Aa Dekhen Zara (2009) Movie Script

"Come, let's see...
"...Who's got guts."
"Watch your step...
...my friend."
"My friend, my friend."
"You can't ever stop us."
"Never break us down."
"Because I have got you beside me."
"You better mark this right."
"Come, let's see...
"...who's got guts."
"Watch your step...
...my friend."
"My friend.", "Friend".
"My friend, my friend."
This jungle is off limits, son.
Good morning! Sorry, Golu.
I haven't had the
greatest week, pal.
Here. Have it.
What are you cribbing about?
You have it easy, trust me!
Eat... wow!
I told you... at least 50 kicks...
How about a bet?
- OK!
I only have this chocolate.
Will it do? - OK!
Tell me, how many kicks?
- Eighty kicks.
Get lost.
Junk heap! Junk heap! Junk heap!
I apologise, Mr. Ghosh.
I got delayed...
I spent too much...
The network was terrible...
The phones there didn't work...
And then my camera got stolen!
- Ray...
Call Arora at this number.
Mr. Arora! My grandfather's lawyer?
I'm sorry, your
grandfather passed away... last week.
'This here, is a viewfinder.
Look, what do you see? - A flower! '
'How does it look?
- Superb! '
'Click it, then.
- Click'
'Not with you mouth dumbo...
use your finger, like this! '
'What are you doing, Grandpa? '
'As soon as these wires
are connected correctly. #
'... the machine will
start working! See? '
'Are you a mechanic, Grandpa? '
'And the Vikram Sarabhai award...
...for outstanding
invention of the year...
...goes to Dr. Animesh Joshi#
May God bless his soul.
Such a fine man...
...busy researching till the end.
But he'd borrowed a
great deal of money.
This house is mortgaged as well.
Bank officials
were here to claim it.
But don't worry.
I have a stay order
from court in place.
The bank will just have to wait.
Where are the servants?
The gardener?
He must have had a premonition...
...He paid them and
asked them to leave.
Government officials
were here as well.
They searched the house...
...and took away all his files.
Any idea what he was working on?
He left you this note.
'My child... if only you were here. #
'But it is not to be...
and I must accept it#
'I leave you nothing but memories#
'Cherish them. #
'Your grandpa#
'Grandpa can you get me
a huge roll of paper? '
'So you can make a huge paper boat? '
'Yes! I will sail it
across the river! '
'Son, you need a
real boat to do that#
'Made of iron and wood#
'Like this one! '
'But this is no ordinary boat, son#
'Understand! '
'This is no ordinary boat, son.
There are many secrets hidden in it#
Excuse me!
What is this place, Mister?
- Mumbai.
I mean, what does Lal and
Company do? - Safekeeping.
Have you been here for many years?
Did you know my grandfather?
Animesh. Dr. Animesh Joshi.
Dr. Joshi!
Whenever he visited...
...he would treat me to a
tasty snack at caf Ideal.
He said you would come.
Thank God.
'How did you know
I needed a camera? '
'27th May. Lets set this to today#
'What's wrong? '
It activates only at
a future date. Odd!
It's Friday morning,
and the time is $ :15...
...and it's time for me to go. We
will meet again tomorrow, Mumbai...
...Malishkha bids you adieu.
'Up next, Jugal
plays the Bugle, Enjoy! '
'Mr. Pandey, come fast. I've
to go to the office as well#
'Good morning, Jugal
has sounded his bugle.
'Get up now dearies. #
Your lover is here...
- 'Your lover is here#
With this lovey-dovey track that
he dedicated exclusively for you.
'Hello. - So sorry, we will have
to cancel the Corbett assignment#
'Look for some other work#
'We'll talk later, bye#
"My destination is at your feet."
'We're sorry, the number you
have reached is not in service#
'The Boss is out, how can
I give you the payment? '
Any calls Shama.
- No sir, Ray.
Hello sir. How are you, sir?
- Hello!
