Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule (2007) Movie Script

Are you working?
- Yes.
My friend is unemployed.
Is it okay?
Are you searching a
job for 10 years?
Not an answer you said is right.
I think he'll retire
without doing any job.
Sir... please, offer me this job sir
How long can I work in
departmental stores & petrol bunks?
I feel ashamed to be jobless.
I beg you sir.
Are you begging here?
Look at your face.
Bloody pushcart salesman. Get out.
Make a living as a porter.
Who allowed you inside?
I'll come with biscuit, next time.
What a great office!
Street dog is conducting interviews.
I heard your wife has eloped
with your driver.
People are saying.
This job suits you well.
Ganesh, I got a job.
I went for police selections.
I got selected as a constable.
Ganesh, come.
What a nasty coffee he made.
I'll not go to school.
- If you don't, you'll end up like him.
Attending interview again?
You'll never come good in life.
Bloody wastrel!
Are you dodging me
to repay the loan?
I'll see your end.
Attending an interview again?
Stop boy!
Get me a pack of cigarettes.
I'll give you 25 paise.
I can forget if I drink,
but it'll not allow me...
If I forget, I can drink,
but I can't forget...
Heart is like this only...
Man's life is like this only...
A man with heart can
never live in peace...
I warned him a lot but
he didn't listen to me.
I don't want to go home,
father will shout at me.
Instead of seeing him,
I prefer sleeping on road.
Uncle, Ganesh too is starving.
Bloody! Cheap drink,
even buttermilk isn't working on it.
Would you like to have buttermilk?
If you don't want, forget it.
I saw Dosas near my bed,
did Vasu left them for me?
I need Rs.100, for application.
I don't have.
Don't lie.
Okay, I won't give you.
- Why?
It's my money. My wish.
Am I not watching that channel?
Will any man live in this house?
Who said you're a man?
Am I a dog then?
A dog follows the order's loyally.
I'll get a job someday.
- Only fools dream.
What the hell did you
achieve in life?
For 30 years the same teacher's
job without any change.
Are you advising me about life?
I am bearing you for 30 years.
Isn't that a great achievement?
The brief you're wearing
isn't earned by you.
Men of your age have studied well,
Got married,
living happily with kids.
What about you?
You're still licking my ass.
A son is one who takes
care of aged old parent.
Not one who lives all his life
on father's old shoulders
Thank God!
I have a job for decent living.
If not you would've
killed me long back.
My sight has diminished.
I'm not able to stand for
more than 10 minutes.
I'm coughing all the night.
Do you know how many times,
I'm visiting hospital in a week?
Sons like you are useful only
to cremate parents.
Take... Rs.100
Buy application... or buy drinks
or go to a prostitute.
What are you looking at?
Will you die if I touch you?
Are you going to office?
- Yes.
Slow... slowly.
What happened to me today?
What's this new commotion
in my heart?
Shining garland of clouds...
As rain drops are showering...
Seeing my lover's beauty...
Why am I sweating?
Which sculptor's master piece
is this statue?
Her beauty is all new to me...
Her beauty is making
my eyes to forget to bat...
A new strange passion
is taking over me...
Unforgettable magic...
Feeling very thirsty
in pouring rain...
A rainbow has descended on
earth in gentle rain...
It lost sheen seeing
her luminous beauty...
Her beauty is pulling me
towards her...
Ever since then my legs are
following her only...
When a dawn is visiting at
midnight before me...
My mischievous eyes
broke into a joy...
Rain drops are getting wet
and dancing happily...
My heart broke into
a song happily...
My body danced in a trance...
When I see her beauty...
I'm sleepless...
When she sees me,
my heart can't take the thrill...
She spellbound me with her
gentle mischievous smile...
Jas the crescent moon bloomed
from her sensational curves?
I stood before my eyes
like a dream...
I forgot the world as
my dream came true...
First time I saw a lightning...
I rushed & gushed towards her
like a sea on high tide...
What's this? Is the world
coming to an end?
I'll come... I'll come fast...
I've to study now.
Are you coming? Where?
Are you drunk?
My study...
God! Have you made him
go mad now?
I'm going in because
you showed me the way.
Your wish.
Isn't her speech sensational?
No... always like this only.
I feel like I know everything,
but I can't remember it.
Think peacefully without tension
Excuse me.
God is there.
How you had chided me?
You said I can't buy my own brief.
Now, I've passed the written test.
Is he calling me to make fun?
What? What happened?
It seems my son has
passed the written test.
Still he has to pass
group discussion & interview.
He'll never make it.
Do I've to speak in English?
Can't I speak in Telugu?
I'm not good in English.
- Did I ask you?
You speak.
Say something other than yeah!
What's your problem?
I'm not fluent in English.
Then, speak in Telugu.
It's important to tell your views
in a group not the language.
Is it insult to speak in Telugu?
We are all Telugu speaking people.
Okay go ahead.
You've courage, don't you?
Many speakers here
belittled India economy
What happened?
It seems he has passed the
group discussion too.
He called me there
as he's feeling nervous.
Will he get the job if I go there?
How many more tests?
Anyway, you'll fail again there.
It's routine for you.
Why to waste time here?
Come let's go home.
Will you shut your gob?
- Give me respect.
Why did you call me here then?
- Who asked you to come here?
You said you'll feel better
if there's any companion.
I said any companion not you.
I must beat myself with slippers
for coming here leaving my work.
Sorry, you're wearing shoes today.
Say hello to her.
Why are you just watching here?
She's going away. Come on say.
Did he really pass two tests?
Madam... that's...
you please carry on...
Why are you so elated?
Were you sure I'm useless?
I did feel like all these days.
Did you ever get yourself a job?
Suddenly when I heard you passed
a test with software solutions...- You...
I don't know whether
I'll get the job or not.
But I shouldn't see you here
when I come out.
I saw your lousy face.
I'll not get this job.
Not selected, right?
Forget it.
It's a great achievement
that you've come so far. Come.
I got the job father.
I'm not a useless man anymore.
Come let's have a coffee.
This way.
You go.
Starting salary is Rs.15000,
in a year, it'll be Rs.25000.
They will send me abroad
also for training.
At last, after years of wait...
I must buy a good watch.
You retire immediately father.
Take rest at house.
Why do you want to work?
Stop the bike.
Stop the bike.
What did you say?
- Are you mad, dad?
I'm not mad, you've grown
bigger to your boots.
