Aadu 2 (2017) Movie Script

'The Goat' Part 2
.. The festival is off to a grand
start There's euphoria all around ..
.. A team of warriors has arrived to
win tug of war with all the vigour ..
.. Accompanied with trunks and
trumpets and drum beats praising them ..
.. With courage in their
words and actions ..
.. Even the whole world will
crumble at their hands ..
.. To reach the sky as a lightning, their
mighty hearts are finding fresh paths ..
.. Those who set the fireworks aflame, can
answer the scorching sun on the streets ..
.. O' mighty warriors, who are
swimming across the raging dark sea ..
.. To join the battle where lions
clash, come, o' mighty warriors ..
.. All the brave hearts, join
together and make the battle fierce ..
.. They swing on an
elephant's tusk ..
.. They are daredevils with
many tricks up their sleeves ..
.. Who is there to fight them and
stop them from blazing forward? ..
.. The festival is off to a grand
start There's euphoria all around ..
.. A team of warriors has arrived to
win tug of war with all the vigour ..
.. Accompanied with trunks and
trumpets and drum beats praising them ..
.. With courage in their
words and actions ..
.. Even the whole world will
crumble at their hands ..
.. To reach the sky as a lightning, their
mighty hearts are finding fresh paths ..
.. Those who set the fireworks aflame, can
answer the scorching sun on the streets ..
.. O' mighty warriors, who are
swimming across the raging dark sea ..
.. Flying high with
fire in their hearts ..
.. As battle drums become thunderous
The world trembles in fear ..
.. The hiding black panthers
will run for their lives ..
.. Everyone would call it
quits in front of them ..
Boss" Food?
You eat it!
Eating all the time!
Won't they bring it?
Will they cheat me?
What, sir?
Nothing. I was asking you to eat.
These guys are so stupid!
(speaking in Kannada)
No! No! Get going!
Enough! Come!
Hurry up! Come on!
Sir, this?
Keep quiet!
Sir, I've received the item.
Just reach there in one hour.
By then, let me set things up.
We should make the whole
thing a little dramatic. Okay?
(sings an old Hindi song)
Sing, man!
(all sing together)
Such a shrewd brain!
They have sent it as many pieces
so that no one recognizes it.
It's a game where
our lives are at risk!
You remember everything
I said, right?
Travel by boarding
many different trains.
Tamil Nadu Border.
Station's name is Gomangalam.
Only they would be there.
It's a completely
deserted station otherwise.
How would he recognize us?
Just get down at the station with
the box. They will come to you.
If we get down without
the box, they won't come?
No. They won't come if
they don't see the box.
My dear idiots!
Just get down correctly
at the station I told you.
And, if they give you money;
you know where to go, right?
Don't call me under
any circumstance.
It's the cyber age.
There are chances of the
police tracking me somehow.
After everything is over,
send a message to me on Whats App in
a way that no one else understands.
So I'm repeating the station's name
one last time - Gomangalam.
What's the name?
- Mukesh Kumar.
You fool!
I said the station's name!
Then without further delay,
hit me on my head, make
me unconscious & go fast!
They will be here soon.
Shetty wouldn't
feel doubtful at all!
Hit me hard, man!
Well done!
none of you believed me,
when I said that the crisis that
happened 2 days back, is temporary!
When I said that it's a blessing
for us, all of you suspected me.
Now look! We are going
to be millionaires!
I present you,
Or no need..
See for yourself.
Open m
What happened, Prabhakaran?
Nobody move!
Come on!
Don't move!
All of you, hands up!
Shetty, you're booked!
Suresh told us everything.
Mr. Shetty, you have no other go.
You traitors!
Where is it?
We know everything.
Come on, tell us. Where is it?
Sir, good evening.
- ls he awake?
No sir.
He got a hard blow
on his head, sir.
You know right? If this gets
out in the black market somehow,
the entire country
would be in a crisis.
All our plans will be shattered.
I didn't know that one
among them would betray.
Did you find out where it has gone?
Sir, we cracked his phone.
There aren't any suspicious
calls or messages.
After Suresh delivered the item,
Prabhakaran hasn't called anyone.
What about the people we arrested?
Those who got arrested,
don't know where it is, sir.
Only if he becomes
conscious, we can find that.
See.. The issue is a matter of
the credibility of our Government.
Sir, I know the seriousness.
So go and search somewhere, man!
I'll let you know.
I'll keep you posted.
Come on! Tell me, man!
Where is it? Respond!
Far away from this city, this is
Araykkal Abu from the High-Range.
Didn't you see?
The train has started from
Mangalore with something fishy.
It's always like that.
Not just a train;
even if North Korea fires
an atom bomb to America;
that would finally end up and
blast on Shaji Pappans chest.
Let it come!
After the mess with
the exotic herb,
Pappan is still here with his
old back pain & other problems.
Apart from a slight fluctuation
in his attitude towards women,
Pappan is still
the same old Pappan!
Even us!
We should get this cow-dung
to our village before evening.
Eww! It smells so bad!
I'm driving a cow-dung
lorry for the first time!
As if you were driving
Ambanis car before this.
Drive fast, man!
There's a cross right
in front of the lorry.
Will we be in trouble?
Yes. Here we go!
The bridge is full of those
mad-men! - Sir, a lorry is coming.
Stop! Stop!
Looks like we're in trouble.
When can we get out of this mess?
Hold this.
Get down fast.
What's in the vehicle?
It's manure for Shaji
Pappans plantation, sir.
Do you want cow dung, sir?
Who is this Shaji Pappan?
ls he an estate owner?
Shaji Pappan?
Give it here.
Didn't you come via Marayur?
- Yes.
So haven't you kept sandalwood
in between all the cow dung?
- Say the truth!
Aren't you doing smuggling?
Why are you trying to divert
the case like the media, sir?
Shut up, you scum!
I will decide whether it's
sandalwood or cow dung.
PC, unload the whole thing.
And search under the platform.
Sir, you can unload the
manure & search the platform.
you will have to load it back
as it was. - If we don't?
If the manure doesn't
reach the plantation,
you will be answerable to Pappan.
Then go & inform your boss!
I will answer him directly.
Now you throw the ball, I'll bat.
- Call him!
Keep quiet, umpire!
I'll show you who's the
umpire at the station.
That won't be necessary
now, sir. They have reached.
It's Abu?
.. Abu is a terror
An absolute devil ..
.. The death-God's wingman
who's always angry ..
.. He combs his
hair with a sword ..
.. Chopping heads is his hobby ..
.. Abu is a terror
An absolute devil ..
Who is this?
.. He combs his
hair with a sword ..
.. Chopping heads is his hobby ..
Pappan isn't there?
- Leave me, sir.
ls Shaji Pappan required
for such cow dung cases, sir?
Am I not enough?
- And who are you?
It's good that you know.
I am..
Araykkal Abu.
Just ask them.
Even if you ask us,
he is Araykkal Abu.
just leave Shaji Pappans
boys and his lorry.
Are you teaching justice
to the police, you rascal?
Don't do that, sir.
You'll be damned!
'Shaji Pappan
How dare you hold my hand!
- Sir, you're playing with fire!
.. Even Haji Mastan would salute
the brave and mighty Shaji Pappan ..
.. Even an atom bomb would defuse on
its own at the sight of Shaji Pappan ..
.. Even Haji Mastan would salute
the brave and mighty Shaji Pappan ..
.. Even an atom bomb would defuse on
its own at the sight of Shaji Pappan ..
ls Pappan coming from Sabarimala?
.. Pappan is our darling
Pappan is our wealth ..
These are my boys, sir.
This is just manure, right?
Leave it.
Who are you to decide that?
If someone touches Pappan,
then Pappan will
decide his destiny!
Kill him, Pappan!
Pappan, I just said
that out of excitement!
Run for your lives!
Or Pappan will throw all of you
to the water. - Really?
I swear!
- Then let's scram!
Sir, you know swimming, right?
- Hey!
What did you think?
That Pappan is a
third rate smuggler?
My forefathers conquered mountains,
fought wars with wild
animals & yielded gold!
When did that happen?
That has happened!
- Really?
So, me and my boys who
have such a history;
we needn't make a living
by smuggling sandalwood!
Swim hard!
Even alligators wouldn't
want your stinking blood!
We will wait at the station.
You heard me?
I just remembered.
There's a small problem.
What? Give me some water.
Shajiyetta, we're in dire
need of money now, right?
When are we not?
Tug of war matches are
not happening, right?
When Abukka told us, we
also thought it's right.
In the lorry, below the cow dung,
there is a little sandalwood.
Very little.
We kept it to get rid
of the cow dung stink.
Do you need a rope or something?
Get lost!
I'll get you later.
Oh God!
What atrocity have you done, Cleetus?
I was feeding the goats peacefully.
For trying to smuggle sandalwood,
and trying to kill the duty officer
SI Pradeep Kumar who stopped them;
by throwing him to the dam
from the Kambanamedu bridge;
Pannimattathil Shaji Pappan
is accused in these cases.
Bail is allowed for the accused with the
guarantee of Rs. 50,000 and 2 persons.
And the court orders him to go and sign
at the local police station every Monday;
and not to leave the district
without the permission of the court,
until the trial is completed.
The date of the trial
will be announced soon.
- Yes!
Oh my God! Terrorist!
Don't run, Aashaan!
I won't run!
So it was you?
I had told them never
to permit you inside.
They didn't let me in.
So ljumped the wall and came in.
Please help me!
Sir, I'm feeling cold.
Get out!
Bloody gunman!
- Yes sir.
.. A thousand people will rise
from every drop of blood ..
Don't make me talk about what happened in
the name of the protest behind the bush!
Who got irritated when I said that?
That's the traditional
style of this PP Shashi.
Let them come.
Even if all the media
comes, I will say 'Get out';
and stand rock strong like a
baton tank. That's this PP Shashi.
That's our party's new slogan.
Tell them!
My cap!
Your trap!
When I became a minister, the first
thing I enquired for, was your cap.
That has been on my table as
a paperweight for a long time;
and it will remain there
for a lot more time.
What's that sacred
mark on your forehead?
It looks like the party symbol!
Drink it!
The party workers and villagers
squeezed the juice out of me.
It was me who sent them.
I was sure about that.
This is the 17th time,
that I've been trying to meet you at
the minister's office & your house.
I can't live without my cap!
Oh Revolutionary Lion!
Please help me!
Help me!
My enemies are on the
rise at the High Range.
The other day someone threw
the Anangappara SI to the dam.
Apart from me throwing something
to feed the fish in the dam,
I don't like anyone else
throwing even a stone to the dam!
I need a slave there!
- Aashaan!
I am that slave, Aashaan!
I will take very good
care of you and your boys!
Don't ditch me, sir! Please!
When I asked him
decently, he was arrogant.
The arrogance that
he became a minister.
Finally, I locked
the door of that room.
Without understanding anything,
he sat there like a scared kitten;
our Home Minister.
PP Shashi.
I kept the gun I had
with me on his table.
Then just one dialogue!
But wasn't your gun seized while
you were suspended? - Yes.
Then which is this gun?
A new gun which I
got to kill your dad!
Listen to the story, rascal!
PC, just tell him about me.
I told him, sir. He
might have forgotten.
What is this?
So where did we stop?
- Fire!
No. Gun!
Yes. The gun!
Then I said,
You can make one choice;
Either I will leave
the room with my cap;
or else, my bullet
will pierce your chest!
You can decide what you
want among these two.
Everyone got scared.
Silence all around.
An eerie silence.
Oh God! The party men!
Oh God! This trouble-maker?
What's up, sir? You've become dark.
Sir, I've come to
submit my signature.