Sir, I needed some cash. On account.
This is the Jungle Weekly, son.
Not the Times of India.
Right now, all I have...
- Thank you, sir.
New boyfriend Golu. Nice.
'Yesterday when I clicked her
picture Golu was all alone#
'So, how can there be a
boyfriend in this picture? '
'The photos that I clicked...
...And the ones that
have been developed#
'How can they be different? '
'Everything is normal#
'Then, these photos... '
You have broken the windows.
I won't spare you today.
I won't spare you today.
Stop there. Stop.
I won't spare you today.
'Hey, good morning#
'Yesterday, when I took
the photographs at $ :15#
'The watchman was near the car...
...and Priya was
arguing with the boys#
Our back to back
tracks for you. Enjoy them.
'What's going on? '
'This camera doesn't activate
when set on the present date#
'Or a past date#
'lt only activates when
set on a future date#
'I took many shots of the pigeon#
'But all the photos
are of the same moment! '
'That means, in a day you can
click only one picture of someone#
'And yesterday when
I took this photo. #
'... the future photo is
of exactly the same time#
'lt's $ :15 on a Friday morning'...
...are of the exact time
they were taken yesterday#
'lt's $ :15 on a Saturday morning,
and its time for me to go#
'This camera shoots the future! '
Excuse me! Yes.
- Hello!
I am Ray Acharya.
- Is this your son?
I'm a professional photographer.
I have a small request.
Please don't ride this ferris wheel.
Who are you?
- It's a humble request.
Please, believe me.
- Are you crazy?
Look, I... - Excuse me! Who
are you? What's your problem?
Look, I am talking
to her. Who are you?
Why are you troubling the lady?
- I am not troubling her.
Who are you?
- Hey, what's your problem!
What's your problem! - This
ferris wheel is about to break.
You know it better than them?
Stop them. They can't go.
It's about to break.
Throw him out of here.
- Listen to me.
Someone call the ambulance.
Our kids are safe. Our
kids are safe. - Water.
"Let's rock the party."
"Come on everybody.
Come on everybody."
"Let's rock the party."
"Let's dance, let's sway."
"Break your silence."
"This night is so blissful."
"Enjoy the merriment."
"Don't stop, just move."
"Let the world see."
"Let's rock the party."
"Come on everybody."
"Let's rock the party."
"Let's watch."
"Let's rock the party."
"Come on everybody."
"Let's rock the party."
"Let's watch."
"Break the barriers, take
my hands and come with me."
"Forget your sorrows and tears,
experience your life with me."
"Live your life."
"The future is uncertain."
"Let's rock the party."
"Come on everybody."
"Let's rock the party."
"Let's watch."
"Come on everybody."
"Come on everybody."
"Let's rock the party."
"Come on everybody."
"Come on everybody."
"Let's rock the party."
"Come on everybody."
"Come on everybody."
"Let's rock the party."
"Come on everybody."
"Come on everybody."
"Let's rock the party."
Hey! Hey, get lost.
O God!
- Check that, man.
What's wrong with you? Idiot!
Excuse me. Hi.
Can I help?
- No, thanks.
I insist actually.
- Okay.
You are helpful, man.
Excuse me. You'll have to
get the door... cant see.
You do see more than
your fair share, right?
For example into the homes
of innocent girls, right?
No... I am actually a
professional photographer.
I was just checking my camera...
...and you showed up right in front.
So, you are a decent man.
And I thought you are a pervert.
Silly me. - Yes.
No... I mean, yes silly you.
Shall I drop you home?
Do you need a ride?
Simi Chatterjee.
- Simi.
Nice name.
- Thanks.
Ray, right.
- Ray Acharya.
But you can call me Ray.
But how did you spot
that man through the crowd?
Intuition. I sensed
something was wrong.
Not many people...
...Would have done what you did.
Actually, I was looking at you.
9324094359. We help the
helpless anytime anywhere!
You are mad.
