Aadama Jaichomada (2014) Movie Script

Won Without Playing
Welcome everyone
[Narrator] God created
everything for a reason
[Narrator] Crow to feed food
Donkeys to carry luggage
[Narrator] Pigeon is different
as it can't carry weight
But it'll pass information
[Narrator] To make it faster,
we have post and speed post
Phone, pager cellphone
[Narrator] To make life easier
we've got loads of social networking
[Narrator] So what happens here
the world knows it next second
[Narrator] That is why many get caught
[Narrator] This has speed but no safety
[Narrator] For example, here
[Narrator] You would've
come here lying you've work
[Narrator] Don't put up a
status You'll voluntarily get in trouble
[Narrator] Such guy is this Sultan Bhai
[Narrator] Dawood Ibhrahims partner
[Narrator] Police were tapping
the phone to get close to Dawood
[Narrator] Like a elephant
getting caught in a rats trap
[Narrator] The guy who called
him talked about cricket fixing
[Narrator] But Sultan Bhai
made a idea
[Narrator] Cut the call I'll
call from another phone
[Narrator] His bad time; he didn't know
that they could tap his other number
[Narrator] He's not educated enough
[Narrator] Sultan Bhai is innocent
[Narrator] When he talked about bowler
only police found match fixing
[Narrator] Only then they
arrested Bhai and that bowler
[Narrator] From the information they gave
[Narrator] Srinivasa reddy in Andra,
Subbana in Bangalore all were caught
[Narrator] But the land of
hospitality Our Tamil Nadu...
Back then only the winner
would win the cup,
But now, the same time
the winner gets a cup?
The loser gets millions of cash
The reason...
While the game is in progress,
Match fixing too is at its peak
The cricket tournament in
India is coming to an end
Along with it the match fixings
too are coming to an end
We've found that all these betting's
are happening through mobiles
But the criminals too know that
Knowing that we easily track the
mobiles through the GPS
They are following a new technique
and we have found that too
That is, while the game is in
progress they hire a Cab
These brokers roam around the city
They deal with the betting on the way
As they are moving around tracking
their mobiles become tough
Even if we catch the drivers and enquire
They don't understand anything
They were threatened to wear
a earphone and listen to songs
So we could find nothing
But in the other states
Who the brokers are? What the deal is?
Who are the contacts? Do we
have any clear thoughts
But Tamil Nadu....
The broker name is Albert and
we know nothing more
In 3 days the semi finals is
happening in Chennai
So if you find someone suspicious
check them thoroughly
Never neglect even a small
information you get
Till the cricket ends..
Till we catch Albert...
Eat less and work sincerely
Concentration is the only secret of success
All the best to everyone of you
Why are you clapping..
was I giving you a speech
Seems like all this time was wasted
Mattaravi the murderer in Kathiresans
case isn't opening his mouth at all
- Mr Boominathan - Yes sir
Only you can do it
Good morning sir
-Good morning sir
Ensure you get some answers from him
- Speak out - Tell it
Between 2 individuals is a fight,
between 2 groups is a clash
between 2 cities is
between 2 countries is a war
If it's with Boominathan it's a storm
The elders have stopped talking
I'll ensure he speaks out the truth
I got emotional
No Boominathan! You don't know about me...
Why are you closing the door?
No! Listen to me
Why are you covering the camera?
[Accused] No!
[Accused] Don't
come close.. No!
[Accused] You don't know about me...
Listen to me.. No!
[Accused screams]
I'll speak!
Go, He'll tell it all now
For 5 hours we bashed him
and he never opened his mouth
Just 5 minutes! How sir?
Listne to me
[Accused laughs]
No! My bladders are full
No! I'll pee right here...
Ok I'll tell
Super sir
A girl without a make up and a boy
who doesn't top up will remain single
Why this build up?
[Vehicles buzzing]
You'd say that you can guess a
fellow by just seeing his face
Look at him.. will this movie
be a hit.. will it get released?
A wig, owl eyed, and a skeleton like body
If it doesn't have a punch
lines the movie would release
- If it has... - It will release in other
states and the DVD will release here
Why do you neigh? the owner
has a metre installed in our taxi's
Similarly God has made our
face to be the metre
If his nose is longer than his
forehead he is surely a fool
Don't check just count
There are 8 fools including you
How do you learn all these?
I didn't study it.. A cinema
financier taught me all these
They wouldn't rent a house for a cinema guy
how come you lend them money
This book is about Face reading
Reading this is enough
A male has 32 features
5 parts have to be long 5 have to be soft
6 have to be high and 7 have to be fair
3 have to be broad and 3 have to be flat
You learn about the remaning 3 later
If I see a person with all these
features I'll know about him
Till day no one has cheated me
If you read this book once,
the person you meet is like a book
Here read it
[Intercom ringing]
[ID no.98..98?]
[Paneer there is a pick up at Sowkarpet,
The customer's name is Dayalan]
I've got the call I'll leave
I'm Panner you've asked for a
taxi I've reached your address
Your car number is 3804, Look up
Come in
Reshma you got a pin
I just asked for a pin
You're searching all around
I had it hooked in my Mangal
Sutra But I can't find that now
Why did you remove it?
Having this affair itself is a mistake
You asked me to sleep with
the sutra tied around?
Our girls hold on to few
traditions very much
Anyway your husband knows you more
Take the money to be
paid to bowler
It's getting late
Here is the money you asked for
They seem to be a perfect couple
Both their faces looks perfect
A good husband and passionate wife
They're just like Surya and Jothika
He'll come from Tirupathi only
tomorrow I'll bring everything with me
Let's go some other place
You got me wrong
I can live without one girl
But never with just one girl
[Hello Peter?]
I'm Dayal
That day you showed one girl Rani..
Tonight please set her up some how
The amount is not a problem
I tought him to be like Surya
Sorry Surya sir
I don't need other girls
I just need Rani, that beauty
is still in my eyes
Stay there, I'll come
Bro, go to express avenue
There is less charge in the phone
[Car stops]
[Wait here]
[I'll be back in 5 minutes]
- Hi Peter - Hi Dayal, how are you?
