Aadu Magaadra Bujji (2013) Movie Script

Hi, I'm Prasad.
I did BA!
I work as PA with a rich man.
I've a wife and a son.
My son's name is Siddhu.
I wish I never had such a son,
that's how he behaves, watch it yourseIf.
Hit 6! Come on, hit 6!
Keep the bottIe in mouth...
keep it in mouth...
Hit 4...hit 4...
- Feed me miIk...feed me miIk...
He'II not feed me miIk.
He didn't come way tiII he got the stick.
Sound was very nice.
Let me try once more.
Oh my son!
If he wants his job get done,
someone has to pay the price for it.
The way he kicked me when he was just
an infant, my sixth sense warned me.
That he was not my son but gun.
Ever since then I've been
very carefuI with him.
But stiII he's affecting me often.
Catch the baII!
Which cIass are you studying, boy?
My son is aIso in sixth cIass.
Who is it, uncIe?
- Siddhu?
Did he shout in anger or fear?
Why did he shout to make schooI shudder
as if someone burned his back with fire?
I came to pay.
Having such a son...
- My misfortune.
My schooI's good fortune.
Because of your son's good deeds,
we Iaid a road to our schooI,
grew a garden inside our schooI,
if you keep on paying fines Iike this,
we'II buiId a new bIock soon and
have it opened by you, sir.
When a cat was crying after Iosing sight,
it seems rat came and asked for eye donation.
TeII me how much fine?
Why are you encircIing me Iike
introduction fight scene?
Do you know what did your son do?
If i knew why wouId I get
caught with you!
I seII ice creams outside the schooI.
Do you gouge chiIdren's eyes and
seII it to eye banks.
Not eyes that see but what you Iick.
Did he have ice cream and
ran away without paying you?
No, he gave me fake note and
got me caught with poIice.
Since I refused to show him
answers in exam,
he put the bits under my shoe
and got me caught.
He pIayed with everyone here and
used them as he wished.
Anyway we can't get him,
since you're his father,
if we thrash you, he'II get sense.
I'II have my revenge.
Thrash him, boys!
Thrash him...
Siddhu! If you ever cIaim you're my son,
I'II never say I'm your father.
I swear!
- PIease sit down...sit down...sit down...
Sit down.
As if there are no coIIeges in city,
why are they after this coIIege?
That's the history of this coIIege.
If you get seat here, it mean you're
assured of job in future.
ReaIIy? Who got it?
Didn't I get it as an attender?
Are you here for seat?
Baby's seat is very nice, right?
Why does she want another seat?
Buddy, I didn't mean about her seat
but coIIege seat.
Can we get seats here?
UnIess some of them refuse,
you can't get seats for your ranks.
Which rank did you get?
- I got 98th rank.
Boys, congratuIate him.
If we've to get seats here,
this scene is unavoidabIe for you.
Don't you try to escape,
it's waste of time.
If anyone who can free you,
he must have better body than us...
He must match our abiIity!
He must be a gruesome rogue
than aII of us.
Brother! Where's the counseIIing going on?
Which rank did you get?
I didn't ask your ceII phone number.
I asked your rank.
I toId you my ran, bro!
- Did you get that rank?
Not onIy in this coIIege,
you'II not get seat in any coIIege.
OnIy a magic can get you seat.
I don't beIieve in Iogic
but in magic onIy.
Watch, I'II create magic.
We vanished them, right?
We'II sureIy get seats.
Hey, our rank cards!
Let's catch him!
We'II not get seats without those cards.
Where is he?
Where did he vanish?
If you move, it'II pierce into you.
AII of you get into bathroom.
PIease go to the bathroom.
If not he may kiII you.
That's a soap bottIe!
You reaIIy got scared, come here.
Do I've to teII you speciaIIy?
I'II not go, this is cheating.
You'II steaI our seats.
I'II not go.
This is my pant.
We'II not spare you.
If smartness is your weaIth,
it's my sIave.
I'II use it as I wish!
If you're the type to faII fIat after a peg,
I'II run swiftIy after having a bottIe.
This is magic!
When I saw haIf of them vanish,
I knew you'd get the seat.
I'm very happy that no
one rags freshers.
Are you reIaxing for not getting ragged?
I'm very happy for joining the coIIege
which doesn't have Siddhu.
Why did he come to this coIIege?
By any chance,
did h join this coIIege?
How can he get seat in this coIIege?
Did you aIso join this coIIege, Subba Rao?
You too joined this coIIege?
Trying miss the Iion's eyes,
got caught under it's teeth.
Same coIIege for first rank student
as weII as Iast rank student!
What happened now?
- Asking me, what happened?
We studied together for 10 years, right?
In these 10 years from teachers to Iecturers...
- From students to parents...
You go us caught with so many peopIe.
How many times you got us beaten up?
Though you don't remember...
- We remember it very weII.
I didn't join this coIIege for you
- Then?- But for my Iover.
Who is that scapegoat?
Her name is Indu,
she studies in this coIIege.
Where did you meet?
How did you meet her?
Very Iong story, I'II teII you in short.
What's the probIem, brother?
It seems CM is coming.
How Iong do I've to wait?
Do you use Santoor?
- No, she uses DettoI.
Not DettoI, Surf ExceI is best for you.
Is she your daughter?
Then, I Iove you.
No probIem, take your own time.
Even if you say okay now,
I need time to arrange for marriage.
PIease take it.
O beautifuI maiden...
I've gone mad over you...
Wherever I go I see onIy you...
Don't know...I forgot my heart...
Before I couId reaIise it is myth,
you changed my fate...
For the first time you made me
enter new worId of Iove...
You took me...
Let there be any number of fIowers in garden
not one can match your beauty...
You on one side and entire worId on other side,
you're everything to me...
I aIways think about you onIy...
I see onIy you in myseIf too...
Though heaven is mine,
I prefer to be with you...
You're a boon to me...
This is your magic...
Every moment is Iike eon without you...
I'm Iiving for you onIy...
I heard many Iove stories and
I aIways considered it as bore...
I saw you...
you entered me through eyes...
You confused and turned me crazy...
TiII yesterday I was soIo and
Iived as I wished...
Don't know what happened to me today...
Don't know whether you pinched
or took it away...
You ruined my heart...
Lightning...is it Iightning of your Iove?
Leave me free,
I'm running towards you...
PIease kiss me.
Just one kiss.
PIease kiss me...pIease...
I'II count to 3], pIease kiss me.
Kiss me...kiss me...
- I'm kissing you.
Let's rock!
Leave me...Ieave me...
You toId me to kiss you, beau!
Like that Indu who entered
my Iife unwittingIy,
I decided to make her my wife,
so I joined his coIIege.
What if she hates you?
Do you Iike me, Subba Rao?
No, right?
But stiII am I not your friend?
This is aIso just Iike that.
I've to find my Iove first.
You go to cIass and give my attendance.
Why are you stiII here?
Do you know Indu?
Indu? Why do you want her now?
I'm her Iover.
Do you know Cherry?
That girI?
Indu's friend, I know her very weII.
Not that girI, Indu's eIder brother.
Oh brother-in-Iaw!
- I mean brother-in-Iaw.
Brother-in-Iaw in Hindi.
PIease Ieave me.
If you ever dare to see my sister again,
next time I'II use knife.
Breakfast with Hari,
matinee with Raju, shopping with Ravi.
Madhu is Ieft out!
How about pIanning second
show with him?
Oh no! He's too dangerous guy!
A job is over.
Why is she pIaying game with names?
Not game but pIanning
how to use boyfriends tomorrow!
How many boys do you Iove?
What to do? I need handsome man,
a man with good job,
I want a weaIth man too,
from same caste aIso,
and want a man with background!
So, I'II seIect 10 boys and
fix one with most quaIities I wish!
WeII said!
You don't have that chance because your
brother wiII not Iet you Iove anyone.
I'm my brother's Iife.
Since my parents are in US, he behaves
Iike that feeI too responsibIe.
Whatever he does, it is for my good onIy.
And about Iove...
you need a good heart to faII in Iove.
That Iove must be honest.
The man who has it wouId do
anything for me.
He'II achieve whatever you said now.
If necessary, he'II give his Iife for me.
No need of aII that, just teII him
to take on your brother.
I don't think you'II ever find such a man.
I'm sure he'II come...the man who wouId
do anything for me wiII come.
Sridevi, dry the cIothes.
- Okay, madam.
Where is your brother?
What's it, brother-in-Iaw?
I got chided by party President
for what you did.
Did he scoId you?
- Why? WiII you hit him too?
What happened?
AIong with your brother Revenue Minister's son
too contested for party Youth president.
He got him kidnapped to win the eIection.
Now he has Iodged a compIaint
with party high command.
Party representatives are
here to inquire.
Do you know how infIuentiaI he's
with party high command?
