Aadikeshava (2023) Movie Script

Ganga, wake up, dear.
It's time to catch the bus.
You have to go to work, right?
Get up.
Go and take a shower.
Come on.
Lets go!
Take this.
Greetings, brother.
Hey, young man! Come.
I have been waiting for you.
It's been so long since I met you!
- So brother, how are you?
- I am good, brother.
- Hey!
- Brother?
Go, catch some fish from the pond.
Sure, brother.
My brother here loves fish curry.
What brings you here, brother?
They have been
wanting kids for long, brother.
They want to make a vow. So, I have
brought them to our temple, brother.
Dont encourage such things, brother.
Please, sir.
My mother-in-law has told us a lot
about this temple and sent us here.
Please dont say no.
Not here, dear.
There is a Chamundeswari temple in town.
Do it there.
I know your objection, brother.
Hey, give me your mobile.
Yours as well.
Here. We are placing them all here.
We will go, pay our respects,
and come back.
- Mansoor!
- Brother?
Look into it.
Take this sacred bundle
and tie it to the tree over there.
Have some more, brother.
Don't be shy.
- Eat it.
- Come on, brother.
Have it.
Eat it
With what great ambition have
you come here with a camera?
Are you so intent on having kids
before marriage, DE Usharani?
The temples priest
wrote me a letter, sir.
What is your problem?
Whoever you have written letters to,
has come here and ended up dead.
How many of them do you want to kill?
You have dug up all around.
Please, spare the temple, sir.
I beseech you, sir.
Look, priest.
Adoration or decoration
you have ten days to do it.
After ten days,
your Shiva will be on his way to Kailas.
It is said he carries Shiva to Kailas
Shiva, who sends men to their pyre.
Even if one stone moves from the
premises, I shall give up my life.
Then it becomes
your duty to protect your God.
Happy birthday, brother!
Sir, sir
The kid is in a critical condition, sir.
Sir, please, sir.
Move your car out of the way, sir.
- Hey! Get lost!
- Please, sir. She's losing a lot of blood.
Hold on! Let me go and check.
Happy birthday, brother!
Veeranna! Happy birthday, brother!
Happy birthday, brother!
- Sir, please, sir.
- Hey, go away!
Brother, the patient is critical.
Please, move your vehicle.
Wait for five minutes
Let my boss cut the cake
and I will let him move.
Move it aside for two minutes.
Theres an emergent patient. Let him go.
It will take half an hour, man.
Hey! Someones life is at risk.
Dont you get it?
Life, my foot!
Happy birthday!
Celebrate it at home
from next year. Okay?
I thought as much when I saw
them celebrating on the road.
Get up, dear.
You slept quite early last night. Get up.
- I am getting up, Mom.
- Get up!
Dear, eat and then go back to sleep.
Come on.
- Come on!
- Fine, Ill eat. First switch on the fan.
- I never switched it off.
- I did it.
Whatever for, Dad?
My salary is 70,000, Son.
Out of that, 30,000 goes to you.
Until you find yourself a job,
you will have electricity in your
room only from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
What do you mean, Dad?
I mean
When you get drunk
and go about thrashing others
Its quite hard on me, Son.
- Do you know why he had to beat them?
- Mom!
Hey! Drop this drama and go shower.
There will be no water from nine oclock.
Dad, is this a home or a hostel?
Of course, it's a home.
Look, this is your mom.
- Dont you recognize her?
- Was that a joke?
Two minutes, two minutes. Quick!
- Breakfast will be over.
- Mom!
I will reach the hospital
a bit late today.
My younger brother has beaten someone.
Dad is quite angry.
He doesnt mend his ways.
He gets drunk and gets into brawls.
That seems to be his only job.
I know.
Not even chutney, Mom?
- Husband?
- Yes?
The poor boy cant stay hungry.
Let me give him just
one pesarattu with upma.
Continue being dramatic
Ill be forced to give you
only one idli from tomorrow.
Try to understand me, please!
Stop it, Dad!
You act like a sadist day after day.
What should I do now?
Before that, I must go out
and have some breakfast.
He didnt allow my brother
to eat even that one idli.
Dad said he could stay
at home only if he found a job.
Hey, are you a doctor or a reporter?
Have your idli
and go to your hospital. Idiot!
I will transfer a thousand on Google Pay.
Eat whatever you want, okay?
Sure. Love you, Mom!
How stylish my friend is
even though he is good for nothing!
So, what has you so disturbed
that you forgot this is your second?
- I want to take my dad to a nice Dargah.
- Why?
He sounds possessed.
What is he saying?
He wants to me find a job, Sudha!
- Doesnt he want to work?
- Exactly!
Elders have become
very lazy these days, brother.
By the way, does your dad
also pester you the same way?
My dad?
He asked me
whether I wanted to work or get married.
How can I work when I am not used to it?
So, I got married.
But my dad never gave me an option.
Give it here. You seem
ready to drill into the seat.
I came across
a vacancy somewhere, brother.
To keep the kids happy and
peaceful in their last days
We do our bit.
Its vaccination day today.
All the kids look dull.
Their food intake is also minimal.
Chitra will be here.
Move, move, move aside
Hey, here comes our boy
Move, move, move aside
He appears like lightning
Move, move, move aside
A man of valor
Move, move, move aside
He shall make you see stars
Move, move, move aside
Come, come, come on precious!
There is no match for you, precious!
When you whistle
It sounds like an Andhra soda pop
When you whistle
It sounds like an Andhra soda pop
When it is heard
I lose control of myself
Her earring has dropped
And entangled my heart
Ramulo, Ramula
She has ruined me
Ramulo, Ramula!
She has claimed my life
Ramulo, Ramula
She has ruined me
Ramulo, Ramula!
She has claimed my life
Thanks again, Chitra.
You are such a great help to us.
Why thank me, sister?
Look at those kids smiling
even in the face of death.
This check is very small
before those smiles.
See you, sister.
God bless you, dear.
Why are you not saying anything?
I told your dad this morning
that I want to appoint a cook.
He said, "We will do that after
your younger son gets a job."
Did he say that?
Were you upset?
Its okay, Son.
I will appoint one once you get a job.
Would you like me to go to work?
I want to see you leave for work
every morning like your brother and dad.
You could have told me this earlier.
I will find a job tomorrow itself.
Software might be tough.
But I will find a job for sure.
The CEO is here.
Gorgeous, bro.
She is this companys CEO.
I have got to get a job here somehow, bro!
- Good morning, madam.
- Morning.
- How many have turned up?
- Forty in all.
Six of them
are recommended by your dad, madam.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
Recommended candidates,
please come forward.
He doesn't even have a recommendation
and he's come for a job interview!
Thats all?
Good. Now, all of you get out.
- I have your dads recommendation, madam.
- Get out!
- I know what I am doing.
- Damn!
The recommendation didnt work.
- Send them all in one by one.
- Sure, madam.
May I come in, madam?
- Hi, madam
- Hi. Sit down.
Thank you.
- Madam, file.
- Not necessary.
Sell this cream to me.
