Aadai (2019) Movie Script

'No animals or birds were harmed
during the making of this film'
All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance
'200 years ago, casteism and tortures
due to it were at it's peak in India'
'Anyone who raised their voice
against the dominant...'
'were brutally tortured,
murdered and buried away'
'During this phase, in parts of Tamil Nadu
especially in Nagercoil and Kanyakumari...'
'and in Kerala, a lot of oppressed laws and
punishments were brought in to practice'
'One such cruel law among these was brought
in practice by the Kingdom of Travancore'
'That was the 'Breast tax system''
'Women apart from the
ones in higher caste...'
'were imposed with tax if they
had to cover their breasts'
'Which means, they need not pay the tax
if they don't cover their breasts'
'A woman from the lower caste single
handedly protested against this law'
'Her name was Nangeli'
'In order to silence Nangeli's protest,
the government imposed double tax on her'
'She was stubborn and
refused to pay the tax'
'One day, the government officials came
to her house and demanded the tax'
'Nangeli revolted in anger'
'The officials set their men on Nangeli
and molested her for revolting'
'An embarrassed Nangeli
ran inside her house...'
'and came out with a sharp sickle'
'She yelled 'If my breasts are the reason
for imposing tax then here, take them!''
'She cut off her breasts and
placed them on a plantain leaf'
'In pain, Nangeli fell unconscious in a pool
of blood and died in her husband's arm'
'Unable to bear the
pain of her demise...'
'Nangeli's husband committed suicide
by jumping into her funeral pyre'
'Shocked; the government was
forced to put an end to this law'
'All Nangeli wanted was
the freedom to dress'
'But instead all she got
was freedom from life'
'Freedom of expression,
women empowerment etc.'
'all such freedoms
that we have today...'
'are the results of
many sacrifices'
'Though such events can be hidden
or erased from history...'
'still people from those parts
remember these sacrifices'
Where are you?
Did you get down?
Just got down from my cab
The roads are quite empty today
On top of that, I can
hear a dog howling
What? The road's empty?
Also you hear a dog howling!
Watch out for ghosts
Who said so?
The dog must be howling in hunger
and you say it's ghosts?
Ghosts are nothing but a myth
Hey! Excuse me!
Who's that?
Rise n Shine
You give me grace
Rise n Shine
Make you mean
Come and tell
Rise n Shine
You give me grace
Dude, she is our scapegoat.
- Look over there! There! See that camera?
- See there?
Cool down! Cool down!
Cool down! It's just a prank show.
Its for our #TAG TV's new
show 'Gotcha! Gotcha!'
And you're the first lucky victim!
Say Hi
It's a prank.
It's all dummy
Now say "Gotcha! Gotcha!'
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
Five. Six. Seven. Eight!
'Amala Paul'
"Hey! This is our forte!"
"We scare the people
and play pranks"
"As the whole place watches..."
"We are here to entertain you"
- Move! Make way!
- Make way, you mongrel!
We will tease people around
We adorn the hat
and make scapegoats
Get up
So, you kidnapped her?
First of all, who are you?
Sir! Sir! Check out this fellow
What's the matter?
What do you want?
Sir, remember I told you about
our girl and this fraud?
How did he convince you?
I saw you with another girl last week
Hema. Please come here
Sir! Yes sir! Its him!
Last week you cheated me!
- You took me out last week! Didn't you?
- OMG! I don't even know her!
Don't trust him!
Dude, she has started crying..
Poor girl. Let's stop here
You cheated me, didn't you?
Sir, it was indeed him!
Ask them to shut up and continue
Keep continuing, guys
We make scapegoats
What happened?
Scapegoats of our candid show
This is our forte
Shall I pour it?
Shall I?
Just for fun!
Dating sounds fine.
Marriage is not my forte
Or else what will you do?
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
What's the total duration?
Give me a second
22 minutes and 15 seconds, bro
Superb! Lock it
Mr. Dumped, check if you're
ok with the edit?
How many times have I warned you
not to call me Mr. Dumped?
- Say it again and I'll slap you!
- Ok, dude. Relax
- There is a limit
- Cool!
How does it look?
Looks good...
That dumped part from the ghost sequence
'Dumped' part?
Stop laughing
Dude, I think we can extend the
ghost sequences. It's entertaining
Dude, that guy started
weeping out of fear
Once we told him it's a prank, he
lost it and was about to hit us
seriously poor fellow.
I feel you guys went a little overboard
Akash, you may feel
pity for that boy...
but then Kamini?
- Phew!
- Who's that?
Oh! You're new here, right?
You must not have watched
Kamini's previous episodes
Dude, the girl who acted unconscious
pranking people. That's her!
Oh. That's our Kamini?
Our Kamini?
I guess our new editor
will woo her soon
No! No! I know her already
that's why I said so
Go ahead. Flirt with her
I just wanted to know if she acts
really well. That's all. I swear
Acting? Dude, she just won't
stop once she gets started
At one point even if we plead her to
stop out of sympathy, she won't!
Even I'll crack up and laugh
at some point but Kamini?
She is quite spontaneous,
sharp and bold! God!
A sadist!
Dude, haven't you moved
on since that dumping incident?
What dumping incident?
Well, that...
Well, the day
Mr. Dumped got dumped...
and that dumping was
witnessed by his friends...
Dude, he is asking and it's
only fair I let him know
Sunny Leone?
Yes. Historical movie!
There are sword fights in it
Historical film, my foot!
Sunny Leone films are mostly porn that we
delete from Browser history after watching
Hey guys, morning!
Hello sir
So Gowri, is everything
packed up?
Almost, sir. We are on it
What's that?
A small correction in the "Gotcha!
Gotcha!" latest episode
Come on, guys! We've been slowly
shifting our office over a week
What's with the last minute corrections?
Today's the last day
We gotta empty the building
by today evening.
It's a court order
Almost done
See, our boss is very particular.
It's a prestige issue
If we don't vacate
by today evening...
other channels will make a news out
of this, and spoil our reputation
- Ok, sir
- Right?
Why is he carrying a long face?
Is he missing
this building already?
Well, sir...the day
Mr. Dumped got dumped...
and that dumping was
witnessed by his friends...
Shut up, Gowri!
Hey, where is Kamini?
O Godess our protector
O powerful Goddess
O Godess our protector
O powerful Goddess
What happened?
Had a nightmare?
Indeed mom!
- A bad dream!
- What was it about?
I was wearing lot of bangles
in my hand...
and with flowers in my head...
and Mehendi in my hands
Top of it,
I was wearing a red colored Saree
Red colored Saree?
Did it set off a bull and
did it charge towards you?
A bull?