To come here and sign in the
morning, have you joined the police?
Not that, sir.
The ex SI Pradeep Kumar Sir;
I had thrown him into the dam..
That's how this case happened.
They asked me to come & sign.
Shall I make him sign, sir?
Let's sign?
- Ya.
What's that? A mountain?
No. It's a shoe.
- Shoe, it seems.
Still going on with tug
of war & messing around?
Tug of war is like
oxygen for us, sir.
No messing around.
Actually I didn't do anything to that
sir. He tripped & fell into the water.
If so, then good for you!
Or I'll remove your
spine & make a Lathi.
I know that, sir.
Come here & sign every week; and
you cannot leave the district!
Then I'll give the signs
for 6 months, now itself!
Isn't that a good idea, sir?
- No.
You can't do that, Pappan.
- I can't?
Okay then.
- Get going!
What's this? A hippo?
- Yes?
He's showing disrespect towards me.
We should lock him as soon as
possible and teach him to respect me.
Why is she shouting like this?
Stop shouting!
Shaji Pappan!
Not smuggling sandalwood today?
- Why do you need sandalwood?
To cremate your father?
Bloody scum-bag!
Lost the mood to
sit idle as well.
Oh! You?
I thought it was my mom!
What is it?
To mend that jackfruit tree.
You just sit here ogling all the time!
Get up & come!
Poor thing.
I should have killed it &
eaten it back then itself.
.. An adorable goat ..
.. A sweet goat ..
Your kids are so greedy!
Shall I get them butchered?
These are the only earning
members of this house.
And you want to kill them?
- That's true.
Hey! Where's the money that you got
by selling milk & that little goat?
I won't give you a
single penny from that.
I've put it in a piggy bank
to buy a Honda Activa.
I don't need it even otherwise.
What all offers you
made back then!
I'll give it!
Stop shouting.
'Rachel dear, your father, that
is my brother Thomas Pappan;
just because he left you
& mom, don't worry.
This Shaji Pappan is
there for you, right?'
Even when my mom left, you said
that you'll be there for me!
After making all these claims, have
you bought even a Churidar for me?
I need money for that, right?
- Money!
Now you need me to take care
of your mom, these goats;
and to apply hot
bags on your back.
You're so useless to
everyone around you, Pappan!
I'll slice you!
Wait & watch!
To kill your sarcasm, I'll
snatch a huge deal soon enough!
You're mocking me too much.
I'll show you!
- I've heard this a lot.
There's a great deal!
God is great! He brought a
deal right when I said it.
What deal is it, my boy?
Come! Come!
(reading it all wrong)
Even the ex-Minister will
read it better than this.
Who's that?
- Give it here.
It's from the Centre.
Pannimattath Varkey
Pappans son Shaji Pappan.
ls this the Bible?
Read properly!
Since it is the Panchayat that has
given the property for the club,
if 'Winner's Club' becomes
inactive anytime,
or if the building
is not refurbished;
the Panchayat has the rights to seize
the building back and demolish it;
and since the current condition
of the club is pathetic;
the maximum time for refurbishing and
renovating the club will be one month;
This is the Panchayat Ruling
Committee's decision.
If the renovation work is not
completed within one month,
the Panchayat will seize back the
property that was given to start the club.
From President Uthup.
ls this the bumper you brought?
This is a seizure!
Then there will be
drum rolls and all, right?
What do I do now, Jesus?
Shajiyetta, he came and checked
out the club in the morning.
ls this why he asked to give it
directly to Pappan without opening?
Mom, tea!
Don't call her.
That hag will come here!
Go ask your mom to make it.
All the useless fellows have
gathered early in the morning?
What is it?
I heard you shouting that
there's some big bumper!
The Panchayat is going to give us an
award seeing the functioning of our club.
Angangapara Village Panchayat
That's enough.
You look handsome.
Wear a little extra.
Let the rips be rosy.
Little devil!
It's blasphemy anyway.
After your parents left
you at the convent,
you created a fight there
and hit a nun on her chin;
and came back home now.
And because of that,
I won't allow any good alliance
for her not just from this village,
but any other villages too.
I mean, I don't think
any would come.
Right, Antony?
- Of course!
I'm going to tell everything
about me very frankly.
I got both my daughters
married off to good families.
Moreover, I have around 6O acres
and many shops in my name.
And I have a great hold in
politics, right Antony?
No liabilities at all!
Then, shall I ask you something?
Can you get her married to me?
It's good that you
get them married!
Especially since Marcose
Chet-tan isn't well now;
After the marriage, I will be
there for everything, right?
What's there to think
about, Sister?
It's the neighbours who have a
complaint because Uthup is unmarried.
Especially women!
It's out of love!
You didn't have tea.
- No. I have diabetes.
Then some mixture?
- No way! Blood pressure!
What more do you need?
Get them married!
Let the children live happily!
Right dear?
Everyone would be
eating inside, right?
All you can think
about is food, right?
Here they come!
He's wearing a wig, Shajiyetta!
Hold me!
Don't you know that I have Arthritis?
- Looks like he is on old age pension.
Get down carefully.
Looks like he's very healthy!
Ya right! I've heard that
he studied with Gandhiji.
Aunty, Namaste.
I haven't forgotten
about the toilet.
Oh! All the losers are here?
What's up, Shaji?
I wanted to meet you.
What's the matter?
About the club...
Forget about it.
That's not going to happen!
you should talk to that
girl and make her agree.
You're neighbours, right?
After the marriage, even we
will be neighbours, right?
We should have a blast!
If that happens,
I will sort out all the
issues of your club.
Start the car!
If so, then why don't you
get that done, Pappan?
Let's get Stella Chechi
married to Pappan.
The wounds from his first
marriage are still fresh.
Anyway, marriage & family life is
not meant for such jobless people!
Pappan, don't be sad!
Just like Mohanlal walks
away in Kireedam.
Pappan became really sad.
(Sad song from
Mohanlals Kireedam)
We were all sad that we would also
have to sing sad songs with Shajiyettan,
and live in grief hereafter;
That's when it came on a cycle.
Wow! Exactly like Mammootty!
What is this?
What's that?
ls it a notice for
the next seizure?
What more can they seize from here?
- Let me read it.
Mahindra Baahubali!
Mahendra Baahubali?
Give it here!
Don't know to read also!
It's in English!
- Give it back!
Will Pappan get it?
It's an international
Covers all of India.
They have invited only our
team through a special letter.
The registration fees
itself is 50,000 Rupees.
Then training, food, costumes;
All that would cost
quite an amount.
But if we win,
we will get a cup made
with half kilo of gold.
Cup made of half kilo gold?
So how many sovereigns
would it be?
Should be around 50.
That's great.
Of course!
If all of us pull strongly,
the cup will be in our hands.
Then who will you be?
A princess!
- Get lost!
But you should help us by
giving us a lot of money!
By God's grace, I don't
have any money, right?
So you should help me
for one last time, mom!
H ow?
Our house's documents,
can be mortgaged.
How does that sound?
You want my house's documents
for your useless club?
What is this? Shadow play?
- Run! Run!
Get that shorty too!
- ls this a modern play?
Don't hit there.
I have to get married.
- Run!
- I will kill you today!
Even though mom objected,
I finally managed it.
Did she give it?
What mom gave is seen
on this forehead.
She didn't give it, man!
I stole the documents smoothly.
In it's place, I kept
a colour photocopy.
That was a great idea, Shajiyetta.
Dude, there's only
half an acre of land.
If we lose that, we'll
lose everything.
We will win, Shajiyetta!
We will get the club back as well!
God, protect this poor smuggler!
Oh God!
lkka, 5-6 people have come
to meet you today as well.
Oh God!
The document is fine.
It's original.
I will give you Rs. 2 Lakhs.
And one more thing.
- What?
My interest rate
is slightly high.
Of course.
When the time period is over,
you should bring me Rs. 2,150,000.
Or else, one of my wives
will reach your house.
What's wrong with that?
No problem!
But there aren't many facilities.
Just tell her.
After that, me and Ponnappan will
reach there with 2 beds and pillows.
What say?
" No!
So, mercy and extra time;
don't expect these two
things from Abdullah.
I don't expect it.
That's why I came here itself.
Pappan, don't care
about the documents.
Tug of war is more
important for us.
You bloody..
Then accept the
money auspiciously.
Give it.
- You shouldn't take it.
Oh God! Please help me
pay this back on time!
I hope he's never
able to pay it back!
Well, it's a prayer
that us loan-sharks do.
You have prayers for
cheating as well?
Okay then!
Carry on!
Look who's here!
I'll sort this out.
Your husband is still in Dubai, right?
- No. He's at home.
ls that so?
Why did he come back?
Shout! Shout!
Shout loudly!
Your throats will turn sore, but
this Uthup will not resign!
Resign, you shameless fellow.
- Long Live!
Resign, man!
- That was awesome.
Who's this?
Hey Man!
If it's about the
club, it won't happen!
You have only two weeks more.
Get down from the Jeep.
It's okay. I'm safe.
It's not about the club.
- Then?
About your marriage..
What's happening?
Did you talk to her?
Shajiyettan took a lot of effort
and trouble to make her agree.
But how do we talk about this
without having a couple of drinks?
Shall we drink?
- Not just a couple!
Let's have four!
I am going crazy with
happiness, Pappan!
Even for us!
Let's do one thing then.
Let's go to our bar.
Uth u p sir, awesome!
- Shall I fix one more?
Enough. Six drinks is my limit.
And I don't like people who
drink without control.
Tell me the matter.
Even though she's slightly sad,
she finally agreed.
Why does she have to be sad?
Well.. She's saying...
Or no need.
- Tell me, man!
You tell him!
For everything, that Antony
will be with you, right?
To drive, you need Antony.
So people are saying that it's because
you're not able to do anything at all,
you're taking Antony around
for help everywhere.
These are new kids, right?
They are interested in people
who drive at 100-110 speed.
Not just that..
When you go for honeymoon
after the wedding,
won't that girl doubt that this
Antony would be under the blanket?
He will do that.
- That's true!
Some drivers can't be trusted.
Look at my case!
That scoundrel came
to drive my car.
He left with my wife!
He even stole the
underwear I was wearing.
At least, Pappan had engine
complaint. But are you like him?
You're older than Pappan, right?
- That's true.
Have you heard that 'Old is Gold'?
- I've heard of rolled gold.
I'll show you now.
I have to shine
in front of them.
They're trying to scare me.
You went alone and boozed
without taking me?
I have dismissed you!
Hey Cleetus!
- Yes?
What did you say?
That I need someone for help?
Didn't Abu say that?
Turn your mobile on if you want.
And then go and show
it to her & tell her;
That her groom is 'that'!
Ya. The kids say it
these days, right?
What's that?
That's it!
Come on!
Ready! Start!
Move! Everyone move!
Shall I buy a wreath?
- Wait.
Shajiyetta, now it
became truly deadly!
Come, boys!
He wants to mess with our club!
Anangappara Panchayat President,
Mr. Uthup Thekkepparambil was arrested.
He tried to disrupt the
opposition's strike,
by driving the Jeep into the midst of the
strike, under the influence of alcohol.
As people ran away, a grave
disaster was avoided.
Oh my God!
What happened to
President Uthup?
Can't keep it in his pants!
This is so spicy!
Nothing. If I say something,
you'll add poison to this.
Where is this from?
Jackfruit dish..
Stella Chechi made it.
Very nice.
It's not so nice. It's too spicy.
And too much of cumen.
I like the spice
since yesterday.
You hit me with the bowl on my
head, right? It's still paining!
I was looking for a shovel.
You're lucky that I got
only that bowl in hand.
I'm going to sell her.
Do you want?