I expected this from you
as soon as you get a job.
Should I retire?
Should I sit at home?
Become your maid servant,
cooking, washing & serving you.
Even to buy a medicine or biscuit
I've to beg you.
I'll never depend on anyone.
I'll live on my own.
I'll never ask anyone.
If a situation comes like that,
I'll kill myself.
You're not talking to me again.
Relationship of father and son
is snapped from this moment.
Go... go away.
What did I say now to make
you so furious?
I said like that to comfort
you at this old age.
Again same words.
- Why are you taking serious?
I'll kill you... stop... stop.
Why is he sleeping so early?
Wake him up.
Get up... get up... Vasu...
- What's it.
I got a job.
I got a job...
I'm unable to bear the torture of
beggars early in the morning.
Oh Lord Vinayaka!
Is it office or some hermitage?
What's that forehead full of designs?
- Who is working here, you or God?
Wipe it away.
You look like a sorcerer.
Trying to cheat the world with disguises.
What's this man?
Can't you come to office on first day
after visiting a temple?
Look at the clean forehead.
I too told him the same.
Ask Keerthi to train him
He's God. He gave me Keerthi!
She's a different kind. Come.
Have you forgotten me?
On the interview day...
Was it you who spoke in Telugu
in the group discussion?
Remember me?
You helped me a lot that day...
I said like that to help you a little.
But from now onwards
only English will do here.
Ask me if you've any doubt.
Why are you still standing here?
This isn't a school to
start from alphabets.
Why this torture has been
assigned to me?
Why do you unnecessarily
get shouted by her?
I can't understand anything.
She has no patience.
I fear she may beat me in anger.
It seems she's the most
strict officer here.
And you got struck with her.
Take this basic study material.
Be careful.
I must get the books back next week.
If you damage any book...
Take an auto to home.
Ramu, you go.
Can't you tell before starting?
Madam! Are you always like this only?
Long faced.
You can smile at times.
Nothing... you carry on.
This isn't office it's road,
you're not my trainer here.
This is a free country.
I can say anything freely.
Smile sometimes.
It's good for health.
Come on say bye to me.
Did she see me?
Did she really see me?
Did she look at me?
Did she?
Did she see or was it hallucination?
I feel like trains are chugging
in & out of my heart.
She'll not look at me.
Bloody, I can never understand this.
What happened?
Why did you allot him project
without proper training?
Is it a playground to
play as you wish?
If you don't like doing job,
stay at home.
I've to deliver it by tomorrow.
You go.
That's all.
Do you've to cry for such silly things?
Please smile at least now.
It's always good to health.
Watch! I think you're going to smile.
It's coming.
Giving life to my heart...
Gifting your heart to me...
Sharing your love with me...
Building a bridge to my youth...
Opening the door of love to me...
Opening the room of my heart...
spreading a bed...
You are presiding there
forgetting the world...
Your looks make the sun to freeze...
Your touch will make the
moon to sweat...
For your free & frankness...
For your affection...
I'm in a world of illusion...
Withered leaves turned into flowers
when you walk on them...
Even crows turned into poets
seeing your beauty...
For your dreams...
For your tales...
It's happiness all over...
Praising me beautifully...
Asking me something later...
You've created ripples in
my serene pond like heart...
Talk to me a word affectionately...
Walk a step with me...
It'll be a cherished memory for
all my next 10 births...
I must take refuge
at least once in your lap...
Sleep on your heart once...
I can spend my life happily
with these sweet memories...
I've noticed your desires...
I've recognized your anxiety...
Unable to decide...
Unable to answer you...
I'm watching you silently...
How was I earlier?
She took me to the top.
You must meet her.
You'll die in jealousy.
I'll get the best wife amongst us.
Watch it.
Her hostel number.
You must call & tell her.
That Ganesh loves you very much.
Your name is written
all over his room.
Then, if you say no, he'll die.
His heart is throbbing for you only,
tell her everything.
And ask if she too loves me.
She'll definitely say no.
Don't leave her till she
accepts my love.
One more important thing
Tell her I don't know anything
about this phone call.
Do you want to escape
making us scapegoats?
No, I've to adjust now
for further problems.
Coins! You go on talk to her,
I'll insert coins continuously.
I've auditing in my office,
I'll take leave. Bye.
I'm down with dysentery.
I've to consult doctor.
- Bye.
If you don't call her now on phone,
I'll never see you guys again.
Ganesh, try to understand us.
This is a matter of your life.
I can talk any nonsense.
Seenu is a brave man.
He has good rapport with girls.
Your love will succeed.
Man! He's our friend.
Take care of him.
We must help him. Bye buddy.
I really have urgent work, bye.
You stay.
Is she coming?
Keep your hand steady.
We'll deliver it at home.
Why did you say bank?
I'm scared buddy.
I can't do it.
I'll be embarrassed
if this leaks out.
A police in criminal act.
They will spit on my face.
No need of all this, come.
I don't know how you do it,
you must tell her.
My brain is heated.
If you don't tell her,
I'll kill you.
Keerthi, phone for you again
Hello, I'm Ganesh speaking.
I'm Ganesh's friend Seenu speaking.
Oh! I told her my name.
He loves me.
No... he loves you.
If you refuse, I'll die.
No... no... he'll die.
Next... next... what next?
He has written your name
all over his room.
I don't know anything
about this phone call.
No... you don't know.
Oh my God!
Actually Ganesh doesn't know
anything about this phone call.
I haven't seen him for a month.
In fact I don't know him.
Tell me whether
you love him or not?
Then... I'm not a policeman,
I'm a beggar in Railway station.
Ganesh loves me?
- Yes.
Thank God! That's it.
She got the message, Ganesh.
No... Naresh... Mahesh... Suresh...
If he has courage, tell him to
express his love to me.
Tell bravely. Okay. I'll tell her.
Do you've a friend named Seenu?
Oh no... No... I don't have any friend?
In fact I don't have friends.
What was the name you said?
Seenu? What a lousy name?
Nobody will befriend such a man.
Where were you last night?
Last night? I slept off after
reaching house from office.
No... I got news about my grandpa's death.
I went to my native place...
I wasn't in Hyderabad at all...
Some one used your name and
made a silly phone call.
Be careful.
Who is that bastard?
I'll kill him.
You told me, right?
I'll take care.
By the way...
what did he say on the phone?
He said you've gone mad and
taking you to mental asylum.
Did he say that? - Then, you've to go
to Australia for a new project.
