A1 (2019) Movie Script

Greetings, sir!
I'm Sabari, MLA.
Hope you'd have heard about me.
If you sign for the approval of
five hundred acres of land in Tambaram,
I'll give the keys of the bungalow
in ECR, immediately.
What do you say?
Have you seen the beggars
at Kapaleeswarar temple?
I've seen.
So what?
l'll bring them to your house.
Will you allow them in the bedroom?
Hey, stop.
Sir, are you teasing?
It's not possible, right?
Likewise, no one can takeover
the Government land.
If I see your file on my table,
you'll end up in the prison.
Good, sir.
Shall I leave?
Anantharaman, an honest Tahsildar
well known to everyone...
We'll have a look at
the honest path he travelled...
We were colleagues.
If anyone feels hungry,
he'll give them whatever he has.
An incident happened in his life
like that of Swami Vivekananda.
A North Indian girl, impressed
on his kindness and honesty...
...wanted a child
to be born to him.
Do you know what he replied?
'Consider me as your child'.
And we'll continue to see
about many interesting people.
All those who got caught
are saying it.
Take the papers.
Sir, please.
-No, you can move.
Thank you, sir.
-Come, let's go.
Send here.
-Go and meet him.
Hey, the police!
-Go, stop aside.
Get down.
Does wearing a helmet
will make your tress frizzy?
Come here.
Do you've the RC book, licence
and insurance?
Sir, that is...
I'll get you,
if you don't have.
But, you must do me a favour.
I love your friend, Divya.
-That's it.
You've to recommend me.
I'll recommend you
to get on any signal.
What is she special about,
why everyone is chasing her?
Is she so beautiful?
Oh, no! Wow!
She is awesome!
Divya, do you know?
A traffic cop has fallen
in love with you.
If you accept, we don't have
to bother about licence and helmet.
No, that doesn't work.
I'm waiting for someone
to propose me.
But, you deny everyone.
What's your problem?
I'll tell you.
My aunt fell in love with a man.
Subbulakshmi aunty?
How will he look like?
Looking great!
He is a big hooligan.
His name?
The warrior
Wonder, did she love him?
He too loved her.
His well-wishers came to
my aunt's house to fix the marriage.
When can we fix the marriage?
After my death.
Disheartened, she feels everyday
on missing him.
Okay, what's the relation
between you and this story?
Are you searching someone like that?
He must be a bully,
but belong to my community.
Only then, my dad will accept.
The traffic cop belongs
to your community.
Shall we check with the help
of local thugs, whether he is a bully?
Yeah, okay.
Okay, come.
Hey, look there.
Hey! they're very old.
They were the old boxers.
Is it?
Divya, don't estimate by their looks.
Wait and see.
Brother, do you remember
the plans I said on the phone?
We'll stand aside.
Signal us when he arrives.
How will this plan work out?
They're all too old.
It'll work out.
The traffic cop I told you about
has arrived.
Is he!
To you...
You said, you need to talk
about something, right?
That is...
Tell me.
A for Apple...
B for Big apple...
C for Curt apple...
D for Damaged apple...
Her bag is good.
She dyed her hair.
Do you know, what A stands for?
What's this?
A knife!
What are you looking at?
Save me.
I'll not leave.
What can you do?
I asked you to leave me.
Oh, gosh!
He ran away.
Hey, hold my hand.
Hold her.
Hey, leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Who is that child?
Is he your boy friend?
Save me.
Save me.
You're rocking!
Hey, stop.
Dare to tease a girl of
your grand daughter's age?
Encircle him.
My attire!
Hey, run away to home.
Only who has teeth must
eat snacks.
Hey knock out, finish him
with a single punch.
He seems to be a ruffian.
Come, let's run away.
Don't push me.
I'll be back in a minute.
Who are these old superheroes?
Let it be, who are you?
Where have you been for so long?
If you go straight and take left,
a small temple is seen.
If you go in that lane...
Do you love someone?
What I expected has happened.
I vow the lord.
Listen, I'm the perfect match for you.
I'm good in cooking.
I'll take care of you to the
extent that everyone feels jealous.
My monthly salary is
one lakh rupees.
So, you don't have to
go to work.
I'll not torture you
to buy this and that.
Why are you saying
all these to me?
'I love you'
I had a doubt when looking at you.
Now, it's confirmed.
You've a problem, right?
Look, understand me.
I truly love you.
Years of love
are disappearing, nowadays.
If you say, you fell in love
in ten seconds...
...even a child wouldn't believe.
You don't understand
what I am saying.
Shall I do one thing,
as you believe?
What's your name?
Saravanan Divya!
He is yet to get the holy water.
It's a right saying, 'Many a slip
between the cup and the lip'.
Banu, where is your son?
Getting dizziness because of hunger.
Shouldn't he get the holy water
amidst the mob?
You're adamant to end the
fasting only after taking the holy water.
Where is your son?
Who knows about the queue
in the temple and where he stands?
The Jasmine, in the evening...
The dance, in the morning...
The Jasmine, in the evening...
The dance, in the morning...
I'm stuck In the smell of the saree
and fascination of love
I'm planning in the light of nosepin
and in the collection of rhythm
The fire of lust has caught me...
In the evening...
The suprarenal nerve was struck...
The Jasmine...
What, dear?
What's the time now?
It's 3 o'clock.
Don't lie.
It's 4 o'clock.
I won't be afraid.
Tell me the truth.
It's 5 o'clock.
Where is your son?
The Jasmine, in the evening...
In the morning...
You're a tasty side dish
for rice pudding
The flare catched and
it's you blazed, is the art of magic
In the evening...
The suprarenal nerve was struck
The dance...
A musical line from the film,
Geetha Govindam
Logu, it seems you're napping
after heavy meal.
Oh, no!
-Who's that?
It's coffee time in my house,
but still you haven't end your fasting.
We'll clean up and leave soon,
if you finish eating.
You too irating...
Go away.
He is hungry.
Telling him about cleaning
of the vessels.
He must be short tempered.
Don't get tensed.
-Your blood pressure is high.
If the blood pressure increases,
you'll start bleeding.
What are you speaking?
Come, dear.
Came at last!
Was it blood?
Saravanan has come.
Did you see your
daughter-in-law kissing?
Mom, did you see your
daughter-in-law kissing?
Mom, did you see your
daughter-in-law kissing?
-What, dear?
Get me the holy water.
Where is the holy water?
Save me!
Hey, what are you staring at?
You left in the morning to
get the holy water, isn't it?
What are you discussing there?
Is there the holy water?
-It's here.
It's in the bike.
I'll get it.
He is bringing it.
- Move away.
Why are you taking this?
Holy water!
Taste it.
Give it.
It's coriander leaves in holy water!
Only basil leaves must be there.
As there was huge crowd
in the temple...
...the basil leaves were scarce,
so they added coriander.
He is telling, right?
What did you do?
Where shall I go and
reveal this injustice?
Why are you creating fuss
for a simple thing?
Which is simple thing?
It's coriander leaves instead of
holy basil.
Not that, brother.
You said my daughter will
get married to your son.
But, see what he has done.