- What happened? - The pin struck me
You're cheating on your wife,
- You've become darker - Chennai is too hot
- Mariya dass - Sir
Why do humans do wrong?
Just for their basic needs
That's just 10% Guys like Albert
Whats does he not have?
Buying the players
Fixing matches and cheating 1000 crores
are they buying their daily meal
That's just a thrill
A thrill in fooling others
To find all these people
I've got a new plan
- What's that? - Till we get the
criminal we have to be calm
You don't understand..
There is a saying, Old thieves
get caught one day
Till we catch the criminal we'll wait
Then why do we get salary
That's the waiting charge
The car is parked in No Parking
Question them...
You've parked the car in the road Move it!
The customer has gone in
Then you go and park it in
- It costs 40 per hour to park inside
Instead of paying him,
it's better to pay you...
Here 10 rupees
- What are you talking?
- He's bribing me sir
He has set me up
- How dare? - That too is money
With 27 rupees we can be happy
is what the central ministry report says
When did he become a
minister - Subramniya Swamy?
No.. Narayana Swamy
We're from the media to check
if the police takes bribe or not
We've a hidden camera
here take it
Where is the camera?
There it is
Get out!
I missed the 10 rupees I got
The sweet at that shop would be awesome
Come man
Bowlers should take wickets He wants girls
Rani! The bowler wants rani
Peter please arrange for the tie up
You wait
I'll try
The cash is ready Just get Rani ready
Ok bye..
Take Care
What are you looking at?
I came in a similar car, told him
to park there, Same company
Give me your phone - yeah
[Ringing number]
Hello Million Dots - Yes sir
I booked your car in
Sowkarpet - The car number
How can I help you sir?
Your driver is a robber, he ran
away with my cash and cell phone
Hey give back my phone
Taking my phone and calling my
company and complaining about our driver
- I'll kill you - You all are
from the same gang
I'll complain to the police
and take actions
You're going to the police
I'll finish you now
- I'll not snatch chains sir
- Then you'll pick pocket ha
Sir a call taxi driver robbed
all my belongings
Come and arrest him
Am I your servant to
come with you I'm a Police
Write a complain and leave
here, now come and arrest him
You've not mentioned
the Gate no. - It's 3 or 4
Our control is only till 2
Those 2 gates come under D2
heard it, I'll give your
complain Now you leave
Why are you so easy?
First call that taxi
First you put your pin
You have your fly open
Why tuck in your shirt
They'll take an action
Leave now
What to do? I don't
have a penny
Sir it's been 2 days we ate
Only if you give us we
can feed our children
Show some mercy
Please give us something
Idiot.. Go earn an eat you looser
[Phone ringing]
Million Dots call taxi How can I help you?
My name is Dayalan, I booked you taxi
from Sowkarpet, You driver robbed my things
Sir, don't call him a robber
Tell the car's number
I'll connect you to him
The car number is 3804
Panner where are you?
At woodlands car parking
- Don't lie you idiot - Give
respect, I'm not lying
You robbed my phone and cash
Why should I respect you?
I never desire for others thing,
I'll break your jaw
Watch your words...
I'm disconnecting the call
It's 450 with the waiting
charge Settle it and leave
Check if you've taken everything and don't
call the company telling I robbed your things
You talk as if you did no mistake, you
were not at the place I told you to wait
So I got tensed - If you get tensed,
doesn't mean you can talk anything
Hello, yeah Peter
What if I pay right away,
Rani will be fine ?
Wait there, I'll be there in 20 minutes
- Start the car - Get another car
Please understand I should
get to the Hotel in 20 minutes
Or I'll miss Rani
I don't care Get another car
I told you not to beg there
It stinks
Beggar sister, Sorry
You robbed from me right
I came to pay back
Today is a bad day
With so much why did you rob from us?
I was in an emergency
Forgive us for hitting you
Here take this
You're paying 10000 for 1
rupee you'll live happily
Come on let's go Rani will be waiting
Leave me Leave me!
Sit down We'll leave
What a change?
You returned 10000 for that one
rupee I love that charecter of yours
[Even though you cheat your wife
You didn't cheat that beggar]
[vehicles buzzing]
Panneer come let's eat
That's ok You go eat, I'll wait
Did I treat you like a driver till now?
I told you about me just as a friend
Not that, I'm used to eating
what my wife cooked
Come on, will your wife cook
better than this hotel's food?
Just because it's tasty
she has 300 - 400 customers
300 - 400?
She runs a hotel
I'm also tired of eating in such hotels!
Come lets eat from
your wife's cooking
Hotel means, it's kind of off....
A street shop ... in a shabby
place you might not like it
I'm your friend, I'll become
your family friend now
Sir no, this won't work out
Is this all you understood?
That is why I worry
No sir
How will I?
You're like a brother to me
I'm your brother but you're
still not dependable
Ok, you're not my brother...
Your wife is like my sister
She is my sister...
I've decided to eat off my sisters hand
You seem to love your wife so much
is your's a love or arranged marriage?
Love marriage sir - Is it?
Tell about your love story
One day I had gone to
Kumar's house for a party
Here's the keys The 3rd house
I'll go get Side dish and
drinks - Come soon
They would say we'll become
bright on seeing our love
That was not for me
I dropped the key and was
searching in the dark
Why don't you use your phone?
I can't, it has no balance
- Tube light, watch me
Enough of looking at that.
Open the door
You're very beautiful
Don't try much, that is my
grandmothers photo
Are you opening the lock or shall I leave?
Looking at ones face I'll read them
The Facial Features
For this beautiful voice this
beautiful face is the one
That was the first time I was
in a high without boozing
The next day I went to
her hotel to see her
One egg dosa sister
[train moving]
What do you need?
4 idlies
- 4 idlies - With chutney
[Train moving]
[Train moving]
[Train moving]
5 idlies parcel
Is this for Kumar bro?
