A1 Express (2021) Movie Script

"Vande Mataram" -"Vande Mataram"
India celebrates as an Independent country.
India announces
Hockey as it's National game.
Independent India wins it's first
World Cup for Hockey
"Vande Mataram"
-"Vande Mataram"
"Vande Mataram"
-"Vande Mataram"
On the occasion of the
64th anniversary of our
famous and historic
Chittibabu Hockey ground,
and to honor the patron of our village,
Late. Chittibabu,
our beloved leader and
sports minister, Rao Ramesh
is gracing us with his
presence as the chief guest.
He is the beloved son of
Yanam's soil and the saviour
of the lower communities
and our beacon of light
there is our leader!
My respects to my brothers, sisters,
elders present here today...
Seeing the youngsters gathered here today..
I'm reminded of the
Great Poet Sri Sri's words.
"Love your nation, spread the goodness."
Sir that quote is by Gurujada Apparao.
That's why I said that.
Unless I blabber that
Valmiki wrote the Mahabharata
and Bhagavata was written by Vemana,
The media won't show
my face on their channels.
I decided to turn that around
And they'd publicize about this ground.
I give you my word today.
Our sportsmen's hockey sticks may be bent
I'll stand for you so
You don't have to bend.
I couldn't impede the freedom of players.
This historical ground as witness,
May we win the Cup this time!
I take leave.
Sir... Byte...
Sir... Byte...
What a waste...
Sir... you..
What brings you here?
They say this ground is historical?
Yes, Sir!
I wanted to ask the Minister about that...
But who'll give the information now...
You want this ground's history?
I know the right person.
- Come with me! I'll introduce him.
- Let's go.
Come! This is the Grandpa!
- Namaste!
- Namaste, Son!
Grandpa.. The Chittibabu
story you tell everyone
- tell him too..
- Alright...
Sure!! Definitely!
- I take leave.
- Okay.
- Thank you!!
- Tell them.
- Drink this juice first, son!
- Thank you!
- Chittibabu Sir...
- One Minute!!!
- Speak on the mic!
- Really?
Will it record everything I say?
We'll also show you on TV!
Chittibabu is not just a statue..
He's our God.
I was 16...
Even though India became
independent of British Rule in 1947...
The areas ruled by the French
weren't independent till 1954.
Including Yanam, they
remained French colonies.
It was the advent of
Genetic Farming in India.
The French Businessmen believed that
setting up Fertilizer factory
would reap rich profits.
That's when the real problem started.
The effluents from the factory
were let into to the rivers and the oceans.
They decided to build
the factory on this ground...
In the region where
the ocean and river met.
But we wouldn't let go of our ground!
In that era, when land disputes arose...
They'd organize some competition,
and the winner won the land.
If it was Cricket for the British
The French had Hockey.
So the Fisherfolk and the Frenchmen
had a Hockey match.
The Frenchmen were strong.
They had money.
What did we have?
Who was there to help?
At the 1948 Olympics...
The only Telugu man to play for India
was Chittibabu.
The town's hopes were pinned on Chittibabu.
Not only did he play for the team...
He was also the coach.
He saw me & said
"I see no fear in your eyes".
He said I should be the
Goalkeeper for the team.
I didn't let them score a single goal!
The French lost to us by 3 goals.
Thereafter, The Governor
started supporting us.
He said, Sports make people healthy.
He returned our Ground to us.
This is not a mere ground to us.
This is our Chittibabu's temple.
- Hello, Brother?
- Yes, my dear?
Why'd you call at this hour?
Sanju's coming to Yanam on work...
Please take care of him...
Sanju's coming to Yanam??!
Why trouble him?
I'll do the job he's coming here for!
You're a college Principal.
You'd be busy...
He'll do it...
As you say...
You should be happy
your nephew is coming...!
He's like the festival
that falls on a Sunday.
Should we be happy for the festival..
Or be sad that it fell on a Sunday?
What did he do, Sir?
What will you be when you grow up?
Doctor... You?
I'll be an astronaut!
What about you, Sanju?
I'll marry your sister.
He's coming here with a plan...
If my daughter ends up liking him...
'I'll be your daughter's husband'
(On Tv)
And become your...
So funny...
My dear...
The exam tomorrow
- are you prepared?
- Yes, Dad!
What is (a + b)2?
Who discovered it?
You don't know!
What the heck did you study?!
It felt like Mike Tyson hit me...
Depression over Bay of Bengal...
(On TV)
To cause Cyclones.
It's boiling hot and a cyclone is coming?!
Right... right.
Serve me some lentil stew(Sambar)...
I need more!!
- Careful...
- Now, it's enough.
Would like some Sambar?
Aunty!! Your Sambar is matchless!
Reminds me of my childhood!
We had a great time, no?
He wanted to be an astronaut, Uncle!
He said he'd be my sister's ...!
How many time have I told you!?
Don't speak while eating!
You won't be able to swallow properly!
You were the one spoke first, Father!!!
I'm older, you ass!
I've experience in eating. You're a kid!
It'll choke your throat and you'll die!
Eat silently!
Eat silently!!!
One must eat silently.
Welcome, Sir!
- How're you?
- Good!
You come, very, very happy!
This is Mr. Arvind.
GM of Tetrostar Medical Company.
Sir! Welcome, Sir!
Please come in.
- Don't worry... OK?
- Sir!!
Mr Sharma has come from Delhi.
I'll take care of it.
See you.
Come, Sir.
Central Leader Sir! Body language Sir!
- Is this enough?
- Super Sir!
1, 2, 3!
Sharma Ji!!!!
Sharma JI!
- Namaste!
- Please Sit!
- Namaste!
- How're you, Sir?
You have come aways.
Tell me.
Please tell him, yourself.
Namaste, Rao Ramesh ji.
I'm Arvind.
Marketing Head, TetraStar.
Let's not talk shop.
And talk business.
The State of Andhra has...
Not a fruit to pelt,
Not a fruit to ripen
Not a bud to flower.
Not a Scorpion to bite...
Not a snake to crawl...
Not a leg to move...
Not the fate for anything.
Sir... They didn't get a thing!
You won't learn 2000 year old Telugu.
And you'll learn a newborn Hindi.
Is this right?
Sir is saying... you
anyway don't know Telugu.
Sir doesn't know Hindi!
Speak business in English.
- I can speak Telugu.
- Speak, Speak.
Tetra Star Medical Company
wants to build a factory in Yanam.
We need Mr Chittibabu Hockey Ground.
Which Ground?
The one you were invited to...
Talk.. Talk...
There are going to be
a lot of opportunities.
Like Hospitals, Shopping
malls, Multiplexes...
It'll help development.
That may be...
What about My development?
- He understands nothing!
- I'll explain!
What's your project value, Sir?
100 crores.
It's a big project!
Yes. 10% is your share.
If the work is smooth, 2% extra!
So, 12 crores?
Let's do it!
But, why THAT ground?
I'll show you another site.
15 acres in the centre of the city.
- Prime. Take it for free.
- Sir!
They'er taking care of us! We
need to take care of them too!
Take it... OK!
Sharma ji.. What's
this! I need that ground!
- Ask him!
- Hello!
- You don't want it?
- No, Sir.
- You want that ground?
- Yes Sir!
I want that ground alone. Nothing else.
Now tell me the real worth of your project!
Er... that...
I'll tell you. 500 crores!
I'm a PhD in corrupt politics.
That was a nice game
with a Sports Minister.
Now let's talk!
What's the percentage?
12% Sir.
- For 500 crores it'd be?
- 60 crores, sir.
Plus 1% for lying to me.
Plus 2% for speaking in Hindi,
15%, Sir!
75 crores fix!
Sir, GST!
That has to be paid!
It's uploaded in the system!
- Why...?
- Sharma Ji...
We're all in business.
He runs a company, I run a party.
Everyone needs money.
Work will done smoothly, Tell him...
I need 2 days,
to discuss with my boss and tell you.
Your boss...?
So you aren't the head?
Just the bed...
Sharma Ji, Why'd you waste my time
with this man?
Time waste...
Mr. Rao!
If I see you outside my house again,
No one will ever see you again.
Eh, that's quite a threat from your Uncle!
Have you learned a magic trick, Uncle?
- Magic... Bugger!
- Start the bike!!!
Go.. Go.. Go.!!!
Buggers! Not just them...
I'll break the bones of anyone
who dares look at my daughter.
You called?
I am talking about another idiot!
Idiots? Sathya... Your
dad's talking to you.
Yes, Dad?
- Are you an idiot?
- NO!
- Play your game!
- Ok.
Sathya, come...
Who was that about and
why does uncle seem tensed?
It's about my sister's classmate, Mahesh.
He is a nice chap but is a bit dark.
Yeah, right! Like we are qualified
to talk about colour.
If you have his photo, show me.
He dares flirt with a girl
from this household?!
Tell me what to do.
- But why?
- Say.
- Why?
- Say.
Shall we go and hit him?
Yup, hit him.
- Yes, hit him.
- Let's go and hit him.
(movie playing on the television)
If you are Nanda,
I am BhadriBhadrinath (on TV)
So what?
Sanju, stop the bike. Stop!
- You
- Why did he come here suddenly?!
Stop! Stop!
Where will you run off to?!
Brother-in-law, I get the picture.
You are here to hit me.
But, have I ever misbehaved with Divya?
I am genuinely in love
with her, brother-in-law'.
Who do you think you are
calling me 'brother-in-law'?!
Satya. I am Satya, here.
If you are Satya, I am
Vitta... Mahesh Vitta.
- So waht...?
- What nonsense!
Let him go!
Hey, sit down. Sit down.
Sit down.
Why are you shouting? He is right here.
I've gone mad.
Get your phone.
Get your phone out.
Look at this girl here.
I don't want this girl. I want his sister.
Come here.
