A Young Man with High Potential (2018) Movie Script

I like that, it sounds
Like an exciting
take on the subject.
I'm really looking forward to
the results of your work, Piet.
And, just between the two of us,
I haven't met many students
with such high potential.
Thank you,
Mr. Karadimos.
But don't
get cocky about it.
It's still going to
take you a while
to make this into a solid paper.
Yes, sir.
got to go, keep it up.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Are you Piet Carnell?
Milk, sugar?
Black, thank you.
"Invisible Traces"?
It's the paper I
wrote with Klara.
I know, I read it.
You did?
I liked it.
Did you come up with the title?
Yes, I did.
How can I help you, Miss Stantz?
This is a good start.
You know, I already talked
to the police several times.
I don't work for the police.
You don't?
I didn't care for it much.
So, why are you here?
I work for Klara's family.
What exactly can I do for you?
From what I learned, you were
the one who reported
Klara missing.
And you said that
you had nothing to do
with her disappearance
or the state
of her body when it reappeared.
That's correct.
Stop me now if
what I say upsets you,
but I'm having
trouble believing that.
Good morning,
Mr. Piet.
How are you doing today?
So, today you have two from
Horizon, one from Heaven.
And the regular
shopping delivery.
Sign here, please.
Something missing?
My sushi?
Oh, right,
sushi set A.
Yeah, that's my lunch.
Oh, I'm sorry
about that.
Here, mark the missing item on
this form and it'll be refunded.
Could you go get it?
I'm sorry, man, I don't
think I can do that.
What this invocation
does is the following.
It binds X to 144,
but this binding,
this binding is local.
- Meaning it only holds...
- Hi!
Within the
confines of the code.
Hi, excuse me.
Are you Piet Carnell?
- Yes, how do you...
- May I?
It won't take long, I promise.
I'm looking for a partner
for the term paper
and Professor Karadimos told
me that you were available.
I would love it if...
No, um, uh, no, I
really need to get going.
Of course!
- For some, I have...
- So, what about the project?
Yeah, I think you have
the wrong information
because I already
have a partner.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Maybe another time
and have a nice day.
Hello, Mr. Spengler.
Right on time for
our little private chat.
How are you doing, sweetheart?
I'm fine, thank you.
How do you like my outfit?
Not too much?
'Cause I know you like it
more casual, don't you?
Alright, what
do you feel like today?
You want me to show you
my new high heels?
Sounds good.
They're super fancy.
I'll be right back.
Who's there?
Hi, Piet.
Sorry for being so pushy.
I kind of had the feeling
that I scared you off.
What can I help you with?
I read your last paper
and I thought it was great.
So, if it's a possibility,
I would really like
to work with you.
You read my paper?
What can I say?
It's really good,
especially your
counter-thesis to Ian Clark.
Thank you.
Um, you know, I already
have a partner, so...
Look, I'm the new kid
and you don't know me,
but I'm a fast learner.
And I promise you won't
regret working with me.
I'll make the sunshine's
rays hot for you
Every night
So, you do
classification of data sources.
And chapter three,
the ghost machine?
I'll do that.
Okay, but what is it?
It's part of
a theory of mine.
Can you explain it to me?
Okay, um...
Imagine you, um, you had a tool
that was able to move through
the internet like a ghost.
Like a covert by proxy?
Even more than that.
Think IC reach,
just more powerful.
You'd be able to access
everybody's accounts;
banks, emails, social networks.
Even beyond that you'd be able
to access anybody's
computer, look inside
their computer's hard drive
as if it was your own.
The interesting question is;
if you had a tool like this
and nobody knew about
it, would you use it?
I guess everybody would
at least take a peek, right?
But we both agree
this would be wrong?
This would be a wrongdoing?
Alright, so?
So, the question is;
if getting away with it
determines whether or not you're
gonna do something immoral.
Well, I guess it's true,
but it's not exactly
Why do you think this
should be in the paper?
Because the entire
idea of digital traces
comes with moral issues,
either for the one who collects
the traces or the one
who leaves them behind.
Control over traces
equals a lot of power.