Come on, madam.
How can I sell this cream to you?
This company is yours.
This is to test your sales ability.
Okay, madam.
Buy this cream. Its really good.
- Hello, mister
- Not mister Balu.
This is not a soap or detergent
to do door-to-door sales
like old-school marketing.
You got to market this
saying it transforms the
dark and ugly into beautiful.
Madam, isnt it wrong to think like that?
Whenever you switch on the TV
"Dark is ugly and fair is beautiful."
Our competitors blare into our ears
Should we tell the same lie?
When they use our products,
let's say they become beautiful, not fair.
Madam, stop thinking white.
Lets think beautiful.
Superb! Amazing caption.
- Genuinely.
- Thank you, madam. Thank you.
- I appreciate the way you think.
- Thank you, madam.
And I won't appoint you
a part of the sales team
- but I appoint you as the Sales Head.
- Madam!
- What, Chitra?
- Thank you, madam!
We have got ISB candidates for that!
Your ISB candidates couldnt
make me buy this cream.
- I dont understand what she is thinking.
- Madam! You have bought this cream.
Give me the cash
and I will give you the bill, madam.
Superb, Balu!
Thats the spirit.
So, Balu, your salary will be
twelve lakh rupees per annum.
Twelve lakh rupees per annum
Dont fret. Its one lakh per month.
Thank you, madam!
Thank you so much, madam.
What happened?
Madam, what do you know about
middle-class problems, madam?
I have outdone my dad with this, madam.
Thank you, madam.
Good. Ill see you tomorrow.
Of course, madam!
Thank you, madam.
A job? Where?
In a cosmetic company.
The salary is one lakh per month.
Get a cook from tomorrow.
I will pay the salary.
Do you see that?
Didnt I tell you?
My younger son will take
care of me someday?
One is a doctor and one is a policeman.
What could you both do?
Has sir left for work?
No, he is getting ready.
He is going to work.
Give him ten thousand.
Let him buy some new clothes.
He has already bought them.
How did he get the money?
Someone gave me forty thousand
saying he owes Mr. Babu.
He bought clothes with that money.
Couldn't you at least ask me?
- So, you are Mr. Babu!
- Of course.
When he said Babu,
I thought he meant Balu.
In so many years of my service,
I havent come across thieves like y'all.
There he is. He's ready.
My son is shining in his new clothes.
Bye, parents.
Hey, wait!
Have you got any sense?
Whats with those pants?
Even the thorny whip-lashing
of Komaram Bheem
couldn't tear his clothes so much!
Dad, the kind of material you buy
Two meters for a hundred rupees
It looks blue when bought
and turns sky blue after a wash.
This is not that kind of material.
Hundreds of technicians
with several designers
have made this material
holding onto each thread.
Its a brand, Dad.
Bye, Mom.
Do you think he will improve?
Just watch.
He will have a hundred
people working for him.
Sure, he will never work.
They will have to work.
Hey! Bloody idiot! Are you puffed up?
My hand is hurting, brother.
I am not able to carry it.
- Isnt your other hand free?
- I just cannot, brother.
- How dare you back answer, rascal?
- Brother Please, brother.
- Pick it up!
- Brother.
Instead of working,
you are back answering. Pick it up!
Who is it?
Hey, its wrong to make kids work.
How can you beat them on top of that?
Let go of my hand, man!
Hey! Apologize to him.
Do you know who I am?
Who cares? Apologize.
I'm sorry.
- Lift the load and take it inside.
- Me?
- I will, I will.
- Do it.
- Whats your name?
- Vasu, brother.
- Will you come with me?
- Back to work, brother?
No. Did you eat?
Good morning, maam.
Good morning.
Jeans on the second day of work?
Will it be shorts,
t-shirts, pajamas, etc. next?
No, no.
Nothing like that, madam.
I got the job,
so I have bought some clothes.
Madam what can I hide from you?
Formals make me stiff, and feverish
and I feel weird, madam.
Madam, please give me
permission to wear these, madam.
Please, madam
I am okay with it.
Make sure Rahul wont make an issue.
I will take care of it, madam.
You are okay with it, right?
This is my friend.
What are you studying?
He doesnt study, madam.
He works for your company.
In our company?
This company has certain rules.
Do you think you are a hero?
Is this about my jeans?
I have just taken madams permission.
Did you beat Chenga Reddys worker?
He is one of the biggest
suppliers of mica ore.
- You come!
- Stop it, Rahul!
Balu, why did you hit him?
Madam, he is making the boy work, madam.
He was beating him as well.
Why are we buying material from
a vendor that encourages child labor?
Change the vendor!
Thats not in my hands.
Its your fathers concern.
I'm sure you'll talk to him.
This is my company.
And you can leave.
- Balu
- Yes, madam?
We have the investors summit tomorrow.
- We must get ready for it.
- Should I beat someone there, madam?
Balu! Its your second day.
You beat up the vendor.
You got into a tiff with Rahul.
I probably should carefully
carry you around like a baby.
But I cannot carry you.
- I will take you around.
- Okay, madam.
Hey, my cute, little precious!
Isnt this called love?
Hey! You are all mine
And I love you all the more!
Your silent refrains whatever they tell me
I listen to them earnestly
And get enraptured
Such great fortune is
In no ones destiny, I say
My life has taken a turn
thanks to your being magnanimous
Hey, my cute, little precious!
Isnt this called love?
Hey! You are all mine
And I love you all the more!
In the once upon a time story
You are the princess for sure
With no airs, for my sake
You have come down, I know
For eyes that lack dreams
You are the light of Diwali
Joining me as my hearts rhythm
You have raised my worth
Oh, my girl!
Whatever magic you worked
You have brought me the sky of love
In another life,
I must be your Romeo
Thats how you make me feel
Hey, my cute, little precious!
Isnt this called love?
Hey! You are all mine
And I love you all the more!
All these years I knew
Not so much vividness
Living on earth
I have touched the lightning
In the depths of your heart
I have seen my name
I will write a love story
On our lifes tale
Hey, my cute, little precious!
Isnt this called love?
Hey! You are all mine
And I love you all the more!
- Hey, Mansoor!
- Brother?
- Call Chakrapani.
- Sure, brother.
I will fire him immediately.
If this is repeated, I will
come to Hyderabad myself.
This wont happen in the future, brother.
I will make sure it wont, brother.
Okay, brother.
- Here, madam.
- Chitra!
Good morning, sir.
You rejected the candidate
I had recommended.
Forget it.
But you have appointed
an underqualified man as marketing head.
Leave that as well.
Dont get involved
in Chenga Reddys issue.
- Dad, they encourage child labor
- Chitra!
Learn to turn a blind eye
to certain things.
You are an entrepreneur.
Behave like an entrepreneur.
Come on.
I told you to sit
and collect your salary.
But you want to stand up and teach.
What did your teacher say?
He said, "If you study,
you can live and help the others live."
Bring him back to life now.
Everyone lies to you.
Schooling wont give you a life.
Keep the slate aside,
and come to the quarry.