[Train moving]
No, for my girl
Having a lover you were
eying me while eating
If I had a guy like you I
would have boiled his eyes
Take this
Not just your business you
take care of everything well
[Radio playing]
Evening for Bajji buy some bananas
Let's have onion bajji too
You just bye banana If that
gets over, fair and good
When have you listened to me...
Come early Don't be late
Why have you come here?
What did your girl tell about my idly's
Let that be, did you eat
Have to cook and then eat
- Have to cook hereafter - What to do?
What's this? - Open it
Gifting my idlies to me itself...
You cooked her with her idly's
Your love has ended all so soon
Only love was easy
For the marriage she made a condition
For me to marry you
In your house... Just for you
... Separately...
You must have a bathroom
You have one right?
The condition might be
wrong but here its ...
From my birth its been a public bathroom
For a 100mts run there are only 10 hurdles
But for a bathroom at 20 mts 25 hurdles
Daily the most said word ...
And I hear ...
Won't you bath fast!
Come out quick!
Wait! Don't panic!
We can live without money...
But not in a public bathroom
Don't worry, after marriage
I'll keep you soaked in water
In happiness
- Really? - Really
I'm a lotus which bloomed at your glance
You are the breeze
that keeps my heart cool
I am keeping this life just to be with you
I roam thinking about you
I flew high just like a rug
I dug deep in the earth
to find you in there
My honey you make my
heart beat faster just for you
My life, I'm just waiting to
show my love for you
I Suffered to express myself
I was anxious to tell it
I painted in the air
I lost the sense of taste thinking of you
I am now changed just for you
I'm a lotus which bloomed at your glance
You are the breeze
that keeps my heart cool
I am keeping this life just to be with you
[Clock ticks]
[Door knocks]
- Some one is at the door
- What's the time?
[Door knocks]
- It's 3.30 - It must be Gopi,
he'll leave in 30 minutes
[Door knocks]
There is some one at the door again
Is the time 4.30?
Must be Saravanan, he's not like Gopi
He must leave in a while
You sleep
[Door knocks]
[Door knocks]
Who's that?
I'm coming
[Door knocks]
Who are you? What do you want?
Panneer's friend, couldn't make it to
the marriage, So I want to get a treat now
Who are they?
Answer her...
We have lent some money for your husband
Your husband has to pay
us a total of 10.5 lakhs
You have a debit of 10.5 lakhs
I just borrowed 4.5
But they say its 10.5
It didn't suddenly grow, it's been
3 years you borrowed
You haven't repaid a rupee for
the money you borrowed
You fooled us when you were
single.. Now you got a family
You can't fool us anymore
We wont leave till you repay us
- We're gonna sit here - Open the door
- Come on! - Come lets go in
We won't leave until we get the money
Go make us some coffee
All those fatsos are going in
Where are you going?
To buy milk..
They asked for coffee, right?
We need milk to make coffee
Why didn't you tell about your loans?
You only asked for a bathroom,
you never asked if I had a loan
Is this an answer?
Don't get tensed
You have your problems,
Now this is my problem
As your problem is solved ..
This too will be solved
How will it.. They say it's
10 lakhs.. we have to rob
I believed you!
I should slipper myself
Half the loan was to build the bathroom
- We asked for coffee
- I'll bring you all poison
Please, we'll somehow make this up
Hey..is this
- Please don't leave - I'll go to
the bathroom and come
Please Ramaa
I'm leaving now, Settle all their loan
I'll come live with you then
Ramma listen to me please
You say she left
Then how does she cook for you
Not as a husband, but as a
customer she has to serve me
This is how last 6 moths has been
[Train moving]
- Here's the shop - Here...
[Train moving]
Where is the shop?
Wait I'll come
[Train moving]
[Train moving]
It's just 9 and the shop is closed already
Can't tolerate the police
They broke the shop, find some
other place to eat
I'm in trouble Now she too is ...
No way we can come up
Have to be a driver for life
What's your total loan ?
If I say it, will you settle it?
Drive for me for 2 days I'll pay it for you
It's no joke, Not like the 10000 you
put for the beggar, it's 10 lakhs
It's no joke
Its true
In the 20-20 match happening
day after tomorrow
If what I think happens What you
think too will happen
Thanks a lot sir
Lets start, drop me at the
hotel Pick me up at 10
Ok sir
Yesterday there was some police
problem, What happened?
Are you gonna talk to the
commissioner about it?
That too might happen if it is out time
Instead of dreaming, go settle your debts
I've got a friend
In 2 days i'll put an end to everything
Just came to say that
He'll give you 10 lakhs in 2 days
You have to do some thing
wrong and get yourself arrested
Who, me?
Watch, In 2 days I'll come and
take you away from here
Nothing dude
[Police station noise]
A person Dayalan gave your
station complaint to us
Will you see limits to call a call taxi?
Call Million dots and ask
for Panneer's details
- Room 108, I'm here to
meet Dayalan - One sec
[Phone ringing]
Sorry, he isn't attending the call
Only I'll go to his room
Drivers are not allowed inside
I'll talk to him over the phone
I haven't saved his number
He said he'll help me and now he's sleeping
- Hello - Dude, its me
A customer is staying at Ambassador pallava
Seem like he is drunk and sleeping.
I need to get in immediately
She isn't allowing drivers inside
I'll give the phone to her.
You talk like him and fool her
Give it, tell me the customer's
name and number
His name is Dayalan and room number 108
Sir, just a minute stay on line Madamme..
Madamme, I'm Dayalan, Send him to the room
And I thought of telling
this in the morning
- If Director Solomon Papaiya
had seen you? - Sir!
Prabhu Solomon...
He would have made you a celebrity
I called you But you never picked the call
I was in the bathroom
Singing the song]
You can go sir
I didn't feel sir
In 5 minutes all my debits gonna end
Money, honey, Money! Money!
He isn't opening at all
Is the money yours?