He wants to mortgage
our house documents!
You could've given it, right?
She will kill me
with these curses.
Oh God! Would there be anyone in this
world who's more hopeless than me?
What's your name?
- Paily. Dragon Paily.
You were the one who
named me, Dude Sir.
Such a lousy name!
Yes boys.
Finally we reached.
The bananas would've fallen now.
My banana was crushed.
Come on boys! Let's get down.
What? No money?
That's what my brother said, sir.
Did you think that I'm a Vahanam
(vehicle) that comes for free?
The Vahanam that collects money!
The name is Mayilvahanam!
Go ask him;
does he need his hands
to cut vegetables, or not?
Get going!
Salaam Alaikum, Sulaimaan!
Wa Alaikum Salaam! What is it, sir?
Stay there.
I will come there.
Maan, Maan!
Haven't I told you a 1000 times?
That if you go to the market, don't ogle
around too much, and come back fast?
What happened to him?
Brother, is he dead?
He'll kill everyone around him!
Clean the dishes & start
making Parottas! Go!
Take your cap as well!
Where is the dough?
The dough is missing!
Malayalis ask for work first,
and once we give them the job,
they try to work against us!
You continue eating.
This is all an entertainment.
2 Parottas parcel, please!
MY fate!
Dude sir..
- Yes!
Dude sir..
- Yes.
Give some of that.
Was this his actual job?
There's no water in the pipe.
We have to get it from the well.
Dude, why do you need to do this?
Shall we put him nicely into
that stove and escape, Dude?
And go where?
We came looking for the
Neelakoduveli herb,
and boss died over there.
If we go to Bangkok now,
they will shoot us to death!
And if we have to go to Kenna,
Kerala Police will bash us up like crazy.
- Definitely!
So until this operation is over,
this will be our base.
Understood, Mr. Bull Paily?
Dragon Paily!
Whatever Paily it is!
You're the one who introduced
me to that 'Ganja' Soman;
and that's when this started.
Still I'm doing a bad job, man!
Shall I help you?
Get lost! Go to work!
I'm lucky that he
didn't have his gun.
What's the noise there?
Nothing, sir.
I was just talking to the
dishes & cleaning them!
Come here, man!
- Coming!
Boys, be careful. Okay?
What is this?
Come here, man!
- Coming!
You scared me!
Don't make noise.
'Bank of Tamil Nadu'
Slice him to death! Go!
Nothing, sir. This
dough is a little tight..
Only Dude sir can beat
him at his own game!
Don't get me in trouble.
Make Parottas, you idiot!
.. Excitement builds
up like fire ..
.. All over our nerves ..
We got a new guy instead of Rohith!
Who is this?
He plays very well.
Let me see your hand.
And your legs?
We'll sort you out. Go!
.. There's a lightning
in my heart ..
.. The heart is
providing the rhythm ..
What are you doing there?
Throw this mud away!
What is this, man?
.. There are many
friends for company ..
.. We are progressing together ..
.. Let's go forward with the
speed of the wind, my friend ..
.. Excitement builds
up like fire ..
'Honda Activa Welfare Fund'
.. All over our nerves ..
.. With vigour,
without losing focus ..
.. We are searching
for new paths ..
I'm getting bored of counting this!
- Yes sir.
Come here, darling.
You want tea?
They have raised
the tax at Walayar.
ls that even a reason, sir?
It's 300 km away from here.
I feel like slapping
you whenever I see you.
Hey! All this is an
entertainment! Get lost!
Go do your work!
Did they raise the
tax anywhere else?
.. Matching each other's
steps, Without faltering ..
.. Don't step back, whatever
happens Keep going forward ..
.. There are many stairs
throughout the path ..
.. Don't retreat Go forward
together with vigour ..
.. If this works out, you'll
have an fortune in hand ..
.. If not, what could happen? ..
.. Let us just try
once. Come on ..
.. Like a flame of light, you should
be all over the path, leading me ..
.. Always with me,
as my strength ..
Bro, mud is falling on my face.
- Mud.
On your face?
- Ya.
I sold the car I had,
and bought Bermudas
to go to Bangkok;
and this is my fate.
And you have a
problem with some mud?
If you talk again, I will
hit your head with this!
Okay! Dig!
.. Excitement builds
up like fire ..
.. All over our nerves ..
What's up, sir? Do you want tea?
Play with your own kind!
Get lost!
.. There's a lightning
in my heart ..
.. The heart is
providing the rhythm ..
.. To achieve our goal,
don't we have to travel far ..
.. There are many
friends for company ..
IVVe are progressing together ..
.. Let's go forward with the
speed of the wind, my friend ..
.. Excitement builds
up like fire ..
- Some salt!
- Maan!
What is it, sir?
Omelette is ready!
You come here.
- Me?
Coming, sir.
What is it, sir?
What was this for?
If I had a joker, I
would have hit a jackpot.
That's why I hit you.
My darling! All this is
an entertainment, man!
On my face? Entertainment?
Now you may go.
- I'll show you.
Okay. Stay blessed.
ls Paily Vattakkuzhi here?
Sir, he's at the backside.
Shucks! This is not going right.
Cut the opposite side, you monkey!
Dude sir, one doubt.
- Yes.
Have you ever looked at
your face in a mirror?
And you're calling me a monkey?
Who is Paily Vattakkuzhi?
- No. Dragon Paily.
Oops! Police?
What is it, sir?
- Passport Verification.
Oh okay.
House name is Vattakkuzhy, right?
This is your local address,
right? Then sign over here.
Okay sir.
Why did the police come?
Once we rob this bank, we
will have lots of money, right?
Then we should fly
to Bangkok, right?
For that, I need a passport, right? I gave
this as the local address for verification.
Then you could've given that tunnel
as the house number also right?
I forgot about that.
You say it only after
everything is done!
Those idiot Malabar is are calling.
Let's see.
Hey Cleetus Bhai!
Fakruddeen speaking.
Hello Bhaiya!
How are you?
Our Pappan is bed ridden with
a back sprain. (in broken Hindi)
Bhai, how many times have I told
you that I don't understand Malabari!
Give the phone to Abu.
Yes, yes! Abu!
Abu, come here. Abu?
Here you go. It's that Bengali.
I've told him everything.
Araykkal Abu.
Abu Bhai,
the medicine costs 15,000.
Fakku Bhai, I need 2
kgs of Kerala Chips.
Fakku might be your dad.
Call me Fakru Bhai.
Abu Bhai, and we need 4
kgs of Kerala Chips as well.
A kg Kenna Chips is okay.
We'll give 2 kgs of
jaggery chips extra!
But we don't have 15,000.
This is a special
instant cure medicine.
Our Fakir doesn't
give it to everybody.
Okay. We need it urgently.
While going to Palani, stop there.
We'll fix the meeting there.
- Okay.
Okay Bhai.
- Okay.
- If it's Hindi, I don't need it.
It's not that.
A special instant cure prepared by a great
Fakir is coming from Rajasthan, in a train.
Not just Fakir, even Jesus
Christ can't solve my back sprain.
This will see my end.
Don't say that, Shaji Pappan.
They said that there's no pain
that can't be cured by this.
A Bengali who came
from Rajasthan told me.
Bengali from Rajasthan?
- Whatever!
How long will you live
with this damned back pain?
Back pain is fine;
but how do we go for the tournament
tomorrow hiding from Shameer?
We can take some
short cut for that.
ls he going to keep a watch on us?
He will have other work,
right? Right Shajiyetta?
That's true.
Even if he's around,
he is not going to catch us.
Wait & watch.
Pull over!
How dare you wear
an expensive helmet?
Minister PP Shashi is giving
a speech at the next street.
He will pass through your street
in 15 minutes. - Over sir.
Dhanaya, until the minister's procession
passes, don't even let a kitten cross.
Stop every vehicle.
- Okay sir.
Stop! Stop!
You have a programme?
- Yes.
Must be some innocent
souls. Leave them.
Go ahead.
Just a minute.
- Don't go. Stop!
Sir is calling.
'The burning of Lanka' Ballet.
Very colourful!
Who are you?
I'm Raman.
- Oh Ramji.
This is my brother Lakshmanan.
- Oh Lakshmanji.
He's tired. Poor guy.
We have to go get on stage soon.
That's why we're in costume.
Brother, please come.
When did Lakshman become a Muslim?
Get out, all of you!
This was your stupid idea!
I told you that I'll be Ram!
If you're Ram, it's okay
to wear the cap, huh?
Come out.
- Coming!
My crown!
- Don't stamp on my tail.
Two of them are
coming out this way.
My head! Some more
people have to get out.
Some more people have to get out.
Shri Ram with a rosary?
Well sir, us Gods don't
have religion or caste.
Only humans have that.
- Shut up!
For trying to leave the district
by breaking the Court's rule,
you'll be in jail for a long time!
- Sir, I didn't leave the district, right?
You needn't. But you did a
conspiracy, right? That's enough.
Who are you?
- Radha.. I mean, Seetha.
Wear your clothes properly.
- Sorry sir.
Suits you very well!
And who are you?
- Panchali.
What does Panchali
have to do in Ramayan?
Nothing. She just dropped in
on the way. - ls it?
Seetha Chechi called me.
- She called you?
And I came.
4+4= 8+1
Ravana with 9 heads?
Where's your tenth head?
I have it in my hand, sir.
- Why is it there?
He doesn't poke his head
into unnecessary things.
He shouldn't!
This is Kalidas.
No, sir. Hanuman.
You don't need any special
make-up for that. That's wasted.
What is this? Christmas cake?
Must be egg puffs!
No, sir. It's the
Sanjeevani mountain.
So big?
Well, with mudslides and
rain, it became small.
It doesn't even have
medicine for one tablet!
And this?
Look at his posture.
It's Jesus Christ.
No, sir. I'm Jamalu.
- Not Jamalu. Jatayu.
Like a bird.
- Jatayu!
You & your bloody wings!
I will make all of you fly!
You're trying to fool this intelligent
Shameer with these ballet costumes?
Bloody fools!
Sir, we are really desperate.
If we don't play the game, my house
& the club would be gone! That's why.
Let them go.
Even after throwing
an SI into water,
you're showing disrespect
again to the police?
I will never let you out.
Okay. I'm not going.
They can go, right? lsnt
the case is against me?
Sir, let them go.
Anyway there's no
place in the cell,
and since my house is being
renovated, I also sleep there.
Except the prime accused,
everyone else get going!
Watch him!
How can we go without you?
You go. I'll come. - That
won't be right. - Go, I say!
India's soul resides in,
such poor and destitute
tea shops and sheds.
The speech is about to end here. The
rally will be beginning soon. Be ready.
Be ready.
- Ready sir.
You're really scared of
minister PP Shashi, is it?
Ya right! Sir?
Don't over-do it. I'll tell him.
So, there will be only one
lion in this High-Range.
The people's own PP Shashi.
Revolutionary lion!
PP Shashi!
Revolutionary lion!
He's just a clown.
If he sees me, he'll
lift his Mundu & run.
He's kidding.
It's true.
- Then listen.
Don't turn it off. Let him say.
He kept my cap as paperweight on
his table when he became a minister.
He didn't give it
when I asked decently.
Then when I got into his bathroom
& held him at gun point, I got it.
Sir, you're such a terror.
Then why have you kept an
innocent man like me here?
I will keep you here.
- Why?
I will take you to the station
& make you squeeze Sarbaths.
And I'll frame you for
all the false cases there.
Who are you to question me?
Oh no! Commissioner.
lam doing good, sir.
You want to abuse the minister?
That too while the public is listening?
- When?
Shut up!
Leave that innocent man you've caught &
come to the Commissioner's office fast.