Tell me what happened then?
What more do you expect to happen?
That's all and I woke me up
Crap! It's 11!
So, seeing yourself in a Saree
is a nightmare to you?
Move! Won't you
wake me up on time?
Look at her room! Eww!
It's her birthday and look when
she wakes up! It's 11 am already
That too after having set an alarm!
Dressed traditionally and
stepping into a temple.
Who else would call it a nightmare?
Instead of getting married and leading
a family life with husband and kids...
you work in a TV station,
playing pranks on people!
I bought you a new Saree, hoping
you'll wear it at least today
But you? You get into that
same circus attire of yours!
I named you 'Sudhandhira kodi'(Free soul)
And what do you do? You give yourself
an alias 'Kamini!' (Bold and beautiful)
Wonder when you'll
make your mom proud
Mom, tune into our channel
My program is airing
So all this while my words
were falling in deaf ears?
I heard you. Now,
increase the volume
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
Rekha, come here
What happened?
Felt like something bit me
What's gonna bite
you in this place?
Indeed! Something bit me too
What is it?
I don't know
Due to breakage in gigantic pipes..
..there is a delay in water supply..
Look at her
Dressed up beautifully in a Saree...
well groomed and beautiful like a doll.
No roaming business
Look how graceful she looks
Why don't you try something like that?
'Hi! We are from #TAG TV'
'Look over there!
See here! See the camera?!
'Wave your hands!'
'Now say 'Gotcha! Gotcha!'"
What is this?
And top of it you keep bringing
up Feminism all the time
Of course! Tell me
what is feminism?
I do know
Is it? Explain me
Well, it is...yes!
One extra idly you have after satisfying
your hunger belongs to someone else
Mom! That's Communism!
And she thinks she just delivered
a dialogue like actor Vijay!
- Are you already done eating?
- Come on, mom!
You can't even differentiate
between Communism and Feminism
But what's that got to do with food?
Does Feminism preach you to eat less?
Becoming a news anchor
isn't a big deal, mom
We must not be the one
who reads out the headlines
We must be the headlines!
Don't you know, mom?
I took up this media job because
I hate to sit and work at a desk
Sucking up to suited up bosses
isn't my kind attitude, Lakshmi
I have no problem you being the headlines
But just that the headlines
must be a good one, Kamini
It must make me feel
proud about you
I don't want to judged as a single parent
who didn't raise her daughter well
Oh My God Enough mom!
Now what's your problem? News
Anchoring is a better job, right?
Fine, I'll become a News anchor.
It's a silly matter, mom
You? Anchoring? My foot!
You can't even speak four
lines in proper Tamil accent
- Wanna bet?
- I'll lay one slap!
First, stop betting
on everything!
It'll become an addiction
What the hell?
Look at your dress!
Even while drying our inners
we dont let others see it
But you show it off wearing it!
Such a drama queen!
Let's put a 'To be continued...'
to our serial fight
Next Episode, tomorrow
Deepak already called me.
I must go now
I have to pick him up
Ok mommy
Let me know if it's heavy.
Do not push
It's been hardly a month
since I joined...
and already we are
vacating the office!
- This way
- Yes. Hold it properly.
Why are we vacating
in a hurry?
Well, bro...
this is a rented building
Our boss offered to buy the
building but the owner refused
Our boss too refused to vacate
Hold like this
The owner pressed charges
On one hand, the
case in the court...
on the other hand, our boss started
constructing a new building in Mandaveli
It's still under construction but then...
the court has already passed an
order to vacate this building.
And so here we are
Last time I did something
similar was during...
my School annual
day, lifting benches
Should we handle luggage
at the new place too?
Whose charger is it?
That belongs to Mr. Dumped.
Leave it there
Mr. Dumped!
Why do you guys call
Sugumar as Mr. Dumped?
Well, it's a boring flashback.
Forget it
It's ok. Just tell me.
I'll edit the boring part
Boring flashback
Initially, we tried our
hands on every show
We did a lot of shows but we weren't
getting that break and recognition
That's when Kamini came up
with "Gotcha! Gotcha!"
Jeni became a news reader
We also became famous
The TRP rating rocketed
sky high for our show
"Hey you little angry birdie!"
"Don't you make me desperate"
"And when I look at you..."
"stop mesmerizing me!"
"Hey you little angry birdie!"
I could see Kamini and Sugumar getting closer
day by day. I felt it was overwhelming
I expected Sugumar
will propose her first
But Kamini proposed Deepak by kissing
and hugging him on the streets
Even then, Sugumar didn't leave her
The very next day that
incident took place
I have something to tell you
What is it? Are you
quitting the job?
Dude stop!
- Look, Sugumar
- Then what?
- Do you have any new idea for our show?
- He is a goner!
Well, I don't know how it happened...
but I think I'm in
love with you Kamini
- You're in love with me?
- Yes, Kamini
I gave it a good thought
I'm indeed in love
Take out the camera
- What are you up to?
- Wait and watch
We don't even have guts to ask extra
sides when we are at a restaurant
Where as, our fellow
is proposing her!
This is history
You drink and are a spoilt brat
You are arrogant. You bet at
every possible opportunity
Do you think a lot of them will like
a girlfriend with such qualities?
But I love you, Kamini
stop kidding
There is a limit for everything
Exactly. There is a limit!
We have crossed the limits of
a friendship long ago, Kamini
When you hop on my bike
instead of others' bike...
You have no idea how
happy it makes me, Kamini
As I drive the bike, you
fall asleep on my shoulders
I feel extra weight...
but the feel it gives me...
It feels like heaven
on earth, Kamini!
Don't you feel the
same way, Kamini?
What nonsense, Sugumar?
Something's wrong with you
Indeed Kamini.
Everything's wrong with me
I have gone mad
- I can't live without you, Kamini
- Just shut up!
Why is she yelling so bad?
Are you nuts?
If a girl rides with a guy in
his bike during the night...
you call it love?
- Ok, people are watching
- Just shut up!
I chose your bike over others
bike because I love your bike!
Not because I love you!
other day you tasted
food from my plate?
I would have been starving!
Your food must have arrived
earlier and hence I took a bite
You call that love?
You sported a horn on my head while
posing for a group photo. That one?
Cut the crap!
And that made you fell in love?
Did you bring me all the way to this
crappy tea shop at this hour to propose?
Look here, girl!
This shop is my hard work!
Better mind you words!
What's with the rude tone?
Who do you think you are?
You better show some respect!
Or else what?
I could be the next chief
minister or prime minister
Get lost you monkey-face!
Not the time. I'm pissed off!
You better step back
Sorry. Please get back inside.
Please. Sorry
Forget it, Kamini.
