Aachar & Co (2023) Movie Script

Do you like mangoes?
Tell me who doesn't?
When summer sets in
for 3 months they reign supreme!
Mangoes are just like humans,
they grow into different sizes,
different shapes
and different varieties.
At first, they are raw
then ripen
and finally decay.
Who knows?
Maybe in their lifetime
they aspire to become a pickle,
fruit essence,
Give it all up
And aspire to go overseas
and become a fruit jam, right?
Only fate decides what will happen!
Misfortune may make someone
throw a stone at it,
or pluck them to make lemon-rice,
or hastily fall off the trees themselves!
Does that mean its story ends there?
The story goes on!
If God permits,
even a raw mango that falls off a tree
can turn into a pickle.
If it tries a little more
It can turn into 'Aachar
& Co Pickles as well!
In front of Kausalya provision store,
The rooster crowed
Another night has passed
And Bangalore saw dawn!
Chikpete, Dodpete, Market,
Jayanagar, Malleswaram!
People jaunting everywhere
That became the fate of Bangalore!
Married women woke up,
Bathed at dawn
And wore holy clothes.
Having washed the front door,
Drawing rangoli patterns,
They circumvented the holy basil pedestal.
Paying obeisance to their family deity
in their mind,
Lit the holy lamp on the auspicious salver.
By the time this worship ritual was completed,
For how long will you sleep girls!?
The time was 7.
Wake up girls!
Wake up guys!
Wake up guys!
Lazy bums!
Rubbing their eyes,
The children of the house woke up then.
Lift your legs man!
Queued up in front of the bathroom
[Chanting a morning Shloka]
So that they get their turn
For Bangalores cold weather
The hot water bath
Come back!
Would not get over in a hurry!
If the house is filled with people,
This is an everyday cycle!
While reading the paper
Aachar has to drink
Aachar has to drink
I'll get it, I'll get it.
Sugarless coffee.
Take this.
Unfortunately today
The milkman arrived late!
Milked from the udder,
Filled in the can by the divine cow!
Till that time let us see
What is the recent news!
Our government does what it says,
Said B. D. Jatthi.
Bifurcation of the state
For the people in the border areas
Is like a sword hanging over the heads!
To restore the relationship with China
A new strategy is being adopted!
When will this country become
A formidable global power?
The Ambassador car parked
in front of the house
Is the talk of the city!
What a nice car!
Yes, yes!
Neighbors envy, owners pride!
And what is there for breakfast today?
Everybody is eyeing it.
If the horn blares three or four times
What a big car!
It means it is getting late.
Go away!
It means it is getting late.
Wheres my tape?
It means it is getting late.
The breakfast is getting cold! Come!
Who else is left!
I will finish this
Mother, my shirt is not dry!
Ode to the new morning!
Everyones lunch boxes
Jaggu, give it!
Ode to the new morning!
Im done brother... You go!
Mother! Coffee!
The procession has started!
Inside the ambassador,
sitting like the anointed Lord
is Madhusudhan Aachar.
Even though he's not looking back,
the lady incessantly waving at him
is his wife Savitri.
They both have 10 kids.
Their intention is to not spoil the kids
by taking them in the car so early on.
By the way,
not like theyd all fit in any way!
This is Sudheendra,
the first son.
He had earnestly promised
to become an engineer just like his dad
He is now regretting his fate!
This is Raghu, the second son.
He has big dreams in life!
He might be dreaming now too...
Lets not disturb him.
Come, come!
This is Sheela,
the second daughter
One minute!
Did you ask where the first daughter is?
She had come of age.
Who keeps a 16-year-old at home?!
They got her married!
The one with his finger up his nose,
looking at the sky and walking
That is Jaggu.
The one grumpy about
the mismatched hair ribbons
is Suma.
The one with a spring in her step
is Uma.
These two are Leela and Gowri.
Dont ask who Leela is and who is Gowri!
3 boys, 6 girls,
someone is missing!
This is the last daughter
In the entire family, she is the
only one studying in English medium
Get lost you complaining goose!
Dont act smart!
I will tell mother, wait!
Ill tell father, look!
Look father, what hes doing!
Hes hitting me!
Bye, bye!
Bye, bye!
Keep quiet!
Bye! Bye sister!
Bye! Bye!
Go in!
Whats the first class?
I'll complain to mother.
Youll get late for class!
Go in!
Okay, bye!
Tata! Tata!
Madhusudhan Aachar is a civil engineer.
The car, bungalow,
telephone, house helps,
and all the amenities
are all thanks to this job!
Governments work is Gods work.
Be quiet!
She will come!
Brother, do you know what is happening in college?
- Im getting hungry!
How long!
When will mother give us food?
The idlis in the box had disintegrated
and had become Uppit.
If you keep failing, that's what you'll get!
- All of you are already seated!
At least I attend class,
unlike you
Keep quiet!
Is it lemon-rice!
Oh! No! Mother has cooked today!
Who has the snack cupboard key?
She had given it to Thimma to get sugar.
Take the fritter!
Was dinner good?
Kamala didnt come today,
her mother has died for the third time!
She forgets what excuses
she has given in every house!
Is Jagadeesh
Studying at home?
Why? He is studying.
His marks don't say so!
What if his marks are low?
He's a sharp boy
Will he get an engineering seat
just because he's sharp?
He needs higher marks!
Our Raghu is studying engineering, right
Then why worry!
Let him complete it,
then we'll talk!
It's not like its the only job!
Our Sudhi has got a govt job, right?
Isnt that enough?
In the Survey Department!
Is that even a job?!
Who'll get their girls
married to these boys!?
Whatever I say,
you have a retort ready!
Looks like Aachar didn't know this,
But marriages weren't just between
the boy and girl,
it was between their families.
The bride's families had their
eyes on Madhusudhan,
on his house,
on his job,
on that green Ambassador car!
Thats why,
as soon as BBC broadcasted about
Sudheendras new job...
What Seenanna?
Have you come regarding
another money scheme?
Which one?
Life insurance scheme?
What are you saying Aachar?
Ive come with a life settling scheme!
Come, Ill tell you.
Mother! Mother!
Seenanna has come,
give me the snack cupboard key!
Yes, Im coming!
I'm standing right here!
Give it to me
Seenanna has come,
Bring four biscuits and coffee.
Don't forget to lock the cupboard.
Thimma, just two biscuits
I wont tell anyone,
at least give me fritters!
At least a spoon of milk powder!?
Father, heard you called me?
Sudheendra is here!
Our crown prince!
Are you fine?
I'm Im good.
You have left your cycle outside!
What if someone steals it?
Utterly irresponsible!
Let it be there!
No one will take it!
You come here! Sit!
Come here son!
Sit here!
Come here son!
Sit here
Sit next to me!
Come here!
Come here!
Come here!
Come closer!
Sit properly!
Congratulations my son!
I heard you got a government job.
It made me very happy!
Its all my dad's blessings
I blessed you
To become an engineer!
You should be satisfied with
what you get, Mr. Aachar...
Regarding the topic we discussed
Did you ask your son?
What's there to ask him?
We have all agreed!
Same city, same caste,
what more is needed?
Lets blow the wedding trumpet!
Good, good!
Congrats my son!
Let's shake on it!
My niece Parimala,
she is a precious gift!
Youve hit the jackpot!