He cancelled the rally
& went for a massage.
Let the minister decide if
it's a suspension or dismissal.
Bloody irresponsible idiot!
Hey! Under a special circumstance,
lam letting you go.
No sir. I'll stand with justice.
- Get lost.
Didn't you hear him? Get going!
Okay sir. I'll go.
Sir, my mace.
- I won't give.
I'll buy another one for you to play.
It's Hanumans. He will be upset.
Ask him to give it, sir.
Give it, man!
- Sir, can you buy one like that for me?
My dear people, tug of war lovers;
Mahindra Jeeto presents
'Balabalam 2016';
the all India tug of war
competition has commenced here.
To this battlefield which is
the symbol of strength and brawn;
to this war field where blood
is shed to fight battles;
I welcome each & every one of you!
If Sarbath doesn't leave
Pappan, we'll be screwed.
I can't think about playing
tug of war without Pappan.
What if Pappans not there?
This Araykkal Abu is here, right?
Only when situations of
crisis like this arise,
true heroes are born.
Excuse me.
Araykkal Abu sir, right?
I'm Araykkal Abu sir.
It's me. Kaippuzha Kunjappan.
When I chopped off Kaippuzha
Kunjappans arm during last Onam,
his thick blood
splashed on my face!
I was searching for you.
When did you chop my arm?
He made a mistake, Kunjappan uncle.
If I hear that you mentioned this
Kaippuzha Kunjappans name anywhere;
I will come again.
- Why?
Children, win the cup,
okay? All the best!
Thank you.
- Shall I go?
I don't think he knows
Abu sir very well.
Ya .
With never ending wonders
and tricks up their sleeves;
in this battlefield;
spreading waves of excitement;
thrilling the 'Tug of War' lovers;
the all India Tug of War
competition is commencing here.
.. Sing and dance
in joy, my friend ..
.. With the rope in hand,
they are standing in line ..
With the vigour of a boat that
sails across the mighty ocean waves,
as Kings Thuravur is leading,
Brahmas Seriyoor is at the
opposite side of the rope.
Behold! Kings Thuravur has
won this tug of war match!
.. When fury is at it's
peak, it's a game of fire ..
.. Like an out of
control weapon ..
.. Once angered, he's a
mighty male elephant ..
With the frenzy of victory, the
dark horses of this tournament -
Team Sevens Vellukutta
is entering the field.
Here! They are proclaiming loudly
that the gold cup is for them!
They have repeated their victory!
.. Sing and dance
in joy, my friend ..
Krishnetta, Pappan
will come, right?
Hope he lets him go.
- Cleetus. Captain.
Will we lose the 50,000
registration fees?
What happened? Your Shaji
Pappan didn't come today?
He might have gotten scared & quit.
Why have you come
here to waste 50,000?
Ask them to get lost.
Kings Paravur, Winners Pothumukku,
Ah! It's starting.
Now you'll shit in your pants!
The festival has begun, boys!
Look there!
.. We built a raft with just
our valour in our hand ..
.. As friends join
together to row forward ..
Did you sign everything?
- All that's done.
Why are you dressed
like this, Pappan?
I was trying to find your father!
How did you escape from there?
Should I say that now itself?
Shajiyetta, did Sarbath hurt you?
No, man. Where do I change clothes?
- Over there. - I need to pee as well.
With the valour of a hunter who crosses the
forests & rivers, and hunts wild elephants
when Winners Pothumukku
is fighting on one side;
confirming that they will
beat their opponents easily,
Kings Paravur is on the other
side, fighting them inch to inch!
On this battlefield with 6
metre width and 100 metre length;
Winners Pothumukku has won,
overthrowing Kings Paravur.
.. Swaying their swords and spears,
they swim in the river of blood ..
.. Those who hear their
name will be in shock ..
Sevens Vellukutta who
defeated Kings Thuravur;
In the battle between Sevens
Vellukutta & Kings Paravur;
for the last round of
battle against them;
the warriors of Winners Pothumukku
are all set for the battle!
With might and valour, sending
the crowds into a frenzy;
as this thrilling
battle intensifies
the veterans of tug of war
are at war on this battlefield.
.. When fury is at it's
peak, it's a game of fire ..
.. Like an out of
control weapon ..
.. Once angered, he's a
mighty male elephant ..
.. Sing and dance
in joy, my friend ..
.. Sing and dance
in joy, my friend ..
Settling the fireworks
of excitement aflame;
14 veterans who are not ready to
accept defeat are fighting it out;
on this battlefield today!
Here! Overthrowing the
army of Sevens Vellukutta,
Winners Pothumukku
has emerged victorious!
Team Sevens Vellukuta is being
presented the second prize by
Tolins Tyres General Manager
Mr. Abraham Kuruvilla.
At the first position,
the winners of the golden cup of
51 sovereigns, are none other than;
Winners Pothumukku,
led by Shaji Pappan!
We should have won that cup.
That cup is meant for us, man!
.. Play tug of war,
Win the cup, oh dear ..
Hey Cleetus!
Don't get too attached to it.
We have to sell it tomorrow.
As soon as we sell it, we
should get the documents back.
And before that Uthup leaves the
hospital, we should start the club's work.
Shajiyetta, stop.
Don't make me mortgage the
cup for the food we eat here.
Get down.
Price of gold is dropping.
Oh God!
When we got some gold
after a lot of struggle,
here comes the next trouble.
Did this study with you in school,
Chet-ta? - No.
It stinks!
Have it. It's good.
- Chet-ta!
Can you make this dark?
- Huh?
Can you make it stronger?
- Ya.
Hey! Make it stronger.
ls there anything at
least from last week here?
Where did he go? He
didn't have the fritters.
Mackerel for 100, Sardine
for 80, Anchovy for 120...
What do you want, Chet-ta?
Shall I get you some mackerel?
(Sad song from an
old Malayalam film)
Are you doing good?
Who are these kids?
Two at the north are mine.
Two at the south are Ponnappans.
And where is he?
I had a back sprain.
Ponnappan left me.
That's good.
You came into my life with
Christ's mother's name;
and did what Judas'
mother would do!
Anyway, I'm happy that you're
in such a good position.
Shall I ask you something?
Do you want to come with me?
I'll drop you at the next junction.
You'll get more business there.
'Soup Shop'
Or you needn't go anywhere.
This place is perfect for you.
That was a deadly
dialogue, Shajiyetta!
That was awesome.
- I'm content now, man!
Where the hell are you going?
Shajiyetta, shall I finish him?
Leave it, man. He's some loser.
Get in, boys.
I'll hold that.
Pannimattath Varkey Pappans wife!
All of you, come out.
Even the neighbours can come.
Why are you shouting?
- I will shout!
When I asked you to mortgage the documents
for a good deed, what did you say?
That you can't give it. And
you kicked me on my chest!
So you know what I did?
- What did you do?
Tell her boys!
Shajiyettan stole your documents!
I stole your documents!
What did you say that day?
That I am useless, right?
You know what this useless
fellow brought? - What?
A gold cup of 50 sovereigns!
A cuppa of 50 sovereigns?
Not cuppa. A gold
cup of 50 sovereigns!
Cleetus, show it to her.
Let her get shocked!
My documents!
She has fainted!
It's beecause she saw a
gold cup for the first time!
Cover it.
Where's the cup?
Where's the cup?
Where is the cup?
How long has it been
since your wife left you?
2 years.
Get up. Go & stand there.
My mom was taken to the ICU,
and not for her first Holy Mass.
Cleetus, just try and remember.
Whom did you give it to
while you didn't have memory?
Why can't you understand?
I wasn't in that vehicle, Pappan!
And not.
- Tell me the truth, Cleetus.
Where did you go & sell it?
I've seen the driver
who was about to hit us.
ls it? Where?
Who is that driver?
How are you able to do this?
Who's here for Mariyamma?
It's me. Why?
Those who want to see
her can see her now.
How do I go and face that hag?
consider that your
mom's time has come.
Go. Go and see her, Pappan.
Mom's soul will always be with you.
You needn't know anything.
I will make all the
arrangements for the funeral.
She has made tea for you
plenty of times, right?
She's gone, dear.
Are you sad?
Don't cry.
It's not that. The
money for the funeral?
Oh God!
Hey! Don't get a wreath.
That's out of fashion.
What else is there?
- Band set?
Arrange an ambulance.
Call now itself.
And, I have to inform Sachin.
- That's enough.
Even though we used
to argue and fight;
she loved me a lot.
Did she say anything
before departing?
Departing where?
From the time she regained consciousness,
she's lying there upset
saying that she doesn't
want to see some loser Shaji.
But it's our duty to inform, right?
Lying there upset?
She didn't die!
Oh! You didn't die?
Mom is saying something, Pappan.
ls it some last wish?
What is it, mom?
I will kill you!
This was kept to stop
her from swearing?
Shajiyetta! Hey!
What is it?
I've arranged an AC ambulance
to take mom's body.
Shall we take the body?
You take it.
- You hold the back side.
He will be a dead body now.
15,500 in just a day!
Most from the canteen.
I lost the cup, my house and
now, I think I'll lose my mom too!
She's saying that she won't step out of
the ICU unless I return the documents.
It's very cold there, it seems.
- ls that so?
Then we'll do something.
The mortuary is right
next to the ICU, right?
Let's shift her there.
There it's really cold
and much cheaper too.
You bloody..
- Hey Lolan, catch him!
I won't catch!
Will all of you kill me?
-Abu, hold him.
Shajiyetta, you can apply that
medicine coming from Rajasthan!
You & your damn medicine!
Shajiyetta, got it.
- Your doubt was true.
We found them.
His name is Anali Sabu.
The younger brother of Satan
Lasar, who died in a bomb blast.
I'm sure. He's the
one who stole our cup.
But we shouldn't take them lightly.
Under the guise of
a rubber factory,
they run an illegal dance
bar at Perumbavoor border.
We might not be able
to clash with them!
Then come on, Shajiyetta!
get the stuff!
Right away, Shajiyetta!
I will finish them today!
.. If you have a good friend,
you don't need a mirror ..
.. If you are that friend,
I don't need marriage ..
.. If you have a good friend,
you don't need a mirror ..
.. If you are that friend,
I don't need marriage ..
.. Oh my dear Oh my darling ..
.. My doe eyed beauty ..
J Don't come and whisper
sweet nothings to me J
.. Don't we have enough and more
to talk until we get tired? ..
.. This body of mine is
electrified Come to n1e, my dear ..
.. Like a matchstick, like an electric
wire, extinguish the fire in my heart ..
.. Don't look at me like
that with your lovely eyes ..
.. And send thunder
storms in my heart ..
.. This body of mine is
electrified Come to n1e, my dear ..
.. Are you a jumping
deer, or a swaying fish ..
.. Or an eagle doing the
rounds to steal me away ..
.. Are you a jumping
deer, or a swaying fish ..
.. Or an eagle doing the
rounds to steal me away ..
.. I'm a flower that turns shy
with the touch of a finger ..
.. I'm a flower that turns shy
with the touch of a finger ..
.. I saw a rosy dream
in a cold cozy night ..
.. O naughty girl ..
.. Won't you set
my heart on fire? ..
.. This style of mine, and my entire
youth It's all for you, my king ..
.. I'm at the prime of my youth. I
can't bear it any longer, come on ..
.. Don't look at me like
that with your lovely eyes ..
.. And send thunder
storms in my heart ..
.. This body of mine is
electrified Come to n1e, my dear ..
Stop it!
This is Shaji Pappan.
From the High Range.
The cup that you stole from us?
I've come here to take it back.
That's right!
You will take a lot back from here!
This is my brother
Lasar, the devil's place!