Thanks sir
Dayalan sir!
Where is he?
Dayalan sir?
You've mailed Panneer's photo Ok I'll look
I've to see inspector urgently
It's very urgent Please sir
inspector too is waiting to see you
- Sir! - What's it?
- Got any details? - We've
got the person itself
You said the criminal will come if we wait
Your idea has worked out
That call taxi has come to our station now
In hotel Ambassdor Pallava a
person called Dayalan is murdered
Yesterday robbery Today murder?
Sir! What do you mean?
I'll make you understand
He was dead when I entered
Bring the sniffer dogs
A small problem!
I saw a board " Dogs not allowed"
Control room, immediately send
us a sniffer dog to Ambassodor Pallava
It's better if you finish
the procedures soon
The guests are waiting, it's a star hotel
Yeah it is...
But you've allowed the driver to the room
Sir, the dead sir told to
allow him to the room
You said he was dead when you came in
I'll tell the truth The one who
spoke on the phone is my friend
That was my plan to come here
The door should've been locked
I made another plan by dropping 10 rupees
So you've planned and come in
Not all these
Sir, I think you doubt me
I'm innocent sir
Mr Innocent where is the cash bag
Which cash bag?
The bag that Dayalan gave a complaint about
That's a old thing
Then we became friends
He said he'll pay my debits
Only if I tell you in detail
will you understand
We went to Le Merdian to meet Rani
Rani is a matter
The pimp for her is Peter
We were going with the balance
Listen to the Ipod and drive - Why?
You need not know what
I talk over the phone
Sir then better message
that's cheaper and I wont know too
Why should you hear my personal talks?
You told all about your girl Now what?
This is about a guy
- Are you..? - I'm not like that..
I'll pay you extra
Listen to songs and drive
Extra cash then I'll do anything
[Paneer] When I was listening to song
Dayalan called someone
Black Innova right? I've seen it..
It is behind you
Go park behind that black innova
I'll get on that car You follow me
Should I listen to songs and follow you
After that he got on that
car with that money
[Paneer] I too followed him all the way
[Paneer] Suddenly a guy
from the car came to me
[Paneer] Why are you following me?
[Paneer] Are you police? he asked so
and tried to shoot at me
[Paneer] He left me
only after Dayalan said
[Paneer] only then I got to know he
was a bowler's friend
[Paneer] Bribe that bowler
with money and Rani
[Paneer] and fix
tomorrows match
[Paneer] I didn't
understand anything
But Dayal was a good human
Some one killed him
Some one killed him?
Just because the dead can't tell
the truth You just tell such stories
These are no stories but truth
-Yes sir?
I need to see the CCTV
footage of this corridor
The sniffer dog is here Shall I bring it
Don't need to bring that dog
Take in this dog
What are you saying?
No one other than you
entered Dayalan's room
You are the killer
- What's with this pant? - Just adjust
Sir, I know nothing Please leave me sir
Don't put the blame on me just
because you have no one else
I'm Vijay Kopergade
I'm here to arrest Manikam
Sorry sir, you're mistaken
He's not Manikam He's Panneer,
he has killed Dayalan
I'm deep sorry You are wrong
In Bombay he's Manikam He's killed 3
It's a lie, I haven't even seen
Bombay the movie
Which is a lie?
You say you didn't do this murder too
Didn't I find out
Similarly he'll find out
You wait
We've found out already,
All the details are in this CD
While leaving from Bombay
our Commissioner did say..
That Tamil nadu police are very brilliant
You'll make our work very easy
And you've done as he said
I'll surely tell about you
to our commissioner
By the way, can I take this
Manik Paneer for an enquiry for 2 hours
Can we take him?
If you have a doubt, like to
talk to our commissioner
Return at D2 station in 2 hours
Thank you
thank you sir
Please sir I didn't kill anyone
Kopergade, Just a minute
You name is Marathi, but
you speak Tamil well.. How?
How is it?
Sir, that's nothing
Why question a officer for that?
Did you watch Vishwaroopam?
how is that related with this
In that movie Afghan
terrorist itself speak in tamil
Won't bombay police speak?
Tamil has developed
You can leave You proceed
While talking to you
commissioner tell about me
[Movie running]
[Movie running]
Who are you? Why did you lie?
We told a lie for you to say the truth
Who is that bowler? What's the signal?
Which over?
How many runs?
Tell it!
You're the Hero of Suravali!
Dad, Look!
The movie hasn't released
yet But I'm famous already
Instead of releasing the film
Why have you kidnapped me?
Instead of releasing the film
Why have you kidnapped me?
If you answer all my 4 questions correctly
If you answer all my 4 questions correctly
First release me!
If you answer all my 4 questions correctly
First release me!
I don't understand
Firstly, the 3 murders in
Bombay Did I do it or not?
That was a story to bring
you from the police
I don't need your stories tell me about you
Only then will I tell what I know
I'll tell it! I'll tell it!
I was running the theater peacefully
One day this fool...
Said he wanted to act as hero
This idiot supported him
Ok, with a budget of 1-2 crores,
I let him make a film
He wants to become a action hero
I brought a director for that
He said he'll make a road movie
I thought he'll finish it by a road
I borrowed 10 crores to finish the movie
Last week Alavandhar saw the trailer
[Movie running]
If it comes seprately, it's eye pain,
body ache and etc...
If it all comes at once
It is Suraavali!
[Movie running]
Sandhya, Pakistan's are a
problem in the border
In Kannada it The Kavery
In Andhra its Telugana
In Sri lanka a race has been destroyed
When there are so many
problems around me How can I love you?
Then my dream to sing a duet with you
Just dream about it
[Song playing]
[Song playing]
[Song playing]
Go avenge those you killed your
father and then do your last deeds
If we wait, the body'll decompose
You no nothing about my son
He won't let his mother cry
and let his father dry
He will destroy them!
You trying to kill me!
To escape from her Fall at my feet
What was that?
