking those,
Ms. Nanik?
To class.
But aren't we supposed
to do skincare today?
That box only has face powder in it.
You're gonna need these cleansers
for the class demo instead.
My goodness, I really am getting old.
Thank you, dear.
Please forgive me, Ulfah.
The whole time we were married,
I try with all my might to be faithful.
I'm sorry, I made the situation worse.
I don't have enough strength.
But you three still have a chance
to get out.
no one in the world deserves
to be treated like this.
No one should be locked up
in a place like this
just because they fell in love.
I was so angry,
I didn't know what else to do.
But I have the charges against Hafiz
It's okay.
Please believe me, I'm truly sorry.
But we have to leave all this behind.
Together as always.
I'd rather raise my child alone
instead of forcing myself
to stay with a husband
who's not in love with me.
You're not gonna be alone, Ul.
You're still gonna have us.
But I don't want you to give up
your perfect married life with Aditya,
just because we want to leave.
She's right, Tara,
you don't need to worry.
Just drop us off somewhere in the city.
I'm going with you.
I want out.
I say to hell with Aditya,
to hell with the Light.
God, it's such a waste of time
handling the affairs of some jealous brat.
It's normal, Ulfah's pregnant.
It's just the hormones talking,
it's all good.
Everything is under control, Al.
Since you've gotta handle on it,
let's just focus on my wedding ceremony.
The rundown still the same?
It is.
As for the one who will be officiating,
how about Endru?
I think he's perfect for it.
Yes, I think so too.
Are you done with the treatment?
Oh. No. Not yet, ma'am.
I just went out to use the toilet.
-To the apartment, please.
-All right.
All good, ma'am.
What do we have tonight?
Are we still having dinner with Salina?
Of course, we are.
I've already texted her.
Ask Miss Nanik to fetch her.
We have to stay down, guys.
Wait until we reach the highway.
Tar, can you please slow down?
The road's too bumpy, my tummy hurts.
Okay, I'll try to slow down, Ulfa.
I'm sorry, girls, I can't bear it anymore.
It hurts too much.
The exercises for breathing.
You still remember them, right?
What happened?
-Are you okay, Ulfa?
-I think I peed myself.
I peed. I'm all wet.
I'm so sorry, grandma!
Are you hurt anywhere?
-No, I'm good.
-We're so sorry, grandma!
Ulfah's peed her pants.
She did?
I'm all wet.
Remember what they said in class
about the water breaking
before going into labor?
It seems we meet again, dear.
I think about seven months, right?
She's seven months pregnant.
Oh. Do you girls know
there's a belief saying
a baby born during the seventh month
of pregnancy
brings with it a revelation?
What is she talking about?
Listen, she's about to give birth.
We must help her. Come on.
-Follow me.
-I can't hold it in anymore!
Ul? Ulfah?
Just breathe. Keep breathing.
You can do it.
-Now, push again, child. Push.
-Yes, Miss Nanik?
-Salina is not in her room.
I've tried looking for her everywhere
but I can't find her.
Miss Nanik,
check with the security now.
-I said now.
-Yes, sir.
Has anyone seen Salina?
She might be
in the restroom, ma'am.
Push, Ul.
You can do it.
-You can do it!
-I'm pushing, Na!
-You don't know how much this hurts!
-I'm sorry, Ul.
-There, there.
Come on. Right, we're almost there.
One last push.
All right, that's it. You take a look.
You have a beautiful baby girl.
Now cut the umbilical cord.
You did it, Ul.
There you go, dear.
You must take this baby to the hospital.
You did it, Ul.
Welcome to the world, baby. Baby Padma.
Her name is Padma.
Damn that spoiled brat!
She escaped during her treatment!
I can't do this anymore.
How the hell could we let ourselves
be fooled by these brats?
Where the hell
was our surveillance team
when this was all going on?
Those goddamn fucking brats!
Look at that.
Every one of them, they're all
a bunch of idiots. What the
I'm comfortable enough.
Thank you, Tar.
Take a picture of Padma
and send it to Hafiz.
What should I write?
Anything to cheer him up.
Look. Have you seen this already?
We've tracked their GPS
and it seemed they've stopped.
They're not too far away from here.
Shall I ask security
to search for their location?
Security, you should've done that
ages ago, Ms. Nanik!
Yes, sir.
Take Hafiz up from his mini mart.
He has to be sacrificed.
Made an example of him.
Coordinate with the security team
at the apartments.
This is just like that incident
two years ago!
Two years ago, I would have gotten rid
of those punks easily.
But you can't do that to these girls.
Ulfah is carrying a baby.
And Tara is the wife of Aditya.
What will happen to our relationship
with Mr. Frans?
-And tomorrow's your wedding day!
-I am not going to marry
a spoiled traitor,
so don't you dare force me!
Fiz, thank you
for coming into my life
and reminding me about
what's most important.
I will forever cherish the moments
we spent together.
But now, we need you to apply
your magic touch in editing.
Okay, I've already sent the files
and uploaded the first video.
Testing, testing.
I'm Salina, in a few days,
I'll be turning 17.
This is my room at the Light.
I've made a mistake joining them.
It was the biggest mistake
I've ever made in my life.
-Stay tuned. I got more stories for you.
-That bitch!
Sof, the authorities could track
our funds and assets with this.
Of course, all this is just for show.
I can tinker with the system
how ever I want to.
I think you'd better call
our lawyer now, Sof.
You know. I never did approve
of the making
of that narcissistic documentary of yours.
-All right.
Did you check upstairs?
I have no regrets about anything.
At least I've experienced
what it's like to fall in love.
It taught me to be fearless.
I've also understood heartbreak
and it developed my intuition.
Padma. It's okay.
What did the grandma say earlier?
Something about a message?
Oh. Uh
She said that in ancient times
people believe that babies born
at seven months
bring along a message with them,
like a revelation.
It's a message for her mom and aunties
to stick together
and love each other
no matter what happens.
How do you feel right now, Ul?
Giving birth must have hurt like crazy.
Yeah, it hurts everywhere.
But I feel like I've gained a superpower.
Tara and I can totally relate
when Ulfah's mentioned her superpower.
As girls, we were trained not to be
proud of our strength and to be brave.
But now, the three of us,
through the trials that we've all faced,
have realized that a superpower
has always been inside us.
Since forever.
And together we will even find