Wherever you look in Bangalore,
you wont find such a good girl!
Lets tell the priest to set a good date
and get them married!
What do you say?
Sure, whats there to it!
That is fine!
So soon?
That's how it used to be then
When old folks wanted a get-together,
they used to get the young ones married.
You are looking so handsome!
Have you seen the girl?
I've been busy since morning.
Not like that mother...
I meant, how does she look?
She's as beautiful as Seenanna said.
Didnt father see you
before you got married?
Your dad?
As soon as our wedding was fixed,
He kept cycling around my house!
Don't tell him I told you this.
Then hell get very angry!
Jaggu, send coffee for the priest!
What is this?
Both of you are standing here and
spinning yarns!
No father
Sudhi was asking
No, no,
I was not asking anything father!
Hes asking how the girl looks!
She is better looking than you!
This generation is in a hurry!
Even after two weeks of the wedding
I hadn't even turned
to look at your mother!
Ask her and check!
Did you know? Really!
Fine, fine!
Come, come!
Go and bring them!
Come quickly!
Come quickly!
Can you see her?
Whoever throws the jaggery and
cumin seeds first
They will rule the house!
Just cause the boy looks good,
don't get spell bound!
You throw it fast!
Brother, don't lose your
senses looking at her!
You have to be first!
Throw it!
Throw it quickly!
Even then boys
wished for a partner like Madhubala,
and the girls
wished for a partner like Dev Anand
Still, you had to make
do with whoever you got!
Whatever you say,
Parimala is very lucky!
At Aachars house,
there is house help
to sweep, to wash and for everything.
She can live like a queen!
Did you notice Veena's daughter?
Oh! God!
Who invited her?
How can she come even if she is invited?
What a bad omen!
But when I see her,
I feel pity for her.
Living alone without
a husband is really difficult!
I heard that she only
asked for the divorce!
Oh! God!
Did you recognize them?
I mentioned the BBC earlier, right!?
It is them.
Bharathi, Bhagirathi, Chandravathi
Even though their tongues belong to them,
they gossip about others!
They come to all festivities
like weddings, etc.,
to give in to the thirst of their tongues!
At every good occasion
the Aachars celebrate,
they are present!
This is just the beginning,
there are a lot more
weddings for you to see!
A sales boy!
Not a sales boy, father
My son is going to be a sales boy?!
A sales representative!
They are one and the same!
Who gave you the permission to join?
Dont I have the freedom
to choose my career?!
It's been 15 years since
the Britishers left!
How much more freedom do you want?
Father, I don't like engineering!
Even I don't like engineering,
neither does he!
No one does!
But someone has to do it!
Give it here!
Engineering got me this car.
If you dont want to study engineering,
You dont need this car either.
Father, how will I come?
Get going!
Do whatever you want!
What did you bring? Show me!
I brought
A vermillion holder!
What is this?
This engraved K S Rao is so small!
The shopkeeper said there isn't
enough space to write a saga!
You have a lot to learn.
Look here
Kodandaramiah and family,
Jayanagar, Bengaluru
As if she's going to take
steel utensils to the US?
Look how beautiful she is!
Like an ivory doll.
For her this is perfect!
Not like a doll!
She looks like an owl!
Shes your sister!
Her saree looks like a tent!
Watch me!
Watch how I will look at my wedding!
For your wedding,
I dont know if Ill be there
Ill get married earlier
and go to Singapore!
I'll go to London,
wait and watch!
I've only paid for everything!
Go and sprinkle a little on others too!
You got it?
Why the urgency?
Slow down!
Hell become a sales boy;
I believe!
A sales boy!
Who else?
He is born to ruin my reputation!
Father, come quickly
Our reputation is at stake!
Only you were left!
Not me father, you come!
Look Mr. Aachar,
we did not take dowry like others!
At least treat the groom's side properly!
Why, is something missing?
I gave the watch, ring and suit you wanted,
what is it Lokesh?
Is everything all right?
Is it enough to look after the groom alone?
We had
We had said that everyone from our side should
be welcomed with a sandalwood garland, right?
We couldn't find so many garlands
in the last minute
Maybe during lunch,
we can give them marigold flowers
Well give them rose flowers only
To look like fools?
I will arrange for all that.
The auspicious time will pass,
please come.
By the way
Another thing.
For lunch, how many sweets
are being prepared?
Including kheer or excluding it?
Including it!
What is this father?
They said so much
and you did not even give it back?!
If I had retorted,
they would have cancelled
the wedding and left!
If so, then let them father!
What if they ill-treat Sheela tomorrow
and ask her to leave the house?
Raghu, you're still young,
be quiet!
Like you're still very mature!
Look at him!
Go! Go!
Look after the work!
Did you need this?
As if he honored you!
The nuptial tune, play it!
[Incoherent chattering]
[Incoherent chattering]
Look at the laddoo
Its as small as a marble
that kids play with!
To send his daughter to America,
shouldnt he save up money?
Still to get married in Andal hall
and then go to America
Not everyone is that lucky.
They haven't put salt in the salad!
Did you hear about Raghu?
Yeah, he's going to become a salesman,
it seems?
That's old news.
Do you know what Jaggu is up to now?
What Jaggu was up to,
no one knew in his own house.
But the BBCknew!
Thus, certain things are more credible
coming from them rather than me!
[Shouts of glee]
Come down Oh! Damsel!
[Incoherent chattering]
Sir, can I sit down?
[Incoherent chattering]
Leelavathi is a real sight to behold!
Rajkumar looks like a real prince.
What amazing acting dude!
Jaggu, youre no less man,
you could become an actor,
just like him!
It's not written in my fate to be an actor!
Even if it was, my dad has rewritten it
to make me an engineer!
I can't see anything dude!
Become an actor first man,
then you can act like a doctor
and an engineer!
Yes dude!
Remember that school play you acted in?
Where that girl dies!
Romeo Juliet.
That very same one!
Isnt it?
Romeo Juliet guys!
- He drinks the poison and then she too dies.
I mean, it was some family caste problem.
That same one!
It wasn't a caste problem
Which one is that?
I got it!
Romeo Juliet!
That one only!
Romeo Juliet.
Do you remember it, Jaggu?
I remember!
And I also remember failing
in that years exam!
I thought my dad was going to kill me.
Next time lets write a play
about how your father kills you.
It's a joke to you guys.
Look Jaggu
This studying and writing
is for idiots like us only.
Isn't Rajkumar so knowledgeable
even though he did not study?
Mark my words,
one day or the other
they will give him a doctorate!
Its really late,
my dad's really gonna kill me!
Jaggu, come back!
Jaggu, come back!
Hes done for!
No father!
Is this why I pay and send you to college?
My friends
Are all your friends like this?
No father,
they don't go below 90 at all.
30 itself is a lot for me!
Only 30?
Aren't you ashamed?
You have to take more than 90 henceforth!
Father, my head spins with just this much
studying makes your head spin?
You have to study engineering!
Oh! Got it father!
I'll do better next time.
What's that smell?
Where are you coming from?
Where is that emanating from?
Where is that emanating from?
Brother is here!
Father, what happened?
First bring your cycle inside.
Fine father.
If you keep failing your exams...
You're going to fail in
life also just like him!
Suma also fails
None of you say anything to her!
