A Year Of the Quiet Sun (1984) Movie Script

Leave it. It's clean.
It's not all right, Mama. Just look.
It's going to fester.
It already has.
- Look, it's rotting.
- We have to at least change it.
It's already gone rotten.
Gangrene could set in.
Let it.
I'm past caring.
I've had enough of this life.
It's not ours to decide.
You always said so yourself.
What if I did?
Who's is it to decide?
Let's leave that to God.
Why leave it to God?
If Christ died on the cross,
it was his choice. He didn't have to.
So why can't we die
when we want to?
Mama, everything will work out.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
A Hun! She's entertaining Huns.
Maybe it's just business.
Business my foot!
You can see everything.
Shave her head, I say.
They don't do that anymore.
Besides, Germans are human too.
Where else can he go... for company?
You're only saying that to annoy me.
You justify everything.
You can't believe in justice.
- I'd rather justify than judge.
- I'm not judging.
I just want her head shaved.
Got a light?
I've run out of matches.
This is the place.
Too bad.
Thank you.
Emilia, ask him to stay.
What is he?
English or American?
I can't tell.
He must be from that commission.
All that fuss over a few airmen.
When our dead ran into millions--
Her husband.
He's dead.
Now he'll fish out some photos...
and start showing them.
I expect that's the drill next door.
You're a dear, soldier boy.
If I weren't so old--
You miss it?
You have no one to miss.
I have to, before I die.
You have plenty of time.
Mama, you try it first.
It's very good.
Nothing special.
What is ''pork''?
Get the dictionary.
Sweet pork.
''You have a very shapely leg.''
Not anymore.
We thank you.
My mother and I.
I'll be right back.
Maybe somebody from the shop.
Across the hall.
There's nothing here.
Where do you think you are?
Get out!
Or I'll scream for help.
Go ahead, grandma!
Of all the nerve!
They'll see there's nothing
and be on their way.
As bad as the Gestapo!
Mind who you're comparing us to!
Where's the money?
We don't have any.
Have a little chat with Mommy.
It's over there!
One more.
Hold on, Junior.
This one's an old bag.
I wouldn't report this.
Why did you tell them?
I could've taken it.
They'd have killed you.
That might have been for the best.
I have cakes to bake.
I promised them for tomorrow.
Take it and thank him.
Thank you.
It's a godsend.
Just the thing for icing.
I have to deliver this.
Get in.
- We take a ride and then we talk.
- Why?
Is this all?
When will there be more?
He wants to say something.
He's tongue-tied.
He says that you're young
and have someone you care about.
I don't see the joke.
No. It'll never work.
We don't have a chance.
Please don't come around again.
Get out!
Get lost!
Here are your rotten things!
I'm warning you!
Pick that up!
Pay me!
Pick it up.
Pay up for all the times.
That's not enough.
Pay for--
- For?
- For all the times.
For all the times you--
Please pay.
Excuse us.
Get lost, you pig!
The course of true love--
I don't feel sorry for her at all.
Did he hurt you?
Leave me alone.
Is it something serious?
He's being repatriated.
Seems he has a wife too.
- In Germany?
- What does it matter?
Even if she's dead,
he can't take me.
His passport says ''married''.
Well, maybe it's just as well.
You think you'd be so well off there?
That's not the point.
I was counting on starting over.
Changing my name
so no one would know who I was.
Getting rid of this
so there'd only be a scar.
But I'll get even.
With your help I'll fix him.
He knows where
those airmen's graves are.
He mentioned it once,
but he thought I didn't understand.
All I would have to do is report it.
So why don't you?
They'd ask me about my work,
and how I knew him.
I have to tell them,
otherwise they'll never find out.
All you need do
is tell them that he knows.
They'll take
his repatriation papers...
and he'll cough up the whole story.
I'll go with you.
We'll go together.
I'm all right.
What's the matter?
Nothing, Mama.
I just feel a bit--
Lie down.
- Right this minute.
- I'm fine.
Help me, Father.
I'm out of my depth.
I've lost my bearings.
Everything's gotten so mixed up.
does a person
have a right to happiness?
Does everyone have that right?
Or is it only some
and not others?
Everyone has that right,
provided they wrong no one...
and are at peace
with their conscience.
Perhaps I'm making
too big a problem of this.
But I don't know what to do now,
what's right.
Everything I had in life is behind me.
I had to let the past go.
I accepted it.
Father, I was married briefly,
for a few months.
I loved him, and I still love him.
I know he's dead,
but I cling to the hope that--
That hope is what gave me--
gives me the strength to keep going.
Now I don't know
if I have a right...
to want to be with a man
who's a complete stranger.
A man with whom
I can't even communicate.
Bring him here.
One of the sisters here speaks English.
Thank you.
Explain that in any case
there are formalities.
I'd have to file a petition...
for my husband to be
legally presumed dead...
and that could take a long time.
Months, maybe years.
I've already said that.
You want me to repeat it?
He said he can give you money...
to arrange an escape
for you and your mother.
Explain to him that right now...
I'd find it very hard
to pack up and go.
The war uprooted us.
I was homesick for Poland.
I can't leave now.
I know times will be hard--
even harder, probably.
But happiness isn't a question...
of where you live
but of how you live.
Sorry. Don't translate that.