Pick up the basket, you will live.
It will definitely work.
Perfect, I'm looking
forward to this happening.
- Well let you know at the earliest.
- Yeah.
- I wish you good luck!
- Thank you!
- All the best.
- Bye.
Thank you, Balu!
This is exactly what I needed.
Who knows you better, madam?
Balu, are you this caring
towards everyone?
Not everyone, madam.
Kids, sometimes my mom, and now you.
Madam! I heard the investors
were impressed by your presentation.
Let me close this deal.
Then I will show my dad.
What do you mean?
Why should I listen to you?
Why should I be scolded by you?
Why should I marry whichever
donkey that you bring me?
Who? Me?
Not you. My dad.
Madam, who is the donkey by the way?
- Rahul
- What?
- You dont like him?
- No way.
But Madam, everyone in the office
says you both are getting married.
My foot. Yuck!
So, I am supposed to spread this
rumor during teatime tomorrow.
Thank you, God.
you are single now, right?
Why? Will you introduce me to someone?
I'd prefer to stick my finger in a socket
than resort to such stupid things.
Hey, Sudha! Come on.
Hey, why did you come here?
A pint here costs
as much as a full bottle.
Sudha! Its been three days
since I crossed that dark phase.
Madam, this is my friend.
- Hi!
- You said you wouldn't introduce anyone.
Who? This guy?
He's your brother by birth, madam.
- You can shake hands.
- Hi
- We've been best friends since childhood.
- That's nice.
Hey, Sudha. Do you know
why I asked you to come here?
To foot the bill?
No, no.
Darling, Sudha!
Dont manhandle me in front of a lady.
Madam one minute.
Hey, fatso!
Idiot! I noticed the bar
as I passed by in the car.
There's a one-plus-one offer.
Bro, buy it and I'll gulp down
the complimentary drink.
- Okay.
- Promise?
My salary is a lakh, man.
Ten to fifteen sessions
happen every month.
Hey, no matter how humiliated you feel,
dont be haughty and quit the job.
- Okay, bro. Madam?
- Balu.
It's my friend's birthday today.
Could you drop me off, please?
Definitely, madam.
Its his bike.
Happy journey.
Hey, bro! Money for the metro ticket.
Hey, I dont have it either.
- Shall I give it?
- Please dont, madam.
Do one thing Go to the metro,
say my name, and buy a ticket. Okay?
- Bye.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Metro and your name
Hey, hey! What do you
mean use your name at the metro?
Enough of your excuses, Dad.
- One minute, Balu.
- Pattabhi told me you were coming today.
Ive been waiting at home the whole day.
I wanted to spend time
with you on my birthday at least.
But you dont even remember my birthday.
You have spent only eleven
days with me this year, Dad.
Not even a day per month.
I am sure those visits
were also on business.
Not for me.
I wish I died along with my mother.
Speak up, Dad!
Happy birthday, madam!
Who are you?
Who sent you?
What, sir?
Didnt you tell her?
Why do you look shocked? Tell her.
For over a month, madam
Your dad has been calling me
asking if it will come on time.
Remember I called you this afternoon, sir?
Mastan Civil Supplies,
always on time, sir.
Please, take it, madam.
Why didnt you wish me then, Dad?
It was a surprise, madam.
What is in it, Dad?
That is also a surprise.
Please, open it.
Hey, Chitra!
- Come in.
- Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Greetings, uncle.
How are you, dear?
I am good, uncle.
- Shall we go in?
- Yes.
For the past ten minutes,
I couldnt look into my daughters eyes.
You brought some box,
and said something
And my daughter has forgiven me.
But who are you? Tell me.
Sir, I work for madam.
I have accompanied her.
I wanted to lighten the situation.
So, I passed off her gift as yours, sir.
It was a great help, man.
I want to do something for you as well.
Come. Lets have a drink.
No, thank you, sir.
I dont drink with ladies around.
Its okay.
Come on my boy.
Sir, ask me once more
and I will be tempted to drink.
- No, sir. I will wait outside.
- Wait.
Give me your number.
Here, sir.
I saved it as Balu.
Whatever you need,
before you call your parents, call me.
- Okay?
- Okay, sir.
I will wait outside, sir.
Aunty, see what he is doing.
You must whisper
your wishes in Nandis ear.
How come you are listening?
I have already submitted my wishes.
Trying to see if I can get a reply.
- Hi, madam!
- Hi, Balu!
How come you are here?
Hey, is this a central jail
meant only for the guilty?
I have come here to seek blessings.
Who is this girl?
I work in her company.
She looks like a doll!
- What is your name?
- Chitra, Aunty.
Dear, are you married?
No, Aunty.
- Are you in love with someone?
- No, Aunty.
Will you marry my son?
- What?
- Tell me.
How could she ask her like that?
Why wouldnt a mother
know her sons heart?
He is a very nice boy.
Very handsome.
Not one bad habit.
Mothers love.
He will take good care of you.
He earns two lakh rupees per month.
This is also a mother's love.
My foot! She is lying in
the face of your employer.
He speaks good English.
He works as a doctor
at Sunshine Hospital.
Not you, she is talking
about your brother.
Mom! Come here!
- Enough of your drama.
- Just a minute, please.
- Come on.
- Hey, hey
- What is it?
- What were you talking to her?
Dont change relationships.
We both are in love.
Shut up. I dont believe you.
You are lying.
I am in love with her.
- Did you tell her?
- I have told Nandi.
Hey, come on.
I will go talk to her.
What do you mean?
- Hey, wait. Send mom in auto.
- Dont stop me.
- Come, lets go.
- Go where?
I am trying to get a
factory in Rayalaseema.
Are you going to set up one, sir?
Some guy named Japan
is trying to set it up.
I have come to tell him there is
land available in Rayalaseema.
It creates 7000 jobs.
Which means nearly 30 thousand
people will not be hungry anymore.
Do it, sir.
To me you look like
Go ahead.
I am trying to.
- But they are causing roadblocks.
- Who, sir?
ANDHRA PRADESH SECRETARIAChenga Reddy is a highly obstinate man.
He expands mines
and occupies lands around them.
He has finally come as far as
the land that the government
has allotted for the factory.
When we complained to the Minister
Demanding an inquiry on the lands
you have occupied beyond permit
he has sent us a huge book.
Your MLA.
This is my brother-in-law.
Transfer the mines to his name.
You have made enough.
He rendered his
brother-in-laws body in two
because he was interfering with the mines.
He is not human, sir.
Let's eliminate him.
Lets kill him, sir. Lets.
My enemy happens to be my own son-in-law.
I can only reform him.
I cant afford to kill him.
My brothers daughter unable to bear his
torture, came running to me with injuries.
- Where is Uncle?
- Whats wrong?
What happened?
Dont you hear? Where is Uncle?
He is at the shop.
Parvathy, what happened, dear?
What is new, Uncle?
My husband commits a crime.
You try to stop it.
But to stop you,
dont you know he will beat
me up and send me to you?
You got me married to him.
I know you cannot kill him, Uncle.