She's a girl,
no one's gonna ask what she's studied
But you have to study engineering!
I'll do a diploma!
What a fate!
One wants a diploma!
One is a B.Sc. graduate.
Another is a sales boy!
Sales Representative!
Put up a board saying so!
Then people will realize!
We have to get such morons married!
God knows who will give a girl!
My fate!
They found a girl
And the wedding was also fixed!
Are you drunk?
But what Aachar was angry
about was not that!
The fact that he has found
a girl is itself great!
In that too
Lower your voice please!
People have come.
When that is the case,
what was the need for him
to see the girl before the wedding?!
What happened now?
He has agreed, hasnt he?
Why should he check?
Isn't it enough if I approve the match?
Don't I know?
I have 10 children!
What everyone wants,
do I not know?
Even I know, not just you.
I only gave birth.
Is it your wedding
or your brothers wedding?
Theyre all calling you Come!
Come quickly!
Go! Go!
What were you doing inside?
Look for it quickly!
Brother did you not get it?
Ill only look for it!
Wait my dear!
There is still time for you!
Not that fast!
Brother! Quickly!
Brother, we have to win!
Be careful of the hand!
Seems like super fun, right?
You did this in your wedding too, right?
Wait and watch...
Just like brother,
Ill see my wife before the wedding
and only then get married.
Whom do you think will win?
But make sure you dont show
your face Jaggu.
Brother is gonna win for sure,
watch out!
As if you're an enchanting beauty!
just wait and watch the groom Ill marry,
Did you find it?
I will go to London
and live in a huge bungalow!
As a maid?
Stop it!
See her mother!
Fighting in front of everyone
Brother you only have to find the ring!
Sit back!
Sit properly!
The house suddenly started feeling cramped.
It is true that filled pots are stable
but if it is heavy,
it must be emptied to another vessel.
Brother Jaggu
The pillow!
Was there a need to teach Raghu that,
tell me?!
Father Father!
What is it?
I'm getting late for work.
I've seen a house in Basavanagudi,
for Rukmini and me.
What's lacking for you here?
When Im leaving for the office,
why do they bring me such news?
Stupid fellows!
Get moving!
A little
Come this side!
Move a little!
Move please!
Im telling you only!
Come this side!
To move a few new tables and chairs,
how much time will you take?
Sir, we are planning in such a way
that everyone benefits from the fan.
Plan all this instead of the dam project!
Take this!
Correct it and come!
Get out!
Hello, is this Mr. Madhusudhan?
Yes, its me.
Are you Jagadeeshs father?
Yes, I am Jagadeeshs father.
This is the college principal.
Tell me principal sir!
Your son has not been
coming to class since long!
Yes! He hasnt been seen here!
He hasn't been coming to college?
Yes sir!
I drop him at the college gate
myself every day!
Talk to your son!
Talk some sense into him!
Its your fees that is going to waste!
Ill talk to him sir.
Please do!
What are you doing here?
I have good news father!
Now is not a good time.
Lets talk in the evening!
I am being promoted!
I wanted to tell you first!
Im a survey officer now.
In Delhi
Ill be given a house, a car
Theyre only giving everything!
I have to leave next month!
All of you go away!
Leave your responsibilities
and go!
But I thought youd be happy
hearing this!
A house, a car, a job
Isnt this what you wanted?
I dont want anything!
If you leave its enough
Raghu was right!
Youre never satisfied by anything!
All your life, neither were you happy
nor did you let us be happy!
Henceforth at least it is better
if we look after our own happiness!
Children back answering their father!?
What is this?
Are we in the 21st century?
On such a bad day,
in such a bad moment,
what else would have happened,
tell me?
A little this side
A little
A bit
Enough, enough!
Madhusudhans heart finally gave way!
So sad, how did it happen?
So sad
Its not Sudheendras fault.
This was bound to happen someday
Aachar used to swallow
a dozen tablets daily!
The snack cupboard key
Give it!
Give it!
Be quiet!
Give it to me
Ill look after it!
All of you must do well,
study like your father
and earn well.
Dont trouble your mother too much
and dont stain your clothes
Otherwise, youll have
to wash them yourself!
If that neighbor Girijas clothes
fall into the compound,
dont give them back.
Even after repeated w arnings
they dont use clips!
Well leave now.
With Aachar gone, so was his job...
Take care Thimma.
With Aachar gone, so was his job...
Take care Manja.
And the car, the telephone,
and the house help that came with it.
They all went back.
Do we have to drop out of
school and stay at home?
Do we have to cook for ourselves?
Do we have to clean the house too?
Do we have to wash Jaggus underwear?
And clean the bathrooms too?
The housework will somehow get done
Who will get me married?
Do we have to get you married too?
I know that youre sad
But youll have to fill father's shoes
and take up the
responsibilities of the house.
I wanted to tell you something
Tell me!
Ive been promoted.
If father was here,
he wouldve been so happy, isnt it?
Next week
Im shifting to Delhi.
Are you joking?
I I have to go Raghu.
If you suddenly leave like this
How will I go?
Go where?
For the Basavanagudi house,
Ive already paid an advance!
How can both of us leave?
Thats what Im saying brother
You stay here, Ill go.
No, you stay here!
Ill go!
No brother,
You stay here, Ill go!
Look Raghu,
it was you who always told me that
we should live the way we want in life.
I spent all my life
trying to be a good son to father.
Henceforth at least
Ill do what I want!
I didn't mean that brother
Is it a matter of money?
If you want money, Ill send it!
Its not a matter of money!
Is it space?
Father is no more,
Im also leaving for Delhi
You shift to the bedroom.
And it happened just like Sudheendra said!
Raghu shifted into his fathers room
and all of his fathers
responsibilities fell on him!
And along with it
No, no,
dont panic
These tablets are only for gastric!
Because of the office work load
youre not eating on time
The house is filled with people
I cant run the household
if I dont work hard!
I understand,
but if only you work this hard
Jaggu and Suma aren't young now,
Just wait for a few more days.
Theyll also take up responsibilities.
Dont worry about it, Rukmini
Uma, you cook
Leela, you wash the clothes.
Vijaya, you wash the vessels.
Gowri, you mop the house.
Jaggu You sweep the house.
What will you do?
I'll check!
If you are doing it properly or not!
I can also do that!
Then do it as you sweep!
Put the broom down!
What are all of you doing?
Both of you have to start looking for jobs.
How can I look for work?
If a girl gets a job,
who will marry her?
I was also thinking the same!
Arranging weddings right now
is going to be difficult!
[In unison]
Do you know how expensive
it is to arrange weddings?
With the salary I get,
its difficult to even run the house,
weddings are just beyond us!
And the rest of you!
Dont depend on anyone
and learn to stand on your own feet!
Focus on studies,
focus on getting a good job.
Not on finding a good husband!
My dear, get the suitcase and come
There is dust!
Good morning, sir!
I had filed an application!
For a job!
Mohammed Fayaz!
We have appointed someone
else for the post.
We have given the post to someone else.
Sir, I asked outside.
That post
They said the post is still vacant!
I cant give you that job!
Why sir?
Did you not see my application?
I went through it
Ive also seen the religion column!
So thats the matter
Now please get out!
If I don't go?
Send him out!
One minute!
Whatever be the job,
it should always be given to
the most qualified,
not to those who seek favors of fortune!