If he has infIuence, we've high
range vioIence, brother-in-Iaw.
Anyone has to bow before it.
This is what I'm teIIing you to give up.
This time I managed it somehow.
Do one thing, go to party office and
compromise with Minister's son.
He promised to withdraw compIaint
if you say sorry.
Okay, I'II got your sake, brother-in-Iaw.
What's the issue of fight
between brothers-in-Iaw?
Shankaranna's styIe is to hit
or kiII if he's angry.
Brother-in-Iaw wouId've toId him it is wrong.
Shankaranna wouId've said I'II hit.
How did you guess it correctIy, brother?
3]0 years!
Oh no!
You'II be 50 pIus Iike hero of Dirty Picture,
nobody wouId beIieve you're 3]0.
Hey SiIambarasu, 3]0 years is not my age,
I entered Iife of vioIence 3]0 years ago.
When wiII you quit?
- If you ask siIIy questions, I'II kiII you.
Brother is coming, I'II sit in car,
aII of you stand up.
Brother, it's very difficuIt
to stand inside car.
BIoody...I'II take you to task Iater.
I'm going to party office,
you stay back here.- Yes, boss.
Why are you in car?
- I'm coming with you, brother.
Get down.
You want me to sit in front seat,
how much he Ioves me.
Do I've to teII you speciaIIy?
Stay here.
It seems 3]0 years!
I shouIdn't have done Iike that with you.
I'II never cross your path again,
just co-operate with me in this issue.
I'II not compete with you.
This is the fear I want from you.
You're just brother-in-Iaw of an MP.
I'm Minister's son.
Power is in our hands.
If you go overboard,
I'II cut you down to your size.
I got it.
Can I taIk to you for 5 minutes?
Position is fashion to you
but it is Iife to me.
Whether I do contracts,
murders or hooIiganism,
everything I did was
to get that position,
it is my Iife ambition to become MLA.
Then become Minister....
Home Minister...Chief Minister.
Don't become hurdIe to my ambition.
TeII me, whatever you want, money?
Do you want contracts?
I'II get it for you.
I don't want your aIms.
You can't become MLA,
I'II not aIIow it to happen.
I'II make you resign as
Youth Party President.
Then, I'II ensure you don't have
any pIace in party.
I'II finish you compIeteIy.
I'II bury your poIiticaI
ambitions forever!
I'II achieve my aim at any cost.
If anyone dares stop me,
I'II kiII him.
I don't know what compromise is!
I don't see my girI friend here...
Why isn't my Iove here?
- Wait, man.
Why are you duII?
Yours is the next performance.
What's the use? Whether I perform
or not it is the same.
Why do you say Iike that?
Giving a performance without
whistIes and cIaps is useIess.
Fearing my brother nobody wiII
dare cIap or bIow a whistIe.
Why everyone is siIent Iike
watching Iive Tsunami?
Not Tsunami not Cherry's sister,
if we go overboard,
we'II end up in wheeI chair.
What did you say? Cherry's sister?
Whatever you see with your eyes,
wouId it become yours?
You've become my eye baII and
can't Ieave my eyes...
You can never Ieave me...
Wait, he's on stage.
He's junior, don't create scene
before your sister.
We'II take care of him Iater, Iet's go.
Thank God!
Cut the power!
Did you see them?
They're waiting to bash you.
He's not that worth.
They're carrying bats.
I've brain.
CaII me on my ceII phone.
Cherry is caIIing you.
TeII me, DSP uncIe.
What? Ragging in my coIIege?
No, nothing Iike that in my coIIege, uncIe.
Seniors...seniors are Iike gentIemen.
I don't have any probIem, uncIe.
Anyway I anyone rags me,
you'II finish him in encounter, right?
I'II meet you today evening...
- He has poIice support, don't rush.
Do you know the girI with whom
you danced just now?
I don't know, if you want I'II find it for you.
She's my sister.
Is it, brother-in-Iaw?
- Brother-in-Iaw?
It's my habit to caII good men as
brother-in-Iaw and bad men as rogues.
Is it? Then, aII of us are
Is it?
I shouId break your Iimbs
for what you did!
But my friend Iiked your dance so much.
So, without bashing you,
I'm putting a smaII test for you.
Test? What's it, brother-in-Iaw?
Tonight you've to steaI our
principaI's house.
I reaIIy Iove it, brother-in-Iaw.
I'm Krishna's fan!
- Superstar Krishna?
To teII you simpIy, my speciaIty is to dig hoIe
on waII without a bIemish on waII paint.
The Iist of items you've you
to bring from there.
My house address is...
Postman needs address,
just opportunity is enough for thieves.
Indu, one more is finished on your account.
Don't know in which he'II come
to coIIege tomorrow.
Poor boy!
Why are you feeIing so much for him?
When he cIapped, whistIed for my dance,
I was reaIIy very happy.
Everyone enjoying my dance...
Oh no!
Got shocked, boy?
How dare you jump the waII to enter!
TiII now I'm done with 99 boys!
If I finish you, it'II be century!
I'II get feIicitated.
If I get caught with it,
my Iife wiII become a piece of chicken.
You can't escape from me, boy.
Siddhu, escape from here immediateIy!
Hey, my 100th Ieg, stop there!
Are you man or dog,
you're running without taking rest?
May be you were an AIsatian dog
in your Iast Iife.
I'm damn tired.
I must catch him at any cost.
O my God...I can't catch up with him.
0My Iegs are paining, I'm breathIess.
I think he'II not Iet me hit the century.
What's he up to?
Is he taking out knife to kiII me?
Oh no! KFC chicken!
Looks Iike the idiot
bought it for himseIf.
WouId he offer me or eat it himseIf?
I'II offer you this, be busy with it,
I'II finish my job and come back.
To heII with you, just now I ate it.
By the time you're back,
aII my cyIinders wiII be fuIIy charged.
I'II show you then return of the Dragon.
Now, I'II show him my power.
If he runs, it's very difficuIt
to catch him.
I'II act Iike I'm sIeeping and
attack him when he nears me.
Sir is coming...coming...
How you made me run aII around!
Oh no! My Ieg isn't moving
after having Ieg piece!
Did you add any drug to it?
You finished me, bIoody idiot!
They'II fire me, pIease Ieave m aIone.
You're just a dog,
if you can be so smart.
I'm a man, how smart shouId I be then!
This is what you caII as dog faIIing
for bone and man cheating!
BIoody idiot, you ruined my Iife.
Is it?
Why are you jumping?
Siddhu outsmarted the dog and
stoIe from principaI's house.
Cherry gang is getting the shock
for the first time.
He's the reaI man!
I feeI he'II outsmart Cherry aIso
and propose to Indu in near future.
What do you say, Indu?
Dirty dog, get out.
You eat Iike a pig, sIeep Iike a buII!
Won't you work Iike dog?
If I see you again here...
bIoody dishonest dog!
You showed your dog mentaIity, get out.
O IittIe pigeon, who hit you?
What bevy of beauties!
Fishes in water and girIs
in coIIeges are common.
Oh no, Indu is here!
What happened to him?
He was after you with Iove,
your bother hit him and
he now caIIs you as sister.
Look there!
I'm sure he's here for you onIy.
Oh no, he's going after her.
Indu, I Iike him so much.
How brave he is!
My brother is coming.
Wow! What a scene!
I wish I too had a brother!
ShaII we go?
I'm waiting for you here,
why are you sitting there?
He got us trapped again.
I'm going, join me.
Brother, pIease don't hit me.
How dare you support Siddhu!
If I see you again with him,
I'II rip out your skin.
I was Iiving happiIy in Ac rooms,
you made my Iife turn into drain.
How am I to Iive now?
Isn't there a kind souI to feed me
with chicken and Iook after me?
Car stopped before me.
He appears Iike doctor.
Why is he Iooking at me differentIy?
Is he going to castrate me?
Looks Iike a weII Iooked after dog!
Why don't I steaI it?
I must bark not you.
Am I King?
- I'II show you heaven.
He appears Iike animaI Iover,
I'II go with him.
Thank God, we escaped from Siddhu.
- Yes.
We had to run hiding fearing getting
hit by someone for being his friend.
You're right.
Hi boys! What's this secret meeting?
We know dangers come unexpected but
didn't know it'II come as you think.
Joke? Why did you come here?
Nothing, I'm in romantic mood today.
I came here in search of my Iove.
Don't know what disaster he may
bring up on us this time!
What are you Iooking at?
Once if I hug Indu who is beautifuI
Iike Ajanta statue,
I don't mind crushed under
Ajanta express train aIso.
You don't need to faII under it,
Cherry wiII push you under it.
Let me see that.
Brother, come here.
PIease give me your gIasses.
I can't see anything without
gIasses, brother.
If I use it, I too can't see anything.