Show them the image.
What did you do?
Look at his 'WhatsApp dp'.
-See now.
What's this!
What are you going to
respond to my daughter?
Renu, what's this?
Did I behave with you like that?
Tell me, dear.
Don't act like a hero.
When you dropped me in
the school, didn't you kiss me?
Did you forget that?
What's this?
She is saying about the things
happened in her fifth grade.
Oh, no!
Logu, this is my household container.
Your son didn't go to the temple.
Hey, are you cheating me?
Leave him.
Don't hit him.
I won't hit him, leave me.
So, your son didn't visit the temple
instead roaming behind a girl.
What, dear?
-Mom, I'm not behind her.
She fell in love with me.
I got fixed, it's the final.
Just wait.
Look here, falling in love
doesn't convince our family.
Doesn't it convince our family
or the property?
Either he or I must stay
in this house.
I'll stay here,
ask him to go out.
Move away.
What are you talking?
Is that girl more important
to you than us?
You don't know the importance
of me who struggled...
...for your prosperous life, right?
Yeah, don't know.
He is turning back, mom.
I prayed every deity for your birth,
you can't know my importance, right?
Yeah, don't know.
Aunt is hiding his face.
Are you teasing me?
Get out of the house.
What, dear?
I'm leaving.
But, you shouldn't come
to visit your grandchildren.
He is leaving.
-Uncle, he is leaving.
Are you happy now?
Sir, I'm going out, urgently.
I must be there in five minutes.
Shall I call you later?
Okay, sir.
I'll hang up the call.
Less sugar.
- Give me, brother.
Fuel is there.
Sir, what's the problem?
-It's not getting started.
Not getting started?
The people will spit on us
if the bike doesn't start at our shop.
What person are you?
There is a problem in the engine.
It'll cost six thousand rupees.
Six thousand?
I must go, urgently.
It's getting late too.
Hey, are you the shop owner
or myself?
You're asking six thousand rupees.
He seems to be a good mechanic.
The expenses along with
his salary and shop rent...
It's 125 CC, isn't it?
Old engine.
It's tough to get the spare parts.
But, I'll manage to get it done.
It'll cost upto nine thousand rupees.
What! Nine thousand rupees?
It's getting late for the meeting.
This is the way to speak.
Do you understand?
Want to give balance for tea shop.
We've to give another delivery, today.
Leave it. We'll finish his job.
He seems to be good.
The bike has started.
I forget to switch on the key.
Is that a fault?
Let it be, give me
four thousand rupees.
Hey, there is no problem
in the bike.
But, you're asking for money?
Leave it, brother.
Give us, Rs.3500.
We'll get it done.
Hey, goof...
My bike started.
Look at his face.
Who is goof?
Hey, stop.
Mathi, come here.
He is yelling at you.
-Ill slap you.
When I'm asking him
for four thousand rupees,
Why are you still reducing
the money?
Why is he bringing
his hand in a bag?
Mani, what happened?
It's a fault to marry a rural girl,
believing she'll be obedient.
What happened?
Are you ready?
It's getting late.
Come soon.
I'm coming.
Dear, am I good?
Can you ask this being the wife
of a medical shop owner?
Come near.
You're good only.
Dear, I'm asking whether
I'm looking good in this attire?
It's torn.
-Oh, no! Where it's torn?
Nothing torn.
It's very sunny.
Get me the glasses.
Take this.
What's this?
You only asked for the glasses.
Hey, goof!
Why are you irritating me?
I meant the coolers.
Bring it.
Why are you looking dull?
I'm going to turn right.
Hold your hand.
Okay, dear.
Hey, careful.
-Oh, god!
You're wasting our time
narrating useless tales.
Go away.
Hereafter, we must ask them
to apply the grease.
Hey, take the spanners 11 and 12.
Only three spanners are here.
Where to get the rest?
Hey, you!
You'll be spared.
The phone is ringing. Attend it.
Tell me, sister.
Saravanan left the home on enrage.
What happened, sister?
He has fallen in love, his dad
was aware of it and created fuss.
So, he left home on enrage.
-Oh, I see!
I thought of not hitting him.
But, no other way.
Don't worry, sister.
Don't think of...
She had disconnected the call.
Hey, stop.
This is the house.
The pavilion is in the second floor.
Brother, will I get the house?
Why did you ask like this?
This house owner is
my long time friend.
It's enough if I nod,
he'll give the key with eyes closed.
When he gives the key
with eyes closed and...
...if it falls in drainage,
you've to take it.
There is nothing wrong
sending you out of the house.
See, whether the dog is coming?
It's not the dog, instead
a turtle is coming.
Who is that?
Sir, I'm Swamy.
Swamy! I'm coming.
It's about love affair.
Problem in his house,
so he was expelled.
He owns a textile shop.
So, will pay the rent on time.
No need to worry.
You're the person who
respects love.
Love affair?
Don't worry.
I'll give my life for
the sake of love.
No need of that.
I can't move around with a corpse.
It's enough if you
lend me the house.
What's this?
-It seems to be wrong, Swamy.
No, he says about the money.
Tell me, how much is the advance
and the rental?
The advance amount is Rs.10,000,
rental amount is Rs.3000...
...and the water charges is Rs.500.
He is charging separately for water.
Will he take care of the side dish?
Swamy, it seems to be wrong.
Take the key.
Get the advance amount.
Don't be enraged.
Is he leaving on anger?
Then, won't he get angry?
He is the house owner.
Sir, it's a single piece.
Good design.
Sir, you look at this.
Is it good dude?
- Get the bill for sir.
Tell me.
Come to Mullai Nagar, immediately.
What happened?
Come, I'll tell you.
I'm coming.
(Indistinct voices)
Is it true?
-Is he?
-He cheated us.
He came.
Hey, dear! I thought you'd be single.
But, came with a clan.
Hey, dude.
You tell him.
Any problem?
Tell him.
These people, who celebrated Holi
only on tresses...
...do they belong to your place?
Yes, they're the avengers of our place.
Did you do anything mischief?
She was in search of you.
I'm giving her the details.
What did you say?
-My brother is....
He is the ragi malt.
Leave it, brother.
Do you know, what I said?
I praised you to the core.
They've said exactly.
Women are here, you leave.
Hey, dear! you came to meet
me with love.
I know you'll give.
Send her.
Send her.
What's your name?
My name?
I told you on that day, isn't it?
The people around me
call as, 'Saro'.
So, don't you belong
to my community?
Your community?
I didn't say like that.
On that day, you were having
the tridental mark on the forehead.
Oh, that one?
I offered prayers, so had
the tridental mark on that day.
It's gone!
Everything has gone!
Everything lost as dreams.
Oh, lord!
Come here.
Why it happens to me?
-What happened, dear?
What happened?
-You don't know.
What happened?
-My dreams were shattered.
Kiss me.
Hey, damn it.
I lend my shoulder to console you.
But, you're pushing me away.
Okay, listen me.
Something was misunderstood.
I'm not in love with you.
Please, forgive me.
Don't tell even for fun.
I fought with my parents
and friends and left the house.
I took a house for rent
for us to live.