3 others have been
selected with you.
Who are the 3?
You, Balu sir and Daniel.
- No I'll not go.
How can I leave you and...
I mean how can I go
leaving you all here?
Take care of the project
till we come back.
You mean... you are also going.
Which place did you say?
- Australia.
Australia? I want to see Australia.
Please, I'll also come.
Take me with you.
Just now you said you can't leave
all these people behind.
Why can't I?
Bloody useless people.
I can live as long as possible.
Don't go overboard.
You'll fall flat on face.
Master! Till now you'd
worked for so many years
Did you ever cross Hyderabad?
You know the spelling?
Ganesh, for Rs.2000, you can.
Rs.2000? It's unjust.
Take Rs.1000.
If you can't, leave it.
Many others are in the queue..
Is it a joke to sit next to Keerthi?
One day, one night,
Keerthi next to you.
How lucky one must be to enjoy it?
You can't. People are offering
Rs.5000 or Rs.10000. Leave me.
Take it.
- Respect for me is diminishing.
Aren't you talking mercy?
Come kiddo, Balu.
God save me
You next to me?
Fasten the best.
- I've already fastened it. Look
Not the pant belt, fasten seat belt.
Never boarded a flight before?
I'm seeing a flight for the
first time in my life.
Oh God! How do people drink this?
I had to do all this for Satan Balu.
Balu, have it.
Why are you feeling shy now?
I can't understand Indian English
and you're too much.
Wherever you go,
same men, same behavior.
Hey kiddo! Come here.
You ask.
- How can I ask her? He'll ask.
Tell her.
We come rarely to foreign country.
Shouldn't we see the places?
No use of going to hotel room now
Where shall we go then?
You go to the hotel.
Don't take risk. We'll look around.
If anything happens to you,
I'm responsible for it.
I'm coming with you.
Tell me the truth,
where are you going?
Balu sir suggested a club.
- Which club?
No... they are young men,
for an evening of fun...
I'm also a young woman, ain't I?
Come, I'll also have fun
along with you.
Please don't say no.
Let's enjoy for few minutes.
Hello! Stop acting, you too join
the crowd to enjoy fun.
I'm not interested.
- Why?
Leave it.
- Come out.
A man in love will not feel
like seeing all this.
He sees his lover in any woman.
How can he?
Do you see your lover in them?
Yes, what a great dancer she is!
What are you drinking.
- Orange juice.
Order a juice for me.
- That is...
Who is your lover?
- What?
I mean a girl like you.
Same height, same weight,
same face. Everything same!
What's going on?
I'll beat you black & blue.
Be silent.
Shut your mouth.
I'll kill all of you.
Why is the way zigzag?
What's this?
Come... let's play.
How many pegs you had?
Entire bottle?
Rascal! I asked for orange juice
but he supplied something else.
I will...
Where are you rushing?
- Leave me... I'll kill him.
Okay, let's kill him tomorrow.
Who are you man?
Good! You don't remember me too.
I'll kill you...
be ware. I'm coming.
I'll kill you...
I'm coming.
How can I leave her
in this condition?
I think she'll jump out of window.
Madam... look...
- What?
I'm leaving.
Will you lock the door and sleep?
I'll go out.
What should I do then?
You sleep here.
You mustn't come here.
I'll kill you.
You can remember this very well.
I want to sleep.
If you go away,
I'll also go out.
What are you doing in my room?
You're in a towel.
My dress. Night dress
Where is my dress?
Look... nothing has happened
as you're imagining.
You had drinks and threw up.
So I had to clean & stay back.
Don't you remember anything
that happened last night?
Who are you to do change my dress?
I didn't change but a lady worker
did it sending me out.
Inquire if you've doubt.
Couldn't you go out after that?
Why did you stay in the room?
You will ask now.
You forced me stay here only.
You'll say like that.
Did I ask you to stay in my room?
Don't lie.
Look, you slept like a log.
I was here like a security as guard.
Believe it or not.
Your wish
My girl's eyes have
a net of charm...
Her wet lips are inviting
to be it's companion...
Her tender waist is sensuously
moving towards me...
You're man's pride...
it's killing me with desire...
Pinch my cheeks...
Be guest on my bed...
Don't lure and trap me
with your sensuous beauty...
If I lose control,
your youth will get devastated.
If you're such a macho man,
why don't you come with me?
Come fast...
take me in your arms...
Leave your marks
of love on me...
Don't rush my dear.
You've no place in my heart...
Play with my body...
Sing songs of love...
You trap us with your beauty...
You'll squeeze our hearts
and kill us mercilessly...
Why have you created women
on earth, O Brahma, the creator?
We'll entangle you gently...
Our language is
completely different...
I desire you and
I've become... mischievous...
I can't hide it or tell you openly...
I'm in a state of confusion...
Your heart's wishes
will never come true...
Don't discourage me...
I'll be happy if I get
what I wish for...
Please... in an emotion...
Please don't mistake me.
I wanted to express it well.
I'm not qualified to love you.
But I'll take good care of you.
If you become wife.
How am I to tell you?
I'm getting married next month.
No jokes please
I'm telling you truth.
Invitations are also ready.
I was about to invite you.
Please don't make fun of me.
Just now my life seems getting better.
I shudder to think also.
You must love me.
- Don't talk like a mad man.
What do you know about me?
You've just seen one part me only.
All this you see is a mask,
I wore for my job.
But situation of my family
is totally different
Very strict
If my grandfather comes to
know this, he'll kill me
I can't accept love...
...why am I telling you all this?
Leave me alone.
The way you look.
No... no... you love me.
Don't hide it.
Leave my hand.
Leave my hand.
What sir?
How was your foreign trip?
Don't you want to eat?
- No.
Switch off the light.
- Why?
I said no, leave it
You should tell me before,
I've already cooked.
It will go waste.
Take it. Don't shout.
What happened son?
Ain't I asking you?
Won't you let me live in peace?
Why do you torture me?
Tell me... as if you've lost the world.
Yes... indeed I've lost my world.
For a girl...
I created a new world in my heart.
Carefully... beautifully...
a large one... It's gone.
A girl rejected your son's love.
She's getting married
what am I to do?
Do you want me to jump with joy?
It's love...
how can you understand?
It's gone... life is over.
Go... I'll be with you till death.
Keerthi! Greetings
I'm Ganesh's father
Tell me.
- I want to talk to you personally.