HoId it Iike this.
HoId it steady!
Indu, give me your chunni.
- What are you doing?
Fire...it's on fire...see... See!
They're hugging each other!
Cherry wiII come now and cut his Ieg.
When I heard kingdoms were Iost for woman,
I thought those were just stories.
But after she hugged me,
I feeI it was true.
Leave her immediateIy.
If not tomorrow's news wiII be
coIIege Iovers reduced to ash!
Indu! Fire is nearing you.
- Fire is catching up, remove your chunni.
How dare you!
- Stop, brother!
Look at that! My dress was on fire,
he came to douse it.
WiII you hit him?
He's too emotionaI!
What's happening there?
You Iit fire to Lanka Iike Hanuman and
cooIIy asking, what's happening?
You're hoIding it Iike OIympic fire.
Put it down.
Where is Siddhu?
He's arranging to dig
our graves with Cherry.
Oh my God!
Didn't reaIise untiI you got the stick?
Though I got hit,
she experienced the pain.
Do you know what my next pIan is...
Why don't you throw a party?
- I wiII.
Greetings, brother.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
Is it Ganesha's birthday to coIIect
donations to ceIebrate?
How was my comment!
I'II coIIect donations
after I become senior.
Just throw a party now, that's enough.
If I come to the party,
you've to go home crawIing.
After attending my party, it'II take
you 10 days t get up from bed.
Okay, arrange it.
- Okay, brother.
I arranged everything as you toId me.
Cherry and his gang are fuIIy drunk
and Ieft the bar just now.
Is it poIice station?
If you check on TI road now,
you can get hoId of
a gang of drunkards!
BIoody Iife!
You know drunken driving is offence.
But first time I came to know
they make you sit in brief.
Next time...
It has become fashion to get drunk.
Who are they?
Did you fiIe FIR?
- Not yet sir.
First time, right? Warn and Ieave them.
Hey CI!
- Who are you?
- Where do you stay?
Under the jasmine pIant in
Seethamma's courtyard.
Do you know with whom you're taIking to?
Father of mad dog and
brother of Pomeranian.
I'II kiII you in encounter.
Shut and free the arrested students.
I thought of freeing them but
I'II not free them now.
If you thrash them,
if you smear chiIIy in sensuous pIaces,
if you keep ice in secret pIaces
they can't reveaI,
I'II rip out your skin and
make sIippers for them.
Stop them!
What do you think of yourseIf?
You ask us to go and then stop us,
wiII it be as you wish?
Why are you getting so angry?
Do you think we don't have
anything worth to do?
Do you know who we are?
TeII him, boys.
If our union comes to know about this...
Your poIice station wouId get bIown up!
That is students' power.
Give sticks.
No probIem, sir.
- Take it.
What shouId we do with it?
- Don't know.
We've exams from tomorrow,
if you free us, we'II go to study.
Keep this with you.
Come on, boys.
You taIked about power, right?
Show us your power.
Hit him.
You hit him...he'II hit the next boy.
So, pass it on Iike that.
He's my friend, sir.
- Hit him.
Give me the stick.
ConstabIes! Stop it...stop...
Go, compIain with anyone you know!
.We taIked about power and
he took our fuse.
BIoody, come.
ShouIdn't I taIk about power?
If we go to coIIege with these wounds,
we'II Iose our honour.
That's why, Iet's escape from here
for a month.
What's the matter?
Nothing, I had a IittIe bet
with my friends.
What's the bet?
- That I'II make you accept the bet.
I'II make you do it.
- You can't.
I wiII.
- You can't.
I wiII.
- You can't.
Bet Rs.1000 I wiII.
- Bet Rs.1000, you can't.
You said Rs.1000 bet, pay me now.
Just come to auditorium once, that's enough.
What if I come?
Come, I'II teII you.
Indu, I must teII you something today.
Guys! How many of you guys Iove Indu?
Cherry is not in coIIege.
You'II not get a better opportunity than this.
Can't miss this chance.
- I!
Oh no, there many more than
what I expected!
Come to the room, I'II take you to task.
Can you raise hands Iike this tomorrow aIso?
What's your probIem?
What if Cherry comes tomorrow?
Did you see, Indu?
How many have faIIen for you?
But they're unabIe to express
themseIves fearing Cherry.
But I'm unIike them aII.
I feII in Iove with you on sight.
I joined this coIIege for you onIy.
I'II take on anyone for you.
TeII him...teII him, Indu.
Say I Iove you...
- Say I Iove you...
Stop Indu...
WiII you pIy to Sanghi tempIe?
- Get in, madam.
Don't you Iike me, Indu?
Is it okay if your brother agrees?
PIease, teII me.
Don't you trust Iove?
Don't trust at aII.
Then, Iet's marry directIy.
Is it okay?
TeII me, pIease...
Brother, coming back after sending off
brother-in-Iaw in airport.
Where did senior boss go, brother?
He went to Germany.
Are you driving getting drunk?
SignaI is red!
How dare you cross my path!
We're near the hospitaI,
pIease bear it, dear.
Why there's traffic jam here?
PIease bear it, dear.
Do you know who am I?
Do you know who am I?
Come...come...Iook at that!
Come this side....Iook at this!
I think deIivery has compIicated.
If we deIay further it may endanger
the Iives of both mother and chiId.
I beg you, sir...pIease Ieave him.
My daughter is having
Iabour pain in ambuIance.
What if I don't Ieave him?
- My daughter may die, sir.
I beg you, sir...pIease Ieave him.
I'II faII at your feet, sir.
Just burden on this earth!
Can't you understand if he says?
PIease bear it...
Is her condition serious?
- Serious, needs hospitaIization immediateIy.
She needs to be operated immediateIy.
Is it okay to you? Come.
Look at her, she needs to reach
hospitaI immediateIy.
PIease do something.
What can I do?
Do you know who he is?
He's the most feared goon of this city.
Taking on him is Iike
booking ticket to heaven.
I didn't know you're so coward.
I made a mistake of Ioving you.
What did you say now?
- You said something now.
- PIease, teII again.
Say it again.
I'II do anything you ask.
I said I made a mistake of Ioving
a coward Iike you.
HoId this.
Give me your chunni.
Catch him!
Oh God! That's him!
If they're after him, I'm sure he
wouId've had a fight with them.
Even I couIdn't catch him,
how can you guys catch him?
I wish they catch him.
You Iooks Iike buIIs,
catch and thrash him.
Where is he?
He Ieft chunni here and escaped.
Brother, he Ieft chunni here and escaped.
I must see the man who covered his face
with a woman's chunni to hit me.
I must Iynch him to death with my hands.
Wherever he may be, find him.
He's just next to you, instead of
catching him, why are you screaming?
It's best to stay away from him.
PIease have chicken fry.
Eat and grow fat!
Eat chicken Manchurian.
Are you sIeeping, dear?
Eat chicken IoIIipops.
I can't bear his Iove.
He's Iooking after me Iike king
not a dog.
ShaII we get to the duty?
PIease send your dog.
A beautifuI dog is here,
you can...
Get on!
You're a God to me, boss.
You gave me a good bed to sIeep,
gave me chicken to eat,
you sent a dog to share my Iife aIso,
why did you gave so much pIace
for me in your heart?
Okay, I'II praise you Iater,
I'II pIay with it for some time.
Fire of passion is raging...
virgin heart is aIso on fire...
How come Pinky Ieft and
Sinky waIked in?
That's it.
Next is inside.
What does he think of me?
How come they're waIking in queue?
Don't know how many are in the queue?
I though he Ioves me to send
dog after dog inside.
I didn't know he was seIIing my Iife.
When he said duty I thought guarding duty
I didn't expect he'II put me to test Iike this.
If I hit centuries Iike this,
I'II die, man.
I'II give you a shot of injection.
BIoody, don't you've mercy on me.
I was Iike King, you reduced me to PuIiraju.
If I stay with you for a day more,
my Iife wouId get ruined.
If I escape I can Iive anyway I can.
Brother, stop...stop...stop...
Brother, he's our servant.
Find him at any cost, don't spare him.
Get down.
Where did you go away aII these days?
That is...
- I need to teII you something.
What's it?
Siddhu pIanned and got you aII
thrashed by poIice.
Not onIy that, he got cIoser
to Indu in your absence.
Find him, boys!
He's not in cIass room.
- No? Search in PG bIock.
He's not in Iibrary.
Searched in hosteI too.
- Not there too.
He's coming.
Catch him!
Why did he run so fast?
Stop...you're finished today.
WiII you steaI our seats?
We'II thrash you.
Who are they?
- He wouId've cheated them aIso Iike us.
That's his effect.
They're after him Iike race dogs
for revenge.
Let them have their revenge,
we'II give him the finishing touch.
Screams have started,
I think they've started thrashing him.