- Come to the balcony.
Good morning.
Newspaper, page three.
- What?
Page three, quick.
So, you are a hero.
Just wanted to tell you...
"Restless and impatient, 2417!"
"In the heart..."
Sorry sir, except for the
minimum balance of Rs.1000...
...you have just
Rs.300 in your account.
If you close the account,
you can get all of it.
Sorry, traffic.
- Hi.
Traffic, and your bike.
Look, you can say
anything behind her back.
But please be kind in her presence.
She's very sensitive.
- And you.
Me. Not at all.
You don't get anything out of
being sensitive in this world.
What would you have?
- Allow me.
What would you have?
I want one lemon slush.
- Ok.
But i have just 300 rupees.
And one super-duper
chicken jungli sandwich. - Ok.
And you sir?
Just a glass of cold water for me.
- Ok, sir. - Thank you.
Have some coffee.
Coffee dehydrates me.
What were you drinking
in the morning? - Coffee.
I mean, only in the morning.
Are you from here? I mean Mumbai?
No. From Kolkata. My
parents live here.
Kolkata is not happening enough?
Mumbai definitely is!
- It's just different here.
There's excitement.
Opportunity. Freedom. And money.
Anyone who cant
succeed here, has no chance.
What do you do?
Are you a freelancer?
No, I am just free.
I am a photographer.
Mostly wildlife.
Currently, I am
looking out for a good job.
That's it.
- You want to share?
It's very tasty.
Yes. Can I help you?
- Credit card recovery.
Hey! Excuse me,
listen... Where are you going?
Look lets work this out.
You haven't paid the outstanding of
2.5 million for the last 6 months.
What are you going to do about it?
Cash or...
This is an
everyday affair. Sit here.
Two teas. With ginger.
Give me a Paan!
Give me a Paan.
"There's fire in my heart."
You frequently visit the
race course, don't you?
To try your luck.
Tell me, in the horse races...
...does the horse win
or does the jockey?
The man that carries his
luck and stands in the gallery...
...is the one that wins.
Where can I buy some
of that damned luck.
A smart man can find anything.
Use your brains. The races are
starting from the day after.
Got it? Use your brain.
You got lucky.
Everyday at 4 o'clock,
someone always gets lucky here.
"Our bond is very strong."
"The bond between you and me,
it's a very strong bond."
250 million.
25,OOO. Look.
The small asterisk here,
conditions apply!
A thousand numbers
are the same and so...
- All thousand numbers...
...will have a share
in the 250 million.
That's not fair!
- Is it now?
You just made 25 grand
on a ticket worth 25!
And you call that unfair?
Here's my ticket. Here's my ticket.
"Money. Money. Money. Money."
"Money. Money. Money. Money."
"Money. Money. Money. Money."
"Money. Money. Money. Money."
"Money. Money. Money. Money."
"Money. Money. Money. Money."
Very nice wine... expensive!
Earlier you thought twice
before treating me to coffee.
And now, wine and all.
Well, It's just a matter of time.
And now my time is changing.
I hope you don't change with time.
So much so quick...
Thanks to grandpa.
I mean, through his
contacts I got a job.
A job, and you?
I thought you were a freelancer.
What would you do in a job?
Take pictures, what else?
- Whose?
On number 9. - Yes.
- Bet on 3.
Bet on number 9. - Ok.
- On 3.
Excuse me can I
place the bet please?
On number 9.
"Money can win all the divinity."
"Show the money, and get ahead."
"Leave the line behind."
"Relations and kin are forgotten."
"Love's lost as well."
"Let me hear the clicking of money."
"The world sings to this tune."
"Money is power."
"Money is power."
"Money is power."
"Money. Money. Money."
What are the odds on Pakistan?
Bet all my money, on India.
"Money. Money. Money."
"Money is power."
Buy the top three blue chip stocks.
Just do it... Before 3 o'clock.
"Money can open every lock."
"It can make an unlucky man, God."