That's comedy
Our Hero! I too have dont 2 scenes
It is not in the trailer
How much would the people bear with
- Your amount is 10 crores with
the interest right? - yeah
Various production houses
are watching the movie next week
It'll sell.. I'll settle the amount
once the agreement is done
They buy only good movie
How will they buy this one
- Greetings bro - How are the movies ?
It's good, even last week a
good profit from your movie
Who is that vomiting before my car?
It's our theater operator
He was fine.. But after watching
their trailer he's been vomiting
He has had a dysentery too
Shall I add a comedy track too the movie
Why waste more money ?
Go fresh up!
Don't stand before me You'll make me vomit
- When are you going to show
them the movie? - next week
Before that settle my loan
If not you wont have your son
To settle Alavandhar's loan I
had gone to Santhi lal setu
That was where I saw
Dayalan for the first time
Something important Shall I come later
Oh wait wait wait
there man
I've been waiting for you since morning
You are my
fortune man
They are not important
Naidu, wait for 10 minutes I'll be back
Daya I've something
important to talk to you
I've never met Albert Can I meet him?
Finish Chennai match well
He'll meet you himself
Do you remember?
Last time you fixed a bowler in
Rajasthan team beautifully
We won 200 crores in that bet
- Will anyone be so in
Chennai team - Surely!
Nowadays players come in at a age of 20
They retire by 32
Their playing life is 10 years
that too if they are in good form
How much can they earn in that time?
Those who are handsome act in Ads
Those who talk well become commentators
Where will others go for money
In every team if there is
10 to play and win
There is 1 to win without playing
You're right
You just get me the money
I'll take care of the rest
Shall I give the money now
Players are coming after 3 day
I'll get the money then
After 3 days... I'll be in Tirupathi
What if you're not here?
Give it to your wife
Did you think you and I
are the reason for winning?
It's all her luck
Bro, are you kidding ?
What have I been
telling you about the betting?
We must get the mix correct
to get the correct results
Did he tell you this for any profit?
That was a friendly advice Similarly...
That's not mixing It's fixing..
So much money you know
I'll give you as much money
the Setu has promised you
I'm in a huge debt Please help me
50 lakhs
- Ok, when should I give it? - Tomorrow
When you will give the detail?
The day before the match I'll
call you and tell all the details
Call this bookie and bet on it
5 times the profit
50 lakhs
We invested in films
and have lost everything
Now we know nothing about cricket
Explain a bit about this betting
Hey Out!
Dayalan took us to a ground nearby
There was a boy bowling beautifully
No one could touch his bowling
That boy who's bowling
Will give away 10 runs in the next over
Hey boy?
- What? - Can you give 10 runs
in your next over
- Why should I? - I'll give you 50 rupees
I'll get 100 if I win this match
- 200 - I'll give you my girlfriend's
number, top it up for 250
250 for you
- Why shouldn't I? - Ok I'll do it
Give me the number
hey come come
He is leaving it easily
Run quickly!
What's this?
No Ball
You're asking for 50 lakhs
for a 500 rupee deal
Let's finish in 1000 rupees
This is a local match
Just like this guy, Suravali
I'm talking about Chepauk
It would be terrific just
like a Super Star film
Here, take care... I depend of you
To get the information from
Dayalan, He was dead already
We thought to get the info
before the Police came in disguise
The police arrested you,
telling you killed him
I don't care he is dead
Only if I know the details I can
bet on it and win my money
Tell it! Who is it? Who is the bowler?
He told that bowlers name...
But the tension you created I forgot it...
I know how he bowls, I'll bowl similarly,
does anyone know cricket
Can you find with that?
I can...
I know, you bowl and I'll tell who it is
bowl it
Spin, medium fast or fast
That means?
Spin means to bowl from close
Medium fast means to bowl from a distance
Fast means to have a run up from far away
Then it's fast
Go! Go!
Stop! How will you bowl without a ball?
Even if it's an act I want it to be real
You don't understand
Take this Think this to be a ball
hey..Go man
Catch him!
He is here
Catch him!
Catch the cunning wolf
If you miss it, its the end
The guy is smart, Catch him! Catch Him!
You never get back time spent
Tie him up! Bash Him!
A cat is caught up in the water tank
A cat is caught up in the water tank
Go catch him!
Fatso catch him!
- What's happening? - Leave!
Tell it!
Will you believe if he says he's
from Bombay, is he Sharukhan?
You must have checked his Id
before you sent the accused
- Which fool trained you? - It's you sir
It's you, 2008 batch, then you were
the chief of the training college
Do all this nonsense well
You are a senior, you could've advised him
You would've, he wouldn't have listened
At least shake your head
Why is he blinking?
Call the taxi number and get the
driver's number and track him down
Yes sir
-Yes sir
You've just got half an hour
I got to get the news that he's arrested
Yes sir
-Yes sir
Leave Enough of your salutes
- One minute - What's it?
What commissioner says is right?
In another movie they
use mobile tracking too ...
If you take film reference any more..
You'll see a beast in me
Hey you're coming dancing all the way
You are a God in disguise
I'll change the vehicle
This guy is here, where is he?
- Is the car ready? - Yes sir
Continue on the phone, Trace that number
I'll pay you extra, listen to this Ipod
I have a lot of personal information
to talk. So just listen to this
Super Idea
You are getting yourself into trouble
Mosses is coming from Besant
nagar as you planned
He's roaming the city and finally
coming to the office
We're tracking his number
They're alert around the city to catch him
If we catch him before he reaches here
We can arrest Albert very easily
Every bookie works similarly
We have to follow them
Now they are traveling from
Besant Nagar to Santhom
Now where the car is?
- Besant nagar to Santhom
Alert Besant nagar signal
Catch the person who is
talking over the phone
Quick come
There is a gang ready to
catch you and finish you
In a sweet shop ask for
some Jaggery is spoilt
In a sweet shop ask for
some Jaggery is spoilt
They've reached the office
We thought of catching them before that
- We've failed - I've reached
- Where are we? - Commissioner's office
Oh no!