Watch now...he'II scream...
How come I hear many screams
Iike in chorus?
I think fight speed has
increased his shouts.
Why is he coming?
What happened?
What happened?
They didn't hit him, he hit them!
Let's escape from here.
- Come, Ie's thrash him.
Not forward but backward.
- Leave me.
We're Iucky, you know?
If we had gone there a minute earIier,
we wouId've screamed Iike them.
We crawIed for poIice thrashing.
If had got beaten up now,
we wouId be dead.
For that can we spare him?
I'm aIso teIIing the same thing,
Iet's change the pIan.
Let's disguise as women and thrash him,
he'II think twice to hit women.
As he think we can thrash him.
You're great, buddy.
Come, Iet's wear veiIs.
Who is knocking at this hour?
Disturbing at night.
Is it you dad?
What's this veiI at midnight, dad?
I sought boon of son with God,
he bIessed me with danger in your form.
If I say I'm your dad,
I fear someone may kiII or thrash me,
so I wore veiI to escape
from guard.
Why wouId they hit you?
- For being your father.
This is too much.
- That's why I came at 2 am.
Okay, Iet's taIk inside the room.
Though you've time to discuss,
I don't have patience to get beaten up.
Your mother sent you sweets,
if you take and shut your door.
I'II cover with veiI to go to bed.
Be carefuI, dad.
- ShouId've been carefuI before you were born.
Who are they?
May be victims of my son.
Who is she?
She Iooks Iike a street girI.
What a sexy aunty!
- Great figure, buddy.
We must take her to our room tonight.
We must thrash Siddhu.
We'II hit him if not tonight,
Iet's do it tomorrow.
If we miss the aunty now,
we can't find her again.
What do you say?
- Yes, we'II not get another opportunity.
We can hit him anytime.
Stop! Where are you coming from?
From Siddhu's room.
I expected this.
- How many times he booked you?
Not new, he started from year one.
What? From the age of one?
Why are you so shocked?
I couId bear him,
what if it was someone eIse?
They wouId've died.
- Is he such a sadist?
Dangerous sadist.
You know he's sadist,
why do you stiII go to him?
We know Iiquor is danger to heaIth,
do we stop from having it?
Cigarette smoking is injurious to heaIth,
do we stop smoking it?
This is aIso just Iike that.
That's the Iove I've for him.
If you share your Iove for him with us,
we'II pay you as much cash you want.
To heII with you!
Did you mistake me for street girI?
Why did you come under veiIs?
We came to thrash Siddhu.
After seeing we decided to thrash him
after finishing with you.
Without fussing too much,
come behind that waII.
Oh God! If they come to know
I'm his father, I'm dead.
To heII with you!
She's escaping! Catch her...
This is injustice...catch her...
- No...
UnabIe to jump waII.
Aunty, pIease come...
We'II rock you.
If you see me, you'II go mad.
Aunt's dress is sIipping away.
PuII it.
My bad Iuck, I'm not wearing brief today.
Don't puII my pant.
I thought he'II brandish gun,
but he's winking a me.
SI is waiting for a woman Iike you.
I'm a man!
Looking at your figure,
I thought you're from Peddapuram.
You're from Stuartpuram.
What did you steaI?
I'm not a thief.
My son is in hosteI, I came to meet him.
How do I appear to you?
Show me what's inside the veiI!
EarIier I had pants but now...
- Now veiI!
Shut up and show me.
I beg you, sir, pIease Ieave me.
That's for Iater,
first show me what's inside?
No sir. . .pIease, Iisten to me.
What wiII happen if you Iift it once?
I'm not worried about me but
I'm more worried about you, sir.
Are you hiding RDX inside?
Not RDX, it's worse than XXX.
Lift it.
Is it Iift to Iift, it's gown!
Forget about gown, Iift it.
Why are you itching to watch a horror fiIm?
You can't bear it.
- Lift it.
You didn't Ieave me
tiII I showed you my true form!
Moreover carrying jasmine too,
bIoody womanizer!
BIoody dogs! Missed a good pIan
because of you.
Can I get a chance Iike that again?
Yes, we can't find such an aunt again.
- Siddhu is there.
Stop it, I said I'II take care, right?
- No...
How come he's trapping her aIso
aIong with your sister?
Do you've sense? I toId you many times
not to meet me in coIIege.
Do you know how dangerous it is
if anyone comes to know you're my sister?
His sister?
Entire coIIege is my enemy.
Idiots who can't avenge me
wouId take it on you.
You mean?
They'II make you pregnant in the
name of Iove and Iaugh at you.
They'II have your brother as
haIf boiI egg aIong with drinks.
Mother got a promise before dying that
I must get you married to your beau.
You must marry onIy him.
If not I'II commit suicide.
If he says he'II commit suicide
if his sister Ioves someone eIse,
his sister Ioves someone eIse,
what shouId he do now?
BIoody, Iisten to him.
Don't Iook at anyone in this coIIege.
Don't taIk to anyone, pIease.
- Okay.
Did you see his inteIIigence?
He'II chase everyone's sister in town.
But nobody must ogIe at his sister.
If you Iove anyone...
If we hit him, he'II forget it after a day.
If you trap her, we can torture him
tiII he commits suicide.
That's it.
What do you say?- Yes.
Why did you sIap me?
Why are you taIking indecentIy
about your future sister-in-Iaw?
AIready fixed.
- StrongIy.
It means?
- I'II Iove her.
I'II rip out his skin.
Say sorry to her.
- Sorry.
What happened?
Do you know what did he say?
He says onIy this girI
the best in this coIIege.
It seems she's the most beautifuI too.
So, he insists I must Iove her.
If I Iove her, shouIdn't she
reciprocate my Iove?
Anyway, how can I Iove her without
knowing what's in her heart?
What wiII be your reaction
if I say I Iove you!
Come again.
Didn't I teII you?
O my first Iove...
Is it your magic?
Anywhere I go,
I go after onIy you...
Wherever I go I get caught immediateIy...
It is you who pIays with my heart
aII day through...
You make my heart to do sit ups...
Did you see anywhere in this worId?
The game of making one mad
with just your eyes...
Unknown fortune hit in your shape...
Don't know what's this madness that doesn't
Iet me stay with you for a moment?
My enthusiasm is down in moments...
It's confirmed worId is an unsoIved puzzIe...
Before tasting the sweetness of first kiss...
The bitter truth dawned on me...
I'm in Iove...heart is jeaIous...
Stop it, this is his mannerism...
ReaIise the message or Iesson...
Love is Iike revenge...
Is he your batch?
Let's go to coIIege, boys.
UncIe...pIease uncIe...
Don't hit, Cherry.
- How dare you Iove my future wife!
UncIe...no uncIe...
Brother, he may die.
If he dies, it'II become a big issue.
It may create hurdIe for your MLA seat.
Come, brother...brother...
Come, brother.
Get in.
If you come and bash up someone,
I'm not a useIess guy to watch the fun.
I'm Siddhu!
Are you not satisfied with
what we gave him?
You've come here.
It's hooIiganism if 10 goons hit a man,
if a man hits 10 goons it is heroism.
Not one of you wiII go home today,
come on, boys!
Is it he who bashed Cherry?
The man I never wished to face in this Iife,
I'm standing right before him.
But I was covering my face that day, right?
There's no chance he'II recognise me.
Now I've to manage the scene without
fight so that he won't suspect me.
Is it you, brother?
I hit them thinking some peopIe had
kidnapped my sister AnjaIi.
I didn't know they were your men, brother.
Who are you?
My name is Siddhu, brother.
I take care of AnjaIi as my sister
in coIIege.
I'm your greatest fan, brother.
Your foIIower too.
A fanatic who wishes to you
as CM some day.
If sister is kidnapped,
how can any brother keep quiet, brother?
She's my fianc?.
I didn't know my sister was so Iucky.
Cherry is a rogue, he's my enemy too.
I and his sister Iove each other.
To stop me he sent his men
to bash me twice.
When I didn't have the strength
to oppose him,
I was crying without anyone's support,
I found you Iike God.
Brother, these are not
your hands but Iegs.
You must heIp me, brother.
Since you're begging me,
since you consider as onIy hope,
I'II heIp you.
If Cherry crosses your path again,
I'II kiII him.
Come on, boys.
Why are you crying?
Siddhu is responsibIe for
your brother's condition.
Since your brother is stopping him from
coming after you, he got him beaten up.
He got us beaten up by CI
to stop us from coming to coIIege.
To get rid of Cherry, he Iied Shankaranna's
fianc? AnjaIi as his sister,
he made him faII for her and
pIanned to get him kiIIed by Shankaranna.
By God's grace he got saved.
If not...
Why did you come here?
To see if my brother is aIive or dead?
Why do you ask Iike that?
I know everything about
how you cheated us.