"Everyone bows down before it."
"It can bring peace to anyone."
"Fill the jamboree with notes."
"The world sings to its tunes."
"Money. Money. Money."
"Money is power."
"Money is power."
"Money. Money. Money."
"Money is power."
"Money. Money. Money."
"Money is power."
Please, drop me home.
- Are you serious, Simi?
Just lets go party, lets go...
drink some wine, come on.
I am not in the mood.
Why? What's wrong?
Does something have to be wrong?
I just don't feel like it.
Can you buy that?
Simi, relax okay.
- Don't ask me to relax, Ray!!
Stop yelling.
- Just take me home.
What's your problem?
My problem is that, you are so
engrossed in your fancy life...
...that it's impossible
to even talk to you now.
Just stop this music!
You've changed, Ray.
Of course, you said a person
that can't be successful in Mumbai...
...has no hope. Look at you now.
Being successful doesn't mean...
Just forget it.
- Come on, Simi spit it out.
Spit it. Stop the car.
I say, stop the car.
Just stop the car I said.
"Money. Money. Money."
"Money is power."
"Money is power."
"Money is power."
"Money. Money. Money."
"Money is power."
"Money. Money.
Money." "Money is power."
Thank you, grandpa.
You said what you wanted to.
Now, can I say something?
- Go ahead.
Can I come in?
It's a long story.
Make it quick.
I am sorry. Please don't be angry.
I love you.
- Lies.
Want to buy the latest home theatre?
That yesterday's kid...
...came and just snatched your cake.
Here we go.
Why is the second
bedroom door always locked?
You should be with the police.
Interrogation expert.
Do I need your permission...
...for simple questions too?
Simi, are we going to fight again.
That depends on you.
I don't want us to fight.
I want...
Close your eyes.
- In the dark?
Go find out why the
power has tripped? Go.
That's sweet.
I love you.
- I love you too.
Will you marry me?
I want to spend my
entire life with you.
Ray, I have received
an offer for an album.
And I know I can do it.
I love you very much.
But I need time.
- Sure.
What happened? - Ghoshda
passed away in an accident.
'This camera is now
your responsibility #
'Use it correctly to
bring a change in your own...
...and the lives of others#
'But we all have to
pay the price for it#
'A blank photo means
darkness is near#
'Your journey is about to end#
'So long, my friend. Grandpa#
'Blank photos can mean
only one thing, death#
Placing very big bets now?
What happened to slow and steady?
I'll retire after this.
Maybe do some Social service.
Would you like to have anything?
- No thanks.
Actually, I have another pickup.
It's some woman.
She said to look for the
hottest woman at the poolside.
Who can it be? Everyone is gorgeous?
What's her name?
- The name is Sophia.
President's suite, 6th floor.
Pick up the bag from there.
- Yes.
- What are you having, Ray?
Orange juice, okay.
Haven't seen such good
weather in London for years.
Such a beautiful day. Isn't it?
Are you on a holiday?
- What's that?
I'm here on business and pleasure.
Excuse me.
Hello. - Ray, do you
remember the day today?
- Excellent! You forgot didn't you?
My recording.
- Where are you?
I'll come right away.
- Let it be.
Until you reach here, the
recording will get over.
Wish me best of luck quickly.
I have to go.
Best of luck. I know you
will sing beautifully.
- Thanks. - Sorry.
I've heard, about the interesting
games you have been playing...
...for the past few months.
- Meaning.
Whatever you touch, turns into gold.
Where did you hear that?
- Its not about where I heard it.
What matters is, will you
be interested in joining me?
- For a bigger game.
Tell me a number.
- You will lose.
Trust me.
- I accept. Tell me.
Two and four.
Two and four.
- I don't believe in luck.
Let's have another round.
- That'll be too much.
What's the hurry?
- I am not in a hurry, just...
Afraid, you'll lose control.
- No.
I get talkative.
- Good!
Finally, I got to know
something about you.