I have suffered my husbands
torture in silence.
Whoever you have sent the file to,
has come and placed
the file at my husbands feet.
Leave the quarry alone, Uncle.
I dont have the energy
to come here again with bruises.
When I saw her tears,
I took a step back, even though.
it meant great harm to the village.
He uses a woman as his shield
and you dance to his tunes?
You look a bit reduced to me now, sir.
Kill him, sir.
What makes you laugh, sir?
Forget it, man.
What do you mean forget it?
Give me your hand.
My mother tells me, sir.
"Dont give your word.
But dont break it once you do."
Remember this.
Let your son-in-law stand in the way
or let Lord of Death approach me
Even if the noose is stifling me
Whatever your problem
may be, I shall solve it.
I promise you.
She looks better than I did in these.
Geeta, take madams blessings.
Hey, hey
Is this what you are teaching her?
Go on. Go.
Happy birthday, Geeta.
Mom, here.
Say thanks to sir.
What do you mean sir?
Call me brother, dear.
What happened?
- Sir has pinched me, brother.
- Why?
He pinches me for no reason, brother.
She comes up with some excuse
or the other to skip school.
Okay, Mom. Take her inside
and let her try these clothes.
If they are too tight,
I will exchange them.
- Okay, come.
- Go.
Is he human or a beast?
And not just on her hand!
Lecherous dog!
He pinched her all over her body.
Even in her private parts.
Poor kid! What must
she have gone through?
- May I come in, sir?
- Come in.
Why are you late?
Its my birthday today, sir.
So what if its your birthday?
Can you come late to school?
Come up here.
If its your birthday,
do you think you can come late?
- Sir! Sorry, sir!
- Will you come late?
Tell me.
No, sir! Please, sir!
No, sir!
Please, sir!
- You wont come late again, will you?
- No, sir!
Do you understand?
- Will you come late?
- Sir, sorry sir!
Tell me!
Come late again and hey
Hello? Hey, send me the
Corporators number. Fast.
What happened?
Uncle, the FIR is not ready yet. Come.
Balus father, sir.
Greetings, sir.
I am Sundara Rammurthy,
Excise Department.
- Please, sit.
- Thank you.
Thats my son, sir.
Please dont file the FIR, sir.
His future will be ruined.
He has hacked the hand
of a school teacher.
What do you want us
to do without filing an FIR?
How can you support
a youngster's wrongdoing?
Sir, when he was a kid
He noticed a girl in the seat before
him on the school bus having periods.
He removed his shirt,
and gave it to her saying,
"Sister, wear this and go home."
When he reached home,
I asked him why his shirt
was missing and beat him.
One day later
The girls mother
came home carrying his shirt,
handed it to my wife,
and said, How did you teach him
such decency at such a young age?
She thanked her and left.
That is the kind of
upbringing we have given him.
He helped a girl when he was
too young to understand things.
If he has hacked the hand of a teacher,
I am sure the teacher is at fault.
The school management is
coming here with evidence.
Sorry. Try to understand.
Those who sever heads also get bail.
After all, this is only a hand.
We will see.
Sir, CCTV footage.
Please, sit.
File the complaint.
Sign it.
I didnt know it was our school.
- No case. Get going.
- Madam?
- Your dad
- I will speak to him.
- You can go.
- Who are you?
She is our Chairmans daughter.
Lets go, Aunty.
Please, come, Uncle.
Come on, Balu.
There is no case. Come.
Thank you, madam.
Its okay, Balu.
When your dad mentioned
what you did as a kid,
I was so impressed.
I feel like adopting you.
- Come home with me.
- My mom wont agree.
Your mom has your elder brother!
But I have only one mom!
Do one thing. Find an auspicious day
and come home yourself.
You can stay there lifelong.
- Lifelong?
- Yes.
You say I can stay?
Enchanting Chitravati
You make me go crazy
Hi, waving a green flag
In your eyes
You have crowned me the emperor
I was born for you
I made a promise at birth
Wrapping up in flowers
I offered you myself
Placing my hand in yours
Snapping my finger at your cheeks
What more? I said lets take it lightly
And changed my surname as well
You are my colorful, precious butterfly
Enclosing me with your dotted wings
You have become the queen of my fort
Planting gentle kisses on my little heart
Hey! Oh, girl, your beauty
Is a sensational novel!
Read a little every day like a story
When you are with me
The moon shines in the day
Has love turned you
Into a poet this way?
Asking it to borrow your name
I shall call the beautiful storm
To flood over me and leave
So shall I invite it every day
Your love as big as a mountain
Wondering where to hide it
I shall approach the world banks
to allot me lockers
You are my colorful, precious butterfly
You enclose me with your dotted wings
You have become the queen of my fort
Planting gentle kisses on my little heart
Calling you my sunrise
refusing to sleep tight
I have dreamed a billion of your dreams!
I become the island
And surrounding me all the time
That way and this way
Its all the waves of your thoughts
You are my colorful, precious butterfly
You enclose me with your dotted wings
Leave them there and go.
We have guests at home.
Hey, guests? Who?
What difference does it make to us?
Let's go.
Tell me, Mom.
Your madam is here.
Hey, if my madam is here,
why are you sending me away?
She is talking to your brother.
Why should we disturb them?
You alone are enough.
Move! Hold this.
- Hi, madam! What brings you here?
- Hi!
Today is my birthday, Balu.
There is a party in the evening.
All of you must attend it.
But I thought you
dont like these things?
Hey, first wish her.
- Happy birthday, madam.
- Thank you!
It's nothing, Balu.
Since this is my last
birthday with my dad,
he is planning it on
a slightly grand scale.
But why? Is uncle unwell?
- For a few days
- Hey, shush.
She means shell get married
and go away before her next birthday.
Okay, Balu. Lets meet
at the party in the evening.
You have to come.
Sudarshan You as well.
See you, Aunty.
- Bye.
- Bye!
- Okay.
- Okay, dear.
- Mom?
- Yes?
Get my blue color blazer ready.
Hey, we both are in love.
I was talking about the
medical conference, man.
After all you are my elder brother.
So, I just put in a word.
Take care of your conference.
What are you planning
on gifting her for her birthday?
We will put in a thousand each
and buy her a rice cooker, aunty.
Why dont we buy her a mosquito bat?
- It will be much cheaper.
- Really?
How did we even become friends?
What now?
I mean
What do you want me to do?
Only you can, mom.
Hey, I wont give you my jewelry.
- I wont give you.
- Its okay. Give me.
I wont give it to you.
- Hey what is this?
- The temple jewelry she wore
for my wedding.
- Mom, that would be nice.
- I dont want to give.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you!
Happy birthday, madam.
- Thank you!
- Madam, gift.
What? Did you want to
give me a gift and leave?
Come up on stage, feed me the cake,
smile for the cameras
Then hand me the gift
and leave only after having your dinner.
I want to tell you how beautiful you are.
But my education doesnt seem to help.
I cannot find words at all.
Its okay, Balu.
Your eyes have conveyed it all.
You spent the whole night
writing these lines, didnt you?