You got me into bigger trouble
What's it?
The other number too is inside the office
You're brilliant
You wait and make them come to you
Mr. Boominathan
Behave yourself Why are you jumping around?
There is 10 minutes remaining in the
time you gave me, my theory is never wrong
Just wait!
Why is he so hot?
Should have seen some steamy movie
Understand the Good and Bad!
And carefully hide in the Bathroom
World is filled with horror,
Murder, robbery and maniacs
All you learn is lies, beg to earn,
its all money or you are pauper
Play with your money, just free yourself
No one does the work he is assigned to
No one does the work he is assigned to
There is a cat caught up in the water tank
In the sweet shop the jaggery is spoilt
No one does the work he is assigned to
Are you assistant
commissioner man?
Sir, Dayalan murder case accused
I'll report to the commissioner
Wait here, I'll go meet sir
- Can I come - Why?
I want to hear the appreciations you get
Come on
You would've never thought that my
theory would work so quick
In this operation Mariyadass
played an important role
For what you did you have your shades on...
To catch 1 accused you made 4 escape
- My eyes! - Get the keys
They're escaping
You think yourself to be the Action king?
You jumped on the bike and
broke a policemans knee
He was running in fear
Why did you go flying to kick him?
Will you show your power on a dumb fellow?
He short circuited the transformer
and all our records burned to ashes
Do you know all these?
All these are okay
I can't go to the bathroom because of him
I never did anything in your bathroom
So you were planning something...
You broke all the pipelines and so
we have no water anywhere
The whole of this office is stinking
Forgive him this one time
I'll make sure this doesn't repeat
What was your role in this action block?
Nothing, I was just an audience
Similarly go out and wait
Go sir!
Hey come here
Cricket fixing is a big case
We can get Albert only from these guys
So hereafter collect the detail carefully
I've collected the needed info
You've collected enough?
This is Dayalan's diary
This has all the details about him
Only now you prove you are my trainee
Dayalan's native is Manimangalam,
which is near Pollachi
He's form a generation of brokers
His father was a cow broker
His grandpa was a marriage broker
His mother was a house broker
His uncle was an uncle
You mean pimp
He was a broker who sets up girls
So many characters in his life
This is Manimangalam's Pannayar
He looks modern but not in his thoughts
Since supreme court banned bull
fight he's planned to sell his bull
Only if you give the bull,
you'll get the deal
That's it I'll get him
Stop! Stop!
The bull opened up the love between
Dayalan and Pannayar's daughter
Pannayar uncle, I love your daughter
Shut up!
Why love him! You're no more my daughter
The bull is running away
The bull? Here's my girl is running away
The Pannayar called for the
Panchayat not being able
to bear the fact that his girl
was loving a family broker
The village has seen your
daughter and him together
So to check if their love is
true as per the traditions
For a week they should have no connections
No tweeting, chatting or liking
in the social networks
If they keep this for a week this
panchayat will help these lovers
That is my status
How many likes and unlike?
For likes rise your hand
He got 140 likes and 20 shares
Pannayar tried to cheat the
chief and spread a
rumour that his girl is
getting married that night
Dayalan will come to save the girl
To get him caught Pannayar
invited the chief home
- Panna - Welcome chief
You said it's a party. No one is here
The party is just for you
No! NO!
Chief would never behave like this
What do you know about that sir?
I too know few things about villages
- Hold this - The story isn't over
You say we have something in this?
Dayalan had something to surprise Pannayar
The marriage will stop if there
is no groom so I took him
You did all this for our love
What's the risk in this?
He'll be lying somewhere drunk.
Some one would take him home
Today I lifted him
Look at the groom you choose
He is a very rich guy
Even if he drinks daily, he has
enough for 4 generations
Awesome! Awesome!
So it was all about money
Mark this day in your note
In 6 months, I'll earn 5 crores and
then marry your girl
This is a promise on our chief
By Chaos theory, Supreme court is the
reason that Dayalan became a cricket bookie
Super subject! Fantastic script.
But Dayalan wanting to make money,
has made him face death
Think about that girl
For the first time in life she waits for
someone and has done nothing till then
She must be in sorrow
If we solve Dayalan's case we could
catch Albert, but it seems impossible
Yeah, what shall we do?
Why shouldn't Panneer be Pannayar's guy?
You've proved you're intelligence
You look like a roll model in that
chair with all the turning around
But I never read about
cricket in this story
Ambassador Pallava GM has come to meet you
- Who am I? - Commissioner.
Whose seat is that? - Yours
Why did you sit there?
- You sat there so I sat here
I changed places?
You said I'm an intelligent inspector
Intelligent? You're a very
ordinary inspector, Stand there
- Wear your cap - Yes sir
Get up! Stand
Greetings sir - Greetings
- His name is Annamalai - Let that be
- He's a waiter at our hotel -
That's his fate
He's been trying for year
to become a film director
If he becomes one it's the people's fate
I checked in Dayalan and
shifted his luggage
He was very kind
I know a producer. His son too is a hero
I'll tell your story to him
That producer is Gangaiya
A beautiful village subject
Tomorrow I have an appointment at
a big production house
Why have you come here then?
I wrote that story in a diary
and gave it to Dayalan
This inspector took that diary away
I can't tell the story without the diary
I've scripted each scene
- look if it's this one?
- This is the diary
Thanks a lot, if my story gets produced
You must do the village
chief character. Pray for me sir
Sarathkumar and Vijaykumar
played that right?
Then use them again
But you feel better - Better?
I'm tired Leave!
Thank you sir
- What happened is... - No more arguments
I've had enough
If you want to do something useful
Look for ways to catch Albert
. Please get out
Sir excuse me
I told you to leave
My shades...
Coolers are mine sir
- Branded? - Ray ban
That's why you want it back
Thanks sir
I imagined a waiter story to be a proper
story and wasted my imagination
Get me 2 saridon and a tea
Mariyadass leave! I'll take care of them
The time is 4 now. Same time
tomorrow the match will start
God has given me 24 hours
But I just give you one minute
Within that I need all the
details about Albert
I'll close my eyes for a minute
In that time the one who is going
to tell the truth must come forward
The time starts now
What should I say?