Come, I'll drop you home
You think I'll ride with
you after all this?
Get lost!
Kamini, look here. Listen to me.
- Calm down, Kamini
- Just get lost!
- Just come with me, Kamini
- I'll book a cab and go safe
Kamini, please!
- What happened?
- Wait
He saw us!
Kamini, look "Gotcha! Gotcha!"
" Gotcha! Gotcha!" prank.
Look over there. Hey, Gowri!
Gowri! Gowri!
- Say "Gotcha! Gotcha!"
- Just say it
Look, Kamini fell for my prank!
Come on!
- "Gotcha! Gotcha!"
- "Gotcha! Gotcha!"
Come on, guys
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
"Gotcha! Gotcha!"
It was just for fun Kamini.
Come on
Sugumar's a smart guy!
Thanks to us. If we hadn't
responded to him...
Kamini would have unleashed
hell on Sugumar!
So that's how Sugumar got the nickname
'Mr. Dumped?'
Wait editor, the
story ain't over
Later, Kamini and Deepak
got into a relationship
Deepak could have kept
his mouth shut but...
he revealed what happened the
other day was for real
Holy guacamole!
Greetings! I'm Gowri
Myself and Deepak were crossing
the very place on the very day
Sugumar took Kamini out to propose her
This hurt her a lot thus a silly
issue became a major issue
Myself, Madhavan Nair, the owner of the
tea shop where the incident took place
I'm Jenifer. Kamini's friend
She made a special Mr.Dumped episode
and released it on Valentine's day
The episode was a hit
Our people have weird taste!
Even today, somewhere, someone
shares this video on social media
And since then everyone in our
office address Sugumar as Mr. Dumped
Poor fellow
She went too overboard in the
name of getting back at Sugumar
That's Kamini for you
She does what she wants
If she places a bet then she
will do anything to win it
Deepak is in a relationship with her and
I wonder what hell he is undergoing
O Godess our protector
O powerful Goddess
O Godess our protector
O powerful Goddess
O Godess our protector
O powerful Goddess
O Godess our protector
O powerful Goddess
O Godess our protector
O powerful Goddess
O Godess our protector
O powerful Goddess
O powerful Goddess Shakthi
Shower Your grace
Shower Your grace
Good morning, Jeni baby
Good morning?
Time is about to be
1 in the afternoon
My day has just begun
What is that you see
in this mirror?
You adore so much
looking into it
Kamini, give that to me.
Give me the mirror
Why do you need all this
for reading out the news?
Hands off me! You
will never understand
The news reader girl, her attire, the
ornaments in her neck and her earrings...
There are people who watch
news channels to just watch these
Celebrity Priya Bhavani shankar...
guess how she became popular?
Too much!
I'm allergic to this
traditional Saree
I wonder how you wear it and
walk without tripping over
When you can walk with high
heels without tripping over...
can't you walk wearing Saree?
Don't wear it if you don't like it
But I seem to be very beautiful
in Saree according to my fans
Look here, everyone has a different
style in which they look good
You wear what suits you the best
In that case I will look very
beautiful without any dress
It's sad we can't do that
Ok, fine
Get naked and read the news
Start a new program
Los Angeles has news shows
where anchor removes-
-clothes one by one as
they read the news...
I have heard of such
Naked News channels
By the time they reach weather
report, they'll be in their bikini
Would you like to
try it out, Kamini?
"The naked truth!
Nothing to hide!"
How's the title?
- Madam, mic
- Place it over there
Thank you
Challenge accepted, I'll read
the news like you described
Wanna bet?
Stop kidding, Kamini
News reading isn't as simple as
your "Gotcha! Gotcha!" show
To blabber whatever you want and
shoot it easily from a van far away
Go and see for yourself
There are 10 departments
working on the PCR alone
While reading, we must also focus on
director's instruction in Talk-back
Then read lines from the prompter and
express accordingly while reading
Even a small mistake will
screw up the whole thing
And this is a live telecast.
Hope you realize that
- Everything ok?
- Yes, ok
Fine, I'm getting late
The live feed will start any minute.
I'll go to the restroom before that
Bye. Good luck
Thank you
What' the time man?
- 12:40, boss
- Oh no!
- Sir...
- Not now! Not now!
Where is Jeni?
Sir, she went to the washroom
- What?
- Yeah
Hey, Sugumar come here
Go, get her. Quick! Run! Fast!
Where the hell is she?
Go get her! Fast!
The director is yelling at me!
Come fast!
Ok, dude...err...Ok, sir
Get out of my way! Get out!
Senz sir, why are you upset?
If Jeni can't make it, we have
Aarthi right?
Aarthi is on leave, Kamini!
Our boss would have tuned
in to watch the news now
News1 live was our channels first
ever live program to be aired
So sentimentally boss wants to finish
all the activities in this building...
with the same News1 live!
Bloody superstitious fellow!
Tortures me with his sentiments,
auspicious time, colors, belief in God!
Sir, you're an atheist?
Do you believe in God or no?
I am on the neither side
I'm just neutral
Ok sir
Guys, everything will be fine
Jeni will be here in sometime
Senz sir...
Jeni is not there
in the washroom
- What are you saying?
- I checked thoroughly. She's not there
Call up, Jeni
She left the phone with me
Senz sir...
Sir, relax
Shall I read the news?
This is not a joke, Kamini
You're not meant for this.
Just stay away
You don't have to
be so judgmental, sir
What do you mean?
I mean I can pull it off
Just a while ago I was talking to Jeni
In fact I went through few
sheets of news material
Sir, I have a strong
feeling I can do this
Are you sure?
- Wanna bet?
- What?
Nothing. Sir, I'm damn sure. Trust me
- Aditi, give me the bag
- Get it done! Quick! Fast
- Yes, sir
- Ok guys, alert
We are going to go live
in five minutes, alright
Prompts and punches! Get
the news rolling fast!
I want the ticker
happening right now
Guys, please cooperate a little
Only ten minutes to go. Get me a Saree
- Is this the one?
- That's not good
Quick, get me another one
Look, it's over there
God's speed, baby!
- Enough
- It's not over
We'll do the rest on the spot
Guys, come
Camera one, standby
Camera ready
Prompter speed ok?
Out...Out! It's ready. Go!
The headlines from #TAG TV
Lorry strike moves
to it's fifth day
Vegetables, fruits,
flowers exports stranded
Political parties erect banners on roads
even after the ban order from supreme court
An auto rickshaw driver mocked the party
that secured less votes that NOTA
Video that went viral on social media
Chances of heavy rainfall
in Tamil Nadu from tomorrow
Moving on to the details
Lorries on strike
for the 5th consecutive day
She is spot on, isn't it
Vegetables, fruits and flowers
have become costlier
I'll get you a fresh piece
Reporter Arunmozhi Varma is
on Live with the details
Arunmozhi, please tell us
about the lorry strike..