And the potential power
of a ghost machine
would make anybody
feel untouchable,
hence allowing them to act
But a wrongdoing, a
wrongdoing is a wrongdoing.
Even though you had the
guarantee to get away with it.
Piet, may I ask you
something personal?
You are a great
guy and really smart.
How come you hide
yourself away like this?
I've never seen you in class.
I just don't feel
comfortable around people.
But how come?
You don't seem
uncomfortable now.
Well, I'm not now.
Should we continue?
It's a little strange
talking about this.
Well, you know, I'm not
your advisor or anything,
but maybe you should
challenge yourself a little?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Is the lasagna good today?
Excuse me?
Would the lasagna be
a good choice today?
I don't eat here.
That's a lovely shirt.
That's the uniform.
Everybody wears it.
Fourth floor.
Door opening.
Wait a minute.
You like her, don't you?
You're such a bad liar.
What's her name?
Why do you care?
Come on, Piet.
- What's her name?
- Klara.
Now we're talking.
So when can I meet
your new girlfriend?
I wish I hadn't told you.
No, you did the right thing.
It's good to talk to your
friends about shit like that.
So, how far did you get?
Come on, did you
make out, hold hands?
So nothing happened?
It's just we get along
really, really great.
You know?
That's, that's good.
It's just, it's just I
don't know how to, um...
I don't know how to get
it, you know, to, um...
Make a move.
You need to, uh, establish
a physical connection.
But, it's not like that.
It is like that.
Don't you think that would be
a little aggressive
with the project?
Forget about the project.
Everybody knows you don't
need any help on this.
You need more game.
So if you ever wanna have sex,
then you gotta make a move.
Are you alright, Piet?
You seem a bit tense.
No, I'm fine.
Well, actually I feel
a bit tense myself.
Should we take a break?
Shouldn't we just
finish this first?
Relax, it's almost done.
Let's sit for a while.
I brought you something.
That's great stuff.
Where do you
want to go in life, Piet?
You're gonna laugh.
But I want to make the
world a better place.
Like Jesus?
No, not like Jesus.
Like, uh...
Like a modern day Robinhood.
A Robinhood who never
leaves Sherwood Forest.
That would work, yeah.
You're full of shit.
What about you?
Mother Superior?
Believe it or not,
I have no clue.
Before I got into informatics
I was into all kinds of stuff;
traveling, music, architecture.
Why didn't you
study any of that?
I guess I didn't
have a real passion.
All I know is,
whatever I'll end up doing,
I won't be selling it cheap.
For now, I'm just trying to
get the best CV possible.
That's rational.
Actually, it's a bit cynical.
But it's a cynical
world out there.
Why do you think I never
leave the Sherwood Forest?
What do you live off, anyway?
- Do you have a scholarship?
- No.
I have money.
Where from?
From the company
I sold last year.
It's true.
It's true, I had a small
company and I sold it.
It's not a joke,
it's not a joke.
Hey, that's a good track.
I didn't know that you were
into this kind of music.
Well, when I was a teenager,
my mother, she sent me to a
language school in England.
And I had a Jamaican roommate
and we would smoke weed
and listen to Roxy Music
all day long.
- Yeah, no.
- Hey, you!
That'd be cool.
Shivers runnin'
down your spine
You need a love that'll
shock you to the bones
Klara, it's done.
Goodnight, sleep tight.
Oh, good morning.
Good morning to you, too.
I completely
passed out.
I hope the sofa wasn't
too uncomfortable.
No, no, I'll live.
I'm in a bit of a hurry.
I gotta go and feed the birds.
The birds?
Yeah, two budgies.
My mom hates them so
I took them with me.
That's nice.
Well, it was a
fun project with you.
I enjoyed it a lot.
Me, too.
Don't be stupid.
Let's hang out sometime.
- Oh, uh, Klara, Klara?
- Yeah?
Maybe now that we're finished
with the paper and all,
um, I was thinking maybe
you, we could have,
um, a dinner on Saturday?
- Yeah, lovely, sure.
- Yeah?
Why don't you come
over to my place for a change?
That'd be nice.
I may not be
your kind of guy
No, no, no, no, no, no
What difference does it make
No, no, no, no, no, no
Wow, look at you!