Why did you come forward?
I didn't, they've gone back..
Not us He has come forward
If you don't tell the truth
I'll put you in prison for murder
Do you know about Albert or not?
I know him well
Note all that I say
Albert is in Egmore
The seating capacity is 1100
The ticket rates are 10, 90 and 120
It also has baby Albert nearby
Super star movie release there
My movie too should release there
First let us get released from here
I know how to get the truth out of you
Don't they release Super star
movies any more?
- She is Panneer's wife - Come
You husband is arrested for a felony
Cricket betting
International crime
There are big shots behind this
Ask him to give their details
Or he'll get into serious trouble
You can never see him
Tell him to turn approver
Mariyadass, take her
I'll let her in Panneer's cell
Why do we have to do this?
Mariyadass, I just attached
a camera in that cell
He will tell the truth to his wife
I'll record this and show it to
the commissioner and win a medal
Inspector has said..
Tell them who is behind you.
They'll release you
Please tell it
All I have behind me are loans and bad luck
He's brainless and you've come now
Would anyone commit murder
and give a complain about it
Then why did they catch you?
Boominathan is not worth
to be a watchman...
a worthless inspector and a bike.
Near by, a barrel shaped sidekick
Don't know who recruited them
You feed me those idly
Who else would've murdered him
That theater owner would know something
Instead they're wasting time on me
Keep low. They might hear you
He's watching through that camera
How does he find out!
Thinks to be Sherlock holmes, useless idiot
He should have joined the police
Operation failure
[Phone ringing]
- Any development? - I've set-up his wife
Who have you set-up a wife for?
I've set-up Panneer's wife for him,
We'll get the truth in a while
Will anyone tell the truth to their wife?
I've sent a doctor
From the Nacro analysis test,
try to get the truth from him
The name of this test is Narco analysis
If we inject the sodium thypentol,
In 5 minutes we'll get the truth from them
- I've a doubt - What's it?
Your qualification?
MBBS, FRCS... Specialist in Neuro
London return but earning money in India
You found that, injecting
this will get you truth
But I'm the wrong person
It is a waste injecting me
I never cheated you
I have no affair with the maid
Let this problem end
Every one will have desires, but
when they get it, they'll lose interest
But my love for you will never
die, never die!
I grew up just for you to take me
I prayed to God to get married to you
Honey come to me, Make me fall for you
I'll bathe with my kisses
Being single is boring, I'll come
add colour to your life
Your eyes are all over me
Your touch gets me high
I grew up just for you to take me
I prayed to God to get married to you
I'm just a cotton burn... I down
to your touch which spark within me
Once you come home, I make you
sweat more, keep you working
Thinking of you I made up my mind
I'll lock you up within me
Honey come to me, Make me fall for you
I'll bathe with my kisses
Being single is boring, I'll come
add colour to your life
Your eyes are all over me
Your touch gets me high
Being single is boring,
I'll come add colour to your life
Your eyes are all over me
Your touch gets me high
Albert what's happening in Chennai?
Yoshimo, I've set up a
bowler in tomorrow's match
I'll get the details about the over
and runs through the mediator
Police are
in alert now
You know how they caught Sultan Bai, right?
I'm not involved in anything directly
No one knows me, you don't have to worry
They might not know the person
But Police know that your name is Albert
There is a special squad
from Delhi to catch you
There are around 7000 people with that name
You might get me into trouble,
so don't gamble tomorrow. Leave it
Fear will get us nothing.
I'm Playing and winning it
I'm Elias Khan Asst.
Commissioner Delhi Police
I want to interrogate
the suspects
You think
you are Delhi police?
come here
He's Mumbai Police
You're Delhi.. Both of you are fake
Tamil Nadu Police!
Original Police!
[Phone ringing]
The Delhi asst commissioner is
with you right, come with him to my room
Sorry sir
Sorry sir
sorry sir
Tell him in Hindi that, not to
tell this to the commissioner
Sir is asking
are your children?
I know tamil
-You should have told before
Commissioner is calling
At what time did Dayalan
check in into the hotel
Night 2 am
When did Panneer go in to
the room? - Morning 10 am
No one else went in right?
I checked the cctv footage
4 times. No one went in
Dayalan has died at 6 am
and how is that possible?
A knife has been forced into his chest
No chance for suicide
If it's neither a suicide or murder,
did the knife fall from the
sky and kill him
Sir, one thing. He was found dead smiling
So some comedian must have killed him
I didn't mean that
What is that to do with how he died?
Finding Albert is more important
that finding the murderer
To find who Albert is ...
No one should know about Dayalan's death
If they know about it, that cricketer
wont play as instructed
Gambling won't happen, and
we'll never be able to catch Albert
Our trump cards are Dayalan and Panneer
As Dayalan is dead
Without Panneer's help,
we'll never get close to Albert
He says he knows nothing about cricket
He doesn't need to know cricket
Panneer knows who all
did Dayalan meet yesterday?
If we meet them through Panneer
They'll know cricket
Gambling and Albert!
So release others and bring Panneer here
I've a condition if I've to help you
What's that?
My wife owns a idly shop
Policemen eat for free and
take bribes from her
It's true and put a order to stop that
Only then, I'll help you
The government gives you cheap food.
Why do you still go around begging?
Not me sir!
Okay, I'll put an order as you asked
I won't believe you
I promise
Promise on yourself
- On me - Yeah on your head
Promise - Without the cap
I'll prepare the order man
These are the photos of the person we doubt
Tell if Dayalan met any of them ..
His name is Peter, he had set-up Rani
He stays at Checkers hotel
[Bell ringing]
You're hiding here!
She's Rani
Who are you trying to cheat..
She looks like a foreigner. her name is Rani?
You're a Police?