But, you're...
I don't know all those.
Forgive me.
It'll never happen.
Hey, you dragged and kissed me.
What are you thinking about?
Look now...
Your originality is seen.
This is what meant as
locale attitude.
It's for fun, dear.
It's clear that you do acting.
What I said is said.
You called me and
saying to stay away.
You've done everything
and cheating me.
Hey, tell me.
She thought you belong
to her community.
She isn't aware that you're
a locale guy.
What, if I'm a locale guy?
Only the locale guy will
take care of you in life.
The taste of idly is enhanced
based only on the chutney.
Life is also the same.
Our happiness depends on
who we live with.
She denied you, right?
Better, leave.
I understand.
You say, the scene was over.
Why do you bear
the sin of hurting me?
I feel heavy hearted.
It's okay, leave it.
I'll take care.
Finally, I'll tell you one thing.
Don't fall in love with someone
who wipes your lipstick.
But, love the one who
care your eyeliner not to get wet.
Your life will be good.
It's the last touch.
Shall I leave?
Let it go.
What happened to him?
Why are you looking dull?
What happened to you?
The hunter who lost his both hands
shot the deer without four legs.
The arrow didn't fall on the deer
but on my chest.
Two hands...four legs...
What are you saying?
She called me and bid bye.
Damn it.
These girls behave so.
Okay, don't worry.
Will you take two pegs?
It's costly here.
Let's go to Pondicherry.
You've boozed, stripped and
thrown your clothes into the sea.
It's good time,
no one has seen.
Come here.
Why are you doing like that?
Are you drunk?
Hey, you fought with us
for the sake of love and staying here.
Then, why are you roaming
with other woman?
That too a pregnant woman.
Dad, he is the house owner,
Go away.
Greetings, sir.
Are you good?
Where are you taking this from?
Why dressed so insane?
Dad, the dog took away his attire.
But, you've mistaken.
Okay, whatever happened is happened.
I spoke out of anger,
on that day.
Your mom keeps weeping.
Come home.
You'll be spoilt,
if you stay here.
My son looks handsome
like Yasser Arafat.
Come home, dear.
Mathi, see who is coming.
-I saw.
Don't speak to him.
If you speak, he'll give excuses
to the core.
Then, I'll be enraged.
He expelled us for the
sake of that girl.
We'll expel him, now.
Why is your face so dark
like lighting a firecracker?
Hey, my nose.
Uncle, why are you washing
the bike removing the engine?
Is it a theft bike?
Hey, it's the doctor's bike.
We must deliver it today evening.
Do your work.
Why are you enraged?
You approach us for
every other problem except this.
You proceed alone.
We don't want your presence.
Saravanan brother! you asked for
two bottles of alcohol.
Keep it there and go.
Leave it, boss.
He is our friend.
What to do?
Whatever, who is he?
Your nephew.
Who is there for him
other than us?
Saravanan, don't worry.
Wait a minute.
What's that?
Hey, you...
Why are you hitting?
- Don't be enraged.
You took the tea-glass.
Another glass is in the cupboard.
Bring it.
Saravanan brother, the house owner
asked for alcohol.
Has it arrived?
-Here it is, take it.
What's this?
So, it's not for us?
See, how he humiliated us.
I thought of apologizing.
But, you behaved disgustingly
after looking at the alcohol.
I don't want to ask for apology.
Either be as friends or get lost.
He has to redeem my jewelry,
this month.
I've to talk about an important issue.
Don't ask me for alcohol,
I won't get you.
Not at all.
Let's speak while rectifying the deflate.
Say properly.
Give me a water bottle
without cooling.
Take it, sir.
Sir, aren't you Mr.Anantharaman?
I read about you
in yesterday's daily.
I felt so happy to know
about an honest officer.
As you left,
mother was weeping..
She has gone.
leave it, dude.
Not that, mom...dad...
Those who steal petrol
shouldn't speak philosophy.
Kumar, check the deflation of this bike.
Another bike has arrived.
Finish it fast.
Hey, what did you do?
Sir, what happened?
Someone come here.
Come on.
Someone come here.
Someone call the ambulance.
Someone call his home.
Someone spit on his face.
If it happens to you tomorrow,
will you do the same?
Bring water.
- Don't know.
Check the phone.
Look here, sir.
The phone is locked.
-Is it?
Have some water, sir.
Uncle, he is Divya's dad.
Oh, no!
Come, let's go away.
Hey, lift him.
Is it! Lift him.
-Lift him.
Hold him.
-Take him to the hospital.
Hurry up.
Uncle, I don't know whether
she'll attend the call...
...from my number.
you convey her the message.
An angel is seen in
the form of skeleton.
I know...I know...
Why are you here
at the soup shop?
Divya, what happened?
Why are you laughing?
I'm not laughing,
but weeping.
What happened?
My dad is everything to me.
You saved his life.
I want to thank you
and say again, 'I love you'
It's okay.
Hey, what's that?
'I love you'?
It's the bone in the gravy...
I don't want your story.
Go away.
No, I'm telling the truth.
How am I looking like?
Like a ready to wear attire?
To stick and remove.
It won't work out.
-It'll work out.
I don't belong to your community.
-It's okay.
I'm a locale guy.
-It's okay.
The taste of the idly is
enhanced only by the chutney.
The life is also the same.
Our happiness depends on
who we live with.
Are you giving back my words?
I can't believe you.
Shall I do one thing
to make you believe?
Shall I kiss?
Anyhow, she will bid bye, later.
Enjoy it, now.
Hey, are you taking the video?
Are you a matured guy?
Get lost.
Okay, give me.
I'll give on another day.
Now, everyone is here.
What's this?
It's not right.
I don't want this light touch.
It won't work out.
I'll do whatever you say.
Bijli, give me a half boiled egg.
Just a minute.
Take it.
Eat this.
I'll believe you, then.
It smells odd.
Manage to eat it, applying
talcum powder in handkerchief.
Eat it.
I believe now.
'I love you'.
The carousel was moved...
I want to show you to
my mother as my wife
You must feed me
the sweet along with love
You should swing my baby
in the cradle
You kissed on my lip
and dragged me
You're reacting before growing up
I caught a fish with galore
She made this locale don, a crazy
She sent the candy as the rocket
She fired the bullets
She hit just, I fell for her
She intruded in my heart
and created a scene
What are you speaking?
What's your story?
From today, you're an angel
to the nation
My body is getting fit
Don't leave me at anytime,
for any reason
I'm going to pledge
the new brass vessel
For the money to roam with you
You expressed your love
to me, highly
Why are you moving away,
giving the love?
The flow of your smile
seems to be slow on other side
You seduced me
in your beauteous steps
Hug me, no hindrances
for both of us
My soul fell on your lap
To get rid of you...
You aren't a simple babe...
My angel...
I don't have any health issues
You're the bird of the starling family,
my eyes are tingling on your tone
My in-law is your dad...
I'm not blabbering, drunk heavily...
My mom will scold me.
Hi, Divya!
What happened to her?
Who's that? your dad?
Getting irritated.
My love lady.
She'll call me and bid bye.
Tell me.