No. When you see a beautiful girl,
- it comes in a flow.
- In a flow?
- Flow!
- Flow.
Happy birthday to you!
I am really happy this evening.
If I am celebrating my daughters birthday
on such a grand scale
Its because there is
a surprise waiting for you.
He is Rahul.
CEO of Hamsini Group of Companies.
My would-be son-in-law.
Whats happening?
He is the guy who severed
our school teachers hand, sir.
They are in love.
Before you give me a shock,
I gave you a surprise, dear.
- Whatever your dad does is for your
- Mom!
These days, when a girl doesn't like
the groom, she walks out of the venue.
Do you think I care about
this stupid announcement?
I have set up my own company because
I dont appreciate Dads illegal business.
I didnt even touch his money.
Why would I marry the boy he brings?
Her dad is walking towards us.
Let's leave.
Lets say bye to Chitra.
Or she will feel bad.
- Hey, do you have any
- Hey, for my sake. Please!
Where to?
To inform Chitra before I leave.
I will kill you if I see
you with Chitra again.
Let me speak to them in
the language they understand.
One snap of my finger and youll be dead.
Do you want to marry my daughter?
Balu is here on my invitation!
Balu, I am really sorry.
Please, leave.
Lets talk tomorrow.
Its okay, just a minute.
Uncle, you were saying something
about clicks and claps?
Only you?
Or is it okay if I do it as well?
You may need all those goons behind you
and a lot of influence
to click your fingers.
All I need is two fingers.
Lets see!
Hey, darling, kiddos!
I will snap my fingers
and then lets fight.
Your dad is no more.
Lets go to our village.
Hey, are you mad?
My dad is right in front of me.
What is he saying, Mom?
He is not your dad.
You are not our son.
You only grew up with us.
Thats all.
Do you hear yourself, Mom?
You are my brother
Mahakaleswar Reddys son.
Its inevitable that you come.
There is not much time, Son.
Go and come back.
When you come back,
I will explain everything.
Unless you tell me first,
I am not going anywhere!
If you dont leave without a word
I swear on myself.
We have come to an auspicious event
while we are still mourning.
I dont want to defile you.
Hence, I am leaving
your people untouched.
- Go along.
- Okay.
Hey, stop the car.
Okay, sir.
Rudra, get down.
Why you had to live away from us
What sort of lives we have been leading
You must know everything.
You were not even a year old.
When your mom and dad
were traveling with you
They met with an accident.
Your dad had slipped into a coma.
Your mum was barely
hanging on to her life.
This is not an accident.
This is an attack on my husband
or my son who is hardly one year old.
Afraid and desperate to protect you
- Take him.
- She took word from me.
She met her childhood friend.
And sent you away with her.
When your father came out of the coma
we lied to him saying that you
died along with your mom.
There were two groups here.
On one side was injustice and atrocity.
On the other side was
your father, fighting them.
I must first tell you about your father.
One day, Chenga Reddys men molested
a female student at Rayalappas barn.
I will do one thing.
I will call a few suspects
to the station tomorrow.
Let us see if the girl can identify them.
That's not necessary.
What, brother?
You want the girl to come
looking for her molester?
What kind of job are you all doing?
We want no case. Get going.
- Pattabhi! Send them away.
- Okay, sir.
Lets go. Come.
Why do you feel distressed?
Any girl molested for no fault of hers
is as pure as
Bhadra Kali in Lepakshi temple.
No voice in Rayalaseema would say that
Mahakaleswar Reddy
didnt get them justice.
Go ahead.
Can you really identify them, daughter?
- Pattabhi
- Sir!
Your dad was a very thoughtful person
but he made a mistake.
He believed that turning vengeance
into love would benefit the village.
He asked me to give my daughter's hand
in marriage to Chenga Reddy
and gave him the mica mines as a dowry.
Chenga Reddy dug into the mines
that were far away from the village,
and came as far as the temple
on the outskirts of the village.
He thought that his atrocities would come
to light if people visited the temple.
So, he closed down the commuting path.
Irrespective of gender, he forced everyone
to mine for him as far as he could reach.
Now, he's sending kids into the mines.
Why do you want to make money
at the expense of childrens lives?
Stop mining.
Thats not going to happen, Uncle.
I gave you the mines as a dowry.
Don't extend it to the point where I need
to reclaim them forcibly. Stop mining.
We believe this wasn't accidental,
similar to what happened with your mom.
Only God must know the truth.
Before I find out whether
they were accidents or not
send me away.
- Pattabhi!
- Sir?
Show him his dads room upstairs.
Please come, sir.
Just check.
I must be some Anil Ambani
or Adanis son, Mom.
You must have got me and raised me.
I dont even look like him.
Try to remember, Mom.
I cant live in this poverty, Dad.
Please, Mom!
Hey! What should we remember?
Its coffee, sir.
Why do you wake me up in the middle of
the night and give me coffee, stupid face?
Its five in the morning.
Our sir would have coffee
at this time every day.
I got it assuming that
you might have the same habit.
We have some other habits. Get lost!
Hey, hold on.
Its a new place. We couldnt sleep.
- Come here.
- Coffee.
Leave! Bat face!
What is this?
Neem coffee.
Sir used to drink the same.
- Look
- Satti.
Look, Satti!
Your sir and I are poles apart.
Be prepared, or you will be disappointed.
Sir used to drink the same way.
Hey, Sudha!
Who on earth would
drink water differently?
Hey, do you drink
water through your nose?
You didnt eat anything last night.
Breakfast is ready.
Please come and have some.
Enough, please.
A little for me as well.
- Have it, son.
- Thats enough, mother.
Madam, Vajra is refusing to eat.
She has been crying since yesterday.
I dont know what to
say in such situations.
I have never been
in this situation before.
Though he spent only
eleven days in a year with you
thats definitely more
than he spent with me.
I have a nice family in Hyderabad.
Mom, Dad, and my elder brother.
Also, my mom is very fond of girls.
They will take good care of you.
Please come with us after the ceremony.
I dont know how else to console you.
Please, come and eat.
Hey, come on.
Brother, we want to go around the village.
- Sir, one minute.
- Hey, come on.
Please, keep this.
What for?
You are going out.
You might need it for expenses.
I have money, brother.
Come on.
Repay my loan. Its been long.
I will pay next time.
I haven't got my salary yet.
Hey, an old loan?
I will pay it up how much?
22,500 sir.
- 22,500?
- Yes, sir.
Hey, how do you owe
so much in such a small shop?
Brother Satti loves Chegodi in my shop.
- 22,500 for Chegodi?
- Yes, sir.
You chewed up the budget
for two states and look at you blushing!
I guess he is smoking for the first time.
The idiot doesnt seem to
know where to let the smoke out.
Who is this?
My daughter.
She is so cute.
- Whats her name?
- You must name her, sir.
Me? I've never named anyone before.
- Please dont say that sir.
- Hey, Rudra!
Whenever a baby was born in this village,
your father would name them.
Name this baby now.
Please, dont refuse, sir.