Director sir, how is the show?
She is doing good
My girl
The news continues after
a small commercial break
You have three minutes break, Kamini.
Relax yourself
Turn on the talk back
Kamini, you're doing great
Just one thing. Chin up while
facing towards camera two
Yeah. Yeah, that one. Correct
Great going. Keep going
Take this
Call up my mom and ask
her to watch this news
The news continues
Yes, this is Sugumar here
Do you hear me?
Yes, I'll watch it. Right away.
Ok, dear
Condemning the ruling party's
act of publishing his-
entry into politics as a
part of sports section....
the top actor sent out a
rude notice to party media
He condemned that
it was a prejudicial act
The party that secured
lesser votes than NOTA
Jeni! Where were you?
Why is she panting?
You went missing hence Senz sir
asked Kamini to read the news
Where were you?
The restroom downstairs was full
So I went to the one upstairs
I couldn't lock the door there
Somehow I locked it but
later it wouldn't open
I threw papers out from there and yelled out
to you all. Didn't anyone of you hear me?
Luckily, just now a carpenter
came in and opened it
Relax. Give her some water
And with this we come to an
end to the news at 1 live
Stay tuned to #TAG 24/7 for
latest news and headlines
Thank you!
I did it!
You did well
Thank you! Yay!
Unforgettable place
Five years
People don't even stick
to a job for a year
They keep jumping
jobs like monkeys
We are swag!
Of course
All the memories from my
joining day are still fresh
Yeah man
I remember it very well, Jeni
You were so different
when you joined here
You used to change the TV channel
the moment they air whisper ads
But now?
She is carrying three
condoms in her bag!
- Whoa!
- Ok! Calm down. It's ok
Sir, let's leave
We'll meet at our new office on Monday
Aren't you locking the gate?
Why lock up an empty place?
It feels heavy to lock this building
It's a brand new lock. Atleast I will
use it for my home
See you
- Bye
- Take care
I have an idea
You heard the security.
He was so emotional
We lived here for five years
How about we spend some time here and
cherish our memories for the one last time?
- Nice idea
- It's risky
Why is it risky?
It's Kamini's birthday
Let's party here instead
of somewhere else
My family will be waiting. I gotta go
Hold on
You guys worked here for five years!
I joined hardly a month ago
I'm going home
- No! No way!
- Hold on
It's weekend from tomorrow
If we get wasted after getting drunk
no one's going to look for us. Got it?
So, shut up and stay back
Just one day dude.
Go home late
- Cool?
- Kiddo!
What an innocent guy
Innocent? You mean him?
He can smell a girl from far away and
exactly tell the perfume she uses
You think he's innocent?
He wants to go home and smoke up
a joint with his family
- Yours is a joint family, right?
- Yes
Ok guys, who are
boozing tonight?
- Me! Me! Me!
- Ouch! My hand!
- Happy birthday to me!
- Happy birthday, Kamini
Happy birthday, Kamini!
Ok, what do we do now?
I'll suggest an idea
Let's play sing along
Lame! Don't you know
any other better game?
So, tell me this...
do we have to pay royalty for
singing songs in Sing along?
May be. Who knows
Then, forget it
Cool, Let me start
"Does the Little
sparrow has any plan?"
Yeah! It needs a Family plan!
Are you all ganging up on me?
Wait, I'll attack you with
an emotional song
Go ahead!
"Just a young gun with a quick fuse.."
Hold on...
Why did you look at him and sing
'Young gun with a quick fuse?'
Birthday baby...
Why are you quiet?
I'm busy eating
She's laughing
How old are you?
Twenty plus
Girls! No matter how high you are,
you will never reveal your age.
Hey, I'm sorry
Happy birthday, baby
Thank you!
Don't bite my nose
Forget it, dude
She can never be yours.
There can't be two knives
in a single holder
Why bro? I have seen it
Single holder with two knives
Shut up, you pervert!
Shut up!
There can't be two knives
in one holder, dude
Hey Jeni. Why are you so sad?
What happened?
What happened, babes?
I couldn't show up
to read the news...
and the mongrel Senthil embarrassed
me in front of everyone!
It was so embarrassing
Don't cry, Jeni
- Don't cry, baby
- Don't cry
How about we get
even with Senz sir?
- Call him
- Awesome buddy
Screw him up
- Here
- What is it?
Mushroom fried rice
Yes. Have it
Here, you too have some
Hello, is this Senz sir's...
Senthil sir's residence?
Yes sir
May I know who is speaking?
Isn't he there?
He is lying on the top sir
His wife?
She is lying down and
he is on the top
And what are you doing?
I am holding the lamp, sir
Here, eat
She is holding the lamp!
Quiet. My mom's calling me
Quiet, her mom's call
- Her mom?
- Oh. Nirma is her mom?
Nirma isn't her mother
All mothers are same
Tell me, mom
Where are you? It's late night
11 and you aren't home yet
Mom, I'm still at work
I'm with my friends
Once work is over, I'll eat out with
them and come home.
You go to bed
Why do you eat out and
spoil your health?
It's your birthday...
I had prepared Gulab Jamun
Mom, didn't I have
my lunch at home?
Please, let me be in peace mom
Come on. Come to me, dear
Even Tom Cruise can't beat you!
Dude, don't sit on the food!
How many times have I told you to intimate
me if you're gonna reach home late?
Guess, all the booze
effect will wear off
are you drunk?
N...No, mom
Don't you lie to me
Swear on me!
Come on...
Yes, I'm drunk
Mom, drinking isn't a big deal
Today people drink wine at home
for a glowing skin
Mom, say something
Don't talk to me
I was so happy to watch
you as news anchor today
It's all in vain now
I raised you with great difficulties
yet is this how you behave?
What's lost now?
Why are you crying now?
Stop crying first!
Did I fail you at any point?
Didn't I read news on the
channel, just the way you wanted?
Just because you like to see me in Saree,
I wore one and anchored
Poor Jenifer, I even had to
lock her up in the restroom...
Jeni, I don't anything about it
Ok ,mom...
you hang up now.
I'll talk to you later
Don't come home drunk like your dad does!
Now why would you compare
me with that guy?
Don't you come back home!
Hang up! I'm not coming home
Don't call me, hereafter
What happened to you, Jeni?
Dude, she is crying
Sorry, Jeni
It's ok. Don't cry
Why did you lock me
in the restroom?
You wanna lock horns now?