I know.
We aren't a suitable match.
My dad will not accept.
It's break-up, right?
Don't worry about break-up.
We'll get it done.
Hey, just old jokes.
It's break-up, right?
It's a big issue.
Tomorrow, the bridegroom's family
is coming to my house.
His name is, 'Parthasarathi'.
That's all, right?
You heed so cool.
Send me his details.
It's nothing,
I'll take care.
What happened?
Some body coming to
see my love lady.
Who is interfering in my
brother-in-law's love?
No need of those.
I got his details.
It's enough to meet him
in person and tell.
Who is he, looking like
a foreign cow?
Dude, speak to him in English.
That'll be right.
-Is it?
Are you Parthasaradhi?
I'm Saro.
Do you know Divya?
Yeah, I know Divya.
We're family friends.
I know her for past fifteen years.
We're going to get married soon.
What's up with you, guys?
We'll speak in Tamil.
Dude, speak now.
Are you going to Anantharaman's
house to see Divya?
Yes, so what?
He loves her.
When I'm speaking,
why do you interfere?
I love her, you stay away.
I've seen so many like this.
You can leave.
Hey flat faced, everything is over
between them.
Can't you understand?
It's all over.
Are you dubious?
For safety concern,
I took a video.
Is that video?
Show me.
Stop it.
Why must I show our video to you?
Go and get her married.
I'll wrap it with gift paper
and present you.
Brother, I'll go ahead.
Be careful.
This doesn't matter, brother.
It has become casual.
Even the personal videos
are disowned, nowadays.
You can leave.
I'll bang you on the neck.
Please, brother.
-Dare to yell at my brother-in-law?
(Indistinct voices)
Take it, sir.
Pay this.
Okay, I'll look at it.
You made me to pay
the fine, unwantedly.
Who knows, it'll happen so?
-I told you not to do.
Tell me.
Don't you've sense?
Why did you hit him?
My dad was aware of everything.
Our marriage will not happen.
Only break up.
Break up comes once
in other's love life.
Instead, it's like an advertisement,
comes often in my love.
This time, I'll pack
the parcel perfectly.
No need of this parcel
and take away.
It's enough, if you stay quiet.
I'm telling you...
I'll take care.
Always saying as you'll take care
and flattened Partha's face.
What are you going to do now?
To solve your dad's issue,
I've drafted a perfect plan.
Nothing will go wrong, isn't it?
You aren't allowing to do
anything wrong.
Damn, hang up the call.
Get up.
Saravanan, is he living
in this house?
Dad, it's the own house.
You've to talk to her father
and settle the marriage.
Okay, don't worry.
Saravanan, why did you
come here, now?
My parents have come
to speak with your dad.
Welcome, uncle!
Welcome, aunty!
-Divya, who are these people?
Mom, he is Saravanan.
-Greetings, Aunty.
His parents!
Why are you here?
To speak with your consort.
Mom, they say about dad.
Please, wait.
Get inside.
Why have they come here, now?
I don't know, mom.
You said that you'll act well
when applied tridental mark.
Hey non-stick head...
Sit here.
If you open your mouth,
I'll kill you.
It's the house of a big shot.
Do behave decently.
Yeah, he behaves decently.
What did I do?
You look like a drug addict,
lying along the drainage.
Put your legs down.
- Put your legs down.
Dad is calling you.
-We're coming.
Have you noticed,
a separate room is given to Krishna?
That's the pooja room.
Greetings, sir!
Greetings, uncle!
-Greetings, sir!
Take this.
Take it.
-Take it and keep inside.
It's just fruits.
-Take it.
Why didn't he wear the attire?
Sit down.
Dad, he is Saravanan.
He saved your life, on that day.
Oh! only his friends
thrashed Parthasaradhi.
What did you do?
Sir, I'll come to the point,
straight away.
Everyone says, you won't care
the religion, caste, creed and clan.
Trusting that, I came with a
marriage proposal of my son...
...with your daughter.
They both love each other.
We've to arrange their marriage.
Am I right?
Aah! What you said is right.
Our traditions and customs
are different.
Okay, let it be.
We're orthodox people.
What about you?
We aren't.
You visit the temple of Lord Shiva.
We visit the temple of the goddess.
Even yesterday,
we went to the goddess temple.
Sing a hymn.
Sing a good song.
Sing, dear.
A devotional song.
Heed to it?
It'll not come on it's own.
From childhood,
we've to teach them.
See, my son will sing, now.
Heat it.
What's this?
Why are you staring at my face?
Are you a dolt?
Come on, sing.
Saro, sing now.
-Why, mom?
Come on, sing.
Our area will be darkened,
with lanes, weary and jovial
Come and have a look around
We'll sleep on the road
When we wake up, will have tea
We'll eat healthier,
Even we've rice for breakfast
If you laugh, we'll laugh too
If you thump out the foot,
we'll break the face
If said sorry, it's okay,
Else, will be hit
We've come for asking the bride
Exchange the betel leaves
plates, quietly
Father of my babe...
You're my father-in-law
Sir, heed to it?
You taught your daughter.
I didn't teach my son anything.
He started singing, spontaneously.
Known his talent now?
I knew well about you.
Okay, let it be.
Come, let's go.
Divya, dad has never earned
a bad name.
I'm afraid, it'll happen
because of you.
Why aren't you attending the call?
Don't you like me?
My dad doesn't like you.
If a child is born to us,
he'll be suppressed like a cow.
I'm speaking seriously.
Childbirth is also a serious issue.
I'll not disobey my dad.
Hey, every father opposes
his daughter's love.
They get married, in spite of it.
You're adoring your dad too much.
Because, he is so good.
So good?
More than the Buddha
and the Siddhas?
Won't he hit the mosquito
if it bites?
He is torturing too much,
doll-candy head.
Mind your words.
Okay, I'll give you one last chance.
To say my dad is bad,
not intense...
But, a small incident is enough.
I'll throw away everything
and come behind you.
But, definitely it'll not happen.
It's good to forget me
and look after your work.
Hey, stop.
I said, stop.
Okay, go...
Hey! won't you attend the call?
I'll thump you.
Take the phone.
Why are you calling several times?
You'd have attended.
Where are you?
I'm behind you.
Come immediately, hiring a cab.
He is high.
Shall we escape?
You want me to leave
him alone, inebriated?
Silvery moon...
-He is ecstatic!
Sit, let's enjoy.
Washed your hands?
What's your problem to
booze heavily?
Who is having the problem?
I'm happy.
I'm enjoying to the core.
He is going to say a message.
Dude, Divya is...
Have you thrown the bucket
in the well before marriage?
What did you say?
What did you say?
Are you afraid?
I just threatened you,
don't scold me.
What did you say?
He is singing a song.
I just threatened you,
don't scold me.
It's okay.
If you want to convey something,
sit and say.
Uncle, it's about Divya...
With scissors...
I cut her relationship.
Excellent, dude.
Pour it.
Don't weep, I've kept it.
Why are you weeping?
Not for chicken, then?
Then, why are you weeping?
You may get hit
on the forehead.
She left me.
What are you saying?
I didn't leave her.