Love must be got with honesty
not with Iies.
I didn't Iie to you, I Iied for you onIy.
For your Iove.
That's my bad Iuck.
TiII now when he hit others,
I mistook him.
Now I reaIised that he did that
to save me from peopIe Iike you.
It wasn't my mistake, Indu.
You did everything wantonIy.
You'II do anything and say anything
for your seIfish ends.
My brother is fighting death
now because of you.
My Iife's biggest mistake is to Iove you.
Never again show up before me.
No, Indu...pIease Iisten to me...
AnjaIi, pIease eat IittIe...pIease...
Mother, I can't Iive without Cherry.
PIease send me to Cherry, mother.
My brother is obstinate fooI!
He'II appIaud if you do what he Iikes
if not he'II kiII you.
Your father too doesn't have
the courage to go against him.
PIease do something, mother.
Why are you refusing to eat, dear?
I don't want, uncIe.
No probIem, have IittIe.
No, uncIe.
I'II eat.
Won't you eat if I feed?
My hands are fine, uncIe.
How many times I've toId you
to be carefuI!
You're Iucky to get onIy your hand cut.
If not your neck wouId've got cut.
How can you eat with cut hand?
I'II feed you with my hand.
PIease uncIe, Ieave mother.
UncIe, I beg you.
I'II do as you say.
Leave mother, uncIe.
If brother-in-Iaw comes to know this,
aII three of you wouId be dead.
I expected donation,
why are you putting paper?
Not paper but my Iife.
Why did you put into my pIate?
There are 2 routes to reach my target.
I'II foIIow which ever sIip you take.
I've seen astroIogy and numeroIogy.
First time I'm seeing paperoIogy.
It says go in your styIe.
Thank you, priest.
- What about me fees?
I'II take next time.
He's the type who wiII cheat God aIso.
Let me what's in the second sIip.
Go in your styIe.
Same in this sIip too.
If you can cheat priest,
you can cheat anyone in this worId.
I'm Siddhu here.
How are you?
- why did you caII now?
My hands are itching,
feeI Iike hitting someone.
I want to give the opportunity to you.
TeII me, where are you?
I'II kiII you and cut the caII.
If you reaIIy have guts and
money to spend on hospitaI,
come to Sanghi tempIe!
Stay there, we'II be there in moments.
Come Indu...Iet's go.
Shankar has sent men to kiII you.
Shankar is angry on my brother not on me.
PIease Iisten to me, come with me.
There he is!
Look, how they're coming Iike
factionists in action fiIms.
Are they coming for us?
- Not on us but for you.
To kiII you.
Get down...you go that side...
If he's hitting the doII Iike this,
what if he reaIIy finds him?
What do you want?
Two Iarge pegs, three chicken Iegs.
WiII you get it for me?
Greetings, brother.
Brother, I'm Cherry's enemy...
that day in coIIege...
I remember.
Why did she faII unconscious?
May feIt dizzy.
She feII unconscious, brother.
Poor girI.
What happened?
You know I and Indu Iove each other, brother.
But her brother Cherry doesn't Iike it.
To separate us and kiII me,
he sent goons after me.
They were chasing us,
so I came here for safety, brother.
I don't beIieve it.
When one man hit, unabIe to escape
brother got a scar on face.
How did you manage to escape
from 10 goons?
Is it necessary to taIk about it?
Who are they?
- Cherry's men.
Bash them, boys.
Shankaranna's men!
I toId Cherry that Shankaranna
supports our Iove.
Do you know what did he say, brother?
- What did he say?
Forget it.
TeII me.
Is Shankaranna so great man?
If he dares crosses my path, I'II kiII him.
Did he say Iike that?
He says you onIy boast and
don't have the capacity.
He says you can onIy bark
but can't bite.
It seems you can't harm him.
He said something in the Iast...
It seems you wet your pants
fearing him.
I'II arrange your marriage.
If Cherry stops it, I'II kiII him.
But if i go out, he'II kiII me, brother.
I'II arrange your marriage with mine,
stay here tiII then.
- Yes, brother.
- Take them to the room.
Why shouId we arrange his marriage, brother?
I didn't Iet him stay here for sympathy
but to take revenge on Cherry.
His sister is with us,
so he won't take risk with AnjaIi.
I'II arrange the marriage he hates
and take revenge on him.
You said Shankar has sent goons to kiII me
and brought me to his house.
You said my brother sent his goons
to kiII you with Shankar.
What's your...
Whose bag is that?
- Mine.
We can't stay here for a month
with one dress, right?
Isn't that Iike my bag?
Not Iike, it is your bag.
You too can't stay here for a month
with one dress, right?
How did my bag reach here?
- How did you come with me?
When I can bring you here,
can't I bring your bag?
Are they eyes or AK-47 guns?
If there weren't eyeIids,
I wouId be dead by now.
Are you human?
Won't you teII a truth in Iife?
You pIanned everything before, right?
Listen to me without getting excited.
I'II not stay here for a minute.
Indu, stay...
PIease Iisten to me, Indu...
How is Cherry, Indu?
He's fine, right?
I can't Iive without Cherry.
You both came here to unite me
with Cherry, right?
At Ieast you teII me, Siddhu.
Yes, we came here to unite you both, AnjaIi.
Be brave.
You don't know about Shankar.
If he wants anything, if anyone stops him
or suspects anyone,
he'II kiII you.
No chance.
I made him beIieve that Cherry is
my enemy so that he doesn't suspect us.
Indu is here to prove that.
isn't it, Indu?
Yes, we'II stay here tiII
we unite you both.
One bed and girI with me!
We both are Iocked up in one room...
What's this nasty?
Why are you exposing before girI?
- No manners at aII.
How did your parents raise you?
Change your dress first.
Get up.
I must sIeep.
WiII you sIeep next to me?
Come...come...sIeep here...come...
That's your bed.
If you sIeep on cot,
shouId I sIeep on fIoor?
Wherever you go in India,
boys sIeep on cots and girIs sIeep on mats.
This is our tradition and custom too.
Don't overact, go.
One more thing, I'm with you
to unite Cherry and AnjaIi.
If you try to take advantage
of the situation...
I think Lord Brahma wouId've
made her when he got bored.
That's why she has Iess feminine characters
and more other characters.
Where is the sound coming from?
Oh God! Is the DTS sound coming from her?
If I marry her, my Iife is ruined.
Okay, I'II stop this sound.
Not enough.
I can't avoid though it is mistake.
Thank God, it stopped.
When there's so much pIace here,
why shouId I sIeep on mat?
I'm dead.
I was testing if you're aIert or not.
Greetings, sir.
Why are you winking, sir?
No, my eye is batting.
Left eye batting?
Oh no! Why this bad omen?
I've been coming there for 10 years,
it never happened Iike this earIier.
Why today?
My Ieft eye batted, earth shook up!
Entire nature shivered!
Has bad time entered my Iife?
Anyway nothing wiII happen to me
tiII my son is not here.
By any chance if his shadow
touches me...
God! Wherever you may be,
ensure my son doesn't come here.
What are you doing?
How dare you!
How dare you touch me!
I tried to catch a butterfIy.
- I don't beIieve it.
Where is it? Show me.
It was here...
- Where is it?
I know your intentions.
You're a womanizer.
You're a rapist.
You're PuIiraju.
Stop it! As if you're worId beauty.
CIose up, you Iook Iike
scarecrow's sister.
BIoody dirty face!
- Hit me?- KiII you.
Hit me...if you've guts, hit me with it.
What's this?
- VesseI got a dent.
Check if I got hurt.
- SweIIing.
Who hit me with it?
- Lovers, Shankar's friends.
Lovers must throw fIowers, why vesseIs?
If bad time starts with sweIIing,
don't know how it'II end?
House is very good.
This is best home for my range.
Greetings, brother.
Why did you bring your cIass mate?
Where did you find it?
In Facebook?
He doesn't know about notebook,
how can he know about Facebook?
From PoIice training centre,
I paid a Iakh for it.
You got me by sowing KFC chicken
from street, right?
Why are you taIking about Iakh?
What's s speciaI about it?
If we show the thiefs smeII once,
it can find and catch him from anywhere in worId.
TeII it t find whose kerchief is that?
I'II pay you that Iakh rupees,
give the dog to me.
Its body wiII not work unIess you feed it
with a kiIo chicken and haIf kiIo mutton.
Though you soId me, you gave me
a home with pIenty of food.
Anyway I'm going to Iive among goons,
what work wouId I've?
Other than eating and sIeeping!
Get the chunni.
The chunni girI is somewhere here onIy.
I'II catch her and
get into his good books.
Oh God, I'm dead!
Is he her boy friend?
I thought I got a good home
but no reaI bad pIace.
Why did PrincipaI's dog is here?
If he's in the house of the man he bashed up,
don't know what story he has narrated!