Who was talking about you?
I like this girl.
Do you know her?
- You said you came for me
- Bro, not this girl
Look at the girls beside this one.
Look how beautiful they
are with that makeup on.
Oh shit!
If you want, I can fix you up with
any one of those girls.
Forget about this girl.
That is exactly what I'm saying.
Look at those girls beside her.
They have a lot of make up on and have
their hair in weird hairdos and look fake.
But look at this girl.
She looks very natural without make up
and has a sweet smile.
She looks very real.
In this day and age,
I don't if we can find good people or not.
But finding people who
are real is very difficult.
It's rare to find a girl like that.
Shouldn't I introduce myself to her, then?
You saw all that in a single photo?
Wow! All knowing one!
But just between us,
let me tell you something.
That woman is a very big goon.
We are specialists in dealing with goons.
What's that girl's name?
What does she do?
Where does she live?
At dawn, the rays of the sun, pour down on you
and cool down when they hit the ground.
Even as you speed up your bike and ride the roads,
All the eyes are on you.
You are an arrow in flight,
My heart's racing
Have your breakfast and leave.
Take the sacred fire.
Didn't you ask for money
to buy a new hockey kit?
You are an arrow in flight,
My heart's racing
and keeps beeping like an alarm
with the sound of a siren.
Did the moon slip from the skies
and turn into you and
is now riding a bike?
Shall I like you on FaceBook,
Follow you on Twitter
And post on Instagram
with a filter and ping you?
When my eyes see you,
My heart leaps
And when you are in front of me,
I am tied to you.
Even lord Yama would wink at you
When he sees you, he will lose his breath.
My heart keeps on pushing me to seek you
But I lose my balance and stay still.
Wouldn't the poets would lose their heads trying to
explain your uniqueness?
Even the lightening shines brightly.
Shines brightly like you.
Even the stars in the
skies stand in a queue
When they see you
smile, they fall down.
When you keep smiling again and again,
The jasmines turn jealous
They jump off the branch
Fall down and wither away.
You are an arrow in flight,
My heart's racing
and keeps beeping like an alarm
with the sound of a siren.
At dawn, the rays of the
sun, pour down on you
and cool down when
they hit the ground.
You are an arrow in flight,
My heart's racing
and keeps beeping like an alarm
with the sound of a siren.
This is the college my father works at.
Don't the girls in the college your
father works at, have boyfriends?
Even lord Yama would wink at you When
he sees you, he will lose his breath.
Wouldn't the poets would lose their heads trying to
explain your uniqueness?
Even the stars in the
skies stand in a queue
When they see you
smile, they fall down.
When you keep smiling again and again,
The jasmines turn jealous
They jump off the branch
Fall down and wither away.
Where she has gone to...?
She's looking at us...
She's gonna hit us!
I am not that one.
Why us? Sathya...
You wait!!! Where do you
think you're going?!
You cheated me!
How dare you?!
I'll kill you today!
- Stop it, Madam.
What should I do?!
Praise the Lord...
Madam.. Please, please stop!!
Hit him!!! Not me!!
Stop you...
Please stop her anyone.
Madam, please listen me.
- Let me go.
Please understand...
Madam! What is this?!
Dont do this, madam!
Hands up.
Hands up, madam.
Who the hell are you guys?
Wewewe are
We are your fans, madam.
What do you mean?
A while ago, you overtook two
fellas on your bike, right?
We are the ones who lost to you, madam.
But when I saw you
riding a bike better than me,
I came to tell you that I became your fan
I have many such kind of fans.
If you dont mind, can we sit down
and talk for two minutes?
I am tired.
What do you want to talk about?
Well... why did you hit him?
I am a Hockey player.
I have to focus on my game.
I practice morning and evening!
How'd I get time to study?
That idiot... his name is Vishnu
The college topper!
He fell in love, didn't study
I copied his paper and failed!!
He deserved to be thulped!
Great... Great...
- Great... Great...
I have another exam tomorrow!
I don't how I'll manage that!
Madam... Please calm down.
Please don't raise the stick...
Please sit.
Listen to me, Please.
Is that all?
You'll write the exam tomorrow.
I'll make sure you do.
Madam! Those who trust their
fans have never been cheated!
We are very special fans.
Trust me.
A daughter-in-law, devoid a
mother-in-law, is noble. (Telugu Proverbs)
A Mother-in-law, without a daughter-in-law,
is virtuous. (Telugu Proverbs)
For one, who is starving gruel is ambrosia.
(Telugu Proverbs)
Why are you quoting irrelevant
and meaningless examples?
Is your conversation meaningful?
Is there a connection
between us and studies?
How are you going to
her pass the examinations?
I dont know the nitty-gritty details
I like her...
and I have given my word
that I will help her pass.
That means, you will help her study.
Hey, this idea sounds good???
You mean now, you will help her study
and make her pass the exam.
Did you bring slips?
I swear, I know nothing, Sir.
I know, you know nothing.
That's why...
Take it. Use it.
Copy from it.
- What, Son?
Do you know why I came to Yanam?
I swear, I know nothing.
Well, I wanted to get married to Divya
Unfortunately, I
have fallen in love with
another girl and decided
to get married to her.
Thank god!
She said that she wouldnt get married
until and unless she clears her exams.
She is a student in
the college you work at.
Will she definitely
marry you, if she passes?
I swear, Uncle
-Oh God!
I swear on myself, Uncle.
Thank God!!!
Sir... Sir, Sir!!!!
Yes, Son?
She's cheating, Sir.
Lavanya... Hide it!!!
Where, Son?
- With her, Sir!
Where, Son?
It was there, Sir.
What's your jealousness?
Concentrate on your paper!!!
You go ahead.
Hey, why did you come here?
My coach is really strict.
No one can come inside!
I made you pass. You couldn't say thanks?
I won't.
You did it because you like me.
It wasn't some great social service.
Hello..Hello... Madam!
You have too much expectations.
I'm not interested in you.
Like Mr Venkatesh in the movie 'Raja'.
I can see your success from
a distance like your friend.
A fan yesterday
A friend today.
What's your plan for tomorrow?
Every relationship needs an upgrade.
One needs to get to the next level.
A fan yesterday, Friend today.
Who knows about tomorrow?
Let's see.
That's my number.
Save it under 'friend'.
Hey, play well...
Give me...
Throw like this... not like that
Lavanya... get up.
Present Sir.
Sorry sir.
[Humming Song]
Why are you here?
I came for you... because you came
into my dream last night.
Shut up bro, I know you
came to see Lavanya.
Then, why are you asking me?
Show her to me.
On one condition,
If you help my love life, I'll help yours.
Come on time..
- Good lord. The Coach!
Hey Mahesh!
Good morning, Sir!
You guys carry on.
- OK, Sir.
Why'd you skip practice?
Sir.. Err...
- Who is this?
Cousin, Sir
Yes, Sir..
- He doesn't look like your cousin...
I was born at midnight, he, at dawn.
Correct Sir... 6:30am.
He is famous body builder, Sir.
Cousin, show him your muscles!
- Yes, Sir?
Cousin, not like that!
Yes.. I'm a body builder, Sir.
Yes, Sir
He is great bodybuilder.
He hasn't practiced and has become weak.
That's why you can't see them.
If you could permit him...
Well, running around this track twice,
will help reduce body fat.
But, only if you agree to it.
If you dont approve, we will not do it.
Run on the track alone
without disturbing anyone.
OK, Sir!
Done, Sir.
- Okay, Sr.
Lower your hands.
- It's OK!
15 rounds daily.
OK Sir.
I'll show my play ground, follow me.
Hold it like this
and hit it like that...
If that doesn't work, listen to the Coach.
Who's he?
My cousin Sir. I took
the Coach's permission.
That won't be enough.
I'm incharge!
Did you take my permission?!
Bro, Just say Good morning!
Good morning, Sir!
- Good morning!
Have a good run!
Sir, Crow droppings is there on your head.
Who's that? He's threatening children.
He just looks like King Kong,
but he's like Kung Fu Panda.
Where's your shoe?!
Who's that Vita?
My friend, Sir. Sunny Leone.
Bye, Sir!
- Bye Sunny!
2 more rounds, Vita!
- OK!
You won't be allowed
here again without shoes!
He's a School PT master.
Our Coach lets them to use the ground.
Your coach has a big heart.
Who is he?
Asif. He transferred here from Bengaluru.
District Vice Captain.
Coach's Pet.
But he has more airs than the Coach.
He scared of me.
Asif... Vitta calling you Justin Bieber.
Why Bro?
- That's why... to rag you!
Just finding who is afraid of whom.
Bro.. Lavanya, Bro!
Here, take.
Come on.
Bro... No!!
Don't worry... now I'm
her friend, not a fan.
Why are you here?
I called you thrice and
messaged you 4 times. No reply.
Tell me why?
Do friends do this?
Its cause you are my
friend, I was confident
enough to come up
to you and ask you.
If I was really interested in you...
I would worry about you getting offended
or not speaking to me anymore.
That's the freedom in Friendship!
I have a song for you in this mood.
"Love means caring... friend means sharing"
Vitlapuram Mahesh Rao!
How many times have I told you,
Call me Vitta!
Mahesh Vita
-Get lost!
I named you after me and my dad!
I WILL call you that!
- Your grandpa?
Yes Bro... You see the Chittibabu statue?
The last of his generation.
80 not out!
He was a good friend of his!
You're a hockey player, Grandpa?
Yes, I am!
Oh God! You had to ask him!!
Chittibabu is a God for this town.
You're standing on the soil
the God walked on, you know?
Grandpa, someone is calling you.
Hey, come on... run...
- Who's it?
What's this?
Please see the next one...
Nothing to see here.
Make something that'll go viral!
Rao Ramesh is the political
mentor for Jagan and Chandrabu!