What makes you... click.
- Click!
What's wrong?
- Anyways, carry on.
Have you heard about the Swastika?
It's a very
exclusive club. Very private.
It has branches all over the world.
You have to make a down
payment of 30 million...
...for initial entry. Cash.
So, you want my help.
- Help.
Please Ray, I want to make
you my business partner.
Show me your hand.
Riches beyond dreams. I like that.
But you know something.
I can show you the money, baby.
Can you see the future?
- Try me.
- You are about to get into trouble.
Hi Simi, I was...
Simi, listen.
I was just having a couple of
drinks with her, that's all.
Did I ask for an explanation?
And by the way, what
are you doing here?
We wanted to celebrate...
...Because the
recording was very good.
Maybe you didn't get the
time to take your calls.
There must be 10-12
missed calls from me.
Have a look.
Just go, Ray.
And take this along.
It will look great on her.
I'll take that, thank you.
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
That camera...
- Excuse me.
You are leaving.
Sit for a while.
Thanks Sophia, take care.
'Blank photo, means death#
'But when? '
'The photo is of 30th September#
'Will I live to see that day, or. #
'I can't believe it#
'I have just six days, or less#
"The day breaks, my eyes wonder."
"Who did you dream
about the entire night?"
"Who did you dream
about the entire night?"
"It was your effect."
"Now you are my companion."
"I love you."
"You are my reality."
"I love you."
"You are my reality."
"You dwell in my dreamy eyes."
"You live close to me."
"It's your feeling."
"Lts wonderful and it's unique."
"I love you."
"You are my reality."
"I love you."
"You are my reality."
Hello Ray.
- Mr. Arora!
You! What are you doing here?
Ray, I know about your
grandfathers invention.
Give me the camera.
Camera. I don't get it...
- Camera, Ray.
I promise you I don't understand.
What are you trying to say?
I cannot understand.
'Bet on 3#
- I am Captain.
My people have been following you.
I now know everything.
Hey Captain, get
the camera from him.
I don't have much time.
I just saw your darkroom.
Camera +photo= Future + wealth.
That's why... camera please!
You think I will keep such
a valuable thing with me?
A man always carries his
lucky charm. Right or wrong?
The camera is in my bank's locker.
Grace bank?
Go, get it. I'll wait here.
Go on! Hurry up!
Hello. Simi. Thank God you called.
I need to talk to you urgently.
Then, why did you run?
- Where's Simi?
Right here, with me.
She's a beautiful girl.
You... Please, give
the phone to Simi.
I need to talk to her.
Give Simi the phone I
need to talk to her. Please.
Any problem, sir?
- No problem sir. All okay. - Okay.
What has Ray done to you?
- Nothing.
But he can make my future.
Have your parents
returned to Kolkata from Puri?
How do you...
I hope your boyfriend loves you.
He obviously does.
Stuck in traffic?
Ray, what's going on?
Who is this man?
No one.
Take this, and leave.
Really. How can I just leave?
What if you are
handing me the wrong camera?
Come on, set it on tomorrow's date...
...and take my picture.
What's going on?
- Nothing.
It's wrong. You
haven't told your girlfriend?
You are far smarter than you look.
Let me explain to you
whilst he does his work.
Pick up the camera.
Come on, hurry up.
Now go, develop it.
What's so special
about that old camera...
...that makes you
desperately want it?
That's his magic lamp.
The only difference is that,
you don't have to rub it...
...instead, you click it.
And then it shows you the future.
That's impossible.
Have a look.
I am sure now you know...
...how he got so rich, his
bungalow and the Mercedes.
Is it done?
Yes, done.
Show me the photograph.
Ray. Ray.
- Come.
Simi, I can explain. I...
- I don't want to know, Ray.
Everything about you is a lie.
I don't know why, I
believed all of your lies?
My grandpa left me property.
I got a job.
I love you Simi, will you marry me.
Everything is a lie.