Why did you send your father to office?
I didn't send him.
He's here... he's talking
to Keerthi madam.
I mustn't praise my own son.
Though he may look mischievous,
he's very good man.
I never saw him chasing a girl.
First time he has fallen
in love with you only.
He's love for you is not ordinary,
he loves you very much.
How would I know all this?
He's sitting at home and crying
What's the use of me,
if I don't help my son?
I don't know what had
transpired between you both,
You both are modern youth.
If you've any idea
about him, tell me.
I'll talk to your parents.
- Don't you've any sense?
How can you talk like
this to a stranger?
Aren't you ashamed?
Your son did a mistake.
How could you support him at this age?
If you trouble me again,
I'll report to police.
Your son had earlier took me
into his arms in public...
Do you know what's the gossip
going around in my office?
You both know very well
my marriage is fixed.
Are you humans or...?
Your son fell short by
2 marks in the interview...
I felt pity and got him this job.
Is it the way both father & son
show the gratitude?
What's this?
He asked you out
of affection on me.
He's an elderly man.
Can't you explain him patiently?
Why are you shouting at him?
Should I watch mutely your
irresponsible behavior?
This foolish man...
I'll not take one more
harsh word against him.
I have been watching you,
wagging your tongue.
Tell me truthfully.
Don't you know that I'm
following you all these days?
Don't you know
how I was admiring you?
You can know a man seeing
even from a mile away.
Why this hypocrisy knowing everything?
If you don't like me,
say it openly.
Or say he's an American,
and I'm a status less local.
Why create a scene here?
Let the fight be within us.
Say sorry to him.
One more word and
I'll burn your face with acid.
...say sorry to him
What's this?
- Father!
I'll kill you.
Ganesh, don't get angry.
Listen to me...
All are watching us.
It's not good... come with me... come.
Keerthi, don't cry
Don't say cheers and
mar my respect.
It's been 20 years I had a drink.
I feel it's little strong.
May I add little soda?
- No.
Do you drink regularly?
No father, sometimes when I'm sad.
Don't get addicted.
It's not good for health.
Shall we go to the doctor?
Your face looks swollen.
Strong girl.
- Who told you to go there?
I would've become normal,
there are many other girls on road.
Isn't she the only girl?
Forget it.
No father, she slapped you.
I don't mind going to jail killing her.
Did she slap me? In that commotion
her hand hit my face.
You think from her side.
Yesterday son and today father
Who will not get angry if we
pester her to love you?
Why are you supporting her?
She's a good girl
I can judge by looking at her.
Won't you eat anything?
I brought biryani.
No. I had drink after many years.
I feel giddy... I'll go to sleep.
Father... father... be careful.
Leave me.
Have I grown old?
People are ready to give their daughters
in marriage to me even now.
Okay... come.
Do you've such ideas at this age?
Are you still feeling sad, son?
No father.
You had to face all this for me.
Yes dad
You got so furious on seeing
me getting slapped.
Do you love me so much?
Why are you asking me that?
Okay then, don't tell me.
Leave it.
Suddenly when you asked...
- I asked casually. Go to sleep.
- Go
Why did you call us
early in the morning?
My father is dead.
I'm confused.
What man?
How did this happen?
I don't know... he breathed
last in his sleep...
He was fine last night,
by morning he's...
- For arrangements.
I have money. I'll take care.
- No.
Let me arrange my dad's
funeral with my earnings.
Father, what did you cook?
We are coming from LIC.
Your father had taken a policy
for Rs.10 lakhs on your name.
Please sign the documents.
I'm from State Bank, please collect
your mother's jewels from the locker.
Your father deposited his PF
Rs.5 lakhs in your account.
I killed you.
I killed you.
If I hadn't fallen in love
with that girl...
You would be living now, dad.
What happened to him?
Are you mad?
I killed my father.
I killed him.
His time came and he left the world.
How can you think of him
and stop living?
Did you have anything?
Please eat. Eat. Eat I say.
Eat... eat... eat...
Eat I say.
How long will you be like this?
Do you also want to die?
Give it to me.
Eat... eat...
I've to go to my native place urgently.
Some land problem.
Moreover my marriage.
How can I leave him alone here?
He may go completely mad.
I'll take him to my house.
Your house is too small,
it'll be difficult.
Will you come with me to
my native place?
Stay away from Hyderabad
for few days. Mine is a large family.
With paternal uncles,
we are about 30 people.
Change will be good for you.
Go with him. You'll get peace.
Take care of him.
I'll come as soon as I get leave.
- Okay.
I don't see Keerthi, may be she
has boarded another coach.
Get in... be careful...
take good care of him.
Give me your hand... come in...
She's Keerthi.
...did I tell you about her?
My fiancee...
you wished to see her.
Let's go to the seats & discuss.
Keep the bag down.
It'll be comfortable for 3.- Okay.
Where are you going away?
- I want to go, leave me...
Are you mad to jump from a speeding train?
What happened now?
You're going home happily to marry,
I don't want to come with you.
Don't you want to attend my marriage?
Listen to me...
It'll create problems.
If you don't come with me now...
I swear. I'll never marry in life.
Shut up and come with me.
I want you to live peacefully
away from Hyderabad.
You're acting high... come.
- Come here for a moment.
Wait... I'll come.
- Come, I say.
Come... one more word...
I'll not consider our friendship too.
Come... leave the bag... come.
Why is he here?
- Do you know him?
No... but... you know about our family
It'll create problem.
Why is everyone talking about problem?
I'll take care of it.
His father died suddenly.
He was the only close
relation he had.
He's devastated.
If I leave him, he'll go mad.
What happened?
When did his father die?
- 4 days ago.
Poor man died of heart attack.
You're the heaven in eyes...
You're the hell in heart...
You're the sweetness of world...
You're the poison in neck...
You're my sad story
of my love... my dear...
You're my lovely pain...
You're my lullaby of love,
my dear...
You're the lava in my heart...
You became flower and
spread fragrance...
You turned into a thorn and
pricked my heart...
You spread light in life
like a lightning...
You buried my dreams
striking like a thunder...
Is love a journey of tears?
Is trouble the destination of love?
Love warned me not to enter
its world of destruction...
But still foolishly I stepped
into it's realm...
And paid a heavy price for it.
You encouraged me...
Later you discouraged me...
When I sought refuge in you...
You smashed my world...
My body was hidden safely
like in a temple...
But Goddess' garland has
become a noose to me...