You think a sorry will
make things right?
Do you have any idea how embarrassed
I was because of you?
Weren't you standing right
next to me and laughing?
Why did you do it?
Because we had a bet!
You showed off. Glorifying news reading
and mocked me I am incapable for it
That is why...
I proved that I can do it
Guess what...
There was not even a single mistake!
You haven't won the bet yet
Remember the bet?
The deal is to remove dress one by one
while reading the news
Is that what you are looking for?
I'll do the naked news thing
Super Kamini!
I'll record it
Countdown starts
One! Come on, Kamini
I'm your news anchor, Kamini
#TAG TV's new news anchor, Kamini...
gets a amazing reception
Kamini, no!
Though it was a last
minute decision..
still her quick wits helped Kamini
win the hearts of the viewers
Awesome! There you go!
Wow! Awesome!
Hey Mr. Dumped, dont
record to take revenge.
Dont play with her life
Shut up! I'll take care
The self made Tamil queen who is
the usual news anchor of #TAG TV
The lightning speaker!
- The Glam Doll
- Whoa!
The one with a rotten
pumpkin face...
Oh that lady?
she was...
locked up in the toilet
That's it
How dare you?
Wow! Wrestling!
Punch on her face! Come on, Jeni!
Jeni! Come on!
How dare you?
His family jewels are hurt!
Now, what?
What happened?
Now, what's wrong with him?
What was that booze we had?
Everything around me is swirling
Yes, dude.
My perspective is changing
You should have let me go home
instead of pulling my leg!
How do you feel now, 90s kids?
How was that mushroom fried rice?
Isn't it just a fried rice?
It's not just any
ordinary fried rice
It's magic mushroom
I just mixed a little bit
Leave me
I think she is having a bad trip
She is having a bad trip!
Breaking news
High on trip; Jenifer collapses...
Hey, Jeni!
Watch me, baby
Watch me!
Living up to the meaning
of your name, Kamini?
Aren't you a good girl?
Wear it
Dare you bet with me
Jeni, are you ok?
I am Kamini!
You want me to read the news naked?
I said, don't shoot
Hey...hey...pussy cat...
Not only reading the news naked...
If I bet I can spend the whole
night naked alone in this building?
Wanna bet?
Look, how she's behaving
Dude. I'm holding my nerve just for you
"Are you the rainbow?"
"Are you here in search of colors?"
"Tell me, oh Snow white flower"
"Hey, you..."
"Are you an object on display?"
"Admiring yourself?"
"Is that all you do?"
Stop kidding guys!
Anybody there?
I have an idea
How about we get inside, cherish our
memories and have fun for one last time?
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday, Kamini
Mushroom fried rice
It's magic mushroom!
Hey Aakash...
It's late night 11 and
you aren't home yet
Why did you do it?
Because we had a bet!
Hey Mr. Dumped, don't record to take
revenge. Don't play with her life
Shut up! I'll take care
Remember the bet?
The bet was to remove your dress one by one
while reading the news, until you're naked
"Is that all you got?
Bring it on, if not!"
Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
Happy to see you all present here
Since we all gather and meet
up here only once in a year...
we've arranged a special
performance to entertain you all
So, give it up for
Oorka Rocket band!
I must get out
I must get out
Sugumar was the one who
was recording a video
I'll kill him if I get hold of him!
Probably I can get out
of here after sunset
(Phone ringtone)
(Phone ringtone)
(Phone ringtone)
What is it?
Can't he wait for a few minutes?
Tell him I'll be there at once
(Phone ringtone)
Not a good idea
'Your account has run out of balance.'
Please E-recharge on Air wave.com
or Air wave app to continue
'Press #1 for Police department'
Else cut the call
'Press #1 for Police department'
I'm calling the emergency number but it's
connecting to the police control room
If I take the cops help,
media will come in to play
What do I do? What do I do?
Customer care?
Good morning, madam. Thanks for
calling Air Wave customer care
How may I help you?
Good morning ma'am, tell me
Thanks for calling Air
Wave customer care
How may I help you?
Thanks for calling Air
wave customer care
Thanks for calling Air
wave customer care
Only the opposite sex
answer the calls always
Good morning, Ms, Kamini. Thanks for
calling Air Wave customer care
How may I help you?
Actually, I have a problem
Tell me, madam
My number has exhausted
it's balance
Also, I cannot step out
and recharge my number
I shall give you my debit card details.
Can you please recharge it for me
Sorry madam, we do not have
such services available
Please go to the
nearest Air Wave store...
and you can choose a plan
and recharge your number
Like I said, I cannot step out now
- Please
- Sorry madam. Pardon us
What ever is the issue, please
go to the nearest store and...
I said I cannot step
out, you wretch!
Sorry. I know you guys
will record all the calls
I'm stuck in a situation.
Please believe me
Aren't you a women?
So please try to understand
Sorry madam, we receive millions
of such prank calls on daily basis
No! No! No! Come here
if you don't trust me
I'm begging you
I'll pay you! Please!
Thank you for calling
Air Wave customer care
Idiots! Wonder from
where do they call up
What happened? Did any
guy play prank on you?
No. It was a girl. Looks like...
she is stuck some situation
and wants us to recharge
A girl?
How many news do we
come across such news?
What if she really needs help?
I'm saying something but then
you're immersed in your mobile
Mom, you have called me 18 times...
Call me one more time, mom
You! Won't you spare
even a mannequin?
No ma'am...err...
- She is rocking, right?
- Don't talk
It is to bust such womanizers
like you...
- Hello
- Hello
- Taste buds?
- Yes, madam
I'm stuck here in a prob...err..no.
Do you guys deliver food?
Order for Rs. 1000 or above
and delivery is free
Okay! How much will five
mutton biriyani cost?
One second madam... Rs. 1015/- madam
Ok. Five mutton biriyanis
Ok, madam. Your mobile
number and address?
173, Venkateshwara
Nagar, Nungambakkam
Ok madam. Our delivery boy will
deliver the food in half an hour
Don't you have delivery girl
instead of a delivery boy?
Delivery girl?
Well, the reason I'm asking this is...
See I am all by
myself at my home
Just worried if the delivery
boy will take advantage of me
Madam, you say you are all alone but
you just ordered 5 mutton Biriyanis
I am having few doubts. Can I
trust you with this order?
No worries, it's all ok
Send in delivery boy
Don't send in a well built guy. Send
someone who is young, thin and dummy . Ok?
We'll try our best ma'am
- Ok. Sure
- Ok, thank you
Come in
Please come in
See that, dude?
When the channel
office was here...
and every time we came here for collecting
donation for our deity's rituals...
The security guys go...
What is it?
Who asked you to come?