I swear on the child.
Why do you swear on an infant?
That's a great name, sir.
One minute.
Hey, Sudha.
Give me some money.
- Here.
- Take this.
- Buy something for the baby.
- Sure, sir.
Just a minute.
Where to?
Lets go out.
And? Do you want to beg around?
You gave them all the money.
Let me get some.
Hey, dont ask Pattabhi.
Sir, I wont ask anyone from your dynasty.
I am getting my own money.
As if he is from Raja Bahadurs family.
And he spends my money.
How are you?
I was just going to call you.
How is Balu?
What can I say?
He lost his father a few days ago.
He suddenly discovered
his parents were not his own.
He has been crying ever since.
In all this pain, when he
was asked to christen a baby
Do you know what he named her?
I am not able to console him alone.
Why dont you come here?
Why dont you both come back?
He cannot step out of the village
for eleven days. There are some rituals.
Okay. I will come there myself.
Take care of Balu.
Okay. Please come.
Is he really your uncles son?
Or was your aunt tempted?
- Hey, Mansoor!
- Brother?
Tomorrow, I am going to the party office
in Vijayawada to get my ticket.
I leave in the morning.
- Take care of the quarry.
- Sure, brother.
Kid, the shop here
The shop is closed, sister.
What do you want?
- I need a water bottle, dear.
- Come, sister.
How far, honey?
Baby, can you pump some water?
I want to drink.
This is not our bore, sister.
Its the chiefs.
Ours is a little ahead. Lets go.
- What is your name?
- Ganga.
Ganga has restrictions on water?
One minute.
- Keep this.
- I dont want it, sister.
Why, dear?
We are going to offer
Pongal to Poleramma.
My hands are hard from working, sister.
Can you make them like yours?
Do you want nail polish?
Come. I will paint your nails.
Not now, sister.
When I go to work tomorrow,
they will get spoilt.
Can you paint them for the festival?
Take this chocolate.
- Where is your house?
- Right here.
Anyone will show you
if you ask for Polaiah.
If I am here till the fair,
I will surely attend it. Okay?
How was the journey?
Not bad.
Vajra, where is Balu?
I will find out.
Freshen up in the meantime.
Over there.
- Hey, who is that?
- Your madam, brother.
- My madam?
- Yes
You guys play. I will be right back.
- Hey, play this as well.
- Okay.
Madam? What is she doing here?
Madam, what are you doing here?
You think only you have relatives
in Rayalaseema. We don't?
Hey, she is talking about relatives.
Find out quickly.
What if she is your sister by relation?
- Hey, go and play.
- Hey, its not that.
- How are you, Balu?
- I am fine, madam.
- Your engagement
- Didnt happen. I have come away.
I dont get you.
I told them I was coming to you,
packed my bags, and left home.
- You have eloped?
- I said I had informed them.
- How could you do that?
- Wont they accept me at your home?
I dont know which is my home right now.
But they will accept me
in either house, right?
If I tell my mother I am
in love with a Taliban,
she would still say tie the knot.
Thats no problem at all.
- I have a sincere doubt.
- Tell me, Balu.
Your engagement was
announced on your birthday.
Are you marrying me because you dont
like the guy or are you in love with me?
Please, carry the milk to the temple.
Not possible, priest!
Who'll come that far?
Can you get this milk can to the temple?
I will pay you.
Who will carry it over the rocks?
Come on, priest.
Today is Mahashivaratri.
Its time for Lord Shivas anointing.
Please, get this milk to the temple.
You will be blessed.
I would definitely come, priest.
But I am in mourning.
I shouldnt come.
Lord Shiva himself resides
in the cremation ground.
How can we defile Him?
Please, wait outside. I will call
you once I finish the worship, son.
Sure, priest.
Son, the anointing was
done marvelously thanks to you.
I haven't seen you here before.
Who are you visiting?
We are at Mr. Mahakaleswar Reddys house.
Who is he to you?
Its his father.
Son, isnt your name
Rudra Kaleswar Reddy?
It was I who conducted
your naming ceremony.
In this same portico,
while you were in your mothers lap,
I gave you this very Lords name.
After your mothers death, in her memory,
your father had renovated
this temple which was in ruins.
From the veneration plate to the Nandi,
everything carries your mothers name.
Including the bench you are sitting on.
Let me complete the
adoration and I will call you, son.
- Please take the offering before you go.
- Okay.
Please, touch this once.
They are all good people.
Very good people.
They must have gone through
hell for sending me away.
Its okay.
Dont be disturbed. Lets go.
Let's stay here for a while.
This bench feels like my mother's lap.
Son, please come and take the offering.
May you be blessed with a long life,
good health, and great wealth.
Sir, please, stop.
Stop! I beg you.
Dont disturb this temple, please!
Dont touch this temple.
- Hey, priest!
- Its a great sin, sir!
This temple will be razed today.
Hey, lets not.
This is not our concern lets go
They are demolishing the temple
that my father had rebuilt
in my mothers memory.
How is it not my concern?
The sitting MLA has expired.
So, I recommend Mr. Chenga Reddy
for the ticket in the by-election.
Dont be mistaken
Of course, he is the son-in-law.
But I heard there is an heir.
The heir didnt grow up here.
He didnt live here.
What would he know about local politics?
Lets do this.
Arrange for a meeting at your place.
All of us will come there.
Let him declare that he
supports his brother-in-law.
Thats enough.
He is not concerned about his own family
why would he bother about the village?
Yes, Mansoor?
He beat up the men who
went to demolish the temple.
- Who?
- Mahakaleswar Reddys son, I was told.
I will drag him here
and kill him right away, brother.
No, Mansoor.
We need his support.
Dont kill him.
You talk about support
and my guy talks of murder.
I will fix the meeting date
and let you know.
Lets meet at Brahma Samudram.
Madam your son-in-law is here.
How are you, son?
Hasnt my daughter come?
Sit, Chengaiah.
I am holding a meeting tomorrow.
Important party members from
Vijayawada are attending it.
Dont you get it?
They are giving me Uncles MLA ticket.
Come with him tomorrow and declare
your support for me on the stage.
Why do you need us?
Right? I told them you are no good.
Still, the party leaders
insisted on bringing you.
Son, the worship is over.
Please wash your hands and feet.
Once the formalities are over,
we will leave.
I forgot.
Your daughter has sent clothes for him.
I will present them to him.
He is leaving for Hyderabad tomorrow.
I will talk to him
and convince him, father-in-law.
What difference will one day make?
I heard you were at the quarry.
Why fight at the temple?
Because you were reminded of your mother?
Do you know how your mother died?
You were told your parents
were killed in an accident.
But are you
stupid enough to believe that?
I gave you these mines as dowry.
Dont take it so far that I will
have to snatch them back from you.
Stop it now.
Hey! This is the last time.
Give it up.
Next time, I'll forget that you are
my son-in-law and I will kill you.
I didn't remember that
he was my uncle.
It belongs to your father. It came
in the way when I was slitting his throat.
You survived by mistake
when you were little.