I lost faith in love...
I want to go to a world
devoid of love...
I must reach a place
you can never even dream of...
You said a large family.
But I don't see anyone here.
My grandfather is of olden times.
He's God to this place.
We abide by his rule and live for
generations as a joint family.
Our grandpa decided our marriage
after college studies.
They fixed the date and
started making arrangements too.
We didn't want to marry so early.
We wished to reach top
in our respective jobs.
We tried hard to convince grandpa
but he didn't listen.
He said he'll think of it
after marriage.
So, we ran away from home
just days before marriage.
I rented a room and
she joined a hostel...
We took up jobs.
Everyone at house accepted us.
But grandpa stopped talking
to us since then.
He didn't worry much about me.
But he dotes her.
She lost her mother at birth.
So, grandpa and all others
took special care for her.
We came here last year too.
Grandpa didn't enter house
till we were here.
This marriage is too cool his temper.
I think this will cool him.
Why didn't you introduce her to me?
How many times should I ask her?
She decided not to meet
any of my friend.
She thinks she's very intelligent.
She gets angry if I go to meet her.
How can I take you with me?
Look! Who is coming?
Old man is coming.
I'll inform the villagers about it.
Go...seek his blessings...
you too go.
Why are they seeking my blessings?
Tell them their foolish
grandpa is dead.
Why those harsh words?
Be happy for their achievements.
I don't need to learn how
to be happy from you.
Is it?
Who is he?
Grandpa! He's my friend.
Few days...
Few days?
- To stay here for few days...
You don't have a place here
and you've a guest with you.
Look at him.
He's like a beggar.
Tell him not to come before me.
- Okay.
He's too much.
- Please bear it for me.
She's bright like a bride, right?
May you live like a Goddess.
Move... drink boost.- No.
Move... move... I haven't yet
seen my niece.
How are you dad?
- You wait.
Kusumamba! I got this from
town especially for you. Take it.
By next year you must gift
us a baby, Kusumamba.
- My grandma's name.
That's her real name.
She changed it to Keerthi for city folks.
Come, let's go in
Haven't you seen a man till now?
What a family!
Oh God! You scoundrel, who are you?
Bloody donkey How dare!
- Why are you beating me?
What is your caste, religion?
Blood sucking vampire.
Hey! get turmeric water.
He has defiled the place.
I've to cleanse the place.
What am I to do? Get it fast.
Come inside.
- Leave me.
What happened now?
Did you call me here
to get beaten up?
You may be a great family,
but I'm leaving.
She's my grandma.
She's little unbalanced.
Adjust please.
Mad? Old lady broke my back.
My sister-in-law
Enough Prasunamba
My name is Pooja
That is... I got it.
Is the entire family mad?
Oh! What's this?
- What?
What's this outfit?
Shouldn't I take bath?
- So what?
You must take bath here like this only.
No bathrooms here. Undress and tie this
This looks very small size.
No need, I'll take bath tomorrow morning.
You mustn't enter house
without bath, grandma will shout.
Hey short fat boy! One rag on head
and you'll get 2 inches shorter.
I'm not used to loincloth.
- Than take bath without it.
How dare you beat me?
If you say something now,
I'll strangle your neck.
I won't take bath. Go to hell.
He's hardly above the ground
but shouting at me.
Father-in-law, please bless the children.
It's me sir. Don't beat me.
- What's now?
Get up sir. Nobody must sleep here
after the rooster crows.
Get out.
- Please come out sir.
If old man comes to know,
he'll create a scene.
What's all this?
Thank God! Coffee has come.
What's this?
Neem leaf extract.
- What leaf?
Grandpa's rule to have it every morning
Only then your pot will be clean.
Why are you kicking?
- What's everyone doing?
10 minutes walk for free motions.
Grandpa's rule.
Walking? Here!
What's this?
He's a pain.
What's going on?
It's farts all over.
Where is everyone going?
Don't you want to go to toilet?
- For that?
Everything is open air here.
Grandpa's rule.
How many bathrooms can we
build for this large family?
Don't ask silly questions. Come.
What a family! It's a hell.
How can any man go to toilet
in this chill weather?
We'll not know even if any snake passes.
I'm finished.
Where's water?
Shouldn't I clear my doubt?
Clean with leaves.
We can wash in the pond later.
What leaves?
Where am I to find
leaves in darkness?
Why is he still sitting pants down?
May be new to the place.
Bloody rogues!
Where have you all gone?
Shameless creature.
- Did you see?
Bloody! You're killing me.
What a nasty family.
I want to talk to you.
Please don't see me like a criminal.
I feel like killing myself.
I know your pain.
Your father died because of me...
I don't even have the right
to seek your forgiveness.
A good man died because of me.
Please don't cry.
Someone may watch us.
Why should we forgive you?
It was our mistake without
knowing about you well...
I came to know after coming here,
an entire family dotes on you.
How can you fall in love?
I've understood it.
Don't feel guilty for my father's death,
you're not responsible.
Massive cardiac arrest.
Nobody can help it.
He had two more
attacks prior to this.
Early morning... in his sleep...
a peaceful death...
How many are lucky to have
such peaceful death?
He'll be happily singing duets
with my mother in heaven.
If you feel embarrassed for
my presence, tell me I'll go away.
No... no problem.
Your presence is not a problem to me
What's it dear?
Aunty, that is... Ganesh's...
- Aunty! She's inquiring about Vasu.
Are you seeing Vasu now?
Silly girl.
Tie him to your apron strings
after the marriage.
I'm seeing her smile first time now.
She loves this dish.
Have it dear. Have it. -Yes...?
What do you want?
- Vasu..?
He went to the fields with others.
Didn't you go with him?
I dozed off after bath.
Ask Mangaiah! He'll take you there.
- Okay.
Eat... please eat... - Enough.
- Please have it dear.
Madam, I feel embarrassed to ask
I feel very hungry...
Is there anything to eat?
Why are you feeling shy to ask?
This is also your house.
Why are you still watching fun?
Give me the plate.
You put the frying pan on stove.
Come... have it hot.
Old woman is like that only.
You come in.
Why are you watching
without blinking?
Won't you take care of guests?
Go and get a plate. You come.
Enough... enough... I can't...
Don't talk. Eat.
No... I can't eat so much.
Can you leave this place
without finishing it?
Yes, have it Ganesh.
Why are you feeling shy?
Have it son.
Few more?