In the name of caste and religion,
you creeps have forgotten humanity!
But remember this!
Humanity is like a tree!
Even if you chop it
with the axe of religion
and cut it into pieces
It will grow back!
Im also like that
Ill prosper in front of you!
Was it good dude?
It was awesome!
How was it?
It was good!
He acted superbly!
It was superb!
It was very good dude!
Jaggu! Jaggu! Jaggu!
Wonderful man!
Such an amazing performance dude!
Thank you, sir!
Just incredible man!
Sir! Its all your
When I see you act
Yes sir?
You just transcend with your performance!
Be serious about it!
Your looks are passable too
But sir at home,
expenses are high!
Theyre torturing me to join a factory.
Who says theres no money in theatre?
There is!
Well get money if people come!
Yes sir.
But I dont have that much time sir
Yes sir!
For 6 months,
you somehow manage
6 months!?
Well see later!
I can understand your situation
but youve only studied till
Ive studied till 10th.
Here it says 9th
Ive studied but havent passed,
thats all!
Then how can it be possible?
Without finishing high school
how can you teach high school students?
Its fine, leave it!
Be quiet!
If you want,
a nursery teacher spot is vacant.
Is that so?
Nursery teachers just dont stay on,
they give some excuse and quit!
You wont do that right?
No ma'am.
I can work for a year
After that?
Next year,
Im getting married and going to London!
Till then I can work!
We need someone permanent
Its fine, leave it!
For your engagement.
Thank you!
you were saying something about the job
Drink some water!
What is it?
It will fall!
Have some sweets brother!
Ive got a big job at the factory!
Whats the salary?
80 rupees
The pay might be less
but the factory is huge!
Leave this factory,
come to my company.
Ill put in a word.
How can that be correct!?
Jobs should be given to
the most qualified
not to those who seek favours of fortune!
Mother what is he talking about?
He is clearly warped!
You were saying something.
I wasnt saying anything!
You were talking about the job!
There was a vacancy for
a nursery teacher
but it didnt work out!
They wanted a permanent teacher!
Anyway, next year
Im getting married and leaving!
Thats why I
Is getting married a big achievement?
Lets say there's a proposal
from somewhere tomorrow.
From London.
From London then
Do you know that marriages
give rise to bigger responsibilities?
You shelved the responsibility
of even a small job!
I didnt run away!
Then go take up that job tomorrow.
Do I really have to go back there?
I believe my looks are passable,
is it so?
No, my dear.
You are handsome!
Good morning, madam!
Im from Vimalaya Drug Company
I wont buy anything!
No madam!
Im not selling anything.
I just have to ask you a few questions.
Thats your only job?
Thats all madam!
Please have it!
Please have it!
Its fine madam.
Should I bring another?
Its fine!
Shall we start?
How many members are there
in your family?
Is this work very hard?
Nothing like that.
At your home
How did you get this job?
Any Vimalaya products
Whats the salary you get,
please tell me once!
Madam, please answer my questions!
Other than sandal soap
we dont bring anything!
Usually, which soap
Soap, powder, paste, saffron, vermillion,
Ill tell you about everything later!
First answer my questions.
Holy mother!
What do you want?
I want this job.
Youre living comfortably in
such a big house
Why do you want this job?
You're not married, is it?
Is your husband problematic?
Whats the issue?
Tell me!
Ill also listen!
Your questions about the soaps were better!
Ask me those!
But where to get this job
Tell me that also!
What do you want?
I have come from the
Vimalaya Drug Company!
Can I ask you a few questions?
Get lost lady!
For the frog born in a well
Its the vast ocean!
Till it leaps outside
The world is ethereal!
For the luminescent beetle at dusk
It has the sun on its back!
Longing to grow and reach the skies
Right here! Right here! Right here!
And brighten this very world!
Fine Get down!
Lugging a million dreams to make it big!
Bye! Bye!
Lugging a million dreams to make it big!
Go man! Yes, going!
They have built castles in the air with no stairways!
- How are you?
They have built castles in the air with no stairways!
- Why so late today?
They have built castles in the air with no stairways!
- Who are you? Go! Go!
Save me!
Save me!
As the dizzy illusions begin to sing,
The tune is mellifluous
The whiff of reality blows on it
and reveals the cacophony!
Looking yonder with an effort
makes the heavens seem closer!
In the name of caste and religion,
you have forgotten humanity!
Shall this remain sir?
Why are you walking around?
With tied wings when flight is sought,
This dialogue should not be said
There lies the challenge!
while walking around!
There lies the challenge!
Stand in one spot and say it!
Okay sir.
For the frog born in a well
Its the vast ocean!
Till it leaps outside
The world is ethereal!
Im coming! Im coming!
Its a good policy!
Dont overthink!
Jaggu, take it!
You also get one done!
The two legs that trip
adamantly walk on again!
The goal should be unwavering to reach higher goals!
- Jaggu!
How was it?
It was wonderful!
This is Shashank.
These are my friends!
Keep them at bay
The disappointments!
Greetings sir.
Noble intentions
Is what makes you victorious!
Sir, can you buy me a drink?
One that cant be contained!
That is only life!
One that cant be curtailed!
Wait, Ill help No problem...
This impish youth!
Lower it!
Fearlessly and with infectious zeal
Lower it!
It will stand its ground!
Look here Shrini!
When new twists emerge, stunned, it will still face it!
- Be quiet and lower it!
When new twists emerge, stunned, it will still face it!
- Why should I care!
Ill sit here only!
I will sit next to my mother!
Go and get the cleaning cloth!
Mother, I will sit next to you!
Brother how is it?
It's good...
Sit down.
Take it.
Brother Jaggu...
Wipe on mothers side!
He is not even listening!
Wipe properly! Wipe there!
Wipe their side also!
Wipe here!
Stop it dude!
For the frog born in a well
Its the vast ocean!
Till it leaps outside
The world is ethereal!
For the luminescent beetle at dusk
It has the sun on its back!
Longing to grow and reach the skies
And brighten this very world!
Can I ask a few questions?
can I ask a few questions!?
Greetings madam!
Ive come from Vimalaya Drug Company.
Can I ask you a few questions?
Come inside madam,
Ill call the landlady
How are you?
Its been so many days since I saw you!
For ten minutes,
will you look after the child?
What will you have Suma?
Coffee? Juice?
No, no.
I just came to check in on you
Ill leave now!
Suma, sit for a minute!
You just came and youre leaving!?
What is all this?
I had gone shopping!
I will leave!
Suma, wait a minute!
I heard about your fathers demise
How is everything at home?
There are no problems
What happened to you?
Didnt you say you were going to Singapore?
You said you will settle down in Singapore
once youre married.
Those days in mirth we spoke
about London and Singapore!
Are you still hung up about that?
Dont fantasize that youll be happy
somewhere else
Find a nice man here
and get married quickly.
Age is not on your side
Ill leave
Suma, wait!
Vijaya, did you finish your homework?
There is no ink brother.
Some excuse or the other!
I told you that I didnt want to work!
You scared me to death!
What happened?
Look how badly my face has tanned!
Such a waste!
We could have made a few fritters!
What are both of you doing?
Who asked you?
Look what has happened to my face!
Who will marry me?
That Jayashree is 2 years younger than me!
Shes gotten married and also has a child!