Do that..
So that's over the top...
One when it's over the top, would it trend
you're getting paid for it!
OK, Sir.
Sir, A call.
- Turn on the speaker...
Sir, Chittibabu Hockey
Ground has a hoary history!
Who the heck is that?
Sports Director Raghu, Sir.
Raghu, Yes, Tell me.
An Academy on that Ground
has given the State many players.
A few days ago, you gave
a speech at that Ground, Sir.
The ground has a great history, Sir!
Enough with the history!!!
Have you never seen my cutouts "The living
legend, leader that created history."?!
Enough with the bullshit.
I need that ground for Lease for
a Hospital. Can you get it done?!
Tell me that first!
Nothing illegal.
There's only one way.
Only legally.
Tell me that first!
We do only legally, not illegally.
This Academy is authorized
by the Govt to select State players.
If an Academy doesn't perform well,
It gets pushed to the
Under-performing category.
Such Academy Grounds go up for lease.
Then do it...
But, Sir...
At least 2 players per
year from the past 4 years...
have been selected from this academy.
The Coach gives fantastic training too.
Shahrukh Khan?
Most Indians think Shah Rukh
Khan is the Hockey Coach.
No one cares about the coach.
Tell me what to do, to push the
academy in Under-performing category.
They shouldn't participate
in any tournament.
None of their players
should be selected in A category
Let's do it, then.
Sir, the players will
definitely get selected!
- Make sure they don't.
But they'll question who's doing this...
Manage the situation...
What shall I say, Sir?
Say, Illuminati.
The Illuminati?!
If we get caught red-handed,
blame something that can't be seen,
and people will keep
wondering and we escape...
That is Illuminati.
Proof sir?
Proof is only for the Truth.
Lies don't.
Whose quote is this?
Must be some great poet, Sir.
Aravind Swamy did. In the film Dhruva.
Yes! I remember.
Go do the job.
Sir... My promotion...
Get the job done first.
- What kind of sports director he is...?
Hello... Angry bird!
You want me to drop you?
Get lost!
You flirt.
I'm flirt, right!
But not stupid.
Why do you like me?
Everyone has two characters in their soul.
1. Someone whom everyone knows
2. Someone whom we alone know!
Each time I meet you...
That second person come.
I like him very much.
So, pure selfishness!
Elders always say...
to never trust a man... and
to be careful around them...
Because of men like you.
At first, boys like me
will rouse your suspicions.
But as you keep meeting us,
you would begin to trust us.
Give it some time,
I am sure you would definitely like me.
Whenever you hear my call
and turn to look at me...
I have to undivided
attention for 3 seconds.
That feeling
Doesnt matter if its Sunday or Monday,
I think of you all week.
I was your fan until yesterday.
You turned me into your boyfriend.
I am your amigo.
Girl, dont leave me. No.
I am your amigo.
Girl, dont leave me. No
Hey girl, you are the
rainbow in my skies.
My way is littered with
your beautiful smiles.
Just cause you asked, the
clouds came down as rain.
I follow you around,
And finally found peace
for this heart filled with love.
I just got a little close to you.
Oh my god, its so real.
Time has stopped
And at its end, flowers blossom.
I am shining bright and new.
My days are turning beautiful.
In this lifetime, this
is enough for me.
I am with you every moment
and this is enough for me.
Someday my dreams will come true
You erased the line between
love and friendship.
Doesnt matter if its Sunday or Monday,
I think of you all week.
I was your fan until yesterday.
You turned me into your boyfriend.
I am your amigo.
Girl, dont leave me. No.
I am your amigo.
Girl, dont leave me. No
I don't drink...
I drink rarely
I thought you'd give me company...
It's OK.
It's made with Barley, no?
Heard it's good for the heart. I googled it
I'll start today
I can't make up a better lie.
- Thank you.
Why this beer sitting?
All OK?
I'm OK.
I'm done.
I have been confused since morning.
That's why... this is my second beer.
Ok, My parents will be here..
Let's go..
Wait.. Wait..
Your parents aren't home?
Why did you ask me to climb the ladder?
I could have taken the stairs, right?
I wanted to see if you
could scale the wall for me.
It's OK.
You did struggle.
You aren't interested in me at all?
You aren't interested in me at all?
You're lying.
Open your eyes.
If I open you can't move
Doesnt matter if its Sunday or Monday,
I think of you all week.
I was your fan until yesterday.
You turned me into your boyfriend.
I am your amigo.
Girl, dont leave me. No.
I am your amigo.
Girl, dont leave me. No
Who is that?
Oh... He came with Vitta.
He's been with Lavanya quite a bit.
Lavanya too...
Who's he?
This is a ground.
Players have a discipline.
It'll become a market if
all and sundry come here.
Look, Asif.
You're in the men's team,
I, in the Women's Team.
That's All. Correct me in my game.
But my personal life is not your business.
Good news!
An open tournament for all clubs in India.
Dhyanchand Memorial Academy
has hosting it for 60 years!
Namaste, Sir!
Namaste. Is Raghu in?
He's talking about the tournament.
Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Trivandram,
Chandigarh, Amritsar...
Chennai 6 times hosting this tournament.
Now, Mohali from Punjab state
is hosting this tournament.
I'll wait here
They didn't allow us to come for trials.
I wonder if they've cornered us in purpose
Our ground is in the
underperforming category.
Everyone's speculating this ground
will be leased to someone.
But Raghu didn't tell me...
How could he? He signed the order...
The kids are good!
You didn't select even one?
They have sidelined Dist. Captain, Nasser.
His tea is good!
Biscuit, even better! Come!
Don't change the subject.
What can I do if the Board didn't select?
Why is our Ground in the
Underperforming Category, Raghu?
The Academy has no funds.
Give me the tea!!
If there are no funds...
a Ground goes into the
Underperforming Category,
Lease it out and develop
another ground with that Money
The rules and regulations are clear.
But why our ground?!
We didn't get selected this year alone!
They get selected every year!
The kids that come to
practice are dirt poor!
They can't afford an education
without an achievement in sports!
Why are you doing this?!
You don't know the
difficulties of being a G.O.
Politicians, Superiors and their pressure!
After a lifetime of signing
wherever they ask me to sign...
my hands are ready for surgery!
Let it go...
I can only do you a favour as a friend.
So you will help me?
Not with the Ground.
No way!
I'll speak to the Sports Minister myself.
You'll talk to the Sports
Minister yourself?!
He's the one who asked me to sign!
Who's this Raghu?
Sir... I told you about Mr Murali...
The Coach
The Army Man?
Namaste, Sir
- Tell Me...
Tell me...
Our kids went for selection...
But no one got selected, right?
If they play irresponsibly,
how will they be selected?
The Govt's funds, your hard work...
all gone to waste...
No, No Sir... The boys were good..
Then they should've been selected.
The selection process was wrong.
Let me...
- Sir... Let me tell them, Sir!!!
If the kid fails, the teacher is at fault.
Not the Education Minister.
Sir is a Minister!
Sir, that's not what he meant.
I'll tell you sir, in a way
you can understand.
Why is our Ground in the
Underperforming Category?
Every year 4 players get selected.
This was the only year...
That's why the Underperforming Category.
The money from Leasing
an Underperforming Ground
can be used to develop 6 grounds!
We'll make sure you remain Coach.
And the Lease is for a good cause.
For a Hospital...
How long can people
travel for medical facilities?
We too need a Multi Specialty Hospital!
You know...
A farmer's son...
couldn't reach a hospital in time...
and lost his life.
His parents too died of grief.
His brother became a naxalite.
Sir.. That's a movie script.
These memes, I tell you...
Make movie scripts
look like real life stories.
I'll do you a favour.
There's a ground near the Bus Stand
I'll sanction the funds..
And make it an Academy.
Let's take the students
and the Statue there..
And practice there happily...
- Good idea, Sir...
No Sir...
Give that Ground to the
Hospital and let ours be. Please.
I know what to do...
What the heck is this...
- Sorry, Sir.
Sir, Take him away!
- Come, Let's go!
One minute...
What are you staring at?
You're angry?
You want to kill me?
- Sir... No Sir...
Take it...
- NO... NO Sir!!!
Take the Gun. It's OK. Take it
Take it, My dear.
What's this?!!!
He took the gun, to shoot me!
He's an Army man, Sir!
Yes, The Army
You couldn't advice him?
I'll tell him Sir... I will...
Get up.. Get Up!
Come... Let's go.
Sir. Sorry Sir. We'll leave.
You wanted to shoot him?
We were fortunate!
The Minister has other plans.
His plans are none of your business.
Is it his business to
say my players are bad?
So your players are
the best in the world...
A Tendulkar, a Rohit Sharma..
- It's done Sir.
OK. Leave.
Didn't you say your players were amazing?
Here. The Dhyanchand Tournament Fixers.
Play, win the tournament
and get your recognition.
Then the people will say,
your players are the best
Not you! Understood?
The Hospital next to a
bus-stand makes sense...
It does.. But...
I think the Hospital is a
front for something bigger.
I just can't figure what it could be...
What if we file an RTI?
- Yes, Sir.
Asif's Brother is a lawyer.
Maybe he could help us legally...
Would he help?
- Let's ask, Sir
The LS Mills Girl's
Tournament is coming up...
We need to select the team
What are you on about?!
I don't know how to save the Ground.
And you come...
State Players list is ready sir.
So what?
I need to select the Girl's team, Right?
Yes, Sir.
I'll do it then.
- Sir!
Come here.
Select the players for the
LS Mills Girls tournament.
Yes Sir.
- Yes, Sir.
Asif's decision is final.
Come, Bhoopal.
Sneha, Ramya Pair Up.
Come On.
Forwards Pair up.
If you beat the Center Line
Defence, You're selected Asif!!!
What about the Boy's team?
Ask them to get ready first.