Why are you here?
Sign here
Wait over there
They used to torture us
But now, the whole building is empty
There is not even a single
soul to question us!
Of course. It was strict order
from the court to vacate
Fine, come on. Let's try our
luck and see if we get anything
What are we gonna do in
such an empty place?
Nothing's here. Let's go back
Listen you pot head.
Just shut up and come
If we don't get anything let's
use the toilet at least
What are you doing?
Now, watch me!
I too can break a brick!
Wake up
Dude, let me have this
Dude, don't break it
Nope. They have nailed it
Let go of my hand!
I said, leave me
Anybody there?
It's too silent over here
What is this?
it's a murder
What do you mean?
Some guys seem to have molested
and finished off a girl
Look, even her
buttons are undone
Dude, I'm scared
Lets not invite trouble.
Come on, let's go
Leave? Why are you amused
looking at the corpse?
Let's inform the police at once
Dude, the murder has taken
place at a new channel office
If the other TV channels
find out about this...
it'll be like lottery for them.
They will feast on it for days
Hence, let's inform the police
We'll become celebrities and will
be all over the media and social media
Our faces will become familiar
We can show off in front
of the girls in our area
- Of course
- Hast la vista, dude!
What's the number to
reach the police?
- Watch out!
- What is it?
Why would you place
hands over there?
You'll get caught if they analyze
the place for fingerprints
Put your hands in your pocket
I said, hands in your pocket!
Hello, is this R2 police station?
- Dad
- Tell me, dear
There is a new phone in the market
which unlocks using face recognition
Buy me one
Both our faces look similar
I'll unlock your phone and frisk it.
Are you ok with it?
No. No need.
Let me check
another model online
Hang up!
What's the noise?
Damn it! Torture!
Can't even relax on a holiday
Did you inform the forensic?
Pardon sir
The guys who check the fingerprints
Oh, you mean forensic team.
Informed them sir.
They'll be here soon
Is she breathing?
I did check. She has kicked the bucket
Mind your language! What do you
mean by 'She kicked the bucket'?
Birth and death..
What's that noise?
Twitter users have
organized an event called...
'Mega tweet up' to meet
and greet each other
Did you search all over the building?
I thought I'll seek your permission first
You don't seek my permission
when it is a must
And wait for my order
when it is not needed!
I'll skin you alive! Get lost!
"Nothing is in hands! Nothing in hands!"
"There is nothing in your hands"
"Nothing in hands! Nothing in hands!"
"There is nothing in your hands"
"In the hands of god the creator,
we are all puppets"
"Time and tide are
nothing but myth"
"Focus on your dream"
"Do not have fear or worries"
"All you need is Love and support"
"It makes you a real human being"
Take that
These things are supposed
to be personal...
Sir, its shocking!
I didn't even find a piece of paper
in this entire building
All I found was this cigarette bud
Hey. I just threw it after smoking
I found a high heel
shoe from the bathroom
Sir, with all those broken beer bottles,
I can assure you that killer was drunk
But then this shoe doesn't
belong to the victim
That's what confusing me, sir
Is it just a murder or a rape and murder.
I am clueless!
Check for Semen traces sir
- Who are these fellows?
- They are the ones who informed us sir
How do you know about semen tracing?
Well that, last week I
went for a horror flick
A movie in which the even the
ghost rape girls. Quite funny!
- What movie was that?
- No idea sir
Sir, the press members
are waiting downstairs
Look here, don't blabber anything
when you see the camera and mic
Just say as instructed by us.
Got it?
You, keep an eye on them
Ok sir
Who said she is dead?
She is still alive.
Come, help me lift her
"Even valuables are a
myth that can be stolen"
"Wake up but only to
achieve your dreams"
What are you up to? Keep moving!
You, go guard that place
"Life consists of nothing but
worries and false promises"
"For the banks across..."
- Put these two in the jeep!
- Sir!
"Even the stars are a myth"
"Is the situation under control?"
"Or until it gets better, do you
think everything is a myth?"
You! Hands out of pocket!
"We see light in the morning"
"And if it keeps changing
then its a myth again"
"Ask my heart and it says 'This
isn't wrong' 'This is nothing'"
"Nothing is wrong"
"Nothing is wrong!
Nothing is wrong!"
"Noting is wrong over here"
"In the hands of god the creator,
we are all puppets"
"Time and tide are
nothing but myth"
"Focus on your dream"
"Do not have fear or worries"
"All you need is
Love and support"
"It makes you a real human being"
Don't you get signal?
I will go that side and talk
- Hello
- Hello
Yes sir?
That girl's issue has taken a new
diversion. No need to guard there
Ok, sir.
Both of you return to
the police station
I'll bring him along too.
Ok, sir
Looks like that girl's issue
has take a new diversion.
We have been ordered to return
Hey! Hey! Stop!
Stop being a pain in the head.
What now?
I think I saw someone
shadow inside the building
Shut up and come with me
What did you do?
I pressed it and it switched on
Turn on all the lights!
Turn them all!
I'll inform sir and come back
What are you doing here?
Do you have a torch light?
I gave it to actor Kamal sir.
Why don't you mind your business?
Well, I feel like someone's
hiding inside the building
Rubbish! You couldn't even find
a shoe that was in the toilet
You think you'll
find the accused?
This fellow I tell you!
Already that delivery girl's
issue has become an issue
Inspector ordered us to return.
Isn't it?
What are you looking for?
Are you coming or should I start
abusing you and your family?
Stop pissing me off!
Hello Sugumar, I'm stuck
with a problem here
My phone is about
to die any moment
Where are you all?
What happened last night?
What did you guys do?
Kamini you are saying all those
that we are supposed to say
We are stuck in a
big mess over here
We thought you'll save us but
you say you're stuck?
Give me the phone
Give me the phone.
I said, give me the phone
- Sir, just a minute
- I said, give me the phone!
I thought you will call your advocate
instead you are calling a girl?
Hello, who is this?
Who are you?
There you go! Damn it!
I'm a police officer
from E3 station
Police station?
What did they do, sir?
Don't ask me...
Stop. Stop
Did your vehicle have a flat tyre?
Want lift?
Show me your license
- What was that?
- License
Hold on. See the bike's
going off balance
- Sir! Hold on!
- Excuse me! Hold on!
Superb. Hand it over to him
Hand me back my keys
Superb! Superb! Superb!
I asked for license and you
show me your aadhar card!
How dare you throw away the Aadhar card?
You Anti-Indian!
Get down and step aside
Ok. Ok. Guys step down
Get down and step aside
Stand in a line!
I'll stand first in the line!
- No, I'll be first
- What's with the noise?