Just a bunch of lies.
You wouldn't have
ever believed the truth.
That my grandfather has
given me an old camera...
...that can show me the future.
Would you have believed it?
If I had told you, I
saw in this camera...
...a man pointing a gun to your head.
Would you have believed me?
Yes Ray, maybe I
wouldn't have believed you.
But the truth is,
everything you have...
...is because of this camera.
You haven't earned any of it.
Everything this camera predicts,
comes true?
What else did the camera show you?
That you are happily married
to that girl in the restaurant?
No, it didn't. Not to her nor you.
This is my grandpa's photograph.
When he saw this, he
knew when he's going to die.
This is Mr. Ghosh's. I clicked it.
Just before he died.
And this photo
dated 5 days from now.
Was taken by that girl.
Its, Mine.
This means death, Simi.
I can drop you to a safe place.
Is it really going to happen?
It has until now.
Can't we stop it?
We have to find a way, Ray.
There must be some way.
I don't know what you want to do.
But I can't wait for you to die.
Think Ray. Think.
Simi, whatever has
to happen will happen.
But one thing's for sure.
I won't let that fiend Captain
lay his hands on this camera.
And that's for sure.
Gimme that
- What are you doing?
Finding out, what's
going to happen to you...
...and I will stop it whatever it is.
I'll take a wide shot so we
can see what's around you.
Simi, I'm sorry.
Lets take the rest
tomorrow in the daytime.
These pictures will tell us...
...what's going to happen
with you in the next few days.
Serves you right.
Simi, I love you.
- Shut up.
Backwaters. I think this
temple is in the South of India.
Last week I booked
us a holiday trip.
We'll have to get the
hell away from there.
I think I have a plan.
Thank you, Ramesh.
Sunshine will win
the next week's race.
I saw the pictures in
your house. But how?
Never mind that!
I'll take my winnings when
I get back from Bangkok.
Sunshine. Best of luck.
Good luck.
Let's go.
Sir, Ray Acharya
has been red flagged.
They boarded a flight to Bangkok.
How far can they run?
They can flee from India,
but not the world.
Is it possible that the negative of
your blank photograph was defective.
No Simi.
Simi, if the
negative was defective...
...then nothing would
have been visible.
Not even the date and the time.
The camera doesn't lie.
Juice, sir.
- Thank you.
Come on, Simi.
Come on. Come faster.
I'm coming, Ray.
Taxi. Get in.
Go straight.
- Where do you want...
Just go straight.
- Straight?
Greetings, Baan.
Welcome to Bangkok.
Nice, it's a big job.
Trace cab number 1111.
Thai translation - trace blue-green
cab MH 1111 on intercity highway.
Are you okay?
- What's wrong with you?
Why are you acting strange?
I'll tell you once we reach a hotel.
Looking for a hotel?
I will take you.
What's your name?
- Murli Murgudos.
At your service, sir.
A One Hotel. Best
hotel in Bangkok, sir.
Room service, sir.
Did you order anything?
Room service.
Listen to me.
Where's the camera?
Where's the camera?
Where's the camera?
Ray. Ray. Come on.
Come on, Ray. Come on.
What do you value more,
your life or the camera?
This is what you want, right?
Come, come, come.
Have you gone mad?
Nothings gonna happen to
you until day after tomorrow.
That's what your
camera has predicted.
Stop talking rubbish.
Let's just get out of here.
Bindiya Awasthi?
Junior Research officer?
Research and Analysis Wing.
You're a RAW agent.
Yes, I've been handling your
case for the last three months.
But why? - It's a
sensitive issue for the government.
We've been aware for 5 years that...
...Dr. Joshi has been
working on a unique camera.
After he passed away,
his file was closed.
Your photo in the newspapers...
...made us reopen the case.
And unfortunately,
Captain also did the same.
But don't worry.
Tomorrow morning...
...senior research officer Mr.
Puri will be here as well.
We can then arrange for your
safe passage back to India.