You go and tell the goalkeeper.
- Okay.
What are boys doing here
during Girls' Selection?
Get out! Out!!!
- Get out!!
Hey... yeah?
Who's my partner?
You aren't selected. Get out.
So girls. Get ready.
Didn't you say...
That I could question the game
and not your life?
Your performance is
bad. So not selected. Sorry
You're making a mistake, Asif.
Excuse me? What do you mean?
Didn't you hear what Sir said?
My decision is final.
You are out of the team. Leave.
Dude... she's angry
You're angry? Is it a warning?!
I asked you to get out!
You're holding a grudge against me!
What's she on about?!
Get out...
- Get out!!!
Don't you understand?!
Waste of time!
Let's go
What happened?
Nothing. Let's go.
Tell me...
You're not selected. Get out!
He says my game is bad
That I have no discipline.
No Discipline? What's
he thinking about himself?!
Chuck him up, Come on!
I'll handle it.
- Okay.
Let me talk to him.
No need.
Listen to me... Lavanya.
I'll talk to him. Come.
I want all the markings to be set.
No changes in the last minute.
Not another word...
Keep quiet!
What do you want?
Lavanya has to play.
The thing is...
Hands off...!
OK.. Cool
The thing is...
Please take her in the team, Bro.
- You sure?
- Yes..
Ok, Lavanya. Bro is scared. Let's go.
Come here...
Who's scared?
- You, Boss!
If you reject a player without trials,
it means you're scared.
It's OK, Bro. I understand you're a sissy.
Let's go, Lav.
I'm ready for trials.
But who's ready to play with her?
You'll be selected in the
team if you play with her.
Is anyone ready?
No one wants to play with her, Boss.
Because everyone knows she's a dummy.
Wait.. I'm still talking...
Why don't YOU play?
Me? I can't.
Why because... Why because...
Because Bro is a Warrior!
He's gallant!
He won't play with women.
Send the men if you have any...
The boys have left... So don't worry!
Oh no! Still, Boys are here...
I need to escape.
Hey Mahesh!!!!
Hey Mahesh!!!!
- Bro, Sorry Bro!!
Listen, Son.
He can't even hold a stick...
I would catch it if I saw it.
Where do they come from?!
Asif. I'm ready.
Girl. Don't do this...
It's OK. Hold the stick.
I'll take care.
No listen..
Listen to me!!!
Please listen to me, Lavanya.
Please listen to me...
- First, you don't worry.
Hitting during the game is a foul...
It's not a fight. Be careful...
Hold it properly!
It's OK if we lose.
But we'll have self respect.
I'll run to the front.
Pass the ball immediately.
I'll take care of the rest.
Ball... passing... OK.
Lavanya... If we score a goal,
And if you got selected in the team...
We should enjoy with beer sitting.
Pass the ball first...
Zero seriousness!
So, you think I can't
pass the ball at least.
Don't think he's like a Abhimanyu
who had only half the tricks.
So, dont celebrate early.
He is Arjuna who can chase
the challenge and emerge victorious.
Do you think youve trapped me?
Or are you sweating because of fear?
Are you underestimating
him because he is only one?
Wouldnt you fall down from
your seats when the game is on?
Pack Your Bags And Leave Home
Man I Got You Dethroned,
I Got Enemies All Around Me,
But Man Im In The Safe Zone,
Cos I Got Friends Who Hold My Back
No, I Aint Going Back,
The way he's holding the stick...
He's definitely a player!
You're able to see that far?
Shut up and Look at his game!
Friendship is the
strength, friend is a blessing
You need nothing else
if youve got good friends.
This is true.
Friend who would
even sacrifice his life.
There is no caste or religion in friendship.
Everything is equal.
If you pick on my friends,
thats it. You are done!
Now that weve got ourself moving.
No matter what you do, we wont stop
Defeat is going to shake in its boots
this speed is dangerous!
You keep asking,
You mess with us,
Now, you are going crazy
You might break your neck
and open your mouth in wonder!
You were flying high and now,
how will it look if you fall?!
Don't think he's like a Abhimanyu
who had only half the tricks.
So, dont celebrate early.
He is Arjuna who can chase
the challenge and emerge victorious.
Sanju... pass!
He is Arjuna who can chase
the challenge and emerge victorious.
Do you think youve trapped me?
Or are you sweating because of fear?
Are you underestimating
him because he is only one?
Wouldnt you fall down from
your seats when the game is on?
What are you looking at? Go...
These aint fans brother.
This is my family for life.
This aint a gang brother.
Hey, move...
I got armies by my side,
I got haters everywhere
But I dont care about that
I got friends who got my back
Man, Im coming with my pack.
Give me the stick.
Don't think he's like a Abhimanyu
who had only half the tricks.
So, dont celebrate early.
He is Arjuna who can chase
the challenge and emerge victorious.
No shock, no fear,
he stands in front of the challenge.
He closes his fists.
He tackles the challenge head on
This is just a sample.
The entire picture
will be revealed soon.
Dont be impatient.
Why do you need a herd?
He is an unstoppable dangerous tsunami.
He is a high voltage man,
made of thunder and lightning.
As soon as you face him, you will burn.
When he comes into the picture,
you will have to shut shop.
You are going to fall
down flat on your face.
Your dreams are going to be crushed
You are going to lose your mind, your
direction and that is the end for you.
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Lets go get it!
Come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
I told you, He's a player!!!
Grandpa... This is beyond you...
I've been running around
with the State Players list.
He's no player. It
was a fluke.. That's all!
How will you find him
in the State Players list?
Vicky, dont swing the bat.
Sir, this is Abdulla, Asifs brother.
Hello Sir...
- Hello Sir, how are you?
I am good and what about you?
- All good sir.
We have filed RTI, as you know sir.
We have received report.
What did the report say?
The whole area is around 10 acres sir.
Leaving only acre to hospital...
they allotted the rest of 9 acres to
Tetra Star Medical Company.
What is Tetra Star, sir?
Tetra Star is a multinational
Medical company.
Many countries have banned this firm sir.
Even in our country too, most of the
states have banned the company.
If that Company sets its foot here,
not only this ground...
but the adjoining 14 villages
will get adversely affected, sir.
How to stop this company
from making an entry, sir?
There is only one way to do it.
This ground should be delisted from
the underperforming category.
To achieve that, we dont require
to win the Dhyan Chand tournament...
but only need to defeat
Francis club in qualifier.
Then, we will have the chance
to get gag order from the court, Sir.
Yes man! This is the only way out.
But, one thing only registered clubs
can participate in the tournament.
If that is so, shall we
start a club and register it.
Dont take so lightly.
To start and register a club,
you should possess a home ground.
Even to consider the academic ground on
which you practice regularly as yours'...
you have to shell down 12
lakhs to our department as rent...
5 lakhs for registration...
and miscellaneous amounts to
various people to get work done.
Total expenditure will be 20 lakhs.
You mean to say, if money is there,
we can achieve it.
You are taking about Money!
To pay fees for your daughter,
when you sold your bullet, I bought it.
To this day, my wife nags
me about why I bought
the vehicle, when
dont know how to ride it.
Are you contemplating
about selling your house?
Even if you planning to sell it,
I dont have the money.
You may ask why?
I have kept the cheque
book in my wifes locker.
Here take the money.
What is this?
I sold my home.
Are you insane?
Dont deliver shocking news to me
I am a sugar patient.
How could you sell your house?
You have two nubile girls at home.
How can you perform
your daughters
marriage, if you have
sold the lone property?
Money will not help now.
Application should have been registered
six months earlier.
Listen to me, give their money back and
get you house re-registered on your name.
Here, see the application bears
date of registration as six months back.
Will you know sign...
Or should I pay any kickbacks to you.
You will not progress.
You will not progress.
You will not progress.
Thank you.
You will come back with same speed
with which you are proceeding now.
To play that tournament,
five state players are required.
What is his name?
You may manage by including
a jack, jill or somebody.
But a national player is a must in
the squad. How do you overcome that?
Not just a national player,
I have an international player with me.
Who is he?
Sundeep Naidu.
India-A under 21 team of 2014.
He is bigger wacko than you.
Do you know he was expelled from the
team because of his mental instability?
Now he is back.
Oh God!
What these two mental
people will do together?
What a pleasant surprise?
They said you will not venture out?
You have come to Wedding!!!
Aa, but his lovers
marriage is underway, right?
So came to witness
his emotional outpouring.
Dont worry my boy, my
first love too was a flop.
Didnt I marry your granny?
Your fathers love too was a fiasco
He has married your mother then, right?
Love failure is in our hierarchical genes.
You will find a very good and noble girl.
Ha.. Dont feel distraught, my boy.
Bro... Bro...
you know, you will feel bad,
then why did you come for wedding bro.
No Bro, I loved her from my heart.
She too sincerely told that
our love will not work out
but bro what to do?
Pain still exists.
Anyhow, You boys are great bro?
- Stop grieving, my child.
Mother, She is Lavanya.
Hey, Introduce her to me.
Wait Mom, I doubt whether
she will talk to me or not, now.
I'll try.
Listen to me.
Ok, Sorry.
I have apologised, right.
Hi Sir...
you are ex-hockey player Sanju
Oh, Sorry, Sundeep, right?
I know an acquaintance by name Sanju.
I like him very much.
He is the first male person
to pillion-ride my bike.
He doesnt know how to play hockey.
A small confusion with the name
Now I got clarity.
Take pity!
Look at him, dear girl.
What have you got to
lose, slippery little fish?
Are men like disposable plastic cups?
What makes you think you
are better than our guy here?!
We are single and we rock.
We are the ones who
will paint away the white
marble of Taj Mahal in
colors and make merry.
We are dare devils!
We are single and we rock.
But if you want to go out with us, We
will cordon you off and steal your heart
We are first rate thieves.