Now, I spare your life for your support.
Your life is your brother-in-laws
charity to you twice.
Hey, Mansoor!
You have been hiding
from me for 25 years out of fear.
I didnt feel like buying
you a dhoti at all.
Wear this sari and go on the procession.
Ive convinced him.
He is staying.
Train him for tomorrow and get him.
Mr. Mahakaleswar Reddy is not dead.
He is alive in our hearts.
Mr. Chenga Reddy is willing to serve us
in the place of Mr. Mahakaleswar Reddy.
Not only in the constituency of Brahma
Samudram but across the entire state
there is no one who doesnt know him.
I request Mr. Mahakaleswar Reddys son,
Rudra Kaleswar Reddy to speak.
What? Is he talking on the phone?
I am new to this village.
And to its people.
My dad didnt teach me politics
while I was seated on his lap.
I know nothing about it.
I am not fit for politics.
Mr. Chenga Reddy is someone who grew up
very close to Mr. Mahakaleswar Reddy.
Mr. Chenga Reddy himself has invited
the candidate with ceremonious clothes
Ms. Vajra Kaleswari Devi!
She is going to contest as MLA.
I declare my total support for her.
They said we dont
know about laying roads.
or about building reservoirs.
They said we knew nothing
about building bridges.
We have tolerated it all.
It is our responsibility to ensure that
no woman in our constituency sheds tears.
If she does, we will not spare
the scoundrel who causes them.
- He spoke just like his father, brother.
- Not just the speech.
For a moment,
everyone could see the man himself.
All the best.
Lets pick an auspicious day
and file the nomination.
Long live Rudra Kaleswar Reddy.
Long live Rudra Kaleswar Reddy.
Long live Rudra Kaleswar Reddy.
Long live Rudra Kaleswar Reddy.
Long live Rudra Kaleswar Reddy.
Long live Rudra Kaleswar Reddy.
I wanted to kill him the same day.
You talked about
some support and stopped me.
Send for the Temple
Committee of Garudapuram.
Got it, brother.
- What brings you all here?
- Greetings.
I have already sent
money for the festival.
What is it? Is that not enough?
Do you need more?
- Hey, Pattabhi! Take care of it.
- Sir
Money is not the problem, brother.
They want to
make an issue about the sacred pot.
- Who?
- Chenga Reddy.
What is it now?
Just because he didnt support him,
he wants to kill Rudra?
Instead of sending him there,
I rather poison him myself.
I am not sending him there.
Brother, Chenga Reddy is insistent.
What now?
Our boy wont come.
What is he going to do?
Hey, Pattabhi!
Drive them away.
Why would he come if
the committee asked him?
Send a message through the right
people in a way that he understands.
- Do you understand?
- Okay, brother.
- Greetings.
- Madam!
My grandma is inside. She cannot walk.
She is very fond of your father.
She wants to see you.
- Can you come in once?
- Surely.
- Let's go.
- Please, come.
Please, come.
Hey! Leave me!
Let go!
Let go!
Let go!
You grew up away from Rayalaseema.
You are delicate, soft, and ravishing.
Tell him it was Mansoor who touched you.
If he is a legitimate son of your dads,
ask him to come and move the sacred pot.
What is your business here?
We found out that they were
moving the sacred pot again.
Sir asked me to
make sure there is no problem.
There are a hundred
men standing with knives.
If a few of them attack you in the dark,
will your SP come to your rescue?
Get going!
Hey, I will go in and check.
If he's already in there,
I will kill him myself.
if he arrives from outside,
finish him off!
- This is a sin!
- Move aside!
Well, there you are!
Please carry on, priest.
Ever since I touched your sister
I cant take my mind off her.
Once I finish you off
I will go straight to her.
Do you think you can
play games with Chenga Reddy?
Childish fool!
Madam, please come once.
- Where?
- To ward off the evil eye.
- From who?
- Rudra.
He is the son of a man who
beheaded people who molested women.
Why would he spare someone
who touched his own sister?
With the whole village watching,
he burnt the culprit alive!
Not just my sister
Touch any girl in Rayalaseema
And I will burn you alive!
Tell him!
Out of empathy for my sister
who is under his roof
every morsel of food he eats
is the charity of Rudra Kaleswar Reddy!
What are you looking at?
I will tear your hearts out, rascals!
Take him away.
Mr. Balu, what are you thinking?
Nothing, madam.
Are you really the Balu
who was working in my company?
You get so angry when someone
is at fault that you want to kill them!
And I made you sell
lipsticks and nail polish!
I must hit myself with my slipper.
Come on!
This is an emotion.
That is my livelihood.
Such words dont suit you.
Dont. Leave them.
You hacked the hand
of a man who touched a kid.
You set ablaze the man
who touched your sister.
I wonder what all you must have
done for a girlfriend in the past.
You misunderstand me.
I have no such past.
No girlfriends?
You look quite handsome.
I do. But what can I tell you?
There were always teachers around,
so I never spoke to girls in class.
If I tried to talk to them
after class in the parking
I had a mom who wouldnt
leave me for a moment.
She would be there one hour early.
One hour!
She would carry me home
planting kisses all the way.
All the girls there wouldnt
stop laughing, madam.
Continuous laughter.
Its okay, Balu.
You were a kid then.
Who was a kid?
I was in the tenth grade.
Thanks to my mom,
I stopped looking at girls.
My friend and girlfriend
in those days was only my mom.
Poor Mom. I dont know how she is.
Oh my! Tears!
- See
- Dont cry. It's okay.
There is no connection between
what you do and how you cry, Balu.
Why do you call me Balu?
Everyone here is calling
me Rudra Kaleswar Reddy.
Mr. Bala Kotaiah!
They dont call husbands
by name in Rayalaseema.
- Balu is better.
- Fine then.
Have your comfort.
Dont worry about me.
Are you comfortable?
Hey, boy! Dear boy
Will you join me?
On the paths of mischief
Will you take my hand?
In my tiny little heart, like a blue jay
Will you celebrate my trepidation?
Leelammo, Leelammo
Will you cast me a lovely glance?
With your round beautiful eyes
Will you slice through my heart?
With your wheel like eyes
Would you slice through my heart?
Would you go all round Seema?
Come on, come on
Boy Let me fix the date
Making you my groom
Lets play the wedding game
With my tinkling anklets
I shall step into your house
Within three months
I shall have a bun in the oven
Girl, you are so beautiful beyond words
You are dainty like a long grain of rice
Reddy, your mustache is awesome
Hey, I give you a chance, dont lose it
Every morning my kiss
Shall be your breakfast
Every morning my kiss
Shall be your breakfast
By afternoon, my curves
Shall become your tent
When the sun sets, goes off the alarm
Lets rock until the rooster crows at morn
Girl, your grace is intoxicating
What if we end up in a love duel?
Reddy, your touch is explosive
I shall settle all dues with interest
- Parvathy dear!
- Aunty!
Dear Parvathy!
Come out, scoundrel!
- He is not here, brother.
- My daughter!
He is hiding somewhere.