She rejected me.
Hey, what are you saying?
Uncle, her father didn't like me.
Does any father likes the
daughter's beau?
Stay quiet.
I feel panic on your behaviour.
Remove it.
What does she wants to do?
Dare to speak my love lady,
I'll bang you.
Uncle, come here.
-Come here.
What did she tell you, now?
She says to spot
her father as bad.
So that, she'll throw away
everything and come along.
Okay, if her father is spotted
as bad, will she come?
I'm sorry.
Will 'Madam' come?
She rejected me, but you call
her as, 'Madam'.
Why are you doing like this?
Isn't he your uncle?
Stay there.
I'll take the peanuts.
I'll slap you.
Sit down.
Uncle, is her father so good?
Can't we portray him as bad?
Dude, the entire locality knows
how good he is.
How will you portray him as bad?
So, she will not marry you
until her father is alive.
What did you say?
What did you say?
- What did you say?
I said, Madam will not marry you
until uncle is alive.
So, Divya likes him.
But, her father didn't like me, right?
Why is he doing yoga?
I'm planning to murder her father.
Are you going to do murder?
Give it.
Are you blabbering?
I'm not blabbering, uncle.
My mind is fresh.
It's planned, perfectly.
I'll slit him into half, tonight.
I'll cut into pieces.
-I must escape.
Is it!
I'll come, immediately.
Hang up the call.
Saravanan, granny fell in the toilet.
I'll go to the hospital
and come back.
The granny.
You speak well.
But, you must speak
on your phone.
That's my phone.
Damn it.
I thought you're a thug.
But, shivering for a murder.
Don't want all those.
It's the age to live.
You want to booze for free.
Have it and leave.
Why are you humiliating us?
-Ill do like that, only.
Are we behind you for free booze?
Are you my friends?
A friend is the one who gives
his life for the sake of love.
Those who stay to booze free,
isn't good friends.
All vehicles come this way.
That's one way.
A murder will happen, today.
I'm going to do a murder, today.
I'll kill my father-in-law
and marry Divya.
That's his leg.
Get up.
Good morning!
Give me your hand.
A gift is awaiting for you.
Come, we'll show you.
What's that?
What did you do?
-We made it fresh.
What did you do?
Hey, have you killed him, really?
Hey, many ways are there
to spot him as bad.
Will you kill him for that sake?
Why are you getting scattered?
Last night, you said
you'll murder him.
Hey, I said inebriated.
We too did, inebriated.
How did you do it?
Hey, egg head.
Come soon.
Dude, what happened?
Where do you want to go, sir?
We can't reach Tiruvanmiyur,
this way.
This road will not
lead to Tiruvanmiyur.
No, dude.
I can't understand.
-Can't you understand?
You'll understand, now.
This road will not
lead to Tiruvanmiyur.
-It's knife only!
Ask us, who are we?
-Who are you?
Hey, Mani is standing there.
Hey, come fast.
I'm coming.
- Come.
You know what!
He has a very good sense
of humour.
You've told me already.
Call from your beau?
-Mom is calling.
Hey, stop.
Divya, what happened?
What happened?
Divya, I'm asking you.
What happened?
Go home.
Can i tie?
Hey, tie it properly.
Come on.
Everything is going on well.
Arrangements have been done.
They denied the drums.
He was walking.
It's over.
It's okay.
I'm there for you, Divya.
What happened?
Divya! see here.
Give the water.
Look at me.
Get up.
-Get up.
Get up.
I never thought,
it'll happen like this.
The God has no eyes.
How it has happened?
Only that guys know.
They're talking pointing at us.
He is coming here.
Excuse me, it's you who admitted
him in the hospital.
What happened to him?
Oh, no! How to say that?
At least, you tell me.
I try to say,
but struck with agony.
Tell me, what happened?
They've joined us and escaped, dude.
I'm asking you, won't you tell?
How to tell?
That is...
On the lane...
Sir, he got heart attack.
Suddenly, he got chest pain
and fell down.
No signs of movement.
Everyone was staring at him.
He came there at that moment
and took him to the hospital.
He died on the way.
Not blessed enough!
But, good soul.
He'll reach heaven.
What's in our hands?
Don't cry.
Wow! even we wouldn't have
narrated like this.
He said in a superfluous flow.
What a flow, sir!
Excellent dialogues!
Old is gold.
Stay with me till
the last rites.
Come on.
Sir will take care, today.
He is rich skinned like a tomato.
Oh, god!
don't you've mercy!
Sir, why it happened?
How it happened?
Shut your mouth.
I'll stuff your mouth
with wooden log.
It's you who admitted him
in the hospital.
Tell me, how it happened?
He is asking, tell him.
Sir, my assistant will tell
better than me.
You'll get a clarity.
Just a minute.
Sir, blue shirt.
Sir, here.
Sir, you conveyed me
in a flow, isn't it?
Will you convey the same to him?
Thank you, my god!
Sir, that's is...
He got heart attack.
He fell down with chest pain.
This guy took him to the hospital.
He died on the way.
Not blessed enough!
Oh, brother-in-law!
You left us!
You orphaned my sister.
He drunk even today.
Don't know what is
he going to do still.
Brother, take him to the backyard
and pour water on him.
Pattu, why are you speaking different?
Go away, sinner.
This gives energy to me.
Good taste.
Heed me, go away.
I'll yell at you.
You're running away looking
at the people who comes to console.
What to do?
When going down, the fear
is getting increased.
We'll escape and go somewhere.
Shall we go to Palaverkadu
through Tiruverkadu?
No need,
let's go to Pondicherry.
You idiot...
Asking where to go?
Leave it, uncle.
He is talking senseless.
Is it the way to talk?
We'll go to the place
which we haven't seen.
Leave me.
I can't trust you and send out.
You'll blabber, definitely.
Stay with me till the funeral.
What he says is also right.
Only then, we could know
what's happening here.
If it's revealed that three of us
held his hands and legs...
...and poisoned him?
It's revealed!
What do you say?
I said, it's revealed.
That's why, the dwarf hero
takes revenge on others.
Srividhya will give them poison.
It's the film, 'Apoorva Sagotharargal'.
Hey, dare to talk about a film
in the death of my brother-in-law?
What about you?
Can you use washroom
at the death place?
It's an urgency.
Okay, leave it.
Both of you are at fault.
You're right!
Don't brawl in the place of death.
Get compromised.
Who are you?
-Who are you?
Instead of asking me,
ask someone about me.
Oh, no! He is a terrific person.
Be careful with him.
This is what others
will say about me.
Where are you going?
Okay, I'll ask and come.
Come soon.
I'll wait here.
Switch on the cameras.
Come fast.
A good social worker, a humanitarian,
Tahsildar Anantharaman died...
...in the morning due to heart attack.
To pay homage, not only his relatives
even the public, Government officials...
...and political leaders are coming.
What happened, sir?
Suddenly, he got chest pain
and fell down.
At that moment, these guys took
him to the hospital.
But, he died on the way.
Not blessed enough!
You shouldn't blabber in high.
And shouldn't scream in low.
Booze in limits and stay quiet
till the funeral.