You little 'Viper' Sabu,
not just your dead
brother Lasar, the devil;
even if his father
Lucifer Mathan comes;
Pappan will leave
only with the cup!
Then try taking it!
Awesome, Shajiyetta!
.. Even Haji Mastan would salute
the brave and mighty Shaji Pappan ..
.. Even an atom bomb would defuse on
its own at the sight of Shaji Pappan ..
Are they going to swim?
This is what happens
if you mess with Pappan!
Why is he sounding like that?
Keep it properly. Turn it around.
Take out the tools!
Beat these pigs to death!
Cleetus, throw the next ball!
.. The festival is off to a grand
start There's euphoria all around ..
.. A team of warriors has arrived to
win tug of war with all the vigour ..
.. Accompanied with trunks and
trumpets and drum beats praising them ..
.. With courage in their
words and actions ..
.. Even the whole world will
crumble at their hands ..
.. To reach the sky as a lightning, their
mighty hearts are finding fresh paths ..
Come here, you fatso!
Catch me!
Sorry Chechi. That
guy is quite shady.
Look at you standing there!
But I'm decent, okay!
This is a flag hoisted
by Shaji Pappan!
Hereafter, there won't
be any dance bar here;
or whatever the f...
that happens here.
Pappan, I'll be right back.
Where is he going?
Come, Pappan. I've written our
full address & phone number.
Let everyone know that we did this!
That's good.
.. Even the whole world will
crumble at their hands ..
.. To reach the sky as a lightning, their
mighty hearts are finding fresh paths ..
Who are these people, sir?
The one sitting on this
side at the left wing,
is Battery Simon.
He used to brew arrack.
The one next to him is Ganja Soman.
When both their
businesses were caught,
they are working as
Satan's sidekicks now.
A big deal is happening
here for Satan today.
It's some Dubai underworld
on the other side.
When their deal is happening, why are
we sitting here sacrificing our sleep?
You fool!
I will teach you today,
how to catch an underworld
deal, red-handed!
Govindan, you also watch carefully.
Yes. Blue Carbuncle.
It's original. Good.
Satan Xavier deals
only original stuff!
Isn't that so?
- Yes. Of course!
So we've brought the
full amount you asked for.
Sir, they are about
to close the deal.
Shall we jump in & catch them?
While catching a snake, we
have to hit it on its head!
Let him come.
- Whom?
Satan Xavier.
When ljump in & catch him,
you should take a photo.
That's what this camera is for.
Okay then.
- Wait a second.
I'm having second thoughts.
Once this deal is over, we will
be back in Dubai in no time.
Then you would never
be able to find us.
I didn't understand.
- Simple.
Xavier, who sent two country
bumpkins like you for this deal,
is a bigger fool!
If you leave now, you
can at least stay alive.
Don't speak about
the cash or diamonds.
Get going. Fast!
No, sir.
Satan Xavier would
never forgive betrayal.
You won't leave the High Range
after cheating Satan Xavier.
Then call your Satan Xavier.
Take it.
- Sir.
Sir, food.
But we didn't order any food!
Stupid! ls this a
hotel, to order food?
What is this?
Satan Xavier ordered this for you.
Please enjoy it.
Sir, food has been served.
We also could have
ordered 2 Parottas, right?
Must be chicken fry.
What did you guys think?
That you can escape from here with the
cash & diamond, by cheating this Xavier?
You are terribly mistaken.
Satan Xavier never
forgives betrayal!
As this call gets cut,
that bomb will explode.
My two sidekicks may also explode
into pieces along with you.
Oh God!
But I don't care!
So what do you think?
Do you want to explode, or not?
- Step back.
Sir, bomb!
- Yes.
Are you afraid?
- Completely sir.
Then run through the fields.
What about you?
Don't wait for me.
Take him as well.
He left long back!
The countdown begins.
It will blast now. He
doesn't know to count!
Catch it.
Good boy.
Wait there. I'll be right back.
You know what this is for?
For trying to kill us
also with this bomb!
You & your coat.
Take off your pant.
You need only a mundu. Take it off.
You're trying to mess
with Satan Xavier?
.. The highly dangerous
underworld don of the high range ..
.. Like a high
voltage thunderbolt ..
.. Satan Xavier ..
.. Satan Xavier ..
.. The highly dangerous
underworld don of the high range ..
.. Like a high
voltage thunderbolt ..
When you said it was a bomb, they peed
in their pants & gave us all the money!
They peed? I didn't see that.
I said that for a punch.
Then shall we?
Work on the field,
Wage at the ledge.
That's Satan's policy.
Spend it carefully.
Deposit some in the bank as well.
Then get going!
1 000 Ru pees?
Such a nice man!
Then you go & light candle
s at his father's grave.
1000 + 1000 = 2000.
Will the GST guys catch me?
Use the gas-cutter
carefully. - Yes sir.
Once you enter the room,
you should cut the
locker immediately.
And during midnight, we
should burn this hotel down;
break that Tamilians head;
and leave the country
with the money.
Aren't you coming to take money
from the locker, dude sir? - No!
I've to cut onions
for egg roast tomorrow.
You contact me on wireless, okay?
One second.
I've been planning this for
6 months. Don't screw it up!
Come on!
Cobra! Cobra!
Cobra speaking. Hello?
Cobra Speaking.
Channel 3333
It's 3-3-3, you fool!
Dude, sir.
- Yes.
I've reached correctly.
- Well done, my boy! Well done!
I'm going to start work.
- Yes.
Use the
gast-cutter. - Okay.
Top to bottom!
- Of course!
Money! Money! Money! Money!
Dude sir.
- Have you opened the locker?
Yes. I think we're really lucky.
They are all notes
of 500s and 1000s.
No notes of 100 & 50!
Not even one bundle.
Great job, Mr.
Dragon Boy! Great job!
You are my man!
I will cut you like I'm cutting
these onions, you Mayilvahanam!
I don't know what I'm going
to do with so much money!
- Yes.
From midnight;
Tell me, my Prime Minister! Tell me!
8th November, 2016;
from midnight 12 AM;
the currency notes of
Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000
will cease to be legal tender.
Dragon, don't take anything.
Come back fast.
Don't wait any longer.
Okay boss.
Sulaimaan, what's that noise there?
Nothing, boss.
I'm mixing the dough
by talking to it!
Sreesanth is innocent!
Are you crazy?
- Don't interfer in this, Sachin!
One tight slap I'll give you!
He's talking in his sleep!
He has lost his senses
full time or what?
We should definitely take Cleetus
to a gynaecologist tomorrow.
That might be necessary.
Don't sleep anymore.
We've reached.
Hey! You can leave with the van.
Bring it tomorrow.
Didn't Vidya Balan get in the van?
- What's that?
Did they shift the Church
festival to my house?
Pappan, what is that?
What is this?
It's burning.
God, what is this?
- Get down!
Hey! It's him!
Isn't that him?
It's Diwali at Pappans house, huh?
Didn't you get enough?
I will slice you all
into pieces tonight!
Get me the stuff!
Blast it, Pappan!
Come up here, man!
I'm coming!
All of us can explode together!
If I die in a local bomb explosion,
paPPah doesn't care a
What is that? Flag post?
I don't know!
What's this? A coconut
tree is walking?
Lasar, the devil.
If this local bomb explodes,
even this Lasar
doesn't give a damn!
'From the next bell onwards,
it will be hell for Pappan'
Lasar, the devil.
If this local bomb explodes,
even this Lasar
doesn't give a damn!
You had died in a
bomb blast, right?
That was the rumour.
Jump and punch him on his face!
Finish him, Shajiyetta!
Don't talk like that.
They are children.
I didn't die even
when a bomb exploded!
And you're trying to scare
me with a firecracker?
Are we in trouble?
I needn't interfere.
Don't do it, sir.
Good that you wrote down your
address when you hoisted that flag.
I could reach here correctly.
- Escape!
You destroyed my building;
the public broke in
and stole my money;
and most of my goods were burnt.
I've written accounts for
all that in this. Here!
Within 2 days, I
want this full amount.
And you have to come
there with the money.
Did you think this Sabu was just a
proprei tor of a third rate dance bar?
When did you guys come?
There's tea in the kitchen.
Serve tea for all of them, dear.
Shajiyetta, you are
not sleeping at home.
They beat you up, you lost your
senses & you're in the hospital now!
- Yes.
Yes. Saw these oranges?
They took Bastin, Owl and
our golden cup as well.
They took them? Even the cup?
Will they hurt my boys?
Usually they run when something
like this happens, right?
They got scared seeing
that devil and were frozen.
- Shajiyetta!
What do we do to make
those 27 lakhs now?
I don't know, man!
- Pappan,
There's a happy news as well.
- What is it?
Our Prime Minister, right?
He banned all the
notes of 500 and 1000!
The notes of 500
and 1000 are banned.
Dynamo Decision!
In between all
these beatings I got,
how did he have the
heart to ban the notes?
How do I make 27 lakhs, oh Jesus?
I have seen her somewhere.
Isn't that my mom? I was here?
You won't let me be in peace
over here too, you devil?
When the dead Lasar, the Devil rose
from the ashes and kicked his spine;
Pappan was in shock.
But the public was shocked when
the Prime Minister banned the notes.
I've brought the money. Black!
Yes. 500s & 1000s.
Swearing at my dad?
Why are you swearing
while talking about money?
Dude, notes of 500 & 1000
were banned! - Who?
Prime Minister.
Such high hopes we had!
bomb explosion,
We thought life
would be much better;
now I'll have go back to
illegal arrack brewing again!
The police will beat me
to death again! I swear!
Prabhakaran, what's happening?
so Cr, arm.
Make it fast. We've to
send the load in the night.
- Bhai!
Even though it's meant to
trap people with black money,
us fake-note printers are in
much more trouble now. - Yes.
I'll have to feed these printed
notes to some cow now, oh God!
Bhai, call that Suresh Bhai.
ls that necessary?
- Yes.
Greetings, Bhai.
Where is Shetty?
- He is inside.
My dear Shetty,
why are you getting tensed?
This demonetization is
not such a big problem.
It's not a sudden blow as well.
All that's for people
with black money!
You're my friend, man!
This is the biggest lottery
you've won in your life.
A blessing in disguise. Trust me.
What are you saying?
I didn't understand.
This is the new Rs.2000 note
which is going to release shortly.
A note of Rs. 2000?
When did it come out?
Even the banks would start
getting it only day after.
Everyone thinks that a 1000 Rupee
note is going to be released next.
But ten days after this, it's a
500 Rupee note that's coming out.
No one has seen that note's design.
Except for some people at the
reserve bank and few people like me.
By the time that note releases
and reaches the people;
you also print the same note
and distribute it all over India!
By the time people recognize which
is original and which is fake;
at least 1000 crores of fake
currency would be out in the market.
Without any doubt!
Such a sharp brain!
Great idea!
But how will I print a note that
no one has seen , without a design?
I will give you the design,
man! Tomorrow itself.
I'm not playing from the
supreme bank for no reason.
Then what if we get the
original design for 2000?
No! No!
If you get over excited,
you'll be caught.
500 is fine.
You will be the only fake note printer
in India who has the design of that note.
But there is one thing.
I need cash.
Two million US Dollars.
2 million?
- Yes. Dollars.
I don't need Indian
money. I can't trust it.
Who knows when it gets banned?
The price is quite high.
But it's okay.
Deal! - That's it.
27 lakhs for that useless land?
Are you living in some other world?
It's because we need
it urgently, lkka.
When we went to the co-operative
bank, their state is worse than ours.
After this demonetization.
Please help us somehow.
Even if I decide to help, I
have only the old 500s & 1000s.
ls that enough for you?