What are your parents
doing back home?
I don't have anyone.
They are dead.
Have it son.
Don't ever say like that.
Aren't we here for you?
You're also like Vasu to us.
You must come here every summer vacation.
Got it! It's my order.
You...? Why are you coming out
of the kitchen?
I warned you not to come here many times.
- Wait... wait... - Dirty fellow!
I will...
How much did you
eat to blurb so heavily?
Oh God!
Let's harvest that 2 acres tomorrow.
Such pure air...
Such beautiful natural surroundings...
The fragrance of earth...
How do people have a heart
to leave all this?
Still you can't beat the city life.
Even kids are working.
Aren't you ashamed to watch? Go and work.
Wearing dark glasses like a blind man
Cut it like this.
Is your grandpa educated?
He did BA.
No use of it.
Workers must do this.
I think your grandpa is a miser.
What's the discussion going on here?
- He said it seems we mustn't do all this work.
It must be done by workers
and that you're a country brute.
Not only that he said
you're a miser and a fool.
It seems you're a psycho.
It seems you're torturing all of us.
He said you've grown old
but not wise.
Yes, I heard him say all this.
- Yes, grandpa.
My fate! My father too never
hit me so severely
Rogues! Is it a family?
Bloody family.
My bad time, I'm here. Bloody people.
A snake guard here?
I'll show them what I am.
You must fear me.
Am I any joke to you?
Every one ran in scare.
Why is the guard hissing?
Will it hiss?
He's damn scared.
Please don't get scared...
What happened?
He got scared seeing a snake.
He got scared seeing a snake.
Our kids here play with it.
Girls! Serve here.
May god bless you.
Let it get cooked well or
else it'll smell raw. - Okay sir.
Are you fine sir?
I'm coming straight here after
chopping off your lawyer's hand.
How dare you send me a notice?
I'll wipe out your entire family.
- Shut up you buffalo!
It's our ancestral property.
You took it on lease,
do you want to usurp it?
Get out or else I'll call police.
- Police? Me?
Madam greetings
Junior madam... greetings.
Look like your grand daughter
has come from city.
Sign these papers, I'll go away.
If not...?
What'll you do if I refuse?
I'll put my hand in full public glare.
...not on you.
...on your women folk.
You won't be like patient.
I think you know
where I'll touch them.
What nonsense are you blabbering?
You're going overboard.
You'll not listen to words.
Kill anyone who dares to come near me.
Catch him.
Come mother.
Who are you to support them?
Hey old man! Are you running a
brothel house with your women?
Keep it safely, watch was
presented by my father.
Go!... Hit him.
Sorry sir. I'm scared of snakes
but not to pigs like him.
He's a well-respected elderly man.
Can you misbehave with him?
Repent for it.
Come on.
Say, God! Forgive me.
Say it.
God, forgive me.
I think he hasn't forgiven you.
Say you've forgiven me sir.
- Go... go man.
Forgive me.
Okay... okay
Move... move...
His hand is bleeding.
Look, I too didn't observe it.
Give me.
I'll do it. - Can you do it clearly?
Give it to me.
No need of it. Nothing much.
Can't you see it's bleeding? Shut up.
Do something, mother?
Keerthi, hold his hand,
come on do it I say.
He has hurt himself here too.
No... no...
- No?
What should I do
to get muscles like you?
You must grow first.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Bossing over me? Get out.
You're wanted downstairs.
This isn't good.
Welcome Prasunamba
Oh Pooja! What's it?
I'm open type & ultra modern.
- Okay.
I can't hide my feelings.
I started liking you
the moment I saw you.
Later on when you
said you've no one,
I liked your simple innocent heart.
I liked your innocence when you
got scared seeing a snake.
Above all this you fought
for this family's honor.
I liked your courage very much.
I'll say it myself.
I've decided you're
perfect match to me
Since my family too likes
you very much
What is it?
What happened?
Sister you must help me.
Who else can I share it with?
Tell me, what is it?
Yes sister. The man who has
come here as guest
Symptoms are pointing that only.
You must convince grandpa
and get us married.
No urgency.
2 or 3 months after your marriage...
What are you blabbering?
It's wrong.
- What's wrong in it?
I don't know.
You mustn't love him.
- Why?
No means no... I don't like it.
Why should you like him?
I like him.
Aren't you my sweet sister?
You're helping me
I am marrying him.
O Love! Shall I tell you
my lover's address?
She's a little girl.
- I know.
Some attraction.
She will understand..
Mention not.
Call me for lunch.
Lord Narayana's feet in my refuge...
Grandpa! Won't you talk to me?
Go away donkey!
You left me.
Please grandpa.
I'll never leave you.
I promise on you.
Really grandpa.
Who'll sing next?
- Janaki aunty.
No, my voice isn't good today.
Ask Vasu to sing.
- Me? I can't sing.
No, listen to me.
I can't sing.
All are asking you, come on sing.
Yes, come sing.
Your wife's request.
Oh Brother-in-law is feeling shy.
Dear... please sing... come on.
- Shut up.
If you ask me to sing,
what am I to sing?
Sing something.
Think about your wife and sing
I can't.
He... he'll sing.
Wait... wait... why are you fixing me?
I'm going.
Don't embarrass me.
Nobody can dare hear my song.
Please for my sake say okay.
My friend will sing
now instead of me.
About Keerthi!
Look how beautiful she is!
Sing about her.
Jas the star of sky descended
on earth like you?
Like a rare gem...
like Goddess in a temple...
Presiding over heart...
Earth hasn't seen anyone
till now like her...
Won't the man who marries this
wealth of beauty be Lord Sri Hari...
Can anyone else think and
achieve the Goddess's shadow too?
A garden grown with
so many people's affection...
Won't it become a celestial
garden of flowers?
Making the beauty
more beautiful...
Is she a gift from the heaven?
What man?
Children, Look!
She's scared.
This young woman
with her beauty...
She pulled everyone towards her...
This river with so many
bends & curves...
Don't know which heart
it has drowned in it...
First meeting as
a sweet dream...
It's a cherished
memory of heart...
Won't every memory bless her...
Spreading light
in my lover's life...
She was fine.
She never got up
even late morning also.
She wanted to see Keerthi's marriage.
Sir, please do something.
I can't do anything.
She has grown old
I don't know
what's in her mind.
She's struggling to breath her last.
They are trying everything.
But she's not giving up.
She loves pudding.
Please try feeding it.