Uh, I brought wine.
- From Catalonia.
- I know, fantastico!
Well, come in.
- You like red wine, right?
- Yes, I love it.
Make yourself comfortable.
I gotta finish this really
- Before we get to the wine.
- Okay.
So that's what
you use that for?
Handy, ain't it?
Yeah, I don't think
I ever used mine.
On the one hand, she's
like my best friend,
but on the other hand, oh,
my God, she's no needy!
And, you know, I feel
kind of bad seeing her.
I feel annoyed.
I know I shouldn't say that.
- I know it.
- No, no, no!
I totally get it,
my mom's the same.
Yeah, she lives less
than an hour from here.
- Really?
- Really, and she didn't want
me to go because she said
she was worried about me.
I wish she would just,
I don't know,
screw the mailman or something.
It's actually not funny.
Yes, it kind of is.
You are a fun guy.
Where are you going?
We need more drinks.
Okay, keep 'em coming.
This stuff is the best.
What is it?
It's my favorite
Polish vodka.
Polish vodka.
Let's drink Bruderschaft.
Bruderschaft, what?
It means brotherhood in
German and it goes like this.
- Now, bottom's up!
- Oh, all of it?
Yes, quickly.
Now kiss.
I have never felt this way
And I have never felt
more right than today
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
I never
thought of you like that.
Like what?
You know, like as a
man I could sleep with.
Hey, Piet.
It's not a big deal.
Oh, um, I, uh...
Look, I didn't mean
it like that.
I have to go.
Piet, look, I'm...
I'm, I go, I'm going.
But, listen...
I, uh, don't.
You have four messages.
Hey, can you
please call me back?
I left my jacket at
your place and,
well, I really think
we should talk.
Karadimos speaking.
I've just finished reading
"Invisible Traces".
And what can I say?
It is brilliant.
A little heavy on
the moral side,
but altogether a great
job by you and your team.
And, by the way, I'm
also happy to see that
you seem to get along with
Miss Koslowski so well.
I was...
you didn't fuck her.
So what?
I mean, it's a big world out
there, man.
It doesn't make sense to
cry about one individual.
I mean, think about it.
You need some distraction, man.
You gotta lift yourself
out of this hole.
I got it!
Jean, the French guy, you know?
He knows that one call girl
that's into nerds, it's perfect!
Hello, Mr. Spengler.
It's been a while.
Did you miss me?
A little.
Just a little?
Are you okay?
Don't ask.
Okay, sure.
So, what do you feel like today?
Look, I put the
casual clothes on again.
Take your clothes off.
Do you like lingerie?
Take it off.
Is that really you, Spengler?
of course, it's me.
Since when did you
become such a naughty boy?
Don't call me a boy.
Um, sure, whatever.
Take your clothes off.
How do you like it?
Spread your legs.
Like this?
Yeah, that's okay.
Okay, what's next?
You want me to play around
with myself or suck a dildo?
Don't talk like that!
Hey, come on,
what's wrong with you?
Why are you acting so strange?
Twist your nipples.
Yeah, twist your nipples.
No, I'm not doing this.
This is not for pleasure
Or are you enjoying yourself?
Why are you so angry?
Are you having
some kind of trouble?
Girl trouble?
Did someone hurt you?
Fuck you.
Hey, Piet, are you okay?
Have you come to...
The door wasn't locked
and I was worried about you.
What do you want?
I wanted to
tell you how sorry I am.
I understand that
you're mad at me.
What I said was horrible.
Did you mean it?
I mean, it's not that
I don't like you...
That's not what
I'm talking about.
Let me put it this way.
To be honest,
at first I didn't think
that I would ever really
like you, but I was wrong.
You are a great guy.
And, yeah, I even
have some feelings
for you that I never
thought could exist.
You do?
Yeah, you know,
under different circumstances...
What circumstances?
Right now, you and
me don't make sense.
Why not, why not?
Don't you get the point?
That I'm unfuckable.
Jesus, Piet, I'm trying
to make peace with you!
It's not my fault
that nobody found
a way into your rat
cage to fuck you!
God, I'm making
everything worse.
May I?
Well, maybe I
shouldn't have come.
But I care for you, man!