What do I do with that?
If you want new notes,
you'll have to get it printed.
You go & bring the money
to get your documents back.
Or else you'll lose
your house, Shaji!
I swear on lkka. Right?
What is this?
Then come and sit
on my lap! Come on!
Get out!
What are you doing? Come here.
- So everything went well?
He has a good heart. That's
why he's on a wheelchair.
ls it all true?
Don't tempt me unnecessarily!
Xavier, have I ever lied to you?
Have I?
- No.
I will get the stuff
by midnight today.
That's why I took a
late flight last night,
travelled 4.5 hours by car
and came to this High Range.
What do I gain by helping
Shettys and Marvvadis make money?
Tell me more.
I will send that thing through
2 of my guys, tonight itself.
In a local train.
- In a local train?
Yes. That is the safe route.
High tech smuggling
can be tracked easily.
For such deals, such local set-ups are
better, so that no one suspects anything.
And which is a railway station
without much crowd, close by?
It's a station just
for the sake of it.
No one boards or
alights from there.
Both of you should be there itself.
Xavier, you shouldn't go.
Just send them.
3 million Dollars.
That's the price of this mould.
You should send it with my
guys who are bringing the stuff.
3 Million Dollars.
Rs. 18 crores?
18 crores?
- Do you need it in Dollars itself?
So, cheers!
A money mint worth crores & crores?
This is how the money mint
mould of the new Rs.5OO note,
which was meant for some fake
currency guy Shetty, in Mangalore;
started off to Gomangalam for Satan
Xavier, after passing through many hands.
Lasar sir.
It's me. Shaji Pappan.
What is it?
I needed a little more time;
After this demonetization,
no one has cash with them.
Shajiyetta, he's not saying anything.
- He must be thinking.
Sachin is also like this. He'll take
a decision only after thinking twice.
Cry loudly!
Let your Pappan hear you cry!
It's them!
Heard them, right?
New notes;
Rs. 27 lakhs!
Should reach Lasars
house day after tomorrow.
He's torturing my boys.
2 Parottas for both of you, right?
Okay, Here you go.
Hey Sulaimaan!
Work faster!
I'm doing it.
- There are many customers. Hurry up!
Didn't you find any other
shop to eat, you scoundrels?
Phew! Look at him eating!
Dude sir!
You're in disguise, huh?
Hey Soman!
Are you doing good?
- Of course. I'm too good.
I'm in this position
because of you!
Where are the others?
- They are all here!
Are they?
- Yes Come!
I've come with a new deal!
- ls it?
I have an old deal
to settle with you!
I came at the right time then!
- I swear!
Thank you!
- Where all I looked for you!
Where are you going, Sulaimaan?
He's from my village, sir.
Shall I serve an Oothappam for aunty?
- No.
What's that noise there?
Nothing, sir. It's
a dog! A stray dog!
Tell them to stop, Dude.
Dragon, take them away!
New deal, Dude. 500 crores!
500 crores! Money
mint! We can print!
500 crores!
- 500 crores?
We can print. There's
a money mint mould.
He's correct.
Come on.
Money mint.
Come on boys!
Follow me.
Bro, are you hurt?
This is nothing, man!
Wasn't he beaten up right now?
- Dude, I'm also coming.
What is this, Sulaimaan?
Not Sulaimaan.
Damodaran Unnis son;
Dilman Edakkochi.
People call me Dude.
Oops. I forgot something!
Got it!
This is my entertainment!
Hey Maan!
I will not spare you!
Dude sir, so you remember
whatever I told you, right?
I will stop the car on
top of Mookkumkuthi bridge.
Then I will lift the
bonnet. That's the signal
Don't create a ruckus there
by firing and shooting!
That won't be necessary.
This is not like the old herb deal.
These fools won't be alone.
I'll be dealing directly.
That's better.
Shall I go then? Or else, that
Satan Xavier would suspect me!
And, half the notes you
print would be for me, right?
NO, right?
I asked you to wash
the van, you fool!
It's been long since
you had a wash, right?
- What is it, Shajiyetta?
I was thinking..
Shall we all go
together to their place?
And then?
Then what? We'll start!
And then we'll escape.
What else to do?
With this back pain? Pappan?
We should bring our
boys back, right?
You saw that Lasar, right?
He's as big as a baby elephant.
He won't fall even if
we hit him with a shovel.
Pull off some trick, Pappan!
Cleetus, how much will we
get if we sell your necklace?
If we sell this, around 10...
That would be enough, right?
- Around 350 Rupees.
But will they buy rolled gold?
What is he saying?
- Get lost!
Hello Bhaiyaa!
How are you?
- Cleetus!
Good! Good!
Give it to me.
It's Araykkal Abu.
Hello Abu Bhai, we'll reach
Gomangalam station at 11 AM.
Come there directly with the money.
We don't have the
time to alight there.
We're going directly to Palakkad.
And one more thing.
We need new notes.
If you don't have new notes,
even 50s & 100s would be fine.
But we don't need the old currency.
We are.. Will be there..
To get the stuff..
Shajiyetta, that was the
Bengali with the medicine.
They will reach Gomangalam
station tomorrow at 11 AM.
Medicine in between all this?
My dear Shajiyetta, please buy it!
And ya, Shajiyetta;
Even these Bengalis know
about demonetization now.
But how do we manage
this 15,000 to give them?
I am very sure that with this medicine,
Pappans back pain would be cured.
If Pappans back pain is
cured with that medicine,
we can go thrash
them to pulp, right?
I don't have the money
for the medicine, man!
Think about how we're
going to get our boys back.
What is it?
Mom went for an excursion
to the ICU & hasn't come out!
Has she made that her house?
She swore that she won't come back
unless you return the documents.
I'm very happy!
- And then,
This has all the money I made by
selling goat milk & the big goat.
It's all in change.
I had saved it to buy a scooter.
Anyway, it would
be more than 15,000.
Here you go, Pappan.
- Take it, Pappan.
Take it, Shajiyetta.
Get your back pain sorted
and thrash them, Pappan!
That's it!
So you remember everything, right?
Everything should
be as per the plan!
There are 3 million
Dollars in this.
Go straight to Gomangalam
station. Only they would be there.
Pay the money,
and buy the money mint.
And you'll reach the place I
told you, without anyone noticing.
Okay sir.
- Okay?
No phone calls &
messages in between.
Yes. Gladly, sir.
Just a minute.
Paying, getting. Simple.
Go! Go! Go!
How is my tie, Soman?
Aren't you ashamed to wear it?
We're going for such
a big deal, right?
They should understand that
we're not any ordinary people.
What was the name of that station?
What kind of a station is this?
Hey! Hold this.
It's too heavy.
With all the change and chips, why
didn't you put 2 jack-fruits as well?
Will they bring the
medicine here correctly?
Open it.
Stop! Stop!
lam stopping-
Isn't that Sarbath Shameer?
Why is he at this station?
The train is about to reach.
Hands up!
ls this automatic or what?
Come on!
- Don't shout.
Don't move. Come fast.
Hey! Don't say that we hit
you when lawyers ask you.
- Sarbath. I need a salted soda.
I'll try telling him.
It's Sarbath Shameer.
Why are you getting scared?
We are the police, right?
I'll scare them.
What are you doing here?
Did you come to plant a
bomb in a deserted station?
No, sir. I came to buy a
medicine for my back pain.
Don't lie. ls your dad
running a medical store here?
No, sir. It's coming from abroad.
- Abroad?
Ya. From Rajasthan. They will
bring it in the train now.
Remember one thing.
I will always have an eye on you!
- As you say, sir.
- Sir,
ls it true that you
don't know how to salute?
Sir, show him how it's done.
It's correct.
That was awesome.
This is how you make
a policeman salute you!
His respect for me
has increased, right?
I felt that they
were mocking you, sir.
No. He's more respectful now.
Then it must be right.
Sir, he's out of the district.
Shall we catch him now?
You fool!
He didn't leave the district.
He left only the state, right?
Then where is this district?
What is this for, sir?
Who knows when we're going
to see these guys again!
But this district and state...
Jesus! Shaji Pappan!
What is he doing here?
Whenever I see him, I
get caught by the police.
Today also. Come!
Hey Bhai. Wake up. We've
reached the station.
Come on!
How do we find them?
Medicine guy?
Medicine guy?
Shajiyetta, they will understand only
if we call in Hindi. - Then you call.
Medicine Bhai!
Here he is. Oh!
There are two of them?
ls this the stuff?
- Police are our friends!
But Fakru?
Isn't this Fakru?
Didn't you see the box?
Isn't this the medicine,
for the back?
Here! Hold the money!
Phew! My back pain!
Sir, selfie?
- Okay!
Okay then.
Aww! He doesn't hug
his own dad like that.
Get back to the district
before dark, before I notice.
And no one should
know that we met here.
Hey! Which is India's State?
- Pakistan!
That's what. There's
some confusion.
I hope I'm cured at
least with this, boys.
You will be okay, Pappan!
We reached Gomangalam station.
- What happened?
We have to get
down. Take the stuff.
Hey! Stop the train!
Come on!
Don't lose at least
this one, Cleetus.
Idiots. They didn't see us.
Both Pappan & the train left.
The train also left.
- Gosh.
Both Pappan & the train left.
Hey! Come!
God! Did everyone leave?
There's no one here.
What do we tell that Satan now?
We'll have to hear all his cusses!
- Soman!
No one has gone.
They have reached correctly.
- Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Come fast. Don't lose our standard.
- No way.
Look at them standing
with the currency mould.
Yes. Looks like Beemappalli.
We were hiding because
the police was here.
Who are you both?
- Where is Abu & Cleetus?
Where are those sons
of Satan? (in Hindi)
Hey Bhai! We are the sons
of 'Satan'. (in Malayalam)
Can't you guess it through
our looks? We are his boys!
Hold this. - What is
this? - It's a box.
Give it here.
There's one thing.
Drink it mixed with cow
urine every morning. Okay?
He says that you'll
have to drink cow urine.
I won't drink.
- I'll drink it. You get the box.
Only you North Indians
need to drink cow urine!
What is he saying?
Who are these people?
Why didn't Abu & Cleetus come?
They must have had some other work.
But they have sent
the right people.
- What do you want, Bhai?
- Money is in there, right?
15,000 Rupees in such a big bag?
There will be Kerala
Chips in it, Bhai.
When they said it's a
money mint, I thought;
it would look like a big can which
can hold up to 10 litres of arrack.
But this.. Nice!
This is not a mint, man.
It's a design to print notes.
People simply call it a money mint.
What happened?
There's some missing
for this at times.
Ya. Diesel must be missing. Check!
Didn't I ask them to wait here?
There wasn't any
problem when I drove.
Where the hell are they?
Okay, right?
Hey blackie with the box!
Come here.
- Come here.
I won't give this. This
belongs to Satan Sir.
Come here.
- Don't shoot here.
It's some big team.
Give them the stuff.
Come out.
- Should I?
Come here! Fast!
- Or they'll kill us! Give it!
We needn't be shot dead, right?
Say SOFT)'-
You know! It's so simple, boys.
Give me that.
We got it with so
much difficulty, sir.
Give it.
- Give me the box, you black bear!
Give it. He's pointing the gun.
- Get lost. I won't give.
You need honesty towards your job!
What is this?
- Earthquake?
What's happening?
(10 Seconds Back)
Wasn't that a gunshot?
- Yes.
Let's clear this area.
- Hurry up.
Go fast.
- Yes.
Go fast!
- No!
Oh! What is this?
Stop the vehicle!
Oh no! My box!
Give it, you dog!
Get lost, you dog! This is our box!
You're lucky that my muscles
sprained when you pointed the gun!