Sir! They are not standing in a line!
Stop acting like Ajith Kumar!
Just stand over there!
I'll stand first
Are you doubting me?
I said, blow! Blow!
I am drunk!
Cool. Relax
You talk to him.
I don't like his face
will anyone tell men to....
Double meaning
Sir, only you can control them.
Yes, sir. Only you
can control us
Look here, he is wearing
diaper on the face
I will video him and
upload on the internet
Set to HQ only then his
face will be visible
- Focus on his face
- Go Live on FB
Check out his arms?
Arms must be an inch
bigger than the shirt
But instead you wear a smaller
shirt and show off Mr...
Radha Ravi? Why showing
off Mr. Radha Ravi?
- Dude I have doubt
- Go ahead
Nizhagal Ravi got his name
because he did Nizhagal
Jayam Ravi got his name
because he did Jayam
Indeed! He is he leading star
Then what does Radha Ravi mean?
Sir, you could have better
named yourself as...
- 'Silent' Ravi
- Yes sir. That suits you
What happened, Akash?
I was about to sin without
realizing it is an idol
Come on! Come on!
- Dude, you've sinned!
- Let pray for forgiveness
Bash them up and put
them in lock-up!
Our officer will let go of all
that you did last night
But these guys called a water tank as
Lord's idol and worshipped it last night
Which he won't forgive
You put us in this mess!
Shut up for a while!
- Hello...Hello
- Hello
She hanged up the call
Sir, give me one last chance sir
I'm worried about my girlfriend
Whom are you gonna call?
My uncle, ItIs Sreesanth
He is a rebel
A rebel?
He is a celebrity in twitter!
That's why I said...
We already have enough nuisance
from all the existing celebrities
And now Twitter celebrities?
How dare you shoot us and
upload the video on the net?
Already inspector saw that video
hundreds of times
Let him come
Let the inspector come!
What happened, Kamini?
Are you afraid?
It's really strange
Aren't you a brave girl?
Didn't you hear them shout outside?
"Is that all you got?
Bring it on, if not!"
Doesn't that suit you perfect?
and now you're crying?
Why is the stomach aching?
Guess it's the hunger
Hey stomach, I'm on the
run to save my honor...
and you want food?
Poor mommy...
She must be sleepless,
waiting for me
Don't worry mom
I'll be back
I'll be back with my honor intact!
I won't make you bow your
head out of shame, mom
I won't let you bow
your head down in shame
"Are you a rainbow?"
Why didn't you wait for one more day?
Your daughter went missing and you
came down to the police station?
Did you inquire?
When I spoke to her
last time on phone..
she was drunk
Yeah! Mention that first!
You have done a good job
raising your daughter!
Go and sit there.
I'll call you
"Are you an object on display?"
"Are you all that you see?"
Feels so good making fun
of this higher officer!
This officer looks like that innocent
kid from that ad right? What was that?
Yes! That diaper ad kid!
He looks like that kid!
He asked license...but you are...
Sir, please let go of me
"Are you a snow white
flower searching for colors?
"Are you an object on display?"
"Are you all that you see?"
"I'm a soul that yearns to
leave behind its flawed body"
"I don't have the nerve to
remove this stains that remain"
"I'm a soul that yearns to
leave behind its flawed body"
"I don't have the nerve to
remove this stains that remain"
"Hey! You have time on your
hands and wind in your sails!"
"All you need is you!"
"Hey! There is will
and there is a way"
"All you need is this life!"
We were riding in a bike and we were drunk
We slipped and fell down
And we injured our head, legs and arms
The cops helped us
Instead of being thankful,
we mocked the police
Please do not drink and drive
thinking it's real heroism
Please don't spoil your life
The police department
is your friend
Sir, we said it all
"The weary heart that shackles
its dream and crosses the shore"
"I'm drowning in a leak
that I can't seem to fix"
"Hey! You have time on your
hands and wind in your sails"
"All you need is you!"
"Hey! There is will
and there is a way"
"All you need is this life!"
Sir! Sir! Please help me
I'm stuck here without any dress
Can you help me?
Please give me your raincoat.
You already have the umbrella
Why are you quiet?
I can't bear it anymore.
I'm starving.
I'm feeling cold. Look at this
My hands and legs are bruised
Please help me. Please help me! Please!
Hey! Stop!
Didn't you run in back here
thinking it was the cops?
I have seen you somewhere...
Weren't you the one
came to deliver food?
And I hit you on the head!
Why did you do this to me?
Tell me, why?
Can't you hear me talking?
Where are you off to?
Answer me
Now I'll do the same to you!
Let go off me!
Let go of me!
I'm not leave you
Let go of me!
Remember me?
Have a good trip
to the city, dear
(Song from 'Paarthal Pasi Theerum')
Excuse me...
What happened?
What happened Sister?
Please open your eyes and look at me.
It's paining real bad.
Help me, its paining
Anybody there? Help!
Don't worry, sister.
Nothing will happen to you
You're losing blood
Excuse me. What's your blood group?
Please don't faint
Excuse me
Please stop
Come, let's go to the hospital
I can't bear the pain!
Please. I'm helpless
Come help me lift her.
She is serious
She is dying.
Have a heart and step up!
Hey, Why are you yelling at me?
Look, I am a handicapped
Call someone and throw
her inside the rickshaw
Hold on
Excuse me, a lady is...
- What is it?
- Please...
An individual is hurt on the road.
She must be admitted in
hospital immediately
Can you help me put
her in the rickshaw?
Will you pay me? Will you pay me?
- Help me and I'll pay you
- Will you pay?
Ok, I'll pay
Hold it
- Lift her
- Come on
Please, quick! Drive to the hospital
Move her head
Hold on sister.
Few more minutes,
we'll reach the hospital
What happened?
The rickshaw isn't starting.
Someone must push it
Excuse me.
The rickshaw isn't starting.
Please push it and help to start it
Nothing. We are on our way
What in the hell are you doing?
I am pushing. Try starting it
Can't you tell him he is doing it wrong?
Tell him to push from behind!
You drunkard! Idiot! Enough!
Enough of your help! Get lost!
Excuse me!
Oh God! Sister!
Somebody please save her!
Oh God! Sister!
Prank! It's a prank!
It's a prank show!
- Relax! It's just a prank show
- Even I am part of it!
Look over there
I was on my way to
write my UPSC exam
I passed the prelims
at my place
And came to Chennai on that day
for main exams
I was searching for the centre
Instead of going to the exam I helped you
thinking you were really hurt
I got late for the exam and missed it
Again I have to start all over from the
beginning and clear prelims one by one
I lost a year because of you!
Since you missed you an ordinary exam...
you took revenge by doing this to me?