I care for you, too.
We make a pretty good team.
We do, yeah.
Are you okay?
Yeah, just...
All of a sudden I...
I feel very tired.
Do you mind if I rest
my head for a minute?
Don't you wanna
go to the big dance?
Yeah, sure.
Can you wake me up in five?
Are we cool?
Yeah, we're cool.
Mr. Spengler, I didn't
expect you back so early.
Well, can we go
into private chat?
Mm-mm, you
know the schedule, honey.
Right now it's happy
hour for all the dudes.
I will pay you double.
I can't do that.
Well, I guess
it's pretty urgent.
I just need 15 minutes.
Mrs. Baer is coming up with
an all-new business
model tonight.
Alright, I apologize,
but Eddie, Paradox,
and everyone else, you'll
get a voucher for my website.
Be back in 15 if you can
hold it that long, boys.
Thank you.
So what do you want?
Listen, I apologize
for the other day.
but what do you want?
I need your advice.
On what?
I'm with a girl right now.
That's unusual, and
what do you need me for?
I can't relax.
And why is that?
She, uh, she's quiet.
Okay, so don't worry.
Girls, they can be like that.
Usually they just want
you to take the lead.
You want me to
warm you up a bit?
Yes, that would be great.
You want
the strawberries?
I really like the
You like that, don't you?
Please, go on.
Oh, fuck!
Come on.
Klara, drink, drink, it's okay.
It's water, drink, drink, drink.
It's water, drink, drink.
The strawberries are gone.
Klara, Klara, hey!
Oh fuck, fuck.
Okay, fine.
Mr. Piet!
Come on, I know you're in there.
- I heard you.
- Shit.
night express delivery.
I didn't order anything.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
But this
is your usual delivery;
sushi set A, extra soy sauce.
Yeah, well,
I didn't order anything.
But this is your address.
No, that says 47, this is 41.
Oh, sorry about that.
Why is everyone in this
building so crazy about sushi?
I don't know.
sorry for the intrusion.
And have
yourself a good night.
You, too.
Mr. Osmond!
Let me in!
what are you doing here?
I'm gonna kill her, Piet.
What are you talking about?
She is with Mark now.
Sports science Mark.
Your ex?
Don't patronize me, smartass.
Calm down, please calm down.
It's a farce, I told you.
Where is my ignorance
when I need it?
For a little while,
just for a little while,
I thought it was gonna work out.
I know how you feel.
And it's gonna be, uh,
it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
You're beautiful,
man, you know that?
I gotta piss.
Go on, go on home.
I gotta piss.
I can handle this myself!
You better get ready
for disco attire.
Should hold yourself
in higher esteem.
I'm so sorry.
Third floor,
door opening.
Second floor, door opening.
Are you okay?
What happened?
A bird, a bird.
A bird?
Yes, I saw a bird and
I fell, it scared me.
I call a doctor?
Thank you.
Okay, fine.
Thank you, really.
How can I return the favor?
Where are you going?
Perfect, you'll drive me home.
Can you even drive a car?
Why do you book a
car if you can't drive?
How will you get back?
It doesn't matter now.
You're a little strange,
Why do you call me Thomas?
It's on
the parcels.
Isn't that your name?
Yeah, sure, yeah, of course.
I can easily remember because
I have a grandson called Thomas.
- That's nice.
- Yeah.
- What are they, anyway?
- Hmm?
What are they?
- The packages?
- Yeah.
Return consignments.
Are they broken?
Yeah, they're broken.
Border police.
I have to go out.
I have no papers.
Like ID,
driver's license, what?
You don't have a visa?
How did you get the
job at the school?
I have an agreement
but I can't talk about it.
Can we go around somehow?
I'm really sorry.
Wait, wait, please wait,
I need your help!
I need your help!
I can leave the car
here but I can't
make it through the forest
alone, please.
No, fuck, fuck, fuck!
- It's just a phone.
- Fuck!
It's not just a phone!
I don't know where we are
and I don't know
where we're going.
Thomas, what's wrong with you?
Something horrible
happened tonight.
I don't
want to know!
Pull yourself together
and let's go!
Come on, come on, come on.