Shes really beautiful, you know
Where did you meet her?
Why bother about that!
I havent found a husband!
Focus on that!
Im 27!
She doesnt look like it, right?
Im not joking!
Sorry, my dear.
Due to the workload,
it has slipped my mind!
Do you even remember that I exist?
Where will you let us forget that!
Henceforth I'm not going to work!
What are you going to do at home?
Shell make fritters,
chill brother
Be quiet!
I'll be in your face, lest you forget!
Stop acting like a child!
You know how stubborn Suma is...
She could be there all day.
You please go and come back soon.
Make fritters!
How are you...
Come, please come...
I will make lemonade.
Lemons are quite expensive now
20 paise apiece,
why bother?
Please sit down!
Where is Rukmini?
Shes not to be seen?
As she is in her 7th month,
shes gone to her mothers place.
Your husband is sure to be reborn
as your grandchild,
mark my words!
Yes, yes.
Suma, come here.
We have brought mangoes.
Please prepare some mango pickles
for all of us.
The taste of the one you gave last time
still lingers.
Here, take these 2 rupees.
Why pay her?
Shell make it for free.
Let her have it,
for some sundry expenses...
She can buy lemons.
Let it be.
Youll have lesser worries once
you find a good boy for Suma.
Theres a good boy from
my sister-in-laws family!
He owns an electric shop.
Couldnt find someone
who has a puncture shop?
Ill consult my son and tell you
Let me know as soon as you can...
many people are vying for him.
Fine, well take leave...
It is better to dive into the village well
than listen to these peoples sly comments.
What was so wrong in what they said?
By the way, didnt you mention that
your sister-in-laws brother is very aged?
As if shes very young!
No matter what you apply to your face
age starts showing!
Say what you wish but
this is what happens
when girls go out and work.
There are four more girls after her!
Who knows what God has
written in their fate!
What did they teach you today?
Today it was Maths, it was so good.
- Did you understand what was taught in class today?
Vijaya is so grown up now!
Teach me too
Where were you girls?
Tuition sister.
If you trust Raghu and keep studying
none of you will get married too!
How are those two things related?
You keep quite mother,
you are nave!
Go inside and wash the clothes.
Not to those who seek favors of fortune!
Jobs should be given to the most qualified
not to those who seek favors of fortune!
Where is Raghu?
What is it with you?
Are you avoiding me?
I was just changing my clothes.
You said youd bring photographs.
Why are you badgering me?
I will bring them
Ill bring them tomorrow.
See whatll happen if you dont bring it!
Are you making Dosas?
You shut up!
[Musical syllables]
[Musical syllables]
In the mango grove,
There are 1000 mangoes!
You have to choose one of them!
In the mango grove,
There are 1000 mangoes!
You have to choose one of them!
If it is sour, then a pickle,
If it is sweet, then for sure a fruit jam!
When the roasted chillis sputter,
Then it will be added as garnish!
In the mango grove,
There are 1000 mangoes!
You have to choose one of them!
In the same fruit,
So many varieties
Why did God have to stash?
The parrot should fall in a daze
Tasting the fruit it pecks.
The pestle has to accompany
The grinding stone!
On just seeing the fruit
The cheeks reddened in anticipation!
The white jasmine became a red lotus!
Look at his mustache!
Poor child!
Oh! No! I dont want a guy
who stays in a village!
What a show off!
How arrogant!
Looks like he has a bad temper!
Searching perennially for the ideal man
Finally, the young girl became
An archaic white-haired granny!
Lamenting eternally in search of
a courageous man
In vain, the bride to be fainted on
the auspicious day!
Someone had a crooked face
The other was a dunce!
Who is this?
A man with tons of make-up!?
Oh! No! A brute goon!
Oh! No! A thug of the worst kind!
Oh! No! Shall I call for
the brave-hearted crown prince?
The wedding season is coming to an end,
When will you pick a groom?
When will you blow the trumpet,
Get all the relatives together
And serve the wedding feast?
Come what may, I will not agree
To compromise on my dreams!
Now and forever, I wish to be...
The queen of my own story!
In the mango grove
In the mango grove
There are 1000 mangoes!
You have to choose one of them!
In the mango grove,
There are 1000 mangoes
You have to choose one of them!
In the same fruit,
So many varieties
Why did God have to stash?
In the same fruit,
So many varieties
Why did God have to stash?
Theres a boy.
His photo?
Whose photo shall I get?
Havent you rejected every boy in town!
The only ones left are either
the elderly or animals!
What can I do?
You show me boys who
deserve to be rejected!
the boy is
my bosss brothers son-in-laws friend.
He is the HoD at the University.
He has done research on snails
and has a doctorate in it.
Mother, I have told them to come on Sunday.
A PhD on Snails?
Shes as lazy as a snail!
You have found the right guy brother!
Eat quietly.
Whatever happens, once I marry,
I dont want to live in Bangalore!
The boys from Mysore.
Mysore, is it?
I want a groom from overseas
or London only.
London is right in our backyard.
You dont act smart.
All the boys overseas
are fasting for a bride like you.
Mother, I dont like this!
Who asked you?
To send everyone here overseas
is this a house or the US Embassy?
What is hennbasi?
How did you give birth
to this specimen, mother?
They send her to US
but dont send me anywhere!
Please take it.
Did you prepare it?
Please have it.
Which college did she study in?
Shes only studied till the 10th.
But Venkatappa said that
your sister is a graduate
and has a BSc in Home Science!
Thats why we are here.
Moreover, our son is a PhD.
Thats Uma, another sister of mine,
the girl to be married here is Suma.
Be it Uma or Suma...
In all, we need a well-educated girl!
Suma keeps reading Kannada magazines
like Sudha, Mayura, Karmaveera.
Once they are done,
she wont even spare
Chandamama and Balamitra!
Isnt it brother?
Hes joking,
she takes good care of the house.
Look, our son is a PhD,
and a college HoD.
Weve to find a girl who
will match his standards!
If she was a graduate,
it wouldve been nice.
Anyway, let it be
Mother, lets go.
Why dont we see the other girl
who has studied Home Science?
Go call her!
My dear, have you finished your degree?
No, I will finish it this year.
Her second attempt.
Shell find a job as soon as she finishes,
please dont worry.
No, no!
Would any girl from a respectable family
go and work outside?
For us, its enough if shes educated...
What do you say!
By the way, our son is a PhD.
You have told us already!
Theres nothing to worry about.
He gets a handsome pay.
What do you say, Savitramma?
How can we get the younger sister
married before the older one?
Theres still time till her exams,
find the elder one a groom by then
and get her married.
My dear, do you agree?
Please eat the sweets.
They are made with ghee.
Its fine.
Sister, I didnt know what to do.
Anyway, he was not up to my standard!
Leave that
Go wash all the vessels
from your in-laws visit today!
Mother!! Jaggu!
Every one come quickly!
Mother, move!
Brother, brother!
What is this!
You bought a new scooter?!
Come here!
Careful man!
Give me some space, I will sit!
Dont spoil it on the first day itself!
See here, see here!
Dont spoil it on the first day itself!
How wonderful it is!
See the color!
Isnt it so nice?
You bought a new vehicle?
The company gave me this mother,
I have been promoted.
Is that so?
Bless me.
I will go first!
Brother, lets go, come brother!