Come again! An ordinary exam?
You make it sound so easy!
There are protests going on
for having and banning exams
Students are made to travel
1000 of miles to write exams
Worse, there are dress codes
while entering a exam hall!
In the name of security check girls
students dress were tore before...
they step inside exam halls!
There are girls hanging themselves
for failing in entrance exams
And everything is
just a game to you?
Your prank didn't impact me much
even after I missed my exam
I let it go thinking after all
it's just a prank you pulled on me
But then one day, an incident
changed everything for me
What happened, mom?
Nothing, dear. Its so hot
I am exhausted
Come on, mom. We are almost
reaching the bus stand
- Oh my God!
- Mom! Mom!
Mom, what happened?
Excuse me, please come here
Mom, please wake up
- What happened? Did she faint?
- I don't know what happened
She fainted all of a sudden
Please help.
Let's get her to sit somewhere
Please, consider her as your mother
and help her. God will bless you
Excuse me!
Wait, this is a prank show, right?
Where are the hidden cameras?
Behind that car or somewhere
behind that tree?
Are you nuts? Can't you see an
elderly lady has fainted? Move!
Lift her. First, let's get
her to sit under a shade
No uncle, it's a TV show.
I have watched it quite often
Can't you differentiate?
Splash some water on her face
Excuse me...
It's a prank show!
Oh, come on. It's just a prank
Kamini, that was one
hell of an acting!
It's just the prank show
Its a prank!
Show 'Gotcha! Gotcha!'
- Relax
- Relax
- Would you like some water?
- Don't cry
- Come on. Don't cry
- You look beautiful with the cap
Look at the camera and say
'Gotcha! Gotcha!'
'Gotcha! Gotcha!'
'Gotcha! Gotcha!'
Ok, that's enough. Cut! Cut!
None of them here takes
anything seriously!
People take everything so easy
Nowadays, in our whole body, only
thumbs are working overtime
That is using the
mobile all the time!
Social media and smart phones
have turned people in to buffoons
Pranking, trolling, pulling leg
is all everyone does these days
Facebook and Twitter are
filled mostly with fake ids
Login and all you find are memes
People bath with a bucket of ice in
the name of #Ice bucket challenge
But do they even know why?
They say it's fun!
Women are protesting in social media
so that they can show of their breasts...
by making #Freethenipple trending
Back in old days women protested
to hide their breast
And women today are
protesting to show it off
A stupid medicine student throws
off a puppy from the tenth floor
He shoots it and posts it in the internet.
Why? For fun!
A guy clicks selfie on railway track while
train is approaching and dies. Why?
For cheap likes, comments and
some followers! How cheap!
Why click selfie with a corpse?
Just for fun!
In the name of fun
people do all this...
and as a result every house
has kids turning into rogues
Blah! Blah! Blah!
So, were the reason behind all this...
Is that what you're saying?
It was just a prank show
Absurd Prank show. My foot!
When my mom fainted on the streets, the
guy who came to help stepped back!
Because of your show!
If you play unconscious
and prank people...
then who will save people when
they faint for real?
Already people are confused struggling
to differentiate wounded...
and drunk people on road
On top of that, you guys! 'Look, see
the camera? Say 'Gotcha! Gotcha!'
You guys deserve a tight
slap and proper class!
When you deceive someone you
know, then its called a prank!
Playing prank on a stranger
is called Nuisance!
And that is what you guys are doing
Do not misuse the freedom you have
It's not my job to
change all these
This is not a revenge
While driving when someone overtakes
me and jumps the signal...
I just stare at them in a way
that they don't find out
I am just an ordinary person
That is all I can do
We have only one chance
I'm still unable to
complete those exams
Then I started working here
Do you wanna see me spend the whole
night alone and naked in this building?
We need more booze!
Yes! More booze!
Hello, Jeni's father?
She is drunk and lying wasted at office.
Please, come pick her up
How much will five
mutton biriyani cost?
Like you did to me, I also acted
as if I was fighting for life
Thought you'd save me.
Instead you hit me in
the head with the rod
When I woke up in the hospital,
I escaped the eyes of the police
to rush and check on you!
I thought I'll throw your
dress inside and escape
But to my surprise you
were already at the gate
I expected you won't give a damn
and walk out naked in the streets
Well, not bad.
You turned out to be
better than what I thought you were
I hope you understood
whatever I said
What did you understand?
Freedom is not for free
It needs lot of discipline
"Oh Moon! Will you come out
from the Sky?"
"I need a pair to play"
"Before anyone sees on the Earth
I'll send you back early in the morning"
You sang it really well
Did you practice music
No sir
My mother's a good singer
I got it from her
Very good
Why do you close your
eyes while singing?
It's natural when you loose
yourself while singing
Some girls do it while singing
and some while kissing
I had mentioned it
in one of my song lyrics
So, now...
The industry has changed
The heroes have started
writing lyrics
The music director sings all
the songs in a movie album
Indeed, sir
I have written more
than thousand songs
Even my plight is the same
You got to look for opportunities, get
them and then become a chorus singer
When will you become
a leading singer?
Sir, you can open gates for me
Of course, I can do it
I got contacts
But why should I do it?
I don't get you, sir
Well, nothing...
Like how you closed your
eyes while singing...
Likewise close your eyes for
a little while
But then, isn't this wrong?
Decency and desire
cant prevail together darling
"First we carry an attitude..."
"living without boundaries,
limits and with an arrogance"
"Later, we have a
self realization..."
"and become strong enough to face
the world alone like a brave heart"
"We turn a new leaf
and get up, stronger!"
Famous lyricist caught red handed in
#MeToo movement
#TAG TV crew's live report
Without realizing it was an
undercover reporter...
Mr. Rathna Kumar tried molesting a young
girl, who came looking for opportunity
He also blurted out lot of his
wrong doings in the process
Decency and desire
cant prevail together darling
He has been at receiving end
of many hatred reactions
As the first step, it is expected
that he'll lose his MP seat
This was made possible only because of the
daring #TAG TV reporter Kamini
In the recent past a swamiji was exposed in
a similar incident, which became viral
I didn't expect it to go haywire
It's all because of me.
Please forgive me, sister!
Hearts shake hands here beautifully
I'm sorry
It's okay
What's your name?
Wounds vanish..
Picking up a good habit is tough
Dropping a bad habit is
equally tough
Its an addiction
I couldn't come out of it
But I started changing
my intentions a bit
For #Tag NEWS
Signing off is Sudhindharakodi
"Freedom isn't a game to be played
without rules and boundaries"
"Go beyond your limits and
it will destroy you!"
"One day..."
"Next day..."