The one near Kamal sir, Who is that?
You're calling a foreigner Rani
No one in our team has an original name
In fact, my original name is
Palanisamy, can you believe that?
Mr Peter Palanisamy
Please come to the point
Tonight there is a big get together party
That player and Rani will be coming there
Who is that player?
I don't know all that
My job is to set up Rani. That's it
Nice Job
I've said a code word to the
player Only rani knows that
Once he says the code word,
Rani will take the player to the room
That's when they are done
Bowler will tell what the signal is,
the over and the runs given
He'll give all these details to Rani
Rani will call Dayal and inform him
This is all I know
Ok, where is the Party
Hotel Hilton
You've come alone. Where's Dayal?
He's coming
- Who's he? - Bowlers friend
One day match is a setup entertainment
In the match many pairs match up
The people will celebrate the 20-20 setup
Few in their 20's get tempted in that
The game being played there
is someone else playing
He's bowling in there
In the crowd gathered
only one side applaudes
It would rain money the other side
There'll be a day match happening
And a match at the night
will Happen togetherness
The cocktail will shape this episode
A bit of rum and wine will help you out
Life is a Play..
It'll propel you for more
It would make you cross limits
Night life makes everything
brighter here
It's the desire that has a laugh
Few have there name
written by there sucess
- I'm asking you - What are you doing here?
I've come to help the police,
To sort your problems
Don't lie
Commissioner has given me his word
I won't believe you
- I'll stay with you - Okay
All know the match that is
played with live coverage
And there is one that is played with money
He has come out. You go get
the information from Rani
- Who are you? - I Dayal's friend
What are you telling to the bowler?
Why should I tell this to you?
I'll talk to Dayal
Wow, super Bathroom
[Phone ringing]
- Do you know who this is? - It's Rani
[Phone ringing]
Here talk to her
- Who's this? - Peter
- Panneer's our man - Who's he?
You may reveal the matter to him
What happened to Dayal?
He's totally drunk and intoxicated
You might tell that guy
10th over 13 runs
Signal, raising collar twice
10th over..
13th match..
10th over..
13th match..
The match is gonna start in a while
Both the teams are
ready to get on to the pitch
There were news about fixing,
betting and gambling
Audience have no worries about
that and there is a huge turn out
Lets go to Chepauk stadium
[Phone ringing]
See who that is
Sir it's a private number
That must be Albert
Talk like Dayalan and tell him
what Rani told you
Put the phone on speaker
Dayal, Albert...
Bowler name Rakesh Choudary,
10th over 13 runs..
- The signal is, he'll raise
the collar twice - Thank you
Track that number and catch
him as soon as possible
Get to the Stadium
If the bowler gives a signal and
gives 13 runs in the 10th over
Arrest him right there
over over..
Tell more man
Ok ok
no ball in this over
play play
Yes ok fine
[cricket commentary]
[cricket commentary]
Why has he done nothing in the 10th over?
- I know nothing, that is what Rani told me
[Phone ringing]
[Phone ringing]
Police Control room, Police control room
Shut up!
Hello! Hello!
You can never escape
- Track him! - He's in T.Nagar
T.nagar bus stand. Arrest him immediately
Stop the car! Stop it!
- Where sir? - Sowkarpet
Why are you parked in the middle
of the road? Move from here
- Bro - Who's that?
All your money is in this
Count it
There are 12 crores in this
Better luck next time
Which over did you bet on?
I don't understand
The money I lost over
betting on the 10th over
The suitcase too hasn't changed means...
you've won the betting
Tell it!
I bet on the 13th over
Who gave you the information?
The police set Panner to get
the information from Rani
I set his wife to get the
information from him
10th over 13 runs.
Signal collar raising twice
It's not 10th over, its 13 runs
It's 13 runs... Oh.. 13th over 10 runs
[cricket commentary]
[cricket commentary]
[cricket commentary]
[cricket commentary]
[cricket commentary]
[cricket commentary]
I bet 3 won 15 and here you have 10
I've paid that girl 2
The remaining money will
go for the publicity of the movie
[Phone ringing]
Too many enquiries about the movie
[Phone ringing]
Hello, who is that?
No, No, the hero is going to bollywood
AR Rahman musical, Deepika is the heroine
Put the phone on silent
Bro, you're clever and so
who did you fall for this time?
You read face well, who did
you get the info from?
Only few higher officials
know this information
Yeah, tell it
10th over 13 runs This is the winning bet
Pay as much as you wish
Proverbs are never wrong
We dig our own graves
I'll call you for the premier.
Please do come
Must get a girl to attend the phone
Take all that I have to settle for you all
Bro, we'll loan you any amount you want
I don't need anything anymore.
Please leave!
Enjoying fresh air!
If Dayalan had helped us,
we would have just settled our loan
But God has been grateful
just for us to enjoy life
Even if we get it for free, we must earn it
I'll buy you 6 cars.
Run a call taxi company
What are you going to do?
Food for 2000, why worry
sir, we'll do it wonderfully
Hi madam
-Hi Sir
I am Cable Shankar, blogger,
writer, director Oh, Tell me
I eat in all the restaurants
Critiquing the food is my hobby
I've written a book named "Sappadu Kadai"
In all my experience
In the world, Only in your hotel
The bathroom was awesome
After 100 days
In the IPL we believe that
there was no gambling
If it had, we would have found Albert
But we couldn't find Dayalan's murderer
Sir, always follow my theory
What's the theory sir?
How many more days do we have to wait?
We have to wait till we get the criminal
If we wait, we'll get him
They are fooling us
Get me some water
I've washed my hands
[Narrator] However long they wait, they'll
never find the murderer of Dayalan
[Narrator]Because only God,
Dayalan and I know about
[Narrator]I'm gonna tell that to you all.
Please don't say it to anyone
[Narrator] Even if you say it, it's not
a loss; It's a waste of time for you
Khivraj is okay for the fixing
Supplying Khanishka is enough?
[Narrator] Don't waste time
Time is precious