Okay, let's go.
There it is.
Thank God.
I have
to go left now.
Can you make it on your own?
Your name is not Thomas, right?
No, it's not.
Your name is Nathalie,
though, right?
I've been in bad
situations, too, Thomas.
It's Piet.
Oh, goodbye, Piet.
Thank you.
I can help you with your visa.
Um, I was quite drunk,
to be honest.
I guess we played some
drinking game, or whatever.
Yeah, and then I must have
destroyed his
floor at some point.
But he was cool about it.
He even walked me
back to my room.
I was late at the campus,
because of the dance,
and I met Piet.
And he walked me
o the bus station.
Just in time to wait
for the last bus.
The ticket?
Uh, no, I don't have it anymore.
You know, I'm really
bad with papers.
Well, he showed up at the
market at around 5:00 a.m.
It must have been the first time
I've seen him leave
his dormitory building.
Usually, he gets everything
delivered to him to his door.
I woke up in my
and he brought me
painkillers, that's all.
I don't remember
if he was carrying parcels.
Maybe he was carrying something?
I don't know, I cannot recall.
I was at his place
earlier that evening,
but it was a wrong delivery.
No, I don't think there
was anyone else with him.
No, I don't think you'll
find anything on his computer.
He's not the type of
guy and even if he was,
somebody as qualified as him
wouldn't leave anything
I deliver something
to him almost every day.
He's always the same.
He was
friendly and helpful.
He's a good boy.
Excuse me.
Are you Piet Carnell?
Stop me now if what
I say upsets you.
But I'm having
trouble believing that.
What I'm missing here is
the emotional currency
to your personality.
Piet, I actually learned more
about you
from the term paper than I
did from the police reports.
Please understand me.
I can only lay this case to rest
when I'm convinced
my doubts are wrong.
So, I'm asking you, if you can,
to assist me with my dilemma.
I'll see what I can do.
What do you want to know?
What did you like about her?
Klara was...
She was...
She saw me as a whole person.
This might sound stupid,
but it felt good.
It doesn't sound
stupid at all.
She must have liked you as well.
We were close.
Closer than you
told the police?
I understand,
I'm not judging you.
Did you two ever sleep together?
Did you sleep together on
the night she disappeared?
You did, didn't you?
It's nobody's business.
You're right.
But why keep it a secret?
Klara really never said so,
but I kind of knew she didn't
want anybody to know about us.
You were angry at her.
I guess.
Did you want to hurt her?
I, uh, I never wanted
her to get hurt.
We had a fight two days
before she went missing
because she didn't want to
commit to me.
But we met again, we
talked and it was okay.
But we decided to
leave it at that.
And we, uh, somehow,
well, we, uh...
Ended up making love.
That's, uh...
I'm sorry, I, uh...
I tried to respect what
I thought was her wish
and I didn't tell
anybody any of this.
But then when she
reappeared I felt strange
for not having told
the entire truth.
What does it matter now,
anyway, hmm?
Did you just make that up?
You believe whatever you
want, okay, Miss Stantz?
But Klara, she was my
first and I loved her.
And she broke my heart.
Yeah, but, she changed my life.
Without her, I wouldn't,
I wouldn't be who I am now.
Are you leaving?
Yes, excuse the interruption.
None of what I've told
you proves my innocence.
In your paper, you talk
about a ghost machine.
Do you know why I like it?
'Cause it shows you are an
This is my card.
Give me a call whenever you
need someone to talk to.
It's Ketura.
Thank you.
It's good talking.
And I never get girl's
numbers like this.
Don't get
cocky about it.
If you need a lad that'll
shock you to the bones
I'm the one you're
looking for
I'm the one you're
looking for
If you need a lover
That'll rock you
like no other
I'm the one you're
looking for
I'm the one you're
looking for
Don't you ever, ever,
ever leave me, baby
Don't you dare
break my poor old heart
'Cause if I'm hurt
Oh, behold
There're many, many things
that could fall apart
If you need a love
That'll shock you
to the bones
I'm the one
you're looking for
I'm the one
you're looking for
If you need a lover
That'll rock you
like no other
I'm the one
you're looking for
I'm the one
you're looking for