-Okay, dude.
Only then, no one will be
dubious on us.
The doubt has raised.
Oh! he got caught exactly.
I got the doubt.
The astrologer told he'll live long
till 90 years of age.
Suddenly, he died.
What does it mean?
It means, the astrologer lied.
Oh, no!
I must find who is the reason
for his death...
...and nab him, garland his intestines
and go.
In which temple?
Wherever I want.
You'll be slapped.
Funny guys.
Booze here.
He was talking for this booze?
Give me the bottle.
Take it.
Take it.
I'll make a move.
You left this, here.
Keep it inside.
Some body will watch.
It's raining.
Go soon.
Don't get drenched.
Oh, god!
Sir, take away your hand.
What happened?
It's a rape attempt.
He is MLA's son.
He is MLA's son.
What, if you're MLA's son?
You're a pervert.
Bastard, dare to speak to me.
Take the tea.
You aren't having tea.
It'll go down,
if we've tea.
That is, if we've tea,
we'll feel like vomitting.
Whenever withered crop,
I would shed tears
It's not felt when
'Poet Vallalar' said,
When seeing her weeping,
I feel how powerful
those words are!
Why do you think
he was dead?
Then, is he playing cards?
I'm not saying so.
He can take rebirth as your son.
That's okay.
But, when thinking that
we're the reason for his death...
...it's twinning in the heart.
Shall we ask her for apology
saying we killed her father?
I'm also thinking of that, uncle.
See him!
It's right of my doubt on him.
Hey, I think he is down.
Give him alcohol.
Whatever, tell us and do.
Okay, leave it.
Let's see...
Do you want to buy anything?
Do you want anything?
What did you do my dad?
What did you do my dad?
He was lying down
holding his chest.
I took him to the hospital.
On the way...
What did you do my dad?
It was heart attack...
What did you do my dad?
Tell me...
What did you do my dad?
Tell me...
We killed him.
Yes, we killed him.
Forgive us.
We've done it, unknowingly.
Forgive us.
You'll get ruined.
You'll never be good in life.
Hey, stop hitting.
Stop it.
I'm telling you stop it.
I told you not to believe him.
Did you listen to me?
How dare you've killed him
and staying in his house?
Don't hit me.
Forgive me.
I've done, unknowingly.
Who are you?
-I did, unknowingly.
Why are you holding my legs?
-Forgive me.
Leave me.
-I'm sorry, forgive me.
Leave me.
Listen me.
Lift him.
Uncle, get up.
What's this?
What happened?
What happened?
I had a dream.
What's that dream?
The police are hitting and taking us.
I told you not to take more.
Sleeping and screaming before everyone.
Nothing, you may go.
Go... Have a lemon juice
and get fresh.
Brother-in-law, sleep peacefully
without mosquito bites.
He didn't die, just sleeping.
Ranjani, throw it away.
Anantharaman's funeral procession
will begin in few minutes.
His family has confirmed
that his body will be cremated...
...at Besant Nagar cemetery at 4 p.m.
Hey, move away.
Saravanan, it's telecasted in news channels
as the body will be cremated in few hours.
Only few hours more.
If we booze and
manage for sometime...
...then, no one can do anything.
Listen, this is ringing.
Dude, I've sent you a video.
Have a look at it.
I can't hear you.
I think, you're speaking
next to a generator.
Move away and speak.
Hey, my voice is like that.
I've sent you a video.
Watch it.
I'll call you after ten minutes.
I've never heard a
hoarse voice like this.
He has sent a video.
Was it 'tik tok'?
Hey! It's our incident.
What's this?
Who shot it?
Oh, no!
What's this?
It's shot similar to us.
Dude, you made it perfect.
Brother, we did by mistake.
But, you should've done
it not known to me.
He is the only humanitarian
in this locality.
You've killed him too.
It's okay.
If this shouldn't be revealed out,
I must get ten lakhs rupees
before the funeral begins.
Else, you know well
what will happen.
Take care.
We dived into the river by mistake.
You should bring us to the shore.
You're like Director Shankar's film
and we're just like short films.
You might've seen thousands
of people on your experience.
For your kind heartedness,
I pray God you should stay healthy.
I like you very much.
So, it's enough if you give me
five lakh rupees.
You've reduced the money
by speaking.
Brother, shall I speak
five more minutes?
But, get ready with the money
and speak.
This is the final amount.
Brother! Hello...
In city, there is sixty cameras.
I'm watching.
No one can hide and
run away from me.
Brother, we've fixed three
CCTV cameras in the grove, isn't it?
He is the first person
to get caught with a babe.
He is a doctor, asking for the video.
Come on, dear.
Ensure whether the amount
is right and give him the footage.
Okay, brother.
Give it.
Brother, is this the way to live?
Hey, if we indulge in hit
and murder case...
...we'll be shot in encounter.
If we take up a job,
only assigned as watchman.
Instead, we can take videos
and become VIPs.
Turn and see.
Hey, this side.
Wherever there are secluded places
in the city,
My camera will be fixed there.
If a gold piece gets struck
in a crane's throat...
...it should happily swallow it.
Isn't it?
He is asking five lakh rupees.
I'm living as a nomad,
paying the interest.
You're asking me.
Dude, I did this murder only
by having alcohol you gave.
You're looking at me!
My family will be left in perils
if I'm not there.
I'll get my house document
and solve this issue.
Hey, wastrel.
Useless guy.
Always busy on the phone.
Come here.
Brother, it's 'musically app'.
Whatever it is.
Keep this hard disk in the locker.
Okay, brother.
Take it.
Take it.
Five lakh rupees gone.
Give this in the shop.
-Okay, brother.
He left...
Come here.
What, brother?
Where are you going?
-To the Bhai shop.
Are you going to taste biryani?
I want the full video
in this hard disk.
Okay, brother.
Take this hard disk and
get the videos ready.
-Okay, brother.
Make it fast, sir.
Sign here.
Five lakh rupees is here.
Whether you redeem the
house document or not,
You must pay the interest
every month, perfectly.
I'll make a move, sir.
What are you doing?
Brother, the hard disk is not working.
He says, we can't get the videos.
He is a waste guy.
I know, he'll say like that.
That's why, I was heating up
the hard disk.
Even though, he couldn't retrieve
the video.
What to say?
Tell me.
He burnt the hard disk.
What are you saying, brother?
Hey, wastrel.
Senseless idiot.
You don't have brain.
I must be slapped for
giving you the job.
He is not respecting me
as a gangster.
I must earn a good name from him.
-Can you hear me?
I shouldn't get scoldings from him.
Speak something,
I must take the label.
Brother, he gave me a notion.
What's that?
If we get the guy's number,
it's easy to take the video.
You'd have told me earlier.
Wait, I'll send you.
Send me.
I've sent it.
Brother, don't bother about him.
Already, we've sent the video
in 'WhatsApp'.
If we check the sent list,
we can take the video.
It has fallen in the fire.
Brother, only we know the video
is not available.
But, he doesn't know.
Are you given salary
to repeat what I say?
Call him.
-Im calling him.
Here it is, brother.