You asked me to hide on
top of a lorry? You dog!
Didn't I tell you not
to wear sunglasses?
All you idiots are blind!
Boss! Success!
Check it out.
- But Xavier sir,
I don't understand who tried to steal our
money mint by pointing guns, on the way!
Even me.
- Enemies are everywhere.
Oh! Was it them?
Idiots! They must have reached
Coimbatore in that lorry.
We got our money mint, right?
- Yes!
What is this, Soman?
Your dad's street medicine shop?
Check properly, sir. It
must be in that bottle.
God! I hope this is it.
Daily.. Three times..
Apply it three times
in a day before bath.
Your pain will be cured.
What is this?
This is what they gave us.
Where is my money mint?
What is this?
Bring it here, man!
Shajiyetta, look at this.
No need to look. Just apply it.
- No Shajiyetta. Look at this!
This was inside the box!
What is this?
ls it tasty?
ls it a metal?
Should we apply it on the back
after grinding all of it together?
No Shajiyetta.
It looks like some
antique. Look at this.
There's a photo of some king.
Hey! It's not that!
I think this is the photo of
the physician who made this.
Pappan, it has 500 written on it.
It must be 500 years old.
Will it be the physician's number?
- Shall we call them?
You guys are such fools!
There are many pieces, right?
We should put all of them together,
keep it on Pappans back & weld it.
Then weld it on my chest!
Shajiyetta, I can't reach
that Fakru on his phone.
You won't!
Are all of you happy now that we've
lost that poor Rachel's 15,000 Rupees?
- Go to hell!
what do we do now?
- Give it to some scrap dealer.
Then shall we give
it to lron Abdullah?
His back ache has become
a head ache for us.
Get in fast.
- I'm getting so bored of it.
Xavier sir,
I am sure.
Those tug of war idiots
would have the stuff.
There was no one else at
the station apart from them.
Isn't that so?
- ls it?
Where would they be?
They will be at home.
Where else would they go?
Shall we go to his house
& kidnap that Pappans mom?
Good idea!
What did you say?
We'll kidnap his mom!
Or no need. Dad, mom or sister?
Then that hag will
be my responsibility!
Xavier sir,
that is Pappans
brother's daughter.
Instead of mom,
shall we kidnap her?
That's correct, Xavier sir.
If we kidnap girls,
whoever it is, they will
come to us like dogs;
scared of shame. What say?
This is the first time in my life
that I'm doing such a cheap thing.
I don't have time.
That's the only
reason I'm doing this.
You guys 9;
and kidnap her.
Soman, show some fury!
She'll know what the
power of this battery is.
Hey girl!
Don't make too much noise.
You better come &
get into that Jeep.
Rest we'll talk after that.
- Didn't you hear him?
It's Satan Xavier in that Jeep.
However much you
shout, we'll take you.
That will be a disgrace for you.
What say then?
Will you get in yourself,
or should we carry you?
Kattappana Academy of Shotokan
Karate & Shaolin Kung Fu
Soman, don't get up!
She'll kick if you get up.
Boss, start the car!
She's from a badass family.
- Stop!
This thing...
I think these are the duplicates of coins
used by Sultans who ruled 500 years back.
Anyway it's written 500. So I'll
add another zero and give you 5000.
5000 won't be enough.
We bought it paying a lot of money.
Let's do one thing.
I'm not selling it. I'll keep it at home.
- Don't say that.
Anyway, you guys came
all the way here, right?
Don't make it in
vain. Quote a price.
Price would be...
One lakh.
One lakh is too much.
That won't be possible.
What do I say?
I love these old stuff like
antiques a little too much.
I'll add another
zero & give 50,000.
That's fair.
Then add 2-3 more
zeroes, please. - Yes.
Right from childhood, Shajiyettan
was deeply in love with zeroes.
ls it? Why not?
There are already
3-4 zeroes in 50,000.
It's okay, right?
Here you go.
Not 1000 or 500. Okay then.
Come. There's a relaxation
after demonetization now.
What do we do for
the rest of the money?
We can sell Pappans
kidney for that
- We can sell his kidney.
Mine? I sold that long back.
why did he pay 50,000 for
this thing Worth 15,000?
What if it's not an antique? What if
it's gold? Shall we check? - Shajiyetta!
It's an antique. I am sure.
I've dealt a lot of antiques.
Just think that we fooled
him & made some money.
Hey! Isn't Pappans van
older than that antique?
What will we get if we sell this?
- A kick from me!
Come! Let's try to
get our boys out.
What is this, man?
- Come!
Once they leave, get
our special vehicle out.
We need to rush to Coimbatore.
Okay lkka.
Oh God!
This Abdullah thought everything
was over with the demonetization!
God! You're showering this poor
smuggler with blessings again & again!
Oh God!
'Currency Mint for 500 leaked
Country is searching for insurgents'
You don't have much discipline.
- I also felt so, sir.
You learned a lot of things today.
If you pay attention, I'll
make you another Shameer.
Come on!
- Will I be such a disaster?
Aashan has sent me a
message on WhatsApp.
Will it be your suspension letter?
Aashan is always observing me.
My time has changed.
That's why I felt like posing for
this photo even though I barged in!
Now I'll have only
success. Aashaan is calling.
You have forgiven me?
Like hell!
Where's that Kammatipadam?
- Kammatipadam?
In the photo I sent now, you're all active
while that Kammatipadam was exchanged.
The Central Intelligence
Department sent me that photo.
Sir, I...
Don't speak a word!
A team has started from there.
If you don't catch the people who
smuggled it within the evening;
you're a gone case!
Are you complying with
insurgents now, you rascal?
What is this Kammatipadam?
Isn't that Dulquer Salmaans movie?
How can that be carried in a box?
Which box?
This box with this bloody Pappan.
That must be the film box.
Shajiyetta, phone for you.
Jesus! It must be from the
hospital. To pay the bill.
- You bloody insurgent Pappan!
Have you turned into an
international underworld now?
I don't have anything
to do with Lasar.
When they caught my boys..
If they catch your boys,
will you print fake notes?
That too now, when no one
has any notes with them?
Fake notes?
You better stay where you are.
And when I come, that
Kammatipadam... Sheesh!
Surrender with that
Kammatam (Money mint).
We bought a money mint instead of
the medicine at the railway station!
He switched off his phone.
Govindan, park the car there.
Shajiyetta, we have unknowingly
turned into an underworld already!
You & your underworld!
Why are you crying like this?
- It's my phone.
I just got a message.
God! What's the next trouble..
- Shajiyetta!
It's us!
God! Why does it say
insurgents and all?
Pappan, did we become
famous so quickly?
Jesus! I think the
police will catch us.
Start the car, Pappan!
He fooled us by giving us only 50,000.
We should get the mint back from him!
You have dealt a lot
of antiques, right?
I've bought so many Appams
& Curries for you, right?
I hope he is still there.
Intelligence report says that the design
of the new Rs. 500 note has been leaked.
These guys used to play around
in our neighbourhood, right?
Within the blink of an
eye, they became insurgents!
What a progress!
Intelligence sent out
the photo of the exchange.
Isn't that our Shaji Pappan?
Opposition demanded that the insurgents
should be arrested immediately;
and the home minister should accept
responsibility and resign soon!
Lonappan, switch on
that light and speed up!
Then no one will suspect us.
- Okay.
Couldn't he tell us that
it was a fake note mould?
If he says that, how will
he be able to print it?
God! I hope he is still there.
Hey! Wasn't that 'lron' Abdullah's
driver driving the ambulance?
Yes, Pappan!
Jesus! Did Abdullah die?
No Shajiyetta! What if he escaped in
an ambulance so that we don't catch him?
Turn the van around, Pappan!
Turn it, Pappan!
I won't spare you!
When I asked for a place to hide,
you took me on top of a lorry!
We're lucky that the driver felt
sorry for us and let us get down.
Or else we would've had
to get down at Coimbatore.
Now don't bother about anything!
If we see him, I'll just
shoot him to death like this..
I should be blaming myself!
If I had bought 3 elephants
instead of feeding you guys;
I could have sent them to
Thrisshur Pooram & made some money!
Bad idea!
Any doubts?
Dude sir.
- Yes!
I have a doubt.
Yes. Tell me. Ask me.
Doubts are always good.
During the Thrisshur Pooram,
if we display our 3 elephants among
all those elephants, will they get sold?
It won't explode. I
haven't removed the pin! No!
I haven't removed the
pin. It won't blast.
No need to get scared. I
haven't removed the pin.
This is not how you make Parottas.
Dude is over there.
- You should do it like this.
Dude, get up.
Dude, you're not
the old Parotta dude.
You're the Bangkok Dude.
An ambulance is coming. Stop it!
Get up, Dude!
Stop, I say!
Lonappan, what's that noise there?
Why did you stop?
Get down.
- This ambulance is not for patients.
Then you'll take only
aunties going for weddings?
Take Dude inside.
Who is this? What is all this?
Come here.
Please take me also!
Who are you?
No! What is that?
I won't give it.
You won't give it?
What won't you give?
Take Dude inside.
paPPa, go fast!
This is not that mortgaged
bullet. It's a van.
Shajiyetta, those medicine
guys from Bengal are calling.
lkka, hang up. Police
will trace the call.
Pappan, it's them!
Oh God!
Get out!
Save me!
Shajiyetta, that's Abdullah!
Hey! Isn't that the gunman?
Oh no! Bloody village dwellers!
Start! Close the door! Let's go!
Oh God!
Abu, let's get our stuff back.
- He didn't die?
That gunman gave you the
kick we should have given you!
What did you say?
That you had deep love
for antiques, is it?
Here's the money for your love!
Give us our stuff.
- Everything is gone!
He took everything.
In that ambulance.
Ambulance? Abu, get in.
Shaji, I'll also come.
Let's go together.
Throw this thing away, man!
Are you avoiding me?
- Start the van!
Let's go! Let's go!
Get lost, you scrap man!
Oh God! My money mint is gone!
If not me, then no one needs to
have it. I'll sort you out now.
Looks like my cap
will be short-lived.
And some idiots along
with me. What do I do?
My cap!
Why are you crying?
I'm crying because you will be in
jail before I can complete my studies!
Elephants have flown away in the storm,
and you're worried about your underwear?
When did that happen?
- One tight slap!
True caller.
'Iron' Abdullah.
Who is this nuisance?
SI Shameer.
This is an anonymous call. I'm not
interested in revealing my name.
You needn't say your name.
Just tell me the matter.
That Shaji Pappan & boys have gone up the
Kulamavu dam with that fake money mint.
You can catch them if you go now.
Govindan, now start the car!
- Okay sir.
I won't spare you!
But how did this West Indian
beast get in between all this?
When bad times are here, all
these scoundrels arrive correctly!
Go fast, Pappan!
That's an ambulance. If I go faster,
all of us will have to travel in that!
Pappan, stop the van!
What happened?
I want to pee.
I'll slice it all away!
My sweetheart!
My sweetheart!
Come on, boys. Drive fast.
- Okay dude.
Shajiyetta, hurry up!
Who blocked Pappans van?
Get out & hit him, Pappan!
Shaji Pappan!
Come out.
He must have understood
that we did it, right?
If I don't come back,
take my body home.
Shall I order a wreath, Pappan?
What happened, Uthup Achaya?
Like Pirates? Are you
going to the Church?
After that incident,
the opposition
bashed me up royally.
So I was in the
hospital for 3 weeks.
From there, the police took me
and put me in jail for some days.
Not just that;
they burnt my wig too!
Oops! The window is closed.
You should tell Stella;
that the brake failed
because it was an old Jeep.
I've bought a new car.
On they way from there.