We are single and we rock.
Take pity, dear!
Take a look at him, girl.
We are single and we rock.
What have you got to lose,
slippery little fish?
We are single and we rock.
Are men like disposable plastic cups?
We are single and we rock.
What makes you think you are better
than our guy here?!
We are single and we rock.
We are single and we rock.
She is fair and
lovely; Its not a bother.
I will make sure your
skin doesnt get a sunburn.
What have you got to lose?
Even her ego is really charming.
That gives me such a high
Dont try to make a fool of us.
When she is beside me,
Even the sun light turns into snow.
Be careful and watch out for her father
Hush now, lower your volume.
I will sign over the RK beach to her.
Maybe the people of Vizag will thrash you.
So, stop these grand declarations.
Dimpled beauty, Lavanya.
Even if you get fat, I will still love you.
Doesnt matter, I will always come to you
even if there is a traffic jam on the way.
I will become the
flower in your hair.
The wedding procession
is ready, lets go.
My heart is yours, baby. If you
grace my dreams, its all birds and bees.
We are single and we rock.
Take pity, dear!
Take a look at him, girl.
We are single and we rock.
What have you got to lose,
slippery little fish?
We are single and we rock.
Are men like disposable plastic cups?
We are single and we rock.
What makes you think you are better
than our guy here?!
We are single and we rock.
We are single and we rock.
Love is nothing but trash.
Watch out or else it will all crumble to ashes.
As soon as I saw
you, it began, this race
This race with a goal to
earn a place beside you.
You brought along my
happiness along, with you.
I am an empty glass
and you are the fruit juice.
Your crazy thoughts
refuse to leave my mind
You are imprinted on me like a tattoo.
My dear lovely parrot.
Let me gift you with a diamond locket.
If you marry me, you will be well settled.
I swear on your father.
My sweetling, come to
me and lets make this work
I am ready to turn into those
earrings that keeps caressing you.
Come to me, my wonder women
Come and turn my house into heaven.
I am your iPhone 11
Come on, subscribe to me with a click.
When you step out,
I will hold out an umbrella for you.
When you step out,
I will hold out an umbrella for you.
When you step out,
I will hold out an umbrella for you.
When you step out,
I will hold out an umbrella for you.
We are single and we rock.
We are single and we rock.
good news for you.
We are registering our academy as a Club.
So we are going to participate in the
Dhyan chand memorial tournament.
WoW. Super.
First time...
First time we are going to represent Yanam.
Every district has its own club. And
Francis club Vizag represents it, right?
Yes, Khayyum.
Thats why we are playing
qualifier match against them.
Winning that match will enable our ground to
be delisted from the underperforming category.
Hi, Sir..
Sorry for the late...
- Sundeep
He is my cousin.
Hi Sir...
Come.. Join the team.
How is that possible sir..?
We don't have a national
player to form a club.
We do have.
2014, Junior Indian team captain...
Mr. Sundeep Naidu.
Welcome to the team Sundeep.
Sir... sir.. Sorry Sir.
If I had been told this before,
I would not have come here.
I thought that you call
me for a casual meet.
That day I helped Lavanya
while she was in trouble.
Now, I can't play hockey.
Please Sir... sorry.
Sundeep, Once listen to what I am telling..
Let me finish...
- Please sir.
Please sir.
I need to settle down...
I should take care of my Mom...
I have a lot of responsibilities Sir.
Don't take me wrong.
Sir, why are you pleading with him..?
Only one who is passionate
about his nation can play?
What is he?
Get lost.
Hey Asif...
Behave yourself. Just a minute.
Sir please please
Why are you trying to stop him sir?
He is telling truth.
Why are you requesting me sir?
If they had played well initially,
neither this ground would have fallen
into this category nor the situation
has arisen to request my help.
What did you say, bro?
Nation... passion...
Rhyming is superb
If he had focused this much
he would have won the world cup.
Hey what are you taking?
Hey Asif... Wait.
How dare you, you lay hands
on my team member, you rogue.
Do you think there is nobody to question?
Listen to me.
What do you know about him?
You dont have an iota of skills as
compared to sublime artistry in hockey.
You dont even deserve to watch him play.
Do you know why he left playing hockey?
Sir, please save me.
See sir, how they thrashing me?
Hey Idiot!, you have started the quarrel
and now you playing abominable games.
Exhibiting intimidated?
If you have guts, show
your skills in the game.
Dont indulge in petty activities.
Sir., we too trying to
highlight the same point.
They couldn't tolerate their defeat and
thrashed him when he was alone.
What about you?
Feeling egoistic because of
playing in a national squad?
We too played in our time.
To this day, I am the district coach here.
We too telling the same point.
Being District Coach...
why are you involving
in petty activities..?
Okay Sir.
I respect your eldership...
I'll ask you one thing?
If you give the correct answer...
we will apologise you.
They are accepted, Sir.
If some piece of shit comes and
hits your friend...
would you or would you
not avenge your friend?
If some piece of shit comes
and hits your friend...
would you or would you
not avenge your friend?
You must avenge your friend.
A true friend is someone
who does exactly that!
Sorry sir.
See you, Sir.
I thought you would enjoy eating these.
So I worked hard all morning to make them.
But, you guys created such a mess.
Why don't you cut your hair?
Look at your hair...
Looks like a hooligan.
His life is anyways ruined.
And now are you going
to ruin yours as well?
Okay, mother. We understand.
You are going to punish us today.
We are not allowed to
sleep in our beds and
you are not going to
feed us. Isn't that it?
Let's go, guys.
Hey, Hurry.
Take that...
Darshi, bring rice.
Every says Friends like family
But for me, friends are family.
Most people find their
friends in classrooms.
But I found my best friend
on the hockey ground.
I came to the place of my
birth and cried like a baby.
I kept searching for my best buddy
At school, the book that
we learnt by rote was friendship.
Quality friendship
won over many fights.
Having a good friend
makes like colorful.
Having a good friend
makes like colorful.
When he is around, its
all wonder and happiness.
Even if you have everything, without him,
there is always something lacking.
Now, everything is lost
Darshi was the one who taught me hockey.
He and Rahul were defenders
and I was the striker.
Please, I have no patience left.
Hey fool...
Only if you play defense, you would
understand the mindset of a defender.
Only then you can succeed
in playing an attacking game.
Well, I really have no energy left now.
Let's move.
Please leave me alone.
Come on
Please no.
Rahul, tell him.
Hey, Get up.
Darshi, no. Please.
- Hey! Get up! Come!
No matter how late it gets in the evening,
We dont feel like going home.
The world is our oyster;
We are the kings of the world.
Those were the days.
The memories we created
will fill up a lot of diaries.
Our bond is something that
will stand the test of time.
Have a good friend makes like colorful.
Have a good friend makes like colorful.
When he is around, its
all wonder and happiness.
Even if you have everything, without him,
there is always something lacking.
I scored 9 goals in a club match.
They said that it was a national record.
With that match, I caught the
attention of national selectors.
They took me directly from
there to the Indian camp.
It took me 2 years and
gradually, in due course,
I became the captain
of India A under 21 team.
For the 2014 Under 21 World Cup,
we went thr0ugh heavy practice.
During that time, I really
didnt talk to anyone much.
Brother, no one from
our team is listed in that.
Even brother Darshi name...
That is the final list.
Look at that.
No one from our team is listed in that.
It is quite evident...
Ok sir. I will make a move.
- Okay.
Greetings sir.
Hey Darshi, come.
They have displayed
the list in the notice board.
My name is not there in the list, sir.
Look Darshi...
I know you are an excellent defender.
But I dont know what criteria selectors
have considered while selecting.
All these selectors have come from
different states and I cannot ask them.
Last two years, what
you said may be right sir.
But, this time you presided
as the defence selector, sir?
Idiots. Do what I say?
Are you day dreaming
of catching the national
selectors eye and getting
a place in the national camp,
just as how your friend did?
Are you all trying to
follow in his footsteps?
If so, what are we supposed to do here?
Not like that sir.
What do you mean?
Have you come to question me now?
I have not come to question you, sir.
I have come to seek justice.
What is Justice?
What does your father do?
My father, sir.
- Yes, your father only.
My father is a fisher men sir.
Does he own a boat?
No sir.
We hire a boat and run it.
You have rented the boat, right?
Then, dont you aspire for own boat?
If you own a boat, your lives will prosper.
In that case, why arent
you living with your
father and supporting
him in realising this?
What are you doing here?
Listen Darshi, Things have changed now.
Destitute should not entertain big dreams.
Go go
Go and catch fish with your father.
Lets forget about hockey
and other such things.
Meet me after 1 year, if any job
vacancy arises, will look into it.
Sir Sir Sir Please sir
Sorry sir Sorry.
Please understand sir.
There is nothing in my
life other than hockey.
Hockey is my life sir.
Please pardon my mistake, if any sir.
Please understand sir.
Hockey is my childhood dream, sir.
If this chance slips by,
I will not get a second chance in my life.
Please show empathy, sir.
If I dont get now, then
death is the only option.
Ramakrishna sir, look here sir.
Darshi is resorting to
emotionally blackmail us.
He is saying he will commit suicide,
if we dont select him in the team.
Hey Darshi...
First figure out, whom you are
speaking to and what you are speaking?
Hey! You guys, You too going
to blackmail us tomorrow like this?
Get out all of you.
You go and die Darshi sir.
The biggest hockey player??
Sir... please listen to me
Please Sir
Sir... please listen to me.
Beg you to condone me,
in case I had committed any blunder sir
Hockey is my passion.
Please pardon my mistake, if any sir.
Plead you to listen me sir
He is saying he will commit suicide,
if we dont select him in the team.
You go and die Darshi sir.
Darshi, Rahul called me many times.
I am quite busy in practice session
that's why I didn't attend calls.