Dude, I'm CCTV Chidambaram speaking.
Hey, you...
Speaking filthy.
You were speaking good, earlier.
What happened, now?
Our guy is coming.
If I send a copy to the Commissioner
and the Collector...
...do you know,
what they'll do?.
They'll spit on you.
Hey, being inebriated,
are you cheating me?
Hey, you...
You do, whatever.
But, don't tell me tales.
Okay, finally I'm asking you.
Will you give me the money or not?
I can't.
Did you give my number
to any wastrel like you?
Who did I give you?
Hey, Chidambaram!
I'll show, who am I?
Dude, I'm CCTV Chidambaram's
guy speaking.
I've arranged the money.
Ask him to reduce the amount.
He is a wastrel.
Without me, he is nothing.
I'll reduce the amount for
your sake.
But, you must do a help for me.
Tell me, brother.
What should I do?
Tell me, I'll do.
He has sent you a video, isn't it?
The murder video.
Will you resend that video
to me for this number.
For what, brother?
The video we had was deleted.
Now, it's only with you.
That's why.
Okay, brother.
I'll send it.
Hey, wastrel!
Senseless idiot.
I lost five lakh rupees
because of you.
Brother, shall I tell you a message?
What's that?
My sister is my life!
She brought me up
and today I'm a don.
Why are you saying this to me?
She is on phone call.
Do one thing, recall whatever
you want to scold me.
Scold me, later.
Hey! If I get caught of you...
Hello, sister!
Tell me.
Tell Saravanan,
I want to speak to him.
I'll wait in my room.
Why is she coming towards us?
Hey, did you drag her, inebriated?
Did you do?
Was it known that
we did the murder?
I must let the dog
to bite your mouth.
Some body will hear it.
Tell me.
Divya called you.
You go.
I'll come, behind.
Have this money
and take care of everything.
Hey, you're insulting me.
After knowing the message
in the morning...
...I managed to get the money
and looking after all the expenses.
But, you treat me
as a third person, right?
Sorry, dear.
Don't worry.
I'm here to take care of.
Did I pledge my house document
and gave you the money...
...for the sake of pleasing her?
Even your friends are so caring
for my father.
See, how are they weeping?
Come here.
I'll get you a bottle of poison, ready.
It's crowded here.
Come, let's go to that room
and cry.
Give the garland.
Dare to hit my son?
I'll show who the politician is!
Brother, we'll kill him here.
We can look at him, later.
First, take the car.
My stomach is upset.
Come on.
The police!
Good person.
This shouldn't have happened!
Oh, no!
Did you call him?
Why did he come here?
I didn't call. He might've seen
the poster and came.
Oh, no!
Keep quiet.
What did 'Abdul Kalam' say?
To punish the wrong...'
Was it said by 'Abdul Kalam'?
Why did you come here?
Where is my dad?
He drunk heavily.
Don't worry about him.
I've left him to sit with
the watchman, safely.
Where? Which watchman?
Watchman, sir...
Will you booze?
What's your salary?
What's your salary?
I asked, how much is your salary?
He is a great owner who paid
hefty to a watchman.
But, you aren't worried
of his demise.
He is a good person.
But, when I went to his house for
the alliance of his daughter,
He told, it'll happen only if he dies
and sent me out of the house.
I became enraged.
What I became?
I thought of threatening him with
Vyasarpadi thugs.
But, he said, he'll take care.
My son.
My son is very talented.
He'll immolate on the road itself
and clear the case.
Can anyone act against him?
Now, what happened?
He died.
The way is clear.
-Who is your son?
His name is Saravanan.
The one who looks fair.
He is there.
Dude, the police!
Don't move.
Instead of police, you said watchman.
I'll dance for the funeral
and then only leave.
Go away.
Who is Saravanan among you?
Myself, sir.
How did he die?
He got chest pain and fell down.
He died on the way
to the hospital.
Where did he fall?
Only here, sir.
-At the back.
Don't laugh at the death house.
Then, can we weep?
If you don't tell the truth,
I'll make you cry, really.
How long to go?
Still 10 to 15 kilometres, sir.
Why to go so long?
If you go straight and
take a U-turn, it'll come.
Hey, if he ask questions, twistedly...
We must give him
the same answers.
You've watched 'Papanasam' film,
When did I see?
You left me.
You shouldn't open the mouth.
Come down.
Was this the place where Anantharaman
fell down with heart attack?
Yes, sir.
Why did Anantharaman come
to a secluded place?
You've to ask him only, sir.
That's logic.
When Anantharaman got heart attack,
How where you here, exactly?
I can ask this logic to you, right?
Yes, sir.
Then, answer me.
My uncle has jaundice.
So, we came to get
the herbal leaves.
Uncle has jaundice?
Do you want me to believe this?
If you don't believe...
...you can check his urine sample
with boiled rice in coconut shell.
Shall I bring the rice in coconut shell?
Come on, dear.
Did I got three stars to see
how he piss?
His mother is out of station, sir.
I'll make all four of you
to piss, in a while.
If the one who did this incident
comes forward and accepts...
...I'll let off the other three guys.
Very good.
Then, are you that A1?
I didn't come forward, sir.
They only stepped back.
Can't you hear some sound?
Brother has got stomach upset.
Will it sound so high?
It's like the pistol sound.
Come, let's go and see.
Are you playing with me?
I'll count till 10.
It's good, if you accept the truth
by that time.
The gun was stuck.
Hey, no!
Oh, gosh!
You show pocket bullets to me?
Kneel down.
Kneel down.
I'll kill you, today.
You shot me in the toilet.
Why did Anantharaman come
to your toilet?
You've to ask him.
I'm coming.
Oh, no!
Dude, don't do like that.
He is getting tensed.
Hang him.
Lock him.
Dude, take that bottle.
Evidence... Evidence...
No tension.
He has given money for
my daughter-in- law's marriage.
He has given money for
eye surgery too.
He'll give money for
the education too.
Everything has gone.
We've made him frustrated
and locked up.
If we get caught, he'll break
our neck and give to us.
Better, we'll go to Jammu and Kashmir
and sell blankets for livelihood...
... rather than being here.
Why should we get scattered?
Now, his tress is in our hands.
I wouldn't come anywhere,
without her.
I'm Inspector Jayaraman, speaking.
Sir, do understand well,
what I'm saying.
You did a murder and
we've done too.
It's good if either of us
don't reveal it.
That's the deal.
Is it okay?
It's clear, you're managing
your best by laughing.
Straight away, come to the point.
Hey... Hey...
I'll escape so easily, saying
he shot me due to past enmity...
...and for my safety
I had to shoot him back.
Even God cannot save you.
Only 15 minutes time for you.
Just 15 minutes left.
I'll finish you by that time.
What happened?
Everything is over.
He will not leave us.
That's all.
Our life is over.
My family will be left in perils.
Don't worry.
If we're blessed by our deity,
he would definitely save us.
Why are you staring at the poison?
Is it to consume and die?
Keep it.
Keep it, inside.
Let's leave from here.
Wait, where are you going?
I'll tell Divya and come.
Don't you've sense?
Come, we'll go.