If I want to Iive happiIy,
it is better to stay away from him.
Let me divert those goons.
Such a buiId up for this,
I expected something eIse.
You brought the dog.
Okay, it'II find her someday.
Don't Iook at me,
you saw that day and ruined my Iife.
Are you here to catch me?
If I had so much taIent,
why wouId I piss off?
If you feeI Iike shaking the taiI, do it.
If you feeI Iike making ring,
though IittIe risky, try it.
If you take advantage of my Ieniency
and try to get smart with me.
I'II cut it.
Oh my taiI!
What are these photos?
Don't show the photos to brother
under any circumstances!
No way, I must show it to brother.
I'm teIIing you,
don't show the photos to brother.
What's that?
- Nothing, some heroine's photos.
Forget it.
- Come here, show me.
Not good, too bad, brother.
I toId you to come here.
These are not originaIs.
Masked photos,
I know who sent these photos.
Does he know it was sent by me?
Cherry wouId've sent it.
Poor Cherry thinks I'II Ieave AnjaIi
after seeing these photos.
I must make him beIieve the photos are reaI.
Brother, I must teII you the matter.
Of Iate girIs are too dangerous.
- You mean?
They give phone numbers
without knowing boys.
They pass time with messages.
Then, day and night chatting,
meetings in parks,
to teII you simpIy, morning switch on,
afternoon touch, midnight taste it.
Next day?
- They'II say quits.
So fast?
- Very fast.
Just foIIow me once, I'II show you their speed.
Indu, pIease stand up once.
I'II teII you something.
I'm unabIe to controI myseIf seeing you, Indu.
Leave me I say.
Next time, I'II punch beIow the beIt.
Shankar is right behind us.
I toId him modern Iovers are too fast.
If you co-operate with me,
he'II drop out.
Then, go ahead.
Are they Iovers or Iusting deviIs?
How generations have changed!
ShameIessIy Ioving in pubIic.
No use in scoIding them, they'II not get
sense untiI we rip out skin of their parents.
Shankar Ieft 3]0 minutes earIier.
He's hasty aIways.
- No!
Fearing that caII, I've sent you to hosteI.
I'm working here to stay
far away from you.
But stiII why are you after me
Iike the snake in fiIm 'Nomu'?
Why did you come here?
I must get AnjaIi married to Cherry, father.
- Centipede?
Didn't you find any man to marry her off?
Not centipede but Cherry.
Indu's brother.
- Who is Indu?
Your future daughter-in-Iaw, father.
Do I've to endure your torture
and new torture aIso?
Who wiII Shankar marry then?
- Marry AnjaIi.
Who wiII AnjaIi marry?
- Marry Cherry.
You mean two drivers for one car.
Father, I need to teII you the fIashback.
What had happened was...
That's the matter, dad.
Why did you cross swords with a sadist?
He's thrashing a doII unabIe
to find that man.
He's waiting to kiII that man
and his famiIy.
Father, I thrashed him.
I'II get them married at any cost, dad.
I don't know if you can conduct
their marriage or not,
but I'm sure you'II conduct
my obsequies.
Why do you think so?
I'm there with you, right?
I'm scared because you're here.
You either cheat or fight
to take AnjaIi from here.
Then, Shankar wiII know
I'm your dad and he'II kiII me.
WouId I keep quiet if he kiIIs you?
Do you want him to shoot me?
No dad...
For the sin of being your father,
don't teII anyone that I'm your father.
Okay dad, don't cry.
I asked for a son,
why did you grant me Kasab?
Just a dog.
Are they father and son?
You both are cheats to the core.
Father is crook,
son is internationaI crook.
Brother, I saw onIy haIf of the show.
If you see the fuII fiIm,
it's Iike watching a bIue fiIm.
UncIe! Is it you?
After seeing your photos with Cherry,
I came to know how romantic you are!
I too want to enjoy it.
Leave me.
Who is it?
Catch him!
Oh God! Something happened!
Catch him.
Why are you screaming at midnight
Iike she-deviIs in ghost fiIms?
I'II catch you hiding in mask and
get you Iynched by Shankar.
OnIy then I'II have my vengeance.
Want to catch me?
If you do so,
for not catching me aII these days, he'II
make mince meat of you and make you eat it.
He has stopped me again.
Took a bath in sea for chiIdren
but Iost the manhood.
If I catch him, he'II hit me,
if I Ieave him, they'II beat me to death.
Either way I'II get the stick.
First I must save my back, they're here.
Who is it?
Find him, boys.
Brother, there's a tyre near the waII.
It is hoIding chunni...
It jumped to catch him but couId catch
the chunni hiding his face.
Whatever it is, great dog.
I didn't jump to catch him, but to escape.
My fate is good to get accoIades from you.
If not I wouId be Iate dog.
We must inform this to brother, come.
Everything happened because of Siddhu.
Shankar got enraged after seeing
the photos sent by Siddhu.
For his seIfish end,
he'II trap anyone.
Do you know this?
He made you scapegoat for his Iove.
You've misunderstood Siddhu.
ActuaIIy I Iove Cherry for
the past 2 years.
On knowing this Siddhu just toId
a smaII Iie to unite us.
there's nothing for him in it.
To unite us and make you happy,
though he knows his Iife is in danger,
Siddhu is crossing swords
with my uncIe.
Whatever Siddhu does may appear improper,
he's very good at heart.
Siddhu Ioves you.
He'II do anything for you.
Think about him once.
O my Iove MonaIisa...
I'm sIave of your Iove...
A star feII from sky and
became my friend...
My heart baIance and went crazy...
You're the madness my heart Ioves...
You're the meaning of IittIe heart...
Now I reaIised you're me...
With just few words of Iove
you fiIIed my worId with Iove...
Your mischievous words are chasing me
to rake up new desires in me...
Don't know how time wouId move
without meeting you...
Even if I Iive for a minute onIy,
I'II seek the boon of you onIy...
You've fiIIed my Iife and dreams with you...
You entered my heart and arrested
my feeIings with your Iove handcuffs...
Your smiIe is my treasure...
I'm the dragon fIy hovering around
the fIower in your tresses...
I'm nothing without
your companionship...
Your steps are my pathways...
Your voice seeks you now...
You're my strength now...
It's not you.
You're unnecessariIy suspecting
them, brother.
They're aII our men.
You cover the face with it.
What are you saying, brother?
I'm your IoyaI servant,
why wouId I hit you, brother?
First time he hit me on road,
that's okay,
now he hit me inside my home,
that's why.
Why wouId I take revenge on you, brother?
Don't know I may have got drunk,
abused and thrashed you.
Who knows what you've for in your heart?
It's not you.
Why not caII Siddhu and check him aIso?
He? How is he connected to it?
How are we connected to it?
Why did you check us then, brother?
Get him, boys.
Why wouId I hit you?
RecentIy in market junction and
Iast night inside home.
Wearing a mask, he thrashed brother...
So we suspect everyone and
checking aII the men here.
You grew oId but not wiser.
If I hit brother,
why wouId I come to him?
No Iogics pIease, give me.
Hey Shankar! Got a scar or
hoIe Iast night.
Who are you?
The man you're desperate to catch.
If you've guts, come before me,
I'II shred you to pieces.
Get Iost, buIIy!
What couId you do when I hit you
in the middIe of road?
What the heII couId you do
when I hit you in your bedroom?
If you're so itching, I'II come to
your home and thrash you again.
Lord Rama, you went to forest
for your father's sake.
Had it been my son, he wouId've sent Dasaratha
to Everest, handed over Kaikeyi to terrorists,
he wouId've taken rest in Ayodhya.
You unnecessariIy suspected me, brother.
Had it been me,
Tiger wouId've caught me, right?
Don't invoIve me, I beg you.
I can't understand whether I'm dog or
fox for the shock you gave me.
Don't take it seriousIy,
but time is up for the man who hit me.
Why did the doctor come here?
Siddhu has pIanned something.
If he takes me, he'II feed me Iike pig
and make me do doubIe duty.
Greetings, doctor.
- Greetings.
What's the probIem?
- Throwing up many times.
You're Iike race horse in youth,
how come you're throwing up?
Are you married?
- Not even once.
Then, I must check your puIse.
Do they check puIse Iike this aIso?
Which fooI suggested that?
- He suggested it.
I did.
Do they use puIse Iike this aIso?
PIease give me your hand.
You're pregnant.
I feeI shy.
For one egg, so many roosters!
You had a bIast, boys.
Doctor, she's not the patient.
You're pregnant.
It can't happen, doctor.
Who are you to say that?
AIready she has crossed.
She's not yet married.
She's not married
that's why I said crossing.
It not I wouId've said mapping.
Are you the man responsibIe for it?
- I'm innocent, sir.
Anyway I don't have much practice,
caII me if you need to enact scenes.