If I attend their calls...
Hey! Do not be foolish.
Please come.
Rahul, please leave me.
What happened to Darshi, bro?
Nothing, man.
He was in the next room.
You take rest.
Give me some water
It is an accident case One lost life
another one's leg fractured.
Take rest.
Hey Sanju, Tell me truth
What happened to Darshi?
Nothing befell Darshi.
He was in the next room.
- Tell truth.
I will call him.
Tell truth
what happened to Darshi?
Nothing happened to Darshi.
Take me to him. First take me there.
Reveal the truth? What befell Darshi?
Tell me what befell Darshi?
- Nothing happened to him.
Sanju, what happened to my leg?
What happened to my leg, sanju?
What happened to my leg, sanju?
Sir, please you go out.
What happened to my leg, sanju?
Darshi was killed.
Don't leave anyone who
related Darshi's death.
Darshi was killed.
No, Sundeep, no
if you beat me, you would
have to answer to a lot of people.
You will never ever
play hockey in your life.
Your career will be ruined.
Darshi is dead.
He was killed.
You killed him.
You killed him.
You killed him.
Strike him.
Dont leave him, beat him
He pounded so savagely that 4 people
got hospitalized. All are Govt. Employees.
The whole incident in
recorded in CCTV cameras.
Hey, Manoj... what are you talking?
Our Darshi lost his life.
He lost his life.
Please listen me...
Do not let Sanju attend inquiry
under any circumstances.
They are apprising they
will withdraw the case.
If we reject their offer and go to court...
No one will save him.
His career will go to the dogs.
This is grave injustice.
They declared that I was mentally unstable
and banned me from the sport for five years.
And you think you can ban me?
Sir, I left the game because
it didnt make sense to
continue it when Darshi, who
taught me the game, was no more.
One died...
and its been five years since
I spoke to the other one.
In the politicking that engulfed you,
you have lost only the ground sir,
but in this politicking, we
have lost our best friend, sir.
You dont know who I am, till he revealed.
If I was a substitute player in IPL who
ran on the ground with a water bottle...
you would have created a fan page
and an army for me.
I am not telling you about players fame.
But they dont pay the minimum
respect that a sportsman deserves.
The world cup winning
womens Kabaddi team went
to their homes in share
auto. What does it imply?
Because, there was no one to receive them.
This sport is big
this is small, I am not
notifying such petty
complaints to you, sir.
In our country, sports became
a business a long time ago.
The companies and
businessmen decide which
sport deserves an
audience and which doesnt.
All that talk about making
money and get a job
in sports is a discussion
that comes after.
But, a sports person has to pay
a lot of money to get on the team.
Our country will not change, Sir...
nothing will change.
We cannot change.
Sundeep, I am really sorry.
Sir... sir...
Why are you apologizing sir,
I dont harbor anger against you?
I only feel pity.
I was beaten and I
learned and healed from it.
Now you are in trouble then,
you too can get out of them.
It will take some time.
See you, Sir.
What is all this?
Allow us to do our work.
Please understand us, sir.
Without any notice, how can you come here?
Its not allowed. Get last from here.
We too possess a notice.
Whose permission do we need, sir?
I am the in-charge of this ground.
My permission is required.
Who is this person?
Sir, Inspector sir
What is the problem?
Let them do their work. Go from here.
Wait.. One second.
Officer, what happened..?
Why are you quarrelling?
We have court orders, sir.
We have a court notice...
Hold on One minute One minute
One minute
We have court orders with us, sir. After
verifying the facts, we can discuss, sir.
Hey, why are you creating
ruckus by calling police personnel.
This is our ground.
Don't dare to enter our ground.
Hey no one shall go to work.
Ask to come all of our people.
You are committing a big mistake.
Officer, just a minute
Khayyum, call our attorney.
Ask him to come here.
Sir, Lawyer sir...
Sir, Aravindji from Delhi
called on my phone.
He said delegates from France
are going to visit the place.
Work hasnt begun on the site, sir.
Didnt start?
I spoke with department
officials and sent surveyors.
What surveyors sir?
That lawyer instructed to carry
the notice and sit in the ground.
Not only players, now public has also
assembled in the ground and making a hullabaloo
Long live Chitti babu
- Long live Chitti babu
Stop... Listen to me.
I request you all please listen to me once.
- Long live Chitti babu Long live Chitti babu
Please listen to me once.
These people have no job or work
Now-a-day they are resorting to boycott
and strike for every small reason.
Who is the lawyer, you said?
Abdulla sir.
Send our people there
Ok sir.
Turn right... right...
Have you booked rooms
for foreign delegates?
Yes sir.
Take care everything carefully.
It's Ok Sir... I'll take care everything.
Why are giving breaks in between
Pour them drinks without any outages.
Those public there are on a sit down
and creating a commotion.
What are these people doing here,
coolly gulping drink after drink?
They will get hurt, if
they hear your words.
These are the people, who insinuate
and arouse public and divide them.
They are creating a
chaotic situation there, sir.
I cant foretell what is going to happen? But
I think, Govt. Is committing some blunder.
This ground is of utmost importance to us.
This ground is our identity.
They are together but in unison.
There are disagreements between them.
They are 100 ways to disassociate them
you dont worry.
This ground news in presently
trending in Social media, sir.
Most of the people eagerly waiting
for that match, sir.
Aravind Sir...
Can spectators start a game?
Player should be there too, right?
Now regarding social media
I will arrange people to troll 10 messages
on Power Star and 10 trolls on Super Star
The fans of both the stars
will engage in bickering.
In the ensuing commotion everybody
will forget about this ground issue.
Then we can nonchalantly complete our work.
It appears this strategy doesnt work, sir.
If this doesnt work,
then we will use the local emotion.
What is it?
Stir local feeling
Are you all eating food or crap,
He is an outsider and trying to divide us?
Are you a local?
Hey sit down.
What are you talking?
Sit down.
- Sit down.
One minute be quiet.
I'll talk to him.
What you asked is correct?
I am not from this region.
But, when I worked on border, no one
No one asked me this question.
I have not instigated anyone.
They voluntarily came
forward for their ground.
Now shall we discuss
about the ground issue.
Sir, if even this also doesnt work
- doesnt work
Then I have another weapon
of national importance.
Whoever did it, he did an awesome job?
Hey, you are Srinu's son, right?
Yes bro.
Hey man, what happened?
While she is trudging with heavy work,
he is sitting with a person belonging
to another caste and creating trouble.
Caste?? What caste? You assigning
caste to little children?
Go Go away from here.
Sir, I am feeling panicky.
If any of these doesnt
bring in the desired result...
International matter.
Who are you to interfere and tell us?
Get lostGo away from here.
Who are you to expel me from the here?
You dont belong to us.
You are a Pakistani. Go
Some streets are relegated to certain communities
Some communities are relegated to some streets.
You are not united and you grow weak
Politics exploits this divide.
Justice rots. There
is no justice for me.
Who is a good man
and who is a bad man?
They have good salaries
Used to the luxuries and bribes
Isnt it wrong to harass the have-nots?
Isnt it wrong to snatch
and devour from them?
Didnt they buy your vote with money?
Isnt what you did wrong?
Though I have power,
I am still a servant
When you ask me to give you money,
Where do I get it from?
Wake up! Wake up from slumber!
Correct the mistakes in
your character and thinking.
You are like the Indian shot plant.
You cannot see the flaws in you.
You call yourself a common man;
An ordinary man.
You say that the entire
world is bad except you.
You mortgage the country for your benefit
You cut the tree on which you sit.
My mantras and
philosophies are different
You cannot digest them
The ones who lose in
this scheme are the voters.
I will use caste, religion and wealth
to create divisions between you.
Watch out!
No one dare to stop me.
I will do the same as long as I can.
If you give me power once and
I'll not let the down from that power.
I'll come every 5 years
I'll change the system.
I'll do whatever I want
I'll give tremendous speeches.
Sold the country...
Where is your conscience?
Where did you hid that?
Where is your conscience?
Where did you hid that?
Oh! Citizen...
Won't you change?
Grandpa! Look at me.
See, what happened to him?
Grandpa... get up...
Grandpa... get up.
Lets all go together
lets not spare anyone.
Lets not spare anyone
Let's go.
Call every one of our people.
Hey, stop.
What you want to accomplish?
Where you want go?
You have stoked emotions in every aspect
and brought things to this level.
These fightings, and
blood are nothing new to me.
I saw these daily at the borders.
At the borders, soldiers are putting their lives
at risk to save our people from enemy nations.
By indulging in-fighting among ourselves,
we are belittling their sacrifices.
Should we let go a person,
who committed grave crime unpunished?
Hey... hey... hey...
Try to find solution to every problem
by thinking with mind rather than heart.
Why are you stopping an aggressor
from seeking justice, sir?
Today we have come to this stage
because we remained submissive.
Why are you stopping them
when they are fighting for justice?
To stand up against
injustice and fight is important.
But equally important are
why to fight and how to fight.
Anyhow why are you indulging in it?
What are you doing here?
You are anyway going to France and
will be settling there, right?
Born here, brought up here.
Yet after completing
studiespeople you fly off
to richer pastures like
UK, USA and settle there.
Thereafter, occasionally you post
a message in either face book or twitter
complaining such and such facility is not
there in our village and this should change
If you give me 100 youths, I will change
this nation said swami Vivekananda.
Do you know, our country accounts
for maximum number of youths?
But still we havent been
able to bring about any change.
The reason is it is easy to preach virtues,
but it is difficult to practice.
Very one craves for change
but change is possible, if only each
one of us change each one us change.
To me your safety is as
important as this ground.
Please go go back to your places.
Please go back.
Please go.
Sir, Sir. The entire media is here.
It might turn out to be a problem later on.
I'll manage them.
- Sir, please clarify our doubts.