I'm telling you to keep it, inside.
Come on.
Oh, no! wait.
Oh, no! dude!
I betrayed you.
- What?
I didn't expect, this will happen.
What happened?
How did I do that?
I'll beat you to death and
make you lay along with him.
What did you do?
I went to the medical shop
for taking medicine, in the morning.
I was inebriated that time.
I got this anesthesia drug
instead of poison.
- What?
It's given before surgery.
It'll work for only three hours.
So, he might wake up
in ten minutes.
Why did you do like this?
You're neither leaving me
to live nor to die.
I would've begged him
and got married.
You've blocked all the ways.
You've done all deeds
for sake of my love.
We've thrashed the policeman also.
Henceforth, everything is done.
I can't face Divya, ever.
On festival season,
he'll donate new attires.
My dear, how can you
leave me and go?
See, your son is calling you.
Who is she?
- Aathish..
Aathish, call him.
Call him as 'dad'.
Aathish, see your dad.
Some thing is happening
in this world.
Aathish, call him.
See your dad.
Your son is calling you.
I haven't seen this girl.
Who told you to get
anaesthesia drugs?
Big cheese, he is!
Leave it. We'll plan some other
day to kill him.
First, I should kill you.
Leave him.
Whatever it is, what to do
those people who are sitting...
...next to him and weeping
without being aware he is alive.
Leave it.
Some people have come alive
at the time of their burial.
You can still talk jovially.
Why are you coming dull?
Why it happened to uncle?
Dear, why did you abandoned me?
Dear, why did you abandoned me?
Why did you abandoned me?
What's this story about?
See your uncle.
Your Saroja has come.
Who is she?
Only last week, we did
'house warming ceremony'.
Has he built a new house?
Dear, you said that I'm
the beauteous, in this locale.
You left me saving all the property.
See your uncle.
You told, you'll take me
to the hotel tonight.
But, you've left alone.
See granny.
Hey, what he did?
We're struggling for single bedroom.
But, he has enjoyed his life
with triple bedroom.
You told to get job for your
brother-in-law in the harbour.
Did he say only that?
He told, he'll marry me
to his daughter.
Yes, he told that too.
Hey, no...no...
You've left.
What did you tell?
He'll get his daughter
married to me.
Only if you're alive, isn't it?
What are you doing?
He is in running away by
smashing the fruit.
See, how things are working?
Leave him, he is a lunatic.
Was ten minutes over?
He didn't get up.
Is he eating snacks in his dreams?
His mouth is opened.
He woke up.
He'll surely die now.
Someone give me coffee.
What is this?
What's this you've done?
-Did you all joined together?
Good, come on.
What the hell are you doing?
Where to come?
You cheated us.
How many wives do you've?
I'll hit you.
You've cheated us.
You shouldn't be spared.
You want to leave?
Dare to call Saroja?
How many times I cooked
dry fish for you?
What fault I did?
If we don't do mistakes in life,
then we are gods.
Those we do mistakes are humans.
You've challenged me intensely,
to prove your father as a bad person.
But, I gave only a small test
and he got caught.
See, he has tested him.
She might do something.
Divya! Stop.
Leave it, dude.
She will fresh up and come.
The movie was over.
You've got popcorn for us.
Look there, he hasn't died.
It's enough.
Stop it.
Uncle, he is very furious!
I've told you, right?
Someone would die in the upstairs.
Come on.
Run away.
Hey, not so serious scene.
Good selection.
-Thank you, sir.
Brother, you're the real 'A'.
- Thank you, sir.
He'll shoot again.
Oh, no!
Didn't I say?
At that time, he only
took him to the hospital.
But, he died on the way.
Not blessed enough!
Good soul.
He'll reach heaven.
At that time, he only
took him to the hospital.
But, he died on the way.
Today, in our programme,
We're going to watch about a person
who cheated these three women...
...and ruined their lives.
Excuse me, Madam.
Can I smoke here?
Don't talk, sir.
You've played in all these
women's lives.
This is our family issue.
You don't interfere in this.
Oh, dear!
What happened, sir?
What happened?
Sir, look at us.
Is it acting?
We'll fight today
and stay together, later.
Why did you cheat me?
You know, he is such a rascal?
Are you doing like this?
Chill, baby.
Did I do anything in this world,
not done by anyone?
She will not accept.
Leave it.
He is always like this.
Why are you quarreling, unwantedly?
Leave it.
Madam, three people are
in brawl outside.
Ask him.
Why are you holding me?
Why are they indulged in brawl?
I asked them, madam.
They're saying as your husband.
What? Husband?
Mani, don't go.
Oh, no!
Very good!
Sir, you've done the best.
Pity! you shot him dead
in the washroom.
Who are you?
Let it be.
Come to the place where I say,
pay five lakh rupees and get the video.
Hey, Jayaraman!
Is the money ready?
It's ready!
Very good.
Were four of our guys with cap
are coming in the boat?
Hey, go that way.
Hey, only three guys
are wearing the cap.
Why only three of you
are wearing the cap?
Another one fell in the water.
That's why covered with a sheet.
Is it?
Look, how I'll manage.
Hey, Jayaraman.
I've cheated you with one cap,
only three will be remaining, then.
Enough of laughing.
Ask your guys to tell the password.
Tell him the password.
-Okay, boss!
Sir, it's Vambu bayanthara.
That one.
Sir, I got it.
Am I right? Through it.
Hey, start the boat.
Hey, stop.
They're leaving.
Wait, we'll come.
If I get caught of you,
I'll thrash you.
Hang up the call, 'Bad word'.
You keep on talking...
Oh, no!
I forgot to say him the password.
We've got the money.
Then what?
Leave it.
That's right.
I'm the lord of death to you.
Sir, pizza.
Say the password and take it.
Didn't he come?
He came, gave it and left.
Hey, you!
It's the right password.
Take it.
Password correct!
A vehicle is standing, isolated.
Somehow, we must lift and dismantle
the parts and sell for profit.
Inspector Jayaraman is a strict person.
I've never told anyone
the reason for my hairloss.
Once, I asked him whether
he is a big shot?
He tweaked every strand
of my tress.
Oh, no!
That's Jayaraman.
A terrific person!
But, I made him tremble.
That's what I'm!
Worst than him.
Leave it, boss.
How does he know
our whereabouts?
He is Jayaraman,
who I mentioned about.
It's gone!
I'll close any case
in half an hour.
How long do you need?
Two years, sir.
We'll settle by then.
I just started the construction
of my house too.
Hey, wastrel...
Take that bag.
Sir, take the money
we've grabbed from you.
From me...
This cash!
Is this you?
Oh, no!
I've said by mistake.
Do I got caught by myself?
How do you know this place?
The jeep he has stolen was mine.
Hey, wastrel...
Sir, better excuse us.
Boss, I think we'll me immersed
in pool of blood as he is smiling high.
Don't panic me.
Damn! waste of five minutes.
Come on.
Show him.
Oh, good!
He is hitting hardly.
I can't.
He is dancing like Nagini.
Hey, don't do overacting.
I'll tweak out the brain
just like your tress.
No, sir!