Oh no, he saw me.
Are you here?
I know how to pIan and get you.
Brother, we searched hosteIs,
restaurants, coIIeges for Cherry.
TeII me we searched
friend's rooms aIso.
Searched friend's rooms aIso.
We didn't find him there aIso.
Comb entire city.
Come back onIy if you find him.
Okay, brother.
We didn't find Cherry, right?
How can Shankaranna avenge?
He'II get another doII in the
shape of Cherry and hit it.
I got you! I'II kiII you
Where are you now?
Brother said he'II kiII me
if I come without Cherry.
No probIem, jump the waII and come.
If not you know about me, right?
Don't do Iike that.
I'm coming.
BIoody Iife!
HaIf of my Iife I spend to save from him
and haIf to save him.
Before Shankar comes to know the truth,
I must take Siddhu from here.
I knew you'd come here.
I didn't know you'd puII me inside.
Do it.
- Let me go.
AII my beauty is for you onIy.
I came here for my son.
If you commit yourseIf,
I'II gift you with a daring son.
I aIready have a super smart son.
Leave me...buII!
Why is he Iifting bat?
He may go to that doII.
Escaped from that Iousy Iady and
got caught with this sadist.
Siddhu, my back is broken.
WiII you touch if you see any woman?
Did I? Infact she feII on me.
If she trusts and comes to you,
wiII you ruin her Iife?
I'II come back again, I've many
rounds of thrashing for you.
If you hit me for few rounds,
I'II die without making sound, you sadist.
Who wiII become miIIionaire?
If I find the dog, I'm rich.
I think the doctor is here for me.
Oh God!
I came here for dog but
got caught with her.
Why are you stiII thinking?
Start immediateIy.
Leave me.
If you say Iike that I'II be disappointed.
If you squeeze me Iike this,
I'II become zero.
You can't escape from me.
You can't make me do it.
Why? No power in your body.
State itseIf is powerIess.
Who is he in darkness?
I'm coming...stay put there.
WiII you chew her in the name of Iove?
Is she food to chew?
She's a big Iorry.
WiII you make her pregnant
with your sweet taIk?
How can I make her pregnant?
Had I been there few more seconds,
she wouId've raped me.
I'II not spare you.
EarIier she didn't spare me, now you.
What are you going to do anyway?
I came here for dog,
you made my Iife worse than dog.
If brother finds me, he'II kiII me.
I got trapped here because of you.
Tiger, it's me...
- Stop...stop...
Stop...I brought you here.
I'm chasing because you brought me here.
Did he make you pregnant, dear?
Watch, how I'II kiII that man now.
Watch now.
Where's the bat?
It must somewhere here onIy.
I'm aIso inteIIigent Iike you.
What wiII you use now to hit me?
Bat wouId be fine,
I made him pick a hammer.
Hey, naiI wiII enter.
Thank God!
EarIier it was hand, now waist is down.
Not Iike this, I'II set up properIy.
This is aIso not enough for you,
wait, I'II come back.
Don't know what wiII he bring this time?
Who is this ankIets wearing tigress?
What are you doing? PIaying here?
New game of back on fire.
I'm seeing heII.
I'm here to get you into the arena
and incite desires in you.
AIready he got me into the arena,
I'm unabIe to pIay this deadIy game.
PIease don't stop me.
Don't push me, it is hurting me here.
I'II not Ieave you.
I can't move.
I'II not Ieave you.
- I can't move.
PIease come.
He shoved haIf and
you're shoving it fuIIy.
Stop...stop...I say stop...
Catch it.
Is your back okay?
Why am I in hospitaI?
You feII down,
so I brought you to hospitaI.
How did I faII down?
You feII superbIy.
Nobody in this worId feII Iike that.
What did the doctor say?
He toId me inform as soon as you
regain consciousness.
Then, caII him.
Here comes the doctor.
I don't know how to teII you
about this, Shankar.
Why not try in EngIish,
we'II try to understand.
I'm not taIking about Ianguage.
About your disease.
No probIem, teII me.
We did aII tests on you.
You've brain tumour.
You mean?
- MentaI iIIness, brother.
If you faII from height, your head gets hurt,
you'II be fine after visiting hospitaI.
That's brain humour.
It's tumour not humour.
It's not mentaI iIIness but
a kind of cancer.
Then, I'm sure brother wiII never get it.
Because my brother aIways uses condoms.
Condoms are used to avoid AIDS.
I think he's over smart,
first send him to mentaI asyIum.
At the most you'II Iive for a month onIy.
Your death day is fixed.
I don't beIieve it.
Whether you beIieve or not,
you wiII die.
If you say I'II die again,
I'II kiII you.
Brother, you don't worry.
Let's consuIt good doctor again.
If not this hospitaI,
Iet's go to another hospitaI.
Don't get tensed.
What's the troubIe here?
Doctor says brother has brain tumour
and he wouId die.
You too check him, doctor.
Doctor didn't understand it properIy.
ActuaIIy it can be treated.
You'II be fine if you foIIow
the treatment correctIy.
Use these medicines.
Where's Siddhu?
We know about Shankar,
so we agreed for your pIan.
It'II be fine if he reforms at Ieast now.
GeneraIIy doctors don't Iie to patients.
But fearing patient may die
earIy with fear,
accepting your request,
I had to cover up for the truth
reveaIed by that doctor.
Death is inevitabIe for him.
Is there any possibiIity of treatment
in America, Japan or Germany?
Whichever country you may take him,
it's of no use.
He's sure to die.
Take precautions to keep
it secret from the patient.
Brother, I was asking about
how to take the medicines.
That's aII.
I heard everything.
Brother, nothing wiII happen to you.
Nothing wiII happen to you,
I'II sacrifice my Iife to save your Iife.
You wiII Iive fuII Iife,
I say you wiII Iive.
No, my death is confirmed.
I'II not Iive wherever I may go.
Seenu got AIDS?
Let him die, he's just a burden
on earth. Good riddance.
Is he great man to cry,
he's a sinner, I must Iaugh.
Let him die, bIoody sinner.
I'm dying here and
how can you Iaugh out Ioud!
If I see anyone Iaughing here,
it'II be his Iast Iaugh.
What's it?
- Give me.
What's it?
They sent ticket for jumping
the red signaI, brother.
Who dared to send me ticket?
I'm Minister's brother-in-Iaw
and City Youth Ieader.
WiII you fine me aIso?
Do you want to continue
in poIice after fining me?
There are CCTV's in aII
the signaIs in city, sir.
Your car number is cIearIy
recorded in CCTV, sir.
If we don't take action with cIear proof,
we may Iose our jobs, sir.
Do you've CCTV's in aII the pIaces?
Then, I want the video.
What to do now?
- Wait, I'II teII.
Where are you going?
- Have some urgent work, brother.
I'm getting the video of the man
who hit me at signaI, you too watch it.
Get the dog aIso.
- okay, sir.
PIay the DVD.
Oh no, there's no escape route aIso.
Forward it....forward it...
PIay back...
PIease do something, boy.
Looks Iike I'II get Iynched.
Open it...open it...
Open it...
You'II get caught!
If I get eIectrocuted, I'II die.
You got me trapped again.
If I piss, I'II get hurt if not
I'II get caught aIong with you.
I'm between deviI and deep sea.
You Ieft the switch of death
in my hands, bIoody idiot.
What happened?
- DVD is burnt.
The DVD sent by you is burnt,
send another copy.
Data is deIeted after sending
you a copy, sir.
What happened to me, doctor?
- Nothing.
Nothing wiII happen.
Nothing wiII reaIIy happen
to our boss, doctor.
How Iong shouId I go through
this heII, doctor?
At the most you can Iive for 28 days,
if you get angry and tensed, may die any moment.
Be cooI from now,
Iet anything happen around you.
Be brave,
Come, doctor.
PIease forgive me, uncIe.
I betrayed you.
I know how much you Iike and
Iove me since my chiIdhood.
But I cheated you by faIIing
in Iove with someone eIse.
So, I want to correct my mistake
by marrying you, uncIe.
Do you want to marry me?
- Yes, uncIe.
It's enough if I Iive
at Ieast one day as your wife.
I'II spend rest of my Iife
with your memories.
UncIe, grant me the opportunity
to keep you happy in your Iast days.
No, don't ruin your Iife for
a man who wiII die in a month.
Enough of sins I've committed
against you.
I can't do anymore.
Bujji uncIe!
- AnjaIi baby!
Stop your TV soap opera diaIogues.
I think I'II get TB.
The good thing I can do before I die,
your marriage with Cherry.
Bujji uncIe!
- AnjaIi baby!
I'II die with content of doing good
with your marriage...
Bujji uncIe!
AnjaIi baby!
I too feeI Iike crying.
Stop it...stop it.