Thats great.
Brother, shall we take it for a spin?
Yes, let us go.
We have to conduct a pooja first...
Leela, Gowri
Run and get the veneration tray!
And another thing.
Im taking everyone to West End
for dinner this evening.
Lets go! Lets go!
To such a fancy place?
Please dont
Just bring Rukmini home,
Ill make some sweets.
What is this mother!
Youre always like this all our lives!
Always making the same
insipid spread at home.
Lets go mother.
[In unison]
Fine, lets go.
All of you be ready in the evening,
Ill tell Govindanna
and call for two autos...
Sure, sure!
Sir, just let me know when
youre ready to place your order.
Thank you.
Look at this
Hope you are comfortable?
Shall I order tomato soup?
Is it Saaru?
Soup, mother!
Show it to me as well!
What shall I order, tell me?
Paneer L-a-b-a-d-o-r
Brother, isnt Labrador a dog?
Brother, Labrador is a dog!
This is Lababdar!
It's not like that dear.
You order for me as well...
Shall we ask for Matar masala?
This English medium school
has totally spoilt you!
Do they cook meat as well?
No mother!
Leave it, Ill see something myself...
They do cook meat,
but in a different vessel.
What if they use the same ladle?
It's in English...
They use another ladle mother.
As if you know how to read!
Couldnt you have told me all this earlier?
Wasnt it nice mother?
The food was amazing!
Brother, can we come here again?
When I get the next promotion,
we will surely come here.
Next time, I will make it at home.
One will get promoted,
another will get married,
sister-in-law will have a baby!
What about me?
Why all that now?
Let it go
All the younger ones are getting married
before me because Ive been letting go.
The wedding has only been
confirmed for now
another boy might show up.
Those who come might choose
Leela or Gowri, for all you know!
Everybody is keeping me aside
like the clove in a laddoo!
Its all because of you.
You purposely bring such boys!
They rejected you because
you were not educated.
Hows it my mistake?
Neither did you study,
nor do you go for work.
I worked really hard.
You did!
You worked very hard to let it go!
Thats all!
Why that topic now?
How is it related?
What else?
You want to be happy
without working for it!
You want to earn without working at all!
And you want to get married
despite rejecting all proposals.
Youve failed 10th,
but want an educated groom,
that too from London...
What do you think of yourself?
You rejected so many good boys,
now that one has rejected you;
you cant handle it!
Where are you going?
This is not your house.
Sit down.
Sir, anything else?
What happened?
I shouldnt have spoken like that...
What you said was not wrong
but the way you said it was.
Ill be back...
Where? I
Just a minute
Why are you sitting like this in the dark?
I know youre upset.
I spoke to you like that so you
understand the situation, thats all.
I had no intention of hurting you.
Lets do one thing.
Lets look for a groom for you
before Uma is married.
Not from Mysore or Mylapur
but from Manhattan!
What do you say?
If you are always grumpy,
which boy will agree to marry you?
Oh! Rukmini is waiting outside.
Ill drop her and come,
Mrs. Cosmopolitan!
Brother, sorry...
Nothing happened to you, right?
Are you fine?
Everyones so happy,
Theres laughter once again in the household...
- Ill leave Bye!
Its the sign of a happy ending.
Still, how do I say this?
That day Raghunath Achars
lifeline had reached its end.
So sad.
What a tragedy!
Raghu was such a nice boy.
I pity Rukmini.
Where is she?
She is going to live with her parents.
They have a lot to deal with now.
Shes going to get Raghus
LIC money, I believe!
Thank God,
he did that one good thing...
Why are all the men in this family
dying one after the other?
Someone must have performed
witchcraft or sorcery spells on them...
Oh! God!
Keep quiet, quiet!
Even I have the same feeling...
If it is not warded
off, the next will be...
We were just talking about you.
Brother was very fond of Shyam Bhatrus
fried fritters and sweets.
Thats why weve got it made for everyone.
Please eat it before leaving.
How can we eat now?
No, no,
we will take it in a box.
Well leave now.
Did you eat?
If you behave like this,
how will mother go on?
Im unable to accept all this, Jaggu
I kept fighting with him till the very end.
I didnt even try to understand him!
Whats done is done,
whats the point of regretting it now?
Everything will get better.
I spoke to my factory owners,
they have decided to increase my wages.
Just wait
How can you act like this in two places?
I know everything.
I have left theatre...
I have found a job.
I swear on you.
Did we have to go through all this
to get a grip on the situation?
Henceforth all the responsibilities
of the house are mine!
Dont worry.
Not just yours alone.
We all have to take it up.
Lets eat for mothers sake.
I will serve.
Both of you have finished your degrees,
why not take up a job?
Fine sister.
[In unison]
Take this.
The seven notes are in tune
The new year has begun
The gap in between is closing in for sure!
For the revival of minds.
The tribulations of times
are blessings in disguise
While awaiting the healing of wounds!
Affectionately the banyan tree
Has penned this under
the shade on the ground
Without burning under the scorching sun
The advent of rains is impossible!
- Leela! Please check if the accounts tally.
The advent of rains is impossible!
This one? Come!
The advent of rains is impossible!
Just a minute, I am coming.
Without traversing the darkest nights
Sir How are you?
Without traversing the darkest nights
Are you fine? Yes, I am fine.
It wont be dawn!
Sir How is the baby?
Shes fine, thank you.
In the way the water flows,
Were you very hungry?
Understanding the principle therein
How are you? I am fine, how about you?
Understanding the principle therein
I have brought pickles only for you.
It is a stream that flows,
A force that will never stay!
Long live Rajanna! Long live Rajanna!
Will the rainwater cleanse the old grime and provide life for the greens?
- Open the gate!
Will the rainwater cleanse the old grime and provide life for the greens?
- Who the hell is he?
Will the rainwater cleanse the old grime and provide life for the greens?
- Open the gate man!
Will the rainwater cleanse the old grime and provide life for the greens?
- Stop! Stop!
Will the rainwater cleanse the old grime and provide
life for the greens? - [Incoherent screaming]
To eclipse the hearts pain, wont sadness be exhausted too?
- Open the gate!
To eclipse the hearts pain, wont sadness be exhausted too?
- Who the hell are you?
To eclipse the hearts pain, wont sadness be exhausted too?
- How much time will you take?
[Incoherent screaming]
Work is only worship!
Patience without effort is only agony!
Another year passes by
Revival recurs
The baby is very cute.
Change of circumstance - We have to
name give a name starting from Ra
Twists in life are
The features are all like Raghu, look!
So cute!
Please look after the mother well,
feed her on time.
Can the wheels of time cease to move?
Feed him!
Brother-in-law! How is it?
Brother-in-law, you also feed her!
You also feed her!
Feed her!
For the boat of life to not sink,
So big!
Why fear the impending doom of the ocean?
Its bigger than your face!
Even when the milk of
life begins to turn sour?
Let it transform into pleasing curds!
Sister, sister, your recipe is published!
Look, your name has been published.
The fruits of labor!
The lessons of achievements!
Yes! Your sisters name!
The seven notes are in tune
The new year has begun
The gap in between is closing in for sure!
For the revival of minds.
See there! There!
For those who dont bow
to the march of time
The wound foretold woe coming by!
The tribulations of times are blessings in
disguise While awaiting the healing of wounds!
