A1012K (2003) Movie Script

Harumi Shiho
A very strange situation...
What is it?
A1012K has escaped!
A101K has...
How could this have even happened?
I don't know.
Should A1012K have developed consciousness...
Idiot! He's just a robot.
Still we should consider the
possibility of the unexpected.
Did you hear?
What do you think?
Isn't it made by man?
Has it gotten out?
But with this project that could never happen!
Then how are we going to explain this?
A1012K is controlled by someone
from the inside and outside.
Have the special forces unit ready their grade 5 equipment and meet in the operations room.
Be prepared to move at a moment's notice!
Yes, sir!
How did this happen?
We are right now locating A1012K via satellite.
Where the hell could he be?
Appearing on screen.
In Tsutaya in Shibuya.
Why... Shibuya of all places?
A1012K is the newest robot developed that can stand amongst humans without drawing suspicion.
Right now we need to do whatever
we can to capture it...
Fool, it's Shibuya.
If you do that, it's too conspicuous.
Who was it?
Who was the one who talked
about vegetable store spy?
Saying that he represents Japan
and is a symbol of peace...
Wasn't it you, colonel, who brought
up the vegetable shop spy?
It's not an overstatement to say that all the training that you have done up until now is for this operation.
For the country!
For the world!
Give your upmost best!
Now we start the operation.
He is amongst ordinary people within this store.
Should you see any suspicious things or behavior...
use your own judgement to procede to phase 3.
The code name is A1012K.
Good luck.
It's him!
Target has been confirmed!
Get him!
Go get him!
Yes, sir.
Over there!
All right.
Move on to phase 4.
A car-carrot...!
It's a carrot!
He has fired the carrot gun!
It's all right.
The carrot gun was developed to not
damage the human body.
The gun is harmless against humans.
But then again...
Now is not the time to mention that!
A1012K is shooting onion gas.
- My...my eyes... Ah!
- What's happening?
This won't do.
The bomb.
Detonate the bomb!
If we detonate the bomb now, even the citizens...
It doesn't matter!
My duty is to see the operation to completion.
The number of casualties does not matter!
The detonation switch!
The bomb attached to A1012K is made out of paper from the recycling done by the citizens.
It is the dreamt about, enviornmentally friendly bomb.
- That is..
- Move aside!
It won't do.
We lost control over detonation.
If it's like this, then using
MOTHER is our only option.
It's too dangerous to use MOTHER.
Like I had reported earlier,
MOTHER has just cleared the testing phase.
MOTHER is the only thing
that can attack A1012K!
I will take responsibility.
MOTHER has arrived.
It is steadily approaching A1012K.
I believe in you, MOTHER.
Could it be...
She is crying.
How long will you be in there?
Do you have an upset stomach?
Yeah, well...
- Small Bit of Peace Shop -
- Fresh Vegetables -
Yes, hello.
time to depart!
A1012K ... Harumi Shiho
MOTHER ... Akiyo
Colonel ... Yamada Meiiko
Major ... Yamanaka Sho
Chief of Operations ... Kikuchi Takanori
Professor's Assistant ... Sawayama Yuji
Professor ... Shimoyama Sakaye