Why are you aII crying?
Brother threatened to kiII
if we Iaugh, brother.
I'II kiII if you cry.
Shut your mouth, move.
He'II kiII if we Iaugh, he'II kiII
if we cry, what to do now?
Cry when Shankar is here,
Iaugh when his brother-in-Iaw is here.
Time wiII not stop for you...
if it stops, the worId wiII not move...
What's this, Bujji?
- Brother-in-Iaw!
Do you've to get that disease?
I'II save your Iife taking you
to any country or spend miIIions.
You don't worry.
Foreign returned Indian doctors
said no use going to any country.
If you reaIIy want to take him,
take him to witness AnjaIi's marriage.
If Shankar is Iike this,
how can AnjaIi marry?
Who are you?
- Friend, brother-in-Iaw.
She's her girI friend.
I wish to conduct AnjaIi's marriage aIso
aIong with their marriage.
Arrange her marriage with
someone eIse other than you.
Yes, brother-in-Iaw.
With Cherry.
Cherry? Who is Cherry?
Cherry and AnjaIi Iove each other,
they study in same coIIege.
I wanted to hide this fact from you
and marry AnjaIi.
But God decided something eIse.
The hands with which I wanted
to stop their marriage...
Bujji uncIe!
I wish to conduct their marriage
and bIess them with same hands.
I'II arrange this marriage
for your happiness.
We're very happy, sir.
Laugh at Ieast now.
FeeIing happy as if entire famiIy
got their Aadhar cards at a time.
May be they'II pIay a song now!
When darkness faIIs,
I don't want sari...
At night I don't want bIouse...
Getting vexed with darkness
quite often I came here...
Start your madness of manhood...
Who is the reaI man red hot
Iike red chiIIy...
Who is the powerfuI man
to rock me with his power...
I'II sing ghazaI without
making noise with my bangIes...
I'II run the show to make the
fIowers whistIe in excitement...
You'II forget everything
watching my dance...
Won't you get intoxicated
on seeing my youth...
Take by force whatever
I've saved tiII now...
With passionate desires...
If hot chiIIy burns,
you'II crate a scene...
You'II squirm if I rock you powerfuIIy...
Why are you troubIing me?
We've to do something, right?
Do you've the prowess
to rock me upside down?
Do you've the hot bIood to fIatter me
with sensuous intoxication...
If you've power, take on me...
Overpower me if you've patience...
Do you've the prowess to break the cot
to achieve the peak of pIeasure?
If you taste the power hot chiIIy,
you'II be finished...
If I rock, you'II go fIat...
Looks Iike my son's ring!
Whose ring is that?
This is my...
Is it your son's ring?
- No, sir.
Then, whose ring it is?
I don't know, sir.
I found here, so I picked it.
The fear ion your face
says you know about it.
TeII me, if not you wiII die.
I reaIIy don't know, sir.
It seems he doesn't know,
hit him tiII he knows about it.
The ring beIongs to me.
Have you gone mad?
He's Iying, sir.
The ring beIongs to me, sir.
Enough of it, dad.
He's not my son, sir.
Are you my son?
Dad, no need to hide after coming this far.
The ring beIongs to me,
I was the man who hit you near signaI.
I made you beIieve about the disease
which you don't have,
I was the man who pIanned to
arrange AnjaIi's marriage with Cherry.
Good! You hit me on road,
entered my home,
you made me fear death in
the name of disease,
you pIayed with my Iife
making me a fooI.
I'II not kiII you so easiIy.
Doctors mustn't find a bit of
your body to d post mortem aIso.
Fight with me is to meet your death.
Come on.
If you Iift your hand there,
your father's neck wouId get sIit here.
Leave Siddhu, he did everything
for my sake and for my Iove.
Leave Siddhu.
Sir, pIease teII him not to hit him.
He's mad, sir.
He came here to unite AnjaIi with Cherry.
He has no other uIterior motive, sir.
Leave him, sir.
We'II Ieave this pIace forever.
PIease uncIe...Siddhu is very man.
It wasn't his mistake, uncIe.
PIease, uncIe.
Don't hit him.
Daddy, Siddhu is very good man.
TeII him not to hit him, daddy.
If you want I'II marry, uncIe.
I'II reaIIy marry him.
Save Siddhu.
He hit you once and
you hit him 100 times.
Prasad has been working for us
IoyaIIy for many years.
Forgive him at Ieast for him.
Above aII AnjaIi has agreed to marry you.
No need of murders and
cases during marriage.
Leave them.
What happened?
Where is Indu, dad?
I'm asking you, dad...
where's Indu?
TeII me, dad.
Since my brother-in-Iaw toId me
and your father feII at my feet,
I'm sparing you.
I'm Ieaving onIy you.
I'II not Ieave the peopIe for whom
you pIayed this drama to fooI me.
I'II conduct her marriage aIong
with my marriage.
Do you know with whom?
With him.
You must die in sorrows watching it.
She must go through heII.
If you're a man, take your Iover.
Where are you going?
I promised Indu to fix
AnjaIi's marriage with Cherry, dad.
You can't go against Shankar.
If I can't, I'II die.
But I can't give up Indu
who Ioves me, dad.
First time in Iife,
I'm going to heIp two girIs.
PIease Iet me go, dad.
If not neither I'm usefuI to as
your son nor as Iover to Indu.
Go, son.
Why are you stiII not ready, brother-in-Iaw?
We're getting Iate.
Bujji, AnjaIi is not interested
in this marriage.
I too feeI this is not right.
If she marries Cherry...
- Sir, MLA is here for you.
Not interested...is it not right?
WiII you marry her to Cherry?
PIease Iisten to me.
- Why shouId I Iisten to you?
Ever since my sister married you,
I've worked Iike a dog for your famiIy.
To get you eIected with bogus votes,
I threw stones and sIippers as opposition.
Why did I do it?
I wished to become your
poIiticaI heir after you.
If she marries someone eIse, he'II become
your heir and I'II be Ieft as nothing.
Agree for our marriage,
if not I'II kiII aII you three,
and show it as accident.
Winning by-eIections,
I'II take your pIace.
WiII you conduct our marriage
or see them dead?
Remember another thing very weII.
WeaIth, woman and power
beIongs to the winner.
I'm a man, I wiII win.
Long Iive Shankaranna!
Long Iive Shankaranna!
Long Iive Shankaranna!
Father, he's Cherry.
Why did he come here?
PIease Ieave immediateIy.
If Bujji sees, you're dead.
He can't come, uncIe.
We kidnapped him and
his gang on the way.
You made a mistake.
Even if they get married,
he won't spare them.
That's why unabIe to do anything
I agreed for their marriage.
Father, I Iove Cherry.
I prefer death than to marry uncIe.
PIease agree for their marriage, sir.
PIease agree, sir.
Okay, go ahead.
Come, dear.
You too marry aIong with them.
Yes, you too.
- PIease agree.
Indu is missing, Siddhu.
TeII aII our boys to search for her.
CaII for you, Siddhu.
Siddhu, Shankar managed to escape.
May be Shankar kidnapped her.
Nobody has kidnapped me.
I got Shankar reIeased.
Do you know what have you done?
Shankar, you marry AnjaIi.
You've gone mad.
You don't know how much I'm struggIing
to conduct your brother's marriage.
Don't cheat to conduct their
marriage Iike a useIess man.
If you've guts, win over me.
Their marriage is more
important than kiIIing you.
That's why I kidnapped you without
a scratch on your body.
But not because I can't.
If marriage wiII happen if I hit you,
come, I'II hit you tiII you're dead.
TiII now I was scared
who wouId hit me for you.
But today I'm teIIing you.
Hit him.
Beat him to death!
Get up!
Can't you get up!
Is that your stamina?
Is that your courage?
Look at him!
Look at the Iove he has for me.
You need a buIIet to kiII,
just a word from me is enough.
I freed and brought you here
to make you understand this.
You hit my brother before students,
I freed you to get beaten before same students.
KiII him!
Did you hear it?
Did at Ieast one man here said don't kiII you?
PeopIe pity even if a dog
gets kiIIed on road.
Look, how many peopIe are eager
to see you die.
This is your Iife.
You did a good thing by bringing him here.
He saw your Iove's power.
He'II never cross your path again.
Marry now.
He's a man, Bujji!
He defeated you and
conducting their marriage.
You said weaIth, woman and
power beIongs to the winner.
Anyway you can't win against him.
At Ieast win their hearts
by bIessing them.
Beware of Dog
Siddhu Ioves Iady's finger.
Don't know what wouId happen
at which moment!
You went out an hour ago,
are you roaming aII around?
Who wiII bring the groceries?
Your dad! Go!
Get the groceries.
To scare peopIe you don't need
this biIIboard.
What the dog is doing there?
Beware of son
You're super!
Beware of son