Until then, you are in my custody.
Thanks Sophia.
- Bindiya.
Ray, the picture that
I took in India... Hey...
Looks good on you.
Thanks. But I don't like
using other peoples things.
Simi, please. It's
not what you think.
I was just doing my duty.
I hope you like pasta.
If you wouldn't have
fled from Mumbai...
...the situation would
have been very different.
I mean, your
grandpa's lawyer Mr. Arora...
...and bookie friend
Rameshs post-mortem...
...proved it was
Captain who killed them.
Who's that?
- Awasthi it's me, Puri.
Good morning.
- Morning.
Everything's under control.
- Yeah.
Are they okay?
- Yes sir, comfortable sir.
Do you have the camera?
- They have the camera, sir.
Ray Acharya.
- Hi. - Hello.
Simi Chatterjee.
- Hello.
Officer Puri.
Is that it?
Let me see it.
Give it to me.
This camera can change
the future of our country.
National Security, Economic growth.
If used in the right way, it
will greatly benefit our country.
What are you thinking?
Look, until now you have used
it only for your own profit.
Now, it is the time to
think about the country.
I will hand it over to you in front
of the press, once we reach India.
You won't do any such thing.
Sir, what are you doing?
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Oh no!
Hold the steering wheel.
- What?
Come on.
'Lt's the same boat#
Hello sir.
Sir, they have killed Awasthi and
a local police officer and fled.
Don't worry, sir, we will get him.
Now what, Ray?
We will have to go together.
Come, come.
Indian girl and boy inside.
Come by boat.
Breaking news: 2
fugitives from India...
You are a cop killer.
Welcome. Welcome.
Can you dance?
"What's this place
you brought me to?"
"This place's a bit like this,
a bit like that."
"What's this place
you brought me to?"
"This place's a bit like this,
a bit like that."
"Girl, I held on to your hand.
I held on to it."
"Let there be uproar."
"It's strange, it's torturous."
"It's strange, it's torturous."
"It's strange, it's torturous."
"I am slightly scared."
"But there's nothing that I can do."
"Everyone here is a stranger."
"Every makes gestures at me."
"Everyone here is crazy for me."
"Everyone is dazzled by your sight."
"Let's create a bit of stir."
"It's strange, it's torturous."
"It's strange, it's torturous."
"It's strange, it's torturous."
"My loving heart,
the craving sights."
"It's getting difficult to
keep them under control."
"It makes me restless.
Keeps soaring in the skies."
"My feet never touch the ground."
"I have written tha,t.
Saga in your eyes.
"It says let there be uproar."
"It's strange, it's torturous."
"It's strange, it's torturous."
"It's strange, it's torturous."
Welcome, sir.
Happy hour is over.
Damn it!
Let's wait here.
Are you ok?
You will take care of
yourself after I'm gone, won't you?
You have your entire
life ahead of you.
Promise me, you will
live it to the fullest.
Now what Ray?
Now death is inevitable.
- Yes.
What yes?
That day at home you
asked me a question.
The answer is yes.
- Yes.
You can do anything for me, right?
- What now?
Thank you Murli. We need your help.
Murli Murgados always
at your service, sir.
Wait a minute.
Sir, you ordered for this.
And madam, this is for you.
No matter what they
flash on the news.
I don't think you're a criminal.
Murli!! Sorry Sir.
- Thank you.
Okay. Come.
This means, Captain is
staying at A-1 hotel...
...in room number 701.
Murli, you will call him and ask
hi m to come meet you tonight...
...below Rama bridge at 9:30.
- Okay sir.
As soon as Captain leaves the hotel.
Simi, you by any means possible...
...will get hold of his room keys.
And hand it over to me.
Rama Bridge is about 20
minutes from the hotel.
This means, you have
about half an hour.
You will take care of this.
Greetings, A-1 Hotel,
how may I help you?
Good morning, madam.
Connect me to Mr. Captain.