I will answer all your questions.
I have arranged breakfast for all of you.
I will answer all your
questions after having breakfast.
Why the mess?
Lower the mike...
Lower the mike.
Lower the mike, please.
Lower it. Come on!
Stop filming! Stop filming!
We shall talk after we have our breakfast.
Go on, leave.
You come.
What's wrong with him?
I didn't understand.
Check if they have stopped filming.
Don't know what he will answer.
All of them are switched off.
Are you sure?
- For sure.
Hey! Whats your problem?
What do you guys want?
Like a gangster holding a gun...
Does everyone who holds
a cameraphone become press?
You guys shoot a video
that claims that A disastrous
fire struck the village and
there is no one to save it.
Everyone who watches the video
starts creating a ruckus.
You then force people to like
and subscribe to your content.
What do you think
happens because of all this?
Absolutely nothing!
Once some new
trouble comes to the fore,
All the incidents of
the past are forgotten.
Do you know when people were happy?
Remember those days when Doordarshan
had news telecasted for 25 minutes?
People really paid attention to the news
then and felt something about the issues.
But now, all 24 channels telecast breaking
news all through 24 hours of day.
What do you think happens because of that?
People just dont feel anything and
they dont care about any struggle.
Do you see any national
TV channels here today?
All of you are local channels, right?
You guys place your ads on the top
and on the bottom of the screen.
Do you think people
understand the politics
you keep telecasting in
that place in between?
Why do you even bother
telecasting politics?
Why dont you stick to
telecasting songs, movies and
bits of comedies on your
channels instead of politics?
If you telecast news about hockey ground
and hospitals...
I will get your licenses cancelled!
Get out of here!
Sir, SirIll take care
of it. Ill take care of it.
Go on, then. Go on...
Send them away!
That ground is not
just for playing Hockey.
You guys grew up playing in that ground.
That is our Identity.
You guys are known to go to extreme
lengths for your friends.
Isnt this grandfather like your friend?
Could you not give up on
that ground for your grandpa?
Promise me that you
will not stop fighting for it.
Promise me.
Promise me.
Why are you being this way?
We are saddened looking at you.
Didnt lawyer tell us
that winning the match
would guarantee the
protection of this ground?
Sir, we have complete faith in you.
We will definitely win this tournament.
That lawyer was in jail
because he supported us
This isnt a simple tournament.
Its a national level tournament.
Its going to have hundreds
of rules and regulations.
This is our ground.
We shouldnt ever let it go.
We shouldnt ever lose it.
(All together)
One minute... please.
Well, this is not a small issue...
One minute...
Hello.. Tell me
In the midst of all these
protests, youve managed
to register your team
for the tournament, huh?
Dont play innocent with me!
What are you talking about?
Are you joking?
Murali, sir!
- Murali, sir!
Murali, sir!
- Ill call you back
Sir... Murali, sir!
Our application has been submitted.
If you could give it a look over...
our match on the 28th of this month...
We are going to win it!
Khayyum, what is this?
If we want to play,
We need to have national level player.
National level?
We have an international level player.
This is the ray of light that tears
a hole into the darkness
This is a game that
goes beyond obstacles
You keep saying you will take care of it.
But what is it that you are really doing?
Cool down! Relax.
If we lose the match and lose the ground
Isnt this the struggle
that began within you?
The opposite side is
up to a lot of dirty tricks.
They have blackmailed three of our players
and made sure that they dont play.
I have arranged for two players
but we still need a substitute.
Isnt this the path that changes fates?
Once in a while, I play hockey.
I used to play cricket in college, bro.
Will you play for our team?
In your team?
I am not really that good.
Isnt this your war?
Your wish.
I am going to include you in
the squad right away.
Create history.
Come on! Go! Go! Go!
Put the phone down!
Win at any cost.
That Francis club coach
- Yes, exactly...
We have four national players with us, sir.
If we join them in our team,
we will definitely win.
There are eight national players in total.
Four of them are from Punjab.
Two from the west zone.
This is a mini-India team
thats going to be playing for us.
In that team, there are two
national players from Haryana...
three from Punjab and two from West Zone.
And all of them are outstanding players.
But the thing they lack and
we possess is Chemistry.
To them, this is just another match.
But our lives are tied to
the outcome of the match.
So, boys...
Who are going to win today?
Who is going to win this match?
Dhyanchand Tournament
is going to start soon.
Me, your Suma, is going to be
the one covering this match for you.
And your Viva Harsha... we are ready.
You must be wondering whats the
big deal about this Hockey match.
There is a reason...
an entire villages self-respect and honor
are tied to the outcome of this match.
If Team P. Chittibabu
Club loses this match,
they will not be able to move
out of the underperforming
category and they would
lose their claim to this ground.
That is why they have no other choice
but to win this match.
We have a sports minister
who is well-versed in the
field of hockey who will
grace the match as a VIP.
Is it? Does he have that much knowledge?
Let's see...
Grandpa... watch the match.
Today, we have a lot of players
from different states and top
players from all over India, who
have come to play for Team Francis.
Right Harsha...!
On one hand, we have a lot of young players
with raw talent in Team Chittibabu club.
The entire team is dependent
on their Captain, Sundeep Naidu.
Sundeep Naidu has played for India A
under 21 division as captain.
And its time for toss now.
Harsha... let's see who will win.
The referee has flipped the coin.
It looks like Sundeep has won the toss.
Looks like the players are warming up
and getting ready for the match.
The match has commenced now
with the referees whistle.
Chittibabu clubs Vice-captain, Asif has
given the opening pass directly to Sundeep.
Sundeep has taken the ball and
gave it back with a negative pass.
The players of Chittibabus team
are still in their half of the ground.
They havent crossed the half way line
and come forward.
Come on... Come on...
Is Chittibabus team
playing hockey or Kabaddi?
They have continuously been giving
each other negative passes.
Look at the players of the other team.
Look how they are playing with harmony.
Why is it that our players are
not in tune with one another?
Nothing of that sort, sir.
The other teams players are too close
to one another and are making mistakes.
Our players are correct
in their strategy and game.
Chttibabu club's negative passing game...
has been broken by Francis
clubs Number 32 player.
The ball is currently in
Francis clubs possession.
We can see a lot of maturity in the
way Francis Club passes the ball.
Chittibabus team doesnt seem to be able
to match the intensity of their opponents.
Hey! Super.
Francis club team members
have passed around the
ball brilliantly and are
now in the attack mode.
Francis club players have come almost
close to D line of Chittibabus side.
Chittibabu Club players are unable
to snatch the ball from their opponents.
Sundeep is instructing his teammates
to be in their respective positions.
But, Asif has gone towards Francis club
players side from his position
and its a goal!
Chittibabu clubs strategy
hasnt worked out for them.
Francis club has used
their experience to break the
defenses of Chittibabu
club and have an early lead.
It must be said that, this
is a well-deserved goal.
Good job boys.
Come on, come on boys!
Come on!
Okay boys... it's oaky.
Get back into the game.
Get back into the game.
Chittibabu Clubs score is zero
and Francis clubs score is one.
The game has started off one again.
Francis club are moving
forward with the ball...
Lets see how Chittibabus
club players respond.
Now the ball is with Chittibabu club.
Spread... spread.. Spread out!
As expected, they have
passed the ball to Sundeep.
Sundeep has brilliantly dribbled the ball
from left side and is going forward.
Sundeep has scooped the ball from
the left to Asif who is in the right wing.
Asif has received the ball
and is charging forward.
Sundeep is waiting to receive the ball.
Asif passed the ball to the center.
Ball is now with Sundeep
And wow! It's a goal!
Yes! Yes!
No.. No... you take rest.
All the officials are on our side.
Play aggressively!
Come on.. Come on...
Go... go...
Move... move...
Just because they have
lost a goal, Francis clubs
coach has called the
entire team for counsel.
Francis club very strong team.
We can expect an aggressive
response from this team.
Sundeep is charging forward with the ball.
Chittibabus players are
appealing for stick lock foul.
But the referee isnt reacting at all.
That's a foul.
- That's a foul.
There is an expression
that Young Telugu
people use in this
situation, Are you blind?!
But the referees decision is final.
Sundeep is going to take a free hit now.
Free hit isnt something
that comes after a no ball.
It bears no relation to that.
- Push him.
Francis club is marking
vice captain Asif very tightly.
What is this?
There is a chance that Kuldeep might get
a red card and go out of the game.
Asif holds the Kuldeep's collar. It looks
like Asif and Kuldeep are going to fight.
Very puzzling to see that Asif has
been shown the green card.
Hey, Raghu...
You said all referees are on our side.
But why is he appreciating the opposite
player by showing him a green card?
Sir, actually it's a foul by our player.
Referee supposed to punish our players.
But referee is our side...
So he is showing the green
card to the opposite team.
Now the player should
follow his punishment.
He is one side referee.
He is one side referee.
This is a very strange decision.
The free hit for Francis club is going
to be taken by Captain Kuldeep.
Chittibabu clubs team is tightly marking
the players of Francis team.
Its a good turn and a forward pass
Flick and its a goal!
Stay calm.
To undermine the confidence
of Captain Sundeep, players
of Francis club continue
to celebrate targeting him.
Lets find out how Sundeep
is going to react to this.
Chittibabu club One;
Francis club Two.
Asif has kicked off the game
and gave the pass to Sundeep.
Oh! Sundeep was unable to receive the ball.
It looks like Sundeep's
focus is getting distracted.
Did you see? I have
made our players play a
mind game on him and
break his concentration.
Wow! Superb, sir!
Put your hand in! Put your hand in!
We are surrounded by cameras.
Pretend to be sad.
Come here.
What happened, Sundeep?
What's wrong with you?
What is this?
What happened to your game?
Looks like M.S. Dhoni is walking out.