I can brake anywhere
I want with this car. - ls it?
What is this?
- Give this to Stella.
Uthup Achayans Drum Stick!
I'll give it.
All of you, get in.
come and get in fast.
Let's go!
He wants me to give it to Stella.
We'll use it as munchies.
Hurry up, Pappan!
Shut up! This van running
itself is a big deal!
However we go, how are they
able to correctly follow us?
That's what I don't
understand, Dude.
Stop the siren!
You idiot! Turn off the siren!
Turn the siren off!
That's true!
We could have escaped
them 10 kms back.
And now they're complaining
that we're being followed!
Bad idiots!
Bloody fools.
What is this?
The van crashed into a tunnel, Dude.
- Which tunnel?
We don't know, Dude. It's
dark all around. Let's check.
Open your eyes & look!
- Turn on the light!
Open it & look.
Did the tunnel swallow us?
What is this?
- I don't want to go to my mother!
- My mother is dead!
That too when a tunnel crashed!
Dude, we are moving again!
Yeah! No problem,
man! Move, man! Move!
But we are not driving.
Not us?
Then who is it?
How dare you mess with me?
Now you'll be making
Parottas for your entire life!
Go forward.
Stop near our men.
Get the ambulance out,
keep him alone inside, beat him to
pulp, and bring him to our hotel!
Most importantly, you should beat
him and turn him into minced meat! Go!
You should have thought about this when
you took out all those guns & bombs!
Brother, I take only
that money mint! Please.
Bro, please give that alone
to me. What is this, bro?
Do you need that
mint to make Parottas?
Brother, please.
Brother! Brother!
Again those village dwellers!
Shajiyetta, it's him!
Brother, don't hit me like that!
I have kidney stone.
Don't hit there.
There it is! Got it!
Where all we looked
for you, my dear!
Please don't surrender me to
those Intelligence officers, sir.
I don't even know Hindi.
I'll catch them, sir. Definitely!
Please give me one hour time.
What is it?
Sir, it's that Satan Xavier.
Isn't that Shameer?
Sir, shall I give way?
Yes. Go ahead.
Xavier sir,
Shall we give way for them?
He will give way.
Never give way for him.
He has been troubling the
police for a long time now.
Even last week, he scared us with
that bomb in a plate. - True!
What more do you have to lose, sir?
Get lost!
Govindan, blow that
horn loud & clear!
Govindan, come on!
- Okay sir.
Sir, they've blown the horn.
Idiot Shameer.
He's making a psychological move.
Let him have a high light from me.
Sir, they turned the light on!
You also turn on the light.
- Done, sir.
That's it.
We needed some colour
bulbs as well, sir.
Then this Xavier will
put an end to this!
But sir, shall we
give them a little way?
Xavier sir, we don't
have time for this.
Why should we wage wars now?
I'm fed up!
Keep quiet!
If I get scared of him once,
I'll have to be
scared of him forever.
Hold on tight!
- You also start the car!
I will teach you today what
psychology is all about!
He will lose this war & retreat to the
jungle with his Jeep! Start the car!
Xavier, this is your end!
Until the last moment, he
will think that I'll move away.
When he realizes that
I won't, he will move!
Here you go, Shameer.
This is your end!
Sir, shall we make way?
- Shut up!
Move forward!
I need to put an end to this today.
- That's correct!
Shameer sir, you're super!
He didn't move away!
Get lost!
He tried to mess with this Pappan!
Pappan, shall we escape with
this? We can make millions!
Get lost, you scum!
I won't do such
God-forbidden acts.
But Shajiyetta, we can keep
it with us for 3-4 days;
print 3-4 crores and give
it to the police gradually!
One kick I'll give you!
Didn't they call us
insurgents already?
So you're all saying this to
make that title confirmed for me?
How can we become insurgents?
We are helping the country, right?
They just need to print half,
right? Won't we print the rest?
That's correct!
We should surrender
this to the police.
Not so easily though;
Two birds with one stone!
You call that Sarbath Shameer.
Let me call that other scoundrel.
Since the original
mould was leaked,
it will be difficult to
identify these fake notes.
Tell me. It's Lasar.
This is Pappan. Shaji Pappan.
You must have heard
everything, right?
So we're coming
there with the stuff.
Not just 20..
Let's print some
300 crores or more!
I have the rest of the set up here.
Come here.
Okay then. See you.
He's waiting. I hope
he doesn't hurt my boys.
I didn't know that your
Pappan is such a big shot.
So we're all the same kind!
Once Pappan becomes
a great smuggler,
will he forget us?
- No!
Boss, whatever we stuck
together is correct, right?
Get lost!
Note Marty has been doing
this job for a long time!
I am the Governor of
Kunhamkulam Reserve Bank.
There's not even an
iota of difference
between my notes & the
Reserve bank's notes.
Shut your mouth & put
this into the printer.
Don't screw things up.
we didn't know that you
were such a big shot.
That's okay, man!
It must be poisoned.
Don't drink it.
Then.. How are things?
The pressure is heavy!
A goon's job is like that.
Tell my Hi to your mom.
- I Will.
I don't have to say
anything more, right?
Good job, Pappan!
This is the first time I'm
dealing with a smuggler,
whom the entire country
is searching for.
We'll have a blast in this Kerala.
We can do all that. But
first let's talk business.
Yes! First let's sell these
tyres and split the money in half.
Cleetu, I'll slap you!
What's happening there?
One minute, Lasaretta!
Get me those prints.
Give me an original 500 note.
Awesome, Lasaretta!
Even the Reserve Bank Governor can't find
out which is original & which is duplicate!
We are millionaires, Lasaretta!
Shall we call Sarbath Shameer now?
ls this the time to
drink Sarbath (juice)?
Bloody idiot!
Lasaretta, there's a small problem.
In the new notes we printed,
Gandhiji does not have spectacles!
Let's go back to our old position.
this is what happens
wherever we go for a deal!
He's getting up!
Sir, the notes were
banned at midnight, right?
So when he was woken up from sleep,
to click the photo for new notes,
Bapuji might have forgotten
to wear his spectacles.
Lasu is taller.
Pappan lost. Sit down.
Hi. You have a sword, huh?
ls it a costume drama?
You tried to fool this Lasar?
Bloody swine!
Finish them, Shajiyetta!
Pappan, hit them!
.. Even Haji Mastan would salute
the brave and mighty Shaji Pappan ..
.. Even an atom bomb would defuse on
its own at the sight of Shaji Pappan ..
You shouldn't have!
.. We built a raft with
just our valour in hand ..
.. As friends join
together to row forward ..
If some blood had
splashed on my face,
I wouldn't be disgusted anymore!
.. The chest
broadens with pride ..
.. The iron fists are shining ..
.. There's fire
in both the eyes ..
.. When fury is at it's
peak, it's a game of fire ..
.. Like an out of
control weapon ..
.. Once angered, he's a
mighty male elephant ..
.. Even the whole world will
crumble at their hands ..
.. To reach the sky as a lightning, their
mighty hearts are finding fresh paths ..
.. Those who set the fireworks aflame, can
answer the scorching sun on the streets ..
.. O' mighty warriors, who are
swimming across the raging dark sea ..
If you touch me,
I will tolerate it.
But if you touch my boys..
I won't tolerate that!
.. They swing on an
elephant's tusk ..
.. They are daredevils with
many tricks up their sleeves ..
.. Who is there to fight them and
stop them from blazing forward? ..
Hey Pappan!
Have you seen an actual dynamite?
One that explodes?
I had kept this aside for you!
To use it if the need arises!
Kill him, brother!
When death is about to strike,
not knowing what to do;
we would stand still with
a sheepish scared face!
Like this.
Pappan alone wasn't scared
He had seen a sight
which none of us had seen.
Mr. Shaji, congrats.
- So be it.
We have found out that this
mint came to you by mistake.
It's partly our mistake too.
We should have been
little more careful.
What did he say, Shajiyetta?
I didn't understand.
But don't show that.
Even though the design
went wrong by mistake,
printing it and leaking the design,
is a serious crime.
For helping us to nab the
absconding criminal & gang,
who printed the fake notes;
and for giving information
to the local police,
we thank you!
Who wants thanks?
- Not only with the police department;
Again? - But the
whole nation is thankful to you.
Sir! I have a doubt.
Do they also have a
part to play in this?
When things went out of hand..
- Shut up, you idiot!
And the one who was supposed to
receive this in this High Range,
If that guy in Mangalore regains
his senses, we'll make him say it.
For catching such a big fake note
gang, won't we get any reward?
Can't you give 10% of
those fake notes to us?
You want the whole thing?
- Yes.
- No need!
For you, who avoided the liability
of crores to the country's economy,
from the Government,
Where would we
store all that money?
you'll get a reward
of 10,001 Rupees.
10,0001 damn Rupees?
This is why no one returns
the money mint. Understood?
Congrats Mr. Pappan Shaji.
Isn't that a bit too much, sir?
It won't be enough even
for Pappans medicine!
And you'll be getting an
official message about the reward.
So Shaji,
Thank you and all the best!
Poor boy.
Hey Cleetus. Where are you going?
- Pappan!
If you guys ever plan
on clicking a selfie,
you should take prior
permission from the station!
Sir, our cup!
It's a mainour. We got
it from the crime-scene.
The case should be done.
It would take 5-6 years.
Sir, we got it with
so much difficulty..
- What is it?
Just because you helped
us catch that Lasar,
who fooled us saying that
he died in a bomb explosion,
I didn't lose my cap.
That's why I'm letting you go!
Or else..
Sir, shall we take all those
exploded guys to the hospital?
Ya. Ask them to collect
them. And you come with me.
Will you give it?
- No! I won't!
This is why I didn't
become a police officer.
Shajiyetta, what about
your mom and our club?
Everything went for a toss, right?
By the time we get the cup
in our hands after the case,
we'll lose the club, Shajiyetta!
Everything is gone, man!
Who's that?
What's the next trouble?
Shajiyetta, this..
- Who are these new losers?
This is our Fakru.
Who was at the station then? lkru?
Didn't I tell you then
itself that it wasn't Fakru?
Hey Bhai! Are they
your Abu & Cleetus?
Yes. Come here!
Shajiyetta, come out.
Fakru Bhai! Where were you?
We mistook some others for you..
- Where all we looked for you?
He!!! My medicine!
What the hell did you do? Some
others came and gave something else..
Do you think we're fools?
- Dollar!
We want Indian money!
We don't have any money!
Remove your chain.
Give me the money or
give me this chain.
Hey! What are you doing?
- Let them take it.
It's rolled gold.
- ls it?
Our work is done. Let's go!
Go fast!
You fool! It's fake!
- Shajiyetta!
Dollar, man!
What do we do with Dollars?
Shouldn't we go to
America to exchange this?
Then what?
Because Pappan has a case,
he won't get a passport.
Can't we exchange it here?
If so, they would
have exchanged, right?
That's true.
Dude, those guys..
You guys are such fools!
Pannimattathi |
I have seen that Jeep somewhere.
I didn't marry for so long
to find a girl like you.
But we could have told him.
- Ask him to get lost.
We'll go straight to
Conoor and then to Manali.
What is he for?
- Get lost!
My yellow shirt.
My necklace.
My Mundu, My trouser.
Some other unlucky
guy's wife, right?
Who is this, Etta?
- Shajiyettan!
Oh! He was your driver?
Ya. I was his driver!
You loser!
Do you know who he is?
- Don't tell her, please.
When I had a back sprain, he
eloped with my wife. This scoundrel!
Are you married, Ponnappan Chet-tan?
- No.
Come with me. He's crazy!
Hey! I don't need anything.
Return my trouser at least!
Return my trouser!