Indian, at coffee shop.
Sitting at table No. 6.
You are searching for an
Indian boy and a girl.
If you pay me the right price...
...I can give you information.
Come to Rama Bridge,
at exactly 9 o'clock.
Let's go.
- Hello.
I have a message for my friend.
- Yes ma'am.
The message is me.
- Room No. 701.
But Mr...
- He's gone out. He'll be back.
Can I have the keys please?
Great. Captain must
be on his way back.
Wait downstairs with Murli.
As soon as Captain arrives,
click his photograph. - Okay.
Get the photo
developed tomorrow morning.
And meet me at the Dockyard
along with Murli at 9'oclock.
- Then what?
I will meet you and tell
you the rest of the plan.
Simi. Can I say something?
You won't laugh?
That's my girl.
You won't lose hope.
- Not now. Not now.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Take care.
Room No. 701.
- I gave it to your friend, sir.
Can we talk?
Why? What's wrong?
Are you scared?
Where's the camera?
The camera's safe. You can have it.
On one condition.
Either you are
very brave, or a fool.
So, what's your condition?
You will have to
protect me the next 24 hours.
I am a shooter. Not a bodyguard.
There are three things
that are a threat to my life.
That officer. You and this
blank photograph. My fate.
If you protect me...
...my chances of
survival are 66.6 percent.
And if I do What's the...
...guarantee that you
will hand over the camera?
You can't guarantee keeping me
alive the next 24 hours either.
Captain, has always kept his word.
Thank you very much
for your cooperation.
This is a question
of national security.
One is Simi the other one is Ray.
You got to catch them.
- Yes.
We have just received information.
Suspect is in hotel A1.
Where is this hotel A1?
- Come on. Let's go.
This guy was very short
and also armed and dangerous.
- Captain, I have good news.
Indian boy is in your hotel.
And bad news, police on
their way to raid the hotel.
We've got to get out of here.
How much?
Give me money, Fast.
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
What if I kill you right now?
Finding the girl is no big deal
You won't take that risk.
If I die, game over.
Nobody here. Ok.
Murli, take me to the dockyard.
You think you can fight fate?
Do I have a choice?
You've got luck on your side...
...nobody else has
managed to evade me this long.
But don't worry.
Bringing the track record
back on track isn't difficult...
Keep this.
Anything can happen now.
- Baan, bring the girl to me.
Sorry, I am quite busy.
Name your price, Baan.
- Okay.
Let me think, and
then I will tell you.
So, what do you
think about my offer?
Three million in five days.
- No, no.
Five million in three days. Ok.
It's universal. Greed.
Okay, then...
But... no witnesses.
Out. Get out.
Drop the gun.
I said, drop the gun.
Give me the bag.
Baan. - Hey, don't move...
- Ray. - It's ok.
Captain has done his bit.
All your enemies are finished.
You did your part.
I'll keep my promise.
Ray. Ray.
He saved your life and you in turn...
It was so dark below...
The photograph
wasn't blank it was black.
"Come, let's watch..."
"...who has got the guts."
"Watch your step, my friend."
"Come, let's watch..."
"...who has got the guts."
"Watch your step, my friend."
"We surpassed them,
left them lagging behind."
"We topped over them, and
kept them dangling below."
"We surpassed them,
left them lagging behind."
"We topped over, and
kept them dangling below."
"You can never stop us."
"Never break us down."
"Because I have got you besides me."
"You better mark this right."
"Come, let's watch..."
"...who has got the guts."
"Watch your step, my friend."
"Come, let's watch..."
"...who has got the guts."
"Watch your step, my friend."
"Life is a light."
"Life is a flash."
"A bit slow."
"And yes, it's a bit rash."
"These paths are dangerous."
"What happens ahead,
come lets what."
"Come, let's watch..."
"...who has got the guts."
"Watch your step, my friend."
"Come, let's watch..."
"...who has got the guts."
"Watch your step, my friend."