Wherever he is, I wont spare him.
- I will kill him with my bare hands.
- Parvathy
Hey, old hag!
You must have heard
of Rama attacking Lanka.
I will show you what happens when
the ten-headed Ravana attacks Ayodhya.
- We gave our precious daughter to you
- Hey!
You killed one of my
men and are celebrating it.
I'm better than you
when it comes to killing.
Wherever you killed men,
find them in the same place.
Get lost!
Greetings, sir.
Sir, the forensic team is collecting
evidence. You are not allowed there.
You and I both know
who has done this. Move!
Hey, get him down.
It may not be our Pattabhi, brother.
For 25 years
He has been taking care of my accounts.
Do you think I wont recognize his hand?
You are going out.
You might need it for your expenses.
Take him out.
Wait a minute.
Sir, we have to melt the concrete
with chemicals and acids.
But that will melt
the flesh and bones as well.
There is no other way but to
conduct the ceremony like this.
Chenga Reddy will do what he said.
He will go through
all our men and reach you.
If that happens, the word I gave
to your mother loses its meaning.
If anything happens to you,
your parents are
not even around to forgive me.
Please, leave.
I will go with your sister
and fall at Chenga Reddys
feet if necessary
And beg him to stop this war.
You leave.
I promised my dad that
I would solve the problem.
I cannot leave in this situation.
- Balu, come. Let's go.
- Where?
Theres something we have to do.
Lets go.
- Where to?
- One minute.
- Grandpa!
- What are you doing here, sir?
Where is Polaiahs house here?
I will show you. Follow me.
Please sit, sir.
Sir, you have come to our hut?
We are here for Ganga.
Ganga has gone to work.
Its time for her to come home.
What work did you have with Ganga?
She said she was
going to offer Pongal to Poleramma,
and so, she wanted me to paint her nails.
Was that you, madam?
She told me as well.
She loves dressing up and accessorizing.
But since she started
working in the mines,
she has lost her complexion and looks.
Her hands are ruined from
digging that mine, madam.
But why? Arent you
sending her to school?
Where is the school in this village?
What do you mean?
There is no school?
What do the children do?
They have to work for a square meal.
Why cant you go?
If we had work,
why would we send a kid, sir?
Adults have no work here.
Kids have no education.
They are beaten if they hold a slate.
We are beaten if we dont
send them to the quarry.
Instead of starving
If we send kids to work,
we get at least two meals a day.
There The vehicle is here.
Ganga is coming.
My Ganga!
Ganga! What happened to you?
- Ganga
- Ganga
Ganga, get up!
What happened to my daughter?
Ganga was sent very deep into the mine.
Mud fell through and she died.
Is my daughter dead?
Is my daughter dead?!
Oh, no!
Sir, this is my daughter.
This is my daughter.
She went to work to feed me
and now left me with an empty womb.
She never played for joy.
She never slept without pain.
You work hard and get me money.
And I couldn't give you two meals a day.
Why were you born to me?
Why were you born to me?
I wanted to take care of her with love
and so I named her after my mother.
But she looked after me like
her son and became my mother.
She is gone now, sir!
Didnt you ask sister for nail polish?
Your sister is here. Get up, dear.
Ganga, get up, dear.
My daughter!
She had a simple wish.
And I couldnt fulfill that as well, Balu.
Apply it now.
Do it.
My hands get spoilt
because of going to work, sister.
Will you make them like yours?
Ganga! My daughter is gone!
This used to happen to others kids.
Today it happened to your daughter.
Tomorrow, it will be someone else.
As long as the material was on top,
we were digging it.
Now they are sending kids
into depths we cannot fit into.
If kids in Brahma Samudram are to survive,
that demon Chenga Reddy must die.
But he wont die.
And our lives wont change, sir.
Where is the quarry, Grandpa?
- Sir, please forgive us. Please.
- You dared to collect water from our bore?
I will hack you to pieces!
Brother, Rudra Kaleswar Reddy
is on his way to the quarry.
Before he comes here, he should
hear that I killed his foster parents.
Send word to Chakrapani.
After all the sins you have committed,
there will be no heaven in your destiny.
Go to hell and tell Yama
your friends are on the way
Tonight will be overtime.
We have reached home.
I will call you once the job is done.
Brother, Rudra Kaleswar Reddy
is performing a ferocious dance of ire.
Dont even venture near his home, brother.
- What happened, brother?
- Lets make a move.
What brings you here?
Nothing, madam.
Its okay. Tell me.
Actually my daughter
and your son are in love.
- I have come to discuss the same.
- Really?
- Please come, brother. Come inside.
- Its okay, dear.
- Its okay.
- Please come, brother.
- Hey, you guys stay right here.
- Sure, brother.
No ladies have come with me.
Husband, please come here.
Here. Put vermilion on brothers forehead.
- Me?
- Do it.
- Whats happening, sir?
- She wont listen, sir.
Get it done with.
I have been watching her for 25 years.
She doesnt budge.
Give it here.
- See you, sir.
- Fine.
Did you get a call from Brahma Samudram?
Everyone says this one thing about my son
When he is angry,
he turns into a demon in human form.
After all, I am his mother.
Only I know.
That he becomes Lord Narasimha.
Chengodu or Lingodu I have no idea.
Send the sari to him.
Do you want to invade Ayodhya
with ten heads?
I am not Rama in Ayodhya
to watch you invade.
I am Rudra Kaleswar
worshiped by Ravana!
I will sever your heads
and place them in your hands, you wretch!
How did you manage to raise me for
25 years without instilling any doubts?
Handing me a one-year-old, she said,
"Dont ever send him back here."
She made me promise before she died.
As long as I am alive
your son won't set foot on this land.
Why do you say that, Mom?
You sent me there, right?
Has your mother ever broken her promise?
But you did send me.
What is his name?
Rudra Kaleswar Reddy.
Can this infant carry
so much weight?
Everything must start from the beginning.
How many times should I tell you
not to add chilies to upma?
Heartless woman!
Do you know how many times
they tried to kill me?
Instead of sending him,
the factionists son,
how could you send me,
an excise employees son?!
Nothing will happen to you!
You take after your maternal uncle.
Maternal uncle? Where is he now?
He is away from us
and close to people.
Why is this so heavy?
Its yours.
I have carried it all these years.
I will take it again if needed.
Keep it.
Hey, Bala Kotaiah!
The maid hasnt come in today.
Fill the water bottles and place them
in the refrigerator. Quick!
What kind of job did I do there?
What are you asking me to do now?
I am Rudra Kaleswar Reddy!
Hey, Bala Kotaiah!
What's the name beneath your photo
on your Aadhar card? It's Bala Kotaiah!
Keep the water bottles in the fridge
and come to Ramya Wines. Well discuss.
He sits on the bench
and says it feels like his mothers lap!
I should have doubted him right then
Will you call me
Rudra Kaleswar Reddy?
Get lost, Bala Kotaiah!
Arrive at the office on time
starting tomorrow.
No matter what the others think,
I am Rudra Kaleswar Reddy.
That's for sure.