Sir, M.S. Dhoni is a cricketer.
Of course, I know that!
Chittibabu Teams captain and star player
Sundeep has unexpectedly left the pitch.
Yes! This is very strange.
We are not able to understand
why Sundeep has left.
Let's wait and see what is going to happen.
It can be said that it
would be very difficult
for Chittibabus team to
give a good comeback.
Shot and it's another
goal for Francis club!
This is what salting
ones wounds would mean.
Chittibabus club has been at the
receiving end of the onslaught.
Chittibabu club one;
Francis club three.
Unless there is a
miracle, it is very difficult
for Chittibabus team to
get back into the game.
It's half time.
45 minutes done!
45 minutes to go!
What happened?
Everyone is waiting for you.
Let's go.
Their captain left his team.
Without him, his team is weak.
You and Asif attack;
Both be around the D-line, okay?
- Yes, sir.
WellSundeep left.
Boys, remember that...
the team is bigger than any player...
alwaysI mean always!
Remember that.
Its okay.
Every player in our team
is extraordinary. Right?
All of us are national players.
Its true that there are
outstanding players in the
opposite team but our team
has understanding players.
You have friends among your team.
TheyThey mustnt win!
Lets make sure that the very thought
of Francis Club scares their pants off!
Do you remember the fight the other day?
Or have you guys forgotten?
So, you forgot about it?
No, sir. We remember. We remember.
So, you remember. Good!
Do you remember how angry everyone was?!
Isnt that true?
The place to show your anger is here;
Right in this field.
Two goals, boys
Just two goals.
First, we go for the equalizer
and then we go for the winning goal.
Make sure there are no penalties, okay?
Can we do this much?
- Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Can we do this much?
Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Can we do this much?
Can we do this much?
Yes, sir!
Can we do it?
Can we do it?
Yes, sir!
[Together loudly]
Yes, sir!
[Together loudly]
Yes, sir!
[Together loudly]
Go! Go! Go!
- Come on, boys.
Come on, boys!
Come on!
Second half has begun.
During the halftime, both
coaches have motivated their
teams just like Rajiv
Kanakala in that movie Sye.
Both the teams have come back to the pitch
highly motivated and have started the game.
This is a positive start
from Chittibabus club
They are attacking with very good passes.
But with a good interception...
Chittibabu club players
attack has been broken.
Now Francis club players will not let
Chttibabu's players come near the ball.
Why have you left the game and come..?
Did I come to you after
five years to witness this?
If Darshi was here, do you know
how ashamed he would have been?
Will your team win the match without you..?
If idiots like those win
once, that would be enough.
But people like us need to win every time.
Enough with this self-pity!
Come on, get up!
Our team is losing there!
I got your stupid face a gift!
Wear it and get on with it!
Francis team is dominating the game.
Chittibabu clubs
players are trying really
hard to get the ball from
their opponents but...
so far, its been hopeless.
We can see the vacuum created by
the absence of Captain Sundeep.
Yes, you are right.
But it look impossible for Chittibabu club
to win even if Sundeep comes back.
Because they need to score
two goals to win this game.
But they have only 20 minutes.
Everyone here is very confused about
what is going on in the stadium.
The entire crowd in the stadium
has started chanting A1 express.
Meet my A1 Express, Sir.
Sundeep has given a cinematic entry.
Asif has returned the
captains band to Sundeep.
I am as excited as the
crowd in the stadium.
There are only twenty minutes left.
Chittibabu club is completely
dependent on Sundeep.
Grandpa, didnt I tell you that the
victory is going to be ours!
You just said it!
But I said it a long while back.
If anyone is in doubt
as to what Sundeep is
called A1 express, It
must be clarified by now.
A goal after a long time
for Chittibabus team.
Sundeep is returning Kuldeeps
moves during his first goal.
They say Karma is a boomerang goal!
Chittibabu club is inching closer
towards Francis clubs score.
Chittibabu club Two;
Francis club Three.
Momentum is with Chittibabu club now.
Francis club have to
make sure that they
dont give a single
goal to their opponents.
If not, there is a chance that they
might lose control over the game.
Attack seems to be their best defence.
So Francis club players are charging
ahead towards the goal
When the goalkeeper tried to stop the ball,
he was injured.
We dont know if Chittibabus team has
a substitute goalkeeper or not.
Looks like the goal keeper needs to be
substituted because of the serious injury.
Vitta, come here.
They arent allowing a privileged goal
keeper. Go and wear you helmet and come.
Bro, Count me out.
There are other players, right?
Vitta, its vital that the other players
remain on the ground.
Go on, hurry. Wear it and come.
Bro, never mind that. I
dont know what to do.
We are all here. Be brave and proceed.
Looks like I cant avoid it.
Coach! Coach! Please, I dont know a thing.
Count me out and give it someone else.
Please try and understand, Coach.
Coach, please.
I dont think I can do it.
- Stick.
I am really scared.
Coach, please. Please, try and understand.
Come on.
Come on... Come on... Come on.
For a normal player to be turned
into a privileged goal keeper...
He mustnt have any
padding or guards on him.
He must only wear his helmet.
That is the rule.
Boys, ready?
We have to take care.
We are leading.
Keep your spirits up!
Wear it properly.
- I am scared, bro.
Okay now?
You wore the guard to protect
yourself down there, right?
No, bro. They didnt give me a guard.
They only gave me a helmet.
Well, skip that. Its okay.
Get ready.
Bro! Bro! Bro!
If you give me two minutes,
I will wear and return.
If I make a mess of things,
the entire village will beat me to pulp.
There isnt a goal keeper either!
The entire team must get
together and attack them!
Come on!
Oh God!
Don't let the ball come near me.
Chittibabus club doesnt
have a substitute goal
keeper Hence, they appointed
Mahesh as goal keeper.
According to the rule,
he hasn't put on any padding.
It is difficult to stop the ball with
no padding on but
What a brilliant save!
He's my Grandson!
My Grandson!
One more shot and save again!
Mahesh is doing this
with just his hockey stick.
Just like I did, he
made sure of not giving
them even a single
opportunity to score a goal.
He is a tiger!
Not just once but twice.
He has saved his team twice.
They say "Fortune favours the brave" Mahesh
has saved two goals despite being shaky.
The score is now Two Three.
To ensure that Chittibabus club doesnt
lose, they have to score another goal.
Go right... go right.
Chittibabus players have
used long passes to bypasses
Francis players to move
the ball towards their goal.
From the deep right, they
moved into the circle to low cross
Sundeep has flicked it towards Asif.
Asif has pushed the ball
towards the goal while diving.
Wow! Its a goal!
I'll take a leave, Sir.
- Sit down!
What a team! What a spirit!
Chittibabus team hasnt
given up and fought to
almost snatch the match
from Francis clubs team.
From a two-goal lead, Chittibabus
team has equaled the score.
Chittibabu club Three; Francis club Three.
Because the ball has
gone out of play due to
Francis club, Chittibabu
club has a free hit.
Guys, this is the last chance.
Even if it is a foul...
don't worry about it.
You have to win.
You must win the game.
Chittibabus team will now
make sure they score the
fourth goal at any cost
without taking any penalties.
Chittibabus team has
started to dominate the game
which was up until now
in favor of Francis club.
Asif has given a long scoop...
Sundeep is running into
the D line to receive that.
Francis club need to work hard to stop
the goal if Sundeep was received the ball.
Sundeep is about to receive the ball.
But Francis club player has pushed Sundeep,
What the F...
Sorry, I am not able to control my anger.
But it's a blatant foul!
It's ridiculous how
openly they are cheating.
We thought they would get a penalty strike
but they only got a penalty corner.
This is really very unfair.
Sundeep is going to strike.
Now, the only thing you have to do is
just keep your eyes on Sundeep.
Don't let him make the goal.
This is the last chance.
Last chance.
Come on! You can do it.
You can do it.
Move... Move...
Asif takes the penalty corner.
This is a golden chance
for Chittibabus club.
Out! Out!
- Sir...
Substitution for Chittibabu club.
Sundeep is calling Asif
to discuss something.
The both of them are
swapping their positions.
Why are they changing their position?
Its puzzling to see
Sundeep taking this decision.
Like Virat Kohli bowling the final over...
Sundeep taking this
penalty corner is very strange.
Chittibabu club has won the match.
It's all over.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
I love you, Grandpa.
That day, when we really needed help,
our friend, Chittibabu came and helped us.
When a friend needs help, a true friend
will certainly come and have his back.
A true friend will always
have his friends back.
Give me the garland.
Shawl? Shawl?
Hail Sundeep Naidu!
Hail Sundeep Naidu!
Hail Sundeep Naidu!
Whats with all that
nasty glare from you guys?
I am not the villain here.
I am a politician.
Why do you look so serious?
You won the match. Laugh a little.
Ive accepted it. I lost.
I lost my position of power too.
But will I stay calm?
I am a practical guy.
I will go and join the opposition party.
I will badmouth the
ones in my previous party.
I will badmouth the ones in my previous party.
My new party mates will sing my praises.
That is all there is to it.
We are all of the same kind.
Never mind all that.
I will genuinely go and serve the country.
Are you all honest enough to vote
for me without taking my money?
Are you Ready?
Our honourable sports minister
Ex-sports minister... is donating a sum of 30
crores for the benefit of poor sportspersons.
Sir! What a move!
Sir, you are Super!
Thank you! Thank you.
Sir, when the British
occupied our country...
we began our struggle
for Independence after a
century and and got our
independence after 200 years.
But, freedom? We havent earned that yet.
What a pity, the fate of our people!
They are tired after such
a long fight and they have
made peace with these
circumstances in their lives.
What I meant to say is, you
are the one who led us astray.
Why dont you put in
your sincere efforts once?
Forget about votes; You might even
have your face printed on our currency.
Thank you, sir.