Take your hand.
Stop... stop your cries.
All of you clear out.
She's still alive.
Why are you mourning?
Doctor, ask all of them to go out.
Let her get some fresh air.
Please go out.
You can cry later. Go out.
Grandma! I've entered your room.
Wont' you beat me?
Don't you feel like laughing at me?
Nobody cared when you were alive.
But how they are asking you
what you want.
What to do grandma?
I was also like them only.
I came to the value of my father
after his death.
I don't know about others.
But I like you very much.
Whenever you chased me
with a stick to beat...
...it made me
remember my father.
I'll come here every vacation.
But I'll get bored
if you're not here.
Think over it
I'll leave it on you.
Grandma opened her eyes.
Grandma look at me.
I am Vasu.
Look, mother is here.
All have come?
You'll be fine, grandma.
Sir, may I read it?
Have all members of our family come here?
All are here.
All are here, father-in-law.
Ganesh! They are calling you.
Can't you hear it?
Come. They are going to read
the marriage invitation.
Come... come.
We are going to buy saris,
will you come with us?
A thorn has entered my leg.
It's paining.
Please give me way.
Mangaiah, get my bike keys.
I've to send a fax to my office.
It's getting late.
Will anyone please accompany us?
We all are women.
What happened?
We are going to shop for saris,
would you like to join us?
Yes, I'll come.
What man?
What? You go.
You come with us.
You're my good son.
No... no... he's finished.
Get it son.
You too get in.
Aunty, we'll also come.
- Okay, get in.
Woman's words have different meaning...
Not very long...
Women's laugh has
different meaning...
Women's looks have
different meaning...
Women's silence has
different meaning...
What nasty push!
Have your women come
to shop for saris?
Wait in that room
Have you come to shop
with women?
Sit here, it'll take a time.
They too don't know when they will come.
I'm here for last 2 days.
I'm coming.
Where did you go away?
Won't this color look gorgeous on Keerthi?
This one, no way.
Green silk sari.
With a matching blouse,
with hair let down,
When she comes walking,
she'll be like one angel.
Keerthi, you too selected the same
green sari Ganesh selected.
That red border sari.
Urinating here?
Ganesh, take her to bathroom.
Finished darling?
- Not yet.
Wash it.
- That too.
Aunty sent this milk for you.
Nothing like as you're imagining.
Just old memories.
Do me one favour.
Never again come before me.
It's good for both of us.
What have I done?
You were seeing my photo.
Do you still love me?
What is this?
What if anyone sees it?
Shall I go away from here?
True, if I stay here,
you'll think of the past.
No need of unnecessary trouble.
I'll go away.
Go away...
Why so early morning?
- Don't say another word.
I've to join office. It's urgent.
I may lose my job.
Children may cry if they know,
tell them later. Bye.
Get ready hot water.
I'm having body pain.
He has seen you.
Tell him & go.
Urgent work is pending
in office, I've to go.
Thanks for taking good care of me
One minute
Did anyone insult you?
- No sir.
Then, can't you stay till
Keerthi's marriage?
Sorry sir
Forgive me.
If I stay back
It'll create problem.
Bye grandma.
Take care of your health.
Please uncle, don't go...
- Who will play with us then?
You said there's cricket
tournament tomorrow.
Please, uncle, don't go.
He's going away without telling me.
- Did you wake up everyone?
How can you do like this?
If you're any grouse you should
come to me. This isn't fair.
No, office work...
Let office go to hell.
Forget it. You come in first.
- Come... come...
This house was dull earlier,
now it has come alive with your arrival.
Children, don't let him go, bring him in.
Shut up. It's out.
I'm umpire. My word is final.
- Uncle, what am I to play?
What will you play dear?
Uncle, he's bowling very fast.
- Don't bowl fast to him. Bowl slowly...
Ask him.
She wants to check e-mail,
can you take her to the town?
I'm taking care of children.
- You take her, I'll look after children.
Come Ganesh.
Check your mails yourself,
why should I come?
Children, you continue play.
Let's go.
Where are you both going?
To town to check mail.
Why are you taking him?
How can I go alone?
I told father.
You come, Ganesh.
Stop... stop
I'm also coming.
I must also check my mail.
Go another time.
Please sister.
- Shut up.
You get down. I'll drive. Go.
You stand outside.
I've to talk personally with Ganesh.
What will you talk?
Go, I say.
About my matter?
Yes... yes... you go out.
- My great sister.
Come on.
- Go little away.
Still further
Matter has become serious.
Yes, I'm facing new problems.
You talk to her and
put an end to it.
Poor child! She'll cry.
Leave her, she'll come
over it in few days.
You don't know about Pooja.
She's very determined to achieve
what she desires.
If my people come to know it,
it'll lead to problem.
You finish it today itself.
Okay, as you wish.
Pooja... stop.
Oh! Doctor... Pooja,
Take her to hospital.
No... no... Pooja is dead.
I killed her.
Earlier I killed your father,
now my sister.
I'm a great sinner.
Shut up
My sister..
- Shut up and sit silently.
Silence please.
Shut up.
Give me your hands.
Shut up.
If you shout again I'll kill you.
Press... come on
Why are you beating her?
Why did you do like this?
- Keep quiet.
Will you love me now?
What's your age?
What's my age?
Are you mad?
This is not love, it's attraction.
Got me?
Keerthi! Is she beautiful?
Is she beautiful? Tell me.
Is she beautiful than you?
Go and see yourself in mirror.
Good figure.
In 5 years, youth of this
place will go mad on you.
You'll get 10 love letters everyday.
Not only me, even Shahrukh or
Salman Khan will fall for you.
Would you like to die
without seeing all this?
Die... come I'll push you.
Will I get surely a man like you?
Better than me.
- Answer my question.
Will he keep me happy like you do?
Will he be a good man like you?
Yes. You'll forget me by then.
Then okay. Come let's go.
Sit in the front seat.
Is she really beautiful than me?
We all came to the same
marriage in the same town.
We are bride's guests.
We all work for software solution.
- That office? My friend works there.
Ji buddy!
- Then, we all are...
You are...?
- Are you all Keerthi's colleagues?
He's Keerthi's fianc.
He's marrying Keerthi. It's him.
Isn't he smart?
Say hi to him.
Why are you surprised?
She's Keerthi.
Vasu's bride
You might be tired. Take rest.
Guest house is in the next street.
Mangaiah, take them.
Come madam.