Affectionately the banyan tree
Affectionately the banyan tree
Have you brought the photo? It is...
Has penned this under
the shade on the ground
Without burning under the scorching sun
The advent of rains is impossible!
One will suffice.
The advent of rains is impossible!
- It's not like that, they're both different girls.
Without traversing the darkest nights
Yes, that is so!
It wont be dawn!
Fine, I will inform you. Is that so.
Please do so.
We will take leave.
It doesnt match.
Please see this.
These do match!
Give me! Give me!
Tell me!
I wont tell!
Please tell me...
Am I not taking you?
Please sit quiet for a minute.
Youre acting too smart!
Get down.
How do you even know
such wealthy people?
Do you think they'll like our Gowri?
We have not come here to see a groom!
[In unison]
We are so happy that you came.
Yes, we are so happy.
We hope this alliance comes through,
that's all we ask for.
Yes, that's all we want
All this wasn't necessary.
This is nothing!
All this is nothing at all.
We have only one daughter...
Lets get her married
with pomp and grandeur!
Jagadeesh is so handsome.
He is very handsome.
He's the perfect match for our Aarti.
He is made for her.
Aarti, come.
Come, sit down.
Maybe its because we prayed
to the sacred fig tree or so,
that our daughter has grown just as tall...
Even though she's of a marriageable age
we weren't able to find a suitable groom!
Its fine,
I understand.
Shes 29 herself.
So what if you are older,
the older you are, the wiser you get.
She wanted to study till she got married
and got two PhDs too
Our daughter
She is a little extreme in everything,
extremely educated, extremely tall
Extremely beautiful too.
Yes, yes.
Your children will grow to be tall too.
We really like Aarti.
Is that so?!
Very happy
Very happy!
Everyone liked Aarti.
They got married the next month itself.
Sir, come a little closer.
A little more sir
More, more.
What if the wife is taller,
being closer is more important, right?!
I said that because,
All of you come,
even though the entire family was invited,
Sister, I will stand here.
Uma had come alone.
Me, me.
Look here.
There were a few who didn't
come to the wedding
But Jaggu was so impatient
that he would've gotten married
even without the priest!
Jaggus wedding took place in December,
dont ask how cold that year was!
But even though winter passed
and Uma continued to stay on
wont the family be worried?
What happened?
Nothing sister.
I was so happy to spend time
with all of you again.
Mad girl!
Will anyone cry for such things, tell me?
We are so happy that you came, too.
You have to stay for a
few days before you go.
come in now.
It's cold.
First wear a sweater.
Umas such an amazing cook!
No wonder brother-in-law
was adamantly asking for a girl
qualified in Home Science only!
Do you think that Home Science
is only about cooking?
They teach you how to run a household,
raise kids, etc.
Why do you have to go to college for that?
If you get married, it would suffice!
Then how come you dont know anything yet!
Looks like sister-in-law
is not stern enough!
When you get married,
youll know!
On the pretext of arranging an alliance,
you yourself got married!
There's a boy ready for her, sister.
Who Leela?
No one.
Just tell us Leela,
Anyway, Uma has camped here.
Let her finish your wedding
also and then leave.
Why do you taunt her?
Please forgive me Doctor!
Home Science is magic!
Brother-in-law is a lucky man.
What was the urgency to hang these clothes?
I would've helped later.
Thats because the sun's out, sister.
Fine Give it.
I dont know if you remember or not
but when we were very young,
father used to scream a lot at mother.
Ten kids,
hundreds of expenses...
He was fed up of having kids!
Mother got angry once
and went to her parents house.
All of us were worried that
we'll have to study engineering now.
And father didnt know
how to run the house,
he didnt even remember half our names!
Then one day,
he took a bus and left too.
What if he has gone to his fathers place
and we are orphans now,
this scared us!
And then?
What else
That evening he brought mother home.
That was it!
However angry he was,
he vented it on us
but not once did he speak
harshly to mother, you know?
Like this,
for things to work out,
it will take time
But we should be willing to give it time.
I understand what you are saying, sister.
Look Uma,
this is your house only,
you can come anytime you wish
Its not right for you
to stay here like this.
Fine sister,
I'll write him a letter.
Let that be
The issue is not that!
The real issue is that you
don't know how to hang clothes!
Is this how you do it?!
Solving the issue pleased Suma
the fact that she solved
it made her happy too,
But is it enough to scratch the surface
Why did you send the whole jar?
When the problem is much deeper?
Why do you behave like that!
Shes your sister!
Theres lot more at home!
Lime, mango, gooseberry, tender mango,
everything is there
The rangoli!
Is it Srinath?
Why are you here?
Is this the way to speak to someone
at your doorstep?
Call him in.
Fine, make some coffee.
You dont make it!
Ask Leela to make it!
Come in son.
Greetings mother Are you fine?
Why did you leave the cycle on the road,
someone will steal it.
Keep it inside.
Let it be,
anyway, I'm leaving soon.
Come, come...
Did you talk to her?
Just because I smiled
a little the other day
now I have to make coffee for him!
My bad luck!
Look how brave he is
He has come to the house directly!
Hes the most decent one among
all his friends.
Very decent
and very handsome.
Isnt it so, sister-in-law?
Be quiet,
dont tease her, poor girl!
Brother Jaggu too had come to your
house like this for an alliance, right?
Are all his friends like this?
If there's someone for me,
will you let me know?
Smile a little and go...
They're laughing, I think...
The wedding must have been fixed.
Then it went with a
swish through the window
and burst with a bang
and everyone started yelping!
Even if you tell it a million times,
I will laugh dude!
Leela, first give it to Srinath!
Thank you.
Sit down.
Where's your coffee?
No, Im fine.
Please take from this
No, I don't want to drink right now.
How can I have it if you dont!?
Please take it.
Take it.
Please tell that story
about your grandpa and his Lungi...
That one?
No way!
Tell them, it will be entertaining
It will amuse everyone!
Say it dude.
Please be quiet!
Aarti, do you remember?
His grandpa went to his fields
and then due to the winds
It flew away!
It was hilarious!
It was hilarious!
Tell it man!
Keep quiet!
Whats the matter, Srinath?
Mother, its
Im with you!
Be brave and state it!
Mother, its
Can I marry your daughter?
That is if you...
If she also wants to marry me.
Not you, her!
She is a little shy
We have no objections, my son.
But speak to Leela once.
Its fine
Let her ponder on it and inform me.
There's no hurry.
I'll leave now.
He walked away!
You should have let him tell
his grandpas story, at least!
This is juice! Not Coffee!!
What have you decided?
Let's make okra chutney
and some seasoned buttermilk
and vegetable soup.
It will be awesome!
I asked about Srinath.
He's only studied a Diploma course.
So what?
Even Jaggu has studied a Diploma course.
Srinath is a very nice boy,
we all know him very well.
May be
But he doesn't have a decent job
and lives in some godforsaken Kammanahalli
Should I leave my job
and go and live there?!
Kammanahalli is not that far madam...
In a few years it'll become
a part of Bangalore.
How much is it?
4 rupees.
I am buying this too!
Life doesnt always sway to our tunes,
at times we also have to go its way.
Is that so!?
Then how come Krishna
did not compromise when it came to you?
He wanted a better educated girl
and married Uma!
Its okay if he does it
but not me, right?