Couldn't he stay on in Poland?
What would he do here?
I'm awake.
Mama, would you go?
You must go. I insist.
You know, I could join you later.
I'm old.
I'm sure they'd let me out.
But you have to go.
You're young.
But, of course...
if you want me to, I'll go.
Think we can wake her?
We should see to things right away.
She knows someone
who arranges these things.
Oh, dear. With these legs--
I'm sure you understand.
I mean, it's an eight-mile march
over rough country.
And a cold too?
A sniffle.
Unless somebody carries you--
No, it's no good.
There'd be no turning back.
One person conks out,
the whole party's had it.
Not to mention myself.
Couldn't your daughter
send for you later?
How much would it be
for one person?
Half. One hundred dollars.
That's what you asked
for two people.
The risk's gone up,
so the price has too.
I mean, I'm literally risking my neck.
How much of a deposit do you need?
The whole sum up front.
Then come back
when my daughter's here.
Day after tomorrow.
In the morning.
Have a nice day.
My God!
You'll catch your death.
I'll close the window.
No, leave it open.
- One order, please.
- Dumplings?
I don't have change.
Come back later, okay?
Want some?
Do sit down, please.
Please, have a seat.
Returning to our conversation,
if you'll allow me...
I don't know if you're aware that
she was sleeping with that German.
Your neighbor.
Maybe you noticed she has
a number tattooed on her arm?
No. Her plans
are no concern of mine.
I'm not talking about plans.
I'm talking about memories.
Do you know
how she survived the camp?
She was...
in a brothel for SS officers.
You shouldn't judge people.
Thank you.
In there, Doctor.
Come back later.
Better yet, tomorrow.
Hold your breath.
We have to find some penicillin.
But where, Doctor?
Anywhere we can.
Please, I'll do it myself.
Don't watch. Go outside.
Close the door. I'll call you.
We'll go away.
You'll take us with you, soldier boy.
To America.
I saw a movie once.
as far as the eye could see.
Would you like some water, Mama?
I didn't tell you
everything about myself.
I know.
How did you know?
It doesn't matter.
That's all in the past.
You have to make a new start.
You said so yourself.
Make a new start, huh?
That guy stole everything I had.
Everything I'd stashed away
to get me across the border.
Which guy?
The guy I had with me
when your mother was dying.
I left him alone for a moment.
He must have rummaged around.
Was it a lot?
Enough to cross the border.
You think I'm raking it in?
My mother paid for herself and me.
You can go in her place.
You're not putting me on?
You won't change your mind?
Say you won't!
I'm that woman's daughter.
You know, the cake place.
Myself, I don't have a sweet tooth.
- You took the money.
- From you?
Not from me, for me.
Now stop playing games.
Suppose I did. So?
Well, it's like this:
My mother died,
so someone else will be going.
The woman next door.
That whore?
If you say so.
What's the difference?
- No difference.
- So it's a deal?
Okay, it's a deal.
Is she in good shape?
No worse than me.
Then it makes no difference
which one of you goes.
What do you mean,
which one of us?
Your mommy paid for one person.
I told her the price had gone up
because of the risk.
She said she'd stay behind
because she was sick...
and she wasn't up
to such a long trip.
She must have guessed
she was gonna die.
Give me a hand.
He's having a seizure.
You got a handkerchief?
Why do you still do this?
You don't have to now.
Are you crazy?
This one wasn't for the money.
I wanted to do a good deed.
He's all alone.
He latched on to me.
I feel bad about leaving him.
I haven't even told him.
What'll happen when he comes here
and finds me gone?
He'll feel betrayed.
Yes, he will.
What am I supposed to do?
Stay here for his sake?
You could explain to him.
He'd spill the beans.
In that case,
I'll explain after you've left.
What? What about you?
I'm staying.
What do you mean?
I'll give you a letter for Norman.
What's going on?
You can pay him back
when you get a job.
You mean you're staying
and I'm going?
Yes. I'll give you
his address in Berlin.
Are you out of your mind?
Norman will be back any day.
Yes, he will...
but I won't tell him.
Or maybe I will.
Emilia, what's happened?
My mother gave me a present...
but I don't want it.
I see you.
What do you see?
If you imagine
you can go away with him...
without the authorities' permission--
You don't control me.
You only think you do.
Just a moment.
This is the hospice.
It's about this wire transfer.
Could you give me some details?
The recipient's on her way,
but she can't hear too well.
Excuse me?
I'm the Mother Superior.
Miss Emilia.
But what is it?
An inheritance? A gift?
I know it's from America,
but what is the nature of this money?
It must be some kind
of misunderstanding.
No, it's for you.
The whole sum.
Unless you choose
to share your good fortune--
But it's yours.
To visit America, if you wish.
I told them that was unlikely.
- But who's it from?
- That I couldn't make out.
The consulate would have
that information.
Some of the amount can be used
for the journey...
but I doubt you--
Why do you doubt?
I'll go.
Would you please call a cab
to take me to Warsaw?
How much do you think
the fare could come to?
Three hundred zlotys?
Three hundred.
I'll go.
Thank you, Sister.
I can manage. It's light.
- Is anything wrong?
- No. I'm sorry.
- Let me help you.
- Thank you.
I'm coming, Sister.
I'm coming.
Thank you, Sister.
I'll be right there.