Why are you going with them?
I'll spend sometime happily with them.
You'll be busy here.
Tell him.
I'll come at night. Let's play cards.
- Okay.
Your clothes are in the room
I'll pick it up later. You don't worry.
Come buddy.
Forgive me...
Turn away the rain...
Will you remain like a statue?
Silence is broken...
Where are you?
Would you remain unmarried?
Keerthi, sleep early
Marriage rituals start by 4 AM.
By this time tomorrow
you'll be married.
If they say love is sin...
Can't you deny it?
Why did you come here now?
I was just...
My family is everything to me.
But I came here without
thinking about anything.
I don't know why.
I feel like I'm dying if I don't
see you for few minutes.
Is it love?
I didn't know till now.
Why didn't I get this feeling
when you followed me?
Or did I hide the
feelings in fear?
I am confused.
Tomorrow I'm getting married.
Why am I here now?
Have I gone mad?
Tell me please.
Nothing's wrong in it.
It happens in everyone's life.
For you it came very late.
You were brought up in
an orthodox family.
What should I do now?
Will you come & seek my hand
from my family?
You are a bride now.
People will misunderstand
if you're seen here.
Come, I'll drop you at home.
Are you still thinking about
your father's death?
No... nothing like that.
I didn't care when you came after me.
Now you're taking revenge
keeping it in mind, right?
You want men to beg like
you did, right? Tell me.
Do you know how much I wished
that you'll turn to see me?
Why are you hesitating now?
Can't you talk to my people?
What am I to tell them?
You want me to see a
family getting destroyed.
The moment your grandpa said
I was a member of the family.
I decided that moment itself,
this family is mine.
Think over it again.
I was an orphan...
Now I've grand parents, uncles,
aunt, brothers, a full family.
Children are very fond of me.
If I ask your hand in marriage,
can they survive the shock?
They'll spit on me for cheating them.
Above all my friend Vasu...
He brought me here
to keep me happy.
Do you want me to
spoil his happiness?
I don't mind losing you.
But I can't lose a family & friend.
Is this your decision?
What can I say now!
It's my bad luck to
miss a man like you.
You'll also marry
someone, won't you?
No, this is enough.
Marriage will settle all issues.
You'll be happy.
Keep smiling.
It's good for health.
Don't come near me.
Your breath also
shouldn't reach me.
All I want to know
is one thing only.
Were you spoiled
mentally or else...
Do you know how people
see women of this family?
Like Goddesses!
You were seen compromising
with a man at midnight...
Don't you've any shame?
How were you born in this family?
Where is Vasu?
Go... go away.
You're a good man.
This family is eternal
indebted to you.
But we can't give our daughter
in marriage to you.
Please go away from here.
These are old man's words.
How dare to enter this house again?
Get out. - Uncle!
Get out. Disloyal dog.
Keerthi isn't such a girl.
What did you do to her?
What game did you play to change her?
So cheaply.
Get out.
Never again show your face to me.
I was just feeling happy
about getting a family.
But it vanished so quickly.
The moment you beat me...
I just came to say bye to Vasu.
You blamed me a lot.
After this you'll not
believe anything I say.
But I can say confidently one thing.
The strong belief you've that
your mother is chaste woman,
Keerthi is also as chaste as she is.
If liking a man is sin,
then, every girl is a
sinner in this world.
Even if I insist on eloping,
she'll not come.
She loves your family so much.
Feel proud of it.
Why all this?
Grandma, take care of health.
Sky will not retain a
drop of rain for itself...
It happily gives it to earth...
Will sea's thirst subside after
drinking up all the rivers?
Don't lock friendship in a cage?
Sending a palanquin, bless happily...
Won't your memories turn into tears?
Your journey is lovely...
Love, pacify my troubled heart...
Place the jaggery & cumin seeds
on the bride's head
How can he survive?
Sir, your guest Ganesh
The man you leased lands has stabbed him.
He's fighting death.
We have to take him to town.
Would any one come with us?
- Don't you've sense?
Don't you know what is to be told
and what isn't to be told in a marriage?
They'll come after marriage,
you go now.
You carry on.
At least give your car.
Sir. See to it.
- Okay.
Vasu, you carry on.
Auspicious time is eloping.
I said you can go after
marriage, come & sit there.
Vasu, I need money.
You come with it. I'll get clothes.
What man?
I'll come with you.
What can we do if they
don't believe us?
Come... come...
Stop. I'll also come.
Don't go son-in-law.
Why are the children going away?
Stop... stop.
Please forgive us, father-in-law.
We are also angry on him.
But he doesn't have anyone.
You're a God.
Don't get angry.
Lakshmi, what's this?
- I can't stay here.
We can't be pitiless like you.
Stop I say.
Why are you still here.
He's near to you than all others.
You needn't sit.
You can also go.
If I wanted to go,
I would've gone long back.
You didn't raise me like that.
Do you think I'm sitting
here half-heartedly?
I'm happy.
I liked him very much and
asked him to talk with you.
I forgot him the moment,
you didn't like him.
I'll stay here only.
Let them all come back.
I'll not go there.
Tell someone to get water,
I'm feeling giddy.
I'll not get up from here,
till Vasu comes & marries me.
If you want to go,
feel free to go.
I want Horlicks from tomorrow.
Ask the newspaper man to
deliver weekly magazines.
What's that look?
We have given you our daughter.
Bloody filthy!
Oh God! My fate.
Will any human like here?
Briefs, loincloth and every
dirty things is in bathroom.
Bloody family!
No Holy Basil plant here.
No prayer's room.
They are killing me.
Why don't you coming
to do exercise?
I've been doing it since morning.
Okay, get me a glass of cold water.
- You too.
We've given our girl to you.
Tell him to get provisions.
Run out of provision in 2 days.
Get them.
Have you added my list too?
- Yes.
You didn't forget anything did you?
No, I wrote everything.
- List seems little long...
You gave your daughter to me, isn't it?
I'll get it by working overtime.
That's it.
You came as guest and
stole our girl. Bloody thief.
It's me.
- So what?
Early morning!
Last night up to 3 am...
Look at your face.
Go to office
I'm your husband.
Why are you shouting at me?
Feeling pity on you
they got me married to you.
You can't buy a car but...
Sorry, we are not used to toilets.
So we went out.
Very difficult
I'm going to office.
House is very small.
Please adjust.
In a month, I'll fix a bigger house.
Won't you talk to me?