Everyone cant be judged
by their qualifications.
A very educated person
might turn out rotten
and an illiterate
can be a gem of a person.
Please think it over!
Oh! God!
What a change?
The once obstinate Suma
is now advising all.
After she insisted so much
Please come in.
Leela could do nothing
but agree to the wedding.
[In unison]
How are you?
Are you fine brother-in-law?
Are you fine brother-in-law?
Everything looks amazing.
Would you like to drink something?
No, thank you.
Come sister.
Please come
How are you?
Please come,
Come, come, take your seats.
[Indistinct chatter]
I'll go talk to my sister and come.
At Jaggus wedding,
they served orange juice,
this time its lemon juice,
next, theyll give us only water!
Wait and see!
That poor girl is getting wedded
at her own expense, I believe!
Cant believe how things have
changed for the Aachars!
Look at the younger one
How she is wearing a sleeveless blouse!
Does she think she is a cinema heroine?
Someone must have performed
witchcraft or sorcery spells on them...
Oh! God!
Oh! God!
Please bring it fast!
Its late!
Open the door!
Give me two minutes!!!
What is it?
The priest wants a lot of things,
I am baffled!
When did you ever understand anything?
Go and ask Aarti,
I will come.
Uma, how are you?
Everyone is calling you!
Done, almost done!!!
How are you?
What is this?
You are wearing a blouse like
a conservative lady?
Where is Leela?
God only knows!
Make it fast!
What else
Is your husband here?
Hope everything is all right?
Yes, sister.
Fine, I will go and sit with him.
What is this???
I fell down from the stairs.
Whats all this?
Be honest!
Just like you said
Everything is getting better.
How long should I wait!
Should I sit there alone like an idiot?!
One minute!
What is this?
How does it concern you?!
Uma, what is all this,
tell me!
Uma is my wife
This is our personal affair!
Uma is my sister!
She is family!
Leave it!
This is a wedding hall!
Everyone is watching!
So what if they watch!?
Will it spoil your reputation?!
And what if they come to know
that youre beating her?
Listen everyone!
Mr. Krishna doesnt like the
attention you are giving him,
please look away!
Have you gone crazy?
Uma, lets talk about this at home!
She will not come anywhere with you!
What is this nonsense!
Talk softly
Hitting my sister makes sense to you?
You all are here too?
Please take center stage!
You love gossiping about others, right
I myself will share a hot piece
of gossip with you,
please listen!
This man here,
he hits my sister!
Unable to bear it
she came home.
Unable to speak about it,
she bore it in silence.
I sent her back to that hell.
Uma, please forgive me.
You dont have to go anywhere.
You stay with us.
Who are you to say all this?
You have an elder or
younger brother, right?
Call him!
Did you call me?
Did you not hear what Suma said?
[Indistinct chatter]
Whats all this?
Please compose yourself.
Dont cry sister.
My dear friends!
The show is over!
If you are troubled by this,
you are welcome to leave.
The rest of you must attend the wedding
and leave only after having lunch.
Dont cry.
Dont cry sister.
There is an issue.
If this is causing any
trouble to your family.
Ill tell them right away.
Thats not the matter.
They are fine with it.
Ive told them that its tradition for you
to enact a drama at the time of the wedding.
They are quite happy about it.
Then what is the issue?
It is
Leela is missing!
I dont know where she is.
Why are you looking for her?
Dont you know that you are not supposed
to see her before the wedding?
She was in her room just now.
In the room?
Where do we find her now sister?
Jaggu, where's your scooter?
Guru took it to the market.
We have a bus.
I'll borrow someone's cycle.
Jaggu, manage everything here
somehow until we are back.
Come, come!
Come fast!
Did you find her?
Sister, shall we go to the bus stand?
Go straight, lets see!
Stop, stop, stop!
Sister, sister, sister
Just a minute!
Its been a year since
she went to the temple!
How do you know?
Its because
Forget it!
But I know a place she frequents every day
Well go there!
Did you lock the cycle?
Oh, no!
I forgot sister!
Its fine!
Sir, sir, sir!
Have you seen my sister
Leela Aachar anywhere?
Didnt I tell you that
shell be right here?!
What are you doing here?
Madam, please join the queue...
Sir, one minute sir!
I've been coming here for two days now,
my work is not getting done!
Just a minute, we'll leave!
Leela! You
Dont tell me anything!
Im not interested in this wedding!
If you dont want to, thats it!
If you dont want to get married
I thought you were on my side!
Its the two of you who have to
marry and live together!
You guys decide whatever you want!
Im sorry.
Its fine,
I understand.
Can I at least ask what happened?
I feel like Im compromising a lot
for this wedding!
But I didnt ask for anything
You wont understand all this.
I can understand only if you tell me,
tell me calmly and I will listen.
I dont want to leave this job!
You are here even on your wedding day
I can guess that much!
Dont leave the job!
What! Will your family agree?
My family is bragging to the
entire village that you work at a bank!
Kammanahalli is very far!
It will be too difficult
to commute every day.
Its been six months
since I moved to Banashankari.
If you wish to, you can live with me.
I am just a diploma holder.
I doubt you're keen on marrying me.
Can you judge everybody
by their qualifications?
Couldnt you have
discussed all this earlier?
The auspicious time is closing!
Oh! God!
My cycle is missing!
Why did this have to happen now!
What is the time set for the wedding?
Its at 11:30!
And the time now?
What are you doing here?
Sir! Its like
Sir, my cycle is stolen.
I was heading to your wedding only,
come, lets go in my car.
Where are the bride and groom?
Where are the bride and groom, my boy?
Theyve gone to the temple
to seek blessings.
When I am here,
why did they go there?
[Indistinct chatter]
Are you Suma?
Yes, why?
Your sister gave us the pickles you made,
they were very tasty.
I heard you make it for your neighbors.
Just like that
Why don't you make it on a
slightly bigger scale?
You can get a loan for that at our bank.
Please stop here.
You also come...
After all the ruckus,
finally, the wedding took place!
Even though it wasn't
important to Leela anymore,
Srinath took up engineering
at an evening college.
Gowri got married to Venkatesh
in a wedding which was much less dramatic
but still sweet and simple.
Aarti fully supported Jaggus dream
of being a successful actor!
Vijaya too
joined the bank like her sister.
And you can guess what happened next.
Uma sought divorce
despite societys opinion.
Some relationships bring peace
when they are around
and some bring peace when eclipsed.
After everyone settled down,
Vijaya convinced Suma to think of marriage
and even put an ad in the paper.
No one has contacted yet but still
Suma was no longer
a square peg in a round hole.
Suma and Uma started
a pickle business together.
The sisters self-employment scheme
grew beyond the walls of their kitchen
in a few days.
It is said that if a woman learns,
it is akin to opening a school.
Suma who had learnt things
the hard way in life
started her own factory.
It became a source of livelihood
for many other women.
The pickle that used
to be sold door to door
went to the market for the first time.
Market forces involve marketing,
so Suma came up with a
brilliant plan for that.
And the plan worked wonders!
The pickle that was born in jars
is now being transported in barrels!
Recently Suma went to London
and that too with her own money!
Lets wait and watch
Who will marry her now.
If it is fixed, you will get to
know from the BBC.
Now its time to wind up
But don't forget to taste the pickle.